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List of Polling Booths in Thiruvarur Assembly

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Panchayat Union Middle School Kondaiyaniruppu, 613 705 ,RCC Northern Building West Side (South Face) 1.Ilaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Madha kovil street , 2.Ilaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Pillai Street , 3.Ilaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Nagalure , 4.Ilaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Kondaiyaniruppu
2Panchayat Union Middle School Kondaiyaniruppu, 613 705 ,R.C.C Building Eastern Side West Facing 1.Ilaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Ponnur , 2.Ilaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Adavangudi
3Panchayat Union Primary School Sellur 613 705 ,New RCC Building Western Side West Facing 1.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam , 2.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) North Street , 3.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) South Street , 4.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Pettai Street West , 5.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street , 6.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Kulathu Mettu Street
4Panchayat Union Primary School Sellur 613 705 ,New RCC Western Building East Facing 1.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Main Road , 2.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Pettai Street East , 3.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Mill Street , 4.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Arijana Kudiyiruppu Colony , 5.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Middle Colony Street , 6.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) East Street , 7.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Arijana South Street , 8.Sellur (R.V.) and (P) Angallamman Kovil Street
5 Panchayat Union Primary School Thirukalambur 613 705 ,Mainbuilding South Facing Mangalore Tiled1.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) North Street , 2.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street , 3.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) South Street , 4.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) Colony Street , 5.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) Keela Veedhi , 6.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) Vadakku Veedhi , 7.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) Mela Veedhi , 8.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) Therku veedhi , 9.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam , 10.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) Anna nagar Colony , 11.Thirukalambur (R.V.) and (P) Kokkaladi Street
6Panchayat Union Primary School Keelauthirangudi ,R.C.C Building South Facing 1.Uthirankudi (R.V) and (P) Keela uthirangudi kudiyana street , 2.Uthirankudi (R.V) and (P) Uthirankudi Adi dravidar Street , 3.Uthirankudi (R.V) and (P) West Uthirankudi Adi dravidar Street , 4.Uthirankudi (R.V) and (P) West Uthirankudi Kudiyana Street , 5.Uthirankudi (R.V) and (P) Kumaramangalam Adi dravidar Street
7Panchayat Union Primary School Keeranthangudi 613 705 ,Manglore Tiled Building South Facing 1.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keerandangudi Mariyamman Kovil Street , 2.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keerandangudi West Street , 3.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keerandangudi Rottu Theru , 4.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keeranthangudi Pillai Street , 5.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keeranthan Kulathu Mettu Street , 6.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keeranthangudi East Street , 7.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keeranthangudi Middle Street , 8.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Melasathimangalam Adi dravidar Street , 9.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Melathisangamangalam Kudiyana Street , 10.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Melaththangal , 11.Melathichamangalam (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keelath thangal
8Panchayat Union Primary School Keelapalaiyur ,R.C.C Building North Facing 1.Keezhapalaiyur (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keelapazhaiyur Mariyamman Kovil Street , 2.Keezhapalaiyur (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keelapazhaiyur Agraharam Street , 3.Keezhapalaiyur (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keelapazhaiyur West Street , 4.Keezhapalaiyur (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keelapazhauiyur West, North Street , 5.Keezhapalaiyur (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keezhapalaiyur Rottu theru , 6.Keezhapalaiyur (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keelapazhaiyur East , North Street , 7.Keezhapalaiyur (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keezhapalaiyur Konavaikkal Street , 8.Keezhapalaiyur (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Muthukudi , 9.Keezhapalaiyur (R.V) Uthirankudi (P) Keezhapalaiyur Colony Street
9Panchayat Union Middle School Abivirutheeswaram 613 703 ,Eastern RCC Building West Facing 1.Abiviruthiswaram (R.V) And (P) Aakashaveli , 2.Abiviruthiswaram(R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Main Road , 3.Abiviruthiswaram (r.v) abiviruthiswaram (p) North Street , 4.Abiviruthiswaram (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) East Street , 5.Abiruthiswaram (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Kaliyamman Koil Street , 6.Abiviruthiswaram (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Sivan Sannathi Street , 7.Abiviruthiswaram (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) West Street , 8.Abiviruthiswaram (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Keezha Arijana Street , 9.Abiviruthiswaram (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Natham Street , 10.Abiviruthiswaram (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Abivirutheeswaram Arijana Colony
10Panchayat Union Middle School Abivirutheeswaram 613 703 ,Western RCC Building North Side East Facing 1.Abiviruthiswaram (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Mela Arijana Street , 2.Abiviruthiswaram (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Pallivasal Street , 3.Abiviruthiswaram (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Pangu Puthumanai Street , 4.Valavanallur (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Valavanallur Kudiyana Street , 5.Valavanallur (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Chittilingam Arijana street , 6.Valavanallur (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Valavanallur Keezha Arijana theru , 7.Valavanallur (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Valavanallur Rottu Arisana Street , 8.Valavanallur (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Citilingam Kudiyana Street , 9.Valavanallur (R.V) Abiviruthiswaram (P) Keezha Adhichamangalam Kudiyana Street
11Government ADW School Pathur 613 703 , Main RCC Northern Building West Side South Facing 1.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) East Street , 2.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) South Street , 3.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) North Street , 4.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) West Street , 5.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) Kulathu mettu Street
12Government ADW School Pathur 613 703 ,New RCC Southern Building East Side North Facing 1.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) Odakulathu Street , 2.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) sivan Koil Street , 3.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) Main Rottu Street , 4.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) Madha Koil Street , 5.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) Sathiram Milladi Street , 6.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) Keezha Arijana Street , 7.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) Panangarai Street , 8.Pathur (R.V.) and (P) Arisana Colony Street
13Panchayat Union Primary School Arpar 613 701 ,Mangalore Tiled Main Building East Facing 1.Karaiyapalaiyur (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Karaiya Palaiyur Kudiyana Street , 2.Arpar (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Karaiya Palaiyur Adi dravidar Street , 3.Karaiyapalaiyur (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Kallukudi Kudiyana Street , 4.Karaiyapalaiyur (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Kallukudi Adi dravidar Street , 5.Karaiyapalaiyur R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Kattalai Thoppu Street , 6.Karaiyapaliayur (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Kattalai Kudiyana Street , 7.Karaiyapaliayur (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Burma Colony , 8.Arpar (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Arbar Kudiya East Street , 9.Arpar (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Arbar Middle Street , 10.Arpar (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Kulathu Mettu Street , 11.Arpar (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Arbar South Street , 12.Arpar (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Arbar Adi dravidar Street , 13.Arpar (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Senganmedu , 14.Arpar (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) East Adi dravidar Street , 15.Arpar (R.V) Karaiyapalaiyur (P) Kottagam
14Panchayat Union Primary School Neikuppai 612 610 ,Mangalore Tiled Main Building South Facing 1.Neikuppai (R.V.) and (P) East Street , 2.Neikuppai (R.V.) and (P) Kulathankarai Street , 3.Neikuppai (r.v.) and (p) Middle Street , 4.Neikuppai (R.V.) and (P) Pattamaniyar Street , 5.Neikuppai (R.V.) and (P) North Street , 6.Neikuppai (R.V.) and (P) West Street , 7.Neikuppai (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street , 8.Neikuppai (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam , 9.Neikuppai (R.V.) and (P) South Arijana Street , 10.Neikuppai (R.V.) and (P) Road Arijana Street
15Panchayat Union Primary School Poongavur (Karaiyapalaiyur) 612 603 ,Terraced Building Eastern Side North Facing 1.Karaiyapalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) East street poongavur , 2.Karaiyapalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) South Street Poongavur , 3.Karaiyapalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Thoppu Streetn Poongavur , 4.Karaiyapalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) West Street Poongavur , 5.Karaiyapalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Kudiyanan Street Pakkam , 6.Karaiyapalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Colony Street Pakkam , 7.Karaiyapalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) West Street Pakkam
16Government High School Enkan 612 603 , Centre New RCC Building North Facing 1.Engan (R.V.) and (P) East street , 2.Engan (R.V.) and (P) North Street , 3.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Rottu theru , 4.Engan (R.V.) and (P) West Street , 5.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Anna Colony , 6.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Mela Veedhi , 7.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street , 8.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Keela Veedhi , 9.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Sannathi Street , 10.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Therku veedhi , 11.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Thirumanjana Veedhi
17Panchayat Union Primary School Enkan 612 603 ,Mangalore Tiled Eastern Building South Facing 1.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Mela colony , 2.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Pattakkal Colony , 3.Engan (R.V.) and (P) East Colony , 4.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Nadu Padugai , 5.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Pandukathan thoppu , 6.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Periya thoppu , 7.Engan (R.V.) and (P) Thaikkal Colony
18Vivekananda Aided Primary School Kappanamangalam, 612 603 ,Eastern Side Mangalore Tiled Building North Facing 1.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Block 1,2,3 Valaiyalkara Street , 2.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Block 1,2,3 Uppu kadai Street , 3.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Block 1,2,3 Main Road , 4.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Block 1,2,3 Satchithanandam Nagar , 5.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Kaikatti , 6.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) North Street , 7.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Sowriyar Kovil Street
19Vivekananda Aided Primary School Kappanamangalam, 612 603 ,Western Side wing Mangalore Tiled Building North Facing 1.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street , 2.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) West Street , 3.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) South Street , 4.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam , 5.Kappanamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Thazhppal
20Panchayat Union Primary School, Arasavanangadu ,Western Side RCC Building North Facing 1.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam , 2.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) Thoppu Theru , 3.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) South Street Ward-1 , 4.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street Ward-1 , 5.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) East Adi dravidar Street Ward-2 , 6.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) Kulathumettu theru Ward-1
21Panchayat Union Primary School Arasavanangadu ,Eastern Side Mangalore Tiled Building North Facing 1.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) North Street Ward-2 , 2.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) Andipalaiyam Street Ward-2 , 3.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) West Adi dravidar Street Ward-2 , 4.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) Main Road Ward-2 , 5.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-1 , 6.Arasavanangadu (R.V.) and (P) Arasu Aluvalar Kudiyiruppu Ward-2
22Panchayat Union Primary School Deepangudi ,RCC Main Building East Facing Southern Side 1.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) Main road , 2.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) Pudhu Street , 3.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) Middle Street , 4.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) Jaina Street , 5.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) Kalungadi Street , 6.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) North Veli , 7.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) South Street , 8.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) Thottakudi Colony Street , 9.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) Thottakudi Main Road , 10.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) Thottakudi North Street , 11.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) Thottakudi South Street , 12.Deepangudi (R.V.), Semmangudi (P) Thottakudi East Street
23Panchayat Union Primary School Manakkal Ayyampettai, 610 104 ,RCC West Building Western Side South Facing 1.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Block 3,4,5 Kothankudi Adi dravidar Street , 2.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Block 3,4,5 Kudiyana Street , 3.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Block 3,4,5 Mela Manakkal , 4.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Mill Main Road , 5.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Mill Street , 6.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Kumarakovil Street , 7.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Thamarai kula Street , 8.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street , 9.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Sivan Kovil Street , 10.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Pallikuda Street , 11.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Perumal Kovil North Street
24Panchayat Union Primary School Manakkal Ayyampettai, 610 104 ,RCC West Building Eastern Side South Facing1.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Perumal Kovil South Street , 2.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Thiruvanchiyam Main Road , 3.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Madathu theru , 4.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Nethaji Street , 5.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Nadar Street , 6.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Mettu Street , 7.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Tiruvarur Mainroad , 8.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Mudhaliyar Street , 9.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Agasdeeswara Swami kovil Street , 10.Manakkal (R.V.) and (P) Keezha Manakkal Street
25Panchayat Union Primary School Manakkal Ayyampettai, 610 104 ,Eastern RCC Building South Facing 1.Pulavanallur (R.V.) , Manakkal (P) Block 1,2 Thiruvanchiyam main road , 2.Pulavanallur (R.V.) , Manakkal (P) Velar Street , 3.Pulavanallur (R.V.) , Manakkal (P) Block 1,2 Gandhi Nagar East , 4.Pulavanallur (R.V.) , Manakkal (P) Gandhi Nagar West , 5.Pulavanallur (R.V.) , Manakkal (P) North street , 6.Pulavanallur (R.V.) , Manakkal (P) Middle Street , 7.Pulavanallur (R.V.) , Manakkal (P) South Street , 8.Pulavanallur (R.V.) , Manakkal (P) Chinna South Street , 9.Pulavanallur (R.V.) , Manakkal (P) Paruthi kollai Street , 10.Pulavanallur (R.V.) , Manakkal (P) Mudhaliyar Street
26Panchayat Union Middle School Keerangudi 610 104 ,Western RCC Main Building East Facing 1.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) Sunnambukara street , 2.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) Vazhai kollai Mettu Street , 3.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) Easu Street , 4.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) River Bank Street , 5.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) Thillai Vinayaga Nallur , 6.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) Othakkattalai , 7.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) Kutchipalaiyam , 8.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) Kutchipalaiyam Middle Street , 9.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam , 10.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) South Street , 11.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) North Street , 12.Keerangudi (R.V.) and (P) Kanni Kovil Street
27Panchayat Union Middle School Vadakandam 610 104 ,Mangalore Tiled Main Building Easternside North Facing 1.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Main road , 2.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Mudhaliyar Street , 3.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Pudhu Street , 4.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) South Street , 5.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Kamarajar Street , 6.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Karai veeran street , 7.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Sivan Kovil Street , 8.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Chetti thidal , 9.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Orveli Street , 10.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Mettu Theru
28Panchayat Union Middle School Vadakandam 610 104 ,Mangalore Tiled Main Building Westernside North Facing 1.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Seeveli street , 2.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Vettar Bridge , 3.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Palavai Kudiyana Street , 4.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Palavai Arijana Street , 5.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Ettiyalur North Street , 6.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Ettiyalur West Street , 7.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Ettiyalur South Street , 8.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Ettiyalur East Street , 9.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Ettiyalur Agraharam Street , 10.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) South Arijana Street , 11.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Ettiyalur North Arijana Street , 12.Vadakandam (R.V.) and (P) Ettiyalur East Arijana Street
