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Polling Booth in Shikarpur Assembly Constituency

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Shikarpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Shikarpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shikarpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bhaipur Primary School1422Bhaipur
2Hosiyarpur Urf Andhiyar Primary School R.No. 11374Hoshiyarpur Urf Adhiyar
3Hosiyarpur Urf Andhiyar Primary School R.No. 2625Hoshiyarpur Urf Adhiyar
4Rohillapur Urf Kharwa Primary School687Rohallapur/Kharva
5Pipera Primary School1032Pipehara
6Primary Pathshala -2 Katyawali R.No. 1838Katiyavali
7Primary Pathshala-2 Katyawali R.No. 2777Katiyavali
8Kisankhera Primary School1212Kishanpur Urf Kishan Khera
9Dhaturi Junior High School R.No. 1830Dhooturi
10Dhaturi Junior High School R.No. 2667Dhooturi
11Dhaturi Junior High School R.No. 3773Dhooturi
12Yaqoobpur Primary School R.No. 21097Yakubpur
14Belaut Primary School374Bailonth
15Ghunghrawali Banvaripur Primary School R.No. 11461Ghungravali Banvaripur
16Ghunghrawali Banvaripur Primary School R.No. 21288Ghungravali Banvaripur
17Mukeempur Primary School612Mukeempur
18Jatpura Inter College R.No.11259Jatpura
19Jatpura Inter College R.No.2559Jatpura
20Rasoolpur Primary School R.No.11025Rasulpur
21Rasoolpur Primary School R.No.21066Rasulpur
22Chitsaun Primary School R.No.1880Chitsaun
23Chitsaun Primary School R.No.2721Chitsaun
24Chitsaun Primary School R.No.31430Chitsaun
25Khairpur Primary School1176Khairpur
26Poothri Khurd Primary School903Poothri Khurd
27Hurthala Primary School R.No. 1932Hurthala
28Hurthala Primary School R.No. 2913Hurthala
29Morauni Primary School1264Morauni
30Surjawali Inter College891Surjawali
32Salempur Sarvodaya Inter College R.No. 2704Surjawali
34Salempur Sarvodaya Inter College R.No. 4748Salempur
35Salempur Sarvodaya Inter College R.No. 51337Chitsaun
36Bhainsroli Naseerpur Primary School R.No. 11136Bhansroli Nasirpur
37Bhainsroli Naseerpur Primary School R.No. 21048Bhansroli Nasirpur
38Rangpur Primary School R.No. 11319Rangpur
39Rangpur Primary School R.No. 21335Rangpur
40Mukehra Primary School1420Mukhara
41Rajpura Primary School914Rajpura
42Kailawan Primary School R.No. 1743Kaisawan
43Kailawan Primary School R.No. 2837Kaisawan
44Kailawan Indra Gandhi Inter College1359Kaisawan
45Azampur Dariyapur Primary School880Ajampur Dariyapur
46Parouli Primary School1077Poroli
47Anchru Kalan Primary School R.No. 11191Anchar Kalan
48Anchru Kalan Primary School R.No. 2543Anchar Kalan
49Anchru Khurd Primary School720Ancharu Khurd
50Halpura Primary School1157Halpura
51Bhatola Primary School West Room1155Bhataula
52Bhatola Primary School East Room950Bhataula
53Abdullapur Hulasan Primary School393Abdullapur Hulasan
54Karira Primary School R.No. 11132Karira
55Karira Primary School R.No. 2744Karira
56Fatahpur Khurd Primary School474Mohammadpur Ginauri
57Jalaluddinpur Ginouri Primary School689Jalaluddinpur Ginauri
58Baroda Junior High School R.No. 1811Baraula
59Baroda Junior High School R.No. 2796Baraula
60Sarawa Kisan Adarsh Vidhyalaya R.No. 1766Sarawa
61Sarawa Kisan Adarsh Vidhyalaya R.No. 2623Sarawa
