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List of Polling Booths in Veerapandi Assembly Constituency

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1GHS , Keerapappampady 636030 ,New Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Keerappapampady (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Keerappapampady , 2.Keeraipappampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Subramani Nagar , 3.Keeraipappambadi (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Keeraipappambady , 4.Keeraipappambadi (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Kattoor , 5.Keeraipappambadi (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Pudur , 6.Keeraipappambadi (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Pallakkadu , 7.Keeraipappambadi (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Kullppachur
2GHS , Keerapappampady 636030 ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Keeraipappambadi (r.v) and (p) Ward3, pudur , 2.Keeraipappambadi (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Vayakkadu , 3.Keeraipappambadi (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Nadar Street , 4.Keeraipappambadi (r.v) and (p) Ward5, malaianur
3GHS , Keerapappampady 636030 ,Terraced Building Facing South East WngKeeraipappampadi (r.v) and (p) Ward3, keeraipappampady olaipatty , 2.Keeraipappampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Keeraipappampady Malaianur
4PUMS Chinna Poosaliyur ,New Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Bharathi Nagar , 2.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Subramania Nagar , 3.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Rasinagar , 4.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Lakshmi Nagar
5PUMS Chinna Poosaliyur ,New Terraced Building Facing South1.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, KalaiGarden , 2.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Maramangalathupatty , 3.Maramangalathupatty (R,V) And (P) Ward1, Chinnappa Nagar , 4.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, PeriaPoosaliyur , 5.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, SalaiOrakkudiyuruppu , 6.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Peria Poosaliyur , 7.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Salaiyora Kudiyuruppu
6PUMS Chinna Poosaliyur 636030 ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, ChinnaPoosaliyur , 2.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Samiar Kadu , 3.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, VenganKadu , 4.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, OomariKadu , 5.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Patel Nagar , 6.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Nadar Theru
7PUMS Chinna Poosaliyur ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Maramangalathupatty , 2.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, MullaiNagar , 3.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, SakthiNagar , 4.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, ChinnaPattan Kadu
8Sri Vidyamandhir Hr Sec. School, ( Primary Campus )Mohan Nagar, Maramangalathupatty ,Terraced Building Facing South East Wing1.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C1 , 2.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C2 , 3.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C3 , 4.Maramangalathupatty (R,V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C4 , 5.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C5 , 6.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C6 , 7.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C7 , 8.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C9 , 9.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C10 , 10.Maramangalathupatty (r.v) and (p) Mohannagar township c15 , 11.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C17 , 12.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C18 , 13.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) MohanNagar Township C19
9Sri Vidyamandhir Hr Sec School,( Primary Campus ) Mohan Nagar, Maramangalathupatty ,Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Maramangalathupatty (r.v) and (p) Mohannagar township
10PUMS, Maramangalathupatty (M.G.R. Nagar) ,New Terraced Building Facing North1.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Mottaian Street , 2.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Gangai Nagar , 3.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,MuruganLine,GopalLine,ChettiarLine,MainGate. , 4.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Panjami Kattuvalavu , 5.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Marimuthan Kadu , 6.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, KamarajNagar , 7.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Salaiyora Kudiyiruppu
11PUMS, Maramangalathupatty (M.G.R. Nagar) ,Terraced Building Facing North West WingPUMS, Maramangalathupatty (M.G.R. Nagar) ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing
12PUMS, Maramangalathupatty (M.G.R. Nagar) ,Terraced Building Facing West Middle Wing1.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, OldPilliar Koil Street , 2.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Opp. Police Station 1 , 3.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, New Mariamman Koil Street2 , 4.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, KaliammanKoil Street1 , 5.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Opp. Police Station 2 , 6.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Kaliamman Koil Street, 2 , 7.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, MoongilKutthu , 8.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 5 Kudisai Parts
13PUES, Ganapathipalayam Maramangalathupatti ,Tiled Building Facing South1.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Edumban Kattu Valavu , 2.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Samundi Nagar , 3.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Karattoor KandasamyPalayam , 4.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Ganapathypalayam , 5.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Ponnagar , 6.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, GanapathyNagar
14PUES, Ganapathipalayam Maramangalathupatti ,Terraced Building Facing East North WingPUES, Ganapathipalayam Maramangalathupatti ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Indira Nagar , 2.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, HMDI , 3.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, K.K.Nagar , 4.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Thirumal Nagar , 5.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Kurinji Nagar , 6.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Ambedkar Nagar , 7.Maramangalathupatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Salaiyorakkudiyuruppu
15PUMS Majira Kollapatty ,New Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,AnnaNagar , 2.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Kollapatty Busstand Near , 3.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Sadaiyandiyur
16PUMS Majira Kollapatty ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Samiyar Kadai , 2.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Erakadu , 3.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,E.S.I Colony , 4.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Santhai Near side
17PUMS Majira Kollapatty ,Terraced Building Facing South East Wing1.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Chettiyar Keenaru , 2.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Medicalcollege Compound , 3.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) OH Tank 4 Road , 4.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Gandhi Arch Sadaiyandiyur Colony
18PUMS Majira Kollapatty ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Aruinthiyar Colony,Vanakar Street , 2.Majirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Annanagar East Kaliamman Kovil Street
19PUMS Majira Kollapatty ,Terraced Building Facing North East WingMajirakollapatty (R.V) And (P) Anna Nagar West Vinagayagar Kovil street
20PUES Vatamuthampatty ,Add New Terraced Building Facing South East Wing1.Vattamuthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,M.R.G Nagar paguthi
21PUES Vatamuthampatty ,New Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Vattamuthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Melvattamutthampatty , 2.Vattamuthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Meluvattamutthampatty , 3.Vattamuthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 3, Karpagavinayagar Street Side
22PUES Vatamuthampatty ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing1.Vattamuthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Kamarajar Nagar paguthi , 2.Vattamuthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Erikkarai Vayakkadu
23PUES, Vatamuthampatty ,New Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Vattamuthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Vattamutthampatty paguthi , 2.Vattamuthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,puthucolony paguthi
24PUES, Aaria Goundampatty ,West Terraced Building Facing South1.Aarikoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Melkadu , 2.Aarikoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 2, kallangukadu
25PUES, Aaria Goundampatty ,Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Aarikoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 3, Iyyanna valavu , 2.Kullanampatty (R.V), Aarikoundampatty (P) Ward 4, Kullanampatty , 3.Chittanorkollappatti (R.V), Aarikoundampatty (P) Ward 5, Chittanoorkollappatti
26GHSS, Murungapatty ,Terraced Building Facing North1.Murungapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Murungapatty
27GHSS, Murungapatty ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Murungapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Aadithravidar Street , 2.Murungapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Poompattiyanur , 3.Pethampatty (R.V) Murungapatty (P) Ward1, Pethampatty
28GHSS, Murungapatty ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Murungapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Mottur , 2.Murungapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Manthoppu , 3.Murungapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Karathoppur , 4.Murungapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Chithranur , 5.Murungapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Nallakkoundanur , 6.Murungapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Nathankadu
29PUES, Murungaptty ,New Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Pethampatty (R.V) Murungapatty (P) Ward 4, M.Pethampatty,Pethampatty Melkadu(Annanagar
30PUES, Murungaptty ,New Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Elaguvampatty (R.V) Murungapatty (P) Ward5, Elaguvampatty
31PUMS, Naickenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing South East Wing1.Nallampatty (R.V) Naickenpatty (P) Ward1, Nallampatty , 2.Naickenpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, kattuvalavu
32PUMS Naickenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Naickenpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Naickenpatty
33PUES, Thumbathulipatty. ,Tiled Building Facing East North Wing1.Thumbathoolipatty (R.V) Perumampatty (P) Ward4, Thumbathoolipatty kattuvalavu , 2.Thumbathoolipatty (R.V) Perumampatty (P) Ward3, Melkadu kattuvalavu , 3.Thumbathoolipatty (R.V) Perumampatty (P) Ward3, Arundadhiyar Street
34PUMS Perumampatti ,Western Tiled Building Facing East South Wing ( Near Water Tank1.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 2, Perumampatty , 2.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 2, Perumampatty Malekadu , 3.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 2, Udiyankadu , 4.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Erikadu , 5.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Kovilkadu , 6.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) KillanVattam
35PUMS, Perumampatti ,Tiled Building Facing South East Wing1.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Valian Kadu , 2.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Poosanaickanoormelkadu , 3.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Sathyanagar
36PUMS, Thirumalaigiri ,Tiled Building Facing East South WingThirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Harijan colony
