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Polling Booth in Canning Purba Assembly Constituency

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Canning Purba Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Canning Purba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Canning Purba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Heder Aite F.P.School565Karaidandga
2Kadaidanga F.P.School738Karaidandga
3Kantatala F. P. School957Tardaha Kapasati
4Haripota F.P School458Tardaha Kapasati
52 No. Kulti Block G.S.F.P. School1166Tardaha Kapasati
7Bhatipota F.P.School746Bhatipota
9Gangapur F.P.School1076Ushpara
12Durgapur Chandipur F.P.School824Tardaha Kapasati
13Maushal F.P.School1064Mousal
14Sontikari F.P. School667Andulgari
15Tardaha High School606Tardaha Kapasati
17Tardah High School961Tardaha Kapasati
18Andulgaria State Plan F.P.School1043Andulgari
19Tardah Naskar Aite F.P.School804Tardaha Kapasati
21Hogoldara F.P.School1007Madhabpur
22Madhabpur Jatiya Shikshalaya856Madhabpur
24Taldighi F.P.School661Taldighi
26Kashiadanga F.P.School855Taldighi
27Baliadanga F.P.School521Kashia Danga
28Maheshpukur F.P.School783Mahes Pukuria
29Dakshin Banagram S.S.K793Dari Madhabpur
30Sundia Sarala Matilal High School827Sundia
31Kharkaraite F.P.School627Kashia Danga
32Dakshin Madhabapur F.P.School858Madhabpur
34Uttar Jhijhirait S.S.K678Dari Madhabpur
35Dakshin Jhijhirait I.C.D.S.Centre978Dari Madhabpur
36Kaleraite F.P.School752Dari Madhabpur
38Chakbhika F.P. School929Chak Bhika
39Bangoda F.P. School583Bangoda
41Balipur F.P. School880Balipur
42Bazarait F.P.School652Bazarati
44Ghungri F.P.School751Jhungri
46Shanksahar F.P. School558Shaksahar
49Baushahar F.P. School833Bausahar
51Situri F.P. School654Situri
53Dingabhanga F.P.School840Situri
54Chandpur F.P.School362Chandpur
57Santra F.P.School610Chandpur
58Shrirampur F. P. School722Srirampur
59Khargachhi F.P.School720Khar Gachhi
61Noapara F.P.School791Erenda
62Erenda F.P.School606Erenda
65Naora F.P.School998Naora
67Dakshin Khargachhi S.S.K1052Khar Gachhi
68Shakuntala S.S.K960Noapara
69Dakshin Narkelberia F.P.School1016Dakshin Narikel Beria
70Bodra Junior Basic School1067Bodra
71Bodara Uchcha Madhyamik Vidyalaya786Naora
72Kasdiya I.C.D.S. Center614Pita Simulia
73Gokulpur F.P. School625Pita Simulia
74Kanjdia Gokulpur F.P.School881Kanjdia
75Bodara Garlas Haiskul715Bodra
77Burangar F.P.School952Bodra
78Kalugachhi Bediyamari F. P. School1114Kalugachhi
81Chandibari F. P. School633Chandibari
83Mallikati M.S.K543Par Kalugachhi
84Mallikkati Junior Basic School639Mallik Kati
86Barerkhal S.S.K942Mallik Kati
87Gheekhali F. P. School657Ghikhali
89Sastakhali F. P. School1073Sastakhali
90Chunaghata Sonatanapur F. P. School777Chandibari
92Dharmatala F.P.School448Dharmatala
93Sundia F.P.School626Kamar Hati
95Dakshin Kashipur F.P.School841Satbaria
97Uttar Banagram F.P.School1051Karunarhati
98Nakurait F.P.School339Karunarhati
99Jalalabad F.P.School955Jalalabad
101Chandaneswar F.P.School1017Chandaneswar
102Chandaneswar High School613Chandaneswar
105Kashinathapur S. S. K.543Kashinathpur
107Kashinathapur F.P.School846Kashinathpur
109Sondalia F. P. School714Sondalia
112Binar Aite S.S.K1063Binarat
113Garaiaite S.S.K1049Badi
114Badi F.P.Schooll607Badi
115Harishpur F.P.School690Harispur
116Dakshin Rajapur F.P.School925Dakshin Rajapur
118Mathurapur F.P.School592Bakri
120Satberia F.P.School661Satbaria
