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Polling Booth in Balarampur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Balarampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Balarampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Gondhudi Primary School630Gondhudi
2Shyamdasdih Pry. School609Shyamdasdi Alias Shyampur
3Rudra Junior High School846Rudra
4Rudada Primary School677Rudra
5Golbera Primary School1013Golbera
6Sindri Junior Basic School439Sindri
8Sindri Primary School999Sindri
9Chirka Gaurinathadham Primary: School605Chirka
11Ranibandh Primary School1056Ranibandh
12Patamputra Primary School633Patamputra
13Gara Fusra Primary School684Garaphushara
17Kantabeda Primary School1050Ketuabera
18Kanali Primary School821Kanali
19Buridi Primary School874Buridi
20Shibdi Primary School670Sibdi
22Kalidasdi Primary School923Kalidasdi
23Dimdiha Boys Primary School639Dimdiha
26Dimdiha Girls Primary School640Dimdiha
27Ghagharjuri Primary School1045Ghagharjuri
28Ghagharjuri Harijan Primary School917Ghagharjuri
29Kukurgaria Junior Basic School975Kukurgarya
30Satara Primary School701Satar
31Bhul Primary School (School No 1)951Bhul
32Bhul Primary School681Bhul
34Tentlo Primary School1026Tentlo
35Nadiyara Primary School975Nadiyara
37Hulka Primary School877Hulka
39Dumuradi Primary School1009Belkundi
40Belkuri Primary School900Belkundi
41Chakra Primary School1014Chakra
43Raybaghini Primary School910Lagda (CT)
44Lagda Girls Primary School649Lagda (CT)
45Lagda Harijan Primary School602Lagda (CT)
47Baghudi Primary School810Baghudi
48Lagda High School700Lagda (CT)
50Ramnagar Primary School710Ramnagar
51Ramnagar Mudipara Primary School565Ramnagar
52Baligara Primary School697Baligara
54Sonaijuri Primary School577Sanaijuri
56Simanpur Primary School850Sanaijuri
57Manguria Primary School947Manguria (P)
58Manguria Basti Primary School837Manguria (P)
60Belguma Vivekananda Bidyapith1036Balguma
61Belaguma Primary School487Balguma
62Chakda Primary School1086Chakda
64Raybandh Primary School578Simulia
66Shimuliya Primary School1143Simulia
67Kotlui Boys Primary School987Kotloi
69Telidi Primary School977Jeledi
70Pandrama Primary School953Pandrama
71Rampur Primary School443Rampur
72Barakdi Primary School1064Damda
73Damda Harijan Primary School1028Damda
74Durku Sriarabinda Vidyapith1022Durku
75Durku Primary School781Durku
76Unchali Pry. School450Durku
77Belia Pathar Pry. School548Hirakhap
78Petadih Junior High School692Sundradi
79Digshili Primary School990Digshili
80Amchuriya Primary School688Amchuria
81Karamara Primary School838Karamara
82Chandradih Pry. School469Chandradi
83Tamna Junior High School896Tamna
84Chakaltore Primary School651Chakaltor
86Chakaltore Junior Basic School1012Chakaltor
88Karadi J.D.R. High School810Suklara
89Shuklara Primary School829Suklara
91Gopaladi Primary School1045Gopladi
92Matkumdi Primary School710Matkumdi
93Satara Niu Primary Vidyalaya928Satra
95Satra Junior High School584Satra
96Satara Prathamik Vidyalaya749Satra
98Ramajibanapur Primary School546Ramjibanpur
99Heansala Harijan Prathamik Vidyalaya717Hesla
101Heansala Primary School926Hesla
103Parnkidih Primary School986Tenyasi
104Saluidahar Pry. School922Salaidahar
105Teanyasi Junior Basic School608Tenyasi
106Jhunjka High School714Jhujhka
107Jhunjka Pry. School654Jhujhka
108Mishiradi Primary School854Ibirkola Alias Misirdi
109Mishirdih Junior High School743Ibirkola Alias Misirdi
110Dhadkidih Pry. School484Chatuhansa
111Kinutand Prathamik Vidyalaya713Chatuhansa
112Chatuhansa Primary School813Chatuhansa
113Chatuhansa New Pry. School564Chatuhansa
114Sindurapur Primary School739Rajpati
115Rajapati Primary School1086Rajpati
116Mudali High School986Mudali
117Liludi Primary School666Mudali
118Kumiradiha Prathamik School636Kumirdiha
120Piskapahadi Primary School436Piskapahari
121Patuyada Junior Basic School875Patuara
123Dhanada Prathamik Vidyalaya796Dhanara
124Siridi Prathamik Vidyalaya493Siridi
125Majhdih Primary School1021Kantadi
126Pithati Primary Vidyalaya1092Pijhati
127Judi Primary School884Juri
