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Polling Booth in Sadabad Assembly Constituency

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Sadabad Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sadabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sadabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S.Nagla Vanarasi Prahalad641Nagla Banarsi Prahlad
2P.S.Nagla Nandu720Nagla Nandu
3Junior High School Kheda Baramai595Nagla Gajua
4P.S. Nagla Daya846Nagla Daya
5P.S. Gopalpur Ta. Baramai390Gopalpur
6P.S.Kheda Baramai1025Khera Baramai
7????0 ??0 ?????? ????????403Darshana Muttafarkan
9P.S. Mathu933Dengra
10P.S. Baguli Kamalpur1151Dengra
11P.S. Rayak817Rayak
12P.S. Nagla Gopi899Nagla Gopi
13P.S. Bichpuri436Bichpuri
14P.S. Farsauti628Pharsauti
15P.S. Uajhanera504N/A
16G.S.A.S. Inter College Mursan R.N.11064Mursan (NP)
17G.S.A.S. Inter College Mursan R.N.21090Mursan (NP)
18Kanya High School Mursan R.N.11049Mursan (NP)
19Kanya High School Mursan R.N.21305Mursan (NP)
20P.S. Mursan R.N. 11323Mursan (NP)
21P.S. Mursan R.N. 21194Mursan (NP)
22P.S. Mursan R.N. 31218Mursan (NP)
23P.S. Mursan N.21006Mursan (NP)
24P.S. Fusakara514Phuskara
25P.S. Nagla Shisham374Nagla Shisham
26Girls Junior High School Navipur (Chhotuaa)528Chhotua
27Unior High School Timarali667Timrali
28P.S. Navipur763Navipur
29P.S. Jaitpur581Jaitpur
30P.S. Shitala Meva474Sitla Mewa
31P.S. Kanchana601N/A
32Junior High School Udaybhan Bhakaroi889Udaibhan Bhakroi
33P.S. Bhakaroi955Udaibhan Bhakroi
36P.S.Karil R.N.011374Karil
37P.S.Karil R.N.2540Karil
38P.S. Guvarari896Gubrari
39P.S. Paithgaon995Painthgaon
40P.S. Bardvaree1049Ani Garhi
41Junior High School Bardvaree R.N.03573Ani Garhi
42P.S. Kataila415Bardwari
43Junior High School Bardvaree R.N.01857Bardwari
44Junior High School Bardvaree R.N.02535Bardwari
45P.S. Khoduaa782Gubrari
46P.S. Sunidhya605Bhudari
47P.S. Khokiya714Songra
50P.S.Nagla Babu627Nagla Babu
51P.S. Amarpur Dehmafee315Nagla Amra
52P.S. Dayalpur R.N.011062Dayalpur
53P.S. Dayalpur R.N.02727Tajpur
54P.S. Magtaee765Magtae
56P.S.Garvagdhi680Garaw Garhi
57P.S. Kota R.N.011064Kota
58P.S. Kota R.N.02950Mohanpur
59P.S.Mohanapura Urf Bhutpura914Rangpura
65P.S.Nagla Ramaray413Nagla Soron
67P.S. Rohai R.N.011072Rohai
68P.S. Rohai R.N.02685Rohai
69P.S.Nagla Mansha581N/A
70P.S.Nagla Motiray515Nagla Motirai
72P.S.Mahamudapur Jatan918Mehmudpurjatan
73P.S.Gol Nagar658Golnagar
74P.S.Chanchapur Bhataila R.N.011142Chachpur Bhatela
75P.S.Chanchapur Bhataila R.N.02409Chachpur Bhatela
83P.S.Patakhas1450Patta Khas
85P.S.Ratabhan Gadhi456Rutvangarhi
86????? ???? ?0 ??0 ??0 ???????536Bairisala
88P.S. Gaujiya743Gautiya
89P.S. Tihaiya Nagla Karuaa338Tihaiya Nagla Karwa
90P.S. Khajuriya724Khajuria