122Kanthalia F.P.School966Dakshin Kathalia
123Hariharpur Dubjali F.P.School929Durgapur
124Durgapur F.P.School515Durgapur
125Bhandarkuria S.S.K.801Bhandarkura
126Chhoto Bakri I.C.D.S.Center544Bhandarkura
127Bankri Durgapur F.P.School941Bakri
129Garanberia F.P.School915Garanbaria
131Hariharpur S.S.K500Hariharpur
133Hedia F. P. School638Hadiya
135Netrabad F. P. School852Netra
137Uttar Iswaripur F. P. School1149Hansarabad
138Bhabananda I. C. D. S. Centre589Bhabananda
139Haoramari F. P. School980Haora Mari
141Iswariipur Prathamik Vidyalaya994Iswaripur
143Ramrayer Gheri Prathamik Vidyalaya769Ramrayer Gheri
144Singheswar M.S.K.861Singheswar
145Moktarpur F. P. School829Moktarpur
146Jibantala F. P. School593Jibantala
148Poina F. P. School829Paina
150Miyargheri F. P. School579Miagheri
152Iswaripur 6 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya1072Iswaripur
155Sarengabad 2 No. F. P. School944Saranger Abad
158Gangacheri F. P. School860Ganga Cheri
160Khagra Para F. P. School746Saranger Abad
162Araibanki S.S.K979Saranger Abad
163Itkhola F.P. School793Saranger Abad
164Gutri F. P. School861Gutri
165Kayem Khan F. P. School813Jay Khali
166Deuli Junior Basic School739Deuli
168Deuli Ganti Special Cadre F. P. School508Ganti
170Ganti Prathamik Vidyalaya752Madan Khali
173Mukharjee Para F. P. School793Mukhujya Para
175Kaluakhali F. P. School994Kaluakhali
176Bamuniya F. P. School1061Bamunia
177Baniberiya F. P. School967Kalikatala
179Surirhat Raghumara F. P. School1071Kalikatala
180Narabuniya F.P.School788Kalikatala
181Kakmari F.P.School1008Jogendra Nagar
182Kuriyabhanga F. P. School848Jogendra Nagar
183Harindah F. P. School920Kalikatala
185Kalikatala New F. P. School843Kalikatala
187Kalikatala Milan Vidyapith686Kalikatala
189Jashohar Para F. P. School975Kalikatala
191Jogendranagar Special Cadre F. P. School1176Jogendra Nagar
193Changdona Prathamik Vidyalaya923Chengdona
194Bhojati Kapatkhali F. P. School727Chengdona
195Palta Junior Basic School853Homra Polta
196Nagartala F. P. School644Nagartala
197Nabapalli S.S.K738Nagartala
200Homra Palta Juniour Basic School857Homra Polta
201Homra Palta High School1003Homra Polta
203Palpali F.P. School860Nagartala
204Gobindanagar Adarsha Shishu Shiksha Niketan689Nagartala
206Najrul Palli M.S.K614Nagartala
207Tambuldah Adibasi F. P. School1121Bibir Abad
209Bibirabad F. P. School943Bibir Abad
211Bagmari Janata Junior High School1039Bakultala
213Bagmari F.P.School1071Kaparpuri
214Dakshin Patikhali New F. P. School848Patikhali
215Patikhali F. P. School601Patikhali
217Khunkhali F. P. School485Khun Khali
219Patikhali Natunpara F. P. School1138Patikhali
221Moukhali Juniour High School759Maukhali Kumarkhali
222Mahishara F. P. School551Maukhali Kumarkhali
224Moukhali F. P. School1083Maukhali Kumarkhali
225Joshomay Dhar Sriti Shikhya Nikatan652Maukhali Kumarkhali
227Paschim Motherdighi S.S.K995Jogendra Nagar
228Jogendranagar Mahakali F. P. School1015Jogendra Nagar
229Fulbari F. P. School635Jogendra Nagar
231Kalikatala Old Free Primary School584Mather Dighi
232Motherdighi High School658Mather Dighi
234Kholachoti F. P. School821Jogendra Nagar
236Motherdighi Atharobanki Siddikiya Madrasha1149Mather Dighi
237Motherdighi F.P.School1186Mather Dighi
238Hamidpur F.P.School716Mather Dighi
239Majumdar Para F. P. School558Mather Dighi
240Fakirtakiya F.P. School723Mather Dighi

Last Updated on December 26, 2014