62Sarawa Kisan Adarsh Vidhyalaya R.No. 3922Sarawa
63Rampura Primary School340Sarawa
64Khalasiya Primary School617Khalsiya
65Hirnout Primary School1031Hinnaut
66Asavari Primary School1436Asawari
67Faizullapur Ajnara Primary School R.No.1879Faizallapur Ajnara
68Faizullapur Ajnara Primary School R.No.2650Faizallapur Ajnara
69Jalalpur Karira Primary School1373Jalalpur Karira
70Tayyibpur Primary School1168Tayabpur
71Kutubpur Primary School1430Kutubpur
72Jakhouta Junior High School R.No. 1894Jakhauta
73Jakhouta Junior High School R.No. 2731Jakhauta
74Dalna Primary School1310Dhalna
75Lohra Primary School R.No.1800Lohra
76Lohra Primary School R.No.2719Lohra
77Aurngabad Chandouk Kalyankari Higher Secondary School R.No. 11288Aurangabad Chandok
78Aurngabad Chandouk Kalyankari Higher Secondary School R.No. 21192Aurangabad Chandok
79Aurngabad Chandok Primary School Near Old Temple1305Aurangabad Chandok
80Janipur Khurd Primary School204Janipur Khurd
81Razapur Primary School478Rajpura
82Surkhuru Primary School R.No.11032Surkharu
83Surkhuru Primary School R.No. 2779Surkharu
84Chakla Primary School1388Chakla
85Nagla Fattapu Primary School949Rasulpur Nagla Bichat
86Rivara Primary School R.No. 11307Riwara
87Rivara Primary School R.No. 21215Riwara
88Dhamni Primary School1177Riwara
89Sidhnagla Primary School1072Riwara
90Kalyanpur Primary School455Khailia Kalyanpur
91Asrfabad Urf Mund Nagal Primary School458Khailia Kalyanpur
92Nagla Jagat Primary School723Khailia Kalyanpur
93Kheliya Kalyanpur Primary School R.No.1976Khailia Kalyanpur
94Kheliya Kalyanpur Primary School R.No.21082Khailia Kalyanpur
95Mamou Primary School1246Mamau
96Darveshpur Primary School1314Derveshpur
97Shivnagar Urf Dhusri Primary School972Shivnagar Urf Dusari
98Jamalpur Primary School742Jamalpur
99Hatimpur Primary School500Hatampur
100Mustfabad Dadua D.S.J.K.Uchattr Madhyamik Vidhyalaya R.No. 1732Mustfabad Daduwa
101Mustfabad Dadua D.S.J.K.Uchattr Madhyamik Vidhyalaya R.No. 21185Mustfabad Daduwa
102Pahadpur Haveli Primary School1189Paharpur Haveli
103Ambedkar Nagar 951Shikarpur Rural
104Shekhupur Primary School396Shikarpur Rural
105Shikarpur Islamiya Primary School R.No. 11288Shikarpur (NPP)
106Shikarpur Islamiya Primary School R.No. 21229Shikarpur (NPP)
107Shikarpur D.A.P. Inter College R.No. 11292Shikarpur (NPP)
108Shikarpur D.A.P. Inter College R.No. 2845Shikarpur (NPP)
109Shikarpur D.A.P. Inter College R.No. 3693Shikarpur (NPP)
110Shikarpur D.A.P. Inter College R.No. 41202Shikarpur (NPP)
111Shikarpur D.A.P. Inter College R.No. 51437Shikarpur (NPP)
112Shikarpur National High School R.No. 11098Shikarpur (NPP)
113Shikarpur National High School R.No. 21254Shikarpur (NPP)
114Shikarpur National High School R.No.3883Shikarpur (NPP)
115Shikarpur National High School R.No. 41077Shikarpur (NPP)
116Shikarpur Government Girls Inter College R.No.11306Shikarpur (NPP)
117Shikarpur Government Girls Inter College R.No.21390Shikarpur (NPP)
118Shikarpur Government Girls Inter College R.No.3835Shikarpur (NPP)
119Shikarpur Government Girls Inter College R.No.41310Shikarpur (NPP)
120Shikarpur Government Girls Inter College R.No.5712Shikarpur (NPP)
121Shikarpur Gomatideviismarak School R.No. 1833Shikarpur (NPP)
