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List of Polling Booths in Thirumayam Assembly

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1PUMS Tiled Building, West Portion ,Oliamangalam - 621308 1.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward-1 oliyamangalam , 2.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward-1 Eluvankurai , 3.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward-2 Kayampatti
2PUMS Tiled Building, East Portion ,Oliamangalam - 621308 1.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward-2 Kurunthadipatti , 2.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward-5 Servaikaranpatti , 3.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward- 5 Vengampatti , 4.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward-5 Vettukadu
3PUMS East Portion Tiled Building ,Oliamangalam, 621308 1.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward-3 Surakkaipatti , 2.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward-3 Sundampatti , 3.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward-3 Madathupatti , 4.Oliyamangalam (R.V), Oliyamangalam (P) Ward-4 Vellalapatti
4PUES, Terraced Building, ,Avampatti 622002 1.Vellayakoundampatti (R.V)Usilampatti (P) Ward-4 Vellayakoundampatti , 2.Avampatti (R.V), Usilampatti (P) Ward-4 Avampatti
5PUES ,Usilampatti 622002 1.Vadakpipatti (R.V), Usilampatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakpipatti , 2.Soorapatti (R.V), Usilampatti (P) Ward-2 Soorapatti , 3.Usilampatti (R.V), Usilampatti (P) Ward-3 Usilampatti
6PUES, Additional Building, ,Melathaniam 622002 1.Melathaniam (R.V), Melathaniam (P) Ward-1,3 Melathaniam
7PUES North Portion ,Melathaniam 622002 1.Melathaniam (R.V), Melathanaim (P) Ward-2,3 Melathaniam , 2.Melathaniam (R.V), Melathanaim (P) Ward-4 Pillinivayal , 3.Melathaniam (R.V), Melathanaim (P) Ward-4 M. Usilampatti , 4.Melathaniam (R.V), Melathanaim (P) Ward-5 Ammapatti
8PUMS ,Mullipatti 622002 1.Mullipatti (R.V), Mullipatti (P) Ward-1 Mullipatti
9PUMS East Portion Building ,Keelathaniam 622002 1.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-1 Keelathaniam Melatheru , 2.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-2 Keelathaniam Nadu theru , 3.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-2 Keelathaniam Keelatheru , 4.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-2 Puthia Colony , 5.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-3 Sambapatti , 6.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-3 Edayapatti , 7.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-3 Uppiliyakudi , 8.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-3 Rengapuram , 9.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-3 Ammankovilpatti , 10.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-3 Ramalingapuram , 11.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-3 Puthur
10PUMS Western side Building ,Keelathaniam 622002 1.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-1 Melatheru , 2.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-2 Nadutheru , 3.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-2 Keelatheru , 4.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-2 Puthia Colony , 5.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-3 Sambapatti , 6.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam (P) Ward-3 Edayapatti , 7.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam(P) Ward-3 Ammankovilpatti , 8.Keelathaniam (R.V), Keelathaniam(P) Ward-3 Ramalingapuram , 9.Karaiyur (R.V) , Alampatti (P) Ward-2 Murandanpatti , 10.Karaiyur (R.V), Alampatti (P) Ward-2 Alampatti , 11.Karaiyur (R.V) , Alampatti (P) Ward-2 Kanniapatti , 12.Karaiyur (R.V), Alampatti (P) Ward-2 Athinipatti
11PUES Southside Building ,Karanapatti 622002 1.Kalnivaipatti (R.V.) Seranur (P) Ward-1 Kalnivaipatti , 2.Kalnivaipatti (R.V.) Seranur (P) Ward- 1 Achukattupatti , 3.Vellakudi 2 Bit (R.V.) Seranur (P) Ward-3 Kaivelipatti , 4.Vellakudi 2 Bit (R.V.) Seranur(P) Ward-3 Arinjinampatti , 5.Karnapatti (R.V.) Seranur (P) Ward-3 Karanapatti , 6.Usilampatti (R.V.) Oonaiyur (P) Ward-2 Usilampatti , 7.Usilampatti (R.V.) Oonaiyur (P) Ward- 2 Athirampatti
12PUES Tiled Building ,Vellakkudi 622002 1.Vellakudi 1 Bit (R.V.) Nerinjikudi (P) Ward-2,3 Vellakudi
13PUES Asbestos Building ,Seranur 622002 1.Seranur (R.V.) Seranur (P) Ward-2 Seranur
14PUES Terraced Building, Northeast Portion ,Nallur 622002 1.Nallur (R.V.) Nallur (P) Ward-3 Nallur
15PUES Terraced Building, North West Facing, South Portion ,Nallur 622002 1.Nallur (R.V.) Nallur (P) Ward-3 Kulavaipatti , 2.Nallur (R.V.) Nallur (P) Ward-3 Sundaram Nagar , 3.Nallur (R.V.) Nallur (P) Ward-3 Memanapatti , 4.Nallur (R.V.) Nallur (P) Ward-4 Illanipatti , 5.Nallur (R.V.) Nallur (P) Ward-4 Keerangudi
16PUMS ,Nerinjikkudi 622002 1.Nerinjikudi (R.V.) Nerinjikudi (P) Ward-1 Kooduthanaipatti , 2.Nerinjikudi (R.V.) Nerinjikudi(P) Ward-1 Puthunerinjikudi , 3.Nerinjikudi (R.V.) Nerinjikudi(P) Ward-2 Palapatti , 4.Nerinjikudi (R.V.) Nerinjikudi(P) Ward-2 Palaya nerinjikudi
17PUES New Terraced Building ,Chittoor 622002 1.Chithoor (R.V.) Gudalur (P) Ward-3 Chithoor
18PUES Asbestos Building ,Gudalur 622402 1.Gudalur (R.V.) Gudalur (P) Ward-1 Gudalur Merku , 2.Gudalur (R.V.) Gudalur (P) Ward-2 Gudalur Kilakku
19PUMS New Terraced Building ,Valakkurichi 622402 1.Neiveli (R.V.) Valakurichi (P) Ward-1 Neiveli , 2.Neiveli (R.V.) Valakurichi (P) Wrd-3 Thirunattanpatti , 3.Neiveli (R.V.) Valakurichi (P) Ward-2 Navinipatti , 4.Valakurichi (R.V.) Valakurichi (P) Ward-2 Valakurichi
20PUMS Asbestos Building ,Arasamalai 622402 1.Arasamalai(R.V), Arasamalai(P) Ward-1 Kothangaraivayal , 2.Arasamalai(R.V), Arasamalai(P) Ward-1 Ganesapuram , 3.Arasamalai(R.V), Arasamalai(P) Ward-1 Arasamalai , 4.Arasamalai(R.V), Arasamalai(P) Ward-1 Mongampatti , 5.Arasamalai(R.V), Arasamalai(P) Ward-3 Poovalakudi
21PUES, Additional Building, Facing East, ,Vaiyapuri 622402 1.Arasamalai(R.V), Arasamalai(P) Ward-2 Navakudi , 2.Arasamalai(R.V), Arasamalai(P) Ward-2 Vaiyapuri , 3.Sathanur (R.V), Arasamalai(P) Ward-6 Sathanur
22PUES, Additional Building, Facing North, ,Kandeduthanpatti 622402 1.Arasamalai(R.V) , Arasamalai(P) Ward-4 Edayamparai , 2.Arasamalai(R.V) , Arasamalai(P) Ward-4 Kandeduthanpatti , 3.Mathiani (R.V), Arasamalai(P) Ward-5 Mathiani
23PUES, SSA Bld.,Western Portion ,Karaiyur 622002 1.Karaiyur (R.V), Karaiyur (P) Ward-1 maravar kudiyiruppu , 2.Karaiyur (R.V), Karaiyur (P) Ward-1,2 Karaiyur
24PUES, Tield Building, West Portion ,Karaiyur 622002 1.Karaiyur (R.V), Karaiyur (p) Ward-3 karaiyur
25PUES, Tield Building, East Portion ,Karaiyur 622002 1.Karaiyur (R.V), Karaiyur (P) Ward-4 Sankaranpatti , 2.Karaiyur (R.V), Karaiyur (P) Ward-4 Maruthanpatti , 3.Karaiyur (R.V), Karaiyur (P) Ward-4 Mangalipatti
26PUMS, SSA Bld., North Portion ,Konaiyampatti 622002 1.Karaiyur (R.V), Alampatti (p) Ward-1 kadampatti , 2.Karaiyur (R.V), Alampatti (P) Ward-1 Karayampatti , 3.Karaiyur (R.V), Konnayampatti(P) Ward-2 Karaikalam
27PUMS, SSA Building South Portion ,Konaiyampatti 622002 1.Karaiyur (R.V), Konnayampatti(P) Ward-1 Konnayampatti , 2.Karaiyur (R.V), Konnayampatti(P) Ward-2 Mettupatti
28PUES South Building ,Sadayampatti 622002 1.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-1 Paluthinipatti , 2.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-2 Sadayampatti Kilakku
29PUES North Building ,Sadayampatti 622002 1.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-2 Sadayampatti Kilakkui , 2.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-3 Sadayampatti Merku
30PUES ,Manganoor 622002 1.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-4 Manganur , 2.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-4 Udayampatti , 3.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-4 Soriyampatti
31PUMS, New Building, North portion, ,Maravamadurai 622002 1.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-5,6 Maravamadurai , 2.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-7 Kanganipatti
32PUMS, New Building, South portion, ,Maravamaduai 622002 1.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-7 Kanganipatti , 2.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-8 Sangampatti , 3.Maravamadurai(R.V), Maravamadurai(P) Ward-8 Eachampatti
33GHS, North New Building, West Portion, ,Nagarapatti 622401 1.Nagarapatti(R.V), Nagarapatti (P) Ward-1 mampatti , 2.Nagarapatti(R.V), Nagarapatti(P) Ward- 2 Nagarapatti , 3.Nagarapatti(R.V), Nagarapatti(P) Ward-2 Vadakkipatti
34Government High School, North New Building, East Portion, ,Nagarapatti 622401 1.Nagarapatti(R.V), Nagarapatti(p) Ward-3 vadakipatti , 2.Nagarapatti(R.V), Nagarapatti(P) Ward- 2 Nagarapatti , 3.Nagarapatti(R.V), Nagarapatti(P) Ward-3 Ammapatti
35PUMS, West Building, ,Kallampatti 622401 1.Kallampatti (R.V) , Kallampatti (P) Ward-1 panayamangalappatti , 2.Kallampatti (R.V) , Kallampatti (P) Ward-1melakkallampatti , 3.Kallampatti (R.V) , Kallampatti (P) Ward-1 Sengalapatti , 4.Kallampatti (R.V) , Kallampatti (P) Ward-1 Mookalaganpatti , 5.Kallampatti (R.V) , Kallampatti (P) Ward-1 Mettampatti
36PUMS, North Building, ,Kallampatti 622401 1.Kallampatti (R.V) , Kallampatti (P) Ward-1 Kallampatti
37PUES New Asbestos Building ,Ammankurichi 622401 1.Ammankurichi (R.V), Ammankurichi (P) Ward-1 Avinkonpatti , 2.Ammankurichi (R.V), Ammankurichi (P) Ward-1 Chockanathapatti , 3.Ammankurichi (R.V), Ammankurichi (P) Ward-2 Ammankurichi
38PUES New Building ,Ammankurichi 622401 1.Ammankurichi (R.V), Ammankurichi (P) Ward-3 Ammankurichi , 2.Ammankurichi (R.V), Ammankurichi (P) Ward-3 Karumankadu
39PUMS New Terraced Building South Side ,Edayathur 622002 1.Idayathur (R.V), Idayathur (p) Ward-1 ammapatti , 2.Idayathur (R.V), Idayathur (p) Ward-1 Ambalpuram , 3.Idayathur (R.V), Idayathur (p) Ward-1 m.g.r. nagar , 4.Idayathur (R.V), Idayathur (p) Ward-2 Idayathur Adidravidar colony , 5.Idayathur (R.V), Idayathur (p) Ward-2 Idayathur
40PUMS New Terraced Building North Side ,Edayathur 622002 1.Idayathur (R.V), Idayathur (p) Ward-3 Idayappatti , 2.Idayathur (R.V), Idayathur (p) Ward-3 Indiranagar , 3.Idayathur (R.V), Idayathur (p) Ward-4 Pulavanarkudi , 4.Idayathur (R.V), Idayathur (p) Ward-4 Kulavaippatti
41PUES, West Building ,Alavayal 622401 1.Alavayal (R.V) , Alavayal (P) Ward-1 Alavayal , 2.Alavayal (R.V) , Alavayal (P) Ward-2 Vairampatti , 3.Alavayal (R.V) , Alavayal (P) Ward-3 Chinnapeechanpatti
42PUES, Centre Building ,Alavayal 622401 1.Alavayal (R.V) , Alavayal (P) Ward-3 thulukkaurani , 2.Alavayal (R.V) , Alavayal (P) Ward-3 Thampattapparai , 3.Alavayal (R.V) , Alavayal (P) Ward-3 paramankoodam , 4.Alavayal (R.V) , Alavayal (P) Ward-3 pidarampatti , 5.Alavayal (R.V) , Alavayal (P) Ward-3 manathondi
43Govt.Hr.Sec. School, SSA Eastern Building, North Side ,Alavayal 622401 1.Alavayal (R.V),Alavayal (P) Ward-4 Vadakkipatti , 2.Alavayal (R.V),Alavayal (P) Ward-4 Kulavaikkadu , 3.Alavayal (R.V),Alavayal (P) Ward-4 Pannaikalam , 4.Alavayal (R.V),Alavayal (P) Ward-4 Saralaikadu , 5.Alavayal (R.V),Alavayal (P) Ward-4 Easykudam , 6.Alavayal (R.V),Alavayal (P) Ward-4 Therkikadu
44Govt.Hr.Sec. School, SSA Eastern Building West Side ,Alavayal 622401 1.Alavayal (R.V),Alavayal (P) Ward-4 Periyaurani , 2.Semmalapatti (R.V), Alavayal (P) Ward-5 Semmalapatti
45PUES, New Terraced Building, ,Thenur 622401 1.Konnaiyur (R.V.) Thenur (P) Ward-1 Thachanpatti , 2.Thenur (R.V.) Thenur (P) Ward-1 Thenur , 3.Thenur (R.V.) Thenur (P) Ward-1, Subburayapatti , 4.Thenur (R.V.) Thenur (P) Ward- 1, Embapatti
46PUES, New Terraced Building, ,Thenur 622401 1.Thenur (R.V.) Thenur (P) Ward-2, Mettupatti , 2.Thenur (R.V.) Thenur (P) Ward-2, Karugapoolampatti , 3.Nathupatti (R.V.) Thenur (P) Ward-3 Nathupatti
47PUMS, South Main Building ,Semboothi 622401 1.Semboothi(R.V),Semboothi(P) Ward-1 Ambalakaranpatti, Pillayarpatti , 2.Semboothi(R.V),Semboothi(P) Wrd-1 Semboothi , 3.Semboothi(R.V),Semboothi(P) Ward-2,3 Semboothi
