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Polling Booth in Ausgram Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Ausgram

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ausgram Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kalikapur Iswar Rakhaldas Smriti Free Primary School879Maukhira
2Akulia Free Primary School553Akulia
3Harishpur Free Primary School1152Maukhira
4Bhuera Free Primary School708Bhuyera
6Belemath Free Primary School826Bhuyera
7Bishnupur Free Primary School1071Bishnupur
9Genrai F.P School850Genrai
11Genrai High School637Gohalara
12Hedogara F.P School870Hodogarya
13Jalikandar Free Primary School553Jalikandar
14Dibakar High School1079Aduria
16Amarpur Free Primary School702Amarpur
17Majuriya Ef. Pi. School700Majuria
18Shrichandrapur Free Primary School502Shrichandrapur
19Pubar Panduk Dinanathpur High School954Gopalpur
20Khatanagar Free Primary School582Khatnagar
22Kurul J.S F.P School782Gopalpur
23Maliara Dakbanglow715Maliara
24Pubar Aanchalik High Madrasa669Pubar
26Pubarapati Kamalpur Free Primary School714Pubar
28Panduk Free Primary School987Panduk
30Chhora Gram Free Primary School965Chhora
31Chhora F.P School840Chhora
32Chhora M.S.K745Chhora
33Chhora Free Primary School737Chhora
34Chhora M. S. K506Chhora
35Dhanakora Junior Basic School883Dhonkora
36Dangapara Free Primary School792Harinathpur
37Patharakuchi Free Primary School922Harinathpur
38Pallishri Free Primary School965Nawapara
39Nowapara Free Primary School683Nawapara
40Goswamikhanda Mallickpur Free Primary School961Goswami Kanda Mullikpur
41Khordadwariapur Free Primary School735Khorda Dwariapur
42Ramnagar High School941Ramnagar (Uttar)
43Bankul Free Primary School871Bankul
44Sagar Putul Free Primary School403Bankul
45Malocha Free Primary School714Malacha
46Nrisinghapur High School745Nrisinhapur
47Bilsonda Free Primary School1087Purucha
48Reora Free Primary School621Reora
50Brahmandihi Free Primary School862Brahmandihi
51Tentuldwip Free Primary School682Brahmandihi
53Bhidia High School848Bhedia
55Bhedia Korapara Free Primary School1067Bhedia
56Bhedia Girls High School1119Bhedia
57Santla Free Primary School766Satla
58Budhra Free Primary School466Budra
59Bakunthapur Ef Pischool927Bhiti
60Aougram Bagabati Free Primary School454Aogram
62Pichkudi F.P School1041Pichkuri
63Sonyara Ef.Pi.School585Parasurampur
64Ukta Pichkuri High School657Pichkuri
67Galigram Haiskul812Gangarampur
68Shitalgram Free Primary School395Shitalgram
69Gangaramapur Harijan F.P School862Gangarampur
70Batagram High School763Batagram
71Batagram F.P School889Batagram
72Dangal Free Primary School378Sundalpur
73Sundalapur F.P School829Sundalpur
74Kalyanapur F.P School966Kalyanpur
76Gobindapur Free Primary School772Gobindapur
77Shibbati Unnat Prathamik Vidyalaya382Shibbati
79Kurumba High School1054Kurumba
80Kurumba High School (Daskhin)878Kurumba
81Shrikrishnapur F.P School1239Srikrishnapur
82Jaykrishnapur F.P School820Jaykrishnapur
84Beluti Prathamik Vidyalaya602Beluti
86Berenda F.P School920Beranda
88Silut Basantapur High School938Silut
89Silut Basantapur Haiskul784Silut
90Silut Basantapur Primary School411Silut
92Majher Gram Junior Basic School590Majhergram
94Somaipur Unnat Prathamik Vidyalaya936Somaipur
96Bananab Gram High School1174Nabagram
98Bagarai F.P School748Nabagram
99Barchatara F.P School789Bara Chatra
100Mirasha Purbattati Em.Es .Ke1099Ramchandrapur
101Purbatati Junior Basic School676Ausgram
102Warishpur F.P School992Warishpur
104Dakhalgang Adibasi Free Primary School497Alefnagar
105Aalefanagar Purbapalli F.P School1041Alefnagar
106Ausgram High School713Ausgram
111Sokganga Adibasi Free Primary School607Ausgram
112Karatiya Unnat Prathamik Vidyalaya892Karatia
113Haragodiya Danga F.P School1056Karatia
114Chhotaramchandrapur Free Primary School807Chhota Ramchandrapur
115Dhantor Free Primary School383Dhantor
116Rangakhila Free Primary School694Rangakhila
118Bilaspur Free Primary School723Bilaspur
119Kankara Free Primary School1002Pashchim Chandipur
120Koucha Raikona Free Primary School580Debshala
121Koucha Free Primary School622Debshala
122Debshala High School1013Debshala
124Paduma Free Primary School543Paduma
125Parisha Free Primary School537Parisha
126Jijira High Shool476Jinjira
