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Polling Booth in Chandrakona Assembly Constituency

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Chandrakona Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Chandrakona

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chandrakona Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Maheshpur High School659Maheshpur
3Khandanga Primary School737Khandanga
4Hurhuria Primary School406Hurhuria
5Gargarighati Primary School414Gargaraghati
6Murakata Purba Idga Ssk746Murakata
7Murakata Primary School392Murakata
8Maheshpur Primary School723Maheshpur
9Ramberia Primary School886Deulbere
10Bhairabpur Primary School953Bhairabpur
11Bhagabantapur Shasshibhushan Junior Besic School804Metela
12Bagdanga Ssk751Bhairabpur
13Dhanyaghari Pry. School528Kamarkhali
14Barinya Pry. School488Barnia
15Khirati Primary School1012Khursi
16Ishnagar Primary School660Nishchintapur
17Kolla Primary School997Kalla
18Dhaikhand Primary School572Dhaikhanda
19Khursi Primary School1110Barasat
20Dubrajganj Bord Primary School525Parulya
21Panchami Nityanandapur Pry. School354Pachami
22Idpur S.S.K411Idpur
23Krishnapur Rahamania Highschool562Krishnapur
25Guadanga Primary School428Guadanga
26Krishnapur Primary School602Krishnapur
27Krishnapur Paschim Para S S K748Krishnapur
28Lahirganj Primary School575Lahirganja
29Baratutbarh Chasiibarh Primary School1032Chasibar
30Chaitanyapur Board Primary School1055Chaitanpur
31Ghoshkhira Pry. School396Ghoshkira
32Dharmopota Primary School469Dharmapota
33Jagannathpur Primary School787Jagannathpur
35Dinapur Primary School1044Dianpur
36Paikmajita Primary School1100Sasagere
37Bagchari Primary School954Bagchhari
38Bishnudaspur Pry. School510Guchure
39Lakhshmipur Highschool(West)(East)462Lakshipur
40Lakhsmipur Dakshinpara Pry. School705Lakshipur
42Fulbani Primary School721Balarampur
43Inda Primary School963Indra
44Shola-2 Primary School544Shola
45Moula Primary School758Maula
46Bamunia Part Basic Primary School436Bamnia
48Dhuliadanga Pry. School366Dhuledanga
49Srinagar Highschool561Shrinagar
50Srinagar Pry. School734Shrinagar
52Basulia Primary School1088Basulia
53Thakurhati Primary School482Thakurhati
54Dwarkhola Pry. School498Bhadurpur
55Sanpur Primary School533Sanpur
56Narayanpur Primary School656Narayanpur
57Kochgeria Primary School518Kochgerya Ramchak
58Rejna Primary School787Rejna
59Ramjibanpur Balika Vidyalaya982Ramjibanpur (M)
61Banapur Primary School996Ramjibanpur (M)
62Ramajibanapur Nandalal Primary School791Ramjibanpur (M)
64Deopur Primary School823Ramjibanpur (M)
66Krishnaganj Primary School956Ramjibanpur (M)
67Panduya Primary School772Ramjibanpur (M)
68Rameshbarapur Primary School443Ramjibanpur (M)
70Brindaban Bazar Bridhasiv Primary School652Ramjibanpur (M)
72Ganeshajanani Primary School1056Ramjibanpur (M)
73Aamdan Primary School993Ramjibanpur (M)
74Sherabaj Primary School466Ramjibanpur (M)
75Serbaj Bhubaneswar Jr. High School823Ramjibanpur (M)
76Karanji Primary School525Karanji
77Ramakrishnapur Primary School561Ramkrishnapur
78Pathra Primary School426Pathra
79Jara Jagomohini Balika Vidyalay988Jara
81Jada High School582Jara
82Jara Part Basic School700Jara
84Jara Shibmandir Pry. School716Jara
85Ghola Primary School441Ghola
86Madanchak Primary School379Panch Mahar
87Sitasol Primary School368Sitasol
88Hatpukur Primary School1151Belgerya
89Kalapat Primary School641Kalapat
90Bhandaria Primary School387Bhandaria
91Shola Primary School424Sola
92Tatarpu High School927Harinarayanpur
94Nekarbag Primary School885Nekarbag
96Madhabpur Sashimukhi Primary School582Madhabpur
97Bhatahar I.C.D.S. Centre685Bhatahar
99Raniganj Madhabpur Pry. School606Madhabpur
100Panichhora Primary School580Panchhara
101Jadavnagar S.S.K1107Jadabnagar
102Basanchhora M.S.K543Basanchhara
104Chhatraganja Primary School416Chhatraganj
105Belageria Primary School938Bhalukkunda
106Palaschabri Nigamananda High School938Rampur