91P.S. Kurabali938Kuravali
95P.S.Chaukda359Darshana Talukat
96P.S.Sher Khan799Sukha
99J.H. School Susain R.N.1869Susain
100J.H. School Susain R.N.2854Susain
101J.H. School Susain R.N.31067Susain
102P.S. Nasirpur R.N. 1908Nasirpur
103P.S. Nasirpur R.N. 21051Nasirpur
105P.S.Burj Bhag Dhanonti433Dhanauli
107Pachayat Gharjanjariya Bhag Karasora583Karsaura
108P.S.Nagala Phatta Bhag Karasora860Karsaura
109P.S.Nagala Virval475Nagla Birbal
110J.H. School Visavar R.N.11192Bisawar
111J.H. School Visavar R.N.21328Bisawar
112J.H. School Visavar R.N.31033Bisawar
113P.S.Nagala Shekha Visavar1297Bisawar
114P.S.Visavar Bhag Vidhipur1525Bisawar
115P.S.Gadhi Khamani Bhag Visavar796Bisawar
116P.S.Nagala Dhokla Bhag Visavar610Bisawar
117P.S.Tilhu Chihetar Bhag Visavar848Bisawar
118P.S.Tikeat Bhag Visavar725Bisawar
119S.V.J.Digree College Visavar R.N.1996Bisawar
120S.V.J.Digree College Visavar R.N.21224Bisawar
122P.S.Sumra Bhag Pachavri480Pachawari
124P.S.Gadhi Khyali Bhag Bhurraka472Bhuraki
125J.H.School Vilara R.N. 1918Bilara
126J.H.School Vilara R.N. 21077Bilara
128P.S.Jatoi R.N.1711Jatoi
130P.S. Garhi Ratna641Jatoi
131P.S. Gukharauli744Gahcholi
132P.S. Gahachauli959Gahcholi
133P.S. Vadhaina1127Udhena
134P.S. Nanaoo1061Nanau
135P.S. Abhaypura896Abhaipura
136Junior High School Midavali1364Midhawali
137P.S. Gadi Vairu366Midhawali
138P.S. Gadi Hariya Bhaag Midabadi562Midhawali
139P.S. Heli745Midhawali
140J.H.School.Nagla Durjiya Bhag Midhavli809Midhawali
141Junior High School Gadf Umrao R.N.1997Garh Umrao
142Junior High School Gadf Umrao.R.N.2946Garh Umrao
143Junior High School Gadf Umrao R.N.3718Garh Umrao
144P.S. Sitharapur1047Sethrapur
145Karan Singh Uttar Madhyamik Tasingu.R.N.1905Tasingu
146Karan Singh Uttar Madhyamik Tasigun.R.N.2587Tasingu
147P.S. Bangad Bhaag Tasiganu972Tasingu
148Karan Singh Uttar Madhyamik Tasigun.R.N.3760Tasingu
149P.S.Gopara Bhag Tasigun1117Tasingu
150Karan Singh Uttar Madhyamik Tasigun.R.N.41145Tasingu
151P.S. Arauta.R.N.11237Arotha
152P.S. Nagala Tikait Bhaag Arauta587Arotha
153P.S. Arauta.R.N.2643Arotha
154P.S. Nagala Bhoora Bhaag Arauta489Arotha
155Junior High School Baramai.R.N.1870Baramai
156Junior High School Baramai.R.N.2983Baramai
157P.S. Nagala Gariva417Nagla Gariba
159P.S. Piparamai1110Pipramai
160P.S. Gadi Gumani Bhaag Piparamai1184Pipramai
161P.S. Kajarauti.R.N.11408Kajrauthi
162P.S.Plahavat Bhag Kajarothi.R.N.1920Kajrauthi
163P.S.Nagla Ramachela Kajarothi540Kajrauthi
165P.S.Jangala Bhag Kajarothi558Kajrauthi
166P.S. Meerpur856Mir Pur
168P.S. Bijalpur849Bijalpur
169P.S. Bahadurpur Bhup705Bahadurpur Bhoop
170P.S. Mahabatpur851Mahawatpur
171P.S. Samadpur.R.N.1753Samad Pur
172P.S. Samadpur R.N.2683Samad Pur
