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List of Polling Booths in Perundurai Assembly Constituency

Latest Election News and Update

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Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

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Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1P.U.M.S Suriyappampalayam- 638110 ,Southfacing New Terraced Building1.Puthupalayam (R.V) and (P) ward 1 Suriyappampalayam,kaspapoonthottam, vaakadu , 2.Puthupalayam(R.V)AND (P) Ward 3 Mamarathupalayam,PappaNaickenPalayam,Harijana Colony,Panangadu,Thorathikadu
2P.U.E.S. Nalligoundampalayam - 638110 ,Westfacing Terraced Building1.Mettupalyam (R.V) Nalligoundenpalayam (p) ward 1 Thottathupalayam (mettupalayam),puthuthottam,konapuramnatham , 2.Nalligoundenpalayam (R.V) (P) Ward 2 Nalligoundenpalayam,Arisana Colony , 3.Nalligoundenpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Vakkanimoopan Road,Chinnan Kadu, , 4.Nalligoundenpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Thattan Kadu,Arisana Colony Pa kadu, Pa palayam
3P.U.E.S Thottypalayam-638103 ,South Facing Tiled Building West Portion1.Edaiyapalayam(R.V) and (P) ward 1 Paraiyankadu,chennimoopan thottam,meena thottam , 2.Edaiyapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kalingarayan Palayam,Kasikadu,Periyakadu
4P.U.E.S Ayigoundenpalayam 638103 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Kumaragoundanpalayam (R.V) Edaiya palayam (p) Ward1 Kumaragoudan Palayam,Ka nagar,Pa Kadu , 2.Kumaragoundanpalayam (R.V) and Edaiyapalayam (P) Ward 2 Puliankadu,Ramayi Salai , 3.Kumaragoundampalayam (R.V) and Edaiyapalayam (P) Ward 2 Periyakadu,Sadaiyakadu,AyiGoundenpalayam
5P.U.E.S Nettichipalayam-638103 ,South Facing Tiled Building West Portion1.Nettichipalayam (R.V) and (p) ward 3 Vilankadu,athappa goundenpalayam,kannipalayam , 2.Nettichipalayam (P) Ward-1 Karukkankadu,Nettichipalayam ,Moolakadu,Athikadu
6P.U.E.S Polayampalayam - 638103 ,South Facing Terraced Building1.Kammalakuttai (R.V) and (p) ward 3 Vilankadu,athappa goundenpalayam,kannipalayam , 2.Kammalakuttai (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kammala Kuttai,Vadamalai Goundempalayam,AD Colony
7P.U.E.S. Kuruchi-638110 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Kuruchi (R.V)and(p) ward1 Kuruchi kaspa,thottam,ku me kadu,ka kaduthottam , 2.Kuruchi (R.V)and(P) Ward2 Kuruchi,Kurathikadu,Kittankadu , 3.Kuruchi(R.V)AND (P) Ward 3 Puthurnatham,Arisana Colony,
8P.U.E.S Chettykuttai -638103 ,North Facing Tiled Building1.Chettikuttai (R.V) and (P) ward 1 Thottiya valasu,mettu valasu,north palayam
9P.U.E.S Valayapalayam - 638103 ,East Facing Tiled Building1.Valayampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Vannamparai,South Thottam,Thottakadu,Valaiyapalaiyam
10P.U.E.S. Ganapathypalayam- 638103 ,Southfacing Teraced Building1.Ganapathypalayam (R.V)AND(P) ward 1 Ganapathypalayam,kattaikadu,arisana colony , 2.Ganapathypalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Arthanaripalayam,Molakuttai
11P.U.E.School.Rasak Goundamapalayam -638055 ,EastfacingTerraced Building1.Thoranavavi(R.V) and (p) ward4 Thoranavavi , 2.Thoranavavi (R.V) and (P) Ward5 Rasagoundenpalayam , 3.Thoranavavi (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Kovilkadu,ItchiKadu , 4.Thoranavavi (R.V) and (P) Ward5 North Palayam
12P.U.E.School.Thandagoundampala yam -638055 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Thoranavavi(R.V) and(P) Ward1 Vilankorai,V.Palayam,Vilankoraiputhur , 2.Thoranavavi (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Kollarvalasu,Aadidiravidar Colony , 3.Thoranavavi (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Thadagoundenpalayam , 4.Thoranavavi (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Puthuthottipalayam,Oldthottipalayam , 5.Thoranavavi (R.V) and (P) Ward3 NaduAdhidiravidar Colony,Odakadu
13P.U.E.School Vettainkinaru- 638055 ,West Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Vettiankinar (R.V) and (p) ward 1 Vettiankinar kaspa , 2.Vettiankinar (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Manikaranpalayam,West Palayam, Tho. palayam, kaspa , 3.SungakaranPalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Sungakaran Palayam kaspa
14P.U.E.School Mandiripalayam- 638055 ,Southfacing Tiled Building1.Thingalur (R.V) and (p) block8 Mandiripalayamputhur , 2.Thingalur (R.V) and (P) Block9 Mandiripalayam , 3.Thingalur (R.V) and (P) Block8 Veerappagounden puthur
15Govt.H.S.School.Thingalore- 638055 ,East Facing Groundfloor Terraced Building North Side1.Madathupalayam (R.V) and(p) ward1 Paliankadu,karattan kadu,odakadu,madam pudhur , 2.Madathupalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Puluvapatti, Perumbali , 3.Madathupalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Madathupalayam,Appapachimarmadam
16Govt.H.S.School.Thingalore- 638055 ,West Facing Groundfloor Terraced Building East Side South Portion1.Thingalur(P) Ward1 Thandagoundenpalayam , 2.Thingalur(P) Ward1 Thandagoundanpalayam Puthur , 3.Thingalur(P) Ward3 Kasukkaranpalayam
17Govt.H.S.School.Thingalore 638055 ,East Facing New Terraced Building Ground Floor1.Thingalur (R.V) and (p) ward2 Thingalur nesavalar colony,subbaiyampalayamad Colony
18Govt.H.S.School.Thingalore- 638055 ,West Facing Terraced Building East Side North Portion1.Thingalur (R.V) and (p) ward2 Thingalur nesavalar colony,subbaiyampalayamad colony , 2.Thingalur (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Subbaiyampalayam
19Govt.H.S.School.Thingalore- 638055 ,East Facing Newterraced Building Room No-1South Portion1.Thingalur (R.V) and (p) block1 Mailakinathupalayam,Puluvapatti,Aattu palayam , 2.Thingalur (R.V) and (P) Block2 Nadupalayam,Nathapalayam,K valasu , 3.Thingalur (R.V) and (P) Block3 East Puthur,Adidiravidar Colony,Madakinaru , 4.Thingalur (R.V) and (P) Block4 Chakkilikuttaipalayam,West Palayam,Pulikadu,Tha.Kulam
20P.U.E.School.Koothambi -638055 ,Eastfacing Newterraced Building1.Karukkupalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 K.palayam colony,ellanavithanpalayam, , 2.Karukkupalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward1 Mayillakinathupalayam,Kattupalayam , 3.Karukkupalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward2 Koothmbi Colony,Koothambi , 4.Karukkupalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Vengal Puthur , 5.Karukkupalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Karukkupalayam,Kattu Valasu,Kothu Kadu, Pula.Kadu
21P.U.M.School.Neelak Goundampalayam -638055 ,Northfacing Terraced Building North Side1.Nitchampalayam (R.V) and (p) block6 Erukkalankadu,pullankadu,thittugulkadu , 2.Nitchampalayam (R.V) and (P) Block7 Arasankadu,Periyathottam,Sankarandempalayam , 3.Nitchampalayam(R.V) and (P) Block7 Chinnuvampalayam,Kattupalayam,karunkadu,S palayam
22P.U.M.School.Nichampalayam - 638055 ,Northfacing Newterracedbuilding West SideNitchampalayam (R.V) and (p) block1 A k,a a kadu,se kadu,thee kadu,pe ke puthur
23P.U.M.School Nichampalayam 638055 ,Est Facing New Terraced Building South Side1.Nitchampalayam(R.V)and (p) block2 Dasanaickenur,s.kadu,r.naickenur , 2.Nitchampalayam (R.V) and (P) Block3 Nitchampalayam ,Colony
24C.S.I.School Broughnagar-638055 ,Northfacing Tiled Building East Portion1.Nitchampalayam (R.V) and (p) block4 Brough nagar&colony,kuliyankadu , 2.Nitchampalayam (R.V) and (P) Block5 Nitchampalayam
25Govt.High.School Pandiyampalayam 638455 ,North Facing New Terraced Building West Side Room No 71.Pandiyampalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Chittampalayam,ad colony,ka palayam , 2.Pandiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Pandiyampalayam , 3.Pandiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Puthukumara Palayam
26Govt.High.School Pandiyampalayam 638455 ,North Facing Terraced Building East Side West Portion Room No 41.Pandiyampalayam (R.V) and (p) ward 3 Kolathupalayam puthur adstreet , 2.Pandiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward4 Kolathupalayam Kaspa
27Govt.High.School Pandiyampalayam 638455 ,North Facing New Terraced Building East Side Room No 31.Pandiyampalayam (R.V) and (p) ward 2,3,&4 Panakadu adidiravida natham,k madai,n colony , 2.Pandiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Puthukattupalayam , 3.Pandiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Pandiyampalayam
28P.U.E.School.Nathakattuvalasu - 638455 ,Northfacing Oldtiled BUilding West Side1.Singanallur (R.V) and (p) ward 2 Velaye valasu,malakoil puthur,k palayam , 2.Singanallur (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Nathakattu Valasu,Paraiyakattu Valasu
29P.U.E.School.Nathakattuvalasu - 638455 ,Northfacing Newterraced Building East Side1.Singanallur (R.V) and (p) ward4 Komaiyan valasu,gandhi nagar,nanthagiri , 2.Singanallur (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Singanallur , 3.Singanallur (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Singanallur Nadar St , 4.Singanallur (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Karukkampalayam , 5.Singanallur (R.V) and (P) Ward1 K.Palayam,A.Natham,SInganallur
30P.U.E.School Kovilpalayam - 638116 ,Northfacing Newterraced Building West Side1.Pethampalayam (TP) Sengodampalayam,Chinnegounder street ward2 , 2.Pethamapalayam (TP) Ward1 Ayyamputhur,Palanisamy St
31P.U.E.School Kovilpalayam - 638116 , Northfacing Terraced Building East Portion1.Pethamapalayam (TP) ward14 Elaiyampalayam rasa st , 2.Pethamapalayam (TP) Ward3 Kolathan Valasu K.P.Subramaniam St , 3.Pethamapalayam (TP) Ward15 Kovil Palayam,Seeranga Gounder St
