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Polling Booth in Unnao Assembly Constituency

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Unnao Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Unnao

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Unnao Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary Pathshala Maraunda SUcchit743Marounda Suchit
2Praimar Pathshala Maraunda SUcchit711Marounda Suchit
3Panchayt Ghar Maraunda SUcchit829Maraunda Majhwara
4Samudaik Bhawan Maraunda Majhwara1057Maraunda Majhwara
5Primary Pathshala Bandanpurwa M0 Katri1049Katri Maraunda Mazhwara
6Badri Prasad Madhimik Vidhalaya Pariyar1447Pariyar
7Badri Prasad Madhimic Vidhalaya Pariyar1479Pariyar
8Primary Pathshala Jankikund Pariyar924Pariyar
9Primary Pathshala Saidapur507Saidapur
10Primary Pathshala Mominpur901Mominpur
11Primary Pathshala Barhali974Barhali
12Primary Pathsal Panditkhera M0 Bhadewna1318Bhadevna
13Primary Pathshala Bhadewna836Bhadevna
14Primary Pathshala Gangadeen Khera M0 Bhadewna664Bhadevna
15Primary Pathshala Jagdieshpur1150Jagdeeshpur
16Junior High School Aerabhadiyar953Airabhadiyar
18Primary Pathshala Faijpur Sehdra1033Faizpur Sadera
19Kanya Primary Pathshala Bulandpur936Bulandpur
20Primary Pathshala Nai Imarat Kanjoura853Kanjaura
21Primary Pathshala Nai Imarat Dachhidn746Kanjaura
22Primary Pathshala Damgadi439Damgadhi
23Primary Pathshala Isuniya749Ishuniya
25Junior High School Bandakhera934Bandakhera
27Janta Shichha Niketan Raukarna1366Raukarna
28Janta Shichha Niketan Raukrna756Raukarna
29Kanya Junior High School Raukarna817Raukarna
30Primary Pathshala1120Raukarna
31Junior High School Khatauli M0 Raukrna859Raukarna
32Primary Pathshala Parmani798Parmani
33Primary Pathshala Nagwa670Nagwa
34Primary Pathshala Baunamau1126Baunamau
35Panchayt Ghar Baunamau1040Baunamau
36Junior Haigh Uttar Thana1331Thana
37Junior High School Thana1222Thana
38Ucch Madimik Kanya Vidhalayaa Thana311Thana
39Primary Pathshala Ramsingh Khera M0 Thana1113Thana
40Primary Pathshala Akbarpur Dabuli1366Akbarpur Dabauli
41Primary Pathshala Purw Puranisfpansari1223Puranisf Pansari
42Junior High School Puranifpansari1174Puranisf Pansari
43Primary Pathshala Puranifpansari586Puranisf Pansari
44Primary Pathshala Pawai1502Pawai
45Primary Pathshala Majhkhoriya1132Majhkhoriya
46Primary Pathshala Mulukgadar829Muluk Urf Gadar
47Primary Pathshala Jindakheda M0 Mulukgadar1054Muluk Urf Gadar
48Primary Pathshala Rupau1184Rupau
49Kanya Primary Pathshala Rupau1362Rupau
51Primary Pathshala Shahjadpur543Shahjadpur
52Primary Pathshala Rampur Khalsa1031Rampur Khalsa
53Primary Pathshala Jhajhari718Jhajhari
54Primary Pathshala Tikargadi925Tikargarhi
55Primary Pathshala Maikuwa Khera M0 Tikargadi884Tikari
56Primary Vidhalayaa Bhadesh936Sudesh Bhadurpur
57Primary Vidhalayaa Shankar Kheda735Sudesh Bhadurpur
58Primary Pathshala Mavaiya994Mawaiya
59Primary Pathshala Singhpur817Sindhupur
60Primary Pathshala Purw Dostinagar1293Dostinagar
61Primary Pathshala Pashchim Dosti Nagar470Dostinagar
62Ucch Prathimik Vidhalayaa Patiyara652Patiyara
63Primary Pathshala Bhatawa1174Bhatvan
64Primary Pathshala Saiyadpur1142Syed Abbas Pur
65Primary Pathshala Uttar Barwat1280Lohar Khera
66Primary Pathshala Dachhidn Barwat553Barbat
