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List of Polling Booths in Paramakudi Assembly

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A long time Congress loyalist and Rahul Gandhi’s young Congress group member, Jyotiraditya has left the party. As of 11th March, Scindia has joined Bharatiya Janata Party in the presence Read More…

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LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Panchayat Union Primary School ,Block - 1, Enathikottai 1.Enathikkottai (p) Melaparthibanur (R V) Enathikottai North Street , 2.Enathikkottai (p) Melaparthibanur (R V) Enathikottai east street (1) , 3.Enathikkottai (p) Melaparthibanur (R V) Enathikottai east (2) , 4.Enathikkottai (p) Melaparthibanur (R V) Enathikottai East Street (3) , 5.Enathikkottai (p) Melaparthibanur (R V) Enathikottai South Street (1) , 6.Enathikkottai (p) Melaparthibanur (R V) Enathikottai South Street (2) , 7.Enathikkottai (p) Melaparthibanur (R V) Enathikottai South Street (3)
2Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East side, Kallikudi 1.Kallikudi (R.V.) and (P) Seerambur East & West Street Ward 1 , 2.Kallikudi (R.V) and (P) Kallikudi South street Southpart (ward 1) , 3.Kallikudi (R.V) and (P) Kallikudi North Street Centrepart (ward 2) , 4.Kallikudi (R.V) and (P) Kallikudi North Street Northpart (ward 2) , 5.Kallikudi (R.V) and (P) Kallikudi South Street (ward 2) , 6.Kallikudi (R.V) and (P) Ponnakarai North And South Street (Ward 1) , 7.Kallikudi (R.V) and (P) Konakulam South Street (Ward 1) , 8.Kallikudi (R.V) and (P) Vagaikulam North Street (Ward 2)
3Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Melaparthibanoor 1.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Pallivasal North Street (ward 1) , 2.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Velar Street (Ward 1) , 3.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Oorani North Street (Ward 1) , 4.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Karnam Street (Ward 1) , 5.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Pallivasal Street (ward 1) , 6.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) R.C Church Street (Ward 1) , 7.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Meenkadai Santhu (Ward 1) , 8.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Pasi Pavalakkara Street (Ward 1) , 9.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Alagan Pacheri (Ward 8)
4Nallur Govt. Higher Secondary School ,North Building, West Portion, Parthibanur 1.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Paramakudi road (ward 2) , 2.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) East street Ward 2 , 3.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) New Street East (Ward 2) , 4.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Melacheevan Kulam Road (Ward 2) , 5.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Paraiyar South Street (Ward 2) , 6.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Pillayarkovil Street (Ward 2) , 7.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) New Street (Ward 2) , 8.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) New Street West (Ward 2) , 9.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Vallambar Rice Mill Street (Ward 2) , 10.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Vallambar Street (Ward 2)
5Nallur Govt. Higher Secondary School ,West Building, North Portion, Parthibanoor. 1.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Kamuthi Road (ward 3) , 2.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) West Street (Ward 3) , 3.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Policeline South Street (Ward 3) , 4.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Policeline Street (Ward 3) , 5.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) MaruthupandiStreet West (Ward 3) , 6.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Maruthupandi Street (Ward 3)
6Cresent Elementary School, ,West Side, Melaparthibanoor. 1.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Chettiyar Street (Ward 3) , 2.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Thillaichettiyar Street (Ward 3) , 3.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Rice Mill Street (Ward 3) , 4.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Pandara street (Ward 3) , 5.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Sakkaraikani Santhu (Ward 3) , 6.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Pillayarkovil West Santhu (Ward 3) , 7.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Pillayarkovil Street (Ward 3) , 8.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Pillayarkovil East Street (Ward 3) , 9.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Primary school street (Ward 3) , 10.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Pattarai Street West (Ward 3) , 11.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Pattarai Street East (Ward 3)
7Nallur Govt. Higher Secondary School ,Type Writing Room, West Portion, Parthibanoor 1.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Madurai Road (Ward 4) , 2.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Ponni rice mill Street (Ward 4) , 3.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Kamuthi Road (Ward 4) , 4.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Sekkadi street (Ward 4) , 5.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Kamuthi Road (Ward 4) , 6.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Perumalkovil Street (Ward 4) , 7.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Police Station Street (Ward 4) , 8.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Amina Rice mill Street (Ward 4) , 9.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) E.B Office Street (Ward 4) , 10.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Ice Company Street (Ward 4)
8Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Eastern Portion, H. Paralai 1.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Muslim paralai north street (Ward 5) , 2.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Muslim Paralai Middle Street (Ward 5) , 3.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Muslim Pallivasal Street (Ward 5) , 4.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) H Paralai South Street (Ward 5) , 5.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) H Paralai North Street (Ward 6) , 6.Melaparthibanoor (R.C) and (P) H. Paralai East Street (Ward 6) , 7.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Christian Paralai East Street (Ward 6) , 8.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Christian Paralai North Street (Ward 7) , 9.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Maruchukatti North Street (Ward 7) , 10.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Maruchukatti Middle South Street (Ward 7) , 11.Melaparthibanoor (R.V) and (P) Maruchukatti Harijan Street (Ward 7)
9Panchayat Union Middle School ,Main Building, West side, Soodiyur 1.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soodiyur East Street (Ward 1) , 2.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soodiyur School Street (Ward 1) , 3.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soodiyur Church Street(Ward 1) , 4.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soodiyur Middle Street (Ward 1) , 5.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soodiyur Kannan Koil Street (Ward 1) , 6.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soodiyur West Street (Ward 1) , 7.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soodiyur Velalar Street (Ward 1) , 8.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soodiyur Adi Dravidar Street (Ward 1) , 9.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soodiyur Palpannai Street (Ward 1) , 10.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soodiyur South Street (Ward 1) , 11.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soosaiyappar Patti South Street (Ward 3) , 12.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soosaiyappar Patti Middle Street (Ward 3) , 13.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Soosaiyappar Patti North Street (Ward 3) , 14.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Arulananthapuram North Street (Ward 1) , 15.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Arulananthapuram West Street (Ward 2) , 16.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Arulananthapuram South Street (Ward 2) , 17.Soodiyur (R.V) and (P) Arulananthapuram East Street (Ward 2)
10Panchayat Union Middle School ,(New Building), Keelaperungarai 1.Perungarai (R.V) and (P) North Street (Ward 1) , 2.Perungarai (R.V) and (P) West Street (Ward 2) , 3.Perungarai (R.V) and (P) East Street (Ward 2) , 4.Perungarai (R.V) and (P) South Street (Ward 3) , 5.Perungarai (R.V) and (P) Devarpuram (Ward 3) , 6.Perungarai (R.V) and (P) Meenatchipuram (Ward 3)
11Panchayat Union Middle School ,SSA Building, West Portion, Melaperungarai 1.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai South Street (Ward 8) , 2.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Adi Dravidar Street (Ward 6) , 3.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Adi Dravidar south street (Ward 6) , 4.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai AdiDravidar north street (Ward 6) , 5.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Adi Dravidar Colony (Ward 8) , 6.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Rajakkal Patti West Street (Ward 4) , 7.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Rajakkal patti east street ward 4 , 8.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Palapacheri ward 5 , 9.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Paraiyar Street (Ward 6)
12Panchayat Union Middle School ,SSA Building, East Portion, Melaperungarai 1.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai North Street (Ward 7) , 2.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai School Street (Ward 7) , 3.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Yadavar Street (Ward 7) , 4.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Middle Street (Ward 7) , 5.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Kovil Street (Ward 7) , 6.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Maravar Street (Ward 8) , 7.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Vellalar Street (Ward 8) , 8.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai East Street (Ward 8) , 9.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Thoppu Street (Ward 7,8) , 10.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai pappanenthal (Ward 9) , 11.Melaperungarai (R.V) and (P) Melaperungarai Thiruvarangi Ward 10
13Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Side, Kamuthakudi 1.Kamuthakudi (R.V) and (P) South east part (Ward 1) , 2.Kamuthakudi (R.V) and (P) North East Part (Ward 1)
14Hindu Elementary School ,Kamuthakudi 1.Kamuthakudi (R.V) and (P) South West part (ward 2) , 2.Kamuthakudi (R.V) and (P) North West Part (Ward 2) , 3.Kamuthakudi (R.V) and (P) Ilanthaikulam (Ward 3) , 4.Kamuthakudi (R.V) and (P) Ma. Sunthanenthal (Ward 3)
15Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Peeyanenthal 1.Kamuthakudi (R.V) and (P) Nandupatti (Ward 2) , 2.Kamuthakudi (R.V) and (P) Peeyanenthal (Ward 4) , 3.Kamuthakudi (R.V) and (P) Athiyenthal (Ward 3)
16Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Poduvakudi 1.Poduvakudi (R.V) and (P) Puthu nagar (Ward 1) , 2.Poduvakudi (R.V) and (P) Ganesh Nagar Road (Ward 1) , 3.Poduvakudi (R.V) and (P) North Street (Ward 1) , 4.Poduvakudi (R.V) and (P) East Street (Ward 1) , 5.Poduvakudi (R.V) and (P) First Middle Street (Ward 1) , 6.Poduvakudi (R.V) and (P) Second Middle Street (Ward 1,2) , 7.Poduvakudi (R.V) and (P) Adi Dravidar 1st Street (Ward 1,2) , 8.Poduvakudi (R.V) and (P) Third Middle Street (Ward 2) , 9.Poduvakudi (R.V) and (P) Adi Dravidar 2nd Street (Ward 2) , 10.Pothuvakudi (R.V) and (P) South Street (Ward 2)
17Panchayat Union Middle School ,East Building, Thelichathanallur 1.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanalloor (P) Mariyamman kovil street (north street) (ward 1) , 2.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanalloor(P) School Street (North Street) (Ward 1) , 3.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanalloor (P) Main Road North (West Side) (Ward 1) , 4.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanalloor (P) Main Road South (West Side) (Ward 1) , 5.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanalloor (P) Main Road South (East Part) (Ward 1) , 6.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanalloor (P) Main Road North (East Part) (Ward 1) , 7.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanalloor (P) Main Road North (Middle Part) (Ward 1)
18Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Portion, Thelichathanallur 1.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur (p) South street Ward 2 , 2.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur (P) Thelichathanallur colony (Ward 2) , 3.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) Thelichathanallur (P) Thirunagar Ward 3
19Panchayat Union Middle School ,Addl. New Building, west Portion, Thelichathanallur 1.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) Thelichathanallur (P) Jeyameenatchi nagar Ward 3 , 2.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur (P) V.O.C. nagar Ward 3 , 3.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur (P) Muvendar nagar Ward 3 , 4.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur (P) Nehru nagar Ward 3
20Sowrastra Desiya Middle School, ,North Building, West Side, Somanathapuram 1.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur (p) Shivaji colony (Ward 4) , 2.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur (P) Sundaraja Perumal Colony (Ward 4) , 3.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur(P) Colony Outer North Portion (Ward 4)
21Sowrastra Desiya Middle School, ,North Building, East Side, Somanathapuram 1.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur (P) Thilagar colony (Ward 4) , 2.Kattuapramkudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur(P) Muthu Nagar Portion (Ward 4) , 3.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur(P) OhmSakthi Nagar To Nila Nagar (Ward 4) , 4.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur(P) Sakthi Nagar (Ward 4) , 5.Kattuparamakudi (R.V) and Thelichathanallur(P) Gani Nagar (Ward 4)
22Panchayat Union Elementary School ,N. Valayanendal 1.Emaneswaram (R.V.) and Thelichathanallur (p) N. valaiyanendhal
23Adi Dravidar Welfare Govt. Elementary School, ,South Portion, New Buliding, Kattuparamakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyar indhragula 1st street ward 25 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 2nd street Ward 25 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 3rd street Ward 25 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 4th street Ward 25 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 5th street Ward 25 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 6th street Ward 25 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 7th street Ward 25 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula 8th street Ward 25 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Colany street Ward 25 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Povaisiyer indhragula street Ward-25
24Municipal Elementary School, ,Kattuaramakudi, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Kattu paramakudi melastreet Ward 24 , 2.Paramakudi (m) Mela street(kattuparamakudi)ward-24 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Middle street Ward 24 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Middle street Ward-24 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Pagavath singh road Ward 24 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Pagavath singh road Ward-24
25Municipal Elementary School, ,Kattuaramakudi, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Velar street Ward 24 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Velar street Ward-24 , 3.Paramakudi (M) R.C Mathakoil Keela Street Ward 24 , 4.Paramakudi (M) R.C. Madha kovil kela street Ward-24 , 5.Paramakudi (M) KattuParamakudi kelastreet Ward-24
26Municipal Elementary School, ,Sethupathy Nagar, Kattuparamakudi 1.Paramakudi (m) Sethupathi nagar 1st street ward-23 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Sethupathi nagar 2nd street Ward-23 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Sethupathi nagar 3rd kurukku street Ward-23 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Sethupathi nagar 4th kurukku street Ward-23 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Pagavath singh road ward-23 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Mani nagar 1st street E.B. quarters Ward-23 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Mani nagar 2nd street Ward-23 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Mani nagar 3rd street Ward-23 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Maninagar 4th street Ward-23 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Maninagar 5th street Ward-23 , 11.Paramakudi (M) Ambathgarnagar Ward-23
27Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School ,Western Wing Room 2, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Melachathiram street ward-21 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Govt Sethupathy Boys Higher Secondary School street , 3.Paramakudi (M) Karuppanasamy kovil street Ward-21 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Thallakulam South street Ward-21 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Singarathoppu, Vivasayapannai Ward 21 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Gokular street Ward-21 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji Road (Ward 21)
28Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School ,Middle Wing, Room No. 8, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pagavathsingh road (thiroubadhaiamman kovil near) ward-21 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji road ward-21 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Thallakulam road Ward-21 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Melachathiram Ward-21 , 5.Paramakudi (M) C.S.I.Church Compound street Ward-21 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Gokular street Ward- 21 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Singarathoppu, vivasayapannai Ward-21
29Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School ,Western Wing, Room No. 4, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji road ward-20 , 2.Paramakudi (M) S.P.M.colany Ward- 20
30Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School ,Western Wing, Room No. 2, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) M.S.Agraharam Ward-20 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Govindhapuram Ward-22
31Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School ,Main Block, West Hall No. 5, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) S.m.akraharam ward-20 , 2.Paramakudi (M) M.S.Akraharam Ward-20 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Ayyadurai street Ward-19 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Hospital road Ward-19 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji Road Ward 20 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Attrupalam kelpuram Ward-20 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Attru palam melpuram
32Govt. Girls Hr.Sec. School ,Eastern Wing, Room No. 22, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Vasandhapuram mainroad n.h ward-22 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Vasandhapuram east 2nd street Ward-22 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Vasandhapuram east 1st street Ward-22