37PUMS, Thirumalaigiri ,Tiled Building Facing East North Wing1.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Asarivattam , 2.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Mariyamman Kovil street , 3.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Pillaiyar Kovil Street , 4.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Kullar street , 5.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Valluvar Nagar , 6.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Thirumalaigiri , 7.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Arthanari vattam
38PUMS Thirumaligiri ,Tiled Building Facing West South Wing1.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Siddhar Kovil Road , 2.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward 3,Edumpan Vattam , 3.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kelutheru , 4.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Mottaiyan street , 5.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Thaneer panthal vattam , 6.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Thoppukadu paguthi , 7.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Cinima Kottai paguthi , 8.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Kathiriyan Theru , 9.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Semman thittu
39PUMS Thirumalaigiri ,Tiled Building Facing West North Wing1.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Kollastreet , 2.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Malrayutthan patty , 3.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Sankaran Vattam , 4.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Arunthathiyar Street , 5.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Pallikuttathu Near , 6.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Dhamarai Eri Paguthi , 7.Thirumalaigiri (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Nadar street
40GHS, Vedugathampatty ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing Room No 11.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Chettiyar street , 2.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Main Road , 3.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Paraivattam , 4.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Mainroad,marakadai
41GHS, Vedugathampatty ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing Room No 21.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Vayakadu , 2.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Karuppanoor , 3.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Mariyamman kovil st , 4.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kanjimariyamman Kovil street
42GHS, Vedugathampatty ,Terraced Building Facing North Middle Wing1.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,M.G.R. Nagar , 2.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kilakadu , 3.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Main Road,Puthukadu,paguthi
43GHS, Vedugathampatty ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Pachiannavattam , 2.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Sankothi vattam , 3.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Goundappan vattam , 4.Vedukatthampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Thanirpanttal Vattam
44PUMS, Kothanur ,New Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Kondrikkadu , 2.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Chinnayur , 3.Perumampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Mookkaraian street
45PUMS, Kothanur ,Tiled Building Facing North East Wing1.Kothanur (R.V) Perumampatty (P) Ward1, Kothanur 1st section
46PUMS, Kothanur ,Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Kothanur (R.V) Perumampatty (P) Ward 4, Kanavaikadu 2nd section
47PUMS, Andipatty ,New Terraced Building Facing South East Wing1.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Siddharkovil Main Road , 2.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Lakshmi Nagar
48PUMS, Andipatty ,New Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Ayya Nagar , 2.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Mugavattam , 3.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Siddhar Kovil Main Road
49PUMS, Andipatty ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,East vattam , 2.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kodukkan vattam , 3.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Mariyamman kovil street
50PUMS, Andipatty ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Sathiya Nagar , 2.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Andipatty , 3.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Melkattuvalavu
51PUMS, Andipatty ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Annanagar , 2.Andipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Salamarathuvattam
52PUES Periya Puthur ,Tiled Building Facing North East Wing1.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Naduputhur , 2.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward7, Southstreet
53PUES Periya Puthur ,Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Chinnaputhur
54PUES Periya Puthur ,Tiled west Building Facing North East Wing1.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward 3, Kulukattai Street , 2.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward 7, Puthur Agraharam
55PUES Periya Puthur ,Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward 7, Santhanakaran Kadu
56GHS Periya Puthur ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward4, M G R Nagar
57PUES Chinna Kondalampatty1.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward8, Malan Kadu , 2.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward8, Vayakkadu Periaputhur
58,Terraced Building Facing North1.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward8, Vayakkadu , 2.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Ichimarakkadu
59West Wing1.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward6, North Street
60GHS Periya Puthur ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward7, Vanakkaran Kadu , 2.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward7, Kaliamman Kuttai Kadu , 3.Puthur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward9, Chinnaputhur
61PUES Chinna Kondalampatty ,Western Terraced Buidling Facing North West Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,East Circle , 2.Amanigondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Gurunathan koil karattur
62PUES ,Chinna Kondalampatty ,Western Terraced Building Facing North Middle wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Gurunathan Kovil Karattur
63PUES Chinna Kondalampatty ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Thanang Kadu
64PUMS Kattur ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Perumal Kovil Karattur , 2.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Palikkadu , 3.P.Natamangalam (R.V) Amanikondalampatty (P) Ward1, P.Nattamangalam
65PUMS Kattur ,New Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Vaduvan Nagar , 2.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Mallakkanagar , 3.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Pillaiyar Kovil Street , 4.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Siloan Colony
66PUMS Kattur ,Tiled Building Facing West North Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Pillaiyar Nagar , 2.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Arasamaratthukattur, Palikkadu
67PUMS Kattur ,Tiled Building Facing West South Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Arasamaratthukattur, 2
68PUES Chinna Kondalampatty ,EasternTerraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Chinnakondalampatty1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Chinnakondalampatty1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Chinnakondalampatty1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Chinnakondalampatty
69PUES Chinna Kondalampatty ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Chinnakondalampatty , 2.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Siddhan Nagar
70PUMS, P.Nattamangalam ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.P.Nattamangalam (R.V), Amanikondalampatty (P) Ward6, Pillaiyar Kovil Street , 2.P.Nattamangalam (R.V), Amanikondalampatty (P) Ward 4,6, School Street , 3.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward6, Mariyamman Kovil Street
71PUMS, P.Nattamangalam ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Kaliyamman Kovil Street , 2.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward6, Post office Street , 3.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward6, Ricemill Street , 4.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 6,5, Muniyappan Kovil Street , 5.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Dhippipparai , 6.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, AutoNagar , 7.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Vinayaga Nagar, Kattur
72PUMS, P.Nattamangalam ,Tiled Building Facing Westn1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward6, S.Nattamangalam Muniyappan Koil Street , 2.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward6, Kattur, Azhagu Nagar
73PUMS P. Nattamangalam ,Tiled Building Facing West1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward6,Kattur
74 PUMS, P.Nattamanglam ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.P.Nattamangalam (R.V) Amanikondalampatty (P) Ward7, P.Nattamangalam
75PUMS, P.Nattamanglam ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward7, Kalar KaduPUMS, P.Nattamanglam ,Terraced Buil
76PUMS, P.Nattamanglam ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Amanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Siloan Colony , 2.P.Natamangalam (R.V) Amanikondalampatty (P) Ward8, Adidravidar Street
77PUMS, P.Nattamanglam ,Terraced Building Facing West South WingAmanikondalampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Nadu kadu
78PUMS, P.Nattamanglam ,Terraced Building Facing West North WingP.Nattamangalam (R.V) Amanikondalampatty (P) Ward5.P.Nattamangalam
79PUMS, Sanniyasi Gundu ,Tiled Building Facing West North Wing1.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Jainthamos near , 2.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Gas Company Near , 3.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Anbu Illam Near,Pinpuram , 4.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Sanniyasikundu Main Road , 5.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Sivan Karadu , 6.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Ariyampalli kadu
80PUMS, Sanniyasi Gundu ,Tiled Building Facing West South WingPUMS, Sanniyasi Gundu ,TiledPUMS, Sanniyasi Gundu ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing Building Facing West South Wing
81PUMS, Sanniyasi Gundu ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing1.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Ramasamy Nagar , 2.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Pallivasal , 3.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Watertank street , 4.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward1,V.O.C Nagar , 5.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Pathima Nagar Main Road
82PUMS, Sanniyasi Gundu ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Manal karar vithi , 2.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Fathima Nagar , 3.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Piran Sayapu Nagar , 4.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Kamaraj Nagar , 5.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Sanniyasikundu Bye Bass
83PUMS, Sanniyasi Gundu ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward 4,Kumaran Nagar , 2.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward 4,Duraisamy Nagar , 3.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Sanniyasikundu Main Road , 4.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Resan kadai near , 5.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Krishnanaga
84PUMS, Sanniyasi Gundu ,Terraced Building Facing North Middle Wing1.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Mariyamman Kovil Street , 2.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Poyyar Street , 3.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Adithiravidar Colony
