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Polling Booth in Sultanpur Assembly Constituency

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Sultanpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sultanpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sultanpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Hasrampur R. No. 1442Hasrmpur
2Anganbadi Center Benipur R. No. 1410Banipur
3P S Sewra R. No. 11482Sewara
4P. S. Sewara R.No.2796Charthai
5P.S. Jajjaur Purvi Bhag776Jajjour
6P.S. Jajjaur Paschimi .Bhag830Jajjour
7P.S. Amaujasarpur Uttari Bhag469Amaujasar Pur
8P.S. Amaujasarpur South Bhag1099Amaujasar Pur
9P.S. Bariyauna Purvi Bhag1223Bariyaona
10P.S. Bariyauna Paschimi Bhag490Bariyaona
11P.S. Bhatkauli R.No. 1902Bhatkauli
12P.S. Madhavpur R. No. 11325Madhopur
13Inter College Chnadipur R. No. 2988Chandipur
14Panchyat Bhawan Gaurabaran R. No. 1488Gaurabaran
15P.S. Tikar Uttari Bhag1135Tikar
16P.S. Tikar South Bhag571Tikar
17P.S. Saraiyabiran R. No. 1485Sarai Viran
18P.S. Mayang Purvi Bhag1499Mayang
19P.S. Mayang Paschimi Bhag1265Mayang
20P.S. Pure Lal Tiwari Mayangr. No. 1715Mayang
21Girls P.S. Mayang Uttari Bhag511Mayang
22Girls P.S. Mayang South Bhag1173Mayang
23P.S. Pure Madhukara R.N.21199Majhawara
24P.S. Pure Madhukara R.N.31123Majhawara
25P.S. Pure Madhukara R. No. 11044Majhawara
26P.S. Lohangi Purvi Bhag753Lohgi
27P.S. Lohnagi Extra Room770Lohgi
28P.S. Lohangi Paschimi Bhag764Lohgi
29P.S. Baghrajpur419Baghraj Pur
30P.S. Kutta R. No. 11322Kutta
31P.S. Saraiyabharathi Uttari Bhag956Saraiya Bharthi
32P.S. Saraiyabharathi South Bhag583Saraiya Bharthi
33P.S. Dhobibhar R. No. 1804Dhobimar
34P.S. Semrauna R. No. 11114Semrauna
35P.S. Semrauna R. No. 2601Semrauna
36P.S. Piparisainathpur R. No. 1857Semrauna
37P.S. Karmauli R. No. 1476Karmoli
38P.S. Atarsumakalan R. No. 1776Atar Suma Kalan
39J.H.S. Atarsumakalan R. No. 11198Atar Suma Kalan
40P.S. Kauro Purvi Bhag1078Koro
41P.S. Kauro Paschimi Bhag661Koro
42P.S. Bhikharpur R. No.602Bhikharpur
43P.S. Dhanjai Uttari Bhag1217Dhanjai
44P.S. Dhanjai South Bhag778Dhanjai
45P.S. Bhaunsah R. No.1358Bhousa
46P.S. Ismailpur R. No. 1752Ismail Pur
47P.S. Saraiya Majhaua R. No. 11247Sarea Majhauna
48P.S. Ainpur R. No.1808Ain Pur
49P.S. Sherpur Mahmandipur R. No.1480Sher Pur
50Panchayat Ghar Pure Pitai R. No.1331Pure Patai
51Gran Sachivalay Dhaurahara R. No. 1627Dhaurhara
52P.S. Bhatwara R. No.1551Bhatwara
53P.S. Babhangawan R. No.1600Babhan Gawan
54P.S. Itwamolanapur R. No.1882Etwa Malna Pur
55P.S. Judapatti Purvi Bhag933Judapatti
