Magrahat Paschim (West Bengal) Assembly Constituency Elections

About Magrahat Paschim Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Sitting and previous MLAs from Assembly Magrahat Paschim Constituency

Below is the list of winners and runners-up in the Magrahat Paschim assembly elections conducted so far.
year AC No. AC name Type of AC Winner Gender Party Vote Runner-up Gender Party Vote
2011 142 Magrahat Paschim GEN Giasuddin Molla M AITC 66878 Dr. Abul Hasnat M CPM 54908
2006 120 Magrahat West GEN Dr.Abul Hasnat M CPI(M) 59274 Giasuddin Molla M AITC 38049
2001 120 Magrahat West GEN Noorar Rahaman M CPM 49745 Giasuddin Molla M AITC 38167
1996 120 Magrahat West GEN Abul Basar Laskar M INC 54898 Anuradha Putatunda F CPM 54825
1991 120 Magrahat West GEN Anuradha Putatunda F CPM 43169 Abdul Basar Laskar M INC 39172
1987 120 Magrahat West GEN Abdus Chhohan Gazi M CPM 45367 Kironmoy Deb M INC 33762
1982 120 Magrahat West GEN Abdus Sobahan Gazi M CPM 43429 Sudhendu Mundle M INC 30413
1977 120 Magrahat West GEN Chhobhan Gazi M CPM 35348 Sudhendu Mundle M INC 14412
1972 112 Magrahat West GEN Sudhendu Mundle M INC 29475 Abdus Sobhn Gazi M CPM 26146
1971 112 Magrahat West GEN Sudhendu Mandle M BAC 19319 Chhoban Gabl M CPM 19169
1969 112 Magrahat West GEN Sachindranath Mondal M BAC 20126 Sudhendu Mundle M LKD 15520
1967 112 Magrahat West GEN J.Abdin M BAC 26891 A.Hassem M INC 18565
1962 100 Magrahat West GEN Abul Hashem M INC 20214 Maizuddin Ahmad M CPI 13294

Last Updated on: June 08, 2020
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