29Panchayat Union Middle School Thirukkannamangai 610 104 ,Western Side RCC Building Northern wing (East Facing) 1.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Mela main street , 2.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Pathiravi Pettai Street , 3.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Main Road , 4.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Rajan Thoppu Street , 5.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Keezha Veedhi , 6.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Sathirathu Kollai Street , 7.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) South Street , 8.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Vadaku veedhi
30Panchayat Union Middle School Thirukkannamangai 610 104 ,South West RCC Building , Center Hall (East Facing) 1.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Bowndu Street , 2.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Therku veedhi , 3.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Mela Veedhi , 4.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Kothatheru , 5.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Nagareespuram , 6.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Jaganathan Palaiya Street , 7.Thirukannamangai (R.V.) and (P) Thoppu Street
31Govt Higher Sec School Kattur 610 104 ,Eastern RCC Building Southern wing (West Facing) 1.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Naveli ward-1 , 2.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Main Road Ward-1 , 3.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Thattararth Street Ward 2 , 4.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Mill Street Ward-2 , 5.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Street Ward-2 , 6.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward-2 , 7.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Payirankannith Street Ward-2 , 8.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Mettu Street Ward-2 , 9.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Sowri Thoppu Street Ward-2 , 10.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-1 , 11.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Kamaraj Colony Street Ward-2 , 12.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Senganthottam Ward-2 , 13.Agarathirunallur (R.V.) and (P) Sivan Kovil Street Ward-2
32Govt. Higher Sec. School Kattur 610 104 ,Southern New RCC Building Western wing (North Facing) 1.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Main road , 2.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Main Road , 3.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Mudhaliyar Street , 4.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) West Street , 5.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) sivan Koil Street , 6.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) East Street , 7.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Stalin Nagar , 8.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Pallikuda chandu , 9.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Thatchar Street , 10.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Pidari Kovil Street , 11.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Street
33Govt. Higher Sec. School Kattur 610 104 ,Southern New RCC Building (Centre Hall) (North Facing 1.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) East street , 2.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Kaliyamman Kovil Street , 3.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Mill Street , 4.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Main Road , 5.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Vilagam Kamarajar Street , 6.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Vilagam Big Street , 7.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Vazhaikollai Street , 8.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Kalainkar Nagar , 9.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Asiya Nagar , 10.Kattur (R.V.) and (P) Gurumanjeri
34Panchayat Union Middle School Pavithiramanickam 610 051 ,Eastern New RCC Building Southern Wing West Facing 1.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 1 Block 2,3 Tholuvanangudi adidravidar street , 2.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 1 Block 2,3 Tholuvanangudi , 3.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 1 Block 2,3 Pavithiramanickam Main Road
35Panchayat Union Middle School Pavithiramanickam 610 051 , Main RCC Building Eastern Wing North Facing 1.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 1 Block 2,3 Kaliyamman Kovil Thenpuram , 2.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 1 Block 2,3 Housing Unit , 3.Elavangargudi (r.v.) and (p) part 1 block 2,3 Kamarajar nagar
36Panchayat Union Middle School Pavithiramanickam Elavangarkudi 610 051 ,Main RCC Building Western wing North facing 1.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 1 Block 2,3 Vellalar street , 2.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 1 Block 2,3 Anna Nagar , 3.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 1 Block 2,3 Madha Kovil Street , 4.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) M.G.R. Nagar , 5.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Thiru.Ve.Ka. Nagar
37Panchayat Union Middle School Pavithiramanickam 610 051 ,Eastern New RCC Building Centre Hall West Facing 1.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Pudhu Street , 2.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) G.R.T. Nagar District Collector Quarters
38Panchayat Union Middle School Pavithiramanickam 610 051 ,Eastern New RCC Building Northern Wing West Facing 1.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 2 Block 1 Pavithiramanickam east street , 2.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Pavithiramanickam West Street , 3.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Elavangargudi East Street , 4.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 2 Block 1 Elavangargudi West Street , 5.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Part 2 Block 1 Kudiyana Street , 6.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Housing Unit , 7.Elavangargudi (R.V.) and (P) Main Road
39Panchayat Union Middle School Ammaiyappan 613701 ,Additional New RCC South Building South Side North Facing Western wing 1.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Thenkal vaniya street , 2.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Thenkal Street , 3.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) N.U.R.L. Street , 4.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Pavukkara Street , 5.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Anjaneyar Koil Street , 6.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Puthu Bazar , 7.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Rajagopal Swamy North Street , 8.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Manaraiyar Chetti St
40Panchayat Union Middle School Ammaiyappan 613701 ,Additional New RCC Building South Side North Facing Eastern Wing 1.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Neshavalar Colony Street , 2.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Rajagopala Samy sannathi St , 3.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Mariyamman Koil Street , 4.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Krishnan Koil Street , 5.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Chinnakadai Street , 6.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Showrastira Periya Street , 7.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Vanniya St , 8.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Thenkal Adi Diravidar Street , 9.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Thenkal Colony Street , 10.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Rottu Stree
41Government Higher Secondary School Ammaiyappan 613701 ,Main RCC Northern Building (Centre wing) Hall No.4 South Facing 1.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Kirishanan koil street , 2.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Mainrottu Street , 3.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Pallivasal Street , 4.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Puthubala Street West , 5.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Gandhinagar Puthu Street , 6.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Dhonidurai Street , 7.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Vandikkara Street , 8.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Bookkara Street , 9.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Kashikkara Street , 10.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Murakkara Street , 11.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Gomutti Street , 12.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Akkarai Udaiyar Street , 13.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Ealengudi Keela Street , 14.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Ealankudi Nadu Street , 15.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Akkarai Puthu Street , 16.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Akkarai Colony Street , 17.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Akkarai Nadu Street , 18.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Othai Street
42Government Higher Secondary School Ammaiyappan 613701 ,New RCC Southern Building Hall No.16 North Facing 1.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Kuravan thoppu , 2.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Kalliamman Koil Street , 3.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Pookkara Street , 4.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Kavanoor Raod , 5.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Otha Street , 6.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Akkarai Udaiyar Street , 7.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Agraharam , 8.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Panchanath Thoppu Street , 9.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Akkarai Melathoppu Street
43PUM School, Ammaiyappan ,West New Centre RCC Building West Facing 1.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Puthubala Street , 2.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Kirishnan Koil Street , 3.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Periyakadai Street , 4.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Uppukkara Street , 5.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Kashikara Street , 6.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Mela Street , 7.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Puthubala Street West , 8.Ammaiyappan (R.V) and (P) Vandikkara Street
44Panchayat Union Middle School Anaivadapathy 613701 ,Main RCC Building North Side West Facing 1.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Ogaicheri Athidravidar St ward 4 , 2.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Alangudi Athidravidar St ward 4 , 3.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Kalaiamman Kovil St Ward 4 , 4.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Subramaniya Kovil St ward 4 , 5.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Athidravidar St ward 4 , 6.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Thampuran thoppu St Ward 4 , 7.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) North Athidravidar St ward 4 , 8.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) South Athidravidar St ward 4
45Panchayat Union Middle School Anaivadapathy 613701 ,Main Centre Building North Facing 1.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Road Athidravidar St ward 4 , 2.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyar Kovil St Ward 4 , 3.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Pampakai Kudiyana St Ward 4 , 4.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Pampakai Athidravidar St ward 4 , 5.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Pampakai Natham road St Ward 4 , 6.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Aanaithenpathy Raja St Ward 4 , 7.Anaivadapathi (R.V) and (P) Aanaithenpathy Athidravidar St ward 4
46Panchayat Union Elementary School Kavanur 613701 ,Western Side, RCC Building West Side North Facing 1.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Karupoor street , 2.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Payichalkadai Adi Diravidar Street , 3.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Payichal Kadai Street , 4.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Karupoor Adi Diravidar Street , 5.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Kavanoor Main Road , 6.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Pannai Street , 7.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Kaliyamman Koil Street , 8.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Mariyamman Koil Street , 9.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street , 10.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Pillaiveettu Street
47Panchayat Union Elementary School Kavanur 613701 ,Western Side RCC Building East Side North Facing 1.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Iyyanar Koil Street , 2.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Kavanoor South Street , 3.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Kavanoor Adi Diravidar Street , 4.Kavanoor (R.V) and (P) Suranoor Street , 5.Nattuvakudi (R.V) , Kavanoor (P) Dundatthuoor Street , 6.Nattuvakudi (R.V) Kavanoor (P) Nattuvakkudi Kudiyana Street , 7.Nattuvakudi (R.V) Kavanoor (P) Nattuvakudi Adi Diravidar Street , 8.Nattuvakudi (R.V) Kavanoor (P) Keeranthakudi Adi Diravidar Street , 9.Nattuvakudi (R.V) Kavanoor (P) Shathuvadi Adidiravidar Street , 10.Nattuvakudi (R.V) Kavanoor (P) Shathuvadi Kudiyana Street , 11.Nattuvakudi (R.V) Kavanoor (P) Shathuvadi Mela Street
48Sri Vinayaka Aided Middle School Ayikudi Mugunthanoor 613701 ,,North Building South Facing 1.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Chettiyar street ward 3 , 2.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Mela Muganthanur Gudiyana Street , 3.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyar Koil Street Ward 3 , 4.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Mela Muganthanur Adi Dravidar Street Ward 3
49Sri Vinayaka Aided Middle School Ayikudi Mugunthanoor 613701 ,South Building East Facing 1.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Aaigudi Kudiyana Street Ward 4 , 2.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Shamathuvapuram Ward 4 , 3.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Kotthavasal Adi Dravidar Street Ward 4 , 4.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Kotthavasal Kudiyana Street Ward 4 , 5.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Kotthavasal Agraharam Ward 4 , 6.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Madapuram Adi Dravidar Street Ward 4 , 7.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Madapuram Kuidyana Street Ward 4
50Punitha Adaikala Annai Middle School Pattutaiyanirupu 613701 ,New RCC Building Sothern wing (East Facing) 1.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Pattudaiyaniruppu madhakoil street ward 4 , 2.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Mariyamman Koil Street Ward 1 , 3.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Madha Colony Ward 1 , 4.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Enkan Road Mela Street Ward 1 , 5.Aykudi (R.V) and (P) Pattudaiyaniruppu Sebastiyar koil Street War-1 , 6.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Keela Mukanthanur Kudiyana Street Ward 2 , 7.Aykudi (R.V) and (P) Keela Mukanthanur Keela Adi-dravidar Street Ward-2 , 8.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Kollakkandam Sefasthyar Koil Street Ward 2 , 9.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Kollakkandam Kudiyana Street Ward 2 , 10.Aaigudi (R.V) and (P) Kollakandam Adi Diravaidar Street Ward 2
51Panchayat Union Elementary School Malaiyur Athicholamangalam 613703 ,Main Terraced Building West Facing 1.Athicholamangalam (R.V) and (P) Malzaiur adi diravidar stree , 2.Athicholamangalam (R.V) and (P) Malazhur Kuidiyana Street , 3.Atthicholamangalam (R.V) and (P) Krihnapuram Kudiyana Street , 4.Athicholamangalam (R.V) and (P) Atthicholamangalam Adi Diravaidar Street , 5.Athicholamangalam (R.V) and (P) Atthicholamangalam Kudiyana Street
52Panchayat Union Primary School Oorgudi 613703 , Main Terraced Building East Side North Facing 1.Oorgudi (R.V) and (P) Maravar Street , 2.Oorgudi (R.V) and (P) Arichana Street , 3.Oorgudi (R.V) and (P) Main Road , 4.Oorgudi (R.V) and (P) Mela Arichana Stret , 5.Oorgudi (R.V) and (P) Keela Arichana Street , 6.Oorgudi (R.V) and (P) North Street , 7.Oorgudi (R.V) and (P) Keela Street , 8.Oorgudi (R.V) and (P) North Street , 9.Oorgudi (R.V) and (P) Mela Street , 10.Oorgudi (R.V) and (P) Anna Nagar
53Panchayat Union Middle School Chettichemili (Krishnan Kottagam) 613703 ,Western RCC Building Middle Portion South Facing 1.Krinishnakottagam (R.V) Perumalagaram (P) Chettichimizhli Kudiyana Street , 2.Krinishnakottagam (R.V) and (P) Chettichemizhli Keela Street , 3.Krinishnakottagam (R.V) and (P) Chettichemili Mela Street
54Panchayat Union Primary . School Perumalagaram 613703 ,East Side RCC Building South Side West Facing 1.Perumalakaram (R.V) andn (P) Chemili road , 2.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Kileriya Kollai , 3.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Patta Street , 4.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Mela Street , 5.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Keela Street , 6.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Kottakam , 7.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Mahajana Pettai
55Panchayat Union Primary . School Perumalagaram 613703 ,East Side RCC Building North Side West Facing 1.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Thoppu Street , 2.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Vellar Street , 3.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Puthu Street , 4.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Perumalkoil Street , 5.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Mela Agraharam , 6.Perumalakaram Panchayat Nadu Agraharam , 7.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) South Street , 8.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Kuttaikkara Street , 9.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Sivankoil Street , 10.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) North Street , 11.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Mettu Street , 12.Perumalakaram (R.V) and (P) Thattara Eiruppu Street
56Panchayat Union Primary School Koradacheri 613703 ,New RCC Building North Facing East Side 1.Koradachery (T.P) Thanjai salai street , 2.Koradachery S.B. Sivankoil Street , 3.Koradachery (T.P) N.G. Colony Street , 4.Koradachery (T.P) Sunnammbukkara Street , 5.Koradachery (T.P) Kamarajar Salai Street , 6.Koradachery (T.P) Nagai Salai , 7.Koradachery (T.P) Vella Mathku Colony Street
57Panchayat Union Primary School Koradacheri 613703 ,New RCC Building West Facing PWD Compound Area West Facing 1.Koradachery (T.P) Narthmangudi street , 2.Koradachery (T.P) Kamarajar Salai Street , 3.Koradachery (T.P) Indira Nagar Street , 4.Koradachery (T.P) Kampankollai Street , 5.Koradachery (T.P) Kamarajar Salai Thiyagarajar Thottam
58Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Koradachery 613703 ,New RCC Building East Side North Facing East Part 1.Koradachery (T.P) Sempazhavanagudi , 2.Koradachery (T.P) Kottagam , 3.Koradachery (T.P) Manjakkollai Street , 4.Koradachery (T.P) Vishwanathapuram North Street , 5.Koradachery (T.P) Vishwanathapuram North Street , 6.Koradachery (t.p) Melarailway gate street , 7.Koradachery (T.P) Pillai Street , 8.Koradachery (T.P) Muthaliyar Colony , 9.Koradachery (T.P) Kittankithoppu Street
59Government Girls Higher sec. School Koradachery 613703 ,New RCC Building North Facing Centre Hall 1.Koradachery (T.P) Palavanagudi kudiyana street , 2.Koradachery (T.P) Palavanagudi Adi Dravidar Street , 3.Koradachery (T.P) Kamarasar Salai Street , 4.Koradachery (T.P) Gandhi Colony Street , 5.Koradachery (T.P) Mangalapuram Street
60Government Girls Higher sec. School Koradachery 613703 ,New RCC Buillding West Side North Facing west part 1.Koradachery (T.P) Perumalakaram Salai Street , 2.Koradachery (T.P) Southmangudi Arichana Street , 3.Koradachery (T.P) South Mangudi Street , 4.Koradachery (T.P) Chellappanpettai Street