128Kaurang Prathamik Vidyalaya774Korang
129Korang Barakuli Pry. School570Korang
130Khukadamuda Prathamik Vidyalaya683Khukhramura
132Kadariya Prathamik Vidyalaya516Korarya
134Puara High (H.S.) School739Puara
135Puara Pry. School793Puara
136Kendri Primary School641Puara
137Sodpuara Prathamik Vidyalaya687Sadpuara
138Parabaid Primary School632Parbad Kashitanr
139Dumurbera Pry.School596Dumarbera
140Serenghatu Primary School575Soranghatu
141Gohaldang Pry.School628Gohaldang
142Bhalika Primary School517Bhaluka
143Bankudi Primary School941Bankudi
144Latadah Primary School794Latadah
145Kumardih Pry.School466Latadah
146Ghatabera Primary School1029Ghatbera
147Khekridih Primary School603Ghatbera
148Ghatabera-Kerowa High School668Keraya
150Karma Primary School1143Karma
151Gitinglahar Primary School1029Giting Lahar
152Tilai Pry. School552Tilai
153Jugidih Pry. School703Jugidi Kashidi
154Chhotourma Primary School985Ghasidi
156Baraurma High School954Baraurmma
158Baraurma Pry. School665Baraurmma
159Maladi Primary School819Maldi
160Darberia Pry. School698Darbaria
161Sagma High School681Sagma
163Harjora Primary School917Harjora
164Pandadda Primary School871Panradda
165Layadih Pry. School452Panradda
166Dumari Primary School943Dumari
167Khayradih Pry. School526Khayradih
168Namsole Primary School707Namshol
169Namsole M.S.K1009Namshol
170Kana Primary School860Kana
171Bandih Primary School469Kana
172Bedasa Primary School561Bersa
173Siringi Primary School647Siringi
174Purudih Primary School1044Garga
175Deoli High School857Deuli
176Nekre Pry. School904Nekre
177Rugri Primary School891Rugri
178Daladiri Primary School637Sunidih
179Genrua Primary School704Genrua
180Nekre Community Hall654Nekre
181Rasuladi Junior Basic School1115Genrua
182Haripaldih Pry. School873Genrua
183Dabha Primary School743Dabha
185Barachatarma Primary School725Baraha Chatarma
186Suraidih Primary School675Suraidhi
187Malti Jilpalaya High School935Malti
189Bahadadi Primary School1069Bhalubasa
190Dhebaridi Primary School866Dhebridin Alias Sarjumla
191Biramadi Primary School784Biramdih
192Biramdih M.S.K662Biramdih
193Malti Shyamnagar Junior Basic School767Shyamnagar Alias Jajodih
195Bela Junior Basic School1007Bela
196Gidighati Primary School925Bela
197Berma Primary School680Bela
199Sapuya Primary School795Sapua
200Rangadih Junior Basic School905Rangadhi
201Rangadi Junior Basic School1016Rangadhi
202Durgamela Primary School928Rangadhi
203Chutkidih Primary School886Balarampur (CT)
204Balaramapur Fulachand Haiskul712Rangadhi
205Balarampur Phoolchand High School522Rangadhi
207Lalimati Girls High School633Bansghar
208Hattala Primary School771Balarampur (CT)
209Rangadih Shree Bhajanashram High School706Balarampur (CT)
211Balarampur Kalitala Board Primary School804Balarampur (CT)
213Balarampur Kalitala New Primary School824Balarampur (CT)
214Bangshidhar Primary School785Bansghar
215Debiprasad Library731Bansghar
216Banshagad Primary School745Bansghar
217Banshgarh Primary School760Bansghar
218Teantalo Primary School1105Tentlo
219Tentlow Aided Primary School785Tentlo
220Amruhansa Primary School541Arahansa
221Hetyadi Primary School782Baragado Alias Hetyadih
222Chholagora Primary School469Baragado Alias Hetyadih
223Shyamnagar Primary School458Shyam Nagar
224Supurdih Primary School1082Supurdi
225Hanspur Primary School1088Hanspur
226Bhurarudi Primary School675Baikunthapur Alias Samurdi
227Fatepur Primary School643Fatehpur
228Shalbani Junior Basic School1013Salbani
229Banbandha Primary School888Banbandha
230Patidih Primary School1096Chhotagado
231Baghadi Primary School897Baghadih
232Amaru Primary School743Amaru
233Juradih Primary School750Domantar
234Ruchap I.C.D.S Centre701Rapkata
235Ruchap Primary School908Ruchap
236Kurni Primary School1095Kurni
237Darda Junior Basic School676Darda
239Kadamadi Primary School646Kadamdih
240Chakuliya Primary School1060Chakulia
241Hadat Shaladi Primary School1101Amruhasa
242Murugora Primary School736Atebela

Last Updated on May 20, 2020
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