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Polling Booth in Sadar Assembly Constituency

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Sadar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sadar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sadar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S.Jogibr Devdaspur963Jogibir Devdas Pur
2P.S. Nidura R.No.1727Nidura
3P.S. Kudarn Galibaha R.No.1710Nidura
4Pu.School Irul R.No.1874Isur
5Navin Uttar Ma.School Makdompur Banraha R.No.1858Makhadum Pur Banrha
6P.S. Lamkaua Dubepur R.No.1788Lamkana Dubepur
7P.S. Rajupur Akdala R.No.1462Raju Pur Ekdala
8P.S. Salimpur Grent R.No.1743Salim Pur Grant
9P.S. Baraula R.No.11468Baroula
10P.S. Jafarpur R.No.1846Japharpur
11P.S. Neuri Manorathpur R.No.1675Niyauri Manorathpur
12P.S. Kodari R.No. 1496Korari
13P.S. Karaute Atirikt R.No.1487Karaute
14P.S. Padumra R.No. 1906Padumra
15P.S. Fulauna R.No. 11221Fulauna
16P.S. Mamarkha R.No.1481Mamrakha
17P.S. Devkali R.No.11130Devkali
18P.S. Sarangpur R.No.11127Devkali
19P.S. Baithu R.No.1936Baithv
20P.S. Bhagvanpur R.No.11158Bhagwan Pur
21P.S. Dhudhu R.No.11064Bhagwan Pur
22P.S. Dhudhu R.No.2863Bhagwan Pur
23P.S. Lakhaicha R.No.1782Bhagwan Pur
24Panchayat Bhawan Fulvari R.No.1470Bhagwan Pur
25P.S. Akodihi R.No.1917Akori
26Intar Collage Gaura R.No.11396Gaura
27P.S. Arval Kiri Karvat R.O. 1645Gaura
28P.S. Arval Kiri Karvat Atirikt R.932Gaura
29P.S. Kharsoma R.No. 11200Gaura
30P.S. Kharsoma R.No.2706Barcabal
31P.S.Pakhanpur R.No. 1942Pakhranpur
32Intar Collage Natauli Khurd R.N.1713Pakhranpur
33Intar Collage Natauli Khurd R.No2438Natauli Khurd
34Panchayat Bhawan Natauli Kala472Natauli Kalan
35D.K.L.Ma.School Madanpur Narayanpur624Narayn Pur
36P.S. Bhawan Madanpur R.No.1487Madan Pur
37P.S. Damodra R.No.1973Damodara
38Su.Intar Collage Paliya R.No.1965Palia
39Su.Intar Collage Paliya R.No.2705Palia
40P.S. Malva R.No. 1632Malwa
41P.S. Darjipur R.No.1650Darjipur
42Kanya Ju.High School Dihdaggupur R.No.1708Dihaggupur
43Kanya Ju.High School Dihdaggupur R.No.2848Dihaggupur
44Kanya Ju.High School Dihdaggupur R.No.31126Dihaggupur
45Kanya P.S. Dihdaggupur R.No.11512Dihaggupur
46P.S. Gadauli R.No.1873Garaoli
47P.S. Ghadauli R.No.1837Garaoli
48P.S. Pindoran R.No.1849Pindoran
49P.S. Pipra R.No.1997Pipara
50P.S. Mishauli R.No.1936Mishroli
51P.S. Saidpur R.No.1577Sedpur
52P.S. Ajijpur R.No.1538Mahadavpur
53P.S. Mahadevpur R.No.1574Mahadavpur
54P.S. Bidi R.No.1482Biri
55P.S. Surauli R.No.11093Surouli
