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Polling Booth in Budge Budge Assembly Constituency

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Budge Budge Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Budge Budge

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Budge Budge Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bade Kalinagar M.F.P. School972Budge Budge (M)
4Kalinagar G.S.F.P. School475Budge Budge (M)
5Shiksha Niketan779Budge Budge (M)
7Health Administrative Unit1038Budge Budge (M)
8Budge Budge P.K. High School596Budge Budge (M)
14Budge Budge Uchha Balika Vidyalaya887Budge Budge (M)
16Manual M.F.P. School663Budge Budge (M)
19Budge Budge College1066Budge Budge (M)
21Abey High School427Budge Budge (M)
25Bipin Smriti Samati F.P. School678Budge Budge (M)
28Subhash M.F.P. Boys School1050Budge Budge (M)
30Subhash Girls High School652Budge Budge (M)
35Budge Budge Jute Mill U.P. Moktab565Budge Budge (M)
37Silver Jubille M.F.P. School944Budge Budge (M)
39Parbati Vidyalaya955Budge Budge (M)
41Janata Vidyamandir855Budge Budge (M)
43Byanjanheriya U.P. Moktab991Budge Budge (M)
46Byanjanheriya G.S.F.P. School780Budge Budge (M)
49Khariberiya F.P. School610Budge Budge (M)
51Badamtala High School674Budge Budge (M)
55Jaychandipur U.P. Moktab703Budge Budge (M)
56Jaychandipur M.F.P. School1113Budge Budge (M)
59Kalipur Girls High School694Budge Budge (M)
60Jaychandipur Kajipara U.P. Moktab1071Budge Budge (M)
62Kalipur High School (Boys)444Budge Budge (M)
67Kalipur Priti Sangha F.P. School678Pujali (M)
69Ramchandrapur F.P. School712Pujali (M)
72Kalipur Uttar F.P. School565Pujali (M)
74Pujali Shiksha Niketan690Pujali (M)
76Pujali F.P. School844Pujali (M)
77Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ray F P School821Pujali (M)
84Pujali Rajarampur F.P. School415Pujali (M)
86Rajibpur Pally Mongal F.P. School728Pujali (M)
90Paschim Pujali F.P. School971Pujali (M)
93Rajibpur F.P. School962Pujali (M)
96R.A.J.F.P. School989Pujali (M)
97Rajibpur High School557Pujali (M)
99Aachhipur F.P. School818Pujali (M)
101Mayapur Jagatballavpur F.P. School724Jagatballavpur
103Rajibpur Sub Health Center1062Jagatballavpur
104Moukhali F.P. School551Moukhali
106Deshbandhu Pally Seba Sangha Santosh Kumari Shiksha Niketan1049Durgapur
109Mayapur Adarsa Vidyapith548Mayapur
111Netaji F P School859Mayapur
112Mayapur F.P. School716Mayapur
114Sri Sri Arabinda Vidyalaya944Mayapur
116Baganberiya F.P. School709Mayapur
117Matapara S S K800Mayapur
120Birlapur Vidyalaya873Mayapur
121Hasanecha High School1059Mayapur
123Purba Mayapur Mosammat Arajan S S K864Mayapur
124Purba Mayapur Mosammat Aarajan F.P. School732Mayapur
125Hasnecha Sub-Centre S S K962Mayapur
126Nabarup Sangha S.S.K940Mayapur
127Jamalpur P.H.C. Compound857Jamalpur
129Jamalapur F.P. School962Jamalpur
131Nishchintapur F.P Scool805Nischintapur (CT)
132Bidyasagar Bani Bhaban586Nischintapur (CT)
137Abhirampur F.P. School550Abhirampur (CT)
141Bagmari F.P. School857Benjanhari Acharial (P) (CT)
143Chakagopal F.P. Scool1026Buita (CT)
144Khariberiya Vivekananda Bidyapit974Benjanhari Acharial (P) (CT)
145Shankpukur High School745Uttar Raypur (CT)
147Shankpukur S S K752Uttar Raypur (CT)
149Marum Abdul Hannan Molla Ssk478Uttar Raypur (CT)
