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List of Polling Booths in Thiruthuraipoondi Assembly

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Panchayat Union Primary School, Mazhavarayanallur-614717 ,New Building Northern Side Western Wing Facing South1.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Karuppattimoolai West Street Ward-1 , 2.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) karuppattimoolai East Street Ward-1 , 3.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Chinnakaruppattimoolai Ward-2 , 4.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Chinnakaruppattimoolai Ambalakara Street Ward-2 , 5.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thiruvandudurai Vahana Street Ward-2 , 6.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thiruvandudurai North Street Ward-2 , 7.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thiruvandudurai East Street Ward-2 , 8.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thiruvandudurai South Street Ward-2 , 9.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thiruvandudurai Weststreet Ward-2 , 10.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thiruvandudurai Mainroad Ward-2 , 11.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thiruvandudurai Konar Street Ward-3 , 12.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thiruvandudurai Arisana Street Ward-3
2Panchayat Union Elementary School, Mazhavarayanallur-614717 ,Main Building Northern Side Eastern Wing1.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Mazhavarayanallur Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward- 3 , 2.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Mazhavarayanallur North Street ward-3 , 3.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Mazhavarayanallur West Street Ward-3 , 4.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Mazhavarayanallur South Street Ward-3 , 5.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Mazhavarayanallur Kittangki Street Ward-3
3P.U.P.School New Terraced Building East Wing South Facing ,Mazhavarayanallur 614 7171.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Mazhavarayanallur Uchimettu Street Ward-4 , 2.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Mazhavarayanallur P.M. Street Ward-4 , 3.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thattan Kovil West Street Ward-4 , 4.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thattan Kovil East Street Ward -4 , 5.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thattan Kovil South Street Ward-4 , 6.Mazhavarayanallur (R.V), and (P) Thattan Kovil Porakkottakam Ward-4
4P.U.M.School Kunniyur 614 717 ,Main building,1.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Adi-Dravidar Colony Street Ward-1 , 2.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) West Street Ward-1 , 3.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Mainroad VaikalStreet Ward-1 , 4.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Agraharam Ward-1 , 5.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Manthaikara Street Ward-2 , 6.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Eda Street Ward-2 , 7.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Sumaithangi Street Ward-2 , 8.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Middle Adi-Dravidar Street Ward- 2 , 9.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Chekkati Street Ward-3 , 10.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Kaliyamman Kovil West Street Ward-3 , 11.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Kaliyamman Kovil East Street Ward-3 , 12.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Attrangkarai Street Ward-4 , 13.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) kaliyamman Kovil Street Ward-4 , 14.Kunniyur (R.V), and (P) Vellan Street Ward-4
5Main building ,P.U.Ele.School Boothamangalam 614 714 East Wing North Facing1.Pallivarthi (R.V), and (P) Pallivarthi melaveli ward-1 , 2.Pallivarthi (R.V), and (P) Poothamangalam pitagai Kudiyana Street Ward-1
6P.U.Ele.School Main building North Facing West Wing , Boothamangalam 614 714 1.Pallivarthi (R.V), and (P) Periya Kuruvadi Pitakai Ward-2 , 2.Pallivarthi (R.V), and (P) Periya Kuruvadi North Arisana Street Ward-2 , 3.Pallivarthi (R.V), and (P) Periya Kuruvadi Thoppu Adi-Dravidar Street Ward
7Government High School, Vikkirapandiyam-614717 ,Eastsidebuilding North Wing West Facing1.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) West Agraharam Ward-1 , 2.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) West Vellalar Street Ward-1 , 3.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) East Agraharam Ward- 1 , 4.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) Pallikuda Street Ward-1 , 5.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) Mainroad ward-1 , 6.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) East Vellalar Street Ward-1 , 7.Vikrapandiyam (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward-2
8G.H. School Vikkrapandiyam 614 717 ,Westernside Terraced Building1.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) Ramachandrapuram ward-2 , 2.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) Pallavarayan kattalai Ward-2 , 3.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) Muhamathiyar Street Ward-3 , 4.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) Vellalar Street Ward-3 , 5.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) Kariyamangalam Adi dravidar Street Ward-3 , 6.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) Kiranthoppu Ward-3 , 7.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) EariStreet Ward-3 , 8.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) Akkarai Palathadi Street Ward-3 , 9.Vikrapandiyam (R.V), and (P) Jeeva Street Ward-3
9P.U.M.School Aalathur 610 204 ,New Southern side Building East facing Terraced1.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Manjavadi Valluva Street Ward-1 , 2.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Manjavadi Pallivasal Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 3.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Manjavadi Valluva Vandayar Street Ward-1 , 4.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Nandhimangkudi AdiDravidar Street Ward-2 , 5.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Vaikalkarai Adi-Dravidar Street Ward- 2 , 6.Alathur (R.V), and (P) South Adi-Dravidar Street Nandhimangkudi Ward-2 , 7.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Nandhimangkudi Agraharam Ward-2 , 8.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Nandhimangkudi Vaikalkarai Adi-Dravidar Ward- , 9.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Padugai Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 10.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Cheri Street Ward-3 , 11.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Alathur Road Street Ward- , 12.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Alathur BigStreet Ward-3 , 13.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Alathur Agraharam Street Ward-3 , 14.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Perumal Kovil Street Ward-4 , 15.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Vaikalkarai Street Ward- 4 , 16.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Attrangkarai Street Ward-4 , 17.Alathur (R.V), and (P) New Street Ward-4 , 18.Alathur (R.V), and (P) Natham Street Ward-4
10P.U.P.School Keeralathur 610 205 ,Terraced Building1.Keeralathur (R.V), and (P) Madapuram Ward-1 , 2.Keeralathur (R.V), and (P) Keeralathur Ward-1,2 , 3.Keeralathur (R.V), and (P) Thirukkollikadu North Street Ward- 3 , 4.Keeralathur (R.V), and (P) Thirukollikadu Colony Street Ward-3 , 5.Keeralathur (R.V), and (P) Thirukollikadu Middle Street Ward-3 , 6.Keeralathur (R.V), and (P) Thriukollikadu Koviladi Ward-3
11Government High . School Thiruthangoor 610 205 , ,Terraced Building Eastern Wing1.Thiruthangoor (R.V), and (P) Road street ward-1 , 2.Thiruthangoor (R.V), and (P) Thittacheri Ward-2 , 3.Thiruthangoor (R.V), and (P) Mudaliyar Street Ward-1 , 4.Thiruthangoor (R.V), and (P) Colony Street Ward-3 , 5.Thiruthangoor (R.V), and (P) Big Street Ward-3 , 6.Thiruthangoor (R.V), and (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Street Ward-3 , 7.Thiruthangoor (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-1
12P.U.P.School Vanniyadi Komal 610 201 ,Terraced Building Facing East1.Komal (R.V) and (P) Komal Road Street Ward-1 , 2.Komal (R.V) and (P) North Colony Street Ward-1 , 3.Komal (R.V) and (P) Thamaraikula Street Ward-1 , 4.Komal (R.V) and (P) North Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 5.Komal (R.V) and (P) Vanniyadi Komal Big Street Ward-2 , 6.Komal (R.V) and (P) South Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 7.Komal (R.V) and (P) South Colony Street Ward-2cccc , 8.Komal (R.V) and (P) Periyanayakipuram AdiDravidar Street Ward-2 , 9.Komal (R.V) and (P) Uchi Mettu Street Ward-2 , 10.Adanur (R.V) ,Komal (P) Athanoor North Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 11.Adanur (R.V), Komal (P) Adanur Thamarai Kula Street Ward-3 , 12.Adanur (R.V) , Komal (P) South AdiDravidar Street Ward-3 , 13.Adanur (R.V) , Komal (P) South Colony street Ward-3 , 14.Adanur (R.V) , Komal (P) Athanoor Manal MettuStreet Ward-3
13Ramakrishna Aided Primary School Ammanur 610 201 ,Light Roof Building Western Wing1.Ammanoor (R.V), and (P) Kothangkudi Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 2.Ammanoor (R.V), and (P) Kothangkudi Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 3.Ammanoor (R.V), and (P) Kothangkudi Colony Street Ward-1 , 4.Ammanoor (R.V), and (P) Keela Ammanoor Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 5.Ammanoor (R.V), and (P) Keela Ammanoor Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 6.Ammanoor (R.V), and (P) Mela Ammanoor Kudiyana Street Ward-3 , 7.Ammanoor (R.V), and (P) Mela Ammanoor Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3
14 P.U.P.School Katchanam 610 201 ,Terraced Northern corner Building1.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Vilathur road ward- 1 , 2.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Aprakudi Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 3.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Andithoppu Ward-1 , 4.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Mele Katchanam Ward-1 , 5.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Kakam North Street Ward-1 , 6.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Kakam Street Ward-1 , 7.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Kakam Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 8.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Katchanam Street Ward-1 , 9.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Adi-Dravidar Street Ward- 1 , 10.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) North Katchanam ward- 2 , 11.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Santhaithoppu Ward- 2 , 12.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Paduthanthoppu Ward-2 , 13.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Keelaveedi Ward- 2 , 14.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) Therku Veedi Ward- 2
15G.H.S.School Katchanam 610 201 , New R.C.C Building North wing (East face)1.Katchanam (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward- 2 , 2.Katchanam (R.V), and ( P) North Street Ward- 1 , 3.Katchanam (R.V), and ( P) Keevalur Road Ward- 1 , 4.Katchanam (R.V), and ( P) Thoppu Street Ward- 1 , 5.Katchanam (R.V), and ( P) Katchanam Road Ward- 2 , 6.Katchanam (R.V), and ( P) East Street Ward- 2 , 7.Katchanam (R.V), and ( P) Katchanam Road Ward- 1
16P.U.M.School Vilathur 610 201 ,Terraced Building South Portion1.Vilathur (R.V), Katchanam (P) Vilathur Maanmutti Street Ward- 1 , 2.Vilathur (R.V), Katchanam (P) Vilathur VaikalkaraiStreet Ward- 1 , 3.Vilathur (R.V), Katchanam (P) Vilathur Adi-Dravidar Street Ward- 1 , 4.Vilathur (R.V), Katchanam (P) Vilathur Kudiyana Street Ward- 1 , 5.Vilathur (R.V), Katchanam (P) Vilathur Agraharam Street Ward- 1 , 6.Vilathur (R.V), Katchanam (P) Sanaveli Sothiriyam Street Ward- 1 , 7.Vilathur (R.V), Katchanam (P) Pampu Pugunthanallur Kudiyana Street Ward- 1 , 8.Vilathur (R.V), Katchanam (P) Pampu Pugunthanallur Banglow Street Ward- 1 , 9.Vilathur (R.V), Katchanam (P) Pampu Pugunthanallur Middle Street Ward- 1 , 10.Vilathur (R.V), Katchanam (P) Pampu Pugunthanallur West Street Ward- 2
17Agriculture Extension Centre Alathampadi 610 211 ,Office Portion1.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) North adi-dravidar street ward-1 , 2.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Mainroad Street Ward-1 , 3.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Bazar Street Alathambadi Ward- 1
18Janaki Anni G.Hr.Sec.School Ponnirai Alathambadi 610203 ,12th Standard Class room1.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Vallam East Street Ward- 2 , 2.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Vallam Colony Street Ward- 2 , 3.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Vallam Middle Street Ward- 2 , 4.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Vallam West Street Ward- 2 , 5.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Vallam Kattalai Street Ward- 2 , 6.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Vallam South Street Ward- 2 , 7.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) North Ponnirai Ward- 2 , 8.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Manmathan Kovil Street Ward- 3 , 9.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Jayangkonda Amman Kovil Street Ward- 3 , 10.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Ponnirai Bazar Street Ward- 3 , 11.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Ker Colony Ward- 3
19 Janaki Anni Govt.Hr.Sec.School Ponnirai Alathampadi 610 203 ,Terraced Building Eastern Side North corner South facing (Teachers room)1.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Parappan kattalai ward- 4 , 2.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Ilavarasanallur Ward- 4 , 3.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Amborikarai Ward- 4 , 4.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Raja Street Ward- 4 , 5.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Solaikollai Street Ward- 4 , 6.Alathambadi (R.V), and (P) Mathakovil Street Ward- 4
20 P.U.M.School Andangarai 610203 ,New Terraced Building1.Andangarai (R.V), and (P) East Street Ward-1 , 2.Andangarai (R.V), and (P) Middle Street ward-1 , 3.Andangarai (R.V), and (P) Nayakkar Natham Ward-1 , 4.Andangarai (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-1 , 5.Andangarai (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward-2 , 6.Andangarai (R.V), and (P) Road Street Ward-2 , 7.Andangarai (R.V), and (P) West Street Ward-2 , 8.Andangarai (R.V), and (P) Chinna Andangarai Ward-2 , 9.Andangarai (R.V), and (P) Mettari Street Ward-2
21P.U.M.School Alivalam At Poosalangudi 610203 ,New Terraced Building Eastern wing1.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Munniyur Arichandira Nadikarai ward- 1 , 2.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Munniyur West Adi-Dravidar Street Ward- 1 , 3.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Munniyur East Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 4.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Munniyur Attrangkarai Street Ward-1 , 5.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Munniyur North Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 6.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Munniyur West Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 7.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Punjaiyur West Kudiyana Street Ward- 1 , 8.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Poosalangkudi East AdiDravidar Street Ward- 1 , 9.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Poosalangkudi South AdiDravidar Street Ward- 1 , 10.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Poosalangkudi M.G.R. Street ward- 1 , 11.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Poosalangkudi Adi-Dravidar Street-1 ward-1 , 12.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Poosalangkudi Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 13.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Poosalangkudi Adi-Dravidar Street-2 Ward-1 , 14.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Poosalangkudi ADi-Dravidar Street -3 Ward-1 , 15.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Poosalangkudi Adi-Dravidar Street -4 Ward-1 , 16.Poosa
22 P.U.M.School Alivalam At Poosalangudi 610203 ,New Terraced Building Centre portion1.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Chidambara Kottagam Adi-Dravidar Street-11 Ward-2 , 2.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Chithambara Kottagam Adi-Dravidar Street -3 Ward-2 , 3.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Chidambara Kottagam Adi-Dravidar Street -4 Ward-2 , 4.Poosalangkudi (R.V), and (P) Chidambara Kottagam Kudiyana Street -3 Ward-2 , 5.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-2 , 6.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam South colony Street Ward-2 , 7.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam South Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 8.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 9.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam Jeeva colony Ward-2 , 10.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 11.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam Middle Street Ward-3 , 12.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam Kudiyana Street -4 Ward-3 , 13.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam Kinatady Street Ward-2,3 , 14.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam East Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 15.Alivalam (R.V) , Poosalangkudi (P) Alivalam Attrangkarai Street Ward-3 , 16.Alivalam
