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Polling Booth in Sikandrabad Assembly Constituency

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Sikandrabad Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sikandrabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sikandrabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Akbarpur Jhojha Primary School R.N.-1990Akbarpur Jhojha
2Akbarpur Jhojha Primary School R.N.-2891Akbarpur Jhojha
3Faijabad Ridhawali Primary School320Faijabad Redhawali
4Aichana Muslim School1300Anchana
5Utsara Primary School1157Utsara
6Barmand Nagar Primary School R.N.-11005Baharmand Nagar
7Barmandnagar Primary School R.N.-21174Baharmand Nagar
8Girdharpur Navada Primary School1131Girdharpur Nabada
9Khandvadahar Primary School814Girdharpur Nabada
10Samkaula Primary School792Samkola
11Samkaula Junior High School784Samkola
12Baghwala Junior High School R.N.-11113Bagwala
13Baghwala Junior High School R.N.-2969Bagwala
14Mahavatpur Garhi Primary School490Mahayatpur Garhi
15Nayavas Primary School799Mahayatpur Garhi
16Saidpur Khurrampur Primary School821Saidpur Khurampur
17Noorpur Primary School750Senta
18Bilayat Nagar Primary School702Senta
19Sainta Primary School1353Senta
20Chharavat Primary School R.N.-1873Chhapravat
21Chhapravat Primary School R.N.-2743Chhapravat
22Chhapravat Junior High School1007Chhapravat
23Khushalpur Primary School R.N.-11004Khushhal Pur
24Khushalpur Primary School R.N.-2835Khushhal Pur
25Khushalpur Primary School R.N.-3751Khushhal Pur
26Rasoopur Primary School794Mohamdabad
27Mahouli Primary School1355Maholi
28Ashafabad Chandpur Primary School R.N.-11183Asfabad Chandpura
29Ashafabad Chandpura Primary Schoo. R.N.-21289Asfabad Chandpura
30Baral Prem Inter College R.N.-11220Baral
31Baral Prem Inter College R.N.-21457Baral
32Baral Prem Inter College R.N.-31483Baral
33Baral Prem Inter College R.N.-41252Baral
34Kaithala Primary School R.N.-1713Khithala
35Kaithala Primary School R.N.-2760Khithala
36Harchana Junior High School R.N.-1863Harchana
37Harchana Junior High School R.N.-2946Harchana
38Auledha Primary School R.N.-11404Olendha
39Auledha Primary School R. N.-21246Olendha
40Chidawak Primary School R.N.-1808Chirawak
41Chidawk Primary School R. N. -2779Chirawak
42Chidawak Primary School R. N. -31031Chirawak
43Sagda Primary School478Sengra
44Makhdoom Nagar Urf Mitthepur Primary School R.N.-11073Makhadumnagar Urf Mithapur
45Makhdoom Nagar Urf Mitthepur Primary School R.N.-21319Makhadumnagar Urf Mithapur
46Bhamra Primary School R. N.-11336Bhamra
47Bhamar Primary School R.N.-21058Bhamra
48Devnagar Urf Devli Primary School1284Dohali
49Gulaothi D. N. Inter College New Bhawan R.N.-1812Gulaothi (NPP)
50Gulaothi D.N Inter College New Bhawan R.N.-2825Gulaothi (NPP)
51Gulaothi D.N. Inter College New Bhawan R.N.-3788Gulaothi (NPP)
52Gulaothi D.N. Inter College New Bhawan R.N.-4750Gulaothi (NPP)
53Gulaothi D.N. Inter College New Bhawan R.N.-51322Gulaothi (NPP)