32P.U.M.School Thanneerpandalpalayam 638116 ,North Facing New Terraced Building East Side1.Pallapalayam (TP) ward2 Pallapalayam mariamman kovil st , 2.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward1 Kandasamy Gounder St , 3.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward2 Kandasamy Gounden Puthur Adidiravidar St , 4.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward2 Star .T.Nagar , 5.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward1 Kundu Malla Naickenur Kamaraj St , 6.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward15 Thanner Pandal Palayam Main Road , 7.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward15 Thanner Pandal Palayam Bharathiyar St , 8.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward15 Thanner Pandal Palayam Mariamman Koil St , 9.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward15 Thanner Pandal Palayam Puthur St
33P.U.E.School Pallapalayam- 638116 ,Eastfacing Oldtiled Building1.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward4 Poondikattu Valasu, Pillaiyar Koil St , 2.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward13 Pallapalayam,Mariamman Koil St , 3.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward 3 Thangamedu Makaliamman Koil St , 4.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward4 Pallipalayam,Mariamman Koil St
34P.U.E.School Pallapalayam- 638116 ,Southfacing Newtiled Building1.Pallapalayam (TP) ward12 Pallapalayam prathana st , 2.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward13 Pallapalayam Pillaiyar Koil St , 3.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward14 Iyyan Valasu Prathana St
35C.S.I. School Ellispetai -638116 ,East Facing Terraced Building South Portion1.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward 5 Dasanaickenur,Ranganathar Kovil St , 2.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward 5 Avarankattu Valasu,Mariamman Koil st , 3.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward6 Avarankattu Valasu,Makaliamman Koil St , 4.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward 6 Avarangakattu Valasu Pallapalayam Anna Colony , 5.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward 6 Avarankattu Valasu ,Pattakaran St
36C.S.I. School Ellispetai -638116 ,East Facing Terraced Building South Portion1.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward8 Appaiyan Kattu Valasu Main St , 2.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward 8 Kandasamyur , 3.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward 8 Ellishpettaiesunathan Kovil Street
37P.U.M.School Goundampalayam - 638116 ,South Facing New Terraced Building West Portion1.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward7 Ellish Pet Mathakoil St,K.Samyur,Sathy Road , 2.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward 9 Karattupalayam,Kamaraj St , 3.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward 9 Karattupalayam ,Matheswaran Koil St
38P.U.M.School Goundampalayam - 638116 ,South Facing New Terraced Building East Portion1.Pallapalayam (TP)ward10 Goundempalayam mariamman koil st , 2.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward10 Melvarachalankadu , 3.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward11 Unankattu Valasu , 4.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward11 Vivekanandar St , 5.Pallapalayam (TP) Ward7 Ellish Pet
39Govt.H.S.School Kanjikovil- 638116 ,East Faicng Terraced Building North Portion Room No 81.Kanchikovil (TP)ward12 London misson st , 2.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward15 Perundurai Road , 3.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward15 Annai Sathiya Nagar
40Govt.H.S.School Kanjikovil- 638116 ,East Faicng Terraced Building Room No 91.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward12 Vruppampathy , 2.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward4 Kounthapadi Road
41P.U.E.School Kanjikovil-638116 ,Southfacing Terraced Building East Portion1.Kanchikovil (TP) ward6 Ariyankadu , 2.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward 5 North Ratha St
42P.U.E.School Kanjikovil-638116 ,Southfacing Terraced Building West Portion1.Kanchikovil (TP) ward 7 East ratha st , 2.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward9 Balachandirapuram , 3.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward9 Verachalankadu , 4.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward9 Karichi Gounden Palayam , 5.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward11 Chinniyampalayam Aadidiravidar Colony , 6.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward10 Chinniyampalayam , 7.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward 9 Karichi Gounden Palayam-2
43Govt.H.S.School Kanjikovil- 638116 ,Northfacing NewTerraced Building East Portion1.Kanchikovil (TP) ward1 Poochampathy , 2.Kanchikovil (TP)Ward4 Thingalur Road , 3.Kanchikovil (TP)Ward3 Kolanthan Valasu , 4.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward3 R.K.V.Nagar
44Govt.H.S.School Kanjikovil- 638116 ,Northfacing NewTerraced Building West Portion1.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward3 Avinashilingapuram , 2.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward5 West Ratha St , 3.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward5 West Ratha St & Ayya Valasu Road
45Govt.H.S.School Kanjikovil- 638116 ,South Faicng Terraced Building West Portion1.Kanchikovil (TP) ward10 Chinniyampalayam puthur , 2.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward11 Sengalipalayam Puthur , 3.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward11 Sengalipalayam , 4.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward13 Thoppukadu,Kamalankadu
46Govt.H.S.School Kanjikovil- 638116 ,South Faicng Terraced Building East Portion1.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward5 Venkittaraman St , 2.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward8 South Ratha St , 3.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward15 Kondayankattu Valasu
47P.U.M.School Lakshmipuram- 638116 ,South Facing West Tiled Building1.Kanchikovil (TP) ward 1 Pulavarpalayam , 2.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward1 Lakshmipuram Colony , 3.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward1 Muthu Gounden Palayam Puthur , 4.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward2 Muthugoundenpalayam
48P.U.E.School Karunkaradu- 638116 ,Eastfaicng Tiled Building North Portion1.Kanchikovil (TP)ward14 Gandhi nagar , 2.Kanchikovil (TP)Ward15 Gandhi Nagar Colony , 3.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward13 Thoppukadu Colony , 4.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward13 Ayaparappu , 5.Kanchikoil (TP) Ward13 Perumapalayam Colony , 6.Kanchikovil (TP) Ward13 Perumapalayam
49P.U.E.School Mullampatty - 638107 ,Northfacing Oldtiled Building1.Mullampatti (R.V) and (p) block1 Mullampatti , 2.Mullampatti(R.V) and (P) Block2 Kuruchan Valasu , 3.Mullampatti (R.V) and (P) Block3 Puthupalayam
50P.U.E.School Mullampatty 638107 ,East Facing New Tiled Building1.Mullampatti (R.V ) AND (p) block 1 Malaipalayam
51P.U.E.School Kandampalayam - 638107 ,South Facing Terraced Building East Portion1.Kandampalayam (R.V) Mullapatti (P) Block 2 Kandampalayam
52P.U.E.School Kannavilampalayam- 638107 ,Southfacing Eastside Terraced Building1.Priyavilamalai (R.V) and (P) Block 2 Kannavilampalayam , 2.Priyavilamalai (R.V) and (P) Block 3 Sengalipalayam , 3.Chinnavilamalai (R.V) Priyavilamalai (P) Block 4 Itchi Valasu , 4.Priyavilamalai (R.V) and (P) Block 5 Erukattu Valasu(Chinnavilamalai)
53P.U.E.School .M.Olappalayam- 638107 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building1.Olapalayam (R.V) Priyavilamalai (P) block 1 Olapalayam
54Govt.High.School Thiruvachi- 638502 ,East Facing New Terraced Building South Portion1.Thiruvachi (R.V) and (p) block1 Manthampalayam itchi valasu , 2.Thiruvachi (R.V) and (P) Block2 Solipalayam Adhidiravidar St
55Govt.High.School Thiruvachi- 638502 ,East Facing Terraced Building North PortionThiruvachi (R.V) and (P) Block3 Soolakathan Valasu
56Govt.High.School Thiruvachi 638502 ,South Facing New Terraced Building1.Poovampalayam (R.V)Chinniampalayam(P) Ward 4 Chinniampalayam , 2.Poovam palayam (R.V)Thiruvachi (P) ward 6 Palapalayam,Thasapalayam
57P.U.E.School Thiruvachi-638502 ,East Facing New Terraced Building North Wing1.Poovampalayam(R.V)Thiruvachi (P) ward 5 Poovampalayam , 2.Poovam palayam (R.V)Thiruvachi (P) ward 6 Teacher Co opearative Nager Ward 5
58P.U.E.School.Petthampalayam - 638116 ,Southfacing New Terraced Building East Portion1.Pethamapalayam (TP) ward4 Pethamapalayam,kuppusamy gounder st , 2.Pethamapalayam (TP) Ward5 Raoutha Gounden St,Pethampalayam , 3.Pethamapalayam (TP) Ward12 Osapatti Chinnasamy St,Pethampalayam
59P.U.E.School.Petthampalayam - 638116 ,Southfacing Terraced Building West Portion1.Pethamapalayam (TP) ward13 Maranaicken palayam,varanavasi st,pethampalayam , 2.Pethamapalayam (TP) Ward11 Naripalayam,Kuppana gounder St,Pethampalayam , 3.Pethamapalayam (TP) Ward11 Naripalayam, Pethampalayam
60P.U.M.School Chellappagoundanvalasu-638116 ,North Facing New Terraced Building West Portin1.Pethamapalayam (TP)ward6 Suriyampalayam,s.r.chinnathambi gounder st , 2.Pethamapalayam (TP) Ward 8 Karukkampalayam,K.L.Shanmugam St
