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List of Polling Booths in Viralimalai Assembly

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Building, North Facing, E. Mettupatti- 621316 1.Boothakudi (R.V) Boothakudi (p) Ward-4 Erasanayakkanpatti , 2.Boothakudi (R.V) Boothakudi (p) Ward-5 Mettuppatti , 3.Boothakudi (R.V) Boothakudi (p) Ward-4 Thathanayakkanpatti , 4.Boothakudi (R.V) Boothakudi (p) Ward-5 Boomatha nagar , 5.Boothakudi (R.V) Boothakudi (p) Ward-4 Thanneerpanthalpatti
2Government Elementary School, Kalkudi 621316 1.Vittamapatti (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-3 Vittamapatti , 2.Vittamapatti (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-3 Paraipatti , 3.Vittamapatti (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-3 Krishnapuram , 4.Vittamapatti (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-3 Kadapatti , 5.Vittamapatti (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-3 Ariyakudi , 6.Vittamapatti (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-3 Nallankattupatti , 7.Kalkudi (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-1 Melathalapatti , 8.Kalkudi (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-3 Vadakki Kovilkattupatti
3Government Elementary School, South Facing, North Building, Kalkudi-621316 1.Kalkudi (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-1Keelathalapatti , 2.Kalkudi (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-1Vadakku Kovilkattupatti , 3.Kalkudi (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-1Therku Kovilkattupatti
4Government Elemantary School, North Facing South Building, Kalkudi-621316 1.Kalkudi (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-2 Kalkudi , 2.Kalkudi (R.V) Kalkudi (P) Ward-2 Kodian kattupatti
5Panchayat Union Elementary School New Terraced Building, Boothakudi-621316 1.Boothakudi(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-3 Kallupatti , 2.Boothakudi(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-3 Vadakkiyur , 3.Boothakudi(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-3 Boothakudi , 4.Boothakudi(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-3 Pillayar kulathupatti
6Panchayat Union Elementary School New Terraced Building, Saranakudi - 621316 1.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-1 Mettupatti. , 2.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-1 Ariyakudi Kovilkattupatti , 3.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-1 Saranakudi , 4.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-1 Bommanayakanpatti , 5.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-1 Sukkampatti , 6.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-1 Chandramanayakkanpatti , 7.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-1 Pungankattupatti
7Panchayat Union Elementary School, Old Tiled Building, Saranakudi 621316 1.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-1 Kalthachampatti , 2.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-2 Kovil kattupatti , 3.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-2 Keelaporuvai , 4.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward-2 Poruvai , 5.Poruvai(R.V) Boothakudi(P) Ward2 Kalakiripatti
8Panchayat Union Elementary School, Melapatchakudi- 621316 1.Melapatchakudi (R.V) Melapatchakudi (P) Ward-1 Fathima nagar , 2.Melapatchakudi (R.V) Melapatchakudi (P) Ward-1 Ubahara Annai Nagar , 3.Melapatchakudi (R.V) Melapatchakudi (P) Ward-1 Thirukurumba Nagar , 4.Melapatchakudi (R.V) Melapatchakudi (P) Ward-2 Ayyanar Theru , 5.Melapatchakudi (R.V) Melapatchakudi (P) Ward-1 Odakulathupatti , 6.Melapatchakudi (R.V) Melapatchakudi (P) Ward-1 Saralapatti
9Panchayat Union Elementary School, Melapatchakudi 621316 1.Melapatchakudi (R.V) Melapatchakudi (P) Ward-1 Kullampatti , 2.Melapatchakudi (R.V) Melapatchakudi (P) Ward-3 Idayapatti , 3.Melapatchakudi (R.V) Melapatchakudi (P) Ward-3 Melapatchakudi
10Panchayat Union Elementary School , Kumarapatti 621316 1.Kumarapatti(R.V) Kumarapatti(P) Ward-3 Kumarapatti , 2.Kumarapatti(R.V) Kumarapatti(P) Ward-3 Ayyanthoppu , 3.Kumarapatti(R.V) Kumarapatti(P) Ward-3 Thennilaipatti , 4.Kumarapatti(R.V) Kumarapatti(P) Ward-3 Kurunathanpatti , 5.Kumarapatti(R.V) Kumarapatti(P) Ward-3 Keelapatchakudi
11Saint Thomaiyar Primary School, Nazereth 621316 1.Kunnathur(R.V) Kunnathur(P) Ward-4 Gurunathanpatti , 2.Kunnathur(R.V) Kunnathur(P) Ward-4 Pudunagar Therkku , 3.Kunnathur(R.V) Kunnathur(P) Ward-3 Pudunagar Vadakku , 4.Kunnathur(R.V) Kunnathur(P) Ward-3 Kalimangalam Therkku , 5.Kunnathur(R.V) Kunnathur(P) Ward-4 Kalimangalam Vadakku , 6.Kunnathur(R.V) Kunnathur(P) Ward-4 Duraikudi , 7.Kunnathur(R.V) Kunnathur(P) Ward-4 Nazereth , 8.Kunnathur(R.V) Kunnathur(P) Ward-4 Velankadu , 9.Kunnathur(R.V) Kunnathur(P) Ward-4 Santhanathan kurichi , 10.Kunnathur(R.V) Kunnathur(P) Ward-4 Soorakudipatti
12Panchayat Union Middle School, New Terraced Building, Kunnathur 621316. 1.Kunnathur (R.V) Kunnathur (P) Ward-1 Kunnathur , 2.Kunnathur (R.V) Kunnathur (P) Ward-1 Sunaimalai , 3.Kunnathur (R.V) Kunnathur (P) Ward-1 Silambudayanpatti , 4.Kunnathur (R.V) Kunnathur (P) Ward-1 Alampatti , 5.Kunnathur (R.V) Kunnathur (P) Ward-1 Keelapannai , 6.Kunnathur (R.V) Kunnathur (P) Ward-2 Kolarpatti , 7.Kunnathur (R.V) Kunnathur (P) Ward-1 Pidarampatti Pudu Colony , 8.Kunnathur (R.V) Kunnathur (P) Ward-1 Pidarampatti Palaya Colony , 9.Kunnathur (R.V) Kunnathur (P) Ward-1 Pidarampatti
13Panchayat Union Elementary School, New RCC Building, Amburpatti 622515. 1.Amburpatti(R.V) Avoor(P) Ward-1 Amburpatti , 2.Amburpatti(R.V) Avoor(P) Ward-1 Amburpatti Nal Road , 3.Amburpatti(R.V) Avoor(P) Ward-1 Othaveedu , 4.Amburpatti(R.V) Avoor(P) Ward-1 Therkkupudupatti , 5.Amburpatti(R.V) Avoor(P) Ward-1 Vadakku Pudupatti
14Panchayat Union Elementary School, Terraced Building, Mathayanapatti, 622515. 1.Mathayanapatti(R.V) Mathayanapatti(P) Ward-1 Mathayanapatti
15Government Higher Secandary School, Northern Side, West Building, Avoor 622515 1.Amburpatti(R.V) Avoor(P) Ward-2 Sami Ooranipatti , 2.Amburpatti(R.V) Avoor(P) Ward-2 Avoor , 3.Amburpatti(R.V) Avoor(P) Ward-2 Melapatti
16Government Higher Secandary School, Northern Side, East Building, Avoor 622515 1.Sengalakudi (R.V) Avoor (P) Ward-3 S.Seethapatti , 2.Sengalakudi (R.V) Avoor (P) Ward-4 S. Melakadu , 3.Sengalakudi (R.V) Avoor (P) Ward-4 Sengalakkudi , 4.Sengalakudi (R.V) Avoor (P) Ward-4 S. Melapatti , 5.Sengalakudi (R.V) Avoor (P) Ward-4 Orandakudi
17Panchayat Union Elementary School, New R.C.C Building , Singathakurichi 622515 1.Singathakurichi (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-1 Singathakurichi , 2.Singathakurichi (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Vankarampatti , 3.Singathakurichi (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-1 Pidarampatti , 4.Singathakurichi (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-1 Pidarampatti Adidravidar street , 5.Singathakurichi (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-1 Therku Vankarampatti , 6.Singathakurichi (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-1 Sanjeevi Rayarkoil Theru , 7.Singathakurichi (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-1 Attukkaranpatti
18Panchayat Union Elementary School, New R.C.CBuilding, Kumaramangalam 622515 1.Kumaramangalam (R.V) Kumaramangalam (P) Ward-1 Itchikamalaipatti , 2.Kumaramangalam (R.V) Kumaramangalam (P) Ward-1 Thevali , 3.Kumaramangalam (R.V) Kumaramangalam (P) Ward-2 Pudur , 4.Kumaramangalam (R.V) Kumaramangalam (P) Ward-3 Kumaramangalam
19Panchayat Union Elementary School, South Side, Kumaramangalam 622515 1.Kumaramangalam (R.V) Kumaramangalam (P) Ward-2 Vadugapatti , 2.Kumaramangalam (R.V) Kumaramangalam (P) Ward-3 Nanjilar Nagar , 3.Kumaramangalam (R.V) Kumaramangalam (P) Ward-3 Sakthi Nagar , 4.Kumaramangalam (R.V) Kumaramangalam (P) Ward-3 Anna Nagar Merkku , 5.Kumaramangalam (R.V) Kumaramangalam (P) Ward-3 Pakkudi Salai , 6.Kumaramangalam (R.V) Kumaramangalam (P) Ward-3 V.K. Nagar
20St. Narbet R.C. Aided Middle School, Mathur 622515 1.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-4 Anna Nagar , 2.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-4 Dharmu Nagar , 3.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-2 Chokkalingapuram
21Panchayat Union Elementary School, Old Building, Mathur 622515 1.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-2 Chokkalingapuram 20 Veedu , 2.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-2 Sundar Nagar , 3.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-2 K.K. Nagar
22Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Side, Mathur 622515 1.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-2 Chithambara Nagar , 2.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-2 Avoor Salai , 3.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-2 Mathur
23Panchayat Union Elementary School, Additional New Building West Side, Mathur -622515 1.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-1 Rasipuram Salai , 2.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-1 Rasipuram , 3.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-3 Veenas Nagar , 4.Mathur (R.V) Mathur (P) Ward-2 Mathur Kainankarai
24Panchayat Union Elementary School, Tiled Building, South Side, Mandaiyur 622515 1.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-3 Mandaiyur , 2.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-4 Keelamedu , 3.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-3 Nathankadu , 4.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-4 Kottadikadu , 5.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-4 Nattirayankadu , 6.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-4 Navilangikadu , 7.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur (P) Ward-4 Kummanchettikadu
25Panchayat Union Elementary School , West Side, Mandaiyur 622515 1.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur(P) Ward-3 Vathiranmedu , 2.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur(P) Ward-3 Vadakadu , 3.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur(P) Ward-2 Kandiyankadu , 4.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur(P) Ward-1 Thirumayathankadu , 5.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur(P) Ward-2 Arisikadu , 6.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur(P) Ward-1 Ooranimedu , 7.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur(P) Ward-3 Mandaiyur , 8.Mandaiyur (R.V) Mandaiyur(P) Ward-3 Mandaiyur Salai
26Panchayat Union Middle School, East Portion, Thondaman Nallur 622515 1.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 E.B. Colony , 2.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 Vadakku Theru , 3.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 Therkku Theru , 4.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 Adidravidar Theru , 5.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 Therkku medu
27Panchayat Union Middle School, West Portion, Thondaman nallur 622515 1.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 Seppilanthoppu , 2.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 Nadutheru , 3.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 Melathoppu , 4.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 Vadakku Udayar Theru , 5.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 Muthuraja Theru , 6.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-1,2 Kallar Theru , 7.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-3 Keelapatti Adidravidar Theru , 8.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-3 Kammakurichivayal , 9.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-3 Kalluvayal , 10.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-3 Porkudivayal , 11.Lakshmanapatti(R.V) Thondaimanallur (P) Ward-3 Manakudipatti
28Panchayat Union Elementary School, West Side, Chinnapandurarpatti 622502 1.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-1 Therkku Veerampatti , 2.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-1 Chithupandurarpatti , 3.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-1 Panditharkudivayal , 4.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-1 Chinnapandurararpatti , 5.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-2 Thatchukarampatti
29Panchayat Union Elementary School East Side , Chinnapandurarpatti- 622502 1.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-2 Manamettukalam , 2.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-2 Indra Nagar , 3.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-2 Poosaritheru , 4.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-2 Lakshmanapatti , 5.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-2 Adidravidar Theru , 6.Lakshmanapatti (R.V) Lakshmanapatti (P) Ward-2 Car Colony
