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Polling Booth in Bhangar Assembly Constituency

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Bhangar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bhangar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhangar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kochapukur Ef.Pi.School884Koch Pukur
2Hatgacha Haridas Vidyapith High School802Jot Bhim
4Uttar Hatagachha Free Primary School506Hat Gachha
6Madhy Hatagachha Free Primary School955Hat Gachha
8Hatagachha Saradar Para Free Primary School881Hat Gachha
10Dhalipada Frih Primary School899Hadia
13Bamanaghata High School923Hadia
14Dakshin Baman Ghata Free Primary School680Hadia
16Kulti 1No G.S Free Primary School641Dhapa Manpur (P)
18Beonta 1No G P Office1031Benota
19Beota Junior Basic School689Benota
21Beota Shibakrishna Shikshayatan (Netaji Vidyapith)791Benota
22Kantatala Frih Primary School768Benota
24Shukpukur Free Primary School539Suk Pukuria
26Chariswar Free Primary School727Chariswar
28Krolaberiya Free Primary School396Benota
30Sarada Balika Vidyalaya704Krolbaria
32Dharmatala Panchuriya Free Primary School707Dharmatala Pachuria
34Kulberiya Dharmatala Free Primary School970Dharmatala Pachuria
35Pukurait Free Primary School953Dharmatala Pachuria
36Kulberia Vivekananda Free Primary School737Kulberia
38Kulaberia Bibekanand Pavchuriya F P. School1150Kulberia
39Kanthal Bediya Frih Primary School798Chandakanthal Beria
40Hatishala Sarajini Highmadrsha874Hatisala
41Hatishala Junior Basic School685Hatisala
43Paikan Free Primary School937Wari
44Wari Free Primary School1110Wari
46Tarahadiya Free Primary School861Tara Hadia
47Bhagaban Pur High School416Dakshin Khayerpur
49Bhawanpur F P S771Bhaga Banpur
51Gabtala Free Primary School726Bhaga Banpur
52Chhayani Free Primary School1027Pitha Pukuria
54Pithapukur Free Primary School979Pitha Pukuria
56Makshet Ali Institution M S K809Pitha Pukuria
58Natapukur Free Primary School886Pitha Pukuria
59Jiranagachha Frih Primary School1010Jiran Gachhi
61Jirangacha S S K822Jiran Gachhi
62Langalbenki Free Primary School612Nangalbeki
64Satulia Isalimia Sinior Highmadrasha513Saduli
66Satuliya Free Primary School1075Uttar Narikel Beria
68Kesherait Free Primary School676Anantapur
71Poler Hat High School603Jaynagar
72Joynagar Shyamnagar Free Primary School657Jaynagar
75Khayerapur Free Primary School1127Dakshin Khayerpur
77Swastayan Gachhi Free Primary School1016Swastayan Gachhi
79Naoyabad Efpi.School791Naoabad
81Purba Naoyabad Free Primary School643Naoabad
83Machhibhanga Free Primary School875Tona
85Khamar Aait Free Primary School724Tona
86Tona Free Primary School517Tona
88Polerhat 2 J P Office1156Tona
89Uttar Gaji Pur Free Primary School829Uttar Gazipur
91Tona Uriyaparagajipur Free Primary School718Uttar Gazipur
93Uttar Swrupnagar Free Primary School754Dakshin Swarup Nagar
94Swarupnagar Free Primary School634Uttar Swarup Nagar
96Shyamnagar Free Primary School718Shyamnagar
100Anantpur Free Primary School781Uriaparaur
102Dakshin Gazipur S S K979Uriaparaur
103Mangalapur Free Primary School717Uttar Kasipur
104Garagachha Free Primary School753Gara Gachha
107Paschim Mazerahat Free Primary School702Majerhat
109Chandihat Free Primary School1039Chandi Hat
111Kashipur Charakapora Free Primary School1052Uttar Kasipur
112Mazerahat Chhele Goyaliya Free Primary School1168Majerhat
114Dakshin Kashipur Free Primary School950Uttar Kasipur
117Katajala Free Primary School999Majerhat
118Maniktala Free Primary School649Majerhat
119Meto Aait Free Primary School729Uttar Kasipur
120Shonpur Free Primary School1045Sonpur
121Dheyati Chinipukur Free Primary School884Rampur
122Chinipukur S S K645Rampur
124Shanpukur Free Primary School925Sanpukuria
126Dheyati Free Primary School735Dheati
127Nimkudia Junior Basic School907Nimkuria
131Uttar Rajapur Free Primary School731Uttar Rajapur
132Krishnamati Free Primary School745Bamunia
