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Polling Booth in Sardhana Assembly Constituency

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Sardhana Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sardhana

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sardhana Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Prathmik Vidhalaya Rajpur Momin827Rajpur Momin
2Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Aalamgirpur Faridpur553Alamgirpur-Faridpur
3Purana Prathmik Vidhalaya Nahali Room No.1884Nahli
4Purana Prathmik Vidhalaya Nahali Room No.2863Nahli
5Janta Inter College Khera Room No.11112Khera
6Janta Inter College Khera Room No.21006Khera
7Prathmik Vidhalaya Khera Room No.11162Khera
8Prathmik Vidhalaya Khera Room No.2865Khera
9Prathmik Vidhalaya Khera Room No.3768Khera Kala
10Jawahar Inter College Aurangnagar Radhana Room No.11148Aurangnagar Rardhana
11Jawahar Inter College Aurangnagar Radhana Room No.21398Aurangnagar Rardhana
12Ucch.Prathmik1134Aurangnagar Rardhana
13Ucch Prathmik1063N/A
14Prathmik Vidhalaya Akalpura Majra Aaurang Nagar Rardhana831Aurangnagar Rardhana
15Prathmik Vidhalaya Jamalpur Aakhepur1257Jalalpur-Akkhepur
16Prathmik Vidhalaya Bhambhori Room No.1956Bhamori
17Prathmik Vidhalaya Bhambhori Room No.2786Bhamori
18Ucch. Prathmik Vidhalya Bhambhori Room No.1895Bhamori
19Ucch. Prathmik Vidhalya Bhambhori Room No.2777Bhawa-Nagla
20Prathmik Vidhalaya No.1 Mahadev Room No.11012Mahadeo
21Prathmik Vidhalaya No.1 Mahadev Room No.2909Mahadeo
22Prathmik Vidhalaya No.2 Mahadev1031Mahadeo
23Prathmik. Vidhalaya Chabaria R.No.11073Chhabariya
24Prathmik. Vidhalaya Chabaria R.No.2875Chhabariya
25Prathmik. Vidhalaya Chandana938Chandna
26Prathmik. Vidhalaya Juladha R.No.1745Julehra
27Prathmik. Vidhalaya Juladha R.No.2766Julehra
28Acharaya Nami Sagar Jain Inter College Sardhana Room No.1690Sardhana (NPP)
29Acharaya Nami Sagar Jain Inter College Sardhana Room No.2823Sardhana (NPP)
30Acharaya Nami Sagar Jain Inter College Sardhana Room No.3531Sardhana (NPP)
31Acharaya Nami Sagar Jain Inter College Sardhana Room No.4502Sardhana (NPP)
32Acharaya Nami Sagar Jain Inter College Sardhana Room No.5962Sardhana (NPP)
33Chandar Shekhar Ha.Sec.School Sardhana Room No.11205Sardhana (NPP)
34Chandar Shekhar Ha.Sec.School Sardhana Room No.21093Sardhana (NPP)
35Chandar Shekhar Ha.Sec.School Sardhana Room No.3830Sardhana (NPP)
36Chandar Shekhar Ha.Sec.School Sardhana Room No.41146Sardhana (NPP)
37K.K. Public School Sardhana Room No.11142Sardhana (NPP)
38K.K. Public School Sardhana Room No.2992Sardhana (NPP)
39K.K. Public School Sardhana Room No.31299Sardhana (NPP)
40Mandi Karyalaya Sardhana940Sardhana (NPP)
41Khand Vikas Karyalaya Sardhana Room No.1671Sardhana (NPP)
42Khand Vikas Karyalaya Sardhana Room No.2466Sardhana (NPP)
43Khand Vikas Karyalaya Sardhana Room No.31368Sardhana (NPP)
44Karyalaya Nagar Palika Parishad Sardhana Room No.1734Sardhana (NPP)
45Karyalaya Nagar Palika Parishad Sardhana Room No.2634Sardhana (NPP)
46Karyalaya Nagar Palika Parishad Sardhana Room No.31350Sardhana (NPP)
47Gandhi Smarak Primary Vidhalaya Sardhana Room No.1821Sardhana (NPP)
48Gandhi Smarak Primary Vidhalaya Sardhana Room No.2597Sardhana (NPP)