56P.S. Surauli R.No.21278Surouli
57P.S. Surauli R.No.31180Surouli
58P.S. Udharpur R.No.11046Randoli
59P.S. Udharpur R.No.2973Randoli
60P.S. Madhaopur Chhatauna R.No.11293Madhvpur Chhitouna
61P.S.Sahadatpur R.No.21234Sahadatpur
62P.S. Jasapara R.No.11271Jasapara
63P.S. Jasapara R.N.21123Jasapara
64P.S. Jasapara R377Jasapara
65P.S.Domapara R.No.1920Domanpur
66P.S. Barui R.No. 01849Domanpur
67P.S. Amiliya Bisui R.No.1651Domanpur
68P.S. Bahauddinpur R.No.11301Domanpur
69P.S. Bahauddinpur R.No.2510Domanpur
70P.S. Rahilpara R.No.1479Domanpur
71P.S. Guregaon R.No.011307Domanpur
72Intar Collage Belahri R.No.11741Domanpur
73P.S. Belahri R.No.21578Domanpur
74P.S. Belahri R.No.3674Domanpur
75Intar Collage Belahri R.No.4504Domanpur
76P.S.Gopalpur R.No1661Gopalpur
77P.S. Arjunpur R.No.1910Arjunpur
78P.S. Kolhuamaoo784Kolhuamau
79P.S. Basupur R.No. 1687Bhasupur
80P.S. Damodarpur R.No. 1831Damodarpur
81P.S. Dhanaudih R.No.11069Dhanudih
82P.S. Barausa R.No.11285Brounsa
83P.S. Barausa R.No. 21315Brounsa
84E.Collage Barausa R.No.3902Brounsa
85P.S. Barausa R.No.21174Brounsa
86P.S. Rampu R.No.1594Rampur
87P.S. Pandepur R.No.11108Pandeypur
88P.S. Mirpur Saraiya R.No. 11169Masirpur
89P.S. Mirpur Saraiya R.No.2661Mirpur Saroiya
90Ju.High. Athaisi R.No11197Athaisi
91P.S. Lavdeha R.No.11418Athaisi
92Ju.High School Jaisinghpur R.No.21274Jaysinghpur
93P.S. Mokalpur R.No.1712Mokalpur
94P.S. Mokalpur R.N.1655Masirpur
95P.S. Sadarpur R.No.1680Sadarpur
96P.S. Jaisinghpur R.No.1653Bagiyagown
97P.S.Gopalpur R.No.1493Gopalpur
100P.S. Daulatpur R.No.1620Gopalpur
101P.S. Padarthpur R.No.1403Gopalpur
102P.S. Basayakpur R.No.1869Basakpur
103P.S. Mugar R.No.11478Mungar
104P.S. Mungar R.No.21439Mungar
105P.S. Sartejpur R.No.1665Sartejpur
106P.S. Jagatpur R.No.1298Jagatpur
107P.S. Alavalpur R.No.1580Alavalpur
108P.S. Ramchandarpur R.No1421Ramchandarpur
109P.S. Sata R.N. 11010Sata
110P.S. Sata R.No. 2574Barsoma
111P.S. Muili R.No.1657Muili
112P.S. Purshottampur R.No.11216Purushottampur
113P.S. Gangev R.No.11366Gangev
114P.S. Gangev R.No.21265Domanpur
115P.S. Sevtari R.No.21090Domanpur
116P.S. Ravaniya R.No.11264Domanpur
117P.S. Saraiya Hardo R.No.11050Saria Hardo
118P.S. Binchhe Koilaha R.No.1579Binche Koilaha
119P.S. Parsa R.No.1749Parsa
120Panchayat Bhavan Parsada R.No.1689Parsadandwa
121P.S. Belgara R.No.11111Balgara
122P.S. Baghana R.No.1842Bajhana
123P.S. Baghana R.No.2840Bajhana
124P.S. Numanva R.No.1924Numayen
125P.S. Numanva R.No.2918Madai
126Juniyar High School. Karsa R.N.2973Karsa