61P.U.M.School Chellappagoundanvalasu-638116 ,North Facing New Terraced Building East Side1.Pethamapalayam (TP) ward7 S.gounder valasu,s.k.chinna gounder st , 2.Pethamapalayam (TP) Ward10 Kamaraj St,Karukkampalayam Puthur , 3.Pethamapalayam (TP) Ward 9 Sadaiya Gounden Valasu,Sengoda Gounder St
62P.U.E.School Nallampatty-638057 ,North Facing East side Terraced Building1.Nallampatti (TP) ward7 Kothukarar st ,naduvalasu , 2.Nallampatti (TP) Ward 7 Puthukudisaigal , 3.Nallampatti (TP) Ward 7 L.I.C.St,Nadu Valasu , 4.Nallampatti (TP) Ward6 Nehru St,Nadu Valasu , 5.Nallampatti (TP) Ward3 Rice Mill Road , 6.Nallampatti (TP) Ward9 Mankattu Pillaiyar St , 7.Nallampatti (TP)Ward12 Dasamputhur,Kothukarar St , 8.Nallampatti (TP) Ward12 Dasaiyar St (Dasam Puthur) , 9.Nallampatti (TP) Ward12 Pomman St , 10.Nallampatti (TP) Ward12 Kamarasar St , 11.Nallampatti (TP) Ward3 Rice Mill Road
63P.U.E.School Nallampatty-638057 , West Facing Terraced Building North Portion1.Nallampatti (TP) ward 4 Veera ko street,m puthu thottam, pa kadu , 2.Nallampatti (TP) Ward 6 Naduvalasu Desigar St , 3.Nallampatti (TP) Ward 6 Unchakadu , 4.Nallampatti (TP) Ward6 Annamar Koil St , 5.Nallampatti (TP) Ward 6 Prathana St , 6.Nallampatti (TP) Ward5 Bharathikattu Thottam,Colony
64P.U.E.School Nallampatty-638057 ,East facing Tiled Building North Side1.Nallampatti (TP) ward1 Durkkaiamman kovil st , 2.Nallampatti (TP) Ward1 Mariamman Koil St , 3.Nallampatti (TP) Ward2 Kotthukarar St
65P.U.E.School Nallampatty-638057 ,East Facing Tiled Building South Side1.Nallampatti (TP) Ward10 Indra Road , 2.Nallampatti (TP) Ward 10 Gandhi Road,P ko street,V thottam,P A kovil street
66P.U.E.School Pallakarai-638057 ,East facing Tiled building South Portion1.Palakarai (R.V) Thudupathy (P) Ward 3 Thoppupalayam , 2.Palakarai (R.V) Thudupathy (P) Ward 3 Thottiyanur , 3.Palakarai (R.V) Thudupathy (P) Ward 4 Palakarai,Indra Nagar
67P.U.E.School Pallakarai-638057 ,East facing Tiled building North Portion1.ChinnmallampalayamThudupathy (p) ward 1 Rakkiyapalayam , 2.Palakarai (R.V) Thudupathy (P) Ward 2 Koolikattu Valasu,Arisana Colony , 3.Chinnamallampalayam (R.V)Thudupathy (P) Ward 5,6 Chinnamallampalayam
68P.U.E.School Pallakarai-638057 ,North facing Terraced Building West Portion1.Thudupathy (R.V) and (p) ward 5,6 Veerachipalayam arisana colony , 2.Thudupathy(R.V) and (P) Ward 7 Seeranga Goundenpalayam
69G.H.S.S Tudupathi-638057 ,Southfacing Terraced Building East Portion1.Thudupathy (R.V) and (p) ward8 Kitthottam palayam , 2.Thudupathy(R.V) and (P) Ward 9 Thullukkapalayam,D.pallapalayam
70G.H.S.S Tudupathi-638057 ,Southfacing Terraced Building West Portion1.Thudupathy(R.V) and (p) ward11 Thudupathy kaspa , 2.Thudupathy (R.V) and (P) Ward12 C.S.I.AdhiDiravidar Colony , 3.Thudupathy (R.V) and (P) Ward13 D.Olapalayam
71G.H.S.S Tudupathi-638057 ,Southfacing Terraced building Middle Portion1.Thudupathy (R.V) and (P) Ward14 Thudupathy South St
72P.U.E.School Kelaripalayam- 638055 ,Northfacing Tiled Building East Portion1.Chinapuram (R.V) and (p) ward3 Suranaickenur,maranaickenur,kulla kinaru
73P.U.E.School Kelaripalayam- 638055 ,Northfacing Tiled building West Portion1.Nimitipalayam (R.V) Chinapuram (p) ward1 Mallanaickenur,unchapalayam , 2.Nimitipalayam (R.V) Chinapuram (P) Ward 2 NimmitiPalayam Harijan Colony,Pa naikanur,Vellachetti palayam mettur , 3.Nimitipalayam (R.V) Chinapuram (P) Ward 4 Congressam Puthur Keelaripalayam
74P.U.E.School Chellappampalayam- 638055 ,Southfacing Terraced Building West Portion1.Sellappampalayam (R.V) And (p) block1 Sellappampalayam , 2.Sellappampalayam (R.V) and (P) Block2 Uthupalayam
75P.U.E.School Poosarinaickenur- 638057 ,South Facing Terraced Building1.Kallakulam (R.V) and (p) block1 Puliampatti,mettu puthur,kallakulam , 2.Kallakulam (R.V) and (P) Block2 Kaivettimallanaickenur,Athikattu Colony
76P.U.E.School.Polanaickenpalayam- 638056 ,North Facing Tiled Building West SidePolanaickenpalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Kasukaranpalayam , 2.Polanaickenpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Polanaickenpalayam , 3.Polanaickenpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Polanaickenpalayam,Adhidiravider Colony , 4.Polanaickenpalayam (R.V( and (P) Ward2 Polanaickenpalayam,Sambalakattu puthur
77P U M School Pappampalayam 638055 ,East Facing New Terraced Building East Side1.Vettiankinaru (R.V) and x(p) ward1 Enchampalayam,adhi colony ,kalpalayam , 2.Pappam palayam (R.V) Vettiyankinaru(P) Ward 1 Pappampalayam,Pappampalayam Adhi Colony
78P U M School Pappampalayam 638055 ,East Facing Terraced Building West Side North Portion1.Pappam palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Thachankattur,Uppiliankadu,Poochanthottam , 2.Pappampalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Karattur
79P.U.E.S. Semmandampalayam- 638103 ,Northfacing Teraced Building1.Chinniyampalayam (R.V) and (p) ward 1 Ganapathypalayam , 2.Chinniyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Chinniyampalayam , 3.Chinniyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Semmanadampalayam , 4.Chinniyampalayam (R.V) Velliraveli (P) Ward 2 Mailampalayam Arijana Colony
80P.U.M.S. 16 Velampalayam 638103 ,East Facing New Terraced Building1.Velampalayam (R.V) and (p) ward 1 Velampalayam,aalankadu,udaiyar thottam , 2.Velampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Manakadu,Thottipalayam,Karuukupalayam
81P.U.E.S. Navakadu-638103 ,Southfacing Tiled Building1.Navakadu (R.V) and (p) ward 1 Orukkampalayam ,p.thottam,man thittu kadu , 2.Navakadu (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Pallar Valasu,Aalankadu, PachaiKorai , 3.Navakadu (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Chinnakattu Valasu,Govindan Kadu
82N.R.Karupananadar kalvinilaiyam High.School Kunnathur-638103 ,East faicng Tiled Building North Portion1.Kunnathur(TP) ward 8 Poolankulam , 2.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 6&12 Gobi Road
83N.R.Karupananadar kalvinilaiyam High School Kunnathur 638103 ,North Facing Tiled Building East Side1.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 7 PallaGoundenpalayam Road , 2.Kunnathur (TP) Ward4 Theatre Road , 3.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 6 Uthukuli Road
84N.R.Karupananadar kalvinilaiyam High.School Kunnathur-638103 ,Westfacing Tiled Building East Portion1.Kunnathur (TP) ward 5 Gandhinagar arisana colony , 2.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 6 Gobi road , 3.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 10 Athiyur Road , 4.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 8 Poolangkulam
85P.U.M.School. Kunathur-638103 ,West FacingTeraced Building South Portion1.Kunnathur(TP) ward 14 Eswaran kovil st
86P.U.M.School. Kunathur 638103 ,West Facing Terraced Building North Portion1.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 11,12,13 Perumanallur Road
87P.U.M.School. Kunathur-638103 ,North Facing Teraced Building1.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 11,12,13 Perumanallur Road
88P.U.M.School. Kunathur-638103 ,Eastfacing Teraced building South Portion1.Kunnathur (TP) ward 2 Sengalipalayam , 2.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 3 Devanampalayam , 3.Kunnathur(TP) Ward 14 Akragara St , 4.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 13,14 Sevur Road , 5.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 4,14 Gobi Road
89P.U.M.School. Kunathur-638103 ,Eastfacing Teraced building North Portion1.Kunnathur(TP) Ward 1 Chittandi Palayam , 2.Kunnathur(TP) Ward 15 Chandaipalayam , 3.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 4,15 Gobi Road , 4.Kunnathur (TP) Ward 4 Anbu Nagar
90P.U.E.S Thattanchirai 638103 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Chinnegounden valasu (R.V) and (p) ward 1 Moopan thottam,odathalaiyampathy,ellapalayam,thottiyankadu , 2.Chinnegounden Valasu (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Kondan Thottam,Chinnegounden Valasu,Theerthampallam
91P.U.M.S Thiruvaimudaliyur 638103 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Chinnegounden Valasu (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kannarkadu,Karaithottam,Thiruvai Mudaliyur, Nallikadu
92P.U.M.School Adhiyur-638103 ,North facing Tiled building West Portion1.Vattalapathy (R.V) and (p) ward1 Porasa palayam , 2.Vattalapathy(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Vattalapathy Amman KoilPathy,Moopankadu,Nathankada , 3.Vattalapathy(R.V) and (P) Ward3 Kaurunampathy,P.thottam,Su kadu,Va thottam
93P.U.M.School Adhiyur-638103 ,South Facing New Terraced Building North Part1.Velliampathy (R.V) and (p) ward1 Athyur
94P U E School Velliyampathi 638103 ,East Facing Tiled Building1.Velliampathy (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Nila St,Karunkoraukadu South
95P U M S Thiruvai Muthaliyur 638103 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Sundakkampalayam (R.V) and (p) ward 1 Kaikolapalayam,rasa koil,erukkalankadu , 2.Sundakkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Pathykadu,Periyasamnkothukadu
96P.U.E.School Puduvalasu-638103 ,East Facing Tiled Building1.Sundakkampalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Balakulam,oomachivalasu,Pallapalayam , 2.Sundakkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Kattu Valasu,South Kadu,Sundakkampalayam
97P.U.E.School Puduvalasu-638103 ,Northfacing New terraced Building West1.Sundakkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Vavikadu,Puthuvalasu,Chattiram,Pa Thottam
98P.U.E.School Virumandampalayam-638812 ,East Facing Tiled Building North Portion1.Virumandempalayam(R.V) and (p) ward4 Chinnakarukkapalayam, mettuthottam ,odavakattu , 2.Virumandempalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward5 Ammapalayam,Arisana Colony
