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List of Polling Booths in Tiruvadanai Assembly

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Side , New Building , Athangudi 1.Neivayal(R.V) And (p) Adhangudi (ward 3) , 2.Neivayal (R.V) And (P) Nettendhal (Ward 3)
2Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Neyvayal 1.Neivayal (R.V) And (P) Neivayal (ward 1) , 2.Neivayal (R.V) And (P) Nachiendhal (Ward 2) , 3.Neivayal (R.V) And (P) Anikki (Ward 2) , 4.Neivayal (R.V) And (P) Valaiyanvayal (Ward 2)
3Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Iluppakudi 1.Neivayal (R.V) and (P) Iluppakudi , 2.Neivayal (R.V) And (P) Manapunchai , 3.Neivayal (R.V) And (P) Seerthangi , 4.Neivayal (R.V) And (P) Veerapuli , 5.Neivayal (R.V) And (P) Madathethendal
4Panchayat Union Primary School ,Oldbuilding (Southportion) Karumozhi 1.Karumozhi (R.V) And Attur (R.V) And Kovani (R.V) And Karumozhisananvayal (P) Karumozhisananvayal (ward 1)
5Panchayat Union Primary School ,New building Karumozhi North Side 1.Karumozhi (R.V) And Attur (R.V) And Kovani (R.V) And Karumozhisananvayal (P) Atturkovani (Ward 2)
6Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Portion Palangulam 1.Ooranikottai (R.V) And Palangulam (R.V) And (P) Palangulam (Ward 3) , 2.Ooranikottai (R.V) And Palangulam (R.V) And (P) Melanai (Ward 4) , 3.Ooranikottai (R.V) And Palangulam (R.V) And (P) Panjamari (Ward 5) , 4.Ooranikottai (R.V) And Palangulam (R.V) And (P) Keelapuli (Ward 6) , 5.Ooranikottai (R.V) And Palangulam (R.V) And (P) Keelapuli (Ward 6)
7Panchayat Union Middle School ,South Portion Palangulam 1.Thiruppakottai (R.V) And Palamgulam (R.V) And (P) Eranikkottai (Ward 2) , 2.Ooranikottai (R.V) And Palangulam (R.V) And (P) Manikkang kottai (ward 1) , 3.Ooranikottai (R.V) And Palangulam (R.V) And (P) Ooranikottai (Ward 2)
8Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Kadampoor 1.Kadambur (R.V) And (P) Kadambur (ward 1)
9Tiruvadanai Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Kurunthangudi 1.Kadambur (R.V) And (P) Kurundhangudi (Ward 2) , 2.Kadambur (R.V) And (P) Kunangudi (Ward 2) , 3.Kadambur (R.V) And (P) Sirukarai (Ward 4) , 4.Kadambur (R.V) And (P) Marudhandhai (Ward 4)
10Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,West Portion Kattavilagam. 1.Kattavilakam (R.V) And (P) Kattavilakam(ward 3)
11Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Kallavizhiyenthal 1.Kattavilakam (R.V) And (P) Iluppakudi (Ward 3) , 2.Kattavilakam (R.V) And (P) Ruthiranpatti (Ward 3) , 3.Kattavilakam (R.V) And (P) Keelkudi (Ward 3) , 4.Kattavilakam (R.V) And (P) Kalllavaliyendhal (Ward 3)
12Panchayat Union Primary School ,(Northportion) Neerkundram 1.Neerkundram (R.V) And Kookudi (P) Velavayal (ward 3) , 2.Neerkundram (R.V) And Kookudi (P) Visumbur (Ward 3) , 3.Neerkundram (R.V) And Kookudi (P) Thadhanvayal (Ward 3)
13Panchayat Union Primary School ,(Northportion) Neerkundram 1.Neerkundram (R.V) And Kookudi (P) Neerkundram (Ward 4) , 2.Neerkundram (R.V) And Kookudi (P) Kookudi (Ward 4)
14Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Arivithi 1.Kookudi (R.V) And (P) Arunutrivayal (ward 1) , 2.Kookudi (R.V) And (P) Nedumaram (Ward 2) , 3.Kookudi (R.V) And (P) Andhivayal (Ward 1) , 4.Kookudi (R.V) And (P) Arivithi (Ward 2) , 5.Kookudi (R.V) And (P) Sananvayal (Ward 2)
15Panchayat Union Middle School, (East Portion) ,Kavalaivendran 1.Thuthakudi (R.V) And (P) Kavalaivendran (ward 1) , 2.Thuthakudi (R.V) And (P) Kambakottai (Ward 2) , 3.Thuthakudi (R.V) And (P) Melakottai (Ward 3) , 4.Thuthakudi (R.V) And (P) Segudi (Ward 4) , 5.Thuthakudi (R.V) And (P) Thuthakudi (Ward 5)
16Panchayat Union Elementary School, (West Portion) ,Keelakkottai. 1.Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And (P) Pirandhanvayal (ward 1) , 2.Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And (P) Sirumalaikottai (Ward 2)
17Panchayat Union Primary School, (West Portion) ,Keelakottai 1.Keelakottai (R.V) And Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And (P) Keelakottai (ward 1) , 2.Keelakottai (R.V) And Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And (P) Chettiendhal (Ward 1) , 3.Keelakottai (R.V) Sirumalakottai (R.V) And Kadambur (P) Sendhani (Ward 3) , 4.Keelakottai (R.V) And Sirumalakottai (R.V) And Kadambur (P) Kaliyani (Ward 4) , 5.Keelakottai (R.V) And Sirumalkottai (R.V) And Kadambur(P) Sambanetti (ward 4)
18Panchayat Union Primary School ,East Portion, Mangalakudi 1.Mangalakudi (R.V) And (P) Mangalakudi ward 1
19Panchayat Union Primary School ,West Portion, Mangalakudi 1.Mangalakudi (R.V) And (P) Mangalakudi (Ward 2)
20Panchayat Union Primary School, ,West Portion, Mangalakudi 1.Samboorani (R.V) And Mangalakudi (R.V) And (P) Samboorani (ward 3) , 2.Samboorani (R.V) And Mangalakudi (R.V) And (P) Valaiyanvayal (Ward 3) , 3.Samboorani (R.V) And Mangalakudi (R.V) And (P) Oomai Udaiyan Madai (Ward 3)
21Panchayat Union Primary School, (East Portion) ,Peruvakottai 1.Panichakudi (R.V) And Arasathur (P) Peruvakottai (ward 1) , 2.Kattimangalam (R.V) And Arasathur (P) Kattimangalam (Ward 1) , 3.- - , 4.- - , 5.- - , 6.- -
22Panchayat Union Primary School ,West Portion , Peruvakottai 1.Kattimangalam (R.V) And Arasathur (P) Valaiyanendal (Ward 2) , 2.Kattimangalam (R.V) And Arasathur (P) Arasathur (Ward 3) , 3.Kattimangalam (R.V) And Arasathur (P) Gengaivilasam (Ward 3)
23Panchayat Union Primary School ,Aduthagudi 1.Kattimangalam (R.V) And Arasathur (P) Aduthagudi (ward 2)
24Sirumalar Primary School ,West Aandaoorani Panichakudi (R.V) And Andavurani (P) Andavurani paramanivayal (ward 1) , 2.Panichakudi (R.V) And Andavurani (P) Andavurani (Panichagudi) (Ward 2)
25Sirumalar Primary School ,East Aandaoorani 1.Kookudi (R.V) and Andavoorani (P) Paramanivayal Ward 1 , 2.Kookudi (R.V) and Andavoorani (P) Manavalanvayal Ward 1 , 3.Chithamangalam(R.V) And Andavoorani (P) Chithamangalam Ward 2 , 4.Panichakudi (R.V) and Andavoorani (P) Panichakudi Ward 2
26Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Peramangalam 1.Paganur (R.V) And (P) Ilanjiyamangalam (ward 1) , 2.Paganur (R.V) And (P) Meikkavayal (Ward 1) , 3.Paganur (R.V) And (P) Paganur (Ward 1) , 4.Paganur (R.V) And (P) Peramangalam (Ward 1) , 5.Paganur (R.V) And (P) Manalur (Ward 2) , 6.Paganur (R.V) And (P) Thadhakankottai (Ward 2) , 7.Paganur (R.V) And (P) Kidangur (Ward 2)
27Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Sirukambaiyoor. 1.Sirugambaiur (R.V) And (P) Mudukkavayal (ward 1) , 2.Sirugambaiur (R.V) And (P) Uppukottai (Ward 1) , 3.Sirugambaiur (R.V) And (P) Vellalar kottai (Ward 1) , 4.Sirugambaiur (R.V) And (P) Soundarapandian Kudiiruppu (Ward 1) , 5.Sirugambaiur (R.V) And (P) Periyakudiiruppu (Ward 1) , 6.Sirugambaiur (R.V) And (P) Maravarkottai (Ward 1) , 7.Sirugambaiur (R.V) And (P) Mayiladuvayal (Ward 2) , 8.Sirugambaiur (R.V) And (P) Poonaikuttivayal (Ward 2) , 9.Sirugambaiur (R.V) And (P) Ariyanvayal (Ward 2) , 10.Sirugambaiur (R.V) And (P) Kanjakonvayal (Ward 2)
28Panchayat Union . Middle School, ,Padhanakudi. 1.Sirugambaiyur (R.V) And Padhanakudi (P) Padhanakudi (ward 1 3) , 2.Sirugambaiyur (R.V) And Padhanakudi (P) Padhanakudi (Ward 2 3) , 3.Sirugambaiyur (R.V) And Padhanakudi (P) Padhanakudi (Ward 3)
29Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Nilamazhgiamangalam 1.Nilamalakiyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Nilamalakiyamangalam (ward 1) , 2.Nilamalakiyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Nilamalakiyamangalam (Ward 2) , 3.Nilamalakiyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Nilamalakiyamangalam (Ward 1,2) , 4.Nilamalakiyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Nilamalakiyamangalam (Ward 2) , 5.Nilamalakiyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Nedumpottal (Ward 2) , 6.Nilamalakiyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Arasanendal (Ward 2) , 7.Nilamalakiyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Sirunagudi (Ward 2)
30Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Kattivayal 1.Akkalur (R.V) And Kattivayal (P) Kattivayal(ward 1) , 2.Akkalur (R.V) And Kattivayal (P) Keelakurichi (Ward 2) , 3.Akkalur (R.V) And Kattivayal (P) Aakkalur (Ward 3) , 4.Akkalur (R.V) And Kattivayal (P) Sirunallur (Ward 4) , 5.Akkalur (R.V) And Kattivayal (P) Ettukudi (Ward 5) , 6.Akkalur (R.V) And Kattivayal (P) Nainavayal (Ward 6)
31Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Portion , Velliyapuram .Vellaiyapuram (R.V) And (P) Vellaiyapuram new street,north street(ward 1)
32Panchayat Union Middle School ,East Side , New Building , Velliyapuram 1.Vellaiyapuram (R.V) And (P) Villarendal, Mela Street, Middle Street,Pallivasal (Ward 2)
33Panchayat Union Middle School, (East Portion) ,Velliyapuram 1.Mandalakudi (R.V) And Vellaiyapuram (P) Vellaiyapuram,villarendhal, (ward 3) , 2.Mandalakudi (R.V) And Vellaiyapuram (P) Mandalakottai,Villarendal,Sannadhi Street Punidha Sebasthiyar Alayam (Ward 3)
34St. Arulanandhar Higher Secondary School, (New Building) ,Ooriyoor 1.Pullur (R.V) And Oriyur (P) Puliyur, kaduvetti, muslim kudiiruppu (ward 3) , 2.Pullur (R.V) And Oriyur (P) Pattamangalam (Ward 3) , 3.Pullur (R.V) And Oriyur (P) Pulloor (Ward 3) , 4.Pullur (R.V) And Oriyur (P) Marudhanvayal (Ward 3)
35St. Arulanandhar Higher Secondary School, ,(Westportion) Ooriyoor 1.Oriyur (R.V) And (P) Oriyur, thittai, pudhuvayal (ward 1) , 2.Oriyur (R.V) And (P) Thittai, Pudhuvayal (Ward 1) , 3.Oriyur (R.V) And (P) Oriyur, Thittai (Ward 1)
36St. Arulanandhar Higher Secondary School, ,(Westportion) Ooriyoor 1.Oriyur (R.V) And (P) Oriyur Melakudiiruppu (Ward 1) , 2.Oriyur (R.V) And (P) Oriyur Keelakudiiruppu (Ward 1)
37Panchayat Union Primary School, ,(Oldbuilding Westportion) Sundarapandiyapattinam 1.Marungur (R.V) And Sundarapandiapattinam (P) Sundarapandiapattinam (ward 1) , 2.Marungur (R.V) And Sundarapandiapattinam (P) Sundarapandiapattinam (Ward 3)
38Panchayat Union Primary School, ,(Oldbuilding Westportion) Sundarapandiyapattinam 1.Marungur (R.V) And Sundarapandiapattinam (P) Sundarapandiapattinam (Ward 2)
39Government. Higher Secodary School, ,(Additional New Building) Sundarapandiyapattinam 1.Marungur (R.V) And Sundarapandiapattinam (P) Sundarapandiapattinam (ward 3)
40Government. Higher Secodary School, New Buliding ,(South side) North Portion Sundarapandiyapattinam 1.Marungur (R.V) And Sundarapandiapattinam (P) Sundarapandiapattinam (Ward 4)
41Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Old Building, Pananchayal. 1.Vattanam (R.V) And Panajayal (P) Panajavayal (Ward 1) , 2.Vattanam (R.V) And Panajayal (P) Virudhanvayal (Ward 2)
42Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Old Building, Pananchayal. 1.Vattanam (R.V) And Panajayal (P) Navaloor (ward 1) , 2.Vattanam (R.V) And Panajayal (P) Adanjanmangalam (Ward 2) , 3.Vattanam (R.V) And Panajayal (P) Pudhukudi (Ward 2) , 4.Vattanam (R.V) And Panajayal (P) Kunjaranvayal (Ward 2)
43Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Elangundram 1.D.nagani (R.V) And (P) Ilangudram pullavayal (ward 1) , 2.D.Nagani (R.V) And (P) Allikottai (Ward 1) , 3.D.Nagani (R.V) And (P) Valimuthur (Ward 2) , 4.D.Nagani (R.V) And (P) Adhiyakudi (Ward 3)
44Panchayat Union Primary School, (South Portion) ,Kunchankulam 1.Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And Kunjangulam (P) Kannan punjai (ward 1) , 2.Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And Kunjangulam (P) Vayengudi (Ward 2) , 3.Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And Kunjangulam (P) Sendhivayal (Ward 3) , 4.Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And Kunjangulam (P) Keelakottai (Ward 3) , 5.Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And Kunjangkulam(P) Mavillangai ward 3
45Panchayat Union Primary School, (North Portion) ,Kunchankulam 1.Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And Kunjangkulam (P) Thinaikathanvayal ward 1 , 2.Sirumalaikottai (R.V) And Kunjangulam (P) Kunjangulam (Ward 3)
46Panchayat Union Middle School, ,(New Building) (East portion) Anjukottai 1.Anjukottai (R.V) And (P) Anjukottai (ward 1) , 2.Anjukottai (R.V) And (P) Subramaniyapuram (Ward 2) , 3.Anjukottai (R.V) And (P) Sevaladhi (Ward 1)
47Panchayat Union Middle School, ,(New Building) Anjukottai East Portion 1.Anjukottai (R.V) And (P) Sengamadai (Ward 4) , 2.Anjukottai (R.V) And (P) Alagamadai (Ward 4)
48Panchayat Union Middle School ,New building, Anjukottai 1.Anjukottai (R.V) And (P) Chinna anjukottai (ward 1) , 2.Anjukottai (R.V) And (P) Vaniyanendal (Ward 2) , 3.Anjukottai (R.V) And (P) Melavayal
49Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Anjukottai 1.Melavayal (R.V) And Anjukottai (R.V) And (P) Pottakottai (Ward 4) , 2.Melavayal (R.V) And Anjukottai (R.V) And (P) Karaiyakottai (Ward 3)
50St Mary s Middle School, ,East Portion, Oorikottai 1.Orikkottai (R.V) And T.Nagani (P) Poovani (Ward 2) , 2.Orikkottai (R.V) And T.Nagani (P) Nagani (Ward 3) , 3.Orikkottai (R.V) And T.Nagani (P) Nagani (Ward 3)
51St. Mary s Middle School, ,New Building, Oorikottai East Portion 1.Orikottai (R.V) And (P) Orikottai (ward 1)
52R.C.Primary School ,East Portion , Chinna Keeramangalam 1.Arasur (R.V) And Periyakeeramangalam (P) Arasur , 2.Periyakeeramangalam (P) Narganiyendal , 3.Arasur (R.V) And Periyakeeramangalam (P) Paroor
53R.C.Primary School ,West Side, Chinna Keeramangalam 1.Arasur (R.V) And Peeriyakeeramangalam (P) Senthani , 2.Arasur (R.V) And Peeriyakeeramangalam (P) C.K.Mangalam Thondi road , 3.Arasur (R.V) And Peeriyakeeramangalam (P) Ramanathapuram Road West
54R.C.Primary School, ,(west portion) Chinnakeeramangalam 1.Arasur (R.V) And Peeriyakeeramangalam (P) Peeriyakeeramangalam (ward 3) , 2.Arasur (R.V) And Peeriyakeeramangalam (P) Peeriyakeeramangalam (Ward 3) , 3.Arasur (R.V) And Peeriyakeeramangalam (P) Chinnakeeramangalam (Ward 2)
55Panchayat Union Primary School , East Portion , Kallur 1.Tiruvadanai (R.V) And Kalloor (P) Kalloor (ward 1)
56Panchayat Union Primary School ,East , Kallur 1.Tiruvadanai (R.V) And Kalloor (P) Konerikkottai (Ward 3) , 2.Tiruvadanai (R.V) And Kalloor (P) Manikandi (Ward 4)
57Panchayat Union Primary School, (West Portion) ,Kallur 1.Tiruvadanai (R.V) And alloor (P) Sandhirakottai (ward 4) , 2.Tiruvadanai (R.V) And Kalloor (P) Thiruvidamadhiyur (Ward 4) , 3.Tiruvadanai (R.V) And Kalloor (P) Kilavandi (Ward 2) , 4.Tiruvadanai (R.V) And Kalloor (P) Kottangudi (Ward 2) , 5.Tiruvadanai (R.V) And Kalloor (P) Ilamani (Ward 2) , 6.Tiruvadanai (R.V) And Kalloor (P) Mangudi (Ward 1)
58Government Higher Secondary School, ,North Building (West portion)Tiruvadanai 1.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) Pidari kovil street (ward 1) , 2.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) North Street( Ward 1) , 3.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) L.K.Nagar (Ward 1) , 4.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) Annanagar (Ward 1) , 5.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) East Street (Ward 3)
59Government High School, ,West Building (North portion)Tiruvadanai 1.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) Police Kudiiruppu (Ward 3) , 2.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) Snegavallipuram Part 1 (Ward 3) , 3.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) Snegavallipuram Part 2 (Ward 3)
60Government Higher Secondary School ,(West Bulding North Portion) Thiruvadanai 1.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) Sannadhi street (ward 2) , 2.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) Varna Theertha vadakarai (Ward 2) , 3.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) VarnaTheertha West (Ward 2) , 4.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) South Street (Ward 2) , 5.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And (P) West Street (Ward 2)
61Panchayat Union Primary School, ,(North portion) Tiruvadanai 1.Thiruvadanai (r.v) and kallur (p) Pannavayal
62Panchayat Union Primary School, ,(southth portion) Tiruvadanai 1.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And Kallur (P) Pannavayal , 2.Thiruvadanai (R.V) And Kallur (P) Samathuvapuram
63Panchayat Union Primary School, (North portion) ,Kiliyoor 1.Kiliyoor (R.V) And Kodanur (P) Pillaiyarendal (ward 1,2) , 2.Kiliyoor (R.V) And Kodanur (P) Semanivayal (Ward 3) , 3.Kiliyoor (R.V) And Kodanur (P) Madhavankottai (Ward 4) , 4.Kiliyoor (R.V) And Kodanur (P) Kiliyur (Ward 5) , 5.Kiliyoor (R.V) And Kodanur (P) Ponnakurichi (Ward 6)
64Panchayat Union rimary School, (South portion) ,T.Kiliyoor 1.Kiliyoor (R.V) And Kodanur (R.V) And (P) Kattiyanendal (ward 1) , 2.Kiliyoor (R.V) And Kodanur (R.V) And (P) Kodanur (Ward 1)
65Panchayat Union Primary School, (old building) ,Pandukudi 1.Pandukudi (R.V) And (P) Pandukudi (ward 1) , 2.Pandukudi (R.V) And (P) Pandukudi (Ward 1) , 3.Pandukudi (R.V) And (P) Pandukudi (Ward 1) , 4.Pandukudi (R.V) And (P) Pandukudi (Ward 1) , 5.Pandukudi (R.V) And (P) Pandukudi (Ward 1)
66Panchayat Union Primary School, (New Building) ,Pandukudi 1.Pandukudi (R.V) And (P) Ilayathanvayal (ward 1) , 2.Pandukudi (R.V) And (P) Muruganendal (Ward 1) , 3.Pandukudi (R.V) And (P) Koneriyendal (Ward 1) , 4.Pandukudi (R.V) And Kodanur (P) Alambadi (Ward 4) , 5.Pandukudi (R.V) And Theloor (P) Soundarapandiapuram , 6.Pandukudi (R.V) And Theloor(P) Ariyappuvayal
67St.Antony's Middle School, ,Nakarikathan 1.Nagarikathan (R.V) And (P) Nagarikathan (ward 1,2) , 2.Nagarikathan (R.V) And (P) Nagarikathan
68Panchayat Union Primary School, (East Portion) ,Thelur 1.Theloor (R.V) And (P) Palangulam (ward 2) , 2.Theloor (R.V) And (P) Semanvayal (Ward 2) , 3.Theloor (R.V) And (P) Mallanur (Ward 2)
69Panchayat Union Primary School, (West Portion) ,Thelur 1.Theloor (R.V) And (P) Pappanendal, karungalakudi (ward 3) , 2.Theloor (R.V) And (P) Thelooer , 3.Theloor (R.V) And (P) Kurumilangudi (Ward 4)
70Panchayat Union Primary School ,Kodippangu 1.Kodipangu (R.V) And (P) Sengalanvayal (ward 1) , 2.Kodipangu (R.V) And (P) Karuthapathai , 3.Kodipangu (R.V) And (P) Kodipangu , 4.Kodipangu (R.V) And (P) Narendal
71Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Side, Kodippangu 1.Kodipangu (R.V) And (P) Mamalakarai , 2.Kodipangu (R.V) And (P) Velangkudi , 3.Kodipangu (R.V) And (P) Vilakkanendal , 4.Kodipangu (R.V) And (P) Sirugavayal , 5.Kodipangu (R.V) And (P) Asuravayal , 6.Kodipangu (R.V) And (P) Rajakkavayal
72Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Vattanam 1.Vattanam (R.V) And (P) Damotharapattinam (ward 1) , 2.Vattanam (R.V) And (P) Vannankulam (Ward 2) , 3.Vattanam (R.V) And (P) Vattanam (Ward 2)
73Govt High School ,Vattanam 1.Vattanam (R.V) And (P) R.C.Nagar Nandhiyankottai Thenvayal (Ward 3) , 2.Vattanam (R.V) And (P) Odavayal (Ward 3) , 3.Vattanam (R.V) And (P) Machur (Ward 3) , 4.Vattanam (R.V) And (P) Nallagramavayal (Ward 3)
74Panchayat Union Middle School ,(Additional Building)East portion, Pasipattinam 1.Kaliyanagari (R.V) And (P) Kaliyanagari parappuvayal ward 1 , 2.Kaliyanagari (R.V) And (P) Pasippattinam (ward 3)
75Panchayat Union Middle School,(Additional Building) West portion ,Pasipattinam 1.Aliyanagari (R.V) And (P) Pasipattinam ward 2 , 2.Kalianagari (R.V) And (P) Pasipattinam ward 3 , 3.Kalianagari (R.V) And (P) Pasipattinam ward 4
76Panchayat Union Primary School, (South Portion) ,Theerthandathanam 1.Marungur (R.V) And Pullakadamban (R.V) And (P) Pullakadamban (ward 1) , 2.Marungur (R.V) And Pullakadamban (R.V) And (P) Sthaniganvayal (Ward 2) , 3.Marungur (R.V) And Pullakadamban (R.V) And (P) Manavanagari (Ward 3) , 4.Marungur (R.V) And Pullakadamban (R.V) And (P) Marugur (Ward 2)
77Panchayat Union Primary School ,(North Portion) , Theerthandathanam 1.Regunathasamuthiram (R.V) And Pullakadamban (P) Etticheri Ward 5 , 2.Regunathasamuthiram (R.V) And Pullakadamban (P) Idaiyanvayal (Ward 6) , 3.Regunathasamuthiram (R.V) And Pullakadamban (P) SolaganPettai (E) Regunadhasamuthiram (Ward 7) , 4.Regunathasamuthiram (R.V) And Pullakadamban (P) Pudhukudiiruppu (Ward 7)
78Wihelm Middle School ,New Building South Side, Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) (T.P) Agraharam 1st street ward 1 , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Agraharam 2nd street ward 1 , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Chattiram 1st street ward 1 , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Chattiram 2nd street ward 1 , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Theerthakarai Street (Ward 2) , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Bound thoppu street ward 1 , 7.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Chattiram South Street (Ward 2) , 8.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Hospital South Street (Ward 2) , 9.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Perumal Kovil Sannathi Street (Ward 2) , 10.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Thatter Street (Ward 2) , 11.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Sivankovil South Street (Ward 2) , 12.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Sivankovil East Street (Ward 2) , 13.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Vaniyachetti Street (Ward 2)