122Shikarpur Gomatideviismarak School R.No. 2681Shikarpur (NPP)
123Shikarpur Gomatideviismarak School R.No. 3881Shikarpur (NPP)
124Shikarpur Gomatideviismarak School R.No. 4823Shikarpur (NPP)
125Shikarpur Shambhunath Inter College R.No. 1985Shikarpur (NPP)
126Shikarpur Shambhunath Inter College R.No. 2733Shikarpur (NPP)
127Shikarpur Shambhunath Inter College R.No. 3594Shikarpur (NPP)
128Shikarpur Shambhunath Inter College R.No. 41034Shikarpur (NPP)
129Shikarpur Shambhunath Inter College R.No. 5867Shikarpur (NPP)
130Shikarpur Primary School No.2702Shikarpur (NPP)
131Chikhal Primary School762Shikarpur Rural
132Khandwaya Primary School R.No. 1925Khadawaya
133Khandwaya Primary School R.No. 2861Khadawaya
134Fareedpur Haveli Primary School629Faridpur Haveli
135Sujapur Pootha Primary School669Sujapur Pootha
136Janipur Kalan Primary School1214Janipur Kalan
137Mahmoodpur Primary School R.No. 11007Mahmudpur
138Mahmoodpur Primary School R.No. 21433Mahmudpur
139Sehatpur Bairi Primary School1417Sehatpur Bairi
140Nawada Primary School750Nawada
141Brasau Primary School959Barasau
142Dargahpur Bnasouti Primary School1067Dargahpur Basauti
143Sargaon Primary School1423Sargaon
144Jalalpur Katoura Primary School728Jalalpur Katora
145Samanpur Primary School946Samanpur
146Meerapur Primary School636Meerapur
147Nagla Lutfalipur Primary School956Nagla Lutf Alipur
148Barouli Primary School1304Barauli
149Ranou Rahmalipur Primary School740Ranau Raham Alipur
150Khakhuda Primary School R.No. 11233Khakuda
151Khakhuda Primary School R.No. 2865Khakuda
152Rahmapur Primary School468Rahmapur
153Bohich Janta Inter College R.No. 11018Bohich
154Bohich Janta Inter College R.No. 2431Bohich
155Hajratpur Primary School1386Hazaratpur
156Domla Hasangarh Kisan Junior High School R.No. 11255Domla Hasangarh
157Domla Hasangarh Kisan Junior High School R.No. 21393Domla Hasangarh
158Ahamdgarh Primary School R.No. 1855Ahmadgarh
159Papdi Primary School443Ahmadgarh
160Ahamdgarh Primary School R.No. 2859Ahmadgarh
161Ahamdgarh Primary School R.No. 3777Ahmadgarh
162Ahmedgarh Janta Inter College R.No. 1855Ahmadgarh
163Ahmedgarh Janta Inter College R.No. 21031Ahmadgarh
165Darapur Primary School478Darapur
166Dalelgari Primary School730Dalelgarhi
167Jirajpur Primary School R.No. 1955Jeerajpur
168Jirajpur Primary School R.No. 21111Jeerajpur
169Gangavash Primary School768Golabas
170Fatehgarh Primary School941Fatehgarh
171Ranivala Primary School356Raniwala
172Aurngabad Primary School821Jagdishpur Aurangabad
173Jagdish Pur Junior High School1205Jagdishpur Aurangabad
174Akbarbas Primary School436Akabarwas Kanaini
175Kanoini Primary School1286Kaneni Badrampur
176Asrouli Primary School R.No. 11224Asrauli
177Asrouli Primary School R.No. 2434Asrauli
178Utrawali Primary School1397Utrawali
179Jalpi Primary School737Jalphi
180Karaina Primary School1478Karaina
181Anouna Primary School1182Anaouna
182Amarpur Primary School1365Amarpur
183Lalner Primary School R.No. 1735Lalner
184Lalner Primary School R.No. 2795Lalner
185Lalner Primary School R.No. 3831Lalner
186Surjawali Primary School R.No.1969Surjawali
187Surjawali Primary School R.No.2642Surjawali
188Turkipuravash Primary School1147Surjawali