33Govt. Girls Hr.Sec. School ,Eastern Wing, Room No. 32, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Vasandhapuram west 1st street Ward-22 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Vasandhapuram west 2nd street Ward-22 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Vasandhapuram Ward-22
34Govt. Girls Hr.Sec. School, ,East Wing, Hall No. 32, West Building, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pasi pavalakkara street ward-29 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Pavadi street Ward-29 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Mohamed ali street Ward-29 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Subramaniyan street Ward-29 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Kuthukal Muniyappasamy kovil street Ward-29 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Hospital road Ward-29
35Govt. Girls Hr.Sec. School ,North Wing, West Building, Room No. 35, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Bhagavath singh road ward-22 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Pandian Ist street Ward-21 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Pandian IInd street Ward-21 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Manjalpattinam Pathai (Ward-20) , 5.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji Road Ward-20
36Municipal Elementary School ,Eastern Building, Soth Side, Sivanandapuram 1.Paramakudi (M) Sivanandhapuram 1st street ward-28 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Sivanandhapuram 2nd street Ward-28 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Silon colany Ward-28 , 4.Paramakudi (M) M.G.R. street Ward-28 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 1st street Ward-28 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 4th street Ward-28 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 5th street Ward-28 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 8th street Ward-28 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 9th street Ward-28 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Kakkan nagar Ward-28
37Municipal Middle School ,West Building, North Side, Sivanandapuram 1.Paramakudi (M) Sundarrajapattanam 1st street ward-27 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Sundararajapattinam 2nd street Ward-27 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Sundarajpattinam kurukku street Ward-27 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar north Ward-27 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar south Ward-27 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road Ward-27
38Municipal Ele.School ,Eastern Building, North Side, Sivanandapuram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Sivanandhapuram 1st street ward-28 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Silon colany Ward-28 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Kakkan nagar Ward-28 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 1st street Ward-28 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 2nd street Ward-28 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 3rd street Ward-28 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 4th street Ward-28 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 5th street Ward-28 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 6th street Ward-28 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 7th street Ward-28 , 11.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 8th street Ward-28 , 12.Paramakudi (M) Ponnaiyapuram 9th street Ward-28
39Municipal Ele.School ,Eastern Building, South Side, Sivanandapuram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) M.G.R. Nagar Ward-28
40Alangara Matha High School, ,Eastern Wing, Paramakudi Room No: 9 1.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 1st street ward-26 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 2nd street Ward-26 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 3rd street Ward-26 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Barathi nagar 4th street Ward-26 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar east part Ward-26 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhipuram 1st street Ward-26 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhipuram 2nd street Ward-26 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhipuram 3rd street Ward-26 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhi 4th street Ward-26 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Baradhi nagar mainroad Ward-26 , 11.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.backside 1st street Ward-25 , 12.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.West timber shop-1 Ward-25 , 13.Paramakudi (M) Ottapalam street -1 Ward-25 , 14.Paramakudi (M) Ottapalam kurukku street Ward-25 , 15.Paramakudi (M) Timber shop kurukku street-1 Ward-25 , 16.Paramakudi (M) Murugan kovil Ward-25 , 17.Paramakudi (M) Barathi nagar mainroad Ward-25
41Alangara Matha High School, ,Eastern Wing, Room No. 10, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 1st street ward-26 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 2nd street Ward-26 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 3rd street Ward-26 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 4th street Ward-26 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar east part Ward-26 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhipuram 1st street Ward-26 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhipuram 2nd street Ward-26 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhipuram 4th street Ward-26 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar mainroad Ward-26 , 10.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.backside 1st street Ward-25 , 11.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C. backside 2nd street Ward-25 , 12.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C. West timber shop Ward-25 , 13.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C. Timber shop street Ward-25 , 14.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C. Timber shop street-2 Ward-25 , 15.Paramakudi (M) Ottapalam street-1 Ward-25 , 16.Paramakudi (M) Ottapalam kurukku street Ward-25 , 17.Paramakudi (M) Timber shop kurukku street-1 Ward- 25 , 18.Paramakudi (M) Timber shop kurukku street-2 Ward-25 , 19.Paramakudi (M) Timber shop kurukku street-3 Ward-25 , 20.Paramakudi (M) Murugan kovil street-1 ward-25 , 21.Paramakudi (M) Murugan kovil street-2 Ward-25 , 22.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar mainroad Ward-25
42Alangara Matha High School, ,Western Wing, Room No. 10, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 1st street Ward-26 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 2nd street Ward-26 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 3rd street ward- 26 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar 4th street Ward-26 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhipuram 1st street Ward-26 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhipuram 2nd street Ward-26 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhipuram 3rd street Ward-26 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Karunanidhi 4th street Ward-26 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar mainroad Ward-26 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Barathinagar mainroad Ward-25 , 11.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.Backside 1st street Ward-25
43Alangara Matha High School, ,Western Wing, Room No. 8, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.Backside 2nd street Ward-25 , 2.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.West timber shop street -1 Ward-25 , 3.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.Backside timber shop street-2 Ward-25 , 4.Paramakudi (M) L.I.C.Backside timber shop street- 3 Ward-25 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Ottapalam 1st street Ward-25 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Ottapalam kurukku street Ward-25 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Ottapalam 2nd street Ward- 25 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Timber shop kurukku street-1 Ward-25 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Timber shop kurukku street -2 Ward-25 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Timber shop kurukku street-3 Ward-25 , 11.Paramakudi (M) Murugan kovil 1st street Ward-25 , 12.Paramakudi (M) Murugan kovil 2nd street Ward-25
44Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim High School, ,Southern Wing, East Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Hadhijabeevi sandhu Ward-19 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Sangu street Ward-19 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Sivalingam street Ward-19 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Nakkerar street Ward-19 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Melapallivasal street Ward-19 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Meeramohaideen street Ward-19 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Anumar kovil street Ward-19 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Kovalam Street Ward-19 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Hospital road Ward-19
45Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim High School, ,Southern Wing, West Building, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Musafarkani North Street Ward 29 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji road Ward-18 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Pavadi street Ward-29 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Musafar kani street Ward-29 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Minister Menon Street Ward-30 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Sahulhameed Ravuther street Ward-30 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Kollam pattarai street Ward-30
46Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim High School ,South Wing, West Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Mela street ward-30 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Melapallivasal street Ward-30 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Abdulla street Ward-30 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Jinnah street Ward-30 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Poundu street Ward-19 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Rajaji street Ward-17 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Muthalamman kovil south car street Ward-17 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Lajabadhirai street Ward-17 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Muthalamman kovil west car street Ward-17 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji road Ward-18 , 11.Paramakudi (M) Muthalamman kovil north car street Ward-17 , 12.Paramakudi (M) Sangu street Ward-19 , 13.Paramakudi (M) Kumaran padithurai Ward-18 , 14.Paramakudi (M) Muthalamman kovil padithurai Ward-18
47Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim High School ,North Building, Western Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road ward-27 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Bharathiyar street Ward-26 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road 1st kurukku street Ward- 27 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road 2nd cross street Ward-27 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road 4th cross street Ward-27 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Mudhukulathur road 5th cross street Ward-27
48Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim High School ,North Building, Middle Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 1st cross street Ward-27 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 2nd cross street Ward-27 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 3rd cross street Ward-27 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 4th cross street Ward-27 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 5th cross street Ward-27 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar 6th cross street Ward-27 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Balan nagar mainroad Ward-27
49Hyrathul Alia Melamuslim Middle School ,Northern Wing, East Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pagavath singh road ward-30 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Panneer selvam Street-1 Ward-30 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Anna nagar Ward-30 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Gandhi colony ward-30
50Ayiravasiya Hr. Sec. School ,Southern Portion, West Side Smart, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pagavath singh road ward-30 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Kollam pattarai street Ward-30 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Soukathali road Ward-31 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Soukathali road (Kuthukkal road) Ward-31
51Ayiravasiya Hr. Sec. School ,Gents Teachers Rest Room No. 4 & 5, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Ayyasamy Lane Ward-31 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Sathiyamoorthi Street Ward-31 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Umabadhi Subbarayalu Lane Ward-31 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Javahar Street Ward-31 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Sahulhameed Street Ward-30
52Ayiravasiya B.Ed College, ,Room No. 7, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Angalamman kovil street Ward-17 , 2.Paramakudi (m) Rajaji street ward-17 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Ambalakara street Ward-17 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Gandhi kasdhuribai street ward-17 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Sen guptha street Ward-17 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Thasu narasimman street Ward-17 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil street Ward-16 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Big Bazar street Ward-16
53Ayiravasiya B.Ed College ,Room No. 5, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pagavathsingh road (Madhavan street) Ward-30 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Ellaipura gandhiji road Ward-16 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Thillai lane Ward-15 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Dr.Rajan street Ward-14 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Kuppu lane Ward- 15 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Kelapallivasal street Ward-14 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Nadarajan lane Ward-16
54Ayiravasiya Marticulation School, ,East Building, B Block, Paramakudi Ayiravasiya Marticulation School, ,East Building, B Block, Paramakudi
55Ayiravasiya Marticulation School, ,North Building, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Vaidhiya nagayyar street Ward-15 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Perumal kovil street Ward-15 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Serangadhamu renganayulu lane Ward- 15 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Pettai street Ward-18 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Perumal kovil Akraharam street Ward-15 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Kalidas school street Ward-14 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Vaiseyar street Ward-15
56TELC Middle School ,Near Arch, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Kelapallivasal street ward-32 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Kannaki street ward-32 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Lenin street ward-15 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Velalar street ward-32
57Hyrathul Jamalia Keela muslim Ele. School ,Southern Side, Room No. 3, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Kottapuli street ward-31 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Soukathali street Ward-31 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Ayyasamy street Ward-31 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Pagavath Singh Road Ward-30 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Annanagar Ward-30 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Gandhi Colony Ward-30 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Sarojini Devi Street (Ward-16) , 8.Paramakudi (M) Ellaipura Gandhi Street
58Hyrathul Jamalia East muslim Ele. School, ,North Portion, Western Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Nethaji road ward-33 , 2.Paramakudi (M) C.S.M.Boarding road Ward-33
59Hyrathul Jamalia East muslim Ele. School, ,South Portion, Eastern Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Railway beder road Ward-33 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Madhavan nagar Ward-33
60Kalidas Middle School ,Middle Portion, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Perumal kovil street ward-14 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Kallalagar street Ward-15 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Ayyavu lane Ward-15 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Giri ambalam narayanan street ward-14 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Gowri amman kovil street Ward-9 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Irattai pillaiyar kovil street Ward-9 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Kalidas school street Ward-14 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Perumal kovil padithurai Ward- 14 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Patel street Ward-9 , 10.Paramakudi (M) Chinnakadai street Ward-13
61Kalidas Middle School ,Front Portion, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Rastrapathy street ward-9 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Kanni sundarajan street Ward-9 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Patel street Ward-9 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Govindha vallabandh street Ward-13 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Chinnakadai street Ward- 13 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Mariyamman kovil street Ward-12
62Sowrastra Elementary School ,South Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Ramalingam street ward-12 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Vivekanandha vasaha salai Ward-12 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Kelapallivasal street Ward-32 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Potti meenatchi ammal lane Ward-13 , 5.Paramakudi (M) C.R.Das street Ward-12
63Sowrastra Elementary School ,East Side, North Building, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Ramakrishna street 1 Ward-12 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Ramalinga Adigalar Street Ward-13 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Ramakrishna street 2 Ward-13
64Sowrastra Hr. Sec. School ,Western Wing, Middle Portion Room No. 50, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Kodikalkara street ward-13 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Chinnakadai street Ward-13 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Raja vedhi Ward-14 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Mattamannar bagavathar lane Ward-14 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Kamal musthafa street Ward-14 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Potti seenivasn lane Ward-14 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Somi ayyavu street Ward-11
65Sowrastra Hr. Sec. School ,North Side, Room No. 51, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) J.V.Bandh street Ward-11 , 2.Paramakudi (M) S.S.Kovil street Ward-12 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Sandhaikadai street Ward-33 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Mattamannar pagavadhar 2nd lane ward-14 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Vanjinadhan street Ward-14 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Dr.Rajan street Ward-14 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Kalidas school street Ward-14 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Pattabi seetharaman street Ward- 11