85 PUMS, Sanniyasi Gundu ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Bye Bass Road , 2.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Yogammbal Nagar , 3.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kandasamy Nagar , 4.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Andiyappan Kadu , 5.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kallikattar Thottam , 6.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Alagu Nagar , 7.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Paraikadu , 8.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kattumaran Kuttai , 9.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Paraikadu , 10.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Vannarampallikadu
86PUES Erumapalayam ,Terraced Building Facing South Middle Wing1.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Varathanadar Thottam , 2.Sanniyasikunndu (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Perumal Kovil Karadu , 3.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Indira Nagar , 4.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Panakadu
87GHS Erumapalayam ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kuthiraipallikadu , 2.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Thokkumuttukadu
88PUES Erumapalayam ( Nelikuthiparai) ,Terraced Building Facing East1.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Palkarar Kadu , 2.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kurubakkadu
89PUES Erumapalayam ( Nelikuthiparai) ,Add. Terraced South Building Facing East1.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Hospital Kadu , 2.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Alamarathukadu
90PUES, Erumapalayam ,Southern West Terraced Buidling Facing North East Wing1.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Navallar Nagar
91PUES Erumapalayam ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Varkaran Kuttai
92GHS Erumapalayam ,Terraced Building Facing South ( Near Water Tank1.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Bharathi Nagar , 2.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Jai Nagar , 3.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Kuppaimedu Nallu gounder kadu
93PUES Erumapalayam ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Mariyamman Kovil , 2.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Annamar Kovil street , 3.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Janaki M.G.R. Nagar , 4.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Annanagar
94GHS Erumapalayam ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Valluvar Nagar , 2.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Iyyanthirumaligai , 3.Erumapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Thirumoorthi Nagar
95PUES, N.Mettur Neickarapatty ,New Terraced Building Facing South East Wing1.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,N.Mettur , 2.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Ienthoppu
96PUES, N.Mettur Neickarapatty ,Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,N.Mottur
97PUES, N.Mettur Neickarapatty ,Terraced Building Facing North1.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Nayakkankadu , 2.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Nedundarkadu
98PUES, N.Mettur Neickarapatty ,New Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kodikadu
99PUES, N.Mettur Neickarapatty ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kodikadu
100PUES, N.Mettur Neickarapatty ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Earivazhi , 2.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Ienthoppu , 3.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Periyakalam
101PUES, N.Mettur Neickarapatty ,Terraced Building Facing East1.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Samathuvapuram , 2.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Dharkkadu , 3.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Near Poolavari Palam , 4.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Annanagar, AmmanKovil
102GHS, Neickarapatty ,Terraced Building Facing South West Wing Room No 101.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Willak Kottai , 2.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Amman kovil Siddhan Kovil Street , 3.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,UpStreet, Neikkarappatty , 4.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Downstreet, Neikkarappatty
103GHS, Neickarapatty ,Terraced Building Facing South East Wing Room No 121.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Malangkadu
104GHS, Neickarapatty ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing Room No 11.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Upstreet , 2.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Downstreet , 3.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Lakshmi Nagar , 4.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Mariyamman Koil Street , 5.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Licence Kadu , 6.Neikkarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Ienthoppu
105PUMS, Uthamasolapuram ,New SSA Terraced Building Facing South1.Uttamachozhapuram (R.V ) And (P) Ward1, Rajaveethi , 2.Uttamachozhapuram (R.V ) And (P) Ward2, Chinnapoosarivattam
106PUMS, Uthamasolapuram ,Tiled Buidling Facing Facing West North Wing1.Uttamachozhapuram (R.V ) And (P) Ward2, AdhidravidarStreet , 2.Uttamachozhapuram (R.V ) And (P) Ward2, Kanakkupillaikadu
107PUMS, Uthamasolapuram ,Terraced Building Facing South NPEGEL Tailoring and Computer Center1.Uthamachozhapuram (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Senaikadu , 2.Uthamachozhapuram (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Sullankadu , 3.Uthamachozhapuram (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Kattur , 4.Uthamachozhapuram (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Velankadu , 5.Uthamachozhapuram (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Dasankadu , 6.Uthamachozhapuram (R.V) And (P) Ward3, AnaikoundanStreet
108PUMS, Uthamasolapuram ,Tiled Building Facing South1.Uthamachozhapuram (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Harijana Colony , 2.Uthamachozhapuram (R,V) And (P) Ward3, Soolaimedu , 3.Uthamachozhapuram (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Sridharan Kadu , 4.Uthamachozhapuram (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Oormooppankadu , 5.Uthamachozhapuram (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Malankadu
109PUES, Ariyampalayam ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Ariyampalayam (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward4,Sulaimedu , 2.Ariyampalayam (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward4,Nadustreet , 3.Ariyampalayam (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward 4, Paraikkadu , 4.Ariyampalayam (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward4,Kattur
110PUES, Ariyampalayam ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Ariyampalayam (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward4,Mariyamman kovil st , 2.Ariyampalayam (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward4,Vettuvankuttaikadu , 3.Ariyampalayam (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward4,Palanigounderkadu , 4.Ariyampalayam (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward4,Vilamarathukadu , 5.Ariyampalayam (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward4,Porappankadu , 6.Ariyampalayam (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward4,Jothdiarvattam
111PUES, Elampillai ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Elampillai (TP) Ward1,SalemChinnappampattyRoad , 2.Elampillai (TP) Ward1,Balakrishnan Theru , 3.Elampillai (TP) Ward1, V.O. Gurunathan theru , 4.Elampillai (TP) Ward 1 K.M.Perumal Street , 5.Elampillai (TP) Ward 15, Overtank Street , 6.Elampillai (TP) Ward2,S.K.D.Ramasamy theru , 7.Elampillai (TP) Ward2,K.P.Viri.Chetty street , 8.Elampillai (TP) K.L.Lakshmanan Street , 9.Elampillai (TP) Ward2, Thotthammachettyst
112PUES, Elampillai ,Terraced Building, Facing North, West Wing1.Elampillai (TP) P.S.N Rajamanickam Street , 2.Elampillai (TP) Ward13,K.S.A.Ponnusamy street , 3.Elampillai (TP) Ward13,Nadustreet , 4.Elampillai (TP) Ward 13Venkatdass st , 5.Elampillai (TP) Ward13,Madapalli st , 6.Elampillai (TP) Ward13,R.S.P Kandasamy street , 7.Elampillai (TP) Ward14,Palaiya Panchayat Office street , 8.Elampillai (TP) Ward14,Puthustreet , 9.Elampillai (TP) Ward14,Sankaran street , 10.Elampillai (TP) Ward 14,Pandarikovil st , 11.Elampillai (TP) Ward14,R.S.P Siddhappachetty street , 12.Elampillai (TP) Ward14,Uppukennaru street , 13.Elampillai (TP) Ward12,L.P.Verichettystreet , 14.Elampillai (TP) Ward12, Sannanna Cheeti Street , 15.Elampillai (TP) Ward12,K.V.Soundappan chetty street , 16.Elampillai (TP) Ward 12, P.N.Gopal Chetty St , 17.Elampillai (TP) Ward2,K.B Arthanarisamy chetty st , 18.Elampillai (TP) Ward2.K.S.A Ponnusamy Street , 19.Elampillai (TP) Ward2,Soundamman Kovil Street
113PUES, Elampillai ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Elampillai (TP) Ward9,Thirumalai Street
114PUES, Elampillai ,Terraced Building Facing North Middle Wing1.Elampillai (TP) Ward9,Kakapalayam,Chinnappampatty road , 2.Elampillai (TP) Ward10,Thirumalai st(Rajugandhi Nagar) , 3.Elampillai (TP) Ward10,Kakapalayam,Chinnappampatty road , 4.Elampillai (TP) Ward10,Thirumalai Street
115PUES, Elampillai ,Terraced Building Facing North1.Elampillai (TP) Ward6,Vellappan Street , 2.Elampillai (TP) Ward6,Karnam Arumugam Street , 3.Elampillai (TP) Ward6,Madakanji , 4.Elampillai (TP) Ward6,Veppamarathu street , 5.Elampillai (TP) Ward6,Karukaliyaman Kovil street , 6.Elampillai (TP) Ward6,Govindharaj Street , 7.Elampillai (TP) Ward 7,Pattappan Kovil Street , 8.Elampillai (TP) Ward7,Muthaiyan Street
116PUES, Elampillai ,Additional Three Romm New Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Elampillai (TP) Ward8,Subaramani Kovil Street , 2.Elampillai (TP) Ward5,Rangasamy street , 3.Elampillai (TP) Ward5,Gopal Street
117PUES, Elampillai ,Additional Three Romm New Terraced Building Facing South East Wing1.Elampillai (TP) Ward3,Rettimaniyakaranoor , 2.Elampillai (TP) Ward3,Erusappan Street
118PUES, Elampillai ,Additional Two Room Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Elampillai (TP) Ward5,Sowdeswari Nagar , 2.Elampillai (TP) Ward 4,Rettimaniyakaranoor , 3.Elampillai (TP) Ward11,Vijayavinayakar Kovil St , 4.Elampillai (TP) Ward11,Gurunathasamy Kovil Street
119PUES, Perumagoundampatty ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Thappakuttai pirivu Road ,Munsipu Vittu vith , 2.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,S.A Sabhapathi Chettyar Colony , 3.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Parakadu , 4.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Pillar Chettiyar Vithi , 5.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Main Road , 6.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Overtank Veethi , 7.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Pajanai Kovil Vithi , 8.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Perumal Chettiyar Vithi,Kasappu theru
120PUES, Perumagoundampatty ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,OHT Street to South Valavu , 2.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, V.P. Sekar Colony , 3.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Mullakurai , 4.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Nadar Veethi , 5.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Asari Patarai Veethi , 6.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Veethi
121PUES, Perumagoundampatty ,South Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kakapalayam Main Road , 2.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Karadikundustreet , 3.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Perumal Kovil Road , 4.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kaliyamman Kovil vithi , 5.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kaliyamman Kovil Vithi , 6.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Veerapathiran Kovil Street , 7.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Poyar Street , 8.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,kakapalayam Main Road
122PUES, Perumagoundampatty ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Thundukadu , 2.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Arunthathiyar street , 3.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Ambethagar Nagar , 4.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Lakshmi Nagar , 5.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Perumal Kovil Vithi , 6.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,AnnaNagar , 7.Perumagoundampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Erikarai Amman Thottam,Pe Kovil Backside
