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Polling Booth in Bhatar Assembly Constituency

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Bhatar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhatar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhatar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Basatapur G S Fpschool726Basatpur
2Beroya Ef. Pi. School699Beroya
3Dangsara F.P School510Dangsara
4Baramallik Ef. Pi. School927Poalkura
5Jarul High School1017Jharul
6Mahata Hai Ef.Pi.School1059Mahata
7Ray Ramachandrapur Nirodabaran Bidyapith1138Ramchandrapur
9Daudadanga Ef. Pi. School892Daura
13Mahata Haiskul999Mahata
14Dudbagan A.F.P School722Mahata
15Nuta Ef.Pi.School659Nuta
17Odagram Ji.Es.Ef.Pi.School576Orgram
19Chhatimadanga Aadibasi Ef.Pi.School1059Ramchandrapur
20Debapur Basant Nagar Jiesef. Pi. School731Debpur
21Debpur Bagdipara Ssk793Debpur
22Mandaradihi Primary Shool858Mandardihi
23Ramapur Imaprubhad Primaryskul768Rampur
24Eruyar Bi. Em. Di. Pi. Inastitiusan885Eruar
25Aruar H.D.S Girls School457Eruar
30Sripur F.P School652Shripur
32Nabab Nagar Colony Free Primary School751Shripur
34Nrisinghapur Ef. Pi. School560Nrisinhapur
35Eruyar Bienchaudhuri Junihbehgarlas School783Eruar
36Eruyar Ramasharan De Junihbehskul1047Eruar
39Aruar Pri Basic School709Eruar
40Kalipahadi Kshudiram Sen Sah Ef.Pi.School711Kalapahari
42Kalatikuri Ef.Pi.School873Kalapahari
43Manjula Ef.Pi.School667Santoshpur
45Bharabapur Ef.Pi.School565Bhairabpur
46Poshala Ef.Pi.School746Pashala
48Nota Ef.Pi.School707Nityanandapur
50Susun Dighi H.P High School991Nityanandapur
51Dangapada Ef.Pi.School894Nityanandapur
52Oosha Ef.Pi.School903Usha
53Muratipur Efpi School849Muratipur
54Muratipur Basic Free Primary School860Muratipur
56Patana Ef.Pi.School886Nityanandapur
57Patna Paschim Para Free Primary School521Nityanandapur
59Kaluttak Efpi School977Muratipur
61Shikadatod Ef.Pi.School668Shikartor
63Hatakanapur Ef.Pi.School1033Purbba Ramchandrapur
66Reandiya Ef Pi School748Dhenria
68Kasigram Ef Pi School798Kasigram
69Bhatakul Purbapada Ef.Pi.School990Bhatakul
71Haripur Ef.Pi.School1016Haripur
74Balagona Musalimapada Ef.Pi.School641Balgana
76Tulasidanga Junih Beh School870Tulsidanga
78Bhatakul Sbarnamayi Haiskul563Bhatakul
79Bhatakul Adibasi Free Primary School711Bhatakul
81Nasigram Garlas Haiskul994Nasigram
82Madhapur Ef. Pi.School1002Madhpur
84Salun Ef. Pi.School592Salun
85Nasigram Haiskul824Nasigram
87Nasigram Sarada Bidyapith825Nasigram
88Nasigram Garlas Ef. Pi. School746Nasigram
90Muraripur Ef. Pi.School1027Muraripur
91Khunna Baneshbarapur Ef.Pi.School1113Bara Belun
92Badabelun Aashutosh Ef.Pi.School905Bara Belun
94Badabelun Mohinimohanabidyamandir739Bara Belun
95Barabelun Girls Free Primary School770Bara Belun
97Khunna Ef.Pi.School567Chandibati
98Badabelun Debibala Balika Vidyalaya906Bara Belun
99Badabelun Badakali Ef.Pi.School902Bara Belun
101Bamashor Boys F.P School1040Bamsor
102Bhumashor F.P School734Bamsor
103Bhumsore Ssk578Bamsor
104Bhumshor F.P School1009Bamsor
105Bamashor High School792Bamsor
107Bamsore Girls F.P School677Bamsor
109Bhatad Ef. Pi. School1124Palar
111Bhatad Madhab Pabalik Haiskul802Sotkhali
112Kulchanda Sadharan Boys Free Primary School611Kulchanda
114Bhatar Girls High School661Kulchanda
115Kulanagar Ef. Pi. School642Kulnagar
117Palad Bhatad Ef. Pi. School781Palar
118Kanailal Free Primary School686Palar
120Belendabalasidanga Ef. Pi. School874Belenda
122Balasidanga Ef. Pi. School709Balsidanga
124Beladanga Kanchagadiya Ef. Pi. School1060Belenda
125Kanch Goria Siddeswari Free Primary School485Kachgaria
126Seanruya Ef. Pi. School814Serua
128Kapashod Ef. Pi. School1023Kapshor
130Kumarun Ef. Pi. School719Kumarun
131Ratanapur Ef. Pi. School1003Ratanpur
