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Polling Booth in Basirhat Uttar Assembly Constituency

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Police Officer Killed, Pentagon Shooting US: Police Officer Killed Outside the Pentagon Police Building

On Tuesday morning the Pentagon Force Protection Agency confirmed that a Pentagon police officer was killed in an incident at the Metro bus platform outside the building. The investigators of the incident believe that there was an argument in which the suspect stabbed the Pentagon police officer.  According to law enforcement sources, it appears that […]

Scott Miller, US Afghanistan News Gen. Scott Miller, Top US General In Afghanistan Hands Over Command

Marking a symbolic end to the 20-year-old war between the United States and Afghanistan, the top US Gen. Scott Miller in Afghanistan stepped down from his position at a ceremony in the capital Kabul. After the United States military withdrawal, the Taliban insurgents continue to gain more territory which will topple the central government in […]

Afghanistan, US troops to withdraw from Afghanistan The U.S Troops to Completely Withdraw From Afghanistan, Said Joe Biden

The United States mission in Afghanistan will come to an end on August 31, President Joe Biden said. The conclusion of the US military in Afghanistan will end the 20-year-old war.  Now that U.S. troops are almost completely out of Afghanistan the Taliban faction is making rapid territorial expansion in the country. President Joe Biden […]

Jharkhand Lockdown Extended till June 10

The Hemant Soren-led government in Jharkhand extended the lockdown restrictions till June 10 though there will be some relaxations in curbs.    The state has been in lockdown since April 22. The first set of lockdown regulations were imposed for a week since then it is the fourth time that the lockdown regulations are extended. […]

Google Doodle Commemorates American Gay Rights Activist Frank Kameny

Google Doodle commemorates prominent American astrologer and gay rights activist Frank Kameny. Frank Kameny was personally invested in the cause of the gay rights movement because of the prejudice he faced in his life.    Growing up during the great depression in the 1930s Frank Kameny realized he wanted to become an astrologer. He graduated […]

Joe Biden Tells Intelligence Community To Report On The Emergence Of Covid 19 Within 90 Days

The President of the United States of America Joe Biden called the US intelligence community to report on the origin of coronavirus. There are various theories circulating about the possible origin of Covid 19. Joe Biden asked the US intelligence to revert back with ‘sufficient information’ on the event within 90 days. The United States […]

