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Polling Booth in Baharampur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Baharampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baharampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Manindrachandr Vidyapith762Berhampore (M)
10Sudarshan Chakra Girls High School550Berhampore (M)
12Sadabad Miunisipyalati Primary School754Berhampore (M)
17Kashimbazar Mahajan Samiti High School804Berhampore (M)
19Kalorab Primary School682Berhampore (M)
21Kashimbazar Miunisipyal Primary School765Berhampore (M)
24Sreepur Primary School879Berhampore (M)
25Rosganj Adibasi Saraswati Pry. School882Berhampore (M)
27Chhanndar Bagan Primary School.876Berhampore (M)
28Kantanagar Prathamik Vidyalaya951Berhampore (M)
30Maharani Nilimaprabha Muk O Badhir Vidyalaya856Berhampore (M)
34Uttal Taranga Prathamik Sikshya Niketan659Berhampore (M)
35Narendranath Sikshya Niketan847Berhampore (M)
36Maharaja Shrishchandra Uchchabalika Vidyalaya815Berhampore (M)
40Deshbandhu Pry. School739Berhampore (M)
41Gurudas Tarasundari Institution897Berhampore (M)
42Khagra Hindusthan Sikshya Bharati Uccha Balika Vidyalaya663Berhampore (M)
46Sarojini Primary School937Berhampore (M)
49Khagra Miunicipal Primary School1040Berhampore (M)
50Sundarbharati Madhyamik Path Bhavan1016Berhampore (M)
54Khagra Lohitbarani Bhujangabhusan Smriti G.S.F.P School997Berhampore (M)
56Khagra Swasanghat Shishu Shiksha Kendra447Berhampore (M)
57Jatindra Nath Singha Primary School760Berhampore (M)
58Goyalpara Tarun Sangaj Junior High School998Berhampore (M)
60Indraprastha Ramkrishna Primary School879Berhampore (M)
64Bhagini Nibedita Shishu Siksha Niketan857Berhampore (M)
65J N Academy701Berhampore (M)
66Joychand Khagra G.S.F.P School670Berhampore (M)
68Nabapally Pry. School779Berhampore (M)
70Lipika Memorial Girls High School844Berhampore (M)
77Bishnupur Uchchabalika Vidyalaya804Berhampore (M)
82Bishnupur G. S. F. P School736Berhampore (M)
84Madhupur Prathamik Vidyalaya804Berhampore (M)
88Nabanagar Radharani G S Free Primary School576Berhampore (M)
91Mahakali Pathashala Girls High School829Berhampore (M)
93U.C.T.C558Berhampore (M)
96Baharamapur Bhattacharyya Para Primary School767Berhampore (M)
97Krishnanath College School633Berhampore (M)
102Ambedkarpally G.S.P School1006Berhampore (M)
108Maharani Kashiswari Girls High School668Berhampore (M)
112Maharini Kashiswari Pry. School725Berhampore (M)
114Bapuji Jr. High School994Berhampore (M)
116Baharamapur Municipality471Berhampore (M)
118Rabindranath Primary School708Berhampore (M)
120Gorabajar Shilp Mandir Uchch Balika Vidyalaya639Berhampore (M)
122Krishnanath College961Berhampore (M)
126Shahidnalinibagchi Primary School(Umasundari Park)764Berhampore (M)
128I.C.I Gorabajar655Berhampore (M)
133Ramakrishna Primary School637Berhampore (M)
134Charch Primary School770Berhampore (M)
136Gorabajar G C Das Primary School1098Berhampore (M)
138Gorabajar Municipality Primary School1021Berhampore (M)
142Shriguru Pathsala663Berhampore (M)
143Lakshminarayan Ghosh Smriti Government Sponsored Primary School810Berhampore (M)
145Bibekanand Bani Mandir Ji Es Ef Pi School1010Berhampore (M)
146Superintendant Engineer (Agri.Mac)480Berhampore (M)
148Padma Hausing Police Quarter540Berhampore (M)
149Chuanpur Pry. School785Berhampore (M)
151Dirstrict Institute Of Education & Traning1076Berhampore (M)
152Chuanyapur Vidyanikatan Uchha Balika Vidyalaya972Gora Bazar (CT)
157Baharamapur Kendriy Rashtiy Janakalyan Bhaban569Gora Bazar (CT)
161Jahar Naboday563Gora Bazar (CT)
163Jahar Nabadoy Vidyalaya699Gora Bazar (CT)
167Bhakuri Matasajibi Samabay Samiti718Chaltia (CT)
