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List of Polling Booths in Ramanathapuram Assembly

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Mallal 1.Mallal (R.V) And (P) Munjan ward2 , 2.Mallal (R.V) And (P) North mallal ward3 , 3.Mallal (R.V) And (P) South mallal ward3
2Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Alangulam 1.Alangkulam (R.V) And (P) Alangkulam , 2.Alangkulam (R.V) And (P) Alangkulam , 3.Alangulam (R.V) And (P) Periyakannangudi , 4.Alangkulam (R.V) And (P) Pudukulam
3Govt. Higher Secondary School ,North Building East side Tiruuthirakosamangai 1.T.u.mangai (R.V) And (P) T.u.mangai , 2.T.U.Mangai (R.V) And (P) T.U.Mangai south street
4Govt. Higher Secondary School ,North Buliding West side T. U. Mangai 1.T.u.mangai (R.V) And (P) T.u.mangai yadava street , 2.T.U.Mangai (R.V) And (P) T.U.Mangai , 3.T.U.Mangai (R.V) And (P) Seethai , 4.T.U.Mangai (R.V) And (P) Kalakkudi
5Shanmuga Aided Primary School ,New Building South Side Vellamarichikatti 1.Vellamarutchikatti (R.V) And (P) Deivasilai nallur , 2.Vellamarutchikatti (R.V) And (P) Vellamarutchikatti North street , 3.Vellamarutchikatti (R.V) And (P) Vellamarutchikatti south street , 4.Vellamarutchikatti (R.V) And (P) Kathaikulam
6Adi Diravidar Welfare Community Hall ,Vellamarichikatti 1.Vellamarutchikatti (R.V) And (P) Vithanoor , 2.Vellamarutchikatti (R.V) And (P) Kodikulam , 3.Vellamarutchikatti (R.V) And (P) Vengulam , 4.Vellamarutchikatti (R.V) And (P) Kailasamangalam
7Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Southside, Kalari 1.Kalari (R.V) And (P) Keelaseethai , 2.Kalari (R.V) And (P) Kalari south , 3.Kalari (R.V) And (P) Kalari north , 4.Kalari (R.V) And (P) Anaikudi
8Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New building, Sumaithangi 1.Kalari (R.V) And (P) Sumaithangi
9Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Nallirukkai 1.Nallirukkai (R.V) And (P) Konari , 2.Nallirukkai (R.V) And (P) Nallirukkai 1 , 3.Nallirukkai (R.V) And (P) Nallirukkai 2 , 4.Nallirukkai (R.V) And (P) Chettiendal
10Panchayat Union middle School, ,Panaiyadiyendal 1.Panaiyadiendal (R.V) And (P) Mariarayapuram , 2.Panaiyadiendal (R.V) And (P) Panaiyadiendal North street , 3.Panaiyadiendal (R.V) And (P) Panaiyadiendal west street , 4.Panaiyadiendal (R.V) And (P) Panaiyadiendal south street , 5.Panaiyadiendal (R.V) And (P) Panaiyadiendal colony
11Govt. High School ,Velanoor 1.Velanur (R.V) And (P) North velanoor(p) , 2.Velanur (R.V) And (P) South Velanoor(P) , 3.Velanur (R.V) And (P) Velanoor colony
12Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North Building South side Melamadai 1.Velanur (R.V) And Melamadai (P) Padippan , 2.Velanur (R.V) And Melamadai (P) Melamadai
13Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Building North side Melamadai 1.Velanur (R.V) And Melamadai (P) Kannipapuram , 2.Velanur (R.V) And Melamadai (P) Karukathi , 3.Velanur (R.V) And Melamadai (P) Karukathi colony
14Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Portion North Side, Natham 1.Kulapatham (R.V) And (P) Kulapatham ward1 , 2.Kulapatham (R.V) And (P) Kulapatham natham ward1
15Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South side, Natham 1.Kulapatham (R.V) And (P) Kulapatham natham ward2 , 2.Kulapatham (R.V) And (P) Kulapatham natham colony ward2 , 3.Kulapatham (R.V) And (P) Vaigai ward2
16Panchayat Union Middle School, ,South Building West side Chinnapalaiyarenthal 1.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Thillaiendal , 2.Pallamorkulam, (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Keelathillaiyendal , 3.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Periyapalayarendal , 4.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Chinna palayarendal , 5.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Muslim Morkulam
17Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,New Building, Pallamorkulam 1.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Pallamorkulam
18Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Kompooty 1.Manikkaneri (R.V) And Komboothi (P) Komboothi north street , 2.Manikkaneri (R.V) And Komboothi (P) Komboothi south street
19Govt Adi Dravidar Middle School , Palanchirai 1.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Amaikootam , 2.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Palanchirai
20Panchayat Union Primary School ,Kumbidumadurai 1.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Kumpidamadurai
21Nadar Middle School, ,Mavilanthoppu 1.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Maruthan thoppu , 2.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Mavilanthoppu murungaithoppuu , 3.Pallamorkulam (R.V) And Thillaiendal (P) Thillaiendal
22Community Hall ,North side New Mayakulam 1.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) New mayakulam , 2.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) Thondalai melakarai
23Community Hall ,South side New Mayakulam 1.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) Chinna Mayakulam , 2.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) Thattan thaoppu street
24C.S.I. Primary School ,Chinnamayakulam 1.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) Mulluvadi (ward 3) , 2.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) Muthurajnagar (Ward 6)
25Panchayat Union Ele School ,Pullandhai 1.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) Pullanthai (Ward 1) , 2.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) Pullanthai (Ward 2)
26Nadar Mahajana sanga Middle School, ,(East side) Mayakulam 1.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) Mayakulam
27Nadar Mahajana sanga Middle School, ,(West side) Mayakulam 1.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) Bharathi nagar vivekanandapuram , 2.Mayakulam (R.V) And (P) Mangaleswari nagar
28C.S.I. Middle School, West Phase, Southside, ,Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Erwadi road seethakathi road ward21 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) North street block 20 10 to 135
29C.S.I. Middle School ,West side middle building Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Thattan thoppu street ward2
30Muhyidheeniya Matriculation Higher Secondary School ,West building North portion Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) North street ward 20
31Muhyidheeniya Matriculation Higher Secondary School ,West Building South portion Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (P) North Street 2
32C.S.I. Middle School ,West side North portion Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Sayakara street ward20 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Vannar street ward20
33Islamia Elementary School ,North Building East Portion, Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) North street 6 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) North street 1 , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Pudukudi street ward16
34Islamia Elementary School ,North Building West Portion, Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) North street ward19 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) North street ward16 , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Pudukudi street ward16
35Islamia Matriculation Higher Secondary School ,(West portion South side)Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) North street 4 seethakathi salai , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) North street 5 south street 1 , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Sengara street
36Islamia Matriculation Higher Secondary School ,(West portion Middle side)Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Chokkanadarsamy kovil street , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Esathandayal street , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) South street , 4.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) South street
37Islamia Matriculation Higher Secondary School ,West Building North side Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) New street , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) North street ward 17 , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) South street ward17
38Sathakkathul Jariya Middle School, East portion north side, , Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) South street ward18
39Sathakkathul Jariya Middle School ,East portion south side Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) North street ward 16 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Middle street ward16 , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Middle street ward16
40Sathakkathul Jariya Middle School ,(South side East Building) Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Naina mohameed thandayar street ward14 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (TP) Chokkanatharsamy kovil street ward14 , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Mela street 1
41Sathakkathul Jariya Middle School ,(South side East portion) Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Esathandayar street ward21 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) South street 4
42Hameediya Matriculation Hr Sec School ,West Building North side Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Sheak ahameed street , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Chinna pitchai maraikayar street , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Mela street 2 , 4.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Chairman sathak road , 5.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Alimmathi hirakulla road
43Hameediya Matriculation Hr Sec School ,West Building South side Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Naina mohameed thandayar street ward12 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Musambu street ward12 , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Salai street ward12 , 4.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Middle street ward12 , 5.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) South street ward12 , 6.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Thambi naina pillai street ward12
44Sathakkaththul Jariya Middle School , Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Naina mohameed thandal street , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Vallal seethakathi road , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Panagkattu adidravidar street
45Sathakkaththun Jariya Middle School, West portion north side, ,West side South portion Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Middle street 1 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Middle street 2 , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Patcillai street , 4.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Atthiilai street , 5.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Mathar ambalam street , 6.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Nadar kadai street
46Hameediya Primary School ,(South side East portion) Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Melastreet 1 ward13 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P)) Mela street 2 ward 15)
