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Polling Booth in Chandipur Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Chandipur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Chandipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chandipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Raybar Spl. Primary School1031Siulipur
2Jaligopinathpur Atyayik Primary School933Jali Gopinathpur
3Bankibheri Primary School430Banki Bheri
4Nilkanthapur Primary School1026Nilkanta Pur
5Totanala Board Primary School944Tota Nala
7Dwarikapur Board Primary School (Uttarangsha)505Dwarikapur
8Dwarikapur Board Junior High School616Dwarikapur
9Dwarikapur Board Primary School (Purbangsh)1063Dwarikapur
10Jalibishnupur Board Prathamik Vidyalaya1077Harma Shani
11Sankarpur Narayan Bidyapith905Sankarpur
12Purba Mashuria Shahid Smriti Primary School936Purbba Masuria
13Purba Mashuria Udampur Prathamik Vidyalaya502Purbba Masuria
14Paschim Mashuria S.S.K971Paschim Masuria
15Tanguria Primary School722Tanguria
17Bibhisanpur Midle Primary School702Bibhisanpur
18Bibhishanpur Atayak Primary School679Bibhisanpur
19Bibhisanpur 2 No. Primary School580Bibhisanpur
20Bibhisanpur 67 No Sishu Siksha Kendra559Bibhisanpur
21Bibhisanpur State Plan Prathamik Vidyalaya846Bibhisanpur
22Bherir Bajar Jogada Satsangha Vidyalaya724Bibhisanpur
23Paschimbar State Plan Primary School692Paschim Bar
25Pashchimbarh Board Primary School843Paschim Bar
26Uttarbarh High School (Purbangsha)868Uttarbar
27Sekhbar Primary School1083Uttarbar
28Mahammadpur 2 No Board Primary School598Mahammadpur
29Mahammadpur Purba Sishu Siksha Kendra694Mahammadpur
30Mahammadpur Madhya Para Primary School660Mahammadpur
31Nimakbarh Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya772Nimak Bar
32Sandalpur S.S.K719Nimak Bar
33Purbabar Special Primary School1081Purba Bar
34Sribachhipur Primary School641Shribachchhipur
35Manoharpur Bandhab High School787Manoharpur
36Manoharpur Shishu Shramik School573Manoharpur
37Tiraipur Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya638Tiraipur
38Jalpai Tiraipur Dakshin Tiraipur Primary School1012Tiraipur
39Mahammadpur Deshapran Bidyapith (Purbangsh)574Mahammadpur
41Mahammadpur Dakshin Para Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya825Mahammadpur
42Durbachakri Board Primary School644Mahammadpur
43Mahammadpur Board Primary School833Mahammadpur
44Benauda Board Prathamik Vidyalaya613Benauda
46Parialchak S.S.K404Parial Chak
47Mabarakpur AMSC Junior High School1096Chapal Ghata
48Garbhera Board Prathamik Vidyalay1015Gar Bhera
49Kadua Jalpai Primary School893Gar Bhera
50Amratala Janakalyan Prathamik Vidyalaya512Amra Talya
52Gurgram Board Primary School1131Gur Gram
53Gurgram High School1103Gur Gram
54Kultikri Board Prathamik Vidyalaya1023Gur Gram
56Buraburi Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya897Gur Gram
58Gopinathpur Balika Bidyapith657Gopinathpur
60Nunabad Aatyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya878Nunbar
61Fatepur Board Primary School852Fatepur
62Gopalpur State Plan Primary School839Gopalpur
63Ektarpur High School586Aktarpur
64Ektarpur Deshpran Primary School (Board)1130Ghoshpur
65Nonaghosh Pur S.S.K.583Nona Ghoshpur
66Kalupur Board Primary School1064Munda Bhanga
67Pashchim Kalupur Primary School1123Rayganja
68Nonalaskarapur Board Primary School865Nalda
70Kuralbarh Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya1133Kuralbar
71Gopimohanbarh Girls High School1074Nij Basudebpur
72Kismat Naukabar Primary School681Kismat Naukabar
73Kotlauri Board Primary School883Kotlauri
74Chotodaulatpur Primary School568Nona Naskarpur
75Banlauri Board Prathamik Vidyalaya943Banlauri