79Wihelm Middle School ,New Building North Side, Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Perumalkovil Sannadhi Street (Ward 2) , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Tharagan Street (Ward 4) , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamedkasim Bungalow Street (Ward 4) , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Pallivasal East Street (Ward 4) , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Kavalkaran Street (Ward 4) , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Pallivasal Street (Ward 4) , 7.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohaideenkuppai Lane (Ward 4) , 8.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Yusup Street (Ward 4) , 9.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Lebbaimar Lane East Street (Ward 4) , 10.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Palagaisahibu Street (Ward 4) , 11.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Pallivasal East Street (Ward 4) , 12.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Kittangi Street (Ward 4) , 13.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamed Abubucker Street (Ward 4) , 14.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Rangam Padaiyachi Street (Ward 4) , 15.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Nattanmaikara Street (Ward 4)
80Wilhelm Middle School ,Old Building West Side, South Portion Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Kadayar street ward 3 , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Vellalar street ward 3 , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Adhinamilagi padaiyachi street Ward 3 , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Pakkiri padaiatchi street ward 3 , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Seashore road ward 3 , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Kaliappapadaiatchi street ward 3 , 7.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Muthukaruppan Padaiyachi street Ward 5 , 8.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Palanivelpadaiatchi street ward 5 , 9.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Veerapathiran Padaiyachi street Ward 5 , 10.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Velupadaiatchi street ward 5
81Wilhelm Middle School ,New Building West Side, (North Portion), Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Meenavar colony (ward 5) , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Middle Street (Ward 6) , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamed Ibrahim Kasiyappa Street (Ward 6) , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohaideenkuppai Street (Ward 6) , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Maraikayer Street (Ward 5) , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Odavi Street (Ward 6) , 7.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Masthan Ravuther Street (Ward 6) , 8.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamedmohaideen Hajiyar Street (Ward 6) , 9.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Sekthavudhu Street (Ward 6)
82Syed Mohammed Government Higher Secondary School, ,(NewBuilding) South Side, (West Portion), Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Seenimadar street ward 7 , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Pallivasal west street ward 7 , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Middle street ward 7 , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Pallivasal street ward 7 , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohameed kasim street ward 8 , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Malungu bakker street ward 8 , 7.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mela street ward 9 , 8.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Leappai sahib street ward 7 , 9.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Kadermohaideen Street (Ward 8)
83Syed Mohammed Government Higher Secondary School, ,(NewBuilding) South Side, (East Portion), Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Maraikayar street ward 6 , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Sahib thambi street ward 7 , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Nalla kinaru street ward 7 , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Segu Mohamed Aliyar (Ward 6) , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Vapsa street ward 7 , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohameed abdul kadar street ward 7 , 7.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Dharga North street ward 8
84Syed Mohamed Government t. Higher Secondary . School, ,(Western Side) Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Radio station street ward 10 , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Ibrahim beevi street ward 8 , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohameed aliyar street ward 9 , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Pitchai Ravuther North Street (Ward 9) , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Pitchai Rawuthar west street ward 9
85Syed Mohamed Government t. Higher Secondary . School, ,(Western Side) Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) South Thoppu street ward 10
86Syed Mohamed Government t. Higher Secondary School, ,New Building (West Side)Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Valampatti north street , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohaideen Malungu Street (Ward 13) , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Usen Street (Ward 12) , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Meera Sahib Street (Ward 12) , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Middle Street (Ward 12) , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Asan Aliyar lane (Ward 12) , 7.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamed Ravuther Street (ward 12) , 8.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamed Aliyar Street (Ward 12) , 9.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamed Yusup Street (Ward 12) , 10.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Kunju Maraikayar Street (Ward 12) , 11.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Lebbai South Street (Ward 13) , 12.Thondi(R.V) And (T.P) Mohamed Abdul kader Street (Ward 13) , 13.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Lebbai South Street (Ward 13) , 14.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamed Iburamsha Street (Ward 13) , 15.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Middle Street (Ward 13) , 16.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Aliyar North Street (Ward 13) , 17.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Tharha Street (Ward 8) , 18.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) M.G.R.Nagar (Ward 8)
87Syed Mohamed Government t. Higher Secondary School, ,New Building (West Side)Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Noor Ibrahim Street (Ward 9) , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) High School Street (Ward 9) , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Aneesnagar (Ward 9) , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Perumal kovil Sannadhi Street (Ward 13) , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Padhu Sahib Street (Ward 13) , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Middle Street (Ward 13) , 7.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohameed noordeen street , 8.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Syed Malungu Street (Ward 12) , 9.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohameed thambi street , 10.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamed thambi Street (Ward 13) , 11.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Perumal kovil Sannadhi Street (Ward 13) , 12.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Vattanam Road (Ward 1) , 13.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Kader Mohaideen Street (Ward 13) , 14.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Perumalkovil Sannadhi Street (Ward 13) , 15.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Perumalkovil Sannadhi Street (Ward 13)
88Syed Mohamed Government. Higher Secondary. School, ,(New Building) (South Side )Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Pandithanvayal (Ward 14) , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Vilathumanakottai (Ward 10) , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Kodivayal (Ward 10) , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Kamarajnagar (Ward 11) , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Perumanendal (Ward 11) , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (S.P) Pudanavayal (Ward 11) , 7.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Pudhukudiiruppu (Ward 11)
89Syed Mohamed Government. Higher Secondary. School, ,(New Building) (South east Side )Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Navakudi (Ward 11) , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Narikudi (Ward 10) , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Segusaibu Street (Ward 7) , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamedkasim Street (Ward 8) , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Sangam Kodha Street (Ward 8) , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Tharhakalmattu Street 1 (Ward 8) , 7.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Tharhakalmattu Street 2 (Ward 8) , 8.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Tharhakalmattu Street 3 (Ward 8)
90Panchayat Union Primary School, ,(East portion) (West Side) Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Gandhiyar street ward 3 , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Vattanam Road (Ward 12) , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Malaungu sahib street 1 , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Malungu sahub street 3 , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Malungu sahib street 4 , 6.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Malungu sahib street 7
91Panchayat Union Primary School, ,(East portion) (East Side) Thondi 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Chinnathondi East Street (Ward 14) , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Chinnathondi South Street (Ward 14) , 3.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Chinnathondi North Street (Ward 14) , 4.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Chinnathondi Northwest Street(Ward 14) , 5.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Gandhinagar (Ward 14)