123PUES, Perumagoundampatty ,Terraced Building Facing East1.Ramapuram (R.V) Perumakoundampatty (P) Ramapuram , 2.Ramapuram (R.V) Perumakoundampatty (P) Mankaradu Colony , 3.Reddipatty (R.V) Perumagoundampatty (P) Pallakkadu , 4.Reddipatty (R.V) Perumagoundampatty (P) Sembayivalavu
124PUES, Perumagoundampatty ,Tiled Building Facing East North Wing1.Reddipatty (R.V) Perumagoundampatty (P) Mankaradu Old Colony , 2.Reddipatty (R.V) Perumagoundampatty (P) Reddipatty
125PUMS, K.Pudupalayam ,Tiled Building Facing West North Wing1.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Mariyamman Kovil Vithi , 2.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Nadar Theru , 3.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Nainagounder Vattam , 4.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Perumal Kovil vithi , 5.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Mariyamman Kovil vithi , 6.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Paraikadu , 7.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Annanagar , 8.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Narikuttaikadu , 9.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Annamarkovilkadu , 10.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Aanaigoundervithi , 11.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Nasaramman Kovil Kadu
126PUMS, K.Pudupalayam ,Tiled Building Facing West South Wing1.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Nalroad , 2.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Erikarai , 3.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Kottakaravalavu , 4.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, M.G.R. Nagar , 5.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Vathiarkadu , 6.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Ammankoilvalavu , 7.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Pudupalayam , 8.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Arundadiar Street , 9.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Nettakuppankadu , 10.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Sevikadu , 11.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Kombukaravalavu
127PUMS, K.Pudupalayam ,Tiled Building Facing South East Wing1.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Olappakuttai , 2.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Malakadu , 3.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Manakadu , 4.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Ponthiliyan kuttai , 5.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Manakadu Muniyappan Kovil theru , 6.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kelkattuvalavu , 7.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Mettukattuvalavu
128PUMS, K.Pudupalayam ,Tiled Building Facing South West Wing1.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Uthukinathuvalavu , 2.Kombadipatty (R.V) Kalparapatty (P) Ward2,Kompadipatty , 3.Kombadipatty (R.V) Kalparapatty (P) Ward4,Arunthathiyarcolony , 4.Kombadipatty (R.V) Kalparapatty (P) Ward 4 Sukumr Colony , 5.Kombadipatty (R.V) Kalparapatty (P) Ward4,Kompadipatty , 6.Sevampalayam (R.V) Kalparapatty (P) Ward2,Sevampalayam
129PUES, Sevampalayam ,Terraced Building Facing North1.Sevampalayam (R.V) Kalparapatty (P) Ward2,Pallakadu , 2.Sevampalayam (R.V) Kalparapatty (P) Ward5,Mallakadu , 3.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Muniyanoor , 4.Kalparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Surakkapalayam
130PUMS Periya Seeragapadi ,New Terraced Three Room Building Facing East South Wing1.Periyaseeragapadi (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Amman Nagar pandukarankadu , 2.Periyaseeragapadi (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Navapupalayam , 3.Periyaseeragapadi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Pothiyanstreet,mamarathukattupaguthi , 4.Periyaseeragapadi (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Erikadaipaguthi
131PUMS, Periya Seeragapadi ,New Three Room Building Facing East Middle WingPeriyaseeragapadi (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Ammannagarnadar street , 2.Periyaseeragapadi (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Nadarst Aadhiravidar st
132PUES Chinna Seeragapadi ,South Terraced SSA Building Facing South West Wing1.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V), Periyaseeragpadi (P) Ward4,Chinnaseeragapadi,Sandhaipettai , 2.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V), Periyaseeragpadi (P) Ward4,Sorakkaipalayam , 3.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V), Periyaseeragpadi (P) Ward4,5. Kell Street
133PUES Chinna Seeragapadi ,South Terraced SSA Building Facing South Middle Room1.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V), Periyaseeragpadi (P) Kasthuribainagar , 2.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V), Periyaseeragpadi (P) Ward6,Theruvithi , 3.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V), Periyaseeragpadi (P) Ward6,Melust , 4.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V), Periyaseeragpadi (P) Ward6,Samathuvapuram
134PUES Chinna Seeragapadi ,South Terraced Building Facing South West WingChinnaseeragapadi (R.V), Periyaseeragpadi (P) Ward4,Chinnaseeragapadimelu street , 2.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V), Periyaseeragpadi (P) Ward4,Chinnaseeragapadi Arunthathiyar street , 3.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V), Periyaseeragpadi (P) Ward5,Chinnaseeragapadi,Arunthathiyar st
135PUES Chinna Seeragapdi ,Northern Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V) Periyaseeragapadi(P) Ward5,SankagiriMain Road,Chinnseeragapadi , 2.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V) Periyaseeragapadi(P) Ward5,Makkalur,Chinnseeragapadi , 3.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V) Periyaseeragapadi(P) Ward5,Thoppalan valavu,Chinnaseeragapadi , 4.Chinnaseeragapadi (R.V) Periyaseeragapadi(P) Ward5,Sadaiyandi Uttru Adivaram,Chinna Seeragapadi
136GHSS, Veerapandy ,Terraced Building Facing South1.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Kellastreet , 2.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Rajavithi
137GHSS, Veerapandy ,New Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Melustreet , 2.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Kasiyankadu , 3.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Kuttakadu
138GHSS, Veerapandy ,New Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward7,Veerapandi colony , 2.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward7,Ariyanoor
139GHSS, Veerapandy ,New Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Punchedi Kadu , 2.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Poosarikadu , 3.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Palkarar Kadu , 4.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,College Opp side , 5.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Thulakkankadu , 6.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Maduraiyankadu , 7.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Theruparaikadu , 8.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Uppukuttaikadu , 9.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Vandikkarar Kadu , 10.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Pachapalikadu , 11.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Puthupatty Mariyamman kovil , 12.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,kavadi kadu , 13.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Vellakkalkadu , 14.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Korathupallikadu
140GHSS, Veerapandy ,New Building Facing West North Wing1.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Agrakaram , 2.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Kullumpukkadu , 3.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Pattankarankadu , 4.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward6,Manjanduraikadu , 5.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward6,Pokkukadu , 6.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward6,Sevikadu , 7.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward6,Etthankadu , 8.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward6,Thattamaraikadu , 9.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward6,Checkpost , 10.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward6,KarthikNagar , 11.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward6,IndiraNagar , 12.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward6,KamarajNagar , 13.Veerapandi (R.V) And (P) Ward6,Thoppukadu
141vPUMS Palampatty ,New East Tiled Building Facing North1.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Lakshamanoor , 2.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Kodambukadu , 3.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Chittukkuruvikadu , 4.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Rukmani Nadar Street , 5.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Mettukadai , 6.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Perumalkoil Vattam , 7.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Karattukadu , 8.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Annaduraikadu , 9.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Punjaikadu , 10.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Kottaimuthalthottam
142PUMS Palampatty ,New Tiled Building Facing North East Wing1.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward1, Kodanginaickanoor , 2.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward2, Kodangi Naickanoor , 3.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward2, Mottur , 4.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward2, Urumbikaranoor , 5.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward2, Akrapalayam , 6.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward2, PappangaduColony , 7.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward2, Naickervattam , 8.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward2, Sandanapottukaranthottam , 9.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward2, Pilliarkoil Street , 10.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward2, Akkaraikadu , 11.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward2, Kondappan Thottam
143PUMS Palampatty ,New Terraced Buidling Facing South West Wing1.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward3, Valluvar Nagar , 2.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward3, Vyapurikadu , 3.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward 4, Noolkarankadu , 4.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward 4, Palampatty
144PUMS Palampatty ,New Terraced Building Facing South East Wing1.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward4, AmmanKoil Street , 2.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward4, Pilliar Koil Street , 3.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward 5, Mainroadpalampatty , 4.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward5, Kaliamman Koil Street , 5.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward5, Andikadu , 6.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward5, Pottakadu , 7.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward5, Vaykalkaraimedu , 8.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward5, Koottukadu , 9.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward5, Kottikararthottam , 10.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward5, Kandasamykoil thottam , 11.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward5, Maniathottam , 12.Palampatty (R.V) Akrapalayam (P) Ward5, Sarkarbairoji
145PUES Attavani Poolavari ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Down Street , 2.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Balava Street , 3.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Agrahara Poolavari , 4.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Perumal Koil Street , 5.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Amman koil kadu , 6.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Thanneer Kinattrukkadu , 7.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Pilliar Koil Street , 8.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Sithaneri kattupakuthi , 9.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Kodambakkadu
