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Polling Booth in Barrackpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Barrackpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barrackpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bilasi Club472Barrackpore (M)
3Deputy.Director Of Rationing Office948Barrackpore (M)
5Sankhabanik Prathamik Vidyalaya790Barrackpore (M)
7Kaliyanibas Primary School1016Barrackpore (M)
11Niranjan Nagar Vidyapith861Barrackpore (M)
13Barrackpore Nagar Vidyapith1038Barrackpore (M)
17Nona Barawari650Barrackpore (M)
19Barrackpore Paurasabha Sasthya Kendra728Barrackpore (M)
21Kalyan Vidyapith625Barrackpore (M)
23Rabindra Vidyapith556Barrackpore (M)
25Uttam Chandra Prathamik Vidyalaya519Barrackpore (M)
28Umashashi High School828Barrackpore (M)
30Deshbandhu Pally Unnayan Samiti879Barrackpore (M)
34Subhash Vidyapith986Barrackpore (M)
37Manmath Nath Balika Vidyalaya981Barrackpore (M)
39Anandapuri Institution542Barrackpore (M)
41Nabin Pratibha Club669Barrackpore (M)
43Manmathanath High School713Barrackpore (M)
48Milani Sangha687Barrackpore (M)
49Nagendra Smriti Shiksha Niketan863Barrackpore (M)
51Vivekananda Shiksha Niketan532Barrackpore (M)
53Mathpara Adarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya919Barrackpore (M)
61Anandapuri Hindu Primary School778Barrackpore (M)
62A.B.Model High School1026Barrackpore (M)
67Panpara Prathamik Vidyalaya986Barrackpore (M)
71Poura Prashikshan Bhaban632Barrackpore (M)
77Stalin Nagar G S P School868Barrackpore (M)
78Oyesali Hindusthani High School699Barrackpore (M)
83Barrackpore Vidyapith Pipe Road564Barrackpore (M)
85Latbagan G S Free Primary School552Barrackpore (M)
87Binod Bihari U P School987Barrackpore (M)
89Office Of The Life Insurance Corporation Sahid Mangal Pandey Sarani Barrackpore676Barrackpore (M)
91Barrackpore Municipal Office1090Barrackpore (M)
92Barrackpore Girls High School509Barrackpore (M)
95Talpukur Girls High School856Barrackpore (M)
104Kelvin Primary School1144Barrackpore (M)
107Charnakya Hindu Balika U.P.School840Barrackpore (M)
108Bijay Byam Samiti549Barrackpore (M)
109Latbagan Primary School(Mangal Pandey Udyan)686Barrackpore (M)
111Kshetramohan Memorial High School913Barrackpore (M)
113Sayadabad Uppar Primary School899Barrackpore (M)
115Shishu Niketan1084Barrackpore (M)
118Dipak Majumdar Smriti Adarsha G S Free Primary School1000Barrackpore (M)
122Sauhardya (Samashti Milan Kendra)970Barrackpore (M)
124Mathpara Girls High School607Barrackpore (M)
126Kohinoor Association Club495Barrackpore (M)
129Mathpara Free Primary School881Barrackpore (M)
131Surya Sangha717Barrackpore (M)
134Lal Bahadur Shastri Prathamik Vidyalaya388Barrackpore (M)
135Pulin Bihari U.P.School951Barrackpore (M)
138Musalman Para Uppar Primary School1056Barrackpore (M)
139Ali Hayder Urdu Primary School709Barrackpore (M)
140Garib Naoyaj Primary School624Barrackpore (M)
142Andhra Primary Vidyalaya837Barrackpore (M)
145Arya Vidyalaya High School (Madhyamik)841Titagarh (M)
147Krishnanath Municipal High School646Titagarh (M)
150Kinisan Jutemills Majdur Club775Titagarh (M)
151Azad Hind Club716Titagarh (M)
152Sarboday Vidyalaya970Titagarh (M)
153John Welium Telegu School1017Titagarh (M)
154Andhra Vidyalaya892Titagarh (M)
155T S Goyars Telegu Librery550Titagarh (M)
157I.J.M.A. Lebour Welfare School955Titagarh (M)
158Anglo Vernacular Primary School653Titagarh (M)
159Titagarh Paper Mills Co-Operative Stores992Titagarh (M)
160Rajasthani Bikash Parishad Dharmashala524Titagarh (M)
161Saraswati Vidyalaya404Titagarh (M)
163Rajasthani Bikash Parishad Dharmashala 2No Ghar499Titagarh (M)
164Jyotirmay Yubajan Vidyakendram779Titagarh (M)
167Standard Jutemill Welfare Primary School745Titagarh (M)
169Free India High School906Titagarh (M)
170Jaiswal Balika Vidyalaya849Titagarh (M)
171Free India Uppar Primary School646Titagarh (M)
172Halimunnasha Girls Muktab742Titagarh (M)
173Williamson Islamia A U Free Primary School999Titagarh (M)
174Adarsha Harijan Pathshala1054Titagarh (M)
176Anglo Vernacular High School764Titagarh (M)
178Aanjuman Garibul Muslim High School824Titagarh (M)
180Titagarh Shikshaniketan771Titagarh (M)
181Titagarh Hindi U P School917Titagarh (M)
183Titagarh Paura Madhyamik Vidyalaya451Titagarh (M)
186Iqubal Urdu Primary School782Titagarh (M)
187Swadhin Bharat Naba Yubak Byam Samiti543Titagarh (M)
189Rastriya Byam Samiti488Titagarh (M)
190Bishalakshi U P School Band Librery823Titagarh (M)
191Khardah Oriya Samaj O Utkal Pathagar612Titagarh (M)
193Azad Hind Byam Samiti673Titagarh (M)
195Prabhas Andhra Prathamik Vidyalaya632Titagarh (M)
196Titagarh Paurasabha Balika Vidyalaya533Titagarh (M)
198Titagarh Municipal Office747Titagarh (M)
204Swamiji Vidyamandir687Titagarh (M)
208Titagarh Production Centre1064Titagarh (M)
210Khardah Muktab Primary School549Titagarh (M)
212Upendra Bhanj Vidyapith High School591Titagarh (M)
214Anjuman Hamdard Primary School926Titagarh (M)
215Khardah Jutemill Primises 4No Gate688Titagarh (M)
216Srikrishna Pathsala1102Titagarh (M)
217Lokshiksha Parishad901Titagarh (M)
218Kusum Kumari Deshbandhu Prathamik Vidyalaya1059Titagarh (M)
221Municipal Primary School Titagarh444Titagarh (M)
225Siddheswari Uccha Prathamik Vidyalaya725Titagarh (M)
229Gopal Vidyapith(New Building)976Titagarh (M)

Last Updated on May 20, 2020
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