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Polling Booth in Behala Paschim Assembly Constituency

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Behala Paschim Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Behala Paschim

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Behala Paschim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Shanti Sangha Siksha Mandir Junior Basic School864Kolkata (M Corp.)
2Santisangha Siksha Mandir Junior Basic School1019Kolkata (M Corp.)
7Nababani Sangha672Kolkata (M Corp.)
8Shanti Sangha Club675Kolkata (M Corp.)
9Behala Balika Vidyapith908Kolkata (M Corp.)
10Behala Parnasree Vidyamandir818Kolkata (M Corp.)
19Behala Shiksha Parishad Junior Basic School602Kolkata (M Corp.)
20Behala Shikshaparishad Junior Basic School821Kolkata (M Corp.)
21Behala College997Kolkata (M Corp.)
23Behala Sharda Bidyapith For Girls767Kolkata (M Corp.)
24Behala Sarda Bidyapith ( Girls)740Kolkata (M Corp.)
28Behala Shikshayatan706Kolkata (M Corp.)
31Arya Samity Library826Kolkata (M Corp.)
32Bhangadalan Siksha Mandir539Kolkata (M Corp.)
33Garagacha Sishu Bharati Uchcha Vidyalaya450Kolkata (M Corp.)
34Garagacha Shishu Bharati Uchha Vidyalaya692Kolkata (M Corp.)
37Parnasree Govt. Colony Primary School780Kolkata (M Corp.)
38Central Govt. Quarters Recreation Club(Parnasree)738Kolkata (M Corp.)
39Behala Jubuk Sangha828Kolkata (M Corp.)
40Amra Kajan Muktadal Club1028Kolkata (M Corp.)
41Parnasree Govt. Primary School824Kolkata (M Corp.)
42Bishalakshmitala Free Primary School1003Kolkata (M Corp.)
44Bishalakshmitala Sporting Club919Kolkata (M Corp.)
45O.D.R.C Free Primary School927Kolkata (M Corp.)
47O.D.R.Cg.S.F.P School802Kolkata (M Corp.)
48O.D.R.C Office Of The Sub Assistant Engineer948Kolkata (M Corp.)
49Mayadasi Boys Club774Kolkata (M Corp.)
51Harisabha947Kolkata (M Corp.)
52Mahakali Pathshala604Kolkata (M Corp.)
54Behala Ajad Hind Vidyalaya866Kolkata (M Corp.)
57Behala High School552Kolkata (M Corp.)
64Gholsahapur Health Center ( Railway Colony)1041Kolkata (M Corp.)
65D.A.V Public School1043Kolkata (M Corp.)
67Ghole Sahapur Girls U P School818Kolkata (M Corp.)
68Sahapur Harendranath Vidyapith588Kolkata (M Corp.)
71Sahapur Super Market983Kolkata (M Corp.)
72A.P.Roy Institute691Kolkata (M Corp.)
74Behala Girls High School824Kolkata (M Corp.)
78Mahatma Gandhi Institution578Kolkata (M Corp.)
80Mitra Sangha708Kolkata (M Corp.)
82Nandana Juba Sangha934Kolkata (M Corp.)
85Nari Siksha Sadan906Kolkata (M Corp.)
87Seba Sporting Club759Kolkata (M Corp.)
88Rajubala Adarsha Vidyalaya856Kolkata (M Corp.)
89Kolkata Municipal Corporation Health Centre(Leprosy Control Centre)698Kolkata (M Corp.)
91Sahapur Young Men Club843Kolkata (M Corp.)
92Sahapur Byayam Samity657Kolkata (M Corp.)
93Mokshadamayi Primary School800Kolkata (M Corp.)
95Adarshapally Nabarun Sangha963Kolkata (M Corp.)
97Agarwala Hindi Vidyalaya767Kolkata (M Corp.)
98Sahapur Jubak Sangha832Kolkata (M Corp.)
99Swamiji Sporting Club877Kolkata (M Corp.)
100Sahapur Panchabatitala Sammilani Club403Kolkata (M Corp.)
101Debnagar Free Primary School979Kolkata (M Corp.)
105Sahapur Mitali Sangha634Kolkata (M Corp.)
109Rabindranagar Kshetramohan Vidyamandir586Kolkata (M Corp.)
116Badamtala Kishore Sangha960Kolkata (M Corp.)
118Arunodoy Samity637Kolkata (M Corp.)
120Vivekananda Sporting & Cultural Society933Kolkata (M Corp.)
121Jagarani Samity599Kolkata (M Corp.)
123Adarshanagar Shikshasadan862Kolkata (M Corp.)
125Parnasree Satiprasanna Vidyapith1027Kolkata (M Corp.)
127Paschim Joyrampur Janaseba Pratisthan1080Kolkata (M Corp.)
130Soudamini Shiksha Sadan616Kolkata (M Corp.)
134Priyonath G.S.F.P School767Kolkata (M Corp.)
136Priyonath Vidyapith1033Kolkata (M Corp.)
137Arya Vidyamandir947Kolkata (M Corp.)
141Behala Shyamsundar Pally Sammilani Club817Kolkata (M Corp.)
142Shyamsundar Pally Free Primary School757Kolkata (M Corp.)