48PUMS, North Building ,Semboothi 622401 1.Semboothi(R.V), Semboothi(P) Ward-4,5 Semboothi , 2.Semboothi(R.V),Semboothi(P) Ward-6 Semboothi Annanagar , 3.Semboothi(R.V),Semboothi(P) Ward-6 Sivanthilingapuram
49PUES New Building ,Kovanur 622402 1.Kovanur (R.V.) Kovanur (P) Ward-1, Paranthalaipatti , 2.Kovanur (R.V.) Kovanur (P) Ward-2 Kovanur , 3.Kovanur (R.V.) Kovanur (P) Ward-3 Kovanur Arijana Colony , 4.Mekkinipatti (R.V.) Kovanur (P) Ward-4 Mekkinipatti
50PUES ,Sundaram 622402 1.Sundaram (R.V), Sundaram (P) Ward-1 Arunavayal , 2.Sundaram (R.V), Sundaram (P) Ward-1 Sundaram , 3.Sundaram (R.V), Sundaram (P) Ward-2 Idayappatti
51PUES New Terraced Building ,Sevalur 622402 1.Sevalur(R.V), Sevalur (P) Ward-1 Sevalur
52PUES ,Malayadipatti 622402 1.Sevalur (R.V), Sevalur (P) Ward-1 Malayadippatti , 2.Sevalur (R.V), Sevalur (P) Ward-1 Karukampatti
53PUES ,Melamelanilai 622401 1.Melamelanilai (R.V), Melamelanilai (P) Ward-1 Keezhapatti , 2.Melamelanilai (R.V), Melamelanilai (P) Ward-2 Melamelanilai
54PUES ,Malampatti 622401 1.Melamelanilai (R.V), Melamelanilai (P) Ward-3 Malmpatti
55PUES West side Building ,Konnaipatti 622401 1.Moolankudi (R.V), Konnaipatti (P) Thatchampatti , 2.Moolankudi (R.V), Konnaipatti (P) Ward- 2 Konnaipatti
56PUES East side Building ,Moolangudy 622401 1.Moolankudi (R.V), Konnaipatti (P) Ward-3 Moolangudi
57PUES West side ,Koppanapatti 622401 1.Moolangudi (R.V), Koppanappatti (P) Ward-1 Koppanappatti Chettiyar Veethi , 2.Konnaiyur (R.V), Koppanappatti (P) Ward-2 Konnaiyur
58PUES East side ,Koppanapatti 622401 1.Konnaiyur (R.V), Koppanappatti (P) Ward-3 Arisana natham , 2.Moolangudi (R.V), Koppanappatti (P) Ward-4 Rettiyappatti , 3.Moolangudi (R.V), Koppanappatti (P) Ward-5 Koppanappatti
59PUES, Old Building ,Thuthur, 622401 1.Thoothur (R.V), Thoothur (P) Ward-1 Thoothur , 2.Thoothur (R.V), Thoothur (P) Ward-1 Theethampatti , 3.Thoothur (R.V), Thoothur (P) Ward-1 Puthunallur
60PUES ,Manappatti 622401 1.Thoothur (R.V), Thoothur (P) Ward-2 Manappatti
61PUMS Tiled Building ,Kandianatham 622411 1.Kandiyanatham (R.V), Kandiyanatham (P) Ward-2 Kandiyanatham , 2.Kandiyanatham (R.V), Kandiyanatham (P) Ward-2 Arisana valavu , 3.Kandiyanatham (R.V), Kandiyanatham (P) Ward-2 Ka.Poothanvalavu , 4.Kandiyanatham (R.V), Kandiyanatham (P) Ward-2 Karumankadu
62PUES Terraced Building Sothern Side ,Kesarapatti 622411 1.Kandiyanatham (R.V), Kandiyanatham (P) Ward-1 Kesarappatti , 2.Kandiyanatham (R.V), Kandiyanatham (P) Ward-1 Ka.Puthuppatti
63PUMS, South Building ,Mylapore 622411 1.Ponnamaravathi West (R.V), Mailappur (P) Ward-2 Pillayarpatti , 2.Ponnamaravathi West (R.V), Mailappur (P) Ward-2 Mailappur
64PUES ,Anjupulipatti 622411 1.Ponnamaravathi West (R.V), Mailappur (P) Ward-2 Anjupullippatti
65Valamburi Vaduganathan HSS, Front Portion Terraced Building, Western Portion ,Ponnamaravathy 622407 1.Ponnamaravathi (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-8 Pallikoodathuveethi , 2.Ponnamaravathi (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-8 Ponnamaravathy Main Road , 3.Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward- 8 Nattukalveethi , 4.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-8 Chinnambalamsanthu , 5.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-8 Ramadisanthu , 6.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Perumal kovil 1st Veethi , 7.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Ponnamaravathy Main Road - 2 , 8.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-8 Sengunthar Veethi , 9.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-8 Ponnamaravathy Main Road , 10.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-14 Kailasapathy Road , 11.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-14 Vaiyapuri Road
66Valamburi Vaduganathan HSS, Front Portion Terraced Building, Western Portion ,Ponnamaravathy 622407 1.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Ammankovilveethi , 2.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-14 Valumpuri 1st Number Road , 3.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-14 Valampuri Taakis Road , 4.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-14 Vaduganathan Road
67Valamburi Vaduganathan Higher Secondary School North Eastern Building ,Ponnamaravathy 622407 1.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-1,2 Ponnamaravathy Main Road , 2.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-2 Pudukkottai Main Road , 3.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-3 Valampuri 1st No Road , 4.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-3 Valampuri Theatre Road , 5.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-4 Palamedu Veethi , 6.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) ward-5 Sivankoil Vadakku Veethi , 7.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-6 Ariyar Veethi , 8.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) ward-7 Auspathiri Road , 9.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-8 Pookudi Veethi , 10.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Vaduganathan Theru , 11.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Amarakandan Veethi , 12.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Chekkadi Santhu , 13.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Valampuri 2nd Theru , 14.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Valmapuri 2nd number road , 15.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-14 Ponnamaravathy Main Road - 2 , 16.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnam
68Palaniappa Kalasalai Southeast Portion Valamburi 2nd St., Valayappatti ,Ponnamaravathy 622401 1.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Valampuri 5th Number road , 2.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 KasaOorani Vadakku , 3.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 KasaOorani Kilakkutheru , 4.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Senthamil Kalasalai Road , 5.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Gandhiji Road , 6.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Nehruji Road , 7.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Adaikalam Kathar Koil Road , 8.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Mangalam Hospital Road , 9.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Kolladi Parai , 10.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Valayanvalavu veethi , 11.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Valampuri 5th Street, Nagappa Chettiyar Lane , 12.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Valampuri 4th number Road , 13.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) ward-12 Sankarankundu North veethi , 14.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Meyappa chettiar Veethi
69Palaniappa Kalasalai, Terraced old Building West Building side ,Ponnamaravathy 622401 1.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Valampuri 2nd number Road , 2.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Adaikkan Oorani Theru , 3.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Avudayan Chettiar Theru , 4.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Senthamil Kalasalai Veethi , 5.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Nachiyappan Chettiar Santhu , 6.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Palaniappa Chettiar Veethi , 7.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Valayan Valavu Veethi , 8.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Valampuri 4th veethi , 9.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Mangalam Auspathiri Road , 10.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Namagal Kalluri Road , 11.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-15 Valampurinatha Swamy Therku veethi , 12.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-15 Valampurinatha Samy Vadakku veethi , 13.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-14 Vaiyapuripatti Road
70Palaniappa Kalasalai, Terraced Old Building, West Building side ,Ponnamaravathy 622401 1.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11,15 Adaikkalam Kathan Theru , 2.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-15 Mayiladumparai , 3.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Nandavana Road , 4.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Karuthan Chettiyar veethi , 5.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-15 Muthaiah Chettiar Veethi , 6.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-14 Amman Sannathi Road , 7.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-14,7 Vaduganathan Road , 8.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-15 Auspathiri Road
71PUMS South Building East Side ,Pon-Pudupatti 622408 1.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Pudukkottai Main Road , 2.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Savankundu Merku santhu , 3.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Kodikki Mundan Ambalam santhu , 4.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Vadakku Puthu Valaivu
72PUMS South Building Western Side ,Pon-Pudupatti 622408 1.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Pagachi Asari Santhu , 2.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Koothaiyan Santhu , 3.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Veettu Vasathi Variya Kudiyiruppu , 4.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-9 Pattar veethi
73PUMS South Building Western Side ,Pon-Pudupatti 622408 1.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Pudukkottai Main Veethi (Vadakku) , 2.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Vadakku Rada veethi , 3.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Merku Rada veethi theru , 4.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Bazaar main Road (Merku) , 5.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Subramanian Chettiar santhu theru , 6.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Unnamaiyachi Santhu theru , 7.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Sathappa Chettiar Santhu theru , 8.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Kilakku Rada veethi theru , 9.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Mambalathan Oorani Merku veethi , 10.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Mambalathan Oorani Kilakku santhu , 11.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Bazaar Main Road Kilakku , 12.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Malaiyan Oorani Kilakku theru , 13.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Raman Chettiyar Santhu , 14.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-12 Chidambaram Chettiyar Santhu , 15.Pon
74Government Girls Higher Secondary School East Building (South Portion) ,Ponnamaravathy 622408 1.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Pudukkottai Main veethi , 2.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Pidari Koil theru , 3.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Veeran Chetti Oorani theru , 4.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Pidari Koil vadakku theru , 5.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Pidari Koil Road , 6.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Sivan Koil Melaveethi , 7.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Sivan Koil vadakku veethi , 8.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Vadakku Rada veethi , 9.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-10 Radio Maithanam , 10.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Pudukkottai Main veethi , 11.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-11 Bazaar Main Road , 12.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Pesalathevar Ambalam santhu , 13.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Chinnakaruppan Chettiyar santhu , 14.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Muthaiah Chettiyar Santhu , 15.Ponnamaravathy (R.V), Ponnamaravathy (SP) Ward-13 Santhai veethi , 16.Ponnamaravathy (R.