127Ju.High School Pidhi R.No.11242Pidhi
128Ju.High School Pidhi R.No.2797Pidhi
129P.S. Bhikhupur R.No.2731Bhikhupur
130P.S. Bhidura R.No.1783Bhidura
131P.S. Karevan .R.No1.1053Kareban
132Ju. High School Chandpur R.No.1720Chand Pur
133Panchayat Bhawan Chiranedih R.No.1336Chiranedih
134P.S. Vishundashpur937Bisundaspur
135P.S.Devprapar R.No.1580Devpara Par
136Enter Collage .Sapahi R.No.1748Sapahi
137P.S Parsauhar.No.11303Parsoha
138P.S. Bhabhot R.No.11131Bhabhot
139P.S. Bhabhot R.No.21276Bhabhot
140Ju.High School. Pemapur R.No.2937Pemapur
141P.S. Khajuri R.No.1931Pemapur
142P.S. Bibharpur R.No.1643Bhairopur
143P.S. Bhairopur R.No.11234Bhairopur
144P.S. Bhawanipur R.No.1605Bhwanipur
145P.S. Saraiya Partham R.No.1420Sareia
146P.S. Bindvan R.No.11003Bindwan
147P.S. Rupinpur R.No.1523Rupinpur
148P.S. Bharsare R.No.11004Bharsare
149Ju.High School. Birsinghpur R.No.1973Birsinghpur
150Ju.High School Birsinghpur R.No.2897Birsinghpur
151P.S. Gauhaniya R.No.1780Gouhaniyan
153P.S. Siyrabhari R.No.1490Nidura
154P.S. Sabai R.No.11252Nidura
155P.S. Sabai R.No.2656Nidura
157P.S. Chorma R.No.11271Nidura
158P.S. Chorma R.No.2559Sadarpur
159Ju. High School Mahmudpur Semari R.No.1991Sadarpur
161Panchayat Bhawan Mahmudpur Salahpur R.No.1697Sadarpur
162P.S. Sumerpur R.No. 1530Sadarpur
163P.S. Gudbad R.No. 11354Gudbad
164P.S. Vijhuri R.No. 11123Bijhoori
165P.S. Sonaura1262Patnaharibansh
166Panchayat Bhawan . Mahmoodpur R.No. 1635Mahmudpur
167P.S. Khapdadih340Khapradih
168Panchayat Bhawan Ramnathpur R.No. 1662Rannathpur
169Ju.High School Tehsa R.No. 1716Tihsa
170P.S. Khampur R.No. 1426Khampur
171P.S. Amdewa R.No. 1910Konchi
172P.S. Amdewa R.No. 21294Amdeva
173P.S. Dadawa R.No. 1786Dadawa
174P.S. Sarayjehali R.No.11140Sarayjehali
175P.S. Sonupara R.No. 11011Sonupara
176P.S. Viramalpur R.No. 1375Virmalpur
177P.S. Baharpur R.No. 11110Baharpur
178Panchayat Bhawan Sisauda R.No. 11253Sisouda
179P.S. Amiliya Sikra Second R.No. 11336Amiliyavisvi
180P.S. Amiliya Sikra Se. R.No. 1965Bhojapur
181P.S. Gayanpur R.No. 1482Gyanpur
182P.S. Baurajagdishpur R.No. 1759Bora Jagdishpur
183P.S. Biraitapalipur R.N.11282Biraitapalhipur
184U.Ma.Vi. Parsadndva R.N.1981Bahoripur
185P.S. Tindauli R.N.1928Bahoripur
186Ju.High School Dihbhikhari R.N.11306Deh Bhikhari
187Ju.High School Jajrahi R.N.1806Jajrahi
188P.S. Khojapur Upati R.N.11100Khojapur Upati
189P.S. Khojapur Upati R.N.2864katat Pursottampur
190P.S. Devritaran Patti R.N.1665Judadupur
191P.S. Devari Taranpatti R.N.21034Dawaritaran Patti
