Uttarpara (West Bengal) Assembly Elections Results

About Uttarpara (West Bengal) Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Uttarpara is constituency No. 185 of West Bengal legislative assembly. This constituency is situated in Hooghly district. It is part of Lok Sabha constituency No. 27 which is Sreerampur. It is an unreserved constituency. According to the Election Commission of India, Uttarpara has 2,17,099 registered voters, out of which 1,11,129 are male and 1,05,970 female voters. In the 2011 assembly elections, the Trinamool Congress won this seat convincingly. Anup Ghosal, the TMC frontrunner, won by a formidable margin of 43,193 votes. Ghosal pocketed 1,04,753 votes. Srutinath Praharaj, the CPI(M) contender, got 61,560. The voter turnout was 80.77%. Uttarpara constituency had been a CPI(M) domain since 1951. The TMC made its first successful foray into this constituency in 2001. The CPI(M) won it back in 2006 only to lose again to TMC in 2011.

Sitting and previous MLAs from Assembly Uttarpara (West Bengal) Constituency

Below is the list of winners and runners-up in the Uttarpara (West Bengal) assembly elections conducted so far.
Year A C No. Constituency Name Category Winner Gender Party Vote Runner Up Gender Party Vote
2011 185 Uttarpara GEN Anup Ghosal M AITC 104753 Prof. Dr. Srutinath Praharaj M CPM 61560
2006 179 Uttarpara GEN Prof. Dr. Srutinath Praharaj M CPI(M) 73149 Sudipta Roy M AITC 72264
2003 By Polls Uttarpara GEN J.Krishna Chattopadhyay M CPM 66826 Indrajit Ghosh (Paba) M AITC 50648
2001 179 Uttarpara GEN Prof. Swaraj Mukherjee M AITC 71699 Jyoti Krishna Chattopadhyay M CPM 69931
1996 179 Uttarpara GEN Jyoti Krishna Chattapadhyay M CPM 75680 Pabitra Gupta M INC 69929
1991 179 Uttarpara GEN Santasir Chatterjee M CPM 58066 Jagat Chatterjee M INC 53329
1987 179 Uttarpara GEN Santashri Chatterjee M CPM 57182 Jagat Chatterjee M INC 49757
1982 179 Uttarpara GEN Santasri Chattapadhyay M CPM 50127 Sukumar Ghosh M INC 28108
1977 179 Uttarpara GEN Santashree Chattopadhyay M CPM 36434 Kashinath Banerjee M JNP 10770
1972 169 Uttarpara GEN Santasri Chattopadhyay M CPM 27053 Gobida Chatterjee M CPI 27045
1971 169 Uttarpara GEN Santosri Chattopadhyay M CPM 29473 Gobinda Chatterji M CPI 17022
1969 169 Uttarpara GEN Monoranjan Hazra M CPM 33070 N.N. Mukhopadhya M INC 19974
1967 169 Uttarpara GEN M . Hazra M CPM 24618 M . M . Mitra M INC 20195
1962 153 Uttarpara GEN Monoranjan Hazra M CPI 25033 Subrata Kumar Dinda M INC 20738
1957 88 Uttarpara GEN Monoranjan Hazra M CPI 20745 Bishnu Charan Banerjee M INC 14371
1951 100 Uttarpara GEN Monoranjan Hazra M CPI 16568 Amarnath Mukhopadhyay M INC 10812

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