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Polling Booth in Sandila Assembly Constituency

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Sandila Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sandila

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sandila Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
2P.P. Atiya436Atiya
3P.P. Thana1103Thana
5P.P. Pirkapur1088Pirkapur
6P.P. Teriya817Teriya
7Panchyatghar Gopal Pur636Gopalpur
8P.P. Narendrapur736Narendarpur
9P.P. Rasulpur Room No. 1753Rasulpur
10P.P. Rasulpur Room No. 2805Rasulpur
11P.P. Parihavan Room No. 1916Parihawan
12P.P. Parihavan Room No. 2928Atiya
13P.P. Mavai Brahmnan598Mawai Brahman
14S.S.S. Mahagavan1162Mahgawan
15P.P. Mahagavan1166Mahgawan
16J.H.S. Mahagavan627Mahgawan
17Panchyatghar Mahagavan740Raheriyamau
18P.P. Devpai Ma0 Mahganav420Raheriyamau
19P.P. Mahmoodpur Ma0 Mahgavan327Mahmoodpur
20P.P. Sujaniya Ma0 Mahgavan700Mahmoodpur
21P.P. Shivthana Ma0 Gogadev985Gogawan Dew
22P.P. Gahira713Gahira
23P.P. Terva Pahalvan574Terwa Pahelwan
24P.P. Bherka937Bhirka
25P.P. Earka317Arkha
26P.P. Govindpur Ma0 Bahuti462Bahuty
27P.P. Bahuti Kalan977Bahuty
28P.P. Nevada Ma0 Bahuti904Bahuty
29P.P. Bahuti Room No. 1906Bahuty
30P.P. Bahuti Room No. 2771Bahuty
31P.P. Golaganj Ma0 Bahuti1354Bahuty
32P.P. Rahimabad Grant732Rahimabad Grant
33P.P. Mavai Musalmanan766Mawae Musalmanabad
34P.P. Bachhita Ma0 Lumamau892Lalamau
35S.S.S. Badhaiyankhera572Lalamau
36P.P. Lumamau1479Lalamau
37P.P. Loharai941Lohrai
38P.P. Mahroniya942Mahroniya
39P.P. Bhoodkhera Ma0 Malhera474Malehra
40M.Ju.V. Malhera Room No. 1818Malehra
41Mi.Ju.Vi. Malhera Room No. 2937Malehra
42Panchatay Ghar Ka Baramada Malehara1196Malehra
43P.P. Farenda963Farenda
44Panchtayghar Chandpur Ma0 Farenda361Farenda
45P.P.Shekhvapur Ma0 Farenda662Farenda
46P.P.Jalihapur Ma0 Atva612Farenda
47P.P. Virahimpur Ma0 Atva1281Antwa
48P.P. Atva1116Antwa
49P.P. Durgakhera Ma0 Atva467Antwa
50P.P. Jhabbukhera Ma0 Usraha517Usarha
51P.P. Usharaha885Usarha
52P.P. Chhanoiya Room No. 1686Chanohiya
53P.P. Chanoiya Room No. 2695Chanohiya
54Panchyatghar Chhanoiyan1033Chanohiya
55Panchyatghar Chhanoiya Ka Baramada647Chanohiya
56P.P. Ganaura Ma0 Chhanoiyan491Gaudora
57P.P. Bhithauli699Bhatouly
58P.P. Laximankhera Ma0 Jajmau738Jajmau
59P.P. Jamu Room No. 11137Jamu
60P.P. Jamu Room No. 2834Jamu
61P.P. Bhadehna935Bhadehana
62P.P. Shivnagra483Shivnagara
63P.P. Umartali859Umartaly
64P.P. Saraymaroofpur1371Saray Marukpur
65P.P. Kurna Ma0 Kurna Timrukh1082Kurna Timruk
66P.P. Timrukh Ma0 Kurna Timrukh796Kurna Timruk
67P.P. Jamsara Room No. 1903Jamsara
68P.P. Jamsara Room No. 2580Jamsara
69P.P. Baghuamau1059Baghuwamau
70P.P. Janjau530Gangau
71P.P. Jarha Room No. 11150Jarha
72P.P. Jarha Room No. 2753Jarha