99P U E School Ammapalayam 638812 ,South Facing Terraced Building1.Virumandempalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward6 Sadaiyampathy Arisana Colony , 2.Virumandempalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward6 Othaipanaimedu,K.kuttai
100P.U.E.School Virumandampalayam-638812 ,Eastfaicng New Terraced Building1.Virumandempalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Arasan kadu,sadaiyankadu,siluvankadu,kadaithottam , 2.Virumandempalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward2 Mallipalayam,Gounden Thottam,Virumandempalayam , 3.Virumandempalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward3 K.Kadu,thillai Kuttaipalayam,Araisana Colony
101P.U.E.School Sengalipalayam- 638056 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Sengalipalayam(R.V) and (p) ward1 Aruvankattupalayam , 2.Sengalipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Sengalipalayam , 3.Sengalipalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Sengalipalayam Arisana Colony , 4.Sengalipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward4 SamiyarpalayamArisana Colony
102P.U.E.School Vamalaigoundanpalayam-638103 ,West Facing East New R C C Terraced Building1.Kavuthampalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Poosaripalayam,arisana colony,n.palayam
103P.U.E.School K Thottiyapalayam 638103 ,North Facing Tiled Building1.Kavuthampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Thottipalayam,Sembuttampalayam , 2.Kavuthampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Velappagounden Puthur,Vella Goundenpalayam
104P.U.E.School Vamalaigoundanpalayam-638103 ,East facing Oldtiled Building West Portion1.Kavuthampalayam (R.V) and (p) ward4 S.goundenpalayam,v.g.palayam , 2.Kavuthampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Kandappa Goundenputhur,Vamalai Goundenpalayam , 3.Kavuthampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 East Thatchampalayam,Kannakkankadu , 4.Kavuthampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward5 Vamalaigoundenpalayam , 5.Kavuthampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward5 Kavuthampalayam
105P.U.M.School Karumanchirai- 638103 ,Westfacing Teraced building South Portion1.Karumanchirai (R.V) and (p) ward1 Karumanchirai,chinnasengapalli
106P.U.M.School Karumanchirai- 638103 ,Westfacing Teraced building North Portion1.Karumanchirai (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Kattu Valasu,Periyakattu Valasu,Chinnakattu Valasu , 2.Karumanchirai (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kottathu Valasu,Pattakara Valasu , 3.Karumanchirai (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Cinna Chengapalli
107P.U.E.School. Velliraveli-638103 ,Eastfacing Teraced Building South Portion1.Velliraveli (R.V) and (p) ward 3 Ranganaickenur,kuliankadu,
108P.U.E.School. Velliraveli-638103 ,Eastfacing Teraced building North Portion1.Velliraveli (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Velliraveli Kaspa Thottam
109Govt.Hr.Sec.School Velliraveli- 638103 ,North faced Teraced Building East Portion1.Velliravelli(R.V)and (P)Ward 5 Velliravelli Kaspa South Street , 2.Velliravelli (R.V) AND (p) WARD 6 Vadugpalayam Harijan Colony,North Harijan Colony , 3.Velliraveli (R.V) and (P) ward 6 Velliraveli South St Kaspa
110Govt.Hr.Sec.School Velliraveli- 638103 ,South facing Aspetass Sheet Building1.Velliraveli (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Pappa valasu Devanampalayam , 2.Velliraveli (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Mailampalayam Ward 1 , 3.Velliraveli(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Mailampalayam ,Arisana Colony ward 1
111P.U.E.School.Pachagoundampalay am-638056 ,Southfacing Terraced Building1.Chinnaveerasankili (R.V) and (p) ward1 Pachagoundenpalayam arunthathiyar st , 2.Chinnaveerasankili (R.V) and(P) Ward2 Chinnaveerasankili ,Adhi St,Andi Thottam , 3.Chinnaveerasankili (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Pachagoundenpalayam
112P. U. M. School. Periyaveerasangili-638056 ,South Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Chinnaveerasankili (R.V) and (p) ward3 Periyaveerasangili,urnaickenthottam,thotti thottam , 2.Chinnaveerasankili(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Devakka kadu,Mamarathottam,Karukku thottam
113Govt.High.School Kaikolampalayam 638056 ,South Facing Terraced Building North Wing1.Periyaveerasankili (R.V) and(p) ward1 Kaikolapalayam,ayyan thottam,erankattuthottam , 2.Periyaveerasankili (R.V)and (P) Ward2 Karukkanthottam,Muthugounden,Puthur,Thachanthottam
114Govt.High.School Kaikolampalayam 638056 ,East Facing Terraced Building West Side1.Periyaveerasankili (R.V) and (p) ward1 Gray nagar,kodapuliyur , 2.Periyaveerasankili (R.V)and (P) Periyaveerasankili Vadamalaigoundampalayam Ward
115P.U.E.School Koonampatti- 638056 ,Eastfacing New Terraced Building North Portion1.Koonampatti (R.V ) and (p) ward 2 Odaikadu , 2.Koonampatti (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 West Puthur , 3.Erumaikaranpalayam (R.V) Koonampatti (P) Ward 1 Erumaikaranpalayam
116P.U.E.School Koonampatti- 638056 ,Eastfacing New Terraced Building South Portion1.Erumaikaranpalayam (R.V)Koonampatti (P) Ward 1 Aalampalayam , 2.Koonampatti (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Koonampatti , 3.Erumaikaranpalayam (R.V)Koonampatti (P) Ward 1 Ulagappagoundenputhur
117R.C.Aided.M.School.Kalliyampud ur-638056 ,South Facing Terraced Building East Portion Room No-81.Vijayapuri (CT) and (P) ward 2 Pullarpalayam , 2.Vijayapuri (CT) and (P) Ward 5 Kalliamputhur,Pullarpalayam,Muthu Nagar , 3.Vijayapuri (CT) and (P) Ward 5 South Thottipalayam,Manthaivayal,Navithan Thottam , 4.Vijayapuri (CT) and (P) Ward 5 Pullarpalayam,Kalliamputhur,South Thottipalayam
118R.C.Aided.M.School.Kalliyampud ur-638056 ,South Facing New Terraced Building West Portion Room No-41.Vijayapuri (CT) and (P) ward 1 Kalliamputhur west,mariamman koil east
119R.C.Aided.M.School.Kalliyampud ur-638056 ,South facing New terraced Building Center Room-71.Vijayapuri (TP) and (P) ward 2 Kalliamputhur bharathy st , 2.Vijayapuri (TP) and (P) Ward 2 Kovil Thottam,Bharathy Nagar , 3.Vijayapuri (TP) and (P) Ward 2 Sanarpalayam,Bharathy Nagar
120P.U.E.School. Vijayapuri-638056 ,East Facing Terraced Building1.Vijayapuri (TP) and (P) ward 3 Mekkur vijayapuri north erimedu , 2.Vijayapuri(TP) and (P) N.H.Main Road,Perumal Koil St , 3.Vijayapuri (TP) and (P) Ward 6 Vijayamangalam
121P.U.E.School. Vijayapuri-638056 ,South Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Vijayapuri (TP) and (P) ward 4 Vijayapuri South,Erimedu,Perumal Thottam , 2.Vijayapuri (CT) and (P) Ward 4 and 5 Kuruman Thottam,Pulavan Thottam,Bahalayur , 3.Vijayapuri (CT) and (P) Ward 6 Mettankadu, Bagalayur , 4.Vijayapuri (TP) and (P) Ward 6 Samathottam,Mekkur,Vijayamangalam ,Bahalayur , 5.Vijayapuri (TP) and (P) Ward 5 and 6 Sakthi Nagar,N.H.Road,Mettukadu , 6.Vijayapuri (TP) and (P) Ward 4 Mekkur South,Arisana Colony,Chetty Thoppu
122Selffinance.E.School. Kinipalayam-638056 ,Northfacing Aspetass Sheet Roof Easts Portion1.Mettuputhur (P) Ward2 Kinipalayam Periyakadu Kurunchikadu Itchithottam , 2.Mettuputhur(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Mettuputhur , 3.Mettuputhur (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Mettuputhur
123Selffinance.E.School. Kinipalayam-638056 ,East Facing Terraced BuildingMettuputhur (R.V) and (p) ward1 Mettuputhur thottam ,vellaiyan thottam,ad colony
124P.U.E.School.Karandipalayam- 638056 ,East Facing New Terraced Building1.Karandipalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Karandipalayam,puthur murugampalayam , 2.Karandipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Karandipalayam,Kattu Valasu,Ne sa palayam
125P.U.M.School Aaigoundampalayam-638057 ,East Facing Tiled Building1.Aaigoundanpalayam (R.V)Chinapuram (p) ward 1 Vaiakadu,a.g.palayam,nallagounden puthur , 2.Aaigoundanpalayam (R.V)Chinapuram (P) Ward 2 Aaiyegoundenpalayam North
126P.U.M.School Aaigoundampalayam-638057 ,North Facing Terraced Building West Portion1.Aaigoundanpalayam (R.V)Chinapuram (P) Ward 3 Aaiyegoundenpalayam South , 2.Aaigoundanpalayam (R.V) Chinapuram (P) Ward 4 Vani Goundenpalayam (Kathamadai)
127P.U.M.School Aaigoundampalayam-638057 ,South Facing Terraced Building North Portion1.Aai goundanpalayam (R.V) Chinapuram (p) ward1 Kallakulam,pulankadu,new adcolony , 2.Aaigoundan palayam (R.V) Chinapuram (P) Ward 2 Kallakulam , 3.Kullampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Kullampalayam,Otha Panankadu , 4.Kullampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 6 Kathamadai,Gobigounden Palayam
128P.U.M.School Aaigoundampalayam-638057 ,North facing Terraced Building East Portion1.Kullampalayam (P) Ward3 Mettupalayam,Periyapananthottam,AD Colony , 2.Kullampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Velliampalayam , 3.Kullampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kullampalayam
129P.U.E.School.Chakkarai Goundenpalayam-638056 ,Southfacing Tiled Building1.Ponmudi (R.V) and (p) block1 Nantha thottam,ponmudi, va palayam , 2.Ponmudi (R.V) (P) Block2 Charkarai Goundempalayam,Puttankattur , 3.Ponmudi (R.V) and (P) Block3 Ponmudi ,Puthupalayam Valasu Shanmuga Puram , 4.Ponmudi(R.V) and (P) Block1 Ponmudi , 5.Ponmudi (R.V) and (P) Block2 Ponmudi ,Puthupalayam , 6.Ponmudi (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Ponmudi,Charkarai goundenpalayam , 7.Ponmudi (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Ponmudi , 8.Ponmudi (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Ponmudi , 9.Ponmudi (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Ponmudi , 10.Ponmudi (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Ponmudi