173P.S. Dhanauli623Dhanauli
174P.S. Nagla Maan Sahay Bhaag Dhanauli640Dhanauli
175P.S.Rasidapur828Rasid Pur
176P.S. Madanai.R.N.11260Mandnai
177P.S. Madanai.R.N.2676Mandnai
178P.S. Chamarpura Bhaag Madanai356Chamarpura
179P.S. Moniya Bhaag Madanai469Mandnai
180Junior High School Edalpur1515Adalpur
181P.S. Jhagarar1045Jhagrar
184P.S.Nagala Thanda Bhag Noganva486Naugawana
185P.S. Nagala Raddu1539Naugawana
186P.S.Dhakrai Bhag Noganva935Naupura
187P.S.Nagla Dhani Bhag Noganva735Naugawana
188P.S. Nagala Kalan Bhag Naugava856Naugawana
189Nagala Chaudhari Bhag Naugava913Naugawana
190P.S. Mansya 11155Mansaya
191P.S. Mansya 2540Mansaya
192P.S. Mansya 3922Kunjalpur
193P.S. Pusaini715Puseni
194P.S. Nagala Jhita Bhag Chhava961Chhawa
195P.S. Dagasah1124Dagsah
196P.S. Taajpur 1659Tajpur
197P.S. Taajpur 21034Tajpur
198P.S. Kumharai584Kumhrai
199P.S. Sarauth .R.N.11183Saroth
200P.S. Sarauth R.N.2715Saroth
201P.S.Gadhi Harbal Bhag Saroth719Saroth
202P.S. Ghucha1151Ghooncha
203P.S. Mai.R.N.11108Mai
204P.S. Mai R.N.2962Mai
205P.S. Nagala Vanarasi808Nagla Banarasi
206P.S. Naupura1113Naupura
207P.S. Kanjauli 11476Kanjauli
208P.S. Nagala Kalhu Bhag Kanjauli334Kanjauli
209P.S.Kanjouli 2758Kanjauli
210P.S. Govindpur R.N. 1936Kanjauli
211P.S.Govindpur R.N. 2463Kanjauli
212P.S. Nala Nagariya Bhag Kanjauli872Kanjauli
213P.S. Sista R.N. 1925Sista
214P.S. Sista R. N. 2796Sista
215P.S. Baros R. N. 1856Baraus
216P.S. Baros R. N. 2282Baraus
217P.S. N0. Harikesh Bhag Baraus450Baraus
218P.S. Gigala1123Gigla
219P.S. Gursoti1178Gursauti
220P.S.Jarau R. N. 1765Jarau
221P.S. Jarau R.N. 2734Jarau
222Kanya J.H. School Jarau756Jarau
223P.S. Nagala Tamsi Bhag Jaraoo829Tamsi
224P.S.Vas Dalti Bhag Jarau379Jarau
225J.H.Schoolvasamru Bhag Jarau-11012Jarau
226P.S. Burjavaji Bhag Jarau518Jarau
228Kanya J.H. School. Vaidai R.N. 11045Wedai
229Kanya J.H. School Vaidai R.N. 2897Wedai
230P.S. Nagala Deva Bhag Vedai877Wedai
231P.S. Vaas Datta Bhag Jaitai717Jaitai
232Panchayat Bhavan Jaitai710Jaitai
234P.S. Patati Shakit (Saurai)386Patti Shakti
235P.S. Kupa R.N. 11243Kupa
236P.S. Kupa R.N. 21076Kupa
237P.S. Nagala Jhunna437Kupa
238Kursanda Inter College Kursanda R.N. 1980Kursanda
239Kursanda Inter College Kursanda R.N. 2551Kursanda
240Kursanda Inter College Kursanda R.N. 3926Kursanda
241P.S. Kursanda997Kursanda
242P.S. Nagala Padam530Kursanda
243P.S. Bhaduri Bhag Kursanda797Kursanda
244P.S. Moti Garhi778Kursanda
245P.S. Thul Garhi786Kursanda
246P.S. Nagala Dhyan1320Kursanda
247P.S. Nagala Mohan1084Kursanda
248P.S. Nagala Chand Bhag Kursanda902Kursanda
249Block Mukhyalay Sadabad R.N. 11024Sadabad (NP)
250Block Mukhyalay Sadabad R.N. 21098Sadabad (NP)
251P.S. Vard No.-17 Krishna Nagar R.No.1850Sadabad (NP)