49Saint Jojaf. Kanya Inter College Sardhana Room No.11105Sardhana (NPP)
50Saint Jojaf. Kanya Inter College Sardhana Room No.4641Sardhana (NPP)
51Saint Jojaf. Kanya Inter College Sardhana Room No.21353Sardhana (NPP)
52Saint Jojaf. Kanya Inter College Sardhana Room No.3996Sardhana (NPP)
53St. Jojaf Kanya Degree College Sardhana Room No.11354Sardhana (NPP)
54Saint Jojaf Degree College Sardhana Room No. 21110Sardhana (NPP)
55Saint Jojaf Degree College Sardhana Room No. 31055Sardhana (NPP)
56Sanit Charles Inter College Sardhana Room No.11381Sardhana (NPP)
57Saint Chalres Inter College Sardhana Room No. 21474Sardhana (NPP)
58Saint Chalres Inter College Sardhana Room No. 31061Sardhana (NPP)
59Saint Francis Primary Vidhalaya Sardhana Room No.11181Sardhana (NPP)
60Saint Francis Primary Vidhalaya Sardhana Room No.2572Sardhana (NPP)
61Saint Francis Primary Vidhalaya Sardhana Room No. 3892Sardhana (NPP)
62Saint Francis Primary Vidhalaya Sardhana Room No. 5767Sardhana (NPP)
63Saint Francis Primary Vidhalaya Sardhana Room No. 41128Sardhana (NPP)
64Dharamshala Anu Jati Bhatwara Sardhana1026Sardhana (NPP)
65Sanatam Dharam Girl Inter College1088Sardhana (NPP)
66Lok Priya Inter College Sardhana Room No.1916Sardhana (Rural)
67Lok Priya Inter College Sardhana Room No.2667Sardhana (Rural)
68Lok Priya Inter College Sardhana Room No.4912Sardhana (NPP)
69Lok Priya Inter College Sardhana Room No.31385Sardhana (Rural)
70Prathmik Vidhalaya Manpuri300Sardhana (Rural)
71Prathmik Vidhalaya Maharmati Meena929Sardhana (Rural)
72Prathmik Vidhalaya Ahmadabad Mazra Sardhana391Sardhana (Rural)
73Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Kamrudin Nagar Mandhai310Sardhana (Rural)
74Prathmik Vidhalaya Kamrudin Nagar Mandyai Bhadi Room No.1840Sardhana (Rural)
75Prathmik Vidhalaya Kamrudin Nagar Mandyaibhadi Room No .2879Kamaruddin Nagar Marhiyai Bari
76Prathmik Vidhalaya Jafar Nagar Begmabad1203Sardhana (Rural)
77Prathmik Vidhalaya Teharki Room No.11023Sardhana (Rural)
78Prathmik Vidhalaya Teharki Room No.2973Sardhana (Rural)
79Prathmik Vidhalaya Milak Majra Teharki658Teharki
80Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Aitmad Nagar Alipur Room No.11100Atmadnagar Allipur
81Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Aitmad Nagar Alipur Room No.2966Atmadnagar Allipur
82Prathmik Vidhalaya Aitmad Nagar Alipur950Atmadnagar Allipur
83Ucch Madhiyak Vidhalaya Madarpura661Madarpura
84Prathmik Vidhalaya N0 1 Kuianjan Room No. 11102Kulanjan
85Prathmik Vidhalaya N0 1 Kuianjan Room No. 21122Kulanjan
86Prathmik Vidhalaya Nangla Order932Nagla Order
87Navodiya Vidhalaya Nangla Order Room No. 1957Sardhana (Rural)
88Navodiya Vidhalaya Nangla Order Room No. 2790Sardhana (Rural)
89Prathmik Vidhalaya Jhitkri Room No. 1818Jhitkari
90Prathmik Vidhalaya Jhitkri Room No. 21000Jhitkari
91Prathmik Vidhalaya Kushwali Room No. 11171Khawajahanpur-Kushawali
92Prathmik Vidhalaya Kushwali Room No. 21084Khawajahanpur-Kushawali
93Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Khanjapur Kushwali1135Khawajahanpur-Kushawali
94Prathmik Vidhalaya Daulatpur1293Daulatpur
95Prathmik Vidhalaya Maujmabad Jwalagrah935Mozamabad-Jwalagarh
96Naveen Panchayat Ghar Salawa1097Salawa
97Prathmik Vidhalaya No.1 Salawa Room No. 11010Salawa
