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Polling Booth in Thana Bhawar Assembly Constituency

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Thana Bhawar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Thana Bhawar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Thana Bhawar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Primary Pathshala Mundet1183Mundet
3Primary Pathshala Akapur Urf Funsgarh1082Akarpur Urf Fusgarh
4Junior High School Hatthchoya1313Hath Chhoya
6Panchyat Ghar Hatthchoya1259Hath Chhoya
7Junior High School Pindora Jahangirpur1366Pindaura Jahangeerpur
8Junior High School Pindora Jahangirpurp1270Pindaura Jahangeerpur
11Janta Vadic Madhyamik Vidyalya Pindaura Jahangeerpur358Pindaura
12Prathmik Vidyalya Jahangirpur Majra Pindora464Jahangeerpur
13Dhiraj Ucch Madhyamik Vidyalayay Garhi Abdulla Khan746Garhi Abdullakhan
18Primary Pathshala Jafarpur864Jafarpur
20Ucchchtar Madhyamik Palthedi862Paltheri
22Primary Pathshala Bunta1440Bunta
25Primary Pathshala Unuspur555Yunispur
26Priamari Pathshala Jamiya Miliya School Gurana1126Gurana
27Primary Pathshala Bhaneda Udda1085Bhaneraudda
29Primary Pathshala Manakpur959Manakpur
31Prathmik Vidyalayay Dera Majra Manakpur415Manakpur
32Primary Kanya Pathshala Ourangabad Urf Gandevda1241Aurangabad Urf Gandewara
33Primary Pathshala Ourangabad Urf Gandevda768Aurangabad Urf Gandewara
34Prathmik Vidyalayay Jaanipur750Janipur
35Primary Pathshala Ahamadpur1217Ahamadpur
36Primary Pathshala Sohanjani Umarpur1195Sohjani Umerpur
38Primary Pathshala Kadarpur447Kadarpur
39Primary Pathshala Dulawa Ambehta Yakubpur508Ambehta Yakubpur
40Primary Pathshala Ambehta Yakubpur682Ambehta Yakubpur
42Primary Pathshala Dabhedi684Dabheri
43Primary Pathshala Dukhedi Jamalpur922Dakhori Jamalpur
45Primary Pathshala Chandenamal1441Chandonamal
47Primary Pathshala Alipura382N/A
48Primary Pathshala Umapur1268Umerpur
50Junior High School Jalalabad1416Jalalabad (NP)
53Nation Public Inter College Jalalabad1106Jalalabad (NP)
55Iprathmik Vidyalayaya Irshadpura Mazra Jalalabad417Jalalabad (NP)
56Raastriya Juinor High School Jalalabad776Jalalabad (NP)
60Primary Pathshala Jalalabad1165Jalalabad (NP)
62Gurunanak Kanya Inter College Jalalabad996Jalalabad (NP)
67Primary Pathshala Nangal1261Nagal
68Primary Pathshala Ismailpur348Ismailpur
69Primary Pathshala Hasanpur Luhari804Hasanpur Lahari
78Primary Pathshala Ahaata Gosgarh822Ahata Gos Garh
80Primary Pathshala Khyawadi1033Khiavri
81Junior High School Niralsi Urf Marukhedi1432Niralsi Urf Kadargarh
83Primary Pathshala Bhaisani Islampur933Bhaisani Ismailpur
91Isalamiya School Bhaisani Islampur1079Bhaisani Ismailpur
92Prathmik Vidyalya Jamalpur266Jamalpur
93Prathmik Vidyalya Mullapur730Mullapur
94Prathmik Vidyalya Masawi934Patti Masawi Majara Thana Bhawan
98Saraswati Junior High School Thanabhawan1111Thana Bhawan (NP)
101Besic Primary School Sahadra Saharanpur Sadak Par Thanabhawan1339Thana Bhawan (NP)
105Prathmik Vidyalya Thanabhawan536Thana Bhawan (NP)
107Kisan Inter College Thanabhawan852Thana Bhawan (NP)
116Lajpat Ray Inter College Thanabhawan1461Thana Bhawan (NP)
123Prathmik Vidyalya Abadgarh (Vahidpura)344Abadgarh
124Prathmik Vidyalya Latif Garh Thanabhawan Dehat660Latifganj
125Primary Pathshala Khanpur1356Khanpur
126Primary Pathshala Manat Manti1320Mant Manti
127Primary Pathshala Manti Hasanpur797Mant Manti
129Primary Pathshala Yarpur1053Yarpur
131Primary Pathshala Khera Gadai1396Khera Gadai
132Primary Pathshala Bhatu1358Bhatu
133Sarv Hitkari Junior High School Dulla Khedi938Dulla Kheri
135Primary Pathshala Naya Kailsikarpur1067Kela Shikarpur
137Primary Pathshala Thirva309Thirwa
138Primary Pathshala Naujal Naujali1390Shamli (NPP)
140Primary Pathshala Rasidgarh1145Rasidgarh