252Kisan Bhavan Sadabad R.N. 1821Sadabad (NP)
253J.H. Shcool R.N.11248Sadabad (NP)
254Vasdev J.H. School Sadabad R.N. 1782Sadabad (NP)
255Vasudev Junior High School Sadabad R.N. 11110Sadabad (NP)
256Vasudev Junior High School Sadabad R.N. 21332Sadabad (NP)
257Roshan Lal Gau. Uttar Madhyamik School Sadabad R. N. 1873Sadabad (NP)
258Roshan Lal Gau. Uttar Madhyamik School Sadabad R. N. 21079Sadabad (NP)
259Roshan Lal Gau. Uttar Madhyamik School Sadabad R. N. 31298Sadabad (NP)
260Roshan Lal Gau. Uttar Madhyamik School Sadabad R. N. 41223Sadabad (NP)
261Girls Junior High School Sadabad R.N. 21032Sadabad (NP)
262Girls Junior High School Sadabad R.N. 3838Sadabad (NP)
263Achhut P.S. Sadabad R.N. 1902Sadabad (NP)
264Achhut P.S. Sadabad R.N. 2692Sadabad (NP)
265Girls Junior High School Sadabad R.N. 41326Sadabad (NP)
266Zila Parishad P.S. Sadabad1219Sadabad (NP)
267Kisan Bhavan Sadabad R.N. 21183Sadabad (NP)
269Kisan Bhavan Sadabad R.N. 41142Sadabad (NP)
270Sadabad Inter College Sadabad R.N. 1921Sadabad (NP)
271Sadabad Inter College Sadabad R.N. 5804Sadabad (NP)
272Sadabad Inter College Sadabad R.N. 21182Sadabad (NP)
273Sadabad Inter College Sadabad R.N. 3820Sadabad (NP)
274Sadabad Inter College Sadabad R.N. 4643Sadabad (NP)
275P.S. Sherpur R.N. 1928Sher Pur
276P.S. Sherpur R.N. 2349Sher Pur
277P.S. Nagla Kesari Bhag Sherpur576Sher Pur
278P.S. Kothi Bhag Badar453Badhar
279P.S. Nagala Ram Chandra Bhag Badar1037Badhar
280P.S. Salempur R.N. 1891Salem Pur
281P.S. Salempur R.N. 2838Salem Pur
282P.S. Salempur R.N. 3990Salem Pur
283Junior High School Salempur340Salem Pur
284P.S. Gadi Evaran751Garhi Ahbaran
285P.S. Udhai954Ughai
286P.S. Nagla Dali889Nagl Dali
287P.S. Nagla Vairu854Nagla Beru
288P.S. Chatara539Chhatara
289P.S. Shahavaj Pur711Shahbajpur
290P.S. Veer Nagar604Vir Nagar
291P.S. Mada Pithu1458Madhapithu
292P.S. Nagala Brahaman587Madhapithu
293P.S. Nagla Ramaju320Madhapithu
294P.S. Patati Baharam717Patti Bahram
295P.S. Nagala Kali R.N.1934Nagla Kali
296P.S. Nagla Kali R.N. 2691Nagla Kali
297P.S. Karakauli958Karkauli
298P.S. Baag Pur429Bag Pur
299P.S. Karaiya525Karaiya
300P.S. Samastpur197Sarmastpur
301P.S. Rahpura640Rahpura
302Junior High School Gutahara R.N. 11138Gutahara
303Junior High School Gutahara R.N. 2524Gutahara
304Junior High School Gutahara R.N. 3387Gutahara
305P.S. Gutahara Second525Gutahara
306P.S.Nagala Pachauri Bhag Gutahara364Gutahara
307P.S. Nagala Brahaman Bhag Gutahara473Gutahara
308P.S.Baans Bitta468Gutahara
309P.S. Nagala Parasu Bhag Gutahara510Gutahara
310P.S.Mierpur Bhag Gutahara461Gutahara
311P.S. Sikhara R.N. 1892Sikhara
312Junior High School Sikhara R.N. 2545Sikhara
313P.S. Nagala Ratiya Bhag Sikhara464Sikhara
314P.S. Fatahallapur709Fateh Ulla Pur