192P.S. Katrachudgupur R.N.11161Katarachunghoopur
193P.S. Madhavpur R.N.1298Madhopur
194P.S. Halapur R.N.11460Halapur
195P.S. Phadpur Raypatti R.N.1980Paharpur Raypatti
196Ju.High School Kishnagarpur R.N.1852Kisnagarpur
197Ju.High School Patranarayanpur R.N.11345Pataranarayanpur
198P.S. Vyaspur R.N.11173Byaspur
199K.Ju.High School Mahuariya Ashapur R.N.1514Mahari Asapur
200P.S. Gosaisinghpur R.N.11218Gosaisinghpur
201P.S. Gosaisinghpur R.N.2717Gosaisinghpur
202Kanya P.S. Gosaisinghpur R.N.1686Gosaisinghpur
203Ka. P.S. Gosaisinghpur R.N.21290Gosaisinghpur
204Kanya Ju. High School Bani R.N.11092Bani
205Naya Panchayat Bhawan . Sherkhanpur R.N.01521Shekhanpur
206P.S. Ahladadpur R.N.1867Alahdadpur
207P.S. Ahladadpur R.N.2678Alahdadpur
208P.S. Arjunaipur R.795Arjunaipur
209P.S. Hadai R.N.11002Hadai
210P.S. Sailkha R.N.11442Sailkha
211P.S. Tajuddinpur R.N.1799Tazuddinpur
212U.M. V. Vishunpur Chhitepatti R.N.11310Bishunpur Chhotepatti
213P.S. Khalishpur Durga R.N.11370Khalishpur Durga
214P.S. Surhurpur R.N.11155Surhur
215P.S.Surhurpur R.N.2504Bariyarpur
216P.S. Barua Sakarvari R.N.11046Baruaasakarwari
217P.S. Sahinva R.N.11138Sahinwa
218P.S. Khanipur R.N. 1381Khanipur
219P.S. Udaypur Sakarvari R.N.1437Udaypur Sakarwari
220P.S. Bhadila R.N. 1664Bhdila
221P.S. Udharpur Bhatpura R.N.1730Udaypur Bhatpura
222P.S. Imaligaon R.N.1975Imali Gaon
223P.S. Dhema R.N.11069Thema
224P.S. Dhema R.N.21111Thema
225P.S. Lamabankatha R.N.11173Lamaban Kata
226P.S. Lamabanktha R.S.2377Lamaban Kata
227P.S. Gopalpur Badagano R.N.1465Gopalpur Bara Gaon
228P.S. Belvare R.N.11076Madanpur kala
229P1030Malikpur Bakhra
230P.S. Ahirauli R.N.1634Ahiroli
231P.S. Chauhanpur R.N. 1977Chandanpur
232P.S. Chauhanpur R.N.21325Dingrpur Bankaagaon
233P.S. Ahada R.N.11222Ahada
234P.S. Khadsada R.N. 11243Kharsada
235Ju.High School Dharsauli R.N.1777Arjunpur Gangapur
236Ju.High School Dharsauli R.N.2819Dharsauli
237P.S. Phadpur Saraybhikham R.N.11101Paharpur Saraybhikam
238P.S. Phadpur Saraybhikham R.N.2276Paharpur Saraybhikam
239P.S. Malva R.N.1946Malwa
240P.S. Hamjabad R.N.1913Hamjabad
241P.S. Hamjabad R.N.2832Hamjabad
242P.S. Karaudi R.N.1554Karodi
243P.S. Maidhan R.S.1775Maindhan
244P.S. Radhavpur Shukul R.N.1711Raghavpur
245P.S. Mairisangaram R.N.1764Marisangram
246P.S. Chheduvari R.N.1910Chhadowari
247P.S. Mairiranjit R.N.11127Mariranjit
248P.S. Kaithvara R.N.11070Kethwara
249P.S. Gaura R.N.1986Gaura
250P.S. Shukuldulaicha R.N.11181Gaura
251P.S. Shukuldulaicha R.N.21035Shukul Dulacha