75Alamelu Primary School (PUES) South Building (Outer area of the P.S.) ,Ponnamaravathy 622407 1.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Thottiampatti(P) Ward-1 Anna Nagar , 2.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Thottiampatti(P) Ward-1 Periyar Nagar , 3.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Thottiampatti(P) Ward-1 Indhra Nagar
76Alamelu Primary School (PUES) North Building( Outer Area of the PS) ,Ponnamaravathy 622407 1.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Thotiampatty (P) Ward-2 Kamaraj Nagar , 2.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Thotiampatty (P) Ward-2 Thottiampattu
77PUMS ,Kattaiyandippatti 622407 1.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Thotiampatty (P) Ward -2 J.J.nagar , 2.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Thotiampatty (P) Ward-2 Kattiampatty
78Sivakamisundari Kalasalai (Aided Ele. School) Terraced old Building, Eastern Side ,Vegupatti 622408 1.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Vegupatti (p) Ward-1 Vegupatti (Block-1) Vadakku Paguthi , 2.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), vegupatti (p) ward-2 vegupatti (Block-2) Therku paguthu
79Sivakamisundari Kalasalai (Aided Ele. School) Noon Meal Centre ,Vegupatti 622408 1.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), vegupatti (p) Ward-3 Vegupatti (Block-3) Pandiyan Kovil theru
80PUES NEW BUILDING ,Kattupatti 622408 1.Ponnamaravathy East (R.V), kattupatti (p) Ward-1 velliyandipatti , 2.Ponnamaravathy East (R.V), kattupatti (p) ward-2 kattupatti , 3.Ponnamaravathy East (R.V), kattupatti (p) ward-2 Sivaprakasam Nagar
81PUES, New Building, ,P. Usilampatti 622408 1.Ponnamaravathy East (R.V), Usilampatti (p) ward-1 p-Usilampatti , 2.Ponnamaravathy East (R.V), Usilampatti (p) ward-1 Enamedu , 3.Ponnamaravathy East (R.V), Usilampatti (p) ward-1 kelavegupatti
82PUMS ,Kattaiyandipatti 622408 1.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Usilampatti (p) Ward-1 Malaiyan Oorani Eswaramoorthi Theru , 2.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Usilampatti (p) Ward-1 Indira Nagar Nadutheru , 3.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Usilampatti (p) Ward-2 kattaiyandipatti
83PUES ,Bagavandipatti 622411 1.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Bagavandipatti (p) Ward-2 Ariyandipatti , 2.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Bagavandipatti (p) Ward-2 Bagavandipatti , 3.Ponnamaravathy West (R.V), Bagavandipatti (p) Ward-2 kayampunjai
84PUES ,Enathi 622403 1.Varpattu (R.V), Enathi (p) Ward-1 pitharampatti , 2.Varpattu (R.V), Enathi (p) Ward-2 Enathi , 3.Varpattu (R.V), Enathi (p) Ward-2 Jeeva Nagar
85GHSS West Building ,Melasivapuri 622403 1.Varpattu (R.V), Mela sivapuri (p) Ward-1 Mela sivapuri , 2.Varpattu (R.V), Mela sivapuri (p) Ward-2 Mela sivapuri , 3.Varpattu (R.V), Mela sivapuri (p) Ward-3 Mela sivapuri
86PUES Eastern side ,Venthanpatti 622419 1.Varpattu (R.V), venthanpatti (p) Ward-1,2,3 venthanpatti
87PUES Western side ,Venthanpatti 622419 1.Varpattu (R.V), venthanpatti (p) Ward-4 Vijayapuram , 2.Varpattu (R.V), venthanpatti (p) Ward- 4 Agamutayar puthur , 3.Varpattu (R.V), venthanpatti (p) Ward-4 Karuppar koil patti , 4.Varpattu (R.V), venthanpatti (p) Ward-4 Oiyan Puthur , 5.Varpattu (R.V), venthanpatti (p) Ward-4 Etaiyan puthur , 6.Varpattu (R.V), venthanpatti (p) Ward-4 Sooran kotangi valaivu
88PUES West Portion New Building ,Varpattu 622419 1.Varpattu (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward-1 pitchakalan patti , 2.Varpattu (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward- 1 kollupatti
89PUES, Eastern Portion ,Varpattu 622419 1.Varpattu (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward-2 Poiyamanipatti , 2.Varpattu (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward- 3,4,5 Varppattu
90Government High School, Terraced Building, Eastern Portion ,Varpet 622403 1.Varpattu (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward-3 Varppattu , 2.Varpattu (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward-4 Varppattu
91Government High School, Terraced Building, Western Portion ,Varpet 622403 1.Varpattu (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward-5 Devanpatti , 2.Varpattu (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward-6 mettampatti , 3.Varpattu (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward-6 Nallur , 4.Kelakurichi (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward-6 Kelakurichipatti , 5.Varppattu (R.V), Varppattu (p) Ward-6 Kallkkadu
92PUES, New Building North Side ,Karuppukudipatti 622403 1.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-1 Ariyandipatti , 2.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-1 karuppukudipatti
93PUES, New Building South Side ,Karuppukudipatti 622403 1.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-1 karuppukudipatti Theru , 2.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-1 kattampatti , 3.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-1 Uthkuli , 4.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-1 karuthankotanpatti
94Ghs, Asbestos Building, Southern East Portion ,Thirukkalambur 622403 1.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-1 Kumarappatti , 2.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-1 Thatchampatti , 3.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-1 Narangiyampatti
95Ghs, Asbestos Building, Southern West Portion ,Thirukkalambur 622403 1.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-2 Arisana Colany , 2.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-2 kovil Veethi , 3.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-3 Thirukalampur Therku theru
96GHS South Building Western side, Next to office East side ,Thirukkalambur 622403 1.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-1Thirukkalampur Vadakku theru
97GHS North Building, Eastern Side, Thirukkalambur ,Thirukkalambur 622403 1.Thirukkalampur (R.V), Thirukkalampur (p) Ward-2 Thirukkalampur Melatheru
98PUES South New Building, Eastern side ,Rarapuram 622404 1.Rarapuram (R.V.) Rarapuram (p) Ward-1 Thaminipatti , 2.Rarapuram (R.V.) Rarapuram (p) Word-1 Rarapuram
99WOMEN SELF HELP GROUP ,KUMMAKUDI 622404 1.Kummankudi (R.V.) Rarapuram (p) Ward-2 kummankudi
100PUES Asbestos Building ,Arasanthampatti 622404 1.Arasabdamoattu (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-3 Nadar theru , 2.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward- 3 Athiravdar Colany , 3.Arasabdamoattu (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-3 Mathakovil Paguthi , 4.Arasabdamoattu (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-3 Vakkusavadi Paguthi , 5.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-3 Vellalar Paguthi , 6.Arasabdamoattu (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-3 Ambalakkarar Paguthi , 7.Arasabdamoattu (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward -3 Kirushthuva kudieruppu
101PUMS, SSA Bld., Northern Middle Portion ,Pilakkudipatti 622404 1.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-2 Peraiyur Colony , 2.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-2 Amabalakarar Paguthi , 3.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-2 Kelakadu Paguthi , 4.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-2 Esaivellar Paguthi , 5.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-2 Nadar Theru , 6.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-2 Vaniya Chettiyar Veethi , 7.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-3 Kelatheru , 8.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-3 Melatheru , 9.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-3 Nadartheru , 10.Pilakudipatti (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-3 Pilakkudi patti
102PUES, SSA Bld., Middle Portion ,Mallangudi 622404 1.Mallangudi (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-1 Ayyanar kudieruppu , 2.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) Ward-1 vellar kudieruppu , 3.Peraiyur (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) ward-1 puthu kudieruppu , 4.Mallangudi (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) ward-1 Maravar Kudierppu , 5.Mallangudi (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) ward-1 Asari theru kudierppu , 6.Mallangudi (R.V.) Peraiyur (p) ward-1 paratheru
103PUES (asbestos Building) ,Therkkuthalampatti 622404 1.Kottur (R.V.) Kottur (p) Ward-1 Vadakku Thalampatti , 2.Kottur (R.V.) Kottur (p) Ward-1 Therku Thalampatti , 3.Kottur (R.V.) Kottur (p) Ward-1 Nallampatti , 4.Kottur (R.V.) Kottur (p) Ward-1 Kovilpatti , 5.Katampavayal (R.V.) Kottur (p) Ward-1 Katampavayal
104Panchayat Union Community Hall, Terreced Building South Portion ,Kottur 622404 1.Kottur (R.V), Kottur (p) Ward-2 Pallartheru , 2.Kottur (R.V), Kottur (p) Ward-2 Parayar theru , 3.Kottur (R.V), Kottur (p) Ward-2 Maravar theru , 4.Kottur (R.V), Kottur (p) Ward-2 Vellar theru , 5.Kottur (R.V), Kottur (p) Ward-2 Ambalakarar theru
105Panchayat Union Community Hall, Terreced Building North Portion ,Kottur 622404 1.Kottur (R.V), Kottur (p) Ward-3 Ambal Nagar , 2.Kottur (R.V), Kottur (p) Ward-3 MalamPatti , 3.Kottur (R.V), Kottur (p) Ward-3 Mettupatti , 4.Kottur (R.V), Kottur (p) Ward-3 Paranikudipatti , 5.Kottur (R.V), Kottur (p) Ward-3 Malaiyakoil Mela Theru
106Sri Shanmuga Vilas (Aided) School, Old Tiled Building ,Nachandupatti 622404 1.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-1 Melnilaipatti Vadapuram , 2.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-1 Sivan Kovil Veethi , 3.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-1 Postoffice Veethi , 4.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-1 Kambar Veethi , 5.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-1 Sivakami Nagar , 6.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-1 Kokale Veethi , 7.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-2 Rajaji Veethi , 8.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-1 Navavayal , 9.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-2 ponnamaravathi Main Road
107Sri, Shanmugha Vilas(Aided) School, (New Asbestos Building) ,Nachandupatti 622404 1.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-3 Subash Veethi , 2.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-3 Elango Veethi , 3.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-3 Virachilai Main Road , 4.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-3 E.B Office Veethi , 5.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-4 Auspathiri veethi , 6.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-4 Puthur Colany , 7.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-4 Thilakar theru , 8.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-4 Sathyamoorthi Theru , 9.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-4 Perumalkovil Theru , 10.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-4 Pattinathar Veethi , 11.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-4 Na.Puthur , 12.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-4 Main Road , 13.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-4 Malayalingapuram , 14.Kottur (R.V), Natchanthupatti (p) Ward-4 Patel Theru