169Bhakudi Junior Basic School997Chaltia (CT)
171Bhakudi Haiskul1090Chaltia (CT)
174Tarakpur Primary School497Tarakpur
176Tarakpur M.S.K701Tarakpur
177Pakuria Adarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya905Chaltia (CT)
180Pakudiya Shishu Shiksha Kendr1016Sibdanga Badarpur (CT)
182Badarapur Prathamik Vidyalaya807Sibdanga Badarpur (CT)
184Sukantapalli S. S. K.973Sibdanga Badarpur (CT)
185Murshidabad Zilla Parishad956Sibdanga Badarpur (CT)
186Satishachandra G. S. Free Primary School615Sibdanga Badarpur (CT)
188Shibdanga Masjidpara S.S.K839Sibdanga Badarpur (CT)
189Tikepara Primary Vidyalaya700Sibdanga Badarpur (CT)
191Hatacolony M.S.K806Banjetia (CT)
192Shyamanagar S.S.K907Banjetia (CT)
193Sundar Kaloni Shishu Shiksha Kendr680Banjetia (CT)
195I.T.I Baharamapur761Banjetia (CT)
196Banajetiya Shrikrishn Prathamik Vidyalaya545Banjetia (CT)
198Manindranagar Girlas High School877Kasim Bazar (CT)
200Manindranagar Boys High School678Kasim Bazar (CT)
202Manindranagar Gram Panchayet Office889Kasim Bazar (CT)
203Manindranagar R.I Office727Kasim Bazar (CT)
204Tejpal Lohia G. S. F. P School587Kasim Bazar (CT)
206Cossimbazar Manindranagar Colony Fisherman Co-Operative824Kasim Bazar (CT)
207Dighirpahar Primary School925Kasim Bazar (CT)
209Bhatapada G. S. F. P School754Kasim Bazar (CT)
211Manindranagar 1No G. S. F. P School737Banjetia (CT)
2132No Banjhetia Paschimpara S.S.K624Banjetia (CT)
214Banajetiya G.S.F.P School603Banjetia (CT)
217Provarani Public School762Banjetia (CT)
218Nimatala Junior Basic School751Nagpara
220Shibpur S.S.K890Sibpur
221Shibpur Primary School670Sibpur
222Milkipara Tapshili Prathamik Vidyalaya555Nagpara
224Hathat Kaloni Primary School1060Sibpur
225Madapur G. S. F. P School693Madapur
226Madapur Adibasi Pry. School986Madapur
227Jibannagar Free Primary School759Hati Nagar
229Hatinagar Adibasi Shrikrishn Bidyapith889Hati Nagar
230Hatinagar Sarada Vidyapith456Hati Nagar
231Baganpara Primary School841Hati Nagar
232Chandpukur Adibasi Primary School304Hati Nagar
233Hatinagar Free Primary School652Hati Nagar
234Rajanagar Godownpara I.C.D.S Center766Hati Nagar
235Muktinagar Gsf. P School620Janmahammadpur
237Kudabapukur Primary School666Janmahammadpur
239Ghurni Shisu Siksha Kendra564Janmahammadpur
240Naoda Netaji Primary School787Janmahammadpur
241Ustiya Karimapur Primary School982Janmahammadpur
242Kolupara Pry. School661Usta
243Hikampur High School981Usta
245Paharpur Primary School884Usta
246Hunumantanagar Pry.School862Hanumanta Nagar
247Harishapur Free Primary School677Gauripur
248Gauripur Primary School1007Gauripur
249Sultanpur Khuniapukur Sinior Madrasa492Gauripur
250Ruiya Primary School857Ruhia
251Ruhia Paschimpara Pry. School881Ruhia
252Maharajapur Primary School931Maharajpur
253Gadabasa Aadibasi Primary School597Kulbaria
254Gadabasa Uccha Primary School544Kulbaria
255Kulberiya S.S.K559Kulbaria
256Kulberiya Pry. School897Kulbaria
257Daulatabad Nishithabarani Singha High School484Kulbaria
258Saharatala Pry. School710Kulbaria
259Benidasapur Primary School694Benidaspur
261Gorabasa S.S.K642Garabasa
262Gurudasapur Primary School638Muli
264Gurudaspur Saiyad Nurul Hasan Highmadrasa765Muliarazi
265Bainchitala Junior High School970Balia Danga
267Bainchitala Primary School608Purandarpur
269Daulatabad Primary School510Purandarpur
271Doulatabad Girls Jr. High School566Daulatabad
272S.I. Of School Sadar Uttar Chakra607Daulatabad
273Basantapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1051Daulatabad
275Rameswarpur Pry. School499Daulatabad

Last Updated on May 20, 2020

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