56P.S. Judapatti Pashchimi Bhag874Judapatti
57P.S. Saidkhanpur Uttari Bhag1127Said Khan Pur
58P.S. Saidkhanpur Middile Bhag1138Said Khan Pur
59P.S. Saidkhanpur South Bhag856Said Khan Pur
60P.S. Dakhinwara R. No.11053Dakhin Wara
61P.S. Dakhinwara R. No.2901Dakhin Wara
62P.S. Ichhuri R. No.1697Edhuri
63P.S. Purkhipur R. No. 1964Purkhi Pur
64P.S. Bhatpura R. No.11087Bhat Pura
65J.H.S Ramdaspur R. No. 11278Ramdas Pur
66Panchayat Bhawan Sudnapur R. No.528Bhat Pura
67P.S. Tihra R. No. 11374Kohara
68P.S. Khedi R. No.11467Kheri Doda Pur
69P.S. Malikpur R. No. 11239Malik Pur
70P. S. Mahiloashapur Uttari Bhag1210Mahila Asha Pur
71P.S. Mahiloashapur South Bhag1159Kanouli
72P.S. Tearimachhrauli Purvi Bhag1114Tiyari Machharauli
73P.S. Teari Machhrauli Pashchimi Bhag1037Tiyari Machharauli
74P.S. Tearimachhrauli Middile Bhag1380Tiyari Machharauli
75P.S. Inayatpur Paschimi Bhag1453Inayat Pur
76P.S. Inayatpur Purvi Bhag604Inayat Pur
77P.S. Kasmau R. No. 1553Kasmau
78P.S. Katkakhanpur South Bhag1120Katka Khan Pur
79P.S. Katakakhanpur Uttari Bhag1196Katka Khan Pur
80P.S. Katkakhanpur Middile Bhag1007Katka Khan Pur
81P.S. Sarwan R. No. 11388Sarvan
82P.S. Chandpur Saidopatti R. No. 11126Chandpur Saido Patti
83P.S. Semaridargah R. No. 1748Chandpur Saido Patti
84P.S. Anganakol R. No. 11034Anganakol
85Panchyat Bhawan Amkol R. No. 11163Amkol
86P.S. Ratanpur R. No. 1898Ratan Pur
87P.S. Saidpur R. No. 11212Saidpur
88P.S. Basaudhi R. No. 11300Basoudhi
89P.S. Kasba Sultanpur Purvi Bhag R. No. 11175Kasba Sultanpur (CT)
90P.S. Kasba Sultanpur Paschimi Bhag R. No.2520Kasba Sultanpur (CT)
91Forest Range Office Uttari Bhag R. No. 1807Kasba Sultanpur (CT)
92Forest Range Office South Bhag R.No. 21110Kasba Sultanpur (CT)
93Panchayat Bhawan Kasba Sultanpur Uttari Bhag R. No. 11011Kasba Sultanpur (CT)
94Panchyat Bhawan Kasba Sultanpur South Bhag R. No.2879Kasba Sultanpur (CT)
95J.H.S. Molanapur R. No. 1892Molana Pur
96P.S. Wallipur R. No. 1960Vallipur
97P.S. Saifullaganj Uttari Bhag1149Saifulla Ganj
98P.S. Saifullaganj South Bhag1357Saifulla Ganj
99P.S. Saifullaganj Purvi Bhag1130Saifulla Ganj
100J.H.S. Itkaukli Purvi Bhag1112Itkauli
101J.H.S. Itkauli Paschimi Bhag1094Itkauli
102P.S. Dharamdaspur Purvi Bhag933Dharam Daspur
103P.S. Dharandaspur Paschimi Bhag895Dharam Daspur
104P.S. Patana R. No. 11390Patna
105P.S. Pratappur R. No. 11262Pratappur
106P.S. Ratapur R. No. 1766Rata Pur
107P.S. Kalkhura R. No.1876Kal Khura
108P.S. Khunka Uttari Bhag1338Bahadurpur
109P.S. Khunka South Bhag1227Bahadurpur
110Girls P.S. Mahmoodpur Paschimi Bhag1480Mahmudpur
