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Polling Booth in Zafrabad Assembly Constituency

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Zafrabad Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Zafrabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Zafrabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Jamuhai994Zamuhai
5P.S. Atarahi785Atarahi
7P.S. Chakawa1073Chakawa
8Junior High School Aara1425Ara
11P.S. Chauki Dharsand1153Chaukidhar Sand
12P.S. Kishunpur(Daridiha)747Kisunpur
14Junior High School Pachewara838Pachewara
17P.S. Jhansepur590Jhasepur
18P.S. Tiyari1301Tiary
19Junior High School Dharmapur1302Dharmapur
23P.S. Dharamsari1032Dharmasari
24P.S. Premapur1123Premapur
25P.S. Dudhaura1037Dudaura
27P.S. Saloni Mahimapur983Saloni Mahimapur
28P.S. Parapatti592Parapatti
29P.S. Kukuha1277Kukuhan
31Fatima Girls Junior High School Chorsand687Chorsand
35P.S. Nainsand1135Nainsand
37P.S. Banzarepur964Banjarepur (CT)
40P.S. Bamala873Bamaila
41K P.S. Sakhaila994Sakhela
42K P.S. Gaura1167Gaura (CT)
43Junior High School Gaura1047Gaura (CT)
46P.S. Dakhan1143Dakhan
47P.S. Chauki Pilkhuwa1062Chauki Pilkhuwan
48P.S. Pilkhini1115Pilkhini
50Higher Secondary School Govindpur Maniha1055Govindpur Maniha
51K Junior High School Sarsauda1098Sarsaura
52P.S. Sonari1088Sonari
53P.S. Bisunpur Baswat1148Bishunpur Basawat
54P.S. Kurethu1246Kurethu
55P.S. Magrawa1338Baghandara
56Panchayt Bhawan Gopalpur705Gopalpur
57P.S. Gaddopur1083Kauwapar
58P.S. Saremu1458Saremu
60P.S. Khatoliya1042Khatolia
61P.S. Gajana1424Gazana
64P.S. Mohiuddinpur1299Mohiuddinpur
65P.S. Tarsand1090Tarsand
67P.S. Narendrapur435Narendapur
68P.S. Kucchhm Ucchh1295Kuchhmuchh
70P.S. Bithar889Bithar
72P.S. Saraiya1053Saraiya
74P.S. Kabiruddinpur1418Kabiruddinpur
76P.S. Uttargawa1194Tulsipur
79P.S. Bihrojpur776Bihrojpur
80Purana P.S. Kirtapur826Kiratapur
83P.S. Karmahi1151Kiratapur
85P.S. Imalo1348Imalo
86P.S. Kadipur880Chaukia Patti Padum
87P.S. Sultanpur970Sultanpur
88P.S. Mohammadpur Kandh957Mahamadpur Kandh
89P.S. Rattipur899Rattipur
91Junior High School Pandepatti979Pande Patti
93P.S. Kalandarpur547Kalandarpur
94P.S. Samopur Kala865Jamalpur
96P.S. Pindara1136Pindra
97P.S. Kalyanpur1210Kalyanpur
98P.S. Mothaha1109Gajjaffarpur
99P.S. Kalyanpur(Husepur)1050Husepur
100P.S. Sungulpur1010Sungulpur
101P.S. Bibipur696Raseepur
105P.S. Hirapur803Heerapur
106P.S. Samopur1482Samopur
107P.S. Rasipur752Raseepur
108Panchayt Bhawan Jamalpur770Jamalpur
109P.S. Ladanpur1366Shah Barepur
110P.S. Jafarabad Town Area965Jafarabad (NP)
113J.U.M.V. Jafarabad Town Area1229Jafarabad (NP)
116G.G. Inter College Daudpur899Gonda 1
118Hargovind Smarak M.V. Jafarabad875Meer Gosaipur
122P.S. Bashirpur546Basheerpur
125P.S. Nathupur1383Nathupur
128Junior High School Jamaitha783Jamaitha
130P.S. Jamaitha1461Jamaitha
133P.S. Husenabad Dehati746Babupur
135P.S. Gopalganj1452Jagadishpur
136P.S. Bhuwalapatti1514Bhuwal Patti
138P.S. Harjuur511Harazoopur
139P.S. Maharupur671Fakharuddinpur
143P.S. Chaktali720Makhdoompur
144P.S. Chandpur959Umarpur Hari Bandhanpur
146P.S. Hauj Ucchawa472Hauj
147Dayanand Inter Vaidik College Hauj1196Hauj
151P.S. Surhurpur1112Surhurpur Khas
153Junior High School Bandipur705Bandipur
154P.S. Sadipur1141Sadeepur
156Junior High School Dhaneja1406Dhaneza
158P.S. Bishunpur Majhwara1117Bishunpur Majhawara
159P.S. Rajepur1108Rajepur
161P.S. Gopipur1303Gopipur
162P.S. Dulhepur1035Deo Kali Kalan
163P.S. Salkhapur1120Salakhapur
165Junior High School Neharu Nagar838Saidanpur
166P.S. Gayaspur542Gayaspur
167P.S. Jagdishpur572Jagadishpur
168Umv Neharu Nagar544Husepur
169P.S. Keshavpur1309Kesheopur
170K Junior High School Shivpur907Sheopur
172P.S. Nawabad Jangal Shivpur350Nawabad Jangal Sheopur
173P.S. Kharchalpur879Kharchalpur
177P.S. Baharipur956Baharipur
178P.S. Tala Majhwara1357Talmajhawara
179Junior High School Tala Majhwara1315Talmajhawara
