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List of Polling Booths in Sivaganga Assembly

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.LocatlityPolling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Kattanipatti Panchayat Union Primary School Kattanipatti,North Sidetiled Building. 1.Kattanipatti (p) R V) Kattanipatti eastside , 2.Kattanipatti (p) (R V) Kattanipatti westside , 3.Kattanipatti (p) (R V) Kattanipatti south , 4.Kattanipatti (p) (R V) Kattanipatti North
2Kattanipatti Panchayat Union Primary School, Kattanipatti ,West Building 1.Kattanipatti (p) (R V) Periyakottaipatti , 2.Kattanipatti (p) (R V) Naduvipatti Keelapatti , 3.Kattanipatti (p) (R V) Pongundupatti
3Alamanagari Government Highr Secondary School,Alagamanagiri(West Portion) 1.Alagamanagari (p) (R V) Alagamanagari , 2.Alagamanagari (p) (R V) Alagunachiyarpuram
4Alamanagari Government Highr Secondary School,Alagamanagiri(East Portion) 1.Alagamanagari (p) (R V) Kadamuthanpatti , 2.Alagamanagari (p) (R V) Usilampattai
5Kalarathinipatti Panchayat Union Primary School, Kalarathinipatti(New Building) East Room 1.Tirumalai Koneripatti (U) Kallarathinipatti (R V) Kallarathinipatti Northside , 2.Tirumalai Koneripatti (U) Kallarathinipatti (R V) Kallarathinipatti Southside , 3.Tirumalai Koneripatti (U) Kallarathinipatti (R V) Natthupatti
6Tirumalai Panchayat Union Middle School,Tirumalai 1.Thirumalai konarippatti (u) (R V) Sethunagar Poikalipatti Puduvalavu , 2.Thirumalai konarippatti (u) (R V) Thirumalai Konarippatti
7Namanoor Panchayat Union Middle School, Namanoor ,EAST Building, Additional 1.Namanoor (P) (R V) Namanoor , 2.Namanoor (P) (R V) Karuthampatti , 3.Namanoor (P) (R V) Lakshipuram Perumalpatti
8Namanoor Panchayat Union Middle School,Namanoor ,WEST Building 1.Namanoor (P) (R V) Namanoor , 2.Namanoor (P) (R V) Karuthanpatti , 3.Namanoor (P) (R V) Lakshipuram Perumalpatti
9Alavakottai Narayanan Chettiar Primary School, Alavakottai ,SOUTH Wing 1.Alavaakottai (P) (R V) Alavakottai , 2.Alavaakottai (P) (R V) Melaammachipatti , 3.Alavaakottai (P) (R V) Naduammachipatti , 4.Alavaakottai (P) (R V) Kilaamachipatti , 5.Alavaakottai (P) (R V) Muthupatti
10Alavakottai Narayanan Chettiar Primary School, Alavakottai ,NORTH Wing 1.Alavaakottai (P) (R V) Alavakottai , 2.Alavaakottai (P) (R V) Mala Ammachipatti , 3.Alavaakottai (P) (R V) Nadu Ammachipatti , 4.Alavaakottai (P) (R V) Muthupatti , 5.Alavaakottai (P) (R V) Adaikala Annainagar
11Mathagupatti Sri Karpagamatha Middle School, Mathagupatti .SOUTH Building East. 1.Madagupatti (P) (R V) Chockalingapuram , 2.Madagupatti (P) (R V) Melatheru , 3.Madagupatti (P) (R V) Keelatheru , 4.Madagupatti (P) (R V) Periyarnagar
12Mathagupatti Sri Karpagamatha Middle School, Mathagupatti ,NORTH Wing 1.Madagupatti (P) (R V) Melatheru , 2.Madagupatti (P) (R V) Keelatheru , 3.Madagupatti (P) (R V) Salugapuram
13Mathagupatti Sri Karpagamatha Middle School, Mathagupatti ,SOUTH Wing 1.Madagupatti (P) (R V) Uuthupatti , 2.Madagupatti (P) (R V) Utchampulipatti , 3.Madagupatti (P) (R V) Thachanpudhupatti
14Singinipatti Panchayat Union Primary School, Singinipatti ,SOUTH Wing 1.Perungudi (P) (R V) Singinipatti , 2.Perungudi (P) (R V) Perungudi , 3.Perungudi (P) (R V) Namasupatti , 4.Perungudi (P) (R V) Sakthi nagar , 5.Perungudi (P) (R V) Rajiv nagar , 6.Perungudi (P) (R V) M.G.R.Nagar
15Okkur Soma Sundaram Chettiar Hsc School, Okkur ,North Side Building Middle 1.O.Pudur (P) (R V) Kulakattaipatti , 2.O.Pudur (P) (R.V) Ceylon Refugee Colony
16Okkur Soma Sundaram Chettiar Hsc School, Okkur North Side ,WEST Wing, Adjoing To Ps15 1.O.Pudur (P) (R V) Burma Refugee colony , 2.O.Pudur (P) (R V) Burma Ceylon Refugee colony
17Okkur Soma Sundaram Chettiar Hsc School, Okkur ,NORTH Wing Adjoning To Hm Room 1.Okkur (P) (R V) Okkur, Chettiar Street, Teacher colony
18O Puthur Panchayat Union Primary School, O Puthur 1.O.Pudur (P) (R V)u O.Pudur, Teacher colony
19Okkur Soma Sundaram Chetytiar Hsc School, Okkur South Side Middle Room 1.Okkur (P) (R V) Okkur,SC Kudireuppu, Valaiyar Kudieruppu
20Okkur Soma Sundaram Chetytiar Hsc School, Okkur Adjoing To Ps 19 1.O.Pudur (P) (R V) Karungapatti
21Piravaloor Panchayat Union Middle School, Piravaloor 1.Piravalur (P) Okkur (R V) Piravalur
22Keelapongudi Panchayat Union Primary School, Keelapongudi ,MAIN Building Block 2 South Side 1.Keelapongudi (P) (R V)TIrumalai Road , 2.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Mela theru (North) , 3.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Nadaar theru , 4.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Sivankoil Agragaram , 5.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Nagarathar Street , 6.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Yadavar theru , 7.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Weekly market Veethi
23Keelapongudi Panchayat Union Primary School, Keelapongudi ,South Side Buildingtiled Roof 1.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Keelatheru , 2.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Milagaisamy Koil Street (East) , 3.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Hosphital Road , 4.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Indira Nagar , 5.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Milagaisamy Koil street (North) , 6.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Mariamman Koil Street , 7.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Mela theru Middle part , 8.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Ambedkar Street
24Keelapongudi Govt Hsc School, Keelapongudi South Building West Room No.1 1.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Nedutheru , 2.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Melatheru(south) , 3.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Anjaneyar koil street , 4.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Kadaiveethi , 5.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Veerapatti
25Keelapongudi Govt Hsc School, Keelapongudi South Building East Room No.1 1.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Paranipatti , 2.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) Kurunthampatti , 3.Keelapongudi (P) (R V) sembaliyanpattinam
26Melapongudi Panchayat Union Middle School, Melapongudi North Building West Room 1.Melapoongudi (P) (R V) Melapoongudi
27Melapongudi Panchayat Union Middle School, Melapongudi North Side East Room 1.Melapoongudi (P) (R V) Valayarathinipatti
28Melapongudi Panchayat Union Middle School, Melapongudi ,SOUTH Building 1.Melapoongudi (P) (R V) Thirumunpatti , 2.Melapoongudi (P) (R V) Villipatti , 3.Melapoongudi (P) (R V) Alanganpatti
29Alagichipatti Panchayat Union Primary School, Alagichipatti South Building East Room 1.Alagkitchipatti (P) (R V) Alagakitchipatti , 2.Alagkitchipatti (P) (R V) Mettupatti , 3.Alagkitchipatti (P) R V) Sinaipatti , 4.Alagkitchipatti (P) (R V) Devankottai
30Malampatti Panchayat Union Primary School, Malampatti ,WEST Building 1.Malampatti (P) (R V) Malampatti
31Kannimarpatt I, Panchayat Union Primary School, Kannimarpatti, West Building 1.Malampatti (P) (R V) Kannimarpatti
32Okkuppatti Panchayat Union Middle School, Okkuppatti 1.Okkupatti (P) Malampatti (R V) Okkuppati , 2.Okkupatti (P) Malampatti (R V) Pirayanendalpatti , 3.Okkupatti (P) Malampatti (R V) Nallandipatti , 4.Okkupatti (P) Malampatti (R V) Manickampatti , 5.Okkupatti (P) Malampatti (R V) Valayar pudhupatti , 6.Okkupatti (P) Malampatti (R V) Devanperumalpatti
33Thamarakkin Orth Panchayat Unionmiddle School, Thamarakkinorth East Old Building 1.Thamarakki North (P) (R V) Thamarakki North
34Thamarakkin Orth Panchayat Unionmiddle School, Thamarakkinorth West Wing North Building 1.Thamarakki North South (P) Thamarakki North
35Thamarakki South Panchayat Union Primary School, Thamarakki South North Building 1.Thamarakki North (P) (R V) Thamarakki South , 2.Thamarakki North (P) (R V) Thamarakki South Burma colony
36Thamarakki South Panchayat Union Primary School, Thamarakki South East Building North Wing 1.Thamarakki North South (P) Thamarakki South , 2.Thamarakki North South (P) Thamarakki South Burma colony
37Kandankipatt I Panchayat Union Primary School, Kandankipatti ,EAST Building 1.Kandankipatti (P) (R V) Kandankipatti , 2.Kandankipatti (P) (R V) saanipatti , 3.Kandankipatti (P) (R V) vaagulathupatti , 4.Kandankipatti (P) Kootturavupatti (R.V) Usilampattai , 5.Kandankipatti (P) Kootturavupatti (R.V) Muniyandipatti , 6.Kandankipatti (P) (R V) sivalpatti
38Kutturavupatti Panchayat Union Middle School, Kutturavupatti ,WEST Building 1.Kandankipatti (P) Kooturavupatti (R.V) Kooturavupatti
39Kutturavupatti Panchayat Union Middle School, Kutturavupatti Southtited Roof Building 1.Kandankipatti (P) Kootturavupatti (R.V) Usilampatti Muniyandipatti , 2.Kandankipatti (P) (R V) sivalpatti
40Melachalur Govt High School, Melachalur 1.Salur (P) (R V) Melasalur
41Melachalur Panchayat Union Primary School, Melachalur, East Building 1.Salur (P) (R V) Velani (North) south colony , 2.Salur (P) (R V) Pappakudi
42Siluviniatti Panchayat Union Primary School,Keelasaloor(New Building) 1.Salur (P) (R V) Siluvinipatti , 2.Salur (P) (R V) Keelasalur Colony , 3.Salur (P) (R V) Kallikumpal
43Nalukottai Panchayat Union Middle School, Nalukottai 1.Nalukottai (P) (R V)TIrunarayanapuram , 2.Nalukottai (P) (R V) Indira nagar colony , 3.Nalukottai (P) (R V) Maravar theru , 4.Nalukottai (P) (R V) Keelatheru , 5.Nalukottai (P) (R V) Naduvalavu , 6.Nalukottai (P) (R V) Melatheru , 7.Nalukottai (P) (R V) Athiputhan theru
44Cholapuram Panchayat Union Middle School, Cholapuram, New Building Facing South Side Terracet Building 1.Solapuram (P) (R V) Solapuram Melatheru , 2.Solapuram (P) (R V) Solapuram Keelatheru
45Cholapuram Panchayat Union Middle School, Cholapuram, Old Building,Tiled Room Of Facing West Side 1.Solapuram (P) (R V) Chinnaperumalpatti , 2.Solapuram (P) (R V) Perumalpatti
46Kanchirankal Panchayat Union Middle School, Kanchirankal East Building ,EAST Building 1.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) Kanjirankal
47Kanchirankal Panchayat Union Middle School, Kanchirankal East Building North Wing ,EAST Building 1.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) Arasinipatti
48Kanchirankal Panchayat Union Middle School, Kanchirankal ,EAST Building 1.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) Kanjirankal , 2.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) Kanjirankal M.G.R.Nagar ,
49Ilanthagudipatti Sarva Seva Primary School, Ilanthagudipatti 1.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) Ilanthangudipatti , 2.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Iluppakudi
50Kamarajnaga R St.Francis Middle School, Bishaps House Kamarajnagar East Wing ,EAST Wing 1.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) kamaraj nagar , 2.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) Thennalivayal
51Kamarajnaga R St.Francis Middle School, Bishaps House Kamarajnagar West Wing ,EAST Wing 1.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) ¸é¼è¸Íè ƳÏè , 2.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) Ajiis nagar , 3.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) Pudhuvazlvu nagar , 4.Kanjirankal (R V) Ajisnagar
52T.Puthur Panchayat Union Elemendary School, T.Puthur New Building ,NEW Building 1.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) T.Pudur
53T.Puthur Panchayat Union Elemendary School, T.Puthur North Building ,NEW Building 1.Kanjirankal (P) (R V) T.Pudur , 2.Kanjirankal (p) (r v) M.g.r.nagar , 3.Kanjirankal (P) Paiyour Pilliai Vayal (R V) T.Pudur