47Hameediya Primary School ,(South side West portion) Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (TP) Sanguvetti street , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Pannattar street
48Panchayat Union Primary School No. 1 ,North Phase, Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Vaniyar street ward6 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Vallal seethakathi road , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) East street , 4.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) New colony ward2
49Panchayat Union Elementary School No. 1 ,South portion Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) East nadar street ward 1 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Maravar street
50Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Muthusamypuram 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Muthusamypuram
51Mahdoomia High School ,(West portion South side) 5th Room Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Thatchar street ward 8
52Mahdoonia High School ,(West portion South side) 4th Room Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Vallal seethakathi road ward 7 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) East street ward7
53MahDoomia High School ,West Portion Room No 3 Keelkarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Seran street ward10 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Adaruthan street ward7 , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Paniakara street ward10
54Hyrathul Jalaliya Higher Secondary School ,4th Room Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Pethari street ward3
55Hyrathul Jalaliya Higher Secondary School ,6th Room Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (r.v) and (t.p) Pethari street ward9 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Sangulikara street ward3 , 3.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Keelakarai ward9
56Hyrathul Jalaliya Higher Seconadry School ,South East Building 28th Room Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Thatcar street ward9
57Hyrathul Jalaliya Higher Seconadry School ,South West Building 29th Room Keelakarai 1.Kilakarai (r.v) and (t.p) Sangkulikara street ward 8 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Adaruthan street ward9
58Hyrathul Jalaliya Elementary School ,North Building Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Vaniyar street ward 5,6
59Hyrathul Jalaliya Elementary School ,Middle portion Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Paruthikara street ward 5
60Hyrathul Jalaliya Elementary School ,South side 7th Room Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) East street ward4 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) East street ward4
61Hairathul Jalailiya Primary School ,South side 9th Room Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) East street ward4 , 2.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) East street ward3
62Hairathul Jalailiya Primary School ,South side 8th Room Keelakarai 1.Keelakarai (R.V) And (T.P) Meentchipuram ward2
63Panchayat Union Middle School, ,South Building Kanchirankudi 1.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Yadavar kudiiruppu , 2.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Kanjirangkudi muslim kudiiruppu , 3.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Melavalasai , 4.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Melavalasai colony
64Pt. Un. Middle School, ,North Building Kanchirankudi 1.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Kanjirangkudi , 2.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Sengaluneerodai
65Community Hall, ,Kanchirankudi 1.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Kanjirangkudi , 2.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Keelavalasai
66Panchayat Union Middle School, North Bulding, , Lakshmipuram 1.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Alavaikaraivadi , 2.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Idinthagal , 3.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Lakshmipuram new nagaram , 4.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Gokulanagar srinagar
67Panchayat Union Middle School, South Building , ,Lakshmipuram 1.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Lakshmipuram , 2.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Kanjirangkudi new town , 3.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Gokulanagar
68Panchayat Union Middle School ,South Building North side Lakshmipuram 1.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Srinagar , 2.Kanjirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Sivagamipuram
69Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North phase East side Thathanenthal 1.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Thathanendal (P) Thathanendal , 2.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Thathanendal (P) Pallappacheri
70Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North phase East side Thathanenthal 1.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Thathanendal (P) Pokkaraendal , 2.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Thathanendal (P) Muthuveerappanvalasai , 3.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Thathanendal(P) Pokkaraendal
71Panchayat Union Middle School ,East side East Building Mela Pudukudi. 1.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Sethukarai (P) Panjanthangi , 2.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Sethukarai (P) Seenivalasai , 3.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Sethukarai (P) Thetchivalasai , 4.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Sethukarai (P) Pitchavalasai
72Panchayat Union Middle School ,North side East Building Mela Pudukudi. 1.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Sethukarai (P) Keelapudukudi , 2.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Sethukarai (P) Melapudukudi , 3.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Sethukarai (P) Agasthiarpuram , 4.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Sethukarai (P) Sethukarai
73Suresh Sudha Alagan Govt Higher Secondary School ,North Building East Side Thiruppullani 1.Tirupullani (R.V) And (P) Tirupullani colony kudiiruppu , 2.Tirupullani (R.V) And (P) Tirupullani west street , 3.Tirupullani (R.V) And (P) Tirupullani south street
74Suresh Sudha Alagan Govt Higher Secondary School ,NorthBuilding Western Side Thiruppullani 1.Tirupullani (R.V) And (P) Tirupullani east street , 2.Tirupullani (R.V) And (P) Tirupullani salai street , 3.Tirupullani (R.V) And (P) Valayanendal , 4.Tirupullani (R.V) And (P) Uppilanvalasai
75Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Koraikoottam 1.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Koraikottam (P) Koraikottam north , 2.Tiruppullani (R.V) And Koraikottam (P) Koraikottam south
76Fathima Teacher Training School, West side North Portion ,Pasumpon Nagar, Ramanathapuram 1.Rajasooriyamadai (R.V) And (P) Rajasooriyamadai msk nagar west part
77Fathima Teacher Training School ,West Portion South side Pasumpon Nagar, Ramanathapuram 1.Rajasooriyamadai (R.V) And (P) Rajasooriyamadai MSK Nagar east part
78Panchayat Union Elementary School West side ,Rajasuriyamadai 1.Rajasooriyamadai (R.V) And (P) Rajasooriyamadai ward 2
79Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Building, West Side Building, , Palkarai 1.Rajasooriyamadai (R.V) And (P) Atchadipirambu ward 3 , 2.Rajasooriyamadai (R.V) And (P) Govindanendal ward 4 , 3.Rajasooriyamadai (R.V) And (P) Palkarai ward 5 , 4.Rajasooriyamadai (R.V) And (P) Vannikudi ward 6
80Raja Higher Secondary School ,North portion Room no 19 Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram (m) Southcar street ward1 , 2.Ramanathapuram (M) Kottai mettu street ward1 , 3.Ramanathapuram (M) New Akraharam street Ward 1 , 4.Ramanathapuram (M) Kolikuttu street Ward 1
81Raja Higher Secondary School ,West North Portion Room No.20 Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram (M) Agraharam middle street ward1 , 2.Ramanathapuram (M) Mugavai Oorani West Akraharam Ward 1 , 3.Ramanathapuram (M) Rajamalaiettu street ward1 , 4.Ramanathapuram (M) Sivan kovil north agraharam ward1
82Raja Higher Secondary School, Northern Portion, Room No.19, South side eastern portion Ramanthapuram Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram (M) Sivankovil east car street , 2.Ramanathapuram (M) Kulanthaisami santhu ward1 , 3.Ramanathapuram (M) Raja aranmanai west street ward3 , 4.Ramanathapuram (M) Muniasamy kovil west street ward1 , 5.Ramanathapuram (M) Throuwpathi amman kovil south north street ward3 , 6.Ramanathapuram (M) Mugavaioorani west street ward , 7.Ramanathapuram (M) Sannathi street ward3 , 8.Ramanathapuram (M) Banumathi natchiar north street ward 1
83Raja Higher Secondary school , South side western Portion Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(M) Thonnai gurusamy kovil east street ward 2 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Chinnasamy new street ward2 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Muniandi subramaniasamykovil west street , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Govinda theetchadar east car street ward2 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Jeyapalsamy north street ward3 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Kathamuthu santhu ward2 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) Thaipiriyanai street ward3
84Raja Higher Secondary School ,South side XI-G sec 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Muthudevan santhu ward3 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Thiraviyam santhu ward3 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Subramaniya logaguru north street ward2 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Yanaikal road ward4 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Muniandyservai santhu ward2 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Muniandi subramanian kovil south street ward2
85C.S.I. Elementary School, (South Western Building) , Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Neelkandi agraharam street ward2 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Neelakandi madurai veerasamy kovil north street Ward 2 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Aranmanai east street ward 4 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Aranmanai south street ward3 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Aranmanai street ward4 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Ayvayar street ward27 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) Karanal pangala street ward3 , 8.Ramanathapuram(T) Millar bungalow street ward4 , 9.Ramanathapuram(T) Vengidasamy street ward5 , 10.Ramanathapuram(T) Thangavelsamy street ward 4 , 11.Ramanathapuram(T) Naina street ward4 , 12.Ramanathapuram(T)) Govindasamy santhu ward4 , 13.Ramanathapuram(T) Kandasamy santhu ward4 , 14.Ramanathapuram(T) Muthu karuppan santhu ward4 , 15.Ramanathapuram(T) kasi raja santhu ward4 , 16.Ramanathapuram(T) Vairalingam santh ward4 , 17.Ramanathapuram(T) Lakshaprabhu arumugam north street ward4 , 18.Ramanathapuram(T) Raja aranmanai mela theru ward3 , 19.Ramanathapuram(T) Sannathi street ward3 ,
