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Polling Booth in Bandwan Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Bandwan Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bandwan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bandwan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Panjanabera Primary School998Panjanbera
2Raigara Primary School621Raygara
3Bhalukdungri Primary School773Raygara
4Takaria Primary School1000Takria
5Dhabera Primary School569Dhabera
6Chirudi Primary School787Chirudih
7Shachanadih Primary School596Sachandih
8Dubrajpur Primary School683Dubrajpur
9Aadabana Primary School763Adabana
10Taltanr Primary School699Taltanr Alias Deugram
11Bamu Sadhu Aashram High School854Bamu
12Rautora Muradi Primary School831Rautora
13Bamunjora Primary School1015Bamanjora
14Bhagabandh Primary School625Bhagaband
16Chipingdi Primary School522Chipingdih
17Khanripahari Primary School591Khanri Pahari
18Chandanpur Sbami Bibekanand High School616Chandanpur
20Shyamrola Primary School982Shamrola
21Rupapetya Primary School640Rupapatia
23Baramukru Primary School945Baramukru
24Dumurdi Baramukru High School954Dumurdih
25Banabir Primary School1010Haramdih
26Sukurhutu High School615Sukurhutu
28Bhabanipur Primary School988Raghunatpur
29Turku Primary School1008Turku
30Bamundiha High School894Bamundiha
31Arabaid Primary School1091Arabad
32Siarketya Primary School490Siarketya
33Rajdi Primary School863Rajdih
34Serkhadi Primary School757Hurumdah
35Satsayerdih Primary School489Satsayerdih
36Tentuladih Primary School358Tetuladih
37Gabhurrah Pry. School868Salghati
38Bajra Primary School801Bajra
39Sarishabahal Primary School569Sorishabahal
40Puriara Primary School772Pratappur
42Bodaldi High School630Badaldih
43Dhelatbamu Pry. School588Dhelatbamu
44Jharia Prathamik Vidyalaya948Jharia
45Palma Primary School919Palma
46Bamu Primary School877Bamu
47Goddi Lagudi High School453Gordih
48Ulda Primary School701Ulda
50Joramahul Primary School641Pathraghata
51Siromonipur Pry. School552Shiramanipur
52Banjora Primary School676Banjora
54Lagudi Prathamik Vidyalaya1005Lagudih
55Kaipara Prathamik School843Kalpara
56Kandoya Prathamik Vidyalaya589Kadoyan
58Bandwan Primary School584Banduan
60Simuduri Primary School922Simuduri
61Tasarbanki Primary School603Tasarbanki
62Tentlo Primary School910Tetto
63Sargo Primary School695Sargo
65Kadampur Aashram Hostel635Kadampur
66Hullung Primary School973Hullung
67Bagalbandh Primary Vidyalaya919Bagalbandh
68Shankhari Primary School627Sankhari
69Khawasdih Pry. School649Gurda
70Roladi Primary School804Raladih
71Rangagara Primary School842Karmabera
72Shankhari Banshabera High School689Dumurdih
74Ransi Primary School631Ransi
75Patpur Primary School891Patpur
76Tumrasole Primary School919Tumrashou
77Tuima Primary School954Tuima
78Bhabanipur High School625Bhabanipur
80Lakshanpur Primary School716Lakshmanpur
82Jeria Primary School970Jaria
83Kerro Primary School1114Kerar
84Parsha Primary School1012Parsa
85Aamagara Primary School1112Amagara
86Durku Primary School1074Durku
87Dhadanga Mahatadi Primary School952Dhadanga
88Nishchintapur Primary School1025Metyala
89Kanshbahal Primary School970Kansbahal
90Damda Primary School815Damda
91Gokulanagar Primary School651Gokulnagar
93Berada High School1159Berada
95Raidi Primary School1009Raidih
96Bhikhari Cheliyama Primary School652Saremacha
98Laldi Primary School738Laldih
99Rajdaha Primary School679Rajdaha
100Pattoria Primary School629Narayanpur
102Dhadkidih Primary School666Dhadikidih
103Barra Prathamik Vidyalaya677Barra
104Baishnabdih Pry. School451Baistamdih
105Shimuldanga Primary School372Simuldanga
106Gorsai Pry. School256Gorsai
107Rajapara Primary School982Barabazar
108Barabazar Board Primary School651Barabazar
110Barabazar Garlas High School731Barabazar
111Natabar Balika Vidyalaya Barabajar735Barabazar