54Gandhinagar Colony Panchayat Union Middle School, Gandhinagar Colony ,SOUTH Wing 1.Idayamelur (P) (R V) Easani , 2.Idayamelur (P) (R V) Gandhinagar colony , 3.Idayamelur (P) (R V) Gandhinagar colony
55Idayamelur Govt Hse School, Idayamelur ,EAST Facing West Building Middlewing 1.Idayamelur (P) (R V) Bharathinagar colony , 2.Idayamelur (P) (R V) Koovanipatti , 3.Idayamelur (P) (R V) Velangapatti
56Idayamelur Sarva Seva Primary School Mangampatti, West Building Middle Room. 1.Idayamelur (P) (R V) Mangampatti
57Idayamelur Govt Hse School, Idayamelur ,SOUTH Building Middle Room 1.Idayamelur (P) (R V) Idaiyamelur North
58Idayamelur Govt Hse School, Idayamelur ,South Building East Room 1.Idayamelur (P) (R V) Idaiyamelur South
59Managudi Panchayat Union Primary School, Managudi ,SOUTH Building,East Wing) 1.Sakkanthi Managudi Pillathi
60Pasankarai Panchayat Union Primary School, Pasankarai, East Building 1.Sakkanthi Pasankarai , 2.Sakkanthi Kalamekki , 3.Sakkanthi (P) Senthiudaiyanathapuram (R V) Pasankarai
61Sakkanthi Government High School Sakkanthi (NORTH Building) 1.Sakkanthi (P) Pudhupatti (R V) Chakkandhi Keelatheru
62Sakkanthi Government High School Sakkanthi (SOUTH Building) 1.Sakkanthi Pudhupatti (R V) Chakkandhi Melatheru , 2.Sakkanthi (p) Pudhupatti (R V) Chakkandhi Nethaji Nagar , 3.Sakkanthi Ponnakulam (R V) Mattakulam
63Komalipatti Panchayat Union Middle School, Komalipatti ,NEW Building East Side 1.Sakkanthi Pudupatti (R V) Komalipatti
64Pudupatti Panchayat Union Primary School Pudupatti East Side ,NEW Building West Side 1.Sakkanthi Pudhupatti (R V) Pudupatti Ulaganathapuram , 2.Sakkanthi Pudupatti (R V) Devanipatti, Thennampatti
65Kumarapatti G Government High Schoo, Kumarapatti ,ADDITIONAL Building North Wing 1.Kumarapatti (P) (R V) Kumarapatti
66Kumarapatti Government High Schoo, Kumarapatti ,EAST Wing 1.Kumarapatti (P) (R V) Karambodai
67Senthi Udayanathap Uram Panchayat Union Elemendary School, Senthi Udayanathapuram ,ADDITIONAL Building South Wing 1.Kumarapatti (P) Sendhi Udaiyanathapuram (R V) Sendhi Udaiyanathapuram
68Mudikandam Panchayat Union Middle School, Mudikandam Additional 2 Class Room Building North Wing 1.Mudikandam (P) (R V) Mudikandam
69Meenakshipu Ram Panchayat Union Primary School Meenakshipuram ,ADDITIONAL 2 Room Building North Wing 1.Mudikandam (P) Sendhi Udaiyanathapuram (R V) Meenakshipuram
70Illupaakudi Panchayat Unionmiddle School, Illupaakudi ,EAST Wing 1.Illuppakdu (p) (R V) Iluppakudi , 2.Illuppakdu (p) Marani Usilangulam (R V) Marani Usilangulam
71Kiladari Panchayat Union Middle School, Kiladari ,WEST Wing 1.Kilathiri (P) (R V) Thandavanpatti , 2.Kilathiri (P) (R V) Valaiyapatti , 3.Kilathari (p) (R V) Manappatti , 4.Kilathari (p) (R V) Kakkaniyanpatti , 5.Kilathari (p) (R V) Konarpatti , 6.Kilathari (p) (R V) Sangampatti , 7.Kilathari (p) (R V) Lakshmipuram
72Kiladari Panchayat Union Middle School, Kiladari ,EAST Wing 1.Kilathari (p) (R V) Kilathari , 2.Kilathari (p) (R V) Kilathari colony
73Arasanoor Panchayat Union Middle School Arasanoor ,ADDITIONAL 3 Room Building Middle Room 1.Arasanoor (P) (R V) Arasanoor Main , 2.Arasanoor (P) (R V) Vadaku Theru , 3.Arasanoor (P) (R V) Melatheru , 4.Arasanoor (P) (R V) Keelatheru , 5.Arasanoor (P) (R V) Nedutheru , 6.Arasanoor (P) (R V) Therku Theru
74Thirumancho Lai Panchayat Union Primary School, Thirumancholai ,SOUTH Building 1.Arasanoor (P) (R V) Thirumanjolai , 2.Arasanoor (P) (R V) Samathuvapuram
75A.R.Usilampatti Panchayat Union Middle School, A.R.Usilampatti ,ADDITIONAL 3 Room Building Middle Room 1.Arasanoor (P) (R V) Usilampattai , 2.Arasanoor (P) (R V) Usilampattai
76Sivaganga Govt Girls Hse School, Sivaganga West Building North Wing ,WEST Building North Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Melur Road Main , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward 1 Melur Road 1st street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-1 Melur Road 2nd street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-1 Melur road 3rd street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward -1 Melur Road 4th Street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-1 Melur road 15th street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward -1 Melur Road 6th street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-1 Muthusamynagar main , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-1 Muthusamy nagar 1st street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1 Muthusamy nagar 2nd street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1 muthusamynagar 3rd street
77Sivaganga Govt Girls Hse School, Sivaganga South Building West Wing ,WEST Building North Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1TIruppathur road main , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1TIruppathur road 1st street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1TIruppathur road 2nd street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1TIruppathur road 3rd street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1TIruppathur road 4th street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1TIruppathur road 5th street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1 Cylon burma colony main , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1 ceylone burma colony 1st street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1 ceylone burma colony 2nd street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1 ceylone burma colony 3rd street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1 ceylone burma colony 4th street , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward -1 ceylone burma colony 5th street , 13.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-1 ceylon burma colony 6th street
78Sivaganga Govt Girls Hsc School, Sivaganga ,SOUTH Block East Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-5 Gandhiroad , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-6 Raniammaiyar street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-6 Sutthananthabharathiyar street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-6 Rajasekaranstreet , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-6 Gohalahall mani street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-6 Gohalahall 1st street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-6 Gohalahall 2nd street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-6 Gohalahall 3rd street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-6 Gohalahall 4th street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-6 ramnagar , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-6 Laxmanan street , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-7 Bahavathsing street , 13.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-7 Kasthuribai steet , 14.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-1 Owvai street
79Sivaganga Raja Hsc School, Sivaganga East Building North Wing ,MAIN Building 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-5 oversear street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-5 neethipathi rajasekaran salai (part) , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-5 pakanerimadatthusandhu , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-5 Pillaiyarkovil street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-7 Policestasion road , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-8 Thiruvalluvar street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-8 Manickam lane , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-5 Gandhiroad (part) Police qutr. , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-2 Marudhupandiyar Nagar a,b,block
80Sivaganga Swami Vivekananda Higher Secondary School, Sivaganga 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10 majeethroad main , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10 majeeth 12th street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10 majeeth 13th street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10 Majeethroad & Boseroad enaippusalai , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-9 sivankovil southstreet , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-9 Neethipathirajasekaran street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-9 Neethipathi rajasekaran 1st street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-9 Sivankovil weststreet , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-9 Sivankovil Northstreet , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-5 Suntharar street
81Sivaganga Masterpaln Complex High School, Sivaganga ,NORTH Building East Block 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-2 Dist. collectrate c block , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-2 Dist. collectrate d cblock , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-2 Dist. collectrate E block , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-2 Dist. collectorate A block , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-3 Maruthupandiyar complex road
82Sivaganga Masterpaln Complex High School, Sivaganga ,WEST Buidling North Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeethroad , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth 1st cross street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward=11 Majeeth 2nd cross street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth 3rd cross street
83Sivaganga Masterpaln Complex High School, Sivaganga ,WEST Building North Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth 4th cross street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth 5th cross street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth 6th cross street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth 7th cross street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth 8th cross street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth 9th cross street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth 10th cross street , 8.Sivaganga(nagar) Ward-2 m.p.nagar east , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-2 Dist. collectrate c block
84Sivaganga Masterpaln Complex Primary School, Sivaganga East Wing ,EAST Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-4 Krishnan laout main , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Krishnan laout 1st cross street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Krishnan Laout 2nd cross street , 4.Sivagangai Krishnan Laout 3rd cross street , 5.Sivaganga (M) Ward-3 Pudhurroad main , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Pudhur road 1st street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Pudhur road 2nd street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Pudur road 3rd street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Pudhur road 4th street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Pudhur road 5th street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Pudhur road 8th street , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) ward-11 Majeeth road 11th street , 13.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth road 12th street