107Karasia S.S.K854Karasia
108Simla Primary School954Bolghata
110Chhotomuida Nutan Primary School559Muide
111Raska Primary School407Raska
112Akatkola Primary School768Shripur
113Peardanga Primary School597Piardanga
114Peardanga Ssk670Piardanga
115Prasadpur Primary School838Prasadpur
116Sitanagar Primary School959Sitanagar
117Nilganj Primary School (No-2 Colony)1026Nilganja
118Baikunthapur Primary School593Baikunthapur
119Jadupur Pry. School536Narua
120Harisingpur Primary School1133Bachka
121Dalimabari Primary School670Daumabari
122Bara Akna Primary School1066Baraakna
124Barunighat Ramkrishna High School827Kalakari
125Gopalpur Primary School582Gopalpur
126Thakurbari Primary School1066Chandrakona (M)
127Madhabpur Pry. School579Chandrakona (M)
128Gajipur Primary School1094Chandrakona (M)
129Gopeshbar Primary School706Chandrakona (M)
130Dakshin Bazar Ssk785Chandrakona (M)
131Malleshbarapur Primary School991Chandrakona (M)
132Chandrakona Islamia High Madrash1089Chandrakona (M)
133Ghatal Regulated Market Committee Building453Chandrakona (M)
134Kalyansree Jnanadadebi Girls High School941Chandrakona (M)
135Gonsai Bazar Pry. School593Chandrakona (M)
136Ajodhya Priary School830Chandrakona (M)
137Mitrasenpur Santinath Primary School457Chandrakona (M)
138Meeting Hall Of Chandrakona-Ii Panchayet Samiti709Chandrakona (M)
139Mundumala Primary School719Chandrakona (M)
140Banshdaha Pry. School665Chandrakona (M)
141Bona Primary School816Chandrakona (M)
142Gopalpur Pry. School349Chandrakona (M)
143Jayantipur Primary School953Chandrakona (M)
144Jayantipur New Primary School468Chandrakona (M)
145Ramaganj Primary School687Chandrakona (M)
147Dhamkuria Primary School691Dhamkuria
148Ramgarh Primary School501Ramgar
149Chancharberh Primary School492Dharampur
150Lalgarh Ssk668Raniganj
151Kiageria Primary School799Jayantipur (P)
152Madanamohanapur Primary School572Madanmohanpur
153Gopinathpur Primary School505Gopinathpur
154Aargipirchak Primary School477Arajipirchak
155Barabala Primary School849Bala
156Darbastibala Pry. School725Bala
157Bala Highschool824Bala
158Chotobala Pry. School763Bala
159Radhaballavpur Primary School641Radhaballabhpur
161Basantapur Pry. School545Bhilaibani
162Kuapur Highschool674Kuapur
164Radhanagar S.S.K390Radhanagar
165Mohaboni Primary School759Kuapur
166Badra Primary School505Badra
167Railya Highschool651Raila
168Tukuria Ramkrishna High School935Kuapur
169Shyamganj Primary School1090Shyamganja
170Dhanyajhati Pry. School508Shyamganja
171Pinglash Part Basic School814Pinglas
172Khalakpur Primary School490Khalakpur
173Kalikapur Netaji Primary School530Jagannathpur
174Jagannathpur Pry. School578Jagannathpur
175Brahmajharul R.C. High School (North)1053Pirchak
176Bhairabpur Jr. High School1071Jagannathpur
177Gandhaberia Primary School525Andhare
178Kashanda Primary School736Kashanda
179Kasanda Anchalik High Madrasah568Kashanda
180Mahabala Primary School1083Mahabala
181Manikkundu High School585Manikkunda
182Manikkundu Raj Rajeswar Pry. School701Manikkunda
183Manikkundu Uttarapara Primary School883Kalapat
184Jarul Primary School582Jhalur
185Haldarberh Pry. School603Jhalur
186Kaskuli Primary School540Kashkuli
188Bhabanipur Primary School889Bhabanipur
189Diyasa Pry. School325Bhabanipur
190Banka Sulatanpur Primary School893Banka Sultanpur
191Hematpur High School775Hematpur
192Bara Primary School637Bara
194Birabhanpur Primary School1070Birbhanpur
196Jamira S.S.K.428Jamira
197Marh-Gopalpur Sindhubala High School841Gopalpur
198Mamudpur Primary School818Mamudpur
199Saljhati Primary School344Saljhati
200Mohanpur Primary School391Manoharpur
201Mangrul Bisweswar High School508Mangrul
202Baranagar Pry. School651Mangrul
203Mangrul Primary School1102Mangrul
207Gohaldanga High School1033Gohaldanga
208Gohalsini Primary School487Amdhere
210Kankabati Primary School646Kankabati
212Lorepur Pry. School517Lorpur
213Santitetul Primary School406Satitetul
214Pursuri Jr. High School739Purshuri
