Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) Assembly Elections Results

About Jalpaiguri Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency

Jalpaiguri is a district, a Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituency and a legislative assembly segment in the state of West Bengal. Currently, the Jalpaiguri assembly constituency is represented in the West Bengal state legislative assembly by INC's Sukhbilas Barma. He accounted for 86,273 votes and won the seat in the 2011 assembly elections. Gobinda Chandra Roy of All India Forward Bloc (AIFB) settled as the runner-up with 75,222 votes. The Delimitation Commission of India recommended in 2008 that the constituency would, henceforth, be reserved for the candidates coming from the Scheduled Castes (SCs) and would comprise the areas of Jalpaiguri (M); and South Berubari, Nagar Berubari, Arabinda, Mondalghat, Bahadur, Kharija Berubari-I, Kharija Berubari-II, Boalmari Nandanpur, Kharia and Garalbari gram panchayats of Jalpaiguri community development block.

Sitting and previous MLAs from Jalpaiguri Assembly Constituency

Year A C No. Constituency Name Category Winner Gender Party Vote Runner Up Gender Party Vote
2011 17 Jalpaiguri (SC) Sukhbilas Barma M INC 86273 Gobinda Chandra Roy M AIFB 75222
2006 20 Jalpaiguri GEN Deba Prasad Roy M INC 54051 Gobinda Roy M AIFB 53033
2001 20 Jalpaiguri GEN Gobinda Roy M FBL 50659 Anupam Sen M AITC 48077
1996 20 Jalpaiguri GEN Anupam Sen M INC 48597 Sudhansu Majumder M FBL 44889
1991 20 Jalpaiguri GEN Anupam Sen M INC 42423 Nirmal Kumar Basu M FBL 40492
1987 20 Jalpaiguri GEN Nirmal Kumar Bose M FBL 42582 Anupam Sen M INC 37653
1982 20 Jalpaiguri GEN Nirmal Bose M FBL 35220 Anupam Sen M INC 34084
1977 20 Jalpaiguri GEN Nirmal Kumar Bose M FBL 16949 Devendra Mohan Sarkar M JNP 10607
1972 18 Jalpaiguri GEN Anupam Sen M INC 34231 Subodh Sen M CPM 19064
1971 18 Jalpaiguri GEN Anupam Sen M INC 25608 Parswh Chandra Mtra M CPM 14520
1969 18 Jalpaiguri GEN Nares Chandra Chakravorty M CPI 27896 Khagendra Nath Das Gupta M INC 25020
1967 18 Jalpaiguri GEN K.N.Das Gupta M INC 21978 N.C.Chakrovarty M CPI 15029
1962 14 Jalpaiguri GEN Khagendra Nath Das Gupta M INC 19011 Naresh Chandra Chakraborty M CPI 12358
1957 5 Jalpaiguri (SC) Sarojendra Deb Raikut (Sc) M INC 26057 Naresh Ch. Chakraborty M CPI 22613
1957 5 Jalpaiguri (SC) Khagendra Nath Das Gupta M INC 25577 Heremba Deb (Sc) M PSP 16214
1952 By Polls Jalpaiguri GEN D. Sarojendra M INC 20022 D. Heramba M PSP 7571
1951 5 Jalpaiguri GEN Ashrumati Devi F INC 16041 Sachindra Nath Dasgupta M CPI 7399
1951 5 Jalpaiguri GEN Khagendra Nath Dasgupta M INC 13806 Gulu Kanta Roy M CPI 4327

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