151Paik Para Ramkrishna F.P. School1091Uttar Raypur (CT)
153Kalimberia F.P. School1039Uttar Raypur (CT)
154Paik Para R.K. High School1103Uttar Raypur (CT)
156Senpukur F.P. School622Uttar Raypur (CT)
158Pokepari U.P. Moktab1126Uttar Raypur (CT)
160Narikeldanga F.P School1118Uttar Raypur (CT)
162Kalikapur F.P. School847Uttar Raypur (CT)
164Paschim Balarampur F.P. School677Balarampur (CT)
166Chak Nabasan F.P. School869Chak Nabasan
169Balarampur Nandarampur F.P. School908Nandarampur
172Atmarampur S S K769Balarampur (CT)
173Chingripota Santoshpur F.P. School814Chingripota
175Atmarampur F.P. School712Atmarampur
176Santoshpur F.P. School608Sontoshpur
178Nayachak High School783Sontoshpur
180Rajarampur Girls High School800Betuabati Rajarampur
181Kishorpur F.P. School856Kisorpur
182Bethuyabati Arjunchandra Junior Basic School722Betuabati
184Harulal Show Primary School918Buita (CT)
185Harulal Show F.P. School751Buita (CT)
186Mithapukur F.P. School1144Buita (CT)
187Mithapukur Shishu Shramik Bidyalaya1165Buita (CT)
189Gobarjhuri F.P. School905Buita (CT)
191Buita Abaitanik Prathamik Bidyalaya826Buita (CT)
193Buita Das Para F.P. School498Buita (CT)
195Parbati F.P. School1112Buita (CT)
196Malangadar F.P. School506Ghanasyambati
198Bawali Gangaprasad Junior High School1082Ghanasyambati
199Kalinagar F.P. School1098Kalinagar
202Maheswarpur F.P. School595Maheswarpur
205Chaketbati F.P. School838Chak Etbari
207Dakshin Bawali F.P. School820Bowali (CT)
209Chandipur Paschim F.P. School640Chandipur
211Ckak Moukhali Anganwari Kendra969Chandipur
212Sub Center Of Health Uttar Bawali( Chandipur)603Chandipur
213Chandipur Sing Para Anganwari Kendra727Chandipur
214Chandipur F.P. School1127Chandipur
216Chandipur Junior High School540Chandipur
217Banaraipur Junior Basic School439Banaraypur
219Ghanashambhati F P School1131Banaraypur
220Bawali Pally Mongal High School587Bowali (CT)
222Bawali Pally Mongal F.P. School970Bowali (CT)
223Kishalaya Vidyaniketan371Bowali (CT)
225Bawali F P School (Lichutala)972Bowali (CT)
226Bawali High School791Bowali (CT)
228Birlapur Labour Welfare Center736Chak Kashipur (CT)
231Shri Shri Ramkrishna Ashram Vidyapith329Chak Kashipur (CT)
232Kashipur F.P. School994Chak Kashipur (CT)
233Chak Kashipur Sishu Siksha Kendra598Chak Alampur (CT)
235Kashipur Jr. High School1131Chak Kashipur (CT)
236Chak Kashipur Pulin Bihari F.P. School800Chak Kashipur (CT)
237Uttar Alampur F.P. School781Chak Alampur (CT)
239Purba Kashipur F.P. School591Chak Kashipur (CT)
243Purba Alampur F.P. School689Chak Alampur (CT)
245Alampur Kalitala F.P. School855Chak Alampur (CT)
247Alampur Hazra Para F.P. School915Chak Alampur (CT)
249Raipur Uttar Para F.P. School482Dakshin Raypur (CT)
251Raipur Shri Shri Ramkrishna Amrita Vidyalaya638Dakshin Raypur (CT)
253Provat Rabi Pathagar418Dakshin Raypur (CT)
255Dongariya Royur F P School953Dakshin Raypur (CT)
257Raipur High F.P. School857Dakshin Raypur (CT)
259Chara Raipur Harijan Vidyalaya960Dakshin Raypur (CT)
261Dakshin Raipur F.P. School733Dakshin Raypur (CT)
263Dongaria Anumati Balika Vidyalaya783Dongaria
267Dakshin Dongaria F P School555Dongaria
269Dongaria F.P. School680Dongaria
271Godakhali F.P. School904Godakhali

Last Updated on December 26, 2014