189Bhaiyapur Primary School1267Bhaipur
190Nagla Sarangpur Primary School1205Nagla Sarangpur
191Nagla Hari Singh Primary School829Nagla Sarangpur
192Azizabad Primary School1196Ajijabad
193Kunwarpur Primary School R.No. 1725Kuwarpur
194Kunwarpur Primary School R.No. 2866Kuwarpur
195Kunwarpur Samundayik Bhawan369Kuwarpur
196Baroula Primary School1080Baraula
197Baroula Samundayik Bhawan557Baraula
198Bad Primary School687Bad
199Bad Samundayik Bhawan407Bad
200Syarali Janta Adarsh Vidyalya1040Syarli
201Salvahanpur Primary School629Salbahanpur
202Saidgarhi Primary School1137Saidh Garhi
203Bhikampur Primary School1229Bhikampur
204Salabad Primary School R.No. 1631Salabad
205Salabad Primary School R.No. 2958Salabad
206Dhaknagla Primary School439Salabad
207Runsi Primary School1418Runsi
208Ludhpura Primary School700Ludhpura
209Kiratpur Primary School R.No. 11250Keratpur
210Kiratpur Primary School R.No. 2943Keratpur
211Naglanau Primary School641Nagla Naw
212Ahamdvas Primary School1109Ahmad Baj
213Badrkha Seervash Primary School R.No.1837Badarkha Sirbas
214Badrkha Seervash Primary School R.No.2670Badarkha Sirbas
215Bikupur Ramnagar Primary School1281Bikupur Ramnagar
216Samaspur Primary School1234Samaspur
217Choundera Primary School R.No. 11297Chaudhera
218Choundera Primary School R.No. 21196Chaudhera
219Choundera Lalbahdur Inter College R.No. 1915Chaudhera
220Choundera Lalbahdur Inter College R.No. 2793Chaudhera
221Choundera Lalbahdur Inter College R.No. 3767Chaudhera
222Nagla Banjaran Chaundhera Primary School447Chaudhera
223Barkhera Hasangarhi Primary School609Barkhara Hasangarhi
224Barkhera Hasangarhi Junior High School595Barkhara Hasangarhi
225Pandrawal Junior High School R.No. 1760Pandrawal
226Pandrawal Junior High School R.No. 2782Pandrawal
227Pandrawal Junior High School R.No. 3479Pandrawal
228Pandrawal Samundayik Bhawan775Pandrawal
229Rampur Primary School R.No. 11281Rampur Manpur
230Rampur Primary School R.No. 2535Rampur Manpur
231Manpur Primary School1304Rampur Manpur
232Ranaich Primary School1408Ranayach Narendrapur
233Narendrapur Primary School988Ranayach Narendrapur
234Kandho Netram Inter College732Kadon
235Nagla Dalpatpur Primary School950Nagla Dalpatpur
236Kriyavali Primary School1153Kailawali
237Khandar Panchayat Ghar1182Khandar
238Urdmi Primary School531Urdmi
239Dighi Primary School R.No. 1847Deeghi
240Dighi Primary School R.No. 21482Deeghi
241Banail Primary School R.No. 11461Banaul
242Banail Primary School R.No.21200Banaul
243Banail Kunwar Balbeersingh Ucch. Madyamik School R.No.1859Banaul
244Banail Kunwar Balbeersingh Ucch. Madyamik School R.No.2856Banaul
245Pahasu Primary School929Pahasu (NP)
246Pahasu Urmila Raghav Girls Inter College R.No. 11381Pahasu (NP)
247Pahasu Urmila Raghav Girls Inter College R.No. 21121Pahasu (NP)
248Pahasu Urmila Raghav Girls Inter College R.No. 31285Pahasu (NP)
249Pahasu Janta Inter College R.No. 1962Pahasu (NP)
250Pahasu Janta Inter College R.No. 21231Pahasu (NP)
251Pahasu Mukrram Inter College R.No. 11281Pahasu (NP)
252Pahasu Mukrram Inter College R.No. 2866Pahasu (NP)
253Pahasu Mukrram Inter College R.No. 3820Pahasu (NP)
254Pahasu Mukrram Inter College R.No. 4841Pahasu (NP)