111Girls P.S. Mahmudpur Purvi Bhag1100Mahmudpur
112P. S. Saraygokul Purvi Bhag927Sarai Gokul
113P.S. Saraygokul Paschimi Bhag853Sarai Gokul
114P.S. Garthauli R. No. 1841Garthauli
115P.S. Parwar R. No. 11224Parvar
116P.S. Chandapur R. No. 1673Chanda Pur
117P.S. Shivnagar R. No. 1960Shiv Nagar
118P.S.Dhesarua Guptarganj Uttari Bhag1250Dhesarua
119P.S.Dhesarua Guptarganj South Bhag1374Dhesarua
120P.S. Churkuna Ashrafpur R. No. 11400Churkuna Asharafpur
121P.S. Mujesh Purvi Bhag784Mujesh
122P.S. Mujesh Paschimi Bhag736Mujesh
123J.H.S. Bharathipur Paschimi Bhag1269Bharthi Pur
124J.H.S. Bharathipur Purvi Bhag681Bharthi Pur
125P.S. Ametha Purvi Bhag850Amatha
126P.S. Ametha Paschimi Bhag316Amatha
127P.S. Rampur R. No.1618Rampur
128P.S. Lauhar Paschim R.N.11216Louhar Pashchim
129P.S. Lauhar Paschim R.N.21040Louhar Pashchim
130Islamiya P.S. Bankepur Uttari Bhag1465Banakepur
131Islamiya P.S. Bankepur South Bhag1381Banakepur
132Islamiya P.S. Bankepur Middile Bhag957Banakepur
133P.S. Bahlolpur R. No. 1832Bahalolpur
134P.S. Chharauli R.No.1616Chharauli
135Panchayat Bhawan Akaripur R.No.1435Ankaripur
136P.S. Dadupur Purvi Bhag452Dadupur
137P.S. Daduour Iaschimi Bhag1126Dadupur
138Panchyat Bhawan Sonbarasa R. No.1612Ramapur
139P.S. Ftehpur R. No. 1983Phatehpur
140P.S. Dhahafirojpur R. No. 11273Phatehpur
141P.S. Saraiya Uttari Bhag1085Saraiya
142P.S. Saraiya South Bhag476Saraiya
143P.S. Bansi Old Bhawan1220Basi
144P.S. Bansi New Bhawan379Basi
145Girls J.H.S.Khaichilakala R. No. 11156Khachlakala
146Girls J.H.S. Katawan R. No. 1874Khachlakala
147Girls J.H.S. Katawan R. No.2641Katava
148Girls J.H.S. Katawan Paschimi Bhag1121Katava
149P.S. Jadiyapur R. No. 1451Katava
150P.S. Bhatthijarauli R.No. 11385Bhatthjarauli
151J.H.S. Amiliya Kalan Uttari Bhag942Amiliya Kalan
152J.H.S. Amiliya Kalan South Bhag687Amiliya Kalan
153P.S. Amiliya Khurd R.No.1800Amiliya Khurd
154P.S. Kabari R.No.1710Kabari
155P.S. Ramnagar Kot R. No.1739Ramnager
156P.S. Godwa R. No.11177Godva
157P.S. Dhakhawa Purvi Bhag1006Dhakhva
158P.S. Dhakhawa Paschimi Bhag1135Dhakhva
159P.S. Paigapur R. No. 11020Paigapur
160P.S. Chunha Purvi Bhag1423Karoudiya
161P.S. Chunha Paschimi Bhag1424Karoudiya
162J.H.S. Palahipur Uttari Bhag1381Palhipur
163J.H.S. Palahipur South Bhag1171Palhipur
164P.S. Aflepur R. No. 11161Aphalepur
165J.H.S. Hariharishapur R. No.11233Harihar Ishapur
166Makatab Islamiya S. Bahadurpur Purvi Bhag748Bahadurpur
167Makatab Islamiya S. Bahadurpur Midiile Bhag593Bahadurpur
168Makatab Islamiya S. Bahadurpur Paschimi Bhag1511Bahadurpur