215Pursuri Primary School941Purshuri
216Agra Primary School643Agra
217Bhobala Primary School431Bhobla
218Beurgram Primary School686Beurgram
219Beurgram High School624Beurgram
220Agar Primary School807Agra
221Betagram Primary School1078Betagram
222Nichna Primary School973Nichna
223Beladanda Primary School849Beladanda
224Kshirapai Haiskul656Kshirpai (M)
225Chhottu Haldar Smriti Pry. School1012Kshirpai (M)
226Hatatala Primary School1025Kshirpai (M)
227Bamariya Primary School687Kshirpai (M)
229Khirpai Primary School951Kshirpai (M)
230Khirpai Balika Vidyalaya850Kshirpai (M)
231Gangadasapur Primary School1033Kshirpai (M)
232Shyamalaganj Primary School915Kshirpai (M)
234Kashiganj Primary School1082Kshirpai (M)
235Dayabajar Primary School935Kshirpai (M)
236Patrapara Pry. School409Kshirpai (M)
237Mathurapur Primary School559Kashiganja (P)
238Nirbhayapur Primary School545Nirbhaypur
239Hijli Primary School636Hijli
240Khamarberia Pry. School445Kamarberya
241Beraberia Primary School1081Berabere
242Fulchak Pry School305Phulchak
243Hiradharpur Primary School584Hiradharpur
244Hiradharpur S.S.K.793Hiradharpur
245Monoharpur -1 G.P. Office556Ekbalpur
246Kamarageria Primary School1077Kamargere
247Kamargeria Patarpara Pry. School480Kamargere
248Khanpur Gangcha High School719Gangcha
250Kharakpur Primary School493Nischintapur
251Paik Pada Primary School568Paikpara
252Jhakra Highschool(Class-Xii)644Jhakra
253Jhakra Pry. School520Jhakra
255Shaora Primary School848Jhakra
256Mamudpur Pry. School446Jhakra
257Bagpota Primary School1057Bagpota
258Srirampur Primary School1091Srirampur Atghara
259Atghora Primary School674Atghara
260Chanda Paritosh Smriti Primary School644Kenchkapur
261Methani Pry. School752Kenchkapur
262Kenchkapur Primary School868Sirsa
263Pirijpur Primary School389Pirijpur
264Tenpur Highschool625Tenpur
265Palangpur Primary School915Kadamtala
266Kharusa Primary School543Kharsa
267Rajganj Primary School704Jhakrasirsa
268Bhagirathpur Primary School728Bhagirathpur
269Ghanarampur Sarada Bidyapith Highschool1047Ghanarampur
271Agrapara Primary School677Agrapara
272Bandipur Primary School1094Bandipur
273Palasha Pry. School457Dhanyagachhi
274Bandipur Highschool711Bandipur
275Bhotakhali Primary School525Bhotakhali
276Dhanyagachhi Highschool648Dhanyagachhi
277Damodarpur Pry. School775Dhanyagachhi
278Kota Primary School904Gangarampur
279Dingal Primary School947Dingal
280Jadavpur Primary School1018Jadabpur
281Kuladaha Uttarapara Primary School1025Kuldaha
282Kuldaha Board Pry. School572Kuldaha
283Sitarampur Primary School670Kuldaha
284Sitarampur S.S.K.486Sitarampur
285Chandur High School813Chandur
287Chandur Paschimpara S.S.K.494Chandur
288Donya Pry. School435Doyan
289Gopalpur Junior High School899Gamaria
290Patlapur S.S.K.303Patlapur
291Balinagar Primary School390Balinagar
292Monoharpur High School649Monoharpur
293Monoharpur Pry. School567Monoharpur
295Supapursuri High School972Supapursuri
296Supapursuri Prathamik Vidyalay1128Supapursuri
297Boluri Prathamik Vidyalay666Balluri
299Simana Prathamik Vidyalay500Simana
300Hajakundu Vibekananda Shishu Shiksha Kendra366Haja Kundu
301Baramara Sisu Siksha Kendra580Bara Mara
302Nayagram Jr. High School994Kantadarja
303Raikundu Prathamik Vidyalay858Raikundu
304Chandipur Prathamik Vidyalay452Chandipur
306Singaghai Prathamik Vidyalay974Singaghai
307Dubrajpur Mahamaya Prathamik Vidyalay1001Dubrajpur
308Harirajpur Sammilani Prathamik Vidyalay1007Harirajpur
309Danikola Special Prathamik Vidyalay581Danikola
311Kismat Narajol Prathamik Vidyalay697Kismat Narajol
312Narajol Mahendra Academy698Nij Narajol
314Nij-Narajole Amdangra Pry. School524Nij Narajol
315Narajole Rani Mrinalini Pry. School804Nij Narajol
316Kalyanpur Prathamik Vidyalay1000Ramdas Pur
317Kalyanpur Aripara Prathamik Vidyalay1067Kalyanpur
318Bachhrakundu Prathamik Vidyalay1066Gobra Kundu
319Balipota Prathamik Vidyalay826Bali Pata

Last Updated on December 26, 2014