Serampore (West Bengal) Assembly Elections Results

About Serampore (West Bengal) Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Serampore or Sreerampur is constituency No. 186 of West Bengal legislative assembly. This unreserved constituency is situated in Hooghly district. It is part of Lok Sabha constituency No. 27 which goes by the same name – Sreerampur. According to the Election Commission of India, the constituency of Sreerampur has 2,07,798 registered voters, which includes 1,13,316 male and 94,482 female voters. In the 2011 assembly elections, the Trinamool Congress managed to win this seat for a third consecutive term. Sudipto Roy, the winning candidate from TMC, got 97,540 votes. Roy defeated his nearest rival by a formidable margin of 51,691 votes. Partha Sarathi Rej of CPI, the runner-up, got 45,849 votes. The voter turnout was 73.94 %.

Sitting and previous MLAs from Assembly Serampore (West Bengal) Constituency

Below is the list of winners and runners-up in the Serampore (West Bengal) assembly elections conducted so far.
Year A C No. Constituency Name Category Winner Gender Party Vote Runner Up Gender Party Vote
2011 186 Serampore GEN Dr. Sudipto Roy M AITC 97540 Partha Sarathi Rej M CPI 45849
2009 By Polls Serampore GEN Dr. Sudipto Roy M AITC 56979 Prosanta Muk. F CPI 27301
2006 180 Serampore GEN Dr. Ratna De (Nag) F AITC 40133 Dhirendra Nath Das Gupta M CPI 31958
2001 180 Serampore GEN Ratna De (Nag) F AITC 35905 Kesto Mukherjee M IND 30547
1996 180 Serampore GEN Jyoti Chowdhury M INC 55923 Asimes Goswami M CPM 40011
1991 180 Serampore GEN Arun Goswami M INC 50654 Sanjay Deb Banerjee M JD 28363
1987 180 Serampore GEN Arun Kumar Goswami M INC 51958 Ajit Bag M CPM 41452
1982 180 Serampore GEN Arun Kumar Goswami M INC 41076 Kamal Krishna Bhattacharjee M CPM 38706
1977 180 Serampore GEN Kamal Krishna Bahattacharayya M CPM 32732 Gopal Das Nag M INC 21113
1972 170 Serampore GEN Gopal Das Nag M INC 37152 Kamal Krishna Bhattacharya M CPM 22984
1971 170 Serampore GEN Gopal Das Nag M INC 26344 Kamal Krishna Bhattacharja M CPM 21467
1969 170 Serampore GEN Panchugopal Bhaduri M CPI 32590 Gopal Das Nag M INC 26224
1967 170 Serampore GEN G . D . Nag M INC 33203 P . Bhaduri M CPI 25234
1962 154 Serampore GEN Panchu Gopal Bhaduri M CPI 30887 Gopal Das Nag M INC 29213
1957 87 Serampore GEN Panchugopal Bhaduri M CPI 21242 Sankari Prosad Mukherjee M INC 17958
1951 101 Serampore GEN Jitendra Nath Lahiri M INC 10912 Panchugopal Bhaduri M CPI 10268

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