73P.P. Mardankhera Ma0 Jarha368Jarha
74P.P. Talauli Room No. 1419Talauly
75P.P. Talaluli Room No. 21287Talauly
76P.P. Behgaub Ma0 Talaluli409Behgaon
77P.P. Jhaunikhera M0. Karlavan377Karlawan
78P.P. Karlavan922Karlawan
79P.P. Hardalmau756Hardalmau
80P.P. Hardalmau Extra Room No. 2901Hardalmau
81P.P. Hardalmau Room No. 2605Edulpur
82P.P. Kudauri1371Kudauri
83P.P. Mitau Room No. 1877Meetau
84P.P. Mitau Room No. 21495Meetau
85P.P. Rasoolpur Ma0 Mitau464Rasulpur
86P.P. Makhdoompur561Mahmoodpur
87P.P. Tikra Daudpur541Tikra Dauadpur
88P.P. Sundarpur Room No. 11343Sunderpur
89P.P. Sundarpur Room No. 2243Sunderpur
90P.P. Gosvadonga Room No. 141407Gauswa Donga
91P.P. Gosvadonga Room No.2916Gauswa Donga
92P.P. Behsari486Behsary
93J.H.S. Malaiyan Room No.1790Maleya
94J.H.S. Malaiyan Room No.2369Maleya
95J.H.S. Malaiyan Room No.31103Maleya
96P.P. Gajiuddin Pur540Gajiuddinpur
97P.P. Padari640Padry
98P.P. Narayanpur715Narayanpur
99P.P. Khausikhera Ma0 Narayanpur503Narayanpur
100P.P. Sanai Room No.1854Sanie
101P.P. Sanai Room No. 2663Sanie
102P.P. Begumganj717Begamgang
103P.P. Begumganj Baramada Purvi745Begamgang
104P.P. Begumganj Ka Baramada760Begamgang
105P.P. Begumganj Room No.21332Begamgang
106P.P. Begum Ganj Baramada643Begamgang
107P.P. Tiloiyan Kalan Ka Room No. 11163Tiloeya Kalan
108P.P. Tiloiyan Kala Ka Room No. 2612Tiloeya Kalan
109P.P. Tiloiyan Khurd931Tiloeya Khurd
110P.P. Rampurva Ma0 Sank798Shank
111P.P. Sank Room No.11139Shank
112P.P. Sank Room No. 2816Shank
113I.R.I.C. Room No. 6 Sandila N.P.P.1197Sandila (NPP)
114I.R.I.C. Sandila R.N. 7 N.P.P.964Sandila (NPP)
115I.R.I.C. Sandila Hall Pu0 N.P.P.623Sandila (NPP)
116I.R.I.C. Sandila R.N. 8 N.P.P.898Sandila (NPP)
117I.R.I.C. Sandila Hall Pa. N.P.P.666Sandila (NPP)
118I.R.I.C. R.N. 9 N.P.P.1266Sandila (NPP)
119P.P. Mandai Room No.1 N.P.P.914Sandila (NPP)
120P.P. Mandai Room No.2 N.P.P.1141Sandila (NPP)
121P.P. Garhi Mandai Room No.1 N.P.P.928Sandila (NPP)
122P.P. Garhi Mandai R.N. 2 N.P.P.945Sandila (NPP)
123I.R.I.C. Sandila Room No. 3N.P.P.1034Sandila (NPP)
124I.R.I.C. Room No.4 N.P.P.880Sandila (NPP)
125I.R..I.C. Room No. 5 N.P.P.1264Sandila (NPP)
126B.B.I.C. Room No. 2 N.P.P.807Sandila (NPP)
127B.B.I.C. Room No. 4 N.P.P.732Sandila (NPP)
128B.B.I.C. Sandila Room No.3 N.P.P.818Sandila (NPP)
129B.B.I.C. Room No.1 N.P.P.1180Sandila (NPP)
130B.B.I.C. Room No. 5 N.P.P.1325Sandila (NPP)
131P.P. Rajahata Room N0. 1 N.P.P.1126Sandila (NPP)
132P.P. Rajahata R.N. 2N.P.P.1178Sandila (NPP)
133K.U.P.V.. Rajahata Naya R.N. 1 N.P.P.1172Sandila (NPP)
134K.U.P.V. Rajahata New R.N. 2 N.P.P.1190Sandila (NPP)
135K.U.P.V. Naya Rajahata R.N.3 Sandila N.P.P.1174Sandila (NPP)
136P.P. P. Barauni R.N. 1 N.P.P.893Sandila (NPP)
137P.P. Purani Barauni R.N. 2 N.P.P.708Sandila (NPP)