113Barabhum Hayar Sekendari School612Nilmohanpur
115Nowadi Primary Vidyalaya577Bamnidih
117Bhagabandh Pry. School736Kristanagar
118Amrabera Primary School780Amrabera
119Dhargram Primary School702Dhargaon
121Taladi Primary School659Taldih Als.Nabudih Maisadabar
122Sarberia High School1046Sarberia
124Kutra Pry. School441Kutra
125Gohmikocha Primary School694Gohamikocha
126Sonadaha Primary School724Senada
127Amrabera Msk634Amrabera
128Puijanga Primary School1095Puijanga
129Herbana Primary School635Herbana
131Latpada Junior Basic School678Latpada
133Bardaha Primary School714Bardaha
134Hijla Primary School953Hijla
135Bishkudara Prathamik Vidyalaya754Biskudra
136Fatepur Pry. School636Fatepur
137Ajodhyadih Pry School738Ajodhya
138Sindari High School576Sindri
142Kudlung Primary School1109Kudlung
143Fuljhore Kheriadih Primary School1081Fuljhor
144Laka Primary School610Laka
146Hatnadi Primary School1096Hatnadih
147Jilling Prathamik Vidyalaya675Jiling
148Jiling Pialdih Primary School599Jiling
150Palashbani Prathamik Vidyalaya609Poradi
151Poradih Pry. School575Poradi
152Choukan Primary School896Chaukan
153Jorgoria Primary School1044Jargarya
154Nalkuri Primary School921Nalkundi
155Pitidiri Primary School708Pitidiri
156Bari High School572Bari
159Jagda Primary School754Jagda
160Patapahadi Primary School425Patapahari
161Penchara Junior Basic School860Kararbaid
162Jawrah Primary School709Beldi
163Sindaraidi Primary School758Sinduradi
164Bhutadi Primary School507Bhutadi
165Dighi Primary School807Dighi
166Dighi High School786Dighi
167Kawatanga Primary School579Kultanr Alias Baranda
168Kulatyand Primary School547Kultanr Alias Baranda
169Kutani Primary School915Kutni
170Kutni Primary School748Jhariadi
171Purdaha Primary School839Purdaha
172Chirugoda Primary School623Chirugara
173Tamakhun Primary School720Tamakhun
174Dashira Primary School458Gidhiban Alias Dasihiria
175Duanndalu Primary School688Dundlu
176Bundia Primary School708Bundia
177Chalka Primary School650Chalka
178Khadiduara Junior High School1105Balarampur alias Khariduara
179Boch Rangametya Pry. School578Balarampur alias Khariduara
180Tilabani Primary School1132Dhanda
181Gobindapur Primary School1064Gobindapur
182Kumari High School1013Kumari
183Basantapur Adibasi High School923Basantapur
184Kishtapur Primary School718Kristapur
185Panrra Primary School779Panrra
186Shushunia Primary School521Shusina
187Patharajal Primary School555Dangardi
188Dangardi Jr. Basic School722Dangardi
189Goalapara Primary School550Goalapara
190Jaragora Primary School734Jaragora
191Radhamohanpur Pry. School317Radhamohanpur Urf Radhanathpur
192Chandanpur High School647Chandanpur
193Dhabani Primary School784Dhabani
194Hensla Primary School709Hesla
195Jambedia Primary School844Jambady
196Raghunathpur Primary School565Raghunathpur
197Nunyachatra Primary School503Nunya Chatra
198Boro High School1113Boro
199Burudih Pry. School775Burudi
200Dharamapur Primary School759Dharampur
201Pnaisagora Primary School479Dharampur
202Rangametya Primary School974Kashipur
203Fulberia Primary School914Phulberya
204Dhadakidi Primary School757Dhadkidi Alias Chirka
205Pindra Primary School761Pinrra
206Bargoria Primary School781Bargorya
207Baragoria High School528Bargorya
208Baghabaid Primary School1086Baghabad
209Jamatoria J.B.S.1080Jamtaria
210Jorobari High School768Amjora
211Danrikadoba Primary School966Danrika Doba
212Kendajor Primary School632Kendajor
213Sanakuda Primary School784Sankura
214Rayna Primary School778Rayna Karakuru
215Buribandh Junior Basic School766Buribandh
216Budibandh Junior Basic School388Brajarajpur
217Kalapati Primary School710Kalapati
218Belgeria High School355Belgeria
219Golapara High School664Golapara
220Golapada High School691Taldabra
221Baridi Primary School986Baridi
222Domajuri Primary School653Damjuri
223Aguibil High School1082Aguibil
224Kallabeda Primary School593Lakra
