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Polling Booth in Siwalkhas Assembly Constituency

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Siwalkhas Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Siwalkhas

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Siwalkhas Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ucch Primary Vidyalya Pithlokar Room No.11087Pithlokhar
2Ucch Primary Vidyalya Room No.2 Pithlokar975Pithlokhar
3Ucch Primary Vidyalya Pithlokar Room No.3754Pithlokhar
4Prathmik Vidhalya Pthlokar1260Pithlokhar
5Prathmik Vidhalya Purani Kalandi R. No0 1872Kalandi
6Prathmik Vidhalya Purani Kalandi R. No.3668Kalandi
7New Prathmik Vidhalya Kalandi1017Kalandi
8Prathmik Vidhalya Navada Majra Kalandi R. N. 1827Kalandi
9Prathmik Vidhalya Navada Majra Kalandi R. N. 2790Kalandi
10Prathmik Vidhalya Pali1083Pali
11Ucch Primary Vidyalya Kaland Purvi Kaksh1006Kaland
12Ucch Primary Vidyalya Kaland Madhya Kaksh1278Kaland
13Prathmik Vidhalya Kaland1078Kaland
14Shri Gandi Inter College R. No. 11010Chhur
15Shri Gandi Inter College R. No. 21081Chhur
16Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 Chur Uttari Kaksh994Chhur
17Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 Chur Dakshni Kaksh995Chhur
18Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 Chur773Chhur
19Prathmik Vidhalya No. 3 Chur1064Chhur
20Prathmik Vidhalya Mulahera R. No. 11220Mulhaira
21Prathmik Vidhalya Mulahera R. No. 21079Mulhaira
22Sant Keshav Das Inter College Mulahera R. No.11110Mulhaira
23Sant Keshav Das Inter College Mulahera R. No.21045Mulhaira
24Prathmik Vidhalya Baparsi R. No. 1983Baparsi
25Prathmik Vidhalya Baparsi R. No. 2935Baparsi
26Prathmik Vidhhalya Panchli Bujurg R. No.11388Panchli Buzurg
27Prathmik Vidhalya Panchli Bujurg R. No.21143Panchli Buzurg
28Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Panchli Bujurg R. No.11240Panchli Buzurg
29Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Panchli Bujurg R. No.21024Panchli Buzurg
30Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 Gotka R. No. 1926Gotka
31Prathmik Vidhalya No.1 Gotka R. No. 2856Gotka
32Shiv Kumar Sharma Hunior High School Gotka757Gotka
33Prathmik Vidhalya Rithali427Rithali
34Ptathmik Vidhalya Jasad Sultannagar R. No. 11284Jasar Sultannagar
35Prathmik Vidhalya Jasat Sultannagar R. No. 21085Jasar Sultannagar
36Prathmik Vidhalya Jasat Sultannagar R. No. 31363Jasar Sultannagar
37Prathmik Vidhalya Devli Kheda Urf Jainpur817Deoli Khera Urf Jainpur
38Prathmik Vidhalya Dahar R. No. 11063Dahar
39Prathmik Vidhalya Dahar R. No. 21125Dahar
40Prathmik Vidhalya No. 2 Dahar591Dahar
41Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Bhooni R. No. 11196Bhuni
42Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Bhooni R. No. 21076Bhuni
43Prathmik Vidhalya No1Saroorpur Khurd R. No. 11073Sarurpur Khurd
44Prathmik Vidhalya No. 2 Sarurpur Khurd R. No. 11120Sarurpur Khurd
45Prathmik Vidhalya No. 2 Sarurpur Khurd R. No. 2967Sarurpur Khurd
46Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Sarurpur Khurd R. No. 1782Sarurpur Khurd
47Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Kakepur R. No. 1989Kakkepur
48Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Kakepur R. No. 2883Kakkepur
49Prathmik Vidhalya Meharmati Ganeshpur1464Meharmati Ganeshpur
50Prathmik Vidhalya Badruddinnagar Nanu R. No.11241Badruddinnagar Nanu
51Prathmik Vidhalya Badruddin Nagar Nanu R. No.2808Badruddinnagar Nanu
52Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Badruddin Nagar Nanu893Badruddinnagar Nanu
53Prathmik Vidhalya Babakpur961Bubakpur
54Prathmik Vidhalya Bahadurpur R. No. 11128Bahadurpur
55Prathmik Vidhalya Bahadurpur R. No. 21149Bahadurpur
56Prathmik Vidhalya Jafarabad Durveshpur1059Jalalabad Urf Jalalpur
57Anusuchit Chaupal Khriwa Jalalpur1184Khirwa Jalalpur
58Prathmik Vidhalya Khriwa Jalalpur R. No. 11074Khirwa Jalalpur
59Prathmik Vidhalya Khriwa Jalalpur R. No. 2613Khirwa Jalalpur
60Anusuchit Jati Panchhyat Ghar Khriwa Jalalpur R. No. 1756Khirwa Jalalpur
61Anusuchit Jati Panchhyat Ghar Khriwa Jalalpur R. No. 2723Khirwa Jalalpur