132Bamunada Ef. Pi. School869Bamunara
134Bamunada Elsidipiinastitishan708Panoa
136Chandipur Ef. Pi. School1041Chandipur
137Jujakadanga Ef. Pi. School952Jhujkadanga
138Rajipur Ef. Pi. School839Rajipur
140Nutanagram Ef. Pi. School987Nutangram
141Bijipur Haiskul1095Bijipur
142Naraja Ef. Pi. School798Narjja
143Bharuidangan Ef Pi School953Eora Chak
144Shalakuni Ef. Pi. School958Salkuni
146Sahebaganj High School471Kashipur
147Sahebganj Jr. Basic School865Kashipur
148Kashipur Nurapur Ji. Es. Ef. Pi. School1027Kashipur
150Kashipur Junihbesik School522Kashipur
152Bighara Bamuniya Primaryvidyalaya816Bigra
153Bamunia Free Primary School585Bigra
154Sonchalida Unnat Primaryvidyalaya649Sonchalida
156Radhamohanapur Aadibasi Ef.Pi.School566Orgram
157Odagram Haimadrasa965Orgram
159Odagram Haiskul716Orgram
160Orgram Free Primary School592Orgram
162Odagram Aadibasi Ef.Pi.School811Orgram
164Shilakot Ef.Pi.School678Silakot
166Mandarabati Ninm Buniyadi Vidyalaya858Mandarbati
167Aayamapada Ef Pi School690Gramdihi
168Gholada Imaprubhad Ef.Pi. School1120Gholada
169Gramadihi High School903Gramdihi
170Dhandalasa Ef. Pi. School921Dhandalsa
171Narayanapur High School765Narayanpur
173Banapash Shikshaniketan1066Banpash
174Rupirpukur Free Primary School1024Banpash
176Mohanapur High School968Mohanpur
177Natungram Free Primary School548Mohanpur
179Ambona Free Primary School742Ambana
180Banapash Mistripada Ef. Pi. School786Ambana
181Purb Kamarapada Ef Pischool960Banpash
183Haribati Ef. Pi. School746Banpash
185Khurul Ef. Pi. School794Khurul
187Khurul Icds Centre570Khurul
188Basuda Shrishriramakrishnabidyapith776Basuda
190Kurumba Ef. Pi. School926Kurumba
191Parahat Ef. Pi. School1062Parhat
193Zikadadanga Shrishriramakrishnef. Pi. School948Jhikardanga
194Miraganj Ef Pi School822Nabasta
195Patunaef. Pi. School669Nunari
197Mahachannda Bibekanand Shikshapratishthan976Mahachanda
199Karjjana Kaloni Ef. Pi. School971Karjjana
200Shibapur Dharamapur Ef. Pi. School977Mahachanda
201Karjjana Gram Ef. Pi. School721Karjjana
203Gardanmari Ssk971Mahachanda
204Eodaef. Pi. School838Mahachanda
205Aadara Ef. Pi. School953Arra
207Amarun Station Sikshaniketan438Arra
208Handagram Umasundari Pabalik Haiskul971Hanrgram
209Ramanagar Ef.Pi.School444Hanrgram
210Handagram Ef. Pi. School785Hanrgram
211Radhanagar Ef.Pi.School596Hanrgram
213Aamarun Ef.Pi.School1015Amarun
215Shunud Ef.Pi.School1131Shunur
217Chhatani Ef.Pi.School524Kherur
219Khedur Chhatani Ke.En .Haiskul862Kherur
221Kherur Chhatni K.N. Jr. Basic School679Kherur
222Palasona Ef.Pi.School830Palsana
224Bijayapur Palasona Haiskul1003Bijyapur
225Edachiya Uttarapada Junihbesik School1035Erachya
226Edachiya Ef.Pi.School1007Erachya
227Kubajapur Ef. Pi.School975Kubajpur
229Dasapur Free Primary School874Daspur
231Chhotabelun High School1059Chhota Belun
233Pandui Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya808Parui
235Tubagram Ef. Pi. School850Tubgram
237Kharjuli Vivekananda Free Primary School981Kharjuli
238Kshetia Uchha Vidyalaya688Khetia
240Kshetiya Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya855Gopalbati
241Bijayabati Ef. Pi. School812Simdali
242Teantaral Ef. Pi. School757Tentral
243Khandajuli Shri Shri Ramakrishn Free Primary School995Kharjuli
246Teantuliya Sarbani Sundari Ef. Pi. School874Tentulia
247Barasati Free Primary School490Barasat
248Kamanada Hemachandr Junior Basic School470Kamnara
250Malakita Junihbesik School865Malkita
252Kaligram Garlas High School1081Kaligram
254Kudamun H .P Vidyalaya651Kurman
256Kurmun Upper Primary (Girls ) School758Kurman
257Kudamun Haiskul537Kurman
260Ramachandrapur Ef. Pi. School775Ichharambati
261Kudamun Ef Pi School1095Kurman
263Panchapalli Em.Si. High School645Ramchandrapur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014