23 P.U.P.School Puzhuthikudi 614 708 ,Main building, West facing1.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Keela Puzhuthikudi South Arisana Street Ward-1 , 2.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) South Veli Ward-2 , 3.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Somasi South Arisana Street Ward-2 , 4.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Somasi North Arisana Street Ward-2 , 5.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Somasi Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 6.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Sirangkudi Arisana Street Ward-3 , 7.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Sapapathipuram Arisana Street Ward-3 , 8.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Sapapathipuram Kudiyana Street Ward-3 , 9.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Sirangkudi Kudiyana Street Ward-3
24Panchayat Union Middle School, Kumaramangalam-614708 ,Eastern Side Building west Facing1.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Chozhanganallur South Arisana Street Ward-4 , 2.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Chozhanganallur North Arisana Street Ward-4 , 3.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Chozhanganallur West Kudiyana Street Ward-4 , 4.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Chozhanganallur Keela Kudiyana Street Ward-4 , 5.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Andi Kottakam Ward-4 , 6.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Kumaramangalam Kudiyana Street Ward-5 , 7.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Kumaramangalam Arisana Colony Ward-5 , 8.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Road Ora Arisana Street Ward-5 , 9.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Velalar Street Ward-5 , 10.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Karvayal Arisana Street Ward-5 , 11.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Eesanakudi Kudiyana Street Ward-5 , 12.Puzhuthikudi (R.V), and (P) Kumaramangalam Nadar Street Ward-5
25 P.U.M.School Mainbuilding South Wing East Facing ,Irulneeki 614 7081.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) Chinnakuruvadi Ward-1 , 2.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) Vazhaiyadi Ward-1 , 3.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) Andi Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 4.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) East Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 5.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) Agraharam Ward-3 , 6.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) Ambalakara Street Ward-3 , 7.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) Kudiyana Street ward-4
26 P.U.M.School Mainbuilding South Wing West Facing ,Irulneeki 614 7081.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) Kallar Street Ward-3 , 2.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) South AdiDravidar Street Ward-4 , 3.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) West Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-5 , 4.Irulnekki (R.V), and (P) Kulathangarai Street Ward-5
27Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Nemmeli-614717 ,East Side New Building North Wing West Facing1.Nemmali (R.V), and (P) Mayileripuram thoppu ward-1 , 2.Nemmali (R.V), and (P) Keela Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 3.Nemmali (R.V), and (P) Nedunchenakudi Arisana Street Ward-2
28Panchayat Union Elementary School,Nemmeli-614717 ,New building East Side South Wing West facing1.Nemmali (R.V), and (P) Overcheri A.K.S. Colony Street Thirumanakudi Ward- , 2.Nemmali (R.V), and (P) Overcheri Mainroad Ward-3 , 3.Nemmali (R.V), and (P) Thirumanakudi Ward-3 , 4.Nemmali (R.V), and (P) Keela Arisana Colony Street Ward-3
29P.U.E.School Periyakudi 614708 ,Mainbuilding1.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) North Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 2.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Periyakudi Arisana Colony Ward-1 , 3.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Periyakudi Attrangarai Arisana Colony Ward-1 , 4.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Attrangarai Street Ward-1 , 5.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam East Arisana Colony ward-2 , 6.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam East Arisana Colony Ward-2 , 7.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam West Arisana Colony Ward-2 , 8.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam Attrangarai Arisana Colony Ward-2 , 9.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam North Street Ward-2 , 10.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam Ambalakara Street Ward-2 , 11.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam West Agraharam Ward-3 , 12.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam Agraharam Ward-3 , 13.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam Perumal Kovil Street Ward-3 , 14.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam West Street Ward-3 , 15.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam South Street Ward-3 , 16.Senthamangalam (R.V), and (P) Senthamangalam Perappakudi Street Ward-3
30 P.U.P.School Adhichapuram 614717 ,New Building Western side North Facing1.Adiichapuram (R.V), and (P) Agraharam Main Road Ward-1 , 2.Adiichapuram (R.V), and (P) Matha Kovil Street Ward-1 , 3.Adiichapuram (R.V), and (P) Periya Kulakkarai Street Ward-1 , 4.Adiichapuram (R.V), and (P) Kampankudi East Street Ward-3
31P.U.P.School Adhichapuram 614717 ,New Building Eastern side North Facing1.Adiichapuram (R.V), and (P) Newroad North Street Ward-2 , 2.Adiichapuram (R.V), and (P) New Road South Street Ward-2 , 3.Adiichapuram (R.V), and (P) kandamangalam Road Street Ward-2 , 4.Adiichapuram (R.V), and (P) Kampankudi West Street
32 Panchayat Union Elementary School,Panaiyur -614717 ,Eastern wing Main building South Facing1.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Panaiyur North Arisana Street Ward-2
33 Govt. High School Mainbuilding East Facing Northern Wing ,Panaiyur 6147171.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Melamaruthur arisana street ward-1 , 2.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Panaiyur Big Street Ward-3
34Government High School,Panaiyur- 614717, ,Main Building,Middle Portion South Facing1.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Panaiyur east west new street ward-1 , 2.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Nokkan Ukkadai Arisana Street Ward-2
35P.U.E.School Kottur Thottam 614717 ,Main Building1.Kotturthottam (R.V), and (P) West street ward-1 , 2.Kotturthottam (R.V), and (P) Sannathi Street Ward-1 , 3.Kotturthottam (R.V), and (P) East Street Ward-1 , 4.Kotturthottam (R.V), and (P) Mainroad Ward-1 , 5.Kotturthottam (R.V), and (P) Munthiri Adaippu Street Ward-2 , 6.Kotturthottam (R.V), and (P) New Street Ward-2 , 7.Kotturthottam (R.V), and (P) Keela Arisana Street Ward-3 , 8.Kotturthottam (R.V), and (P) Mela Arisana Street Ward-3 , 9.Kotturthottam (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-3
36G.Hr.Sec.School Kottur 614 708 ,Mainbuilding, Southern wing1.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Vadakku Chethi Abizhegakattalai , 2.Kottur (R.V), and (P) West Arisana Colony , 3.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Thottam Keelpuram , 4.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Vadakkuchethi Pallitheru , 5.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Sothiriyam , 6.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Mudukku Street , 7.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Mudaliyar Street , 8.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Sivankovil North Veedi
37G.Hr.Sec.School Kottur 614717 ,Mainbuilding Northern wing1.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Ricemill Street Ward-3 , 2.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Keelveedi Ward- 3 , 3.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Therku Veedi Ward-3 , 4.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Melaveedi Ward-3 , 5.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Pavundu Street Ward-3 , 6.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Sannathi Street Natham Ward-3
38P.U.E.School Kottur 614 708 ,Main building North Facing1.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Chithrakudi Agraharam Ward-5 , 2.Kottur (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-5
39Panchayat Union Elementary School,Kottur-614708 ,Additional Building, East Facing, Southern Wing1.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Arisana Colony Ward-4 , 2.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Thathan Thiruvayal Ward-4 , 3.Kottur (R.V), and (P) Middle Arisana Colony Street Ward-5
40P.U.P.School Panaiyur 614 708 ,Eastern side terraced Building1.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Komalapettai North Street Ward-1 , 2.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Komalapettai Middle Street Ward-1 , 3.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Komalapettai South Street Ward-1
41P.U.P.School Panaiyur 614 708 ,Eastern side terraced Building Northern side1.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Keelapanaiyur Thiruvasal Pattam Street Ward-2 , 2.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Keelapanaiyur Agraharam Street Ward-2 , 3.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Keelapanaiyur Kaliyamman Kovil Street Ward-2 , 4.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Keelapanaiyur Melechethi south Street Ward-2 , 5.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Keelapanaiyur Chetti Kulastreet Ward- 2
42P.U.M.School Thirupathur 614 708 ,Terraced Building East Portion1.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Keelapanaiyur Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward- 3 , 2.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Keelapanaiyur Murugan Kovil Street Ward-3 , 3.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) keelapanaiyur Keelachethi North Street Ward-3 , 4.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Keelapanaiyur Keelachethi South Street Ward-3 , 5.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Melapallisantham Ward-4 , 6.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Keelapalli Santham Ward- 4
43Panchayat union Middle.School Thirupathur 614 708 ,North Terraced Building Southern side1.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Keelapanaiyur Valaikanallur Street Ward- 4 , 2.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Thirupathur Kalappal Main Rottu Street Ward-5 , 3.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Thiruppathur Pallikuda Street Ward-5 , 4.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Thiruppathur North Street Ward-5 , 5.Panaiyur (R.V), and (P) Thiruppathur South Street Ward-5
44Ramakrishna Aided Middle School Rayanallur 614 715 ,Mangalore tiled building1.Chettiyamoolai (R.V), Rayanallur (P) Chettiyamoolai ward-2 , 2.Rayanallur (R.V) and (P) Rayanallur Kottakam Ward-1 , 3.Rayanallur (R.V) and (P) Rayanallur Mainroad Ward-1 , 4.Chettiyamoolai (R.V), Rayanallur (P) Chettiyamoolai Mainroad Vadapathi Ward-1,2 , 5.Chettiyamoolai (R.V), Rayanallur (P) Chettiyamoolai Thenpathi Ward-2 , 6.Rayanallur (R.V) and (P) Rayanallur Vaikkalkarai Street Ward-2
45P.U.P.School Rayanallur 614 715 ,Terraced Building East Portion1.Rayanallur (R.V), and (P) Rayanallur west street ward-3 , 2.Rayanallur (R.V), and (P) Allikuttai Street Ward- 3 , 3.Rayanallur (R.V), and (P) Rayanallur Agraharam Ward- 3 , 4.Rayanallur (R.V), and (P) Sivan Kovil Street Ward- 3 , 5.Rayanallur (R.V), and (P) Velan Street Chithan South Street Ward- 4
46 P.U.P.School Rayanallur 614 715 , South Portion Terraced Building1.Rayanallur (R.V), and (P) Nattu vaikkal Street Ward- 4 , 2.Rayanallur (R.V), and (P) East Street Ward- 4 , 3.Rayanallur (R.V), and (P) Pappan Kulastreet Ward- 4 , 4.Rayanallur (R.V), and (P) Ayyangkatti Street Ward- 4 , 5.Kaduvakothamangalam (R.V), Rayanallur (P) Matha Kovil Street Ward- 5
47G.High.School Vilakudi 614 715 ,New Terraced Western Side 2nd Block Building Northern Wing Room No 3 1.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) North street ward-1 , 2.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-1 , 3.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Natham Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 4.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Ramasamy Konar Veettadi Ward-1 , 5.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Solaikulathan Veettadi Ward-1 , 6.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Adi-Dravidar North Street Ward-1 , 7.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Kavana Street Ward-1 , 8.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Vellala Street Ward-1 , 9.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Mudaliyar Street Ward-1 , 10.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Idaman Kulathan Karaithoppu Ward-2
48G.High.School Vilakudi 614 715 ,New Terraced Western Side 2nd Block Building Southern Wing R.No 21.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Sadachi veetadi arisana street ward-2 , 2.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Othaveedu ward-2 , 3.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Marappalai Street Nadar Street Ward- 2 , 4.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Kasanathidal Arisana Street Ward-2 , 5.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Kappal Arisana Street Ward-2 , 6.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Oomaiyan Arisana Street Ward-2 , 7.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Kazhaliyappan Arisana Street Ward-2 , 8.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Arisana Street Ward-2 , 9.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Sivan Kovil Muthal Vettukulam Mudiya Ward-3
49P.U.P.School Vilakudi 614 715 ,Black Board Scheme Western side terraced building1.Vilakkudi (R.V), and (P) Samichi pattam kudiyana street ward-1 , 2.Vilakkudi (r.v), and (p) West Street Ward-1
50Nakkiranar Aided Middle School Keerakalur 614 715 ,Terraced Northern side Building.1.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Nangkali north street ward-1 , 2.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Nangkali Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 3.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur East Street Ward-2 , 4.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Pazhaiya Natham North Street Ward-2 , 5.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur West Street Ward-3 , 6.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Puliyathidal Ward-3 , 7.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Melanarikkudi Ward-3 , 8.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Manali Salai Ward-3 , 9.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Vilakkudi Salai Ward-3 , 10.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Nangkali Adi-Dravidar West Street Ward-1 , 11.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur VannanKula Street Ward-2 , 12.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Vadugar Street North Ward-2
51Nakkiranar Aided Middle School Keerakalur 614 715 ,Terraced Eastern side Building.1.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Kamarajar salai Street Ward-2 , 2.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur North Street Ward-3 , 3.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Puthukula Street Ward-3 , 4.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Nadar Street Ward-3 , 5.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Nangkali Vadugar Street ward-1 , 6.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Bharathi Nagar Ward-2 , 7.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Udaiyar Kulastreet Ward-3 , 8.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Keelanarikudi Salai Ward-3 , 9.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Keelanarikudi North Street Ward-3 , 10.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Keelanarikudi South Street Ward-3 , 11.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur North Adi-Dravidar Street ward-2 , 12.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Pazhaiyanatham Middle Street Ward-2 , 13.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Pazhaiyanatham west Street Ward-2 , 14.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Pazhaiyanatham South Street Ward-2 , 15.Keerakkalur (R.V), and (P) Keerakkalur Vellalar Street Ward-2