30Panchayat Union Elementary School, West Portion, Thennathiraiyanpatti 622502 1.Thennathirayanpatti (R.V) Thennathirayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Alangudipatti , 2.Thennathirayanpatti (R.V) Thennathirayanpatti (P) Ward-2 Thennathirayanpatti
31Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Portion, Thennathirayanpatti - 622502 1.Thennathirayanpatti (R.V) Thennathirayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Sappanipatti , 2.Thennathirayanpatti (R.V) Thennathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Ettukkalpatti , 3.Thennathirayanpatti (R.V) Thennathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Marungippatti , 4.Thennathirayanpatti (R.V) Thennathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Nedunthanpatti , 5.Sivakamipuram(R.V) Thennathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Sivakamipuram , 6.Mettupatti(R.V) Thennathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Valayanvayal
32Panchayat Union Elementary School, North side, Palandanpatti 622502 1.Palandanpatti (R.V) Palandanpatti (P) Ward-1 Marungipatti , 2.Palandanpatti (R.V) Palandanpatti (P) Ward-1 Palayakurukkathanpatti , 3.Palandanpatti (R.V) Palandanpatti (P) Ward-1 Ettukkalpatti , 4.Palandanpatti (R.V) Palandanpatti (P) Ward-1 Kadapillaiyarpatti
33Panchayat Union Elementary School, South Side, New Tiled Building, Palandanpatti-622502 1.Palandanpatti (R.V) Palandanpatti (P) Ward-2 Karuppudayanpatti , 2.Palandanpatti (R.V) Palandanpatti (P) Ward-2 Adidravidar Theru , 3.Palandanpatti (R.V) Palandanpatti (P) Ward-2 Palandanpatti , 4.Palandanpatti (R.V) Palandanpatti (P) Ward-3 Mathiyathuvayal
34Government Aided Elementary school, Tiled Building, Kalamavur 622502 2 1.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-2 Kalamavur Kallar Theru , 2.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-2 Malavarar Theru , 3.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-1 Gandhi Nagar , 4.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-1 Anthoniar Kovil Street
35Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Tiled Building, Namana Raya Chatram, Kalamavur 622502 1.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-1 Anna Nagar , 2.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-2 Thavalaimedu , 3.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-3 Porkudivayal , 4.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-3 Seethapatti , 5.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-3 Namanarayasathiram , 6.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-3 Kannakkonpatti , 7.Kalamavur (R.V) Kalamavur (P) Ward-3 Mettukalam
36Panchayat Union Middle School, R.C.C Building, Nadupatti -622502 1.Kalamavur(R.V) Naduppatti (P) Ward-1 Mallampatti Konar Theru , 2.Kalamavur(R.V) Naduppatti (P) Ward-1 Mallampatti kallar Theru , 3.Kalamavur(R.V) Naduppatti (P) Ward-1 Kummathankadu , 4.Kalamavur(R.V) Naduppatti (P) Ward-1 Therkupatti , 5.Kalamavur(R.V) Naduppatti (P) Ward-2 Naduppatti , 6.Kalamavur(R.V) Naduppatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakkupatti , 7.Kalamavur(R.V) Naduppatti (P) Ward-2 Seethapatti Colony
37Panchayat Union Elementary School, Terraced Building, West side, East Facing Neerpalani 622515. 1.Neerpalani (R.V) Neerpalani (P) Ward-1 Avvayarpatti , 2.Neerpalani (R.V) Neerpalani (P) Ward-1 Kalathu veedu , 3.Neerpalani (R.V) Neerpalani (P) Ward-1 Karuthangippatti , 4.Neerpalani (R.V) Neerpalani (P) Ward-1 Konarkadu , 5.Neerpalani (R.V) Neerpalani (P) Ward-2 Neerpalani , 6.Neerpalani (R.V) Neerpalani (P) Ward-2 Neerpalani Adidravidar Kilakku Colony
38Panchayat Union Elememantary School, Tiled Building, East side, West Facing Neerpalani -622515. 1.Neerpalani (R.V) Neerpalani (P) Ward-2 Neerpalani Perumalkovil Theru , 2.Neerpalani (R.V) Neerpalani (P) Ward-2 Neerpalani , 3.Neerpalani (R.V) Neerpalani (P) Ward-3 Karapatti, kallukolai colony
39T.E.L.C. Aided Elementary School, OlD Tiled Building, West Side, Kottaiakaranpatti, 1.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-1 Veppalampatti , 2.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-1 Kalathupatti , 3.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-1 Alangudi , 4.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-1 Kottaikaranpatti , 5.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-1 Kottaikaranpatti Harijan theru , 6.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-1 Kottaikaranpatti Harijan colony , 7.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-1Kottaikaranpatti Konar Theru , 8.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-1 Chithambur Therkku Theru , 9.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-2 Chithambur Harijan Theru
400 T.E.L.C. Aided Elementary School Tiled Building, East Side, Kottaiakaranpatti 622515 1.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-2 Sithambur Vadakku Theru , 2.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-3 Kaikudipatti , 3.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-3 Velrampatti , 4.Alangudi (R.V) Alangudi (P) Ward-3 Velapudayanpatti
41Panchayat Union Middle School, R.C.C. Building, Malampatti 622515 1.Perambur (R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-1 Malampatti , 2.Perambur (R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-1 Meyyanampatti
42Panchayat Union Middle School, R.C.CBuilding South Side, Malampatti -622515 1.Perambur (R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-1 Therku Malampatti , 2.Perambur (R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-1 Melakkadu , 3.Perambur (R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-2 kallupatti
43Panchayat Union Middle School, New Building, Perambur 622515 1.Perambur (R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-2,4 Perambur , 2.Perambur (R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-4 Sathivayal
44Panchayat Union Middle School, Old Building, Akkalnayakkanpatti - 621316 1.Kathalur (R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-1 Idayapatti, keelapachakudi, Veerampatti , 2.Kathalur (R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-1 Vedampatti , 3.Kathalur (R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-1 Kurumbar theru, Sevanthiandipatti , 4.Kathalur (R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-2 Kathalur , 5.Kathalur (R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-2 Koundanpatti , 6.Kathalur (R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-2 Vadakku Athupatti
45Panchayat Union Middle School, New Building, Akkalnayakkanpatti 621316 1.Kathalur (R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-2 Kavundanpatti , 2.Akkalnayakkanpatti(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-3 Palapatti , 3.Akkalnayakkanpatti(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-3 Kidavankudi , 4.Akkalnayakkanpatti(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-3 Idayapatti , 5.Akkalnayakkanpatti(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-3 Akkalnayakkanpatti , 6.Akkalnayakkanpatti(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-3 Seethakattupatti , 7.Akkalnayakkanpatti(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-3 Puthupatti
46Panchayat Union Minddle School, New Building, Mullaiyur 621316 1.Akkalnayakkanpatti(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-1 kidavankudi , 2.Mullaiyur(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-2 Therkku Athupatti , 3.Mullaiyur(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-2 Mullaiyur , 4.Mullaiyur(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-2 Kulathathupatti , 5.Mullaiyur(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-2 Rottathupatti , 6.Mullaiyur(R.V) Kathalur (P) Ward-2 Thulukkampatti
47Panchayat Union Middle School, East Portion,Velur 621316. 1.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-1 Velur
48Panchayat Union Middle School, North Portion,Velur 621316. 1.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-4 Kathalampatti , 2.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-4 Boomakonpatti , 3.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-4 Keelachinnapalanipatti , 4.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-4 Melachinnapalanipatti
49Panchayat Union Middle School, West Portion,Velur 621316 1.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-2 Puduppatti , 2.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-2 Konnakattupatti , 3.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-2 Poosaripannai , 4.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-3 Vallakonpatti , 5.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-3 Keezhathottiapatti , 6.Velur (R.V) Velur (P) Ward-3 Melathottiapatti
50Government Higher Secondary School, Main Building, East Portion Viralimalai 621316 1.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Eswari nagar , 2.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Kamaraj Nagar , 3.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Periyar Nagar , 4.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Sandaikku vadakku paguthi
51Government Higher Secondary School, North Building South Facing , Viralimalai 621316 1.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Malankulam , 2.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Ammankovil Theru , 3.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward- 1 Vadakku Theru
52Government Higher Secondary School, North Portion R.C.C Building, Viralimalai 621316 1.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-2 Annanagar, Pichaikonar Theru ,Vadatheru , 2.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-3 Manaparai Salai, (MGR Nagar)
53Government Higher Secondary School, North Portion R.C.C Building, Viralimalai 621316 1.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-3 SannadhiTheruKeela,Therkkuratha Veethi , 2.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-3,4 Theradi Theru, BPL Tower
54Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, Viralimalai 621316 1.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-3 Therkku Theru , 2.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-3 Therkku Theru Mel Paguthi
55Panchayat Union Elementary School, Viralimalai 621316 1.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-3 Madurai road , 2.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-3 kattupatti salai , 3.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-3 Pudukkottai salai , 4.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-4 Vadakku Theru , 5.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-2 Trichy Main Road
56Panchayat Union Elementary School, New R.C.C Building , Viralimalai 621316 1.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-4 Madurai Salai , 2.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-4 Kattupatti , 3.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-4 EB office road , 4.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-4 Manamettupatti , 5.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-4 Mathiripatti , 6.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-4 Kalingapatti , 7.Viralimalai (R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-4 Saralaipallam
57Government Grils High School, Vadugapatti -621316 1.Vadugapatti(R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Vadugapatti , 2.Vadugapatti(R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Thethampatti , 3.Vadugapatti(R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Kondamanayakanpatti , 4.Vadugapatti(R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Kurichipatti , 5.Vadugapatti(R.V) Viralimalai (P) Ward-1 Ramakrishnan Nagar
58Panchayat Union Middle School, Middle Portion, Meboothakudi 621316 1.Meboothakudi (R.V) Meboothakudi (P) Ward-1 Meboothakudi , 2.Meboothakudi (R.V) Meboothakudi (P) Ward-4 Andiyapillai patti , 3.Meboothakudi (R.V) Meboothakudi (P) Ward-4 Alangampatti , 4.Meboothakudi (R.V) Meboothakudi (P) Ward-4 Chithakudipatti
59Panchayat Union Middle School West Portion, Meboothakudi 621316 1.Meboothakudi (R.V) Meboothakudi (P) Ward-3 Puravipannai , 2.Meboothakudi (R.V) Meboothakudi (P) Ward-3 Manamettupatti , 3.Meboothakudi (R.V) Meboothakudi (P) Ward-2 Kulavaipatti
60Panchayat Union Middle School, Tiled Building, South Facing, Athipallam 621316 1.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Poosarinayakkanpatti , 2.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Puthukudiyanpatti Colony , 3.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Sevakattupatti , 4.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Saveriarpuram , 5.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Pudhukudiyanpatti , 6.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-2 Pallikodathanpatti , 7.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-2 Uppiliapatti , 8.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-2 Jayamangalam