130C.S.I Aided Elementary School Pattakarampalayam 638057 ,Eastfacing Tiled building East Portion1.Pattakaranpalayam (p) ward-1 Adhidiravider colony,pattakaranpalayam , 2.Pattakaranpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Pattakaranpalayam , 3.Pattakaranpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 PerumampalayamNadar Perumampalayam
131C.S.I Aided Elementary School Pattakarampalayam 638057 ,East Facing Terraced Building1.Pattakaranpalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Maniyampalayam ,senkadu,uthukadu , 2.Pattakaranpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 East Aaiyegoundenpalayam , 3.Pattakaranpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Kanakkampalayam,Adhi.Colony,Ganapathypalayam
132P.U.E.School Seenapuram-638055 ,East Facing Middle Tiled Building South Side1.Chinapuram (R.V)and (p) ward5 Malai chinapuram,kadaipallarpalayam , 2.Chinapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 6 Chinapuram Anna Nagar Colony
133Govt Higher Sec School Seenapuram 638055 ,East Facing Treaced Building South Portion1.Chinapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward9 Old Veeranampalayam,Veeranampalayam Puthur,Gandhi
134P.U.E.School Seenapuram-638055 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building North Portion1.Thalaipalayam (R.V) Chinapuram (p) ward 8 Thalaiampalayam,sullipalayam , 2.Thalaipalayam(R.V) Chinapuram (P) Ward 7 Ellapalayam , 3.Seenapuram (R.V)Chinapuram (P) Ward 9 Veeranampalayam,Gandhi Nagar,Adhidiravidar Colony , 4.Chinapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 15 NettaSellapalayam
135P.U.E.School. Sullipalayam- 638057 ,West Facing Terraced Building1.Sullipalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Sullipalayam, perumapalayam , 2.Sullipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Sullipalayam , 3.Sullipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Slatter Puram,Chetty Thottam , 4.Sullipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Lakshmipuram , 5.Sullipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Pallakattur,Senkadu , 6.Sullipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Sullipalayam,Arisana Colony
136P.U.E.School. Sullipalayam- 638057 ,West Facing Asbestos BuildingSullipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Sullipalayam,Ayyappa Nagar
137Govt.Girls.H.S.School Perundurai- 638052 ,North Facing New terrraced Building West Portion Room No 101.Karumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward12 Gandhiji st , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward12 Jeeva St , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward12 Kanchi Koil Road , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward13 Rajaji St , 5.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward13 Vallalar St
138Govt.Girls.H.S.School Perundurai- 638052 ,Northfacing New Terraced Building Meddle Portion Room No 91.Karumandisellipalayam(TP) ward14 Daskantstreet,kongunagar , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward15 Kennadi St , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward13 Chidambaranar St , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward15 Nehru St , 5.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward16 Powthampalayam Road
139Govt.Girls.H.S.School Perundurai- 638052 ,Northfacing New Terraced Building East Portion Room No 81.Karumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward9 Bunglaw st , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward15 Kasthuribai St , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward15 Kanchi Koil St , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward15 Vivekananda St , 5.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward15 Bhavani Road , 6.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward15 Nehruji St , 7.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward7,8 Erode Road , 8.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward6 Kunnathur Road , 9.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward17 Senitorium
140P.U.E.School Thiruvengadampalayam-638052 ,Northfacing New Terraced Building1.Karumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward12 Ashokar st , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward12 Thanner Pandal St , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward12 Rajaji St , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward 12 Kalaivanar St , 5.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward12 Periyar St , 6.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward12 Tank St , 7.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward13 Pethampalayam Road , 8.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward12 Patel St , 9.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward18 Thiru Venkatam Palayam Puthur , 10.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward18 Thiru Venkatam Palayam Puthur Colony
141P.U.E.School Thiruvengadampalayam-638052 ,Northfacing Old Tiled BuildingKarumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward17 Slatter nagar , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward17 Slatter Nagar ,Adhidiravidar Colony , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward17 Anna Nagar , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward15 Kanchi Kovil Road , 5.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward18 Thruvenkatampalayam , 6.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward17 Anna nagar ,Sanitorium , 7.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward17 Slatter Nagar , 8.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward 15 Kanchi Kovil Road
142P.U.E.School Seelampatty-638052 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Karumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward5 Ellapalayam colony , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward2 Ellapalayam , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward5 Ellapalayam Puthur , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward2 Mondipuliankadu , 5.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward1 Seelampatti , 6.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward1 Seelampatti Arisana Colony , 7.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward1 Thottiya Seelampatti Colony , 8.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward2 Samathanapuram
143P.U.M.School Karumandisellipalayam 638052 ,South Facing Terraced BuildingKarumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward2 Theethampalayam , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward3 Karumandi Chelliapalayam , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward3 Angappa St
144P.U.M.School Karumandisellipalayam-638052 ,Southfacing Tiled Building West Portion1.Karumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward4 Adhidiravidar colonyvelliampalayam , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward4 Velliampalayam , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward4 Karumandi Chelliapalayam ,Arisana Colony , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward3 Balan Nagar
145P.U.M.School PerunduraiNorth- 638052 ,East facing 2nd Terracedbulding1.Karumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward6 Chetty thoppu , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward6 Kadapalayam , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward11 Indra St , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward11 Bhavani Road , 5.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward6 Lakshmi Nagar
146P.U.M.School PerunduraiNorth- 638052 ,Eastfacing 3rd Terraced Building1.Karumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward11 Thiruvalluvar st , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward10 RajendraPrasad St , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward10 Cholan St , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward10 Cheran St , 5.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward10 Pandiyan St
147P.U.M.School Perundurai North 638052 ,West Facing New Terraced Building North Portion1.Karumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward 9 Bunglow st , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward 9 Uniam Colony , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward 9 Pillaiyar Koil St , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward 9 Thilagar St , 5.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward9 Bhavani Road , 6.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward9 Kumaran St , 7.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward8 Kannaki St
148P.U.M.School Perundurai North 638052 ,West Facing New Terraced Building North Portion1.Karumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward 9 Bharathiyar st , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward8 Subash Chandra Bose St , 3.Karumandicellipalayam (TP) Erode rode 1 Ward 7 , 4.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward7 Erode Road 2 , 5.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward 7 Erode Road 3