61Panchayat Union Primary School Kumugakudi. ,Main RCC Building East Wing West Side 1.Kamugakudi (R.V) and (P) Thiruvarankanallur , 2.Kamugakudi (R.V) and (P) Kamukakudi North Street , 3.Kamugakudi (R.V) and (P) Kamugakudi Kalliyammankoil Street , 4.Kamugakudi (R.V) and (P) Kamukagudi Madhakoil Street , 5.Kamugakudi (R.V) and (P) Purashanthankudi , 6.Kamugakudi (R.V) and (P) Arashamangalam , 7.Kamugakudi (R.V) and (P) Askanodai
62Punitha Saveriyar Middle School Pathur Melkarai 613703 ,Western RCC Building East Side 1.Vishwanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Patthur melkarai north street , 2.Vishwanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Patthur Melkarai Mela Street , 3.Vishwanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Patthur Melkarai Madhakovil Street , 4.Vishwanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Patthur Melkarai South Street , 5.Vishwanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Patthur Melkarai Rottu Street , 6.Viswanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kilariyam Panangarai Street, , 7.Viswanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kilariyam Keeka theru , 8.Vishwanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kiliriyam Colony Street , 9.Vishwanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kilariyam Main Road , 10.Vishwanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kilariyam Mela Street
63Panchayat Union Middle School Vennavasal , ,North Building South Facing (Western Side) 1.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Sempalavanakudi Arisana street ward 4 , 2.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Melkarai Mela Arichana Street Ward 1 , 3.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Melakarai Nadustret Ward 1 , 4.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Melkarai Keela Arichana Street Ward 1 , 5.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Mela Archina Street Ward 2 , 6.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Nadustreet Ward 2 , 7.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Agraharam Ward 2 , 8.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Jeeva Colony Ward 2
64Panchayat Union Middle School Vennavasal , ,North RCC Building Centre Hall South Facing 1.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Keela Arichana Street Ward 2 , 2.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Vennavasal Mettu street Ward 2 , 3.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Vennavasal Mela Street Ward 3 , 4.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Vennavasal Keelastreet Ward 3 , 5.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Vennavasal Keela Archina Street Ward 3 , 6.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Vennavasal Attrankkarai Street Ward 3 , 7.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Vennavasal Merymill Street Ward 3
65Panchayat Union Middle School Vennavasal 613703 ,New RCC Western Building East Facing 1.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Vennavasal Keela Street Ward 3 , 2.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Valluvar St Ward 3 , 3.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Vennavasal South Archina Street , 4.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Manalmettu Street Ward 3 , 5.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Mery Mill Street Ward 3 , 6.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Vennavasal Main Road Ward 3 , 7.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Mariyammankoil Street Ward 3 , 8.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) M.G.R. Nagar Ward 3 , 9.Kalathur Panchayat Balagudi Puthu Street Ward 4 , 10.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Mela Balagudi Mainroad Ward 4 , 11.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Karandhal Street Ward 4 , 12.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Palavanakudi Salai Ward 4 , 13.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Thaikkal Street Ward 4
66Panchayat Union Middle School Thiruvidavasal 613702 ,South Facing RCC Building Northern Building Western Side 1.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Keela arichana street , 2.Thiruvdaivashal (R.V) and (P) Nattar Street , 3.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Agraharam , 4.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Attrankkarai Street , 5.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Kudiyana Street , 6.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Barma Colony , 7.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Vaniya Street , 8.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Aayiyaramman Koil Street , 9.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Pallivasal Street , 10.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Javiyath Street , 11.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Jamaliya Street
67Panchayat Union Middle School Thiruvidavasal 613702 ,Northern RCC Building South Facing Eastern Side. 1.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Puthu archina street , 2.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Manamettu Street , 3.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Balagudi Main road , 4.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Noorullah Street , 5.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Showkathali Street , 6.Thiruvidaivashal (R.V) and (P) Tharsalai Main road , 7.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and ((P) Manathidal , 8.Thiruvidaivashal Panchayat Attrankkarai Street , 9.Thiruvidaivashal (R.V) and (P) Madheena Street , 10.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Alameen Street , 11.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Bismith Street , 12.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Mohamediyar Street , 13.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Puthu Street , 14.Thiruvidavashal (R.V) and (P) Umar Street
68Government High School Atthikadai 613702 ,West Facing RCC Centre Hall West Side Southern Building 1.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Umar Street , 2.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Kamarajar Salai , 3.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Annath Street , 4.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Thaikkal Street , 5.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Jinna Street
69Government High School Atthikadai 613702 ,West Facing RCC Building South Side 1.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Rahumaniya street , 2.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Nooriya Street , 3.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Iqbal Street , 4.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Jothinagar Jawahar Street , 5.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Jothinagar Keela Street , 6.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Jothinagar Mela street , 7.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Abulkalam Ashath Street
70Panchayat Union Primary School (Girls) Atthikadai 613702 ,Mangalore Tiled Eastern Side North Facing 1.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Kuttara rahim street , 2.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Jawhar Street , 3.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Habulammal Street , 4.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Udhumaniya Street , 5.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Kamaliyar Sttreet , 6.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Muthal Veethi
71Panchayat Union Primary School(Girls) Atthikadai 613702 ,Mangalore Tiled Western Side North Facing 1.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Mela Street , 2.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) North Street , 3.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Periya Street , 4.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Keela Street , 5.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) South Street , 6.Thiruvidavasal (R.V) and Athikkadai (P) Jaheer Hussain Street
72Panchayat Union Middle School Musiriyam 610110 ,RCC Building Eastern Side West Facing 1.Nanilondru (R.V) and Musiriyam (P) Neelanur North Adi Diravidar street , 2.Nanilondru (R.V) and Musiriyam (P) Neelanur South Adi Diravidar Street , 3.Nanilondru (R.V) and Musiriyam (P) Neelanur Kudiyanastreet , 4.Nanilondru (R.V) and Musiriyam (P) Nanka Kulam Adi Diravidar Street , 5.Nanilondru (R.V) and Musiriyam (P) Shavadi Street , 6.Nanilondru (R.V) and Musiriyam (P) Nalil Ondru Kudiyana Street , 7.Nanilondru (R.V) and Musiriyam (P) Mushiriyam Kudiyana street , 8.Musiriyam (R.V) and (P) Agrahara Street , 9.Musiriyam (R.V) and (P) Attrankkarai Street , 10.Musiriyam (R.V) and (P) Nattham Adi Diravidar Street , 11.Musiriyam (R.V) and (P) Mushiriyam Mela Adi i Diravidar Street , 12.Musiriyam (R.V) and (P) Erankkal Street , 13.Musiriyam (R.V) and (P) Elankkargudi Adi Diravidar Street , 14.Musiriyam (R.V) and (P) Elankkargudi Kudiyana Street
73Panchayat Union Middle School Musiriyam 613702 ,Mangalore Tiled Building North Facing 1.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) Agraharam Street , 2.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) Attrankkarai Street , 3.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) Mela Street , 4.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) Keela Street , 5.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) Nadu Street , 6.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) South Street , 7.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) Thattara Street , 8.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) Pillaiyarkoil Street , 9.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) Alathankudi Keela Street, Nadu Street , 10.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) Alathankudi Keelathidal Street , 11.Thittanimuttam (R.V) Mushiriyam (P) Manalmettu Street
74Panchayat Union Middle School Melarathanallur 610113 ,Mangalore Tiled Building Eastern Portion North Facing. 1.Meleradhanallur (R.V) and (P) Kudhambanayanar kovil st.,Keela st., Melast.,Attrangarai st , 2.Meleradhanallur (R.V) and (P) Thirumancholai, Manalmettu st., Mela st., Attrangarai st., , 3.Meleradhanallur (R.V) and (P) Thirupanipet,Thoppu st., Attrangarai st., , 4.Meleradhanallur (R.V) and (P) Kavalgudi, Mela st., Periyar st,North st
75Panchayat Union Middle School Melarathanallur 610113 ,Western Side RCC Building East Facing 1.Meleradhanallur (R.V) and (P) Vadapathi keela st.,East and South st , 2.Meleradhanallur (R.V) and (P) Thenpathi, Pookkarast , 3.Meleradhanallur (R.V) and (P) Panangudi
76Government High School Kankoduthavanitham 610113 ,New Centre RCC Building East Side North Facing 1.Vidayapuram (R.V) and (P) Durkkai Koil Street , 2.Vidayapuram (R.V) and (P) Palanilam , 3.Vidayapuram (R.V) and (P) Kalladi Street , 4.Vidayapuram (r.v) and (p) Thakkalur keela street , 5.Vidayapuram (R.V) and (P) Thakkalur Nadu Street , 6.Vidayapuram (R.V) and (P) Thakkalur Mela Street , 7.Vidayapuram (R.V) and (P) Perumalkoil Street , 8.Vidayapuram (r.v) and (p) Mainroad east , 9.Vidayapuram (R.V) and (P) Mainroad West , 10.Vidayapuram (R.V) and (P) Mill Street , 11.Vidayapuram (R.V) and (P) Vaduka Street , 12.Vidayapuram (r.v) and (p) South colony street , 13.Vidayapuram (r.v) and (p) Sivankoil street , 14.Vidayapuram (R.V) and (P) North Colony Street
77Government High School Kankoduthavanitham 610113 ,New RCC Building East Side Buinding North Facing 1.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Nattham , 2.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Periyar Street Main Road , 3.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Thatchan Adi Street , 4.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Alavai Kudiyana Street , 5.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Alavai Adi Diravidar Street , 6.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Nadu Adi Diravidar Street , 7.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) North Adi iravidar Street , 8.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Vadakku Sethi , 9.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Karai Street
78Government High School Kankoduthavanitham 610113 ,South RCC Building Centre Hall, North Facing 1.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Veeran Pattakkulath Street , 2.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Main Road Keela Street , 3.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Agraharam , 4.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Sivankoil South Street , 5.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Sivankoil North Street , 6.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Ottar street , 7.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Main Road Mela Street , 8.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Pooshari Street , 9.Kankoduthavanitham (R.V) and (P) Kalliyadi street
79Panchayat Union Middle School Melathirumathikunnam 613701 ,East Side RCC Building West Facing 1.Melathirumathykkunnam (R.V) and (P) Mela Thirumathykkunnam Pillaiyarkovil Street , 2.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Melathirumathykkunnam Adidiravidar Street , 3.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Melathirumathykkunnam Adi Diravidar Street , 4.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street , 5.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) South Street , 6.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Arashani Mettu Street , 7.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) udiyana Street , 8.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Mettu Street , 9.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Kudiyana Mela Street , 10.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Kaliyammankoil Street , 11.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Agraharam , 12.Melathirumathikkunnam (r.v) and (p) Kodimangalam sivan street , 13.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Marriyamman Koil Kudiyana Street , 14.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Marriyammankoil Adidiravidar Street , 15.Melathirumathikkunnam (R.V) and (P) Cholacheri
80Panchayat Union Elementary School Thalaikudi (Thiyagarapuram) 613701 ,Main Terraced Building North Side East Facing 1.Thiyakarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Thazhlaikudi Keelakku Street , 2.Thiyakarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Thazhlaikkudi Nadu Street , 3.Thiyakarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Thazhlaikkudi Colony Street , 4.Thiyakarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Thazhalaikudi Kudiyana Street , 5.Thiyakarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Thazhalaikudi Agraharam , 6.Thiyakarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Thiyagarajapuram , 7.Thiyakarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Chirankudi , 8.Thiyakarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Nagankudi , 9.Thiyakarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Keernkottakam Arichana Street , 10.Thiyakarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Keerankottakam Kudiyana Mela Street
81Panchayat Union Middle School Erukattur 610110 ,East RCC Building West Facing 1.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Keela Erukkattur Adi Diravidar Street , 2.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Keela Errukkattur Salai Street , 3.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyarkoil Street , 4.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Kullathu Street Keela Errukkattur , 5.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Agrahara Street , 6.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Keela Street , 7.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Mela Street , 8.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Mela Errukkattur Salai Street , 9.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Mela Errukkattur Adi Diravidar Street , 10.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Kaliyammankoil Street , 11.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Muthaliyar Street , 12.Erukattur (R.V) and (P) Thinaiyakudi street
82Panchayat Union Middle School Kamalapuram 610110 ,East New RCC Building North Wing West Facing 1.Kamalapuram (R.V) and (P) Vadukakudi Ward 1 , 2.Kamalapuram (R.V) and (P) Pandiyan Nagar Ward 1 , 3.Kamalapuram (R.V) and (P) Kattaiyan Thoppu Ward 1 , 4.Kamalapuram (R.V) and (P) Agraharam Ward 2 , 5.Kamalapuram (R.V) and (P) Sheran Nagar Ward 2 , 6.Kamalapuram (R.V) and (P) Kaliyammankoil Street Ward 2 , 7.Kamalapuram (R.V) and (P) Main Road Ward 2 , 8.Kamalapuram (R.V) and (P) Thirupunjai Ward 2 , 9.Kamalapuram (R.V) and (P) Ottanatchiyargudi Ward 2
83Panchayat Union Primary School Paruthiyur ,New RCC Building Southern Side West Facing 1.Paruthiyur (R.V) and (P) Konkiniyankulan Earithidal Ward 1 , 2.Paruthiyur (R.V) and (P) Thoppu Street Ward 1 , 3.Paruthiyur (R.V) and (P) Melaparuthiyur Kudiyanavar Street Ward 1 , 4.Paruthiyur (R.V) and (P) Mela Paruthiyur North Street Ward 1 , 5.Paruthiyur (R.V) and (P) Melaparuthiyur Nadu Street Ward 1 , 6.Paruthiyur (R.V) and (P) Melaparuthiyur South street Ward 1 , 7.Paruthiyur (R.V) and (P) Keelaparuthiyur Harichana Street Ward 2 , 8.Paruthiyur (R.V) and (P) Melaparuthiyur Keelaharichana Street Ward 2
84Government Higher Secondary School Kulikarai 613 704 ,South RCC Main Building West Side North Facing 1.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Marriyammankoil Arichana Mela Street Ward 1 , 2.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Thattankulath Street Ward 1 , 3.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Marriyamman Koil Arichana Street Ward 1 , 4.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Mettu Street Ward 1 , 5.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Chandrasekaran Pettai Ward 2 , 6.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Periyakadai Street Ward 2
85Government Higher Secondary School Kulikarai 613 704 ,South Centre Building East Side North Facing 1.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Vadakkuveli Arichana Street Ward 1 , 2.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Salaikkara Street Ward 2 , 3.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Chinnakadai Street Ward 2 , 4.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Keela Street Ward 2 , 5.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Mela Street Ward 2
86Panchayat Union Primary School Peruntharakudi, ,East Main RCC Building East Facing 1.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Puliyur Mela Street Ward 4 , 2.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Puliyur Ward 3 , 3.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Keelapulizhur Ward 3 , 4.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Porukkaimedu Ward-4
87Panchayat Union Primary School Peruntharakudi, ,Southern Side RCC Building North Facing 1.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Thenpulizhur Ward 3 , 2.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Vellagudi Ward 3 , 3.Peruntharagudi (R.V) and (P) Membalam arichana street ward 3
88Government Higher Secondary School Kulikkarai 613704 ,South RCC Main Building East Side North Facing 1.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Kullikkarai Keela Street , 2.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Muthaliyar Street , 3.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Thoppu Street , 4.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Kadamankudi , 5.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Kullikarai Mela Arichana Street , 6.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Chitthlai , 7.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Kattukkollai Street
89Government Higher Secondary School Kulikkarai 613704 ,Western RCC Building South Side East Facing 1.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Oottakudi Kudiyana Street , 2.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Sivankoil Street , 3.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Mela Ottagudi , 4.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Keela Ottagudi , 5.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Sharuvan Mela Arichana Street , 6.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Sharuvan Keela Arichana Street , 7.Kulikarai (R.V) and (P) Sharvan Kudiyana Street
90Govt. Middle School Devarkandanallur 613704 ,South Side Building West wing North Facing 1.Dhevarkandanallur (R.V) and (P) Uttchimettu Adi Diravidar Street , 2.Dhevarkandanallur (r.v) and (p) Uttchimettu kudiyana street , 3.Dhevarkandanallur (R.V) and (P) Keela Street , 4.Dhevarkandanallur (R.V) and (P) Main Road