66Sowrastra Hr. Sec. School ,Western Wing, North Side, Room No. 52, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Subramanyaswami koil street ward-12 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Irratai pillaiyar koil street ward-12
67Sowrastra Hr. Sec. School ,Western Wing, North Side, Room No. 53, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Vannimara street ward-9 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Puliyamara street ward-10 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Kumpa venkatajalapathi street ward-10
68Sowrastra Hr. Sec. School ,Western Wing, South Side, Room No. 2, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Subramaniyasami kovil street ward-12 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Sourashtra elementry school street Ward-10 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Vethanthamada street ward-10
69Sowrastra Hr. Sec. School ,Western Wing, South Side, Room No. 3, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pattabi seetharaman street Ward-11 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Thilagar street Ward-11 , 3.Paramakudi (M) G.V.Bandh street Ward-11 , 4.Paramakudi (M) T.K.Nagu street Ward-11 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Ramakrishna street Ward-11
70Bharathiyar Middle School ,North Side, East Building, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pagavathsingh road ward-34 , 2.Paramakudi (M) D.E.L.C.Compound Ward-35 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Arighar Annanagar Ward-36 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Kamaraj nagar Ward-34 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Pattabi setharamaiya street Ward-11
71Bharathiyar Middle School ,North Wing West Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Kamarajar 1 Street (ward 34) , 2.Paramakudi (M) Kamarajar 2 Street (ward 34) , 3.Paramakudi (M) Kamarajar 3 Street (Ward 34) , 4.Paramakudi (M) Kamarajar 4 Street (Ward 34) , 5.Paramakudi (M) Kamarajar 5 Street (Ward 34) , 6.Paramakudi (M) Kamarajar 1st cross street (Ward 34) , 7.Paramakudi (M) Kamarajar 2nd cross Street (Ward 34) , 8.Paramakudi (M) Thiruvalluvar nagar (Ward 35) , 9.Paramakudi (M) T.E.L.S Compound (Ward 33) , 10.Paramakudi (M) C.S.M. Borting Road (Ward 33) , 11.Paramakudi (M) Pattabiseetharamayar Street (Ward 11) , 12.Paramakudi (M) Thiruvalluvar 2nd street (Ward 35) , 13.Paramakudi (M) Thiruvalluvar 2nd street (Ward 35) , 14.Paramakudi (M) Thiruvalluvar 4th street (Ward 35)
72Barathiyar Middle School ,Western Wing, Middle Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Tiruvalluvar Nagar Main Road Ward 35
73Barathiyar Middle School ,North Side, Tiled Building, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Tiruvalluvar Nagar 1st Street Ward 35 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Thiruvalluvar nagar 2 street Ward 35 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Thiruvalluvar nagar 3 Street Ward 35 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Thiruvalluvar nagar 4 Street Ward 35
74Barathiyar Middle School ,Western Wing, North Side, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Thiruvarangam road Ward 36 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Pallivasal road Ward 36
75Barathiyar Middle School ,West Side, South Building Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Muniyandipuram & Ramalingapuram Ward 36 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Barma Colony Ward 36
76Municipal Middle School ,All People Education Scheme Building, North side, Kamarajar Street, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pathrakaliamman kovil street ward-7 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Kamarajar street Ward-7 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Perumal kovil cross streetb Ward-7 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Gurunathan koil street ward-6
77Municipal Middle School ,All People Education Scheme Building, North side, Kamarajar street Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Kelaradhaveedhi Ward-7 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Adhi Narayanan Pillaiyarkovil street Ward-7 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Panchayath office street ward-7 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Nainarkovil Road Ward-7
78SNV Hr. Sec. School, ,East Buiding, East Side, Room No. 4, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Jeevanagar 1st Street (ward-8) , 2.Paramakudi (M) Jeevanagar 2nd Street (Ward-8)
79SNV Hr. Sec. School, ,East Buiding, West Side, Room No. 5, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Vinayagar kovil street ward-8 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Marudhuvar street (Ward-8) , 3.Paramakudi (M) Malaiyan kudiiruppu street Ward-8 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Malaiyankudiyeruppu Road (ward-8) , 5.Paramakudi (M) Silon Colony (Ward-8)
80SNV Hr. Sec. School ,South Building, West Side, Room No. 11, Emaneswaram, Paramaukdi 1.Paramakudi (M) V.P.Colony 2nd Street (Ward-8) , 2.Paramakudi (M) Barma colony 1st Street (Ward-8) , 3.Paramakudi (M) Barma colony 2nd Street (Ward- 8) , 4.Paramakudi (M) Velavan Nagar (Ward-8)
81SNV Hr. Sec. School ,Middle Portion, Room No. 10, Emaneswaram, Paramaukdi 1.Paramakudi (M) Kamalanehru nagar (ward-8) , 2.Paramakudi (M) V.P.Colony 1st Street (Ward-8)
82Municipal Middle School ,East Side, New Building, Three Class Room, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pathrakaliammankovil street Ward-7 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Kamarajar street Ward-7 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Devendhiranagar Ward-8 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Perundevi Nagar Ward-8
83Municipal Middle School ,West Building, North Side, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Chiristian street Ward-8
84Eswara Vilas Elementary School ,South Side, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pallivasal 3rd Street (Ward-3) , 2.Paramakudi (M) Pallivasal 2nd Street (Ward-3) , 3.Paramakudi (M) Pallivasal 1st Street (Ward-3) , 4.Paramakudi (M) Aringar Anna Street (Ward-2)
85Eswara Vilas Elementary School ,North Side, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Pallivasal 6th street (ward-3) , 2.Paramakudi (M) Pallivasal 5th Street (Ward-3) , 3.Paramakudi (M) Pallivasal Street (Ward-3) , 4.Paramakudi (M) Pallivasal 4th Street (Ward-3)
86Eswara Vilas Elementary School ,Northern Wing, West Side, Emaneswaram 1.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil 1st street (ward 3) , 2.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil North street (Ward-3) , 3.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil East street (ward-3) , 4.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil South street (Ward-3) , 5.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil 7th Street (Ward-3) , 6.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil 8th Street (Ward-3) , 7.Paramakudi (M) Bavutholilalar Sangastreet (ward 4) , 8.Paramakudi (M) Tharaibalam Side (Ward-4)
87Eswara Vilas Elementary School ,Middle Side, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil 2nd street (ward-4) , 2.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil 3rd Street (Ward-4) , 3.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil 4th Street (Ward-4) , 4.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil 5th Street (Ward-4) , 5.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil 6th Street (Ward-4) , 6.Paramakudi (M) Mamanga Theppakulam 2nd Street (Ward 5) , 7.Paramakudi (M) Eswarankovil 7th street Ward-3 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Eswaran kovil Vadakku radha veedhi Ward-3 , 9.Paramakudi (M) Gurunathan kovil outside (Ward-6)
88Municipal Middle School ,East Building, South Side, Edcation Fund Building, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Gurunathan kovil street (ward-6) , 2.Paramakudi (M) East carstreet (Ward-6)
89Municipal Middle School ,East Side, Middle Building, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) North Car Street (Ward-6) , 2.Paramakudi (M) Bharathiyar Street Ward-6
90Municipal Middle School ,West Building, North Side, S.S. Scheme, Kamarajar Street, Emaneswaram, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Mamanga theppakulam ist street emaneswaram ward-5 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Gandhiji Road Ward-5 Emaneswaram , 3.Paramakudi (M) Patel street Emaneswaram Ward-5 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Rastrapathy street Ward- 5 Emaneswaram
91Sri Rengan Nagar Mandram Municipal Middle School, ,North Side, Manchalpattinam, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Bridge new road ward-1 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Vinayagar kovil street Ward-1 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Militri Lane (Ward-1) , 4.Paramakudi (M) Ayyavu Lane Ward-1 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Thadhu street Ward-1 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Velayudham Lane Ward-1 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Ambalam street Ward-1 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Varadharaja Perumal swamy street Ward-1
92Sri Rengan Nagar Mandram Municipal Middle School, ,East Side, Manchalpattinam, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Bridge new road ward-1 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Dharmarajapuram South North street Ward-1 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Dharmarajapuram Ist street Ward- 1 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Dharmarajapuram IInd street Ward-1 , 5.Paramakudi (M) Dharmarajapuram IInd Cross street Ward-1 , 6.Paramakudi (M) Dharmarajapuram Ist Cross street Ward-1 , 7.Paramakudi (M) Manamadurai Road Ward-1 , 8.Paramakudi (M) Devarajnagar Mainroad Ward-1
93Sri Rengan Nagar Mandram Municipal Middle School, ,North Side, Manchalpattinam, Paramakudi 1.Paramakudi (M) Ilaiyangudi Road Ward-1 , 2.Paramakudi (M) Vaigainagar Ist Mainroad Ward-1 , 3.Paramakudi (M) Vaigainagar IInd Main Road Ward 1 , 4.Paramakudi (M) Vaigai nagar IIIrd main Road Ward 1 , 5.Paramakudi (M) New Nagar Ward-1
94Municipal Elementary School ,South Side, Nainarkoil Road, Emaneswaram 1.Paramakudi (M) Gandhi nagar first street (ward -2) , 2.Paramakudi (M) Gandhi nagar second street (ward -2) , 3.Paramakudi (M) Gandhi nagar third street (ward -2) , 4.Paramakudi (M) Gandhi nagar fourth street (ward -2) , 5.Paramakudi (M) Gandhi nagar fifth street (ward -2) , 6.Paramakudi (M) Mamanga thebbakulam street (ward-5)
95Municipal Elementray School ,North Side, Nainarkoil Road, Emaneswaram 1.Paramakudi (M) Muthaliyar street (ward-2) , 2.Paramakudi (M) S.S.kovil first street (ward-2) , 3.Paramakudi (M) S.S..kovil second street (ward-2) , 4.Paramakudi (M) S.S..kovil third street (ward-2) , 5.Paramakudi (M) S.S.Kovil IIIrd street Ward-2 , 6.Paramakudi (M) S.S..kovil fifth& sixth street (ward-2)
96Panchayat Union Ele. School ,Southern Building, Urapulli 1.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Chettiar Street (Ward 1) , 2.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Harijans Kudiyiruppu Ward 1 , 3.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Velar Street 2 (Ward 3) , 4.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Velar Street 1 Ward 3 , 5.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Ayyar street (Ward 3) , 6.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Harijans Kudiyiruppu south (Ward 2) , 7.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Muniyandipuram (Ward 3)
97Sourastra Hr.Sec. School, ,North Wing, Urapuli Part, Sundar Nagar, Parmakudi 1.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Sundar Nagar First Street (Ward -4) , 2.Urappuli (R.V) and (P) Sundar nagar second street ward 4 , 3.Urappuli (R.V) and (P) Sundar nagar third street (Ward 4) , 4.Urappuli (R.V) and (P) Sundar nagar fourth street (Ward 4) , 5.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Thandaradevi pattinam (Ward 3) , 6.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Sundar nagar east street (Ward 4) , 7.Urapuli (R.V) and (P) Ariyanenthal Portion (Ward 3)
98Panchayat Union Ele. School, ,Eastern Side, Nenmeni 1.Urapuli (R.V) Nenmeni (P) Nenmeni west (Ward 1) , 2.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Nenmeni east (Ward 2) , 3.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Nenmeni north (Ward 1) , 4.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Nenmeni south (Ward 2) , 5.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Arul nagar (Ward 2) , 6.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Indra nagar (Ward 2) , 7.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Avarenthal (Ward 2) , 8.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Agraharam (Ward 2) , 9.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Muthuvarnapuram (Ward 3) , 10.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Kallikottai north (Ward 3) , 11.Urappuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Nenmeni Kallikottai south (Ward 3) , 12.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Kallikottai (Ward 3) , 13.Urapuli (R.V) and Nenmeni (P) Lakshmanan Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3)
99R.C. Elementary School ,Tinaikulam 1.Ariyanendal (R.V) and Thinaikulam (P) North Street (Ward 2) , 2.Ariyanendal (R.V) and Thinaikulam (P) Middle Street Ward 1,2 , 3.Ariyanendal (R.V) and Thinaikulam (P) South Street (Ward 2) , 4.Ariyanendal (R.V) and Thinaikulam (P) East street (Ward 1,2) , 5.Ariyanendal (R.V) and Thinaikulam (P) Adi Dravidar kudiyiruppu (Ward 3) , 6.Ariyanendal (R.V) and Thinaikulam (P) Adi Dravidar colony (Ward 3)
100Sundaram Middle School, ,Southern Building, Ariyanenthal 1.Ariyanenthal (R.V) and (P) Agamudayar Street (Ward 3) , 2.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Agamudayar street 2 (Ward 3) , 3.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Poonga nagar (Ward 3) , 4.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Adi Dravidar kudiyiruppu (Ward 2,3) , 5.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street 1 (Ward 2) , 6.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil street 2 (Ward 2) , 7.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Yathavar Street I (Ward 1,2)
101Sundaram Middle School, ,North Side Building, Ariyanenthal 1.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Yathavar Street 2 ( ward 1) , 2.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Yathavar Street 3 (Ward 1) , 3.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Yathavar street 4 (Ward 1) , 4.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) North Street 1 (Ward 2) , 5.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) North street 2 (Ward 2) , 6.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Selvapuram (Ward 3) , 7.Ariyanendal (R.V) and (P) Indra nagar colony (Ward 3)
102Govt. Art College ,Lecturar Hall No. 1, Venthoni, Paramakudi 1.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Maraikayarpattinam (Ward 4) , 2.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) V.Ulaganathapuram (Ward 4) , 3.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) V. Sarasvathi nagar east street (Ward 4) , 4.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) V. Saraswathi nagar west street (Ward 4)
103Panchayat Union Elementray School, ,Western Building, Venthoni 1.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) V.kumarakudi Adi Dravidar kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 2.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Maravar Street (Ward 2)
104Panchayat Union Ele. School, ,Northern Building, Venthoni 1.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Muslim street, Harijana Colony Ward 1 , 2.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Adi Dravidar kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 3.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Thottichiyamman colony (Ward 2)
105Punitha Saverrior Merage Hall ,Muthuchellapuram 1.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Muthu chellapuram church part north street (Ward 3) , 2.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Muthu chellapuram south part north street (Ward 3) , 3.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Muthu chellapuram Adi Dravidar kudiyiruppu (Ward 3) , 4.Venthoni (R.V) and (P) Velanganni nagar (Ward 3)
106Anganvadi Centre ,Keelakudiyiruppu, Melaykudi 1.Melayakudi (R.V) and (P) P.T Nagar colony (Ward 1) , 2.Melayakudi (R.V) and (P) Indra Nagar Colony (Ward 1) , 3.Melayakudi (R.V) and (P) Ayyanathapuram Extended Area 1 (Ward 1) , 4.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Kamarajar Nagar (Ward 1) , 5.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Extended Area 2 (Ward 1) , 6.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Devaranthal (Ward 1) , 7.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Kamarajar Street East Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1)
107Panchayat Union Elementray School, ,North Building, Melaykudi 1.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Gokular street (Ward 2) , 2.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Middle street (Ward 2) , 3.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Mukulathor Street (Ward 2) , 4.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Ambethkar Street (Ward 2)
108Govt. Hr. Sec. School, ,Room No.3, Melaikudi 1.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Melayakudi Middle Kudiyiruppu North Street (Ward 3) , 2.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Melayakudi Middle Kudiyiruppu South Street (Ward 3) , 3.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Melayakudi Thirushanmuganathapuram North Street (Ward 3) , 4.Melayakudi (R.V.) and (P) Melayakudi Thirushanmuganathapuram South Street (Ward 3)
109Panchayat Union Ele. School ,Kulavipatti 1.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Kanmoi road (Ward 1) , 2.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Bus Stop Road (Ward 1) , 3.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Andakudi Road I North (Ward 1) , 4.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Andakudi Road 2 South (Ward 1) , 5.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Ambethkar Nagar Colony (Ward 1) , 6.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) North Street ( Kulavipatti ) (Ward 2) , 7.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Kovil Street (Ward 2) , 8.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street (Ward 2) , 9.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) South Street (Ward 2) , 10.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Kulavipatti Colony (Ward 2) , 11.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Nandupatti Road (Ward 2)
110Sowrastra Elementary School ,Sathayamoorthy colony 1.South andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Pambuvilunthan South (Ward 3) , 2.South Andakudi (R,V,) and (P) Rajiv Nagar (Ward 3) , 3.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Rajiv Nagar Colony (Ward 3) , 4.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Pambuvilunthan Colony (Ward 3) , 5.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Burma Colony (Ward 3) , 6.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Ram Nagar (Ward 3) , 7.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Vengadeswara Colony (Ward 3) , 8.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Sathiyamoorthy Colony North Street (Ward 3) , 9.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Sathiyamoorthy Colony Middle Street (Ward 3) , 10.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Sathiyamoorthy Colony South Street (Ward 3) , 11.South Andakudi (R.V.) and (P) Punniya Boomi (Ward 3)
111Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Madanthai 1.Madanthai (R.V.) and (P) Madanthai South Portion (Ward 1) , 2.Madanthai (R.V.) and ( P ) Madanthai North (Ward 1) , 3.Madanthai (R.V.) and (P) Gowripatti (Ward 2)
112Govt. High School, ,M. Nedunkulam 1.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) West Street 1 (Ward 3) , 2.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) West Street 2 (Ward 3) , 3.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) West Street 3 (Ward 3) , 4.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) East Street 1 (Ward 3) , 5.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) Middle Street 1 (Ward 3) , 6.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) Middle Street 2 (Ward 3) , 7.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) Middle Street 3 (Ward 3) , 8.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) North Street 1 (Ward 3) , 9.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) North Street 2 (Ward 3) , 10.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) East Street 2 (Ward 3) , 11.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai (P) East Street 3 (Ward 3) , 12.Valangudi (R.V.) and Madanthai ( P ) Indira Colony (Ward 3)
113Sri Kotha Vilas Elementary School, ,North Side, Vengalur 1.Vengalur (R.V.) and (P) Ganapathiyenthal Ward 1 , 2.Vengalur (R.V.) and (P) Melakudiyiruppu Vengalur (Ward 1) , 3.Vengalur (R.V.) and (P) Harijana Kudiyiruppu West Street (Ward 1,2) , 4.Vengalur (R.V.) and (P) Harijana kudiyiruppu South Street (Ward 2) , 5.Vengalur (R.V.) and (P) Rajiv Colony (Ward 2) , 6.Vengalur (R.V.) and (P) Sri kaliyamman kovil street (Ward 2)
114SRVS Middle School, ,East Side, Lakhsmipuram 1.Vengalur (R.V.) and (P) Sangankottai (Ward 2) , 2.Vengalur (R.V.) and (P) Lakshmipuram North Street (Ward 3) , 3.Vengalur (R.V.) and (P) Lakshmipuram South Street (Ward 3)
115Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Southern Side Building, Kulanthapuri 1.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar East Street (Ward 2) , 2.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar West Street (Ward 2) , 3.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and (P) North Street (Ward 2) , 4.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and (P) South Street (Ward 2) , 5.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and (P) First Street (Ward 3)
116Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Arungulam 1.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and (P) Maravar street (Ward 1) , 2.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and (P) East Street (Ward 2) , 3.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and (P) West Street (Ward 1) , 4.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and ( P ) Big Street (Ward 3) , 5.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and ( P ) East Street (Ward 3) , 6.Kulanthapuri (R.V.) and (P) West Street (Ward 3)
117Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Northern Side, Keelaparthibanoor 1.Soodiyur, Kothankulam (R.V.) Keela Parthibanoor (P) North Street, South Street (Ward 1) , 2.Soodiyur, Kothankulam (R.V.) Keelaparthipanur (P) Vadakkur North Street, East Street, West street , 3.Soodiyur, Kothankulam (R.V.) and Keela Parthipanur (P) Athithiravidar Colony 1,2,3, Street (Ward 3)
118Panchayat Union Ele. School, ,South Side, Keelaparthibanoor 1.Soodiyur, Kothankulam (R.V.) and Keela Parthipanur ( P ) Edaiyar Kudiyiruppi North Street , South street , 2.Soodiyur, Kothankulam (R.V.) and Keela Parthipanur (P) Nedumpuli North Street, South Street (Ward 2) , 3.Soodiyur, Kothankulam (R.V.) and Keela Parthipanur (P) Kothankulam north street ,middle street,south street (Ward 3) , 4.Soodiyur, Kothankulam (R.V.) and Keela Parthipanur (P) Keelaseevankulam North Street South street (Ward 3) , 5.Soodiyur, Kothankulam (R.V.) and Keela Parthibanoor (P) Melaseevankulam north street,south street (Ward 3)
119Panchayat Union Middle School ,Middle South Building, Pidariseri 1.Pidariseri (R.V.) P.Puthur (P) North Street (Ward 1) , 2.Pidariseri (R.V.) and P .Puthur (P) South Street (Ward 1) , 3.Pidariseri (R.V.) and P .Puthur (P) P. Puthur Colony (Ward 1) , 4.Pidariseri (R.V.) and P. Puthur (P) Pidariseri (Ward 1) , 5.Pidariseri (R.V.) and P. Puthur (P) Pidariseri South street (Ward 2) , 6.Pidariseri (R.V.) and P. Puthur (P) Pidariseri West street (Ward 3) , 7.Pidariseri (R.V.) and P. Puthur (P) Pidariseri East Street (Ward 3) , 8.Pidarseri (R.V.) and P. Puthur (P) Pidariseri Colony (Ward 3)
120Panchayat Union Elementary School , Mosugudi 1.Mosugudi (R V) and (P) East street , 2.Mosugudi (R V) and (P) West street , 3.Mosugudi (R.V) and (P) South street , 4.Mosugudi (R V) and (P) Vagaiyendal street , 5.Mosugudi (R V) and (P) Meenakshipuram West Street
121Panchayat Union Elementary School ,P.P. Yendhal 1.Mosugudi (p) P.P. Yendhal (R V) Idaiyathur north street , 2.Moshugudi (p) P.P.Yendhal (R V) Idaiyathur south street , 3.Mosugudi (p) P.P.Yendhal (R V) Idaiyathur yadhavar street , 4.Mosugudi (P) P.P.Yendhal (R V) P.P. Yendhal West Street , 5.Mosugudi (P) P.P.Yendhal ( R V) P.P. Yendhal East Street , 6.Mosugudi (p) P.P.Yendhal (R V) P.P. Yendhal Colony Street , 7.Mosugudi (p) P.P.Yendhal (R V) Panneerkulam karadisami street
122Panchayat Union Elementary School ,SSA Building, South Side, Nelmadur 1.Pidariseri (R.V.) and Nelmadur (P) North Street (Ward 1) , 2.Pidariseri (R.V.) and Nelmadur (P) Middle Street (Ward 1) , 3.Pidariseri (R.V.) and Nelmadur ( P ) South Street (Ward 2) , 4.Pidariseri (R.V.) and Nelmadur (P) Kavirayar Puliyankulam (Ward 2) , 5.Pidarseri (R.V.) and Nelmadur ( P ) Nallur Subramaniyapuram (Ward 2) , 6.Pidariseri (R.V.) and Nelmadur (P) Kalainagar Nallur (Ward 3) , 7.Pidariseri (R.V.) and Nelmadur (P) Soorikanenthal (Ward 3) , 8.Pidariseri (R.V.) and Nelmadur (P) Karuvattunendal (Ward 3)
123Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Koonankulam 1.Koonankulam, Veppankulam (R.V.) and Veppankulam (P) Koonankulam (Ward 3) , 2.Koonankulam, Veppankulam (R.V.) and Veppankulam (P) Veppankulam Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3) , 3.Koonankulam, Veppankulam (R.V.) and Veppankulam (P) Peerkan Kurichi (Ward 3) , 4.Koonankulam, Veppankulam (R.V.) and Veppankulam (P) Unduthi (Ward 2) , 5.Koonankulam, Veppankulam (R.V.) and Veppankulam (P) Pirisai (Ward 2)
124Panchayat Union Elementary School ,SSA Building, West Side, Thaduthalankottai 1.Thaduthalankottai (R.V.) and (P) Kurinchakulam (Ward 1) , 2.Thaduthalankottai (R.V.) and (P) Sembilankudi (Ward 1) , 3.Thaduthalankottai (R.V.) and (P) Edaiyankulam (Ward 1) , 4.Thaduthalankottai (R.V) and (P) Thaduthalankottai East Street (Ward 1) , 5.Thaduthalankottai (R.V.) and (P) Thaduthalankottai West Street (Ward 1) , 6.Thaduthalankottai (R.V.) and (P) Thaduthalankottai Colony (Ward 2) , 7.Thaduthalankottai (R.V.) and (P) Nedungulam
125Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Keelaparuthiyur 1.Keelaparuthiyur (R.V.) and (P) North street (Ward 1,2) , 2.Keelaparuthiyur (R.V.) and (P) South Street (Ward 1,2) , 3.Keelaparuthiyur (R.V.) and (P) Pillaiyarenthal (Ward 3) , 4.Keelaparuthiyur (R.V.) and (P) Kanakanenthal (Ward 2) , 5.Keelaparuthiyur (R.V.) and (P) Pulavar velankudi (Ward 3)
126Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Periya Mankudi 1.Valimarichan (R.V.) and (P) Devaneri west street (Ward 3) , 2.Valimarichan (R.V.) and (P) Devaneri East Street (Ward 3) , 3.Valimarichan (R.V.) and (P) Mangudi Yadavar West Street (Ward 2) , 4.Valimarichan (R.V.) and (P) Mangudi yadavar East Street (Ward 2)
127Community Hall ,Valimarichan 1.Valimarichan (R.V.) and (P) Valimarichan North Street (Ward 5) , 2.Valimarichan (R.V.) and (P) Valimarichan Middle Street (Ward 1) , 3.Valimarichan (R.V.) and (P) Valimarichan South Street (Ward 1) , 4.Valimarichan (R.V.) and (P) Valimarichan Adi Dravidar Colony (Ward 1)
128Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Building, Pudukudi 1.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Pudukudi (P) North street (Ward 1) , 2.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Pudukudi (P) West Street (Ward 1) , 3.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Pudukudi (P) Pudukudi East Street (Ward 2) , 4.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Pudukudi (P) Pallivasal North Street (Ward 2)
129Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Building, Pudukudi 1.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Pudukudi (P) Pallivasal South Street (Ward 3) , 2.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Pudukudi (P) Adi Diravidar North Street (Ward 3) , 3.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Pudukudi (P) Adi Diravidar South Street (Ward 3) , 4.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Pudukudi (P) Vinobha Nagar (Ward 4)
130Panchayat Union Middle School ,Pudupatti 1.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Kandakulam north street (Ward 1,2) , 2.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Kandakulam colony (Ward 2) , 3.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Kandankulam south street (Ward 1,2) , 4.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Valangudi Colony (Ward 2,3) , 5.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Valangudi Middle street (Ward 2) , 6.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Valangudi Yathavar Kudiyiruppu 1 (Ward 2,3) , 7.Valangudi (R.V.) and ( P ) Valankudi Yathaver Kudiyiruppu 2 (Ward 3) , 8.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Pirandai Kulam (Ward 3) , 9.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Pudhupatti Village (Ward 3) , 10.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Pulikulam South Street (Ward 3) , 11.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Pulikulam North street (Ward 3) , 12.Valangudi (R.V.) and (P) Pulikulam colony (Ward 3)
131Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Western Side, Urakudi 1.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Oorakudi (P) Adi dravidar colony (Ward 3) , 2.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Oorakudi (P) Adi Dravidar West Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 3.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Oorakudi (P) Adi Dravidar East Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3) , 4.Valimarichan (R.V.) and Oorakudi (P) Yadavar kudiyiruppu
132Adult Education Centre, ,Kanchiyenthal 1.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal (P) Kanchiyenthal West street (Ward 1) , 2.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Sekanendal Main road (Ward 1) , 3.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal (P) Cross Main Road (Ward 1) , 4.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Pidariyanthal (Ward 2) , 5.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Puliyankulam 1,2 Street (Ward 2) , 6.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Puliyankulam 3rd Street (Ward 2) , 7.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal (P) Puliyankulam 4th Street (Ward 2) , 8.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Keelapethanenthal Kallar Street (Ward 2) , 9.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Keelapethanenthal East Street (Ward 2) , 10.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Keelapethanenthal Yathavar Street (Ward 2)
133Panchayat Union Ele.School ,Perumal Kovil 1.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Perumal Kovil 1st Street (Ward 3) , 2.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Perumal Kovil 2nd Street (Ward 3) , 3.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Perumal kovil 3rd Street (Ward 3) , 4.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Perumal Kovil 4th Street (Ward 3) , 5.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Perumal Kovil 5th West street (Ward 3) , 6.Tholur (R.V.) and Kanchiyenthal ( P ) Perumal Kovil 6th Street (Ward 3)
134Panchayat Union Middle School ,Old Building, Muthuramalingapuram 1.Vilathur (R.V.) and (P) Vinobaji nagar (Ward 1) , 2.Vilathur (R.V.) and ( P ) Yathavar Street (Ward 1) , 3.Vilathur (R.V.) and (P) Velankanni Street (Ward 1) , 4.Vilathur (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street 1 (Ward 1) , 5.Vilathur (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street 2 (Ward 1)
135Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, West Portion, Muthuramalingapuram 1.Vilathur (R.V.) and ( P ) Mangammal Salai Street (Ward 2) , 2.Villathur (R.V.) and (P) Thirawbathai Amman Kovil Street (Ward 2) , 3.Vilathur (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street (Ward 2) , 4.Vilathur (R.V.) and (P) Abiramam Main road (Ward 2) , 5.Vilathur (R.V.) and ( P ) Kiruthuvar Street (Ward 2)
136Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Thoolur 1.Tholur (R.V.) and (P) First South Street (Ward 1) , 2.Tholur (R.V.) and ( P ) Second Street (Ward 1) , 3.Tholur (R.V.) and ( P ) Third Street (Ward 1) , 4.Tholur (R.V.) and ( P ) Fourth Street (Ward 1) , 5.Tholur (R.V.) and (P) Thannir thotti Street (Ward 1) , 6.Tholur (R.V.) and (P) Madanthai Main road (Ward 1) , 7.Tholur (R.V.) and ( P ) Tholur Therkupatti 7th Street (Ward 2) , 8.Tholur (R.V.) and (P) Tholur Therkupatti 8th Street (Ward 2) , 9.Tholur (R.V.) and (P) Harijana Colony (Ward 2) , 10.Tholur (R.V.) and (P) Main Road (Ward 2) , 11.Tholur (R.V.) and (P) West Street (Ward 2)
137RC Middle School ,Melakavanoor 1.S. Kavanur (R.V.) and Melakavanur (P) North street (Ward 1) , 2.S. Kavanur (R.V.) and Melakavanur (P) Middle street (Ward 1) , 3.S. Kavanur (R.V.) and Melakavanur (P) South Street (Ward 1,2) , 4.S. Kavanur (R.V.) and Melakavanur (P) Muthuramalingapuram.Thangaiyapuram (Ward 2)
138CSI Ele School ,South Kavanoor 1.South kavanur (R.V.) and (P) West side middle street (Ward 1,2) , 2.South Kavanur (R.V.) and (P) Palliyamman Kovil Street (Ward 1,2) , 3.South Kavanur (R.V.) and (P) Sangamadam Street (Ward 2) , 4.South Kavanur (R.V.) and (P) South Street (Ward 2) , 5.South Kavanur (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street (Ward 2) , 6.South Kavanur (R.V.) and (P) North Street (Ward 2) , 7.South Kavanur (R.V.) and (P) Arunthathiyar South Street (Ward 2) , 8.South Kavanur (R.V.) and (P) Arunthathiyar Middle Street (Ward 2) , 9.South Kavanur (R.V.) and (P) Arunthathiyar North Street (Ward 2) , 10.South Kavanur (R.V.) and (P) Yovan Alayam street (Ward 2)
139Govt. High School ,Western Side, South Portion, Pamboor 1.Pambur (R.V.) and (P) North street ward 1 , 2.Pambur (R.V.) and (P) Vinayagar kovil street Ward 2 , 3.Pambur (R.V.) and (P) East street Ward 3
140Govt. High School ,New Building, Western Side, Middle Hall, Addl. Class Room, Pamboor 1.Pambur (R.V.) and (P) West street (Ward 4) , 2.Pambur (R.V.) and (P) East part, South street, West colony, West part,North street,West part,South street (Ward 5) , 3.Pambur (R.V.) and (P) Samathuvapuram (Ward 6)
141Govt. High School ,East Sie, Middle Building, Pamboor 1.Thenpodhuvakudi, Pambur (R.V.) and Pamboor (P) Pambur (Ward 4) , 2.Thenpodhuvakudi, Pambur (R.V.) and Thenpodhuvakudi (P) Thalaikal South Street (Ward 2) , 3.Thenpodhuvakudi, Pambur (R.V.) and Thenpodhuvakudi (P) Thalaikal North Street (Ward 2) , 4.Thenpodhuvakudi, Pambur (R.V.) and Thenpodhuvakudi (P) Thenpodhuvakudi Adi Diravidar Colony (Ward 1) , 5.Thenpodhuvakudi, Pambur (R.V.) and Thenpodhuvakudi (P) Thenpodhuvakudi East Street (Ward 1) , 6.Thenpodhuvakudi, Pambur (R.V.) and Thenpodhuvakudi (P) Thenpodhuvakudi Middle Street (Ward 1) , 7.Thenpodhuvakudi, Pambur (R.V.) and Thenpodhuvakudi (P) Thenpodhuvakudi West Street (Ward 1) , 8.Thenpodhuvakudi, Pambur (R.V.) and Thenpodhuvakudi (P) Thenpodhuvakudi North Street, Puluthikulam Part Ward 1
142Panchayat Union Elementary School ,N. Pethanendal 1.N. Penthanendal (R.V.) and Kalaiyur (P) Singarayapuram Ward 3 , 2.N. Penthanendal (R.V.) and Kalaiyur (P) N.Pethanenthal (Ward 3) , 3.N. Penthanendal (R.V.) and Kalaiyur (P) Tholuvur (Ward 3)
143Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Subbarayarpuram 1.Venkittankuruchi (R.V.) and (P) Matha kovil street (Ward 1) , 2.Venkittankuruchi (R.V.) and (P) Yathavar North Street (Ward 1) , 3.Venkittankuruchi (R.V.) and (P) Yathavar Middle street (Ward 1) , 4.Venkittankuruchi (R.V.) and (P) Yathavar South Street (Ward 1) , 5.Venkittankuruchi (R.V.) and (P) Arunthathiyar Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 6.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) Alagar Nagar (Ward 1)
144TELC Elementary School, ,Western Building, Venkattankuruchi 1.Venkittankuruchi (R.V.) and (P) East North street (Ward 2) , 2.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and ( P ) East Central Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 3.Venkittankuruchi (R.V.) and (P) Keel South Street (Ward 2) , 4.Venkittankuruchi (R.V.) and (P) Arunthathiyar Kudiiruppu (Ward 2) , 5.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) North Adi Diravidar Kudiyiuruppu (Ward 2) , 6.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and ( P ) Keeranthai Paramakudi South Road (Ward 2) , 7.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) Adi Diravidar Colony (Ward 2) , 8.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) Arunthathiyar Colony (Ward 3)
145TELC Elementary School, ,Eastern Building, Venkattankuruchi 1.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) South West Street (Ward 3) , 2.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) South Central Street (Ward 3) , 3.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) South Street (Ward 3) , 4.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) West Central Kudiyiuruppu (Ward 3) , 5.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) North Street (Ward 3) , 6.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) Kanakanenthal Colony (Ward 3) , 7.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) Kanakanenthal East Street (Ward 3) , 8.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) Adi Diravidar Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3) , 9.Venkittankurichi (R.V.) and (P) Yathavar Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3)
146Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Side Building, Kalaiyur 1.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Nadar kudiyiruppu (Ward 1,2) , 2.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and ( P ) North Kudiyiruppu Westside (Ward 1) , 3.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) North kudiyiruppu Eastside (Ward 1) , 4.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar East Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1,2) , 5.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar South kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 6.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar West Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1,2) , 7.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Arunthathiyar Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 8.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Pillaiyar kovil Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 9.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Colony (Ward 1)
147Panchayat Union Ele.School ,East Building, North Side, Kalaiyur 1.Pandikkanmoi (R.V.) and Kalaiyur (P) Narivila (Ward 2) , 2.K. Karungulam (R.V.) and (P) East Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 3.K. Karungulam (R.V.) and (P) East Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 4.K. Karungulam (R.V.) and (P) West Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 5.K. Karungulam (R.V.) and (P) West Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 6.Pandikkanmoi (R.V.) and K.Karungulam (P) Kokkuppallam (Ward 2) , 7.Pandikkanmoi (R.V.) and K.Karungulam (P) Kokkuppallam (Ward 2)