54Gulaothi D.N. Inter College Old Bhawan R.N.-6999Gulaothi (NPP)
55Gulaothi D.N. Inter College Old Bhawan R.N.-71458Gulaothi (NPP)
56Gulaothi D.N. Inter College Old Bhawan R.N.-8972Gulaothi (NPP)
57Gulaothi D.N. Inter College Old Bhawan R.N.-9697Gulaothi (NPP)
58Gulaothi D.N. Inter College Old Bhawan R.N.-101057Gulaothi (NPP)
59Gulaothi D.N. Inter College Old Bhawan R.N.-11536Gulaothi (NPP)
60Gulaothi D.N. Degree College R.N.-1785Gulaothi (NPP)
61Gulaothi D.N. Degree College R.N.-2778Gulaothi (NPP)
62Gulaothi D.N. Degree College R.N.-31468Gulaothi (NPP)
63Gulaothi D.N. Degree College R.N.-41410Gulaothi (NPP)
64Gulaothi D.N. Degree College R.N.-5973Gulaothi (NPP)
65Gulaothi Primary School Bhimnagar R.N.-11041Gulaothi (NPP)
66Gulaothi Primary School Bhimnagar R.N.-2799Gulaothi (NPP)
67Gulaothi Primary School Bhimnagar R.N.-3813Gulaothi (NPP)
68Gulaothi Mufeed-E-Aam Higher Sec School R.N.-11383Gulaothi (NPP)
69Gulaothi Mufeed-E-Aam Higher Sec School R.N.-2910Gulaothi (NPP)
70Gulaothi Mufeed-E-Aam Higher Sec School R.N.-3847Gulaothi (NPP)
71Gulaothi Mufeed-E-Aam Higher Sec School R.N.-4887Gulaothi (NPP)
72Gulaothi Mufeed-E-Aam Higher Sec School Old Bhawan R.N.-51004Gulaothi (NPP)
73Gulathi Zila Parishadiya Junior High School R.N.-1601Gulaothi (NPP)
74Gulaothi Zila Parishadiya Junior High School R.N.-2905Gulaothi (NPP)
75Gulaothi Zila Parishadiya Junior High School R.N.-31409Gulaothi (NPP)
76Gulaothi Arya Kanya Inter College Easter Part R.N.-21207Gulaothi (NPP)
78Gulaothi Arya Kanya Inter College Easter Art R.N.-3912Gulaothi (NPP)
79Gulaothi Arya Kanya Inter College Easter Part R.N.-4823Gulaothi (NPP)
80Gulaothi Arya Kanya Inter College Weastern Part R.N.-51151Gulaothi (NPP)
81Gulaothi Arya Kanya Inter College Western Part R.N.-61176Gulaothi (NPP)
82Gulaothi Arya Kanya Inter College Western Part R.N.-7721Gulaothi (NPP)
83Gulaothi Arya Kanya Inter College Western Part R.N.-8834Gulaothi (NPP)
84Husainpur Primary School749Husenpur
85Kyampur Primary School308Khushhal Pur
86Sohanpur Primary School1270Sohanpur
87Bhogpur Primary School565Bhogpur
88Bhatauna Primary School R.N.-11314Bhatona
89Bhatauna Primary School R.N.-21194Bhatona
90Bhatauna Ch. Charan Singh Inter College R.N.-11110Bhatona
91Bhatauna Ch. Charan Singh Inter College R.N.-21110Bhatona
92Jiravati Primary School712Jirawathi
93Bisaech Primary School964Bishaich
94Kota Primary School R.N.-11280Kota
95Kota Primary School R.N.-2778Kota
96Kurli Primary School R.N.-11200Kurli
97Kurli Primary School R.N.-21189Kurli
98Aurangabad Primary School R.N.-11213Aurangabad
99Aurngabad Primary School R.N.-2705Aurangabad
100Gesupur Kanya Pathshahla R.N.-1877Gesupur
101Gesupur Kanya Pathshala R.N.-2819Gesupur
102Gesupur Mahatma Gandhi Inter College R.N.-11258Gesupur
103Gesupur Mahatma Gandhi Inter College R.N.-21193Gesupur
104Gesupur Mahatma Gandhi Inter College R.N.-3416Gesupur
105Gesupur Mahatma Gandhi Inter College R.N.-4287Gesupur