108Sri Udayaparashakth Aided Elementary School, East Building ,Kulamangalam 622404 1.kulamangalam (R.V), kulamangalam (p) Ward-1 Elampatti , 2.kulamangalam (R.V), kulamangalam (P) Ward-1 Malaiyakovil , 3.kulamangalam (R.V), kulamangalam (P) Ward-1 Mankuruchipatti , 4.kulamangalam (R.V), kulamangalam (P) Ward-1 malayaLingapuram , 5.kulamangalam (R.V), kulamangalam (P) Ward-1 Panavayal , 6.kulamangalam (R.V), kulamangalam (P) Ward-1 Pulampatti , 7.kulamangalam (R.V), kulamangalam (P) Ward-2 Kulamangalam , 8.kulamangalam (R.V), kulamangalam (P) Ward-2 Puthukurutchivayal , 9.kulamangalam (R.V), kulamangalam (P) Ward-2 Ker Colony
109Sri. Udaya Parasakthi Aided Elementary School, New East Building ,Kulamangalam 622404 1.kulamangalam (R.V), kulamangalam (P) Ward-3,4 Kulamangalam , 2.Kulamangalam (R.V), Kulamangalam (p) Ward-4 kopparampatti , 3.Kulamangalam (R.V), Kulamangalam (p) Ward-4 Velavayal
110PUES Western side Tiled Building ,Melapanaiyur 622412 1.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melapanaiyur (p) Ward-1 Ponnanur , 2.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melapanaiyur (p) Ward-1 Pannanur Arisana Colany , 3.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melapanaiyur (p) Ward-1 Nariyankadu , 4.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melapanaiyur (p) Ward-1 Avikkarai , 5.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melapanaiyur (p) Ward-2 Sivankovil Veethi , 6.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melapanaiyur (p) Ward-2 Naduveethi , 7.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melapanaiyur (p) Ward-3 Mela pannaiyur , 8.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melapanaiyur (p) Ward-3 Vellar kudieruppu
111PUES Southern side New Building ,Melapanaiyur 622412 2 1.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melappanaiyur (P) Ward-4 Kannerikalam , 2.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melappanaiyur (P) Ward-4 Arisana Colony , 3.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melappanaiyur (p) Ward-5 Vatakadu , 4.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melappanaiyur (p) Ward-5 paluvinipatti , 5.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melappanaiyur (p) Ward-5 Viralipatti , 6.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melappanaiyur (p) Ward-5 Nadar kudieruppu , 7.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melappanaiyur (p) Ward-6 Poovakonpatti , 8.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melappanaiyur (p) Ward-6 Puliyavayal , 9.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Melappanaiyur (P) Ward-6 Purakaraipatti
112SMMAR Alamelu Arunachalam Nagarathar HS North side Terraced Building ,Panayapatti 622406 1.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-1 Poonsolai Nagar , 2.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-1 Panaiyapatti
113SMMAR Alamelu Arunachalam Nagarathar HS West side Terraced Building ,Panayapatti 622406 1.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-1 Mathakovil theru , 2.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-2 Rangiyam Road Merku , 3.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-2 Chetti Urani Theru , 4.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-2 Ambalam Kudieruppu
114SMMAR Alamelu Arunachalam Nagarathar HS Northern Terraced Building ,Panayapatti 622406 1.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-3 Palaiya Post Office Veethi , 2.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-3 Udaya Sooryapuram , 3.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-3 Agraharam , 4.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (P) Ward-3 S.B.A Road , 5.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-4 Kolipannai Veethi , 6.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-4 kariyakarar Veethi , 7.Melapanaiyur (R.V) , Panaiyapatti (p) Ward-5 Kollaikadu
115Valluvar Middle School Tiled Building Western wing ,Kulipirai 622402 1.Kulipirai (R.V), Kulipirai (p) Ward-1 Kulipirai palaiyur-1 , 2.Kulipirai (R.V), Kulipirai (p) Ward-2 Kulipirai palaiyur-2 , 3.Kulipirai (R.V), Kulipirai (p) Ward-3 Kulipirai palaiyur-3
116Valluvar Middle School South Side, Tiled Building ,Kulipirai 622402 1.Kulipirai (R.V), Kulipirai (p) Ward-4 Kulipirai palaiyur , 2.Kulipirai (R.V), Kulipirai (p) Ward- 5 Kulipirai Palaiyur
117MCTRM Ramanathan Chettiar HSS East Terraced Building ,Kulipirai 622402 1.Kulipirai (R.V), Kulipirai (p) Ward-6 kulipirai palaiyur , 2.Kulipirai (R.V), Kulipirai (p) Ward- 7 Kulipirai palaiyur , 3.Kulipirai (R.V), Kulipirai (p) Ward-8 Kulipirai palaiyur , 4.Kulipirai (R.V), Kulipirai (p) Ward-9 Kulipirai palaiyur , 5.Kulipirai (R.V), Kulipirai (p) Ward-10 Kulipirai patti
118PUES Asbestos Building ,Athur 622402 1.Aathur (R.V), Aathur (p) Ward-1 Aathur -Vairampatti , 2.Aathur (R.V), Aathur (p) Ward-2 Aathur - Puthupatti
119PUES Western Building, (North Side) ,Veeranampatti 622412 1.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-13 Rendivayal , 2.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-14 Melavayal , 3.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-16 Piravayal
120PUES Western Building, (South Side) ,Veeranampatti 622412 1.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-15 VeeranamPatti , 2.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-17 Menampatti
121P.R.M.Meyyappa Chettiar Middle School, New Building North wing ,Virachilai 622412 1.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-1 Virachilai Mettutheru , 2.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-2 Virachilai Keelakattitam Kilakku , 3.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) ward-3 Virachilai Keelakkattitam Merku , 4.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-4 Virachilai Agraharam , 5.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-5 Virachilai Theradi veethi , 6.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-6 Virachilai Arasamarathu Veethi , 7.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-7 Virachilai Matha kovil theru
122P.R.M. Meyyappa Chettiar Middle School, New Building, South Portion ,Virachilai 622412 1.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-8 Virachilai , 2.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-9 Melakattidam , 3.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-10 Virachilai Velar veethi , 4.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward- 11 Virachilai Adi diravidar Veethi - 1 , 5.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V), Virachilai (p) Ward-12 Virachilai Adi diravidar veethi - 2
123PUES Asbestos Building, Northern side ,Nagarathupatti 622412 1.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-1 Morattampatti , 2.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-1 Chettipatti , 3.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-2 Mary Nagar , 4.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-2 Valaiyan Vayal , 5.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-2 Koththamuthupatti , 6.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-2 Nagarathupatti
124PUES Asbestos Building, Southern side ,Nagarathupatti 622412 1.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-2 Kappaththanpatti , 2.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-2 Ponnan Vayal , 3.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-3 Pillaipatti , 4.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-3 Lembalakudi Colony , 5.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-4 Devar Kudieruppu
125PUES, North Asbestos Building ,Lembalakkudi 622404 1.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-4 Maravar Theru , 2.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) ward-4 Velar theru , 3.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-5 Ponkudipatti , 4.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-5 Pappanpatti , 5.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-5 Paraiyampatti , 6.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-6 Amminipatti , 7.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-6 Vannarapatti , 8.Lembalakudi (R.V), Lembalakudi (p) Ward-6 Mamarathupatti
126PUES Eastern Building ,Panneer Pallam 622404 1.Lembalakudi (R.V.) Lembalakudi (p) Ward-6 Natchsandupatti Puthur , 2.Lembalakudi (R.V.) Lembalakudi (p) Ward-6 paneer pallam
127PUMS SSA Building West Side ,Pilivalam 622507 1.Pilivalam (R.V.) Pilivalam (P) Ward-1 Katambapatti , 2.Pilivalam (R.V.) Pilivalam (P) Ward-1 Pilivalam , 3.Chokkanathapatti (R.V.) Pilivalam (P) Ward-2 Chokkanathapatti , 4.Chokkanathapatti (R.V.) Pilivalam (P) Ward-3 Chokkanathapatti Athidiravidar Colony
128PUMS SSA Western Side Building East Portion ,Pulivalam 622507 1.Pilivalam (R.V.) Pilivalam (P) Ward-2 Etaiyanatham , 2.Pilivalam (R.V.) Pilivalam (P) Ward-2 Kodipatti , 3.Enappatti (R.V.) Pilivalam (P) Ward-3 Enappatti , 4.Enappatti (R.V.) Pilivalam (P) Ward-3 Enappatti Mathakovil , 5.Pilivalam (R.V.) Pilivalam (P) Ward-1 Sathiram , 6.Pilivalam (R.V.) Pilivalam (P) Ward-1 Arasanayagipuram
129PUMS, Asbestos Building, North side, ,Kottaiyur 622506 1.Kottaiyur (R.V.) Kottaiyur (P) Ward-1 Kottaiyur , 2.Kottaiyur (R.V.) Kottaiyur (P) Ward-1 Kothavayal , 3.Kottaiyur (R.V.) Kottaiyur (P) Ward-1 Kulalakottiyur , 4.Kottaiyur (R.V.) Kottaiyur (P) Ward-2 V.Kottaiur Puthumanai
130PUMS, Asbestos Building, South side, ,Kottaiyur 622506 1.Kottaiyur (R.V.) Kottaiyur (P) Ward-2 Arputhapuram , 2.Kottaiyur (R.V.) Kottaiyur (P) Ward-2 Thatchampatti , 3.Kottaiyur (R.V.) Kottaiyur (P) Ward-2 Devapatti , 4.Kottaiyur (R.V.) Kottaiyur (P) Ward-3 Puthupatti , 5.Kottaiyur (R.V.) Kottaiyur (P) Ward-3 Andipatti
131Avvaiyar Aided Elementary School Eastern New Building ,Arasampatti 622507 1.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (P) Ward-1 Meiyapatti , 2.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-1 Osuvam Patti , 3.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-1 Mullipatti , 4.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-2 Marunkur , 5.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-2 Devapatti , 6.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-2 Veppampatti , 7.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-2 Anaipatti , 8.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-3 Arasampatti , 9.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-3 Papampatti
132Avvaiyar Aided Elementary School (west Tiled Building) ,Arasampatti 622507 1.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-2 Osuvampatti , 2.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-2 Kurumbappatti , 3.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-2 Veerapatti , 4.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-2 Thiruvampatti , 5.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-2 Anaipatti , 6.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (p) Ward-2 Papampatti , 7.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (P) Ward-2 Osuvampatti , 8.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (P) Ward-2 Marunkur , 9.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (P) Ward-2 Devavayal , 10.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (P) Ward-2 Veppampatti , 11.Thirumayam (R.V.) Arasampatti (P) Ward-2 Marungoor Therku