91Govt. Middle School Devarkandanallur 613704 ,South Side Building East wing North Facing 1.Dhevarkandanallur (r.v) and (p) Nadu Street , 2.Dhevarkandanallur (R.V) and (P) Mela Street , 3.Dhevarkandanallur (R.V) and (P) Nankarai North Street , 4.Dhevarkandanallur (R.V) and (P) Nankarai Nadu Street , 5.Dhevarkandanallur (R.V) and (P) Nankarai Vellalar Street
92Government High School Vilamal 613 701 ,Front Middle RCC Building Facing Western side Building Northern Portion. 1.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Vadakku thandalai, kudiyana street ward 1 , 2.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Vadakku Thandalai Adi Diravidar Street Ward 1 , 3.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Therku Thandalai Adi Diravidar Street Ward 1 , 4.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Meppadi Adi Diravidar Street Ward 1 , 5.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Meppadi Kudiyana Street Ward 1 , 6.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Therku Thandalai Kudiyana Street Ward 2 , 7.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Singalancheri Ward 2
93Government High School Vilamal 613 701 ,Front Middle RCC Building Southern Portion West Facing 1.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Thiyanapuram Therku Kudiyana Street Ward 2 , 2.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Thiyanapuram Vadakku Kudiyana Street Ward 2 , 3.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Thiyanapuram Adi Diravidar Street Ward 2 , 4.Thandalai (R.V) and ( P) Kootturavu Nagar Ward 2 , 5.Thandalai (R.V) and (P) Memangalam Ward 2
94Government High School Vilamal 613 701 ,Front South Side RCC Building West Wing North Facing 1.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Mela street ward 3 , 2.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Therku Street Ward 3 , 3.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Keela Street Ward 3 , 4.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Vadakku Veedhi Ward 3 , 5.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Mela Vedhi Ward 3 , 6.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Therkku Madavilakam Ward 3 , 7.Vilamal (R.V) Thandalai (P) Ponnithoppu Ward 3 , 8.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Vadakku Adi Diravidar Street Ward 3 , 9.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Therkku Adi Diravidar Street Ward 3 , 10.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) K.K. Nagar Ward 3
95Government High School Vilamal 613 701 ,Front South Side RCC Builing Northern Portion West Facing 1.Vilamal (r.v), thandalai (p) Thiyagaraja nagar ward 3 , 2.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Vanmeekanathan Kattalai Ward 3 , 3.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Rajaganapathy Nagar Ward 3 , 4.Vilamal (R.V) , Thandalai (P) Anna Nagar Ward 3 , 5.Vilamal (R.V) ,Thandalai (P) Ezhil Nagar Ward 3 , 6.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Mullai Nagar Ward 3 , 7.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Manalmedu Ward 2
96Government High School Vilamal 613 701 ,Front South RCC Building South Portion West Facing 1.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) E.B. Nagar Ward 3 , 2.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Marutham Nagar Ward 3 , 3.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Periyar Nagar Ward- 3 , 4.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Tamil Nagar Ward 3 , 5.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Sakthi Nagar Ward 3 , 6.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Aayuthapadai, Kavalar Kudieruppu Ward 3 , 7.Vilamal (R.V), Thandalai (P) Thiyanapuram Ward 2
97Bavagopalasamy Municipal Elementary School Tiruvarur 610002 ,Western Side New Terraced Building North Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Bavagopalsamy Street Ward 3 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality Kamatchi Amman Koil Street Ward 4
98Bavagopalasamy Municipal Elementary School Tiruvarur 610002 ,New Terraced Building Western Side South Wing East Facing. 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Mumoorthikal street ward 3 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kakithakkara Street Ward-4 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Shambanthamoorthy Pillaiyar Koil Street Ward 4
99Bavagopalasamy Municipal Elementary School Thiruvarur 610002 ,New Terraced Building - East Side ( North Facing) 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kammbar street ward 4 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thoppu Street Ward 4 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Balaji Nagar Ward 4 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thendral Nagar Ward 4
100Bavagopalasamy Municipal Elementary School Thiruvarur 610002 ,New Terraced Building Eastern Side Western Portion North Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Arshakula Street Ward 5 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Melavadambokki Street Ward 3 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Madavadiyar Street Ward 3 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kamalalyam Vadakarai Ward 3 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Chandurunagar Ward 4 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Maruthinagar Ward 4 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nallappa Nagar Ward 4 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Sri Devinagar Ward 4 , 9.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Melaveedhi Ward 3
101New Bharat Matriculation School, New Street Tiruvarur ,Main Building Ground Floor Room No.1 North Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Puthu street ward 5
102New Bharat Matriculation School, New Street Tiruvarur ,Main Building Ground Floor Room No.2 North Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ramanathan nagar ward 4 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ponsundram Nagar Ward 4 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) A.T.P. Nagar Ward 5 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) V.S.R. Nagar Ward 4 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Shathu Subbaiah nagar Ward 4 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Tamilnadu Housing Unit A Section Ward 4 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Tamilnadu Housing Unit B Section Ward 4 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Tamilnadu Housing Unit C Section Ward 4 , 9.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Tamilnadu Housing Unit D Section Ward 4
103New Bharath Matriculation School Puthutheru Tiruvarur 610002 ,Main Building Ground Floor North Facing Room No 3 1.Thiruvarur t(Municipality) Therku kotha street ward 6 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Melakottha Street Ward 6 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vadakku Kottha Street Ward 6 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nadukottha Street Ward 6
104New Bharath Matriculation School New Street Tiruvarur 610002 ,Main Building Ground Floor North Facing Room No 4 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Keelakottha street ward 6 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Periyar Street Ward 6 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Andi Thoppu Ward 10 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Shanthana Maharaja Thottam Ward 10 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Pidarikoil Street WArd 13 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) E.V.S. Nagar Ward 6 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ashath Nagar Ward 5
105Government Higher Sec School Kodikalpalayam Tiruvarur ,North Side of Main Building South Portion West Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kodikkalpalayam mela street ward 7 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Shamanthanpalayam South,North Street Ward 7
106Government Higher Sec School Kodikalpalayam Tiruvarur ,New Additional RCC Building - North Side of Main Building North Portion West Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kodikkalpalayam Puthu Street Ward 8 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kodikkalpalayam South Street Ward 7
107Government Higher Sec School Kodikalpalayam Tiruvarur ,New RCC Building Eastern Side South Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Shufi nagar vadakku street ward 9 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Shufinagar Nadu Street Ward 9 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Sufinagar South Street Ward 9 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kodikkalpalayam Barma Street Ward 7 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kodikkalpalayam Jayam Street Ward 7
108Municipal Elementary School Kodikalpalayam Tiruvarur 610002 ,Western Side Asbestos Sheet Roof Building North Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Qauid-e-milath street ward 10 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nadu Street Kodikkalpalayam Ward 8 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Malayath Street Ward 8 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kodikkalpalayam Pallivashal Street Ward 7 , 5.Thiruvarur (Munucipality) hasnagar Vadakku Street Ward 9 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vadakku Street Kodikkalpalayam Ward 8
109Municipal Elementary School Ramakai Tiruvarur 610002 RCC New Building East Facing North Wing ,Ramakai 610002 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ramakey vadakku street ward 9 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ramakey South Street Ward 9 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ramakey Keela Street Ward 9 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ramakey Road Ward 9 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ramakey Kodikkal Street Ward 9 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Virruppatchi Nadappu Ward 10 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Mudukku Street Ward 10 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thiruvalluvar Street Ward 9 , 9.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ramakey Shannathi Street Ward 9 , 10.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ramakey Pidari Koil Street Ward 9
110Municipal Elementary School Ramakai Tiruvarur 610002 RCC New Building East Facing South Wing ,Ramakai 610002 1.Thiruvarur (Munucipality) Thiruvarur Shannathi Street Ward 14 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vadakkuvadambokki Street Ward 11 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kanthappa Mada Street Ward 10 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipaloty) Maruthapadi Street Ward 9 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Maruthapadi Gandhi Nagar Ward 9 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Chengazhluneer Odai Ward 11 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Mudukku Street Chandu Ward 10
111Venkateswara Aided Elementary School Nadavahana Street Tiruvarur Western Side Tiled Building South Facing ,Tiruvarur 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Pidari koil chandu ward 13 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vadakkuvedhi Ward 13 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vadakumadavilagam Ward 13 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kanniyalar Street Ward 13 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vadaku kadai Street Ward 13 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vadakku Gopura vashal Ward 13 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Shiyama Street Ward 14 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nadavahana street ward 14 , 9.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nakirakath Street ward 14
112Gowrisamy Memorial Municipal Middle School Tiruvarur 610002 ,Southern Side Main Building - West Wing North Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Therkumadavilagam Ward 14 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Mananthiyar Street Ward 14 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Durkkai Shannathi Ward 14 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) South Vedhi Ward 14 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Keelavedhi Ward 12 , 6.Thiruvarur Town Ayyanarkoil Street Ward 11 - 12 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Appar Street Ward 11 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Durvashar Sannathi Street Ward 11
113S.S. Aided Middle School Kamalalayam Thenkari Tiruvarur ,Northern Wing Back Side To Varanda Portion West Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nettivelaikara street ward 16 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kamalalyam Thenkarai Ward 2 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Melasheethankattalai Ward 2 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kannara Street Ward 16 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kamalayam Melkarai Ward 2 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Jawulikkara Street Ward 2 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Madapurampattai Ward 16 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vanmeekapuram Ward 2 , 9.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ellaikkal Street Ward 17 , 10.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Sivapirakasha Madatheru Ward , 11.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Perumal Therkumadavilagam Ward 17 , 12.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Chittivinayakar Koil Street Ward 16
114Veludayar Higher Secondary School, Tiruvarur ,RCC Building (Abdul Kalam Block) East Side West Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Durkkalaya road ward 1 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) V.O.C. Street Ward 2 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Swamy Madatheru Ward 2
115Sri Kamalambika Aided Elementary School Durgalaya Road Tiruvarur ,Mangalore Tiled Building South Side West Facing - South Wing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Durkkalaya road ward 2 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kamalambal Nagar Ward 2 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) V.O.C. Street Ward 2 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Swamy Madatheru Ward 2
116Sabapathi Mudaliyar Girls High School Tiruvarur 610002 ,Main Building North Side Terraced With Mangalore Tiled Varanda 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kattukkara street , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Perumal Shannathi Street
117Sabapathi Mudaliyar Girls High School Tiruvarur 610002 Main Building South Side Terraced Building With Mangalore Tiled Varanda ,Tiruvarur 610002 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Perumal Therukutheru Madavilakam Ward 17 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Mukthivinayakar Thenkarai Ward 17 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Perumal Merku Madavilaham Ward 17 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Perumal Vadakku Madavilaham Ward 17 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Shabapathy Street Ward 18 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Perumal Melaveedhi Ward 17
118Sabapathi Mudaliyar Girls High School Tiruvarur 610002 Mangalore Tiled West wing Building North Facing ,Tiruvarur 610002 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Pajanamada theru Ward 17 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Mukthi Vinayakar koil Street Ward 17 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Perumal Koil Keelavedhi Ward 17 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Muduku Street Ward 17 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Perumal Vadakuvedhi Ward 17
119G.R.M.Girls Higher Secondary School Karaikattu Street Tiruvarur 610002 Parents & Teachers Association New RCC Building Southern Side Room No-33 & 34 East Facing ,Tiruvarur 610002 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Munichipal pettai ward 16 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Suriyan Kulam Vadakarai Ward 16 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thirumanjana Vedhi Ward 15 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Suriyan Kulam Thenkarai Ward 16
120G.R.M. Girls Higher Scecondary School Karaikattu Street Tiruvarur 610002 Parents And Teachers Association New Building South Side Room No-31 And 32 East Facing ,Tiruvarur 6100021.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Police lain ward 16 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Karaikkattu Theru Ward 15 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vadapathimangalam Somasundram Street Ward 15 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Arumuga Thottam Ward 16 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kumarakoil Street Ward 15 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kumarkoil Vadaku Madavilagam Ward 15
121Gowrisamy Memorial Municipal Middle School South Street Tiruvarur , West Side New RCC Building East Facing1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ayyanar koil street ward 11 - 12 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Erutthikara Street Ward 11 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ankalamman Shannathi Street Ward 12 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thiyaki Shathiyamoorthy Street Ward 12 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Keela Shannathi Street Ward 11 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thiruvalluvar nagar Ward 11 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Keelavadambokki Theru Ward 12 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ankalamman koil Lane Ward 12 , 9.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vashan Nagar Ward 11
122Saivaprakasa Aided Middle School Karaikattu Street Tiruvarur ,Main Hall Western Side Country Tiled Building1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thiyaki chinnasamy street ward 21 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality Maruthapattinam Therkku Theru Ward 21 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Maruthapattinam Keela Street Ward 21 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thiyaki ASharnkapani Street Ward 21 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Maruthapattinam Road Ward 21 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thottathu Theru Ward 21 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vashambodai Street Ward 21 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nethaji Road Ward 20
123Saivaprakasa Aided Middle School Karaikattu Street Tiruvarur 610002 Main Hall Eastern Side Country Tiled Building ,Tiruvarur 6100021.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nathaji raod ward 20
124Saivaprakasa Aided Middle School Karaikattu Street Tirvarur 610002 ,Southern Side Eastern Wing Country Tiled Building 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Dharmakoil street ward 21 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Edatheru Ward 21 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Perraringar Annashadukkam Ward 12 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Naivillakku Thoppu Ward 21
125G.R.M. Girls Higher Secondary School Tiruvarur 610002 ,V.S. Janagi Anni Building North Portion Room No. 18 West Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nagaramada lane ward 15 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kulunthan kulam Thenkarai Ward 19 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kulunthan kulam Keelkarai Ward 19 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Sheerathoppu Ward 20
126G.R.M. Girls Higher Secondary School Tiruvarur 610002 ,V.S. Janagi Anni Building North Portion Room No. 16 West Facing1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Panakal Road Ward 19 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Alakiri Street Ward 19 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Sivamnagar Ward 19
127Municipal Middle School Alivalam Road Vijayapuram 610001 ,New RCC North Side Building West Wing South Facing1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Azad road ward 22 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kodikkal Street Ward 22 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vandikkara Street Ward 22
128Municipal Middle School Alivalam Road Vijayapuram 610001 ,New RCC North Side Building East Wing South Facing1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Marriyamman koil street ward 22 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Alivalam Road Ward 25