106Molabad Mazra Gesupur Primary School750Gesupur
107Agwana Primary School458Agwana
108Sanota Shri Krishna Inter College R.N.-11302Sanota
109Sanota Shri Krishna Inter College R.N.-2767Sanota
110Bharana Swami Anantanand Inter College R.N.-11175Bharana
111Bharana Swami Anantanand Inter College R.N.-21055Bharana
112Lathor Primary School421Lauthor
113Muradabad Primary School1406Muradabad
114Peer Biyavani Primary School1182Piriyabani
115Gazivirupur Primary School1142Ghazipur
116Bainipur Primary School1080Benipur
117Ladlavas Primary School782Mohana
118Muhana Dayanand Chobisa Kanya Inter College R.N.-11127Mohana
119Muhana Dayanand Chobisa Kanya Inter College R.N.-2870Mohana
120Isepur Primary School R.N.-1795Mohana
121Isepur Primary School R.N.-21008Mohana
122Pitobas Primary School763Pitowas
123Manovas Primary School757Manowas
124Fakana Primary School1137Fakana
125Dadupur Neela Primary School1472Dadupur Neela
126Ritoli Primary School1245Ritoli
127Nagla Kala Primary School818Nagla Kala
128Ismailpur Primary School R.N.-21260Ismailpur
130Shahpani Primary School1494Shahapani
131Hasanpur Fakruddinpur Urf Nai Basti Primary School500Husenpur Fakhruddinpur
132Mohammadpur Kalan Primary School R.N.-1861Mohammadpur Kala
133Mohammadpur Kalan Primary School R.N.-2959Mohammadpur Kala
134Veerkhera Inter College R.N.-11024Bhonkhera
135Veerkhera Inter College R.N.-21263Bhonkhera
136Pilkhanwali Primary School R.N.-11236Pilakhanwali
137Pilkhanwali Primary School R.N.-21134Pilakhanwali
138Bilsuri Shyam Singh Inter College R.N.-1768Bilsuri
139Bilsuri Shyam Singh Inter College R.N.-2832Bilsuri
140Bilsuri Shyam Singh Inter College R.N.-31086Bilsuri
141Bilsuri Shyam Singh Inter College R.N.-4866Bilsuri
142Lalpur Primary School551Lalpur
143Gendpur Shekhpur Primary School1127Gendpurshaikhpur
144Sirondhan Adarsh Vidhyalya R.N.-11460Srodhan
145Sirondhan Adarsh Vidhyalya R.N.-21485Srodhan
146Bhatpura Junior High School937Bhatpura
147Bhatpura Primary School349Bhatpura
148Khaguavas Primary School883Khaguwa Was
150Mandwara Junior High School R.N.-21149Mandawarah
151Mandwara Junior High School R.N.-3310Sikandrabad Rural
152Mandwara Junior High School R.N.-4403Sikandrabad Rural
153Kanwara Ucch Primary Vidhyalya1432Kanwara
154Jeetgarhi Primary School698Kanwara
155Nandgarhi Primary School206Kanwara
156Kishanpur Primary School508Kishanpur
157Rajarampur Primary School785Rajarampur
158Gopalpur Primary School709Gopalpur
159Tilmadhiya Primary School429Tilbegumpur
160Tilbegampur Primary School R.N.-1923Tilbegumpur
161Tilbegampur Primary School R.N.-2858Tilbegumpur
162Tilbegampur Junior Highschool R.N.-1938Tilbegumpur
163Tilbegampur Junior Highschool R.N.-2694Tilbegumpur
164Tildery Mazra Tilbegampur Primary School712Tilbegumpur
165Sherpur Primary School1176Sherpur
166Jokhabad Primary School566Jokhabad
167Sanwali Primary School1372Sanwali
168Hirdyapur Primary School1039Hirdeypur
169Salempur Kayasth Primary School R.N.-1891Salempur Kayasth