133PUMS North Building, North Portion ,V.Lakshmipuram 622412 1.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V.) Arankinampatti (P) Ward-1 Sarappatti , 2.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V.) Arankinampatti (p) Ward-1 Murukandipatti , 3.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V.) Arankinampatti (p) Ward-1 Ulakinipatti , 4.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V.) Arankinampatti (P) Ward-2 Thathumuthupatti
134PUMS North Building, East Portion ,V.Lakshmipuram 622412 1.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V.) Arankinampatti (p) Ward-3 Arankinampatti , 2.Virachilai 1 Bit (R.V.) Arankinampatti (p) Ward-1,2 V. lakshmipuram, Nallipatti,Othaveedu
135PUES Western wing, Asbestos Building ,Neikkonam 622412 1.Neikkonam (R.V.) Neikkonam (p) Ward-1Neikkonam , 2.Neikkonam (R.V.) Neikkonam (p) Ward-2 Kottaiyapatti Neikkonam , 3.Neikkonam (R.V.) Neikkonam (p) Ward-2 Maruthakudipatti , 4.Neikkonam (R.V.) Neikkonam (p) Ward-2 ArumanthaPatti
136PUES Southern Asbestos Building ,Perunthurai 622507 1.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-1 Ammanpatti , 2.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) ward-1 Osuvampatti , 3.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-1 karaiyampatti , 4.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-1 Vellukudipatti , 5.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-5 Karaimanapati , 6.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-5 Vayalmanapatti , 7.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-5 Solampatti , 8.Perundurai (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-6 Perundurai , 9.Perundurai (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-6 Kollakkattupatti , 10.Perundurai (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-6 Otaiyapatti
137PUMS Southern Building ,Melur 622507 1.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-2 Melur , 2.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-3 melur
138PUMS Terraced North Building, East Portion ,Melur 622507 1.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-4 Elankudipatti , 2.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-4 Seemannur , 3.Melur (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-4 Variyappatti , 4.Alavayal (R.V.) Melur (P) Ward-7 MullaiNagar
139PUMS New Terraced Building ,Sethurappatti 622409 1.Virachilai 2 Bit (R.V.) Sethurapatti (p) ward-1 Vellippatti , 2.Virachilai 2 Bit (R.V.) Sethurapatti (p) Ward-1 Vellippatti Colony , 3.Virachilai 2 Bit (R.V.) Sethurapatti (p) Ward-1 Piranampatti , 4.Virachilai 2 Bit (R.V.) Sethurapatti (p) ward-1 Nattiyathanpatti , 5.Virachilai 2 Bit (R.V.) Sethurapatti (p) ward-2 Sethurapatti , 6.Virachilai 2 Bit (R.V.) Sethurapatti (p) Ward-3 Thirunattampatti , 7.Virachilai 2 Bit (R.V.) Sethurapatti (p) Ward-3 Otchampatti
140PUES Tiled Building ,Kannanur 622409 1.Kannanur 1 BIT (R.V.) Kannanur (p) Ward-1 Muttathanpatti , 2.Kannanur 1 BIT (R.V.) Kannanur (p) Ward-2 Kannanur , 3.Kannanur 1 BIT (R.V.) Kannanur (p) Ward-2 Savakaranpatti , 4.Kannanur 1 BIT (R.V.) Kannanur (p) Ward-3 Kananiputhuvayal
141PUES Terraced Building ,Duruvasapuram 622409 1.Kannanur 2 BIT (R.V.) Kannanur (p) Ward-4 Mullipatti , 2.Kannanur 2 BIT (R.V.) Kannanur (p) ward-4 Kollakkattupatti , 3.Thuruvasapuram (R.V.) Kannanur (p) ward-5 Melathuruvasapuram , 4.Thuruvasapuram (R.V.) Kannanur (p) Ward-5 Keelathuruvasapuram
142PUES East new Building ,Sivayogapuram 622409 1.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-1 Sivayogapuram , 2.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-2 Ulagaretchagar Puram , 3.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-3 mithilaippatti , 4.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-4 Sangampatti , 5.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-4 Karadiyankulam
143Sri Sivakamiammal VidyaSalai Ele. School Old Asbestos Building ,Rangiam 622409 1.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-3 Thirumayam Road , 2.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-3 Karuppar koil veethi , 3.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-3 Main veethi , 4.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-3 Poojakar theru , 5.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward- 3 Sivankoil theru , 6.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-5 Jayanthi Colony , 7.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-5 Akaliamman koil veethi
144Sri Sivakamiammal VidyaSalai Ele. School New Terraced Building Eastern Side ,Rangiam 622409 1.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-4 Maravar Theru , 2.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-3 Rangiyam kadai veethi , 3.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-3 Rangiyam pallivasal veethi , 4.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-3 Keelasevalpatti Road , 5.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-3 Alavayal Maravar theru
145Sri Chockalingam Meenakshi MS Eastern Terraced Building, Northern wing ,Kuruvikkondanpatti 622409 1.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-6 Valacheripatti , 2.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward- 6 Sethampatti , 3.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-6 Pantani , 4.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-6 Purankondan vayal , 5.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-6 Eranipatti Maravar theru , 6.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-6 Eranipatti Kavundar theru
146Sri Chockalingam Meenakshi MS Eastern Terraced Building, Southern wing ,Kuruvikkondanpatti 622409 1.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-1 kuruvikkontanpatti Merku , 2.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-2 kuruvikkontanpatti Kilakku , 3.Rangiyam (R.V.) Rangiyam (p) Ward-2 Kudamalai
147PUES New Terraced Building ,Adugapatti 622507 1.Adugappatti (R.V.) Kunnathupatti (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (p) Ward-6 Adugappatti
148PUMS, SSA Bld., New Building, East Portion ,Thulaiyanur 622507 1.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-6 Thulaiyanur , 2.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) ward-1 Navitchipatti
149PUMS, SSA Bld., New Building, North Side ,Thulaiyanur 622507 1.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-2 Valaiyavayal , 2.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-2 periyakalluvayal , 3.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-2 Chinnakalluvayal , 4.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-2 Melaviduthi , 5.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-1 panankontanviduthi
150PUMS Northen New Terraced Building (Eastern Wing) ,Malakkudipatti 622507 1.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-4 parali , 2.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward- 4 Ammapatti , 3.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-4 Malaiyakudipatti , 4.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-5 Chettiyur , 5.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-5 Mavur , 6.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-5 Pattanam
151PUES Asbestos Building ,Santhanviduthi 622507 1.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-3 Andakudipatti , 2.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-3 Kollakattuppatti , 3.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-7 Solathakoil , 4.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-3 Santhanaveduthi , 5.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-3 Mongithapatti , 6.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-3 Samathuva Puram , 7.Thulaiyanur (R.V.) Thulaiyanur (P) Ward-3 Mongithapatti Colony
152Government Higher Secondary School Centre Tiled Building ,Thirumayam 622507 1.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-3 Agilkarai
153Government Higher Secondary School New Building Middle Room South Side ,Thirumayam 622507 1.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (P) Ward-2 Kottaikul (Vadakku) , 2.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-3 Papavayal
154Government Higher Secondary School, North Building ,Thirumayam 622507 1.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-1,2 Kottaikkul therku , 2.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-9 Olaikudipatti , 3.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-9 Seemanur , 4.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-9 Papavayal
155Punitha Pathima Elementary School South Asbestos Building Western side Santhaipet ,Thirumayam 622507 1.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-7 Mathakovil Street , 2.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-7 Pallivasal Street , 3.Thirumayam(R.V) Thirumayam(P) Ward-7 mullapatti
156Punitha Pathima EleSchool South Asbestos Building East side Santhaipet ,Thirumayam 622507 1.Thirumayam(R.V) Thirumayam(P) Ward-7 Hospital Street , 2.Thirumayam(R.V) Thirumayam(P) Ward-7 Anna Nagar , 3.Thirumayam(R.V) Thirumayam(P) Ward-7 Sunnambukara Street , 4.Thirumayam(R.V) Thirumayam(P) Ward-7 Muhamathiyar Street
157PUES New Building ,Manavalankarai 622507 1.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-8 Manavalakarak , 2.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-8 Magamayee Puram , 3.Thirumayam (R.V.) Thirumayam (p) Ward-9 Sengaveduthi
158Christuraja Middle School Western side Terraced Building ,Irudayapuram 622507 1.Elanjavur (R.V.) Elanjavur (p) Ward-1 Elanjavur Vadakku , 2.Elanjavur (R.V.) Elanjavur (p) Ward-2 Elanjavur Therku , 3.Elanjavur (R.V.) Elanjavur (p) Ward-2 Magamayee Puram , 4.Elanjavur (R.V.) Elanjavur (p) Ward-2 Meiyaurani , 5.Panangudi (R.V.) Elanjavur (p) Ward-3 Sithalanpatti , 6.Elanjavur (R.V.) Elanjavur (p) Ward-3 Iruthaya Puram , 7.Elanjavur (R.V.) Elanjavur (p) Ward-3 Pallampatti , 8.Oonaiyur (R.V.) Elanjavur (p) Ward-3 Kammankudi Patti
159Sri Pichaiappa Middle School East Portion ,Oonaiyur 622507 1.Oonaiyur (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-2 Oonaiyur , 2.Oonaiyur (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-3 Mallupatti
160Sri Pichaiappa Middle School West Portion ,Oonaiyur 622507 1.Oonaiyur (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-1 Sathakudipatti , 2.Oonaiyur (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-1 kamankudipatti , 3.Oonaiyur (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-3 Karipatti , 4.Adanur (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-3 Savariyar Puram , 5.Oonaiyur (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-3 Kosappatti , 6.Vaniyulanthanvayal (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-5 Vaniyulanthanvayal , 7.Vaniyulanthanvayal (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-5 Karunathampatti
161PUMS, SSA Bld., Western Side ,Kulathupatti 622505 1.Aathnur (R.V.) Aathnur (p) Ward-1 Kulathupatti , 2.Aathnur (R.V.) Aathnur (p) Ward-1 Kananipatti , 3.Kulathupatti (R.V.) Thunaiyanur (p) Ward-5 Kulathupatti , 4.Kulathupatti (R.V.) Thunaiyanur (p) ward-5 Mettupatti , 5.Kulathupatti (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-4 Kulathupatti , 6.Kulathupatti (R.V.) Oonaiyur (p) Ward-4 Keelakulathupatti