169K.K. G. I.C. Ka Uttari Bhawan Dk Uttari Bhag1445Sultanpur (NPP)
170K.K.G.I.C. Dk Uttari Bhawan Ka Uittari Bhag1446Sultanpur (NPP)
171K.K. G.I.C. Uttari Bhawan Ka Uttari Bhag1127Sultanpur (NPP)
172K.K. G. I.C. Ka Uttari Bhawan Ka Uttari Bhag806Sultanpur (NPP)
173K.K. G.I.C. Ka Dakshini Bhawan Dk Dakshini Bhag596Sultanpur (NPP)
174K.K. G.I.C. Ka Dakshini Bhawan Ka Dakshini Bhag897Sultanpur (NPP)
175K.K. G.I.C. Dakhsini Bhawan Ka Dakshini Bhag776Sultanpur (NPP)
176K.K.G.I.C. Ka Dakshini Bhawan Ka Dakshini Bhag755Sultanpur (NPP)
177K.K. G.I.C. Dakshini Bhawan Ka Dakshini Bhag1175Sultanpur (NPP)
178G.I.C. Ka Uttari Khand Ka Uttari Bhag1100Sultanpur (NPP)
183G.I.C. Dakshini Khand Ka Dakshini Bhag624Sultanpur (NPP)
184Sangam Lal J.H. Purvi Bhag1281Sultanpur (NPP)
185Sangam Lal J.H. Paschimi Bhag1184Sultanpur (NPP)
186M.S.V. I.C. Commerce Vubhag1100Sultanpur (NPP)
187M.S.V.I.C. Commerce Vibhag1137Sultanpur (NPP)
188M.S.V. Commerce Vibhag1295Sultanpur (NPP)
189M.S.V. I.C. Coomerce Vibhag1184Sultanpur (NPP)
190M.S.V. I.C. Commerce Vibhag1055Sultanpur (NPP)
191M.S.V.I.C. Art Vibhag1297Sultanpur (NPP)
192M.S.V.I.C. Art Vibhag Purvi Bhag1062Sultanpur (NPP)
193M.S.V. I.C. Art Vibhag Purvi Bhag760Sultanpur (NPP)
196Mahabeer J.H.S. Gabhariya South Bhag1492Sultanpur (NPP)
198Mahaveer J.H.S. Gabhariya East Bhag796Sultanpur (NPP)
199P.S. Gabhariya New Building1328Sultanpur (NPP)
200K.S.B.S. Laimandi Uttari Bhag857Sultanpur (NPP)
202Tehsil Bhawan R. No.1867Sultanpur (NPP)
203Tehsil Bhawan R.No.21169Sultanpur (NPP)
204Srddhanand J.H.S. Aryasamaj Sultanpur R.No. 1 Uttari Bhag1215Sultanpur (NPP)
205Srddhanand J.H.S. Aryasamaj Sultanpur R.No. 2 Uttari Bhag864Sultanpur (NPP)
206Madyanand J.H.S. Abdullaganj R. No. 1 Uttari Bhag1372Sultanpur (NPP)
207Madyanand J.H.S. Abdullaganj R. No. 2 Uttari Bhag984Sultanpur (NPP)
208Sant Tulsidas J.H.S. Ramlila Maidan R.No.1 Midiile Bhag991Sultanpur (NPP)
209Sant Tulsidas J.H.S. Ramlila Maidan R.No.2 Midiile Bhag833Sultanpur (NPP)
210Sant Tulsidas J.H.S. Ramlila Maidan Midiile Bhag915Sultanpur (NPP)
211Sant Tulsidas J.H.S. Ramlila Maidan R. No. 4601Sultanpur (NPP)
213Sant Tulsidas J.H.S. Ramlila Maidan R. No. 51207Sultanpur (NPP)
214Jamiya Islamiya S. Khairabad Uttari Bhag923Sultanpur (NPP)
215Jamiya Islamiya S. Khairabad South Bhag916Sultanpur (NPP)
216Jamiya Islamiya S. Khairabad Middile Bhag1386Sultanpur (NPP)
219Nagarpalika Bhawan R. No. 11100Sultanpur (NPP)
221Government Adarsh Vidyalaya Uttari Bhag817Sultanpur (NPP)
222Government Adarsh School South Bhag1197Sultanpur (NPP)