Basirhat Uttar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Basirhat Uttar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Basirhat Uttar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Nagar Kachua Free Primary School1008Nagarkachua
2Bunorati Free Primary School755Eojnagar
3Baro Gobra Free Primary School598Eojnagar
7Pani Gobra Free Primary School584Eojnagar
9Goyra Free Primary School987Eojnagar
10Bishnupur Free Primary School915Bishnupur
11Swarupnagar Uttarpara Free Primary School893Swarupnagar
13Paschim Bibipur Free Primary School1083Paschim Bibipur
15Begumpur Free Primary School1041Begampur
18Begumpur Purba Free Primary School742Begampur
20I.C.D.S Cente388Begampur
21Nadia Free Primary School1082Nadia
23Hazratala (Nadia) Free Primary School655Nadia
24Dhanyakuria Free Primary School740Dhanyakuria (CT)
25Dhanyakuria High School713Dhanyakuria (CT)
26Dhanyakuria Girls Jr. High School989Dhanyakuria (CT)
27Panditji Kolony Free Primary School616Dhanyakuria (CT)
29Nehalpur Free Primary School780Nehalpur
31Nehalpur Ghosgpara Free Primary School586Nehalpur
35Matia High Schoo470Matia
38Matia Free Primary School1072Matia
39Sangberia Free Primary School1148Sangbaria
41Purbo Sanberia Free Primary School517Sangbaria
42Srinagar Uttar Free Primary School846Srinagar
43Shibchandrapur Free Primary School880Shib Chandrapur
44Srinagar Adarsha Pancha Pally Vidyalya (Junior High)983Srinagar
46Chandnagar Free Primary School811Srinagar
48Srinagar Free Primary School1031Srinagar
49Keshabpur Free Primary School1129Srinagar
50Debrajpur Free Primary School988Srinagar
51Gobila Free Primary School754Gobila
52Goraitala High School498Gobila
54Baguadanga Free Primary School813Kachua Swarupnagar
55Rajalipur Free Primary School451Rajalipur
57Swarupnagar Free Primary School971Kachua Swarupnagar
58Kachua Rajalipur Free Primary School501Kachua Swarupnagar
60Kachua - Mokampukur Free Primary School1124Kachua Swarupnagar
61Durgabati Free Primary School868Dugbaria
63Karulia Free Primary School823Karulia
65Kankra Free Primary School743Kankra
67Mirzanagar Free Primary School828Kankra
69Amtona Mirzanagar Free Primary School980Mirzanagar
71Golabari Chandpur Free Primary School1091Amtona
72Kalikapur Kalika Pathsala382Amtona
73Chack Amtona Free Primary School956Kalikapur
75Gangati Free Primary School452Sadiknagar
78Nabibala Free Primary School795Sadiknagar
79Hazratala Free Primary School532Chak Kalikapur
81Kripalpur Free Primary School593Kripalpur
83Malatipur Free Primary School703Malatipur
86Komrabad Free Primary School678Komabad
87Kripalpur Daspara Icds Center726Kripalpur
88Dakshin Kripalpur Free Primary School520Kripalpur
89Chaita Free Primary School821Chaita
91Kendua Free Primary School830Jagatpur
93Jatindranath Free Primary School840Kendua
94Uttar Ghona Free Primary School1085Ghona
95Jagatpur Free Primary School758Ghona
97Ghona Free Primary School700Ghona
99Rajnagar Junior Basic School946Rajnagar
100Gadarati Free Primary School1144Rajnagar
101Raharati Junior Basic School882Raharhati
102Beler Dhanyakuria Free Primary School774Beler Dhanyakuria
103Gopmahal Beler Dhanyakuria Free Primary School999Beler Dhanyakuria
104Raharati Beler Dhanyakuria Free Primary School273Beler Dhanyakuria
106Anupama Balika Vidyalaya972Joypur Gopmahal
107Brahmananda Bidhya Bhavan681Joypur Gopmahal
109Gopmahal Paschimpara 146 No Icds Center470Zafarpur
110Gorarash Purbo Para S.S.K934Zafarpur
111136 No Icds Center361Zafarpur
112Kaderia High Madrasha520Zafarpur
113Korapara Free Primary School1147Zafarpur
115Korapara Dakshinpara S.S.K676Zafarpur
116Purbapara 140 No Icds Center408Zafarpur
117Gorarash Junior Basic School864Zafarpur
118Gorarash Paschim Para Free Primary School865Zafarpur
119Gorarash Paschim Para I.C.D.S Center380Zafarpur
120Kriparati Bunopara Free Primary School886Zafarpur
121Kholapota Free Primary School1028Mathurapur (CT)
122Rameswarpur F. P School713Rameshwarpur
123Swaruppur Free Primary School1012Swaruppur
124Gobindapur Free Primary School739Gobindapur Dhokra
125Raghunathpur High School1015Purbba Bibipur
127Raghunathpur Free Primary School609Raghunathpur (P) (CT)
128Gobindpur Karigarpara Ssk1008Gobindapur Dhokra
129Gobindpur Titurmir Free Primary School421Gobindapur Dhokra
130Dakshin Mathurapur Pran Krishna Haldar Free Primary School855Mathurapur (CT)
132Kholapota Aribanda Tapaban Path Mandir510Mathurapur (CT)
133Dulal Chandra Haldar S.S.K496Mathurapur (CT)
134Uttar Mathurapur Free Primary School981Mathurapur (CT)
135Moynali Free Primary School826Maynali
137Ramnarayanpur Free Primary School852Ramnarayanpur
138Raghunathpur Daspara Free Primary School562Raghunathpur (P) (CT)