129Moses Aided Middle School Vandikara Street Tiruvarur ,New RCC Main Building North Facing1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thiyakarashpuram street ward 22 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Mettupalayam Ward 25 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Aashath Road Ward 22 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ellaiyamman Sannathi Ward 28 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ellaiyamman Keelavedhi Ward 28 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Ellaiyamman Therkuvedhi Ward 28
130Tiruvarur Panchayat Union Office Santhaipeetai Tiruvarur 610001 ,Southern Side RCC Office Main Building East Facing1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Jinna street ward 28 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Chinnappalivashal Street Ward 28 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Selvam Street ward 25 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Perraringar Annasalai Ward 28 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vadapathimangalam Ramalinga Road ward 28 , 6.Thiruvarur (Muncipality) Pannerselvam Street ward 30 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kamaraja Street Ward 30 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Pullatheru Ward 25
131Tiruvarur Panchayat Union Office Santhaipettai A610 001, Vijayapuram Tiruvarur ,Northern Side Cement Godown Annexure Building East Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thanajavur road ward 28 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thiyakarajaperumanallur Pannai Theru Ward 30 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vilamal Kadai Street Ward 30 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Jegajeevanram Street Ward 30 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thilakar 2-vathu Street Ward 30 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Vanmeekanatha kattalai Ward 30
132Trinity Acadamy Senior Secondary School, KTR Estate Tiruvarur, ,Eastern Building North wing, West Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Inoottru pillaiyarkoil melatheru ward 27 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Inoottru Pillaiyar koil South Street Ward 27 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Inoottru Pillaiyarkoil Nadu Street Ward 27 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Inoottrupillaiyar koil Vadakkutheru Ward 27 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Inoottru pillaiyarkoil South Street Atthakulam , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Inottrupillaiyarkoil South Street Ubhsanthu 2
133Raman Aided Middle School I.P Kovil South Street Tiruvarur , Main Building West Wing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Iyyanarkulam keelkarai ward 27 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Inoottrupillaiyar koil Sannathi Street Ward 26 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Gandhi Road Ward 26 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Thilakar Muthal Street ward 27 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Armuham Street Ward 26
134Trinity Acadamy Senior Secondary School, KTR Estate Tiruvarur, ,Southern Building West wing, North Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) K.T.R. Estate Ward 27 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Faipass Road Ward 26
135K. T.R. Municipal Elementary School I.P Kovil Sannathi Street Vijayapuram, Tiruvarur ,RCC Building East Portion Facing North 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Periyamill street ward 29 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) ¸SubramaniyasamyThottam Ward 27 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Railway Colony Keelpuram Ward 29
136K.T.R. Municipal Elementary School I.P. Kovil Sannathi Street Vijayapuram, Tiruvarur ,RCC Building West Portion North Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Railway compound ward 29 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Bharathi Street Ward 26 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Narshingam Pettai Ward 26 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Periyatheru Kidarankodan Ward 24 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality Railadi Theru Ward (Kidarenkkondan Ward 24 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Therukustreet Ward Kidarenkondan Ward 24 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municiapality) Pugaiyelai Thottam Ward 29 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Gandhisalai Ubhchandu Ward 26 , 9.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Valavaikkal (bye -pass Road) Ward 26
137Thiru. Vi.Ka. Government Arts College Kidarankondan ,Ground Floor South Side RCC Building Room No.-10 New South Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Middle St Kidarenkondan Ward 24 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kattapomman Street 1 Ward 24 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kattapomman Street 2 Ward 24 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kattapomman Street 3 Ward 24 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Shanthanakollai Ward 24 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Keelatheru Kidrenkonttan Ward 24 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kamarajar Street Kidrenkottan Ward 24 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Government Colony Kidrenkondan Ward 24 , 9.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Periyar Street Mettupalaiyam Ward 24
138Thiru. Vi.Ka. Government Arts College Kidarankondan ,Ground Floor West Side RCC Building Room No.2 West Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Anna Nagar Kidarengodan Ward 23 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nagai Road Kidarenkondan Ward 23 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Aaladi Marriyamman Koil Street Ward 23 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kattlaithoppu Ward 23
139Thiru Vi.Ka. Government Arts College Kidarankondan 610003 ,RCC Building Ground Floor West Wing Room No.5 South Facing 1.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nagai road kidrenkondan ward 23 , 2.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Arshinar Colony Ward 24 , 3.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Keelatheru Kidrenkondan Ward 24 , 4.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Nadutheru Kidrenkondan Ward 24 , 5.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Senkamettu Street Ward 23 , 6.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Sakthi Nagar Ward 23 , 7.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Arumugham Nagar Ward 23 , 8.Thiruvarur (Municipality) V.O.C. Nagar Ward - 23 , 9.Thiruvarur (Municipality) Kamarajar Street Kidarenkondan Ward 24
140Panchayat Union Elementary School Senthanmangalam 610002 ,Terraced Building Eastern Portion Facing North 1.Keelakkavadukudi (R.V) and (P) Nattham street ward 1 , 2.Keelakkavadukudi (R.V) and (P) Nalukal Mandapan Ward 1 , 3.Keelakkavadukudi (r.v) and (p) Chithambaram nagar ward 1
141Panchayat Union Elementary School Senthanmangalam 610002 ,Southern Side Terraced Building West Portion Facing North 1.Keelakkavadukudi (R.V) and (P) Dolket Street Ward 1 , 2.Keelakkavadukudi (R.V) and (P) E.B. Colony Ward 1 , 3.Keelakkavadukudi (r.v) and (p) Goweri nagar ward 2
142Panchayat Union Elementary School Senthanmangalam 610002 ,Terraced Building Middle Portion Facing North 1.Keelakkavadukudi (R.V) and (P) Rottu Street Ward 2 , 2.Keelakkavadukudi (R.V) and (P) Nehru Nagar Ward 2 , 3.Keelakkavadukudi (r.v) and (p) Ammal nagar ward 2 , 4.Keelakkavadukudi (R.V) and (P) Marriyamman koil street Ward 2
143Panchayat Union Elementary School Senthamangalam 610002 ,Anganwadi RCC Building West Side 1.Keelakavathugudi (R.V) And (P) Senthamangalam ward 3 , 2.Keelekavathugudi (R.V), And (P) Vadakal Ward 3 , 3.Keelakavathugudi (R.V), Pallivaramangalam (P) Vishwamithrapuram Ward 3 , 4.Pallivaramangalam (R.V) Keelakavathkudi (P) AnnaStreet Ward 3 , 5.Pallivaramangalam (R.V) Keelakavathkudi (P) Pilavadimoolai Ward 3 , 6.Keelakavathugudi (R.V), and (P) Valluvan Thoppu Ward 3
144Panchayat Union Elementary School Pallivaramangalam 610002 ,RCC Building West Side 1.Pallivaramangalam (R.V), and (P) Keela Street Ward 1 , 2.Pallivaramangalam (R.V), and (P) Mela Street Ward 2 , 3.Pallivaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Melaramanapuram Ward 2
145Panchayat Union Elementary School Palaiyavalam 610101 ,RCC Building Eastern Portion 1.Palaiyavalam (R.V) and (P) Agraharam ward 1 , 2.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) Melatheru Ward 1 , 3.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) Vadakutheru Ward 1 , 4.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) Kalaingar Street Ward 1 , 5.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) Keelatheru Ward 1 , 6.Palaiyavalam (R.V) and (P) Vadakkutheru Ward 1 , 7.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) PuthuColony ward 1 , 8.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) Madhakoil Street Ward 1 , 9.Palaiyavalam (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 2
146Panchayat Union Elemantary School Palaiyavalam 610101 ,Southern Side Terraced Building West Portion Facing North 1.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) Keela Street Ward 2 , 2.Palaiyavalam (R.V) and (P) Sivan Koil Street ward 2 , 3.Palaiyavalam (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street Ward 2 , 4.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) Mettu Street Ward 2 , 5.Palaiyavalam (R.V) and (P) Periyar Colony Ward 2 , 6.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward 3 , 7.Palaiyavalam (R.V) and (P) Keelapettai Ward 3 , 8.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) Melapettai Ward 3
147Panchayat Union Middle School, Puthur 610101, ,New RCC Building South Portion East Facing 1.Serugudi (R.V), and (P) Serugudi Ward 1 , 2.Serugudi (R.V). and (P) Anthoniyar koil Street Ward 1 , 3.Serugudi (R.V), and (P) Eswaran Vasal Ward 1 , 4.Serugudi (R.V), and (P) Nagoor Mainroad Ward 2 , 5.Serugudi (R.V) and (P) Putthur Ward 2 , 6.Serugudi (R.V), and (P) Thoppu Street ward 2 , 7.Serugudi (R.V), and (P) Rajankattalai Ward 2 , 8.Serugudi (R.V) and (P) Karupoor Attrankkarai Street ward 2 , 9.Serugudi (R.V) and (P) Karuppur Ward 2
148Panchayath Union Elemantary School, Nadappur ,Mangalore Tiled Building North Facing 1.Nadapoor (R.V), and (P) Rottu street ward 1 , 2.Palaiyavalam (R.V), and (P) Kullakkarai Ward 1 , 3.Nadapoor (R.V), and (P) Mela Street Ward 1 , 4.Nadapoor (R.V), and (P) Nadu Street Ward 1 , 5.Nadapoor (R.V), and (P) Keela Street Ward 1 , 6.Nadapoor (R.V), and (P) Madhakoil Street Ward 2 , 7.Nadapoor (R.V) and (P) Ukkadai Ward 2 , 8.Nadapoor (R.V), and (P) Vadakku Theru Ward 2
149Panchayat Union Middle Shool Vaipur 610101 ,New RCC Building Western Portion North Facing 1.Vaippur (R.V), and (P) Thiyagarajan pettai ward 1 , 2.Vaippur (R.V), and (P) Vadapathy Ward 1 , 3.Vaippur (R.V), and (P) Sattanathapuram Mil Street Ward 2 , 4.Vaippur (R.V), and (P) Ampethkar Nagar Ward 2 , 5.Vaippur (R.V), and (P) Perumalkoil,Vadakku Shannathi Street Melatheru 2 , 6.Vaippur (R.V), and (P) South Street Thenpathy Ward 3
150Panchayat Union Elementary School Cholanganallur 610 101 ,New RCC Building Eastern wing 1.Kurumberi (R.V), Thiruvadirai manakalam (P) Kurumberi ward 1 , 2.Cholankanallur (R.V), Thiruvadirai Manakalam (P) Cholankanallur Ward 2 , 3.Thiruvadirai Manakalam (R.V), and (P) Vadakudi Ward 3 , 4.Thiruvadirai Manakalam (R.V), and (P) Dherakulam Mettupalaiyam Ward 3
151Government Higher Sec School Suranoor 610101 ,Back Side West Building Eastern Wing 1.Thiruvadiraimangalam (R.V), and (P) Nedunkattangudi ward 3 , 2.Thiruvadiraimangalam (R.V), and (P) Mahakoil Street Ward 3 , 3.Thiruvadiraimangalam (R.V) and (P) Mela Nedunkattangudi Ward 3 , 4.Thiruvadiraimangalam (R.V) and (P) Thiruvadiraimangalam Ward 3 , 5.Thiruvadiraimangalam (R.V) and (P) Elumukkal Ward 3
152Government Higher Sec School Suranoor 610101 ,Back Side West Building western wing 1.Thiruvadiraimangalam (R.V) and (P) MelaSuranoor Ward 4 , 2.Thiruvadiraimangalam (R.V) and (P) Keela Vaipoor Ward 4 , 3.Thiruvadiraimangalam (R.V) and (P) Keelasuranoor Sowrirajan Kattalai Ward 4 , 4.Thiruvadiraimangalam (R,V) and (P) Pirangudi Ward 4
153Panchayat Union Elenmentary School Amoor 610101 ,RCC Building Western Wing 1.Aamoor (R.V) and (P) Vada odai ward 1 , 2.Aamoor (R.V) and (P) Palaiya Colony Ward 1 , 3.Aamoor (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street Ward 2-1 , 4.Aamoor (R.V) and (P) puthiya Colony Ward 2 , 5.Aamoor (R.V) and (P) Madhakoil Street Ward 2
154Panchayat Union Elementary School Odacheri 610101 ,RCC Building Southern Side West Portion Facing North 1.Oodachery (R.V) and (P) Agraharam ward 1 , 2.Oodachery (R.V.) and (P) Paruvathan koil Patthu Ward 1 , 3.Oodachery (R.V) and (P) Pandara Oodai Street Ward 2 , 4.Oodachery (R.V) and (P) Madhakoil Street Ward 2 , 5.Oodachery (R.V) and (P) Thenngngudi Ward 2
155Panchayat Union Middle School Kallikudi 611101 ,Mangalore Tiled Building Northern Side Centre Building East Portion 1.Kalligudi (R.V), and (P) Then oodachery ward 2 , 2.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) Kanurkeelath Street ward 2 , 3.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) KanurmelaStreet Ward 2 , 4.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) Madhakovil Street Rottustreet ward 3 , 5.Kallikudi (R.V) and (P) Paliyapuram Ward 3
156Panchayat Union Middle School Kallikudi 610101 ,RCC Building South Side East Facing 1.Adipudhuchery (R.V), Kallikudi (P) North veli ward 1 , 2.Adipudhuchery (R.V), Kallikudi (P) North Street ward 1 , 3.Adipudhuchery (R.V), Kallikudi (P) Perumal Kovil Street ward 1 , 4.Adipudhuchery (R.V) Kallikudi (P) Nadu Street ward 1 , 5.Adipudhuchery (R.V) Kallikudi (P) Kaliammankovil Street ward 1 , 6.Adipudhuchery (R.V) Kallikudi (P) RottuStreet ward 1 , 7.Adipudhuchery (R.V) Kallikudi (P) Adipudhuchery Ward 4 , 8.Adipudhuchery (R.V) Kallikuci (P) Manalmadu Ward 4 , 9.Adipudhuchery (R.V) Kallikudi (P) Pettai Thanjavur Ward 4
157Adi-dravidar Welfare Elementary School Maruthappattinam 610 001 ,Mangalore Tiled East Building 1.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Aatrakarai street ward 1 , 2.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Mandapam street Ward 1 , 3.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Pakoor Street Ward1 , 4.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 5.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Roadtheru Ward1 , 6.Pazhavanakudi (R.V), and (P) Kochakudi East,Natham street , 7.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Kochakudi West street Ward1 , 8.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Koothampadi Ward 1 , 9.Pazhavanakudi (R.V), and (P) Koothapadi Ward1 , 10.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Pilavadimulai Ward 1 , 11.Pazhavanakudi (R.V), and (P) Ezhuveli Ward 3
158Adi-dravidar Welfare Elementary School Maruthappattinam 610 001 ,West Side Asbestos Building Western Wing 1.Pazhavanakudi (R.V.) and (P) South street ward 2 , 2.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Kalaignar Street ward 2 , 3.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Melaveedhi Ward 2 , 4.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Therukuveedhi Ward 2 , 5.Pazhavanakudi (R.V.) and (P) Sivankovil Street ward 2
159Adi-dravidar Welfare Elementary School Maruthappattinam 610 001 ,RCC New Middle Building Facing North 1.Pazhavanakudi (R.C) and (P) M.G.R Nagar Ward 2 , 2.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) abd (P) Mainroad Ward 2 , 3.Pazhavanakudi (r.c) and (p) Mainroad ward 3 , 4.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Anbuvazhi Street Ward 3 , 5.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) AssriStreet Ward 3 , 6.Pazhavanakudi (R.V) and (P) Irulveli Ward 3
160Panchayat Union Middle School Andipalayam 611 101 ,Northern Side RCC Building 1.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V), and (P) Mettupaliyam ward 1 , 2.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kaliammankovil Street ward 1 , 3.Adiyakkamangalam (R.C) and (P) Andipaliyam Ward 1 , 4.Adiyakkamangalam (r.v) and (p) Mainroad andipaliyam ward 1 , 5.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kulathumattu Street ward 1 , 6.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Poongkaliammankovil Street ward 1 , 7.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Pudhu Road ward 1 , 8.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Sandhuveli Ward 1
161Government Higher Secondary School Adiyakkamangalam 611 101 ,New RCC Building North Building Eastern Wing 1.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Tiruvarur Nagai Salai Ward 2 , 2.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Pattakal Street Ward 2 , 3.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Jalaliyath Street ward 2 , 4.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Rahumaniya Street Ward 2 , 5.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street ward 2 , 6.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Manakeni Street ward 3 , 7.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) RajaStreet ward 3
162Panchayat Union Elementary School Adiyakkamangalam 611101 ,South Side RCC Building West Facing 1.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Nagairoad ward 5 , 2.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Sivankovil Street ward 5 , 3.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Attrankarai Street ward 5 , 4.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Melachetti Street ward 5 , 5.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Pudhucolony Ward 5 , 6.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) West Street ward 5
163Panchayat Union Elementary .School Adiyakkamangalam 611101 ,Back Side North RCC Building North Portion Facing West 1.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Keela cheeti street ward-4 , 2.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Nadu Manai Theru Ward-7 , 3.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Railado Street Ward-7
164Panchayat Union Elementary .School Adiyakkamangalam 611101 ,Back Side North RCC Building Northern Portion Facing west 1.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mela Chetti Street Ward-5 , 2.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Pudhumanai Street Ward-7 , 3.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Pudhu Theru Ward-7
165Panchayat Union Elementary .School Adiyakkamangalam 611101 ,RCC Building North Side 1.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) South street ward-6 , 2.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Pallivasal Street Ward-6 , 3.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Nedungudi Ward-8 , 4.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Nedungudi East Street Ward-8 , 5.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mulai Thoppu Ward-8 , 6.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Adiyakkamangalam East Street Ward-8 , 7.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Thamaraikulam East Street Ward-9 , 8.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Thamaraikulam Street Ward-9 , 9.Adiyakkamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mettu Street Ward-9
166Panchayat Union Middle School Semangalam 611101 ,Mangalore Tiled Eastern Side Building South Wing West Facing 1.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Enme nilam nagai salai ward-1 , 2.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Sithanallur Agraharam Ward-2 , 3.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Sithanallur East Street Ward-2 , 4.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Sithanallur West Street Ward-2 , 5.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Sithanallur North Street Ward-2 , 6.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Sithanallur Keela Arijana Street Ward-2 , 7.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Sithanallur Anna nagar Ward-2 , 8.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Semangalam North Street Ward-3 , 9.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Nedungulam Main road Ward- 4