146PUES Attavani Poolavari ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Erikkadu , 2.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Chinnathottam , 3.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Murambukkadu , 4.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Vayakkadu , 5.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Punjaikadu Arundadiar Colony , 6.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Punjaikadu Moolakkadai , 7.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, PujaikaduNayakkarVattam , 8.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Punjaikadumelvattam , 9.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Punjaikadunaduvattam , 10.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Punjaikadukeelvattam
147GHS, Poolavari Agharharam. ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing1.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Kalarkadu , 2.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Karattukadu , 3.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Kalikadu , 4.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Thonduputtikadu , 5.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Sengalsoolaikkadu , 6.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Ooradi Muniappan Koil , 7.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Attukkadu , 8.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Nariyandikadu , 9.Poolavari Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Attukkadu Muniappan Koil
148PUES, Attavanai Poolavari ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Attavanipoolavari (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward 5, Attavanaipoolavari , 2.Attavanipoolavari (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward 5, EttimarathukaduAttavanaipoolavari , 3.Attavanipoolavari (R.V), Uthamasolapuram (P) Ward5, Attavanaipoolavari Kizhakkukadu
149PUMS Parapatty ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Mondiyatanayakkar Kadu , 2.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Paraiyan Kadu , 3.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Athimaran Kadu , 4.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Kodikkal kadu , 5.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Thappakkarath Theru , 6.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Asarikadu , 7.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Thottiyan Kadu , 8.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Koomangkadu , 9.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Asaliyankadu , 10.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Moolaiyankadu , 11.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Shangarai Kadu , 12.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Vedivachi Kadu , 13.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Solaigounder Kadu , 14.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Pillaiyar Koil Karadu
150PUMS Parapatty ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing1.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Demanayakkanur , 2.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Balamaratur , 3.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Siddhanikkanur , 4.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Dhinnapattiyan Kadu , 5.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Sennakkal Pudur , 6.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Chinnagounder Kadu , 7.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Kattanaasan Kadu , 8.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Parappatty , 9.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kalarmariyamman Koil
151PUMS Parapatty ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing1.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Adidravidar Street , 2.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Mariyamman Kovil Street , 3.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Arundathiyar Street , 4.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Poosari Nayakkar Street , 5.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Pudhupattiyan Kadu , 6.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Poolavariyan Kadu , 7.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Kottai Valavu , 8.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Karumuttikadu
152PUMS Parapatty ,Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Mecheriyampalaiyam , 2.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Gounder Kadu , 3.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Poosarikadu , 4.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Poosarikadu , 5.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Molaipparaikaradu , 6.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Mecheriyampalaiyam , 7.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Sambathadiyan Koil Street , 8.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Dhatchan Kadu , 9.Parappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Kullathai Kadu
153PUMS Thammanaickenpatty ,Tiled Building Facing North East Wing1.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Kalarkadu , 2.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Ambethkar Colony , 3.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Gounder Street , 4.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Valaiyakkaran Street , 5.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Theeranur , 6.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Kundukkadu , 7.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Poosari Street , 8.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Thoppukkadu , 9.Thammanaickkanpatty (P) Ward4,Kamarajar Colony
154PUMS, Thammanaickenpatty ,Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Thammanaickkanpatty (P) Ward3,Thammanaickkanpatty , 2.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Earikkadu , 3.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Oonchakkadu
155PUMS, Thammanaickenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Mettu Street , 2.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Parak Kottai , 3.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Pattan Street , 4.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Thammanaikenpatty
156PUMS Thammanaickenpatty ,Tiled Building Facing East South Wing1.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Adidravidar Street , 2.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Mondithandavan Kadu , 3.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Siloan Colony , 4.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Adidravidar Street , 5.Thammanaickkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,RiceMill
157PUES Nilvarapatty ,Western Terraced Building South Middle Wing1.Nilavarappatty(R.V) And (P) Ward1, Water Tank Veethi , 2.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Pillaiyar Kovil Veethi , 3.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Raja Veethi , 4.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Mariamman Kovil Street , 5.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,3, Maniyakkarar Street , 6.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Raja Street , 7.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Arasamarathupillaiyar Kovil , 8.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Arundathiyar Street , 9.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Trichy Main Road
158PUES Nilvarapatty ,Middle Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4. Ayyanarappan Kovil Street , 2.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Elakkadu , 3.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, GoundanKuttai , 4.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Irusayee Amman Kovil Street
159GHS Nilvarapatty ,East wing of the Terraced Building Facing South1.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Kattukottai Moolakkadu , 2.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Thalaimalai nagar , 3.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Irusaye Amman Kovil
160GHS Nilvarapatty ,West wing of the Terraced Buiilding Facing South1.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Kaliyamman Kovil Street , 2.Nilavarappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Trichy Main Road
161GHSS, Dasanaickenpatty 636201 ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing Room No 121.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward 1 Anna Colony , 2.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward1, Sathiyamoorthy nagar , 3.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward1, Sowdambiga Nagar , 4.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward1,Dhanalakshmi NagarGHSS, Dasanaickenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing Room No 11
162GHSS, Dasanaickenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing Room No 111.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward1,Gandhipuram Colony , 2.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward1,Samiyappa Annek
163GHSS, Dasanaickenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing ( Parent and Teacher Corporation Building ) Room 181.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward2, Murugan Koil Part , 2.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward2,Poyar Street , 3.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward2,Balaji Nagar
164GHSS, Dasanaickenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing ( Parent and Teacher Corporation Building ) Room No 171.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward2,Mariyamman Koil Street , 2.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward3,Perumal Koil Side , 3.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward3,Main Road
165GHSS, Dasanaickenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing Room 10 ( Namaku Namae Thittam1.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward4,Chinnaiyapuram , 2.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward4,Kamarajar Colony , 3.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward4,Kundukadu Colony
166GHSS, Dasanaickenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing ( Namaku Namae Thittam1.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward2, A.T.C. Nagar , 2.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward4,Mandaiveli , 3.Nilvarapatty (R.V) Dasanaickanpatty (P) Ward4,Telecom Avenue
167PUMS Jarugumalai ,New Asbestas East Building Facing North1.Jarugamalai (R.V), Kuralnatham (P) Ward4, Melur , 2.Jarugamalai (R.V), Kuralnatham (P) Ward4, Keelur
168PUES, Gajjalnaikenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing West Middle Wing1.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Vannier Theru , 2.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Poyar Theru
169PUES, Gajjalnaikenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing North South Wing1.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Adidravidar Theru , 2.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Arundathiyar Theru
170GHS, Gajjalnaikenpatty ,Southern Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Esannagar , 2.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,RajaramNagar , 3.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Thottiyath Street , 4.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Poimaan Kadu
171GHS, Gajjalnaikenpatty ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Teacher nagar , 2.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,MainRoad , 3.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Thergathiyan Kadu, Amman nagar , 4.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Ganapathi Nagar , 5.Gejalnayakkanpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Kattuvalavu
172GHS Nalikalpatty ,Terraced Buidling Facing South West Wing1.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Mettu Street , 2.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Pillaiyar Kovil Street , 3.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Vadamathiyamman Kovil Theru
173GHS Nalikalpatty ,Terraced Building Facing South East Wing ( Parent and teacher conferences Building ) Room No 171.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Koliyangkadu , 2.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Ambethkar Nagar , 3.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Arundathiyar Street , 4.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Gandhi Nagar
174GHS, Nalikalpatty ,Terraced building facing west (North to South) Room NO-21.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Mangkankadu , 2.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Kozhigncippatty