148Panchayat Union Ele. School, ,Eest Building, South Side, Kalaiyur 1.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Puthanendal (Ward 2) , 2.Kalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Puthanendal (Ward 2) , 3.Pandikkanmoi (R.V.) and Kalaiyur (P) Kandukondan Manickam (Ward 2) , 4.Pandikkanmoi (R.V.) and K.Karungulam (P) Nilaiyambadi East Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 5.Pandikkanmoi (R.V.) and K.Karungulam (P) Nilaiyambadi West Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2)
149Panchayat Union Ele School ,Western Side, New Building, Vaniyavallam 1.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and (P) Vaniyavallam colony (Ward 1) , 2.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and (P) Vaniyavallam Village side (Ward 1) , 3.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and (P) Yathavar Kudiyiruppu Meliyanenthal (Ward 2) , 4.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and (P) Pudhur Valasai (Ward 3)
150Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Meymangalam 1.Thalayadikottai (R.V.) and Memangalam (P) Memangalam north street (Ward 1) , 2.Thalayadikottai (R.V.) and Memangalam (P) Memangalam South street (Ward 2) , 3.Thalayadikottai (R.V.) and Memangalam (P) Memangalam West Street (Ward 2) , 4.Thalayadikottai (R.V.) and Memangalam (P) Papparkoottam West Streeet (Ward 3) , 5.Thalayadikottai (R.V.) and Memangalam (P) Papparkoottam East Street (Ward 3)
151Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Center Hall, Thalaiyadikottai 1.Thalaiyadikottai (R.V.) and (P) Thalaiyadikottai north street (Ward 1) , 2.Thalaiyadikottai (R.V.) and (P) Thalaiyadikottai South street (Ward 2) , 3.Thalaiyadikottai (R.V.) and (P) Thalaiyadikottai West Street (Ward 3) , 4.Thalaiyadikottai (R.V.) and (P) Thalaiyadikottai Colony (Ward 4) , 5.Thalaiyadikottai (R.V.) and (P) Saliyavaganapuram (Ward 4)
152Panchayat Union Primary School ,Gopalapattinam 1.Rathappuli (p) (R V) Rathappuli south street , 2.Rathappuli (p) (R V) Rathappuli north street , 3.Rathappuli (p) (R V) Gopalapattanam south street , 4.Rathappuli (p) (R V) Gopalapattanam north street , 5.Rathappuli (p) (R V) Varavani , 6.Rathappuli (p) (R V) Muthuppattanam , 7.Rathappuli (p) (R V) Muthupattanam colony
153Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Keela Kavanoor 1.Keezhakavanur (p) Radhapulli (R V) Keezhakavanur Mela Kudiyiruppu , 2.Keezhakavanur (p) Radhapulli (R V) Keezhakavanur North Kudiyiruppu , 3.Keezhakavanur (p) Radhapulli (R V) Keezhakavanur south kudiyiruppau
154Govt. High School ,East Wing, Kadaranthakudi 1.Karadarnthakudi (R.V.) and (P) North street (Ward 1) , 2.Karadarnthakudi (R.V.) and (P) East Street (Ward 1,2) , 3.Karadarnthakudi (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street (Ward 1) , 4.Karadarnthakudi (R.V.) and (P) West Street (Ward 1,2)
155Govt. High School ,Western Wing, Kadaranthakudi 1.Karadarnthakudi (R.V.) and (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Street (Ward 1,2) , 2.Karadarnthakudi (R.V.) and (P) West Karadarnthakudi (Ward 2) , 3.Karadarnthakudi (R.V.) and (P) West Colony (Ward 2) , 4.Karadarnthakudi (R.V.) and (P) Pottakadu (Ward 2) , 5.Karadarnthakudi (R.V.) and (P) East Colony (Ward 1,2)
156Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Vathavaneri 1.Vadhavaneri (R.V.) and (P) Vadhavaneri west street (Ward 1) , 2.Vadhavaneri (R.V.) and (P) Vadhavaneri East Street (Ward 1) , 3.Vadhavaneri (R.V.) and (P) Vadhavaneri North Street (Ward 1) , 4.Vadhavaneri (R.V.) and (P) Arambakottai South Street (Ward 2) , 5.Vadhavaneri (R.V.) and (P) Arambakottai (Ward 2) , 6.Vadhavaneri (R.V.) and (P) Arambakottai North Street (Ward 2)
157Panchayat Union Middle School, ,South Side, Ariyangkottai 1.Ariyankottai (R.V.) and (P) North kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 2.Ariyankottai (R.V.) and ( P ) East Kudiyiruppu West Side (Ward 1) , 3.Ariyankottai (R.V.) and (P) East Kudiyiruppu East Side (Ward 1) , 4.Ariyankottai (R.V.) and (P) P.Kodikulam Main Road (Ward 1) , 5.Ariyankottai (R.V.) and (P) West Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 6.Ariyankottai (R.V.) and (P) AnichaKudiyiruppu (Ward 3)
158Panchayat Union Ele. School, ,Ananthanendal 1.Ariyankottai (R.V.) and (P) Ananthanenthal Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3) , 2.Ariyankottai (R.V.) and ( P ) Melenthal Kudiyiruppu (Ward 4)
159Govt. High School ,Attankudi 1.Attangudi (R.V.) and (P) School street (Ward 1) , 2.Attangudi (R.V.) and ( P ) East Street (Ward 1) , 3.Attangudi (R.V.) and ( P ) West Street (Ward 1) , 4.Attangudi (R.V.) and ( P ) Mettu Street (Ward 1) , 5.Attangudi (R.V.) and ( P ) Dharakudi Colony (Ward 1) , 6.Attangudi (R.V.) and ( P ) Attangudi Colony (Ward 1) , 7.Attangudi (R.V.) and (P) Kuyavanenthal (Ward 2)
160Panchayat Union Ele. School, ,Gunangulam 1.Attangudi (R.V.) and (P) Marudhur (Ward 3) , 2.Attangudi (R.V.) and ( P ) Kunankulam (Ward 4)
161Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Eastern side, Nagaram 1.Nagaram (R.V.) and (P) North street (Ward 1) , 2.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) West Street (Ward 2) , 3.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) South Street (Ward 1) , 4.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) Mariyamman Kovil Street (Ward 1) , 5.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) East street (Ward 1) , 6.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) Salai Street (Ward 1) , 7.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) Anna nagar Colony (Ward 1) , 8.Nagaram (R.V.) and (P) Keeram Pandi (Ward 1)
162Panchayat Union Ele School ,Panithavayal 1.Nagaram (R.V.) and (P) North street (Ward 2) , 2.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) North West Street Ward 2 , 3.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward 2 , 4.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) Salai Street Ward 2 , 5.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) Panithavayal Middle Kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 6.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) Panithavayal South Kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 7.Nagaram (R.V.) and ( P ) Panithavayal Vasantha nagar Ward 2
163Panchayat Union Ele School ,Peria Nagaramangalam 1.Nagaramangalam (R.V.) and (P) Chinna nagaramangalam adi dravidar street (ward 1) , 2.Nagaramangalam (R.V.) and (P) Periya Nagaramangalam Mariamman kovil street East Part (Ward 2) , 3.Nagaramangalam (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil West Part (Ward 3) , 4.Nagaramangalam (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil West Street (Ward 4)
164Panchayat Union Middle School ,Muvalur @ Uthayakudi 1.Nagaramangalam (R.V.) and (P) Muslim street (Ward 3) , 2.Nagaramangalam (R.V.) and (P) Muvalur Colony (Ward 4) , 3.Nagaramangalam (R.V.) and (P) Maravar street (Ward 4) , 4.Nagaramangalam (R.V.) and (P) Middle street (Ward 4) , 5.Nagaramangalam (R.V.) and (P) Nadar street (Ward 4)
165Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Thavalaikulam 1.Thavalaikulam (R.V.) and (P) North Street (Ward 1) , 2.Thavalaikulam (R.V.) and (P) Middle street (Ward 1) , 3.Thavalaikulam (R.V.) and (P) South street (Ward 1,2) , 4.Thavalaikulam (R.V.) and (P) Peramathevanendhal village (Ward 2)
166Panchayat Union Ele School ,Anchamadai 1.Anjamadai kachan (R.V.) and (P) North Street (Ward 1) , 2.Anjamadai kachan (R.V.) and (P) Middle street (Ward 1) , 3.Anjamadai kachan (R.V.) and (P) South street (Ward 1)
167Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, A. Kaachan 1.Anjamadai kachan (R.V.) and (P) North street (Ward 2) , 2.Anjamadai kachan (R.V.) and (P) Colony Ward 2 , 3.Anjamadai kachan (R.V.) and (P) South street Ward 2 , 4.Anjamadai kachan (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward 3 , 5.Anjamadai kachan (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman kovil street (Ward 3) , 6.Anjamadai kachan (R.V.) and (P) South west street Ward 3
168Panchayat Union Ele School ,South Building, Nainarkovil 1.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and Nainarkovil (P) North street chidambarapuram (Ward 1) , 2.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and Nainarkovil (P) North street (Ward 1) , 3.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and Nainarkovil (P) North mada veedhi Ward 1 , 4.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and Nainarkovil (P) East street Ward 2 , 5.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) Nainarkovil (P) Marudhur (Ward 2) , 6.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and Nainarkovil (P) South mada veedhi Ward 3 , 7.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and Nainarkovil (P) South street Ward 3 , 8.Vaniyavallam (R.V.) and Nainarkovil (P) South street New street Ward 3
169Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Western Wing, South Building, Vallam 1.Vallam (R.V.) and (P) Karaimel kudiyiruppu north street (Ward 1) , 2.Vallam (R.V.) and (P) Karaimel kudiyiruppu south street Ward 1
170Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Western Side Building, Vallam 1.Vallam (R.V.) and (P) Vallam north street (Ward 2) , 2.Vallam (R.V.) and (P) Vallam south street Ward 3 , 3.Vallam (R.V.) and (P) Vallam adhithiravidar kudiyiruppu Ward 3 , 4.Vallam (R.V.) and (P) Pallavarayanendhal north kudiyiruppu Ward 4 , 5.Vallam (R.V.) and (P) Pallavarayanendhal south kudiyiruppu (Ward 4)
171Panchayat Union Ele. School ,Old Building, Sirahikottai 1.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and (P) Nedunkurichi north street (Ward 1) , 2.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and (P) Nedunkurichi south street Ward 1 , 3.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and (P) T.Sirahikottai Ward 2 , 4.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and (P) Ramarajadevar pattinam P.Sirahikottai Ward 3 , 5.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and (P) P.Sirahikottai East Street Ward 3 , 6.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and (P) P.Sirahikottai west street ward 3 , 7.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and (P) K.Sirahikottai North street Ward 4
172Panchayat Union Ele. School ,New Building, South Side, Sirahikottai 1.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and (P) K.Sirahikottai South Street Ward 4 , 2.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and Kalliyadiyendhal (P) Kalliyadiyendhal east street Ward 1 , 3.Sirahikottai (R.V) and Kalliyadiyendhal (P) Kalliyadiyendhal west street Ward 1,2 , 4.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and Kalliyadiyendhal (P) Kalliyadiyendhal north street Ward 1,2 , 5.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and Kalliyadiyendhal (P) New Kudiyiruppu North Street Ward 3 , 6.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and Kalliyadiyendhal (P) New Kudiyiruppu South Street Ward 3
173Community Hall ,Akiramesi 1.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Koothappa uranikarai (Ward 1) , 2.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) North street 1 (Ward 1) , 3.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) North street 2 Ward 1 , 4.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) West street Ward 1 , 5.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Kanmai karai Ward 1 , 6.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) East street 1 Ward 2 , 7.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) East street 2 Ward 2 , 8.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Manjakulam Ward 2 , 9.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Alagasthri madam Ward 2
174Panchayat Union Ele School ,Chinna Akiramesi 1.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Middle street (Ward 3) , 2.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Akkiramesi soutth street Ward 3 , 3.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Udaiyar kudiyiruppu Ward 3 , 4.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Chinna Akkiramesi East street 1 Ward 3 , 5.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Chinna Akkiramesi East street 2 Ward 3 , 6.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Chinna Akkiramesi north street Ward 3 , 7.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and (P) Chinna Akkiramesi south street Ward 3
175Panchayat Union Ele School ,Panthapanenthal 1.Pandhappanendal, Periyaanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Vinayagar kovil street Ward 1 , 2.Pandhappanendal, Periyanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) North street Ward 1 , 3.Pandhappanendal, Periyanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Middle street Ward 1 , 4.Pandhappanendal, Periyanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) South street Ward 1 , 5.Pandhappanendal, Periyanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Periyanendal Velalar Street Ward 2 , 6.Pandhappanendal, Periyanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Periyanendal school kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 7.Pandhappanendal, Periyanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Periyanendal Gokular street Ward 2 , 8.Pandhappanendal, Periyanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Periyanendal Adi Dravidar Kudiyiruppu Ward 2
176Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Ayan Sithanenthal 1.Chithanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Sithanenthal kanmaikarai paraiyar portion street (Ward 1) , 2.Chithanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Sithanendal north street Ward 3 , 3.Chithanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Sithanendal south street Ward 3 , 4.Chithanendal (R.V.) and Pandhappanendal (P) Sithanendal Harijan colony (Ward 3)
177Panchayat Union Ele School ,Koluvoor 1.Koluvur (R.V.) and (P) East street (Ward 1) , 2.Koluvur (R.V.) and (P) Mandhai Street (Ward 1) , 3.Koluvur (R.V.) and (P) Harijana Street (Ward 1) , 4.Koluvur (R.V.) and (P) Harijana South Street (Ward 1) , 5.Koluvur (R.V.) and (P) Middle street Ward 2 , 6.Koluvur (R.V.) and (P) Kanmoikarai Street Ward 2 , 7.Koluvur (R.V.) and (P) South Street Ward 2
178Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Western Wing, New Building, Kottakudi 1.Kottakudi, Sethukal (R.V.) and Kottakudi (p) North West Street Ward 1 , 2.Kottakudi, Sethukal (R.V.) and Kottakudi (P) South West street Ward 1 , 3.Kottakudi, Sethukal (R.V.) and Kottakudi (P) North East street Ward 2 , 4.Kottakudi, Sethukal (R.V.) and Kottakudi (P) South East street Ward 2 , 5.Kottakudi, Sethukal (R.V.) and Kottakudi (P) Sethukal Ward 3
179Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Manakudi 1.Manakudi (R.V.) and (P) North street Ward 1 , 2.Manakudi (R.V.) and (P) South street Ward 1
180Panchayat Union Ele School ,Vagavayal 1.Vagavayal (R.V) and (P) Colony south street (ward 1) , 2.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Colony north street Ward 1 , 3.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward 1 , 4.Vahavayal (R.V.) and (P) Main Street Ward 1 , 5.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street Ward 1 , 6.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar East Street Ward 1 , 7.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Maravar Kudiyiruppu Ward 1 , 8.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Karuppur West Ward 2 , 9.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Karuppur South Ward 2 , 10.Vagavayal (R.V) and (P) Karuppur East Ward 2 , 11.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Muniyasami Kovil Street Ward 2 , 12.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Muniyasami Kovil East Street Ward 2 , 13.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward 2 , 14.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Street (Ward 2) , 15.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil West Street Ward 2 , 16.Vagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Kanmai North Street Ward 2
181Govt. Higher Secondary School ,Middle Building, Eastern side, Pottakavayal 1.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) North Street , 2.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Yadhava Middle Kudiyiruppu Ward 3 , 3.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Middle Kudiyiruppu Ward 3 , 4.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Ukamai Ward 4 , 5.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Nedunthulasi Ward 5
182Govt. Higher Secondary School ,Wesern Wing, Pottakavayal 1.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Pallivasal Oorani north street Ward 1 , 2.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Pallivasal east street Ward 2 , 3.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Post office street Ward 2 , 4.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Rahmath nagar Ward 2 , 5.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Muslim street Ward 2 , 6.Pottagavayal (R.V.) and (P) Kamarajar Colony Ward 3
183Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Agaram 1.Arasanur (R.V.) (P) Arasanur colony Ward 1 , 2.Arasanur (R.V.) and (P) Arasanur East street Ward 1 , 3.Arasanur (R.V.) and (P) Arasanur middle street Ward 1 , 4.Arasanur (R.V.) and (P) Arasanur West street Ward 1 , 5.Arasanur (R.V.) and (P) Agaram new kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 6.Arasanur (R.V.) and (P) Agaram new kudiyiruppu 2 Ward 2 , 7.Arasanur (R.V.) and (P) Agaram East street 1 ward 2 , 8.Arasanur (R.V.) and (P) Agaram East street 2 ward 2 , 9.Arasanur (R.V.) and (P) Agaram East street 3 Ward 2 , 10.Arasanur (R.V.) and (P) Agaram West street Ward 2
184Panchayat Union Elementary School ,P. Kodikulam 1.P.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 2.P.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) Middle street Ward 2 , 3.P.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) South street Ward 2 , 4.P.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) Ooranikarai South Part West Side Ward 3 , 5.P.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) Nainarkovil Devipattinam road part Ward 3 , 6.P.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) Way to Thaniyapuli salai Ward 3 , 7.P.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) Thaniyapuli Village Kudiyiruppu Ward 3
185Shanmuganathan Elementary School ,A. Panaiyoor 1.A. Panaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Panaiyur North Street (Ward 1) , 2.A. Panaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Panaiyur Middle Street Ward 2 , 3.A. Panaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Panaiyur South Street Ward 3
186Govt. High School ,New Centre Building South Wing, Kiliyur 1.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Othakudiyiruppu west street ward 1 , 2.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Othakudiyiruppu east street ward 1 , 3.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Middle Kudiyiruppu North Portion Ward 1 , 4.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Middle Kudiyiruppu Middle Part Ward 1 , 5.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Middle Kudiyiruppu South Part Ward 1 , 6.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Middle Kudiyiruppu Adi Dravidar Colony Ward 1
187Govt. High School ,North Wing, Centre Portion, Kiliyur 1.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Mariamman kovil steert Ward 1 , 2.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Mariamman kovil middle street , 3.Kiliyur( (R.V.) and (P) Mariamman kovil south street , 4.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Muslim north street Ward 2 , 5.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Muslim middle street Ward 2 , 6.Kiliyur (R.V.) and (P) Muslim south street Ward 2