162PUES Tilled Building ,Aranmanaipatti 630103 1.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-1 Vanthavasi , 2.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-1 Kannanipatti , 3.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) ward-1 Kunthamparai , 4.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-1 Sashthavayal , 5.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-1 Saveriyar Puram , 6.Aranmanaippatti (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-3 Aranmanaipatti , 7.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-3 Kayampatti , 8.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-3 Athidiravidar Colony
163PUMS, SSA Bld., Western Side ,Athanur 622503 1.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) ward-1 Mettupatti , 2.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-1 Vatakkulam , 3.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-1 Nainappatti
164PUMS, SSA Bld., Eastern Side ,Athanur 622503 1.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-2 Aathanur , 2.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) ward-2 Thethampatti , 3.Aathanur (R.V.) Aathanur (p) Ward-2 kovilpatti
165Sri Saraswathi Elementary School, Main Building ,Konapattu 622503 1.Konappattu (p) Ward-5 Pillaiyarkoil Street,South Street, padalkovil Street
166Sri Saraswathi Elementary School, South Building East Side ,Konapattu 622503 1.Konappattu (p) Ward-6 Semani theru, Keelasemani Theru , 2.Konappattu (p) Ward-7 Perumal puram, Arockiya Puram
167Sri Saraswathi Higher Secondary School, East Building, South side ,Konapattu 622503 1.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-1 Vadakkutheru , 2.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-1 K.K Nagar, Kanakkar theru , 3.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-1 V Raman Chettiyar veethi , 4.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-2 S.P.K. Veethi , 5.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-2 Mallupattiyar veethi , 6.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-2 Vishvanathan Chettiyar Veethi , 7.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-2 Kuravar Colony , 8.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-3 Azhagar perumal Oorany, Kadaiveethi , 9.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-3 Eluppakudiyar veethi , 10.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-3 Pey. Su. Veethi , 11.Konappattu (R.V.) Konappattu (p) Ward-4 Velar Theru
168PUMS, East New Terraced Building, South side ,Vengalur 622503 1.Vengalur (R.V.) Vengalur (P) Ward-3 Therkutheru , 2.Vengalur (R.V.) Vengalur (P) Ward-1 Vadakkutheru , 3.Vengalur (R.V.) Vengalur (P) Ward-2 Nadutheru , 4.Vengalur (R.V.) Vengalur (P) Ward-3 Muslimtheru , 5.Vengalur (R.V.) Vengalur (P) Ward-3 Harijana theru
169PUMS New Building ,K.Pallivasal 622503 1.Meyyarpuram (R.V.) K. Pallivasal (P) Ward-1 Palunthinapatti , 2.Meyyarpuram (R.V.) K. Pallivasal (P) Ward-1 Meyyarpuram , 3.K. Pallivasal (R.V.) K. Pallivasal (P) Ward-2 K Pallivasal
170Govt. Girls Hr.Sec.School, Eastern Terraced Building 2nd Room ,P.Alagapuri. 622503 1.Pillamangalam (R.V.) K. Pallivasal (P) Ward-1 Pillamangalam Natham , 2.Pillamangalam (R.V.) K. Pallivasal (P) Ward-2 Sathappa Chettiyar Veettukku Pinpuram
171Govt. Girls Hr.Sec.School, South Asbestos Building, Central Hall ,P.Alagapuri. 622503 1.Pillamangalam (R.V.) P. Alagaopuri (P) Kamalaya Uraniyilirunthu Pogum 3rd veethi kilakku
172PUMS New Terraced Building ,Pillamangalam 622503 1.Pillamangalam (R.V.) P. Alagapuri (P) Ward-4 Billamangalam natham vadapuram , 2.Pillamangalam (R.V.) P. Alagapuri (P) Ward-5 Billamangalam natham, horse ground
173PUES New Tiled Building ,Nallur 622503 1.Neivasal (R.V.) Neivasal (P) Ward-1 Ealakudi patti , 2.Neivasal (R.V.) Neivasal (P) Ward-1 Elanapatti , 3.Neivasal (R.V.) Neivasal (P) Ward-1 Thalampatti , 4.Neivasal (R.V.) Neivasal (P) Ward-2 Nallur , 5.Neivasal (R.V.) Neivasal (P) Ward-3 Seerathakudi
174R.C. Middle School North New Terraced Building, East West 2nd room ,Neivasal 622503 1.Neivasal (R.V.) Neivasal (P) Ward-4 Neyvasal , 2.Neivasal (R.V.) Neivasal (P) ward-5 N. Shanmuganathapuram
175R.C. Middle School East New Terraced Building ,Neivasal 622503 1.Neivasal (R.V.) Neivasal (P) Ward-3 Udaiyar theru , 2.Manjinipatti (R.V.) Neivasal (P) Ward- 5 Manjinipatti
176PUES West Building ,Melathemuthupatti 622404 1.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-1 Sivapuram , 2.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-1 Malukkampatti , 3.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-1 Kammanjetti sathiram , 4.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-1 Keelathe muthupatti
177PUES East Building ,Melathemuthupatti 622404 1.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-1 Melathe muthupatti , 2.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-1 Elangudi patti
178M.C.T.M High School Eastern Building ,Namanasamuthram 622404 1.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-2 Namanasamuthiram , 2.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-2 Textile mills
179M.C.T.M High School North Side South Building ,Namanasamuthram 622404 1.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-2 Police station Bingeyira Colony , 2.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-2 Sebasthiyar puram , 3.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-2 Vadakki patti
180M.C.T.M High School Western Building ,Namanasamuthram 622404 1.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-3 Namanasamuthiram , 2.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-3 Kurichipatti , 3.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-3 Koundar theru
181PUMS South Building ,Theakkattur 622507 1.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-3 Thekkattur , 2.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-4 Koovampatti , 3.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-4 Kayampatti
182PUMS Middle Building ,Theakkattur 622507 1.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-4 Athigaripatti , 2.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-4 Thiruvanaikavanpatti , 3.Theakkattur (R.V.) Theakkattur (P) Ward-4 Lenavilakku
183PUMS, SSA Bld., West Side ,Kadayakudi 622506 1.Perungudi (R.V.) Kadayakudi (P) Ward-1 Kadaiyakudi , 2.Perungudi (R.V.) Kadayakudi (P) Ward-1 Kadaiyakudi Agraharam , 3.Perungudi (R.V.) Kadayakudi (P) Ward-1 Sebasthiyar puram , 4.Perungudi (R.V.) Kadayakudi (P) Ward-2 Nambapatti , 5.Perungudi (R.V.) Kadayakudi (P) Ward-2 Vadakku Nallipatti , 6.Perungudi (R.V.) Kadayakudi (P) Ward-2 Kovinjapatti , 7.Perungudi (R.V.) Kadayakudi (P) Ward-3 Indira nagar , 8.Perungudi (R.V.) Kadayakudi (P) Ward-3 Setti pitchampatti
184PUES New Building ,Valayampatti 622506 1.Valaiyampatti (R.V.) Kadayakudi (P) Ward-2 Valaiyampatti , 2.Valaiyampatti (R.V.) Kadayakudi (P) Ward-3 Valaiyampattin colony
185PUES, SSA Bld., East Side ,Neivasalpatti 622506 1.Perungudi (R.V.) Vanniyampatti (P) Ward-1 Vanniyampatti , 2.Perungudi (R.V.) Vanniyampatti (P) Ward-1 Oottupalampatti , 3.Perungudi (R.V.) Vanniyampatti (P) Ward-2 Neyvasalpatti , 4.Perungudi (R.V.) Vanniyampatti (P) Ward-2 Indiranagar Colony , 5.Perungudi (R.V.) Vanniyampatti (P) Ward-2 Nithinathapuram , 6.Perungudi (R.V.) Vanniyampatti (P) Ward-2 Seppilanpatti , 7.Perungudi (R.V.) Vanniyampatti (P) Ward-2 Northpatti , 8.Perungudi (R.V.) Vanniyampatti (P) Ward-3 Koothampatti
186PUES Tiled Building, North side ,Mirattunilai 622201 1.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-1 Mariyamman kovil theru , 2.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-1 Kurukkar theru , 3.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-2 Muslim theru , 4.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-1 santhiveeran kovil theru , 5.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-2 Pettai theru , 6.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-2 Nadar theru , 7.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-2 Kurumbar Colony , 8.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-2 Kakkanji nagar , 9.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-1 Main Road , 10.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-2 Melatheru , 11.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-2 Indira nagar
187PUES South side Asbestos Building ,Mirattunilai 622201 1.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-3 Varikkapallam , 2.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-3 Therkuponnampatti , 3.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-4 North ponnampatti , 4.Mirattuninalai (R.V.) Mirattuninalai (P) Ward-4 Aathangaraipatti
188GHS East South Building, Middle Portion, ,Perungudi 622506 1.Perungudi (R.V.) Perungudi (P) Ward-1 Perungudi
189GHS East South Building, South Portion, ,Perungudi 622506 1.Perungudi (R.V.) Perungudi (P) Ward-3 Vilangattangudi , 2.Perungudi (R.V.) Perungudi (P) Ward-1 Pappanpatti , 3.Perungudi (R.V.) Perungudi (P) Ward-1 Kollakkudi , 4.Perungudi (R.V.) Perungudi (P) Ward-1 Kurunthamapalampatti , 5.Perungudi (R.V.) Perungudi (P) Ward-1 Innasiar puram , 6.Poovampatti (R.V.) Perungudi (P) Ward-2 Poovampatti
190PUMS ,Munasanthai 622506 1.Perungudi (R.V.) Munasanthai (P) Ward-1 Munasanthai
191PUMS South Building Western Side ,Munasanthai 622506 1.Perungudi (R.V.) Munasanthai (P) Ward-2 Kamarajar Colony , 2.Perungudi (R.V.) Munasanthai (P) Ward-3 Therku nallipatti , 3.Perungudi (R.V.) Munasanthai (P) Ward-3 Ayyanarpuram , 4.Perungudi (R.V.) Munasanthai (P) Ward-3 Maruthampatti , 5.Perungudi (R.V.) Munasanthai (P) Ward-3 Aandipatti
192PUES New Building South Side ,Sengeerai 622506 1.Sengeerai (R.V.) Sengeerai (P) Ward-2 Sengeerai
193PUES New Building North Side ,Sengeerai 622506 1.Sengeerai (R.V.) Sengeerai (P) Ward-1 Menampatti , 2.Sengeerai (R.V.) Sengeerai (P) Ward-1 Pathaikadu , 3.Rayaregunathasamuthiram (R.V.) Sengeerai (P) Ward-1 Alangudi , 4.Rayaregunathasamuthiram (R.V.) Sengeerai (P) Ward-2 Rayaregunathasamuthiram
194S.K.T. Gandhi Aided Elementary School Terraced Building (East) ,Rayavaram 622506 1.Sengeerai (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-1 Sellayipuram , 2.Sengeerai (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-2 Chokkalingapuram , 3.Rayavaram (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-1 Puthur , 4.Rayavaram (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-4 Settipatti
195Grama Seva Shanka Primary School East Side ,Rayavaram 622506 1.Rayavaram (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-6 Kailasapuram , 2.Rayavaram (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-6 Puthumanai 1st veethi , 3.Rayavaram (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-6 Puthumanai 2nd Veethi , 4.Rayavaram (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-6 Puthumanai 3rd Veethi , 5.Rayavaram (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-6 Puthumanai 4th Veethi
196Grama Seva Shanka Primary School West Side ,Rayavaram 622506 1.Rayavaram (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-6 Vasugipuram , 2.Rayavaram (R.V.) Rayavaram (P) Ward-7 Palayur
197PUES New Building West Portion ,Ayingudi 622506 1.Rayavaram (R.V.) Aayingudi (P) Ward-1 Kurunthangudi , 2.Rayavaram (R.V.) Aayingudi (P) Ward-2 Ayingudi Vadapuram