76Betulia Chaklalpur R.K. Junior High School912Betulya Chaklalpur
77Betulia Chaklalpur Shitala Primary School543Betulya Chaklalpur
78Lalpur Maktab Primary School1116Betulya Chaklalpur
79Bhimchak Primary School839Bhim Chak
80Dakshin Benudia Sarada Primary School673Benudia (CT)
81Pajankul Sishu Siksha Kendra511Pajankul
82Serpur Primary School662Serpur
83Khajurari Board Prathamik Vidyalaya1032Khajurari
85Benudia Matripith Board Primary School534Benudia (CT)
87Uttar Benudia Primary School691Benudia (CT)
88Benudia Matripith Giris Junior High School724Benudia (CT)
90Betuliabar Board Prathamik Vidyalaya628Betulia Bar
91Tajpur Prathamik Vidyalaya733Tajpur
92Kajichak Prathamik Vidyalaya841Kakra
93Kajichak Junior Grils High School592Kakra
94Kakra S.S.K561Kakra
95Kakara High School893Kakra
96Bar Kashimpur Primary School672Kakra
97Dhanda Board Primary School1071Dhanda
98Janadari Primary School (Special)1049Jana Danri
99Khamti Board Primary School851Barur Bheri
100Dhaka Chara Sishu Siksha Kendra546Khamti
101Barurbheri Special Cader Primary School603Barur Bheri
102Barur Bheri Gangadhar Sishu Siksha Kendra691Barur Bheri
103Dalbarh Primary School1022Dalbar
104Purushottompur Special Primary School727Purusottampur
105Garberia Pry. School1028Pairachali
106Pairachali Board Primary School913Pairachali
107Naranadari Part Basic School666Narandanri
108Chowkhali High School (Dakshin Parshwa)809Hinchi
109Chowkhali High School (Uttar Parshwa)1122Gokhari
111Mangalkhali Madhyamik Siksha Kendra618Jadavmishra Chak
112Mangalkhali Special Primary School1027Mangalkhali Shiba Misra Chak
113Majnaberiya Special Primary School1079Majnabaria
115Purba Birampur S.S.K.942Purba Birampur
116Chakpurulia Attayak Prathamik Vidyalaya687Chak Purulia
117Korkhali Milani High School671Juktibasan
118Korkhali Board Primary School (Korkhali)934Korkhali
119Bhagwankhali Gred-1 Primary School869Mohan Paryar Chak
120Bijay Maitichak S.S.K.577Bijoymaytir Chak
121Kulapara Board Primary School813Kulapara
123Kotebarh Board Primary School1044Kotbar (CT)
124Pashchim Kotebarh Primary School1090Kotbar (CT)
125Kotebarh Special Primary School1025Kotbar (CT)
127Neturia State Plan Primary School903Neturia
129Kusalpur Primary School1039Rampur Ist Part
130Attatur Junior High School490Atattar
131Atattar Harocharan Pry. School731Atattar
132Baroj High School820Baroj
133Burunda Jotindra New Primary School555Burunda
134Batnan Special Primary School528Batnan
136Balibarh Primary School601Balibar
137Uttar Atattar Primary School874Atattar
138Bara Daulatpur Primary School969Machhlandapur
139Saripur Tarak Smrity Prathamuk Vidyalaya907Saripur
140Iswarpur S.S.K863Saripur
141Damodarpur Vivekananda Madhyamik Siksha Kendra946Damodarpur
142Damodarpur Special Primary School700Damodarpur
143Gourchak Board Primary School (Dakshin Parshwa)967Gourchak
144Bamunara Sitala Primary School573Bamunara
145Roychak Pry. School697Bamunara
146Kasba Tilottama Prathamik Vidyalaya952Bamunara
147De Kashimpur Primary School (Pariaparar Nikat)1162Dihi Kashimpur
148Pichhalda C.S Prathamik Vidyalaya942Dihi Kashimpur
149Gholda Debendra Smriti Prathmik Vidyalaya882Gholda
150Kulup Board Primary School581Kulup
152Babuiya State Plan Primary School1112Babuia
153Babuiya Dakshin Pally Ssk1015Babuia
154Sulatanpur D. P. Prathamik Vidyalaya1009Sultanpur
155Sultanpur Madhya Pally Ssk543Sultanpur
156Barbanki Stat Prathamik Vidyalaya704Barbanki
157Bhairabpur Baradamoyee Primary School562Bhairabpur
158Dhusia Prahllad Pry. School862Dhusia
159Dhusiya Maktab Prathamik Vidyalay674Dhusia
161Kalikakhali Chandra Mohan Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya982Kalika Khali