180P.S. Bhagari1272Bhangari
181Junior High School Bakarabad1388Bakarabad
185P.S. Kodari735Kodari
186K P.S. Sirkoni1208Sirkoni
188P.S. Sehmalpur1194Sehamalpur
191P.S. Badalpur1098Badalapur
192P.S. Natthanpur1042Kabulpur
195P.S. Kotwalpur790Sultanpur
197P.S. Manhan1279Manhan
199P.S. Rasulpur1173Rasoolpur
200P.S. Izari932Izari
201K P.S. Izari1263Izari
202P.S. Pipariya630Pipariya
203P.S. Newadiya1030Newadhiya
204Bhagwanti Mahila Inter College Newadiya1417Rasulha
209P.S. Uttarpatti1017Uttar Patti
211P.S. Karmauwa Kala1086Karmauva Kalan
212P.S. Banewara1186Banewara
214P.S. Chhattisa Khurd392Chhatisa Khurd
215P.S. Ballipur369Ballipur
216P.S. Padraon1043Padrav
218P.S. Khetapur1382Khetapur
219P.S. Dodapur907Dodapur
220P.S. Buddhipur1449Buddhipur
222P M.V. Nokara(Manapur)1065Nokara
224P.S. Bahari897Bahari
225Junior High School Chorari781Chorari
227P.S. Chorari884Chorari
228P.S. Tekardeeh578Chitwar
230P.S. Lakhapur1219Lakhapur
231Junior High School Gutawan776Gutwan
234P.S. Bindrawan557Bindraban
235Panchayt Bhawan Madhupur1140Madhupur
236P.S. Khairuddinpur905Khairuddinpur
237P.S. Jethpura1483Bishunpur
238P.S. Bidauri1161Bidauri
240P.S. Saraisitam1172Bhaidpur
241P.S. Usraon1428Usarawn
243P.S. Duhawar1133Duhaver
244P.S. Rajapur306Rajepur
246P M.V. Derarpur767Derapur
247P.S. Chadai Dhekaha407Hridayapur
248P.S. Khetab Chadai628Khatab Charie
249P.S. Chadai Dhekahan1245Charie Dhekaha
250P.S. Harsinghpur1043Harsinghpur
252P.S. Itaye(Manapur)823Manapur
253Adarsh Inter College Itaye1244Husainpur
255Junior High School Daudi1262Dauri
257P.S. Itiyabir1094Etiyabeer
258P M.V. Bhatwar844Bhatwar
260P.S. Daudi707Paras Rampur
261P.S. Newada902Nawada
262P.S. Sadullapur1248Sadullapur
263P.S. Sewandeeh624Sewandeeh
264P.S. Gadanpur467Gadanpur
265P.S. Pasiyahi Khurd986Pasiyahi Khurd
267P.S. Pasiyahi Kala1051Pasiyahi Kala
268P.S. Parmalpatti1253Paramal Patti
269P.S. Gosaipur797Nawapur
270P.S. Lachhanpur589Lachhanpur
272P.S. Bodhipur992Bodhipur
273Inter College Tarti Dhanethu1150Tarati
274P M.V. Deepapur1276Dipapur
275P.S. Basirpur594Basheerpur
276P.S. Jairampur1166Jairampwur
277P.S. Rajapur Urf Khoravir792Ahirauli
278P.S. Basapur Sthit Judpur535Joodpur
279P.S. Korri946Korri
280Neharu Inter College Nahora824Nahora
284P.S. Keraon911Keraon
285P.S. Mahrev1146Mahrenw
287P.S. Barai1122Barai
289P.S. Purev1156Purenw
292P.S. Meghpur1047Meghpur
293P.S. Thaan1077Lakhamipur
294P.S. Mozara844Mojra
296P.S. Naharpatti641Nahar Patti
297P.S. Salempur1054Salempur
298P.S. Kusiya1056Kusian
300P.S. Ambarpur334Ammarpur
301P.S. Ghosaon810Ghusanw
302P.S. Dharaon950Dharanw
304P.S. Rampur Soiri1025Rampur Soiri
308P.S. Kardaha1188Kardaha
309P.S. Asbaranpur1305Asbaranpur
311P.S. Makara852Makra
313Ramrup Inter College Bhawnathpur1062Bhawnathpur
315P.S. Trilochan750Dingurpur
316P.S. Kakori905Kakori
318P.S. Chhatari721Chhitauna
320U.M.V. Dubepur Chhitauna1067Chhitauna
321P.S. Narainpur603Narainpur
322P.S. Kukudipur547Kukuripur
323P.S. Lohgazar933Lohgajar
325P.S. Pradhanpur1369Pradhanpur
327B Inter College Jalalpur477Mahimapur (CT)
329P.S. Bibanmau1094Biban Mau
331P.S. Darveshpur1042Darbeshpur
332P.S. Mahimapur1318Mahimapur (CT)
334P.S. Lalpur1025Lalpur
337P.S. Gaur441Gaur
340K P.S. Newada1164Newada
341P.S. Ismaila Durga Prasad931Ismaila Durga Prasad
342P.S. Raksama Takiyaram589Raksama Takiyaram
343P.S. Udpur1334Udpur
345P.S. Haripur992Haripur
346Junior High School Haripur743Haripur
349P.S. Majhagawa Khurd1055Majhgawan Khurd
350Junior High School Majhagawa Kala1143Majhgawan Kalan
352P.S. Banpurawa Majhgawa Kala1404Majhgawan Kalan
353P.S. Chawari1139Chauri
354P.S. Oina834Oina
357P.S. Horaiyaur Rehati912Rehati
359P.S. Dhananjaipur1304Rehati
360P.S. Rehati1117Rehati
361R K Junior High School Rehati1149Rehati
363P.S. Bela551Bela
364P.S. Lahangpur1466Lahangpur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014