85Sivaganga Saai Balamdir Nursery & Primary School Sivaganga South Wing ,EAST Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-4 shibiyan laout main , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Shibiyan laout 1st cross street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Shibiyan Laout 2nd cross street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Shibiyan Laout 3rd cross street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Shibiyan Laout 4th cross street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Shibiyan Laout 5th cross street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Majeeth 9th street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward4 shosaitty laout main , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) society layout 1st cross street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) society Layout 2nd cross street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Society Layout 3rd cross street
86Sivaganga Panchayat Union Office Building, Sivaganga ,SOUTH Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Thondiroad , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Thondiroad 1st street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Thondiroad 3rd street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Thondiroad 4th street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Thondiroad 5th street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Thondiroad 6th street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-11 Ambethkar street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Boseroad , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Manimekalai street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Kambar street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-14 Railway stasion street , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Muthuramalingam street , 13.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Housingboard 48colony
87Sivaganga Rajakumarai Rajarajeswari Kala Middle School, Sivaganga ,EAST Wing North Building 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10,13 boseroad main , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10 rani renganatchiyar street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10 Ajeesh street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10,13, Majeethroad, Boseroad Junction , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Bose road 1st street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Bose road 2nd street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Bose road 3rd street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Bose road 4th street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Bose road 5th street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Bose road 6th street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Bose road 7th street , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Bose road 8th street
88Sivaganga Rajakumarai Rajarajeswari Kala Middle School, Sivaganga ,NORTH Building West Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-14 Thondiroad west , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10 shagulhameedhu street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10 Lajapathirai street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-13 Rajandhirapirashath street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-9 vadakkuraja veethi , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-15 Southraja street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-9 Pudhutheru , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10 Rajachaththirath theru , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-9 Neethipathirajasekaran street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-9 Gandhiroad part , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-10 Kannaki street
89Sivaganga Municipal Musilim Primary School, Sivaganga 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-14 Abdhulhamedhu street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-14 Mohamed ali street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-14 Noorjahan street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-14 Patthunonbu pallivasal street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-14 Azathstreet , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Pillaivayal Kaliyamman kovil street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Pillaivayal Kaliyamman kovil street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward- 12 Thondiroad 7th street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Thondiroad 8th street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Thondiroad 9th street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Thondiroad 10th street , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Velunatchiyar street , 13.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Manickavasakar street , 14.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Vallabaipatel street , 15.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 kannan street , 16.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-12 Thondiroad main
90Sivaganga Ramakrishna Primary School Sivaganga, West Wing ,MAIN Building West Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-17 Melarathaveethi North , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-8 Sathyamoorthy street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-17 Thalaivar Chinnasamy street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-17 Mohan kumaramangalam street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-17 Nowrojistreet
91Sivaganga Ramakrishna Primary School, Sivaganga East Wing ,MAIN Building West Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-8 Sathappar Lane , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward08 Radhakrishnan street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward08 Manirengapuram , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward08 Sarojini street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-7 Poundu street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-8 Manickam pillai lane , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-7 Perumalkovil street
92Sivaganga Municipal I.C.D.S Child Center, Sivaganga ,EAST Block 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-18 Pattinathar street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-18 Kalimutthan street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-18 Pukazhanthiyar street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-18 Nalanstreet , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-19 Sasthiri street main , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-19 Sasthiri 1st street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-19 Sasthiri 2nd street , 8.Sivaganga munishipality Ward-19 Sasthiri 3rd street , 9.Sivaganga munishipality Ward-19 Sasthiri 4th street , 10.Sivaganga munishipality Ward-10 sasthiri 5th street , 11.Sivaganga munishipality Ward-19 Sasthiri 6th street
93Sivaganga Child Health Nutrition Centre Kottakudi North Wing ,EAST Block 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Kottagudi 1st street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Kottagudi 2nd street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Kottagudi 3rd street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Kottagudi 4th street
94Sivaganga St.Joseph Primary School, Sivaganga ,EAST Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road main , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road 7th street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road 8th street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road 9th street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-18 Rajaji street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-18 Kumarasamy raja street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-18 Velayouthsamy kovil street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-18 Kamatshiamman kovil street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-17 Westcar street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-17 V.O.C. street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-17 Vasuki street , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-17 Appar street
95Sivaganga St.Joseph Primary School, Sivaganga ,WEST Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-18 Westcar street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-19 Tharmarkovil street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-16 Kural street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-16 Kulootthunkan street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-16 Vinoba street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-19 Palli street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-19 Thakoor street
96Sivaganga Ar.Natesan Chettiar Middle School, Sivaganga North Building North Wing ,SOUTH Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-21 Mooventhar street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-16 Sedhupathy street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-16 Rajendhiran street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Westcar street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-19 Bangala street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Barathan street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-15 Sakla street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-15 Seethakkathi street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-14 Nerubajar , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-15 Umarupulavar street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-15 Kalaivanar street
97Sivaganga Justin Metriculation Higher Secondary School Sivaganga West Building South Portion ,SOUTH Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20,21, Madurairoad , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurairoad 1st street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road 2nd street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurairoad 3rd street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road 4th street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road 5th street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road 6th street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road 10th street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road 11th street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Madurai road 12th street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-21 Madurai road lane
98Sivaganga Ar.Natesan Chettiar Middle School, Sivaganga North Building Soth Wing ,NORTH Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Shanmugaraja street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22 Jaihaind street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23 Sivaji street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-21 Periyar street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-21 Thiyagi sedhuramachandiran street
99Sivaganga Ar.Natesan Chettiar Middle School, Sivaganga South Building South Wing ,NORTH Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-21 Modhilal street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-21 Gothamar street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-21 Aravinthar street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-21 Malaviya street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-15 Kennedy street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-15 Techers Somasundaram street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-15 Thaumanavar street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-21 Gandhi road