67Parimari Pathshala Rajepur922Raje Pur
69Junior High School Purw Patari1298Patari
70Junior High School Pashchim Patari1308Patari
71Primary Pathshala Patkapur M0 Patari729Patari
72Primary Pathshala Lalakhera M0 Patari647Patari
73Primary Pathshala Budhikhera M0 Patari1272Patari
74Primary Pathshala Sathra1333Sathara
75Primary Pathshala Mohiddenpur1367Sathara
76Primary Pathshala Piyarepur833Piyarepur
77Primary Pathshala Sihura658Piyarepur
78Primary Pathshala Sarosi653Sarosi
80Junior High School Sarosi867Sarosi
81Primary Pathshala Hafijabad932Sarosi
82Primary Pathasala Chilaula1056Chilaula
83Primary Pathshala Chilaula962Chilaula
84Junior High School Sikandarpurkaran1484Sikander Pur
85Junior High Pashchim Sikandar1396Sikander Pur
86Primary Pathshala Agehra933Agehra
87Primary Pathshala Silauligadi688Silauli Garhi
88Junior High School Bahraula979Bahraula
89Primary Pathshala Bahraula833Rampur
90Primary Pathshala Hajipur1194Hajipur
91Primary Pathshala Atri577Atry
92Primary Pathshala Basdhana805Basdhana
93Primary Pathshala Langdapur Mirjapur452Mirzapur
94Primary Pathshala Rautapur Sithit Fattepur583Rautapur
96Primary Pathshala Lalupur1058Kanikamau
97Primary Pathshala Gangauli899Gangauli
98Primary Pathshala Arjhoramau448Arzhora Mau
99Primary Pathshala Nawnirmit Shankarpur Saray1316Shankarpur Sarai
101Primary Pathshala Sanni1064Sanni
102Primary Pathshala Kanhwapur583Kanhawapur
103Primary Pathshala Pipari1065Pipri
104Primary Pathshala Bani1222Bani
105Primary Pathshala Bani Kanjaura632Kanjaura
106Primary Pathshala Pindokha1119Kanjaura
107Primary Pathshala Behta613Behta
109Junior High School Khwajgipur1260Behta
111Primary Pathshala Khwajgipur750Khuwajgipur
113Primary Pathshala Khatai915Khatai
114Primary Pathshala Purw Awasthikhera M0 Khwajgipur1100Khuwajgipur
115Primary Pathshala Awasthikhera M0 Khwajgipur768Khuwajgipur
116Primary Pathshala Chaura1469Chaura
117Primary Pathshala Fatehulla Nagar926Fatehullagnagar
118Ucch Prathimik Vidhalayaa Shekhpur785Unnao (NPP)
121Rajkiy Balika Inter College Unnao Motinagar1007Unnao (NPP)
131D0 G0 N0 G0 Inter College Civil Line1272Unnao (NPP)
133Shyan Kumari Seth Balika Inter College Civil Line1227Unnao (NPP)
141Rajkiy Inter College Civil Line1274Unnao (NPP)
147Tehsil Bhawan Sangrah Karyalaya Bramda Ucch Atalbihari Nagar884Unnao (NPP)
148Tehsil Bhawan Sangrah Karyalaya Bramda Dacchid Atalbihari Nagar1024Unnao (NPP)
149Tehsil Bhawan Atalbihari Nagar1394Unnao (NPP)
151Tehsil Bhawan Rajaeshw Karan K0 Atalbihari Nagar1289Unnao (NPP)
152Tehsil Bhawan Rajaeshw Pariyar K0 Atalbihari Nagar1298Unnao (NPP)
153Tehsil Bhawan Rajaeshw Haraha K0 Atalbihari Nagar1336Unnao (NPP)
154Tehsil Bhawan Rajaeshw Bichhiya K0 Atalbihari Nagar760Unnao (NPP)
155Primary Pathshala Mouharibag Purw Civil Line884Unnao (NPP)
156Primary Pathshala Mauhari Bag Uttar Sivil Clini694Unnao (NPP)
157Primary Pathshala Mauharibag Pashchim Sivil Lini199Unnao (NPP)
158Chaudhri Khajan Singh Maha Vidhalaya Jurakhan Khera1063Unnao (NPP)
160Sarswati Vidhalaya Mandir Inter College Puran Nagar770Unnao (NPP)
162D0 B0 Do T0 Inter College Atalbihari Nagar1234Unnao (NPP)
163D0 V0 Do T0 Inter College Atalbihari Nagar781Unnao (NPP)
171Awanti Bai Inter College Adaresh Nagar1470Unnao (NPP)