223Guru Nanak Vidyalaya R.No. 31167Sultanpur (NPP)
224Guru Nanak Vidyalaya R.No.4614Sultanpur (NPP)
225N. Girls H. S.S. Lala Ka Purwa R. No.11423Sultanpur (NPP)
226N. Girls H. S.S. Lala Ka Purwa R. No.21411Sultanpur (NPP)
227N. Girls H. S.S. Lala Ka Purwa R. No.31223Sultanpur (NPP)
228N. Girls H. S.S. Lala Ka Purwa R. No.41432Sultanpur (NPP)
229P.S. Dihwa Uttari Bhag1373Sultanpur (NPP)
230P.S.Dihawa South Bhag1170Sultanpur (NPP)
231Raza Rafeek Girls J.H.S. Uttari Bhag1383Sultanpur (NPP)
232Raza Rafeek Girls J.H.S. Dakshini Bhag1190Sultanpur (NPP)
233Daya. J.H.S. Shashtrinagar R. No. Uttari Bhag832Sultanpur (NPP)
234Daya. J.H.S. Shashtrinagar R. No.2 Uttari Bhag793Sultanpur (NPP)
235Daya. J.H.S. Shashtrinagar R. No.3 Uttari Bhag892Sultanpur (NPP)
236Daya. J.H.S. Shashtrinagar R. Noakshini.4 D Bhag713Sultanpur (NPP)
237Daya. J.H.S. Shashtrinagar R. No.5 Dakshini Bhag1127Sultanpur (NPP)
238Daya. J.H.S. Shashtrinagar R. No.6 Dakshini Bhag466Sultanpur (NPP)
239Pant J.H.S.Amahat Uttari Bhag1032Amahat
240Pant J.H.S. Amahat Uttari Bhag1346Amahat
241P.S. Tamehadi R.No. 1446Tamahdi
242P.S.Amhat Nagar Kshetra Paschimi Bhag1242Sultanpur (NPP)
243P.S. Amhat Nagar Kshetra Purvi Bhag970Sultanpur (NPP)
244P.S. Amahat Nagar Kshetra Uttari Bhag556Sultanpur (NPP)
245P.S. Dubeypur Uttari Bhag1017Dubapur
246P.S. Dubeypur South Bhag951Dubapur
247P.S. Dikhauli Purvi Bhag899Dikhouli
248P.S. Dikhauli Paschimi Bhag723Dikhouli
249P.S. Lakhipur R. No. 1915Lakhipur
250P.S. Baijapur R. No.11419Baijapur
251P.S. Payagipur Uttari Bhag1182Sultanpur (NPP)
252P. S. Payagipur South Bhag1429Sultanpur (NPP)
253Girls Kramottar S. Narayanpur Uttari Bhag1443Sultanpur (NPP)
254Girls Kramottar S. Narayanpur Dakshini Bhag1007Sultanpur (NPP)
255Hazi Hanif M. J.H.S. Lolepur R. No. 11191Dharhakhurd
256Hazi Hanif M. J.H.S. Lolepur R. No. 2619Pyaepatti
257Hazi Hanif M. J.H.S. Lolepur R. No. 31026Lolepur
258P.S. Bhulki R. No.11112Bhulki
259P.S. First Paraupur Uttari Bhag840Paraupur
260P.S. First Paraupur Dakshini Bhag682Paraupur
261P.S. Dharauli R. No.1956Dharauli
262P.S. Sonbarasa R. No.1866Sonbarsa
263P.S. Loharamau Paschimi Bhag1399Sonbarsa
264P.S. Loharamau Purvi Bhag1063Loharamau
265P.S. Lohramau R. No.1668Dharamdas Pur
266P.S. Mahanpur R. No.1740Mahanpur
267P.S. Devgarh Uttari Bhag1085Sarmau Dehat
268P.S. Devgarh Dakshini Bhag468Sarmau Dehat
269Sanskrit Pathshala Alhdadpur R. No.1603Alahadadpur
270P.S. Bhoyen R. No. 1910Bhoyen
271P.S. Odra R. No1964Odara
272P.S. Kamangarh R. No.1711Kamangarh
273P.S. Nakrahi R. No.1985Nakarahi