170Salempur Kayasth Primary School R.N.-2851Salempur Kayasth
171Andhel Primary School1012Andhel
172Hasanpur Jagir Primary School R.N.-1808Hasanpur Jagir
173Hasanpur Jagir Primary School R.N.-2769Hasanpur Jagir
174Biswana Primary School R.N.-1399Biswanah
175Biswana Primary School R.N.-2585Babiya
176Kherpur Til Primary School819Kherpur Tila
177Faridpur Primary School R.N.-11048Faridpur
178Faridpur Primary School R.N.-21383Faridpur
179M.S Inter College Sikandrabad R.N.-11209Sikandrabad (NPP)
180M.S. Inter College Sikandrabad R.N.-21023Sikandrabad (NPP)
181M.S Inter College Sikandrabad R.N.-3700Sikandrabad (NPP)
182M.S. Inter College Sikandrabad R.N.-41066Sikandrabad (NPP)
183M.S. Inter College Sikandrabad R.N.-5607Sikandrabad (NPP)
184M.S. Inter College Sikandrabad R.N.-6469Sikandrabad (NPP)
185J.S. Degree College Sikandrabad Uttri Bhag R.N.-1802Sikandrabad (NPP)
186J.S. Degree College Sikandrabad Uttri Bhag R.N.-2728Sikandrabad (NPP)
187J.S. Degree College Uttri Bhag R.N.-3690Sikandrabad (NPP)
188J.S. Degree College Uttri Bhag R.N.-41061Sikandrabad (NPP)
189J.S. Degree College Uttri Bhag R.N.-5896Sikandrabad (NPP)
190J.S. Degree College Sikandrabad South Part R.N.-11918Sikandrabad (NPP)
191J.S. Degree College Sikandrabad South Part R.N.-12815Sikandrabad (NPP)
192Swami Dayal Putri Inter College Sikandrabad R.N.-11438Sikandrabad (NPP)
193Swami Dayal Putri Inter College Sikandrabad R.N.-31036Sikandrabad (NPP)
194Swami Dayal Putri Inter College R.N.-41394Sikandrabad (NPP)
195Jain Inter College Sikandrabad Uttri Bhag R.N.-1853Sikandrabad (NPP)
196Jain Inter College Sikandrabad Uttri Bhag R.N.-51032Sikandrabad (NPP)
197Jain Inter College Sikandrabad Uttri Bhag R.N.-21448Sikandrabad (NPP)
198Jain Inter Colleg Sikandrabad Uttri Bhag R.N.-3632Sikandrabad (NPP)
199Jain Inter College Sikandrabad Uttri Bhag R.N.-9951Sikandrabad (NPP)
200Jain Inter College Sikandrabad Uttri Bhag R.N.-4954Sikandrabad (NPP)
201Jain Inter College Sikandrabad South Part R.N.-6649Sikandrabad (NPP)
202Jain Inter College Sikandrabad South Part R.N.-7875Sikandrabad (NPP)
203Jain Inter College Sikandrabad South Part R.N.-10683Sikandrabad (NPP)
204Jain Inter College Sikandrabad South Part R.N.-81007Sikandrabad (NPP)
205Nagar Palika Karyalya Sikandrabad R.N.-11217Sikandrabad (NPP)
206Nagar Palika Karyalya Sikandrabad R.N.-2390Sikandrabad (NPP)
207Nagar Palika Karyalya Sikandrabad R.N.-3554Sikandrabad (NPP)
208Nagar Palika Karyalya Sikandrabad R.N.-4703Sikandrabad (NPP)
209D.D. Kabadi Girls Inter College Sikandrabad R.N.-1554Sikandrabad (NPP)
210D.D Kabadi Girls Inter College R.N.-2461Sikandrabad (NPP)
211Nagar Palika Junior Highschool Sikandrabad R.N.-1999Sikandrabad (NPP)
212Nagar Palika Junior High School R.N.-21055Sikandrabad (NPP)
213Nagar Palika Junior High School R.N.-31226Sikandrabad (NPP)
214Nagar Palika Junior Highschool R.N.-41034Sikandrabad (NPP)
215Sikandrabad Primary Pathshala N.-12 Bhatiyawara R.N.-11000Sikandrabad (NPP)
