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Polling Booth in Bagnan Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Bagnan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bagnan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Nowapara Primary School1001Naoapara
3Purnal Kshantamayi Primary School536Purnal
5Harop Madel Junior Basic School1117Harop
7Bhuyara B.N.S.High School694Agunsi Bhuinara
9Jyotirmayee Girls High School822Harop
10Harop Ghoshalpara Primary School824Harop
12Aagunasi Kalitala Primary School470Agunsi Bhuinara
14Khanpur Pashchim Para Prathmik Vidyalaya1113Khanpur
15Jyot Bireswar Primary School721Jote Bireshwar
16Haturia Nowapara Prathmik Vidyalaya (Narakol Bagan)689Hature Kandarpapur
17Nazrul Islam M.S.K618Hature Kandarpapur
18Haturia Memari Rajendra Primary School1142Hature Kandarpapur
20Khanpur Junior Basic School665Khanpur
22Memari Primary School886Hature Kandarpapur
23Singhara Matilal Primary School793Singara
24Natibapur Primary School634Natibpur
26Bangalpur Rabindra Pathagar656Bangalpur (CT)
27Bangalpur J.M. Pry. School507Bangalpur (CT)
28Bangalpur Shishu Shiksha Niketan Primary School868Bangalpur (CT)
29Adra Adrasha Primary School907Adra
30Olanapara Junior Basic School795Ulanpara
32Olanpara Shibtala Pry. School701Ulanpara
33Olanapara Junior High Madrasa829Ulanpara
34Adra Primary School1041Adra
35Bangalpur Jyotirmayee Primary School1030Bangalpur (CT)
36Nahala Paschim Primary School684Nahala
37Bangalpur U.C.High School878Bangalpur (CT)
39Kalikapur Primary School592Ulanpara
41Nahala Bord Primary School697Nahala
42Murgaberia Nazrul Bidyapith820Nahala
43Kajirachak Primary School667Chak Manohar
44Jonka Aima Para S.S.K913Joka
45Joka Primary School543Joka
47Jonka Uttar Pry. School497Joka
48Bar Bhagabatipur Primary School1118Nahala
49Murgaberiya Deshabandhu Primary School704Murgaberia
51Dakshin Murgaberiya Primary School629Murgaberia
52Khadinan Headquater Sub Centre992Khadinan (CT)
53Khadinan Chandrapur Primary School818Khadinan (CT)
55Gopalapur Junior Basic School1070Gopalpur
56Gopalpur Gangadebitala I.C.D.S Centre727Gopalpur
57Khadinan (Uttar) Aadak Pada Primary School683Khadinan (CT)
59Gopalpur Gangadebitala S.S.K755Gopalpur
61Chandrapur Prathamik Vidyalaya972Chandrapur (CT)
62Tantipara Pry. School833Chandrapur (CT)
64Chandrapur Sub Centre582Chandrapur (CT)
65Hizlok Primary School977Hijlak
67Hizlok I.C.D.S Centre997Hijlak
68Tenpurnabasan Anantaram Uchchamadhyamikabidyah1011Tepur Nabasan
69Baganan Kancharipara Primary School575Bagnan (CT)
71Bagnan Kacharipara S.S.K1121Bagnan (CT)
73Tepur Mannapara I.C.D.S Centre354Tepur Nabasan
74Baganan Primary School873Bagnan (CT)
75Bagnan Adarsha Balika Vidyalaya922Bagnan (CT)
77Bagnan Adarsha Prathamick Vidyalaya945Bagnan (CT)
78Baganan Haiskul996Bagnan (CT)
80Durlabpur Primary School963Durllabhpur
81Durlavpur Anamika S.S.K583Durllabhpur
82Muralibar Primary School1094Mahadebpur
84Rasti Pry. School787Rasti
85Khalore P.W.D (Roads) Office805Khalor (CT)
86Khalor Gopimohan Shikshayatan678Khalor (CT)