127Maukota Ef. Pi. School651Mokota
128Bhatkunda Free Primary School565Bhatkunda
129Bhatakunda Haiskul595Bhatkunda
131Labanadhar Free Primary School878Baradoba
132Khandari Free Primary School486Khandari
134Gopalmath Free Primary School810Gopalmath
135Kota Chandipur 2-No Free Primary School941Kota Chandipur
137Kota Chandipur 1No. Free Primary School720Kota Chandipur
138Kota Chandipur High School718Kota Chandipur
140Shyamsundarpur Free Primary School856Shyamsundarpur
141Shyamasundarapur Ef. Pi. School869Shyamsundarpur
142Sonai Free Primary School615Sonai
144Sonai Onkarnath M. S. K650Sonai
146Pondali Free Primary School814Pondali
147Dharala Free Primary School1053Dharala
148Raghunathpur Free Primary School905Raghunathpur
149Babuishol Free Primary School715Babuisol
150Premganj Free Primary School545Premganja
151Raniganj Free Primary School862Kuldiha
152Pratappur Dangapara High School924Pratappur
153Pratappur Free Primary School847Pratappur
154Panchamahali Free Primary School630Panch Mahali
155Sahebdanga Aadibasi Free Primary School816Ramnagar
156Amararagarh High School966Amrargar
158Amararagarh Ishan Free Primary School843Amrargar
160Suata Free Primary School730Dombandi
162Jamtara F.P School921Jamtara
165Bhalkipati Ashutosh High School803Bhalki
167Bhalki Free Primary School477Bhalki
168Jadabaganj Aabharani Junior Basic School816Jadabganj
169Jadabganj Madartala F.P School696Jadabganj
171Lakshiganj Aadibasi Ef.Pi.School640Lakshmiganj
173Lakshiganj Ghosh Pada F.P School744Lakshmiganj
174Gopinathabati Primary School798Dwariapur (P)
175Dwariapur Prathamik Vidyalaya755Dwariapur (P)
177Beniapukur Free Primary School713Guskara (M)
179Gusakara Paschim Hindi F.P School936Guskara (M)
180Gusakara Pah Hindi F.P School1035Guskara (M)
182Gokul Sundari F.P School630Guskara (M)
183Gokul Sundari F.P School Uttar592Guskara (M)
185Guskara Mahavidyalaya1203Guskara (M)
187Puba Para Prathamick Vidyalaya823Guskara (M)
190Gusakara Boys Primary School1115Guskara (M)
191Gusakara Balika High School1192Guskara (M)
192Donaipur F.P School881Guskara (M)
193Donaipur Ef Pi School649Guskara (M)
194Gusakara Balika Uchch Vidyalaya686Guskara (M)
198Guskara P.P Institution548Guskara (M)
199Guskara Pi Pi Inasatitiushan1076Guskara (M)
202Dharapada Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya640Guskara (M)
204Sushila Jagerswar High School1005Guskara (M)
205Aalutiya Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya1138Guskara (M)
206Shibda Junior Basic School748Shibada
209Shibda Colony Free Primary School859Shibada
210Aaligram F.P School594Aligram
212Deyasha Aaligram Brajasundari High School669Deasa
213Deyasha Aaligram Brajasundari Uchchavidyalaya871Deasa
214Nowada Unnat Primary School1209Naoda
215Naoyada Unnat Primary School600Naoda
216Hatkritinagar Balika Vidyalaya665Dignagar
218Malida Para F.P School998Dignagar
220Bhatgonna Rakshakali F.P School1060Bhatgonna
222Dignagar Prathamik Vidyalaya1117Dignagar
224Telota Prathamik Vidyalaya992Telata
225Gonna Unnat Prathamik Vidyalaya1069Gonna
226Jayrampur Free Primary School1115Jayrampur
227Eral 2 No F.P School990Eral
229Eral 1 No F.P School1083Eral
230Shiuli Bolpur F.P School543Shiuli
232Kalaijuti Rupmanjari Free Primary School904Kalaijhuti
233Bijoypur Free Primary School474Bijyapur
234Sar Rakhalachandr De Jr Basic School744Sar
236Sar Chintaharan Mukherjee Smriti Bidyamandir754Sar
238Abhiramapur Free Primary School676Abhirampur
240Bahadurpur Free Primary School936Bahadurpur
241Chandipur Free Primary School564Chandipur
243Samantapara Free Primary School900Samantapara
244Radhamohanapur Jr Basic School1174Chak Radhamohanpur
245Bhota High School764Bhota
246Bhota Junior High School745Bhota
247Bhota Unnat Prathamik Vidyalaya699Bhota
249Takipur Primary School1078Takipur
250Takipur Primary Vidyalaya1181Chonari
251Billagram High School839Belgram
255Brajapur F.P School761Brajapur
256Aasinda F.P School786Asinda
257Bhada Primary School953Bhada
258Kayarapur F.P School923Kayrapur
259Kayrapur High School740Kayrapur
260Karunaji Prathamik Vidyalaya872Kayrapur
261Bara Free Primary School531Bara
262Belari High School1028Belari
263Belari Unnat Primary Vidyalaya972Belari

Last Updated on May 20, 2020
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