172Maichlais S0 V0 M0 Inter College Adaresh Nagar1341Unnao (NPP)
173Maichalaiesh S0 V0 M0 Inter College Adaresh Nagar426Unnao (NPP)
174Awanti Bai Inter College Adaresh Nagar1544Unnao (NPP)
176Maichlais V0 M0 Inter College Gandhi Nagar726Unnao (NPP)
182Chaudhri Khajan Singh Maha Vidhalaya Jurakhan Khera Purannagar760Unnao (NPP)
184Rani Laxmi Bai Inter College Abbasbag751Unnao (NPP)
186Primary Pathshala Abbasbag Purw785Unnao (NPP)
187Primary Pathshala Abbasbag Pashchim876Unnao (NPP)
188Kamlabhawan Hal Purw Shahganj1032Unnao (NPP)
189Kamlabhawan Hal Pashchim Shahganj1121Unnao (NPP)
190Rajashankar Sahay Inter College Motinagar911Unnao (NPP)
192Rajkiy Sichhad Prashchhad Sansthan Purw Motinagar1291Unnao (NPP)
193Rajkiy Sichhad Prashchhad Sansthan Madhay Motinagar743Unnao (NPP)
194Rajkiy Sichhad Prashchhad Sansthan Pashchim Motinagar538Unnao (NPP)
195Rajkiy Prechhagreh Purw Motinagar958Unnao (NPP)
196Rajkiy Prechhageh Pashchim Motinagar940Unnao (NPP)
197Kanya Purw Madhimik Vidayla Dayed Campas Uttar Motinagar628Unnao (NPP)
198Kanya Purw Madhimik Vidayla Dayed Campas Dachid Motinagar1028Unnao (NPP)
199Primary Vidayla Dayad Campas Uttar Motinagar809Unnao (NPP)
200Prathimic V0 Dayat Caimpas D0 Motinagar768Unnao (NPP)
201Nagarpalika Parishad Hal Purw Untsar620Unnao (NPP)
202Nagar Palika Parishad Hal Madhay Untsar1107Unnao (NPP)
203Nagar Palika Parishad Hal Dachid Untsar1023Unnao (NPP)
204Junior High School Purw Kila856Unnao (NPP)
205Junior High School Pashchim Kila827Unnao (NPP)
206Primary Pathshala Hanumangadi Kila1311Unnao (NPP)
207Madrsa Darul Ulum Ajam Purw Jerkhidki863Unnao (NPP)
208Madrsa Darul Ulum Ajam Pashchim Jerkhidki600Unnao (NPP)
209Madrsa Darul Ulum Ajam Uttar Jerkhidki894Unnao (NPP)
210Madrsa Darul Ulum Ajam Dachhid Jerkhidki828Unnao (NPP)
211Kanya Primary Pathshala Bhuri Devi Duprapur1418Unnao (NPP)
212Kanya Primary Pathshala Purw Kaisarganj437Unnao (NPP)
213Kanya Primary Pathshala Pashchim Kaisarganj1165Unnao (NPP)
214Primary Pathshala Ramnagar1284Unnao (NPP)
216Primary Pathshala Purw Ramnagar897Unnao (NPP)
217Ajad Mantesari Junior High School Ramnagar1023Unnao (NPP)
221Baratsala Jhandeshwar Mandir Ke Nikat Talibsaray725Unnao (NPP)
223Navyou Junior High School Hajari Tola893Unnao (NPP)
225Viveka Nand Haier Secandary School Hajari Tola1268Unnao (NPP)
228Primary Pathshala Akrampur939Unnao (NPP)
230Adarsh Basic Primary Pathshala Singrosi1491Unnao (NPP)
232Primary Pathshala Sultankheda1209Unnao (NPP)
233Primary Pathshala Gadankheda1023Unnao (NPP)
235Primary Pathshala Kotra1160Kotra
236Primary Pathshala Sherali Kheda1171Saraiya
237Primary Pathshala Gajauli871Ganjauli
239Primary Pathshala Chandpur1091Chandpur
240Primary Pathshala Purw Husainnagar874Husain Nagar
241Primary Pathshala Pashchim Husainnagar839Husain Nagar
242Junior High School Husainnagar526Husain Nagar
243Primary Pathshala Bakhhakheda Majhra Husainnagar715Husain Nagar
244Primary Pathshala Purw Dih1224Deeh
245Primary Pathshala Pashchim Dih797Deeh
246Primary Pathshala Madukheda Majhra Dih907Deeh
247Primary Pathshala Lallukheda Majhra Dih703Deeh
249Primary Pathshala Shekhpur Nari1220Sheshpur Nari
252Primary Pathshala Magrwara1205Magarwara
254Panchayt Ghar Magarwara957Magarwara