52 P.U.P.School Thiruvalanchuli 610 203 ,Terraced Building1.Thiruvalanjuli (R.V) and (P) Kottakam ward-1 , 2.Thiruvalanjuli (R.V) and (P) Madapuram Ward-1 , 3.Thiruvalanjuli (R.V) and (P) Thiruvalanjuli Sivan Kovil Street Ward-1,2 , 4.Thiruvalanjuli (R.V) and (P) Thagaraveli Ward-1,2 , 5.Thiruvalanjuli (R.V) and (P) Melaveli West Street Ward-2 , 6.Thiruvalanjuli (R.V) and (P) Melaveli East Street Ward-2 , 7.Thiruvalanjuli (R.V) and (P) Thagaraveli Puttradi Mariyamman Kovil St. Ward-2
53P.U.M.School Palayangudi 610 211 ,Westerm side terraced building Western side portion1.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Akkam Pillaiyar Kovil Street Ward-1 , 2.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Sivan Kovil Stree Ward-1 , 3.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Kovil Street Ward-1 , 4.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) East Street Ward-1 , 5.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Vaikkalkarai Street Ward-1 , 6.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Mettu Street Ward-1 , 7.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Puthucheri Ward-1 , 8.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Bazar street ward-1
54P.U.M.School Palayangudi 610 211 ,Westerm side terraced building Eastern side portion1.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Indira colony ward-1 , 2.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Karumpiyur Thottam Ward-1 , 3.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Sannathi Street Ward-2 , 4.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Kodimarastreet Ward-2 , 5.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Raja Street Ward-2 , 6.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Attrangarai Street Ward-2 , 7.Pazhaiyankudi (R.V), and (P) Rajangkattalai Ward-2
55P.U.M.School Manali 610 210 ,Terraced Building West Portion1.Sathangudi (R.V), Manali (P) Sathangkudi ward-1 , 2.Manali (R.V) and (P) Thammangkarai ward-2
56 P.U.M.School Manali 610 210 ,Terraced Building Eastern Portion1.Manali (R.V) and (P) Parappagaram ward-3 , 2.Manali (R.V) and (P) Eristreet ward-3 , 3.Manali (R.V) and (P) Paruthicheri ward-3 , 4.Manali (R.V) and (P) Kannathangkudi Ward-3
57P.U.M.School Manali 610 210 ,Terraced Building East Portion1.Manali (R.V), and (P) Kudiyana street ward-3 , 2.Manali (R.V), and (P) Thoppu street ward-3 , 3.Manali (R.V), and (P) Kurumbal road ward-3 , 4.Manali (R.V), and (P) Melaveli Ward-3 , 5.Manali (R.V), and (P) Mainroad ward-3
58P.U.P.School Kurumbal 610 210 ,New terraced Eastern side Building1.Kurumbal (R.V), and (P) Kachalapuram ward-1 , 2.Kurumbal (R.V), and (P) North street ward-1 , 3.Kurumbal (R.V), and (P) Adi-dravidar street (colony) ward-1 , 4.Kurumbal (R.V), and (P) Aalangkal ward-1,2 , 5.Kurumbal (R.V), and (P) Chetti street vellalar street ward-2
59P.U.P.School Kurumbal 610 210 ,New terraced Western side Building1.Kurumbal (R.V), and (P) Manthaiveli ward-2 , 2.Kurumbal (R.V), and (P) Agraharam north street ward-3 , 3.Kurumbal (R.V), and (P) Mangkulam santhu kundrangkulam street ward-3 , 4.Kurumbal (R.V), and (P) Rayiladi street, mainroad ward-1
60P.U.M.School Kunnur 610 203 ,Western side terraced Building western wing1.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Mainroad ward-1 , 2.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Middle street ward-1 , 3.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Adi-dravidar south street ward-1 , 4.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) New street ward-2 , 5.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Valmuniswarar Kovil Street ward-2 , 6.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) South arisana street ward-2 , 7.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Thatcha street ward-2 , 8.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Kallar street ward 2
61P.U.M.School Kunnur 610 203 ,Western side Terraced Building Eastern wing 1.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Kunnur mainroad ward-3 , 2.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Colony arisana street ward-2 , 3.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Narayanapuram Ward-3 , 4.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Agraharam (kunnur) ward-3 , 5.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Main road (kunnur) ward-3 , 6.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Chetti street (kunnur) ward-3 , 7.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Jaganathan Street Ward-3 , 8.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) North street ward-3 , 9.Kunnur (R.V), and (P) Natham thidal street ward-3
62Rajagopal Aided Primary School Mettupalayam 614 715 ,Eastern Side Terraced Building North Wing 1.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) Vannan Adi North Street Ward-1 , 2.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Koviladi Ward-1 , 3.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) Keela Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 4.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) Rottu Street Ward-2 , 5.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) Agrahara Street Ward-2 , 6.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) South street Ward-2
63Rajagopal Aided Primary School Mettupalayam 614 715 ,Terraced Building South Wing 1.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward- 1 , 2.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) Mela Adi-Dravidar Street ward- 1 , 3.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) Nalanallur Ward- 1 , 4.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) North South Adi-Dravidar Street Nalanallur Ward , 5.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) Agraharam Nalanallur Ward-1 , 6.Mettupalayam (R.V), and (P) Nalanallur Mettupalayam Ward-1
64Panchayat Union Elementary School, Kaduvakkudi-614708 ,Southern Side Building South Facing Eastern Wing 1.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) Azhagiri Kottakam Ward-3 , 2.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) Chellapillaiyar Kudi Street Ward-3 , 3.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) Chellapillaiyar Kottakam Ward-3 , 4.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) Kaduvakudi ward-4
65P.U.M.School Karuppukilar 614 708 ,Northern Building South Facing 1.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) North street ward-1 , 2.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) Ambalakara Street ward-1 , 3.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) East Street Ward-1 , 4.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) Periya Thoppu street Ward-1 , 5.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) Mathakovil Street Ward-2 , 6.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) Adi-Dravidar Street Ward- 2 , 7.Karuppukilar (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-2
66Government High.School Vattar 614 717 ,New building Northern Side west wing south facing 1.Vattar (R.V), and (P) Arisana colony , 2.Vattar (R.V), and (P) Mainroad , 3.Vattar (R.V), and (P) Middle Street , 4.Vattar (R.V), and (P) East Street
67Government High School Vattar 614 717 , ,New building southern side Northern facing 1.Vattar (R.V), and (P) South Vattar , 2.Vattar (R.V), and (P) North Kudiyana Street , 3.Vattar (R.V), and (P) East Arisana Colony , 4.Vattar (R.V), and (P) Keelaputhur , 5.Vattar (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street , 6.Vattar (R.V), and (P) Mainroad , 7.Vattar (R.V), and (P) South Vattar , 8.Vattar (R.V), and (P) Thiruvasal
68P.U.M.School Renganathapuram 614717 ,Main Building Terraced South Facing 1.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Agraharam East Street Ward-1 , 2.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Agraharam South Street Ward-1 , 3.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Agraharam North Street Ward-1 , 4.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Manthakara Street Ward-1 , 5.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Naducheri Ward-1 , 6.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Kudiyana South Street Ward-2 , 7.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Kudiyana West Street Ward-2 , 8.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Kudiyana Keela street Ward-2
69P.U.M.School Renganathapuram 614717 ,Southern Building Facing North Tiled 1.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Arisana North Street Ward-3 , 2.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Arisana South Street Ward-4 , 3.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) South Sothiriyam Ward-5 , 4.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) North Sothiriyam Ward-5 , 5.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) kandakirayam Ward-6 , 6.Renganathapuram (R.V), and (P) Ekkal ward-6
70Panchayat Union Middle School Paingattur 614 717 ,New Main Building Facing North Middle Hall 1.Paingkattur (R.V), and (P) North street ward-1 , 2.Paingkattur (R.V), and (P) Thenpathi Street Ward-2 , 3.Paingkattur (R.V), and (P) Valiodai Ward-3x
71Panchayat Union Middle School Paingattur 614 717 ,Terraced West Building East Wing North Faced 1.Paingkattur (R.V), and (P) Bazar Street ward-4 , 2.Paingkattur (R.V), and (P) Melapuththur Ward-5
72P.U.M.School Orathur 614 016 ,North building Terraced 1.Orathur (R.V), and (P) North street ward-1 , 2.Orathur (R.V), and (P) Keela Arisana Street Ward-1 , 3.Orathur (R.V), and (P) Dundakattalai Arisana Street Ward-1 , 4.Orathur (R.V), and (P) Arisana West Street Ward-2 , 5.Orathur (R.V), and (P) Mudukku Street Ward-2 , 6.Orathur (R.V), and (P) New Street Ward-2 , 7.Orathur (R.V), and (P) Manthaiveli Street Ward-3 , 8.Orathur (R.V), and (P) Manal Mettu Street Ward-3 , 9.Orathur (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-2 , 10.Orathur (R.V), and (P) Middle Street Ward-2,3
73P.U.E.School New building Terraced Eastern Side East Facing ,Nallur 614 016 1.Nallur (R.V), and (P) Adi-dravidar north street ward-1 , 2.Nallur (R.V), and (P) Ambalakara Street Ward-1 , 3.Nallur (R.V), and (P) Agraharam Street Ward-1 , 4.Nallur (R.V), and (P) Jeeva Street Ward-1 , 5.Nallur (R.V), and (P) Thenpathi Street Ward-2
74P.U.E.School Main building Terraced Western side Southern Facing ,Nallur 614 016 1.Nallur (R.V), and (P) Mathakovil Street Ward-2 , 2.Nallur (R.V), and (P) Vaikalkarai Street Ward-2 , 3.Nallur (R.V), and (P) Soma Sekara puram Salai Street Ward-3
75P.U.E.School Akkaraikottagam 614 708 ,New building Northern Side West Facing 1.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) North street ward-1 , 2.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-1 , 3.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Kadaipakkam Ambalakara Street Ward-1 , 4.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Colony street Ward-1 , 5.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Melasalai Street Ward-1 , 6.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Pallikuda Street Ward-2 , 7.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Orapparathai Keelpuram Colony street ward-2 , 8.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Ayyanar Kovil Keelchethi Colony ward-3 , 9.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Ayyanar Kovil Street Ward-3
76P.U.E.School Akkaraikottagam 614 708 ,New building Southern side West Facing 1.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Chethi Maniyam Veedu Keel Arisana Colony ward 3 , 2.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) North Vari Nadumelai Kudi street Ward-4 , 3.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Keelkottakam West Street Ward-4 , 4.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) South Adi-Dravidar Street Ward- 4 , 5.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Keel Thidal Road Oram Street Ward-5 , 6.Akkaraikottakam (R.V), and (P) Road Oram Thiruvasal Melkarai Ward-5
77Panchayat Union Elementry .School Thirukkalar 614 708 , ,Main Building, Western Side Southfacing 1.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) South Palla Street Ward-2 , 2.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) Parastreet ward-2 , 3.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) Balan Street Ward-2
78Government High School Thirukkalar 614 708 ,Main Building, Eastern side South facing 1.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) East street ward-1 , 2.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-1 , 3.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) West Street Ward-1 , 4.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 5.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) Ambalakara Street Ward-2 , 6.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 7.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) Kottakam Palla street Ward-1,2 , 8.Thirukkalar (R.V), and (P) Aravam Kottakam Palla Street Ward-2
79P.U.P.School Attur in Nunakadu (P) 614 715 ,Northern side Terraced Building 1.Noonakkadu (R.V), and (P) Viswakothamangalam Ward-1 , 2.Noonakkadu (R.V), and (P) Ramancheri Ward-1 , 3.Noonakkadu (R.V), and (P) Attur ward-1 , 4.Noonakkadu (R.V), and (P) Regunathapuram ward-1
80St.John -De- Britto High School Pallankovil 614 715 ,Terraced Building Room No-4 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Kottakam ward- 1 , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Thananthangi ward- 1 , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Pallangkovil ward- 1 , 4.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Valamapuram Ward- 1
81St.John -De- Britto High School Pallankovil 614 715 ,Terraced Building Room No-5 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Pallangkovil East Street Ward- 1 , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Pallangkovil west street ward- 2 , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Kadiyacheri mainroad ward- 3 , 4.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Chozhan nagar ward-3 , 5.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Kadiyacheri pallivasal street ward- 3 , 6.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Mayilthoppu madam ward-3
82St. John-De-Britto High School Pallankovil 614715 ,Terraced Building Room No-6 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Kadiyacheri ward-3 , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Pallivasal street ward-3 , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Pallangkovil madam ward-3
83St. John-De-Britto High School Pallankovil 614715 ,Terraced Building Room No-7 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Cavery Nagar Ward-3 , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Kadiyacheri rottirku west ward-4 , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Kadiyacheri adidravidar street ward-4 , 4.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Chidambara kothamangalam ward-4 , 5.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Keelacheri ward-4
84Panchayat Union .Middle School Rajakothamangalam 614 71 5, ,Terraced Building Eastern Side 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Raja kothamangalam ward-5 , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Periya kothamangalam ward-5 , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Murugampalayam ward-6
85Panchayat Union .Middle School Rajakothamangalam 614 71 5, ,Terraced Building Western Side 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Viswanathapuram ward-1 , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Vadapathi, Thenpathi Ward-2 , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Thenkasi Ward- 2 , 4.Kothamangalam (R.V), and (P) Thirupatheli Ward-2
86P.U.M.School Varambiyam 614 715 ,New Terraced Building, Northern Side 1.Varambiyam (R.V), and (P) North Adi-Dravidar Street ward-1 , 2.Varambiyam (R.V), and (P) Attrangarai street ward-1 , 3.Varambiyam (R.V), and (P) Mudaliyar Street Ward-1 , 4.Varambiyam (R.V), and (P) South Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 5.Varambiyam (R.V), and (P) Middle Street ward-1 , 6.Varambiyam (R.V), and (P) East Street ward-1
87Valluvar Aided Middle School Vittukatti 614715 ,Asbestos West Building 1.Deevambalpuram (R.V), and (P) Vittukatti Attrangarai Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 2.Deevambalpuram (R.V), and (P) Vittukatti Yathava Street Ward-2 , 3.Deevambalpuram (R.V), and (P) Vittukatti North Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 4.Deevambalpuram (R.V), and (P) Vittukatti Thiyagarajapuram Street ward-2 , 5.Deevambalpuram (R.V), and (P) Vittukatti Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-2 , 6.Deevambalpuram (R.V), and (P) Vittukatti Mainroad Ward-2
88Valluvar Aided Middle School Vittukatti 614715 ,Asbestos East Building 1.Deevambalpuram (R.V), and (P) Vittukatti Middle Street Ward-2 , 2.Deevambalpuram (R.V), and (P) Vittukatti Sivankovil Street ward-2 , 3.Varambiyam (R.V), and (P) Deevambalpuram Vittukatti Parameswaran Street Ward-2 , 4.Varambiyam (R.V), and (P) Deevambalpuram Vittukatti Mahadevan Colony Ward-2 , 5.Varambiyam (R.V), and (P) Deevambalpuram Vittukatti Kacheri Road Ward-2