61Panchayat Union Middle School, Tiled Building, North Facing, Athipallam 621316 1.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-2 Seelnayakkanpatti , 2.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-2 Jayamangalam colony , 3.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Kodanginayakanpatti , 4.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Alangampatti , 5.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Vellalar Theru , 6.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Sevanampatti
62Panchayat Union Middle School, New Terraced Building, South Portion, Athipallam 621316 1.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Athipallam , 2.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Manavai Salai , 3.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Nariyadikonpatti , 4.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Nadupatti
63Panchayat Union Middle School, New Terraced Building, Athipallam 621316 1.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-4 Maruthankulam , 2.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-3 Vanathirayanpatti , 3.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-4 Vanathirayanpatti colony , 4.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-4 Therkkupatti , 5.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-4 Medukattupatti , 6.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-4 Kallukattupatti , 7.Vanathirayanpatti (R.V) Vanathirayanpatti (P) Ward-4 Manamettupatti
64Panchayat Union Middle School, Terraced Building, Nambanpatti 621312 1.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-2 Nambanpatti , 2.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-3 Kavarapatti
65Panchayat Union Middle School, Terraced Building, West Side, South Portion, Nambanpatti 621312 1.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-3 Bagavanpatti , 2.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-2 Kavarpatti paraval , 3.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-3 Manthinipatti , 4.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-3 Poochipatti
66Panchayat Union Middle School, Terraced Building, Nambanpatti 621312 1.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-1 Pudukkattupatti , 2.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-1 Kollumettupatti , 3.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward- 1 Uppiliyapatti , 4.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-1 Purasampatti , 5.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-3 Vellaimadaipatti
67Panchayat Union Middle School West Side, North Portion, Terraced Building, Nambanpatti 621312 1.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-3 Kodalikudi , 2.Nambanpatti (R.V) Nambanpatti (P) Ward-3 Kottaikaranpatti
68Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, Rajalipatti 621312 1.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-1 Ellaikkalpatti , 2.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-1 Kadaikonpatti , 3.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-1 Pillankulathupatti , 4.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-1 Muthukavundanpatti , 5.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-1 Pappapatti , 6.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-1 Karungkavalanpatti , 7.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-1 Arunkavalanpatti
69Panchayat Union Elementary School, Rajalipatti 621312 1.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-2 Kulavaipatti , 2.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-2 Pasukaranpatti , 3.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-2 Chithakalapatti , 4.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-2 Andiyappatti , 5.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-2 Supparayanpatti , 6.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-2 Karakavundanpatti , 7.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-4 Patnapatti , 8.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-4 Kuttiyapatti
70Panchayat Union Elementary School, Rajalipatti 621312 1.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-3 Rajalipatti , 2.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-3 Karadaikkanpatti , 3.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-3 Oonanmadai
71Panchayat Union Elementary School, Rajalipatti 621312 1.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-3 Kallukattupatti , 2.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-4 Patnapatti , 3.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-4 Poosaripatti , 4.Rajalipatti (R.V) Rajalipatti (P) Ward-4 Kuttiyapatti
72Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, Viruthapatti 621312 1.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-1 Pasumekkipatti , 2.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-1 Pallakalapatti , 3.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-1 Viruthapatti , 4.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-1 Anankadu , 5.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-1 Serampatti , 6.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward- 1 Angurakulathupatti , 7.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-1 Mekattampatti , 8.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-1 Thalayaripatti , 9.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-2 Kadaikkampatti , 10.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward- 2 Chettiyapatti Kilakku
73Panchayat Union Elementary School, Seralapatti 621312 1.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-2 Chettiapatti Solai Pannai Theru , 2.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-2 Chettiapatti Merkku , 3.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-4 Manapatti Theru , 4.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-4 Poosari Pannai Theru , 5.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-4 Saralapatti Solai Pannai Theru , 6.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-4 Erankadu , 7.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-4 Kasthuri Theru , 8.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-3 Saralapatti , 9.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-4 Naduvalavu , 10.Viruthapatti (R.V) Viruthapatti (P) Ward-4 Renganampatti
74Panchayat Union Middle School, Seethapatti 621312 1.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Seethapatti Vadakku , 2.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Seethapatti Therkku , 3.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Ward -2 Mettukadai , 4.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Ward -2 Athikadu , 5.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Ward -2 Vellakalpatti , 6.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Ward -2 Pothapatti
75Panchayat Union Elementary School, West New Building, Poyyamani 621312 1.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Ward-4 Sevalpatti Vadakku , 2.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Ward-4 Kallankadu , 3.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Ward-4 Sevalpatti Therkku , 4.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Ward-4 Vadakki kalam , 5.Poyyamani (R.V) Poyyamani (P) Ward-3 Poyyamani
76Panchayat Union Elementary School, Seniyapatti 621316 1.Kasavanur(R.V) Kasavanur(P) Ward-1 Kuruthankalapatti , 2.Kasavanur(R.V) Kasavanur(P) Ward-1 Kakkamedu , 3.Kasavanur(R.V) Kasavanur(P) Ward-2 Kandiranpatti , 4.Kasavanur(R.V) Kasavanur(P) Ward-1 Manappattiyankalam , 5.Kasavanur(R.V) Kasavanur(P) Ward-1 Seniyapatti , 6.Kasavanur(R.V) Kasavanur(P) Ward-1 Navadipatti
77Panchayat Union Elementary School, Idayapatti 621316 1.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-1 Idayapatti Kilakku , 2.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-1 Idayapatti Merkku , 3.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-1 Sevakkalpatti , 4.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-2 Vadakku mothapatti , 5.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-2 Othakadai Kilakku , 6.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-2 Harijana Colony , 7.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-2 Vellariyanpannai
78Panchayat Union Middle School, Thengaithinnipatti 621316 1.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-2 Othakadai Merkku , 2.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-2 Mothapati Vadakku , 3.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-3 Varattukadu , 4.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-2 Nadumothapatti , 5.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-2 Mothapatti therkku , 6.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-3 Moolipannai , 7.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-3 Nambianpanai , 8.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-3 Perichikavundanpatti , 9.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-3 Valarpannai , 10.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-3 S.C. Coloni Thengaithinnipatti , 11.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-4 Kounder Theru , 12.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-4 Poosari patti , 13.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-4 Kuppampatti , 14.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-4 Chettiar kadai Theru , 15.Thengaithinnipatti (R.V) Thengaithinnipatti (P) Ward-4 Rasakadu , 16.Thengaithinnip
79Panchayat Union Elementary School, Tiled Building, Kodumbalur 621316 1.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-2 Kalappanur , 2.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-2 Pudukudipatti , 3.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-6 Sangipatti , 4.Kasavanur(R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-6 Kasavanur , 5.Kasavanur(R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-6 Konadipatti
80Panchayat Union Elementary School South Facing, East Portion, Moovarkovil, Kodumbalur 621316 1.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-2 Savukkukadu , 2.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-3 Thalakadu , 3.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-3 Kodumbalur , 4.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-3 Kottakarai , 5.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-2 Poolangalam , 6.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-2 Kuruthikalam , 7.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-2 Malayankalam , 8.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-1 Vadiankalam
81Panchayat Union Elementary School, New R.C.C Building, Kodumbalur 621316 1.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-1 Navakonpatti , 2.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-1 Arasakudipatti , 3.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-1 Keelapatti , 4.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-3 Vadakattupatti
82Panchayat Union Elementary School, New R.C.C Building, Kodumbalur 621316 1.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-3 Kalugumedu , 2.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-3 Poosarikalam , 3.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-3 Karadikalam , 4.Kodumbalur (R.V) Kodumbalur (P) Ward-3 Kodumbalur sathiram
83Panchayat Union Elementary School Additional New Building,Viralur 621316 1.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-2 Kodikalpatti , 2.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-2 Therkku kodikalpatti , 3.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-2 Sangampatti , 4.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-2 Narsanipatti
84Panchayat Union Elementary School, Bhagavanpatti 621316 1.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-1 Parapatti , 2.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-1 Purasangalpatti , 3.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-1 Bhagavanpatti , 4.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-1 Ponni kulathupatti , 5.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-1 Pallar natham
85Panchayat office, Viralur 621316 1.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-1 Pallarnatham , 2.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-1 Viralur , 3.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-3 Vadakkipatti , 4.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-3 Kaniyalampatti