98Prathmik Vidhalaya No.1 Salawa Room No. 21144Salawa
99Salawa Inter College Sardhana Room No.1941Salawa
100Salawa Inter College Sardhana Room No.21293Salawa
101Prathmik Vidhalaya N0 1 Salawa Room No. 1959Salawa
102Prathmik Vidhalaya N0 2 Salawa Room No. 2977Salawa
103Prathmik Vidhalaya N0 2 Kaili Room No. 11130Kaili
104Prathmik Vidhalaya N0 2 Kaili Room No. 21192Kaili
105Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Kaili1262Kaili
106Janta Adarsh Inter College Room No. 11058Kapsarh
107Janta Adarsh Inter College Room No. 21246Kapsarh
108Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Kapsad Room No. 1891Kapsarh
109Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Kapsad Room No. 21301Kapsarh
110Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Aterna Room No. 1896Aterna
111Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Aterna Room No. 2819Aterna
112Prathmik Vidhalaya Mohmad Akbarpur Chakbandi Aabad721Mohammadpur Akbarpur Chakbandi
113Purv Madhyamik Vidhalaya Ruhasa Room No.11077Ruhasa
114Purv Madhyamik Vidhalaya Ruhasa Room No.21103Ruhasa
115Prathmik Vidhalaya Ruhasa Room No.1908Ruhasa
116Prathmik Vidhalaya Ruhasa Room No.2975Ruhasa
117Prathmik Vidhalaya Tanda1220Tanda
118Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Dadri Room No. 11210Dadri
119Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Dadri Room No. 21132Dadri
120Prathmik Vidhalaya Dadri1022Dadri
121Prathmik Vidhalaya Sahapur Pirpur835Shahpur Pirpur
122Prathmik Vidhalaya Madaripur542Maidpur
123Prathmik Vidhalaya Sakuti Room No.1980Sakoti
124Prathmik Vidhalaya Sakuti Room No.21161Sakoti
125Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Sakuti Room No. 11137Sakoti
126Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Sakuti Room No. 2425Sakoti
127Prathmik Vidhalaya Vidhalaya Jeetpur1236Jitpur
128Prathmik Vidhalaya Jasrathpur715Jasrathpur
129Prathmik Vidhalaya Jamalpur Goma1000Jamalpur Goma
130Prathmik Vidhalaya Kanoda406N/A
131Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Badkali Nekpur Room No.1919Barkali Nekpur
132Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Badkali Nekpur Room No.2972Barkali Nekpur
133Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Chirodi Room No. 11104Chirauri
134Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Chirodi Room No. 2958Chirauri
135Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Machri1067Machhri
136Prathmik Vidhalaya Gesupur Bafawat1146Gesupur Baphawat
137Prathmik Vidhalaya Pohli Room No. 11150Pohali
138Prathmik Vidhalaya Pohli Room No. 2965Pohali
139Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Pohli1094Pohali
140Prathmik Vidhalaya Batjewra1365Batjeora
141Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Jawri Room No. 11144Jeori
142Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Jawri Room No. 21226Jeori
143Prathmik Vidhalaya Pawli Khurd805Pavli Khurd
144Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Pawali Khurd788Pavli Khurd
145Ucch Vidhalaya Pawli Khas Room No.1939Pavli Khurd
146Prathmik Vidhalaya Pawali Khas Room No. 3608Pavli Khas
147Prathmik Vidhalaya Pawali Khas Room No. 2844Pavli Khas
148Anu Jati Panchayat Ghar Naya Bhawan Pawlikhas811Pavli Khas
