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Polling Booth in Baisnabnagar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Baisnabnagar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baisnabnagar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bhimagram Primary School371Sultanganj (P)
4Aabdul Jalilatola Primary School734Sultanganj (P)
5Biranagar Nasiratola Primary School880Sultanganj (P)
6Biranagar Haiskul798Palgachhi
8Birnagar Mgd. Pry. School604Palgachhi
10Gulajaratola Primary School786Baishnabnagar
11Mollatola Primary School809Palgachhi
13Ramanathatola Primary School1074Baishnabnagar
14Guruprasadatola Primary School934Baishnabnagar
15Aaisidiessentar863Sultanganj (P)
17Rajanagar Primary School680Sultanganj (P)
19Brahmattar Primary School1041Sultanganj (P)
20Kamaditola Si.Es.Primary School820Sultanganj (P)
21Rajnagar High School494Sultanganj (P)
24Hatichapa Pry. School914Sultanganj (P)
25Bashnabanagar Myanej Primary School1123Baishnabnagar
27Kanchitola Primary School996Sultanganj (P)
29Dr. Soukat Ali M.S.K.462Sultanganj (P)
30Panchutola Primary School1115Baishnabnagar
32Domaichak Primary School917Pakakot
34Sahabajapur Umacharan Haiskul668Sahabazpur
35Sahabajapur Junior Basicaskul823Sahabazpur
37Bamontola M.S.K.969Sahabazpur
38Bamunatola Primary School699Sahabazpur
40Akandabaria Pry. School722Bholaichak
41Aakandabadiya Haiskul880Bholaichak
42Bi.Si.Es.Primary School615Sahabazpur
45Ujir Pur Primary School759Uzirpur
46Sahilapur Primary School849Sahilapur
47Narech Chandra M.S.K.862Sahilapur
48Ramanagar 2No Primary School422Larchak
50Ramanagar Junior Basic Primary School913Kazichak
52Naoda Binapada Primary School901Bairbona
53Gayeshbari Piyaribhuban Bidyaniketan541Srinibaspur
55Milik Sulatanapur Prathamik School691Naoda
56Shukanagar Prathamik School930Fatepur
58Golapganj Jr. Pry. School643Golapganj
59Golapaganj High School977Golapganj
61Baburabona Haimadrasa840Golapganj
63Shadadah Primary School704Golapganj
65Sardaha Sub-Health Centre619Golapganj
66Khoribona Pry. School907Golapganj
67Sardaha Icds Cetre655Golapganj
68Naladahari Primary School738Golapganj
69Shashmani Junior Basic School1077Shashani
70Shashani Health Sub-Centre777Shashani
72Gopalanagar Primary School703Chari Anantapur
74Tinashatabighi Primary School917Bedrabad
75Tewaritola Sub-Health Centre652Bedrabad
76Chandranarayanapur Primary School592Bedrabad
77Purb Bedarabad Es.Es.Ke Sentar1034Bedrabad
78Bhagajan Primary School876Gopalpur
80Zanazaniya Primary School809Gopalpur
81Sahabanchak M.S.K739Malatipur
82Malatipur Primary School786Malatipur
83Kalinagar Primary School571Kalinagar
84Tokkitola Pry. School416Kalinagar
86Chulakanipada Primary School917Sahaband Chak
87Sahabanachak Primary School976Sahaband Chak
88Chakaseherddi Shtetaplan Primary School932Chak Seherdi
92Bashnabanagar Haiskul924Dariapur
94Bashnabanagar Hai Sanglgn Primary School1116Dariapur
95Dariyapur Primary School903Dariapur
97Raribona S.S.K739Bedrabad
98Shakti Sanggh O Laibreri (Gramin)406Dariapur
99Mirjachak Primary School699Bedrabad
101Rayapur Primary School992Bedrabad
102Satangapada Primary School803Satangapara
104Shimulatala Primary School1060Jagannathpur (CT)
107Chamagram Primary School627Jagannathpur (CT)
109Shimultola High Madrasha1062Jagannathpur (CT)
111En.Ti.Pi.Si Haiyar Sekendariskul(Banglamidiyam)962Jagannathpur (CT)
113Khejuriyaghat Byarej Kaloni Primary School950Jagannathpur (CT)
114Hazrattola Gemonpara S.S.K631Jagannathpur (CT)
115Lakshipur Haiskul1171Lakshmipur
117Loco Colony S.S.K891Lakshmipur