86Panchayat Union Middle School, Ramakoundanpatti 621316 1.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-3 Ramakoundanpatti , 2.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-3 Pillampatti , 3.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-3 Thesiyakalapatti , 4.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-3 Nathakkadu , 5.Viralur (R.V) Viralur (P) Ward-3 Medukatanpatti
87Panchayat Union Middle School, Thennambadi 621316 1.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward-1 Thappukattanpatti , 2.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward-1 Medukattanpatti , 3.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward-2 Therkku colony , 4.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward-2 Thennambadi
88Panchayat Union Middle School, SSA Building, Thennambadi 621316 1.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward-2 Vadakku colony , 2.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward-2 Sappani Theru , 3.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward-2 Sattikuppanpatti , 4.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward-3 Kalasangampatti , 5.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward-3 Therkkukodikalpatti , 6.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward- 3 Kalarangattupatti , 7.Thennampadi (R.V) Thennampadi (P) Ward-3 Koothakudi
89Panchayat Union Middle School, North Side, West Facing Rajagiri 621316 1.Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-1 Pothiyakonpatti , 2.Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-1 Kakkakudi , 3.Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-1 Kulavaipatti , 4.Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-1 Chinnapalanipatti , 5.Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-2 Kulakaranpatti , 6.Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-2 Athupatti
90Panchayat Union Middle School, South Facing, East Side, Rajagiri 621316 1. Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-2 Koothandammankovil , 2. Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-2 Mamarathupatti , 3. Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-2 Karaimettupatti , 4. Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-2 Kalkuthanpatti
91Panchayat Union Middle School, South Facing, West Side, Rajagiri 621316 1. Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-3 Sukkampatti , 2. Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-3 Kumaravadi natham , 3. Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-3 Rajagiri , 4. Rajagiri (R.V) Rajagiri (P) Ward-3 Chinnarajagiri
92Panchayat Union Elemendary School, Thirunallur 621316 1.Thirunallur (R.V) Thirunallur (P) Ward-1 Thirunallur , 2.Thirunallur (R.V) Thirunallur (P) Ward-2 Nachikurichi , 3.Thirunallur (R.V) Thirunallur (P) Ward-2 Arasampatti , 4.Thirunallur (R.V) Thirunallur (P) Ward-2 Mettukalam
93Panchayat Union Elemendary School, Thirunallur 621316 1.Thirunallur (R.V) Thirunallur (P) Ward-2 Sethurapatti , 2.Thirunallur (R.V) Thirunallur (P) Ward-2 Kalarpatti , 3.Thirunallur (R.V) Thirunallur (P) Ward-3 Melakalam , 4.Thirunallur (R.V) Thirunallur (P) Ward-3 Atchanayakanpatti , 5.Thirunallur (R.V) Thirunallur (P) Ward-3 Salaikalam
94Panchayat Union Middle School, Kattakudi 622102 1.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-1 Kattakudi , 2.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-1 Idai Theru , 3.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-1 Kalliadaikanpatti , 4.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-1 Alikadu , 5.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-1 Therkupannai , 6.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-1 Atchanayakanpatti , 7.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-1 Sukkankalam , 8.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-1 Nagaram
95Panchayat Union Middle School, New Terraced Building, Murugakonpatti-622102 1.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-2 Pappanvayal , 2.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-2 Chinnakurumbapatti , 3.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-2 Velankalpatti , 4.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-2 Periyakurumbapatti , 5.Kattakudi (R.V) Kattakudi (P) Ward-2 Murugakonpatti
96Panchayat Union Elementary School, West Side, Eluvampatti 622515 1.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-4 Puduvayal , 2.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-4 Villarodai , 3.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-4 Villarodai Colony , 4.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-1,4 Muthukrishnanpatti , 5.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-1 Alangulam , 6.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-3 Valathadipatti , 7.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-3 Pichaithevanpatti , 8.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-3 Seethapatti , 9.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-3 Kathampatti , 10.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-3 Pichaithevanpatti Adidravidar Theru
97Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Side, Eluvampatti 622515 1.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-2 Suriyur , 2.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-2 Eluvampatti , 3.Suriyur (R.V) Suriyur (P) Ward-2 Aruvankalpatti
98Panchayat Union Elementary School, Kongudipatti 622604 1.Kongudipatti (R.V) Kongudipatti (P) Ward-1 Kongudipatti , 2.Kongudipatti (R.V) Kongudipatti (P) Ward-1 Pannipatti , 3.Kongudipatti (R.V) Kongudipatti (P) Ward-1 Chinnakurumbatti
99Panchayat Union Middle School, Pilipatti 622604 1.Thannangudi(R.V) Kongudipatti (P) Ward-2 Pilipatti , 2.Thannangudi(R.V) Kongudipatti (P) Ward-2 B. Mettupatti , 3.Thannangudi(R.V) Kongudipatti (P) Ward- 2 Thannangudi
100Panchayat Union Middle School, Tiled Building, Pakkudi 622102 1.Pakkudi (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-1 Mangalapatti , 2.Pakkudi (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward- 1 Therkkukalam , 3.Pakkudi (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-2 Pakudi Harijana colony , 4.Pakkudi (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-2 Nedungalakudi , 5.Pakkudi (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward- 2 Idayankalam
101Panchayat Union Middle School, Additional New Building, Pakkudi 622102 1.Pakkudi (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-1 Pakkudi , 2.Pakkudi (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-3 Valathadipatti , 3.Pakkudi (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-3 Arumbalipatti , 4.Pakkudi (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-3 Sukkankadu
102Panchayat Union Elementary School, Paiyur 622102 1.Pakkudi (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-3 Paiyur, Mangalapatti , 2.Paiyur (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-3 Pappankalam , 3.Paiyur (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-3 Vittanilaipatti , 4.Paiyur (R.V) Pakkudi (P) Ward-3 Marapatti
103Panchayat Union Middle School New R.C.C Building, Nariyapatti 622515 1.Vemmani(R.V) Vemmani(P) Ward-1 Periyamoolipatti , 2.Vemmani(R.V) Vemmani(P) Ward-1 Mallampatti , 3.Vemmani(R.V) Vemmani(P) Ward-1 Chinnamoolipatti , 4.Vemmani(R.V) Vemmani(P) Ward-1 Vemmani , 5.Vemmani(R.V) Vemmani(P) Ward-2 Nariapatti , 6.Vemmani(R.V) Vemmani(P) Ward-2 Nariapatti colony
104Panchayat Union Elementary School, Mangudi 621316 1.Nangupatti (R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-2 Mangudi , 2.Nangupatti (R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-2 Kalathupatti , 3.Nangupatti (R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-2 Mettukadai , 4.Nangupatti (R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-1 Arangudipatti , 5.Nangupatti (R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-1 S. Nangupatti , 6.Nangupatti (R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-1 K. Nangupatti , 7.Nangupatti(R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-1 Melasithakudipatti , 8.Nangupatti(R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-1 Keelasithakudipatti
105Panchayat Union Elementary School, Tiled Building, Maruthampatti 621316 1.Maruthampatti (R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-1,2 Kanakanpatti , 2.Maruthampatti(R.V) Vilapatti (P) Ward-1 Karupparmalai , 3.Maruthampatti(R.V) Vilapatti(P) Ward-2 Maruthampatti , 4.Maruthampatti(R.V) Vilapatti(P) Ward-2 Athanampatti , 5.Maruthampatti(R.V) Vilapatti(P) Ward-2 Mettupatti , 6.Maruthampatti(R.V) Vilapatti(P) Ward-2 Pinnankudipatti
106Panchayat Union Middle School, Vilapatti 621316 1.Vilapatti(R.V) Vilapatti(P) Ward-1,2 Vilappati , 2.Vilapatti (R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-3 Itchipatti , 3.Vilapatti (R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-3 Thulukampatti , 4.Vilapatti (R.V) Nangupatti (P) Ward-3 Mettukalam
107Panchayat Union Middle School, Tiled Building, Leknappatti 622504 1.Lekkanapatti (R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Lekkanapatti Mela theru , 2.Lekkanapatti (R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Lekkanapatti Asari theru , 3.Lekkanapatti (R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Lekkanapatti Muslim theru , 4.Lekkanapatti (R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Lekkanapatti Amabalakara theru Kilakku , 5.Lekkanapatti (R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Lekkanapatti Adidravidar theru , 6.Lekkanapatti (R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Lekkanapatti Amabalakara theru Merkku , 7.Lekkanapatti (R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Lekkanapatti Keelatheru , 8.Lekkanapatti (R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Soonayankalam , 9.Lekkanapatti (R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Thandipatti , 10.Lekkanapatti (R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Keelakadu
108Panchayat Union Elementary School Pathipatti 622504 1.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-2 Therkkupatti , 2.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-2 Pathipatti Therkku Theru , 3.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-2 Pathipatti Melatheru , 4.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-2 Pathipatti Vadakkutheru , 5.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-2 Pathipatti Ambalakara Theru , 6.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-2 Pathipatti Harijana Theru , 7.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-2 Kurumbapatti , 8.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-2 Beemampatti , 9.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-2 Nadarajapuram , 10.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-1 Avarangudipatti , 11.Pathipatti(R.V) Lekkanapatti (P) Ward-2 Anthankudipatti
109Panchayat Union Elementary School, Terraced Building, Melapuduvayal 622502 1.Melapuduvayal (R.V) Melapuduvayal (P) Ward-1 Ayangudi vayal , 2.Melapuduvayal (R.V) Melapuduvayal (P) Ward-1 Veeradivayal , 3.Melapuduvayal (R.V) Melapuduvayal (P) Ward-1 Therkkuthuvarayal , 4.Melapuduvayal (R.V) Melapuduvayal (P) Ward-1 Poradikalam , 5.Melapuduvayal (R.V) Melapuduvayal (P) Ward-1 Vadakku thuvaravayal
110Panchayat Union Elementary School Terraced Building, Melapuduvayal 622502 1.Melapuduvayal (R.V) Melapuduvayal (P) Ward-2 Melapuduvayal , 2.Melapuduvayal (R.V) Melapuduvayal (P) Ward-2 Sethuravayal , 3.Melapuduvayal (R.V) Melapuduvayal (P) Ward-2 Seenivayal , 4.Melapuduvayal (R.V) Melapuduvayal (P) Ward-2 Udavayal
111Panchayat Union Elementary School, Terraced Building, South Kulathur -622504 1.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1 Gandhi Nagar , 2.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1 Ayikudivayal Salai , 3.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1 Melatheru , 4.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1 Sakkiliya theru , 5.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1 Andi theru , 6.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1,2 keelatheru , 7.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1 Nayakkar Theru
112Panchayat Union Elementary School, Tiled Building, Kulathur 622504 1.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1 Velar Theru , 2.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1 Keela theru , 3.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-2 Perumal kovil Theru , 4.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-2 Nadupatti , 5.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-2 Paratheru