146Joyrampur Balika Vidyapith980Kolkata (M Corp.)
148Arabindo Vidyapith Primary School829Kolkata (M Corp.)
151Garagacha K.M.C. Primary School699Kolkata (M Corp.)
153Shyamasundari Vidyapith687Kolkata (M Corp.)
158Meghamala Roy Education Centre760Kolkata (M Corp.)
162Vivemananda Palli Kishore Bharati High School867Kolkata (M Corp.)
163Kishor Bharati High School877Kolkata (M Corp.)
166Behala Kishore Bharati Girls School906Kolkata (M Corp.)
167Sourindra Vidyapith609Kolkata (M Corp.)
170K.M.C Offices.S. Unit Behala876Kolkata (M Corp.)
172National Gems Higher Secondary School785Kolkata (M Corp.)
173Behala Bani Tirtha Uchcha Balika Vidyalaya763Kolkata (M Corp.)
176Shaw Public School915Kolkata (M Corp.)
180Sunnay Preparatory School401Kolkata (M Corp.)
182Ramnarayan Pally G.S.Free Primary School713Kolkata (M Corp.)
186Gangarampur Girls High School593Kolkata (M Corp.)
188Kalidhan Vidyapith602Kolkata (M Corp.)
194Municipal Free Primary School (Yogashram)845Kolkata (M Corp.)
198Joy Hind Pally Health Centre1047Kolkata (M Corp.)
202Rental Housing Estate Sae Office (1St Floor)708Kolkata (M Corp.)
204Yuba Sangathan Library1032Kolkata (M Corp.)
207Miranagar Vidyamandir920Kolkata (M Corp.)
209Parui Radhakrishna Vidyapith582Kolkata (M Corp.)
218Basudebpur Anjuman K.M.C. School1074Kolkata (M Corp.)
219Shibrampur Madhyamik High School For Girls (Oxy Town)745Kolkata (M Corp.)
222Shibrampur Nanilal Vidyapith1065Kolkata (M Corp.)
226Sibrampur K.M.C F.P School573Kolkata (M Corp.)
229Sakuntala Park Co-Op. Housing Society Ltd.1010Kolkata (M Corp.)
231Sarsuna College719Kolkata (M Corp.)
234Shibsebak Sangha641Kolkata (M Corp.)
235Diamond City (West)1168Kolkata (M Corp.)
236Prasanna Kumar Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya1105Kolkata (M Corp.)
240Mahanta Kumar Shikshaniketan644Kolkata (M Corp.)
244Surya Sen Vidyapith611Kolkata (M Corp.)
245Sarsuna Law College590Kolkata (M Corp.)
247Sarsuna Byam Samity1010Kolkata (M Corp.)
249Netaji Vidyapith848Kolkata (M Corp.)
251Arabinda Basu Nagar Vidyapith574Kolkata (M Corp.)
253Sarsuna Balika Vidyalaya (Uchcha Madhyamik)1147Kolkata (M Corp.)
256Sarsuna Balika Vidyalaya (Primary Section)557Kolkata (M Corp.)
258Bagpota G.S.F.P School925Kolkata (M Corp.)
260Giribala Memorial Institution861Kolkata (M Corp.)
263Basudebpur High School1101Kolkata (M Corp.)
264Barisha Girls High School886Kolkata (M Corp.)
275Bidya Bharati School522Kolkata (M Corp.)
277Barisha Pathagar Town Library926Kolkata (M Corp.)
280Sarsuna Uchha Vidyalaya537Kolkata (M Corp.)
282Good Shepherd Mission School928Kolkata (M Corp.)
284Children Welfare Asso.High School For Girls861Kolkata (M Corp.)
287Upendra Nath Vidyapith319Kolkata (M Corp.)
292Sarsuna C.F.P School820Kolkata (M Corp.)
294Kshudiram Pally Samaj Kalyan Samity605Kolkata (M Corp.)
298South Behala Prathamik Vidyalaya970Kolkata (M Corp.)
299Dakshin Behala Prathamik Vidyalaya1013Kolkata (M Corp.)
302Vivekananda Academy1051Kolkata (M Corp.)
303Sreema Sarada Gs.F.P School733Kolkata (M Corp.)
304Sitalatala Free Primary School670Kolkata (M Corp.)
306Hem Chandra Naskar Vidyapith844Kolkata (M Corp.)
307Abinash Smriti G.S.F.P School782Kolkata (M Corp.)
309Kishori Vidyamandir639Kolkata (M Corp.)
311Paschim Barisha Gvt.Housing Est. Recreation Club896Kolkata (M Corp.)
315Kamala Vidyamandir940Kolkata (M Corp.)
317Jaigir Ghat Primary School K.M.C1001Kolkata (M Corp.)
318Kailash Pal Vidyapith1022Kolkata (M Corp.)
319Brahmapada Municipal F.P School823Kolkata (M Corp.)
324St. Elizabeth High School540Kolkata (M Corp.)
326St. Francis Elite School686Kolkata (M Corp.)
328Abhaypada School909Kolkata (M Corp.)
331St. Elizabeth Girls Primary School977Kolkata (M Corp.)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014