86Sethupathy Middle School Eastern Portion , Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Pandikanmaisamy aranmanai west street ward5 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Devasthanam manager ayyakannu east street , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Alangneri street ward5 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Yanaikkal street ward4 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Kuppan north street ward5 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Sikkanthar street ward5 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) Lakshmanan north street ward5 , 8.Ramanathapuram(T) Pandiasamy santhu ward5
87Raja Dhinakar Middle School ,main building Ramanathapuarm 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Mariamman kovil street ward6 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Gandhiadigal street ward6 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Mariamman kovil street east part ward6
88Raja Dhinakar Middle School ,Old Tiled Building west side Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Alli kanmai south street ward6 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Esapallivasal street ward6 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Samy ayya santhu ward6
89Raja Dhinagar Primary School, ,main building IX-A Ramanathapuarm 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Sigilraja street kenikarai ward8 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Savanakara street ward8 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Board school santhuward8 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Sikil kadaivamban santhu ward8 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Sigil kadai mandayan santhu ward8 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Rajadinagar aranmanai west street ward8 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) Kenikarai santhu ward8 , 8.Ramanathapuram(T) DR ambedkar south north street ward7
90Govt.Women Arts College ,North side Nutrition dept Eastern Portion Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Magarthoppu pottal road 1st street ward8 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) magarthoppu pottal road 2nd street ward8 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Magar nonbu pottal road 3rd street ward8 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Magarnonbu pottal road 4th street ward8
91Govt.Women Arts College ,South side Nutrition dept Western portion Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Magarnonbu puttal road 5th street ward8 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Magarnonbu pottal road 6th street ward8 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Magarnonbu pottal road 7th street ward8 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Magarnonbupottalroad 8th street
92Raja Dhinagar High School ,New Building North side X th A Eastern Portion Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Devipattinam road ward9 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Vettrilaikarastreet ward7 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Saverrarkovil east santhu ward7 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Saveerarkovil east street ward7
93Raja Dhinagar High School Ramanathapuram ,New Building North portion 9th B 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Saveerar kovil south street ward7 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Dr ambedkar middle street ward7 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Vandikara santhu ward26 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Dr.ambedkar east west street ward7
94Syed Ammal Hr. Sec. School ,West side Class Room No 8 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Thiruvaluvar ward10 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Lakshmipuramoorani melkaraipath ward9 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Thiruvpathiammankovil north street ward12 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Balasubramanisamy kovil street ward12 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Lakshmipuram melaratha veethi ward10
95Syed Ammal Hr. Sec. School ,Main Building RooM No 7 Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Lakshmipuram agraharam road ward10 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Vanipattinamroad ward10 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) lakshmipuram chattria street ward10 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Lakshmipuram south street ward10 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Thaumanswamy kovil madam north street ward10 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Thaumanaswamy madam south street ward10 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) Chinnasamy santhu ward10
96Syed Ammal Hr. Sec. School, ,Main Building Room No.9 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Vandikara murugaiaha street ward12 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Balasubramaniakovil north car street ward12 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Lakshmipuram krishnankovil south street ward11 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Lakshmi muthu ramalingaswamy kovil lane Ward 12 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Lakshmi muthu ramalingasamy kovil east ward12 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Lakshmipuram Muthuramalingasami Kovil west street ward12 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) Lakshmipuram Muthuramalingasami kovil west santhu ward12
97Ayra Vaishia Matriculation School, East Building North Portion ,East building E block Northern portion 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Balasubramaniasamy kovil south car street , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Sayakara street ward12 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Kambar street ward12 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Muthuramalingasamy north car street ward12 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Vasanthanagar 1st street ward12
98Ayra Vaishia Matriculation School, East Building North Portion ,East building E block Northern portion 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Vasantha nagar 2nd street ward12 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Vasantha nagar 3rd street ward12 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Vasantha nagar 4th street ward 12 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Vasantha nagar 5th street ward12
99Syed Ammal Matric Hr. Sec. School ,North side Room No G 11 Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Kuruvikara street ward11)
100Syed Ammal Matric Hr. Sec. School ,North portion Room No G 12 Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Karuveppillaikara street ward11 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Rameswaram devasthanam south street ward11 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Rameswaram devasthanam office east street1) , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Rameswaram devasthanam west street , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Muthuramalinga samy kovil south street ward12 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T)(Æ) Balasubramaniasamy kovil east street ward12
101Ayra Vaishiya Matriculation School, West Building F Block XI thClass , Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Sivan kovil south street ward13 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) middle street ward13 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) North street ward13 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Sivankovil north street ward13 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) South street ward13 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Karuppan oorani street ward13 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) Moorkadai street ward13
102Dharma.Davala Vinayagar School ,New Building room no 1 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Dharpasayanam road ward13 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Muthunokorakki street ward17
103Dharma.Davala Vinayagar School ,New Building Room no 1 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Maduraiyargal street ward9 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Bharathirar street ward17 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Dharna thavala vinayagar kovil east street ward17
104Crescent High School, New Building Hall No 2 ,New Building room no 2 1.Ramanathapuram(t) New street ward17 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Southcar street ward16 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Pallivasal street ward14 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Kattiyakara street ward14
105Crescent High School, New Building Hall No 2 ,New Building Room No.3 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Kaleekadeviammankovil new street ward17 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Devipattinam road ward17 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Devipattinam road (Kidavetti Oorani Road) ward 17
106Crescent High School, ,New western portion north side 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Ambalakara street ward14 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Kollampattrai street ward15 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Kaikolvar street ward14
107Columbu Alim School ,10th A 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Naganathapuram north 1st street ward15 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Naganathapuram north 2nd street ward15 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Kansahib street ward15
108Columbu Alim School ,Eastern side VIII A class room 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Naganathapuram main ward 15 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Naganathapuram south street ward15 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Naganathapuram Keelkarai ward15
109Vallal Parry Middle School, Eastern Portion, ,Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Ambalakara street north ward14 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Dharpasayana road ward14 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Ambalakarastreet ward14 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Kavarayar street ward18 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Durairajchattirastreet ward18 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Kavarayar west street ward18 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) Kalikadeviamman dovil east street ward16 , 8.Ramanathapuram(T) Kalimadeviamman dovil street ward16 , 9.Ramanathapuram(T) Durairajchattira north street ward1 , 10.Ramanathapuram(T) Chellaperumal street ward22 , 11.Ramanathapuram(T) Keeraikaraoorani east street ward22 , 12.Ramanathapuram(T) Dharpasayanam road ward21
