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Polling Booth in Chandannagar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Chandannagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chandannagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Khalisani Uchch Vidyalaya513Chandannagar (M Corp)
3Shaktisanggh Subhashapalli949Chandannagar (M Corp)
4Subhashapalli Ji.Es.Ef.Pi.School748Chandannagar (M Corp)
8Rishi Arabinda Balakendram Vidyalaya548Chandannagar (M Corp)
9Naduya Shiksha Niketan1039Chandannagar (M Corp)
10Bholanath Das Balika Vidyalaya762Chandannagar (M Corp)
17Khalisani Gaderadhar Primary School819Chandannagar (M Corp)
20Haridradanga Shikshasadan530Chandannagar (M Corp)
25Netaji Bidyapith672Chandannagar (M Corp)
27Karunamoyee Prathamik Vidyalaya544Chandannagar (M Corp)
291No Boro Office Chandananagar Pauranigam1057Chandannagar (M Corp)
30Aghorachandr Sheth Prathamik Balika Vidyalaya1004Chandannagar (M Corp)
32Bishahari Bidyamandir Prathamik Vidyalaya725Chandannagar (M Corp)
34Bidyasagar Bidyamandir Garlas High School759Chandannagar (M Corp)
38Prabarttak Bidyarthi Bhaban1112Chandannagar (M Corp)
42Prarbattak Nari Mandir512Chandannagar (M Corp)
45Krishn Bhabini Narishiksha Mandir756Chandannagar (M Corp)
46Gangamata G. S. F.P. School857Chandannagar (M Corp)
50Bindubasini Pada Gan Vidyalaya1070Chandannagar (M Corp)
53Nrityagopal Madel Uchch Vidyalaya911Chandannagar (M Corp)
55JiEsEfPi School (Shripalli)961Chandannagar (M Corp)
56Shri Shiksha Niketan955Chandannagar (M Corp)
58Inashtitiut Af Eduh Far Uimen (Posht Grajuyet)729Chandannagar (M Corp)
62Abinash Bidyapith888Chandannagar (M Corp)
66Bilakuli Prathamik Vidyalaya678Chandannagar (M Corp)
70Upendr Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya676Chandannagar (M Corp)
72Byajara Subodh Bidyaniketan962Chandannagar (M Corp)
74Garaji Prathamik Vidyalaya666Chandannagar (M Corp)
77Aalatada Prathamik Vidyalaya429Chandannagar (M Corp)
79Lalabagan Balika Vidyalaya726Chandannagar (M Corp)
81Durgacharan Rakshit Bang Vidyalaya1069Chandannagar (M Corp)
86Sadhucharan Smriti Bidyapith802Chandannagar (M Corp)
87Yugipukur Prathamik Vidyalaya563Chandannagar (M Corp)
94Kanailal Bidyamandir Ingraji Bibhag699Chandannagar (M Corp)
100Rabindra Manas Saraswati Prathamik Vidyalaya844Chandannagar (M Corp)
102Maulana Aajad Memorial PrimaryVidyalaya768Chandannagar (M Corp)
105Indumati Galars Haiskul893Chandannagar (M Corp)
107Dah Shitalaprasad Ghosh Aadarsh Shikshalay672Chandannagar (M Corp)
110Arabind Bidyamandir568Chandannagar (M Corp)
112Ganges Gurukul654Chandannagar (M Corp)
114Chandananagar Miunisipyal Karporeshanabilding924Chandannagar (M Corp)
116Sarada Sadhan Uchch Balika Vidyalaya683Chandannagar (M Corp)
119Dah Bidhan Smriti Vidyalaya832Chandannagar (M Corp)
122Bang Vidyalaya774Chandannagar (M Corp)
124Prafullachandr Sen Aadarsh Shikshalay604Chandannagar (M Corp)
128Subhash Bidyamandir609Chandannagar (M Corp)
134Sulekha Matrimandir637Chandannagar (M Corp)
136Sammelan Taun Hal Laibreri1158Chandannagar (M Corp)
141Ooshangini Balika Vidyalaya653Chandannagar (M Corp)
144Gondalapada Rabindr Shiksha Niketan601Chandannagar (M Corp)
149Barasat Pathashala892Chandannagar (M Corp)
151Manakundu Gader Dhar JiEsEfPi School1016Chandannagar (M Corp)
152Dashabhuja Sahity Mandir522Chandannagar (M Corp)
154Shramik Bidyalay Tarapad Smritibhaban703Chandannagar (M Corp)
157Gondalapada Mil School910Chandannagar (M Corp)
161Rabindra Vidyapith806Chandannagar (M Corp)
167Gaurahati Prathamik Vidyalaya787Chandannagar (M Corp)
168Lebar Oyelafeyar Sentar990Chandannagar (M Corp)
169Digada Mallikahati Deshabandhu Bidyapith458Bhadreswar (M)
171Digada Prathamik Vidyalaya642Bhadreswar (M)
172Khudigachhi Haiskul1064Bhadreswar (M)
174Saradapalli Kanya Bidyapith1127Bhadreswar (M)
176Ghungirkhal Prathamik Vidyalaya922Bhadreswar (M)
180Shishu Shiksha Sadan Ji.Es.Ef.Pi.School672Bhadreswar (M)
186Saradaprasad Datt Smriti Bidyapith552Bhadreswar (M)
190Maniknagar Primary School764Bhadreswar (M)
192Telinipada Bhadreshbar UchchaVidyalaya552Bhadreswar (M)
194Bhadreswar Pouro Prathamik Vidyalaya707Bhadreswar (M)
196Telinipada Bhadreshbar Garlas Haiskul620Bhadreswar (M)
207Haji Mohammad Mohsin Vidyalaya1150Bhadreswar (M)
208Paikapada Sarboday Bidyamandir674Bhadreswar (M)
210Madrasa Aarabiya Hanafiya Kashimul Ul Ulum556Bhadreswar (M)
216Jaharalal Neheru Bidyapith733Bhadreswar (M)
220Bhiktoriya Jutamil Kyantin937Bhadreswar (M)
223Sastri Uchcha Vidyalaya740Bhadreswar (M)
229Mahatma Gandhi Vidyapith490Bhadreswar (M)
231Faj Aahamed Faj Urdu Haiskul445Bhadreswar (M)
233Miunisipyal Bish Fri Primary School754Bhadreswar (M)
237Krishnapatti Miunisipyal Ef Pi School571Bhadreswar (M)
241Shantinagar Prathamik Bidyapith962Bhadreswar (M)
245Chanditala Prathamik Vidyalaya767Bhadreswar (M)
251Sharat Bidyapith894Bhadreswar (M)
255Manakundu Fri Primary School874Bhadreswar (M)

Last Updated on May 27, 2020
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