188Panchayat Union Middle School ,Sathurvedamangalam. 1.Ayan Sathur Veda Mangalam (R.V.) and (P) North Street North Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 2.Ayan Sathur Veda Mangalam (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street Ward 1 , 3.Ayan Sathur Veda Mangalam (R.V.) and (P) South Street Ward 1 , 4.Ayan Sathur Veda Mangalam (R.V.) and (P) Middle Kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 5.Ayan Sathur Veda Mangalam (R.V.) and (P) North street South kudiyurppu Ward 3 , 6.Ayan Sathur Veda Mangalam (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street Ward 3 , 7.Ayan Sathur Veda Mangalam (R.V.) and (P) South Kudiyiruppu Ward 3
189Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Centre Building, Mummudichathan. 1.Mummudisathan (R.V.) and (P) Mummudisathan West Street Ward 2 , 2.Mummudisathan (R.V.) and (P) Mummudisathan South Street Ward 1 , 3.Mummudisathan (R.V.) and (P) Mummudisathan East Street Ward 2 , 4.Mummudisathan (R.V.) and (P) Mummudisathan Middle Street Ward 2 , 5.Mummudisathan (R.V.) and (P) Mummudisathan Adi Dravidar Colony Ward 1
190Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Northern Side, Pandiyur. 1.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) West Street (Ward 1,2) , 2.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) North street Ward 1 , 3.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street Ward 1 , 4.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) Chettiyar street Ward 1 , 5.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Street Ward 2 , 6.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) Nadar street Ward 2 , 7.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) Sriram Nagar Ward 2 , 8.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) Highway Ward 2 , 9.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar First Street Ward 2 , 10.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) Athithiravidar middle street Ward 2 , 11.Pandiyur (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar South Street (ward 2)
191Panchayat Union Middle School ,K. Valasai 1.Gangaikondan, K. Valasai (R.V.) and K. Valasai (P) K. Valasai road Ward 3 , 2.Gangaikondan, K. Valasai (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward 3 , 3.Gangaikondan, K. Valasai (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) Meiyanenthal East Street Ward 3 , 4.Gangaikondan, K. Valasai (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) K.Valasai East Street (Ward 1) , 5.Gangaikondan K.Valasai ( P ) K.Valasai Middle Street Ward 1 , 6.Gangaikondan, K. Valasai (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) K.Valasai South Street Ward 1,2 , 7.Gangaikondan, K. Valasai (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) K.Valasai West Street Ward 2 , 8.Gongaikondan, K. Valasai (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) K.Valasai Harijana Colony (Ward 2) , 9.Gangaikondan, K. Valasai (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) K.Valasai Paraiyar Colony Ward 2
192Nadar Mahajana Sangam High School ,Western Side, Arasaradivandal. 1.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and K.Valasai (P) Arasadi vandal east street (Ward 4) , 2.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) Arasadi Vandal Village 1 (Ward 4) , 3.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) Arasadi Vandal Village 2 (Ward 4) , 4.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) Arasadi Vandal Village 3 (Ward 4) , 5.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) Colony Street (Ward 4) , 6.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) Otha Veedu (Ward 4) , 7.Akkiramesi (R.V.) and K.Valasai ( P ) Manichiyenthal Village (Ward 5)
193Panchayat Union Middle School ,New building, North Side, Manjakollai 1.Manjakollai (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Colony , 2.Manjakollai (R.V.) and ( P ) Adi Dravidar Kudiyiruppu , 3.Manjakollai (R.V.) and (P) East Street (Ward 2) , 4.Manjakollai (R.V.) and ( P ) West Street
194Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Karuthanendal 1.Manjakollai (R.V.) and Karuthanenthal ( P ) Maravar Kudiyiruppu , 2.Manjakollai (R.V.) and Karuthanenthal ( P ) North Kudiyiruppu , 3.Manjakollai (R.V.) and Karuthanenthal ( P ) West Kudiyiruppu , 4.Manjakollai (R.V.) and Karuthanenthal ( P ) Adi Dravidar Kudiyiruppu , 5.Manjakollai (R.V.) and Karuthanenthal ( P ) Adi Dravidar Kudiyiruppu Colony
195Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Pottithatti. 1.Urapuli (R.V.) and Potti thatti (P) Manthi valasai (Ward 1) , 2.Urapuli (R.V.) and Potti Thatti ( P ) Potti Thatti (Ward 3) , 3.Urapuli (R.V.) and Potti Thatti ( P ) Potti Thatti Colony , 4.Urapuli (R.V.) and Potti Thatti ( P ) North Street (Ward 3) , 5.Urapuli (R.V.) and Potti Thatti (P) East Street (Ward 3) , 6.Urapuli (R.V.) and Potti Thatti ( P ) West Street (Ward 3)
196Panchayat Union Elementary School, Pagaivendri 1.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and Pahai vendri (P) North Street (Ward 1,2) , 2.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and Pahai Vendri ( P ) West Street (Ward 2) , 3.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and Pahai Vendri ( P ) South Street (Ward 1,2) , 4.Sirahikottai (R.V.) and Pahai Vendri ( P ) East Street (Ward 1)
197Govt. Higher Secondary School, ,South Side Building, Manjur 1.Manjur (R.V.) and Manjur ( P ) Ottha Veedu (Ward 1) , 2.Manjur (R.V.) and Manjur ( P ) Chetti Street (Ward 1) , 3.Manjur (R.V.) and Manjur ( P ) Harijan Muslim Street (Ward 2)
198Govt. Higher Secondary School, ,North Building, East Side. Manjur 1.Manjur (R.V.) and Manjur (P) Railway station (Ward 1) , 2.Manjur (R.V.) and Manjur ( P ) M.S Nagar (Ward 1) , 3.Manjur (R.V.) and Manjur ( P ) Adi Dravidar Colony ( Ward 2) , 4.Manjur (R.V.) and Manjur (P) Vanankanenthal (Ward 3) , 5.Manjur (R.V.) and Manjur ( P ) Vanankanenthal Colony (Ward 3)
199Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Portion, Pandikanmoi 1.Pandikanmai (R.V.) and Pandikanmai ( P ) Pandikanmai Eastside (Ward 1) , 2.Pandikanmai (R.V.) and Pandikanmai ( P ) Pandikanmai Westside (Ward 2)
200Theeniya Elmentary School ,T. Karungulam 1.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. karunkulam (P) Adi Dravidar Street (Ward 1) , 2.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Muslim 1st street (Ward 1) , 3.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Muslim Middle Street (Ward 1) , 4.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Yathavar South Street (Ward 1,2) , 5.Pandikanmoi and (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Yathavar 1st Street (Ward 2) , 6.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Old Adi Dravidar Street (Ward 2) , 7.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Gokula Street ( Ward 2) , 8.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Ambethkar Street (Ward 2)
201Panchayat Union Ele. School ,P. Elanthaikulam 1.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Elanthaikulam 1st Street (Ward 3) , 2.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Elanthikulam South Street (Ward 3) , 3.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Elanthaikulam South Street , 4.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Elanthaikulam Main Road Street (Ward 3) , 5.Pandikanmoi (R.V.) and T. Karunkulam ( P ) Elanthaikulam South Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3)
202Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New building, Deivendranallur. 1.Kumukkottai (R.V.) and Deivendra nallur (P) North yathava kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 2.Kumukkottai (R.V.) and Deivendra Nallur ( P ) Middle Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 3.Kumukkottai (R.V.) and Deivendra Nallur ( P ) Colony Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 4.Kumukkottai (R.V.) and Deivendra Nallur ( P ) South salai Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 5.Kumukkottai (R.V.) and Deivendra Nallur ( P ) Mavilangai North YathavaKudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 6.Kumukkottai (R.V.) and Deivendra Nallur ( P ) Mavilankai Middle Adi Dravidar Quarters (Ward 2) , 7.Kumukkottai (R.V.) and Deivendra Nallur ( P ) Mavilangai South New Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 8.Kumukkottai (R.V.) and Deivendra Nallur ( P ) Thiruvadi Old Colony Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3) , 9.Kumukkottai (R.V.) and Deivendra Nallur (P) Thiruvadi Velar Kudiyiruppu Ward 3 , 10.Kumukkottai (R.V.) and Deivendra Nallur ( P ) Thiruvadi New Colony Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3)
203Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Poovilathur 1.Kumukottai (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 2.Kumukottai (R.V.) and ( P ) Yathava Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 3.Kumukottai (R.V.) and ( P ) Colony (Ward 1) , 4.Kumukottai (R.V.) and (P) Poovalathur North Agraharam Street (Ward 2) , 5.Kumukottai (R.V.) and (P) Poovalathur East Street Ward 2 , 6.Kumukottai (R.V.) and (P) Poovalathur Arunthathiyar Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 7.Kumukottai (R.V.) and (P) Poovalathur South Street (Ward 2) , 8.Kumukottai (R.V.) and (P) Poovalathur East West Street (Ward 2) , 9.Kumukottai (R.V.) and (P) Poovalathur East West Street (Ward 2)
204ASK Govt. High School ,Old Building, Kamankottai. 1.Kaman Kottai (R.V.) and ( P ) Old Hostel Street (Ward 1,2) , 2.Kaman Kottai (R.V.) and ( P ) Muslim Street (Ward 1,2) , 3.Kaman Kottai (R.V.) and ( P ) Urani Street (Ward 2) , 4.Kaman Kottai (R.V.) and ( P ) Pallivasal street (Ward 1,2) , 5.Kaman kottai (R.V.) and (P) Pallivasal East Street (Ward 1,2)
205ASK Govt. High School ,New Building, East Wing, Northern portion, Kamankottai. 1.Kaman kottai (R.V.) and (P) East Street, Middle Street (Ward 1,2,3) , 2.Kaman Kottai (R.V.) and ( P ) Vellalar West Street (Ward 1) , 3.Kaman Kottai (R.V.) and ( P ) Vellalar Street East (Ward 1)
206ASK Govt. High School ,New Building, Southern Wing Middle Portion,Kamankottai. 1.Kamankottai, Kakkanendal (R.V.) and Kamankottai (P) West street (Ward 3) , 2.Kamankottai, Kakkanendal (R.V.) and Kaman Kottai (P) North Street (Ward 2,3) , 3.Kamankottai, Kakkanendal (R.V.) and Kaman Kottai ( P ) Hospital Street (Ward 12,3) , 4.Kamankottai, Kakkanendal (R.V.) and Kaman Kottai (P) Pallivasal Street (Ward 3) , 5.Kamankottai, Kakkanendal (R.V.) and Kaman Kottai ( P ) Amman Kovil street, Ayyar Street (Ward 3) , 6.Kamankottai, Kakkanendal (R.V.) and Kaman Kottai ( P ) Main Road, North Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3) , 7.Kamankottai, Kakkanendal (R.V.) and Kaman Kottai ( P ) Arunthathiyar street (Ward 4) , 8.Kamankottai, Kakkanendal (R.V.) and Kaman Kottai ( P ) Kakanenthal Colony (Ward 1,4) , 9.Kamankottai, Kakkanendal (R.V.) and Kaman Kottai ( P ) Yathavar Kudiyiruppu (Ward 4)
207Hameediya Aided Middle School ,Gangaikondan. 1.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and (P) Gangaikondan Main Road (ward 1) , 2.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and ( P ) Harijan Colony 1 (Ward 1) , 3.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and ( P ) Paraiyar Street (Ward 1) , 4.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and ( P ) Harijan Colony II (Ward 1) , 5.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and ( P ) East Street (Ward 2) , 6.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and ( P ) Muslim Street (Ward 2) , 7.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and ( P ) Gangaikondan South Street (Ward 3) , 8.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and ( P ) Kollanur Middle Street (Ward 3) , 9.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and ( P ) North Street (Ward 3) , 10.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and ( P ) Kollanur South Street (Ward 3) , 11.Gangaikondan (R.V.) and ( P ) Arunthathiyar Street (Ward 3)
208Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Side, Kambar Room, Mennanthi. 1.Mennanthi nagachi (R.V.) and (P) Penchayat building side ward 1 , 2.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) Sociaty Sanga Building side Ward 1 , 3.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) Mennanthi Colony Ward 1 , 4.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) Chinna Nagachi Colony North Ward 2 , 5.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) Chinna Nagachi Colony South Ward 2
209Panchayat Union Middle School ,East Portion, ABL - A Room, Mennanthi. 1.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) School side Ward 1,2 , 2.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) Nadar Mariyamman Kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 3.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) Arasanagari South Ward 3 , 4.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) Arasanagari North Ward 3 , 5.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) Chinna Nagachi West Ward 4 , 6.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) Chinna Nagachi East Ward 4 , 7.Mennanthi Nagachi (R.V.) and ( P ) Kuyavan Karunkulam Ward 5
210Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Thiyagavancheri. 1.Thiyagavanseri (R.V.) and (P) East street (ward 1) , 2.Thiyagavanseri (R.V.) and (P) East Street Mariyamman Street (Ward 1) , 3.Thiyagavanseri (R.V.) and (P) North Street (Ward 2) , 4.Thiyagavanseri (R.V.) and (P) Melakudiyiruppu (Ward 2)
211Panchayat Union Middle School ,Thethangal. 1.Thethangal (R.V.) and (P) Kanmoikarai Kudiyiruppu Ward 1 , 2.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) New Adi Dravidar Colony Ward 1 , 3.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) Old Adi Dravidar Colony ward 1 , 4.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil East Street Ward 1 , 5.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) Yathava East Street Ward 1 , 6.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar South Street Ward 1 , 7.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) Ellimulli South Oorani Karai Kudiyeruppu Ward 2 , 8.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) New Adi Dravidar Colony Kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 9.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) Old Adi Dravidar Colony Kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 10.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) Vandal Yathava North Street Ward 3 , 11.Therthangal (R.V.) and (P) Yathavar South Street Ward 3
212Govt. High School, ,Keela Kudiyirupu, Siruvayal. 1.Siruvayal (R.V.) and (P) Siruvayal North Street (Ward 1) , 2.Siruvayal (R.V.) and (P) Siruvayal West street (Ward 1) , 3.Siruvayal (R.V.) and (P) Siruvayal Middle street (Ward 1) , 4.Siruvayal (R.V.) and (P) Siruvayal South street (Ward 1)
213Panchayat Union Primary School ,New Building, Mela Kudiyiruppu, Siruvayal. 1.Siruvayal (R.V.) and Siruvayal West (P) North street (Ward 2) , 2.Siruvayal (R.V.) and Siruvayal west (P) Middle street (ward 2) , 3.Siruvayal (R.V.) and Siruvayal West (P) South Street (Adi Dravidar Kudiyiruppu ) Ward 2 , 4.Siruvayal (R.V.) and Siruvayal west (P) East street (ward 3) , 5.Siruvayal (R.V.) and Siruvayal west (P) West Street (Ward 3)
214Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Side, Kadampur 1.Siruvayal (R.V.) and (P) Kadampur East Street (Ward 4) , 2.Siruvayal (R.V.) and (P) Vallaba Vinayagar street (ward 2) , 3.Siruvayal (R.V.) and (P) Manjankulam Mangala Vinayagar street (ward 5)
215Panchayat Union Middle School ,Perungalur 1.Perungalur (R.V.) and (P) Perungalur north kudiyiruppu (ward 1) , 2.Perungalur (R.V.) and (P) Perungalur west street ( ward 1) , 3.Perungalur (R.V.) and (P) Perungalur middle street( ward 2) , 4.Perungalur (R.V.) and (P) South street (Ward 2) , 5.Perungalur (R.V.) and (P) South kudiyiruppu (ward 2) , 6.Perungalur (R.V.) and (P) Vayaloor east street ( ward 3) , 7.Perungalur (R.V.) and (P) Vayaloor south street (Ward 3) , 8.Perungalur (R.V.) and (P) Vayaloor north street (Ward 3) , 9.Perungalur (R.V.) and (P) Vayaloor west street ( ward 3)
216Govt.High.School ,Kulathur 1.Kulathur (R.V.) and (P) North street (ward 1) , 2.Kulathur (R.V.) and (P) Perumal kovil street (Ward 1) , 3.Kulathur (R.V.) and (P) Middle street (Ward 2) , 4.Kulathur (R.V.) and (P) South street (Ward 2) , 5.Kulathur (R.V.) and (P) AthithiraviDar colony (Ward 3)
217Panchayat Union Middle School, ,New Building, East Side, Muthalur 1.Mudalur (R.V.) and (P) Thurathiyenthal West Street (Sard 1) , 2.Mudalur (R.V.) and (P) Thurathiyenthal east street (ward 2) , 3.Mudalur (R.V.) and (P) Mudalur west street (ward 3) , 4.Mudalur (R.V.) and (P) Mudalur East Street (Ward 4)
218Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Old Building, West Side Muthalur 1.Mudalur (R.V.) and (P) Mudalur first middle street (ward 5) , 2.Mudalur (R.V.) and (P) Mudalur second middle street (ward 6) , 3.Mudalur (R.V.) and (P) Mudalur south street (ward 7)
219Panchayat Union Elementary School ,SSA North Wing, Sevvoor 1.Sevur (R.V.) and (P) West Street (ward 1) , 2.Sevur (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil and Kanmaykarai Part (Ward 1) , 3.Sevur (R.V.) and (P) Sevur (P) east street (ward 1) , 4.Sevur (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Colony West (ward 2) , 5.Sevur (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Colony East (Ward 2)
220Community Hall ,South Portion, Sevvoor 1.Sevur (R.V.) and (P) Sevoor North Kudiyiruppu West Part (ward 2) , 2.Sevur (R.V.) and (P) North kudiyiruppu East Part (ward 2)
221Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Keelakottai 1.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Keelambal (p) East Side Street (ward 1) , 2.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Keelambal (P) Yathavar Street (Ward 2) , 3.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Keelambal (P) Mariyamman Kovil backside street (ward 1) , 4.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Keelambal (P) Mariyamman Kovil frontside street (ward 1) , 5.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Keelambal (P) Keelambal colony (ward 1) , 6.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Keelambal (P) Colony NH road (ward 2) , 7.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Keelambal (P) North Street West Part (Ward 1) , 8.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Keelambal (P) North Street East Part (ward 2) , 9.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Keelambal (P) South Street east part (ward 2) , 10.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Keelambal (P) South street west part (ward 2)
222Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, West Side, Ariyakudi 1.Ariakudi (R.V.) and Ariakudi puthur (P) West Street Ward 1,2 , 2.Ariyakudi (R.V.) and Ariyakudi puthur (P) North street (ward 1) , 3.Ariyakudi (R.V.) and Ariyakudi puthur (P) Middle street ward 1,2 , 4.Ariyakudi (R.V.) and Ariyakudi puthur (P) South strret ward 2 , 5.Ariyakudi (R.V.) and Ariyakudi puthur (P) East Street (ward 1) , 6.Ariyakudi (R.V.) and Ariyakudi puthur(p) Pillaimar Street (Ward 4) , 7.Ariyakudi (R.V.) and Ariyakudi puthur (P) Mattu colony (Ward 4) , 8.Ariyakudi (R.V.) and Ariyakudi puthur (P) Mukkani (Ward 4)
223P.U.Middle School ,NewBuilding, Facing East, North Room, A.Puthur 1.Ariyakudi puthur (R.V.) and (P) North harijan kudieruppu (kanmai street) ward 3 , 2.Ariyakudi Puthur (R.V.) and (P) Indira Nagar Kudiyiruppu (Karuppapsami Kovil Street) , 3.Ariyakudi Puthur (R.V.) and (P) Muslim Kudieruppu (Pallivasal Street) Ward 3 , 4.Ariyakudi Puthur (R.V.) and (P) Muthusellapuram (Church Street) Ward 7
224P.U.Middle School ,NewBuilding, Facing South, A.Puthur 1.Ariyakudi Puthur (R.V.) and (P) South Harijan Kudieruppu (Kanmaikarai Street) (Ward 6) , 2.Ariyakudi Puthur (R.V.) and (P) Maravar Kudieruppu (Madasamy Kovil street) (Ward 6) , 3.Ariyakudi Puthur (R.V.) and (P) Yathavar kudieruppu Sivan Kovil Street (Ward 5) , 4.Ariyakudi Puthur (R.V.) and (P) Valavanthanpuram Cement Street (Ward 6) , 5.Ariyakudi Puthur (R.V.) and (P) Valavanthanpuram (village Hospital Part) , 6.Ariyakudi Puthur (R.V.) and (P) Mettu Colony Street Ward 4