198PUES New Building, East Portion ,Ayingudi 622506 1.Rayavaram (R.V.) Aayingudi (P) Ward-3 Ayingudi Thenpuram , 2.Rayavaram (R.V.) Aayingudi (P) Ward-3 Valayanvayal , 3.Rayavaram (R.V.) Aayingudi (P) Ward-3 Malaikolunthu kovil , 4.Rayavaram (R.V.) Aayingudi (P) Ward-3 Umaiyal puram
199PUMS South Building ,Oonangudi 622201 1.Mirattunalai (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-1 Oonangudi , 2.Mirattunalai (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-1 Melatheru , 3.Mirattunalai (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-1 Post Office veethi , 4.Mirattunalai (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-1 Muslim theru , 5.Mirattunalai (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-1 Main Road , 6.Mirattunalai (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-2 Aathithiravidar theru
200PUMS West Building ,Onangudi 622201 1.Mirattunalai (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-2,3 Colony , 2.Mirattunalai (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-3 Seegampatti , 3.Mirattunalai (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-3 Annanagar Colony , 4.Mirattunalai (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-3 Ayyar Colony , 5.Sirayampatti (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-3 Sathiram , 6.Sirayampatti (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-3 Aathithiravidar Colony , 7.Sirayampatti (R.V.) Oonangudi (P) Ward-3 Maramadakki
201GHSS South Block Middle Portion ,Arimalam 622201 1.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-14 Santhaipettai pandian theru , 2.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-15 Puthugai Eambal Road , 3.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 Meenatchipuram Road , 4.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-13 Santhaipettai Nagappa Road , 5.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-13 Kayakkattar santhu , 6.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-14 Muthu Annamalayar veethi , 7.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-14 Muthu kamatchi settiar santhu , 8.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 Kumarappasettiar veethi , 9.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-14 Oomayan Chettiyar veethi , 10.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 Pasumadathar veethi , 11.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 panayan settiar veethi , 12.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-13 santhaipettai nagappa Road , 13.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-13 Kasil palani vagaiyara theru , 14.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-13 Tharmalinga servai veethi , 15.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-13 Narayanasettiar santhu
202GHSS West Block North Portion ,Arimalam 622201 1.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-13 Puthugai Eambal Road Therku , 2.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-1 Koothan theru , 3.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-1 Dhuraisami Servai theru , 4.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-1 Kaduvettiyar veethi , 5.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-1 Kumarasami Udaiar santhu , 6.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-1 Muthukrishnan Naidu veethi , 7.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-1 Sembian santhu , 8.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-15 Puthugai Eambal Road , 9.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-15 santhaipettai Pandian theru
203PUES, SSA Bld., South Side ,Arimalam 622201 1.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 Chetti Oorani veethi , 2.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 Meenatchi road Nadupaguthi , 3.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 Santhaipettai Therku , 4.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 Melamatam Santhu , 5.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 Ramalingam Pillai Santhu , 6.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 Vangalathar theru , 7.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) ward-2 Pudugai Embal Road , 8.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-2 Aratai vayal , 9.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-12 Meenatchi Road Vadakku , 10.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-13 Santhaipetti Vadakku , 11.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-2 Alangudi Road Therku , 12.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) ward-4 Chandran pin veethi , 13.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-4 pudugai Embal Road , 14.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-4 A.S.Rama veethi , 15.Sirayampatti (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-2 Sirayampatti , 16.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-3 KurumbarColony Vadakku , 17.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-3 Adidiravidar Colony , 18.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (P) Ward-4 Alangudi Road Vadakku , 19.Arimalam (R.V.)
204PUMS Middle Building South Side ,Meenachipuram 622201 1.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-5 Pudigai Embal Road (Kilakku) , 2.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-5 Meenachi Puram Road (Kilakku) , 3.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-10 S.P.R.S Veethi (Kilakku) , 4.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-11 Enbathan Veethi , 5.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-10 Thirumayam Road (Vadakku) , 6.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-10 Pethachikoil theru , 7.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-10 Sovarayankoil theru , 8.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-5 S.P.R.S Veethi , 9.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-11 Thirumayam Road (Therku) , 10.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-9 Mailladumparai
205PUMS West Building South Side ,Meenachipuram 622201 1.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-6 ARIMALAM , 2.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-6 Pudugai embal road , 3.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-9 Meenachi Puram Road (Merku) , 4.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-6 Ka.Pey.Veethi , 5.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-9 Mailladuparai , 6.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-9 Arunasalam Asari Santhu , 7.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-6 Alagappa Chettiyar Veethi , 8.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-6 Egappa Chettiyar Santhu , 9.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-6 Puthur Agrakaram , 10.Arimalam (R.V.) ARIMALAM (SP) Ward-6 Vellalar theru
206PUES, SSA Building, West Side Meenachipuram , Arimalam 622201 1.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-6 Ayyanar kovil Veethi , 2.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-11 Kathakurichiyan santhu , 3.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-11 Vaithikudiuiruppu , 4.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-5 Saminathan Servai Veethi , 5.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-5 Adaikkappa Chettiyar veethi , 6.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-5 Sivaraman Chettiyar Santhu , 7.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-5 Vannara theru , 8.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-12 Meenachi Puram veethi , 9.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-8 Thirumayam Road Pullampatti , 10.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-7 Minarva Club Road , 11.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-7 Samiar pillai Veethi. , 12.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-7 Arunasalam Pillai veethi
207PUES, SSA Building, East Side, Meenachipuram , Arimalam 622201 1.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-8 Sey.Su.Veethi, Krishnapillai veethi , 2.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-7 Alagappa Chettiyar veethi, Konar theru , 3.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-8 Krishna Pillai Veethi, Sunnampatti , 4.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (SP) Ward-8 Sey.Su.Veethi , 5.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-9 Meenatchi Puram Road , 6.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-9 Poosari kudieruppu , 7.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-8 Varnakara theru , 8.Arimalam (R.V.) Arimalam (Sp) Ward-8 Meenatchi Puram. V.O.C. theru
208GHS Terraced Building Southern side ,Othapulikudiyiruppu 622201 1.Keelpanaiyur (R.V.) Keelpanaiyur (p) ward-1 Vadakku Kudieruppu , 2.Keelpanaiyur (R.V.) Keelpanaiyur (p) Ward-1 Kamatchi Puram , 3.Keelpanaiyur (R.V.) Keelpanaiyur (p) ward-2 Keelpanaiyur Melpuram
209GHS Terraced Building Northern Side ,Othapulikudiyiruppu 622201 1.Keelpanaiyur (R.V.) Keelpanaiyur (p) Ward-3 Keelpanaiyur Keelpuram , 2.Keelpanaiyur (R.V.) Keelpanaiyur (p) Ward-4 Old Vaiyapuripatti , 3.Keelpanaiyur (R.V.) Keelpanaiyur (p) Ward-5 Othapuli kudieruppu , 4.Keelpanaiyur (R.V.) Keelpanaiyur (p) Ward-5 Vettukadu , 5.Keelpanaiyur (R.V.) Keelpanaiyur (p) Ward-5 Therku Kudieruppu , 6.Keelpanaiyur (R.V.) Keelpanaiyur (p) Ward-4 Puthu Vaiyapuripatti
210PUES, North Terraced Building, East Portion ,Thanjur (Samudram) 622505 1.Samuthiram (R.V.) Samuthiram (p) Ward-1 Thanjur Palaiya Adi diravidar colony , 2.Samuthiram (R.V.) Samuthiram (p) Ward-1 Thanjur Puthiya Adi diravidar Colony , 3.Samuthiram (R.V.) Samuthiram (p) ward-1 Thanjur Theru, Nallapillai petran , 4.Samuthiram (R.V.) Samuthiram (p) ward-1 Thanjur Manai
211PUES, North Terraced Building, West Portion ,Thanjur (Samudram) 622505 1.Samuthiram (R.V.) Samuthiram (p) Ward-2 Thanjur Vadakku veethi , 2.Samuthiram (R.V.) Samuthiram (p) Ward-2 Matathu Patti , 3.Agavayal (R.V.) Samuthiram (p) Ward-2 Karaiyapatti , 4.Samandanvayal (R.V.) Samuthiram (p) Ward-3 Samanthanpatti, Adi diravidar Colony , 5.Melivayal (R.V.) Samuthiram (p) Ward-3 Manappatti
212Ulagappar Higher Secondary School South Block Middle Portion ,Ramachandrapuram 622505 1.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 Rayavaram main Road , 2.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 Idithankiyar Veethi , 3.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 Palaiya Tapal Office Veethi , 4.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) ward-2 Keelveethi , 5.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 Puthu Road , 6.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-1 Ramachandra Puram , 7.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 Arockiya Madha Kovil theru , 8.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 Thiruvluvar Nagar
213Ulagappar Higher Secondary School South Block West Portion ,Ramachandrapuram 622505 1.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 Kuravar kudieruppu , 2.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 Harijana Colony , 3.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) ward-2 Adi diravidar Colony , 4.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 Othatheru , 5.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 Mukkandar Kudieruppu , 6.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-3 Katathanpatti Colony , 7.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-3 Kadathanpatti Vadakku theru , 8.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-3 Kadathanpatti keelatheru , 9.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-3 Kadathanpatti melatheru