149P.U.E.School Kandampalayam- 638052 ,East Facing Tiled Building South Portion1.Karumandi chelliapalayam (TP) ward 5 Kandampalayam puthur , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward4 Bharathy Nagar , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward5 Kandampalayam
150P.U.E.School Kandampalayam 638052 ,East Facing Tilde Building North Portion1.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward5 Karukkamapalayam Adhidiravidar Natham , 2.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward 6 Sellana Gounden Puthur , 3.Karumandi Chelliapalayam (TP) Ward 6 Karukkamapalayam
151P.U.M.School. Perundurai West - 638052 ,West Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Perundurai (TP) ward5 Kunnathur road , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward4 Pajanai Koil St3 , 3.Perundurai (TP) Ward4 Pajanai Koil St , 4.Perundurai (TP) Ward4 Pajanai Koil St 2 , 5.Perundurai (TP) Ward5 Kalliamputhur Road
152P.U.M.School. Perundurai West - 638052 ,South Facing Terraced Building Middle Portion1.Perundurai (TP) Ward4 Mohammediar St , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward4 Mudaliar St
153P.U.M.School. Perundurai West - 638052 ,Northfacing Oldterraced Building West Portion1.Perundurai (TP) ward2 Raja st , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward2 Pavadi St , 3.Perundurai (TP) Ward3 Podimattaikarar Lane , 4.Perundurai (TP) Ward3 Majeeth St , 5.Perundurai (TP) Ward3 Majeeth St,Kurukku Lane
154P.U.E.School. Madathupalayam- 638052 ,South facing Tiled building West Portion1.Perundurai (TP) ward1 Periyamadathupalayam , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward1 Adhi Diravider Colony , 3.Perundurai (TP) Ward1 Covai Main Road , 4.Perundurai (TP) Ward1 Chinnamadathupalayam
155P.U.E.School. Madathupalayam- 638052 ,Southfacing Tiledbuilding East Portion1.Perundurai (TP) Ward1 Kalliamputhur , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward1 Old Kottai A risana Colony , 3.Perundurai (TP) Ward1 New Kottai Arisana Colony , 4.Perundurai (S,Vp) Ward1 Kulanthaiyan Thottam
156P.U.M.School. Perundurai East- 638052 ,West Facing Newterraced Building1.Perundurai (TP) ward6 M.c.road (west ) , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward8 M.C.Road 1st Cross St , 3.Perundurai (TP) Ward8 M.C.Road, Cross St2 , 4.Perundurai (TP) Ward8 M.C.Road ,Cross St , 5.Perundurai (TP) Ward8 M.C.Road , 6.Perundurai (TP) Ward6 Covai Main Road
157P.U.M.School. Perundurai East- 638052 ,North Facing New Terraced Building South Portion1.Perundurai (TP) Ward10 R.S.Road , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward7 Akragara Road
158P.U.M.School. Perundurai East- 638052 ,Northfacing Terraced Building1.Perundurai (TP) ward8 M.c.road east , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward7 Bus Stand Road
159P.U.M.School. Perundurai East- 638052 ,East facing Terraced Building1.Perundurai (TP) Ward8 Erode Road Main St , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward 8 Erode Road Cross St 1 , 3.Perundurai (TP) Ward8 Erode Road Cross St2 , 4.Perundurai (TP) Ward8 Erode Road Cross St3 , 5.Perundurai (TP) Ward8 Erode Road Cross St4
160P.U.M.School Perundurai South 638052 ,East Facing New Terraced Building South Portion1.Perundurai (TP) ward11 Adhidiravidar colony , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward11 Adhidiravidar Colony , 3.Perundurai (TP) Ward11 Kavin Nagar , 4.Perundurai (TP) Ward11 Gandhi Nagar , 5.Perundurai (TP) Ward11 Anand Nagar
161P.U.E.School. Thoppupalayam- 638052 ,South Facing Terraced Building East Wing1.Perundurai (TP) ward10 Thoppupalayam
162P.U.E.School. Thoppupalayam- 638052 ,South Facing Terraced Building West Portion1.Perundurai (TP) Ward9 Chenni Valasu
163P.U.E.School. Panikkampalayam- 638052 ,Northfacing Terraced Building1.Perundurai (TP) ward12 Thalakarai puthur ,chinna vettuvapalayam , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward12 Panikkampalayam East West Ward 12 , 3.Perundurai (TP) Ward 12 Panikkampalayam East AD Colony , 4.Perundurai (TP) Ward 12 Panikkamapalayam WestAD Colony , 5.Perundurai (TP) Ward12 Mulvadiyur,Kattur , 6.Perundurai (TP) Ward12 Arasankuttai Thottam
164P.U.M.School. Periyavottuuvapalayam-638052 ,East Facing New Terraced building North Portion1.Perundurai (TP) ward13 Periyavettuvapalayam,kumaran st , 2.Perundurai(TP) Ward13 Periyavettuvapalayam Nadar St , 3.Perundurai (TP) Ward13 Periyavettuvapalayam ,Adhidiravidar Colony
165P.U.M.School. Periyavottuuvapalayam-638052 ,East Facing New Terraced Building South Portion1.Perundurai (TP0 ward15 Kuttaikadu , 2.Perundurai (TP) Ward15 Kadappamadai , 3.Perundurai (TP) Ward15 Alichagoundenputhur , 4.Perundurai (TP) Ward15 Karukkankattur , 5.Perundurai (TP) Ward15 Olapalayam , 6.Perundurai (TP) Ward15 Kandampalayam
166P.U.E.School. Ingur 638058 ,Southfacing Terraced Building West Wing1.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Vettukattu Valasu , 2.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward4 Ingur , 3.Ingur(R.V) and (P) Ward4 Balappalayam , 4.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward4 Balappalayam Arisana Colony
167P.U.E.School. Ingur 638058 ,Eastfacing Additional Terraced Building1.Ingur (R.V) and (p) ward3 Goundenputhur , 2.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Kuthampalayam , 3.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Nalli Valasu , 4.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Ingur West , 5.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward4 Uchanagounden Puthur , 6.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Goundanur Arisana Colony
168P.U.E.S Nalligoundanpalayam 638058 ,Northfacing Terraced Building1.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Nalligoundenpalayam , 2.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Saravampathy , 3.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Saravampathy Puthur , 4.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Nallamuthampalayam , 5.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Saravampathy Arisana Colony , 6.Ingur (R.V) and(P) Ward2 Nallamuthampalayam Arisana Colony
169 P.U.E.S Senkulam Ingur 638058 ,Southfacing Terraced Building1.Ingur (R.V) and (p) block1 Kasipillampalayam , 2.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Block1 Elluthingalpatti , 3.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Block1 Paliya Kattur , 4.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Block1 Sengulam , 5.Ingur(R.V) and (P) Block1 Kuttapalayam , 6.Ingur(R.V) and (P) Block4 Velayudampalayam , 7.Ingur(R.V) and (P) Block4 Pulavanur , 8.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Block1 Ezhuthungalpatti Arisanacolony , 9.Ingur (R.V) and (P) Block1 Kuttapalayam Arisana Colony
170K.N.R.Aided Ele.School,Kambliyampatti 638056 ,East Facing Terraced Building North Portion1.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and (p) block2 Shanmugapuram , 2.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and (P) Block3 Pallakattur , 3.Kampuliampatti (P) Block3 Sullakattur , 4.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and (P) Block3 Sullimedu , 5.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and (P) Block4 Perandamadai , 6.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and (P) Block3 Ekkatamapalayam , 7.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and ((P) Block4 Kampuliampatti , 8.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and (P) Block4 Kampuliampatti
171Co.Land.Development.Bank.Kamp iliampatti-638056 ,South facing Terraced Building West Portion1.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and (p) block1 Murugampalayam , 2.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and (P) Block1 Nagappagoundenpalayam , 3.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and (P) Block2 Kasilinga Gounden Puthur , 4.Kampuliampatti (R.V) and (P) Block2 Kasipillampalayam
172P.U.E.School. Servakaranpalayam- 638056 ,East Facing Terraced Building South SideMoongilpalayam (R.) and (p) ward 3 Elumichamthottam,krishnapuram , 2.Moongilpalayam (r.v) and (p) ward 3 Servakaranpalayam,sangu nagar,arisana colony , 3.Marappannaickenpalayam( R.V) and (P) Ward 3&4 Sangu Nagar,Arisana Colony,Marappanaicken palayam , 4.Moongilpalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Athikadu Puliankadu Dasanpalayam , 5.Moongilpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3&4 Servakaranpalayam.Sangu Nagar
173P.U.E.School. Servakaranpalayam- 638056 ,Westfacing Tiledbuilding North PortionMoongilpalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Moongilpalayam,andikadu
174P.U.E.School. Servakaranpalayam- 638056 ,Westfacing Tiledbuilding North PortionMoongilpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Kovilpalayam,Karukkankadu,Jeyapuram,Devimangalam
175P.U.M.School Nadupatti-638056 ,Eastfacing Newterraced Building1.Nadupatti (R.V) and (P) Block 7 Nadupatti Kaspa , 2.Nadupatti (R.V) and (P) Block7 Aadidiravidar St , 3.Nadupatti (R.V) and (P) Block8 Lakshmigoundenpalayam , 4.Nadupatti (R.V) and (P) Block8 Sillankadu , 5.Nadupatti (R.V) and (P) Block7 Pulavampalayam Block7 , 6.Nadupatti (R.V) and (P) Block8 Sarakattankadu
176P.U.M.School Saravanapuram- 638056 ,North Facing Old Tiled Building1.Pallagoundenpalayam (R.V) and (p) ward 5 6 Sanarpalayam south Main Road,Sanarpalayam North,Attavanai Pallagoundanpalayam Main Road