92Panchayat Union Primary School, ,M.R. Pattinam 1.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Muthuramalingapattinam ward 15 , 2.Thondi (R.V) And (T.P) Periyavalasapattinam ward 15
93Government high school ,East portion, Thalirmarungoor 1.Thaleermarungur(R.V) And (P) Ponnimangalam (Ward 1) , 2.Thaleermarungur (R.V) And (P) Puthanendal (Ward 1) , 3.Thaleermarungur (R.V) And (P) Thaleermarungur (Ward 1)
94Government high school ,West portion ,Thalirmarungoor 1.Kadangudi (R.V) And Thaleermarungur (P) Paganavayal (ward 3) , 2.Kadangudi (R.V) And Thaleermarungur (P) Koothanendal (Ward 3) , 3.Kadangudi (R.V) And Thaleermarungur (P) Visvanadhanendal (Ward 3) , 4.Kadangudi (R.V) And Thaleermarungur (P) Thandalangudi (Ward 3) , 5.Kadangudi (R.V) And Thaleermarungur (P) Kadangudi (Ward 3) , 6.Kadangudi (R.V) And Thaleermarungur (P) Usilanakottai (Ward 4) , 7.Kadangudi (R.V) And Thaleermarungur (P) Palayanakottai (Ward 4) , 8.Kadangudi (R.V) And Thaleermarungur (P) Amaranvayal (Ward 4)
95Panchayat Union Primary School, ,(North portion)Maavoor 1.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Mavoor (P) Mavoor (ward 1) , 2.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Mavoor (P) Mangalam (Ward 2) , 3.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Mavoor (P) Marudhangudi (Ward 2)
96Panchayat Union Primary School, ,(North portion)Maavoor 1.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Mavoor (P) Ganganarendal (Ward 3) , 2.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Pandukudi (P) Thinaiyathur (Ward 4)
97Panchayat Union Primary School, (East Portion) ,Kadambakudi 1.Kadambagudi (R.V) And Achangudi (R.V) And (P) Kadambakudi (ward 1) , 2.Kadambagudi (R.V) And Atchangkudi (R.V) And (P) Koothakudi Andivayal ward 3
98Panchayat Union Primary School, (West Portion) ,Kadambakudi 1.Kadambagudi (R.V) And Achangudi (R.V) And (P) Achangudi (ward 2) , 2.Kadambagudi (R.V) And Achangudi (R.V) And (P) Karungavayal (Ward 2) , 3.Kadambagudi (R.V) And Achangudi (R.V) And (P) Mallikudi (Ward 3) , 4.Kadambagudi (R.V) And Achangudi (R.V) And (P) Ilangudi (Ward 3)
99Panchayat Union Primary School, ,(West portion) Athiyoor 1.Adhiyur (R.V) And (P) Adhiyur karangadu (ward 1)
100Panchayat Union Primary School, ,(East portion) Athiyoor 1.Adhiyur (R.V) And (P) Padappanendal (Ward 2) , 2.Adhiyur (R.V) And (P) Karuppur (Ward 2)
101Panchayat Union Middle School ,Arumpoor 1.Pattamangalam (R.V) And Arumbur (R.V) And (P) Arumbur Ward1 , 2.Pattamangalam (R.V) And Arumbur (R.V) And (P) Velathur (Ward 1)
102Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Western Side, Arumpoor 1.Pattamangalam (R.V) And Arumbur (R.V) And (P) Pattamangalam (Ward 2) , 2.Pattamangalam (R.V) And Arumbur (R.V) And (P) Kattukudi (Ward 2)
103Panchayat Union .Primary School, ,Kulathoor 1.Kulathur (R.V) And (P) Westkudiiruppu (ward 1) , 2.Kulathur (R.V) And (P) Eastkudiiruppu (Ward 1) , 3.Kulathur (R.V) And (P) Southkudiiruppu (Ward 1)
104Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Keelkudi 1.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Kulathur (P) Keelakudi (ward 13) , 2.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Kulathur (P) Poosariyendal (Ward 13) , 3.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Kulathur (P) Sekkandhidal,Westkudiiruppu (Ward 13) , 4.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Kulathur (P) Sekkandhidal,Middle kudiiruppu (Ward 13) , 5.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Kulathur (P) Sekkandhidal Eastkudiiruppu (Ward 13) , 6.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Kulathur (P) Gunapathymangalam Westkudiiruppu (Ward 3) , 7.Sekkanthidal (R.V) And Kulathur (P) Gunabathymangalam East kudiiruppu (Ward 3)
105Panchayat Union Primary School, ,Thiruvetriyoor 1.Thiruvetriyur (R.V) And (P) Thiruvetriyur (ward 1) , 2.Thiruvetriyur (R.V) And (P) Pudhupaiur (Ward 2) , 3.Thiruvetriyur (R.V) And (P) Keelakaikudi (Ward 3)
106Panchayat Union Middle School ,East Portion Mugilthagam 1.Mukilthagam (R.V) And (P) Mukilthagam(ward 1)
107Panchayat Union Middle School ,South Side Muhilthagam 1.Muhilthagam(R.V) and (P) Muhilthagam 2 (Ward 1) , 2.Mukilthagam (R.V) And (P) Muthuvaduganadhapattinam (Ward 2)
108Panchayat Union Middle School, (West Portion) ,Mugilthagam 1.Mukilthagam (R.V) And (P) Soliyakudi (ward 2) , 2.Mukilthagam (R.V) And (P) Sambai (Ward 3) , 3.Mukilthagam (R.V) And (P) Kadambanendal (Ward 3)
109Government high school ,(New Building North Side ) (Western Portion)Nambuthalai 1.Nambuthalai (R.V) And (P) Nambuthalai Ward 1
110Government high school ,(New Building North Side ) (Middle Portion)Nambuthalai 1.Nambuthalai (R.V) And (P) Nambuthalai Ward 2
111Government high school ,New building North Side Middle portion Nambuthalai 1.Nambuthalai (R.V) And (P) Nambuthalai (ward 3)
112Government high school ,West Side North Portion Nambuthalai 1.Nambuthalai (R.V) And (P) Nambuthalai (Ward 3)
113Government high school ,Additional Building ,South portion,Nambuthalai. 1.Nambuthalai (R.V) And (P) Nambuthalai padaiyachiyar street (ward 4) , 2.Nambuthalai (R.V) And (P) Padaiyachi Street Meenavar Colony (Ward 5)
114Government high school ,Additional Building ,South portion,Nambuthalai. 1.Nambuthalai (R.V) And (P) Nambuthalai , 2.Nambuthalai (R.V) And (P) Nambuthalai
115Panchayat Union Middle School, (Pudupattinam) ,Kankollanpattinam 1.Pudhupattinam (R.V) And (P) Pudhupattinam (ward 1) , 2.Pudhupattinam (R.V) And (P) Kankollapattinam (Ward 1,2) , 3.Pudhupattinam (R.V) And (P) Veerasangilimadam (Ward 2)
116Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Mullimanai 1.Puthupattinam (R.V) And Mullimunai (R.V) And (P) Mullimunai indhu kadaiyar part (ward 1) , 2.Puthupattinam (R.V) And Mullimunai (R.V) And (P) Mullimunai Colony (Ward 2)
117R.C. Primary School ,Karankaadu. 1.A.Manakudi (R.V) And Karangadu (P) Karangadu colony (ward 1) , 2.A.Manakudi (R.V) And Karangadu (P) Karangadu Chiristian Kadaiyar Street (Ward 2)
118Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building Radhanoor West Portion 1.Rathanoor(P) (R V) Mutchinarkottai , 2.Rathanoor(P) (R V) Settiyenthal , 3.Rathanoor(P) ( R V) Avarenthal , 4.Rathanoor(P) (R V) Metakkottai , 5.Rathanoor(P) ( R V ) Thiruvirunthamkottai , 6.Radhanur (p) (R V) Radhanur , 7.Radhanur (p) (R V) Thukanangarai , 8.Radhanur (p) (R V) Thirukurutchi , 9.Radhanur (p) (R V) Otchanvayal , 10.Radhanur (p) (R V) Kovil vasal , 11.Radhanur (p) (R V) Rajalakshmi nagar
119Panchayat Union Middle .School ,Radhanur (West Building) 1.Radhanur (p) (R V) Pulichavayal , 2.Radhanur (p) (R V) Chellaiya puram , 3.Radhanur (p) (R V) Paranjothi vasal , 4.Radhanur (p) (R V) Pakkatthan kudi , 5.Radhanur (p) (R V) Sitthalur , 6.Radhanur (p) (R V) Mutthavangkottai , 7.Radhanur (p) (R V) Yenthakarai
120Panchayat Union Middle School ,Govinthamangalam 1.Kovindhamangalam (p) (R V) Narikkanendal , 2.Kovindhamangalam (p) (R V) Melakkarai , 3.Kovindhamangalam (p) (R V) Moolavayal , 4.Kovindhamangalam (p) (R V) Kovindhamangalam , 5.Govindamangalam (P) And Veelimar (R.V) Keelamaruthangulam
121PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, SEVVAIPETTAI 1.Sevvai pettai (p) Govindamangalam (R V) Sevvai pettai , 2.Sevvai pettai (p) Govindamangalam (R V) Kodungulam , 3.Sevvai pettai (p) Govindamangalam (R V) Kurinjinangarai , 4.Sevvai pettai (p) Govindamangalam (R V) Sirukudi , 5.Sevvai pettai (p) Govindamangalam (R V) Pagani , 6.Govindamangalam (R.V) And Chevvaipettai (P) Thalakkavoor , 7.Govindamangalam (R.V) And Chevvaipettai (P) Pananendal , 8.Govindamangalam (R.V), Chevvaipettai (P) Panaiyakuruchi
122Government Aidded Primary School ,Karungudi 1.Karungudi (p) Karunkudi (R V) Sampandavayal , 2.Karungudi (p) Karunkudi (R V) Karungudi , 3.Karungudi (p) Karunkudi (R V) Sundamalli
123PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, KEELAKOTTAI. 1.Thiruthervalai (p) (R V) Thiruthervalai , 2.Thiruthervalai (p) (R V) Keezhakkudiyiruppu , 3.Thiruthervalai (p) (R V) Keelakkottai , 4.Thiruthervalai (p) (R V) Keelappacheri , 5.Thiruthervalai (p) (R V) Kappakudi
124PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, ,SENTHAMANGALAM 1.Thiruthervalai (p) (R V) Kanakkanendal , 2.Thiruthervalai (p) (R V) Vellarenthal , 3.Thiruthervalai (p) (R V) Sendhamangalam , 4.Thiruthervalai (p) (R V) Alagapuri , 5.Thiruthervalai (p) (R V) Odakkarai
125PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, ANANDUR. ,EAST BUILDING 1.Ananthur (p) (R V) Ananthur ward 1 , 2.Ananthur (p) (R V) Ananthur ward 2
126PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, ANADUR. ,EAST NEW BUILDING 1.Ananthur (p) (R V) Ananthur ward 3 , 2.Ananthur (p) (R V) Ananthur ward 4
127Government Higher Secondary School ,New Building , West Side (North Portion), Anandur 1.sirunagudi (p) Anandur (R V) Melavayal , 2.Ananthur (p) Anandur (R V) Thuvar , 3.Ananthur (p) Anandur (R V) Korandi kottai , 4.sirunagudi (p) Anandur (R V) Pappakudi , 5.sirunagudi (p) Anandur (R V) sirunagudi , 6.Ananthur (p) Anandur (R V) puthur , 7.Ananthur (p) Anandur (R V) Patchanatthikkottai , 8.Sathanur (p) Anandur (R V) Kattukulam
128PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, SATHANOOR. ,WEST WING 1.Satthanur (p) (R V) Viruthan vayal , 2.Satthanur (p) (R V) Anaiyar kottai , 3.Satthanur (p) (R V) Elikulam , 4.Satthanur (p) (R V) Satthanur
129PANCHAYAT OFFCE, SATHANOOR. 1.Sathanur (p) (R V) Monnakkottai , 2.Sathanur (p) (R V) Kottaikadu , 3.Sathanur (p) (R V) Rakkinakkottai
130PANCHAYAT COMMUNITY HALL, AYANGUDI. 1.Ayangudi (p) Thiruthervalai (R V) Pottakkadu , 2.Ayangudi (p) Thiruthervalai (R V) Pambalamban kudiyiruppu , 3.Ayangudi (p) Thiruthervalai (R V) Nadukkudiyiruppu , 4.Ayangudi (p) Thiruthervalai (R V) Ayangudi , 5.Ayangudi (p) Thiruthervalai (R V) Pallar kudiyiruppu , 6.Ayangudi (p) Thiruthervalai (R V) Karavalatthi , 7.Ayangudi (p) Thiruthervalai (R V) Manthangudi , 8.Ayangudi (p) Thiruthervalai (R V) Pappanak kottai , 9.Ayangudi (p) Thiruthervalai (R V) Melaiyur
131V.K.RAMAIAH GOVERNMENT AIDED MIDDLE SCHOOL, KAVANAKOTTAI. ,NORTH WING 1.Kavanakkottai (p) Kokurani (R V) Panikkanadhal , 2.Kavanakkottai (p) Kokurani (R V) Sirukalatthur , 3.Kavanakkottai (p) Kavur (R V) Kavanakkottai , 4.Kavanakkottai (p) Kallikudi (R V) Azhiyan mozhi