100Sivaganga R.C.Middle School, Sivaganga ,SOUTH Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-25,26 Nehrubajar , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-25 Battai street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-25 Battai Lane , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26 South Marget Street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-14 Pazhakkadai Lane , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-25 Ashokar street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-25 Jaheerhusan street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-25 Akbar street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-25 Aashaf ali street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-25 Showkath ali street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26 Akilandapuram , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26 Kackan backam west
101Sivaganga R.C.Middle School, Sivaganga ,NORTH Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-24 Sundararajan street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-24 Porhaippandian street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-24 Annavivatthiyar street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22 Sammanthar street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-15.21 Nelmandi street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22 Kabilar street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22 Nakeerar street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22 Somanadhasuwamy Kovil street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22 Kalaimagal street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-24 Vethakovil street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-24 Mubarak street
102Sivaganga Raja Duraisingam Govt Arts College, Sivaganga ,UGC Hall West Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23 Kamarajar street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23 Keelar street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23 Thirunavukarasu street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23 Elango street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22 Kumaran street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Bharathi 1st street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Bharathi 2nd street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Bharathi 3rd Street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-20 Bharathi 4th street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22 Vengadachalam street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22 Thilagavathiyar street , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23 Budhar 1st street , 13.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23 Budhar 2nd street , 14.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23 Budhar 3rd street , 15.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23 Indira 1st street , 16.Sivaganga(Nagar) Indira 2nd street , 17.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23 Indira 3rd street
103Sivaganga Raja Duraisingam Govt Arts College, Sivaganga ,COMMERCE Hall South Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudisalai , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi Salai East , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi Salai East 1st street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi Salai East 2nd street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi Salai East 3rd street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi Salai East 4th street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudisalai East 5th street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai East 6th street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai East 7th Street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi Salai East 8th street
104Sivaganga Raja Duraisingam Govt Arts College, Sivaganga ,COMMERCE Hall North Wing 1.Sivaganga(Nagar) Word-27 Ilayangudi salai East 9th street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi Salai East 10th street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai East 11th street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai East 12th street , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai east 13th street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai east 14th street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai east 15th street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai east 16th street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai east 17th street , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai east 18th street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai west 1st street , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai west 2nd street , 13.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai west 3rd street , 14.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai West 4th street , 15.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai west 5th street , 16.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27 Ilayangudi salai west 6th street
105SivagangaRaja Duraisingam Govt Arts College, Sivaganga ,COMMERCE Hall North Wing 1.Sivagangai Ward-26 Kattapomman street , 2.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26,Duraisingam street , 3.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26, Seikilar Street , 4.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26, Kakkan bakkam East , 5.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22, Marudhupandiyar street , 6.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-22, Kamalanehru Street , 7.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-23, Jeyapragash Street , 8.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26 Vallal pari street , 9.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26, College Road , 10.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26, College Road 1st Street , 11.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26, College road 2nd Street , 12.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26,College Road 3rd Street , 13.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-26, College Road 4th Street , 14.Sivaganga(Nagar) Ward-27, Manamadurai Road
106Muthupatti Panchayat Union Middle School, Muthupatti ,EAST Building 1.Muthupatti (U) Arasani (R.V) Muthupatti
107Muthupatti I Panchayat Union Middle School, Muthupatti ,SOUTH Building 1.Ponnakulam (U) Arasani (R V) Thukkal , 2.Muthupatti (U) Kottakudi (R V) Puthur , 3.Muthupatti (U) Ponnakulam (R V) Kollampatti , 4.Muthupatti (U) Arasani (R V) Chinnakathalan , 5.Muthupatti (U) Arasani (R V) Arasani , 6.Ponnakulam (U) Arasani ( R V) Nainakulam
108Veeravalasai Panchayat Union Primary School, Veeravalasai 1.Muthupatti (U) Arasani (R V) Nemmeni , 2.Muthupatti (U) Keelakandani (R V) Kalathur , 3.Ponnakulam (U) Arasani (R V) Veeravalasai , 4.Muthupatti (U) Arasani (R.V) Keelakulam , 5.Muthupatti (U) Keelakandani (R V) Ottakulam
109Paniyour Panchayat Union Primary School, Paniyour ,NORTH Building 1.Ponnakulam (U) Panaiyur (R V) Panaiyur , 2.Ponnakulam (U) (R V) Ponnakulam , 3.Ponnakulam (U) (R V) Athur
110Pilloor Panchayat Union Middle School, Pilloor ,ADDITIONAL Building South Side 1.Pilloor (U) (R V) Pillur , 2.Pilloor (U) (R V) Karubavur , 3.Pilloor (U) Panaiyur (R V) Azhupillaithangi
111Padamathur Panchayat Union Primar School, Padamathur ,ADDITIONAL Building Eastern Side 1.Mudikandam (P) Padamathur (R V) Nallakulam , 2.Arasanoor (P) Padamathur (R V) Sithalankudi , 3.Padamathur (U) (R.V) Padamathur
1122 Kannarirupp U Panchayat Union Middle School, Kannariruppu 1.Kannariruppu (U) (R.V) Sakthisugars , 2.Kannariruppu (U) (R.V) Kannariruppu
113P.Velengulam Panchayat Union Elemendary School, P.Velengulam 1.Mathur (U) Padamathur (R V) Nattagudi , 2.Mathur (U) Padamathur (R V) Velankulam
114Mathur Panchayat Union Middle School, Mathur ,WEST Wing 1.Mathur (U) (R V) Ilanthangudi , 2.Mathur (U) (R V) Mathur , 3.Mathur (U) Padamathur (R V) Pottakulam
115Kalloorani Panchayat Union Praimary School, Kalloorani ,SOUTH Building 1.Kallurani (p) (R V) Kallurani
116Kavul Alagapuri Panchayat Union Primary School, Kavul Alagapuri. Northern Portion 1.Kallurani (p) (R V) Kavul alagapuri
117Pacheri Panchayat Union Primary School, Pacheri ,NORTH Building 1.Patcheri (p) Vembattur (R V) Patcheri , 2.Patcheri (p) Vembattur (R V) Patcheri , 3.Patcheri (p) Vembattur (R V) Meenatchipuram , 4.Patcheri (p) Vembattur (R V) Gandhi nagar colony
118Pacheri Panchayat Union Primary School, Pacheri ,SOUTHBUILDING 1.Patcheri (p) Vembattur (R V) Patcheri , 2.Patcheri (p) Vembattur (R V) Patcheri , 3.Patcheri (p) Vembattur (R V) Meenatchipuram , 4.Patcheri (p) Vembattur (R V) Gandhi nagar colony
119Vembathur Govt Higher Sec. School, Vembathur ,EAST 2 Room Building North Wing 1.Vempathur (p) (R V) (R V) Vempathur,indhira nagar,annanagar , 2.Vempathur (p) (R V) South street,Middle street , 3.Vempathur (p) (R V) Agraharam north street , 4.Vempathur (p) (R V) Azhagapuri lakshmipuram
120Vembathur Govt Higher Sec. School,Vembathur ,WEST 4 Room Building Middle Room 1.Vempathur (p) (R V) Indhiranagar,annanagar , 2.Vempathur (p) (R V) Middle street,East street , 3.Vempathur (p) (R V) Agraharam,North street , 4.Vempathur (p) (R V) Azhagapuri,Lakshmipuram
121Michelpattina M R.C. Middle School, Michelpattinam ,NORTH Building, Western Wing 1.Michaelpattinam (p) (R V) Michaelpattinam , 2.Mychael pattinam (p) (R V) Karpagavinayagapuram
122Idaikattur Panchayat Union Primary School, Idaikattur ,ADDITIONAL Building 1.Idaikkattur (p) (R V) Idaikkattur ward 1 , 2.Idaikkattur (p) (R V) Idaikkattur ward 2 , 3.Idaikkattur (p) (R V) Idaikkattur ward 3
123Idaikattur Panchayat Union Primary School, Idaikattur ,MAIN Building 1.Idaikkattur (p) (R V) Idaikkattur ward 1 , 2.Idaikkattur (p) (R V) Idaikkattur ward 2 , 3.Idaikkattur (p) (R V) Idaikkattur ward 3
124Arulanandha Puram R.C Primary School, Arulanandhapuram ,NEW Building 1.Pathinettankottai (p) Idaikattur (R V) Pathinettankottai , 2.Arulandapuram (p) Idaikattur (R V) Arulanandhapuram
125V.Pudhukula M Anganwadi Centre, V.Pudhukulam 1.V. pudhukkulam (p) (R V) Puthu east , 2.V. pudhukkulam (p) (R V) Puthukulam west
126Pappangulam Panchayat Union Middle School, Pappangulam 1.Manamadurai V.Pudhukulam (R V) Pappankulam
127Periyakottai Govt Higher Sec School, Periyakottai, Eastern Side Building North Porstion. 1.V. pudhukkulam (p) (R V) Kottai Street
128Periyakottai Govt Higher Sec School, Periyakottai, Western Side South Building 1.V. pudhukkulam (p) (R V) South, North Street
129Sriranganath Am Panchayat Union Praimary School, Sriranganatham 1.V. pudhukkulam (p) (R V) Solangulam , 2.V. pudhukkulam (p) (R V) Thekkur , 3.V. pudhukkulam (p) (R V) Sri ranganatham , 4.V. pudhukkulam (p) (R V) Kalikadu , 5.Sirukudi (p) (R V) Kallarkulam
130Mulakulam Gandhiji Primary School, Mulakulam 1.Mukkulam (U) Mathur(R.V) Saruganendhal , 2.Mukkulam (U) Mathur(R.V) Munaikulam
131Sithaloor Govt High School, Sithaloor ,-WESTERN Building 1.Pilloor (U) Kovanoor(R.V) Muthaloor , 2.Pilloor (U) Kovanoor(R.V) Murasupatti , 3.Kovanur (U)Kovanoor(R.V) Sithalur
132Kovanoor Panchayat Union Primary School, Kovanoor ,NORTH Building 1.Kovanur (U) Kovanoor(R.V) Keelakovanur , 2.Kovanur (U) Kovanoor(R.V) Melakovanur , 3.Padamathur (U) Kovanoor(R.V) Manaseri , 4.Kovanur (U) Kovanoor(R.V) Nainakulam
133Koothandan Panchayat Union Primary School, Koothandan West Building ,WEST Building 1.Vallaneri (P) Alangulam (R V) Koothandan Side , 2.Vallaneri (P) Melavaniyangudi (R V) Annamalai Nagar
134Koothandan Panchayat Union Primary School, Koothandan South Building ,WEST Building 1.Vallaneri (P) Alangulam (R V) Vallaneri
135Keelavaniyan Gudi Panchayat Union Primary School, Keelavaniyangudi ,EAST Building 1.Vaniyankudi (P) Melavaniyankudi(R.V) Melavaniyankudi ,