110Vallal Parry Middle School, Western Portion, ,Eastern portion 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Thaiyalkara street ward16 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Vallalpari north street ward16 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Vallalpari south street ward16
111M.S.K. Memorial Municipal School, Room No.5 , Room no 2 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Fisherman street ward 19 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Patchivalayakara street ward19 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Dharpasayana road santhu ward20
112M.S.K. Memorial Municipal School, Room No. 3, , Room no 5 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Sivazhanapuram road ward20
113M.S.K. Memorial Municipal School, Room No. 3, , Room no 4 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Pamboorani street ward20 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Aruppukara street ward20 , 3.?Ramanathapuram(T) Aruppukara santhu ward20 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Pamboorani santhu ward20
114M.S.K. Memorial Municipal School ,Room No 3 Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Keeraikara street ward22 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Dharpasayanam road ward21
115Municipal Girls Higher Secondary School ,Main Building Western side Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Dharpasayanam road santhu no2ward19 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Dharpasayanam road santhu not 2 ward19 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Dharpasayanam road santhu no3 ward19 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Mandapam road ward21 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Pulikara street ward21
116Municipal Girls higher secondary school, East side ,Main building Middle portion 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Pulikara street ward21 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Kannagi street ward22 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Railway compound ward21
117Municipal Girls Higher Secondary School, West side ,main building eastern side 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Vivekananda street ward22 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Madathi amman kovil street ward 22 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Semmangkudi street ward22 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Devipattinam road ward22
118Aringar Anna Middle School, ,West side Building Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Goodshed colony main road ward23 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Good shed colony 1st street ward 23 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Good shed colony 2nd street ward23 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Good shed colony 3rd street ward23
119Schwartz Hr Sec School ,room no western side 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Good shed colony ward 23 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Anna nagar ward23
120Schwartz Hr Sec School ,XI th E sec 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Gandhi nagar ward24 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) NGO colony ward23
121Aringnar Anna middle school ,New Building western side 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Ilangovadigal street ward25 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Ilangovadigal street ward 25
122Aringnar Anna Memorial Municipal School ,New Building Western side Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Vandikara street ward26 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Vandikara street ward no 26
123Schwartz Higher Secondary School ,Room No.13 South Portion , Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Ilangovadigal street ward 25 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Lathams bungalow road ward 24 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Semmankundu street ward25 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Railway line path ward29 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Localfund road ward26
124Schwartz Higher Secondary School ,Room No.12 , Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Agraharam road ward27 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Karikadai santhu ward27 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Singarathoppu ward29 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Vandikarapillaiyar kovil street ward26 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Vandikara santhu ward26 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Rajaramanatha sethupathi nagar ward24 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) Bound shop street ward27
125Schwartz Hr. Sec. School, New Additional Building, ,Room No. 11 North Portion Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Agilkidangu street ward27 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) South street ward29 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Kandari amman kovil street ward29 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Pathinettampadi kovil street ward28 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Agraharam road ward3 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Kannan north street ward27 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) kayakariamman kovil street ward27
126K.Saba Nadesayyar Elementary School , Main Building Front Portion, Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Local fund road ward29 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Balaji east street ward29 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Chidambaranar street ward28
127K.Saba Nadesayyar Elementary School , Main Building Back Portion, South side Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Muniyasamy kovil street ward28 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Kattabomman street ward28 , 3.Ramanathapuram(t) Subbiah street ward28 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Neelakandan santhu ward28
128St. Andrews Girls Hr Sec School ,Room No. 1Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Kandariamman kovil street ward29 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Agraharam road ward3
129St. Andrews Girls Hr Sec School ,Vocational Block Room No. 7 Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Muniasamy kovil south street ward29 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Vanakkara street ward28 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Vanasankari amman kovil street ward30
130Sri. Ramanujam Elementary School, Western Portion , Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Thaiyal part street ward30 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Thaiyalpart santhu ward30 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Vanasankari amman kovil agraharam ward30 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Vakkel nagalingam pillai street ward32 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Vakkeel nagalingam pillai street ward31
131Sri. Ramanujam Elementary School, Western Portion ,Western Portion South Side Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Diwan narayanasamywest street ward32 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Seethakathi east west street ward33 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Kothanar street ward31 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Aranmanai ramasamy kothanar west street ward31 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Ariyanayagam east street ward33
132Ramanujam Primary School ,Eastern Portion North Side Ramanathapuram 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Adimoolam north street ward30 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Agraharam road ward30 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Diwan narayanasamy east street ward30 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Ovaiyar street ward27 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Ponniah bhavadar ward31 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Kothanar south street ward31 , 7.Ramanathapuram(T) Nagakoil street ward31 , 8.Ramanathapuram(T) Ponniah west sandu ward31 , 9.Ramanathapuram(T) Aranmani ramasamy kothnar street ward31 , 10.Ramanathapuram(T) Chidambarm oorani road ward33 , 11.Ramanathapuram(T) Vanasankari amman kovil west part street , 12.Ramanathapuram(T) Karuppan sandhu ward 31 , 13.Ramanathapuram(T) Aranmani ramasamy kothanar east street Ward31 , 14.Ramanathapuram(T) Vakkil Nagalingam pillai street Ward 31
133Housing Board H O A School ,North Portion Western side Building Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Notchivayal oorani road ward32 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Koorisathan kovil street ward32
134Housing Board H O A School ,North Side Eastern Portion Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(T) Moolkothalam bungalow road , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Kothanar west street ward31 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Kothanar sandhu ward31 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Aranamani ramasamy kothanar west st.ward31 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Nothchi vayal oorani road sethupathy nagar ward32 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) Nothchi vayal oorani road(Karumbu kollai ward32
135Housing Board Owners Welfare Association Matric. School, ,South West Side Ramanathapuram. 1.Ramanathapuram(t) Moolakothalam street ward33 , 2.Ramanathapuram(T) Notchi vayal oorani main road ward32 , 3.Ramanathapuram(T) Madurai road (L.F road south street ward 29 , 4.Ramanathapuram(T) Nesavalar street ward32 , 5.Ramanathapuram(T) Seethakathi east west street ward33 , 6.Ramanathapuram(T) chidambaram oorani street ward33
136Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,East side Uthiravai 1.Kudakkottai (R.V) And Utharavai (P) Utharavai , 2.Kudakkottai (R.V) And Utharavai (P) Nambiyan valasai
137Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,West side Uthiravai 1.Kudakkottai (R.V) And Utharavai (P) Umayan valasai , 2.Kudakkottai (R.V) And Utharavai (P) Rettaioorani , 3.Kudakottai (R.V) And Utharavai (P) Veeran valasai
138Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East side Kottiyakkaranvalasai 1.Kudakottai (R.V) And (P) Valli madan valasai , 2.Kudakottai (R.V) And (P) Andidevan valasai , 3.Kudakottai (R.V) And (P) Keethari valasai ward1 , 4.Kudakottai (R.V) And (P) Attukaran valasai ward1 , 5.Kudakottai (R.V) And (P) Kadu kavalkaran valasai
139Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Side Kottiyakkaranvalasai 1.Kudakottai (R.V) And (P) Iyappan valasai ward2 , 2.Kudakottai (R.V) And (P) Pannivetti valasai ward2 , 3.Kudakottai (R.V) And (P) Kottiayakaran valasai , 4.Kudakottai (R.V) And (P) Etchupuli valasai ward3 , 5.Kudakottai (R.V) And (P) Marivalasai ward3
140Govt high school ,East Building east portion Pudukoil 1.Vannankundu (R.V) And Chinnandi valasi (P) Pudukovil chettithottan sangan valasai
