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Polling Booth in Canning Paschim Assembly Constituency

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Canning Paschim Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Canning Paschim

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Canning Paschim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Paschim Narayanpur Navasan S.S.K.1115Narayanpur
2Paschim Narayanpur F.P. School1012Narayanpur
3Dhoyaghata J. B. School1146Narayanpur
5Narayanpur Akshay Vidyamandir721Narayanpur
7Banamalipur Abujafariya Siddikiya Senior Madrasha1092Banamalipur
9Banamalipur F.P. School843Banamalipur
10Srinagar F. P. School856Srinagar
12Kachimuddin Laskar M.S.K.794Srinagar
13Satbibi F. P. School1139Makhal Tala (CT)
15Makhaltala Banamalipur F. P. School1098Makhal Tala (CT)
17Sayed Shahi Gazi Mobarak Najrul Ulum Siddikiya Madrasha679Makhal Tala (CT)
19Kalariya F.P.School997Banshra (CT)
22Karakhanar Chak F.P.School422Karkhanar Chak
24Piyali F.P.School735Kalaria (CT)
27Gaudadah F.P.School810Gaur Daha (CT)
29Shrikrishnapur Manasa Pukur F.P.School737Banshra (CT)
31Gourdaha F.P.School843Gaur Daha (CT)
32Rabindra Palli S.S.K724Gaur Daha (CT)
33Sangraminagar High School445Banshra (CT)
34Pratapagad Kaloni F.P. School971Banshra (CT)
35Ghutiyari Sharif Balika Vidyalaya983Banshra (CT)
37B.M.Bidyapith1033Banshra (CT)
39Saktipally S.S.K679Banshra (CT)
40Bidyadhari Palli S.S.K.838Banshra (CT)
42Pather Dabi F.P. School381Banshra (CT)
44Lakshminarayan Pur F.P. School1068Banshra (CT)
45Pather Sesh I.C.D.S491Banshra (CT)
46Bansra New F.P. School927Banshra (CT)
47Lakshmi Narayanpur Jr High School762Banshra (CT)
48Taltala S.S.K560Banshra (CT)
50Nabapalli S.S.K644Banshra (CT)
52Ganti S.S.K800Banshra (CT)
53Ganti F.P. School763Banshra (CT)
54Rajapur K.K Coloni F.P.School910Rajapur (CT)
56Kalitala Junior Basic School488Taldi (CT)
58Uttar Taldi Kheyaghat F.P.School566Taldi (CT)
59Khaskumrakhali F.P. School1076Khas Kumarkhali
61Chandkhali Nimnabuniyadi Bidyalaya953Bayarsing (CT)
62Rajapur F.P. School1054Rajapur (CT)
64Taldi Mohanchand High School638Taldi (CT)
66Taldi Surabala Shikshayatan1033Taldi (CT)
69Kumrakhali F.P. School720Khas Kumarkhali
72Andhariya F.P. School1041Khas Kumarkhali
73Taldi Junior Basic School825Rajapur (CT)
75Rajapur Baba Taraknath S.S.K881Rajapur (CT)
76Bahirsona F.P. School458Bayarsing (CT)
78Boyarsing F.P.School872Bayarsing (CT)
81Purbashibnagar F.P.School1039Sibnagar
83Marahaldi F.P.School1041Mara Haldi
84Kankradaha F.P. School1053Kankradaha
85Tangrakhali Parashuram Yaminipran High School866Halapara
86Andhla F.P.School794Adhia
88Canning Devid Sesson High School537Matla (CT)
90Rajakrishnanagar JiEsEfPiSchool716Matla (CT)
92Sanjoypalli S.S.K.669Matla (CT)
94St. Gabrel School543Matla (CT)
96Gandhi Colony F.P.School646Matla (CT)
98Bibekananda F.P. School (Ghosh Para)877Matla (CT)
99Thumkati Nityamani F.P. School654Matla (CT)
101Dhalirabati Sebabrati S.K.U.S931Matla (CT)
102Uttar Kultali Aganwari Centre840Matla (CT)
103Bahirbena I.C.D.S((Rm-2)573Matla (CT)
106Puratan Chadni I.C.D.S Rm-1145Matla (CT)
107Canning Rajkrishna Adarsha Shishu Junior Basic School427Matla (CT)
109Amraberia F.P. School987Matla (CT)
111New Model F.P. School751Matla (CT)
113Mithakhali F.P. School1072Matla (CT)
115Kumarsa Ojhapara F.P.School693Kumarsa Chak