216Sikandrabad Primary Pathshala N.-12 Bhatiyawara R.N.-2565Sikandrabad (NPP)
217Nagar Palika Primary School N.-1 R.N.-11108Sikandrabad (NPP)
218Nagar Palika Primary School N.-1 R.N.-21045Sikandrabad (NPP)
219Nagar Palika Primary School N.-9 R.N.-11074Sikandrabad (NPP)
220Nagar Palika Primary School N.-9 R.N.-2590Sikandrabad (NPP)
221Nagar Palika Primary School N.-9 R.N.-3993Sikandrabad (NPP)
222Nagar Palika Primary School N.-9 R.N.-4977Sikandrabad (NPP)
223Nagar Palika Primary School N.-9 R.N.-51382Sikandrabad (NPP)
224Nagar Palika Balika Junior High School Sikandrabad R.N.-1883Sikandrabad (NPP)
225Nagar Palika Balika Junior High School Sikandrabad R.N.-2586Sikandrabad (NPP)
226Sikadnrabad Agresen Inter College Mukhya Bhawan R.N.-31035Sikandrabad (NPP)
227Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Mukhya Bhawan R.N.-4292Sikandrabad (NPP)
228Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Mukhya Bhawan R.N.-12808Sikandrabad (NPP)
229Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Mukhya Bhawan R.N.-131067Sikandrabad (NPP)
230Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Mukhya Bhawan R.N.-14706Sikandrabad (NPP)
231Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College New Bhawan R.N.-341068Sikandrabad (NPP)
232Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College New Bhawan R.N.-36905Sikandrabad (NPP)
233Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Naya Bhawan R.N.-37852Sikandrabad (NPP)
234Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Naya Bhawan R.N.-35857Sikandrabad (NPP)
235Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Tanki Wala Bhawan R.N. 26849Sikandrabad (NPP)
236Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Tanki Wala Bhawan R.N. 27914Sikandrabad (NPP)
237Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Tanki Wala Bhawan R.N. 281070Sikandrabad (NPP)
238Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Tanki Wala Bhawan R.N. 29305Sikandrabad (NPP)
239Sikandrabad Agresen Inter College Tanki Wala Bhawan R.N. 301281Sikandrabad (NPP)
240Naya Gaon Primary School R.N. 11300Sikandrabad Rural
241Naya Gaon Primary School R.N. 2473Sikandrabad Rural
242Sukhlalpur Primary School575Sikandrabad Rural
243Gafurgarhi Primary School858Sikandrabad Rural
244Mukandgarhi Primary School490Sikandrabad Rural
245Sikandrabad Khand Vikas Karyalya R.N. 11228Sikandrabad Rural
246Sikandrabad Khand Vikas Karyalya R.N 2634Sikandrabad Rural
247Sikandrabad Khand Vikas Karyalya R.N. 31249Sikandrabad Rural
248Sikandrabad Khand Vikas Karyalya R.N. 41340Sikandrabad Rural
249Sikandrabad Khand Vikas Karyalya R.N. 51257Sikandrabad Rural
250Sikandrabad Khand Vikas Karyalya R.N. 61471Sikandrabad Rural
251Sikandrabad Nagar Palika Primary Kanya Pathshala R.N. 1856Sikandrabad Rural
252Sikandrabad Nagar Palika Primary Kanya Pathshala R.N. 2779Sikandrabad Rural
253Sikandrabad Nagar Palika Primary Kanya Pathshala R.N. 31169Sikandrabad Rural
254Nizampur Primary School R.N. 1797Nijampur