141Govt High School ,Middle Building West portion Pudukoil 1.Vannankundu (R.V) And Chinnandi valasi (P) Parivinilam villi valasai thora valasai
142Saraswathi Aided Primary School, ,East Building Pathiratharavai 1.Vannankundu (R.V) And Pathiratharavai (P) Pootchivalasai , 2.Vannankundu (R.V) And Pathiratharavai (P) Raja veli paruthikattu valasai , 3.Vannankundu (R.V) And Pathiratharavai (P) Pathiratharavai
143Government Higher Secondary School, West Pahse, , Vannankundu 1.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Kodaikan selvanoor nehrupuram silambi nadu , 2.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Pudur vannankundu muslim north street
144Government Higher Secondary School, East Phase, ,Vannankundu 1.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Vannankundu muslim north street (ward 2) , 2.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) South street (Ward 2)
145Panchayat Union. Elementary School, New Building, ,Vannankundu 1.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Vannankundu indu street , 2.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Aripuram , 3.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Naganatha samuthiram , 4.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Pannakarai , 5.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Ilangamani , 6.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Krishnapuram , 7.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Maraikayar nagar , 8.Vannankundu (R.V) And (P) Kalkadu
146Panchayat Union. Middle School ,New building North side East portion, Kuthukkal Valasai 1.Kalimankundu (R.V) And (P) Kuthukal valasai kuppatchi valasai
147Panchayat Union. Middle School ,New Building North side West portion ,Kuthukkal Valasai 1.Kalimankundu (R.V) And (P) Mottaiyan valasai vellaiyan valasai , 2.Kalimankundu (R.V) And (P) Sadayan valasai, velayudapuram kalimankundu
148Panchayat Union Middle School ,Old Building West side Kutthukalvalasi. 1.Kalimankundu (R.V) And (P) Kalimankundu
149Panchayat Union. Middle School ,Old Building East Side Kutthukalvalasi. 1.Kalimankundu (R.V) And (P) Sadayanvalasai , 2.Kalimankundu (R.V) And (P) Mongan valasai kattayan peran valaivu
150Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North side Thinaikkulam 1.Kalimankundu (R.V) And Thinaikulam (P) Kavalkaran valasai , 2.Kalimankundu (R.V) And Thinaikulam (P) Silaiappan valasai , 3.Kalimankundu (R.V) And Thinaikulam (P) Athitchiapuram
151Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West side Thinaikkulam 1.Kalimankundu (R.V) And Thinaikulam (P) Mothivalasai , 2.Kalimankundu (R.V) And Thinaikulam (P) Thinaikulam , 3.Kalimankundu (R.V) And Thinaikulam (P) Nadar Kudieruppu
152Nadar Mahajana Sanga High School, , Metholodai 1.Kalimankundu (R.V) And Medalodai (P) Medalodai northstreet , 2.Kalimankundu (R.V) And Medalodai (P) Medalodai south , 3.Klimankundu (R.V) And Medalodai (P) Chittangkadu
153Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East side Nainamaraikkan 1.Regunathapuram (R.V) And Naina maraikkan (P) Paruthikattu valasai ward1 , 2.Regunathapuram (R.V) And Naina Maraikkan (P) Paruthikattu valasai ward1 , 3.Regunathapuram (R.V) And Naina Maraikkan (P) Veeravel valasai ward1 , 4.Regunathapuram (R.V) And Naina Maraikkan (P) Naina Maraikkan( ward1
154Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West side Nainamaraikkan. 1.Regunathapuram (R.V) And Naina Maraikkan (P) Naina Maraikkan( ward2 , 2.Regunathapuram (R.V) And Naina Maraikkan (P) Sakthipuram ward2 , 3.Regunathapuram (R.V) And Naina Maraikkan (P) Kollanthopuu ward2
155Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,Addl Building Regunathapuram. 1.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Pandian nagar , 2.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Krishnapuram ward1 , 3.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Nadumanaistreet ward1
156Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,South Building Regunathapuram. 1.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Rajiv gandhi nagar ward1 , 2.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Gundoorani ward1 , 3.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) R.Kannapuram ward1 , 4.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Melursalai ward1
157Government Higher Secondary School ,West Building S S A Building East side Regunathapuram. 1.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Maniakaran valasai ward2 , 2.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Melur Colony (Ward 1) , 3.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Melur (Ward 1)
158Government Higher Secondary School, ,West Building S S A Building West side Regunathapuram. 1.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Melur Thottakaadu (Ward 1) , 2.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Keelavalasai (Ward 2) , 3.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Muslim Street (Ward 2)
159Govt. Hr. Sec. School ,S S A East Building Regunathapuram 1.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Mela valasai North street
160Govt. Hr. Sec. School ,S S A West Building West side Regunathapuram 1.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Mela valasai south wad3 , 2.Regunathapuram (R.V) And (P) Chinna Regunathapuram(ward3
161Saint Joseph Aided Middle School, ,east side Muthupettai 1.Periyapattinam (R.V) And Muthupettai (P) North street , 2.Periyapattinam (R.V) And Muthupettai (P) Idayar street ward1 , 3.Periyapattinam (R.V) And Muthupettai (P) Chettiar street ward1
162Saint Joseph Aided Middle School, ,South side Muthupettai 1.Periyapattinam (R.V) And Muthupettai (P) Middle street ward1 , 2.Periyapattinam (R.V) And Muthupettai (P) North street ward1 , 3.Periyapattinam (R.V) And Muthupettai (P) Paravar street ward2 , 4.Periyapattinam (R.V) And Muthupettai (P) Indra nagar ward2
163Government Higher Seconadry School ,New Building Central Phase Periyapattinam 1.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) Salaithottam , 2.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) North pudukudiiruppu , 3.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) Muthariarnagar , 4.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) Thangayanagar
164Government Higher Seconadry School ,New Building North phase Periyapattinam 1.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) Karitchan kundu , 2.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) Jalallias nagar , 3.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) North street
165Govt. Higher Secondary School, ,Old Building East side Periyapattinam 1.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) Kaidaemilath street west part
166Govt. Higher Secondary School, ,Old Building West Building Periyapattinam 1.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) Bilal nagar ward2 , 2.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) Kaiyeedamillath street east street
167Government Higher Secondary School ,Old Building North side Periyapattinam 1.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) East street , 2.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) Middle street
168Government Higher Secondary School, Old Building, South Phase, ,Periyapattinam 1.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) South pudukudiiruppu , 2.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) West street
169Govt. Hr. Sec. School ,West side New Building Middle phase Periyapattinam 1.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) East street ward 3 , 2.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) South street ward3
170Govt. Hr. Sec. School ,West side New Building West phase Middle side Periyapattinam 1.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) West street wad3 , 2.Periapattinam (R.V) And (P) Kameethiya street
171Panchayat Union. Middle School ,Kuyavankudi 1.Kuyavankudi (R.V) And (P) Ilangai meadu , 2.Kuyavankudi (R.V) And (P) Kuyavankudi , 3.Kuyavankudi (R.V) And (P) Muniyanvalasai , 4.Kuyavankudi (R.V) And (P) Kuppanivalasai
172Government Higher Sec. School ,West Side South Building Sathankualm 1.Pattinamkathan Kuyavankudi (R.V) And Pattinamkathan (P) Sathankulam muslim street (ward 4) , 2.Pattinamkathan Kuyavankudi (R.V) Pattinamkathan (P) Sathankulam West Street & Hindu Street (Ward 4)
173Government Higher Secondary School ,West Building, Sathankulam. 1.Pattinamkathan Kuyavankudi (R.V) And Pattinamkathan (P) Sathan kulam east street and colony , 2.Pattinamkathan Kuyavangudi (R.V) Pattinamkathan(P) Karpooravalasaipagam , 3.Pattinamkathan Kuyavangudi (R.V) Pattinamkathan(P) Karpooravalasai south , 4.Pattinamkathan Kuyavangudi (R.V) Pattinamkathan(P) Sanganthiyanvalasai , 5.Pattinamkathan Kuyavangudi (R.V) Pattinamkathan(P) Thennampillai valasai , 6.Pattinamkathan Kuyavangudi (R.V) Pattinamkathan(P) Ambedkar nagar , 7.Pattinamkathan Kuyavangudi (R.V) Pattinamkathan(P) Shanmugavelnagar
174Govt High. School ,North Building Southern Portion Valantharavai 1.Valantharavai (R.V) And (P) Keeripoorivalasai , 2.Valantharavai (R.V) And (P) Valantharavai Muslim street
175Govt.High School, ,West Building Valantharavai 1.Valantharavai (R.V) And (P) Valantharavai Indukkal kudiiruppu , 2.Valantharavai (R.V) And (P) Valantharavai Anna nagar
176Govt High. School ,West Building North Portion Valantharavai 1.Valantharavai (R.V) And (P) Valantharavai Therkoor
177Panchayat Union elementary School ,Therkku Kattoor 1.Valantharavai (R.V) And (P) Valuthoor Therku kattoor
178Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building East phase Therkkuvaniveethi 1.Valantharavai(R.V) And (P) Therkku vani veethi
179Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building Valuthoor 1.Valantharavai (R.V) And (P) Padagu vetti valasai , 2.Valantharavai (R.V) And (P) Vazhuthur Muslim Kudiyeruppu , 3.Valantharavai (R.V) And (P) Vazhuthur, Alam
180Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Udaichiyarvalasai 1.Valantharavai (R.V) And (P) Udaichiyarvalasai , 2.- -
181Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Building Perungulam 1.Perungkulam (R.V) And (P) Perungkulam north street , 2.Perungkulam (R.V) And (P) Perungkulam middle street , 3.Perungkulam (R.V) And (P) Perungkulam Arukkan valasai , 4.Perungkulam (R.V) And (P) Kumarandi valasai , 5.Perungkulam (R.V) And (P) Uppalam
182Govt High. School ,North Building Perungulam 1.Perungkulam (R.V) And (P) Perungkulam west street , 2.Perungkulam (R.V) And (P) Perungkulam east street
183Panchayat Union Primary School ,East Portion Sembadaiyarkulam 1.Perungulam (R.V) Sembadayarkulam(p) Sembadayarkulam , 2.Perungulam (R.V) Sembadayarkulam (P) Vattanvalasai , 3.Perungulam (R.V) Sembadayarkulam (P) Usilangkattu valasai , 4.Perungulam (R.V) Sembadayarkulam (P) Indra nagar
184Panchayat Union Primary School ,North East Building Kumbaram 1.Kumbaram (R.V) Kumbaram(p) Ramanvalasai , 2.Kumbaram (R.V) Kumbaram(P) North Kumabaram , 3.Kumbaram (R.V) Kumbaram(P) Kumbaram A.D Nagar , 4.Kumbaram (R.V) Kumbaram(P) Kumbaram Nadar Valasai east
185Panchayat Union Primary School ,North Middle Building Kumbaram 1.Kumbaram (R.V) Kumbaram(P) Kumbaram gokulam nagar , 2.Kumbaram (R.V) Kumbaram(P) Kumbaram west nadar valasai , 3.Kumbaram (R.V) Kumbaram(P) Kalkinattru valasai , 4.Kumbaram (R.V) Kumbaram(P) Poosarivalasai
186Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Building West side Rettaiyoorani 1.Rettaiyoorani (R.V) And (P) North valasai , 2.Rettaiyoorani (R.V) And (P) Vaniankulam
187Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Building Middle Portion Rettaiyoorani 1.Rettaiyoorani (R.V) And (P) Irutoorani , 2.Rettaiyoorani (R.V) And (P) Moopanvalasai , 3.Rettaiyoorani (R.V) And (P) Mookarapillaiyar kovil valasai
188Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Building Rettaiyoorani. 1.Rettaiyoorani (R.V) And (P) Rettaiyoorani
189Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East side South Building Rettaiyurani 1.Rettaiyoorani (R.V) And (P) Chinna Rettaiyoorani , 2.Rettaiyoorani (R.V) And (P) Kayavamperumanvalasai
190Panchayat Union. Elementary School, , Koravalli 1.RettaIyurani (R.V) Koravalli(p) Koravalli sadayan valasai , 2.Rettaiyurani (R.V) Koravalli(P) Koravalli , 3.Rettaityurani (R.V) Koravalli(P) Koravalli paruthikadu
191Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Building Thamaraikulam 1.Rettaiyurani (R.V) Thamaraikulam (P) Keelamankundu , 2.Rettaiyurani (R.V) Thamaraikulam(P) Melamankundu , 3.Rettaiyurani (R.V) Thamaraikulam (P) Thamaraikulam adidravidar kudiiruppu
192Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Building Thamaraikulam Thamaraikulam adidravidar kudiiruppu All Voters 192 192 Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Building Thamaraikulam 1.Rettaiyurani (R.V) Thamaraikulam (P) Thamaraikulam , 2.Rettaiyurani (R.V) Thamaraikulam(P) Valangapuri
193Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,East side Addl Building Karan 1.Karan (R.V) And (P) Karan salai thottam , 2.Karan (R.V) And (P) Mettukaran
194Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Additional Building West Portion, Karan 1.Karan(R.V) And (P) Thennaipannai , 2.Karan (R.V) And (P) Thalaithoppu , 3.Karan (R.V) And (P) Idayar kudiiruppu sethunagar
195Panchayat Union. Elementary School, , Vellari Odai 1.Karan (R.V) Vellariodai(p) Nathakulam , 2.Karan (R.V) Vellariodai(P) Vellariodai west , 3.Karan (R.V) Vellariodai(P) Vellariodai east , 4.Karan (R.V) Vellariodai(P) Thanpiranthan
196Panchayat Union Elementary School. ,North Building Attrankarai 1.Attrangkarai (R.V) And (P) Pallivasalstreet , 2.Attrangkarai (R.V) And (P) Middle street
197Panchayat Union Elementary School. ,South Building Attrankarai 1.Attrangkarai (R.V) And (P) North street , 2.Attrangkarai (R.V) And (P) Yadavar street
198Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,North side Building Servaikkaran Oorani 1.Attrangkarai (R.V) And (P) Servaikaran oorani east street , 2.Attrangkarai (R.V) And (P) Servaikaran oorani south street , 3.ATTRANGARAI (R.V) And (P) SERVAIKARAN URANI WEST ST
199Govt. High. School ,East side Kalkinattruvalasai 1.Nagatchi (R.V) And (P) Muttai mudaiyali valasai , 2.Nagatchi (R.V) And (P) Middle valasai , 3.Nagatchi (R.V) And (P) Kalkinatturvalasai , 4.Nagatchi (R.V) And (P) Keanikkarai valasai
200Thevar Elementary School (Govt. Aided School) ,Nagachi 1.Nagatchi (R.V) And (P) Nagatchi
201Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Akkidavalasai 1.Nagachi (R.V) And (P) Nambaiyee valasai , 2.Nagatchi (R.V) And (P) Akkadavalasai
202Panchayat Union. Elementary School, ,North portion west side Uchipuli 1.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) Dhargavalasai
203Panchayat Union. Elementary School, ,North portion east side Uchipuli 1.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) Enmanagkondan , 2.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) Railwayfeederroad
204Panchayat Union. Elementary School, ,East Building North side Uchipuli. 1.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) New nagaram , 2.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) Poonaikal valasai
205Panchayat Union. Elementary School, ,East Building South side Uchipuli 1.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) S.M.Colony eastgate , 2.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) Govt Hospital backside , 3.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) Muruganandapuram
206Panchayat Union. Elementary School, ,West Building North Portion Uchipuli. 1.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) Utchipulli
207Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Building South Side Uchipuli. 1.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) Keattuvalasai , 2.Enmanagkondan (R.V) And (P) Dhuthivalasai
208Government Higher Secondary School, Hall No 1 East Building ,Pudumadam. 1.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) Ammapattinam , 2.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) Agasthiarkootam , 3.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) Araikanvalasai , 4.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) Nariaoorani
209Government Higher Secondary School, South Side New Building East Portion ,North Building East Portion Pudumadam 1.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) Gunduvathi , 2.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) Eastvalasai(North) , 3.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) East valasai(south) , 4.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) East valasai(east)
210Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Old Building South Pudumadam. 1.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) North street , 2.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) Middle Street
211Panchayat Union. Elementary School, New Building, ,South New Building West Side North Portion Pudumadam 1.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) Middle street
212Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,South New Building West Side South Portion Pudumadam 1.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) Southstreet , 2.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) North Street
213Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Old SSA Building West portion south side Pudumadam. 1.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) South street ward 4
214Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Old SSA Building West side North portion Pudumadam. 1.Pudumadam (R.V) And (P) West street ward 5
215Panchayat Union. Elementary School, North Building, ,Irumeni. 1.Pirappanvalasai (R.V) Irumeani(p) Alakathavalasai , 2.Pirappanvalasai (R.V) Irumeani(P) Irumeni west , 3.Pirappanvalasai (R.V) Irumeani(P) Irumeni east
216Panchayat Union. Elementary School, South Building , Irumeni. 1.Pirappanvalasai (R.V) Irumeani(p) Irumeani west part , 2.Pirapapanvalasai (R.V) Irumeani(P) Irumeani east part
217Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,Old Building Pirappan Valasai 1.Pirappanvalasai (R.V) Irumeani(p)) Salai valasai , 2.Pirappanvalasai (R.V) Irumeani(P) Kuppani valasai , 3.Pirappanvalasai (R.V) Irumeani(P) Maravetti valasai , 4.Pirappanvalasai (R.V) Irumeani(P) Muslim street
218Panchayat Union. Elementary School, Addl. Building, , Pirappanvalasai. 1.Pirappanvalasai And Notchiyoorani (R.V) Pirappanvalasai(P) Pirappanvalasai , 2.Pirappanvalasai And Notchiyoorani (R.V) Pirappanvalasai(P) Kadukkaivalasai
219Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,South Building Kadukkai Valasai 1.Notchioorani (R.V) Managkudi(p) East nariaoorani ward1 , 2.Notchioorani (R.V) Managkudi(P) Chinnudayr valasai ward 2 , 3.Notchioorani (R.V) Managkudi(P) Managkudi
220Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,North Building East side Kadukkai Valasai 1.Notchioorani (R.V) Managkudi(P) Soorankattu valasai ward3 , 2.Notchioorani (R.V) Managkudi(P) Melakadukkaivalasai ward4 , 3.Notchioorani (R.V) Managkudi(P) Keelakadukkai valasai ward5
221Panchayat Union. Elementary School, ,Nochiyoorani 1.Notchioorani (R.V) And (P) Notchioorani ward1 , 2.Notchioorani (R.V) And (P) Notchioorani ward2
222Panchayat Union Middle School ,North side Sundramadaiyan 1.Saththakonvalasai (R.V) And (P) Saththakonvalasai , 2.Saththakonvalasai (R.V) And (P) Ariyaman , 3.Saththakonvalasai (R.V) And (P) Thillai natchiamman kovil kudiiruppu , 4.Saththakonvalasai (R.V) And (P) Pillaimadam
223Panchayat Union Middle School ,South side Sundramadaiyan. 1.Saththakonvalasai (R.V) And (P) Sundaramudaiyan , 2.Saththakonvalasai (R.V) And (P) Seeniyappa dharga , 3.Saththakonvalasai (R.V) And (P) Palkulam
224Govt. Hr Sec School ,South side Middle building Middle portion Vethalai 1.Mandapam (R.V) Vedalai(p) Nadumanaikadu , 2.Mandapam (R.V) Vedalai(P) Idayarvadi
225Govt. Hr Sec School ,South side West building central phase Vethalai. 1.Mandapam (R.V) Vedalai(P) Valayarvadi , 2.Mandapam (R.V) Vedalai(P) Samathuvapuram
226Panchayat Union. Elementary School, East Building, ,West Building South side Vethalai. 1.Mandapam (R.V) Vethalai(P) North Street Seethakathi Nagar
227Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,West Building North side Vethalai. 1.Mandapam (R.V) Vethalai(P) Aruppukaadu , 2.Mandapam (R.V) Vethalai(P) Vethalai
228Government Girls Higher Secondary School ,North side (East Building Vethalai 1.Mandapam (R.V) Vedalai(p) Hanafi street
229Government Girls Higher Secondary School ,North side Building (West Portion) Vethalai 1.Mandapam (R.V) Vedalai(P) Kunjarvalasai
230Panchayat Union. Elementary School, ,East Building MaraikkayarPattinam. 1.Mandapam (R.V) Maraikayarpattinam(p) East street , 2.Mandapam (R.V) Maraikayarpattinam(P) South street , 3.Mandapam (R.V) Maraikayarpattinam(P) C.M.FR.I colony , 4.Mandapam (R.V) Maraikayarpattinam(P) Maraikayarpattinam
231Government Girls high School ,Addl Building South portion Mandapam Camp. 1.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Mandapam aks thoppu ward1 , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Ravuthar appa dharga Chandu (Ward 2) , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Ravuthar appa dharga santhu 2 2nd street ward 2 , 4.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Ravuthar appa dharga santhu 2 4th Chandu ward2
232Government Girls high School ,North side Addl Building Mandapam Camp. 1.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Ravuthar appa dharga ward 2 , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Maikundu ward2 , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Singarathoppu 1st street ward1 , 4.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Fisherman colony
233Government Girls high School, ,Addl Building Central portion Mandapam Camp. 1.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Anna nagar ward18 , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Govt staff quarters ward18 , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Singarathoppu2nd street ward1 , 4.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) T Nagar , 5.MANDAPAM (R.V) And (T.P) ARASU ULIYAR KUDIYERUPPU