225Nekra Primary School982Lakra
226Jamira Primary School528Jamira
227Krishnapur Primary School715Krishtapur
228Hatiramgora Primary School709Hatiramgora
229Barakadam Primary School758Barkadam
230Jhorbaid Primary School431Jharibad
231Jayapur Primary School432Jayapur
232Chhotokadam Primary School753Chhot Kadam
233Ghushikajoda Primary School775Ankro
234Simtuni Primary School409Simtuni
235Ankro High School826Ankro
237Ankro Junior Basic School914Ankro
238Badamamado Primary School1028Bara Mamro
239Khayerbani Primary School564Khayerbani
241Chandra Primary School762Chandra
242Saga Supurudih Primary School601Saga
243Saga Tulsidih Primary School556Saga
244Haludbani Primary School1027Haludbani
245Hetyakol High School491Hetyakol
246Parabaid Primary School609Parbad
247Gurur Primary School978Gurur
248Bara Parashya Primary School475Bara Parasia
249Chhot Padashya Primary School410Chhota Parasia
250Bhalu Primary School857Bhalu
251Tuitanrd Primary School424Shalbani
252Pargela High School620Pargela
254Supudi Primary School763Supudi
255Kodogora Primary School739Supudi
256Maurangtand Primary School928Bamandi
257Rithugoda Primary School735Chilla
258Chila Primary School764Chilla
260Saira Primary School649Saira
261Liki M.S.K442Liki
262Madhupur Junior Basic School873Madhupur
263Chirugora Primary School751Chirugora
265Sirka Prathamik Vidyalaya677Sirka
266Gangamanna High School975Gangamanna
268Mangla Prathamik School840Mangal
269Ashpara Pry. School495Aspara
270Bandwan R.N.C. Vidyapith1064Bandoan (CT)
271Bandoyan Aar En Si Bidyapith843Bandoan (CT)
272Bandwan Gairls High School968Bandoan (CT)
274Sirishgora Junior Beshik School763Sirisgora
275Dahitanrd Primary School852Sirisgora
276Kendapada Primary School924Kendapara
277Jamunagora Prathamik Vidyalaya283Udalbani
278Udalbani Prathamik Vidyalaya636Udalbani
279Bhangardih Primary School270Sirisgora
280Shyamnagar Prathamik Vidyalaya985Radhanagar
281Keshra Prathamik Vidyalaya493Kesra
282Talpat Adarsha High School771Baratalpat
283Karmatanrd Prathamik Vidyalaya618Mahulabana
284Chirudih V.N.High School958Chirudi
285Bahadur Pur Prathamik Vidyalaya613Bahadurpur
286Bhashamkata Prathamik Vidyalaya817Bhasamkata
287Baruniya Prathamik Vidyalaya655Hargara
288Jhorbaid Prathamik Vidyalaya614Jharibad
289Kendadi Primary School419Khereyadi
290Tasagram Primary School421Tasgan
291Barakarmo Prathamik Vidyalaya1114Barakaram
292Dhabani Prathamik School651Dhabani
293Jorashal Primary School537Jorasal
294Paharpur Primary School477Paharpur
295Pukur Kata Primary School638Pukhurkata
296Kuilapal Primary School926Kuilapal
297Kapat Danga Primary School401Barakala
298Ghaghara High School828Ghaghra
299Kushbani Primary School130Kushbani
300Kumra Primary School786Kumra
301Surasingga Primary School544Barshol
302Churaku Primary School417Churku
303Joshpur Junior Basic School765Jashpur
304Harada Primary School679Harada
305Nanna Primary School569Nanna
306Rajahuli Primary School388Rajauli
307Dulukdih Primary School597Dulukdih Samil Kendapara
308Kantagora Primary School643Kantagora
309Madhuban Primary School487Madhuban
310Ghodatika Primary School370Ghoratika
311Punshya Primary School572Punsa
312Dhadka Primary School711Dhadka
313Dhadaka Primary School841Dhadka
314Popo Primary School746Popo
315Barudi Primary School568Barudih
316Lata Primary School885Lata
318Patakita Primary School584Ghatihuli
319Dangar Judi Primary School477Dangarjuri
320Kuriapara Primary School471Kuriapara
321Bhomragora Primary School724Bhamragora
322Makapali Primary School669Kunchia
323Kunchia High School820Kunchia
324Kuanchiya High School591Kunchia
325Pachapani Primary School895Pachapani
326Asanpani Primary School277Asanpani
327Mrigichami Primary School894Mirgichami
328Karru Primary School673Burijhor
329Rajagram Primary School956Rajgram
330Satara Primary School554Satara
331Golakata Primary School380Golkata

Last Updated on December 26, 2014