255Nizampur Primary School R.N. 2810Nijampur
256Mehtabnagar Primary School623Mahtab Nagar
257Masota Primary School1392Masauta
258Mahepa Jagir Primary School R.N. 1816Mahepa Jagir
259Mahepa Jagir Primary School R.N. 21479Mahepa Jagir
260Bhonkhera Primary School789Bhonkhera
261Malhpur Primary School424Malhpur
262Joli Primary School R.N. 1901Jauli
263Joli Primary School R.N. 2845Jauli
264Butena Primary School1056Butena
265Prangarh Primary School R.N. 1594Ashadei Urf Prangarh
266Prangarh Priamry School R.N. 21246Ashadei Urf Prangarh
267Hameedpur Primary School769Hamidpur
268Junedpur Primary School1062Junedpur
269Saray Dulha Primary School971Saraidulha
270Saray Jagannath Primary School618Saraijagannath
271Adha Primary School R.N. 1927Dhanaura
272Adha Primary School R.N. 21021Dhanaura
273Chanderu Junior High School R.N. 11210Chandaru
274Chanderu Junior High School R.N. 2563Chandaru
275Chanderu Junior High School R.N. 31174Chandaru
276Inayatgarhi Primary School558Chandaru
277Saray Ghasi Maghanand Inter College R.N. 1879Saraighasi
278Sara Ghasi Maghanand Inter College R.N. 2849Saraighasi
279Saray Ghasi Maghanand Inter College R.N. 3781Saraighasi
280Chandrawali Primary School R.N. 1901Chandrawali
281Chandrawali Primary School R.N. 2748Chandrawali
282Bhatola Primary School904Bhatola
283Bodha Primary School977Barodah
284Talabpur Urf Kanakpur Primary School1229Tilbegumpur
285Luhakar Primary School454Luhakar
286Nangla Baroda Primary School612Naglabarodah
287Baroda Karan Singh Hayer Sec School R.N. 1841Barodah
288Baroda Karan Singh Hayer Sec School R.N. 21007Barodah
289Firozpur Primary School392Barodah
290Jahidpur Primary School R.N. 1455Zahidpur
291Jahidpur Primary School R.N. 21124Zahidpur
292Dulhera Primary School979Dulehra
294Aliyabad Primary School404Aliabad
295Vair Badshahpur Ashu Bhati Inter College R.N. 11475Vairbadshahpur
296Vair Badshahpur Asu Bhati Inter College R.N. 21453Vairbadshahpur
297Vair Badshahpur Asu Bhati Inter College R.N. 3649Vairbadshahpur
298Badshahpur Primary School768Vairbadshahpur
299Bhora Kisan Sewa Sehkari Samiti R.N. 1774Bhanvra
300Bhora Kisan Seva Sehakari Samiti R.N. 21392Bhanvra
301Roni Urf Saloni Primary School961Saloni Urf Rauni
302Makrandpur Urf Fatahpur Primary School709Makrandpur Urf Fatehpur
303Hirnoti Primary School1405Hirnoti
304Aloda Jagir Primary School1325Alauda Jagir
305Gadana Primary School1147Gadhana
306Araniya Kamalpur Primary School538Arniya Kamalpur
307Mohammadpur Kehari Primary School519Mohammadpur Kehri
308Hasanpur Baksua Primary School869Hasanpur Baksua
309Sunpera Junior Highschool R.N. 11150Sunpeda
310Sunpera Junior Highschool R.N. 2721Sunpeda
311Ajampur Husainpur Junior Highschool1017Azampur Husainpur
312Alipura Primary School559Alipura
313Amipur Bangar Primary School886Amipur Bangar
314Vailana Primary School R.N. 1984Bailana
315Vailana Primary School R.N. 2841Bailana
316Ravani Burj Primary School591Rawani Burz
317Choki Primary School799Chauki