167Panchayat Union Middle School Semangalam 611101 , RCC Building Southern Side Eastern Portion North Facing 1.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Sithanallur Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-2 , 2.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Sankaran Mettu Street Ward-3 , 3.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Semangalam Middle Street Ward-3 , 4.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) River Bank Street Ward-3 , 5.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Andipalaiyam Devur Salai Ward-3 , 6.Semangalam (R.V.) and (P) Semangalam Chetti Street Ward-3 , 7.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) South Semangalam West street Ward-3 , 8.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Thiruvanandapuram Ward-3 , 9.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Nedungudi Main road Ward-4 , 10.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Nedungudi Mil Street Wad-4 , 11.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Nedungulam Agraharam Ward-4 , 12.Semangalam (R.V.) and (P) Nedungudi Agaraharam Ward 4 , 13.Semangalam (R.V) and (P) Nedungudi East Street Ward-4
168Government Higher Secondary School Alivalam 610106 ,New RCC Building North Wing South Facing 1.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Ayyanar kovil street ward-1 , 2.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Sivan Kovil Street Ward-1 , 3.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) South Agraharam Ward-1 , 4.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) North Agraharam Ward-1 , 5.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Ayyanar Kovil East Street Ward-1 , 6.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Pidari kovil Street Ward-1
169Panchayat Union Elementary School Sundaravilagam ,New RCC Building North Side West Facing 1.Sundaravilagam (R.V), Alivalam (P) Alivalam Salai Sundaravilagam Ward 3 , 2.Sundaravilagam (R,V), Alivalam (P) Pallikuda Street sundaravilagam Ward 3
170Government Higher. sec School Alivalam 610106 ,South Side Mangalore Tiled Building Eastern Portion 1.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Maon road ward-1 , 2.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Kailasanathar Kovil Street Ward-1 , 3.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Middle Street Ward- 1 , 4.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Bajanai mada Street Ward-3 , 5.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Kovil Pathu Adidravidar Street Ward-3
171Panchayat Union Elemantary School, Karuppur ,Mangalore Tiled Building Northern Side Facing West 1.Karuppur (R.V), Alivalam (P) Kudiyana Street Karuppur Ward 4 , 2.Karuppur (R.V), Alivalam (P) Adi dravidar Colony Street Karuppur Ward 4
172Government Higher Secondary School Alivalam 610106 ,New RCC Building Eastern Wing Facing West 1.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Main road ward-2 , 2.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-2 , 3.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Samathuvapuram Ward-2
173Government Higher Secondary School Alivalam 610106 ,New RCC Southern Building Eastern Wing North Facing 1.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Perumal Kovil Street Ward -2 , 2.Alivalam (R.V), and (P) Pudhu Street Ward-2
174Government Higher Secondary School Pulivalam 610 106 ,New RCC Building Western Wing North Facing1.Venkateswarapuram (R.V) Pulivalam (P) Vishnuthoppu Main Road Ward 1 , 2.Venkdateswarapuram (R.V) Pulivalam (P) River Bank Street Ward-1
175Government Higher Secondary School Pulivalam 610 106 ,RCC Building Middle Side West Facing 1.Venkateswarapuram (R.V) Pulivalam (P) Vishnuthoppu Anna Colony Ward-1 , 2.Venkateswarapuram (R.V) Pulivalam (P) Vilvanam padugai Ward-1 , 3.Venkateswarapuram (R.V) Pulivalam (P) Dhanikondaniruppu Ward-1 , 4.Venkateswarapuram (R.V) Pulivalam (P) Valavaikkal Thenkarai Vadakari Ward- 1
176Government Higher Secondary School Pulivalam ,New RCC Building North Wing South Facing Room No. 13 1.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) South street ward-2 , 2.Pulivalam (R.V) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-2 , 3.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Subbaiya Pillai Street Ward-2 , 4.Pulivalam (R.V) and (P) East Street Ward-2 , 5.Pulivalam (R.V) and (P) Middle Street Ward-2
177Government Higher Secondary School Pulivalam ,RCC Building North Side Eastern Wing Middle Portion West Facing 1.Pulivalam (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward-2 , 2.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Street Ward-2 , 3.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Keela Veedhi ward-2 , 4.Pulivalam (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward-2 , 5.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Mela Veedhi ward-2 , 6.Pulivalam (R.V) and (P South Madavilagam Ward-2 , 7.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Amman Kovil Sannathi Street Ward-2
178Panchayat Union Elementary School Pulivalam 610 109 ,RCC Eastern Building Southern Wing 1.Pulivalam (R.V) and (P) T.V.K.Nagar Ward-4 , 2.Pulivazham (R.V), and (P) Akkarai Street Ward-4 , 3.Pulivazham (R.V), and (P) Chetti Thoppu Ward-4 , 4.Pulivazham (R.V), and (P) Jinna Street Ward-4 , 5.Pulivazham (R.V) , and (P) Mela Chetti Street Ward-4
179Panchayat Union Elementary School Pulivalam 610 109 ,Southern side RCC Building North Portion West facing 1.Pulivazham (R.V) and (P) Pallivasal Street Ward-4 , 2.Pulivazham (R.V) and (P) Velangudi Salai Ward-4 , 3.Pulivazham (R.V) and (P) Perumal Kulam Melkarai Ward-4 , 4.Pulivazham (R.V), and (P) Kamarajr Street Ward-4 , 5.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Thoppu Chetti Street Ward-4
180Panchayat Union Elementary School Pulivalam 610 109 ,RCC Building Western Side Northern Building 1.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Ayyanar Kovil Street Ward 3 , 2.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Middle Chetti Street Ward 3 , 3.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Sannathi Street Ward 3 , 4.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) T.T.P Salai Ward 3 , 5.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Kadhar Basha Chandu Wrd 3 , 6.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Thiruvasal Ward 3
181Panchayat Union Elementary School Pulivalam 610109 ,RCC Builiding West Side Middle Building East Facing 1.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) T.T.P salai ward 5 , 2.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Thoppu Street Ward 5 , 3.Pulivalam (r.v), and (p) Gandhi nagar i ward 5
182Panchayat Union Elementary School Pulivalam 610109 ,New RCC Building Eastern Side North Building Facing West 1.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Gandhi Nagar 2 Ward 5 , 2.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Valavaikkal Vadakarai Ward 5 , 3.Pulivalam (R.V), and (P) Valavaikkal Thenkarai Ward 5 , 4.Pulivalam (R.V.), and (P) Kalladi Thoppu Ward 5 , 5.Pulivazham (R.V), and (P) Vadaku Veedhi Ward-5
183Adidravidar Welfare Elementary School Velangudi 60109 ,RCC Building East Facing 1.Velangudi (R.V), and (P) Bharathiyar street ward 1 , 2.Velangudi (R.V), and (P) Velankudi Mainroad Ward 1 , 3.Velangudi (R.V), and (P) Mariammankovil Street ward 1 , 4.Velangudi Panchayat Railadi East Street ward 1 , 5.Velangudi (R.V), and (P) Railadi Street ward 1 , 6.Velangudi (R,V), and (P) Periyar Street ward 2,1 , 7.Velangudi (R.V), and (P) West street mainroad Ward 2
184Panchayat Union Elementary School Keelapadugai 613 703 ,RCC Building Northern Portion 1.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) North street ward 1 , 2.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) Pulivalam Road Ward 1 , 3.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) West Adidravidar Street Ward 1 , 4.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) South Adidravidar Street ward 1 , 5.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) Thenkarai Velangudi ward 1 , 6.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) Mainroad Ward 1 , 7.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) North Street ward 2
185Panchayat Union Elementary School Keelapadugai 613 703 ,RCC Building Southern Wing 1.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) Mill Street Ward 2 , 2.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) East Street ward 2 , 3.Perungudi (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 2 , 4.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) Anakudi Ward 3 , 5.Perungudi (R.V), and (P) Melakootthankudi Ward 3
186Panchayat Union Middle School Kalyanamahadevi 613103 ,New terraced building Western wing North Facing 1.Kalyanamahadevi (R.V) and (P) Kalyanamahadevi ward 1 , 2.Kalyanamahadevi (R.V) and (P) Annavasal Ward 2 , 3.Kalyanamahadevi (R.V) Kottrakudi (P) Manikandi Ward 1
187Panchayat Union Middle School Kalyanamahadevi 613103 ,RCC South Side Building Facing South 1.Kalyanamahadevi (R.V) Kottrakudi (P) Melanakudi Ward 1 , 2.Kalyanamahadevi (R.V) Kottrakudi (P) Kottrakudi ward 2 , 3.Kalyanamahadevi (R.V) Kottrakudi (P) Mandapa Street Ward 2
188Panchayat Union Middle School Koodur 610 103 ,RCC Building Northern Wing Facing East 1.Koodur (R.V) and (P) Koodur ward 1
189Panchayat Union Middle School Koodur 610 103 ,RCC Building Southern Wing East Facing 1.Koodur (R.V) and (P) Kalakudi Ward 2 , 2.Kudur (R.V) and (P) Keelakuthakudi Ward 3
190Panchayat Union Middle School Koodur 610103 ,Middle portion of the North side RCC Building South facing 1.Naranamangalam (R.V) Kudur (P) Ulzhani ward 2 , 2.Naranamangalam (R.V) Kudur (P) Narayanamangalam Ward 4 , 3.Naranamangalam (R.V) Kudur (P) Mosakulam Ward 3
191Panchayat Union Elementary School Kariyangudi 610106 , ,New RCC Building West Side South Facing 1.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Pallavaram ward 1 , 2.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Nemmeli Ward 1 , 3.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Ilangaichery Ward 2
192Panchayat Union Elementary School Kariyangudi 610106 , ,New RCC Building East Side South Facing 1.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Kariyangudi ward 2 , 2.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Mill Street ward 2 , 3.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Ponnarypallam Ward 2
193Sri Krishna Aided Middle School Thapplampuliyur 610106 , West Side Asbestos Sheet Building Eastern Wing Facing South 1.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Vellala Street Ward 3 , 2.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Mainroad ward 3 , 3.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Sivankovil Street ward 3
194Sri Krishna Aided Middle School Thapplampuliyur 610106 ,Asbestos West Building Western Wing Facing South 1.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) West street ward 3 , 2.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Agaharam Ward 4 , 3.Thappalampulivur (R.V), and (P) Vanjur Ward 4
195Panchayat Union Middle School Puthupathur 610106 ,RCC Building Western Side South Facing 1.Pudhupathur (R.V) and (P) Thevur road ward 1 , 2.Pudhupathur (R.V) and (P) North Sethi Colony Street ward 1 , 3.Pudhupathur (R.V) and (P) Mahana Street ward 1 , 4.Pudhupathur (R.V) and (P) Mainroad North Sethi Ward 1 , 5.Pudhupathur (R.V) and (P) Rettiyar Street ward 1 , 6.Pudhupathur (R.V) and (P) Thailiyari Street ward 1
196Panchayat Union Middle School Puthupathur 610106 , RCC Building East Portion Facing South 1.Pudhupathur (R.V) and (P) Mariammankovil Street Ward 2 , 2.Pudhupathur (R.V) and (P) Sivankovil Street ward 2 , 3.Pudhupathur (R.V) and (P) Musslim Street ward 2 , 4.Pudhupathur (R.V) and (P) South Street ward 2 , 5.Pudhupathur (R.C) and (P) Sathirakattalai Ward 3
197Panchayat Union Elementary . School Mangudi 610103 ,Eastern Mangalore Tiled Building West Facing 1.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) T.T.P.Main Road Ward 1 , 2.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Kaliammankovil Street ward 1 , 3.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Street ward 1 , 4.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Pallikooda Street Ward 1 , 5.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Street Pathar Street Ward 1 , 6.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Agaharam ward 1 , 7.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Mill Street ward 1
198Panchayat Union Elementary . School Mangudi 610103 ,New Building South Side Facing East 1.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Naduvapidagai Rottu Street ward 1 , 2.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Melpathi Ward 1 , 3.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Mudhalsathakudi Ward 2 , 4.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Agaharasathakudi Ward 2 , 5.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Kothakudi ward 3 , 6.Mangudi (R.V) and (P) Naduvapidagai Ward 4
199Panchayat Union Elementary . School Kalanivasal ,RCC Building Northern Side Building Facing West 1.Kalyansundarapuram(R.V and (P) Maruvathur Ward 1 , 2.Kalyansundarapuram(R.V) and (P) Kalanivasal Ward 2
200Government High School Vadakarai 610103 ,RCC Building Southern Portion Eastern Side North Facing 1.Vadakarai (R.V) and (P) Vadakarai ward 1 , 2.Vadakarai (R.V) and (P) Thenkarai Ward 1
201Government High School Vadakarai 610103 , RCC Building Southern Portion Western Side North Facing 1.Vadakarai (R.V) and (P) Nambibadi Ward 1 , 2.Vadakarai (R.V) and (P) Keela Thenkarai Ward 1 , 3.Vadakarai (R.V) and (P) Ukkadai Ward 2 , 4.Vadakarai (R.V) and (P) Poosalang kudi Ward 2
202Panchayat Union Elementary School Athur 610 103 ,New RCC Building Western Wing North Facing 1.Radhanallur (R.V) Authur (P) Radhanallur ward 1 , 2.A A , 3.Radhanallur (R.V) and (P) Karukkakudi Ward 3
203Government Higher Secondary School Thiruneipair 610103 ,New RCC Building West Side East Facing 1.Thiruneipar (R.V) and (P) Rettikulam ward 1 , 2.Thiruneipar (R.V) and (P) BalusamiNagar Ward 1 , 3.Thiruneipar (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 4.Thiruneipar (r.v) and (p) Mainroad ward 1 , 5.Thiruneipar (R.V) and (P) Mill Street ward 1 , 6.Thiruneipar (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street ward 2 , 7.Thiruneipar (R.V) and (P) Colony Street ward 2 , 8.Thiruneipar (R.V) and (P) Chettisavadi Street Ward 2 , 9.Thiruneipar (R.V) and (P) South Street ward 2 , 10.Thiruneipar (R.V) and (P) Pazhasalaith Street ward 2 , 11.Thiruneipar (R.V) and (P) Vambali Medu Ward 2
204Panchayat Union Middle School Thennavarayanallur 610103 ,New RCC Building Eastern Side West Facing 1.Thiruneiper (R.V) Thiruneiper (P) Thennvarayanallur Ward 3 , 2.Thiruneiper (R.V) Thiruneiper (P) Madhakadi Street ward 3 , 3.Thiruneiper (R.V) Thiruneiper (P) Suganthankatttlai Ward 3 , 4.Thiruneiper (R.V) Thiruneiper (P) Balangudi ward 4
205Panchayat Union Elemantary School, Kaduvangudi , RCC Building Facing East 1.Kaduvangudy (R.V) Thiruneiper (P) Melapoothamangalachery ward 5 , 2.Kaduvangudy (R.V) Thiruneiper (P) Keelapoothamangalachery Ward 5 , 3.Kaduvangudy (R.V) Thiruneiper (P) Kaduvangkudi Ward 5 , 4.Kaduvangudy (R.V) Thiruneiper (P) Andiyur Ward 5
206Panchayat Union Elementary School Thiruneipair 610202 , RCC Building South Side North Facing 1.Kunniyur (R.V) and (P) Kunniyur North Street ward 1 , 2.Kunniyur (R.V) and (P) Mainroad Ward 1 , 3.Kunniyur (R.V) and (P) Melapalaiyur West Street ward 2 , 4.Kunniyur (R.V) and (P) Melapalaiyur Mainroad ward 2
207Panchayat Union Elementary School Thiruneipair 610202 ,RCC Building West Side North Facing 1.Kunniyur (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Street ward 1 , 2.Kunniyur (R.V) and (P) Melapalaiyur Adidravidar ward 2 , 3.Kunniyur (R.V) and (P) Keelapalaiyur Adidravidar Street ward 3 , 4.Kunniyur (R.V) and (P) Keelapalaiyur KeelaStreet ward 3
208Panchayat Union Middle School Veppathangudi 610202 ,RCC Building Southern Wing Facing East 1.Veppathangkudi (R.V) and (P) North street ovalikudi ward 2 , 2.Veppathangkudi (R.V) and (P) SouthStreet Ovalikudi Street ward 2 , 3.Veppathangkudi (R.V) and (P) Allikulam Street Ovalikudi Ward 2 , 4.Veppathangkudi (R.V) and (P) Annanagar Ovalikudi Ward 2 , 5.Veppathangkudi (R.V) and (P) Agaharam Veppathangkudi Ward 1 , 6.Veppathangkudi (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street Veppathangkudi Ward 1
209Panchayat Union Middle School Veppathangudi 610202 ,RCC Building Northern Wing East Facing 1.Veppathangkudi (R.V) and (P) West Street Veppathangkudi Ward 1 , 2.Veppathangkudi (R.V) and (P) East Street Veppathangkudi Ward 1 , 3.Veppathangkudi (R.V) and (P) Vanjivur Veppathangkudi Ward 3 , 4.Veppathangkudi (R.V) and (P) Vayalur Paramakudi Ward 4
210Panchayat Union Elementary School Pinnavasal 610202 ,RCC Building East Side West Facing 1.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) Annanagar Ward 1 , 2.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) North Street ward 1 , 3.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) Mavoor East Street ward 1 , 4.Pinnvasal (R.V), and (P) South Agaharam Ward 1 , 5.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) Pallikuda street Ward 1 , 6.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar East Street ward 1 , 7.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) RKudi thamaraiKulastreet ward 2 , 8.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) South Adidravidar Street ward 2
211Panchayat Union Elementary School Pinnavasal 610202 ,Mangalore Tiled Building East wing Facing North 1.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) Mavoor kadaiveedhi ward 1 , 2.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) Mavoor South Street ward 1 , 3.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) Melaagaharam Ward 1 , 4.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar East South Street ward 2 , 5.Pinnvasal (R.V), and (P) Pitchabackam Ward 2 , 6.Pinnvasal (R.V), and (P) Namasivayapuram Ward 2 , 7.Pinnvasal (R.V) and (P) Mainroad ward 1,2
212Panchayat Union Elementary School Thuraikudi 610205 ,RCC Building North Facing 1.Umaheshwarapuram (R.V) and (P) Enjal panakarai ward 1 , 2.Umaheshwarapuram (R.V) and (P) Keeladurakudi Ward 2 , 3.Umaheshwarapuram (R.V) and (P) Keelaneiveli Ward 3 , 4.Umaheshwarapuram (R.V) and (P) Meladurakudi Ward 3 , 5.Umaheshwarapuram (R.V) and (P) Sivanandar Kovil Ward 3
213Panchayat Union Elementary School Pudhur 610205 ,Western Side RCC Building East Facing 1.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) Keelaveedhi ward 1 , 2.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) Therkuveedhi Ward 1 , 3.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) Melaveedhi Peruamal Kovil Street Ward 1 , 4.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street ward 1 , 5.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) Sivankovil Street railadi Street ward 1 , 6.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) Balathadi Street ward 1 , 7.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) Periyamill Street ward 2 , 8.Pudhur (R.V), and (P) Vellar Street Pilliyar Kovil Street ward 2
214Panchayat Union Elementary. School Pudhur 610205 ,Eastern Side RCC Building West Facing 1.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) Sanaveli pattvaruthi ward 2 , 2.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) North Adidravidar Street ward 3 , 3.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) NamasivapuramKeela Street Mazharayar Street ward 4 , 4.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) Namasivapuram Sivankovil Street ward 4 , 5.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) Konnaiyadi Street ward 5 , 6.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) ManachiStreet ward 5 , 7.Pudhur (R.V) and (P) South Street Kaduvetti Koanmudukku Street ward 6
215Panchayat Union Middle School Thirukkaravasal ,RCC Building East Side West Facing 1.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Alangkudi mainroad north colony street ward-1 , 2.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Vadakku, Melaveedi, Therku, Keela,veedi, Ward- 1 , 3.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Mainroad Ward-2 , 4.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Annamandram Ward-2 , 5.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Chitheri Mettu Street Ward-2 , 6.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) South Mainroad Ward-2
216Panchayat Union Midddle School Thirukkaravasal 610202 ,RCC Building South Side North Facing 1.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Mainroad komal ward-3 , 2.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) D.P.C.Road Ward-3 , 3.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Komal Agraharam Keela Street, Mela street Mainroad Ward 3 , 4.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) kamarajar Street Ward-4 , 5.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Rathananjai Colony Street Periya Street Ward-4 , 6.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Attrangkarai Street Ward-4 , 7.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Chinna Street Thalaiyarikalam Ward-4 , 8.Thirukkaravasal (R.V) and (P) Akkarai Komal ward-4