142Primary Pathshala Naujali653Naunagali
143Primary Pathshala Harad Fatehpur1160Harar Fatehpur
146Adarsh Ucch Madhyamik Vidyalayaya Kaharad Fatehpur1257Harar Fatehpur
147Primary Pathshala Usmanpur1407Usmanpur
148Primary Pathshala Hind1237Hind
150Primary Pathshala Majra Hind665Hind
151Parimari Pathshala Jagdishpurk Majra Hind399Jagdishpura Majara
152Junior High School Madalpur802Madalpur
153Primary Pathshala Madalpur692Madalpur
154Primary Pathshala Jasana Urf Mastgarh984Jasana Urf Mastgarh
155Primary Pathshala Kazipura875Haripur Majara Garhi Pukhta Dehat
156Primary Pathshala Rajhad1315Rajhar
157Purani Primary Pathshala Rajhad1138Rajhar
158Primary Pathshala Khedki1065Kherki
159Primary Pathshala Hasanpur1174Hasanpur
160Lal Bahadur Shastri Junior High School Garhi Purkhta1373Garhi Pukhta (NP)
165Sarv Hitkari Kanya Inter College Garhipukhta856Garhi Pukhta (NP)
168Primary Pathshala Purmafi1223Purmafi
170Kanya Primary School Nonagali1230Naunagali
172Primary Pathshala Chondahedi638Chonda Heri
173Primary Pathshala Dargaahpur1453Dargahpur
174Junior High School Tana825Tana
178Primary Pathshsala Pelkha857Palekha
180Primary Pahtshala Odri591Audari
181Primary Pathshala Jandhedi888Jandheri
182Junior High School Bhainswal999Bhainswala
185Primary Pathshala Bhainswal812Bhainswala
187Janta Adarsh Inter College Malendi965Malaindi
193Primary Pathshala Peerkheda1093Peer Khera
194Kanaya Primary Pathshala Laprana973Taprana
196Prathmik Vidyalayaya Gujjarpur512Taprana
197Prathmik Vidyalayaya Sewapur542Taprana
198Prathmik Vidyalayay Naya Ganv Majra Taprana1009Taprana
199Primary Pathshala Taprana1340Taprana
200Primary Pathshala Angdipur Taprana1047Taprana
202Primary Pathshala Angdipur600Taprana
203Purv Madhyamik Vidyalayaya Kaserwa Khurd1205Kaserwakhurd
204Primary Pathshala Kaserwa Khurd1511Kaserwakhurd
205Prathmik Vidyalayaya Kaserwa Kala1497Kaserwakalan
206Primary Pathshala Kaserva Kalan518Kaserwakalan
208Primary Pathshala Titauli1441Titayli
210Harijan Chopal Titauli447Titayli
213Purv Madhyamik Vidyalayaya Badhev Kannukhera1070Badhevkandu Khera
215Harijan Chopal Patti Khuan Badhev Kannukhera796Badhevkandu Khera
216Harijan Chopal Patti Bhoot Kannukhera743Badhevkandu Khera
217Primary Pathshala Gohrni1384Goharni
218Harijan Chopal Gohrni954Goharni
220Prathmik Vidyalayaya Ramgarh384Ramgarh
221Junior High School Karodi1080Karori
222Primary Pathshala Marhampur780Mahrampur
223Primary Pathshala Silavar1272Silawar
225Kanya Pathshala Silavar1276Silawar
227Primary Pathshala Dhanaina1283Dhanena
228Primary Pathshala Sikka1379Sikka
231Primary Pathshala Gomtipur Majra Sikka877Sikka
232Primary Pathshala Mahavatpur1252Mahavatpur
233Primary Pathshala Jalalpur1110Jalalpur
235Primary Pathshala Samaspur546Shamashpur
236Primary Pathshala Kedi784Kairi
244Primary Pathshala Sonta Rasulpur810Sonta Rasoolpur
245Primary Pathshala Sonta Rasullpur720Sonta Rasoolpur
249Primary Pathshala Raipur1411Raipur
250Prathmik Pathasala Tittarsi1211Titarsi
251Prathmik Pathasala Abdullapur Urf Mormajra1219Abdullapur Urf Morj Majra
252Primary Pathshala Kutbgarh1006Kutub Garh
254Shri Dharmnath Junior High School Gogvan Jalalpur1271Gogwan Jalalpur
256Junior High School Ladomajri432Ladonazri
257Primary Pathshala Hiranvada1271Hiranwara
260Primary Pathshala Bhandauda1236Bhandaura
262Jatna Inter Collage Babri959Babri
270Prathmik Vidyalayaya, Raghunathpur Majra Babri479Babri
271Panchayt Ghar Bantikhera995Banti Khera
274Primary Pathshala Bantikheda965Banti Khera
275Naveen Kanya Pathshala Bantikheda1382Banti Khera
277Primary Pathshala Fatehpur1027Fatehpur
278Primary Pathshala Khedi Bairagi806Kheri Bairagi
279Primary Pathshala Bhikki Deh362Bhikki Deh
280Primary Pathshala Goharpur713Goharpur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014