89P.U.P.School Madapuram 614 715 ,Terraced Building Western Side 1.Varambiyam (R.V) and (P) Vittukatti Keela Arisana Street Ward-3 , 2.Varambiyam (R.V) and (P) Arasaladi Keela Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 3.Varambiyam (R.V) and (P) Veerapuram Kudiyana Street Ward-3 , 4.Varambiyam (R.V) and (P) Veerapuram Arisana Street ward-3 , 5.Varambiyam (R.V) and (P) Moottan Kovil Street Ward-3
90P.U.P.School Madapuram 614 715 ,Terraced Building Southern Side 1.Varambiyam (R.V) and (P) Middle Street, Madapuram Ward-3 , 2.Varambiyam (R.V) and (P) Kutti Street Madapuram Ward-3 , 3.Varambiyam (R.V) and (P) Pallikuda Street Madapuram Ward-3 , 4.Varambiyam (R.V) and (P) Madapuram south Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 5.Varambiyam (R.V) and (P) Mannai Road Madapuram Ward-3
91Aided Primary School Velur 614715 ,Terraced Building Eastern Side 1.Velur (R.V), and (P) Thandalaicheri ward-1 , 2.Velur (R.V), and (P) Mainroad ward-2 , 3.Velur (R.V), and (P) West Street Ward-1 , 4.Velur (R.V), and (P) Layankarai street ward-1 , 5.Velur (R.V), and (P) North street ward-1 , 6.Velur (R.V), and (P) Periyar street ward-2 , 7.Velur (R.V), and (P) East street ward-2
92Aided Primary School Velur 614715 ,Mangalore Tiled Building South Portion 1.Velur (R.V), and (P) South street ward-2 , 2.Velur (R.V), and (P) Vettukulam street ward-2 , 3.Velur (R.V), and (P) Thatcha street ward-3 , 4.Velur (R.V), and (P) Middle street ward-3 , 5.Velur (R.V), and (P) Sivan kovil street ward-3 , 6.Velur (R.V), and (P) Jeeva colony street ward-3 , 7.Velur (R.V), and (P) Kannathangkudi ward-3
93Aided Primary School Kokkaladi 614 711 ,Tiled Building, East Side 1.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) Arakkarai ward-1 , 2.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 3.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) Natham Street Ward-1 , 4.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) Colony Street Middle Street Ward-2 , 5.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) Middle Street Ward-2 , 6.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) Athukottakam Ward-2 , 7.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman kovil street ward-3
94Aided Primary School Kokkaladi 614 711 ,New Terraced Building Eastern side 1.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) South street adi-dravidar street ward-3 , 2.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) Main road ward-3 , 3.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) Chathirathadi ward-3 , 4.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman kovil street ward-3 , 5.Kokkaladi (R.V), and (P) Keelakudiyiruppu ward-4
95Thiruvalluvar Arul Neri Aided Middle School Korukai 614 711 ,Western side terraced Building 1.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Mela Korukkai Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-1 , 2.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) South street Ward-1 , 3.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Colony Street Ward-1 , 4.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Mainroad Melakudiyiruppu Ward-1 , 5.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Sirukorukkai Ward-1 , 6.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Korukkai Ramarmada Street Ward- 1 , 7.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Sivan Kovil Street Ward-1
96Thiruvalluvar Arul Neri Aided Middle School Korukai 614 711 ,Southern side Terraced Building 1.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Korukkai middle street ward-2 , 2.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-2 , 3.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Manmathan Kovil Street ward-3
97Thiruvalluvar Arul Neri Aided Middle School Korukai 614 711 ,Southern side Terraced Building 1.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Keelakorukkai North Street Ward-2 , 2.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Keelakorukkai Middle Street Ward-2 , 3.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Colony Street-1 Ward-2 , 4.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Colony Street -2 Ward-2 , 5.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Manmathan Kovil South Street Ward-3
98Panchayat Union Primary School Thalaikadu 614 711 ,Eastern side Terraced Building 1.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Ulakachikadu ward-3 , 2.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Kannan Medu Ward-3,4 , 3.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Sevikadu Ward-3 , 4.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Earikarai East Street Ward-4 , 5.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Earikarai West Street Ward-4
99Panchayat Union Primary School. Thalaikadu 614 711 ,Western side Terraced Building 1.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Thalaikadu mariyamman kovil street ward-4 , 2.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Middle Street Ward-4 , 3.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-4 , 4.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Pazhani Andavar Kovil Street Ward-4 , 5.Korukkai (R.V), and (P) Salaikadai Street Ward-4
100P.U.P.School Desingurajapuram 614 711 ,Terraced Building 1.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Palathadi street ward-4 , 2.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Umpalacheri Mainroad Ward-4 , 3.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Mill street ward-4 , 4.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Desingrajapuram east street ward-4 , 5.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Umpalacheri road mulloor kattaiyadi ward-5 , 6.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Azhakiya Natham Ward-5 , 7.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Middle Street Ward-5 , 8.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Pampushet Street Ward-5 , 9.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Kovilpathu ward-5
101Government Higher Secondary School Pamani 614711 ,Northen side Terraced Building centre portion 1.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Nedunthidal Ward -1 , 2.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Kallikattu street ward-1 , 3.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Thoppati Street Ward-1 , 4.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Arivan Street Ward-1 , 5.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Neikkaran thoppu ward-1 , 6.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Sundarapuri ward-1
102Government Higher Secondary School Pamani 614 711 ,Southern side Terraced Building East portion 1.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Bharathiyar colony perumal kovil street ward-2 , 2.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Chockanathar kailasanathar kovil street ward-2 , 3.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Sengkunthar street ward-2 , 4.Pamani (R.V), and (P) South Street ward-2
103Government Higher Secondary School Pamani 614 71 ,Northern side Terraced Building Southern wing 1.Pamani (R.V), and (P) South street ward-2 , 2.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Mettu street ward- 3 , 3.Pamani (R.V), and (P) New street ward-3 , 4.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Mudaliyar Street Ward-3
104Government Higher Secondary School Pamani 614 711 ,Western side Terraced Building Western wing 1.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-3 , 2.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Rajan Vaikkal Street Ward-3 , 3.Pamani (R.V), and (P) kampar Street ward-3 , 4.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Athimadai Street Ward-3 , 5.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Manthakarai Street Ward-3 , 6.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Chetti Street Ward-3 , 7.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Asari Street Ward-3 , 8.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Musleem Street Ward-3 , 9.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Thiruthuraipoondi Mainroad Ward-3 , 10.Pamani (R.V), and (P) Ambethkar Colony Ward-3
105National Aided Primary School. Mannargudi Road Thiruthiraipoondi 614 713 ,Western Side Terraced Building 1.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Mannargudi road ward-2 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Mannargudi road ward-2 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Mannargudi Road Ward-2
106National Aided Primary School. Southern Side Terraced Building ,Mannargudi Road Thiruthiraipoondi 614 713 1.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Ricemill Street Ward-2 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Mannargudi Road Ward-1
107Agriculture Extension Centre Thiruthiraipoondi 614 713, ,Terraced building West portion 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Katcheri road ward-3 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Valastreet Ward-3 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Agampadiyar Street ward-3 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Goodshed Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 5.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) S.I.R. Compound Ward-4 , 6.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Rayiladi Street Ward-4 , 7.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Pazhaiya eda street ward-4 , 8.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Kannuthoppu Street Ward-4 , 9.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Railway Colony Ward-4
108Punitha Therasa Girls Higher Secondary School Thiruthiraipoondi ,614713 ,Terraced Building West Portion Room No 1 1.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Shengamala Street Ward-5 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) North ramamada street ward 5 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Ramamada street ward 5 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Thiruvarur road ward 5 , 5.A A
109Punitha Therasa Primary SchoolTerraced Building West Portion Room No 1 Southern Portion ,Thiruthiraipoondi ,614713 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Vadapathi Dravidar Street Ward-6 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Ariyalur Thamizhar Street Ward-6 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Ariyalur Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-6
110St. Therasa Girls Higher Secondary School Thiruthiraipoondi 614713 ,Terraced Building Room No.2 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Kaluvamulli Street Ward-8 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) South Ramamada Street Ward-7 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Hospital Lane Street Ward 8 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Munchief court street ward 8 , 5.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Poichollapillaiyar Kovil Street Ward 8 , 6.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Sannathi Street Ward-9
111St. Therasa Girls Higher Secondary School Thiruthiraipoondi 614713 ,Terraced Building Northern side Room No.3 1.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Mela Veedi Ward-9 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Vadakku Veedi Ward-9 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Therku Veedi Ward-9 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Hospital Road Ward-7
112Vennaru errigation Sub-Division Office ,N.O.1 P.W.D Nagai Road ,Thiruthuraipoondi-614713 ,Main Terraced Building Northern Portion 1.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Thirukkulam vadakarai Ward-10 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Thirukkulam Melkarai Ward-10 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Mettu Street Ward-10 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Keelaveedi ward-9 , 5.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Shanmugam chetti street ward-10 , 6.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Bazar Street Ward-10
113Govt.ADW.High School, Abishehakattalai ,Northern First Building Southern side 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Pamani road ward-11 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Nadar Street ward-12 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Abizhegakattalai Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-12 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Kattunayakkan Street ward-12 , 5.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Meenakshi Vaikkal Street Ward 11
114Govt. Adw. High School Abishekakattalai, Thiruthuraipoondi 614713 ,Elementary Wing 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Thaikkal Street Ward-13 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Ponnaiyanchetti street ward- 14 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Abizhegakattalai Dravidar Street Ward-13
115Govt. Adw. High School Abishekakattalai, Northern Building North wing ,Thiruthuraipoondi 614713 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Kamarajar street ward-15 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Vanakkara Street Ward-15 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Thelikulapillaiyar Kovil Street Ward-15
116Panchayat Union Middle School. Vedai Road,Thiruthuraipoondi 614 713 ,New terraced Western side building,South wing 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Rokkakuthagai Kudiyana Street Ward-16 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Santhaikottagai Street Ward-16 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Thiruvasal Thamizhar Street Ward-16 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Thiruvasal Dravidar Street Ward 16
117Panchayat Union Middle School.New terraced Western side building,North wing ,Vedai Road,Thiruthuraipoondi 614 713 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Thiruvasal Kottagam Adi-dravidar Street Ward 1,16 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Vedaranyam Salai Ward-16 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Nagarasuthi Thozhilalar Kudiyirupu Ward-16 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Rokkakuthagai Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-16
118Victory Aided Primary School,Singalanthi, Thiruthuraipoondi 614 713 ,Northernside Mangalore tiled building facing south 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Bharathiyar Street Ward-17 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Kumaran Street Ward-17 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Thatchankulam Melkarai Ward-1,17 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Poonduveli Ward-17 , 5.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Singalanthi thamizhar street ward-17 , 6.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Manikandeswarar Kovil Street Ward- 17
119Victory Aided Primary School,Singalanthi, Thiruthuraipoondi 614 713 ,Terraced building Northern room facing east 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Katchavarayan Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-18 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Katchavarayan Thamizhar Street Ward-18 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Singalanthi Arisana Street Ward-18 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Singalanthi AdiDravidar Street Ward-18
120Aided Elementary School,Vithvanmanikkal Muthupet road,Thiruthuraipoondi 614 713 ,Mangalore tiled building,Northern wing 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Muthupet Road Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-19 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Muthupet Road Annanagar Ward-19
121Govt Boys Higher Secondary School Thiruthuraipoondi 614713 ,Terraced Building North Side Room No. 16 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Periyanayakipuram Ward-21 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Board High School backside Ward-21 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Throwpathi Amman Kovil Street Ward-20 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Uppukula Street Ward-20 , 5.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Pandithar street ward-20
122Govt Boys Higher Secondary School Thiruthuraipoondi 614 713 ,Terraced Building North Side Room No-18 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Javulikadai Street Ward-22 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Valaiyalkara street ward-22 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Muthupet Road Ward-22 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Southchetti Street Ward-22
123Government Boys Higher Secondary school Thiruthuraipoondi 614713 ,East Side Terraced Building Room No.- 24 1.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Nehru su.enlay colony ward-23 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Samiyappa nagar ward-23 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) North Chetti street Ward-23 , 4.Thiruthuraipoondi (M) Thattara steet ward-23
124National Aided Primary School,Mannargudi road, Thiruthuraipoondi 614 713 ,Southern side Mangalore tiled building 1.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Mannargudi Road Rastha Eda Street Ward-24 , 2.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Mannargudi Road Eda Street Ward-24 , 3.Thiruthuraipoondi ( M) Rayiladi Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-24