175GHS, Nalikalpatty ,Terraced Building facing West (North To South) Room No-31.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Kuttikadu , 2.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Oonchakkadu , 3.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Senkadu,Nalupannaiyathar Kadu , 4.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Mannarkadu, Kudi Theru , 5.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Kozhingchippatty, Arundathiyar Street , 6.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Mannarkadu, Arundathiyar Street , 7.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Pasalikadu , 8.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Malaiyammal Kadu
176GHS Nalikalpatty ,Terraced Building Facing West Room No 51.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Oondiyur Kottai Karadu , 2.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Oondiyur, Poiman Karadu , 3.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Earikkadu , 4.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Suralichikkadu , 5.Nazhikkalpatty (R,V) And (P) Ward5,Arundathiyar Street , 6.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Gandhi Nagar
177GHS Nalikalpatty ,Terraced Building Facing South1.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Nazhikkalpatty Vedikaran Pudur , 2.Nazhikkalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Nazhikkalpatty, Kozhinchippatty
178PUES, Kadathur Agraharam ,Tiled Building Facing East1.Kadathur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward1, P.K.Valavu Molayan Street , 2.Kadathur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Melkattuvalavu, Punjaivalavu , 3.Kadathur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Koolipatty Mukkonampalayam , 4.Kadathur Agraharam (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Kadathur
179PUES, R.Pudupalayam ,Tiled Building Facing East South Wing1.Rakkipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 1,2 Rakkipatty
180PUES, R.Pudupalayam ,Tiled Building Facing East North Wing1.Rakkipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Pudupalayam , 2.Rakkipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 5 Sengodampalayam , 3.Rakkipatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 6Sevampalayam
181PUES, Anakuttapatti 637504 ,Terraced Building, Facing North1.Vembadithalam (R.V), Anaikuttapatty (P) Ward 1Kandasamy Koil Street , 2.Vembadithalam (R.V), Anaikuttapatty (P) Ward1, Mariamman Koil Street , 3.Vembadithalam (R.V), Anaikuttapatty (P) Ward2, Mariamman Koil Street , 4.Vembadithalam (R.V), Anaikuttapatty (P) Ward 3Keelkottai , 5.Vembadithalam (R.V), Anaikuttapatty (P) Ward 3Sembayivalavu , 6.Vembadithalam (R.V), Anaikuttapatty (P) Ward 3Kombukaravalavu
182PUES Vembadithalam ,New Terraced Building Facing North Middle Room1.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Union Office Backside , 2.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Mani Road , 3.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Ward3, P.S.S Compound , 4.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Anna Street , 5.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Selva Vinayagar Kovil Street , 6.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Main Road , 7.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Perumal Chettiar Colony , 8.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Ward4, N.V.S. Street , 9.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Indira Nagar
183PUES Vembadithalam ,Terraced Building Facing South1.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Perumal Koil Street , 2.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Puducherry Perumal Koil Street , 3.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Veerapandiar Nagar
184PUES, Vembadithalam ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Old Street , 2.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) New Street , 3.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Main Road , 4.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Soundamman Koil Street , 5.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Erikkarai , 6.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Mariamman Koil , 7.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Vayakkadu
185PUES, Vembadithalam ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing1.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Post Office Street , 2.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Main Road , 3.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Pandari Bajanai Koil Street , 4.Vempadithalam (R.V) And (P) Govt. Hospital Street
186PUES, Thiruvalipatti ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Seliyampalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam(P) Thiruvalipatty Perumal Koil Street, , 2.Seliyampalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam(P) Boyar St And Around the houses , 3.Seliyampalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam(P) Westside of Thiruvalipatty P.U.P. School , 4.Seliyampalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam(P) South side of Thiruvalipatty P.U.P. School
187PUES, Thiruvalipatti 637504 ,Terraced Building Facing East South Wing1.Vembadithalam (R.V) And (P) Nearer to the Thiruvalipatty Vembadithalam Market , 2.Seliyampalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam(P) Thiruvalipatty Kattukottai , 3.Seliyampalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam(P) Thiruvalipatty Vembadithalam Balagan Street , 4.Seliyampalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam(P) Chelliambalayam Main Road , 5.Seliyampalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam(P) Chelliambalayam village
188PUES M.Ayyampalayam Senaipalayam ,Tiled Building, Facing West North Wing1.Senaipalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam (P) Ward1, Nadar Street , 2.Senaipalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam (P) Ward1, MelAyyampalayam , 3.Senaipalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam (P) Ward1, KeelAyyampalayam
189PUES M.Ayyampalayam Senaipalayam ,Tiled Building, Facing West South Wing1.Senaipalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam (P) Ward1, Dasankadu , 2.Senaipalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam (P) Ward2, Senaipalayam , 3.Senaipalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam (P) Ward2, Paraikadu , 4.Senaipalayam (R.V) Vembadithalam (P) Ward2, PalaganColony
190ADWES, Ettimanaickenpatti ,Terraced Building Facing North1.Ettimanickampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 1,2Ettimanickampatty , 2.Ettimanickampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Ettimanickam Downstreet , 3.Ettimanickampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 3Ettimanickampatty Upstreet, Andipatty , 4.Ettimanickampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 4Near Theepanjankadu Sengodampalyam
191PUES Karikattampalayam ,Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Rajapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Rajapalayam Colony , 2.Rajapalayam (r.v) and (p) Ward2, karikattampalayam
192PUES Rajapalayam ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Rajapalayam (r.v) and (p) Ward1, rajapalayam
193PUES, Nainampatty ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward3,Salem Main Road , 2.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward3,Lakshmanak Gounder Street , 3.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward3, Pilliar Koil Street , 4.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward3,Mariamman Koil Street , 5.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward3, Paraikottai
194PUES, Nainampatty ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward4,Gandhinagar , 2.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward4,Arimanagar , 3.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward4, Rajaji Nagar , 4.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward4, Rajivugandhi Nagar , 5.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward4, Salem Main Road
195PUES, Nainampatty ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward5,Nainampatty Kodumaikarankadu , 2.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward5, Dharmakararkadu , 3.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward5, Asaliankadu , 4.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward5, Muniappan Koil Kadu , 5.Nainampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward5, Pappukadu , 6.R.Pethampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward5,R.Pethampattykadu , 7.R.Pethampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward5, PanankaduColony , 8.R.Pethampatty (R.V) Rajapalayam (P) Ward5, Solakkattarkadu
196M.N.Sengodan GGHSS, S.Papparapatty ,Terraced Building Facing North Center Wing Room No 41.Attayampatty (TP) Ward1,Nehruji Veethi , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward2,K.V.A Arthanari Veethi
197M.N.Sengodan GGHSS, S.Papparapatty ,Terraced Building Facing North Center Wing Room No 31.Attayampatty (TP) Ward 1, Ammankovil Street , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward1,Gandhiyar Veethi , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward1,Barathiyar Veethii , 4.Attayampatty (TP) Ward1,Chinnappampatty Veethi , 5.Attayampatty (TP) Ward1,Pukaiellakara Veethi , 6.Attayampatty (TP) Ward 1,Arasamarapillaiyar kovil Steet , 7.Attayampatty (TP) Ward1,Karukkampalayathar Veethi , 8.Attayampatty (TP) Ward2,PuthumariyammanKovil Veethi , 9.Attayampatty (TP) Ward2,P.A.KuppusamyVeethi
198M.N.Sengodan GGHSS, S.Papparapatty ,Terraced Building Facing North Middle Wing Room No 21.Attayampatty (TP) Ward3,Suburavupuramst , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward3,Telugupalayam , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward2,Siddhan Veethi
199M.N.Sengodan GGHSS, S.Papparapatty ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing Room No 11.Attayampatty (TP) Ward3,Risemill st , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward3,Mariyamman Kovil Veethi , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward 3, Padhmanaban Street , 4.Attayampatty (TP) Ward3,Chinnamariyamman Kovil Street , 5.Attayampatty (TP) Ward3,Annamar kovil street , 6.Attayampatty (TP) Ward3,Senkodan street , 7.Attayampatty (TP) Ward 4,Indiragandhi Street , 8.Attayampatty (TP) Ward4,Kesavan Veethi , 9.Attayampatty (TP) Ward3,Anguthan Veethi , 10.Attayampatty (TP) Ward2,Makkan Veethi , 11.Attayampatty (TP) Ward2,Kottarasavadi Veethi
200M.N.Sengodan GGHSS, S.Papparapatty ,Terraced Building Facing South Middle Wing Room No 71.Attayampatty (TP) Ward4,Maniyakarar Street
201M.N.Sengodan GGHSS, S.Papparapatty ,Terraced Building Facing South Room No 81.Attayampatty (TP) Ward5,Mari Veethi , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward5,Thirumalai Veethi , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward5,Muventhar Veethi , 4.Attayampatty (TP) Ward5,Barathidhasan Street , 5.Attayampatty (TP) Ward2,Periyakadai Veethi
202PUES, Attayampatty ,Asbestas Building Facing South West Wing1.Attayampatty (TP) Ward6,Rasipuram Road , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward7,Thambidurai Street , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward7,Nesavallar Colony
203PUES, Attayampatty ,Asbestas West Building Facing South West Wing1.Attayampatty (TP) Ward9,Chinnathambi Veethi , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward8,Veerappan Veethi , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward8,Muniyappan Kovil Veethi , 4.Attayampatty (TP) Ward8,Thirumalai Veethii
204PUES, Attayampatty ,Asbestas West Building Facing South West WingAttayampatty (TP) Ward9,Vajaravel Veethi , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward9,Pillaiyar Kovil Veethi , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward9, Malaikollanthai vithi , 4.Attayampatty (TP) Ward9, Karupaiyan Kandasamyvithi , 5.Attayampatty (TP) Ward9,Palakkaravithi , 6.Attayampatty (TP) Ward 10, Kamarajarvithi , 7.Attayampatty (TP) Ward10,Angamuthuvithi , 8.Attayampatty (TP) Ward10,E.Ve.Ra. Periyar Veethi , 9.Attayampatty (TP) Ward10,Veerasivaji Veethi
205PUES, Attayampatty ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Attayampatty (TP) Ward10,Poovaragavan Veethi , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward10,Elango Veethi , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward10,Devarayan Veethii , 4.Attayampatty (TP) Ward6,Maligaikadai Veethi