149Prathmik Vidhalaya Kabulpuri Pawlikhas Room No. 1847Pavli Khas
150Prathmik Vidhalaya Kabulpuri Pawlikhas Room No. 2643Pavli Khas
151Prathmik Vidhalaya Baparsa Room No.1923Baparsa
152Prathmik Vidhalaya Baparsa Room No.2822Baparsa
153Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Siwayajamapur Room No.11185Siwaya-Jamalullapur
154Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Siwayajamapur Room No.21151Siwaya-Jamalullapur
155Prathmik Vidhalaya N0 2 Siwayajamapur1166Siwaya-Jamalullapur
156Prathmik Vidhalaya Daurala Room No.1882Daurala (NP)
157Prathmik Vidhalaya Daurala Room No.2888Daurala (NP)
158Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Daurala Room No.11084Daurala (NP)
159Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Daurala Room No.21179Daurala (NP)
160Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Daurala Room No.31092Daurala (NP)
161Sramik Sudhar Pradhmik Vidhalaya Daurala837Daurala (NP)
162Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Daurala1362Daurala (NP)
163Rajkiya Mahila Poly College Daurala Room No.11060Daurala (NP)
164Rajkiya Mahila Poly College Daurala Room No.21211Daurala (NP)
165Rajkiya Mahila Poly College Daurala Room No.31258Daurala (NP)
166Rajkiya Mahila Poly College Daurala Room No.41071Daurala (NP)
167Rajkiya Mahila Poly College Daurala Room No.51099Daurala (NP)
168Prathmik Vidhalaya Mohammadpur Hayak401Mohammadpur Hayak
169Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Mator Room No.11265Mataur
170Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Mator Room No.21123Mataur
171Prathmik Vidhalaya Mator N0 21018Mataur
172Prathmik Vidhalaya Walidpur Room No.1729Walidpur
173Prathmik Vidhalaya Walidpur Room No.2999Walidpur
174Prathmik Vidhalaya Loiya Room No.11038Loiya
175Prathmik Vidhalaya Loiya Room No.21123Loiya
176Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalay Loiya585Loiya
177Prathmik Vidhalaya Mamori632Loiya
178Prathmik Vidhalaya Sahapur Jadid1022Shahpur Zadid
179Prathmik Vidhalaya Mohnipur697Mohanipur
180Prathmik Vidhalaya Bharota665Mohanipur
181Prathmik Vidhalaya Mandora Room No.1839Mandora
182Prathmik Vidhalaya Mandora Room No.2936Mandora
183Prathmik Vidhalaya Nangli Sadharan Room No.1861Nagli Sadharan
184Prathmik Vidhalaya Nangli Sadharan Room No.2931Nagli Sadharan
185Prathmik Vidhalaya Nangla Rathi1181Nagla Rathi
186Prathmik Vidhalaya Nangli Azar Salempur Room No.11056Nagli Ajar Salempur
187Prathmik Vidhalaya Nangli Azar Salempur Room No.2989Nagli Ajar Salempur
188Prathmik Vidhalaya Tandi834Nagli Sadharan
189Prathmik Vidhalaya Rasolpur Muradnagar967Rasulpur Muradnagar
190Purv Madhayamik Vidhalaya Nihori922Nehori
191Prathmik Vidhalaya Charla861Charla
192Prathmik Vidhalaya Mahalka Room No.1868Mahalka
193Prathmik Vidhalaya Mahalka Room No.2760Mahalka
194Prathmik Vidhalaya Mahalka Room No.31168Mahalka
195Mahila Chikitasalya Mahalka1038Mahalka
196Prathmik Vidhalaya Chindodi Tappa Lawar1177Chindauritappa Lawar
197Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Chindodi Tappa Lawar1089Mahalka
198Prathmik Vidhalaya Jamalpur Jalalpur Room No.1979Chindauritappa Lawar
199Prathmik Vidhalaya Jamalpur Jalalpur Room No.21087Jamalpur Jalalpur