125Government High School Ezhilur 614 715 ,New Terraced Northern side Building Western portion 1.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Pandaraodai east street ward-1 , 2.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Pandaraodai west Street ward-1 , 3.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ezhilur East Street Ward-2 , 4.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ezhilur Sivan Kovil Street Ward-1 , 5.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ezhilur North Street ward-1 , 6.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ezhilur West Street ward-2 , 7.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ezhilur South Street ward-2 , 8.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ezhilur Mainroad Ward-1 , 9.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Nemam North Street Ward-2
126Government High School Ezhilur 614 715 ,New Terraced Northern side Building East portion 1.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Nemam South Street Ward-2 , 2.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Nemam East Street Ward 2 , 3.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Nemam West Street Ward-3 , 4.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ilanagar North Street ward-3 , 5.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ilanagar South Street Ward-3 , 6.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ezhilur Colony west Street Ward-3 , 7.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ezhilur Colony East Street Ward-1 , 8.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Nemam Attrangarai Street ward-3 , 9.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Nemam colony Street Ward-2 , 10.Ezhilur (R.V), and (P) Ilanagar Middle Street Ward-3
127Government High School Marudhavanam 614 710 ,Southern Building Eastern Wing 1.Maruthavanam (R.V), and (P) Thatcha street ward-1 , 2.Maruthavanam (R.V), and (P) Rajapalaya Street Ward-1 , 3.Maruthavanam (R.V), and (P) Sivan Kovil Street ward-1 , 4.Maruthavanam (R.V), and (P) West Street Ward-1 , 5.Maruthavanam (R.V), and (P) Thiruvasaka West Street ward-1 , 6.Maruthavanam (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 7.Maruthavanam (R.V), and (P) Middle Street ward-1,2 , 8.Maruthavanam (R.V), and (P) South Street ward-2 , 9.Maruthavanam (R.V), and (P) Colony Street ward-2
128Panchayat Union Elementary School,Kuruchimoolai-614710 ,South facing Terraced building 1.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) , Kuichimoolai (P) Meenamanallaur Kudi Street ward 1 , 2.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) Kurichimoolai ( P) Meenamanallur Mainroad Ward 1 , 3.Kurichimoolai (R.V) , Kurichimoolai (P) North Kudi Street ward 1 , 4.Kurichimoolai (R.V) Kurichimoolai (P) North and East street ward 1 , 5.Kurichimoolai (R.V) , Kuruchimoolai (P) Neikunnam Ward 2 , 6.Kurichimoolai (R.V) , Kurichimoolai (P) Solaikulam ramar Kovil Street Ward 2 , 7.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V) Kuichimoolai (P) Solaikulam Kudi street ward 2 , 8.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V), Kurichimoolai( P) Kuruchimoolai North Street ward 3 , 9.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V) Kuruchimoolai (P) East Harijana Street ward 3 , 10.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V) Kurichimoolai ( P) Kuruchimoolai South Street ward 3 , 11.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V) , Kurichimoolai (P) Pattankulath Street ward 3 , 12.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V) , Kuruchimoolai (P) Nallanayagipuram ward 3 , 13.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V) , Kuruchimoolai (P) Sannthi Agraharam Pullaiyar Street ward 3
129Government Higher Secondary School , Kalapal 614710 ,Mainbuilding, Easternwing north Facing 1.Kuruchimoolai 1 (R.V) , Kurichimoolai (P) Thiyaki Kuppusami Street ward 4 , 2.Kuruchimoolai 1 (R.V) , Kurichimoolai (P) Naduvakalapal Nadu Street ward 4 , 3.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V), Kurichimoolai (P) Naduvakalapal West street ward 4 , 4.Kurichimoolai (R.V) , Kuruchimoolai (P) Thalaiyari Street ward 4 , 5.Kuruchimoolai 1 (R.V), Kurichimoolai (P) Naduvakalapal East Street ward 4 , 6.Kuruchimoolai (R.V), Kurichimoolai (P) Mariammankovil Street ward 4 , 7.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V), Kurichimoolai (P) Vekkarthan Street wrd 4 , 8.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V), Kurichimoolai (P) Annanagar Postoffice Street ward 5 , 9.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V) , Kurichimoolai (P) Pilliyar Kovil South street ward 5 , 10.Kuruchimoolai 1 (R.V), Kurichimoolai (P) Naduvakalapal Moolai KadaiStreet ward 5 , 11.Kurichimoolai 1 (R.V), Kurichimoolai (P) Valaikulath Street Ward 5 , 12.Kuruchimoolai 2 (R.V) and (P) Pattamadaiyath Street Ward 5 , 13.Kuruchimoolai 2 (R.V) and (P) Sammnugula Street ward 5
130P.U.E.School Narayanapuram Kalapal 614710 ,Anna Century Memorial Building north Side East Facing 1.Kurichimoolai 2(R.V) , Kalapal (P) Manalvettadi Street ward 1 , 2.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Keela North Harijana Street ward 1 , 3.Kurichimoolari 2 (R.V) Kalapal (P) Kudi Street ward 1 , 4.Kuruchimoolai 2 (R.V) , Kalapal (P) North Harijana Street ward 2 , 5.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) Kalapal (P) East Harijana Street ward 2 , 6.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) , Kalapal ( P) Mela Harijana Street ward 2 , 7.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) Kalapal (P) Pilliyar Kovil Street Ward 4 , 8.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) Kalapal (P) Rajapaliyam Street ward 4 , 9.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) Kalapal (P) Thorowpathiamman Kovil Street ward 4 , 10.Kurichimoolai (R.V) , Kalapal (P) South Street ward 4 , 11.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) , Kalapal (P) East Harijana Street Ward 4 , 12.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V), Kalapal (P) North Harijana Street ward 4
131P.U.M.School Naruvalikalapal 614710 ,Mainbuilding Terraced North Facing 1.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) Naruvali Keela Adidravidar Street Kalapal Ward 3 , 2.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) East Street Ward 3 , 3.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) West Street ward 3 , 4.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) Udiyartheru Street Ward 3 , 5.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) Pannaiveettu Street ward 3 , 6.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) Akraharam North Street Ward 4 , 7.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) Akraharam East Street Ward 4 , 8.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) Akraharam West Street Ward 4 , 9.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) Appiyan Thiruvasal Kudi Street ward 5 , 10.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) North Nanalur Kudi Street ward 5 , 11.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) North Nanalur Adidravidar Street ward 5 , 12.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) Padugaiyur Adidravidar Street Ward 5 , 13.Naruvalikalapal (R.V) , Kulamanickam (P) Padukaiyur Kudi Street ward 5
132P.U.E.School, New Building, Narayanapuram Kalapal 614710 ,Anna Century Memorial Building North Side East Facing 1.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Kamandi Street ward 4 , 2.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) ,Kalapal (P) Sannathi Street Kadai Veedhi Ward 4 , 3.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) ,Kalapal (P) Post Office Opposite Street Ward 4 , 4.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Poundadi KeelaStreet ward 4 , 5.Kurichimoolai 2 (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Poundadi street ward 4 , 6.Kurichimoolai (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Colony Street ward 4 , 7.Narayanapuramkalapal (R.V) ,Kalapal (P) Adichery Street ward 3 , 8.Narayanapuramkalapal (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Perumal Kovil South Street ward 3 , 9.Narayanapuramkalapal (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Adidravidar Nadu Street ward 3 , 10.Narayanapuramkalapal (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Adidravidar South Street ward 3 , 11.Narayanapuramkalapal (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Ambikapuram Adidravidar Street ward 3 , 12.Narayanapuramkalapal (R.V) ,Kalapal (P) Aattrakarai Street ward 3 , 13.Narayanapuramkalapal (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Colony Street ward 3 , 14.Narayanapuramkalapal (R.V) Kalapal (P) North street Southstreet Ward 3 , 15.Narayanapuramkalapal (R.V) Kalapal (P) Agraharam West street Ward 3 , 16.Narayanapuramkalapal (R.V) , Kalapal (P) Agraharam Ward 3 , 17.Narayanapuramkala
133P.U.M.School Venkathankudi 614710 ,Mainbuilding North Facing 1.Venkathankudi(R.V)and (P) North Harijana Colony Ward 1 , 2.Venkathankudi (R.V)and (P) South Harijana Colony , 3.Venkathankudi (R.V)and (P) Kumarapuram harijana Colony Ward 1 , 4.Venkathankudi (R.V)and (P) Mela Harijana Street ward 1 , 5.Vengathankudi (R.V)and (P) Kudi Theru Ward 1 , 6.Venkathankudi (R.V)and (P) Thiyagarajapuramharijana colony Ward 2 , 7.Venkathankudi (R.V)and (P) Singamangalam Harijana Colony Ward 2 , 8.Venkathankudi (R.V)and (P) Singamangalam Para Street Ward 2 , 9.Venkathankudi (R.V)and (P) Kudi Street Dhuvaramangalam ward 2 , 10.Venkathankudi (R.V)and (P) Vedhapuram ward 2
134P.U.M.School Keluvathur 614705 ,New Terraced Main Building East Side 1.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) East Street Ward 1 , 2.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) North Street ward 1 , 3.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) Moolakal Street ward 1 , 4.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) Aattrankarai Pallath Street Ward 1 , 5.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 2 , 6.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) Adichery Thoppu Street Ward 2 , 7.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) Mukkarai Para Street Ward 2 , 8.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) Mukkarai Pallth Street Ward 2 , 9.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) Mukkarai Pamaniaattrakarai Ward 2 , 10.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) Mukkarai Mariammankovil Street Ward 2 , 11.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) Mukkarai Colony Street ward 2
135P.U.M .School Keluvathur 614705 ,Western Side Main Building 1.Kezhuvathur (R.V) and (P) Akkarai Thoppu Street Ward 1 , 2.Keluvathur (R.V) and (P) Sothiriyam Kudiyana Street ward 1 , 3.Keluvathur (R.V) and (P) Sothiriyam Palla Street Ward 1 , 4.Keluvathur (R.V) and (P) Sothiriyam Para street ward 1 , 5.Manangathan Kottagam (R.V) , Kezhuvathur (P) Manangathan Kottagam North Ward 3 , 6.Manangathan Kottagam (R.V) , Kezhuvathur (P) Manakathankottakam south Ward 3
136G.H.School Palaiyur 614719 ,Main Building Southern wing West Facing 1.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) Shankaramoorthy Street ward 1 , 2.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) North Street Ward 2 , 3.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) Agraharam Street Ward 2 , 4.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) NaduStreet Ward 2 , 5.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) South Street ward 3 , 6.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) Rottu Street Ward 3
137Government high school ,Palaiyur- 614719 ,Eastern Side, New Building West Facing 1.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) Keela Harijana Street Ward 4 , 2.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) Melaharijana Street ward 4 , 3.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) Colony Street ward 4 , 4.Palaiyur(R.V)and (P) Kompukaran Street ward 5 , 5.Palaiyur(R.V)and (P) Pudhu Street Ward 5 , 6.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) Angalammankovil Street ward 5 , 7.Palaiyur (R.V)and (P) Padugai street ward 6
138Government High School Therkkunanalur 614702 ,Southernside II Building North Facing 1.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Keela Harijana Street ward 1 , 2.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Kudi Street ward 1 , 3.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) West Harijana Street ward 1 , 4.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Adidravidar Street ward 1 , 5.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Maranagari North Street Ward 2
139Government High .School Therkunanalur 614702 ,Eastern side Building North Facing 1.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Marinagari Mainroad Ward 2 , 2.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Marinagari East Street ward 2 , 3.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Marinagari South Street ward 2 , 4.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Regunathapuram North Street ward 3 , 5.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Regunathapuram SandorStreet ward 3 , 6.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Regunathapuram North Harijana Street ward 3 , 7.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Regunatha Puram Pandiattrakarai Street ward 3 , 8.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Kovilpathu Harijana Street ward 3 , 9.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Kovilpathu KeelkudiStreet ward 3 , 10.Therkunanalur (R.V)and (P) Koraiattrakarai Street ward 3
140P.U.M.School Kulamanickam 614702 ,West Mainbuilding South Facing 1.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Pidaran Kovil Pathu North Nadu east St , 2.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Pidaran Kovil Pathu Harijana Street ward 1 , 3.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Pidarankovil Pathu Kudi street Ward 1 , 4.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Vadapathy harijana Street ward 1 , 5.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Vadapathy KudiStreet Ward 2 , 6.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Mariammankovil Street ward 2 , 7.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Easankovil Street ward 2 , 8.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Thenpathi East Street ward 2 , 9.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Thenpathi West Street ward 2 , 10.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Thenpathi Chery Street ward 2 , 11.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Thenpathi Nadu Street ward 2 , 12.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Thenpathi South Street ward 2 , 13.Kulamanickam (R.V) and (P) Thenpathi Aattrakarai Street ward 2 , 14.Kulamanickam Panchayat Erikarai Street ward 2
141Government High School Mangudi 614 710 ,Terraced Building south side 1.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Othiyathur adi-dravidar street , 2.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Othiyathur Kudiyana Street , 3.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Mangkudi Mainroad , 4.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Mangkudi Kudiyana Street
142Government High School Mangudi 614 710 ,Terraced East Face Building South Portion 1.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Attrangkarai Street , 2.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Mangkudi Kottakam , 3.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Mangkudi Adi-Dravidar Street , 4.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Mangkudi Sothiriyam , 5.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Kalliyur Adi-Dravidar Street , 6.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Kalliyur Kudiyana Street , 7.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Mangkudi West Street , 8.Mankudi (R.V), and (P) Mangkudi Keelpathi
143P.U.P.School Vanganagar 614 710 ,New Terraced Building Eastern Portion Facing North 1.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) North adi-dravidar street ward-1 , 2.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 3.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) Keniyadi Street ward-1 , 4.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) East Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 5.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) Attrangkarai Street ward-1 , 6.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) Colony Street ward-1 , 7.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) South Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 8.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) East Street Ward-1 , 9.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) West Street Ward-1 , 10.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) Kottakam Ward-1 , 11.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) South Kottakam Ward-1 , 12.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) North Attrangkarai Street Ward-2 , 13.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) Middle Street Ward-2 , 14.Vanganagar (R.V). and (P) South Street ward-2