113Panchayat Union Middle School, East Portion, Ilaiyavayal. 1.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-2 Kallukumiyalpatti , 2.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-2 Kovilkadu , 3.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Ilayavayal Illaya Tamil Nagar , 4.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Ilayavayal , 5.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Ilayavayal Pallar theru , 6.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Chinnavandu Poosari theru , 7.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Udaya Malavaranpatti , 8.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Valankondar Theru , 9.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Athirivayal , 10.Kulathur (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Athiruvayal Car Colony
114Panchayat Union Middle School, R.C.C Building, West Portion, Odukkur 622504 1. Vadugapatti (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward-1 Vadugapatti , 2. Vadugapatti (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward-2 Kambamedu , 3. Vadugapatti (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward-1 Kottapallam , 4. Vadugapatti (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward-1 Kullanaripatti , 5.Odukkur (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward-2 Veeradivayal , 6.Odukkur (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward-2 Soottukaranpatti , 7.Odukkur (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward-2 IIlandhavadi , 8.Odukkur (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward-3 Idayartheru
115Panchayat Union Middle School, R.C.C Building, North Portion, Odukkur 622504 1.Odukkur (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward-2 Odukkur , 2.Odukkur (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward- 3 Adidravidar Theru , 3.Odukkur (R.V) Odukkur (P) Ward-2 Kannampatti
116Panchayat Union Elementary School, Additional New Building, Thayinipatti 622101 1.Thayinipatti (R.V) Thayinipatti (P) Ward-1 Thayinipatti , 2.Thayinipatti (R.V) Thayinipatti (P) Ward-1 Iluppakudipatti Harijana colony , 3.Thayinipatti (R.V) Thayinipatti (P) Ward-1 Iluppakudipatti Kilakku theru , 4.Thayinipatti (R.V) Thayinipatti (P) Ward-1 Iluppakudipatti vadakku Theru , 5.Thayinipatti (R.V) Thayinipatti (P) Ward-1 Puduvayal Paguthi , 6.Perungudipatti (R.V) Thayinipatti (P) Ward-2 kattumaruthampatti Harijana colony , 7.Perungudipatti (R.V) Thayinipatti (P) Ward-2 kattumaruthanpatti , 8.Perungudipatti (R.V) Thayinipatti (P) Ward-2 Sirumangalaapatti , 9.Perungudipatti (R.V) Thayinipatti (P) Ward-2 Perungudipatti
117Panchayat Union Elementary School, Sithupatti, 622101 1.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward-4 Sithupatti , 2.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward-4 Kallampatti , 3.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward-4 Kalaikudipatti , 4.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward-4 Soorakudipatti , 5.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward-4 Puramalai Pudur , 6.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward-4 Melakarupadipati , 7.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward- 4 Vengaikurichi , 8.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward-4 Kattayakonpatti
118Panchayat Union Elementary School, Ethinipatti 622101 1.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward-4 Ethinipatti , 2.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward-4 Sevathuppatti , 3.Vilathupatti (R.V) Vilathupatti (P) Ward-4 Keelakarupadippatti
119Panchayat Union Middle School, North Portion, Oorapatti 622101 1.Vilathupatti(R.V) Vilathupatti(P) Ward-2 Vilathupatti , 2.Vilathupatti(R.V) Vilathupatti(P) Ward-2 Vilathivayal , 3.Vilathupatti(R.V) Vilathupatti(P) Ward-2 Paipatti , 4.Vilathupatti(R.V) Vilathupatti(P) Ward-2 OOrapatti Merku , 5.Vilathupatti(R.V) Vilathupatti(P) Ward-2 Oorapatti Kilakku
120Panchayat Union Middle School, South Portion, Oorapatti 622101 1.Vilathupatti(R.V) Vilathupatti(P) Ward-2 OOrapatti , 2.Vilathupatti(R.V) Vilathupatti(P) Ward-3 Pukkudipatti , 3.Vilathupatti(R.V) Vilathupatti(P) Ward-3 Meivalisalai Kilakku , 4.Vilathupatti(R.V) Vilathupatti(P) Ward-3 Meivalisalai Merku , 5.Vilathupatti(R.V) Vilathupatti(P) Ward-3 Meivalisalai Vadakku
121Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Terraced Building, Keelakurichi 622101 1.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 2.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-2 Adidiravidar Theru-1 , 3.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-2 Therkkutheru , 4.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-2 Ambalakarar Theru , 5.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-2 Adidiravidartheru -2
122Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Terraced Building, Keelakurichi 622101 1.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-2 Kallichivayal , 2.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-2 Valangaiman , 3.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-3 Pirampatti , 4.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-2 Harijan Theru , 5.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-3 Kamabagampatti , 6.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-3 Malampatti , 7.Keelakurichi (R.V) Keelakurichi (P) Ward-2 Kayampatti
123Panchayat Union Elementary School, North New Terraced Building, Rapoosal 622102 1.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-1 kashpa Rapposal , 2.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-1 Karumaripannai , 3.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-1 Appachipannai , 4.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-1 Kokkayi Pannai , 5.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-1 Paraikalam , 6.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-1 Kunjayi Pannai , 7.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-1 Panipatti
124Panchayat Union Elementary School, South New Terraced Building, Rapoosal 622102 1.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 Merkathiyan pannai , 2.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 Pathikaran Pannai , 3.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 Marichukatti , 4.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 KalingIpatti , 5.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 Kurumpatti , 6.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 Kallukkadu , 7.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 Keelakalam , 8.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 Ayingudipatti , 9.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 Kovilmedu , 10.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 Theethanpannai , 11.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-2 Puliyampatti
125Panchayat Union Middle School, Middle Portion, Erukkumanipatti 622102 1.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-3 Sevakalam , 2.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-3 Pariyari Theru , 3.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-3 Kandanpannai , 4.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-3 Pattaiyarkalam Vadatheru , 5.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-3 Pattaiyarkalam Therkkutheru , 6.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-3 Servarayankalam , 7.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-3 Pollipannai , 8.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-3 Kulavaipatti Thenpagam , 9.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-3 Kulavaipatti Vadapagam , 10.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward- Erukkumanipatti Vadapagam , 11.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-4 ErukkumaniPatti Thenpagam , 12.Rapposal (R.V) Rapposal (P) Ward-4 Kuppathupatti
126Panchayat Union Middle School New Terraced Building, Vettukadu 622102 1.Vettukadu (R.V) Vettukadu (P) Ward-2 Polampatti , 2.Vettukadu (R.V) Vettukadu (P) Ward-2 Paraikalam , 3.Vettukadu (R.V) Vettukadu (P) Ward-2 Vadugapatti
127Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, V.Udayampatti 622102 1.Vettukadu (R.V) Vettukadu (P) Ward-1 Thottiyampatti , 2.Vettukadu (R.V) Vettukadu (P) Ward-1 Udayampatti , 3.Vettukadu (R.V) Vettukadu (P) Ward-1 Mahudupatti
128Panchayat Union Middle School, Terraced Building, Irundirapatti 622102 1.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-1 Irundirapatti , 2.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-1 Mettupatti , 3.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-1 Thannangudi
129Panchayat Union Middle School, New Building, Irundirapatti 622102 1.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-2 Karaimedu , 2.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-2 Sathampatti , 3.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-2 Panipatti , 4.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-2 Thimmayampatti , 5.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-2 Vagavayal
130Panchayat Union Elementary School, Terraced Building, Kurumpatti - 622102 1.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-1 kurumpatti , 2.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-1 Othakadai , 3.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-1 Konarkalam , 4.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-1 Karanthapatti , 5.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-1 Marapatti , 6.Irundirapatti (R.V) Irundirapatti (P) Ward-2 kallupatti
131Panchayat Union Middle School, Old Terraced Building, Eswarankovil 622102 1.Eswarankovil (R.V) Eswarankovil (P) Ward-1 Govindanayakkanpatti , 2.Eswarankovil (R.V) Eswarankovil (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Eruthupatti,Therkku Eruthupatti
132Panchayat Union Middle School, New Terraced Building, Eswarankovil 622102 1.Eswarankovil (R.V) Eswarankovil (P) Ward-2 Seethapatti , 2.Eswarankovil (R.V) Eswarankovil (P) Ward-2 Valluvar nagar , 3.Eswarankovil (R.V) Eswarankovil (P) Ward-2 Sulukkipatti , 4.Eswarankovil (R.V) Eswarankovil (P) Ward-2 kurichipatti , 5.Eswarankovil (R.V) Eswarankovil (P) Ward-2 Seeganvayal
133Panchayat Union Elementary School South Tiled Building, Malaikudipatti 622102 1.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-1 Malaikudipatti
134Panchayat Union Middle School, Kothirappatti 622102 1.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-3 Keelakothirapatti , 2.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-3 Melakothirapatti , 3.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-3 Therkupatti , 4.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-3 Itchangudi , 5.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-3 Saralapatti , 6.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-4 Vadakkipatti , 7.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-4 Sakkiliyakudi
135Panchayat Union Elementary School North Tiled Building, Malaikudipatti 622102 1.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-2 Malaikudipatti , 2.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-4 Seethamedu , 3.Kothirappatti (R.V) Kothirappatti (P) Ward-4 Pulavanpatti
136Panchayat Union Middle School, Tiled Building, Mettupatti (Theravur) 621316 1.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-1 Theravur , 2.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward- 1 Keelatheravur , 3.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-1 Karuthangalpatti , 4.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-1 Vellalapatti , 5.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward- 1 Kottamarathupunjai , 6.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward- 1 Annasamuthiram , 7.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-2 Keelakadu , 8.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-3 Mathirappatti , 9.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-3 Annavikavundanpatti , 10.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-3 Nedunkattupatti
137Panchayat Union Middle School, New Terraced Building, Mettupatti (Theravur) 621316 1.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-2 Mettupatti , 2.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-3 Annavikoundanpatti , 3.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-3 Nedunkattupatti , 4.Theravur (R.V) Theravur (P) Ward-3 Vannarapatti
138Panchayat Union Elementary School Additional New Building, North Portion Agarapatti 621305 1.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-1 Keelaimbampatti , 2.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-1 Melaimbampatti , 3.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-1 Adidravidarcolony , 4.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-2 Keela Mela kavunder Theru , 5.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-2 Mela Agarapatti , 6.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-2 Agarapatti Therkku kavunder Theru