214Ulagappar Higher Secondary School (North Block, Eastern Side) ,Ramachandrapuram 622505 1.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-1 Sithalanjapatti , 2.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-1 Raman Chettiyar veethi , 3.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-1 Muthaiah Chettiyar veethi , 4.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-1 The.Sey.Pin Veethi , 5.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) ward-1 Melnilaipalli veethi , 6.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward- 8 Muthaiah Chettiyar veethi , 7.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-1 Variyapattiyar veethi , 8.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-1 Mamarathar Veethi , 9.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-1 Pethan Chettiyar veethi , 10.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-1 Corporation veethi , 11.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-1 Chinna Kadiyappatti
215Ulagappar Higher Secondary School (North Block, Western Side) ,Ramachandrapuram 622505 1.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-3 Palaiyur , 2.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-3 National Club veethi , 3.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-3 Krishnappa Chettiyar veethi , 4.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-3 Meiyaniyar Veethi , 5.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-3 Kadai veethi , 6.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-2 pasumatam , 7.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 vishwanatha Puram , 8.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-3 Vairavan Chettiyar veethi
216Sri Ganesar Middle School Center Building ,Viswanathapuram 622505 1.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Engine veethi , 2.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Subiba nayakkar Veethi , 3.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 P.K. N. Veethi , 4.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Dr. Vey.Vey. Veethi , 5.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Kadai veethi , 6.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 vishwanathaPuram , 7.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 BramavidyalPuram , 8.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Sivan koil Veethi , 9.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Erataitheru , 10.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Nathatheru , 11.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 karumaravar theru , 12.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Panankudi Keelatheru , 13.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Panangudi Melatheru
217Sri Ganesar Middle School Center Building East Portion ,Viswanathapuram 622505 1.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Nanthavam , 2.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Krishnan Koil veethi , 3.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Kannu thoppu , 4.Kannankarakkudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Valaiyar Kudieruppu , 5.Panangudi (R.V.) Katiyappatti (p) Ward-4 Kallar Kudieruppu , 6.Kannankarakkudi (R.V.) Kannankarakudi (p) Ward-1 Kannankarakudi , 7.Kannankarakkudi (R.V.) Kannankarakudi (p) Ward-2 Kannankarakudi , 8.Kannankarakkudi (R.V.) Kannankarakudi (p) ward-2 Ambethkar Nagar , 9.Kannankarakkudi (R.V.) Kannankarakudi (p) Ward-2 Thamunapatti
218PUES New Building Eastern Side ,Chettipatti 622506 1.Panangudi (R.V.) Settippatti (p) Ward-1 Mudukkupatti , 2.Panangudi (R.V.) Settippatti (p) Ward-1 Kanapur , 3.Panangudi (R.V.) Settippatti (p) Ward-3 Anaivari
219PUES New Building Western Side ,Chettipatti 622506 1.Panangudi (R.V.) Settippatti (p) Ward-2 K.Settippatti
220PUES Asbestos Building FacingNorth ,Melnilaipatti 622202 1.Melnelaivayal (R.V.) Melnelaivayal (P) Ward-1 Melnelaipatti , 2.Melnelaivayal (R.V.) Melnelaivayal (P) Ward-2 Regunatha puram , 3.Melnelaivayal (R.V.) Melnelaivayal (P) Ward-2 Mavayalpatti
221PUES New Terraced Building ,Vadakattupatti 622202 1.Melnelaivayal (R.V.) Melnelaivayal (P) Ward-4 Vadakattupatti , 2.Melnelaivayal (R.V.) Melnelaivayal (P) Ward-4 Kokkankudieruppu
222PUMS SSA Middle Building ,Poonaiyankudiyeruppu 622202 1.Melnelaivayal (R.V.) Melnelaivayal (P) Ward-3 Usilampatti , 2.Melnelaivayal (R.V.) Melnelaivayal (P) Ward-3 Punaiayan Kudieruppu
223Government Elementary School, SSA Building East Portion ,Kummangudi 622202 1.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-5 Kummankudi
224Government Elementary School South Side ,Kummangudi 622202 1.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-3 Matathupatti , 2.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-3 Thethanpatti , 3.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-3 Ayyanarpatti , 4.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-4 Nattampatti
225PUES Tiled Building (Western Wing) ,Kallukkudiyiruppu 622202 1.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-1 Vadakku bonthupuli , 2.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-2 Therku Bonthupuli
226PUES Tiled Building (Eastern Wing) ,Kallukudiyiruppu 622202 1.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-7 Meenikanda , 2.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-7 Oduthikadu , 3.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-7 Kathadichanpatti , 4.Kummankudi (R.V.) Kummankudi (P) Ward-8 Kallukudieruppu
227PUES New Terraced Building Facing East ,Thuraiyur 622202 1.Thuraiyur (R.V.) Thuraiyur (p) Ward-1 Madathupatti , 2.Thuraiyur (R.V.) Thuraiyur (p) Ward-1 Keeranipatti Colony , 3.Thuraiyur (R.V.) Thuraiyur (p) Ward-1 Keeranipatti Nadutheru , 4.Thuraiyur (R.V.) Thuraiyur (p) Ward-2 Ayyanar Patti , 5.Thuraiyur (R.V.) Thuraiyur (p) Ward- 2 Keeranipatti , 6.Thuraiyur (R.V.) Thuraiyur (p) Ward-3 Thuraiyur
228Government High School West Terraced Building Facing East North Portion ,Kalanivasal 622202 1.Karamankalam (R.V.) Karamankalam (p) Ward-1 kalanivasal , 2.Karamankalam (R.V.) Karamankalam (p) Ward-3 papanpatti , 3.Karamankalam (R.V.) Karamankalam (p) Ward-3 Thenipatti
229Government High School West Terraced Building Facing East South Portion ,Kalanivasal 622202 1.Karamankalam (R.V.) Karamankalam (p) Ward-3 Nallakurichi , 2.Karamankalam (R.V.) Karamankalam (p) Ward-2 Kothavellaiyan Kadu , 3.Karamankalam (R.V.) Karamankalam (p) Ward-2 Kongan theru , 4.Karamankalam (R.V.) Karamankalam (p) Ward-2 Kayampatti
230PUES Terraced Building Facing West ,Thallampatti (Thalayathivayal) 622202 1.Thalaiyathivayal (R.V.) Kummangudi (p) Ward-9 Thalaiyathivayal , 2.Kummangudi (R.V.) Kummangudi (p) Ward-10 Thallampatti
231PUES Asbestos Building South Wing ,Keelanilaikkottai 622209 1.Puthunelaivayal (R.V.) Puthunelaivayal (p) Ward-1 keelanelaikottai , 2.Puthunelaivayal (R.V.) Puthunelaivayal (p) Ward-2 Muthur
232PUES Asbestos Building North Side ,Keelanilaikkottai 622209 1.Puthunelaivayal (R.V.) Puthunelaivayal (p) Ward-3 Puthunelaipatti , 2.Puthunelaivayal (R.V.) Puthunelaivayal (p) Ward-4 Muthupattanam
233PUES (Terraced Building) ,Kailasapuram 622209 1.Nedungudi (R.V.) Nedungudi (p) Ward-1 Kailasapuram , 2.Nedungudi (R.V.) Nedungudi (p) Ward-1 Nerunjithital , 3.Nedungudi (R.V.) Nedungudi (p) Ward-2 Athidiravidar Colony , 4.Nedungudi (R.V.) Nedungudi (p) Ward-2 Ammbal Puram
234PUMS (South Tiled Building) ,Nedungudi 622209 1.Nedungudi (R.V.) Nedungudi (p) Ward-3 Nedungudi , 2.Nedungudi (R.V.) Nedungudi (p) Ward-4 Rajavayal
235PUES South Building ,K.Pudupatti 622202 1.Kaikulanvayal (R.V.) Kaikulanvayal (p) Ward-1,2 k.puthupatti , 2.Agavayal (R.V.) Kaikulanvayal (P) Ward-2 Karaiyapatti
236PUES North Building ,K.Pudupatti 622202 1.Velavayal (R.V.) Kaikulanvayal (p) Ward-3 kapputan patti , 2.Velavayal (R.V.) Kaikulanvayal (P) Ward-3 panaiyadipatti , 3.Velavayal (R.V.) Kaikulanvayal (P) Ward-3 Serakkurichi , 4.Velavayal (R.V.) Kaikulanvayal (P) Ward-3 Umaiyal Vayal , 5.Velavayal (R.V.) Kaikulanvayal (P) Ward-3 Ammburani , 6.Velavayal (R.V.) Kaikulanvayal (P) Ward-3 Velavayal , 7.Kaikulanvayal (R.V.) Kaikulanvayal (P) Ward-3 K.Puthupatti , 8.Allanvayal (R.V.) Kaikulanvayal (P) Ward-4 Kusavapatti
237PUMS (Terraced Building) ,Vamparampatti 622209 1.Piliyavayal (R.V.) Piliyavayal (p) Ward-1 vambarampatti , 2.Piliyavayal (R.V.) piliyavayal (p) Ward-2 Pillangudi , 3.Piliyavayal (R.V.) piliyavayal (p) Ward-2 Athidiravidar Colony , 4.Piliyavayal (R.V.) piliyavayal (p) Ward-2 Ethanadu , 5.Piliyavayal (R.V.) piliyavayal (p) Ward- 2 Asaiyan Kudieruppu
238PUMS (Tiled Building) ,Nallambal Samudram 622209 1.Nallambalsamudram (R.V.) Nallambalsamudram (P) Ward-1 kovilpatti , 2.Nallambalsamudram (R.V.) Nallambalsamudram (P) Ward-2 Namburanipatti , 3.Nallambalsamudram (R.V.) Nallambalsamudram (P) Ward-3 Mavadipatti , 4.Nallambalsamudram (R.V.) Nallambalsamudram (P) ward-4 Aathithiravidar Colony
239PUES (Southern Asbestos Building) Facing North ,Kallur 622209 1.K. Rayapuram (R.V.) Kallur (p) Ward-1 Kallur Malbagam
240PUES Additional Building East Side ,Kallur 622209 1.K. Rayapuram (R.V.) Kallur (P) Ward-2 Kallur keelpagam
241PUMS North Building ,Sudanthirapuram 1.K. Rayapuram (R.V.) Kallur (p) Ward-3 sudhanthirapuram
242PUES ,Thekkur 622209 1.K. Rayapuram (R.V.) Kallur (p) Ward-3 thekkur , 2.K. Rayapuram (R.V.) Kallur (P) Ward-3 Asaiyankudiyiruppu
243PUES (New Building) ,K.Rayapuram 622209 1.K. Rayapuram (R.V.) K. Rayapuram (P) Ward-1 K. Rayapuram Malpagam , 2.K. Rayapuram (R.V.) K. Rayapuram (P) Ward-2 K. Rayapuram Keelpagam
244PUES (Asbestos Building) ,Samuthirapatti 622202 1.Valaramanikkam (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) ward-3 Pambarampatti , 2.Valaramanikkam (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) ward-6 Samuthirapatti , 3.Valaramanikkam (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-6 Posampatti , 4.Idaiyanvayal (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-6 Idaiyanvayal , 5.Kurichi (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-6 Kurichi , 6.Kurichi (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-6 Nemmeli , 7.Kurichi (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-6 Ilangudi
245PUES (New Terraced Building) ,Valaramanickam 622203 1.Valaramanikkam (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (p) Ward-1 Ochann Kudiyiruppu , 2.Valaramanikkam (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) ward-1 Pambarambatti , 3.Valaramanikkam (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-1 Samuthirapatti , 4.Valaramanikkam (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-1 Therku samuthirapatti , 5.Valaramanikkam (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-2 Valaramanikkam , 6.Anikini (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-4 Anikini , 7.Chittampatti (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-4 Chittampatti , 8.Valaramanikkam (R.V.) Valaramanikkam (P) Ward-4 Posampatti

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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