144Government Higher Secondary School Nedumbalam 614713 ,New Terraced 5th Block Building facing South 1.Nedumpalam (R.V), and (P) North Street ward-1 , 2.Nedumpalam (R.V), and (P) Mainroad Ward-1 , 3.Nedumpalam (R.V), and (P) Pallivasal Street ward-1 , 4.Nedumpalam (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-1 , 5.Nedumpalam (R.V), and (P) Melacolony Ward-1 , 6.Nedumpalam (R.V), and (P) Kammala Street Ward-2 , 7.Nedumpalam (R.V), and (P) Kaliyamman Kovil Street Ward-2 , 8.Nedumpalam (R.V), and (P) Raliyadi Street Ward-2
145Government Higher Secondary School Nedumbalam 614713 , Southern Side Single New Terraced Building facing North1.Nedumpalam ( R.V), and (P) Pannai Street ward-2 , 2.Nedumpalam ( R.V), and (P) Netaji Street ward-2 , 3.Nedumpalam ( R.V), and (P) Kovil Thoppu Ward-3 , 4.Nedumpalam ( R.V), and (P) New Street Ward-3 , 5.Nedumpalam ( R.V), and (P) Kovil singalanthi Ward-3 , 6.Nedumpalam ( R.V), and (P) Keelacolony Ward-3 , 7.Nedumpalam ( R.V), and (P) Mangalanayakipuram weststreet ward3 , 8.Nedumpalam ( R.V), and (P) Mangalanayakipuram East Street ward-3
146P.U.M.School Segal Madapuram 614 716 ,North Portion terraced Building 1.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Sekal deevambalpattinam ward-1 , 2.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Sekal sundarapuri ward-1 , 3.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Sekal thaponayakipuram ward-2 , 4.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Sekal deevambalpattinam mariyamman kovil street , 5.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Sekal Ward-2
147P.U.M.School Segal Madapuram 614 716 ,Terraced Building Southern Side 1.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Colony street madapuram ward-2 , 2.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Madapuram ward-2,3 , 3.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Sekal kottakam ward-3 , 4.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Pillai street ward-2 , 5.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Salai kadai Stree Ward-2 , 6.Sekal (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman kovil street madapuram ward-2
148Panchayat union Middle.School Adirengam 614 716 ,Northern side Terraced Building Northern wing 1.Adirerngam (R.V), and (P) Pallivasal Pannaistreet Ward-1 , 2.Adirengam (R.V), and (P) Attrangkarai street ward-2 , 3.Adirengam (R.V), and (P) Perumal kovil street ward-2 , 4.Adirengam (R.V), and (P) ASNS Street ward-1 , 5.Adirengam (R.V), and (P) Kurumangkula Street Ward-1
149Panchayat union Middle.School Adirengam 614716 ,Northern sideTerraced Building South wing 1.Adirengam (R.V), and (P) Kudichethi kudiyana street ward-3 , 2.Adirengam (R.V), and (P) Agraharam adi-dravidar street ward-2 , 3.Adirengam (R.V), and (P) Kudichethi adidravidar street ward-3 , 4.Adirengam (R.V), and (P) Pattan Street Ward-2 , 5.Adirengam (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman kovil street ward-2 , 6.Adirengam (R.V), and (P) Poosari Street Ward-3
150P.U.P.School Kattimedu 614 716 ,Terraced Building North Portion 1.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Ayyanar Kovilpathu Mainroad , 2.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Ellainagaladi Kottakam Ward-1 , 3.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Ellainagaladi Adi-Dravidar street Ward-2 , 4.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Attrangkarai Street Ward-1 , 5.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Segu Veettu Street Ward-1 , 6.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Pallivasal street ward-1 , 7.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Kasim Street Ward-1 , 8.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Mainroad ward-1,2 , 9.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) kadaikara Street Ward-1 , 10.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) New Street Ward-1 , 11.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) V.R. Street Ward-2 , 12.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Rahmaniya street ward-2
151P.U.P.School Kattimedu 614 716 ,Terraced Building South Portion 1.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) North Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 2.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Mannadithidal ward-2 , 3.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Salai Street Ward-2 , 4.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Adi-dravida salai street ward-2 , 5.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) New Street Ward-3 , 6.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Mainroad Ward-3 , 7.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) West street ward-3 , 8.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Sathira street ward-3 , 9.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Asari Street Ward-3 , 10.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) South adi-dravidar street ward-3 , 11.Kattimedu (R.V), and (P) Pattan Street Ward-3
152P.U.M.School Kallikudi 614 703 ,Northern side Terraced Add. Building 1.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 2.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) Sivankovil Street Ward-1 , 3.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) Ahamudaiya East Street Ward-1 , 4.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) Mainroad ward-1 , 5.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) Adi-Dravidar East Street Ward-1 , 6.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-1
153P.U.M.School Northern side Terraced Add. BuildingEastern Portion ,Kallikudi 614 703 1.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) Thiruthuraipoondi Mainroad Ward-2 , 2.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) Pallikuda Street Ward-2 , 3.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) West Street ward-2 , 4.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) West Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 5.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) ONGC Street Ward-2 , 6.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) Karuppancheri Colony Ward-2 , 7.Kallikudi (R.V), and (P) Karuveppanchery Main Road Ward-2
154P.U.M.School Ovarur 614 703 ,New Terraced Building South Portion Facing East 1.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Vellakulam north adi-dravidar street ward-3 , 2.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Vellakulam South Street Ward-3 , 3.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Vellakulam South AdiDravidar Street Ward-3 , 4.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Vellangkal North Street Ward-3 , 5.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Vellangkal Manakula Street Ward-3 , 6.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Vellangkal East Street Ward-3 , 7.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Vellangkal Nadukudiyiruppu Ward-3 , 8.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Vellangkal Krishthuva Street Ward-3 , 9.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Vellangkal South Street Ward-3 , 10.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Thiruvasaka Kula Street Ward 1
155P.U.M.School Ovarur 614 703 ,Terraced Building East Side 1.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) West street ward-2 , 2.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Chippi kula Street ward-2 , 3.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Rayapura Kula Street Ward-2 , 4.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Ayyan Kula Street Ward-2 , 5.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Ovarur East Street Ward-1 , 6.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Ovarur North Street Ward-1 , 7.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Ovarur Ward-1 , 8.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Ovarur Sothiriyam Ward-1 , 9.Ovarur (R.V), and (P) Ovarur North Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1
156P.U.M.School Ariyalur 614 702 ,South Side Terraced Building Middle Room 1.Ariyalur (R.V), and (P) Chithalathur Adi-Dravidar Street , 2.Ariyalur (R.V), and (P) Chithalathur Kudiyana Street , 3.Ariyalur (R.V), and (P) Kaduveli Kudiyana Street , 4.Ariyalur (R.V), and (P) Sothiriyam , 5.Ariyalur (R.V), and (P) North Street Kudiyana Street , 6.Ariyalur (R.V), and (P) Ariyalur Othastreet , 7.Ariyalur (R.V), and (P) Ariyalur East Street Adi-Dravidar Street , 8.Ariyalur (R.V), and (P) Ariyalur Adi-Dravidar Street , 9.Ariyalur (R.V), and (P) Ariyalur South Kudiyana Street , 10.Ariyalur (R.V), and (P) Ariyalur West Adi-Dravidar Street
157St. Annal Aided Middle School, Devadhanam-614702 ,New RCC Building North Facing Western Wing 1.Devathanam (R.V) and (P) Sankanthivaikal Karai Street Devathanam , 2.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Devathanam Kadai Street ward 3 , 3.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Devathanam Agraharam Street ward 3 , 4.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Devathanam Madhakovil Street ward 3 , 5.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Devathanam Kirudhuva Street ward 3 , 6.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Devathanam Valaikulath street Ward 3 , 7.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Puthankottam Harijana Street ward 4 , 8.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Puthankottam Kudiyana Street ward 4
158St. Annal Aided Middle School, Devadhanam-614702 ,New RCC Building North Facing Eastern Wing 1.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Senthamaraikan Kudiyana Street ward 1 , 2.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Senthamaraikan Aattrakarai Harijana Street 1 , 3.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Senthamaraikan North Harijana Street ward 1 , 4.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Senthamararikan Aattrakarai Street ward 1 , 5.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Senthamaraikan South Harijana Street ward 1 , 6.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Manarpadugai harijana Street ward 2 , 7.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Manarpadugai Kudi street ward 2 , 8.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Manarpadugai kudi street , 9.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Ottankadu East Harijana Street Ward 4 , 10.Devathanam (R.V)and (P) Ottankadu West harijana Street ward 4
159P.U.E.School Karunavur 614705 ,Main Building Terraced East Facing 1.Mannukkumondan (R.V) and (P) Periyar Aattrakarai Street ward 3 , 2.Mannukkumondan (R.V) and (P) Dr Ambathkar Street Ward 3 , 3.Mannukkumondan (R.V) and (P) Esunathar Street ward 4 , 4.Mannukkumondan (R.V) and (P) Kulam Vadakarai Kudi Street ward 4 , 5.Mannukkumondan (R.V) and (P) South Kudi Street ward 4 , 6.Mannukkumondan (R.V) and (P) South Adidravidar Stree Ward 6 , 7.Mannukkumondan (R.V) and (P) West Street ward 7
160P.U.M.School Mannukkumundan 614705 ,Mainbuilding, Northernside West Facing 1.Mannukkumondan Panchayat Kudi Street ward 1 , 2.Mannukkumondan Panchayat Maruthuvar Street Ward 1 , 3.Mannukkumondan Panchayat South Street ward 1 , 4.Mannukkumondan,Peruvidaimaruthur (R.V), Mannukkumondan (P) Nadar Street ward 1
161P.U.M.School ,South Facing North Wing , Mannukkumundan 614705 1.Mannukkumondan Panchayat Harijana Street ward 4 1 , 2.Peruvidaimaruthur (R.V) , Mannukkumondan (P) South Street ward 2 , 3.Peruvidaimaruthur (R.V) , Mannukkumondan (P) West Street ward 2 , 4.Peruvidaimaruthur (R.V) , Mannukkumondan (P) Nadu Street ward 2 , 5.Peruvidaimaruthur (R.V) , Mannukkumondan (P) North Sannthi Street ward 2 , 6.Peruvidaimaruthur (R.V) , Mannukkumondan (P) Mandhakarai Street ward 2 , 7.Peruvidaimaruthur (R.V) , Mannukkumondan (P) Thiruvasal Street Ward 2 , 8.Peruvidaimaruthur (R.V) , Mannukkumondan (P) JeevaStreet Ward 2 , 9.Mannukkumondan Panchayat Ambethkar Street Ward 2
162P.U.E.School Edachimoolai 614705 ,Mainbuilding West Facing 1.Perugavalthan 2 (R.V), Perugavalthan (P) Edachimoolai Jeeva Street ward 1 , 2.Perugavalthan 2 (R.V), Perugavalthan (P) Jeeva Street ward 1 , 3.Perugavalthan 2 (R.V), Perugavalthan (P) Kaspa Parath Street ward 1 , 4.Perugavalthan 2 (R.V), Perugavalthan (P) Palaiooran Para Street ward 2 , 5.Perugavalthan 2 (R.V), Perugavalthan (P) Auvadaidevan Kulam Ward 2 , 6.Perugavalthan 2 (R.V), Perugavalthan (P) Pambukani Ward 2 , 7.Perugavalthan 2 (R.V), Perugavalthan (P) Maravathi Para Street ward 2 , 8.Perugavalthan 2 (R.V), Perugavalthan (P) Yannaiadi Ward 2 , 9.Perugavalthan 2 (R.V), Perugavalthan (P) KottithabalamMarapathistreet ward 2 , 10.Perugavalthan 2 (R.V), Perugavalthan (P) Kottakumaran Street (Kandhari ward 3
163G.H.S.School Peruzhavalanthan 614705 ,Northern Building, Easternwing South Facing 1.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) PudhuStreet ward 4 , 2.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) West Street ward 4 , 3.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Sengamettu Street Ward 4 , 4.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Kalaivanar Street ward 4 , 5.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Kamarajar Street ward 4 , 6.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Lenin Street ward 4
164G.H.S.School Peruzhavalanthan 614705 ,Eastern side Building, Northern wing West Facing 1.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Udiyar Street Mainroad Ward 3 , 2.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) M.G.R Street ward 3 , 3.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Kalaigar Street ward 3 , 4.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Sekkadi Street Ward 3 , 5.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Chettiyar Street ward 3 , 6.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Othastreet ward 3 , 7.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Kaniyachi Street ward 3 , 8.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Pilliyar Kovil Street ward 3 , 9.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Kadai Street ward 1,3
165G.H.S.School Peruzhavalanthan 614705 ,Northern Building Western Side South Facing 1.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Santhai thoppu Street ward 3 , 2.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Periyar Street Ward 3 , 3.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) North Thoppu Street ward 2 , 4.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Agraharam Ward 2
166G.H.S.School Peruzhavalanthan 614705 ,North Building Center wing South Facing 1.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Kilayakkulathan Street ward 2 , 2.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) South Vella Street ward 2 , 3.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) VOC Salai Ward 2 , 4.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Thiru.V.Ka Street ward 2 , 5.Perugavalthan 1(R.V) Perugavalthan (P) Thiru Anna Street Ward 2
167P.U.E.School Serukalathur 614 705 ,Main Building South Facing 1.Serukalathur (R.V)and (P) ValaiStreet ward 1 , 2.Serukalathur (R.V)and (P) Kuyavar Street ward 1 , 3.Serukalathur (R.V)and (P) Sithamalli Road Ward 1 , 4.Serukalathur (R.V)and (P) Pannai Street ward 1 , 5.Serukalathur (R.V)and (P) K.M Street ward 1 , 6.Serukalathur (R.V)and (P) Leedar Street ward 1 , 7.Serukalathur (R.V)and (P) Packri Street ward 1 , 8.Serukalathur Panchayat Tholan Street ward 1 , 9.Serukalathur Panchayat Thalaiyarai Street ward 1 , 10.Serukalathur Panchayat Kumaran Street ward 1 , 11.Serukalathur Panchayat Harijana street ward 1 , 12.Serukalathur Panchayat AdiStreet ward 2 , 13.Serukalathur Panchayat Chettiyar Street ward 2
168P.U.E.School Sithamalli 614 705 ,Mainbuilding East Facing 1.Sithamalli (R.V)and (P) Annanagar Ward 1 , 2.Sithamalli (R.V)and (P) Subbaiya Nagar ward 1 , 3.Sithamalli (R.V)and (P) Sathiyamoorthy Nagar Ward 2 , 4.Sithamalli (R.V)and (P) Veeranar Kovil Street ward 2 , 5.Sithamalli (R.V)and (P) Sivankovil Street ward 2 , 6.Sithamalli (R.V)and (P) VOC Street ward 2 , 7.Sithamalli (R.V)and (P) Jeeva Street Ward 2
169P.U.M.School Balakrishanapuram 614 705 ,South Main Building North facing Eastern Wing 1.Sithamalli (R.V) and (P) Kamaraj Nagar Ward 1 , 2.Sithamalli (R.V) and (P) Pattaveli Ward 2 , 3.Sithamalli (R.V) and (P) Venguli Ward 3 , 4.Sithamalli (R.V) and (P) Sothiriyam Ward 4 , 5.Sithamalli (R.V) , Balakrishnapuram (P) Balakrishnapuram ward 5
170P.U.M.School Nochiyur 614705 ,Eastern Building West Facing 1.Nochiyur (R.V) and (P) Kilarveli Ward 1 , 2.Nochiyur (R.V) and (P) Ottakovil Ward 2 , 3.Nochiyur (R.V) and (P) Kovilchithamalli ward 2 , 4.Nochiyur (R.V) and (P) North Veli Ward 2 , 5.Nochiyur (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyarkovil Street ward 3 , 6.Nochiyur (R.V) and (P) Kudi street ward 3
171P.U.M.School Nochiyur 614705 ,Westernside Building South Facing 1.Nochiyur (R.V)and (P) Nochiyur ward 5 , 2.Nochiyur (R.V)and (P) Vilathuveli Ward 6 , 3.Nochiyur (R.V)and (P) Andipandarastreet ward 4 , 4.Nochiyur (R.V)and (P) Mudhuliyar Street ward 4