255Pahasu Mukrram Inter College R.No. 51346Pahasu (NP)
256Nagla Fatihabad Primary School382Pahasu (Dehat)
257Pahasu Dehat Primary School1069Pahasu (Dehat)
258Fatihabad Primary School997Fatahabad
259Soi Primary School983Soi
260Primary School No. 2 Soi Ka Nagla777Soi
261Kasumi Primary School R.No. 1926Kasumi
262Kasumi Primary School R.No. 2696Kasumi
263Nagliya Laxmanpur Primary School663Nagaliya Lachhamanpur
264Fazalpur Primary School868Fazilpur
265Rasoolgarh Primary School R.No. 1599Rasulgarhi
266Rasoolgarh Primary School R.No. 21060Rasulgarhi
267Tyouri Primary School R.No. 11307Teyori
268Tyouri Primary School R.No. 2458Teyori
269Nagla Ranjit Primary Schoo637Teyori
270Jinamai Primary School923Jinami
271Gangagarh Primary School R.No. 11173Ganga Garh
272Gangagarh Primary School R.No. 21192Ganga Garh
273Pada Primary School480Padha
274Kanaini Vedrampur Primary School R.No. 1933Kaneni Badrampur
275Kanaini Vedrampur Primary School R.No.2718Kaneni Badrampur
276Vedram Primary School794Kaneni Badrampur
277Allipur Mubarikpur Junior High School705Pahasu (Dehat)
278Mahuakhera Primary School1040Mahuwa Khara
279Risaloo Primary School R.No.1788Risalu
280Risaloo Primary School R.No.2753Risalu
281Kamouna P.Ucchtar Madyamik School R.No. 1845Kamauna
282Kamouna P.Ucchtar Madyamik School R.No. 21075Kamauna
283Samundayik Bhawan Kamouna920Kamauna
284Jalalpur Primary School618Jalalpur
285Sarbhanna Primary Schhol R.No.1640Sarbhanna
286Sarbhanna Primary Schhol R.No.21073Sarbhanna
287Sahar Junior High School R.No.1439Sahar
288Sahar Samundayik Bhawan553Sahar
289Sahar Junior High School R.No.21110Sahar
290Lalgarhi Primary School671Lalgarhi
291Lalgarhi Samundayik Bhawan705Lalgarhi
292Ban Primary School 1978Ban
293Narau Junior High School R.No. 1827Narau
294Narau Junior High School R.No. 2942Narau
295Barkatpur Primary School1101Barkatpur
296Barkatpur Samundayik Bhawan332Barkatpur
297Tundakhera Primary School1203Tunda Khera
298Bairamnagar Primary School807Beram Nagar
299Dhouraw Primary School925Dhaurau
300Dhouraw Junior High School336Dhaurau
301Dhouraw Panchayat Ghar603Dhaurau
302Sidhpur Primary School444Siddhpur
303Chouganpur Primary School769Chauganpur
304Chouganpur Junior High School803Chauganpur
305Tyour Bujurg Gandhi Inter College R.No. 11429Teyor Bujurag
306Tyour Bujurg Gandhi Inter College R.No. 21157Teyor Bujurag
307Kisanpur Primary School438Teyor Bujurag
308Brajgarhi Primary School432Teyor Bujurag
309Mohammdi Nagla Primary School476Teyor Bujurag
311Munda Kareempur Primary School878Teyor Bujurag
312Chatari Primary School No. 11231Chhatari (NP)
313Chatari Primary School Banjaran796Chhatari (NP)
316Chatari Primary School No. 21263Chhatari (NP)
317Chatari Junior High School Kanya Pathsala1205Chhatari (NP)
318Nagla Khushal Primary School414Nagla Khushhal Gairabad
319Kaswa Daddu Primary School R.No. 1644Kastaba Dhadd
320Kaswa Daddu Primary School R.No. 21361Kastaba Dhadd
321Sidhgarhi Primary School690Sidgarhi
322Nagliya Primary School757Nagalia
323Budasi Primary School R.No. 1948Bhundasi
324Budasi Primary School R.No. 2743Bhundasi
325Bahlolpur Budhsain Sri Premchand Inter College1276Bhalolpur

Last Updated on November 15, 2014