87Gobarddhanapur Primary School547Sitalpur
89Mahadebapur Primary School897Mahadebpur
90Gan Smriti Pathagar503Khalor (CT)
91Khalore Gopimohan Shikshayatan739Khalor (CT)
92Hetamapur Primary School667Rasti
93Durlavpur Sub Centre680Rasti
94Khalor Pashchim Para Primary School544Khalor (CT)
96Bagnan Collage548Khalor (CT)
97Baganan Kalej672Khalor (CT)
98Khalore Pramanickpara I.C.D.S Centre580Khalor (CT)
99Khalor Kali Bari Primary School725Khalor (CT)
101Ramchandrapur I.C.D.S Centre(Shitalatala)612Ramchandrapur
102Ramachandrapur Primary Vidyalaya586Ramchandrapur
104Ramchandrapur Pirtala I.C.D.S Centre721Ramchandrapur
105Samta Saratchandra Balika Vidyalaya912Mellak
106Samta Shibtala Primary School750Mellak
107Brahman Dhukuria Primary School787Brahman Dukuria
108Sandail Primary School (No-1)630Sondail
109Sandail Pry. School(No-2)656Sondail
110Mellok Mannapara I.C.D.S Kendra1119Mellak
111Mellock Primary School684Mellak
113Asharia Iswaripur Junior Basic School671Asharia
114Iswaripur Tapasili Pry. School705Ishwaripur
115Matimala Primary School722Matinala
117Orfuli Udaychand Primary School1275Matinala
118Deulti Shibtala I.C.D.S Centre(New)1042Deulti
119Deulti Shibtala Icds Centre(Old)357Deulti
120Nowpala Kanya Pathshala Primary School934Naupala (CT)
121Nowpala Icds Centar803Naupala (CT)
122Jalpai Primary School970Naupala (CT)
123Nachak Primary School1024Naupala (CT)
124Deulti Board Primary School970Deulti
125Brindabanapur Primary School880Brindabanpur
126Paikpari Primary School (No-1)1079Paikpari
128Paikpari High School594Paikpari
129Boror Primary School985Borar
130Boror Sikshasatra High School628Borar
131Antila Uttar Icds Centre1036Athila
132Kazi Bhuenra Primary School957Kazibhuara
133Balarampur Icds Centre536Balarampur
134Palora Primary School757Chaitanyapur
135Bagaberia Prathamik School758Chaitanyapur
136Haradhan Pal Bidyapith1074Athila
137Rasti Nazarpur Junior Basic School727Nazarpur
139Gunanandapur Primary School1031Gunandapur
140Santoshpur Srigouranga Vidhyapith573Santoshpur
141Santoshpur Ekkari Primary School805Santoshpur
143Uttar Chakkamala I.C.D.S Centre798Chak Kamala
144Orphuly Udayachand Memo: Instn:350Chak Kamala
145Barunda Icds Kendra (Monipara)885Barunda (CT)
146Barunda Primary School436Barunda (CT)
148Orphuly Ashutosh Primary School1130Orphuli
149Chakkamala Bharati Shiksha Niketan827Chak Kamala
151Pipulyan Pashchimpara S.S.K567Barunda (CT)
152Pipulyan Pashchim Para Primary School820Barunda (CT)
153Pipulyan Purbapara Primary School963Barunda (CT)
155Dilalpur Primary School860Orphuli
156Dhoramanna I.C.D.S Centre656Chak Kamala
157Dhoramanna Primary School939Chak Kamala
158Rana Primary School859Rana
159Heledwip I.C.D.S Kendra919Heledwip
160Bhurgeria Primary School564Heledwip
161Bansberia Primary School1040Bansberia
162Bankurdaha Primary School947Bankurdaha
163Chandgoria I.C.D.S Kendra530Bankurdaha
164Kamardaha Primary School770Kamardaha
166Gohalberia Primary School844Kulitapara (CT)
167Baganberia I.C.D.S Kendra861Kulitapara (CT)
168Kulitapara Harijan Primary School933Kulitapara (CT)