225Panchayat Union Middle School, ,South Building, Eastern Side, Muthuvayal 1.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Muthuvayal (P) North west part (Ward 1) , 2.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Muthuvayal (P) Muthuvayal North East Part (Ward 1) , 3.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Muthuvayal (P) Muthuvayal Midle Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2)
226Panchayat Union Middle School ,Western Building, Muthuvayal 1.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Muthuvayal (P) Muthuvayal West Kudiyiruppu (ward 2) , 2.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Muthuvayal (P) Muthuvayal South Kudiyiruppu (Ward 4) , 3.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Muthuvayal (P) Ethampadal (Ward 3) , 4.Keelakkottai (R.V.) and Muthuvayal (P) Thabal Savadi (Ward 3)
227Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, Bogalur 1.Bogalur (R.V.) and (P) Veeravanur road (ward 1) , 2.Bogalur (R.V.) and (P) Yathavar Sanga Street (Ward 1) , 3.Bogalur (R.V.) and (P) South Street (Ward 1) , 4.Bogalur (R.V.) and (P) Kanmoikarai Street (Ward 1)
228Noorullah Muslim Elementary School , Western Building, Bogalur 1.Bogalur (R.V.) and (P) Urangapuli street (ward 2,3) , 2.Bogalur (R.V.) and (P) Mudokku street (ward 2,3) , 3.Bogalur (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Street (Ward 2,3) , 4.Bogalur (R.V.) and (P) North Street (Ward 2,3) , 5.Bogalur (R.V.) and (P) South Street (Ward 2,3,4)
229Govt. Hr.Sec. School , New Building (East Side), Chathirakudi 1.Bogalur, Vallakulam (R.V.) and Chathirakudi (P) Nariyanenthal street (ward 4) , 2.Bogalur, Vallakulam (R.V.) and Chathirakudi (P) Meenatchipuram (Ward 4) , 3.Bogalur, Vallakulam (R.V.) and Chathirakudi (P) North Portion (Ward 4) , 4.Bogalur, Vallakulam (R.V.) and Chathirakudi (P) Ambethkar Nagar (Ward 4)
230Govt. Hr.Sec. School, ,New Building (West Side), Chathirakudi 1.Bogalur, Vallakulam (R.V.) and Chathirakudi (P) S.V. Puram (Ward 4) , 2.Bogalur, Vallakulam (R.V.) and Chathirakudi (P) Jothiyenthal (Ward 4) , 3.Bogalur, Vallakulam (R.V.) andChathirakudi (P) Jothiyenthal, Aathithiravidar Colony (Ward 4) , 4.Bogalur, Vallakulam (R.V.) and Bogalur (P) Anna Nagar And Arunthiyar Kudieruppu (Ward 4)
231Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, Western Side, North Vairavanendal 1.Veeravanur (R.V.) and Vairavanendal (p) North Akamudaiyar kudiyiruppu (ward 1) , 2.Veeravanur (R.V.) and Vairavanendal (P) South Agamudaiyar Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 3.Veeravanur (R.V.) and Vairavanendal (P) East Harijana Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 4.Veeravanur (R.V.) and Vairavanendal (P) West Harijana Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 5.Veeravanur (R.V.) and Vairavanendal (P) Yathavar Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2)
232Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Thenjiyendal 1.Veeravanur (R.V.) and Vairavanendal (p) Thanchiyendal north street (ward 3) , 2.Veeravanur (R.V.) and Vairavanendal (P) Arijana Street (Ward 3)
233Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Building, Veeravanur 1.Veeravanur (R.V.) and (P) Nadar kudiyiruppu (ward 1) , 2.Veeravanur (R.V.) and (P) Mushlim Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 3.Veeravanur (R.V.) and (P) West Harijana Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 4.Veeravanur (R.V.) and (P) East Arijana Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 5.Veeravanur (R.V.) and (P) North Arijana Kudiyiruppu (Ward 3)
234Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, Seyyalur 1.Seyyalur (R.V.) and (P) Seyyalur kudiyiruppu (Ward 1,2) , 2.Seyyalur (R.V.) and (P) Seyyalur West (Ward 1,2) , 3.Seyyalur (R.V.) and (P) Yathavar Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 4.Seyyalur (R.V.) and (P) Mohamathiyapuram And Vilakku Road (Ward 10)
235Panchayat Union Elementary School, , New Building, Ettivayal 1.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) Old mjulaikottu thinnai kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 2.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) East Street (Ward 1) , 3.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Old Colony North Portion (Ward 1) , 4.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) Aathithiravidar Old Colony South Portion (Ward 1) , 5.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) New Mulaikottu Thinnai Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 6.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) Tennavanur Portion (Ward 2) , 7.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) Tennavanoor Moolakarai Kudiyiruppu (Ward 2) , 8.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) Enniseri (Ward 2) , 9.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) Aanaikudi (Ward 2) , 10.Ettivayal (R.V.) and (P) Anusiyapuram (Ward 1)
236Idartheerthaamman Elementary School, ,Theeyanur 1.Theyanur (R.V.) and (P) Kannapuram ward 1 , 2.Theyanur (R.V.) and (P) Theyanur north street Ward 1 , 3.Theyanur (R.V.) and (P) Middle street Ward 1 , 4.Theyanur (R.V.) and (P) South street Ward 2 , 5.Theyanur (R.V.) and (P) Theyanur colony Ward 2
237Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Kavithaigudi 1.Theeyanur (R.V.) and Kavithaikudi (P) North street (ward 1) , 2.Theeyanur (R.V.) and Kavithaikudi (P) West street Ward 1 , 3.Theeyanur (R.V.) and Kavithaikudi (P) Middle street Ward 1 , 4.Theeyanur (R.V.) and Kavithaikudi (P) South street Ward 1 , 5.Theeyanur (R.V.) and Kavithaikudi (P) Colony Ward 2 , 6.Theeyanur (R.V.) and Kavithaikudi (P) East street Ward 2 , 7.Theeyanur (R.V.) and Kavithaikudi (P) Inakampriyan Ward 2 , 8.Theeyanur (R.V.) and (P) Veppangulam Ward 2
238Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, East Side, South Hall, Semanur 1.Semanur (R.V.) and (P) North oorani street ward 1 , 2.Semanur (R.V.) and (P) Middle part Oorani street Ward 1 , 3.Semanur (R.V.) and (P) South portion adhithiravidar kudiyeiuppu Ward 1 , 4.Semanur (R.V.) and (P) West portion Oorani street Ward 1 , 5.Semanur (R.V.) and (P) Pottakadu ward 1 , 6.Semanur (R.V.) and (P) Adhithiravidar colony Ward 2 , 7.Semanur (R.V.) and (P) Pillaiyar kovil street Ward 2 , 8.Semanur (R.V.) and (P) Kannan kovil street Ward 2 , 9.Semanur (R.V.) and (P) Sebasthiyar puram Ward 2
239Panchayat Union Ele.School ,Northern Portion, S. Kodikulam 1.S.kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) North street ward 1 , 2.S.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) Arundhadhiyar street Ward 2 , 3.S.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) West street Ward 1 , 4.S.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) Middle street Ward 1 , 5.S.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) East street Ward 2 , 6.S.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) South street Ward 1 , 7.S.Kodikulam (R.V.) and (P) Adithiravidar colony street Ward 2
240Panchayat Union Elementary School , New Building, Urathur @ Anumaneri 1.Urathur, Koraikulam (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Pillaiyar kovil street ward 1 , 2.Urathur, Koraikulam (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Poosari street Ward 1 , 3.Urathur, Koraikulam (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Poosari middle street Ward 1 , 4.Urathur, Koraikulam (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Adithiravidar street Ward 1 , 5.Urathur, Koraikulam (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Colony west street ward 2 , 6.Urathur, Koraikulam (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Colony east street Ward 2 , 7.Urathur, Koraikulam (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Pallivasal street Ward 2 , 8.Urathur, Koraikulam (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Pallivasal middle street Ward 2 , 9.Urathur, Koraikulam (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Agraharam vellalar street Ward 2 , 10.Urathur (R.V.) and Urathur (P) Agraharam yadhavar street Ward 2
241Panchayat Union Ele.School ,West Wing, T.Punavasal 1.T.punavasal (R.V) And (P) Ammankovil street (ward 1) , 2.T.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) Maruthupandiyar Street (Ward1) , 3.T.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) Krishnan kovil Street (Ward 1) , 4.T.Punavasal (R.V) And(P) Yadavar Street (Ward 1) , 5.T.Punavasal (.R.V) And (P) West Street (Ward 1) , 6.T.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) Pallikudastreet (ward 1) , 7.T.Punavasal (R.V.)And (P) Vinayagar Kovil Street (Ward 2) , 8.T.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) Ambedkar Street (Ward 2) , 9.T.Punavasal (R.V.) And (P) Ayyanar Kovil Street (Ward 2) , 10.T.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) Society street (Ward 2)
242Panchayat Union Ele.School ,Eastern Wing, T.Punavasal 1.T.Punavasal (R.V.) And (P) West street 1 (ward 4) , 2.T.Punavasal (R.V.) And (P) West Street 2 (Ward 4) , 3.T.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) Middle Street (Ward 4) , 4.T.Punavasal (R.V.) And (P) Middle Street2 (Ward 4) , 5.T.Punavasal (R.V.) And (P) East Street 1 (Ward 4) , 6.T.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) East Street2 (Ward 4) , 7.T.Punavasal (R.V.) And (P) East Street3 (Ward 4) , 8.T.Punavasal (R.V.) And (P) Muniyasamy Kovil Street (Ward 4) , 9.T.Punavasal(R.V) (P) Marudhupandiyar Nagar (Ward 4) , 10.T.Punavasal(R.V.)And (P) Muniyasamy Kovil Street2 (Ward 3) , 11.T.Punavasal(R.V) And (P) Muniyasamy Kovil Street 3 (Ward 3) , 12.T.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) Muniyasamy Kovil Street4 (Ward 3) , 13.T.Punavasal(R.V) And (P) Muniyasamy Kovil Street5 (Ward 3) , 14.T.Punavasal(R.V) And (P) Valiyankulam Village1 (Ward 5) , 15.T.Punavasal(R.V) And (P) Valaiyenkulam Village2 (ward 5) , 16.T.Punavasal(R.V) And (P) Valaiyenkulam Village3 (ward 5) , 17.T.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) Valaiyenkulam Village4 (Ward 5) , 18.T.Punavasal(R.V) And (P) Valaiyenkulam Village 5 (ward 5) , 19.T.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) Manika Otha Veetu (ward 5) , 20.T.Punavasal (R.V.) And (P) Yadavar Kudiruppu (Ward 5) , 21.T.Punavasal(R.V) And (P) Thethankulam ward 5
243Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Portion, New Building, Vangarupuram 1.Vankarupuram(R.V) And (P) West street (ward 1) , 2.Vankarupuram(R.V.) And (P) South Street 1 (ward 1) , 3.Vankarupuram(R.V.) And (P) South street 2 (ward 1) , 4.Vankarupuram(R.V.) And (P) Sundaralingam street (ward 1) , 5.Vankarupuram(R.V) And (P) North Street 1 (ward 1) , 6.Vankarupuram(R.V.) And (P) Middle street 1 (ward 1) , 7.Vankarupuram (R.V)And (P) East Street (ward 1) , 8.Vankarupuram(R.V) And (P) North Street2 (ward 1)
244Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Portion, New Building, Vangarupuram 1.Vankarupuram(R.V) And (P) South Street3 (ward 2) , 2.Vankarupuram (R.V) And(P) North Street3 (ward 2) , 3.Vankarupuram(R.V) And (P) Middle street2 (ward 2) , 4.Vankarupuram(R.V) And (P) Muthaiyar Street 1 (ward 2) , 5.Vankarupuram(R.V)And (P) Muthaiyar street 2 (ward 2) , 6.Vankarupuram(R.V) And (P) South Street 4 (ward 3) , 7.Vankarupuram(R.V)And (P) South street 5 (ward 3) , 8.Vankarupuram (R.V) And (P) South Street 6 (ward 4)
245Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Eastern Side, Seyyamangalam. 1.Periyanaikulam (R.V) Kelakodumalur(P) Muniyanendal mela street (ward 2,3) , 2.Periyanaikulam (R.V) Kelakodumalur(p) Muniyanendal kela street (Ward 3) , 3.Periyanaikulam (R.V) Melakodumalur(p) Seyyamangalam north street (Ward 5) , 4.Periyanaikulam (R.V) Melakodumalur(p) Kelaseyyamangalam (Ward 6) , 5.Periyanaikulam (R.V) Melakodumalur(p) Seyyamangalam south street (Ward 5) , 6.Periyanaikulam (R.V) Melakodumalur(p) Seyyamangalam Mela street (Ward 5,6) , 7.Periyanaikulam (R.V) Kelakodumalur(p) Seyyamangalam muniyamendal pudukudi iruppu (Ward 3) , 8.Periyanaikulam (R.V) Kelakodumalur(P) Periyanaikulam (Ward 3) , 9.Periyanaikulam (R.V) Kelakodumalur(p) Viknaudaippu (Ward 4)
246Panchayat Union Middle School ,Old Building, Achangulam 1.Achankulam(R.V) And (P) Achankulam 1 ward 1 , 2.Achankulam (R.V) And (P) Achankulam 2 (ward 1) , 3.Achankulam(R.V) and (P) Achankulam 3 Ward 1 , 4.Achankulam(R.V) And (P) Achankulam 4 ward 2 , 5.Achankulam(R.V.) And (P) Achankulam 5 ward 2 , 6.Achankulam(R.V) And (P) Achankulam 6 ward 2 , 7.Achankulam(R.V) And (P) Achankulam 7 ward 2 , 8.Achankulam (R.V) And(P) Virathakulam 1 ward 4 , 9.Achankulam(R.V) And (P) Virathakulam 2 ward 4 , 10.Achankulam(R.V) And (P) Virathakulam 3 ward 4 , 11.Achankulam (R.V) And (P) Karaikuttam ward 3
247Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Center Portion, Achankulam 1.Achankulam(R.V.) And((P) Muthaneri (ward 5) , 2.Achankulam (R.V) And (P) Veppankurichi Ward 6 , 3.Achankulam (R.V) And (P) Andhiriyendhal Ward 7 , 4.Achankulam (R.V) And (P) Kadanagari main road Ward 8 , 5.Achankulam (R.V) And (P) Kadanagari south street Ward8 , 6.Achankulam(R.V) And (P) Kadanagari north street Ward 8 , 7.Achankulam(R.V.) And (P) Achankulam kalani Ward 8 , 8.Achankulam(R.V) And (P) Kuruththikuttam Ward 9 , 9.Achankulam(R.V) And (P) Pottakulam main road Ward 10 , 10.Achankulam(R.V) And (P) Pottakulam east Ward 10 , 11.Achankulam (R.V) And (P) Pottakulam west Ward 10
248Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Eastern Portion, A.Tharaikudi 1.A.tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Tharaikudi 1st street ward 1 , 2.A.Tharaikudi(R.V) And (P) Tharaikudi 2nd street Ward 1 , 3.A.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Tharaikudi 3rd street Ward 1 , 4.A.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Tharaikudi 4th street Ward 1 , 5.A.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Tharaikudi 5th street Ward 1 , 6.A.Tharaikudi(R.V) And (P) Tharaikudi 6th street Ward 1 , 7.A.Tharaikudi(R.V) And (P) Tharaikudi 7th street Ward 1,2
249Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, West Building, Eastern Portion, A.Tharaikudi 1.A.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) A.Tharaikudi S.C. kalany Ward 3 , 2.A.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Tharaikudi arundhadhiyar kalany Ward 3 , 3.A.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Melatharaikudi Ward 3 , 4.A.Tharaikudi(R.V) And (P) Pappankulam Ward 4 , 5.A.Tharaikudi(R.V) And (P) Kallikulam Ward 5 , 6.A.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Thudhu kudiyeruppu Ward 6
250Panchayat Union Ele.School ,Vallandhai 1.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) West street 1 Ward 1 , 2.Vallanthai(R.V) And (P) West street 2 Ward 1 , 3.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) Yadhavar middle street Ward 1 , 4.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) East street Ward 1 , 5.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) Vallanthai kalany Ward 1 , 6.Vallanthai(R.V) And (P) Kelanariyan kalani ward 1 , 7.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) Nariyankalani Ward 1 , 8.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) West street Ward 2 , 9.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) North street Ward 2 , 10.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) Kali kovil street Ward 2 , 11.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) Mehakulam Ward 2 , 12.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) Ilandhai kulam kalani Ward 3 , 13.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) Mettankulam kela street Ward 3 , 14.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) Pothanathi west street Ward 4 , 15.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) Middle street Ward 4 , 16.Vallanthai (R.V) And (P) Pothanathi east street Ward 4
251Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Kudaikkulam 1.Kodakulam(R.V) (P) Prapnarpatti , 2.Kodakulam(R.V) And (P) Kodakulam north street , 3.Kodakulam(R.V) And (P) Kodakulam south street 1 , 4.Kodakulam (R.V) And (P) Kodakulam south street 2 , 5.Kodakulam (R.V) And (P) Pallimuttai , 6.Kodakulam (R.V) And (P) Manikkanar kottai , 7.Kodakulam(R.V) And (P) Puliyankulam
252Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Eluvanur 1.Eluvanur(R.V) And (P) Eluvanur south street ward 1 , 2.Eluvanur (R.V) And (P) Eluvanur north street Ward 1 , 3.Eluvanur(R.V) And (P) Eluvanur west kalani Ward 1 , 4.Eluvanur(R.V) And (P) Eluvanur east colany Ward 1 , 5.Eluvanur(R.V) And (P) Pulangal north street Ward 1 , 6.Eluvanur(R.V) And (P) Pulangal west colany Ward 1 , 7.Eluvanur (R.V) And (P) Pulangal east colany Ward 1 , 8.Eluvanur(R.V) And (P) Kudala urani road street Ward 2 , 9.Eluvanur(R.V) And (P) Silippi north street Ward 2 , 10.Eluvanur (R.V) And (P) Silippi south street Ward 2 , 11.Eluvanur (R.V) And (P) Nedunkulam village street Ward 2 , 12.Eluvanur (R.V) And (P) Kallathikulam south street Ward 2
253Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, Eastern Side, Kakkudi 1.Kakkudi (R.V) And(P) Kakkudi colany street ward 1 , 2.Kakkudi (R.V) And (P) Kakkudi north street Ward 1 , 3.Kakkudi(R.V) And (P) Kakkudi yadhavar street Ward 1 , 4.Kakkudi(R.V) And (P) Kakkudi middle street Ward 1 , 5.Kakkudi (R.V) And (P) Valaiyamanakulam north street Ward 1 , 6.Kakkudi (R.V) AndP) Valaiyamanakulam apartmental houses street Ward 1 , 7.Kakkudi (R.V) And (P) Kakkudi mainroad north Ward 2 , 8.Kakkudi(R.V) And (P) Kakkudi main road south Ward 2 , 9.Kakkudi (R.V)And (P) Kakkudi pidariyamman street Ward 2 , 10.Kakkudi (R.V) And (P) Kakkudi pillaiyar kovil street Ward 2 , 11.Kakkudi (R.V) And (P) Kakkudi kudiner salai street Ward 2 , 12.Kakkudi (R.V) And (P) Kakkudi colony Apartmental houses street Ward 2 , 13.Kakkudi (R.V) And (P) Puthuruthi New kudiyeruppu street Ward 2,3 , 14.Kakkudi (R.V) And (P) Puthuruthi south street Ward 2,3 , 15.Kakkudi(R.V) And (P) Puthuruthi north street Ward 2,3 , 16.Kakkudi(R.V) And (P) Puthuruthi podhu madam street Ward 3
254Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Nagaratharkuruchi 1.Nagarathar kurichi(R.V) And (P) , Pappanam (P) Kunrankulam west street ward 5 , 2.Nagarathar kurichi(R.V) And (P) , Pappanam (P) Muthuvijayapuram north street Ward 4 , 3.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Muthuvijayapuram middle street Ward 4 , 4.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Muthuvijayapuram south street Ward 4 , 5.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Muthuvijayapuram east street Ward 4 , 6.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Pullandhai west street Ward 3 , 7.Nagarathar kurichi(R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Pullandhai east street Ward 3 , 8.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Therthan achankulam west street Ward 2 , 9.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Thrthan achankulam east street Ward 2 , 10.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Pappanam North Street Ward 1 , 11.Nagarathar kurichi(R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Pappanam middle street Ward 1 , 12.Nagarathar kurichi(R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Pappanam west street Ward 1 , 13.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Pappanam west street 2 Ward 1 , 14.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Pappanam south street 1 Ward 1 , 15.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P) Pappanam (P) Pappanam South street 2 ward 1 , 16.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Pappanam east street Ward 1 , 17.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Pappanam union office street Ward 1 , 18.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Nagarathar kurichi north street Ward 1 , 19.Nagarathar kurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Nagarathar kurichi middle street 1 Ward 1 , 20.Nagarathar kurichi(R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Nagarathar kurichi middle street 2 Ward 1 , 21.Nagaratharkurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Nagaratharkurichi south street Ward 2 , 22.Nagaratharkurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Nagaratharkurichi amman kovil street Ward 1 , 23.Nagaratharkurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Nagaratharkurichi east street Ward 1 , 24.Nagaratharkurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Arundhadhiyar kudiyeruppu colony street Ward 2