206GBHSS Attayampatty ,Terraced Building Facing East Middle Wing Room No 61Attayampatty (TP) Ward11,Chellappanstreet , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward11,Nadupillaiyar Kovil street , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward11,Semannankkaravithi , 4.Attayampatty (TP) Ward11,Vakkil street , 5.Attayampatty (TP) Ward11,Iyyanarappan Kovil St , 6.Attayampatty (TP) Ward11,Pasalakkara Kandasamy Therut , 7.Attayampatty (TP) Ward11,Chinnakandappanst , 8.Attayampatty (TP) Ward11,Pookkarachellapan st , 9.Attayampatty (TP) Ward12, Madeshwaran Kovil St , 10.Attayampatty (TP) Ward12.High School Road , 11.Attayampatty (TP) Ward12,Mettupatty vithi , 12.Attayampatty (TP) Ward13,Thiyagichellappan street , 13.Attayampatty (TP) Ward13,Thiruchengodu Road
207GBHSS, Attayampatti ,Terraced Building Facing East Middle Wing Room No 621.Attayampatty (TP) Ward14,Danakuttipalayam , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Ward14,Chinnamariamman Koil Street , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward15,PrathamaSasthiri Street , 4.Attayampatty (TP) Ward15,Stalin Colony , 5.Attayampatty (TP) Ward14,Vandukadu
208GBHSS, Attayampatti ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing Room No 231.Attayampatty (TP) Ward15,V.O.C. Street , 2.Attayampatty (TP) Rathinavel Gounder Kadu , 3.Attayampatty (TP) Ward14,Indira Congress Committee Kandasamy Street , 4.Attayampatty (TP) Ward14,Kattupalayam Muniappan Koil Street
209PUES, Marulayampalayam ,Tiled Building Facing West North Wing1.Marulayampalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Muthukumaran Kovil Vithi , 2.Marulayampalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Mariyamman Kovil Vithi
210PUES, Marulayampalayam ,Tiled Building Facing West Middle WingMarulayampalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Thiruchengodu Road , 2.Marulayampalayam (R.V( And (P) Ward2,Chettykadu
211PUES, Muthanampalayam ,Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward 7,Muthanampalayam , 2.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward8, Palaiyapoyarstreet , 3.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward8, Muthanampalayam
212PUES, Muthanampalayam ,Tiled Building Facing North East Wing1.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward7,Unjaakadu , 2.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward7,Kambukuttikadu , 3.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward 7, Konangakadu , 4.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward8,Mettukadu , 5.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward 8,Siddherikadu , 6.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward8,Muniyappan Kovil Kadu , 7.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward8,M.G.R Nagar , 8.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward8,Kutthaukadu , 9.Muthanampalayam (R.V), Papparapatty (P) Ward8, Konangkadu
213PUES, Sakratees Nagar Papparapatty ,West Tiled Buidling Facing South West Wing1.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,2,Thiyagi Kumaran Street , 2.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,ThiyagiKumaran Street , 3.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Poogalanthiyar Street , 4.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Karikalan Street , 5.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Valluvar Street
214PUES, Sakratees Nagar Papparapatty ,West Tiled Buidling Facing South East Wing1.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Paranjothi Street , 2.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Kamarajar Nagar
215PUES, Sakratees Nagar Papparapatty ,East Tiled Building Facing South West Wing1.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Rajavithi , 2.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Gandiar Street
216PUES, Sakratees Nagar Papparapatty ,East Tiled Building Facing South East Wing1.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Bharathiyar Vithi , 2.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,N.S.K Vithi , 3.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Annanagar , 4.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Arunmozhi Vithi , 5.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Thiyagi kumaran Veethi , 6.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Senkuttuvan Vithi
217PUES, Papparapatti ,Terraced Building Facing North West Wing1.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 4,Chinnusamy gounder street , 2.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Abhraham lingan street
218PUES, Papparapatti ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 4, V.O.C Nagar , 2.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward6,Erikadu
219PUES, Papparapatti ,Terraced Building Facing South1.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Metthaikottai kadu , 2.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Vellaiyagoundanoor , 3.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward 5,Rasipuram Main Road
220PUES, Papparapatti ,Asbestas Cement Roof Facing West South Wing1.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Kadugukaran street , 2.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Gandhinagar , 3.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Sakaratish Nagar , 4.Papparapatty (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Uurgounderkadu
221PUMS, Irusanampatti ,Add3 Class Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Vedichipalayam , 2.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Eastkadu , 3.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Chozhiankadu , 4.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Moorthykadu , 5.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Chanarkadu , 6.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Poonjolaikadu , 7.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Perankadu , 8.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Adhidravidar Street , 9.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Chennagiri , 10.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Nandavanakkadu
222PUMS, Irusanampatti ,Add 3 Class Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Kasanikkadu , 2.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Komalikadu , 3.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Perumparaikadu , 4.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Nasuvankadu , 5.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Annacolony , 6.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Old Erusampatty , 7.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Erukkuttaiyankadu , 8.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Thoppukkarankadu
223PUMS, Irusanampatti ,Terraced Building Facing North East WingChennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward5,Erusanampatty , 2.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Thiyagikumarancolony , 3.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Pattakarankadu , 4.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Arunthathiyarcolony
224PUMS, Irusanampatti ,Add 2 Class Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Vattamalaicolony , 2.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Pattakelavankadu , 3.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Vetthalaikarankadu , 4.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Konnaikadu , 5.Chennagiri (R.V) And (P) Ward 6, S.Palam Anna Nagr
225PUES, Vadarasampatty ,Tiled Building, Facing West, North Wing Block.11.Inambairoji (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Vadharasampatty , 2.Inambairoji (R.V) And (P) Ward 7, Nalrayanpatty
226PUES, Vadarasampatty ,Tiled Building, Facing West, South Wing Block.11.Inambairoji (R.V) And (P) Ward6,Kakkayan Street , 2.Inambairoji (R.V) And (P) Ward7,Ariyanoor
227PUES, Inam Bairoji ,Tiled Building Facing North East Wing1.Inambairoji (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Inambairoji , 2.Inambairoji (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Arasambalayam
228PUES, Inam Bairoji ,Tiled Building Facing North, West Wing1.Inambairoji (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Pichambalayam , 2.Inambairoji (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Pudupalayam
229PUES Sevanthampatty ,Terraced Building Facing South East Wing1.Vaniyampadi (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward2,Vaniyampadi , 2.Vaniyampadi (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward3,Kattuvalavu
230PUES Sevanthampatty ,Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Vaniyampadi (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward1,Seven Thampatty , 2.Vaniyampadi (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward2,Nayakkar Street , 3.Vaniyampadi (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward3,Puducolony
231PUMS Ervadi Vaniyambadi. ,Tiled Building Facing South East Wing1.Erusanapadi ( R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward4,Kamachikadu , 2.Erusnampadi (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward4,Mathalikadu , 3.Erusnampadi (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward4,Narikkal Kadu , 4.Erusnampadi (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward4, Milakai Nayakkanur , 5.Earvadi Pethampatty (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward4,Earvadi, Pethampatty
232PUES, Pasuvanathampatty ,Terraced Building Addl Class Room Facing East North Wing1.Earvadi Pethampatty (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward5,Karuveppillangkadu , 2.Pasuvanathampatti (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward7,Mettukadai , 3.Pasuvanathampatti (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward7,Muthukadu , 4.Pasuvanathampatti (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward7,Kunnavittiyankadu
233PUES, Pasuvanathampatty ,Terraced Building ( Addl.Class Room) Facing East South Wing1.Pasuvanathampatti (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward7,Nathakadu , 2.Pasuvanathampatti (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward7,Kovilkadu , 3.Pasuvanathampatti (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward7,Pasuvanathampatty , 4.Erasanampatty (R.V) Earvadi Vaniyampadi (P) Ward3,Erasanampatty,Vellaikadu Ganavay
234PUMS Valakuttapatty ,Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Vazhakuttappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Upstreet , 2.Vazhakuttappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Vazhakuttappatty , 3.Vazhakuttappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Downstreet , 4.Vazhakuttappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Nangaiyankadu , 5.Vazhakuttappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Moongileri , 6.Erumanayakkanpalaiyam (R.V) Vazhakuttappatty (P) Ward4,Erumanayakkanpalaiyam,Arundathiyar Street , 7.Erumanayakkanpalaiyam (R.V) Vazhakuttappatty (P) Ward4,Erumanayakkanpalaiyam, Nayakkar Street
235PUMS Valakuttapatty ,Terraced Building Facing South Middle Wing1.Vazhakuttappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Vazhakuttappatty, Upstreet , 2.Vazhakuttappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Vazhakuttappatty,Downstreet , 3.Vazhakuttappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,ChinnaVazhakuttappatty , 4.Erumanacikenpalayam (R.V) Vazhakuttappatty (P) Ward4,Naickar Street , 5.Vazhakuttappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4.Moongileri , 6.Erumanacikenpalayam (R.V) Vazhakuttappatty (P) Ward4,Arundathiyar Street
236PUES, Vengmpatty ,Tiled Building Facing North East Wing1.Mallur (TP) Ward10,Vengampatty Keelstreet , 2.Mallur (TP) Ward11, Veerapandi Road , 3.Mallur (TP) Ward11,Vengampatty, Komarapalaiyam Road , 4.Mallur (TP) Ward11,Muthaliyar Street
237PUES, Vengmpatty ,Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Mallur (TP) Ward11,Vengampatty Mettustreet, South Kattu , 2.Mallur (TP) Ward12,Vengampatty,Veerapandi Road, North Kadu , 3.Mallur (TP) Ward14,Vengampatty Kattuvalavu, Kalliyan Valasu
238PUES, Mallur ,Terraced Building Facing South East wing Block-41.Mallur (TP) Ward1,Trichy Main Road , 2.Mallur (TP) Ward4,Mettur Road , 3.Mallur (TP) Ward4, Post Office Street , 4.Mallur (TP) Ward4,Pudhu Theru
239PUES, Mallur ,Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Mallur (TP) Ward2,Pichampalaiyam , 2.Mallur (TP) Ward2,Eastkattukottai , 3.Mallur (TP) Ward2,Mallur East Kattuk Kottai
240PUES, Mallur ,Terraced Building Facing South East WingPUES, Mallur ,Terraced Building Facing South East Wing