234Panchayat Union. Elementary School, New Building, ,New Building North Portion Mandapam 1.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Kottaithidal (ward 3) , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Kanaku Appusami First Street (Ward 3) , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Kanaku Appusami 2nd Street (Ward 3) , 4.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Kanaku Appusami Street (Ward 3) , 5.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Bharathi Nagar (Ward 4) , 6.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Sethu Main road First Chandu (Ward 4)
235Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Main building South side Mandapam 1.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Sethunagar mainroad third chanthu (ward 4) , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Sethunagar Mainroad 4th Chanthu (Ward 4) , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Sethunagar Mainroad 5th Chanthu (Ward 5) , 4.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Sethunagar Mainroad 6th Chanthu (Ward 5) , 5.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Sethunagar Mainroad 7th Chanthu , 6.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Sethu Rastha Main Road (Ward 5) , 7.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Sethu Rastha Main Road First Street (Ward 5) , 8.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Sethu Rastha Main Road West (Ward 6) , 9.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Sethu rastha Bengali street Ward 5
236Panchayat Union. Elementary School, ,Addl Building North side Mandapam 1.Mandapam(R.V) And (T.P) Sethurashta mainroad east , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Northstreet , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Pallukaditchar street , 4.Mandapam(R.V) And (T.P) Pallukaditchar street
237Panchayat Union. Elementary School, ,Addl Building NorthWest side Mandapam 1.Mandapam(R.V) And (T.P) Sammattiyappa street , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Thandaiyal street , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Thattar street , 4.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Maniyakkara street , 5.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Moideen street
238Panchayat Union. Elementary .School ,Main Building West side North portion Mandapam 1.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Middle street maraikayar street (ward 9) , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Ambalakkara Street (Ward 9) , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) East Street (Ward 9)
239Panchayat Union. Elementary .School ,Main Building West portion South side Mandapam 1.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) East Second Street (Ward 10) , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Railway Feeder Road (Ward 10) , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Gandhi Nagar (Ward 13) , 4.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Jameen Chathiram (Ward 14)
240Town Panchayat Marriage Hall, South Portion, ,Mandapam 1.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Railway colony , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Odathoppu 1st street , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Odathoppu 2nd street , 4.Mandapam( R.V) And (T.P) Thoppukadu
241Town Panchayat Marriage Hall ,North Portion Mandapam 1.Mandapam(R.V) And (T.P) South kadarkarai , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Fisherman colony , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Railway colony , 4.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Fisherman colony umayalpuram
242Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Building Middle portion Near Coast Mandapam 1.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Jameen chattiram 2nd street ward14 , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Idayar street ward15 , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Jameen chattiram street ward15 , 4.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Maravar street ward16 , 5.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Maravar east 1st street ward 16
243Panchayat Union. Elementary School, New Building ,South Building Near Coast Mandapam 1.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Maravar east 2nd east street ward16 , 2.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Maravar west 1st street ward16 , 3.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Maravar west 2nd street ward 14 , 4.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Maravarwest 3rd street ward16 , 5.Mandapam (R.V) And (T.P) Adidravidar colony ward17
244Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,New Building South side North Portion Pamban 1.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Periya kadai street , 2.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Jail street , 3.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Murugan kovil street , 4.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Anna nagar , 5.Pamban (R.V) And (P) East valasai
245Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Middle School ,Eastern Building Pamban. 1.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Chathirakirith street (ward 1)
246Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Middle School ,Middle Building Pamban. 1.Pamban (R.V) And (P) North Street (Ward 1) , 2.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Vivekanathar Nagar (Ward 1)
247Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,OldBuilding North side East portion Pamban. 1.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Light house street
248Panchayat Union. Elementary School ,OldBuilding North side East portion Pamban. 1.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Francis nagar
249Saint Annes Matriculation Hr. Sec. School ,Western Block South Portion Akkal Madam Pamban 1.Pamban (R.V) And (p) Akkalmadam (ward 3) , 2.Pamban(R.V) And (P) Sethupathi Nagar (Ward 3)
250Saint Annes Matriculation Hr. Sec. School ,New Northern Building Middle Portion Akkal Madam Pamban 1.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Meenavar Kalani,M.M.K.Nagar (Ward 3)
251C.S.I. Middle. School, New Building -Northern Wing, ,Pamban 1.Pamban (R.V) And (p) Kundhukal (ward 5) , 2.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Chinnabalam (Ward 5)
252C.S.I.Middle School, ,Old Building West side Northern portion Pamban 1.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Thoppukadu (ward 4)
253C.S.I.Middle School, ,Old Building West side Northern portion Pamban 1.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Kamarajar nagar (Ward 4) , 2.Pamban (r.v) and (p) South vadi (Ward 4)
254Panchayat Union Elementary School ,(Old) New South Building North Side Pamban 1.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Pattalathar street (ward 3) , 2.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Chinnakadai Street (Ward 3)
255Panchayat Union Elementary School ,(Old) New South Building North Side Pamban 1.Pamban (r.v) and (p) Panathoppu (Ward 3) , 2.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Pakkali Abubekker Street (Ward 3) , 3.Pamban (r.v) and (p) Kadai Street (Ward 3) , 4.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal Street (Ward 3) , 5.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Bekkeer Ravuthar Street (Ward 3)
256Saint Annes Matriculation Hr. Sec. School, Eastern Portion, ,Akkal Madam Pamban 1.Pamban (R.V) And (p) Middle street (ward 5) , 2.Pamban (R.V) And (P) Southvadi (Ward 4) , 3.Pamban(R.V) And (P) Tharavaithoppu (Ward 7)
257St. Yakappa High School, New Building - Western Side, NorthWing ,Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam (P) Nalupanai , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam(P) Anthoniyarpuram , 3.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam(P) Soosaiappar kovil street
258St.Yakappa High School, Old Building, Northern Wing East side , Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam(p) Punkadi ward 3 , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam(P) Soosaiyapper pattinam
259St.Yakappa High School, ,New Building East side Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thangachimadam (p) Pungkadi (ward 1) , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thangachimadam (P) Manthoppu (Ward 1)
260Panchayat Union.Middle School ,New Building West Side Southern portion Meyyampuli 1.Pamban (R.V) Thangachimadam (p) Ariyangkundu (ward 2) , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thangachimadam (P) Pillaiyar kulam (Ward 2) , 3.Pamban (R.V) Thangachimadam (P) Vadakadu (Ward 2)
261Panchayat Union.Middle School ,South Building western side Meyyampuli 1.Pamban (r.v) thangachimadam (p) Meiyyampuli (Ward 2)
262Panchayat Union. Middle. School, ,South side Building Meyyampuli 1.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (p) Thankachimadam kudiyiruppu (ward 2) , 2.Pamban (r.v) thangachimadam (p) Paeikarumbu (Ward 2)
263Panchayat Union. Elementary School, Main building ,Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam (P) Thaneeryuttru , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam(P) Sethupatynagar
264Panchayat Union. Elementary School, Main building ,Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam (P) Thenkuda , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam (P) Notchivadi , 3.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam (P) Muslimstreet , 4.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam (P) Muslim street
265Govt,Higher Secondary school, ,West side Building North P ortion Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) Verkadu (ward 3) , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) Chruch Street (Ward 4) , 3.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) Puthoor (Ward 3) , 4.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) Main Road (L F) (Ward 4)
266Govt,Higher Secondary school, ,West side Building North P ortion Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) V.O.C. Street (Ward 4) , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) Nadar Street, North Street,Middle Street (Ward 4)
267Govt. Higher secondary School ,West side Building (Southern Wing) Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) Valasai street (ward 4)
268Govt. Higher secondary School ,West side Building (Southern Wing) Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) Indhiranagar (Ward 4) , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) Gandhinagar (Ward 4) , 3.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) M.G.R. Nagar (Ward 4)
269Govt. Higher Secondary School ,Northern Building- east side Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) Samaiyan nagar (ward 4) , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thankachimadam (P) Victhoriya Nagar (Ward 4)
270Govt. Higher Secondary School ,Northern Building- Western side Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thangachimadam (P) Victoriya Nagar - 2
271St.Yagappa High School ,Old Building Eastern side South Portion Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam(P) Ayyan thoppu (tharavai thoppu) , 2.Pamban (R.V) Thangatchimadam (P) Raja nagar vannar kudiirupu
272St.Yagappa High School ,Old Building Eastern side North portion Thangachimadam 1.Pamban (R.V) Thangachimadam (P) Raja Nagar Vannar Kudiyiruppu - 2