252Ju .High School Nanemaoo R.N.11241Nanemau
253Kanya P.S. Nanemaoo R.N.1938Nanemau
254Kanya P.S. Nanemaoo R.N.21370Nanemau
255P.S. Jagdattganj Nanemaoo R.N.11046Nanemau
256P.S. Kachha Bhitaura R.N.11409Kacha Bhitora
257P.S. Kachha Bhitaura R.N.21446Kacha Bhitora
258P.S. Diyra R.N.11129Diyara
259P.S. Diyara R.N.21269Diyara
260P.S. Diyra R.N.3994Diyara
261P.S. Khairha R.N.11216Kharaha
262P.S. Motigarpur R.N.11101Motigarpur Pathkauli
263P.S. Motigarpur R.N.21137Khamajitpur
264P.S. Sultanpur Kala R.N.1560Sultanpurkala
265P.S. Dandvakala R.N.1930Dadawa
266P.S. Shahpurlapta R.N.11393Lapta
267P.S. Khanuhat R.N.1207Khnuhat
268P.S. Rampur Birtiha R.N.11280Rampur Birtiya
269P.S. Paraspatti R.N.11215Paraspatti
270P.S. Paraspatti R.N.21446Paraspatti
271P.S. Jajupur R.N.1466Jajupur
272J.H.S. Kurebhar R. No.11052Kurebhar
273J.H.S. Kurebhar R. No.2742Kurebhar
274J.H.S. Kurebhar R. No. 11041Kurebhar
275P.S. Siddhiganeshpur1376Siddhi Ganesh Pur
276P.S. Kurebhar R. No.11277Dharamdas Pur
278P.S Foolpur1215Phul Pur
279P.S. Lokepur R. No.1586Loke Pur
280P.S. Lokepur R. No. 21176Loke Pur
281P.S. Musharnachana R.N. 11130Musharnachna
282P.S. Musharnachana R. N.21134Musharnachna
283P.S. Seur R.No. 1953Seur Chamarkha
284P.S. Seur R.N.2`1081Seur Chamarkha
285P.S.Chamurkha R.N.2716Seur Chamarkha
286P.S. Umari R.N. 1692Umari
287P.S.Umari R.N. 2819Umari
288Shri Ramlaut J.H.S. Rohanikhojagipur Katch No. 1903Rohini Khojagipur
289Shri Ramlaut J.H.S. Rohanikhojagipur Katch No. 2835Rohini Khojagipur
290P.P. Mudaha1459Muraha
291P.P. Kalyanpur1257Kalyanpur
292P.P. Hariharpur892Jaychandpur
293P.P. Dhanepur386Dhanepur
294P.P. Banauta1151Taukalpur
295P.P. Mainepara1331Menepar
296P.P. Khojapur813Khojapur
297P.P. Chandauli1358Chandauli
298P.P. Mujahana Mamoorpatti413Mujhana
299P.P. Rajbigo Katch No. 11332Raibigo
300P.P. Raibigo Katch No. 21292Raibigo
301Kanya P.P. Raibigo Katch No. 11222Raibigo
302Kanya P.P. Raibigo Katch No. 2494Raibigo
303P.P. Dadwakhurd969Dandawa Khurd
304P.P. Gorsara824Gorsara
305P.P. Bhairopur724Bheropur
306P.P. Raghavpur Katch No. 1680Raghabpur
307P.P. Raghavpur Katch No. 2734Sansarpur
308P.P. Bagsaray792Bagsarai
309P.P. Khargupur Padarathpur Upadhyay1076Padarathpur Upadhyay
310P.P. Mahmoodpur Jangal816Mahmoodpur Jangal
311P.P. Badaunadeeh Katch No. 11174Hansapur
312P.P. Badaunadeeh Katch No. 2340Hansapur
313Kanya P.P. Badaunadeeh1474Badaunadih
314P.P. (Sheshpur) Ghuripur350Ghuripur
315P.P. Lamauli1472Lamoli

Last Updated on November 15, 2014