136Samiyarpatti 2.Vaniyankudi (P) Melavaniyangudi(R.V) Samiyarpatti 1.Vaniyankudi (P) Melavaniyangudi(R.V) Samiyarpatti
137Keelavaniyan Gudi Panchayat Union Primary School, Keelavaniyangudi ,WEST Building 1.Vaniyankudi (P) Melavaniyangudi(R.V) Keelavaniyankudi
138Paiyour Panchayat Union Primary School, Paiyour ,WEST Building 1.Vaniyankudi (P) Paiyurpillaivayal(R.V) Palamalainagar , 2.Vaniyankudi (P) Paiyurpillaivayal(R.V) Paiyur , 3.Vaniyankudi (P) Paiyurpillaivayal(R.V) Kattukudiyiruppu
139Vallani Panchayat Union Primary School,Vallani South Side East Wing ,WEST Building 1.Vaniyankudi (P) Paiyurpillaivayal(R.V) Vallani , 2.Vaniyankudi (P) Paiyurpillaivayal(R.V) Alagumeignanapuram
140Vandavasi Panchayat Union Primary School,Vandavasi ,WEST Building 1.Vaniyankudi (P) Paiyurpillaivayal(R.V) Enapuram , 2.Vaniyankudi (P) Paiyurpillaivayal(R.V) Vandavasi
141Samathuvapu Ram 48 Colony Municipality Middle School East Building West Wing Sivaganga. 1.Vaniyankudi (P) Payurpillaivayal(R.) Samathuvapuram
142Samathuvapu Ram 48 Colony Municipality Middle School West Building East Wing Sivaganga 1.Vaniyankudi (P) Payurpillaivayal(R.V) Annanagar Seenivasanagar
143Samathuvapu Ram 48 Colony Municipality Middle School West Building West Wing Sivaganga. 1.Vaniyankudi (P) Payurpillaivayal(R.V) Army Force , 2.Vaniyankudi (P) Paiyurpillaivayal(R.V) Kurunji Nagar
144Keelakandani Panchayat Union Middle School Keelakandani ,NORTHERN Side Middle Building 1.Vallaneri (P) Keelakandani (R V) Melavellanji , 2.Alangulam (P) Keelakandani (R V) Uchappuli , 3.Alangulam (P) Mangudi (R V) Kuttithinni
145Keelakandani Panchayat Union Middle School, Keelakandani ,NORTH Building 1.Vallaneri (P) Keelakandani(R.V) Keelakandani , 2.Vallaneri (P) Keelakkandani(R.V) Melakandani
146Mangudi Government Higher Secondary School,Managudi. North Side West Black Middle Room. 10 1.Mangudi Therguvadi (P) Mangudi(R.V) Mangudi Mangudi Colony
147Mangudi Government Higher Secondary School,Managudi. North Side Middle Black East Room 1.Mangudi Therguvadi (P) Mangudi(R.V) Nadumangudi Theruguvadi
148Vairavanpatt I Panchayat Union Primary School, Vairavanpatti West Building 1.Mangudi Therguvadi (P) Valuthani (R V) Kallupatti , 2.Mangudi Therguvadi (P) Valuthani (R V) Vairavanpatti , 3.Mangudi Therguvadi (P) Valuthani (R V) Koneri , 4.Mangudi Therguvadi (P) Valuthani (R V) Erumpugudi kalani , 5.Mangudi Therguvadi (P) Valuthani (R V) Vanakaruppu , 6.Mangudi Therguvadi (P) Kayangulam (R V) Kidappuri
149Uruli Panchayat Union Middle School, Uruli ,SOUTH Building 1.Kudanjadi (U) Kayangulam(R.V) Uruli kayangulam
150Mutharasan Panchayat Union Primary School, Mutharasan 1.Kudanjadi (U) Kayangulam(R.V) Mangudi (R V) Kudanjadi (R V) Mutharasan Kudanjadi
151Sundaranada Ppu Panchayat Union Middle School, Sundaranadappu 1.K.Nedunkulam (U) Suntharanadapu (r.v) K.Nedungulam , 2.K.Nedunkulam (U) Suntharanatappu(R.V) M. Manakarai
152Sundaranada Ppu Panchayat Union Middle School, Sundaranadappu West Wing Building 1.K.Nedungulam (U) Suntharanadappu(R.V) Sundharanadappu , 2.K.Nedungulam (U) Suntharanappu(R.V) Thuvangal
153Vembankudi Panchayat Union Primary School, Vembankudi 1.Kottakudi Keelapatthi (U) Vembangudi (R V) Vembangudi , 2.Kottakudi Keelapatthi (U) Alangulam (R V) Udaiyanathapuram , 3.Kottakudi Keelapatthi (U) Alangualam (R V) Usilangulam , 4.Kottakudi Keelapatthi (U) Alangualam (R V) Kadukkapallam , 5.Nadamangalam (P) Vembankudi (R V) Madakkottai , 6.Kottakudi Keelapatthi (U) Alangualam (R V) Alangulam
154Mahasivanen Dal Panchayat Union Primary School, Mahasivanendal ,3 Room Building Middle Room 1.Alangulam (P) Poovali (R V) Puthupatti , 2.Alangulam (P) (R V) Magasivanendhal , 3.Alangulam (P) (R V) Oothikulam , 4.Alangulam (P) (R V) Kattadikulam , 5.Kottakudi Keelapatthi (U) Alangulam (R V) Kalgulam
155Periyaoligudi Patti Panchayat Union Middle School, Periyaoligudipatti 1.South mavali (U) Nariyangudi (R V) Periavalaikudi , 2.South mavali (U) Nariyangudi (R V) Chinnavalaikudi , 3.South mavali (U) Silanthangudi (R V) Ilanthangudi
156Kottuthuraip Atti Panchayat Union Primary School,West Wing Kottuthuraipatti 1.Nariyangudi (p) R.V Nariyangudi , 2.Nariyangudi (p) R.V Kottuthduraipatti , 3.Nariyangudi (p) R.V Kattuganpatti , 4.Nariyangudi (p) R.V Thavasiyendalpatti
157Chokanatha Puram Panchayat Uinion Primary School Chokanathapuram ,NORTH Building North Wing 1.Sokkanathapuram (U) Kathappattu (R.V) Kathapattu , 2.Sokkanathapuram (U) Kathappattu (R.V) Sokkanathapuram , 3.Sokkanathapuram (U) Kathappattu (R.V) Kottamadapalli
158Chokanathap Uram Govt High School, Chocknathapuram ,WEST Building 1.Sokkanathapuram (U) Katthappattu (R V) Puthadipatti , 2.Sokkanathapuram (U) Katthappattu (R V) Kovilpatti , 3.Sokkanathapuram (U) Katthappattu (R V) Alangulathanpatti
159Chokanathap Uram Govt High School, Chocknathapuram East Building 1.Sokkanathapuram (U) Katthappattu (R V) Paikudipatti , 2.Sokkanathapuram (U) Kottapatti (R V) Gowripattinam, Kottapatti , 3.Sokkanathapuram (U) Katthappattu (R V) Vellanjampatti
160Keelakottai Panchayat Union Middle School,Keelakottai ,EAST Buiklding 1.Kottagudi(U) Keezhakottai (R V) Kottakudi , 2.Kottagudi(U) Keezhakottai (R V) Keelakottai
161Keelakottai Panchayat Union Middle School,Keelakottai ,WEST Building 1.Kottagudi(U) Keezhathurumbu (R V) Alavilampatti, Kalavayal
162Keelakottai Panchayat Union Middle School,Keelakottai ,North Wing 1.Kottagudi(U) Alavilampatti (A) Keezhathurumbu (R V) Sadaiyanpatti , 2.Kottagudi(U) Keezhakottai (R V) Poiyamanipatti , 3.Kottagudi(U) Keezhakottai (R V) Kollampatti , 4.Kottagudi(U) Alavilampatti (A) Keezhathurumbu (R V) Thurumpupatti
163Sembanoor Meyammal Kasi Govt Hsc School Sembanoor East Building Middle Portion 1.Sembanoor (p)R.V W 1-sivankovil street , 2.Sembanoor (p)R.V Ward-1 chettiyar street , 3.Sembanoor (p)R.V W-2,3,Mathakovil street
164Sembanoor Meyammai Kasi Govt Hsc School, Sembanoor South East Building South Portion 1.Sembanoor (p)R.V W-3 main road , 2.Sembanoor (p)R.V W-2,3,Neththaji road , 3.Sembanoor (p)R.V W- 4 thiruvalluvar street , 4.Sembanoor (p)R.V Ward-4 kudiyiruppu
165Sembanoor Meyammai Kasi Govt Hsc School, Sembanoor ,MAIN Building Additional Building East Wing Right Side 1.Sembanoor (p)R.V W-1 puthukkudi , 2.Sembanoor (p)R.V W-1 meenatchipuram , 3.Sembanoor (p)R.V W-1 venkatramapuram
166Kallal Panchayat Union Primary School, Kallal ,UNDER The Limit Of Devapattu 1.Devappattu (p)R.V Ward-1 devappattu , 2.Devappattu (p) R.V Ward-2 p. kovil patti , 3.Devappattu (p) R.V Ward-2 mangan punjai
167Kallal Murugappa Hsc School, Kallal ,NEW Building North West Wing 1.Kallal (p) R.V Ward-1 mahernonbhu , 2.Kallal (p) R.V Ward-1 pudhuvalavu nadar street , 3.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-1 vadakku chettiyar street
168Kallal Murugappa Hsc School, Kallal New Building North West Middle Building ,NEW Building 1.Kallal (p) R.V Ward-1 tamizhar street , 2.Kallal (p) R.V Ward-1 somasundharam street , 3.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-1 marunkippatti , 4.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-1 chinnaurani vadakarai , 5.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-1 chinna urani keelkarai
169Kallal Murugappa Hsc School, Kallal ,OLD Building - Main Building 1.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-3 pramanar street , 2.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 chettiyar street , 3.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 indhira nagar , 4.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 periya kadai veethi , 5.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 pazhiya kadai veethi , 6.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 south 5th street , 7.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 sambanur salai , 8.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 karaikkudi salai , 9.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 south 6th street , 10.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 r.c. s. veethi , 11.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 mela theru , 12.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 police line , 13.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 nethaji street , 14.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-2 south 4th street
170Kallal Britto Primary School, Kallal ,NORTH Wing East Side 1.Kallal (p)R.V W-3 pazhaya valavu nadar street gudiyanavar street , 2.Kallal R.V Ward-3 gudiyanaver street , 3.Kallal R.V Ward-3 pazhiya vellar street , 4.Kallal R.V Ward-3 sembanur road
171Kallal Britto Primary School, Kallal ,NORTH Wing Middle Portion 1.Kallal R.V Ward-3 seeni nagar , 2.Kallal R.V Ward-3 indhira nagar
172Kallal Britto Praimary School, Kallal ,NORTH Wing West Side 1.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-3 pazhaya valavu nadar street , 2.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-3 bharathi veethi nerkani , 3.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-3 bharathi street , 4.Kallal (p)R.V Ward-3 purandi veethi
173Kuthaloor St. Sebathiyar Praimary School , Kuthaloor ,ADDITIONAL Building West Wing 1.Kutthalur (p) R.V. Ward-1 kutthalur ammankovil theru , 2.Kutthalur (p) R.V Ward-1 mainroad iadayar st. , 3.Kutthalur (p)R.V Ward-1 santhiamman kovil street , 4.Kutthalur (p)R.V Ward-1 veera vinayagar street , 5.Kutthalur (p)R.V Ward-2 sebesthyar street
174Kuthaloor St. Sebathiyar Praimary School , Kuthaloor ,ADDITIONAL Building West Wing 1.Kutthalur (p)R.V Ward-2 ambethkar nagar , 2.Kutthalur (p)R.V Ward-2 indhira nagar , 3.Thalakkavur (p) KoothallurR.V Ward-3 keeranippatti
175Poyyaloor Ganthi Primary School Poyyaloor 1.Poiyalur (p)Vaarivayal R.V Ward-1 poiyalur , 2.Poiyalur (p) Vaarivayal R.V Ward-1 nethaji puram , 3.Poiyalur (p) Vaarivayal R.V Ward-1 alavanthan patti , 4.Poiyalur (p) Vaarivayal R.V Ward-1 varivayal
176Padathanpatt I Panchayat Union Middle School Padathanpatti South Wing 1.Poiyalur (p) Vaarivayal R.V Ward-1 mandaiyappatti , 2.Poiyalur (p) Vaarivayal R.V Ward- 1,2,Idaiyanvayal , 3.Poiyalur (p) Vaarivayal R.V Ward-2 padatthanpatti , 4.Poiyalur (p) Vaarivayal R.V Ward-2 narunjikkudipatti , 5.Poiyalur (p) Vaarivayal R.V. Ward-2 surakkudiyan patti , 6.Poiyalur (p)Vaarivayal R.V Ward-1,2,Varivayal kattukudiruppu
177Pilar Panchayat Union Middle School, Pilar 1.Kutthalur (p)R.V Ward-3 pilar , 2.Kutthalur (p) Pilar R.V Ward-3 pottappunjai , 3.Kutthalur (p) Pilar R.V Ward-3 keezhakkudiyiruppu , 4.Kutthalur (p) Pilar R.V Ward-3 anaiththidal , 5.Kutthalur (p) Pilar R.V. Ward-3 veeran nagar
178Sethuraguna Thapattinam Panchayat Union Middle School, Sethuragunathapattinam ,ADDITIONAL Building 1.Sethuragunathapattinam (p) R.V W-1,2,Annanagar , 2.Sethuragunathapattinam (p) R.V W- 3,4,Sethuragunathapattinam
179Sethuraguna Thapattinam Panchayat Union Middle School, Sethuragunathapattinam ,SOUTH Side 1.Sethuragunathapattinam (p)R.V W-1 parungulam , 2.Sethuragunathapattinam (p) R.V W-1 nagavayal(a)arockiyapuram
180Visalayankot Tai Panchayat Union Elemendary School, Visalayankottai ,OLD Building 1.Vesalayankottai (p) R.V W-1 VAIYAPURI , 2.Vesalayankottai (p) R.V W-1 thiruvalluvar street , 3.Vesalayankottai (p) R.V W-1 muththaraiyar street , 4.Vesalayankottai (p) R.V W-1 mathakovilstreet , 5.Vesalayankottai (p) R.V W-1 muthuramalinga dever street , 6.Vesalayankottai (p) R.V W-3 pallapatchari , 7.Vesalayankottai (p) R.V W-3 sannavanam , 8.Vesalayankottai (p) R.V W-3 rama nayakkanendal navithanthidal , 9.Vesalayankottai (p)R.V W-3 vethamuthu nagar , 10.Vesalayankottai (p)R.V W-3 bakadi