134Krishnamati Mardasha Shiksha Kendra1106Bamunia
135Kochapukur Ree Primary School620Bamunia
137Krishnamati Health Sub-Center730Bamunia
138Kabildanga S S K533Bamunia
139Bamuniya Free Primary School994Bamunia
141Kachuya Free Primary School1064Kachua
142Kchuya High School590Kachua
144Purba Bamuniya Free Primary School925Bamunia
146Chalatberiya Free Primary School865Chalta Beria
148Chaltabaria High Madrasha1004Chalta Beria
149Joypur Free Primary School1023Jawpur
151Ganir Ait Free Primary School865Panapukur
153Panapukur Free Primary School793Panapukur
155Chakmaricha Free Primary School758Chak Maricha
157Chakmaricha I C D S Center849Chak Maricha
158Kantadanga Free Primary School959Kantadanga
159Kanthaliya Free Primary School805Uttar Kathalia
161Kathalia Highschool920Uttar Kathalia
162Bhumru Free Primary School1042Bankachua
164Baniara Free Primary School464Baniara
166Uttar Kanthaliya Free Primary School836Uttar Kathalia
167Bhogalii 2No New G.P.Bhiaban925Uttar Kathalia
168Chilatala Free Primary School568Chilatala
170Chilatala Junior High School724Chilatala
171Ghong Baniara Free Primary School836Baniara
173Panchgachhiya Free Primary School656Uttar Kathalia
175Satbhaiya Free Primary School657Nangla Palpur
177Nangla Palapur Free Primary School881Nangla Palpur
179Aalakuiliya Free Primary School756Bhogali
181Alakuilia Junior High School837Bhogali
182Bhogali Junior Basic School770Bhogali
185Purba Bhogali Free Primary School1106Jamirgachhi
186Jamirgachi F P S621Jamirgachhi
187Raghunathapur Frih Primary School694Raghunathpur
189Paschim Raghunathpur S S K762Raghunathpur
190Khadamba Bani Vidyalaya644Kharamba
192Kharamba Free Primary School663Kharamba
194Barampur Free Primary School629Bairampur
196Dhunimeghi Purbapara S.S.K.580Ghunimeghi
197Ghunimeghi Free Primary School851Ghunimeghi
1983 No Kulati Govt. Kaloni Free Primary School449Dakshin Gazipur
199Bagabari Free Primary School565Bagbari
200Narayanapur Free Primary School797Narayanpur
201Narayanpur 27No I C D S Center666Narayanpur
202Bibirait Free Primary School631Narayanpur
204Narayanapur Maulimakundi Free Primary School453Narayanpur
207Narayanapur Ghosh Paea S.S.K.613Narayanpur
208Narayanpur 29 No I C D S Center693Narayanpur
209Padmapukur Narth S.S.K.728Padma Pukuria
211Aamareswar Free Primary School668Amreswar
213Dwara Free Primary School457Dara
214Padmapukur Free Primary School1154Padma Pukuria
215Maricha S.S.K.806Maricha (CT)
216Maricha Free Primary School655Maricha (CT)
218Raghunathpur Free Primary School824Raghunathpur
220Bhangar Balika Vidyalaya748Raghunathpur
221Chakbarali Free Primary School599Chak Barali
222Mobarek Ali Shah Free Primary School570Chak Barali
225Sherpur Free Primary School799Chak Barali
227Malancha Free Primary School832Malancha
2284No Kulti Govt. Coloni Free Primary School554Malancha
230Rajapur F. P School890Chak Barali
231Kalikapur Free Primary School1142Kalikapur
234Dakshin Kalikapur Es.Es.Ke803Kalikapur
235Nalamuri Free Primary School1113Nalmuri
236Ranigachhi Free Primary School980Rani Gachhi
238Ranigachi Purba Para Upasasthaya Kendra673Rani Gachhi
239Saihati Free Primary School597Saihati
241Saitgachi Free Primary School619Saihati
242Bhangar High School837Gobindapur (CT)
243Baganait A.W.C.802Dhara
244Bagan Ait I C D S Center666Dhara
245Nalpukur Free Primary School666Gobindapur (CT)
247Fulabari Free Primary School475Dhara
250Barjuli Free Primary School639Barjuli
251Paschim Barjuli S S K651Barjuli
252Gobindapur Free Primary School662Gobindapur (CT)
254Ghatakpukur High School (Balak)532Ghatak Pukur
256Madhya Ghatakpukur A.W.C741Ghatak Pukur
258Bamunia Free Primary School980Phulbari Bamunia
259Dhara Free Primary School644Dhara
260Khamar Ait Free Primary School620Dhara
261Rangsara Free Primary School582Rangsara
262Chandipur Rangsara Free Primary School1109Chandipur
263Debipur Free Primary School838Debipur
264Jagulgachi Free Primary School872Jagulgachhi

Last Updated on December 26, 2014