116Malirdhar Stateaplan F.P. School559Kumarsa Chak
117Malirdhar F.P.School (Old)770Kumarsa Chak
118Canning Dwarikanath Bidyalaya835Dighirpar (CT)
1201No Dighirpar F.P.School798Dighirpar (CT)
123Rekha Sardar F.P. School1002Dighirpar (CT)
124Purba Dighirpar F.P. School1242Dighirpar (CT)
126Paranikhako F.P.School (Old)877Kara Kati
127Majher Para F.P. School907Kumarsa Chak
128Raybaghini Junior Basic School679Kara Kati
129Korakathi Madhyapara S.S.K817Kara Kati
132Poramura F.P. School851Poramura
134Ray Baghini High School863Kumarsa Chak
135Naiyapara S.S.K673Kumarsa Chak
1362No Dighirpar F.P.School890Dighirpar (CT)
138Uttar Angadberia F.P. School789Uttar Angad Baria
141Kumarsha F.P. School1031Dighirpar (CT)
143Pashchim Shibnagar New F.P.School1045Sibnagar
145Narayanagarh F.P.School684Narayangar
147Thakuraniberia F.P. School1117Daria
149Daria J.L.N. Bidyalaya1034Thakurani Baria
152Sundipukuriya F.P. School820Sundi Pukhuria
153Daria Nimnaniyadi Vidlaya559Sundi Pukhuria
154Roniya F.P. School906Ronia
156Gobramari F.P. School752Daria
158Marapiya Debhisabad F.P. School944Marapia
160Hatpukuria Debhisabad F.P. School1049Bhaleya
162Khoshdel S.S.K.596Devis Abad
164Hatpukuria New F.P. School778Hat Pukhuria
167Tentulberia C.S.F.P. School697Tetul Bana
169Devisabad F.P. School801Devis Abad
171Bholeya F.P. School835Bhaleya
173Chanddaha F.P. School970Baloi Jhaka
175Stimar Chak F.P. School421Nikarighata
177Dakshin Angadberia F.P. School884Dakshin Angad Baria
179Paranikheko Aadibasi Para F.P. School1047Hincha Khali
181Karakati J.B. School1085Nikarighata
182Moukhali S.S.K646Maukhali
183Moukhali Banadebi F.P. School723Maukhali
185Hinchakhali F.P. School798Hincha Khali
187New Pangashkhali F.P. School798Pangaskhali
189Banibada Belekhali F.P. School805Banibadabele Khali
191Belekhali F.P. School723Banibadabele Khali
193Hatamari F.P.School1053Hatamari
194Paschim Hatamari New F.P School851Hatamari
195Dumki F.P. School528Dumki
197Dumki Swamiji S.S.K728Dumki
198Ramamari F.P School878Pangaskhali
199Dabu Joyramkhali F.P. School995Dabu
201Dharmatala F.P. School1022Dharmatala
203Kachua I.C.D.S. Centre1075Dharmatala
204Goladahara Kusummani F.P. School599Amtala Bhadri
206Amtala Matiram Junior High School1093Dattababur Abad
207Gopalpur F.P. School823Gopalpur
208Pattabhangi F.P.School955Gopalpur
209Amtala Free Primary School754Dattababur Abad
211Kuilaghurani S.S.K285Kula Ghurani
212Laskar Para S.S.K1071Gopalpur
213Amtalabhadri Free Primary School1130Amtala Bhadri
214Herobhanga Kacharipara F.P. School889Hero Bhanga
216Golak Para F.P. School1046Gopalpur
217Dakshin Kalikatala F.P.School884Dakshin Kalikatala
218Badukula F.P. School1013Dakshin Kalikatala
220Uttar Redokhali F.P.School897Uttar Redokhali
221J.L.N Harinarayani Bidyapith783Uttar Redokhali
222Garhkhali F.P. School761Uttar Redokhali
224Jamader Para S.S.K771Garkhali
225Itkhola Rajnarayan High School684Hero Bhanga
227Redokhali F.P. School745Garkhali
229Herobhanga Suksagar F.P. School1012Hero Bhanga
230Golabari F.P. School917Budh Khali
231Jhantu Naskar Para I.C.D.S437Budh Khali
232Rasmani I.C.D.S956Modhu Khali
234Uttar Budhokhali Mahatmaji F.P. School1032Budh Khali
236Golabari Budhokhali F.P. School591Budh Khali
238Halderpara I.C.D.S906Gola Bari
239Uttar Budhokhali F.P. School484Budh Khali
241Kripakhali F.P.School391Modhu Khali
242Madhukhali F.P. School815Kripa Khali

Last Updated on December 26, 2014