241PUES, Mallur ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Mallur (TP) Ward5,Trichy Main Road , 2.Mallur (TP) Ward5,Veerapandi Road , 3.Mallur (TP) Ward5,Police Station Road , 4.Mallur (TP) Ward5,Park Road , 5.Mallur (TP) Ward5,Pillaiyar Kovil Sunaikaradu Road , 6.Mallur (TP) Ward5,Cement Road , 7.Mallur (TP) Ward5,Govindan Veettu Santhu , 8.Mallur (TP) Ward5,Pallar Street , 9.Mallur (TP) Ward6,Water Thotti Road , 10.Mallur (TP) Ward6,Kaliveettu Street , 11.Mallur (TP) Ward6,Natesa Gounder Street
242PUES, Mallur ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Mallur (TP) Ward6,Chekkarath Street , 2.Mallur (TP) Ward7,Vellalar Street , 3.Mallur (TP) Ward15,Maduraiveeran Kovil Street , 4.Mallur (TP) Ward7,Andhanar Street , 5.Mallur (TP) Ward7,Mariyamman Kovil Street , 6.Mallur (TP) Ward 15, Trichy Main Road , 7.Mallur (TP) Ward6,Park Road , 8.Mallur (TP) Ward7,Park Road , 9.Mallur (TP) Ward7, Pilliyar Kovil Sunaikaradu Road , 10.Mallur (TP) Ward6,Pilliyar Kovil Sunnaikaradu Road , 11.Mallur (TP) Ward7,Cement Road , 12.Mallur (TP) Ward7,Sekkara Street
243PUES, Mallur ,Tiled Building Facing West North Wing1.Mallur (TP) Ward8,Kandasamy Kovil Street , 2.Mallur (TP) Ward9, Horisan Street
244PUES, Mallur 636203 ,Tiled Building Facing West South Wing1.Mallur (TP) Ward7,Maduraiveeran Koil Street , 2.Mallur (TP) Ward, Veerapandi Road , 3.Mallur (TP) Ward13, Maduraiveeran Kovil Muthaliyar Street , 4.Mallur (TP) Ward8,Ottar Street , 5.Mallur (TP) Ward15, Odaikadu Vazhi , 6.Mallur (TP) Ward8,Andhanar Street , 7.Mallur (TP) Ward6,C.A.Kaligounder Street
245PUMS S.Ammapalayam ,New Terraced Building Facing East Middle Wing1.S.Ammapalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Ammapalaiyam , 2.S.Ammapalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Pallar Street , 3.S.Ammapalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Adidravidar Street , 4.S.Ammapalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kattukottai , 5.S.Ammapalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kodhukattanur , 6.S.Ammapalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Chinnakattur
246PUMS S.Ammapalayam ,New Terraced Building Facing East South Wing1.S.Ammapalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kalliyan Valasu , 2.S.Ammapalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward4,Singara Thoppu
247PUMS Santhiyur ,Terraced Building Facing South West Wing1.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Periyamariyamman Koil Street , 2.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Adidravidar Street
248 PUMS Santhiyur ,Terraced Building Facing South East Wing1.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Rajagounder , 2.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Palamarathukadu , 3.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Mettukkadu , 4.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Uthandikadu , 5.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Ayyanarappan Kadu , 6.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Mondikkadu , 7.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Dhadan kadu , 8.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Paie Kadu , 9.Sandhiyur (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Petthankadu
249PUES, Mookuthipalayam ,Terraced Building Facing East North Wing1.Mookkuthipalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward1,South Side , 2.Mookkuthipalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward2,North Side , 3.Mookkuthipalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kattukkottai , 4.Mookkuthipalaiyam (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kosavakuttai
250PUES, Peramamur ,Tiled Building Facing North East Wing1.Peramanur (R.V) And (P) Ward1, Vadakkukadu , 2.Peramanur (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Annanagar , 3.Peramanur (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Arundathiyar Colony , 4.Peramanur (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Peramanur
251PUES, Peramamur 636204 ,Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Peramanur (R.V) And (P) Ward5, Peramanur , 2.Pallitharupatti (R.V) Peramanur (P) Ward1,Kalarampatty , 3.Pallitherupatti (R.V) Peramanur (P) Ward2,Makkanur
252PUMS, Santhiyur Attayampatty ,Terraced Building Facing West North Wing1.Sandhiyur Attaiyampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Adidravidar Street , 2.Sandhiyur Attaiyampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Karattur
253PUMS, Santhiyur Attayampatty ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Sandhiyur Attaiyampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Kudi Theru , 2.Sandhiyur Attaiyampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Arundathiyar Colony
254PUES, Adikarai, Panamarathupatty 636204 ,Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward1,Eari Road , 2.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward2,Adikkarai Kattukottai , 3.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward 3, Pudhuvalasu Kattukottai , 4.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward2,Pallar Street , 5.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward3,Kaliyakovil Pudur
255PUES, Panamarathupatty ,New Terraced Building Facing East North wing1.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward5,6 Nallayan Pudur Kattu Kottai , 2.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward4, South Main Road , 3.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward4,Echamarathu Pillaiyar Kovil , 4.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward4. Chetti Street , 5.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward4, Old Post Kovil Street , 6.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward7, uppandi Street , 7.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward7, West Main Road , 8.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward8, Andy Street
256PUES, Panamarathupatty ,New Terraced Building Facing East Middle Wing1.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward8, Ankannan Street , 2.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward15,Kammalar Street , 3.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward15,Vellalar Street , 4.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward14,Arundathiyar Street
257PUES, Panamarathupatty 636204 ,New Terraced Building Facing West South Wing1.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward15,Adikarai Kattukottai , 2.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward15,North Vellalar Street , 3.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward7,Panamathupatty Rettiyar Street , 4.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward8, Thelungar Street
258PUES, Panamarathupatty ,Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward9,Sandaipet , 2.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward9, Oottar Street , 3.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward 9 Angalmman kovil Street , 4.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward9,Ulagaraimedu, Kattukottai , 5.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward9,Thiruvalluvar Salai , 6.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward13,Gombaikadu Kattukottai , 7.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward8,Yadavar Street
259GHSS, Panamarathupatty 636204 ,Terraced Building Facing South West wing Room No 211.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward10,Adidravidar Street , 2.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward11,Kalarmpatty , 3.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward11,Dasikkadu
260GHSS, Panamarathupatty ,Terraced Building Facing South East Wing Room No 201.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward11,Kurumbar Street , 2.Panamarathuppatty (TP) Ward12,Gandhi Nagar
261PUMS Thippampatty ,Terraced Building Facing North East wing1.Thippampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Pudhucolony Thippampatty , 2.Thippampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Adidravidar Street, Dhippampatty , 3.Thippampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Kudistreet, Dhippampatty , 4.Thippampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Dhippampatty, Kudi Theru
262PUMS Thippampatty ,Terraced Building, Facing North West wing1.Thippampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Attuppudur , 2.Thippampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Gamarajar , 3.Thippampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Arundathiyar Street
263GHSS, Kullappanaickenur ,Terraced Building Facing East1.Thippampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Keel Street , 2.Thippampatty (R.V) And (P) Ward4, Up street
264GTR High School Konamaduvu. ,SSA Terraced Building Facing North East Wing1.Konamadvu (R.V) Kuralnatham (P) Ward1,Gonamaduvu West Street , 2.Konamadvu (R.V) Kuralnatham (P) Ward1,Gonamaduvu East Street , 3.Konamadvu (R.V) Kuralnatham (P) Ward1,Gonamaduvu Kattu Vattam , 4.Konamadvu (R.V) Kuralnatham (P) Ward3,Suriyur , 5.Konamadvu (R.V) Kuralnatham (P) Ward3,Arundathiyar Street Konamadvu , 6.Konamadvu (R,V) Kuralnatham (P) Ward3,Gonamaduvu Main Road, East Adidravidar
265PUES, Kuralnatham ,Tiled Building Facing South West Wing1.Kuralnatham (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Muthanur , 2.Kuralnatham (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Arundathiyar Colony , 3.Kuralnatham (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Arundathiyar Street , 4.Kuralnatham (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kattupuliya Maram , 5.Kuralnatham (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Kattiyappan Pudur , 6.Kuralnatham (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Mariyamman Kovil Street , 7.Kuralnatham (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Adidravidar West Street , 8.Kuralnatham (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Kuralnatham Main Road
266PUES, Thumbalpatty ,Tiled Building Facing North1.Thumbalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Thumbalpatty
267PUES, Thumbalpatty ,Terraced Building Facing North1.Thumbalpatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Irattaipulipudur , 2.Adimalipatti (R.V) Thumbalpatty (P) Ward3,Adimalaippatty
268PUMS Admilapatty in Samakuttapatty ,SSA Terraced Building Facing East North Wing Room No 21.Samakuttapaty (R.V) Thumbalpatty (P) Ward3,Samakuttapatty , 2.Vedappatty (R.V) Thumbalpatty (P) Ward4,Vedappatty , 3.Noolathugombai (R.V) Thumbalpatty (P) Ward4,Noolathugombai
269PUES, Jalluthupatty ,Tiled Building Facing North West Wing1.Jalluthuppatty (R.V) Thumbalpatti (P) Ward1,Manchapaali , 2.Jalluthuppatty (R.V) Thumbalpatti (P) Ward1,Naduppatty , 3.Jalluthuppatty (R.V) Thumbalpatti (P) Ward1,Jalluthuppatty Oorpaguthi , 4.Jalluthuppatty (R.V) Thumbalpatti (P) Ward1,Jalluthuppatty Eastpaguthi
270PUMS, Kammalapatty ,NPEGEL Terraced Building Facing West Middle Wing1.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Gaveri Vattam , 2.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Kizhakku Kattu Kottai , 3.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward1,Adidravidar Street , 4.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Adidravidar Street , 5.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Malaiyalar Street , 6.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Chettiar Street , 7.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Udaiyar Street , 8.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Poyar Street
271PUMS Kammalapatty ,Tiled Building Facing East South Wing1.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Vellalar Street , 2.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2,Gounder Street , 3.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, Nadu Veethi Up Street , 4.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward2, North Kattu Thottam , 5.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Madurai Veeran Kovil , 6.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,West Side North Kattu Kottai , 7.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Eattikuttai , 8.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3,Perumal Kovil , 9.Kammalappatty (R,V) And (P) Ward3, Mallimodakku , 10.Kammalappatty (R.V) And (P) Ward3, Kathalaikadu , 11.Kammalappatty (R,V) And (P) Ward3, Nilappalikkadu

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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