315Junior High School Dhadho R.N. 11164Dhadhau
316Junior High School Dhadho R.N. 2878Dhadhau
317P.S. Nagala Mani781Dhadhau
318P.S. Nagla Seva545Dhadhau
319P.S. Sultanpur1129Sultanpur
320P.S. Tharaura R.N. 11031Tharora
321P.S. Tharaura R.N. 2963Tharora
322P.S. Tamasi730Tamsi
323P.S. Batapura Bhag Tamasi522Tamsi
324P.S. Pihura909Pihura
325P.S.N0. Visi Bhag Madabhoj R.N. 1491Madha Bhoj
326P.S. Madabhoj617Madha Bhoj
327P.S.N0. Visi Bhag Madabhoj883Madha Bhoj
329P.S. Khoda Pratham R.N.2673Khonda
330P.S. Khoda Second1108Khonda
331P.S. Khoda Pratham R.N. 2585Khonda
332P.S. Nagala Banjara1063Khonda
333P.S. Kukargavan1120Kukargawan
334P.S. Gadi Chinta523Garhi Chinta
335P.S. Nagala Mauji723Nagla Mauji
336P.S. Aarati1358Arti
337Gandhi Inter College Magaru1199Mangroo
338P.S. Raj Nagar1261Raj Nagar
339P.S. Hasanpur Vaaru1153Hasanpur Baru
340P.S. Narayanpur Vaad948Narayanpur Bad
341P.S. Baharadoi R.N. 11099Bahardoi
342P.S. Baharadoi R.N. 2644Bahardoi
343P.S. Rasagavan R.N. 11129Rasgawan
344P.S. Rasagavan R.N. 2793Rasgawan
345P.S. Bhukalara471Karaiya
346P.S. Chamarpura791Chamar Pura
347P.S. Gadi Rustam497Garhi Rustam
348P.S. Babali722Bawali
349P.S. Udhaina R.N. 1880Udhena
350P.S. Nagariya Bhag Udhaina752N/A
351P.S. Salhpur Chandvara355Saleh Pur Chandwara
352P.S. Salhpur Chandavara R.N. 1499Saleh Pur Chandwara
353P.S. Jaripura375Zari Pura
354P.S. Khediya713Kheria
355P.S. Kokana Kalan1207Kokna Kalan
356P.S. Makanpur1061Makan Pur
357P.S. Rampur635Ram Pur
358P.S. Dakpura640Dhakpura
359P.S. Nagala Bihari821Nagla Bihari
360P.S. Kokana Khurd892Kokna Khurd
361P.S. Isoda857Isonda
362Purv Madhyamik School Isoda473Isonda
363P.S. Vamaur Bhag Isoda214Isonda
364P.S. Dohaee R.N. 1737Dohai
365P.S. Dohaee R.N. 2784Dohai
366P.S. Nagala Baini Bhag Dohaee623Dohai
367P.S.Nagala Salem R.N.1782Nagla Salem
368P.S.Nagala Salem R.N. 2717Nagla Salem
369P.S. Manikpur1238Manik Pur
370P.S. Budaeech R.N. 11014Budhainch
371P.S. Budaeech R.N. 2926Budhainch
372Junior High School Sahapau R.N. 1984Sahpau (NP)
373Junior High School Sahapau R.N. 2995Sahpau (NP)
374Junior High School Sahapau R.N. 31012Sahpau (NP)
375Janata Inter College Sahapau R.N. 11397Sahpau (NP)
376Janata Inter College Sahapau R.N. 21322Sahpau (NP)
377P.S. Sahapau1284Sahpau (NP)
378Kurukshetra Inter College Maharara R.N. 11143Mahrara
379Kurukshetra Inter College Maharara R.N. 3415Mahrara
380Kurukshetra Inter College Maharara R.N. 2582Mahrara
381P.S. Nagla Naval Bhag Maharara392Mahrara
382P.S Vagavadhik Bhag Maharara456Mahrara
383P.S. Sedariya784Sedaria
384P.S. Bahadarpur Devakaran613Bahadur Pur Deokaran
385P.S. Chauvara1104Chaubara
386P.S Lodhai R.N. 11064Lodhai
387P.S Lodhai R.N. 2444Lodhai

Last Updated on November 15, 2014