139Panchayat Union Elementary School South Portion, Agarapatti 621305 1.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-3 Chellampatti Adidravidar Theru , 2.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-3 Chellampatti kavunder Theru , 3.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-4 Kayampatti Adidravidar Theru , 4.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-4 lanjamedu Adidravidar Theru , 5.Agarapatti (R.V) Agarapatti (P) Ward-5 lanjamedu kuravar Theru, Kounder Theru
140Panchayat Union Middle School, New Tiled Building, North Side, West Portion, Meenaveli 622305 1.Meenaveli (R.V) Meenaveli (P) Ward-3 Annathanapatti , 2.Meenaveli (R.V) Meenaveli (P) Ward-1 Perichipatti
141Panchayat Union Middle School, NewTerraced Building,South side, Meenaveli 622305 1.Meenaveli (R.V) Meenaveli (P) Ward-2, 3 Chitirampatti
142Panchayat Union Middle School New Terraced Building, South Side, Meenaveli 622305 1.Meenaveli (R.V) Meenaveli (P) Ward-1 Meenaveli , 2.Meenaveli (R.V) Meenaveli (P) Ward-1 Vellayakavundanpatti
143Panchayat Union Elementary School, M.Udaiyampatti 622102 1.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-1 Sankirapatti , 2.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-1 Udayanpatti , 3.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-1 Mathirampatti , 4.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-1 U. Pudu Nagar , 5.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-1 Melapatti Anna Nagar
144Panchayat Union Middle School, Melapatti 622102 1.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-1 Melapatti , 2.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-2 Poonaikuthipatti , 3.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-2 Salaipatti , 4.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-2 Valayapatti , 5.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-2 M.kurumbapatti
145Adi Dravidar Welfare High School, Middle Portion, New Terraced Building, Meyyakoundanpatti 622102 1.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-3 Meiyakavoundanpatti , 2.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-3 Melapannai , 3.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-3 Senakovil , 4.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-3 Kalingikalam , 5.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-3 Medu kattupatti , 6.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-3 Mettukalam , 7.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-3 Purasankalpatti , 8.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-3 Thiruvannakovilpatti
146Panchayat Union Middle School, North Building, South Facing, Ennai-622102 1.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-4 Thattangudi , 2.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-4 Veerankadu , 3.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-4 Pattiyantheru , 4.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-4 Keela Ennai , 5.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-4 Santhanapuram , 6.VEnnai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-4 Muslim Theru , 7.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-5 Kavoundar Theru , 8.Ennai (R.V) Ennai (P) Ward-5 Ennai
147Government Higher Secondary School, New Terraced Building, North Portion, Illuppur-622102 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-7 Navampatti , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-7 Poomaruthanpatti , 3.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-9 Hospital Road , 4.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-9 Vadugar Theru , 5.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-9 Vadugar Theru -2 , 6.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-9 Vadugar Theru -3 , 7.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-8 Vadugar Theru -4
148Government Higher Secondary School, New Terraced Building, South Portion, Illuppur-622102 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-8 Sivan kovil Theru -1 , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-8 Sivan kovil Theru-2
149Government Higher Secondary School, Terraced Building ,Illuppur 622102 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward -2 Navampatti 2- nd Veethi , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward -1 Vilapatti , 3.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward -1 Navampatti
150Government Higher Secondary School, New Terraced Building ,Illuppur 622102 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward -3 Kodikkal Theru , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward -3 Vannaratheru , 3.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward -3 Kammalatheu , 4.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward -3 Chinnakadai Veethi -1 , 5.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-1 Chinnakadai Veethi -2 , 6.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-1 Harijana Colony , 7.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-1 R.C. High School Salai
151Government Higher Secondary School (Girls), NewTerraced Building,Illuppur 622102 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-4 Anthoniyar kovil 1- st Theru , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-4 Anthoniyar Kovil 2- nd Theru , 3.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-4 Anthoniyar kovil 3 -rd Theru , 4.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-4 Anthoniyar kovil Theu, Karadikadu
152Government Higher Secondary School (Girls), NewTerraced Building, West Side, Illuppur 622102 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-5 Palaniyandavar kovil Theru , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-5 Adidiravidar 1 -st Theru , 3.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-5 Adidiravidar 2-nd Theru , 4.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-5 Jeeva Nagar , 5.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-5 R.C.Road , 6.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-6 Samathanapuram
153Panchayat Union Elementary School, Kottaimedu, New Building, North Portion Illuppur 622102. 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-14 kannara Theru 1-st Theru , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-14 Kannara Theru , 2 -nd Theru , 3.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-14 Kannara Theru, 3 -rd Theru , 4.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-14 Palaya Sandaipettai, 1-st Theru , 5.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-14 Palaya Sandaipettai, 2 -nd Theru , 6.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-14 Agraharam , 7.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-14 Periyakadai Veethi , 8.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-14 Chetti theru , 9.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-14 Sowrasthtra ul theru , 10.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-15 Kottai theru -1
154Panchayat Union Elementary School, Kottaimedu, New Building, South Portion, Illuppur 622102 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-15 Kottai theru -1st ul Theru , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-15 Kottai theru -1,2 -nd ul theru , 3.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-15 Kottai theru -1,3 -rd u l theru , 4.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-15 Kottai theru 2- nd theru , 5.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-15 Kottai theru -3 1-st ul theru , 6.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-15 Kottai theru -3 1-st ul theru , 7.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-15 Kottai theru -4 , 8.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-15 4-th Kottai theru 1-st ul theru , 9.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-14 4-th Kottai theru 2- nd ul theru , 10.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward -5 Adidiravidar 2- nd theru , 11.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward -5 Adidiravidar 2-nd ,1-theru,1-st ul theru , 12.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward -5 Anthoniyar 3- rd theru
155Panchayat Union Elementary School, D.P.E.P. New Terraced Building, West Side Room, North Facing , Kottaimedu, Illuppur 622102 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-12 Sowrashtra Theru , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 1-st ultheru , 3.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 2-nd ultheru , 4.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 3- rd ultheru , 5.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 4-th ultheru
156Panchayat Union Elementary School, D.P.E.P. New Terraced Building, East Side Room, North Facing, Kottaimedu ,Illuppur 622102 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 5-th ultheru , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 6-th ultheru , 3.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 7-th ultheru , 4.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 8-th ultheru , 5.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 9-th ultheru , 6.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 10-th ultheru , 7.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 2-nd , 8.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Sowrashtratheru 3-rd , 9.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-1 Pappankudi , 10.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-1 Pappankudi -1 , 11.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-1 Pappankudi -2
157Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Asbestos Building. Kodikkal theru,Illuppur 622102 1.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-11 Pallivasal kadu 1-st Theru , 2.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-11 Pallivasal kadu 2-nd Theru , 3.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-11 Pallivasal kadu 3-rd Theru , 4.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-11 Pallivasal kadu 4-th Theru , 5.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-11 Pallivasal kadu 5- th Theru , 6.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-11Pallivasal kadu 6-th Theru , 7.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-11 Pallivasal kadu 7-th Theru , 8.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-12 Mohamathiyar 1-st Melatheru , 9.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-12 Mohamathiyar 2-nd Melatheru , 10.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward-12 Mohamathiyar 3-rd Melatheru , 11.Illuppur (R.V) Illuppur (SP) Ward- 10 Kamaraj Nagar
158Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, North Side Room, South Facing, Kodikal Street, Illuppur 622102. 1.Illuppur (R.V), Illuppur (SP) Ward-1 Mathirampatti , 2.Illuppur (R.V), Illuppur (SP) Ward-2 Veshakara theru , 3.Illuppur (R.V), Illuppur (SP) Ward-1 Sowrashtra 3- rd theru , 4.Illuppur (R.V) ,Illuppur (SP) Ward-3 Kothanar 1,2 -nd theru , 5.Illuppur (R.V) ,Illuppur (SP) Ward-3 Sayakkara 1st theru , 6.Illuppur (R.V) ,Illuppur (SP) Ward-3 Sayakkara 2-nd theru , 7.Illuppur (R.V) ,Illuppur (SP) Ward-3 Sayakkara 3- rd theru
159Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, West Side Room, North Facing, Kodikal Street, Illuppur 622102 1.Illuppur (R.V), Illuppur (SP) Ward-3 Sayakkara 4-th theru , 2.Illuppur (R.V), Illuppur (SP) Ward-3 Marutthuva theru , 3.Illuppur (R.V) ,Illuppur (SP) Ward-13 Mohamathiyar 1st ul theu , 4.Illuppur (R.V) ,Illuppur (SP) Ward-13 Mohamathiyar 3- rd ul theu , 5.Illuppur (R.V) ,Illuppur (SP) Ward-13 Mohamathiyar 5-th ul theu , 6.Illuppur (R.V), Illuppur (SP) Ward-13 Mohamathiyar 4-th Melatheu , 7.Illuppur (R.V) ,Illuppur (SP) Ward-13 Mohamathiyar 5-th Melatheu , 8.Illuppur (R.V) ,Illuppur (SP) Ward-13 Uppukayichitheru
160Panchayat Union Elementary School, Tiled Building, Punginipatti 622102 1.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-1 Anna nagar , 2.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-1 Sathiyanathapuram Colony ,B.C. Colony , 3.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-1 Sathiyanathapuram A.T Colony , 4.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-1 Sathiyanathapuram Asaritheru , 5.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-1 Sathiyanathapuram Melatheru , 6.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-1 Sathiyanathapuram Keelatheru , 7.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-2 Punginipatti Ammavayal