139Raghunathpur Pally Patshala977Raghunathpur (P) (CT)
140Srikrishnapur Free Primary School841Srikrishnapur
141Akatpur Ssk860Akatpur
142Katiarbag Free Primary School956Katiarbag
144Chalkfarasatpur Free Primary School789Chak Farasatpur
145Champapukur Daspara Free Primary School594Chanpa Pukhuria
147Champapukur Chapala Smriti Pathaga499Chanpa Pukhuria
148Bagpukur Free Primary School1061Bakpukhuria
149Champapukur Madhyamik Bidhyalaya639Chanpa Pukhuria
151Uttar Champapukur Ssk489Chanpa Pukhuria
152Uttar Devipur Free Primary School781Uttar Debipur
154Champapukur Madrasha Siksha Kendra538Farasatpur
155Rajapur Paschimpara Free Primary School901Rajapur
156Ankipur Junior High School1164Akipur
157Paschim Sitalia Free Primary School1136Sitalia
158Momimpur Uttar Para Free Primary School824Maminpur
159Momimpur F.P. Schoo960Maminpur
160Ankipur Banga Bandhu Free Primary School539Akipur
161Ankipur Free Primary School633Akipur
162Sitalia Free Primary School567Sitalia
163Tantara Neora Free Primary School839Tyantra Neora (P)
164Boyragachi Free Primary School1019Tyantra Neora (P)
165Bhabla Gacharati Free Primary School1348Tyantra Neora (P)
166Dakshin Debipur Free Primary School987Dakshin Debipur
168Chandigori Free Primary School750Chandigari
170Kajirati Kajipota F.P. Schoo878Ramchandrapur
173Andulpota Free Primary School852Ramchandrapur
175Noldi M.S.K1034Ramchandrapur
176Noldi Free Primary School729Ramchandrapur
177Dhopaberia Free Primary School623Dhopa Baria
178Dhopaberia S.S.K876Dhopa Baria
179Jhuruli Jr. Basic School834Jhuruli
180Jhuruli Adarsha Vidyapit847Jhuruli
181Noldi Stypendary Free Primary School779Rajendrapur
182Kharidanga Free Primary School946Kharidanga
183Kharidanga Birsha Munda Free Primary School438Kharidanga
184Garakupi Free Primary School440Garakupi
186Khorda Free Primary School1026Khorda
187Jalseria Free Primary School676Jalsira
188Ghola Free Primary School418Ghola
189Konanagar Sadarpur Free Primary School356Sadarpur
191Pifa Raghabpur Free Primary School840Pipharaghabpur
193Murarisha Free Primary School832Murarisaha
195Sahid Nurul Islam Smriti Free Primary School898Murarisaha
196Murarisha Chowmatha Aminia Madrasha1105Murarisaha
197Rajapur High School982Rajapura
199Rajapur Free Primary School883Rajapura
200Chaltaberia Free Primary School1034Chalitabaria
201Nowapara Bojrapota Free Primary School681Nawapara
203Nowapara Free Primary School1072Nawapara
204Khathuriapara Free Primary School638Kharampur
206Bhawanipur Free Primary School725Bhabanipur
207Bhowanipur Daspara 51 No I.C.D.S Center790Bhabanipur
209Chimta Free Primary School619Chimta
212Konanagar Free Primary School718Konanagar
214Boldepota Free Primary School714Kaugachhi
215Baldepota Madrasa795Sadigachhi (CT)
216Bhebia High School512Sadigachhi (CT)
218Bhebia Vidyasagar Acadimy498Sadigachhi (CT)
220Bhebia Jr. Basic School721Sadigachhi (CT)
222Kawgachi Free Primary School601Kaugachhi
224Karundia Free Primary School1106Kerundia
225Karundia Ramanandapur Free Primary School800Kerundia
227Dakshin Bhebia Uttar Para Free Primary School863Dakshin Bhebia
229Kharampur High School675Kharampur
231Kharampur Free Primary School805Kharampur
232Dakshin Bhebia F. P School1046Dakshin Bhebia
234Abad Kharampur Free Primary School840Kharampurabad
236Ghanashyampur Fp School386Ghanashyampur
237Harikati Paschimpara Fp School504Harikati
238Harikati Purbapara Fp School818Harikati
239Kumarpukur High School976Chandpur
240Krishna Para F .P School1107Krishnapara
242Muragacha Free Primary School1041Muragachha
243Habaspur Free Primary School814Habaspur
245Makhalgachha Free Primary School685Makhalgachha
247Dakshin Chandpur Free Primary School .806Chandpur
249Tegharia Free Primary School1007Tegharia
250Chak Kuliadanga Free Primary School616Chakk Uliadanga
251Jamberia Free Primary School923Jambaria
252Abad Kuliadanga Free Primary School585Kuliadanga Abad
255Par Bhawanipur Majherpara Adarsha Prathamick Vidhyapith1147Parbhabanipur
256Sirajpur Free Primary School661Sirajpur
257Uttar Haripur Free Primary School899Haripur
258Sundaria Free Primary School743Sundaria
259Chhaimalpur Free Primary School865Chhaimalpur
260Tokipur Rajlakshmi High School1062Takipur
261Tokipur Free Primary School673Takipur
263Kamardanga Haripur Free Primary School479Haripur
264Sahachandpir Dargabari Free Primary School677Haripur
266Asharia Narayanpur F.P. Schoo822Asharianarayanpur
268Dholtukari S.S.K987Dholtukari
269Raghabpur Free Primary School1000Raghabpur
270Amlani Haripur Free Primary School796Amlani
272Mohanpur Free Primary School624Mohanpur
274Amlani Free Primary School595Amlani
276Abad Mohanpur Free Primary School574Mohanpurabad

Last Updated on December 26, 2014