273Vivekanandha vidhyalaya Middle School ,New Building (North Side) East Wing Rameswaram. 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Sannathi street ward1 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) East ratha street ward1 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) South ratha street ward1 , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Sithi vinayagar kovil ward1 , 5.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Uthira kali amman kovil ward1 , 6.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) West ratha street ward1 , 7.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) North ratha street ward1 , 8.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Pathirakali amman kovil street ward 18
274Vivekanandha vidhyalaya Middle School , North Side New Building Middle Portion Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Veerapathiran chavadi streetouth ward 11 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Veera pathiran chavadi north street ward 18 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Kamaraj nagar ward 18 , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Old police line street ward18
275Govt. Hr. Sec. School, ,Valluvar Valagham Eastern wing Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Sallimalai ward 15 , 2.Rameswaram(R.V) And (T.P) Bharathi nagar ward15 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Sooran thidal ward16
276Govt. Hr. Sec. School, ,Valluvar Valagham Eastern wing Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Soundari amman kovil street ward15 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Customs quarters ward16 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Kenthamana parvatham ward16 , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Kenthamanaparvatham ward16
277Panchayat Union. Middle School, ,No.1 New Building North side Western portion Varthagan Street Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Melakadai street ward3 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) New street ward2 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Undiyalkuda street , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Kuttachi mudukku street Ward 2 , 5.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Ponnapillai street ward2 , 6.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Kilakku kadai street ward2 , 7.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Market street ward2 , 8.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Muthushavadi street ward3 , 9.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Kalaichika mudukku , 10.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Varthagan street ward3 , 11.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Chinnavampillai street ward3 , 12.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Pallivasal street ward3
278Panchayat Union. Middle School ,(No.1) (New Building) (North side Eastern portion) Varthagan Street Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Old market street (ward 4) , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Santhana Mariyamman Kovil Street (Ward 4) , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) N.S.K Street (Ward 4) , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Railway Peeter Road (Ward 4) , 5.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Manthoppu vayarlas south (Ward 5)
279St. Josephs Hr. Sec. School , Main Building - Southern Wing westernside,Verkodu Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Thurimuga street ward 5 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Attammal street ward 5 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Water work road ward 5 , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Harijen Kalani Ambetkar Nagar (Ward 5) , 5.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Indra nagar ward 5
280St. Josephs Primary School, ,South side Building Eastern porrtion Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Railway peeter road (ward 11) , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Railway South (ward 11) , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Railway Kambound (Ward 11) , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Maruthupandiyar Nagar (Ward 7)
281St. Joseph Primary School ,Eastern Block Northern wing Verkodu Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Verkodu (ward 6)
282St. Joseph Primary School , Eastern Block Southern wing Verkodu Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) and (P) Vercode - 2 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Verkodu Karaiyoor (Ward 6)
283St. Josephs Hr. Sec.School, ,South side Building Middle portion Verkodu Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Muthuramalinga nagar ward 7
284St. Joseph Hr.Sec.School, Main Building West side North portion , Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Rajagopal nagar ward 7 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Nethaji nagar ward 8
285Sri Paruvatha- varthini Amman Girls Hr .sec.School ,West side North portion Rameswaram. 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Kothandam kariyoor ward10 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Serangkottai Karaiyoor1 (Ward 10) , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Serangkottai karaiyoor 2 , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Malliga nagar theethachathar kollai west
286Panchayat Union. Middle School, New Building, Natarajapuram ,Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Natarajapuram South (Ward 9)
287Panchayat Union. Middle School, New Building, Natarajapuram ,Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Natarajapuram North and West (ward 9)
288Panchayat Union. Middle School ,Main Building Eastern Portion Natarajapuram Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Ramakrishnapuram (ward 8) , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Rameswaram road (Ward 8)
289Panchayat Union. Middle .School ,Main Building North side Western portion Natarajapuram Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Dhanoouskodi ward 9
290Sri Paruvatha- varthini Amman Girls Higher Secondary .School ,Mainbuilding West side South portion Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Ramatheertham south ward 12 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Ramatheertham North (Ward 2) , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Murungaivadi (Ward 12)
291Sri Paruvadha Varthini Amman Girls Hr.Sec.School, , Mainbuilding East side South portion Rameswaram. 1.Rameswaram (R.V0 And (T.P) Dulasibhava madam street ward12 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Muslim street east ward12 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Muslim street west , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Maravar street ward12 , 5.Rameswaram (R.V0 And (T.P) Chettiar street ward 3 , 6.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Railway north Ward 3
292Sri Paruvatha- varthini Amman Girls Hr.Sec.School, ,North side Easternportion Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Lakshmana theertham ward13 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Theetcha nagar kollai ward13 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Theetchadar kollai west ward13 , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Anna nagar ward13 , 5.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Gandhi nagar ward13
293Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building South portion Kattupillaiyar kovil Rameswaram. 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Kottupillaiyar kovil street (ward 14)
294Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building South Portion West side Kattupillaiyar kovil Rameswaram. 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) M.G.S Nagar (Ward 14) , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) M.K Nagar (Ward 14) , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Athikadu (Ward 14) , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Kilakadu (Ward 14) , 5.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Ponnagaram ward10
295Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North Side Kattupillaiyar kovil Rameswaram. 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Semmadam ward 14 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Sathyanagar ward14
296Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North Portion East side Kattupillaiyarkovil Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Erkadu ward14 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Rajivgandhi nagar ward14 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Keelakadu ward10
297Govt.Hr. Sec. School, Main Building ,Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Middle street ward17 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Melastreet ward17 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Thambiyan kollai ward17
298Govt.Hr. Sec. School, Nehru Hall ,Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Thittakudi street ward15 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Ramasamynagar ward 18 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Ramasamy nagar ward18 , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Tamilnadu housing board ward15
299Vivekananda Vidhyalaya Middle School, ,(New Building) (North side) West portion Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Sambai ward19 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Narikuli ward19
300Vivekananda Vidhyalaya Middle School, ,(New Building) (North side) West portion Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Mangkadu ward19 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Olaikuda ward19
301Vivekananda Vidhyalaya Middle School ,New Building (North side Middle portion ) Rameswaram 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Maravar street ward 20 , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) North street ward 20 , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Kalavai street ward 20 , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Sudukattan patti ward 20 , 5.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Sangumal ward 20 , 6.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) JJ Nagar ward12
302Devasthanam Office Building, Northern Wing, ,Rameswaram. 1.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Vittipillai Muduku (Ward 21) , 2.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) North Street (Ward 20) , 3.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Ithi Street (Ward 21) , 4.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Desai Nagar (Ward 21) , 5.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Minnarpillai Street (Ward 21) , 6.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) East Street (Ward 21) , 7.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Mandi Street (Ward 21) , 8.Rameswaram (R.V) And (T.P) Agasthiyar Theertham (Ward 21)

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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