181Vepangulam Panchayat Union Middle School, Vepangulam ,TILED Building South Wing West Portion 1.Veppangulam (p)R.V W-1 pazhaya veppangulam , 2.Veppangulam (p)R.V Ward-2 pervalasai , 3.Veppangulam (p)R.V W-3 kalkulam atchani
182Vepangulam Panchayat Union Middle School, Vepangulam ,WEST Wing West Portion 1.Veppangulam (p)R.V W-4 puthuveppangulam , 2.Veppangulam (p)R.V W-5 colony , 3.Veppangulam (p)R.V W-6 themmavayal (a) santhanavayal
183Keelepoongu Di Panchayat Union Primary School, Keelepoongudi ,NORTH Building 1.Keezhapoongudi (p)R.V Melappungudi keelavalavu , 2.Keezhapoongudi (p)R.V Melappungudi melavalavu , 3.Keezhapoongudi (p) R.V Meelapoongudi north valavu , 4.Keezhapoongudi (p)R.V Melappoongudi colony , 5.Keezhapoongudi (p) R.V Keezhaputhuvetti , 6.Keezhapoongudi (p) R.V Melaputhuvetti
184Keelepoongu Di Panchayat Union Primary School, Keelepoongudi ,EAST Building 1.Keezhapoongudi (p)R.V Keezhapoongudi mevalavu , 2.Keezhapoongudi (p) R.V Keezhapoongudi keezhavalavu
185Alampattu Panchayat Union Primary School, Alampattu ,SOUTH Building 1.Alampattu (p) R.V W-1 alampattu , 2.Alampattu (p) R.V W-2 puthuvalavu , 3.Alampattu (p) R.V Ward- 3 vilarippatti
186Alampattu Panchayat Union Primary School, Alampattu ,NORTH Building 1.Alampattu (p) R.V W-4 colony , 2.Alampattu (p) R.V Ward-5 karaikudippatti , 3.Alampattu (p) R.V W- 6 arikurunji , 4.Alampattu (p) R.V W-7 kodungulam (a) vilavadiyendal
187Kurunthampattu Panchayat Union Middle School, Kurunthampattu ,WEST Wing 1.Kurunthampattu (p)R.V W-1 avidanthidal , 2.Kurunthampattu (p)R.V W-1 ugampattu , 3.Kurunthampattu (p)R.V W-1 kurunthampattu east
188Kurunthampattu Panchayat Union Middle School Kurunthampattu ,SOUTH Building 1.Kurunthampattu (p) R.V W-2 kurunthampattu west
189KurunthampattuPanchayat Union Middle School, Kurunthampattu 1.Kurunthampattu (p) R.V W-2 thaittam pathu , 2.Kurunthampattu (p) R.V W-2 somanathapuram , 3.Kurunthampattu (p) R.V W-2 siriya somanathapuram , 4.Kurunthampattu (p) R.V W-2 kavil patti pongal thalai , 5.Kurunthampattu (p) R.V W-2 somanathapuram aadhithiravider colony , 6.Kurunthampattu (p) R.V W-2 somanathapuram colony
190Sathampatti Panchayat Union Primary School, Sathampatti ,ADDITIONAL Building 1.Vesalayankottai (p) R.V W-2 sathithampaththi south kudiyiurppu , 2.Vesalayankottai (p) R.V W-2 sathithampaththi north kudiyiurppu
191A.Siruvayal Dhagoor Middle School, A.Siruvayal ,SOUTH Wing 1.Aranmanai chiruvayal (p)R.V Ward-2 mathavaraianpatti , 2.Aranmanai chiruvayal (p)R.V W-2 muthuramalinganagar , 3.Aranmanai chiruvayal (p)R.V W-2 railway colony , 4.Aranmanai chiruvayal (p) W-1 a. siruvayal
192A.Siruvayal Dhagoor Middle School, A. Siruvayal ,NORTH Wing 1.Aranmanai chiruvayal (p)R.V W-3 udumban patti , 2.Aranmanai chiruvayal (p)R.V W-1 veerapandikarai , 3.Aranmanai chiruvayal (p)R.V W-1 d-chiruvayal
193Muthupatti R.C.Primary School, Muthupatti 1.Aranmanai chiruvayal (p)R.V Ward-5 muthuppatti
194SatharasanpattiR.C Middle School, Satharasanpatti ,NORTH Building West Wing 1.A. chiruvayal (p)R.V W-3 gurungkalippatti , 2.A. chiruvayal (p)R.V W-3 thanneer panthal , 3.A. chiruvayal (p)R.V W-3 annanagar , 4.A. chiruvayal R.V W-3 saththarasanpatti north
195Satharasanpatti R.C Middle School, Satharasanpatti ,EAST Building 1.A. chiruvayal (p)R.V W-3 saththarasanpatti south , 2.A. chiruvayal (p)R.V W-2 puliyagkudippatti
196P.Nerpugappatti Panchayat Union Primary School, P.Nerpugappatti 1.Nerpugappatti (p)R.V W-1 kumatchippatti , 2.Nerpugappatti (p) R.V W-2 nerpugappatti-eachampatti , 3.Nerpugappatti (p)R.V W-2 kalatthivayal
197Panangudi Roman Cathlic Middle School, Panangudi ,EAST Portion 1.Panagudi (p)R.V Puthuvalavu w-1 , 2.Panagudi (p)R.V Therkkuvalavu w-1 , 3.Panagudi (p)R.V Naduvalavu w-1 , 4.Panagudi (p)R.V Merkkuvalavu west street w-2 , 5.Panagudi (p)R.V Thiravidar cheri (west part) w-2
198Panangudi Roman Cathlic Middle School, Panangudi ,EAST Wing 1.Panagudi (p)R.V Thiravidar cheri (east part) w-2 , 2.Panagudi (p)R.V Valaiyar street (west part) w-1 , 3.Panagudi (p)R.V Valaiyar street (east part) w-1 , 4.Panagudi (p)R.V Surampatti ward 3 , 5.Panagudi (p)R.V Thiruthippatti w - 3 , 6.Panagudi (p)R.V Palavanpatti w-3
199Natarajapura M Ramasamy Chettiar Memorial High School, Natarajapuram North Wing ,NORTH Wing 1.Nadarajapuram (p) MUMUDICHANPATTI R.V W-1 kovinipatti,pila.patti,n.mummudipatti
200Natarajapura M Ramasamy Chettiar Memorial High School, Natarajapuram South Wing 1.Nadarajapuram (p)MUMUDICHANPATTI R.V Ward - 2,Nadarajapuram , 2.Nadarajapuram (p) MUMUDICHAANPATTI R.V Ward-2 veeranathalpatti,Sakaravarthipatti w&e , 3.Panagudi (p) MUMUDICHAANPATTI R.V Ward-3,Gandhinagar colony & b.natarajapuram
201Paganeri Govt Girls High School, Paganeri South Building Eastern Room 1.Paganeri (U) (R.V) Paganeri , 2.Paganeri (U) (R.V) Paganeri
202Paganeri Panchayat Union Praimary School, Paganeri North Building, West Wing 1.Paganeri (U) (R.V) Paganeri Palaiyavalavu , 2.Paganeri (U) (R.V) Paganeri Puthuvalavu
203Paganeri Panchayat Union Praimary School, Paganeri , South Building 1.Paganeri (U) (R.V) Paganeri Palaiyavalavu , 2.Paganeri (U) (R.V) Paganeri Puthuvalavu
204Kadaneri Panchayat Union Primary School, Kadaneri 1.Kadaneri (U) (R V) Kadaneri
205Ilanthamang Alam Panchayat Union Middle School, Ilanthamangalam 1.Kadaneri (U) Ilanthamangalam (R V) Ilanthamangalam
206Nagarampatti Panchayat Union Middle School, Nagarampatti ,WEST Wing 1.Nagaram patti, Amman Patti (U) Nagarampatti (R.V) Nagarampatti , 2.Nagaram patti, Amman Patti (U) Nagarampatti (R.V) Veelaneri
207Nagarampatti Panchayat Union Middle School, Nagarampatti ,EAST Wing 1.Nagaram patti, Amman Patti (U) Ammanpatti (R V) Amman patti , 2.Nagaram patti, Amman Patti (U) Ammanpatti (R V) Azhagapuri , 3.Nagaram patti, Amman Patti (U) Nagarampatti (R V) Ramalingapuram
208Kalayarmang Alam Panchayat Union Middle School, Kalayarmangalam 1.Kalaiyar Mangalam (U) Keelamangalam (R.V) Kalaiyarmangalam , 2.Kalaiyar Mangalam (U) Keelamangalam (R.V) Sanangulam
209Melamangala M Panchayat Union Middle School, Melamangalam ,NORTH Wing 1.Melamangalam (U) O.Pudur (R V) Melamangalam , 2.Melamangalam (U) Keezhamangalam (R V) Chinnudaiyanpatti , 3.Melamangalam (U) Keezhamangalam (R V) Iyyampatti , 4.Melamangalam (U) Keezhamangalam (R V) Lakshmipuram
210Karunkalakk Udi Panchayat Union Middle School, Karunkalakkudi ,NORTHSide Building , East Room 1.Melamangalam (U) Karungalakudi (R.V) Karungalakudi
211Surakulam Panchayat Union Primary School, Surakulam ,WEST Building 1.Surakkulam Puthukottai (U) Surakkulam (R V) Surakkulam , 2.Surakkulam Puthukottai (U) Surakkulam (R V) Vasthapatti , 3.Surakkulam Puthukottai (U) Surakkulam (R V) Ponnampatti
212Surakulam Panchayat Union Primary School, Surakulam ,SOUTH Building 1.Surakkulam Puthukottai (U) Gowripatti (R V) Anamavali , 2.Surakkulam Puthukottai (U) Surakkulam (R V) Puthukottai , 3.Surakkulam Puthukottai (U) Paiyur Pillai Vayal (R V) Peekulathupatti , 4.Surakkulam Puthukottai (U) Surakkulam (R V) Rahinipatti
213Gowripatti Panchayat Union Middle School, Gowripatti, North Wingtilet Roof 1.Gowripatti (P) Sennalakkudi (R V) Konappatti , 2.Gowripatti (P) Sennalakkudi (R V) Palliseripatti , 3.Gowripatti (P) Nattarasankottai (R V) Sakkur , 4.Gowripatti (P) (R V) Thiruvelangudi , 5.Gowripatti (P) (R V) karampatti , 6.Gowripatti (P) (R V) Gowripatti , 7.Gowripatti (P) Sennalakkudi (R V) Karuthupatti
214Senkulipatti Chinnamanthar Middle School, Senkulipatti West Wingtited 1.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Vaniyangudi (R.V) Oothikulam , 2.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Vaniyangudi (R.V) Melakadu , 3.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Vaniyangudi (R.V) Kandipatti
215Senkulipatti Chinnamanthar Middle School, Senkulipatti East Wing 1.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Vaniyangudi (R.V) Sengulipatti , 2.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Vaniyangudi (R V) Sirusengulipatti
216Muthur Panchayat Union Middle School, Muthur ,EAST Wing 1.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Muthur (R V) Guruvadipatti , 2.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Sennalakkudi (R V) Valangadupatti , 3.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Vaniyangudi (R V) Vaniyangudi , 4.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Muthur (R V) Veerapathiranendhal , 5.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Muthur (R V) Thuvaripatti
217Muthur Panchayat Union Middle School, Muthur ,SOUTH Wing Terrect 1.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Muthur (R.V) Muthur , 2.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Muthur (R.V) Moorkuzhi , 3.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Muthur (R.V) Ariyanachi Kudiyiruppu , 4.Muthur Vaniyangudi (U) Muthur (R V) Ayyanarkulam
218Kalakanmai Panchayat Union Primary School, Kalakanmai 1.Kalankanmoi (U) A.Siruvayal (R V) Kalankanmoi North Kudiyiruppu , 2.Kalankanmoi (U) A. Siruvayal (R V) Kalankanmoi , 3.Kalankanmoi (U) Mathukkanmoi (R V) Noothan Kanmoi , 4.Kalankanmoi (U) Vetriyur (R V) Kalankanmoi
219Seval Punjai Panchayat Union Middle School Middle Room Seval Punjai 1.Kalankanmoi (U) Sevaoorani (R V) Sevalpunjai
220Vettriyour Govt Higher Secondary School, Vetriyoor. South Wing East Side Building 1.Malaikandan (p)R.V Ward-1 keezhakkudiyiruppu , 2.Malaikandan (p)R.V W-2 melakkudiyeruppu
221Vettriyour Govt Higher Secondary School, Vetriyoor. West Wing East Side Building 1.Vettriyur (p)R.V Ward-1 keezhakkudiyiruppu , 2.Vettriyur (p)R.V Ward-2 south kudiyiruppu
222Vettriyour Govt Higher Secondary School, Vetriyoor. North Wing Middle Building West Side 1.Vettriyur R.V W-3 melakkudiyeruppu , 2.Vettriyur (p) R.V Ward-4 iyyanar veethi
223A.Karunkula M Panchayat Union Primary School, A.Karunkulam ,NEW Building 1.A. karunkulam (p) Periyakarungulam , 2.A. karunkulam (p) Usilangulam , 3.A. karunkulam (p) Therguppatti , 4.A. karunkulam (p) Vilavampatti , 5.A. karunkulam (p) Navalkaniyanmadam , 6.A. karunkulam (p) Vavari , 7.A. karunkulam (p) Chinnakarungulam , 8.A. karunkulam (p) Avarangudi , 9.A. karunkulam (p) Thaniveeranenthal , 10.A. karunkulam (p) Thiruvalangai
224Ottanam R.C. Middle School, Ottanam ,EAST Wing 1.Kalankanmoi (U) Sevaoorani (R V) Ottanam , 2.Kalankanmoi (U) Mathukkanmai (R V) Mathurakanmoi
225Silayavurani Panchayat Union Elemendary School , Silayavurani 1.Kalankanmoi (U) Sevaoorani (R V) Silaiyavurani
226Mathukkanm Oi Panchayat Union Praimary School, Mathukkanmoi 1.Kalankanmoi (U) Mathukkanmoi (R V) Mathukanmoi , 2.Kalankanmoi (U) Mathukkanmoi (R V) Uuthupatti , 3.Kalankanmoi (U) Nedungulam (R V) Kadambangulam , 4.Kalankanmoi (U) Kodikkadu kadampoorani (R V) Mudukurani , 5.Kalankanmoi (U) Mungankanmai (R V) Kalveli , 6.Kalankanmoi (U) Sevaoorani (R V) Sevalpunjai
227Puliyaditham Bam R.C.Middle School, Puliyadithambam , East New Building 1.Uruthikottai (U) Monkankanmai (R.V) Puliyadithammam , 2.Uruthikottai (U) Monkankanmai (R.V) Silampatthan , 3.Uruthikottai (U) Monkankanmai (R.V) Nedodai
228Puliyaditham Bam R.C. Middle School, Puliyadithambam ,SOUTH New Building, Western Wing South Room Nearest Staircase 1.Uruthikottai (U) Monkankanmai (R.V) Puliyadithambam , 2.Puliyadithambam (U) Monkankanmai (R.V) Madathanpunjai
229Ammapatti Panchayat Union Primary School, Ammapatti 1.Puliyadithambam (U) Moovarkanmai (R.V) karuvikanmoi Newcolony , 2.Puliyadithambam (U) Moovarkanmai (R.V) Karuvikanmoi , 3.Puliyadithambam (U) Moovarkanmai (R.V) Gobalapattinam , 4.Puliyadithambam (U) Moovarkanmai (R.V) Azhagapuri , 5.Puliyadithambam (U) Moovarkanmai (R.V) Veladithambam , 6.Puliyadithambam (U) Moovarkanmai (R.V) Ammapattanam , 7.Puliyadithambam (U) Moovarkanmai (R.V) Sivagnanapuram