62Ucch Prathmi Vidhalya Samaspur Surani R. No. 1656Samaspur Surani
63Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Samaspur Surani R. No. 2664Samaspur Surani
64Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Khirwa Anobad1343Khirwa Nauabad
65Dr. Bheemrav Ambedkar Bhawan Dabathua1376Dabathuwa
66Prathmik Vidhalya No1 Dabathua1306Dabathuwa
67Gandhi Smarak Inter College Dabathua R. No. 1996Dabathuwa
68Gandhi Smarak Inter College Dabathua R. No. 2845Dabathuwa
69Prathmik Vidhalya Ratanghari286Dabathuwa
70Prathmik Vidhalya Dabathua Garhi665Dabathuwa Garhi
71Amar Jyoti Hunior High School Bhalsona R. No. 1872Bhalsauna
72Amar Jyoti Junior High School Bhalsona R. No.2781Bhalsauna
73Prathmik Vidhalya Rathuli712Ratauli
74Prathmik Vidhalya Bhawa Nangla510Bhawa-Nagla
75Janta Jagrti Inter College Ikri R. No. 1791Ikari
76Janta Jagrti Inter College Ikri R. No. 2882Ikari
77Prathmik Vidhalya Ikri R. No. 1980Ikari
78Prathmik Vidhalya Ikri R. No. 2768Ikari
79Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Pathuli R. No. 1877Pathauli
80Prathmik Vidhalya Pathuli R. No. 11019Ikari
81Prathmik Vidhalya Pathuli R. No. 2725Pathauli
82Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Karnawal R. No. 1882Karnawal (NP)
83Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Karnawal R. No. 2549Karnawal (NP)
84Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Karnawal R. No. 3910Karnawal (NP)
85Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Karnawal R. No. 4586Karnawal (NP)
86Prathmik Vidhalya No. 4 Karnawal747Karnawal (NP)
87Prathmik Vidhalya No. 3 Karnawal R. No. 1792Karnawal (NP)
88Prathmik Vidhalya No. 3 Karnawal R. No. 2685Karnawal (NP)
89Prathmik Vidhalya No. 5 Karnawal882Karnawal (NP)
90Prathmik Vidhalya No. 2 Karnawal R. No. 1848Karnawal (NP)
91Prathmik Vidhalya No. 2 Karnawal R. No. 2975Karnawal (NP)
92Naveen Prathmik Vidhalya Mena Puthi R. No.1678Mainaputhi
93Naveen Prathmik Vidhalya Mena Puthi R. No.21265Mainaputhi
94Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Harra1059Harar
95Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Harra1349Harar
96Prathmik Vidyalya Atirikta Kaksha Harra823Harar
97Choudhary Bashir Khan Inter College Harra R. No. 1748Harar
98Choudhary Bashir Khan Inter College Harra R. No. 21200Harar
99Choudhary Bashir Khan Inter College Harra R. No. 31401Harar
100Choudhary Bashir Khan Inter College Harra R. No. 41326Harar
101Prathmik Vidhalya Khedi Kalan722Kheri Kalan
102Prathmik Vidhalya Khiwai R. No. 11252Khiwai
103Prathmik Vidhalya Khiwai R. No. 21450Khiwai
104Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 Khiwai R. No. 11213Khiwai
105Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 Khiwai R. No. 21417Khiwai
106Ucch Prathmik Vidhalyaa Khiwai R. Np. 11123Khiwai
107Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Khiwai R. No.21062Khiwai
108Deepchand Nath Junior High School Khiwai R. No. 1810Khiwai
109Deepchand Nath Junior High School Khiwai R. No. 21104Khiwai
110Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Kaleena1027Kalina
111Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Kaleena950Kalina
112Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Narangpur814Narangpur
113Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Narangpur867Narangpur
114Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Narangpur570Narangpur
115Prathmik Vidhalya Hasanpur Rajapur1191Hasanpur Razapur
116Bharat Sewak Samaj Mejar Asharam Tyagi Smark Kanya High School R. No.1 Kathwari894Kaithwari
117Bharat Sewak Samaj Mejar Asharam Tyagi Smark Kanya High School R. No.2 Kathwari779Kaithwari
118Bharat Sewak Samaj Mejar Asharam Tyagi Smark Kanya High School R. No.3 Kathwari881Kaithwari
119Prathmik Vidhalya Jataula629Jataula
120Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 Kinauni1127Kanauni
121Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Kinauni981Kanauni
122Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2Kinauni908Kanauni
123Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Rasulpur Jahid639Rasulpur Zahid
124Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Rasulpur Jahid811Rasulpur Zahid
125Prathmik Vidhalya Uksiya770Ukasia
126Prathmik Vidhalya Thirot973Thirot
127Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Kalyanpur718Kalyan Pur
128Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Kalyanpur772Kalyan Pur
129Prathmik Vidhalya Aalamgirpur1111Alamgir Pur
130Prathmik Vidhalya Ukhlina1222Ukhleena
131Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Dalampur Urf Dhilora891Dalampur
132Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Dalampur Urf Dhilora1040Dalampur
133Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Chindauri Khas1144Chindori Khas
134Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Chindauri Khas1234Chindori Khas
135Prathmik Vidhalya Chidauri Patti Dalu606Chindori Patti Dalu
136Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Bhadura853Bhadaura
137Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Bhadura838Bhadaura
138Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Bhadaura731Bhadaura
139Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.1 Meerpur787Mirpur
140Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.2 Meerpur846Mirpur
141Prathmik Vidhalya Lahaurgarh350Lahaurgarh
142Prathmik Vidhalya Banwaripur560Banwaripur
143Prathmik Vidhalya Mirjapur948Mirzapur
144Prathmik Vidhalya Damgarhi442Narangpur
145Jatav Chopal R. No. 1 Rasna Mohd. Akbarpur628Rasna Mohammadpur Akbarpur
146Jatav Chopal R. No. 2 Rasna Mohd. Akbarpur672Rasna Mohammadpur Akbarpur
147Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Rasna Mohd. Akbarpur965Rasna Mohammadpur Akbarpur
148Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Rasna Mohd. Akbarpur612Rasna Mohammadpur Akbarpur
149Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Rampur Moti1137Rampur Moti
150Prathmik Vidhalya Durjanpur611Durjanpur
151Prathmik Vidhalya Fatehpur362Fatehpur
152Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Badam766Baram
153Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Badam674Baram
154Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Badam651Baram
155Prathmik Vidhalya Khawajampur Majra782Khwajampur Majra
156Khand Vikas Karyalya R. No. 1 Rasulpur Rohta970Rasulpur Rohta
157Khand Vikas Karyalya R. No. 2 Rasulpur Rohta1169Rasulpur Rohta
158Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 R. No. 1 Rasulpur Rohta1318Rasulpur Rohta
159Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 R. No. 2 Rasulpur Rohta1046Rasulpur Rohta
160Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R.No.1 Rasulpur Rohta1165Rasulpur Rohta
161Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.2 Rasulpur Rohta1103Rasulpur Rohta
162Prathmik Vidhalya Rasulpur Madhi1302Rasulpur Marhi
163Prathmik Vidhalya No. 2 Bhola976Bohla
164Prathmik Vidhalya No.1 R. No.1 Bhola937Bohla
165Prathmik Vidhalya No.1 R. No.2 Bhola823Bohla
166Prathmik Vidhalya Shekhpuri1095Shekhpuri
167Prathmik Vidhalya Idrishpur1256Idris Pur
168Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.1 Pepla777Pepla
169Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.2 Pepla801Pepla
170Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.1 Shahpur Jainpur973Shahpur Jainpur
171Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.2 Shahpur Jainpur944Shahpur Jainpur
172Prathmik Vidhalya Aajampur984Azampur
173Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 R. No.1 Puthkhas948Puth Khas
174Prathmik Vidhalya No.1 R.. No. 2 Puthkhas854N/A
175M.P.M. Junior High School R. No. 1 Puthkhas1153Puth Khas
176M.P.M. Junior High School R. No. 2 Puthkhas917Puth Khas
177Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Salahpur1049Salahpur
178Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.2 Salahpur884Salahpur
179Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.1 Jatpura849Jatpura
180Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.2 Jatpura750Jatpura
181Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.1 Dungar889Dungar
182Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.2 Dungar924Dungar
183Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 R. No.1 Janjokhar879Janjokhar
184Prathmik Vidhalya No.2 R. No.2 Janjokhar663Janjokhar
185Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 Janjokhar1216Janjokhar
186Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Jangethi1143Jangethi
187Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Jangethi835Jangethi
188Prathmik Vidhalya No. 1 (Ucch Prathmik Vidhyalay Ke Pass) Jangethi1112Jangethi
189Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Govindpur Urf Ghsauli1314Arnawali
190Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Govindpur Urf Ghasauli939Govindpur Urf Ghasauli
191Kanya Prathmik Vidhalya Arnawli1078Arnawali
192Prathmik Vidhalya Arnawali759Arnawali
193Prathmik Vidhalya Dilawra467Dilwara
194Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Singhawali1265Sindhawali (CT)
195Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Singhawali1065Sindhawali (CT)
196Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Afjalpur Pawti791Afzalpur Pawati
197Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Afjalpur Pawti706Afzalpur Pawati
198Sarvodya Inter College R. No. 1 Panchli Khurd1137Panchli Khurd
199Sarvodya Inter College R. No. 2 Panchli Khurd604Panchli Khurd
200Sarvodya Inter College R. No. 3 Panchli Khurd966Panchli Khurd
201Sarvodya Inter College R. No. 4 Panchli Khurd674Panchli Khurd
202Prathmik Vidhalya No.1 R. No.1 Panchali Khurd894Panchli Khurd
203Prathmik Vidhalya No.1 R. No. 2 Panchali Khurd605Panchli Khurd
204Anusuchit Jati Chaupal Kitholi826Kitholi
205Prathmik Vidhalya Kitholi1412Kitholi
206Prathmik Vidhalya Jamalpur Majra824Jamalpur Majra
207Prathmik Vidhalya R.No.1 Sisaula Bujurg1229Sisola Buzurg
208Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.2 Sisaula Bujurg1043Sisola Buzurg
209Prathmik Vidhalya Khedki Mujakkipur579Kherki Muzakkipur
210Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Sisaula Khurd927Sisola Khurd
211Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Siisaula Khurd661Sisola Khurd
212Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Satwai1103Satwai
213Prathmik Vidhalya R. No 2 Satwai1162Satwai
214Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Amanullapur830Amanullapur
215Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Amanullapur710Amanullapur
216Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Dhadra781Dhadra
217Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Dhadra655Dhadra
218Anusuchit Jati Chaupal Dhadra769Dhadra
219Panchayat Ghar Dhadra738Dhadra
220Prathmik Vidhalya Chobla990Chobla
221Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Tikri990Tikri
222Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Tikri961Tikri
223Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Nek709Nek
224Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Nek760Nek
225Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 3 Nek1018Nek
226Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Bharampur Khas878Bahrampur Khas
227Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Bharampur Khas1235Bahrampur Khas
228Prathmik Vidhalya Nandpura (Panchgarhi) Majra861Nandpura
229Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Bharampur Morna721Bahrampur Morna
230Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Bharampur Morna701Bahrampur Morna
231Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Mohd. Pur Dhumi1130Mohdpur Dhumi
232Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.2 Mohd. Pur Dhumi1082Mohdpur Dhumi
233Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Rawa986Rawa
234Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Rawa604Rawa
235Vaishya Dhramshala R. No.1 Dhilora1031Dhilaura
236Vaishya Dhramshala R. No.2 Dhilora1164Dhilaura
237Prathmik Vidhalya Raghunatpur857Raghunathpur
238Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Timakiya788Timakia
239Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Timakya676Timakia
240Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.1 Kurali909Kurali
241Prathmik Vidhyalya R.No. 2 Kurali747Kurali