138P.P. Naya Bhavan Barauni R.N.1 N.P.P.907Sandila (NPP)
139P.P. Naya Bhavan Barauni R.N. 3 N.P.P.742Sandila (NPP)
140P.P. Naya Bhavan Barauni R.N. 2 N.P.P.1000Sandila (NPP)
141P.P. Naya Bhavan Barauni N.P.P.662Sandila (NPP)
142S.N.H. M.U. Bhag N.P.P.822Sandila (NPP)
143Sarojani Nayadu Haal N.P.P.881Sandila (NPP)
144S.H.N. Madhya Uttar Bhag N.P.P.1410Sandila (NPP)
145S.N.H. Ka Baramada D. Bhag N.P.P806Sandila (NPP)
146S.N.H. Dakshin Baramada N.P.P.817Sandila (NPP)
147P.P. N.P. Sandila R.N. 2N.P.P.1173Sandila (NPP)
148P.P. N.P.P. Baramada U0911Sandila (NPP)
149P.P. N.P.P. R.N. 3917Sandila (NPP)
150P.P. N.P.P. Baramada N.P.P.1261Sandila (NPP)
151J.H.S. Jila P. R.N. 1 Sandila N.P.P.720Sandila (NPP)
152J.H.S. Jila P. R.N. 3 N.P.P.1197Sandila (NPP)
153J.H.S. Jila P. R.N. 2 N.P.P.976Sandila (NPP)
154J.H.S. Jila P. R.N. 4 N.P.P.1021Sandila (NPP)
155K.J.H.S. Ashraftola R.N.1 N.P.P.580Sandila (NPP)
156K.J.H.S. Ashraftola Extra Room N.P.P.1850Sandila (NPP)
157K.J.H.S. Ashraftola R.N. 2 N.P.P.1504Sandila (NPP)
158J.V.K.P.P. Bajaja R.N. 2 N.P.P.1019Sandila (NPP)
159J.B.K.P.P. Bajaja R.N. 2 N.P.P.1205Sandila (NPP)
160P.P. Abidkhera Ma0 Jamkura1205Jamkura
161P.P. Jamkura820Jamkura
162P.P. Kakrali1345Kakrali
163P.P. Munnukhera Ma0 Kakrali1410Kakrali
164P.P. Tikra Barar1070Tikra Barar
165P.P. Beremau495Beremau
166P.P. Mauchaina589Mau Chena
167P.P. Bagvara Ma0 Majhgaun434Majh Gaon
168P.P. Majhgaun1454Majh Gaon
169P.P. Gadaura1393Gaudora
170P.P. Atva Bari R.N. 1507Atwawary
171P.P. Atva Bari R.N. 2596Atwawary
172P.P. Uttarkondh1366Uttar Kaund
173P.P. Jamvar R.N. 11024Jawar
174P.P. Jamvar R.N. 21109Jawar
175P.P. Kallikhera346Kally Khera
176K.P.P. Sikrohari841Sikrohry
177P.P. Sikrohari876Sikrohry
178P.P. Natpurva Ma0 Sikhrohahri R.N. 2633Sarehari
179P.P. Jagsiya Ma0 Mandauli1101Mandoly
180P.P. Ranikhera Ma0 Mandauli1288Ranikhera
181P.P. Tikra Kalan1430Tikra Kalla
182P.P. Sunda R.N. 1975Sunda
183P.P. Sunda R.N. 2856Narayanpur
184P.P. Pahtoiya829Pahtoeya
185P.P. Bharigahana1348Bharighna
186P.P. Atamau1338Atamau
187P.P. Takiya Ma0 Meernagar Ajigavan R.N. 1617Mirnagar Ajjgawan
188P.P. Takiya Ma0 Meer Nagar Ajigavan R.N. 2958Mirnagar Ajjgawan
189P.P. Manikapur Ma0 Meernagar Ajigavan749Manikapur
190P.P. Hakeemkhera Ma0 Meernagar Ajigavan514Mirnagar Ajjgawan
191P.P. Meernagar Ajigavan975Mirnagar Ajjgawan
192P.P. Gogava Umrao1061Gogawan Umray
193P.P. Kinhauti1233Kinhoti
194P.P. Khutehna854Khutehana
195P.P. Sohilamau Ma00 Atsaliya R.N. 1720Atsaliya
196P.P. Sohilamau Ma0 Atsaliya R.N.2794Atsaliya
197P.P. Belai Ma Atsliya871Atsaliya
198P.P. Magra Ma0 Atsaliya1113Atsaliya
199P.P. Sahgavan R.N. 11313Sahigawan
200P.P. Sahgavan R.N. 2611Sahigawan
201P.P. Gauspur391Gausapur
202J.H.S. Mohammadpur Belvaran R.N. 1819Mahmoodpur
203J.H.S.. Mo. Pur Belvaran R.N. 2738Mahmoodpur