230Pallithampam R.C. Middle School, Pallithampam ,NEW Building 1.Pallithammam (U) Pallivayal (R V) Pallithammam , 2.Pallithammam (U) Moovarkanmai (R V) Vembani , 3.Pallithammam (U) Nedungulam (R V) Nadesapuram
231Soosaiyappar Pattinam Sagayarani Girls Hsc School. Soosaiyapparpattinam North Wing Western Room 1.Kattendhal (U) Pallivayal (R V) Susaiyappar pattinam , 2.Kattendhal (U) Kurunthanivariyendal (R V) Kurunthani , 3.Kattendhal (U) Kurunthanivariyendal (R V) Narputham , 4.Kattendhal (U) Kurunthanivariyendal (R V) Porpalaiyendhal
232Soosaiyappar Pattinam Sagayarani Grils Hsc School, Soosaiyapparpattinam West Building 1.Kattendhal (U) Pallivayal (R.V) Susaiyappar pattinam , 2.Kattendhal (U) Pallivayal (R.V) kattathi
233Aandichioora Ni R.C. Middle School, Aandichioorani North Building. East Wing 1.Kattendhal (U) Nedungulam (R.V) Andichiyurani
234Nudungulam R.C. Praimary School, Nudungulam 1.Kattendhal (U) Nedungulam (R.V) Nedungulam , 2.Kattendhal (U) Nedungulam (R.V) Uzhaurani
235Kalayarkoil Panchayat Union Primary School Kalaiyarkovil North East Wing 1.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Seekurani , 2.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Mettupatti
236Kalayarkoil Panchayat Union Primary School, Kalayarkoil ,EAST East Wing 1.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Uuthupatti , 2.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Senthamil nagar
237Kalayarkoil Panchayat Union Primary School, Kalayarkoil ,South Building West Wing 1.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Oyyavanthan Asari street
238Kalayarkoil Panchayat Union Primary School, Kalayarkoil ,WEST Wing 1.Kalaiyarkovil , Somanathamangalam (R.V) Sannathi V.O.C, A.L.R street
239Kalayarkoil Panchayat Union Middle School, Kalaiyarkovil North Building, West Wing 1.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Kasthuribai street
240Kalayarkoil Panchayat Union Primary School Kalaiyarkovil ,WEST New Building South Side 1.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Moorthi nagar
241Kalayarkoil Govt Higher Secondary School Kalaiyarkovil ,SOUTH East Building 1.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Kasthuribai street
242Kalayarkoil Govt Higher Secondary School Kalaiyarkovil ,SOUTH West Building 1.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Manthali
243Kalayarkoil Panchayat Union Primary School, Kalayarakoil ,WEST North Building 1.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Somasundharam nagar west
244Kalayarakoil Integrated Anganwadi,Center Kalayarakoil , Somasundaram Nagar 1.Anna Nagar 2.Thuthi Nagar 3. Senthamil Nagar
245Kalayarkoil Panchayat Union Primary School, Kalayarakoil ,WEST Middle Building 1.Kalaiyarkovil (U) Somanathamangalam (R.V) Thirunagar
246Meppal Panchayat Union Primary School, Meppal 1.Kollangudi (U) Kollangudi (R V) Meppal , 2.Kollangudi (U) (R V) Naduvali , 3.Kollangudi (U) (R V) Periya Narikottai , 4.Kollangudi (U) (R V) Kallanai
247Kollangudi Panchayat Union Primary School, Kollangudi ,EAST Wingtiled 1.Kollangudi (U) Vettaneri (R V) Ariyakkurichi , 2.Kollangudi (U) (R V) Sathapuli , 3.Kollangudi (U) (R.V) Kamarajar Nagar
248Kollangudi Panchayat Union Primary School, Kollangudi ,North Wing Terract 1.Kollangudi (U) (R.V) Kollangudi
249Kollangudi Panchayat Union Middle School, Kollangudi ,WEST Wing 1.Kollangudi (U) (R V) Kandanipatti , 2.Kollangudi (U) Usilanendal (R V) Usilanendal , 3.Kollangudi (U) (R V) Pinnangulam , 4.Kollangudi (U) (R V) Keeranur , 5.Kollangudi (U) (R V) Azhagapuri , 6.Kollangudi (U) (R V) Kollangudi
250Nattarasank Ottai S.R.M. Hsc School, Nattarasankottai ,MAIN Building West Wing 1.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Radhakrishnan Street , 2.Nattarasankottai (SVP) Captain Lakshmi Street , 3.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Moovendar street , 4.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Pavendar street , 5.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Seran street , 6.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Pandyan street , 7.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Railway road , 8.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Manickavalli street , 9.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Ilango street
251Nattarasank Ottai S.R. M.Hsc School, Nattarasankottai ,MAIN Building North Wing (8th B Class Room) 1.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Aathisankar street , 2.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)iTIruvalluvar Street , 3.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Periyar Street , 4.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Sengamalathal street , 5.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Kaliamman street , 6.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Nackirar street , 7.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Keerangulam street , 8.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Anna street
252Nattarasank Ottai S.V.V.Sala Primary School, Nattarasankottai, South Side Building Next To Office Room 1.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Bharathiyar street , 2.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Nehru street , 3.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Thirunavukarasar street , 4.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Lalpagathur sasthiri street , 5.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Pattinathar street , 6.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Gurunathan kovil street , 7.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Nayanmargal street , 8.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Aladiyar street , 9.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Veerakandan street , 10.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i V.O.Chithambaram street , 11.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Vallalar Street , 12.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Thiru.V.K. Street , 13.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Moovendar street , 14.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Marudhupandiyar street , 15.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Rajaji Street , 16.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Manickavasagar Street
253Nattarasank Ottai K.M.S. C.Girls High School, Nattarasankottai ,NORTH Wing , Middle Room 1.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Gandhiji street , 2.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Thanpanasaitha street , 3.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Vengadasalapathi perumal street , 4.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Gobalakrishnan street , 5.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Kaliyattakannatthal street , 6.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Vallal seethakathi street , 7.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Kavisakkaravarthi kambar street , 8.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Vaitheeswaran Street , 9.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Kamarajar street
254Nattarasank Ottai K.M.Sc. Girls High School, Nattarasankottai ,SOUTH Wing, Western Room 1.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Amman sannathi Street , 2.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i East car street , 3.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i south car street , 4.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i West Car Street , 5.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i V.O.C. street , 6.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Kannappar street , 7.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Nehru street , 8.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Vallapaipadel street , 9.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Lalpagathur sasthiri Street , 10.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Sudhanthira Road , 11.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Nethaji Street , 12.Nattaran Kottai (SVP)i Kambar Kovil Street
255Panankadi Panchayat Union Middle School, Panankadi South Wingtilet Roof 1.Alloor (U) Panangudi (R.V) Raniyur , 2.Alloor (U) Panangudi (R.V) Suravathi , 3.Alloor (U) Panangudi (R.V) Vijayamanickam , 4.Alloor (U) Panangudi (R.V) Pangadi , 5.Alloor (U) Panangudi (R.V) Iluppakottai
256Allur Panchayat Union Primary School, Allur 1.Alloor (U) (R V) Allur , 2.Alloor (U) (R V) Muthupattinam , 3.Allur (U) (R V) Kusavanadappu , 4.Allur (U) (R V) Veerani , 5.Allur (U) Paiyur Pillai Vayal (R V) Kodikkadendhal
257Vettaneri Panchayat Union Primary School, Vettaneri, West Side Building South Wing (terract) 1.Vittaneri (U) (R.V) Vittaneri , 2.Vittaneri (R.V) Kurukathi ,
258Udavayal Panchayat Union Elementary School Udavayal 1.Vittaneri (R.V) Udavayal , 2.Vittaneri (R.V) Sathani
259Paruthikanm Oi Panchayat Union Primary School, Paruthikanmoi ,OLD Building 1.Kollangudi (U) Paruthikkanmai (R V) Iyuruli , 2.Paruthikanmoi (U) (R.V) Paruthikanmoi , 3.Paruthikanmoi (U) (R.V) Sinthathur
260Pulikanmoi R.C Middle School, Pulikanmoi ,SOUTH Building West Side 1.Paruthikanmoi (U) (R V) Pulikanmoi , 2.Paruthikanmoi (U) Purasadiudaippu (R V) Andurani
261Kanchipatti Panchayat Union Primary School, Kanchipatti 1.Kanjippatti (P) (R V) Kanjippatti , 2.Kanjippatti (P) Purasadi Udaippu (R V) Thavasukudi
262Sevalkanmoi P Panchayat Union Praimary School, Sevalkanmoi 1.Velankulam (P) Kurunthanivariendal (R.V) Arasakulam , 2.Velankulam (P) Kuruthanivariendal (R.V) Thandikanmai , 3.Velankulam (P) Kuruthanivariendal (R.V) Sevalkanmai , 4.Velankulam (P) Kuruthanivariendal (R.V) Keelavalayampatti , 5.Velankulam (P) Kuruthanivariendal (R.V) Iruppanpoochi (N) , 6.Velankulam (P) Kuruthanivariendal (R.V) Valayampatti
263Thuvarilanka Nmoi R.C. Middle School, Thuvarilankanmoi , 1.Velankulam (P) Kuruthanivariendal (R.V) Iruppanpoochi , 2.Velankulam (P) Kuruthanivariendal (R.V) Usilankanmai , 3.Velankulam (P) Kurunthanivariendal (R.V) Thuvarilankanmai , 4.Velankulam (P) Kuruthanivariendal (R.V) Kadambangulam
264Velankulam Panchayat Union Primary School, Velankulam , 1.A. Velankulam (P) M.Vagaikulam (R V) Sana Oorani , 2.A. Velankulam (P) M. Vagaikulam (R V) Velankulam , 3.A. Velankulam (P) M. Vagaikulam (R V) M.Vahaikulam , 4.A. Velankulam (P) Marakkathur (R V) Aniyavayal
265Marakathur Panchayat Union Middle School, Marakathur 1.Marakathur (P) (R V) Puliyurani , 2.Marakathur (P) (R V) Narkani , 3.Marakathur (P) (R V) Marakathur , 4.Marakathur (P) (R V) Antharendhal , 5.Marakathur (P) (R V) Sivantharendhal , 6.Marakathur (P) (R V) Gurumanendhal
266Marathur Panchayat Union Primary School, Marathur 1.Marakkathur (P) Marathur (R.V) Maniyangudi , 2.Marakkathur (P) Marathur (R.V) Marathur
267Ettayakudi. Panchayat Union Middle School, Ettayakudi 1.Gurunthangudi (p) Vannikudi (R V) Gurunthangudi , 2.Gurunthangudi (p) Vannikudi (R V) Ettiyakkudi , 3.Gurunthangudi (p) Vannikudi (R V) Kattiyakara siramam , 4.Gurunthangudi (p) Vannikudi (R V) Kalaikkulam , 5.Gurunthangudi (p) Vannikudi (R V) Mudithanai
268Silukapatti Panchayat Union Primary School, Silukapattitiled 1.Silukkappatti (P) (R V) Sithikkudi , 2.Silukkappatti (P) (R V) Sirumal , 3.Silukkappatti (P) (R V) Thoramankkudi , 4.Silukkappatti (P) (R V) Kundakkudai
269Silukapatti Panchayat Union Primary School, Silukapatti South Building,Tiled 1.Silukkappatti (P) (R V) Silukkappatti , 2.Silukkappatti (P) Kakulam (R V) Thodukulam , 3.Silukkappatti (P) Vannikudi (R V) Vannakkudi , 4.Silukkappatti (P) Vannikudi (R V) Kodumuttikulam
