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Polling Booth in Balurghat Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Balurghat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Balurghat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Office Of The C.D.P.O Gramin Balurghat553Balurghat (M + OG)
3Uttar Chakabhabani Free Primary School663Balurghat (M + OG)
4Nalandka Vidyapith881Balurghat (M + OG)
7Office Of The B.L.&L.R.O.797Balurghat (M + OG)
10Ashutosh Balika Vidyapith1077Balurghat (M + OG)
13Prafesar Recriation Room965Balurghat (M + OG)
14Municipality Community Hal No-201049Balurghat (M + OG)
15Balurghat Girls College649Balurghat (M + OG)
18Municipality Community Hall No-19942Balurghat (M + OG)
19Office Of The A.L.C.1101Balurghat (M + OG)
20Baluraghat Girls High School1051Balurghat (M + OG)
22Baluraghat College680Balurghat (M + OG)
25Jogomaya Kishalay Vidyaniketan736Balurghat (M + OG)
29Namabangi Highschool1111Balurghat (M + OG)
32Namabangi High School584Balurghat (M + OG)
33Namabongi Fp School560Balurghat (M + OG)
34Bibekanand Vidya Mandir E.P.School1034Balurghat (M + OG)
35Biplabi Subhash Vidya Niketan905Balurghat (M + OG)
36Shanti Colony E.P.School835Balurghat (M + OG)
38Nand Smriti Ef.Pi.School1103Balurghat (M + OG)
39Office Of The F.C.I.765Balurghat (M + OG)
40Babasayi Samit Afisbaluraghat506Balurghat (M + OG)
41Hindi Free Primary School702Balurghat (M + OG)
42J.L.P. Vidyachyakra632Balurghat (M + OG)
43Miunicipality Community Hall No9861Balurghat (M + OG)
44Municipality Community Hall No 11693Balurghat (M + OG)
45Aanandabagan Shiksha Niketan1013Balurghat (M + OG)
46Municipality Community Hal No -8762Balurghat (M + OG)
47Kabitirtha High School707Balurghat (M + OG)
49Netaji Vidyapith1004Balurghat (M + OG)
50Manimela Epschool591Balurghat (M + OG)
53Vivekananda Palli Community Hall No 2662Balurghat (M + OG)
54Vidya Sagar Vidyapith626Balurghat (M + OG)
55Mahamaya Vidyaniketan661Balurghat (M + OG)
56Suryasen Vidyaniketan495Balurghat (M + OG)
58Saheb Kachhari Aadibasi Hostel826Balurghat (M + OG)
59Office Of The Executive Engineer C.P.W.D.730Balurghat (M + OG)
60Shantiniketan Free Primary School886Balurghat (M + OG)
61Office Of Executive Engineer C.P.W.D.502Balurghat (M + OG)
63Khadimpur High School934Balurghat (M + OG)
65Bagura Colony Free Primary School1073Balurghat (M + OG)
66Khidirpur G.S.Free Primary School No31161Khidirpur
67Khidirapur G.S.Free Primary School No1757Khidirpur
68Pashim Khidirpur F.Pschool725Khidirpur
69Khidirpur G.S.Free Primary School No2867Khidirpur
70Dangi Free Primary School901Dangi
71Kalaibari Free Primary School1086Kalaibari
72Bhushila Free Primary School978Bhushila
73Khadimpur Bhatpara Free Primary School1017Bhatpara
74Shibrampur Junior Basic School995Dakshin Sibrampur
75Gajipur S.S.K.709Chak Bhikan
76Sukahar Free Primary School869Chak Shyam
77Chakram Free Primary School749Chakram
79Satrai Junior Basic School1121Majhigram
80Naksha E.P.School958Noksha
83Kharail Free Primary School821Bangi (P)
84Khanpur Free Primary School1000Dakshin Khhanpur
85Hasail Free Primary School537Hasail
86Ayodhya K.D.High School794Ajodhya
87Shatakhanda Free Primary School592Chak Bhriguram
88Amritakhand Junior Basic School750Amritakhanda
91Daulla Free Primary School958Dumair
92Dumair Junior Basic School806Daulla
93Kamarpara Free Primary School883Kasimbi
94Kamarpara Vetenary Office800Kasimbi
95Nunail Free Primary School692Nunail
97Chakamadhab Free Primary School612Chingra
98Panditpur Free Primary School1088Panditpur
99Badamail Junior Basic School1027Badamail
100Haripur Free Primary School844Haripur
101Kudamail Junior Basic School994Kurmail
102Shanihara Free Primary School735Sanihara