172G.Hr.Sec.School Puthagaram- 614705 ,New Building (Western Wing) South Facing 1.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Aattrakarai Street Kummattithidal Ward 1 , 2.Puthakarama (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Vellathankey Street ward 1 , 3.Puthakarama (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Kummattithidal Colony Street ward 1 , 4.Puthakarama (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Vettukulam Street ward 1 , 5.Puthakarama (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Nadu Street ward 1 , 6.Puthakarama (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) South Street ward 1 , 7.Puthakarama (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Mattankulam Street ward 2 , 8.Puthakarama (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) North Pallar Street ward 2 , 9.Kummattithidal Panchayat North Kudiyana Street ward 2 , 10.Kummattithidal Panchayat Palli Thidal Street ward 2 , 11.Kummattithidal Panchayat Vettukulam Keelkarai Ward 2 , 12.Kummattithidal Panchayat Sothiriyam Ward 2 , 13.Kummattithidal Panchayat West Adidraividar Street ward 3
173G.Hr.Sec.School Puthagaram- 614705 ,Eastern Wing Facing South New Building 1.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Kamala Nehru Street Ward 3 , 2.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Karuvaran Street ward 3 , 3.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) GandhiNagar Ward 3 , 4.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Nethaji Street ward 3 , 5.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Gandhi Silai Street Ward 4 , 6.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Mainroad West Street ward 4 , 7.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) North Street Karaithidal Ward 4 , 8.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) North Keelkarai karaithidal Ward 4 , 9.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) West Street manai Karai Thidal Ward 4 , 10.Puthakaram (R.V) Kummattithidal (P) Fourteen West Street Karai thidal ward 4 Tholi 614 706 ,South Building Eastern Wing 1.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Kalaikaranveli north adi-dravidar street ward-1 , 2.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Kalaikaranaveli Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 3.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Kalaikkaranveli AdiDravidar South Street Ward-1 , 4.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Valaiyanagar Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 5.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Valaiyanagar Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 6.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Valaiyanagar Attrukarai Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 7.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Kalyanapuram Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 8.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Chettiyakuruchi AdiDravidar Street Ward-2 , 9.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Tholi East Street Ward-2 , 10.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Tholi West Street Ward-2 , 11.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Tholi South Street Ward-2 , 12.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Chettiyakuruchi Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 13.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Tholi North Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 14.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Sepupanaiyur Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-2 , 15.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Serupanaiyur Mariyamman Kovil East Street Ward-2 , 16.Tholi (R.V), and (P) Pinnathur Karaiyan Medu Ward-4 Tholi 614 706 ,South terraced Building Western Wing 1.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) Serupanaiyur Ward-4 , 2.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) Sothiriyam Ward-4 , 3.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) Pinnathur Vellanthangi Thidal Ward-4 , 4.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) North Sirupanaiyur Ward-4
176P.U.P.School Sanganthi 614 703 ,Terraced Building Northern Side 1.Sanganthi (R.V), and (P) Sanganthi East Street Ward-1 , 2.Sanganthi (R.V), and (P) Pavuntadi Street Ward-2 , 3.Sanganthi (R.V), and (P) West Street Ward-3 , 4.Sanganthi (R.V), and (P) Sampa Kottakam Ward-3 , 5.Sanganthi (R.V), and (P) Mettu Kottakam Ward-3
177P.U.P.School Vadasanganthi 614 702 ,Mangalore Tiled Building 1.Vadasanganthi (R.V), and (P) East street ward-1 , 2.Vadasanganthi (R.V), and (P) West Street Ward-1,2
178Govt. Hr.sec.School Edaiyur 614 703 ,North Side Terraced Building Ground Floor Eastern Wing 1.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) North adi-dravidar street ward-1 , 2.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) North Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 3.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward- 2 , 4.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Mainroad Ammaloor Ward-2 , 5.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) South Adi-Dravidar Street Ammaloor Ward-2 , 6.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Sothiriyam Ward- 2
179Government. Higher.secondary. School Edaiyur 614 703 ,Western Side north Building Middle room 1.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Vandaiyar street ward-3 , 2.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Velar Street Ward-3 , 3.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Edaiyur Main road Ward-3 , 4.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Kailasastreet Ward-3 , 5.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Thiruthuraipoondi Road Ward-3 , 6.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) New Street Ward-3 , 7.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Hospital Street Ward-3 , 8.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Perumal Kovil Street Ward-3 , 9.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Edaiyur Ward-3 , 10.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) kattaiyan Kula Street Ward-3
180Government. Higher secondary.School Edaiyur 614 703 ,Western side South Building Middle room-11 1.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Karnakodai Ward-4 , 2.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Kumarapuram Kudiyana Street Ward-4 , 3.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) kumarapuram Mainroad Ward-4 , 4.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Majukottakam Ward-4 , 5.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Manjukottakam Mainroad Ward-4 , 6.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Agraharam Ward-4 , 7.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Edaiyur Mainroad Ward-4 , 8.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Minnaladi Street Ward-4 , 9.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Thiruthuraipoondi Road Ward-4
181Govt .Hr.Sec.School Western Side Building Southern Wing ,Edaiyur 614 703 1.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Ramar Mada Street Ward-4 , 2.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Siyangkuttai street Ward-4 , 3.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Ahasthiyangkula Steet Ward-4 , 4.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Natham Ward-5 , 5.Edaiyur (R.V), and (P) Sivaraman Nagar Ward-4,5
182P.U.P.School Veppancheri 614 703 ,Main Terraced Building 1.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) Keelapandi North Street Ward-1 , 2.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) Keelapandi South Street Ward-1 , 3.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) Veppenchery South Street Ward-1 , 4.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) Veppenchery North Kappiroad Ward- 2 , 5.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) Veppenchery Kodimarastreet Ward-2
183P.U.P.School Veppancheri 614 703 ,New Terraced Building Northern Side 1.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) Veppenchery Manthai Street Ward-2 , 2.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) Veppenchery North Street Ward-2 , 3.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) Veppenchery Mainroad ward-2 , 4.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) Pandi Rayiladi Ward-3 , 5.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) pandikottakam Mainroad Ward-3 , 6.Veppanchery (R.V), and (P) Pandikottakam Kudiyiruppu Ward-3
184P.U.M.School Pandi 614 703 , ,Terraced Building Northern Portion 1.Pandi (R.V), and (P) Chempiyamangalam ward-1 , 2.Pandi (R.V), and (P) Pandi Arisana Street Ward-1 , 3.Pandi (R.V), and (P) West Street Pandi Ward-2 , 4.Pandi (R.V), and (P) Pandi Sivan Kovil Street Ward-2 , 5.Pandi (R.V), and (P) Adirengam Salai Ward-2 , 6.Pandi (R.V), and (P) Thiruthuraipoondi Salai Ward-2 , 7.Pandi (R.V), and (P) Otha Street Ward-2
185P.U.P.School Pitchankottagam 614 716 ,Terraced Building East Wing 1.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Vadapathi adi-dravidar street ward-1 , 2.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Kudiyana street ward-1 , 3.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Mudaliyar street ward-1 , 4.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Mainroad (vadapathi) ward-1 , 5.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Middle adi-dravidar st. matha kovil st. ward-1 , 6.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Mainroad street ( adi-dravidar street) ward-1 , 7.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Pitchankottagam west vadapathi ward-1
186P.U.P.School Pitchankottagam 614 716 ,Terraced Building West Wing 1.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Pitchankottagam Thenpathi Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 2.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Pitchankottagam thenpathi colony street ward-2,3 , 3.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Pitchankottagam thenpathi mainroad , 4.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Pitchankottagam Agraharam mainroad Ward-3 , 5.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Pitchankottagam Thenpathi West Side Street Ward-3 , 6.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Pitchankottagam middle adi-dravidar street ward-3 , 7.Pitchankottagam (R.V), and (P) Pitchankottagam adirengam village ward-4
187P.U.M.School Melamaruthur 614 716 ,Terraced Building 1.Melamaruthur (R.V), and (P) West arisana street ward-1 , 2.Melamaruthur (R.V), and (P) North Main Road Street Ward-1 , 3.Melamaruthur (R.V), and (P) Sivan Kovil Street Ward-1 , 4.Melamaruthur (R.V), and (P) East Arisana Street ward-1 , 5.Melamaruthur (R.V), and (P) Raliyadi street ward-2 , 6.Melamaruthur (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-2 , 7.Melamaruthur (R.V), and (P) Pannai Veettu Street Ward-3 , 8.Melamaruthur (R.V), and (P) South Mainroad Ward-3 , 9.Melamaruthur (R.V), and (P) South Pitagai Ward-3 , 10.Melamaruthur (R.V), and (P) Melpitagai Koliyar Street Ward-3
188P.U.M.School Ekkal 614703 ,Terraced Building 1.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Katampavilagam East Ward-3 , 2.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Katampavilagam West Ward-3 , 3.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Katampavilagam Devarpuram Ward-3 , 4.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Ekkal vinopa Side Ward-4 , 5.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Ekkal North Side Ward-4 , 6.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Ekkal East Side Ward-4 , 7.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Ekkal South Side Ward-4 , 8.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Ekkal Thiruthuraipoondi Road Ward-4 , 9.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Ekkl Pannaipothu South Ward-4 , 10.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Ekkal Pannaipothu North Ward-4
189P.U.P.School Kudisethi Kunnalur 614 703 ,Terraced Building Northern Wing 1.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Railway Street Ward-1 , 2.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Sathira Street Ward-1 , 3.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Raja East Street Ward-1 , 4.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-1 , 5.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Aharam street Ward-1 , 6.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Gandhi Nagar Colony Ward-1 , 7.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) East Street Ward-1 , 8.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Kudichethi Street (Kootha Street) Ward-1 , 9.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Mettu Street Ward-1
190P.U.P.School Kudisethi Kunnalur 614 703 ,Block No-1 Southern Wing 1.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Keelsethii ward 2 , 2.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Melachethi Ward- 2 , 3.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Thargasthu Adi-Dravidar Street ward-2 , 4.Kunnalur (R.V), and (P) Kuyavar Street Ward-2
191P.U.P.School Keelaperumalai 614 703 ,Terraced Building 1.Keelaperumalai (R.V), and (P) North adi-dravidar colony street ward-1 , 2.Keelaperumalai (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 3.Keelaperumalai (R.V), and (P) East Street Ward-1 , 4.Keelaperumalai (R.V), and (P) South street Ward-1 , 5.Keelaperumalai (R.V), and (P) West Street Ward-2 , 6.Keelaperumalai (R.V), and (P) Mainroad Ward-2 , 7.Keelaperumalai (R.V), and (P) Pappan Kottakam Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 8.Keelaperumalai (R.V), and (P) Mathavana Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 9.Keelaperumalai (R.V), and (P) Anumanthan Kottakam Ward-2
192P.U.P.School Melaperumalai 614 703 ,Terraced Northern side Building 1.Melaperumalai (R.V), and (P) East street ward-1 , 2.Melaperumalai (R.V), and (P) West Street Ward-2 , 3.Melaperumalai (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward-3 , 4.Melaperumalai (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-3
193P.U.M.School Alkattuveli Pinnathur 614706 ,Eastern side Terraced Building Eastern wing 1.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) Pinnathur Natham Ward-1 , 2.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) Idayarkadu Ward-1 , 3.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 4.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) Alkattuveli Ward-2
194P.U.M.School Alkattuveli Pinnathur 614706 ,Eastern side Terraced Building Western wing 1.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) Mannan Kottakam Ward-2 , 2.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) Pinnathur South Ward-3 , 3.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) Pinnathur Ward-3 , 4.Pinnathur (R.V), and (P) Thiruthuraipoondi Road Ward-3
195P.U.M.School Udhayamarthandapuram 614 706 ,Mangalore Tiled Northern Side Building Eastern wing 1.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 2.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-1 , 3.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Mariyappa Nagar Ward-1
196P.U.M.School Udhayamarthandapuram 614 706 ,Mangalore Tiled Northern Side Building Western Wing 1.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 2.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Villasavadi Street Ward-2 , 3.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) South Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 4.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Vembaiya Nagar Ward-2 , 5.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Mainroad Ward-2 , 6.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Pillaiyarkovil Street Ward-2
197P.U.P.School Natchikulam 614 706 ,South Terraced Building Western Wing. 1.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Avikina Pallivasal Street , 2.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) East Street , 3.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Middle Street , 4.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Indira colony , 5.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) South Street , 6.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Amma Palli Street
198P.U.P.School Natchikulam 614 706 ,North Terraced Building 1.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Thatcha Street , 2.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Leppai Street , 3.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Agrahara Street , 4.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Balavai Street , 5.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Nadar Street , 6.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Earikarai Street
199P.U.M.School Therku Palliyamedu in Udayamarthandapuram (P) 614 706 ,Middle Terraced Building Western Side 1.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) North Palliyamedu , 2.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) South Palliyamedu , 3.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Veeran Koviladi , 4.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Lingathadi , 5.Udhayamarthandapuram (R.V), and (P) Pallikuda Street
200P.U.M.School Gopalasamuthirapuram, Uppur 614704 ,New Terraced Building Facing West 1.Uppur (R.V(, and (P) Gopalasamuthirapuram ward-1 , 2.Uppur (R.V(, and (P) East Uppur Ward-2 , 3.Uppur (R.V(, and (P) Thiruthuraipoondi Salai Ward-1
201Sri Venkatesa Aided Primary School Uppur 614 704 ,Light Roof Building West Side 1.Uppur (R.V), and (P) Thiruthuraipoondi Salai , 2.Uppur (R.V), and (P) Colony Street , 3.Uppur (R.V), and (P) West Uppur , 4.Uppur (R.V), and (P) Kasadikollai , 5.Uppur (R.V), and (P) North Uppur