204P.P. Bamhanaua Peng599Bamhnaua Peng
205P.P. Madnakhera451Madnakhera
206P.P. Tindvari651Tidwary
207J.H.S.Sarva R.N. 11308Sarwa
208J.H.S. Sarva R.N. 21404Sarwa
209P.P. Kanaura Ant1401Kanaura Ant
210P.P. Dhikunni R.N. 11142Dhikuhny
211P.P. Dhikunni R.N. 2877Dhikuhny
212P.P. Lauli702Lauly
213P.P. Mavai Ma0 Jagsara896Lalamau
214P.P. Gajsara767Jagasara
215J.H.S. Parsa R.N. 11332Parsa
216J.H.S. Parsa R.N.21208Mohiuddin Pur
217P.P. Gauri Ma0 Baheriya Uttar Bhag527Baheriya
218P.P.Gauri Ma. Baheriya Dakshin Bhag743Baheriya
219P.P. Baheriya917Baheriya
220P.P. Kashipur Ma0 Baheriya R.N. 1904Baheriya
221P.P. Kashipur Ma0 Baheriya R.N. 2548Baheriya
222P.P. Berva Ma0 Baheriya628Baheriya
223P.P.Ranikhera354Rani Khera
225J.H.S. Godva R.N. 11291Gondwa
226J.H.S. Godva R.N. 2733Gondwa
227P.P. Gaurikhurd Ma0 Sonikpur R.N. 1905Sonikpur
228P.P. Gaurikhurd Ma0 Sonikpur R.N. 2662Sonikpur
229P.P. Sonikpur930Sonikpur
230P.P. Naranadnapur737Naramadnapur
231P.P. Fattepur635Fattepur
232P.P. Shikari Ma0 Bheekhpur Eima485Purwa Waji Rao
233P.P. Bheekhpur Eima R.N. 1383Bhikhpur Eama
234P.P. Bheekhpur Eima R.N. 2713Bhikhpur Eama
235P.P. Gathiya557Gathiya
236P.P. Jugrajpur633Jugrajpur
237P.P. Raypur562Raypur
238P.P. Shankarpur660Shankarpur
239J.H.S. Janigaun1431Janigaon
240P.P. Janigaun868Janigaon
241P.P. Harpalpur939Harpalpur
242P.P. Maalpur Ma0 Janigaun464Janigaon
243P.P. Bijauli Ma0 Janigaun1164Janigaon
244P.P. Goni1350Gauny
247P.P. Lalpur Ma0 Jajupur657Lalpur
248P.P. Jajupur R.N. 1792Jajupur
249P.P. Jajupur R.N. 2789Jajupur
250P.P.Kandharamau Ma0 Atrauli957Atrauly
251P.P. Barethi Ma. Atrauli404Atrauly
252J.H.S. Atrauli R.N. 1619Atrauly
253J.H.S. Atrauli R.N. 2659Atrauly
254P.P. Atrauli R.N. 11355Atrauly
255P.P. Atrauli R.N. 21463Atrauly
256P.P. Alampur656Alampur
258P.P. Godvapatti Atrauli516Gondwa Patti Atrauly
259P.P. Sagargarhi790Sagar Garhi
260P.P. Eira Ma0 Eira Kakemau904Dera Kakemau
261P.P. Kakemau Ma0 Eira Kakemau351Dera Kakemau
262P.P.Lalpur Banjara Ma0 Eira Kakemau426Lalpur
263P.P. Purva Maan R.N. 1795Purwa Man
264P.P. Purvamaan R.N. 2650Kasimabad
265P.P. Barahi R.N. 11244Barahi
266P.P. Barahi R.N. 2752Barahi
267P.P. Barriya1298Bariya
268P.P. Naroiya745Narohiya
269P.P. Bamhnaua Alamshah1442Bamhnau Aalm Shah
270P.P. Gayabkhera Ma0 Kirla515Kirla
271J.H.S. Kirla647Kirla
272P.P. Brindavan754Bindraban
273P.P. Fattepur Ma0 Brindavan798Bindraban
274P.P. Pavayan715Pawaya
275J.H.S. Pavayan739Pawaya
276P.P. Raikbar Khera385Rekwar Khera
277P.P. Harha817Hadha
278P.P. Nauakhera636Neoa Khera
279P.P. Paharpur791Paharpur
280P.P. Itaunja R.N.1 R.N. 11147Etaunja
281P.P. Itaunja R.N. 2557Atawa
282P.P. Chatiha969Chatiha
283P.P. Rampur770Rampur
284P.P. Koili848Koyaly
286P.P. Vilariya695Koyaly
287P.P. Kukura R.N. 1821Kukura
288P.P. Kukura R.N. 2699Kukura