161Panchayat Union Elementary School, Terraced Building, Punginipatti 622102 1.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-2 Punginipatti Melatheru , 2.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-2 Jeeva Nagar , 3.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-2 Punginipatti Vadakkutheru , 4.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-3 Punginipatti Therkkutheru , 5.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-3 Punginipatti Pappankalam , 6.Punginipatti (R.V) Punginipatti (P) Ward-3 Mullipatti
162Panchayat Union Elementary School, West New Building, Vellanjar 622103 1.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-1 Vadugapatti , 2.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-1 Vellanjar , 3.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-1 Keelapatti , 4.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-1 Rasampatti , 5.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-1 Puthiya Adidravidar Colony , 6.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-1 Palaya Harijan Theru
163Panchayat Union Elementary School, Vathiripatti 622103 1.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-2 Vathiripatti , 2.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-2 Malavarayanpatti , 3.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-2 Solayampatti , 4.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-2 OOranikulam , 5.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-2 Veppavayal , 6.Vellanjar (R.V) Vellanjar (P) Ward-2 Vadakki kalam
164Government Higher Secondary School, Main Building, West Portion, Annavasal-622101 1.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-1 1- st Idayar Theru , 2.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-1 2- nd Idayar Theru , 3.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward- 2, 3- rd Idayar Theru , 4.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-1 Vadakadu , 5.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-3 Maruthuva Theru , 6.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-4 Pattanamkattubava Ravuther Theru , 7.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-7 Thulukka Oorani , 8.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-16 Viralimalai Salai , 9.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-4 Pattani Pallivasal Theru , 10.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-4 Palaya kadai Theru , 11.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-4 Keeranur salai , 12.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-4 Pathima Colony , 13.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-4 Sekkadi , 14.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-5 Maithana Theru , 15.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-5 Mathakovil Theru , 16.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-5 Harijan Theru
165Government Higher Secondary School, Addil. Building, Middle Portion, Annavasal 622101 1.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-6 Nallammal Chatram Salai , 2.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-7 Pudu theru -1 , 3.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-7 Harijana theru - 1 , 4.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-6 Viralimalai road , 5.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-7 Bahavathi Amman Koviltheru. , 6.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-7 Harijana theru-2 , 7.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-7 Thulukkan Oorani Theru , 8.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-3 Keelaratha Veethi , 9.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-7 Sivankovil Therkku
166Government Higher Secondary School, Main Building, East Portion, Annavasal 622101 1.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-3 Sannathi Veethi , 2.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-2 Muthuraja Theru , 3.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward- 3 Keeranur Salai , 4.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-3 Kuyavar Theru , 5.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-6 Golden Nagar -1 , 6.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-6 Golden Nagar -2 , 7.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward- 6 Golden Nagar - 3 , 8.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-6 Golden Nagar -4 , 9.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-6 Bazheer Nagar , 10.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-7 Pudutheru -2
167Panchayat Union Elementary School New Terraced Building, Annavasal 622101 1.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-10 Harijanatheru 3-rd Veethi , 2.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-9 Harijanatheru 4-th Veethi , 3.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-9 Harijanatheru 5-th Veethi , 4.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-9 Harijanatheru 6-th Veethi
168Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, Annavasal 622101 1.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-9 Colonytheru , 2.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-11 Kodikal Theru , 3.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-10 Viralimalai Road
169Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, Western Portion, Annavasal 622101 1.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-8 Harijantheru -3 , 2.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-8 Harijantheru -2 , 3.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-8 Bahavathi Amman Theru , 4.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-10 Palaya Hospital Road , 5.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-10 Pattanamkattubava Rawther Theru , 6.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-10 Sannathi Veethi , 7.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-10 Natharkan Veethi , 8.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-10 Viralimalai Salai , 9.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-11 Pattani Pallivasaltheru
170Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, Eastern Portion, Annavasal 622101 1.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-11 Palayakadai Veethi , 2.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-11 Kasappukadai Veethi , 3.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-11 Palayaperumalkovil Theru , 4.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-12 Kammala Theru , 5.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-13 Kunjanvayal , 6.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-13 Chinnasengapatti , 7.Annavasal (R.V) Annavasal (SP) Ward-13 Nallan vayal
171Panchayat Union Middle School, D.P.E.P. Building, North Western Side ChittAnnavasal 622101 1.Chithannavasal (R.V) Chithannavasal (P) Ward-1 Chithannavasal Vadakku Paguthi , 2.Chithannavasal (R.V) Chithannavasal (P) Ward-2 Chithannavasal Therkku Paguthi
172Panchayat Union Middle School, ChittAnnavasal 622101 1.Chithannavasal (R.V) Chithannavasal (P) Ward-3 Nallammal Chatram
173Panchayat Union Primary School, Mathiyanallur 622101 1.Mathiyanallur (R.V) Mathiyanallur (P) Ward-1 Adidravidar (Pallar) Colony , 2.Mathiyanallur (R.V) Mathiyanallur (P) Ward-1 Adidravidar (Parayar) Colony , 3.Mathiyanallur (R.V) Mathiyanallur (P) Ward-1 Mathiyanallur , 4.Mathiyanallur (R.V) Mathiyanallur (P) Ward-2 Kallampatti , 5.Mathiyanallur (R.V) Mathiyanallur (P) Ward-2 Ellayapatti , 6.Mathiyanallur (R.V) Mathiyanallur (P) Ward-2 Chokkanathanpatti , 7.Mathiyanallur (R.V) Mathiyanallur (P) Ward-2 Kalaikurichivayal
174Panchayat Union Elementary School, Tiled Building, Maruthandalai 622101 1.Panampatti (R.V) Panampatti (P) Ward-1 Panampatti , 2.Panampatti (R.V) Panampatti (P) Ward-1 Karayanpatti
175Panchayat Union Elementary School, Tiled Building, Maruthandalai 622101 1.Panampatti (R.V) Panampatti (P) Ward-2 Maruthanthalai , 2.Panampatti (R.V) Panampatti (P) Ward-3 Manikkampatti , 3.Panampatti (R.V) Panampatti (P) Ward-3 Vagaipatti , 4.Panampatti (R.V) Panampatti (P) Ward-3 Katheripatti , 5.Panampatti (R.V) Panampatti (P) Ward-3 Pidarampatti
176Adidravidar Welfare Elementary school, Kurukkalaiyapatti 622002 1.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-6 Kurukkailayapatti , 2.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-6 Sellukudi kovundar Theru
177Adidravidar Welfare Elementary school, Kurukkalaiyapatti 622002 1.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-6 Sellukudi Vadakkutheru , 2.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-4 Sellukudi Adidiravidar Theru , 3.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-4 Sellukudi Therkkutheru , 4.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-4 Kilapatti , 5.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-5 Konavayal , 6.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-6 Sirunjunai Vadakkutheru , 7.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-6 Sirunjunai AdidravidarTherkkutheru
178Panchayat Union Middle School, East, Perunjunai 622002 1.Perunjunai (R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-1 Perunjunai Adidravidar Kilakkutheru , 2.Perunjunai (R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-1 Perunjunai Adidravidar Merkutheru , 3.Perunjunai (R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-1 Perunjunai B.C. Theru , 4.Perunjunai (R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-1 Perunjunai B.C. Kovundartheru , 5.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-2 Thiruvengai Vasal S.C Theru
179Panchayat Union Middle School, Perunjunai 622002 1.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-2 Thiruvengai Vasal B.C.Theru , 2.Thiruvengaivasal(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-2 Valayanvayal , 3.Ayingudi (R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-3 Annathoorani , 4.Ayingudi (R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-3 S.C Vadamalapur S.C.Theru , 5.Ayingudi (R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-3 Vadamalappur B.C .Theru , 6.Ayingudi (R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-3 Nilayavayal , 7.Ayingudi (R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-3 Kurukkalayapatti
180Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, North Facing, Marayapatti 622104 1.Marayapatti(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-7 Uyyakudipatti , 2.Marayapatti(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-7 Velankudipatti , 3.Marayapatti(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-7 Marayapatti
181Panchayat Union Middle School, New Terraced Building, Mettupatti 622104 1.Marayapatti(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-8 Mettupatti , 2.Marayapatti(R.V) Thiruvengaivasal(P) Ward-8 Andipatti
182Panchayat Union Elementary School New Terraced Building, Ariyur 622101 1.Ariyur (R.V) Ariyur (P) Ward-1 Ariyur , 2.Ariyur (R.V) Ariyur (P) Ward-1 Adidravidar Kudiyeruppu , 3.Ariyur (R.V) Ariyur (P) Ward-1 Alagapuri , 4.Ariyur (R.V) Ariyur (P) Ward-1 Ambethkar Nagar , 5.Ariyur (R.V) Ariyur (P) Ward-1 Puduvayal
183Panchayat Union Elementary School, Mannavelampatti 622101 1.Panangudi(R.V) Mannavelampatti (P) Ward-1 Panangudi , 2.Mangudi(R.V) Mannavelampatti (P) Ward -1 Mannavelampatti Kilakku , 3.Mangudi(R.V) Mannavelampatti (P) Ward-2 Mannavelampatti Therkku
184Panchayat Union Elementary School, Mannavelampatti 622101 1.Mangudi(R.V) Mannavelampatti (P) Ward- 2 Mannavelampatti Vadakku , 2.Mangudi(R.V) Mannavelampatti (P) Ward- 2 Ayipatti Vadakku , 3.Mangudi(R.V) Mannavelampatti (P) Ward-3 Ayipatti Therkku , 4.Mangudi(R.V) Mannavelampatti (P) Ward-3 Keela Agarapatti
185Panchayat Union Elementary School,Thachampatti 622101 1.Thachampatti (R.V) Thachampatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakkipatti , 2.Thachampatti (R.V) Thachampatti (P) Ward-1 Thachampatti , 3.Thachampatti (R.V) Thachampatti (P) Ward- 1 Therkku Thachampatti , 4.Thachampatti (R.V) Thachampatti (P) Ward-2 Nadupatti , 5.Thachampatti (R.V) Thachampatti (P) Ward-2 Kambalakadu
186Panchayat Union Elementary School, Tiled Building, Pudur 622103 1.Pudur (R.V) Pudur (P) Ward-1 Pudur , 2.Pudur (R.V) Pudur (P) Ward-1 Athampatti , 3.Pudur (R.V) Pudur (P) Ward-1 Pudur Colony , 4.Pudur (R.V) Pudur (P) Ward-3 Kattuppatti (Kilakku)
187Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Building, Pudur 622103 1.Pudur (R.V) Pudur (P) Ward-3 kattuppatti (Merku) , 2.Pudur (R.V) Pudur (P) Ward- 2 Kulavaippatti
188Government High School, Old Building, South Side, West Portion, Mukkannamalaipatti 622103 1.Veerapatti (R.V) Mukkanamalaipatti (P) Ward-1 Pulavanpatti , 2.Veerapatti (R.V) Mukkanamalaipatti (P) Ward-2 Madakoil , 3.Veerapatti (R.V) Mukkanamalaipatti (P) Ward-1 Velampatti , 4.Veerapatti (R.V) Mukkanamalaipatti (P) Ward-1 Mukkanamalaipatti Kilakku