202Govt. High School Alangadu 614 704 ,Terraced North side Building facing South 1.Alangadu (R.V), and (P) Sirupattakarai Ward-2 , 2.Alangadu (R.V), and (P) Vallapangkodu Ward-2
203Govt. High School Alangadu 614 704 ,Terraced South side Building facing South 1.Alangadu (R.V), and (P) Paraikula Street Ward-3 , 2.Alangadu (R.V), and (P) Kalkenistreet Ward-3 , 3.Alangadu (R.V), and (P) Alangkadu North Ward-4
204Govt. High School. Alangadu- 614 704 ,Southern side New Terraced Building facing North 1.Alangadu (R.V), and (P) Kanthaparichan attrukku west ward-3,4
205Govt. High School.North side Terraced Building Eastern Portion , Alangadu- 614 704 1.Alangadu (R.V), and (P) Railway Linekku South Ward-5
206P.U.M.School Vadakadu Kovilur 614 704 ,Western side Terraced Building 1.Vadakadu (R.V), and (P) Adi-dravidar street ward-1 , 2.Vadakadu (R.V), and (P) Keelathoppu Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 3.Vadakadu (R.V), and (P) Ahamudaiyar Street Ward-1 , 4.Vadakadu (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward-2 , 5.Vadakadu (R.V), and (P) Sannathi North Street Ward-3 , 6.Vadakadu (R.V), and (P) Sannathi Street Ward-3 , 7.Vadakadu (R.V), and (P) Sannathi South Street Ward-3 , 8.Vadakadu (R.V), and (P) Manalmedu Ward-3 Keelanammakuruchi 614 704 ,Terraced Building 1.Keelanammangkuruchi (R.V), and Panchayat North Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 2.Keelanammangkuruchi (R.V), and Panchayat South Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 3.Keelanammangkuruchi (R.V), and Panchayat Ahamudaiyar Street Ward-2 , 4.Muthupettai (R.V), Keelanammangkuruchi (P) Petha Velangkottakam Ward-4
208P.U.P.School Melanammankuruchi 614 703 ,Mangalore Tiled Building 1.Melanammangkuruchi (R.V), and (P) Perumal kovil street ward-1 , 2.Melanammangkuruchi (R.V), and (P) Colony Kudiyiruppu Ward-2 Mangal 614 704 ,New Terraced Western building Northern Portion 1.Keelanammangkuruchi (R.V), and (P) Mangal North Ward-2 , 2.Keelanammangkuruchi (R.V), and (P) Mangal South Ward-1
210P.U.M..School Keelakadu 614 704 ,Norh side Mangalore Tiled Building 1.T. Keelakadu (R.V), and (P) Vadakeelakadu Ward-1 , 2.T. Keelakadu (R.V), and (P) Keelakadu East Ward-1 , 3.T. Keelakadu (R.V), and (P) Sathira Thoppu Ward-4
211Panchayat union Middle.School. T.Keelakadu 614704 ,Southern side Terraced Building West Portion 1.Keelakadu (R.V), and (P) Keelakadu south side ward-2 , 2.Keelakadu (R.V), and (P) Ponnan Thoppu Ward-3 , 3.Keelakadu (R.V), and (P) Mela Keelakadu Ward-5
212Kovilur Arulmigu Periyanayaki Girls Hr. Sec. School Muthupettai 614 704 ,Western Side Middle Building North Wing 1.Muthupet (T.P) Maruthangaveli thoppu ward-1
213Kovilur Arulmigu Periyanayaki Girls Hr. Sec. School Southern Side Middle Building East Portion ,Muthupettai 614 704 1.Muthupet (T.P) Maruthangaveli Thoppu Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Thiruthuraipoondi Road Ward-1 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Maruthangaveli agaraharam ward-1 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Muthusamy Ambalam Street Ward-1
214Kovilur Arulmigu Periyanayaki Girls Hr. Sec. School Muthupet 614 704, ,Southern Building Eastern side 1.Muthupet (T.P) Maruthangaveli Thoppu Ward-2 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Rahmath Nagar Ward-2 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Thiruthuraipoondi Mainroad Ward-2
215Panchayat Union.Council Hall Muthupet 614 704, ,Block Development Office Complex 1.Muthupet (T.P) Puthukudiyiruppu Ward-3 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Parattachipattanam Ward- 3
216Panchayat Union.Council Hall Muthupet 614 704, ,Block Development Office Complex South side Western wing 1.Muthupet (T.P) Thiruthuraipoondi Road Street Ward-3 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Asath Nagar Ward-3 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Banglow lane ward-4 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Old Post Office Road Ward-4 , 5.Muthupet (T.P) Puthukaliyamman Kovil Street ward-4 , 6.Muthupet (T.P) Thiruthuraipoondi Road Ward-4
217P.U.Middle School,New St, Muthupet 614 704 ,Southern side New Terraced building Eastern Portion 1.Muthupet (T.P) Victoriya Bazar Ward-5 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Dharumar Kovil Street Ward-5 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Kosakula street Ward -5 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Throwpathiyamman Kovil Street Ward-5 , 5.Muthupet (T.P) Hospital Street Ward-5 , 6.Muthupet (T.P) Amirthampillai Lane Ward-5 , 7.Muthupet (T.P) Therkukadu Railway Road And Southstreet Ward
218P.U.Middle School,North side New Terraced building South Portion ,New St, Muthupet 614 704 1.Muthupet (T.P) Kundangkula Street Ward-6 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) New street ward-6 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) W.P.M. Lane Ward-6 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) New Street Vadugar Lane Ward-6 , 5.Muthupet (T.P) Pattukottai road Ward-6 , 6.Muthupet (T.P) Pattukottai Road Lane Ward-6
219P.U.M. School,Kallukadai St, Pettai, Muthupettai 614 704 ,North Building East wing 1.Muthupet (T.P) Perumal Kovil Street Ward-10 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Pettai Kovil Street Ward-10 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Thappanveli East Street Ward-10 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Idayar Street Ward-10 , 5.Muthupet (T.P) S.V. Street Ward-10 , 6.Muthupet (T.P) Manikkadevan Street Ward-10 , 7.Muthupet (T.P) Ayyanar Kovil Street Ward-10 , 8.Muthupet (T.P) Nondi Ambalakadu Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-10 , 9.Muthupet (T.P) Karpagavinayagar Kovil Street Ward-10 , 10.Muthupet (T.P) Pamani River Street Ward-10 , 11.Muthupet (T.P) Pettai Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-10
220P.Union Primary School,Mathiyalangaram, Pettai road, Muthupettai 614 704 ,Terraced building South facing West Portion 1.Muthupet (T.P) Neinarpalli South lane Ward-11 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Haja Lane Ward-11 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Thimilai Street lane Ward-11 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Thimilai Street Ward- 11 , 5.Muthupet (T.P) Aattappa Lane Ward-11 , 6.Muthupet (T.P) Thimilai Street Middle Lane Ward-11 , 7.Muthupet (T.P) Chinnamaraikayar Lane Ward-11
221P.Union Middle School,Kallukkadai st, Pettai road, Muthupettai 614 704 ,Mangolore Tiled building Room No 4 1.Muthupet (T.P) Pettai Road Ward-11 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Sathirathoppu Ward-11 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Puthukottakam Ward-11 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Nondi Ambalangkadu Ward-11
222A.N.Aided Primary School,Matharasa Street Pettai Road, Muthupettai 614 704 ,Terraced Building west portion facing south 1.Muthupet (T.P) Pattathuleppaivadi Lane Ward-12 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Aliyar Lane Ward- 12 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Pitchaimaraikayar Lane Ward-12 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Nandumaraikayar Lane Ward-12 , 5.Muthupet (T.P) Chinna katchimaraikayar Street Ward-12 , 6.Muthupet (T.P) Packirivadi Street Ward-12 , 7.Muthupet (T.P) Arabi Street Ward-12 , 8.Muthupet (T.P) Pettai Road Ward-12 , 9.Muthupet (T.P) Mugaideen pallivasal Middle Street Ward-12 , 10.Muthupet (T.P) Middle Street Ward-12 , 11.Muthupet (T.P) Pitchai kutti Ravuthar Lane Ward-12 , 12.Muthupet (T.P) Kuttiyarpalli North Street Lane Ward-12 , 13.Muthupet (T.P) Abdulkasim Lane Ward-12 , 14.Muthupet (T.P) Muthupet Ward-12 , 15.Muthupet (T.P) Keelakadu Lane Ward-12 , 16.Muthupet (T.P) Kallukadai Lane Ward-12
223Panchayat Union Primary School,Mathiyalangaram,Pettai Road, Muthupettai 614 704 ,Terraced building,Eastern wing facing south 1.Muthupet (T.P) Kuttiyarpalli North Street Lane Ward 12 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Leppai Lane Ward-12 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Seethavadi Lane Ward-12 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Thiruthuraipoondi Road Ward-12 , 5.Muthupet (T.P) Sivankovil Lane Ward-12 , 6.Muthupet (T.P) Pettai Road Ward-12 , 7.Muthupet (T.P) Kovilan Thoppu Ward 12 , 8.Muthupet (T.P) Muhamathiyar lane Ward-12
224A.N. Aided Primary School Matharasa Street Muthupet 614704 ,Terraced Building East Portion facing South 1.Muthupet (T.P) Kothuvapalli Lane Ward-13 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Maraikavadi Road Ward-13 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Maraikavadi Lane Ward-13 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Achakaradi Lane Ward-13 , 5.Muthupet (T.P) Thennaimarathuvadi Lane Ward-13 , 6.Muthupet (T.P) Kummivadi Lane Ward-13 , 7.Muthupet (T.P) Market Lane Ward-13 , 8.Muthupet (T.P) Kothuvapalli Lane Ward-13 , 9.Muthupet (T.P) Thennaimarakadai Street Ward-13 , 10.Muthupet (T.P) Andimeera lane ward-13 , 11.Muthupet (T.P) Attrangkarai Lane Ward- 13
225Panchayat Union Primary School,Sempadavankadu,Muthupet 614 704 ,Northern side terraced building,Western portion 1.Muthupet (T.P) Market Lane Ward-15 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Market West Lane Ward-15 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) North sempatavankadu ward-14 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) South Sempatavankadu Ward-11,14
226Panchayat Union Primary School,Northern side terraced building,Eastern portion ,Sempadavankadu,Muthupet 614 704 1.Muthupet (T.P) Perumal Kovil Vasal Ward-14
227P.U.M.School,New St,Muthupet 614 704 ,Southern side New terraced Building Centre Room 1.Muthupet (T.P) Sethukulamsanthu Ward-16 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Thalkalli lane Ward-16 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Thiruvalluvar Street ward-16 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Muthaiyarpathar Lane Ward-16 , 5.Muthupet (T.P) Chekkati Street Ward-16 , 6.Muthupet (T.P) Kaliyamman Kovil Street Ward-16
228P.U.M.School,Northen side New terraced Building Western Portion ,New St,Muthupet 614 704 1.Muthupet (T.P) Neiyakara street Chinnathambi Ravuthar Street Ward , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Thiruthuraipoondi Road Ward-16 , 3.Muthupet (T.P) Kittanki Street Ward-16 , 4.Muthupet (T.P) Pattukottai road ward-16 , 5.Muthupet (T.P) Saiyathuleppai Lane Ward- 16 , 6.Muthupet (T.P) Thiruthuraipoondi road ward-16 , 7.Muthupet (T.P) Thiruthuraipoondi Road Ward-16
229Govt.Boys Hr.Sec. School,Mannargudi Road, Muthupet 614 704 ,Southern side terraced building,Eastern wing,facing north 1.Muthupet (T.P) Therkukadu mariyamman kovil street ward-17 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) AdiDravidar Street Ward-17
230Govt.Boys Hr.Sec. School,Southern side terraced building,Westernwing,facing north ,Muthupet 614 704 1.Muthupet (T.P) Therkukadu Railway North Thoppu Ward-17 , 2.Muthupet (T.P) Muthupet perugavalanthan road ward-18
231P.U.M.School Kalladikollai Jambuvanodai 614738 ,Terraced North Building Eastern Side 1.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Kollaikadu kammala street ward-3 , 2.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Colony Ward-4 , 3.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Kalladikollai Ward-4
232P.U.M.School Kalladikollai Jambuvanodai 614738 ,Terraced South Building Eastern Side 1.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Kalladikollai , 2.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Thandangkollai , 3.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) South Street
233P.U.P.School Therkukadu Jambuvanodai 614738 ,Terraced North Building Western Wing 1.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) South kadu ward-5 , 2.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Chinnan Kollai Ward-5
234P.U.P.School Terraced North Building Eastern Wing ,Therkukadu Jambuvanodai 614738 1.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Melakadu Ward-5 , 2.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Sivaraman colony , 3.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Colony Salai Ward-5
235P.U.P.School Veeranvayal Jambuvanodai 614 738 ,Terraced Building 1.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Veeranvayal East Ward-1 , 2.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Veeran Vayal West Ward-1 , 3.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) North Vellathikadu Ward-1
236G.H.School Vadakadu Jambuvanodai 614 738 ,First Main Terraced Building Facing North 1.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Vadakadu ward-2 , 2.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Pallivasal Ward-2 , 3.Jambuvanodai (R.V), and (P) Vairavan Solai Ward-2
237G.Hr.Sec. School Koviladi Thillaivilagam 614 706 ,Eastern Side Middle Terraced Building South wing 1.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Keelakarai ward-1 , 2.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Idayarkadu Ward-2 , 3.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Namasikadu Ward-2 , 4.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Melakarai Ward-2
238G.Hr. Sec.School Koviladi Thillaivilagam 614 706 ,Eastern Side Middle Building North wing 1.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Idayarkadu ward-2 , 2.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Thillaivilagam Koviladi Ward-3 , 3.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Namasikadu Ward-2 , 4.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Melakarai Ward-2
239P.U.P.School Duravaranchettikadu in Thillaivilagam 614 706 ,New Western SideTerraced Building Southern Wing 1.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Melakadu Ward-4
240P.U.P.School Duravaranchettikadu in Thillaivilagam 614 706 ,New Western SideTerraced Building Northern Wing 1.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Duravanchettikadu Ward-5 , 2.Kazhuvankadu (R.V), Thillaivilagam (P) Kazhuvangkadu Ward-10
241P.U.M.School Therkukadu 614 706 ,Terraced South Building West wing 1.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Therkukadu Vaikalukku Keelpuram Ward-6
242P.U.M.School Therkukadu 614 706 ,Terraced South Building East wing 1.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Therkukadu Pattivaikalukku Melpuram Ward-7
243Government High School Sengangkadu, Thillaivilagam 614 706 ,South Terraced Building 1.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Aramangkadu Ward-8 , 2.Thillaivilagam (R.V), and (P) Chengangkadu Ward-9
244Govt. Hr.Sec.School Mangalanayakipuram Idumbavanam 614703 ,Mangalore Tiled Eastern Portion Building Middle Portion 1.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Mangalanayakipuram Ward-1 , 2.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Idumbavanam Koviladi Ward-2 , 3.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Karpaganatharkulam Kaduvetti Ward-3
245Panchayat Union Middle School,Karpaganatharkulam, Kaduvetti ,Terraced Building West Portion 1.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Karpaganatharkulam kaduvetti ward-1 , 2.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Idumbavanam Ward-2 , 3.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Karpaganatharkulam Colony Ward-3 , 4.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Kaduvetti ward-4
246Government High .School Keelavadiyakkadu Idumbavanam , 614 703 ,Middle Building North Facing 1.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Adi-dravidar idumbavanam colony street ward-4 , 2.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Keelakaduvetti Melpagam Ward-5
247Government High .School Keelavadiyakkadu - Idumbavanam , 614 703 , Southern Terraced Building Center room 1.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Keelavadiyakadu ward-6
248P.U.P.School Mela Vadiyakkadu - Idumbavanam 614 703 ,Terraced Main Building Western Side 1.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Melavadiyakadu keelpagam ward-7 , 2.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Melavadiyakadu Melpagam Ward-8
249P.U.P.School Mela Vadiyakkadu - Idumbavanam 614 703 ,Terraced Main Building Eastern Side 1.Idumbavanam (R.V), and (P) Adachavilagam Ward-9
250P.U.P.School Karpaganatharkulam (Vilankadu) ,Terraced Building Southern Side 1.Vilangkadu (R.V), and (P) East karaiyangkadu ward-1
251P.U.P.School Karpaganatharkulam (Vilankadu) ,Terraced Building Northern Side 1.Vilangkadu (R.V), and (P) West Karaiyangkadu Ward-2 , 2.Vilangkadu (R.V), and (P) Karpaganatharkulam Koviladi Ward-3 , 3.Vilangkadu (R.V), and (P) Vilangkadu Ward-3
252Elango Aided Primary School Karpaganatharkulam 614 703 ,South New Tiled Building West Side 1.Karpaganatharkulam (R.V), and (P) Karpaganatharkulam kudichethi , 2.Karpaganatharkulam (R.V), and (P) Karpaganatharkulam Pannai Street
253P.U.P.School Munangkadu - Thondiyakadu ,614 703 ,Terraced Building 1.Thondiyakadu (R.V), and (P) Munangkadu East , 2.Thondiyakadu (R.V), and (P) Munangkadu West , 3.Thondiyakadu (R.V), and (P) Puthukudi
254P.U.P.School Keela Thondiyakadu 614 703 ,Terraced Building 1.Thondiyakadu (R.V), and (P) Melakadu Ward-4 , 2.Thondiyakadu (R.V), and (P) West Thondiyakadu Ward-5

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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