132V.K.RAMAIAH GOVERNMENT AIDED MIDDLE SCHOOL, KAVANAKOTTAI. ,SOUTH WING 1.Kavanakottai (p) Kokurani (R V) Kokgurani , 2.Kavanakottai (p) Kokurani (R V) Chettiyakottai , 3.Kavanakottai (p) Kavur (R V) Soochaganeri , 4.Kavanakottai (p) Kavur (R V) Perungudi , 5.Kavanakottai (p) Kavur (R V) Poovani
133PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL, KUDALOOR. ,NORTH BUILDING 1.Vadakkanur (p) Koodalur (R V) Vadakkanur , 2.Vadakkanur (p) Koodalur (R V) Theerthankundaram , 3.Vadakkanur (p) Koodalur (R V) Samathivayal , 4.Vadakkanur (p) Koodalur (R V) Kamini , 5.Vadakkanur (p) Koodalur (R V) Guruppuli , 6.Vadakkanur (p) Koodalur (R V) Pavalakkanni
134PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL, KUDALOOR. ,NEW BUILDING 1.Kudalur (p) (R V) Kudalur , 2.Kudalur (p) (R V) Kudalur colony , 3.Kudalur (p) (R V) Ponniyenthal , 4.Kudalur (p) (R V) Mariyayipattanam , 5.Kudalur (p) (R V) Natthakkottai
135Panchayat Union Elementary school ,karkathakudi, Old Building 1.karkatthakudi (p) Thottamangalam (R V) Siruvandal , 2.karkatthakudi (p) Thottamangalam (R V) Peruvandal , 3.karkatthakudi (p) Thottamangalam (R V) Chinna karkathakudi , 4.Karkathakudi (p) (R V) Ilangulam
136Panchayat Union Elementary school ,New Building karkathakudi. 1.karkatthakudi (p) Thottamangalam (R V) Periya karkathagudi , 2.Karkathakudi (p) (R V) Thoittamangalam , 3.Karkathakudi (p) (R V) Kaikudi
137PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL, MELAPANIYOUR. ,NORTH BUILDING 1.Melpanaiyur (p) Arunoothimangalam (R V) Keezh panaiyur , 2.Melpanaiyur (p) Arunoothimangalam (R V) Ayiraveli , 3.Melpanaiyur (p) Arunoothimangalam (R V) Madampur , 4.Melappanaiyur (p) Arunthimangalam (R V) Melappanaiyur , 5.Melpanaiyur (p) Arunthimangalam (R V) Yesupuram
138PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL,KOTTAKUDI. ,OLD BUILDING (WEST) 1.Kottagudi (p) Kanattangudi (R V) Pullukudi , 2.Kottagudi (p) Kanattangudi (R V) Kadukkalur , 3.Kottagudi (p) Kanattangudi (R V) Kanattangudi , 4.Kottagudi (p) Kanattangudi (R V) Senatthikkottai
139PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL,KOTTAKUDI. ,OLD BUILDING (EAST) 1.Kottagudi (p) Kanattangudi (R V) Kottakudi , 2.Kottagudi (p) Kanattangudi (R V) Vilatthur , 3.Kottagudi (p) Kanattangudi (R V) Malari , 4.Kottagudi (p) Kanattangudi (R V) Kumarangali , 5.Kottagudi (p) Kanattangudi (R V) Naduvakkudi
140Panchayat Union Primary School ,East Building Arunoothimangalam 1.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Arunutthimangalam , 2.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Veliyakkottai
141Panchayat Union Primary School ,Noon meal center building Arunoothimangalam 1.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Putthanendal , 2.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Konnakkudi , 3.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Kulanatthi , 4.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Pagavathi mangalam
142PANCHAYAT OFFICE, ARUNOOTHIMANGALAM 1.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Alendal , 2.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Mettukarkalatthur , 3.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Keezhendal , 4.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Kumizhiyendal , 5.A.r.mangalam (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Vagaikudi
143KALYANI GOVERNMENT T AIDED PRIMARY SCHOOL, SANAVELI. ,NORTH BUILDING 1.Janaveli (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Kosakkudi , 2.Janaveli (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Karunkalatthur , 3.Janaveli (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Appirayi
144Kalyani Goverment Aided Primary School ,South Building Sanaveli 1.Janaveli (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Kannukudi , 2.Janaveli (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Janaveli
145Library Building ,Kavvoor 1.Janaveli (p) Arunuthimangalam (R V) Kavvur
146Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building Sethidal 1.Setthidal (p) (R V) Maruthavayal , 2.Setthidal (p) (R V) Setthidal
147PANCHAYAT UNOIN PRIMARY SCHOOL, MUTHUPATTINAM (SETHIDAL PANCHAYAT) 1.Setthidal (p) (R V) Muthuppattinam , 2.Setthidal (p) (R V) Karungudi , 3.Setthidal (p) (R V) Seenagudi , 4.Varavani (p) (R V) Yettiyathidal
148PANCHAYAT UNOIN PRIMARY SCHOOL, PULLAMADAI. 1.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Melamadai , 2.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Vallamadai , 3.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Therkkanendhal colony , 4.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Therkkanendhal , 5.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Maniyam patcheri , 6.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Veeripacheri , 7.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Athimutthan colony , 8.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Pullamadai
149PANCHAYAT UNOIN PRIMARY SCHOOL, SILUGAVAYAL (PULLAMADAI PANCHAYAT) 1.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Gurunippatcheri , 2.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Sokkan patcheri , 3.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Irattaiurani , 4.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Ramanathamadai , 5.Pullamadai (p) (R V) Silugavayal
150ROMAN CATHLEC AIDED PRIMARY SCHOOL, SAVERIYARPATTINAM. 1.Pullamadai (p) Vagai (R V) Sitthanendal , 2.Pullamadai (p) Vagai (R V) Sappaniyendal , 3.Pullamadai (p) Vagai (R V) Sengamadai , 4.Pullamadai (p) Vagai (R V) Britto nagar , 5.Pullamadai (p) Vagai (R V) Saveriyar pattinam
151ROMAN CATHLEC AIDED PRIMARY SCHOOL, ODAIKAL. 1.Odaikkal (p) (R V) Odaikkal , 2.Odaikkal (p) (R V) Odaikkal north colony , 3.Odaikkal (p) (R V) Kulamanickam
152PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, ,PERAIYOUR 1.Kallikkudi (p) (R V) Surampuli , 2.Kallikkudi (p) (R V) Sembilangudi , 3.Kallikkudi (p) (R V) Kallikudi , 4.kallikudi (p) (R V) Kudiyur , 5.Kallikkudi (p) (R V) Azhiyathan mozhi , 6.Kallikkudi (p) (R V) Surattamanakudi , 7.Kallikkudi (p) (R V) Atthur , 8.Kallikkudi (p) (R V) Peraiyur , 9.Kallikudi (p) (R V) Peraiyur
153Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Side, Old Building, A.Manakudi 1.A. manakudi (p) (R V) Alikudi , 2.A. manakudi (p) (R V) Manakkoti
154Panchayat UnionMiddle School ,North Side, Old Building, A.Manakudi 1.A. manakudi (p) (R V) Puthukadu , 2.A. manakudi (p) (R V) Motchiyendal , 3.A. manakudi (p) (R V) Saanan vayal , 4.A. manakudi (p) (R V) Kannarendal
155PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL, VETTUKULAM. ,EAST BUILDING 1.Sithurvadi (p) Uranagudi (R V) Melatsendhanendal , 2.Sithurvadi (p) Uranagudi (R V) Keezhasendhanendal , 3.Sithurvadi (p) Uranagudi (R V) Uganthankudi , 4.Sithurvadi (p) Uranagudi (R V) Melasitthurvadi , 5.Sithurvadi (p) Uranagudi (R V) Keelasitthurvadi
156PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL, VETTUKULAM. ,WEST BUILDING 1.Sithurvadi (p) Uranagudi (R V) Vettukulam , 2.Sithur vadi (p) Uranagudi (R V) Kolanenthal , 3.Paranur (p) Uranagudi (R V) Kalngapuli
157GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOL ,EAST BUILDING, UPPURSATHIRAM. 1.Kadalur (p) Uppur (R V) Uppur chatthiram , 2.Kadalur (p) Uppur (R V) Uppur (north) , 3.Kadalur (p) Uppur (R V) Uppur (south)
158Panchayat Union Primary School ,Kadaloor 1.Kadalur (p) Uppur (R V) Kuthanvayal , 2.Kadalur (p) Uppur (R V) Kadalur
159Panchayat Union Primary School ,New Building Uppur Sathiram 1.Kadalur (p) Uppur (R V) Morpannai
160Panchayat Union Primary School ,New Building, Middle Portion, Uppur Sathiram 1.Uppur (R.V) Kadaloor (P) Morepannai 2
161GOVT HIGH SCHOOOL, UPPURSATHIRAM. ,OLD BUILDING 1.Uranagudi (p) Uppur (R V) Uranagudi (north) , 2.Uranagudi (p) Uppur (R V) Puthu uranagudi , 3.Uranagudi (p) Uppur (R V) South uranangudi , 4.Uranagudi (p) Uppur (R V) Purakarai
162PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL, PARANOOR. 1.Paranur (p) (R V) Mayilurani , 2.Paranur (p) (R V) Paranur
163PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, AAVARENTHAL ,-EAST BUILDING, NORTH WING 1.Paranur (p) (R V) Kailasa samuthiram , 2.Paranur (p) (R V) Avarendal
164PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, AAVARENTHAL ,-EAST BUILDING, NORTH WING 1.K. kothidal (p) (R V) Kothidal , 2.K. kothidal (p) (R V) Kalakudi
165CSI PRIMARY SCHOOL, ,New Building South Side, East Portion, R.S.Mangalam 1.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-1 sheikdavud 2nd street , 2.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-2 arasu urani melakarai , 3.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-2 perumal kovil street , 4.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-2 seikthavud street 3 , 5.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-2 fish market street , 6.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-2 gandhi street west , 7.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-2 bishmi street , 8.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-3 dharmar kovil street south , 9.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-3 gandhi street east
166Govt Boys Hr Sec School ,North Building East Portion R.S.Mangalam 1.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-1 chettiyamadai 1st street , 2.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-1 chettiyamadai 2nd street , 3.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-1 seikthawod street 1st lane , 4.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-1 prambai road north , 5.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-2 parambai road north 4 , 6.Rajasingamangalam (svp) W-2 parambai road north 8
167CSI Primary School ,New Building South Side, West Portion, R.S,Mangalam 1.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-4 pullamadai road east , 2.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-4 dharmar kovil street east , 3.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-4 bustand main road , 4.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-4 d.d. main road north , 5.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-4 sathakatthulla appa street , 6.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-4 pallakku oliyulla street , 7.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-4 d.d. main road north , 8.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-5 saveriyar nagar , 9.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-5 t.t. main road 4th street