200Dr .Bheemrao Ambedakar Bhawan Lawar1147Lawar (NP)
201Meeting Hall Nagar Panchayat Lawar1429Lawar (NP)
202Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Lawar Room No.11339Lawar (NP)
203Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Lawar Room No.21055Lawar (NP)
204Kanya Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Lawar Room No.3878Lawar (NP)
205Prathmik Vidhalaya No2 Lawar Room No. 1935Lawar (NP)
206Prathmik Vidhalaya No2 Lawar Room No. 2804Lawar (NP)
207Rashatriya Inter College Lawar Room No.11044Lawar (NP)
208Rashatriya Inter College Lawar Room No.21438Lawar (NP)
209Rashatriya Inter College Lawar Room No.31019Lawar (NP)
210Rashatriya Inter College Lawar Room No.41326Lawar (NP)
211Prathmik Vidhalaya Samaspur R.N 1670Samaspur
212Prathmik Vidhalaya Samaspur R.N.21025Samaspur
213Aadarsh Inter College Saraswa R.N.11008Sarswa
214Aadarsh Inter College Saraswa R.N. 2680Sarswa
215Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Aakhtiyarpur1143Akhtyarpur
216Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Samoli Salempur1160Samoli-Salempur
217Panchyat Ghar Samoli Salempur1107Samoli-Salempur
218Anu Jati Chaupal Samoli Salempur664Samoli-Salempur
219Prathmik Vidhalaya Khedi Tappa Lawar870Kheri Tappa Lawar
220Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Khedi Tappa Lawar747Kheri Tappa Lawar
221Prathmik Vidhalaya Mavi Meera R.N.11065Mawi Mira
222Prath767Mawi Mira
223Prathmik Vidhalaya Jainpur455Jainpur
224Prathmik Vidhalaya Ajota R.No. 11073Ajhota
225Prathmik Vidhalaya Ajota R.No 2922Ajhota
226Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Panwari R.N.1793Panwari
227Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Panwari R.N. 2698Panwari
228B.P Inter College Bahrala R.N.-1956Bahrala
229B.P Inter College Bahrala R.N.-2970Bahrala
230Prathmik Vidhalaya Iklota777Iklauta
231Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Dhanju R.N.-1828Dhanju
232Ucch Prathmik Madhyamik Vidhalaya Dhanju R.N.-2783Dhanju
233Jaikishan Inter College Dulehra Chauhan R.N-1873Dulehra Chauhan
234Jaikishan Inter College Dulehra Chauhan R.N-2821Dulehra Chauhan
235Jaikishan Inter College Dulehra Chauhan R.N-31440Dulehra Chauhan
236Prathmik Vidhalaya Mathna Indra Singh1120Maithna Indersingh
237Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Mathna Indra Singh1053Maithna Indersingh
238Prathmik Vidhalaya Mukhtarpur Nangla774Mukhtyarpur Nagla
239Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Ulakhpur913Ulakhpur
240Prathmik Vidhalaya Bihta560Bihta
241Prathmik Vidhalaya Jalalabad Urf Jalalpur R.N- 11259Jamalpur Jalalpur
242Prathmik Vidhalaya Jalalabad Urf Jalalpur R.N.2922Jamalpur Jalalpur
243Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Khanoda R.N. -2910Khanuda
244Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Khanoda R.N.-1716Khanuda
245Prathmik Vidhalaya Mamurpur Urf Dedwa R.N. 1860Mamupur Urf Dedwa
246Prathmik Vidhalaya Mamurpur Urf Dedwa R.N.2747Mamupur Urf Dedwa
247Ucch Prathmik Madhyamik Vidhalaya Mithepur R.N.1803Mithepur
248Ucch Prathmik Madhyamik Vidhalaya Mithepur R.N.2914Mithepur
249Prathmik Vidhalaya Andawali894Andawali
250Prathmik Vidhalaya Mail R.N.1865Mail
251Prathmik Vidhalaya Mail R.N.2818Mail
252Ucch Prathmik Vidhalaya Mail1308Mail