162Kalikakhali Saradeswari Balika Vidyapith874Kalika Khali
163Gobardhanpur Board Primary School734Gobardhanpur
165Usamanpur Board Primary School897Usmanpur
166Purusottampur Primary School805Purusottampur
167Gomutha Board Primary School851Gomutha
169Gargram Mahadeb State Plan Primary School824Brajalal Chak
170Brajalalchak Primary School1026Rasik Chak
172Patna Junior High School1132Patna
173Fullbari Harijan Pry. School509Brajalal Chak
174Pashchim Patna Primary School459Patna
175Dhanyashri Pry. School672Dhanyasri
176Dhanyashri K.C. High School491Dhanyasri
177Srikrishnapur 1 No Board Primary School1023Sri Krishnapur
178Shrikrishnapur 2No Primary School628Sri Krishnapur
179Bankaboalia Board Primary School459Sri Krishnapur
181Rasikachak Board Primary School657Rasik Chak
183Naynan Primary School977Amdabad
184Uttar Barabari Primary School757Uttar Barbari
185Shyamsundarpur Pry. School840Shyamsundarpur
186Dhanchabarii Special Primary School1021Brajalal Chak
187Bansgora B.S. Pry. School744Brajalal Chak
188Balabhadrapur Primary School677Brajalal Chak
189Kulbari Primary School933Kulbari
190Simulbari Primary School723Kulbari
191Baram Joychandi Primary School1141Kulbari
192Abasbari Pitabas Sarada Prasann Higher Secondary School673Kulbari
193Fulni Pry. School935Kulbari
194Hanschada Primary School1034Nasirabad
196Erashal Dayananda Smrit Adarsha Pry. Vidyapith602Erashal (CT)
198Kharigeria Pareshnath Primary School1055Erashal (CT)
199Brindabanpur Bhagaban Smriti Primary School (Madhya)964Brindabanpur
200Brindabanpur Special Primary School840Brindabanpur
201Chintamanipur Special Primary School842Chintamanipur
202Ururi Baidyanath Smriti Primary School561Urui
203Chandipur Shriramkrishna Adarsha Primary School699Chandipur
205Erashal Madhya Pally Ssk987Erashal (CT)
206Kadamtala Board Primary School757Kadamtala
207Rampur Attaik Primary School959Rampur
208Chakanan C.S. Prathamik Bidyalay (Purba Parshwa)1144Chaknan
209Gazipur Primary School702Gazipur
210Kandapasra P.S. Pry. School729Kandpasra
211Kandapashara Deshapran High School479Kandpasra
212Osmanpur Gandhi Smriti Board Primary School1030Osmanpur
213Narghat Board Primary School561Nar
215Bhagbankhali Natun Primary School637Bhagabankhali Ist Grade
216Kayalchak Ssk892Narghat Urf Sripatiganj
217Radhaganj Board Primary School1052Khagda
218Khagda Board Primary School608Khagda
219Khagda Icds918Khagda
221Bhagbankhali 2Nd Khanda Special Prathamik Vidyalaya1011Bhagabankhali 2Nd Portion
222Chaknan Pallishree Sikshaniketan869Bhagabankhali 2Nd Portion
223Nandapur 1 No Board Primary School731Nandapur
225Nandapur Arjya Board Primary School1110Nandapur
227Santrabarh S.C. Pry. School561Bara Ghuni
228Kotbar State Plan Pry. School807Bara Ghuni
2292Nd Part Jalpai Subodh Shiksha Sadan-722Jalpai Part II
231Sasiganj New Pry. School1045Barah Chandi
232Baishyachak Board Prathamik Bidyalay (Dakshinaparsha)913Baishya Chak
233Baraghuni Suklalchak Board Primary School848Bara Ghuni
234Baraghuni Shibarambarh Primary School-791Bara Ghuni
236Nandapur 2 No Charkapara Primary School960Nandapur
237Bhuniabard Prathamik Vidyalaya974Bara Ghuni
238Natesharichak Board Primary School1023Jalpai Part I
2391St Part Jalpai Grade-1 Primary School1123Jalpai Part I
241Raypur Board Primary School701Raypur
243Chak Patna Primary School738Chak Patna
244Dibakarpur Pry. School1057Dibakarpur
245Dibakarpur Higher Secondary School404Dibakarpur
247Habichak Board Primary School843Habi Chak
249Nankarchak State Plen Primary School637Nankar Chak
250Muradapur Saradamani Nimna Buniyadi Primary School872Muradpur
251Muradapur Prathamik Vidyalay898Muradpur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014