270Siruvelangud I Panchayat Union Primary School, Siruvelangudi 1.Silukkappatti (P) Marathur (R.V) Vellakkudi , 2.Silukkappatti (P) Marathur (R.V) Peruvelankudi , 3.Silukkappatti (P) Marathur (R.V) Naavettiyendhal , 4.Silukkappatti (P) Marathur (R.V) Maruthankudi , 5.Silukkappatti (P) Marathur (R.V) Siruvelankudi , 6.Silukkappatti (P) Marathur (R.V) Sirusanavayal , 7.Silukkappatti (P) Marathur (R.V) Neduvathavu
271Mathikanmoi Panchayat Union Primary School, Mathikanmoi 1.Usilangulam (P) Nallendal (R.V) Manthikkanmai , 2.Usilangulam (P) Nallendal (R.V) Nallendhal
272Usilankulam Panchayat Union Middle School, Usilankulam ,NEW Building 1.Usilangulam (P) Nallendal (R V) Usilangulam , 2.Usilangulam (P) Siriyur (R V) Siriyur , 3.Usilangulam (P) Siriyur (R V) Soorakudi , 4.Usilangulam (P) Siriyur (R V) Kunakkudai
273Maravamang Alam Govt Hsc School, Maravamangalam East Block 1 North Building 1.Maravamangalam(P) Palgulam (R.V) Maravamangalam(Melatheru)
274Maravamang Alam Govt Hsc School, Maravamangalam ,EAST Block 2 North Building, Next Room To Ps.273 1.Maravamangalam(P) Palgulam (R.V) Maravamangalam(Keelatheru)
275Maravamang Alam Govt Hsc School, Maravamangalam ,EAST Block South Building 1.Maravamangalam(P) Nallendal (R V) Poothakudi , 2.Maravamangalam(P) Palkulam (R V) Narankani , 3.Maravamangalam(P) Palkulam (R V) palkulam , 4.Maravamangalam(P) Palkulam (R V) Paruvakkudai
276Maravamang Alam Govt Hsc School, Maravamangalam ,EAST Block South Building, Next Troom To Ps.275 1.Maravamangalam(P) Palkulam (R V) Maravamangalam , 2.Maravamangalam(P) Palkulam (R V) Pappan Kanmai , 3.Maravamangalam(P) Palkulam (R V) Annanagar Colony
277Purasadiudaip Pu K.S.V. Pathima Primary School, Purasadiudaippu 1.Mudikkarai (P) (R V) Pudukkulam , 2.Mudikkarai (P) Purasadi Udaippu (R V) Purasadi udaippu
278Kayaoodai Panchayat Union Elemendary School , Kayaoodai 1.Mudikkarai (P) Kurunthanivariyendal (R V) Kaya Odai , 2.Mudikkarai (P) Kurunthanivariyendal (R V) Pudhukkudiyiruppu
279Mudikarai Panchayat Union Middle School, Mudikaraitiled 1.Mudikkarai (P) (R.V) Sirumudikkarai , 2.Mudikkarai (P) (R.V) Kallatthi , 3.Mudikkarai (P) (R.V) Mudikkarai , 4.Sethambal (P) (R.V) Pothakkudi
280Orupokki Panchayat Union Primary School, Orupokki(New Buildind) 1.Kanjippatti (P) Puthukizhuvachi (R.V) Periya Kilavachi , 2.Kanjippatti (P) Puthukizhuvachi (R.V) Pudhu Kilavachi , 3.Kanjippatti (P) Puthukizhuvachi (R.V) Karunkali , 4.Kanjippatti (P) Puthukizhuvachi (R.V) Orupokki , 5.Kanjippatti (P) Puthukizhuvachi (R.V) Kalkulam , 6.Kanjippatti (P) Pudhukizhavachi (R.V) Ponnakulam , 7.Kanjippatti (P) Puthukizhavachi (R.V) Pranthanai
281Oyyavanthan P Panchayat Union Primary School, Oyyavanthan 1.Udakulam (P) Oiyavanthan (R V) Oiyavanthan , 2.Udakulam (P) Oiyavanthan (R V) Pechathakkudi , 3.Udakulam (P) Sozhavanthan (R V) Solavanthan , 4.Udakulam (P) Oiyavanthan (R V) Pranthan
282Kattusoorai Panchayat Union Primary School, Kattusoorai 1.Udakulam (P) Oiyavanthan (R V) Kattusurai , 2.Udakulam (P) Oiyavanthan (R V) Kattuppuli
283, Udagulam Panchayat Union Middle School, Udagulam 1.Udakulam (P) Poovali (R V) Udakulam
284Sengulam Panchayat Union Middle School Sengulam New Building West Side. 1.Sengulam (P) Poovali (R.V) Sengulam , 2.Sengulam (P) Poovali (R.V) Nariyanendhal , 3.Sengulam (P) Poovali (R.V) N.Nedunkulam , 4.Sengulam (P) Poovali (R.V) Poovali
285Nadamangala M Panchayat Union Middle School, Nadamangalam 1.Nadamangalam (P) (R V) Nadamangalam , 2.Nadamangalam (P) M. Velankulam (R V) Udharappuli , 3.Nadamangalam (P) P. Udaiyarendal (R V) Porusuppatti , 4.Nadamangalam (P) P. Udaiyarendal (R V) Udayarendhal
286M.Velangula M Panchayat Union Primary School, M.Velangulam 1.Nadamangalam (P) M. Velankulam (R V) Killukkudi , 2.Nadamangalam (P) M. Velankulam (R V) Vallakkulam , 3.Nadamangalam (P) M.Velankulam (R V) M.Velankulam
287Athapadaki Panchayat Union Primary School, Athapadaki 1.Athappadakki (P) (R V) Athappadakki , 2.Athappadakki (P) (R V) Pottagavayal , 3.Athappadakki (P) (R V) Panankudi , 4.Athappadakki (P) Allpattividuthi (R V) Kandankurichi , 5.Athappadakki (P) Allpattividuthi (R V) Kulalavayal , 6.Mallal (P) Athappadakki (R V) Sollakulam
288Karumanthangud I D I Government High School Kurumanthakudi (North Wing) 1.Athappadakki (P) Vettikulam (R V) Vettikulam , 2.Athappadakki (P) Vettikulam (RV) Niranjan , 3.Athappadakki (P) Vettikulam (R V) Ettiyarendhal , 4.Athappadakki (P) (R V) Kadiyavayal , 5.Athappadakki (P) (R V) Madumarichan , 6.Athappadakki (P) (R V) Pappakudi
289Karumanthangud I Government High School Kurumanthakudi West Wing South Room 1.Athappadakki (P) (R V) Karumanthakudi , 2.Athappadakki (P) Mudikkarai (R V) Navathavu
290Nanthanoor Panchayat Union Primary School, Nanthanoor ,West Wing 1.Siramam (P) Pulavanvayal (R V) Nanthanur , 2.Siramam (P) Pulavanvayal (R V) Kilavanur , 3.Siramam (P) (R V) Valaperumal Aliyathurumbu , 4.Siramam (P) Pulavanvayal (R V) Manakkudi , 5.Siramam (P) Pulavanvayal (R V) Nanthanur , 6.Siramam (P) Pulavanvayal (R V) Kallivayal, Singathai Vendran
291Siramam Panchayat Union Elemendary School, Siramam 1.Siramam (P) (R V) Kalapilan , 2.Siramam (P) (R V) Siramam , 3.Siramam (P) Pulavanvayal (R V) Utharapuli
292Sembar Panchayat Union Middle School, Sembar ,West Wing 1.Siramam (P) Sembar (R V) Alankudi , 2.Siramam (P) Sembar (R V) Sembar , 3.Siramam (P) Sembar (R V) Pudukkulam , 4.Siramam (P) Sembar (R V) Kadampankudi , 5.Siramam (P) Sirukanaperi (R V) S.Maruthankudi
293Pulikottai Panchayat Union Primary School, Pulikottai 1.Sethambal (P) (R.V) Pullukkottai , 2.Sethambal (P) (R.V) Pokkani Siruvur , 3.Sethambal (P) (R.V) Sethambal
294Pakaiyanjan R.C.Praimary School Pakaiyanjan, Next To Office Room 1.Karaikulam (p) Melathuraiyur (R V) Pukkuli , 2.Sethambal (P) (R V) Pahayanjan , 3.Sethambal (P) (R V) Solayur , 4.Sethambal (P) Sirukanaperi (R V) Mavilangai Sirukanaperi , 5.Sethambal (P) Vannikkudi (R V) Parakkulam, Kamukadi
295MelamarunkorPanchayat Union Middle School, Melamarunkoor, Front Side Building 1.Melamarunkur (P) Vannikudi (R.V) Melamarunkur , 2.Melamarunkur (P) Vannikudi (R.V) Surakudi Moovanur , 3.Melamarunkur (P) Vannikudi (R.V) Ottakkarai Maruthankudi , 4.Melamarunkur (P) Vannikudi (R.V) Anjampatti , 5.Melamarunkur (P) Vannikudi (R.V) Pidikkulam , 6.Melamarunkur (P) Vannikudi (R.V) Surakkuttam, Vannikkuttam , 7.Melamarunkur (P) Vannikudi (R.V) Kavanikkarai
296Sakkoor Ulagamatha High School, Sakkoor South Building 1.Erivayal (P) Sakkur (R V) Sakkur , 2.Erivayal (P) Sakkur (R V) Achankudi , 3.Erivayal (P) Sakkur (R V) Anjavayal , 4.Erivayal (P) Sakkur (R V) Kothamangalam
297Sakkoor Ulagamatha High School, Sakkoor ,East Building 1.Erivayal (P) Kanjaram (R V) Kanjaram Colony , 2.Erivayal (P) Kanjaram (R V) Kanjaram Pudur
298IlanthankaralPanchayat Union Primary School, Ilanthankarai 1.Ilanthankarai (P) Sakkoor (R V) Ilanthankarai , 2.Ilanthankarai (P) Sakkoor (R V) Thondiyur , 3.Ilanthankarai (P) Sakkoor (R V) Pandiyarenthal , 4.Ilanthankarai (P) Sakkoor (R V) Kodikarai , 5.Ilanthankarai (P) Sakkoor (R V) K.Vayal , 6.Ilanthankarai (P) Kalkulam (R V) Palayendhal , 7.Ilanthankarai (P) Kalkulam (R V) Vilankattur
299Kirampuli Hindu Aided Primary School, Kirampuli 1.Ilanthankarai (P) Kalkulam (R V) Maruthankudi , 2.Ilanthankarai (P) Kakulam (R V) Kakulam , 3.Ilanthankarai (P) Maranthai (R V) Solamudi , 4.Ilanthankarai (P) Silukkapatti (R V) Puthur , 5.Ilanthankarai (P) Kalkulam (RV) Kirampuli , 6.Ilanthankarai (P) Sakkoor (R V) Ilanthankarai
300Sethur MaranthaiPanchayat Union Middle School, Sethur Maranthai South Wing East Roomtiled Roof 1.Maranthai (P) (R V) West Maranthai , 2.Maranthai (P) (R V) South Maranthai , 3.Maranthai (P) (R V) Mettukudiyiruppu , 4.Maranthai (P) (R V) Koravalasai , 5.Maranthai (P) (R V) Thalirthalai , 6.Maranthai (P) Sethur (R V) Keelasethur , 7.Maranthai (P) Sethur (R V) Mullakarai
301Sethur Maranthai Panchayat Union Middle School, Sethur Maranthai , South Building West Room 1.Maranthai (P) Sethur (R V) Melasethur , 2.Maranthai (P) Kolanthi (R V) Koothani , 3.Maranthai (P) Kolanthi (R V) Kolanthi
302Velarenthal Panchayat Union Middle School, Velarenthal 1.Velarenthal (P) (R V) Velarenthal , 2.Velarenthal (P) Sethambal (R V) Kandanikkarai , 3.Velarenthal Panchayat T.Mandapam, Koothakudi, Velankulam , 4.Velarenthal Panchayat Sethambal (R V) Sathiseri, Maranthai, Viyalanur
303PeriyakannanoorPanchayat Union Primary School, Periyakannanoor North Wing 1.Periyakannanur (P) (R V) Periyakannanur , 2.Periyakannanur (P) (R V) Keelakudiyiruppu , 3.Periyakannanur (P) Thadiyamangalam (R V) Odaikulam , 4.Periyakannanur (P) (R V) Kannamuthankarai , 5.Periyakannanur (P) (R V) Pei Pagaiyanjan
304Sembanoor Panchayat Union Primary School, Sembanoor 1.Sembanur (P) (R V) Sembanur , 2.Sembanur (P) (R V) Keelasuravathi , 3.Sembanur (P) (R V) Melasuravathi , 4.Sembanur (P) Allpattaviduthi (R V) Nenmeni , 5.Sembanur (P) Allpattaviduthi (R V) Alpattaviduthi , 6.Sembanur (P) Allpattaviduthi (R V) Kalasankudi , 7.Sembanur (P) Allpattaviduthi (R V) Kallikudi
305Thachanenth Al Panchayat Union Primary School, Thachanenthal, Western Building South Side 1.Periyakannanur (P) Thadiyamangalam (R V) Naranamangalam , 2.Sembanur (P) Thadiyamangalam (R V) Irumpur , 3.Sembanur (P) Thadiyamangalam (R V) Thachanendhal
306ThadiyamangaalamPanchayat Union Primary School, Thadiyamangalam. West Wing Terraced 1.Thadiyamangalam (p) Uthamanur (R V) Thadiyamangalam , 2.Thadiyamangalam (p) Uthamanur (R V) Panagulam , 3.Thadiyamangalam (p) Uthamanur (R V) Pottagavayal , 4.Thadiyamangalam (p) Uthamanur (R V) Pananodai , 5.Kalaikkulam (p) (R V) Pach chitty , 6.Periyakannanur (P) (R V) Veeramangalam
307K.Perunkarai Panchayat Union Primary School, K.Perunkarai ,North Building East Room 1.Sembanur (P) K. Perunkarai (R V) Perunkarai , 2.K.perunkarai,keelapidavur (p) K.Perunkarai (R V) K. perunkarai , 3.K.perunkarai,Keelapidavur (p) K.Perunkarai (R V) Keezhapidavur , 4.K.perunkarai,Keelapidavur (p) K. Perunkarai (R V) Puliyangulam , 5.K.perunkarai,Keelapidavur (p) K. Perunkarai (R V) West mayazhi , 6.K.perunkarai,Keelapidavur (p) K.Perunkarai (R V) East mayazhi , 7.K.perunkarai,Keelapidavur (p) K.Perunkarai (R V) Velani , 8.K.perunkarai,Keelapidavur (p) K.Perunkarai (R V) Sorandiyendhal
308A.Vilakkulam Panchayat Union Middle School, A.Vilakkulam, West Wing East Building 1.Mallal (P) N.Puliyankulam (R V) Pillathi , 2.Melapidavur (p) Puliyankulam (R V) A. vilakulam
309Mallal Adi Dravidar Welfare Hsc School, Mallal North Building East Room 1.Mallal (P) (R V) Mallal , 2.Mallal (P) Sembanur (R V) Marakkulam
310Mallal Adi Dravida Welfare Hsc School Mallal West Wing 1.Mallal (P) (R V) Sithalankudi , 2.Mallal (P) (R V) Pavakudi , 3.Mallal (P) (R V) Satharasankottai , 4.Mallal (P) (R V) Maruthankudi
311KurunthangulamPanchayat Union Elemendary School , Kurunthangulam 1.Mallal (P) P. Udaiyarendal (R V) Virakulam , 2.Mallal (P) P. Udaiyarendal (R V) Melakadampankudi , 3.Mallal (P) P. Udaiyarendal (R V) Singakodai , 4.Mallal (P) P. Udaiyarendal (R V) Ponnali , 5.Mallal (P) P. Udaiyarendal (R V) Kurunthankulam , 6.Surakkulam pillarutthan (p) Surakkulam (R V) Thambilikkan
312Nemam Panchayat Union Praimary School , Nemam Melamarunkur (P) Valanai (R V) Kannakulam , 2.Melamarunkur (P) Kanjiram (R V) Vilankulam , 3.Melamarunkur (P) Valanai (R V) Nemam , 4.Melamarunkur (P) Valanai (R V) Panavayal , 5.Melamarunkur (P) Valanai (R V) Peekulam , 6.Melamarunkur (P) Valanai (R V) Allivayal
313Valanai Aided Primary School Valanai 1.Sathanur (p) (R V) Muthupattinam , 2.Sathanur (p) (R V) valahai

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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