168Govt.Higher Secondary School ,West Side R.S.Mangalam 1.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-3 arasu oorani kizhkarai , 2.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-3 atthagamal patcha street , 3.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-3 dharmar kovil street north , 4.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-3 akbar street , 5.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-3 pullamadai road west
169CSI PRIMARY SCHOOL, R.S.MANGALAM. ,West Building South Portion, R.S.Mangalam 1.Rajasingamangalam ( STP ) (R V) Ward-8 bharathiyar street , 2.Rajasingamangalam ( STP ) (R V) Ward-8 Nijam street , 3.Rajasingamangalam ( STP ) (R V) Ward-8 valluvar street , 4.Rajasingamangalam ( STP ) (R V) Ward-8 chithambaranar street , 5.Rajasingamangalam ( STP ) (R V) Ward-8 kambar steet , 6.Rajasingamangalam ( STP ) (R V) Ward-8 Parambai road , 7.Rajasingamangalam ( STP ) (R V) Ward-8 Ismai sakip pajar , 8.Rajasingamangalam ( STP ) (R V) Ward-8 Aasath street , 9.Rajasingamangalam ( STP ) (R V) Ward-7 Alikarsalai west , 10.Rajasingamangalam ( STP ) (R V) Ward-7 Parambai road south
170CSI PRIMARY SCHOOL ,North Building, North Portion, R.S.Mangalam 1.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-15 n.n. phark street east , 2.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-15 umarupulavar street , 3.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-15 kalaigner street
171Govt Boys Hr Sec School ,North Building East Portion R.S.Mangalam 1.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-10 pitsana kottai , 2.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-10 perthar devan kottai , 3.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-9 seerpatham thangi yendal , 4.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-9 perumalmadai kalani
172C.S.I Primary School ,New Building , R.S.Mangalam North Portion 1.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-14 ishmayil sahip pazaar west , 2.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-14 jaheerusen street , 3.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-14 aligar salai , 4.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-14 parakkath street north , 5.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-13 parakkath street , 6.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-13 mathina street , 7.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-12 hydar valaivu , 8.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-13 pallivasal street , 9.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-13 pallivasal street north 1st lane , 10.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-12 pallivasal street 1 , 11.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-11 aliyar road west , 12.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-12 pallivasal street 2
173PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, ,West Old Building, R.S.Mangalam 1.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-12 kodaiyidi lane , 2.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-11 aligar salai west , 3.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-10 iqpaul street , 4.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-11 mohammed koya street , 5.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-5 t.t. main road south 1 , 6.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-5 kuyavan kundu , 7.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-12 aligar salai west , 8.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-11 iqbal street , 9.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-10 mohamed koya street
174Panchayat Union Primary School, ,R.S.Mangalam, New East Building 1.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-6 keezhakkottai , 2.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-6 t.t. main road south , 3.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-7 dharmapuram , 4.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-7 t.t. main road south , 5.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-7 old bus stop , 6.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-7 ariyanayagam servai street , 7.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-7 bharathiyar street east , 8.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-7 dharma munishwaran kovil street , 9.Rajasingamangalam (svp) (R V) W-7 t.t. main road south
175CSI PRIMARY SCHOOL, VARAVANI. ,EAST WING 1.Varavani (p) (R V) Satthamangalam , 2.Varavani (p) (R V) Kuttam puli , 3.Varavani (p) (R V) Kottuppuli
176C.S.I Primary School, ,New Building, Varavani 1.Varavani (p) (R V) Varavani west street , 2.Varavani (p) (R V) Varavani east street , 3.Varavani (p) (R V) V. paramakudi
177ST Michel higher sec school , Sengudi West wing 1.Sengudi (p) (R V) Sengudi north street , , 2.Sengudi (p) (R V) Sengudi south street , , 3.Sengudi (p) (R V) Sengudi colony , 4.Sengudi (p) ( R V) Melasengudi
178PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, ALAGARDEVANKOTTAI. ,SOUTH BUILDING, WEST WING. 1.Azhagar devan kottai (P) (R V) Kokkan kottai , 2.Azhagar devan kottai (P) (R V) Thalkkan patcheri , 3.Azhagar devan kottai (P) (R V) Periyan patcheri , 4.Azhagar devan kottai (P) (R V) Alinthik kottai
179PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, ,SOUTH BUILDING, EAST WING, ALAGARDEVANKOTTAI. 1.Azhagar devan kottai (P) (R V) Annamalai nagar , 2.Azhagar devan kottai (P) (R V) Mangalam , 3.Azhagar devan kottai (P) (R V) Azhagar devan kottai , 4.Azhagar devan kottai (P) (R V) Suramadai
180PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL, KAVANOOR. ,WEST WING 1.Kavanur (p) Sithurvaadi (R V) Adanthanar kottai , 2.Kavanur (p) Karungudi (R V) Kavaanur , 3.Kavanur (p) Uppur (R V) Melavayal
181Panchayat Union Middle School, ,East Side, Kavanoor 1.Kavanur (p) Valavamur (R V) North valamavur , 2.Kavanur (p) Valavamur (R V) South valamavur , 3.Kavanur (p) Karungudi (R V) Thutthiyendal , 4.Kavanur (p) Uppur (R V) Naganendal
182R.C.Mission High School ,North Side, Irudayapuram 1.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Avanpatcheri , 2.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Maruthampatcheri , 3.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Karuppa kudumpan patcheri , 4.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Dhumpadaikka kottai , 5.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Ponmari , 6.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Ponnandar kottai , 7.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Pannakottai , 8.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Iruthayapuram , 9.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Mangulam , 10.Azhagar devan kottai Kalitchikattimadai , 11.Azhagar devan kottai Nedumpulikkottai , 12.Azhagar devan kottai Rekunathamadi
183R.C.Mission High School, ,South Side, Irudayapuram 1.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Puliveeradevan kottai , 2.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Kollanpatcheri , 3.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Chinna pottak kottai , 4.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Iruvanpatcheri , 5.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Muthuvelayuthadevar colony , 6.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Periya pottakkottai , 7.Dhumpadaikka kottai (p) (R V) Panikkottai
184PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, SEENANKUDI. 1.Pitsangurutchi (p) Seenagudi (R V) Pitchangurutchi , 2.Pitsangurutchi (p) Seenagudi (R V) Kalavangudi , 3.Pitsangurutchi (p) Seenagudi (R V) Mullikkudi , 4.Pitsangurutchi (p) Seenagudi (R V) Purandiyarendhal , 5.Pitsangurutchi (p) Seenagudi (R V) Seenagudi
185Panchayat Union Primary School ,Cholandur 1.Sozhanthur (p) (R V) Sozhanthur , 2.Sozhanthur (p) (R V) Vadavayal , 3.Sozhanthur (p) (R V) Mettusozhaanthur
186PANCHAYAT UNION PRIMARY SCHOOL, KARUNKUDI. ,EAST WING 1.Karungudi (p) (R V) Mavalingai yendal , 2.Karungudi (p) (R V) Kotthamangalam , 3.Karungudi (p) (R V) Kotthiyar kottai , 4.Karungudi (p) (R V) Alangulam
187Panchayat Union Primary School ,West Portion Karungudi 1.Karungudi (p) (R V) Karungudi kirushthavar kudiyiruppu , 2.Karungudi (p) (R V) Karungudi , 3.Karungudi (p) (R V) Uravayal , 4.Karungudi (p) (R V) Balgulam
188Panchayat Union Primary School ,East Athanur 1.Karungudi (p) (R V) Atthanur
189Al Azar Middle School ,East Building , North Wing , Tiruppalaikudi 1.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Thirupalaikudi north street , 2.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Thirupalaikkudi north street ward 2
190Al Azar Middle School ,West Building , South Wing , Tiruppalaikudi 1.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Thirupalaikkudi east street , 2.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Thirupalaikkudi west street
191Al Azar Middle School, ,East Building , North Wing , Tiruppalaikudi, South 1.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Thirupalaikudi north street , 2.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) East street , 3.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Gandhi nagar
192Al Azar Middle School, ,East Building , North Wing , Tiruppalaikudi, South 1.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) South street , 2.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) South street ward 2
193Government Higher Scondary School, ,East Building , Tiruppalaikudi 1.Thirupalaikkudi(p) (R V) Thirupalaikudi east street west , 2.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) East street
194Government Higher Scondary School, ,East Building , Tiruppalaikudi 1.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Mariyamman kovil street
195Government Higher Secondary School ,West Building, Tiruppalaikudi 1.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Manthiranathasamy kovil , 2.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Pazhangkottai , 3.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Murugananthapuram
196Government Higher Secondary School ,West Building, Tiruppalaikudi 1.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Gandhi nagar , 2.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Mariyamman kovil street , 3.Thirupalaikkudi (p) (R V) Fisher street
197Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Naranamangalam 1.Vennathur (R.V) And (P) Chirukudi (Ward 1) , 2.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Velangkulam (Ward 3) , 3.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Naranamangalam (Ward 3)
198Panchayat Union Primary School ,Erumaipatti 1.Pandamangalam (R.V) And (P) Pandamangalam (ward 1) , 2.Vennathur (R.V) And (P) Erumaipattai (Ward 2)
199Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,New Buliding Thimmapatti 1.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Thimmapatti (Ward 3) , 2.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Vadakanenthal (Ward 4) , 3.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Vaigai (Ward 4)
200Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, (East Side) Sambai 1.Vennathur (R.V) And (P) Sambai , 2.Vennathur (R.V) And (P) Pathanendal , 3.Vennathur Pathanendal Andicheendal (R.V) And (P) Andicheendal
201Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, West Side East Portion Sambai 1.Vennathur Pathenendal (R.V) And (P) Pappanendal , 2.Vennathur Pathanendal (R.V) And (P) Vennathur , 3.Vennathur Pathanendal (R.V) And (P) Muthuregunathapuram , 4.Vennathur Pathanendal (R.V) And (P) Muthuregunathapuram
202Panchayat Union Middle School ,South Portion, Mathavanoor 1.Alamalendal (R.V) Madhavanoor (P) Singanendal , 2.Alamalendal (R.V) Madhavanoor (P) Muthuvarkondan , 3.Alamalendal (R.V) Madhavanoor (P) Purakudi , 4.Alamalendal (R.V) Madhavanoor (P) Vattakudi
203Panchayat Union Middle School ,New West Buliding North Portion, Mathavanoor 1.Alamalendal (R.V) Madhavanoor (P) Madhavanoor , 2.Alamalendal (R.V) Madhavanoor (P) Poonthondi , 3.Alamalendal (R.V) Madhavanoor(P) Nariendal
204Government . Higher Secondary School ,West Side Building, Southern Side Room, Devipattinam 1.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) North street ward1
205Government . Higher Secondary School ,New Building Devipattinam 1.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Thoppukara street , 2.Devipattinam (R.V) and (P) North Street 2
206Govt. Higher Secondary School ,Central Buliding , Devipattinam 1.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Vanniar,Post office,Kadai street , 2.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) North street
207Panchayat Union Middle School ,Devipattinam 1.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Kalanikudi , 2.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Sakkaravana nallur
208Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,North Side, West Building , Devipattinam 1.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Thattar street , 2.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Muttaikara street
209Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,East Building, Devipattinam 1.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Kadaistreet
210Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Buliding, Devipattinam 1.Devipattinam (R.V) (P) Padaiatchistreet , 2.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) RC Street , 3.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Nadar street , 4.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Fisherman colony
211Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Matharasaa South Portion, Devipattinam 1.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Layanvadi street , 2.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Madukarai street Mannadi street , 3.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Middle street
212Government Higher Secondary School ,South Building, West Side Room No 6 Devipattinam 1.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Chinna palli vasal street
213Government Higher Sencondary School ,South Building, West Side Room No 5 Devipattinam 1.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Palangkottai Palaiyakadai street , 2.Devipattinam (R.V) And (P) Gandhi nagar
214Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,New Building , Peruvayal. 1.Peruvayal (R.V) And (P) Vilangkulam , 2.Peruvayal (R.V) And (P) Kalaiyanoor colony , 3.Peruvayal (R.V) And (P) Peruvayal , 4.Peruvayal (R.V) And (P) Karaimel kudiirupu , 5.Peruvayal (R.V) And (P) South Peruvayal , 6.Peruvayal (R.V) And (P) Thidak kottai
215Muruganantha Elementary School ,Karenthal 1.Karendal Kumariyendal (R.V) Karendal (P) Kumariendal , 2.Karendal Kumariyendal (R.V) Karendal (P) Karendal adidravidar colony , 3.Karendal Kumariyendal (R.V) Karendal (P) Karendal west street , 4.Karendal Kumariyendal (R.V) Karendal (P) Karendal east street
216Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Side West Side, Pullangudi 1.Pullangkudi(R.V) And (P) Vengkulam , 2.Pullangkudi (R.V) And (P) Nakindaseri , 3.Pullangkudi (R.V) And (P) Koottampuli , 4.Pullangkudi (R.V) And (P) Pullangkudi
217Mohamadia Elementary School, ,East Portion, Chitharkottai. 1.Chitharkottai (R.V) And (P) Jameendhar valasai ward 1 , 2.Chitharkottai (R.V) And (P) Ilandhaikuttam Ward 1
218Mohamadia Elementary School, ,(West side)Chitharkottai 1.Chittar kottai (R.V) And (P) Chittar kottai (west)
219Mohamadia Higher Sec. School, ,East Buliding, Chitharkottai. 1.Chittar kottai (R.V) And (P) Chittar kottai south
220Mohamadia Higher Secondary School, ,(West Portion) Chitharkottai 1.Chittar kottai (R.V) And (P) Chittar kottai( east
221Mohamadia Higher Secondary School, ,(Middle Portion) Chitharkottai 1.Chittar kottai (R.V) And (P) Chittar kottai( Pavadi
222Mohamadia Higher Secondary School, East Side, ,East Side, Chitharkottai 1.Chittar kottai (R.V) (P) Ammari , 2.Chittar kottai (R.V) And (P) Kulasekarakal
223Panchayat Union Primary School, ,East portion Pazhanivalasai 1.Chittar kottai (R.V) And (P) Valoor
224Govt. High. School, ,Westportion, Pazhanivalasai 1.Chittar kottai (R.V) And (P) Palanivalasai
225Govt. High. School ,New Building North Side, Palanivalasai 1.Chittar kottai (R.V) And (P) Mudiveeranpattinam
226Government High School, ,west Side, West Portion, Athiyuthu 1.Athiyuthu (R.V) And (P) Athiyuthu west , 2.Athiyuthu (R.V) And (P) Athiyuthu east
227Government High School, ,Middle Portion, Athiyuthu 1.Athiyuthu (R.V) And (P) Mariamman kovil street , 2.Athiyuthu (R.V) And (P) Iranyan valasai
228Government High. School ,Additional Buliding East Side,Thoruvalur 1.Thoruvaloor (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street , 2.Thoruvaloor (R.V) And (P) Eaststreet , 3.Thoruvaloor (R.V) And (P) Adidravidar street , 4.Thoruvaloor (R.V) And (P) Middle street , 5.Thoruvaloor (R.V) And (P) North street , 6.Thoruvaloor (R.V) And (P) Thoruvaloor
229Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,New Buliding, Kavarangulam 1.Thoruvaloor(R.V) And (P) Kavarangkulam , 2.Thoruvaloor (R.V) And (P) Pappakudi , 3.Thoruvaloor (R.V) And (P) Idaithangi
230Government . Higher Secondary School, ,Central Building, East Side, Kavanur 1.Kavanoor(R.V) And (P) Kavanoor nadu kudiiruppu north street , 2.Kavanoor (R.V) And (P) Kavanoor east kudiiruppu , 3.Kavanoor(R.V) And (P) Kavanoor east colony
231Government . Higher Secondary School, ,Central Building West Side, Kavanur 1.Kavanoor (R.V) And (P) Kavanoor west kudiiruppu , 2.Kavanoor(R.V) And (P) Adidravidar colony south kudiiruppu
232Panchayat Union Middle School, , Karkudi 1.Karukudi (R.V) And (P) Karukudi kalani, karukudi north street , 2.Karukudi (R.V) And (P) Karukudi North Street, Karukudi Medeil Street , 3.Karukudi (R.V) And (P) Karukudi South Street
233Panchayat Union Middle School ,Double Class Room Building, Vannivayal 1.Vannivayal (R.V) And Chithur (P) Chakkankudi , 2.Vannivayal (R.V) And Chithur (P) Vannivayal
234Arijana School ,Chithur 1.Vannivayal (R.V) And Chithur (P) Chithur
235Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,East Portion, Soorankottai 1.Soorankottai (R.V) And (P) Idayarvalasai
236Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,West Side, Soorankottai 1.Soorankottai (R.V) And (P) Muthunal ward 2 , 2.Soorankottai (R.V) And (P) Muthunal ward 3
237Panchayt Union Children Health Centre, ,Idaiyar Valasai 1.Soorankottai (R.V) And (P) Idayar valasai , 2.Soorankottai (R.V) And (P) Kalathavoor
238Community Hall, ,South Portion,Soorankottai Colony 1.Soorankottai (R.V) And (P) Kottagai , 2.Soorankottai(R.V) And (P) KK Nagar Meenatchipuram
239Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,South Side Soorankottai Colony 1.Soorankottai (R.V) And (P) Meenatchipuram , 2.Soorankottai (R.V) And (P) Soorankottai colony
240Panchayat Union Middle School, , East Building South Side, Peravoor. 1.Palangulam And Pattinamkathan (R.V) Ilamanoor(P) Manjalodai (ward 1) , 2.Palangulam And Pattinamkathan (R.V) Ilamanoor (P) Palangkulam (Ward 1) , 3.Palangulam And Pattinamkathan (R.V) Peravoor (P) Peravoor (ward 1)
241Panchayat Union Middle School, , East Building NorthSide, Peravoor. 1.Palangulam And Pattinamkathan (R.V) Peravoor (P) Peravoor west adidravidar colony (Ward 2) , 2.Palangulam And Pattinamkathan (R.V) Peravoor (P) Peravoor east adidravidar colony (Ward 3)
242Panchayat Union Elementary School, , Melakottai 1.Pattinamkathan Palangulam Kalugoorani (R.V) Madakottan (P) Thillainayagapuram (Ward 5) , 2.Pattinamkathan Palangulam Kalugoorani (R.V) Madakottan(P) Mayavaram (Ward 3)
243Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Ilamanoor 1.Pattinamkathan Palangulam Kalugoorani (R.V) Ilamanoor(p) Ilamanoor (ward 1)
244Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,West Portion Melakkottai 1.Pattinamkathan Kalugoorani (R.V) Melakottai (P) Katturani thangappapuram , 2.Pattinamkathan Kalugoorani (R.V) Melakottai (P) Salaikudiyiruppu , 3.Pattinamkathan Kalugoorani (R.V) Melakottai (P) Ramlannagar
245Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,East Portion Melakkottai 1.Pattinamkathan Kalugoorani (R.V) Peravoor (P) Melakottai , 2.Pattinamkathan Kalugoorani (R.V) Peravoor(P) Melakottai madakottan
246Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Kalukoorani 1.T.Kalugoorani (R.V) And Kalugoorani (P) Kalugoorani north , 2.T.Kalugoorani(R.V) And Kalugoorani (P) Kalugoorani south , 3.T.Kalugoorani(R.V) And Kalugoorani (P) Sadayan valasai
247Kannan Elementary School ,North Side, Achunthanvayal. 1.Atchuthanvayal(R.V) And (P) Atchuthanvayal
248Kannan Elementary School ,South Side, Achunthanvayal. 1.Atchuthanvayal (R.V) And (P) Atchuthanvayal , 2.Atchuthanvayal (R.V) And (P) Notchivayal
249Panchayat Union Middle School, ,South Buliding Puthendal 1.Kooriyur (R.V) Puthanental (P) Puthanental (south) , 2.Kooriyur (R.V) Puthendal (P) Puthendal North , 3.Kooriyur (R.V) Puthanental (P) South Street , 4.Kooriyur (R.V) Puthanental (P) West Street
250Dheventhirakula Boovaiyar Elementary School, , Kooriyur 1.Kooriyur (R.V) Puthendal (P) Kooriyur east street , 2.Kooriyur (R.V) Puthendal(P) Kooriyur west street , 3.Kooriyur (R.V) Puthendal(P) Kooriyur south street , 4.Kooriyur (R.V) Puthendal(P) Malligai nagar