274P.S. Newadaishakpur R. No.1725Navadashahakpur
275P.S. Chandranagar Chakarpur Uttari Bhag703Chakarpur
276P.S. Chndranagar Chakarpur South Bhag687Pitambarpurkala
277P.S. Ahimane Uttari Bhag1358Ahimana
278P.S. Ahimane South Bhag657Ahimana
279P.S. Tiwaripur R. No. 1874Raymanpur
280P.S. Lodipur R. No.11142Gauhani
281P.S. Bahrauli R. No.1934Baharouli
282P.S. Ardeeh R. No.11406Ardih
283P.S. Pure Adaru Uttari Bhag805Louhardaxin
284P.S. Pure Adaru South Bhag715Louhardaxin
285P.S. Rasulpr Uttari Bhag821Louhardaxin
286P.S. Rasulpur South Bhag698Louhardaxin
287P.S. Pure Ajmat R.No.11101Louhardaxin
288P.S. Bhai Purvi Bhag1229Bhaie
289P.S. Bhaien Middile Bhag1385Bhaie
290P.S. Bhaien Paschimi Bhag984Bhaie
291P.S. Uturi Purvi Bhag1098Uaturi
292P.S. Uturi Paschimi Bhag1307Uaturi
293P.S. Uagaipur New Bhawan R. No. 11164Ugaipur
294P.S. Uagaipur New Bhawan R. No. 2422Mahamu Dpurpathakaoli
295P.S. Pakadi R. No. 1822Pakari
296P.S. Alhadadpur R. No. 1981Pakari
297Panchayat Bhawan Pure Kashiram R. No. 1542Purejaddu
298P.S. Bhada Uttari Bhag1245Bhada
299P.S. Bhada South Bhag1498Bhada
300P.S. Thanwarbari Lakhanpur R. No.11006Lakhanpur
301P.S. Narayanpur Bisani R. No. 1885Visani
302P.S. Basauha R.N.1569Basauha
303Pu.M. Vi. Saray Subhaga R.N.1334Saray Subhaga
304P.S. Faridipur R.N.1610Faridipur
305Kanya Juniyar High School Fatepur Sangat R.N. 11061Phtahpur
306Kanya Ju.High School Fatehpur Sangat Gosaiganj R.N.2683Phtahpur
307Kanya Ju.High School Fatehpur Sangat Gosaiganj R.N.31483Phtahpur
308Kanya Ju. High School Gosaiganj Fatehpur Sangat R.N.4769Phtahpur
309P.S. Rajapur R.N.4887Rajapur
310P.S. Sharifpur R.N.1420Rajapur
311P.S. Sirvara R.N.11143Sirvara
312P.S. Jolimirganj R.N.11202Jolimirganj
313P.S. Jolimirganj R.N.21260Jolimirganj
314P.S. Ganeshpur Kaithauli R.N.11269Ganeshpur Kaithouli
315P.S. Ganeshpur Kaithauli R.N.21474Ganeshpur Kaithouli
316Pu.Ma. Vi. Fajilpur R.N.11035Fajilpur
317P.S. Hayatnagar R.N.1967Hayat Nagar
318P.S. Hayatnagar R.N.2788Hayat Nagar
319P.S. Hayatnagar R.N.31103Hayat Nagar
320P.S. Madhuban R.N.11432Madhuwan
321P.S. Sonara 1St R.N.11233Sonara
322P.S. Sonara R.N.1St R.N.2964Sonara
323Panchayat Bhawan Sonara R.N.1491Katghara
324P.S.Sonara Second R.N.1640Saraiya
325P.S. Gedaura R.N.1476Saraiya
326P.S. Alahdadpur D{K La01577Alahadadpur
327P.S. Banmai R.S. 11421Banmaie
328P.S. Baidha R.N. 11069Baidha
329P.S. Baidha R.N.1990Baidha
330P.S. Salarpur R.N.1953Salarpur
331P.S. Salarpur R.N.2547Salarpur
332P.S. Ishakpur R.N. 11288Isahakpur

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