256Primary Pathshala Dewara Khurd589Dewara Khurd
257Primary Pathshala Sahijani555Dewara Khurd
258Primary Pathshala Maswasi1375Maswasi
260Junior High School Maswasi1203Maswasi
261Primary Pathshala Galgalha892Galgalha
262Primary Pathshala Katahadal Narayanpur1086Kathadal Narain Pur
263Primary Pathshala Haibatpur1017Fatehpur
264Primary Pathshala Ghonghirautapur1369Mahadevna
265Primary Pathshala Purw Dewara Kala812Dewara Kala
266Primary Pathshala Pashchim Dewara Kala899Dewara Kala
267Kanya Primary Pathshala Purw Dewara Kala927Dewara Kala
268Kanya Primary Pathshala Pashchim Dewara Kala820Dewara Kala
269Primary Pathshala Sariya748Saraiya
270Primary Pathshala Gagni Kheda Majhra Khairaha Aehtmali366Khairaha Ehatmali
271Ucch Primary Vidayla Ajad Nagar Netua Gramid1487Netuwa
272Primary Vidayla Ajad Nagar Netua Gramid736Netuwa
274Pandit Balgovind Shukl Madhimik School Gangaghat959Gangaghat (NPP)
277O.P.J.D. Inter College Gangaghat954Gangaghat (NPP)
281Maharish Dayanand Public School Shuklaganj713Gangaghat (NPP)
286Shri Prakash Jwala Devi Inter College Gangaghat1247Gangaghat (NPP)
291Hri Prakash Jwala Devi Inter College Gangaghat551Gangaghat (NPP)
295Dwarika Mohini Inter College Nagarpalika Parishad Gangaghat766Gangaghat (NPP)
298Avdhesh Bal Vidaya Mandir Purvi Gangaghat852Gangaghat (NPP)
299Avdhesh Bal Vidaya Mandir Pashchim Gangaghat1003Gangaghat (NPP)
301Manju Kanvent Vidayla Poni Road Purw Gangaghat1218Gangaghat (NPP)
302Krishna Public School Prem Nagar Shuklaganj920Gangaghat (NPP)
304Manju Kanvent Vidayla Poni Road Pashchim Gangaghat1003Gangaghat (NPP)
305Gopinath Chandrawati Vidya Mandir Gangaghat1136Gangaghat (NPP)
310Karma Bai Sita RaM.V.idyalaya Gangaghat1110Gangaghat (NPP)
312Dwarika Mohni Dharmsala Gangaghat1407Gangaghat (NPP)
313Dwarika Mohni Bal Vidya Mandir Gangaght944Gangaghat (NPP)
315Primary Pathshala Khairaha Aehtmali Purw861Gangaghat (NPP)
316Primary Pathshala Khairaha Aehtmali Pashchim990Gangaghat (NPP)
317Gayetri Vidya Mandir Mishra Caloni Gangaghat Purw1289Gangaghat (NPP)
318Gayetri Vidya Mandir Mishra Caloni Gangaghat Pashchim881Gangaghat (NPP)
321Naveen Bad Kendra Mishra CaloniNagarpalika Parishad Gangaghat880Gangaghat (NPP)
322Naveen Bad Kendra Mishra Caloni Nagarpalika Parishad Gangaghat1136Gangaghat (NPP)
323Sarvoday Vidya Mandir Champaprwa Purw Nagarpalika Parishad Gangaghat698Gangaghat (NPP)
327Primary Pathshala Gadriyan Wala M0 Majhra Piparkheda1460Majhara Piper Khera G/Ehatmali
328Primary Pathshala Dera Wala Purw Majhra Piparkheda1485Majhara Piper Khera G/Ehatmali
329Primary Pathshala Nathukheda M0 Majhra Piparkheda860Majhara Piper Khera G/Ehatmali
331Primary Pathshala Karmivijhla Mau1130Karmi Vizhlamau
332Primary Pathshala Poni1036Poni
333Naveen Primary Pathshala Nathukheda M0 Majhra Piparkheda Ehatmali1094Majhara Piper Khera G/Ehatmali
335Primary Pathshala Nathukheda M0 Majhra Piparkheda Ehatmali1025Majhara Piper Khera G/Ehatmali
337Panchayt Ghar Nathukheda M0 Majhra Piparkheda Ehatmali776Majhara Piper Khera G/Ehatmali
341Anganbadi Kendra Nathukheda M0 Majhra Piparkheda Ehatmali516Majhara Piper Khera G/Ehatmali
342Mahadev Vidyale Poni Road Majhra Piparkheda Ehatmali1462Majhara Piper Khera G/Ehatmali

Last Updated on November 15, 2014