251Community Hall ,North portion Melasothoorani,Sakkarakottai. .Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Sivazhanapuram east part , 2.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) VOC nagar east part
252Community Hall ,Sourth portion Melasothoorani,Sakkarakottai. 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Mahasakthi nagar west partxx , 2.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Nehru nagar
253District Primary Edl. Programme Meeting Hall, ,Keelasothoorani,Sakkarakottai. 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Voc nagar west part , 2.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Arul Nagar
254Narmatha Ele.School ,Mahasakthi Nagar, Ramanathapuram 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Mahasakthi nagar east part , 2.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Nehru nagar east part
255Integrated Child Development Project Office ,Keelasothoorani, Sakkarakottai 1.Sakkara kottai (R.V) And (P) Bharathi nagar South , 2.Sakkara kottai (R.V) And (P) Police Quarters
256Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Portion Sakkarakottai. 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Soathuoorani
257Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North Side East Portion, Sakkarakottai. 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Sakkarakottai
258Govt. High. School ,West Side North Building, Sakkarakottai. 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Sethunagar
259Govt. High. School ,Soth Side Building, Sakkarakottai 1.Sakkarakottai(R.V) And (P) Sakkarakottai sethu nagar , 2.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Pasumpon nagar
260Panchayat Union Community Hall, ,Vani. 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Vani north , 2.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Vani south
261Panchayat Union Primary School ,Karikoottam 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) And (P) Karikootam
262Aided Elementary School, ,West Side, Therkkutharavai 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) Therkkutharavai(P) Amman kovil , 2.Sakkarakottai (R.V) Therkkutharavai(P) Mudukku tharavai , 3.Sakkarakottai (R.V) Therkkutharavai(P) Subbudevan valasai
263Panchyat Union Middle School ,East Building North Portion Vairavankovil 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) Therkkutharavai(p) Ooranikaran valasai , 2.Sakkarakottai (R.V) Therkkutharavai (P) Mangalkudiyan valasai , 3.SakkarakottaI (R.V) Therkkutharavai(P) Vairavan kovil , 4.Sakkarakottai (R.V) Therkkutharavai(P) Vikkirapandi valasai
264Panchayat Building, , Therkkutharavai 1.Sakkarakottai (R.V) Therkkutharavai(p) Therkkutharavai , 2.Sakkarakottai (R.V) Therkkutharavai(P) Therkkutharavai colony
265Panchayat Union Middle School, ,West Portion , Therpogi. 1.Therbogi (R.V) And (P) Therbogi north street , 2.Therbogi (R.V) And (P) Therbogi Mamarathu street
266Panchayat Union Middle School, ,East Portion , West Side,Therpogi 1.Therbogi (R.V) And (P) Therbogi south street , 2.Therbogi (R.V) And (P) Nalla thambi valasai street
267Panchayat Union Middle School, ,East Portion ,East Side, Therpogi. 1.Therbogi (R.V) And (P) Madasamy kovil street , 2.Therbogi (R.V) And (P) Therbogi Colony street , 3.Therbogi (R.V) And (P) OldTherbogi
268Arabi Oliyullah Aided High School ,Front Portion Buliding, Puduvalasai. 1.Therpogi (R.V) Puduvalasai(P) Seashore chattiram block 1 , 2.Therpogi (R.V ) Puduvalasai(P) Thavukadu , 3.Therpogi (R.V) Puduvalasai (P) Puduvalasai nadar street , 4.Therpogi (R.V ) Puduvalasai (P) Puduvalasai west ,east street
269Arabi Oliyullah Aided High School ,South Building West Portion, Puduvalasai. 1.Therpogi (R.V) Puduvalasai(P) Puduvalasai west,east street , 2.Therpogi (R.V) Puduvalasai (P) Puduvalasai south street
270Government Girls Higher Secondary School ,Old Buliding,South Portion Panaikkulam 1.Alagangulam (R.V) Panaikulam(P) Sogayanthoppu , 2.Alagangulam (R.V) Panaikulam (P) Pudukudiiruppu kadarkarai valasai
271Bakrudin Panchat Union . Elementary School (Old Building ) (Opposite Building) ,East Buliding North Side Panaikkulam 1.Alagangulam (R.V) Panaikulam (P) Panaikulam Anna nagar
272Government Girls Higher Secondary School, ,West Buliding, North portion, Panaikkulam 1.Alagangulam (R.V) Panaikulam (P) Panaikulam west street , 2.Alagangulam (R.V) Panaikulam (P) Panaikulam west street 2
273Government Girls Higher Secondary School ,West Buliding South Portion, Panaikkulam. 1.Alagangulam (R.V) Panaikulam (P) Panaikulam east street , 2.Alagangulam (R.V) Panaikulam (P) East street
274Bakrudin Panchat Union Elementary School, ,North Side, South Buliding, Panaikulam. 1.Alagangulam (R.V) Panaikulam (P) Panaikulam west street
275Government Girls Higher Secondary School ,East Side, Panaikulam. 1.Alagangulam (R.V) Panaikulam (P) Panaikulam west , 2.Alagangulam (R.V) Panaikulam (P) Panaikulam
276Government Girls Higher Secondary School, ,West Side, North Buliding, Panaikulam. 1.Alagangulam (R.V) Pannaikulam (P) Ponnkulam (ward 12)
277Government Girls Higher Secondary School ,North Buliding, East Side, Panaikulam 1.Alagangulam (R.V) Pannaikulam (P) Pannaikulam (Ward 10)
278Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,North Buliding, East Portion, Alagankulam 1.Alagankulam(R.V) And (P) Nadar valasai , 2.Alagankulam (R.V) And (P) Kadarkarai valasai
279Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,North Buliding, West Portion, Alagankulam 1.Alagankulam (R.V) And (P) Pavadistreet middle street , 2.Alagankulam (R.V) And (P) Samy thoppu , 3.Alagankulam (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street
280Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,East Buliding, Alagangulam. 1.Alagankulam (R.V) And (P) Alagankulam north street , 2.Alagankulam (R.V) And (P) Alagankulam middle street
281Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,West Buliding Alagangulam 1.Alagankulam(R.V) And (P) Alagankulam North street , 2.Alagankulam (R.V) And (P) Alagankulam Pavadistreet
282Government Higher Secondary School, ,West Side, Alagankulam 1.Alagankulam (R.V) And (P) Therkku valasai
283Government Higher Secondary School, ,East Side, Alagankulam 1.Alagankulam (R.V) And (P) Bajanaimadastreet , 2.Alagankulam (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street
284Kalaivani Matriculation School ,South Side Bharathi nagar, Ramanathapuram 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Bharathi nagar west 1st.2nd street , 2.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Bharathi west 3rd,4th street
285Kalaivani Matriculation School ,Middle Side Bharathi nagar, Ramanathapuram 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Bharathi west 6,7,8,9 street , 2.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Bharathinagar middle street 10,11, street
286Kalaivani Matriculation School ,North Side Bharathi Nagar, Ramanathapuram 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Gandhi nagar , 2.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Bharathi nagar east
287Allwin, Matriculation School, ,NorthBuliding South portion Ohm sakthi nagar Ramanathapuram 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Om sakthi nagar 17th street , 2.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Jawahar nagar 18th street
288Allwin, Matriculation School, ,East Side, First Room, Ohm sakthi nagar Ramanathapuram 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Om sakthi nagar
289Allwin, Matriculation School, ,West Buliding North Portion Ohm sakthi nagar Ramanathapuram 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) North street vasantha nagar om sakthi nagar , 2.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Kalangkarai , 3.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Kalangkarai bharathi nagar
290Panchayat Union Middle School, , East Building , North Side, Pattinamkathan 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Pattinamkathan north
291Panchayat Union Middle School, , East Building , South Side, Pattinamkathan 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) and (P) Pattinamkathan North 2
292Panchayat Union Middle School, ,North Building , Pattinamkathan 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Pattinamkathan Muniasamy nagar , 2.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Ramnagar , 3.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Irulan kudiiruppu
293Panchayat Union Middle School, , East Building , Pattinamkathan 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) South street , 2.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) South colony
294Vivekanandha Vidyalaya Matriculation School ,New Building , North Side, Sethupathy nagar, Ramanathapuram 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Housing board a,b block
295Vivekanandha Vidyalaya Matriculation School ,New Building, Middle Portion, Sethupathy nagar, Ramanathapuram 1.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Housing board c block , 2.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Housing board D Block , 3.Pattinamkathan (R.V) And (P) Housing Board E DSP Colony
296Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Buliding North Portion L. Karungulam 1.Lanthai (R.V) And (P) Karungulam , 2.Lanthai (R.V) And (P) Lanthai
297Panchayat Union Middle School ,South Building , L.Karungulam 1.Lanthai (R.V) And (P) Kannanai , 2.Lanthai (R.V) And (P) Periya Thamaraikudi , 3.Lanthai (R.V) And (P) Atchangkudi
298Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Building (North side) Ekkakudi 1.Ekkakudi (R.V) And (P) Pakkiri pudukulam , 2.Ekkakudi (R.V) And (P) Kothangulam , 3.Ekkakudi (R.V) And (P) Ekkakudi south street
299Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Norht Building (South Side) Ekkakudi 1.Ekkakudi (R.V) And (P) East street , 2.Ekkakudi (R.V) And (P) Middle street,north street
300Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North Buliding,Panaikulam 1.Panaikulam (R.V) And (P) Pannaikulam (ward 1) , 2.Panaikulam (R.V) And (P) Nallangkudi (Ward 1) , 3.Panaikulam (R.V) And (P) Arukudi (Ward 2) , 4.Panaikulam (R.V) And (P) Kadambangkudi (Ward 2) , 5.Panakulam (R.V) And (P) Bookulam (Ward 2)
301Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Malangudi 1.Mallal (R.V) And (P) Vadavalangkulam (ward 1) , 2.Mallal (R.V) And (P) Malangkudi (Ward 1) , 3.Mallal (R.V) And (P) Melaseethai kovilan sathan (Ward 2)

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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