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Polling Booth in Baranagar Assembly Constituency

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Baranagar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Baranagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baranagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bhairab Ganguly College950Kamarhati (M)
6Shishumela Balika Vidyalaya865Kamarhati (M)
9Baidyanath Ghosh Vidyaniketan713Kamarhati (M)
12Pyarimohan Library1044Kamarhati (M)
16Indrapuri Unnayan Samiti994Kamarhati (M)
17Aajad Hind Sangha609Kamarhati (M)
19Belgharia Caltural Association558Kamarhati (M)
20Sarat Pally Unnyan Samity792Kamarhati (M)
21Pashchim Para Recreation Club987Kamarhati (M)
23Acharya Prafulla Chandra Vidyapith774Kamarhati (M)
27Khudiram Prathamik Vidyalaya901Baranagar (M)
28Mahendranath Uchcha Vidyalaya(Boys)762Baranagar (M)
30Mahendranath Girls Junior High School727Baranagar (M)
32Vibekananda Junior High School554Baranagar (M)
34Bonhooghly High School758Baranagar (M)
36Baranagar Bidyamandir H.S Boys School850Baranagar (M)
41Ashokgarh Adarsha Vidyalaya548Baranagar (M)
45Khalsa Model High School983Baranagar (M)
47Yatindra Bidyapith858Baranagar (M)
49Satin Sen Bidyamandir820Baranagar (M)
51Kalimata Colony Udayan Sangha1008Baranagar (M)
53Aananda Aashram Sarada Bidyapith962Baranagar (M)
57Uttarayan Houshing Estate Administrative Building812Baranagar (M)
59B K C College685Baranagar (M)
63Bonhooghly Girls High School698Baranagar (M)
67Mallick Colony G S Free Primary School634Baranagar (M)
70Barahanagar Bidyamandir Higher Secondary Girls School690Baranagar (M)
73Baranagar I P P - Viii Building (E.S.O.P.D)849Baranagar (M)
78Mukti Sangha Alam Bazar1063Baranagar (M)
79Sabuj Sangha Club930Baranagar (M)
81Deshbandhu Library669Baranagar (M)
83Barahanagar Vidyamandir Prathamik Vidyalaya1042Baranagar (M)
84Barahanagar Jute Factory Workers Education Centre387Baranagar (M)
86Deshbandhu Atheletic Club575Baranagar (M)
88Shambhuchandra Uchcha Primary School550Baranagar (M)
90Majher Bagan Sporting Club872Baranagar (M)
91Adarsha Hindi Junior High School609Baranagar (M)
92North Barahanagar Banga Vidyalaya855Baranagar (M)
94Central Municipal Office526Baranagar (M)
100Baranagar Rajkumari Memorial Girls School482Baranagar (M)
102Manya Sardar Batakrishn Maitra Primary Vidyalaya968Baranagar (M)
104Naboday Club608Baranagar (M)
106Nabin Sangha687Baranagar (M)
108Sharatachandradhar Bidyamandir Girls827Baranagar (M)
110Mata Manamohini Madhyamik Vidyalaya853Baranagar (M)
116Sharata Chandra Dhar Bidyamandir761Baranagar (M)
119Tirtha Bharati Primary School884Baranagar (M)
121Forward Sporting Club879Baranagar (M)
123The Producer Forum Pvt. Ltd692Baranagar (M)
125Associated S B Industries762Baranagar (M)
127Manyasadar Batakrishna Maitra Free Primary School. U-31113New Barrackpore (M)
131Municipal Word Office667Baranagar (M)
133Talbagan High School710Baranagar (M)
137Na-Para Pally Sangha800Baranagar (M)
139Uttarasha Housing Estate Office678Baranagar (M)
143Baranagar Municipal School Unit-2919Baranagar (M)
145Narayani Sporting Club927Baranagar (M)
146Pramod Bhaban880Baranagar (M)
148I P P - Viii Health Centre486Baranagar (M)
150Surya Sangha509Baranagar (M)
152Baranagar Sree Gopal Vidyabhaban713Baranagar (M)
156Darjipara Youth Organisation Club700Baranagar (M)
158Shashipada Institute Library Hall502Baranagar (M)
160Indian Red Cross Hospital (Govt. Of India)348Baranagar (M)
162Ramkrishna Puram Abasan (Community Hall)834Baranagar (M)
164Young Boys Sporting Club639Baranagar (M)
168Netaji Sporting Club837Baranagar (M)
169Alam Bazar Urdu High School788Baranagar (M)
173Baranagar Sree Sree Ram Krishna Vidyapith796Baranagar (M)
175Bandhab Club870Baranagar (M)
176Biodrug Laboratory628Baranagar (M)
178Baranagar Victoria High School969Baranagar (M)
184Shibchandra Sarbabhauma Ju. Basic School719Baranagar (M)
190Municipality Community Hall579Baranagar (M)
192Mayapith Narisiksha Asram Uchha Vidyalaya548Baranagar (M)
198Muk O Badhir Vidyalaya477Baranagar (M)
200Barahanagar Netaji High School762Baranagar (M)
206Sinthi Kasturba Kanya Vidyalaya798Baranagar (M)
208Mohan Uchcha Balika Vidyalaya830Baranagar (M)
211Sinthi Ray Bahadur Badridas Tulsan Vidyapith812Baranagar (M)
213Shiksha Sadan674Baranagar (M)
217Kasturibala Lohia Prathamik Vidyalaya620Baranagar (M)
221Narendra Nath Vidyamandir855Baranagar (M)
223Barahanagar Rameshwar High School779Baranagar (M)
227Kutighat Mahakali Pathshala Balika Vidyalaya551Baranagar (M)
231Barahanagar Ramkrishna Mission Ashram High School847Baranagar (M)
233Binayak Enclave456Baranagar (M)
236Sianthi Bidyaniketan828Baranagar (M)
238Dr. B.C.Ray Co-Operative Society Limited1053Baranagar (M)
240Sinthi Shikshayatan Boys High School1029Baranagar (M)
246Shree M L Ghosh Factory603Baranagar (M)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014