103Shalgram Free Primary School659Salgoan
104Jhinaipota Free Primary School580Jhinaipota
105Madhupur Free Primary School685Mahadipur
106Bhabanipur Free Primary School816Bhabanipur
107Manamanapur Free Primary School700Alipur
108Chingishpur G.P. Office713Santara
109Amrail Free Primary School505Gopalpur
110Ghughudanga Free Primary School716Damuaghugudanga
111Noapara Free Primary School711Sialdanga
112Sobra Shyamapur High School672Sobra
114Chakaandharu Free Primary School1049Chak Hosen
115Bangalipur Free Primary School563Bangalipur
116Purb Chakvhikan Free Primary School865Jabaripur
117Sanapara Free Primary School583Sanapara
118Pirijpur Fpschool689Pirijpur
119Chingishpur High School838Chingispur
121Siala Free Primary School732Kismat Ramkrishnapur
122Durgapur Free Primary School916Durgapur
123Dahaghat Durgapur Junior Basic School1006Durgapur
124Purb Hariharpur Free Primary School776Purba Hariharpur
125Mokarampur Free Primary School818Ponorahar
126Purba Mostafapur Free Primary School716Purbba Mustafapur
127Salash Free Primary School512Jantigari
128Mataish Junior Basic School1014Syampur
129Binshira Free Primary School570Binsira
130Binshira Rural Library552Binsira
131Teor Krishnashtami High School(Dakshin)606Tior
132Teor Jr. Basic School601Jotghatak
133Teor Krishnashtami High School (Uttar)1003Jot Tior
134Teor Govt. Sponsored Ashram Type High School For Girls935Sahapur
135Ferusha Free Primary School921Ferusha
136Kunjadungi Free Primary School727Kunja Dungi
137Nowpara Junior Basic School1073Nawapara
138Jagadishpur Free Primary School649Jagadishpur
139Dabra Free Primary School1087Dabra
140Ishwarpara Free Primary School682Iswarpara
141Shriramapur Free Primary School831Srirampur
142Lalpur Free Primary School693Lalpur
143Lalpur Matshajibi Samabai Samiti Limited543Lalpur
144Kismatdapat Free Primary School1237Kismat Dapt
145Chakdapat F. P School834Kismat Dapt
146Trimohini P.C. Uchcha Madhyamik Vidyalaya928Chakdapat
147Muralipur Sonaulla High School826Chak Mohan
148Muralipur Free Primary School606Muraripur
149Mulahat Free Primary School708Mulahat
150Mahishnota Free Primary School750Purbba Jagannathpur
151Laskarpur Free Primary School782Laskarpur
152Dhalpara Free Primary School831Dhalpara
153Purba Kalikapur Free Primary School764Uttar Jamalpur
154Srikrishnapur Free Primary School437Srikrishnapur
155Balopara Free Primary School576Balpara
157Banora Free Primary School658Banara
158Panjul High School702Panjul
159Kharun Free Primary School892Kharun
160Ramkrishnapur.Free Primary School987Ramkrishnapur
161Aagra Junior Basic School898Agra
162Baigram Free Primary School368Baigram
163Nafar G.S.Free Primary School857Nafar
164Fatepur Balupara High School1068Bagura Fatepur
165Dumran Free Primary School1128Domran
166Gosaipur Free Primary School667Gosaipur
167Aaptair Free Primary School592Aptair
169Bura Hili Free Primary School622Aptair
171Hili Girls High School716Hilli
173Dharanda Free Primary School589Dharanda
175Hili Ramanath High School761Basudebpur
176Hili 2 No. Free Primary School720Basudebpur
177Baksiganj Free Primary School1123Baikunthapur
178Charaktala Shishu Shiksha Kendra861Purbba Raynagar
179Rainagar Free Primary School (Uttar Angsha)1084Baikunthapur
181Garna Free Primary School922Garna
182Sidai Free Primary School584Sidai
183Ramjibanpur Free Primary School578Ramjibanpur
184Maniko Aadibasi High School922Maniko
185Jamalpur Free Primary School888Jamalpur
186Purbamathurapur Free Primary School877Jamalpur
187Dakshin Jamalpur Free Primary School1005Jamalpur
188Lakma Bangalipur Junior Basic School716Lakma

Last Updated on May 20, 2020
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