169Kulitapara Dakshin Primary Vidyalaya (No-2)1246Kulitapara (CT)
170Laghata Primary School950Kanaipur (CT)
171Chandrabhag Uchcha Madhyamik Balika Vidyalaya811Chandrabhag
172Kanaipur Primary School824Kanaipur (CT)
173Rabibhag Pashchim Bord Primary School874Rabibhag
174Aymapara Primary School745Rabibhag
175Rabibhag Purba Primary School (Kajipara)1144Rabibhag
176Amuria Free Primary School669Kanaipur (CT)
178Mirjapur Primary School807Chandrabhag
179Rabibhag Dakshin Primary School961Rabibhag
181Rabibhag Purba Primary School (Madhyapada)1061Rabibhag
182Charkentapur Primary School754Birkul
183Badyanathpur High School764Baidyanathpur
185Bantul Paschimpara Primary School1121Batul (CT)
186Bantul Mahakali High School(New Building)710Batul (CT)
188Bantul Janapara I.C.D.S Kendra675Batul (CT)
189Bantul Sakaripara I.C.D.S Kendra516Batul (CT)
190Netaji Shikshayatankantapukur635Katapukuria
191Kantapukur Dakbanglo1026Katapukuria
192Masuma Primary School878Baidyanathpur
193Baidyanathpur Primary School581Baidyanathpur
194Birakul Primary School1051Birkul
195Birkul Pashchimpara Prathamik School663Birkul
196Birkul Mallickpara I.C.D.S Kendra604Birkul
197Bhuenra Subhadradebi Primary School748Baidyanathpur
199Khanjadapur Primary School1112Khanjadapur
200Khanjadapur Mondalpara I.C.D.S Kendra444Khanjadapur
202Mugakalyan Uchcha Madhyamik Vidyalaya959Mugkalyan (CT)
203Mugkalyan Uccha Madhyamik Balika Vidyalaya611Mugkalyan (CT)
204Harinarayanpur Converted Basic School721Mugkalyan (CT)
206Nuntia Tinakari Free Primary School949Mugkalyan (CT)
207Saharah Primary School1071Mugkalyan (CT)
208Nuntia High School763Mugkalyan (CT)
209Khajurnan Primary School878Khajurnan
211Khajurnan Shibtala Primary School748Khajurnan
213Uttar Benapur Primary School1109Benapur
214Pranballavpur Mokshadamoyee Free Primary School752Benapur
216Dakshin Benapur Primary School897Benapur
217Dakshin Benapur I.C.D.S Kendra475Benapur
218Hariharpur Primary School1032Chandanapara
220Uttar Benapur Primary School(Naba Bhavan)434Chandanapara
221Benapur Chandanapara Uchchamadhyamik Vidyalaya1032Chandanapara
222Harinarayanpur Harijan Primary School1013Rupasgari
223Rupsagori High School818Rupasgari
225Panchani Guzrat Primary School (No-2)1010Panchani Guzrat
226Panchani Guzrat Bagpara I.C.D.S Kendra626Panchani Guzrat
227Panchani Guzrat Primary School (No-1)658Panchani Guzrat
228Aakubhag Primary School908Rupasgari
229Akubhag Icds Centre961Rupasgari
230Hallyan High School880Halyan (CT)
232Madan Mohanpur Primary School1087Madanmohanpur
233Chhayani Guzrat Primary School841Chhayani Guzrat
235Hallyan High Attached Primary School914Halyan (CT)
236Ayma Hallyan Primary School822Halyan (CT)
237Enayetpur Primary School1040Halyan (CT)
238Khandakarpara Icds Centar1131Chhayani Guzrat
239Rayanagar Primary School665Raynagar
240Dilda Board Primary Vidyalaya1068Basudebpur
241Nalapukur Free Primary School585Duaniguzrat
242Gartali Primary School716Duaniguzrat

Last Updated on May 20, 2020

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