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Polling Booth in Ballygunge Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Ballygunge

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ballygunge Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Islamia H.S Multipurpose School654Kolkata (M Corp.)
4Beniapukur Library854Kolkata (M Corp.)
5Milli Al-Ameen College(For Girls)785Kolkata (M Corp.)
8Beniapukur High Madrasah994Kolkata (M Corp.)
12Beniapukur Vidyapith For Boys843Kolkata (M Corp.)
16Debendra Vidyapith For Girls957Kolkata (M Corp.)
21Albany Hall Public School1064Kolkata (M Corp.)
26Karaya Govt. School777Kolkata (M Corp.)
30Nehru Primary School985Kolkata (M Corp.)
32Lady Brabourne College824Kolkata (M Corp.)
41Cartouch School911Kolkata (M Corp.)
43Ballygunge Park Day School860Kolkata (M Corp.)
45Sattar Memorial Hall For Boys & Girls801Kolkata (M Corp.)
47Kmc Health Centre352Kolkata (M Corp.)
48Apeejay School746Kolkata (M Corp.)
49Modern School457Kolkata (M Corp.)
54St. Augustins Day School994Kolkata (M Corp.)
57Mulla Jan Memorial Social Welfare Society School529Kolkata (M Corp.)
59Loreto Day School (Pry Section)889Kolkata (M Corp.)
60Progressive Day School828Kolkata (M Corp.)
62Ripon English School904Kolkata (M Corp.)
63Saifee Hall943Kolkata (M Corp.)
65Assembly Of God Church School(Junior Section)636Kolkata (M Corp.)
66Assembly Of God Church School796Kolkata (M Corp.)
71St. Augustin Day School783Kolkata (M Corp.)
75All Bengal Women Union Pry. School802Kolkata (M Corp.)
77Loreto Day School797Kolkata (M Corp.)
80New Horizon Young School609Kolkata (M Corp.)
82Young Horizon School822Kolkata (M Corp.)
84Knclp Special School713Kolkata (M Corp.)
85Kmc Ward Office(Ward-64)645Kolkata (M Corp.)
87Central Model School685Kolkata (M Corp.)
92Central Model Preparatory School471Kolkata (M Corp.)
93Kmcp School778Kolkata (M Corp.)
95Convent Of Our Lady Queen Of The Mission735Kolkata (M Corp.)
99Auxilium Convent930Kolkata (M Corp.)
101Park Circus Girls High School587Kolkata (M Corp.)
103Dr. A.M.O. Gani School568Kolkata (M Corp.)
108Haj House964Kolkata (M Corp.)
112Park Circus Sarat Memorial Institute647Kolkata (M Corp.)
113Park Circus Boys High School727Kolkata (M Corp.)
115M.B. Girls' School972Kolkata (M Corp.)
118Don Bosco School573Kolkata (M Corp.)
121K.M.C.P. School596Kolkata (M Corp.)
124Daulat Memorial Institute951Kolkata (M Corp.)
126K.M.C.P School567Kolkata (M Corp.)
130Kmcp.School931Kolkata (M Corp.)
133Ballygunge Drainage Pumping Station960Kolkata (M Corp.)
136Neo Foundation998Kolkata (M Corp.)
137Adi Ballygunge Vidyalaya;999Kolkata (M Corp.)
140Govt. Sponsored Free Primary School(Urdu Medium)882Kolkata (M Corp.)
141Social Welfare School909Kolkata (M Corp.)
146K.M.C.P Ward Office854Kolkata (M Corp.)
149Humayun Kabir Institution906Kolkata (M Corp.)
153Path Bhavan Primary Section1049Kolkata (M Corp.)
157Karim Memorial Primary School751Kolkata (M Corp.)
158Rationing Office747Kolkata (M Corp.)
160Tiljala Masjid Bari Junior High School844Kolkata (M Corp.)
163Jagabandhu G.S.F.P School989Kolkata (M Corp.)
165Shibmandir Prathamik Vidyalaya548Kolkata (M Corp.)
168Binode Promode Pry School841Kolkata (M Corp.)
170Wahed Memorial High School911Kolkata (M Corp.)
172Wehad Memorial Govt. Spon. Free Primary School983Kolkata (M Corp.)
173Red Apple School746Kolkata (M Corp.)
174Ashoke Hall Girls H.S. School886Kolkata (M Corp.)
177Mahadevi Birla Sishu Vihar880Kolkata (M Corp.)
181Kmc Ward Office1008Kolkata (M Corp.)
182K.M.C Health Centre880Kolkata (M Corp.)
184Sri Krishna Adarsha Vidyalaya1049Kolkata (M Corp.)
185Path Bhavan High School548Kolkata (M Corp.)
187South Point High School456Kolkata (M Corp.)
190Calcutta Girls Academy654Kolkata (M Corp.)
194Kolkata Girls B.T.College682Kolkata (M Corp.)
199South Point Junior School1014Kolkata (M Corp.)
203Satyabhama Institution865Kolkata (M Corp.)
205Ballygunge Jagadbandhu Institution ;907Kolkata (M Corp.)
209Kamala Chatterjee School For Girls811Kolkata (M Corp.)
213Bishops College860Kolkata (M Corp.)
217Young Horizons School733Kolkata (M Corp.)
219Smt. Jahar Nandi Vidyapith626Kolkata (M Corp.)
223Corporation School Primary(Day) Section528Kolkata (M Corp.)
225Modern High School (For Girls)802Kolkata (M Corp.)
229Queens Park (P) School1051Kolkata (M Corp.)
230Institute Of Jute Technology975Kolkata (M Corp.)
231University Of Calcutta(Hazra Law College)844Kolkata (M Corp.)
233National High School(Boys)651Kolkata (M Corp.)
235West Bengal Regional School Service Commission(Southern Region)535Kolkata (M Corp.)
237South Calcutta Girls College945Kolkata (M Corp.)
242Paddapukur Institution541Kolkata (M Corp.)
249J.D.Birla College913Kolkata (M Corp.)
251United Missionary Primary Teachers Training Institute1086Kolkata (M Corp.)
252David Hare Training College699Kolkata (M Corp.)
254St. Lawrance High School497Kolkata (M Corp.)
259Ballygunge Govt. High School1091Kolkata (M Corp.)
262Central Stores & Garage1019Kolkata (M Corp.)
266Sarat Chandrer Basbhawan966Kolkata (M Corp.)
268National High. School. For Girls1009Kolkata (M Corp.)
272Lycee Primary School1081Kolkata (M Corp.)
274Day Student Home460Kolkata (M Corp.)
275K.M.C.P. School Room No.1903Kolkata (M Corp.)
276Disha Foundation899Kolkata (M Corp.)
277South Subarban Branch High School796Kolkata (M Corp.)
281Bustee Welfare Centre963Kolkata (M Corp.)
282Basanti Devi College846Kolkata (M Corp.)
284Little Millenium School1006Kolkata (M Corp.)
285Deshbandhu Sishusikshalaya920Kolkata (M Corp.)
287Arun Roy Primary School955Kolkata (M Corp.)
288Lycee School907Kolkata (M Corp.)
290K . M . C. Health Centre762Kolkata (M Corp.)
291Calcutta Social Project1051Kolkata (M Corp.)

Last Updated on May 20, 2020