289P.P. Tadkhera Ma0 Bharavan688Bharawan
290P.P. Muraukhera Ma0 Bharavan923Bharawan
291P.P. Bharavan R.N. 1822Bharawan
292P.P. Bharavan R.N. 2790Bharawan
293J.H.S. Bharavan R.N. 1973Bharawan
294J.H.S. Bharavan R.N. 2974Bharawan
295P.V.M. I.C. Bharavan R.N. 11120Bharawan
296P.V.M.I.C. Bharavan R0N02451Bharawan
297Vanbibhag Karyalay Mahmadapur659Mahamadwur
298P.P. Jakhava439Jakhwa
299P.P. Jhanjhuli444Jhanjholy
300P.P. Patthartali Ma0 Sikandarpur R.N. 1904Sikanderpur
301P.P. Patthartali R.N. 2 Ma0 Sikandarpur815Sikandarpur
302P.P. Bhulbhula Ma0 Sikandarpur1069Sikandarpur
303P.P. Kesharipur Ma0 Majhgaun922Kesharipur
304P.P. Chhathiya Ma0 Majhgaun1388Chatiha
305P.P. Kuraundh R.N. 1564Kourondh
306P.P. Kuraundh R.N. 2489Kourondh
307P.P. Pakra Ma0 Kuraundh985Kourondh
308P.P. Mandauli Ma0 Kauriya1190Kaudiya
309P.P. Kauriya R.N. 1802Kaudiya
310P.P. Kauriya R.N. 2873Kaudiya
311P.P. Terva528Terwa
312P.P. Dula Nagar849Dularpur
313P.P. Shyamdaspur R.N. 1850Shyam Das Pur
314P.P. Shyamdaspur R.N. 2726Shyam Das Pur
315P.P. Banjara611Banjara
316P.P. Gherva525Gherwa
317P.P. Saiyyapur1210Seayapur
318J.H.S.Bhatkherva Ma0 Bani453Bhatpurwa
319P.P. Bani642Bany
320P.P. Khasraul R.N. 1671Khasraul
321P.P. Khasraul R.N. 2623Khasraul
322P.P. Tajpur Ma0 Khasroul862Tajpur
323P.P. Surjapur Ma Nevada Vijay393Newada Bijay
324P.P. Nevada Vijay611Newada Bijay
325P.P. Rudauli1041Rudauly
326Sadhan Sahkari Samiti Mishrikheda Ma0 Pipargaun684Aura Patty
327P.P. Pipargaun Room No 011131Pipargaon
328P.P. Pipargaun Room No. 02945Gaura
329P.P. Kukuri Ma0 Pipargaun1132Pipargaon
330P.P. Danda901Danda
331P.P. Mahuadanda1191Mahuwa Danda
332P.P. Hayatganj1043Hayatganj
333P.P. Pipari Narayanpur815Pipri Narayanpur
334P.P. Hajipur693Hajipur
335J.H.S. Chavan Room No 01981Chawan
336J.H.S. Chavan Room No 02882Chawan
337P.P. Ramkotta Ma0 Chavan486Chawan
338P.P. Kunda Ma0 Bhatpur546Bhatpur
339New P.P. Bhatpur Room No 01762Bhatpur
340New P.P. Bhatpur Room No 02470Bhatpur
341Panchyatghar Bhatpur Room No 01891Bhatpur
342Panchyatghar Bhatpur Room No 02458Bhatpur
343P.P. Katkakalan Ma0 Bhatpur R.N. ??765Katka
344P.P. Katkakalan Ma0 Bhatpur Room No. ?2834Katka
345P.P. Katki789Katky
346J.H.S. Katka402Katka
347P.P. Bahnbhua451Bhabhuwa
348P.P. Mahsuva401Mahsuwa
349P.P. Bangalpur812Bengalpur
350P.P. Shivpuri976Shivpury
351P.P. Godvakhem912Gonndwa Khem
352P.P. Hirupur Gotaiya782Hirupur Goteya
353P.P. Suagada404Suagada
354P.P. Usharah407Usrha
355P.P. Bakva R.N. 1923Bakwa
356P.P. Bakba R.N. 2545Bakwa
357P.P. Sanda Ma0 Sanda Dakhlaul1086Sanda Dakhlor
358P.P. Dakhlaul Ma0 Sanda Dakhlaul883Sanda Dakhlor
359P.P. Jamunipur555Jamunipur
360J.H.S. Mavaiya320Mawaiya
361J.H.S. Mahitha1467Mahitha
362P.P. Auna707Auna
363P.P. Devkali422Deokally

Last Updated on November 15, 2014