217Panchayat Union Middle School Marakadai ,New RCC Building Facing East H.M Room (2nd Room from South) 1.RamanathanKovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Koraiyarur South Street ward 1 , 2.Ramanathan Kovil (R.V) and Koothanallur (M) Koraiyarur North Street ward 1 , 3.Ramanathan Kovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) VOC Colony Ward 1 , 4.Ramanathan Kovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Vallur Colony Street Ward 12 , 5.Ramanathan Kovl(R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Koraiyaru East Street ward 1 , 6.Ramanathan Kovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Sithangkarai Ward 12 , 7.RamanthanKovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Owai Colony East Street Ward 12
218Panchayat Union Middle School Marakadai 614102 ,New RCC Building Facing East IIIrd Room From South 1.Ramanathankovil (R.V) Koothanallur (M) Owai Colony West Street Ward 12 , 2.Ramanathankovi (R.V) Koothanallur (M) Marakadai Mainroad Ward 11 , 3.Ramanathankovil ( R.V) Koothanallur (M) Ayyanthottachery Ward 1 , 4.Ramanathankovil (R.V) Koothanallur (M) Rajagopalasami Thottam Street ward 2
219Municipal Office Koothanallur 614102 , Chairman Office Room 1.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Jeganathapillai Street ward 9 , 2.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Lakshmangudi Kadai Street ward 4 , 3.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Hospital Line Ward 9
220P U P School, Lakshmangudi614102 ,South Side 1.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Kambar Street ward 4 , 2.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Kamarajar Colony ward 4 , 3.Lakshmankudi (R.V) ,Koothanallur (M) Lakshmankudi West Street ward 5 , 4.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Sathram sandhu Ward 9
221Municipal Office Koothanallur ,General Section Main Building Western Side 1.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Lakshmankudi East Street ward 5 , 2.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Melapanakatakudi Ward 5 , 3.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Panakatakudi Ward 5 , 4.Lakshmankudi(R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Keelapanakatakudi Ward 5 , 5.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Puliyakudi Keela Street ward 6 , 6.Lakshmankudi (R.V), Koothanallur (M) Puliyakudi Middle Street ward 6
222P U P School, Lakshmangudi , Building Norht Side 1.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Koradachery road ward 3 , 2.Lakshmankudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Thottachery North Street ward 3 , 3.Lakshmankudi (R.V), Koothanallur (M) Thottachery South Street ward 3
223Municipal Office Koothanallur 614102 , Municipal Office General Section Main Building Eastern Side 1.Koothanallur (M) Neruji Road Ward 7 , 2.Koothanallur (M) Puliyakudi South Street ward 7 , 3.Koothanallur (M) Puliyakudi North Street ward 7
224Municipal Office Koothanallur 614102 ,Sanitary Inspector Room 1.Koothanallur (M) GandhiNagar Ward 7 , 2.Koothanallur (M) AsathRoad ward 8 , 3.Koothanallur (M) Sivankovil Street ward 8 , 4.Koothanallur (M) AbdulRahman Road Ward 8 , 5.Koothanallur (M) Shyed Hussin Road Ward 8 , 6.Koothanallur (M) Hospital Road Ward 8
225Govt.Hr.Sce.School(Boys) Koothanallur 614101 , Main Building West wing(The last room in the left hand side) 1.Koothanallur (M) Nehru Line Ward 18 , 2.Koothanallur (R.V) and (M) Kamaliya Street ward 18 , 3.Koothanallur (N) Jamaliya Street ward 6 , 4.Koothanallur Kunukady Street ward 6 , 5.Koothanallur (M) Rahmaniya Street ward 18
226Alavudeen Aided Elementary School Nagankudi 614101 ,New Southern Side Mangalore Tiled Building Facing west 1.Panduthakudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Nagakudi North Street ward 23 , 2.Panduthakudi (R.V), Koothanallur (M) Ammankovil Street ward 23 , 3.Panduthakudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Ammankovil Sandhu Ward 23 , 4.Panduthakudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Kadhar Batcha street Ward 23 , 5.Panduthakudi (R.V) ,Koothanallur (M) Nagakudi West Street ward 23
227Govt.Hr.Sce.School(Girls) Koothanallur 614101 , New Building Northern Portion Southern Side Facing East (Middle Building) 1.Panduthakudi (R.V) Koothanallur (M) Sowakatha Ali Street Ward 21 , 2.Panduthakudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Natharkani Road Ward 22 , 3.Panduthakudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Asath Nagar Ward 21 , 4.Panduthakudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Tamilar Street ward 22
228Govt.Hr.Sce.School(Girls) Koothanallur 614101 , New Building Northside in North Portion 1.Panduthakudi (R.V) ,Koothanallur (M) Anvariya Street ward 22 , 2.Panduthakudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) VPM Road Ward 22 , 3.Panduthakudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Kaduvetti Street Ward 23 , 4.Panduthakudi (R.V), Koothanallur (M) Kattiappar Street Ward 22 , 5.Panduthakudi (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Sengamattu Street Ward 24
229Govt.Hr.Sce.School (Boys) Koothanallur 614101 , Main Building Eastwing (Ist Room from Entrance in Right side) 1.Koothanallur (M) Ismail Street Ward 19 , 2.Koothanallur (M) Javiyath Street ward 19 , 3.Koothanallur (M) Nooriya Street ward 19 , 4.Koothanallur ((M) Hamihiya Street Ward 19
230Govt.Hr.Sce.School(Girls) Koothanallur 614101 , New Building West Portion Facing North 1.Koothanallur (M) Periyakadai Street Ward 20 , 2.Koothanallur (M) Akarai Pudhu Street ward 24 , 3.Koothanallur (M) Majodiya Street ward 21 , 4.Koothanallur (M) Sowakath Ali Street Ward 21
231Jamiya Primary School Koothanallur 614101 , North Wing Terraced Building Facing South (3rd Room from West) 1.Koothanallur (M) Periya Street ward 17
232Jamiya Primary School Koothanallur 614101 , South Portion Terraced Building Facing North (2nd Room from West) 1.Koothanallur (M) Mela Street Ward 16 , 2.Koothanallur (M) Chinnapalli Street ward 16 , 3.Koothanallur (M) Jinna Street ward 20
233Manba Ul Ula Higher Sec School Koothanallur 614101 , East Side Terraced Building Facing West (Ist Room near Staircase) 1.Ramanathankovil (R.V) Koothanallur (M) Melkondali Line South Street Ward 14 , 2.Ramanathankovil (R.V) Koothanallur (M) Melkondali North Street ward 14 , 3.Ramanathan kovil (R.V).Koothanallur (M) Melkondali Tamilar Street ward 13
234Manba Ul Ula Higher Sec School Koothanallur 614101 , Main Teraced Building North Portion Facing South 1.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Melapalli Line Ward 15 , 2.Ramanthankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Paikarath Street Ward 15 , 3.Ramanthankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Pudhu Street ward 15 , 4.Ramathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Hajiyar Street ward 15 , 5.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Kamaliyath Street Ward 18 , 6.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Abdul Rahman Road Ward 15 , 7.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Vinayagar Kovil Street Ward 14 , 8.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallu (M) Marakadai Pidari Kovil Street , 9.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Marakadai South Street ward 13
235P.U.M.School Marakadai 614102 ,New RCC Building Facing East Southern Wing Ist Room 1.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Marakadai Keela Street Ward 10
236P.U.M.School Marakadai 614102 ,Southern Building 1.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Thervadakku Street Ward 2 , 2.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) Marakadai North Street Ward 11 , 3.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur(M) South Street Old Police Street ward 11 , 4.Ramanathankovil (R.V) , Koothanallur (M) West Street East Street Mainroad Ward 11
237Panchayat Union Middle School Boothamangalam 614101 ,New Southern Building Facing North Western wing Vakkaranallur 1.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Melakannchakudi Ward 1 , 2.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Keelakannchakudi Ward 1 , 3.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Aakarai Street ward 1 , 4.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Vakkranallur Pudhu Street ward 1 , 5.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Poothamangalam Pudhu Street ward 1 , 6.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Poothamangalam South Street ward 2
238Panchayat Union Middle School Boothamangalam 614101 ,New Eastern side Building 1.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Pallivasal Street Ward 2 , 2.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Aasath Street Ward 2 , 3.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Mahasumiya Street ward 2 , 4.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Jahirehussin Street Ward 2 , 5.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) East Street Ward 2 , 6.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) West Street ward 2
239P.U.M.School Poothamangalam, Main Building West Side Terraced Building ,Poothamangalam 614101 1.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Poothamangalam Pudhu Street ward 1 , 2.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Poothamangalam South Street ward 3 , 3.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Salamath Street Ward 3 , 4.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Vakkranallur Harijana Street Ward 3
240P.U.M.School Poothamangalam, South Wing West Facing Terraced Building ,Poothamangalam 614101 1.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Neermangalam Ward 3 , 2.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Kottakam Ward 3 , 3.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Backeermasthan Street ward 3 , 4.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Quaidthemillath Street Ward 3 , 5.Vakkranallur (R.V) and (P) Deen Street Ward 3
241P.U.M.School Velukudi 610102 ,Southern side New RCC Building Facing west Southern Wing 1.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Kompur Agraharam Ward 1 , 2.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Kompur Nadu Street Ward 1 , 3.Agaravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Aattrakarai West Street ward 1 , 4.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) East Street ward 1 , 5.Agravelukudi (R.V), Velukudi (P) Aattrakaraith East Street Ward 1,2 , 6.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Velukudi Middle Street ward 2 , 7.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Velukudi East Mainroad Ward 2 , 8.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Velukudi Agaharam Ward 2 , 9.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Velukudi South Mainroad ward 2,3 , 10.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Velukudi MelaStreet ward 3 , 11.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Velukudi Aattrakaraipalam Ward 3 , 12.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Mangalapuram North Street ward 3 , 13.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Mangalapuram Nadu Street ward 3 , 14.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Mangalapuram South Street ward 3 , 15.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) Kdamangkudi Street Ward 3 , 16.Agravelukudi (R.V) , Velukudi (P) MaligaiThidal Ward 3
242P.U.M.School Velukudi 610102 ,Northern side RCC Building Facing West North Wing 1.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Kaliammankovil West Street Ward 1 , 2.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Kaliammankovil KeelaStreet Ward 1 , 3.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) SemmanThidal Ward 1 , 4.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Kaliammankovil South Street ward 1 , 5.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Velukudi West Street Ward 1 , 6.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Velukudi Nadu Street ward 1 , 7.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Rajagopala Sami Street ward 1 , 8.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Velukudi Main Road East Street ward 1 , 9.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Velukudi Anagalammankovil Street ward 2 , 10.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Velukudi Sivankovil Street ward 2 , 11.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Velukudi North Street ward 2 , 12.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Velukudi RottuStreet Ward 2
243P.U.E.School Sithannakudi 610102 ,New Building 1.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Chithanakudi Mainrottuth Street ward 2 , 2.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Chithanakudi Naiduth Street ward 2,3 , 3.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Chithanakudi Colony Street Ward 2,3 , 4.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Chithanakudi East Street ward 2,3 , 5.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Karunanur East Street ward 2,3 , 6.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Karunanur West Street Ward 2,3 , 7.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Karunanur Kudiyana Street ward 2,3 , 8.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) KalldiStreet ward 2,3 , 9.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) VadapathiMain Road Ward 2,3 , 10.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Vadapathy Keelath Street Ward 2,3 , 11.Chithanakudi (R.V) and (P) Vadapathi Kudiyana Street Ward 2,3
244P.U.M.School Vengaramperaiyur 610102 ,Western Building Facing East Southern wing 1.Vengaramperaiyur (R.V) , BharathiMoolankudi ( P) Eda Street Ward 1 , 2.Vengaramperaiyur (R.V) , BharathiMoolankudi ( P) Moolankudi West Street Ward 1 , 3.Vengaramperaiyur (R.V), BharathiMoolankudi (P) Moolankudi Agaharam Ward 1 , 4.Vengaramperaiyur (R.V) , BharathiMoolankudi (P) Moolankudi Periya Street Ward 1 , 5.Vengaramperaiyur (R.V) , BharathiMoolankudi (P) Nimilichery Ward 1 , 6.Vengaramperaiyur (R.V) , BharathiMoolankudi (P) VenkaramPeraiyur RottuStreet Ward 1 , 7.Vengaramperaiyur (R.V) , BharathiMoolankudi (P) Jeeva Street Ward 1 , 8.Vengaramperaiyur (R.V) , BharathiMoolankudi (P) Colony Street Ward 1 , 9.Vengaramperaiyur (R.V) , BharathiMoolankudi (P) Venkaramperaiyur KeelaStreet ward 1
245Panchayat Union Elementary School Arivelur Karuppur ,New Building Eastern Side Facing North 1.Punavasal (R.V) , BharathiMoolankudi (P) MelaStreet Ward 2 , 2.Punavasal (R.V) , Bharathimoolangudi (P) Punavasal Adidravidar Street Ward 3 , 3.Punavasal (R.V) ,Bharathimoolangudi (P) Punavasal KeelaStreet Ward 3 , 4.Punavasal (R.V) , Bharathimoolangudi (P) Nochikudi Ward 4 , 5.Punavasal (R.V) Bharathimoolangudi (P) Karuppur Agraharam Ward 4 , 6.Punavasal (R.V) , BharathiMoolankudi (P) Karuppur Adidravidar Streeet Ward 4 , 7.Punavasal (R.V) ,BharathiMoolankudi (P) Poopathirajapuram Street Ward 4 , 8.Punavasal (R.V) BharathiMoolankudi (P) Arivulur Kudiyana Street Ward 4 , 9.Punavasal (R.V) BharathiMoolankudi (P) Arivulur Adidravidar Street Ward 4
246P.U.E.School Poonthalangudi 610102 ,New Building Facing North Eastern Wing 1.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (p) Annavasal mainroad (Ottasatti Street) , 2.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P)t Poozhangkudi Street Ward 1 , 3.Poozhangkudi (R.V ) and (P) Mathakadi Street Ward 1 , 4.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) Pandarath Street ward 1 , 5.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) Poozhangkudi Mainroad Ward 1 , 6.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street Ward 1,2 , 7.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) Aattrakaraith Street Ward 2 , 8.Poozhangkudi (R.V. ) and (P) Colony Street Ward 2 , 9.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) Annavasal Street Ward 2 , 10.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) South Street ward 2 , 11.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) Elakondan Ward 2,3 , 12.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) Melamanali Mudal Street ward 3 , 13.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) Melamanali Second Street ward 3 , 14.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) Melamanali Moondaram Street ward 3 , 15.Poozhangkudi (R.V) and (P) Melamanali Nangam Street Ward 3
247P.U.E.School Keelamanali 610103 ,Mangalooru Tiled Building, North Facing 1.Keelamanali (R.V) and (P) Muttam Vannarkudiyaruppu Ward 1 , 2.Keelamanali (R.V) and (P) Muttam Colony Street Ward 1 , 3.Keelamanali (R.V) and (P) Senthanagudi North Street Ward 1 , 4.Keelamanali (R.V) and (P) Senthangkudi Colony street KeelaStreet ward 1 , 5.Keelamanali (R.V) and (P) Senthangudi Kudiyana Street Ward 1 , 6.Keelamanali (R.V) and (P) Keelamanali Mainroad Ward 2 , 7.Keelamanali (R.V) and (P) Keelamanali Agharama Ward 2 , 8.Keelamanali ( R.V) and (P) Keelamanali Nadu Street ward 2 , 9.Keelamanali (R.V) and (P) Keelamanali South Street ward 2,3 , 10.Keelamanali (R.V) and (P) Keelamanali North Street ward 3 , 11.Keelamanali (R.V) and (P) Karanathan Kovil Street Ward 3
248Panchayat Union Middle School, Ohaiperaiyur 610206 ,New Southern RCC Building Facing East North Wing 1.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) North Street ward 1 , 2.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) Sivankovil Street Ward 1 , 3.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) Agaharam Ward 1 , 4.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) NaduStreet ward 1 , 5.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) Aattrakarai Street ward 1,2 , 6.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) MelaStreet ward 2 , 7.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) Keelastreet ward 2 , 8.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) Annacolony Street ward 2 , 9.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) Jeeva Street ward 2 , 10.Oogaiperaiyur Panchayat RottuStreet Ward 2 , 11.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) Ramanujam Manali MelaStreet Ward 3 , 12.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) Ramanujam Manali KeelaStreet Ward 3 , 13.Oogaiperaiyur (R.V) and (P) Nagarajan Kottam Colony Street ward 3 , 14.Oogaiperaiyur(R.V) and (P) Nagarajan Kottam Ward 3
249Venuudiyar M.School Palaiyanur 610110 , New RCC Building Facing South Western Side 1st Room 1.Palayanur(R.V) and (P) Sathikbatcha Street Ward 1 , 2.Palayanur(R.V)and(P) Kudiyana Street Ward 2 , 3.Palayanur (R.V)and(P) Kompur South North Ward1,2
250Venuudiyar M.School Palaiyanur 610110 ,Main Building Western Side 1.Palayanur (R.V)and(P) Harijana Street West East Street 1 , 2.Palayanur (R.V)and (P) Vadakattali Harijana Street ward 2
251Panchayat Union Elementary School, Vadapathimangalam 610206 ,Main Building Facing South Western Wing 1.Vadapathimangalam (R.V)and(P) Poosankudi KeelaStreet Ward 1 , 2.Vadapathimangalam (R.V)and(P) Poosankudi KeelaStreet Ward 1 , 3.Vadapathimangalam (R.V)and(P) Mayanur Ward 1 , 4.Vadapathimangalam (R.V)and(P) Mainroad Kudiyana Street ward 1 , 5.Vadapathimangalam (R.V)and(P) Punavasal PeriyaStreet Ward 2 , 6.Vadapathimangalam (R.V)and(P) Thelungu Street Ward 2 , 7.Vadapathimangalam (R.V)and(P) Punavasal Nadu Kudiyana street Ward 2 , 8.Vadapathimangalam (R.V)and(P) VSD Street Ward 2 , 9.Vadapathimangalam (R.V)and(P) Punavasal MelaStreet Ward 2
252Panchayat Union Elementary School, Utchivadi, Kiliyanoor Village. ,New Building Northern Side Facing West 1.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Aattrakarai Neathaji Street Ward 3 , 2.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Uchivadi OthaStreet Ward 4 , 3.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Kothur Road Street Ward 3 , 4.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Uchivadi North Street Ward 3 , 5.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Uchivadi South Street ward 3 , 6.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Solachi Ward 3 , 7.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Kulamanickam Road South War 3 , 8.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) PerumalKovil StreetWard 4 , 9.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Kiliyanur KudiyanaStreet Ward 4 , 10.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Kiliyanur Mariammankovil Street Ward 4 , 11.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Kiliyanur Madhakovil Street Ward 4 , 12.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Kiliyanur Dinketh Street ward 4