242Prathmik Vidhyalya R.No. 3 Kurali749Kurali
243Ucch Prathmik Vidhyalya R.No. 1 Kurali781Kurali
244Ucch Prathmik Vidhyalya R.No.2 Kurali794Kurali
245Ucch Prathmik Vidhyalya R.No.3 Kurali687Kurali
246Prathmik Vidhalya Mehpa821Mehpa
247Prathmik Vidhalya Meerpur Jakhera1373Mirpur Jakhera
248Panchayat Ghar Nanu Fatehpur766Nanu Fatahpur
249Vaishya Dhramshala Rasulpur Dholdi1369Rasulpur Dhaulri
250Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R.No.1 Rasulpur Dholdi1149Rasulpur Dhaulri
251Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Rasulpur Dholdi1102Rasulpur Dhaulri
252Gandi Azad Memorial Junior High School R. No. 1 Rasulpur Dholdi1253Rasulpur Dhaulri
253Gandi Azad Memorial Junior High School R. No. 2 Rasulpur Dholdi1237Rasulpur Dhaulri
254Prathmik Vidhalya Rasulpur Dholdi1138Rasulpur Dhaulri
255Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Bhavi1321Bhavi
256Prathmik Vidhalya Basa Tikri533Basatikri
257Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No.1 Khanpur1173Khanpur
258Ucch Prathmik Vidhyalya R.No.2 Khanpur900Khanpur
259Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R.No.1 Khanpur892Khanpur
260Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Khanpur986Khanpur
261Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 1 Lehrra766Laharra
262Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Lehrra732Laharra
263Ucch Prathmik Vidhyalya R.No.1 Kishori668Kishori
264Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya R. No. 2 Kishori970Kishori
265Prathmik Vidhalya Johra605N/A
266Prathmik Vidhalya Salehnagar935N/A
267Prathmik Vidhalya Faijabad Panchgaun637Faizabad Pachgaon
268Prathmik Vidhalya Pastra614Pastra
269Prathmik Vidhalya Mujakkipur748Muzakkipur
270Prathmik Vidhalya Shipura493Shipura
271Sant Miachel High School R . No. 1 Siwalkhas1307Sewalkhas (NP)
272Sant Miachel High School R . No. 2 Siwalkhas1243Sewalkhas (NP)
273Sant Miachel High School R . No. 3 Siwalkhas994Sewalkhas (NP)
274Sant Miachel High School R . No. 4 Siwalkhas1062Sewalkhas (NP)
275Sant Miachel High School R . No. 5 Siwalkhas541Sewalkhas (NP)
276Siwal High School R. No. 1 Siwalkhas773Sewalkhas (NP)
277Siwal High School R. No. 2 Siwalkhas871Sewalkhas (NP)
278Siwal High School R. No. 3 Siwalkhas1166Sewalkhas (NP)
279Siwal High School R. No. 4 Siwalkhas1329Sewalkhas (NP)
280Lokpriya Janta Inter College R. No. 1 Siwalkhas1347Sewalkhas (NP)
281Lokpriya Janta Inter College R. No. 2 Siwalkhas471Sewalkhas (NP)
282Lokpriya Janta Inter College R. No. 3 Siwalkhas1323Sewalkhas (NP)
283Lokpriya Janta Inter College R. No. 4 Siwalkhas602Sewalkhas (NP)
284Prathmik Vidhalya Nanglakumbha702Nagla Kumbha
285Ucch Prathmik Vidhalya Jani Bujurg1183Jani Buzurg
286Prathmik Vidhalya Urdu Jani Bujurg1178Jani Buzurg
287Islamiyan School Jani Bujurg1402Jani Buzurg
288C. L. M. Inter College R. No.1 Jani Khurd1338Jani Khurd
289C. L. M. Inter College R. No. 2 Jani Khurd1315Jani Khurd
290Khand Vikas Karyalaya R.No.1 Jani Khurd906Jani Khurd
291Khand Vikas Karyalaya R.No.2 Jani Khurd662Jani Khurd
292Khand Vikas Karyalaya R.No.3Jani Khurd1383Jani Khurd
293Prathmik Vidhaylaya R.No.1 Bafar890Bafar
294Prathmik Vidhalaya R.No.2 Bafar759Bafar
295Prathmik Vidhalaya Puthri1320Puthri
296Prathmik Vidhalaya Chaundora667Chandora
297Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Gejha1040Gejha
298Prathmik Vidhalya Room No.2 Gejha1238Gejha
299Prathmik Vidhalya Aghera933Ahara
300Prathmik Vidhalya Room No.1 Kazmabad Gaun1044Kazamabadgoon
301Prathmik Vidhalya Room No.2 Kazmabad Gaun1232Kazamabadgoon
302Prathmik Vidhalya Room No.3 Kazmabad Gaun883Kazamabadgoon
303Ambedkar Bhawan Ghat998Ghat
304Prathmik Vidhalaya Room No.1 Ghat942Ghat
305Prathmik Vidhalya Room No.2 Ghat976Ghat
306Prathmik Vidhalya Sohraka612Soharka
307Prathmik Vidhalaya Anjauli655Soharka
308Inter College R.No.1 Kalanjari1196Kalanjari
309Inter College R.No.2 Kalanjari1367Kalanjari
310Prathmik Vidhalya R.No.1 Dindala819Dhindala
311Prathmik Vidhalya Room No.2 Dindala817Dhindala
312Prathmik Vidhalya Dimauli1311Dimoli

Last Updated on November 15, 2014