318Khwajpur Aminabad Urf Fakirgarhi Primary School613Khwajapur Aminabad Urf Fakigar
319Jaitpur Primary School623Jaitpur
320Jhajhar Tarachand Chaturvedi Inter College R.N. 11098Jhajhar
321Jhajhar Tarachand Chaturvedi Inter College R.N. 2890Jhajhar
322Jhajhar Tarachand Chaturvedi Inter College R.N. 31472Jhajhar
323Jhajhar Primary School R.N. 11485Jhajhar
324Jhajhar Primary School R.N. 21304Jhajhar
325Inayatpur Hayer Secondary School1043Inayatpur
326Kutwaya Primary School418Kutwaya
327Subra Primary School837Subra
328Ajaynagar Urf Jafarpur Buhu Primary School690Ajay Nagar Urf Jafarpur Buh
329Kakore Inter College R.N. 1939Kakod (NP)
330Kakore Inter College R.N. 21051Kakod (NP)
331Kakore Inter College R.N. 31328Kakod (NP)
332Kakore Inter College R.N. 4784Kakod (NP)
333Kakore Primary School R.N. 11106Kakod (NP)
334Kakore Primary School R.N. 2604Kakod (NP)
335Kakore Beej Godam R.N. 1844Kakor
336Kakore Beej Godam R.N. 2815Kakor
337Saidampur Primary School647Kakor
338Bhopatpur Primary School863Kakor
339Salempur Jaat Primary School R.N. 1459Salempur Jaat
340Salempur Jaat Primary School R.N. 21255Salempur Jaat
341Nagla Govindpur Primary School986Nagla Govindpur
342Aronda Primary School1029Aroda
343Dhanora Inter College R.N. 11203Aroda
344Dhanora Inter College R.N. 21148Aroda
345Dhanora Inter College R.N. 3984Dhanaura
346Dhanora Inter College R.N. 4961Dhanaura
347Fatehpur Jadon Primary School826Aroda
348Nithari Junior Highschool R.N. 1590Nithari
349Nithari Junior Highschool R.N. 2660Nithari
350Rasulpur Rithori Primary School R.N. 11002Rasoolpur Rithauli
351Rasulpur Rithori Primary School R.N. 21333Rasoolpur Rithauli
352Shahpur Kalan Primary School689Shahpur Kalan
353Kondu Primary School1447Kaudu
354Virondi Tarpur Primary School R.N. 1769Birondi Tajpur
355Virondi Tarpur Primary School R.N. 2750Birondi Tajpur
356Virondi Foladpur Panchayat Ghar1044Birondi Fauladpur
357Navada Primary School744Nawada
358Dhamera Nara Primary School R.N. 1814Dhamera Nara
359Dhamera Nara Primary School R.N. 2989Dhamera Nara
360Agarai Primary School1167Agarai
361Roopwas Panchgai Primary School1222Rupbas Pachgai
362Chachoi Primary School1049Chachoi
363Bahoravas Primary School1023Bahorabas
364Chola Primary School R.N. 1884Chola
365Chola Primary School R.N. 2944Chola
366Banchawali Chunni Lal Inter College R.N. 1493Banchawali
368Jagatpur Urf Sultanpur Primary School1019Jagatpur Alias Sultanpur
369Khwaspur Primary School R.N. 1767Khawaspur
370Khwaspur Primary School R.N. 2841Khawaspur
371Gangrol Primary School R.N. 1712Gangraul
372Gangrol Primary School R.N. 21151Gangraul
373Nagla Vanshi Primary School911Gangraul
374Nagla Allahabad Primary School631Gangraul
375Sherpur Mazra Gangrol Primary School701Shekhpur Mazra Gangraul
376Daudpur Primary School611Daudpur
377Kadarpur Primary School416Kadarpur
378Khanpur Kisan Uchhtar Madhyamic Vidhyalya1260Khanpur
379Shekhpur Mam Primary School906Shekhpurmam

Last Updated on November 15, 2014