253Prathmik Vidhalaya Bhagwanpur R.N.11304Bhagawanpur
254Prathmik Vidhalyabishola R.N.1961Bisola
255Primary Vidhalya Bishola R.N.3589Bisola
256Prathmik Vidhalaya Bishola R.N.21472Bisola
257Primary Vidhalya Jhinjhandpur R.N.11335Jhijharpur
258Prathmik Vidhalaya Kunda R.N.1872Kunda
259Prathmik Vidhalaya Pinai R.N.1278Penai
260Primary Vidhalaya Sanota R.N.11098Sanota
261Prathmik Vidhalaya Sanota R.N.21121Sanota
262Kanya Prathmik Vidhalyagadina1380Garina
263Prathmik Vidhalaya Gadina1271Garina
264Prathmik Vidhalya Batnor R.N.1827Batnor
265Prathmik Vidhalya Batnor R.N.21127Batnor
266Prathmik Vidhalya Batnor R.N.31282Batnor
267Prathmik Vidhalya Gudumd R.N.1460Guramb
268Primary Vidhalya Mandvadi R.N.11290Mandwari
269Kanya Uchch Prathmik Vidhalyafalawda R.N.11113Phalauda (NP)
270Kanya Uchch Prathmik Vidhalya Falawda R.N.2617Phalauda (NP)
271Bishnoi Dharamsala Falawda R.N.11142Phalauda (NP)
272Bishnoi Dharamsala Falawda R.N.2520Phalauda (NP)
273Bishnoi Dharamsala Falawda R.N.3928Phalauda (NP)
274Karyala Adishashi Adivanta Nagar Panchyat Falawda1332Phalauda (NP)
275Karyala Adishashi Abiyanta Nagar Panchyat Falawda532Phalauda (NP)
276Uchch Prathmik Vidhalya Falawda R.N.11013Phalauda (NP)
277Uchch Prathmik Vidhalya Falawda R.N.21409Phalauda (NP)
278Uchch Prathmik Vidhalya Falawda R.N.3704Phalauda (NP)
279Prathmik Vidhalya Falawda R.N.1883Phalauda (NP)
280Sahini Dharamsala Falawda R.N.11055Phalauda (NP)
281Prathmik Vidhalaya Gaya Nangla Urf Nangla Karter R.N.1711Gayanagla Urf Nagla Katar
282Prathmik Vidhalaya Nadhu R.N.1985Naidru
283Prathmik Vidhalaya Nadhu R.N.2925Naidru
284Prathmik Vidhalaya Gagsona R.N.11439Gagsona
285Prathmik Vidhalay Nagori R.N.11176Nagori
286Prathmik Vidhalaya Ahemadpur Urf Dandupur R.N.1821Ahmadpur Urf Dandoopur
287Prathmik Vidhalaya Ahmadpur Urf Dandupur R.N.2673Ahmadpur Urf Dandoopur
288Prathmik Vidhalaya No. 1 Amroli Urf Bada Gaon R.N.1873Amroli Urf Baragoan
289Prathmik Vidhalaya No.2 Amroli Urf Bada Gaon R.N.2739Amroli Urf Baragoan
290Prathmik Vidhalaya No.3 Amroli Urf Bada Gaon R.N.31400Amroli Urf Baragoan
291Prathmik Vidhalaya Nangla Hareru Room No.1783Nagla Hareroo
292Prathmik Vidhalaya Nangla Hareru Room No.3844Nagla Hareroo
294Prathmik Vidhalaya Nangla Ezdi R.N.1650Nagla Azdi
295Prathmik Vidhalaya R.N.11174Behjadka
296Prathmik Vidhalaya Pelona R.N.1787Pilona
297Prathmik Vidhalaya Pelona R.N. 2637Pilona
298Prathmik Vidhalaya Sakoti R.N.11397Sakoti
299Prathmik Vidhalaya Dandupur R.N.1887Dedupur
300Prathmik Vidhalya Khata ?0 ??0 11010Khata
301Prathmik Vidhalya Khata R.N.2969Khata
302Prathmik Vidhalaya Khalidpur R.N.11304Khalidpur
303Rahawati Inter College Rahawati R.N.1979Rahawati
304Rahawati Inter College Rahawati R.N.2866Rahawati
305Prathmik Vidhalaya Takhawali R.N.11071Takhawali
306Prathmik Vidhalaya Meerpur R.N.1547Meerpur
307Prathmik Vidhalya Rampur Ghoriya R.N.1761Rampur Ghoria
308Prathmik Vidhalya Akbarpur Sadat R.N.11283Akbarpur Sadat
309Prathmik Vidhalya Akbarpur Sadat R.N.21337Akbarpur Sadat
310Primary Vidhalya Assa R.N.11099Assa
311Primary Vidhalya Assa R.N.2998Assa
312Prathmik Vidhalaya Kaul R.N.1895Kol
313Prathmik Vidhalaya Kaul R.N.2883Kol
314Prathmik Vidhalaya Khola R.N.1993Kohla

Last Updated on November 15, 2014