177P.U.M.School Saravanapuram- 638056 ,Northfacing New Terracedbuilding West Portion1.Pallagoundenpalayam (R.V) and (p) ward3 Malakoilthottiyampalayam arisana st , 2.Pallagoundenpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward4 Chottagounden Palayam Puthur , 3.Pallagoundenpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Malakoil Thottiyapalayam , 4.Pallagoundenpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Mugasi Pallagoundenpalayam Main Road , 5.Pallagoundenpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Sanarpalayam South
178P.U.M.School Saravanapuram- 638056 ,Northfacing Oidtiledbuilding South East Side Teraced Building1.Pallagoundenpalayam (R.V) and(p) ward1&2 Pallagoundenpalayam,main road
179P.U.M.School Saravanapuram- 638056 ,Northfacing Oid Tiled Building South West Portion Teraced Building1.Pallagoundenpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Kundumalla naickenur,Era Naickenur
180P.U.E.School Sellipalayam - 638751 ,Westfacing Newterraced BuildingPutthurpalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 S.k.palayam,south kadu,k.k.puthur , 2.Putthurpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 A.Thottam,K.Puthur,P.Palayam,K.Kadu,Moolakarai , 3.Putthurpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Chellipalayam,Eastkarai,Raman Thottam , 4.Punchaithalavain Palayam (P) Ward-4 Molagoundenpalayam,Elanthakattu Puthur
181P.U.M.School Kasthuripalayam- 638751 ,West Facing New Terraced Building1.Thenmugam kangeyampalayam (R.V) Kasthuripalayam (p) block 6 Thenmugam kangayampalayam,Adi Dravidar Colony,Chetty Thottam , 2.Thenmugakangayampalayam (R.V)Kasthuripalayam (P) Block7 Kasthuripalayam,New Arisana Colony , 3.Thenmugakangayampalayam (R.V) Kasthuripalayam (P) Block8 Kasthuripalayam Adidiravidar Colony,M K thottam , 4.Thenmugakangayampalayam (R.V) Kasthuripalayam (P) Block9 Chetty Thottam,Annamar Nagar , 5.Thenmugakangayampalayam (R,V) Kasthuripalayam (P) Ward10 Neelagoundenpalayam
182P.U.M.School Kasthuripalayam- 638751 ,Eastfacing Newtiled Building1.Vadamugam kangeyampalyam(R.V)Kasthuripalayam (p) ward 1 Senjeripalayam , 2.Vadamugakangayam palayam (R.V)Kasthuripalayam (P) Ward1 Palanigoundenpalayam , 3.Vadamugakangayampalayam (R.V) Kasthuripalayam (P) Ward 2 Karaisakkili St , 4.Vadamugakangayampalayam (R.V)Kasthuripalayam (P) Ward2 Samrajpalayam , 5.Vadamugakangayampalayam (R.V) Kasthuripalayam (P) Ward2 Vadamugamkangeyampalayam
183Govt.High.School Sengapalli 638812 ,East Facing New Terraced Building Middle Portion1.Sengapalli (R.V)and (p) ward4 S.m.palayam,arisana colony,neelagoundenpalayam , 2.Sengapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward4 Poosaripalayam
184Govt.High.School Sengapalli 638812 ,West Facing New Terraced Building South Portion1.Sengapalli (R.V) (p) ward1 Sengapalli,sanarpalayam,valaiyan kadu,k.parai
185Govt.High.School Sengapalli 638812 ,West Facing New Terraced Building North Portion1.Sengapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Chinneripalayam , 2.Sengapalli (R.V) and(P) Ward2 Palanigoundempalayam Arisana Colony , 3.Sengapalli (R.V)and (P) Ward2 N.Goundempalayam,Kulakadu,Selvapurm
186Govt.High.School Sengapalli 638812 ,East Facing Tiled Building North Portion1.Muttampalayam (R.V) and (p) ward 1 Avinashigoundempalayam , 2.Muttampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1,2 Muttampalayam,Sarapurm,Arisana Colony , 3.Muttampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 3 Kadaiputhur
187P.U.M.School Kadapalayam 638812 ,North Facing New Terraced Building West Portion1.Sengapalli (R.V) and (p) ward 3 S.S.Palayam, A.Kadu, AD. colony , 2.Sengapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Mettuputhur,Ponnaram,K.Palayam , 3.Sengapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Kolanthottam , 4.Sengapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Kadapalayam, Arisana St,Nasuvan kadu
188P.U.M.School Kadapalayam 638812 ,North facing Tiled Building East Portion1.Sengapalli (R.V) and (p) ward2 Pachankattupalayam , 2.Sengapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Beedararappanpalayam , 3.Sengapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Pachathottam , 4.Sengapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Kuttaikattuputhur , 5.Sengapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Lakshmi Vinayagar Nagar , 6.Sengapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward3 AvarankattuPuthur
189P.U.E.School.Morattupalayam - 638752 ,North Facing Tiled Building North East Portion1.Morattupalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Sedarpalayam , 2.Morattupalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Morattupalayam,Kaspa North St , 3.Morattupalayam (R.V) (P) Ward 4 Morattupalayam,Kaspa South St , 4.Morattupalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Morattupalayam,Kaspa West St , 5.Morattupalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Angappa Nagar , 6.Morattupalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Adidiravidar Colony
190P.U.E.School.Morattupalayam - 638752 ,East facing New Terraced Building1.Morattupalayam(R.V) and (p) ward3 Morattupalayam,south st , 2.Morattupalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward4 Angappa Nagar , 3.Morattupalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 North St , 4.Morattupalayam (R.V) and(P) Ward 3 West St , 5.Morattupalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Main St , 6.Morattupalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Adidiravidar Colony
191P.U.E.School.Morattupalayam - 638752 ,East facing New Terraced Building1.Goundenpalayam(R.V) and (p) ward1 Goundenpalayam adidiravidar colony , 2.Goundenpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Karumandagoundenur , 3.Goundenpalayam(R,V) And (P) Ward 3 Uthukuli R S
192P.U.M.S.School.Uthukuli RS 638751 ,North Facing Tiled Building West SideUthukuli (TP) Ward13 Periyar St , 2.Uthukuli (TP) Ward13 Anna St , 3.Uthukuli (S,Vp) Ward-13 Thiyagi Kumaran St , 4.Uthukuli (TP) Ward13 Katta Pomman St , 5.Uthukuli(TP) Ward14 Kamaraj St , 6.Uthukuli (TP) Ward14 Rajaji St , 7.Uthukuli (TP) Ward14 Vivekanandar St , 8.Uthukuli (TP) ward11 Velampala
193P.U.M.S.School.Uthukuli RS 638751 ,North Facing Tiled building Center Portion1.Uthukuli (TP) Ward15 Kunnathur Road , 2.Uthukuli (TP) Ward14 Bharathidasan St , 3.Uthukuli (TP) Ward15 Kunnathur Road , 4.Uthukuli (TP) Ward1 Kodiyampalayam 4Road , 5.Uthukuli (TP) Ward1 Kodiyampalayam North St , 6.Uthukuli (TP) Ward1 Kodiyampalayam West St , 7.Uthukuli (TP) Ward1 Kodiyampalayam South St , 8.Uthukuli (TP) Ward1 Kodiyampalayam East St , 9.Uthukuli (TP) Ward1 Kodiyampalayam ,Jeevanantham St
194P.E.M.School.Uthukuli R.S - 638751 ,North facing Middle Tiled Building1.Uthukuli (TP) ward9 Maranaickenur , 2.Uthukuli (TP) Ward9 Kunnampalayam , 3.Uthukuli (TP) Ward9 Chettypalayam , 4.Uthukuli (TP) Ward12 R.S.Road , 5.Uthukuli (TP) Ward12 Railway Colony , 6.Uthukuli (TP) Ward12 Kangeyam Road , 7.Uthukuli (TP) Ward12 Naduthottam , 8.Uthukuli (TP) Ward12 Tirupur Road , 9.Uthukuli (TP) Ward10 Naduvelampalayam , 10.Uthukuli (TP) Ward10 Seravelampalayam , 11.Uthukuli (TP) Ward10 Unchakadu , 12.Uthukuli (TP) Ward13 Kamber St
195P.E.M.School.Uthukuli R.S - 638751 ,North facing Middle Tiled Building1.Reddypalayam(R.V) and (p) ward1 Karaipalayam,erukkampalayam , 2.Reddypalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Vellagoundenputhur
196Govt.Boys.Higher.Sec.School Uthukuli-638751 ,South Wing East Facing Terraced Building North Side Room No 36Reddypalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Poierithottam ,Pallathottam , 2.Reddypalayam (R.V) and(P) Ward2 Velliampalayam , 3.Reddypalayam (R.V) and(P) Ward3 Reddypalayam , 4.Redipalayam (R.V)and (P) Mudaliyar thottam,Vadugapalayam Ward3 , 5.Reddypalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Vadugapalayam,paraiyanthottam
197Govt.Boys.High.School Uthukuli- 638751 ,East Facing Terraced Building South Portion1.Vadugapalayam (R.V) and (p) ward2,3 Theneeswaranpalayam,aadi st , 2.Vadugapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Uthukkuli,Railwaystation,Thoppu Thottam
198Govt.Boys.High.School Uthukuli- 638751 , East Facing New Terraced Building1.Uthukuli (TP) ward3 Thalikattipalayam , 2.Uthukuli (TP) Ward3 Kaithamalai Road , 3.Uthukuli (TP)Ward 3 Ayyampalayam , 4.Uthukuli(TP) Ward7 Adidiravudar Colony , 5.Uthukuli (TP) Ward 7 Kolathottam , 6.Uthukuli (TP) Ward 7 North thottam , 7.Uthukuli (TP) Ward7 Kinathankadu , 8.Uthukuli (TP) Ward4 Eswaran Koil St
199Govt.Boys.High.School Uthukuli- 638751 ,East Facing New Terraced Building Middle portion1.Uthukuli (TP) ward4 Bavadi st , 2.Uthukuli (TP) Ward2 Parappu Thottam,Vellaigounden puthur , 3.Uthukuli (TP) Ward8 South Raja St , 4.Uthukuli (TP) Ward 8 East St , 5.Uthukuli (TP) Ward5 Bharathiyar St , 6.Uthukuli(TP) Ward 5 Gandhi St , 7.Uthukuli (TP) Ward 5 Nehru St , 8.Uthukuli (TP) Ward4 West St
200Govt.Boys.High.School Uthukuli- 638751 ,East Facing New Terraced Building North Portion1.Uthukuli(R.V) ward5 , 2.Uthukuli (TP) Ward7 Nethaji St , 3.Uthukuli (TP) Ward4 Hospital St , 4.Uthukuli (TP) Ward 3 Ayyampalayam Iteri , 5.Uthukuli (TP) Ward 8 Thiruvalluvar St
201P U E School Punjaithalavaipalayam 638751 ,North Facing Tiled Building1.Punchaithalavain palayam(R,V) and (p) ward1 Chinniyagoundempalayam , 2.Punchaithalavain Palayam(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Mallankattuputhur , 3.Punchaithalavain Palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Thottiampalayam , 4.Punchaithalavain Palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward4 Kaspapalla St ,Arisana St , 5.Punchaithalavain Palayam(R.V)and (P) Ward5 Punchaithalavain Palayam,Kovil Palayam