253Panchayat Union Elementary School, Utchivadi, Kiliyanoor Village. ,New Building Southern Side Facing West 1.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Kiliyanur Mela Adidravidar Street Ward 4 , 2.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Kiliyanur Thamaraikulam Ward 4 , 3.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Kiliyanur North Street Ward 4 , 4.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam ( P) Kiliyanur South Street Ward 4 , 5.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) B Block Street Ward 4 , 6.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam ( P) Vaikkal Karai Street Ward 4 , 7.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Aattrakarai West Street Ward 4 , 8.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Rettai Street Ward 4 , 9.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Uchivadi Thamaraikulam Street Ward 4 , 10.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam( P) Uchivadi Thamaraikulam Street Ward 4 , 11.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam (P) Kulamanickam Road Northstreet Ward 4 , 12.Kiliyanur (R.V) Vadapathimangalam( P) KeelaUchivadi Street Ward 3
254P.U.M.School Harichandrapuram 610206 ,Western Side Main RCC Building Facing South Western Wing 1.Arichandrapuram(R.V)and (P) Subathiyam Ward 1 , 2.Arichandrapuram(R.V)and(P) Nedukarai Ward 1 , 3.Arichandrapuram (R.V)and(P) Elamangalam Ward 1 , 4.Arichandrapuram (R.V)and(P) Elamangalam Kudiyanavur Street Ward 1 , 5.Arichandrapuram(R.V)and (P) Thittachery Ward 1
255P.U.M.School Harichandrapuram 610206 ,Western Side Main RCC Building Facing South Eastern Wing 1.Arichandrapuram (R.V) and (P) Arichandrapuram Kudiyana Street ward 2 , 2.Arichandrapuram(R.V)and (P) Arichandrapuram Bazaar Street Mainroad Ward 3 , 3.Arichandrapuram (R.V)and (P) Arichandrapuram North Street ward 3 , 4.Arichandrapuram(R.V) and (P) Mainroad Ward 3 , 5.Arichandrapuram (R.V)and (P) Kalimangalam nagarajankottam Ward 3
256Govt.Hr.Sec.School Pullamangalam 610206 ,Main RCC Building Western Side South Facing from library 1.Pullamangalam (R.V) and (P) Perumal Kovil East Agharam Mainroad , 2.Pullamangalam(R.V)and(P) Indragandhi Colony Ward 1 , 3.Pullamangalam (R.V)and(P) Mahathamagandhi Street ward 1 , 4.Pullamangalam (R.V)and(P) MariammanKovil Street ward 1 , 5.Pullamangalam(R.V)and(P) Mainroad West Agaharam Street ward 1 , 6.Pullamangalam (R.V)and(P) North Pudhu Street ward 1 , 7.Pullamangalam (R.V)and(P) Kathavarayan Street ward 1 , 8.Pullamangalam (R.V)and(P) Keela Adidravidar Street ward 1 , 9.Pullamangalam (R.V)and(P) Mela Adidravidar Street Ward 1
257Govt.Hr.Sec.School Pullamangalam 610206 ,Main Building Western Side 1.Pullamangalam (R.V)and(P) Nantham Mainroad Ward 2 , 2.Pullamangalam (R.V)and(P) Nantham Kudiyana Street Ward 2 , 3.Pullamangalam(R.V)and(P) Nantham Colony Street ward 2 , 4.Pullamangalam(R.V)and(P) Ootiyani Mainroad Ward 3 , 5.Pullamangalam(R.V)and(P) Oottyani North Colony Street ward 3 , 6.Pullamangalam (R.V)and(P) Oottyani South Colony Street Ward 3 , 7.Pullamangalam(R.V)and(P) Mudhuliyar Street Oottyani Ward 3 , 8.Pullamangalam (R.V)and(P) Velar Street ward 3
258P.U.E.School Kakkaiyadi ,Eastern Side Terraced Building Facing South 1.Kakayadi (R.V) Palayanur (P) Kakayadi Mela Street Ward 2,3 , 2.Kakkaiyadi (R.V) Palayanur (P) Mandhakarath Street Ward 3 , 3.Kakkaiyadi (R.V) Palayanur (P) Kakaiyadi Mariammankovil Street Ward 3 , 4.Kakkaiyadi (R.V) Palayanur(P) Kakaiyadi Keela Street Ward 3 , 5.Kakkaiyaid (R.V) Palayanur (P) Kakaiyadi Aattrakarai Street Ward 1 , 6.Kakkaiyadi (R.V) Palayanur (P) Kakaiyadi Mainroad Ward 2 , 7.Kakkaiyaid (R.V) Palayanur (P) Kakaiyadi Pilliyar Kovil Street Ward 2 , 8.Kakkayaid (R.V) Palayanur(P) Kakayadi Murugankovil Street Ward 2 , 9.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur(P) Sathanur North Street ward 3 , 10.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Sathanur Agaharam South Street Ward 3 , 11.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Sathanur Keela Street Ward 3 , 12.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Sathanur South Street Ward 3 , 13.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur(P) Sathanur Nadu Street Ward 3 , 14.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Sathanur Kaliammankovil Street Ward 3
259P.U.E.School Kakkaiyadi ,Western Side Terraced Building Facing South 1.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Nannimangalam Mainroad Ward 4 , 2.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Nannimangalam Kaliammankovil Street ward 4 , 3.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Nannimangalam Aakkarai Street Ward 4 , 4.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Santhiveli MelaStreet Ward 4 , 5.Shathanur (R.V)Palayanur( P) Santhiveli KeelaStreet Ward 4 , 6.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Santhiveli Mainroad Ward 4 , 7.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Sathanur Mariammankovil Street Ward 3 , 8.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Sathanur Thoppu Street Ward 3 , 9.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Sathanur Keela Street Ward 3 , 10.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Sathanur South Street Ward 3 , 11.Shathanur (R.V) Palayanur (P) Sathanur Kaliammankovil Street Ward 3
260P.U.M.School, Pandukudi 614101 ,Northern East RCC Building Facing South Eastern Wing 1.Kothankudi (R.V) and (P) Thiruvallur Nagar Ward 1 , 2.Kothankud(R.V)and (P) Periya street Ward 2 , 3.Kothankudi (R.V)and (P) MelaStreet Ward 3
261P.U.M.School, Pandukudi 614101 ,Facing West Northern Wing 1.Kothankudi (R.V)and (P) Lenin Street Ward 3 , 2.Kothankudi (R.V)and(P) BalanNagar Ward 3 , 3.Kothankudi (R.V) and (P) Ambathkar Street Ward 3 , 4.Kothankudi (R.V) and (P) Seenivasa Nagar Ward 3 , 5.Kothankudi(R.V)and (P) JeevaStreet Ward 4 , 6.Kothankudi (R.V) and (P) Bharathi Nagar Ward 4 , 7.Kothankudi (R.V) and (P) Annanagar Ward 3 , 8.Kothankudi (R.V) and (P) VPM Street Ward 2 , 9.Kothankudi (R.V)and (P) Kathayeammankovil Street Ward 4 , 10.Kothankudi (R.V) and (P) Thoppu Street Ward 3
262P.U.M.School Vadakovanur 614102 ,Terraced Building Facing North Eastern Wing 1.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) West Street ward 1 , 2.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) Kuchipalaya Street ward 1 , 3.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) Pilliyarkovil Street ward 1 , 4.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) Kaliammankovil Street ward 2 , 5.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) KudiyanaStreet East Ward 2 , 6.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) Kudiyana Street North Ward 2 , 7.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) Kudiyana Street West ward 2 , 8.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) KudiyanaStreet South ward 2 , 9.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) East Street ward 3 , 10.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) South Street ward 3 , 11.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) Northstreet ward 3 , 12.Vadakovanur (R.V) and (P) Jeevath Street ward 3
263Panchayat Union Elementary School Thengovanur 614102 ,New RCC Building Facing North Eastern Wing 1.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) Thengovanur North Street Ward 1 , 2.Thengovanur(R.V) and (P) Mudhuliyar Street Ward 1 , 3.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street Ward 1 , 4.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) MelaStreet Ward 1 , 5.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) Colony Street Ward 2 , 6.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 2 , 7.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) KeelaStreet Ward 2 , 8.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) ThyKal Ward 2 , 9.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) Therkkupadugai Ward 2 , 10.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) Vakkottai Mainroad Ward- 3 , 11.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) Vackkottai Keela Street Ward 3 , 12.Thengovanur (R.V) and (P) Vackkottai MelaStreet ward 3
264Panchayat Union Elementary School Manjanavadi-Manakkarai 614101 ,RCC Building Facing East Southern Wing 1.Manjanavadi (R.V) Thirurameshwaram Panchayat Majanavadi North Street Ward 1 , 2.Majanavadi (R.V), Thirurameshwaram (P) Jeeva Street Ward 1 , 3.Majanavadi (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Senakarai Street Ward 2 , 4.Majanavadi (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Pookulath Street Ward 1 , 5.Majanavadi (R.V) Thirurameshwaram ( P) Chithiivnagayar kovil street ward 1 , 6.Majanavadi (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Karuvakulam Ward 2 , 7.Majanavadi (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Chinnakanni Thoppu Street 2 , 8.Majanavadi (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Senakarai Mainroad Ward 2 , 9.Majanavadi (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Kuppachikottai Kudiyana Street Ward 2 , 10.Majanavadi (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Kuppachikottai Nantham Harijana Street ward2
265P.U.M.School Thirurameswaram 614101 ,New RCC Building Facing South Eastern Wing 1.Thirurameshwaram (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Manakarai Ward 1 , 2.Thirurameshwarm (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Vettukulam Ward 2 , 3.Thirurameshwaram (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Thirusakthimuttram Ward 3 , 4.Thirurameshwaram (R.V), Thirurameshwaram (P) Purakottagam Ward 4 , 5.Thirurameshwaram (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Thirurameshwaram Kovil Street Ward 4 , 6.Thirurameshwaram (R.V), Thirurameshwaram (P) Thirurameshwaram Harjjana Street Ward 3 , 7.Thirurameshwaram (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Thamaraikulam Street Ward 7
266P.U.M.School Thirurameswaram 614101 ,RCC Building Southern Side Facing West North Wing 1.Thirurameshwaram (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Sengaimadu Kadai Street Ward 3 , 2.Thirurameshwaram (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Sengaimadu KeelaStreet Ward 4 , 3.Thirurameshwaram (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Kottakachery Mainroad Ward 4 , 4.Thirurameshwaram (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) Chithivinagayar Kovil Street Ward 4 , 5.A A , 6.Thirurameshwaram (R.V), Thirurameshwaram (P) Pallivasal Street ward 4 , 7.Thirurameshwaram (R.V) Thirurameshwaram (P) JeevaStreet Ward 4
267P.U.E.School Thannergunnam 614101 ,Old RCC Building Facing West Southern Wing 1.Overchery(R.V)and (P) Ayyampettai Rottu Street Ward 1 , 2.Overchery (R.V)and(P) PilliyarKovil Street Ward 1 , 3.Overchery (R.V)and(P) North Street South Street ward 2 , 4.Overchery (R.V)and(P) Palaya Kakkaiyadi Akkarai puthu street t ward 2 , 5.Overchery (R.V)and(P) Andur Harijana Street Ward 3
268P.U.E.School Thannergunnam 614101 ,New RCC Building North Facing East Wing 1.Verkkudi (R.V) Overchery (P) Annanagar Pudhu Street ward 3 , 2.Verukudi (R.V) , Overchery ( P) Thannerkunnam Pallivasal Mainroad ward-3 , 3.Verkkudi (R.V) Overchery (P) Isamail Street ward 3 , 4.Verkkudi (R.V) Overchery (P) MelaStreet ward 3 , 5.Verkudi (R.V) Overchery (P) Sivankovil Street Ward 3 , 6.Verkkudi (R.V) Overchery (P) Thannerkunnam Mela Adidravidar Street Ward 4 , 7.Verkkudi (R.V) Overchery (P) Thannerkunnam Keela Adidravidar Street Ward 4 , 8.Verkkudi (R.V)Overchery (P) Bharathi Nagar Ward 4 , 9.Verkkudi (R.V) Overchery (P) Verukudi MelaStreet Ward 4 , 10.Verkkudi (R.V) Overchery( P) Verukudi KeelaStreet Ward 4 , 11.Verkkudi (R.V) Overchery (P) KovilPathu Street Ward 4
269Panchayat Union Elementary School Kulamanickam 610 206 ,New Building Northern Side Facing West 1.Kulamanikkam (R.V), and (P) Ramanathapuram East street Ward-1 , 2.Kulamanikkam (R.V), and (P) Ramanathapuram Middle street Ward-1 , 3.Kulamanikkam (R.V), and (P) Ramanathapuram West Street Ward-1 , 4.Kulamanikkam (R.V), and (P) Kulamanikkam North Street Ward 1 , 5.Kulamanikkam (R.V), and (P) Kulamanikkam South Street Ward 2 , 6.Kulamanikkam (R.V), and (P) Annakudi East Street Ward-2 , 7.Kulamanikkam (R.V), and (P) Annakudi West Street Ward-2 , 8.Kulamanikkam (R.V), and (P) Annakudi North Street Ward-2
270P.U.M.School Periyakothur 610206 ,New Eastern RCC Building South Facing Western Wing 1.Periyakothur (R.V)and (P) Mannaji Adidravidar Street Ward 1 , 2.Periyakothur (R.V)and(P) Agaharakothur Kudiyana Street Ward 1 , 3.Periyakothur (R.V)and(P) Chinnakottur Adidravidar Street Ward 1 , 4.Periyakothur (R.V) and (P) Periyakothur Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 5.Periyakothur (R.V)and(P) Periyakothur Kudiyana Street Ward 3 , 6.Periyakothur (R.V)and(P) Periyakothur Yadhavar Street ward 3
271P.U.E.School Manakarai 610206 ,New Terraced Building South Portion Facing East 1.Manakarai(R.V)and(P) KeelaStreet Ward 1 , 2.Manakarai (R.V)and(P) Sivankovil Kovil Street Ward 1 , 3.Manakarai(R.V)and(P) NorthStreet Ward 1 , 4.Manakarai(R.V)and(P) Mainroad Ward 1 , 5.Manakarai (R.V)and(P) Thiruvasal MattuStreet Ward 1 , 6.Manakarai(R.V)and(P) Manakarai MelaStreet Ward 2 , 7.Manakarai(R.V)and(P) Vadaverukudi North Street Ward 2 , 8.Manakarai (R.V)and(P) Nadar Street Ward 2 , 9.Manakarai(R.V)and(P) Vadaverukudi Pilliyar Kovil Street ward 2 , 10.Manakarai (R.V)and(P) Vadaverukudi Nadu Street Ward 3 , 11.Manakarai (R.V)and(P) Vadaverkudi South Street Ward 3 , 12.Manakarai(R.V)and(P) Vadaverukudi Paliya Colony Street Ward 3 , 13.Manakarai (R.V)and(P) Vadaverukudi Pudya Colony Street ward 3
272P.U.E.School Thirunatiyathangudi ,Main Building Facing North East Wing 1.Balakuruchi (R.V)and (P) Thirunattiyathankudi Melastreet ward 1 , 2.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Thirunattiyathankudi Nadu Street ward 1 , 3.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Thirunattiyathankudi NorthStreet ward 1 , 4.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Thirunattiyathankudi Keelastreet ward 1 , 5.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Thirunattiyathankudi Mainroad Ward 1 , 6.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Thirunattiyathankudi South Street Ward 1 , 7.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Kumaramangalam Ward 1 , 8.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Rajakattali North Street ward 1 , 9.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Rajakattali West Street ward 2 , 10.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Rajakattali Mainroad Ward 2 , 11.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Sivankovil KeelaStreet Ward 2 , 12.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Korrukadi Street ward 2 , 13.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) North Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 14.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) South Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 15.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) MelaAdidravidar Street Ward 2 , 16.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Mela VeliStreet Ward 2 , 17.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) PandaraOadithStreet Ward 2 , 18.Balakuruchi(R.V)and(P) Balakuruchi Velar Street Ward 3 , 19.Balakuruchi (R.V)and(P) Mainroad Ward 3 , 20.Balakuruchi(R.V)and( P
273Panchayat Union Middle School Chithiraiyur 610205 ,Eastern New RCC Building Facing West Northern Wing .Chitriyur (R.V) and (P) Line Street Ward 1 , 2.Chitriyur (R.V) and (P) Korampudh Street Ward 1 , 3.Chitriyur (R.V)and (P) Colony Street Ward 1 , 4.Chitriyur (R.V) and (P) Sothiriyam Ward 1 , 5.Chitriayur (R.V) and (P) Chitraiyur Agaharam kudiyana Street ward 2 , 6.Chitriayur (R.V) and (P) Mainroad Ward 2 , 7.Chitriayur (R.V) and (P) Chitriayur Harijana Street 2 , 8.Chitriayur (R.V) and (P) Sikkaveli Kudiyana Street Ward 2 , 9.Chitriayur(R.V) and (P) Sikkaveli Harijana Street Ward 2 , 10.Chitriayur (R.V) and (P) Perum Madhukkur KeelaStreet Ward 3 , 11.Chitriayur(R.V) and (P) Perum Madhukkur Omakulam Ward 3 , 12.Chitriayur (R.V)and (P) Perum Madhukkur MelaStreet Ward 3 , 13.Chitriayur (R.V)and (P) Adivadakangam KeelaStreet Ward 3 , 14.Chitriayur (R.V)and (P) Melakottagam Ward 3 , 15.Chitriayur(R.V)and (P) Adividakangam MelaStreet Ward 3
274Panchayat Union Middle School Senthangudi 610 206 ,Southern Side New RCC Building Facing West Soutern Wing 1.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Poigainallur East Street Ward-1 , 2.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Poigainallur West Street Ward-1 , 3.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Senthangkudi South Street Ward-2 , 4.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Senthangkudi Mainroad Street Ward-2
275Panchayat Union Middle School Senthangudi 610 206 ,Southern Side New RCC Building Facing West Northern Wing 1.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Senthangkudi Colony Street Ward-2 , 2.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Senthangkudi Palliyani Street Ward-2 , 3.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Senthangkudi Pallivasal Street ward-2 , 4.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Senthangkudi Bazar Street Ward-2 , 5.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Senthangkudi Kammala Street Ward-2 , 6.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Puthakaram East Street Ward-3 , 7.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Puthakaram West Street Ward-3 , 8.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Puthakaram Colony Street Ward-3 , 9.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Puthakaram East Arisana Street Ward-3 , 10.Senthangkudi (R.V), and (P) Puthakaram Vaikkalpadukai Ward-3
276Panchayat Union Middle School Mavattakudi 610 206 ,New RCC Building Facing South Western Wing 1.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Mavattakudi North Arisana Street Ward-1 , 2.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Mavattakudi South Arisana Street Ward-1 , 3.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Mavattakudi West Street Ward-1 , 4.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Balakuruchi North Street Ward-1 , 5.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Balakuruchi Mainroad Street Ward-1 , 6.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Balakuruchi South Street Ward-1 , 7.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Vishalachipuram Mariyamman kovil Street Ward-2 , 8.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Vishalachipuram West Street Ward-2 , 9.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Lakshminarayanapuram Mainroad Street Ward-2 , 10.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Kottakam West Street Ward-2 , 11.Mavattakudi (R.V), and (P) Kottakam Mainroad Street Ward-2
277Government High School , Seruvamani 610 205 ,North Side RCC Building Facing North Eastern Portion 1.Seruvamani (R.V) and (P) Melachethi Street Ward-1 , 2.Seruvamani (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 3.Seruvamani (R.V) and (P) Chettikulakarai Street Ward- 1 , 4.Seruvamani (R.V), and (P) Mettupalaiyam Street Ward-1 , 5.Seruvamani (R.V), and (P) Pathar Street Ward-1 , 6.Seruvamani (R.V), and (P) Mudaliyar Street Ward-1 , 7.Seruvamani (R.V), and (P) Agrahara Street Ward-1 , 8.Seruvamani (R.V), and (P) Periya kulakarai Street Ward-1 , 9.Seruvamani (R.V), and (P) kudiyana Street Ward-1
278Government High School , Seruvamani 610 205 ,New Building Facing East 1.Seruvamani (R.V), and (P) Iluppur Nadar Street Ward-2 , 2.Seruvamani (R.V) and (P) Natham Road Street Ward-2 , 3.Seruvamani (R.V) and (P) Iluppur Street Ward- 2 , 4.Seruvamani (R.V), and (P) Keeralathur Street Ward-2 , 5.Seruvamani (R.V), and (P) Thiruvasaladi Street Ward-2 , 6.Seruvamani (R.V), and (P) Balan Street Ward-2
279Panchayat Union Middle School Thirunellikaval ,New RCC Building Facing North Eastern Side 1.Marangudi (R.V) Thirunellikaval (P) Thamaraipallam Ward-1 , 2.Marangudi (R.V), Thirunellikaval (P) West Marangkudi Ward-1 , 3.Marangudi (R.V) , Thirunellikaval (P) Jeeva Street Ward-1 , 4.Marangudi (R.V) Thirunellikaval (P) Balan Street Ward-1 , 5.Marangudi (R.V) , Thirunellikaval (P) Mainroad Ward-1 , 6.Marangudi (R.V) Thirunellikaval (P) Chekkati Natham Ward-1 , 7.Marangudi (R.V) ,Thirunellikaval (P) Attrangkarai Street Ward-2 , 8.Marangudi (R.V), Thirunellikaval (P) Road Street Ward-2 , 9.Marangudi (R.V), Thirunellikaval (P) Suriyakula street Ward-2 , 10.Marangudi (R.V), Thirunellikaval (P) North Street Ward-2 , 11.Marangudi (R.V), Thirunellikaval (P) East Street Ward-2 , 12.Marangudi (R.V), Thirunellikaval (P) West Street Ward-2 , 13.Marangudi (R.V), Thirunellikaval (P) South Street Ward-2 , 14.Marangudi (R.V), Thirunellikaval (P) Madavilagam Ward-2 , 15.Marangudi (R.V), Th0irunellikaval(P) Railway Street Ward 2

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

Last Updated on: March 19, 2016