189Government High School, Old Building, South Side, East Portion, Mukkannamalaipatti 622103 1.Veerapatti (R.V) Mukkanamalaipatti (P) Ward-2 Mukkanamalaipatti Vadakku
190Government High School, Old Building, North Side, East Portion, Mukkannamalaipatti 622103 1.Veerapatti (R.V) Mukkanamalaipatti (P) Ward-3 Mukkanamalaipatti Nadutheru,Therkkutheru
191Government High School, Old Building, North Side, West Portion, Mukkannamalaipatti 622103 1.Veerapatti (R.V) Mukkanamalaipatti (P) Ward-4 Pallivasal Theru,Padayachi theru , 2.Veerapatti (R.V) Mukkanamalaipatti (P) Ward-4 Mettupatti , 3.Veerapatti (R.V) Mukkanamalaipatti (P) Ward-4 Velankulam
192Panchayat Union Middle School, Veerapatti 622103 1.Veerapatti (R.V) Veerapatti (P) Ward-1 Veerapatti , 2.Veerapatti (R.V) Veerapatti (P) Ward-1 Mettukalam , 3.Veerapatti (R.V) Veerapatti (P) Ward-1 Sennappanayakkanpatti , 4.Veerapatti (R.V) Veerapatti (P) Ward-1 Vavvaneri , 5.Veerapatti (R.V) Veerapatti (P) Ward-1 Poikadipatti
193Community Hall, Veerapatti 622103 1.Veerapatti (R.V) Veerapatti (P) Ward-2 Kaladipatti , 2.Veerapatti (R.V) Veerapatti (P) Ward-2 Therkukalam , 3.Veerapatti (R.V) Veerapatti (P) Ward-2 Kaladipatti chatram
194Panchayat Union Middle School, Idayapatti 621316 1.Idayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-1 Veliyangudi , 2.Idayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-1 Pothaiyampatti , 3.Idayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-2 Kurumbatheru , 4.VIdayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-2 Kasiyapuram , 5.VIdayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-2 Idayapatti , 6.Idayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-2 Velankadu , 7.Idayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-2 Chinna Koovattupatti , 8.Idayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-3 Koovattupatti Harijantheru , 9.Idayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-3 Koovattupatti Kilakku , 10.Idayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-3 Koovattupatti Merku , 11.Idayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-4 Koovattupatti Ambalakarar Theru , 12.Idayapatti (R.V) Idayapatti (P) Ward-4 karampatti
195Panchayat Union Middle School New Terraced Building, Alathur 622102 1.Alathur (R.V) Alathur (P) Ward-1 kurichipatti Vadakku Theru , 2.Alathur (R.V) Alathur (P) Ward-2 Kurichipatti Therkkutheru , 3.Alathur (R.V) Alathur (P) Ward-1 Alathur Palaya Adidravidar Kudiyeruppu , 4.Alathur (R.V) Alathur (P) Ward-1 Alathur Merku
196Panchayat Union Middle School, North Face, West Portion, Alathur 622102 1.Alathur (R.V) Alathur (P) Ward-1 Alathur Kilakku , 2.Alathur (R.V) Alathur (P) Ward-1 Alathur Puthiya Adidravidar Colony , 3.Alathur (R.V) Alathur (P) Ward-2 Kanchiranpatti , 4.Alathur (R.V) Alathur (P) Ward-2 Chokkanpatti
197Panchayat Union Middle School, Kadavampatti 622102 1.Kathavampatti (p) Ward-1 kadavampati , 2.Kathavampatti (P) Ward-2 Soriyampatti , 3.Kathavampatti (P) Ward-2 Neivaipatti , 4.Kathavampatti (P) Ward-2 Thirunadu Kilakku , 5.Thalinji (RV) Thalinji (P) Ward-2 Thirunadu Merku
198Panchayat Union Elementary School, Thalinji-622102 1.Thalinji (RV) Thalinji (P) Ward-3 Thalinji , 2.Thalinji (RV) Thalinji(P) Ward-3 Keelapatti , 3.Thalinji (RV) Thalinji (P) Ward-3 Melapatti , 4.Thalinji (RV) Thalinji (P) Ward-3 Ariyakonpatti , 5.Thalinji (RV) Thalinji (P) Ward-3 Solagampatti , 6.Thalinji (RV) Thalinji (P) Ward-3 OOthukadu , 7.Thalinji (RV) Thalinji (P) Ward-3 Itchangudi
199Panchayat Union Elementary School, old Building Kilikudi 622102 1.Gudalur(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-1 Ellaipatti , 2.Gudalur(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-41 Perumalpatti , 3.Gudalur(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-1 Koodalur
200Panchayat Union Elementary School, Peyal 622102 1.Peyal(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-4 Valayapatti , 2.Peyal(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-4 Vairampatti , 3.Peyal(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-4 Peyal
201Government High School, Tiled Building, East Portion, Kilikudi 622102 1.Mampatti(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-1 Chokkampatti , 2.Mampatti(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-2 Seethapatti , 3.Mampatti(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-2 Solaicheripartti , 4.Mampatti(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-2 Mampatti , 5.Mampatti(R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-3 Konakurichipatti
202Government High School, Tiled Building, East Portion, Kilikudi 622102 1.Kilikudi (R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-2 Veppanganipatti , 2.Kilikudi (R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-2 Vilavayal Colony , 3.Kilikudi (R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-2 Villampatti , 4.Kilikudi (R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward- 5 Kilikudi , 5.Kilikudi (R.V) Kilikudi (P) Ward-5 Chettiyapatti
203Government Higher Sec. School , New Terraced Building, Parambur 622104 1.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-2 Parambur Vadakku
204Panchayat Union Elementary School, Karasoorampatti 622104 1.Oonaiyur (P) Ward-2 Kappakudi , 2.Vannarapatti (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-2 Vannarapatti , 3.Vannarapatti (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-3 Pudupatti , 4.Vannarapatti (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-3 Karasooranpatti , 5.Kavinaripatti(R.V) Oonaiyur (P) Ward-2 Kavinaripatti , 6.Kavinaripatti(R.V) Oonaiyur (P) Ward-2 Perichikudipatti , 7.Puthakudi(R.V) Oonaiyur (P) Ward-2 Puthakudi
205Government Higher Sec. School, New Terraced Building, Parambur 6220104 1.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-4 Parambur Keelpagam , 2.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-3 Mettupatti , 3.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-2 Kunniyapatti , 4.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-2 Poolampatti , 5.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-2 Vettukadu , 6.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-3 Kallampatti Senthankarai
206Government Higher Sec. School New Terraced Building , Parambur 622104 1.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-5 Puliyampatti , 2.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-5 Veeraperumalpatti , 3.Pinnangudi(R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-3 Anaipatti , 4.Pinnangudi(R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-3 Seegampatti , 5.Pinnangudi(R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-3 Pinnangudi
207Panchayat Union Elementary School, Old Tiled Building, Parambur 622104 1.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-4 Parambur Therkku , 2.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-4 Panampatti Therkku , 3.Parambur (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-4 Panampatti Vadakku
208Panchayat Union Elementary School, New SSA Building, .Western Side, Kadambarayanpatti 622104 1. Kadambarayanpatti (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-1 Kadambarayanpatti Merku , 2. Kadambarayanpatti (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-1 Kadambarayanpatti Kilakku , 3. Kadambarayanpatti (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-1 Usilampatti , 4. Kadambarayanpatti (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-1 Solaicheripatti , 5. Kadambarayanpatti (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-1 Kanniyapatti , 6. Kadambarayanpatti (R.V) Parambur (P) Ward-1 Rayapatti (Thalampatti)
209Panchayat Union Elementary School, Kudumiyanmalai 622104 1.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-1 Aariyamuthupatti , 2.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-1 Marungipatti , 3.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-1 Keelaparaikalam , 4.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-1 Urugampatti
210Panchayat Union Elementary School, Kudumiyanmalai 622104 1.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-2 Kudumiyanmalai Vadapagam , 2.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-3 Anna Nagar , 3.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-3 Visalikalam
211Panchayat Union Elementary School, South Part, Kudumiyanmalai 622104 1.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-2 Kudimiyanmalai Thenpagam , 2.Visalur (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-3 Eluvichipatti , 3.Visalur (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-3 Visalur , 4.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-3 Ochapatti , 5.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-3 Melaparaikalam , 6.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-3 Puramalai , 7.Kudumiyanmalai (R.V) Kudumiyanmalai (P) Ward-3 Uppuparai (Seegampatti)
212Panchayat Union Elementary School, West Building, West Portion, Vayalogam 622104 1.Vayalogam (R.V) Vayalogam (P) Ward-1 Panankadu , 2.Vayalogam (R.V) Vayalogam (P) Ward-1 Keelakalam , 3.Vayalogam (R.V) Vayalogam (P) Ward-1 Agarapatti , 4.Vayalogam (R.V) Vayalogam (P) Ward-1 Annapannai , 5.Vayalogam (R.V) Vayalogam (P) Ward-3 Vayalogam Therkku
213Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Building North Portion, vayalogam 622104 1.Vayalogam (R.V) Vayalogam (P) Ward-2 Kanattampatti , 2.Vayalogam (R.V) Vayalogam (P) Ward-2 Velampatti , 3.Vayalogam (R.V) Vayalogam (P) Ward-2 Muthalipatti , 4.Vayalogam (R.V) Vayalogam (P) Ward-2 Vayalogam Keelpagam , 5.Vayalogam (R.V) Vayalogam (P) Ward-3 Vayalogam Vadakkupaguthi
214Panchayat Union Middle School, Tiled Building, Mangudi 622101 1.Mangudi (R.V) Mangudi (P) Ward-1 Velar Theru, Muslim theru , 2.Mangudi (R.V) Mangudi (P) Ward-1 Adidravidar Theru
215Panchayat Union Middle School, Tiled Building, Mangudi 622101 1.Mangudi (R.V) Mangudi (P) Ward-2 Mangudi Therkku , 2.Mangudi (R.V) Mangudi (P) Ward-2 Mangudi Vadakku , 3.Mangudi (R.V) Mangudi (P) KWard-1 Kannattampatti
216Panchayat Union Middle School, Perumanadu 622104 1.Perumanadu (R.V) Perumanadu (P) Ward-1,3 Perumanadu
217Panchayat Union Middle School, Perumanadu 622104 1.Perumanadu (R.V) Perumanadu (P) Ward-1,3 Perumanadu
218Panchayat Union Middle School, Perumanadu 622104 1.Perumanadu (R.V) Perumanadu (P) Ward-1, Pudukilapatti , 2.Perumanadu (R.V) Perumanadu (P) Ward-2 Mailapatti , 3.Perumanadu (R.V) Perumanadu (P) Ward-2 Melapaluvanji
219Panchayat Union Middle School, Pulvayal 622104 1.Pulvayal (R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-1 Kandupatti , 2.Pulvayal (R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-1 Alavayal , 3.Pulvayal (R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-1 Kollampatti , 4.Pulvayal (R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-2 Sandapatti , 5.Pulvayal (R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-2 Pulvayal
220Panchayat Union Elementary School, Sundarapatti 622104 1.Sundarapatti(R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-3 Mappilaiapatti , 2.Sundarapatti(R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-3 Thiruvalluvar Nagar , 3.Sundarapatti(R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-3 Thethinapatti , 4.Sundarapatti(R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-3 Nerigipatti , 5.Sundarapatti(R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-3 Kamaraj Nagar , 6.Sundarapatti(R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-3 Pillayapatti , 7.Sundarapatti(R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-3 Sundarapatti , 8.Sundarapatti(R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-8 Annai Nagar , 9.Sundarapatti(R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-3 Kadayapatti
221Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, Nilaiyapatti 622104 1.Pulvayal (R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-4 Pakkuruchipatti , 2.Pulvayal (R.V) Pulvayal (P) Ward-4 Nilayapatti
222Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Terraced Building, Senthamangalam 622104 1.Gothandaramapuram (R.V) Gothandaramapuram (P) Ward-1 Keelapaluvanji , 2.Gothandaramapuram (R.V) Gothandaramapuram (P) Ward-2 Senthamangalam
223Panchayat Union Elementary School, Tiled Building, Senthamangalam 622104 1.Gothandaramapuram (R.V) Gothandaramapuram (P) Ward-3 Kilapatti , 2.Gothandaramapuram (R.V) Gothandaramapuram (P) Ward-3 Kunnakudipatti , 3.Kurukkapatti(R.V) Gothandaramapuram (P) Ward-3 Kurukkapatti , 4.Gothandaramapuram (R.V) Gothandaramapuram (P) Ward-3 Murugaraj Nagar

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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