202P U E School Punjaithalavaipalayam 638751 ,North Facing Tiled Building1.Punchaithalavain Palayam(R.V)and (P) Ward7 Salapalayam , 2.Punchaithalavain Palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward8 Adidiravidar Colony , 3.Punchaithalavain Palayam(R.V)and (P) Ward9 Sedapalayam ,Arisana St , 4.Punchaithalavain Palayam (R.V) and(P) Ward10 Dalavaipalayam Puthur , 5.Punchaithalavain Palayam(R.V) and (P) Ward11 Anna Nagar
203P.U.E.S Sanarpalayam(East)638056 ,Westfacing Terraced Building1.Varapalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Moonampalli , 2.Varapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 West Sanar Palayam , 3.Varapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Varapalayam , 4.Varapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 S.Kattur,U.N.Puthur,O.K.Puthur , 5.Varapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 RasaGounden Puthur , 6.Varapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Sakilar Thottam , 7.Varapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 East Sanar Palayam
204P.U.E.S Pachangkatoor- Varapalayam 638056 ,East Facing Terraced Building South Side1.Varapalayam (p) ward-1 Angarandi puthur , 2.Varapalayam (P) Ward-2 Kongampalayam , 3.Varapalayam (P) Ward3 Puliyamapalayam , 4.Varapalayam (P) Ward-1 Pachankattur , 5.Varapalayam (P) Ward-2 Varapalayam
205P U E S Panaiyampalli 638058 ,South Facing Tiled Building East Side1.Paniyampalli (R.V) AND (p) ward2 Mutharandipalayam , 2.Paniyampalli (R.V)AND (P) Ward2 Paniyampalli , 3.Paniyampalli (R.V) and (P) Ward2 East Thottam Puthur , 4.Paniyampalli (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Periyandi Palayam , 5.Paniyampalli (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Chetty Kattu Puthur , 6.Paniyampalli (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Thoppu Palayam
206P U E S Panaiyampalli 638058 ,North Facing Tiled Building West Side1.Paniyampalli (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Komarapalayam,Velaudampalaym,ChettyThottam , 2.Paniyampalli (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Thullukkam palayam , 3.Paniyampalli (R.V) and (P) Ward4 Thottampatti
207P U E S Panaiyampalli 638058 ,South Facing Tiled Building West Side1.Paniyampalli (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Goundempalaym,Madukattipalayam , 2.Paniyampalli (R.V) and (P) Ward4 Pallakattu puthur , 3.Paniyampalli (r.v) AND (P) Ward4 M.P.N.Puram
208P.U.M.S Vaipadi 638056 ,Northfacing Terraced Building West Portion1.Vaipadi (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Puliampalaym , 2.Vaipadi (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Elaiampalayam Arisana Colnony , 3.Vaipadi (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Sanarpalayam , 4.Vaipadi (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Murugampalayam
209P.U.M.S Vaipadi 638056 ,North facing Terraced Building East Portion1.Vaipadi (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Kondayampalayam puthur , 2.Vaipadi (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Vaipadi ThoyyamThottam,P.Kadu , 3.Vaipadi (R.V0 and (P) Ward2 Kattupalayam , 4.Vaipadi(R.V) and (P) Ward3 Sullimedu , 5.Vaipadi (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Verandipalayam,ThottathuPuthur
210P.U.E.S,Kolathupalayam,638051 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Kuttampalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward1 Chinnakkattupalayam , 2.Kuttampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Periyakattu Palayam , 3.Kuttampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Kolathupalayam Arisana Colony , 4.Kuttampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kolathupalayam , 5.Kuttampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Akkaraiampalayam Arisana Colony , 6.Kuttampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Akkaraiyampalayam , 7.Kuttampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Velappa Goundan pudhur , 8.Kuttampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kuttampalayam , 9.Kuttampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 AalampalayamHarijan colony , 10.Kuttampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Aalampalayam
211P.U.M.S Sirukalanji 638751 ,East facing Terraced Building North Portion1.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Seerangapalayam , 2.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Thottaya Valasu , 3.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Chinnakkattupalayam , 4.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Chinnakattupalayam Arijana Colony , 5.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Chinnakattupalayam North , 6.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Ellakkaadu , 7.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Panappalayam , 8.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Panapalayam Arijana Colony , 9.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Parakkattu Puthur , 10.Sirukalanchi (R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Puthur Colony
212P.U.M.S Sirukalanji 638751 ,North Facing New Terraced Building1.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (p) ward 2 Karattupalayam , 2.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Veppankattur , 3.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Nathamthottam Puthur , 4.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Sirukalanchi , 5.Sirukalanchi (R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Sirukalanchi C.S.I.Colony , 6.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 East Thottam Puthur , 7.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Aalampalayam , 8.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Kalipalayam , 9.Sirukalanchi (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Muttiankadu Nadar St
213P.U.M.School.Pappampalayam - 638751 ,North facing New Terraced building Main Portion1.Itchipalayam (R.V) sarkarkathankanni (p) ward 1 Pappampalayam , 2.Itchipalayam (R.V) SarkarKathankanni (P) Ward 2 Vengalapalayam,Pappampalayam , 3.Itchipalayam (R.V) SarkarKathankanni (P) Ward 3 V.palayam,Karunthottam,M.Thottam
214P.U.M.School.Pappampalayam - 638751 ,North facing Main tiled Building West Portion1.Itchipalayam (R.V) sarkarkathankanni (p) ward 1 Puthupalayam , 2.Itchipalayam (R.V) SarkarKathankanni (P) Ward 1 Itchipalayam , 3.Itchipalayam (R.V) SarkarKathankanni (P) Ward 2 Kuppurandipalayam , 4.Itchipalayam (R.V) SarkarKathankanni (P) Ward 2 Varapalayam , 5.Itchipalayam (R.V) SarkarKathankanni (P) Ward 3 Kattaiya Gounden Palayam
215P.U.E.School.Rettaikinnar - 638751 ,South Facing Tiled Building1.Pallavarayanpalayam (R.V) and (p) ward12 R.kinar,maranur,o.palayam,n thottam , 2.Pallavarayanpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 12 Rettaikinar,Maranur,O.palayam , 3.Pallavarayanpalayam (R.V) and(P) Ward 2 Rettaikinar,Maranur , 4.Pallavarayanpalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Moolanaickenur,Dasanur (Agrahara Sarthar Kathankanni) , 5.Pallavarayanpalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Parapalayam,Panankattupalayam , 6.Pallavarayanpalayam (R.) and (P) Ward 3 Mullainaickenur , 7.Pallavarayanpalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Parapalayam
216P.U.M.School.Thimmanaickenpala yam -638752 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Morattupalayam (R.V)and (P) ward 5 Sappatta naicken palayam , 2.Morattupalayam(R.V) (P) Ward 6 Thimmanaickenpalayam
217P.U.M.School.Thimmanaickenpala yam -638752 ,South Facing Terraced Building1.Morattupalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 7 Sembapallam , 2.Morattupalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 7 Ponne Goundenur
218P.U.M.School.Govinthampalayam -641607 ,Southfacing Newterraced Building1.Akragaraperiyapalayam(R.V) and(P) Ward2 Govindampalayam
219P.U.M.School.Govinthampalayam -641607 ,South facing Tiled Building1.Akragaraperiyapalayam(R.V) and (p) ward1 N.palayam,p.palayam,aalankarai thottam , 2.Akragaraperiyapalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward3 Velliyampalayam,Kudukarai Thottam , 3.Akragaraperiyapalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward3 Velliampalayam
220P U M School Parappalayam 641607 ,East Facing New Terraced Building South Side1.Sarkar Periyapalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Kolathupalayam,Avarankatta Thottam
221P U M School Parappalayam 641607 ,West Facing Terraced Building Middle Class Room1.Sarkar periyapalayam (R.V) and (p) ward1 Parapalayam , 2.Sarkar Periyapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Kolathupalayam
222P.U.E.School.Sarkarperiyapalayam 641607 ,East Facing New Terraced BuildingSarkar periyapalayam (R.V) and(p) ward3,4 Sarkar periyapalayam kaspa
223P.U.E.School.Sarkarperiyapalayam 641607 ,North Facing Tiled Building1.Sarkar periyapalayam (R.V) and(p) ward3,4 Sarkar periyapalayam kaspa , 2.Sarkar Periyapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Vinayagapuram,PallankattuThottam,Poosarithottam
224P.U.E.School.Anaipalayam - 638752 ,South Facing Tiled Building West Portion1.Anaipalayam (R.V)and (p) ward1 Anaipalayam ,adidiravidar st , 2.Anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Anaipalayam Thoppu,Puthur,Paraiyur
225P.U.High.School Arugampalayam - 638752 ,East facing East New Terraced Building1.Anaipalayam (R.V) and (p) ward 3 Arugampalayam , 2.Anaipalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward3 Suppanur Pallapalayam

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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