118Lakshipur Palagachhi Primary School848Lakshmipur
120Khejuriya Niu Kaloni Primary School1091Lakshmipur
121Ashrampara S.S.K994Lakshmipur
122Lakshipur Primary School831Lakshmipur
123Jbaralahitola Primary School856Lakshmipur
124Krishnapur 1No Primary School1070Krishnapur (CT)
126Krishnapur 2No Primary School526Krishnapur (CT)
128Tarachandatola Primary School640Krishnapur (CT)
130Jagirtola S.S.K751Krishnapur (CT)
132Sobaratitola Primary School1081Krishnapur (CT)
134Chakabahadurapur Rifiuji Rilif Primary School962Chak Bahadurpur
135Chakbahadurpur Mgd. Pry. School1236Chak Bahadurpur
137Par Chakabahadurapur Prathamik Vidyalaya620Chak Bahadurpur
138Char Sujapur Mandai Primary School795Chak Bahadurpur
140Charasujapur Haiskul908Suzapur Mandai
141Mandai Primary School526Suzapur Mandai
142Mondai Jr. High School669Suzapur Mandai
144Vidyasagar S.S.K716Bhagabanpur
146Bhagabanpur Borokamat Pry. School835Bhagabanpur
147Bhagabanapur Primary School1097Bhagabanpur
150Nandalalapur Chakaseherddi Primary School1061Chak Seherdi
151Nandalalapur Aaghanutola Primary School1080Nandalalpur
152Nandalalapur Primary School1069Nandalalpur
153Bhagabanpur South S.S.K.847Bhagabanpur
154Elahitola Primary School1072Bhagabanpur
155Bhagabanapur Gramapanchayet Afis1056Bhagabanpur
156Gherabhagabanapur Primary School735Chak Seherdi
158Charianantapur Kamat Primary School849Chari Anantapur
160Lalasingtola Primary School565Chari Anantapur
162Subedartola S.S.K943Chari Anantapur
163Charianantapur Si.Es Primary School857Chari Anantapur
165Charianantapur Gram Panchayet Afis810Chari Anantapur
166Charianantapur Myanejad Primary School1069Chari Anantapur
169Duishatabighi Primary School969Mohanpur Dushobigha
170Manikatola Primary School893Mohanpur Dushobigha
171Mahabatapur.Primary School1065Mahabbatpur
173Janapur Primary School915Jayenpur
174Janapur Haiskul922Chain Para
177Chainpara Jr. High School823Chain Para
178Kalipada Mondal Tola Pry. School479Chain Para
179Chanipada Primary School1107Chain Para
180Jotachanipada Primary School1114Chain Para
181Niyaginagar Primary School594Mohanpur Khas
182Mohanapur Primary School769Mohanpur Khas
184Hadinagar Primary School666Hadinagar
185Shukapada Primary School1007Shukpara
187Kumbhira Mgd. Pry. School948Kumbhira
188Kumbhira Haiskul716Nurnagar
189Bakharabad Si.Es.Primary School664Kumbhira
191Hathat Pada Primary School743Bakhrabad
192Bakhrabad Char Icds Centre437Deonapur
193Shukadebapur Haiskul654Shukdebpur
195Sabadalapur Rifiuji Rilif Primary School960Sabdulpur
196Niusabadalapur Primary School815Sabdulpur
197Uttar Sabadalapur Primary School916Sabdulpur
198Sabdalpur S.S.K666Sabdulpur
199Bakharabad Gramapanchayet Afis587Sabdulpur
200Chakadeonapur Si.Es.Primary School729Deonapur
202Deonapur High School816Deonapur
204Charachak Deonapur Primary School1071Deonapur
205Chhaghariya Primary School1118Deonapur
206Paralalapur High School752Par Lalpur
208Hijoltola S.S.K913Par Deonapur
209Paradeonapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1058Par Deonapur
210Pardeonapur Flood Shelter783Par Deonapur
212Paradeonapur Uchchatar Madrasa616Par Deonapur
214Paradeonapur Uchchatar Madrasa Ghar800Par Deonapur
215Sudhanya Ssk576Par Deonapur
217Diyad Khabada Prathamik Vidyalaya780Par Deonapur
219Anupnagar Pry. School635Par Lalpur
220Shobhapur Primary School1034Sobhapur
221Par Baidyanathpur Jr. High Madrasha670Par Deonapur
222Sovapur Jr. High School761Par Deonapur
224Paraanantapur Primary School946Par Shibpur

Last Updated on May 20, 2020
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