255Panchayat Union Middle School ,Western Side, Abiramam 1.Abiramam(R.V) And (T..P) Nariyan south street ward 9 , 2.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Nariyan North Street Ward 9 , 3.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Nariyan New North Street Ward 9 , 4.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Nariyan East Street ward 9 , 5.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Agathariruppu South Street (Ward 10) , 6.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Agathariruppu West street (Ward 10) , 7.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Agathariruppu middle street Ward 11 , 8.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Agathariruppu East Street (Ward 11) , 9.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Agathariruppu north street ward 11
256Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Agatharirupu, Abiramam 1.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Subramaniyasamikovil street (ward 12) , 2.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Gopal velar lane ward 12 , 3.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Sundarajan asari street ward 8 , 4.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Thaiyarkara Street ward 8 , 5.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Mooka Muthaliyar Street Ward 8 , 6.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Muthu Vairava Pillai Street Ward 7 , 7.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Hindu Bazar Ward 7 , 8.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Maravar Street Ward 13 , 9.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Pandiyan Kinarru Street Ward 13
257Abiraman Elementary School ,New Building, East Side, Northern Portion, 2nd Room, Abiramam 1.Abiramam (R.V) And(T.P) Subramaniyasami kovil street ward 12 , 2.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Annamalai Mudaliyar Street (ward 12) , 3.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Sudiyur Street (ward 12) , 4.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Indhu Bazaar (ward 12) , 5.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Kumaravelu Street (ward 7) , 6.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Thondar Muttaiyar Street (ward 7) , 7.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Kurunathan Kovil Street (ward 7) , 8.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Appavu Servai Street (ward 13) , 9.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Karana Maravar Street (ward 14)
258Abiraman Elementary School ,New Building, East Side, Southern Portion, 5th Room Building, Abiramam 1.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Asariyar Street (ward 14) , 2.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Maninagaram Newstreet (ward 14) , 3.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Vallamuthaiya Street (ward 15) , 4.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Vannarapettai Street (ward 15)
259Abiraman Elementary School ,New Building West Side, Centre Portion, 3rd Room, Abiramam 1.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Khan Mohamed Pallivasal Street (Ward 1) , 2.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Periya Pallivasal North Street (Ward 1) , 3.Abiramam (R.V) And (T..P.) Vairava Khan Mohamed Street (Ward 1) , 4.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Pavadi Street (Ward 1) , 5.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Mushlim Bazar (Ward 4) , 6.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Abdul Raguman Street (Ward 2) , 7.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Thondiyar Street (Ward 2) , 8.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Pallabatcheri West Street (Ward 2) , 9.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Uppurani Street (Ward 2)
260S. N. Ismayel Middle School ,North Side Eastern Portion Building, Abiramam 1.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Periyapallivasal south street (ward 6) , 2.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Periyapallivasal West Street (Ward 6) , 3.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Kavi Mohamed Ambalam Street (Ward 6) , 4.Abiramam And (T..P.) Seik mytheen street ward 6 , 5.Abiramam (R.V) And (T..P.) Umer kathap street ward 5 , 6.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Muslim bhajar street ward 5
261S. N. Ismayel Middle School ,South Side ,Eastern Portion, Abiramam 1.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P.) Ismayil palli street ward 5 , 2.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Muthukulathur road ward 5 , 3.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Surukkar street ward 3 , 4.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P.) Ahemed rowther street ward 3 , 5.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Alangkara Vaikal South Street (Ward 3) , 6.Abiramam (R.V) And (T..P) Alangara Vaikal North Street (Ward 3) , 7.Abiramam (R.V) And (T..P) Pallapachseri East Street (Ward 4) , 8.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Uppurani School Main Street (Ward 3) , 9.Abiram (R.V) And (T.P) Yusuf Ravuthar South Street (Ward 4) , 10.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Yusuf Ravuthar North Street (Ward 4) , 11.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Mohamed Ravuthar Street (Ward 4) , 12.Abiramam(R.V) And (T.P) Uppurani School South Street (Ward 4) , 13.Abiramam (R.V) And (T.P) Uppurani School East Street (Ward 4)
262V.M Abdul Rahuman Ele. School, ,West Wing, Natham 1.Natham (R.V.) AndNatham(P) Muthathipuram athithiravidar colony and kallikudi , 2.Natham (R.V) And(P) Madathi amman koil street (ward 1,2) , 3.Natham (R.V) And Natham(P) Madathi amman kovil east street ward 1 , 4.Natham (R.V) And (P) Annanagar north street ward 3 , 5.Natham (R.V) And (P) Annanagar south street ward 3 , 6.Natham (R.V) And (P) Thaika street and risemill street ward 3 , 7.Natham(R.V) And (P) Asanali street ,Kakka thoppu street, New vijayan st , 8.Natham(R.V) And(P) Thidal street,Narsammal street ward 3 , 9.Natham (R.V) And (P) Krishnan koil street ward 2 , 10.Natham (R.V) And (P) Andanayakapuram north street ward 2 , 11.Natham (R.V) And (P) Andanayakkapuram south street ward 2 , 12.Natham (R.V) And (P) Vinayaker koil street ward 2
263Natham Elementary School ,Natham 1.Natham(R.V) And(P) Police quarters and maninagaram newstreet , 2.Natham (R.V) And (P) Vinayaher koil streetward 1 , 3.Natham (R.V) And (P) Maninagaram south street ward 1 , 4.Natham (R.V) And(P) Muthathipuram north street ward 1 , 5.Natham (R.V) And (P) Muthathipuram middle street ward 1 , 6.Natham (R.V) And (P) Vijayan street , 7.Natham (R.V) And (P) Dhubas street ward 4,5 , 8.Natham (R.V) And Natham(P) Palaiya dubas street ward4,5 , 9.Natham (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street ward 5
264Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North Side, A.Pallapacheri 1.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) A.pallacheri colony street ward 1 , 2.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram (P) Pallcheri colony second street ward 1 , 3.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) Pallacheri east street ward 1,2 , 4.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) Pallacheri panai street ward 1 , 5.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) Pallachery west street ward 1 , 6.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) Pallacheri east street ward 1
265Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Side, A.Pallapacheri 1.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) Pallachery vinayaga street ward 1,2 , 2.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) Ambethkar street ward 2 , 3.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) Sonaiya koil street ward 3 , 4.Natham (R.V) Udauyanathapuram(P) Kaliyamman koil street ward 3 , 5.Natham (R.V) And Udaiyanathapuram (P) Seval Thottam (Ward 3) , 6.Natham (R.V) AndUdauyanathapuram(P) Colony street ward 3
266Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Side, East Building, Udayanathapuram 1.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) Vinayaga koil street ward 4,5 , 2.Natham (R.V) AndUdauyanathapuram(P) Kalyana mahal street ward 4,5 , 3.Natham (R.V) AndUdauyanathapuram(P) Ayyanar koil street ward 4 , 4.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) Puthur ward 5
267Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, West Portion, Udayanathapuram 1.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) South street ward4,5 , 2.Natham (R.V) AndUdauyanathapuram(P) Pallikuda street ward 4 , 3.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) South street 2 ward 5 , 4.Natham (R.V) AndUdauyanathapuram(P) Oorani road ward 4 , 5.Natham (R.V) And Udauyanathapuram(P) East street ward 5
268Kshatriya Vidyasala Middle School ,Valayapookkulam 1.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) East street (ward 4) , 2.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Athidravidar east colony ward 1 , 3.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Schoolzonal street ward 1 , 4.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Vathiyar street ward 1 , 5.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Periya muthamman koil street ward 1 , 6.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) South street ward 1 , 7.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) First cross street ward 1 , 8.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Kamuthi road street ward 2 , 9.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Kattu street ward 2 , 10.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Kamuthi turning street ward 2 , 11.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Mainroad cross lane ward 2 , 12.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Risemill cross street ward 2 , 13.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Cross lane ward 2 , 14.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Mela street ward 2 , 15.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Mainroad cross street ward 2 , 16.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Mandalamanikkam road street ward 2 , 17.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Puthupatti road cross street ward 2 , 18.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Puthupatti road street ward 2 , 19.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) North street ward 3 , 20.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Cross street ward 3 , 21.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Postoffice Street Ward 3 , 22.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Periyandaver Kovil Street 2 Ward 3 , 23.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Northcolony Wart 3 , 24.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Muniyasami kovil Street Ward 3 , 25.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Cross Street Ward 4 , 26.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Middle Street Ward 4 , 27.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) Periyandavar kovil street 1 Ward 4 , 28.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Mahamai Bazer Street Ward 4 , 29.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) Periyandavar kovil Cross street Ward 4 , 30.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Mahal Cross Street Ward 4 , 31.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) TeaStall Street Ward 4 , 32.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Kizhamel Cross Street Ward 4 , 33.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) Kalyana Mahal street Ward 4 , 34.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) Middle Street Ward 4 , 35.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) East Street Ward 5 , 36.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) First Road Street Ward 5 , 37.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) South street ward 5 , 38.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) Third road street ward 5 , 39.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) First cross street ward 5 , 40.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) Mela street ward 5 , 41.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) North west street ward 5 , 42.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) North street ward 5 , 43.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) North east street ward 5 , 44.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Thenvadal street ward 5 , 45.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam (P) IInd Road Cross street Ward 5 , 46.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Kilamel Middle Street Ward 5 , 47.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Northeast Street Ward 5 , 48.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Middle Street Ward 5 , 49.Marakkulam (R.V)Valaiyapookulam(P) First Cross Street Ward 5 , 50.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) North Bazer Street Ward 5 , 51.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) North Street Ward 5 , 52.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Mela Street Ward 5 , 53.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) Second Cross Street Ward 5 , 54.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) South Street Ward 5 , 55.Marakkulam (R.V) Valaiyapookulam(P) East street Ward 5
269Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Marakkulam 1.Marakulam (R.V) And (P) North street1 ward 1 , 2.Marakulam (R.V) And (P) First Cross Street Ward 1 , 3.Marakulam (R.V) And (P) Pallathu Street Ward 1 , 4.Marakulam (R.V) And (P) Kilamel Cross Street 1 Ward 1 , 5.Marakulam (R.V) And (P) Kilamel Cross Street 2 Ward 1 , 6.Marakulam (R.V) And (P) Kilamel Cross Street 3 Ward 1 , 7.Marakulam (R.V) And (P) Melastreet Ward 1 , 8.Marakulam (R.V) And (P) First South Street Ward 1 , 9.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) Second south street ward 1 , 10.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) South kadai street ward 1 , 11.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) Panchayath office street ward 2 , 12.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) Womans counsil building street ward 2 , 13.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) East street ward 2 , 14.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) Colony ward 2 , 15.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) North street 2 ward 2 , 16.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) Mela street 2 ward 2 , 17.Marakkulam(R.V) And (P) East street 2 ward 2 , 18.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) South street ward 2
270Panchayat Union Middle School ,Chinna Udappankulam 1.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) Road street ward 2 , 2.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) South east street ward 2 , 3.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) South street 2 ward 3 , 4.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward 3 , 5.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) Keela mala cross street ward 3 , 6.Marakkulam(R.V) And (P) Mela street 3 ward 3 , 7.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) Colony street ward 3 , 8.Marakkulam (R.V) And (P) North street 3 ward 3
271Govt. High School ,Eastern Building, North Portion, Mandalamanickam 1.Mandalamanikkam(R.V) And (P) M.pallacheri road ward 1 , 2.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Asari street ward 1,2,4 , 3.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) North street ward 2 , 4.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward 3,4 , 5.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Senkunther street ward 4
272Govt. High School ,Eastern Building, South Portion, Mandalamanickam 1.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar koil street ward 4 , 2.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Mariamman koil street ward 5 , 3.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Fifth street ward 4,5 , 4.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Sixth street ward 6 , 5.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Mooppanar street ward 3 , 6.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Asari street ward 3 , 7.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Kaluvan pottal ward 6
273Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Eastside, PerumalDevanpatti 1.Mandalamanickam (R.V) And (P) Perumaldevan Patti east street ward 7 , 2.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Perumal devan patti middle street ward 7 , 3.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Perumal devanpatti west street ward 7 , 4.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Vadukapatti east street ward 8 , 5.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Vadukapatti south street ward 8 , 6.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Vadukapatti north street ward 8 , 7.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Vadukapatti west street ward 8
274Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Moolakaraipatti 1.Mandalamanikkam(R.V) And (P) Mela street1 ward 9 , 2.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward 9 , 3.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) East street ward 9 , 4.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) South street ward 9 , 5.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Mela street 2 ward 9 , 6.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) North street ward 9 , 7.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward 9 , 8.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) South street ward 9
275Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building , West Side, Idaichiyurani 1.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) North street (ward 12) , 2.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Keela street (ward 12) , 3.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Middle street (ward 12) , 4.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) North street (ward 12) , 5.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) East street (ward 12) , 6.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Cross street (ward12) , 7.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Cross street (ward 12) , 8.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Koil street (ward 12) , 9.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Cross street (ward 12) , 10.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) South street (ward 12) , 11.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) South street (ward 12) , 12.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) South street (ward 12) , 13.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Kanmaikarai east street (ward 12) , 14.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Kanmaikarai street (ward 12) , 15.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) North street road (ward 12) , 16.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) South street road (ward12)
276Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, Northern Portion, M.PallaPacheri 1.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Kodangipatti ist street (ward 10) , 2.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Kodangipatti IInd Street (Ward 10) , 3.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Kodangipatti IIIrd Street (Ward 10) , 4.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Pallapacheri West Street (Ward11) , 5.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Pallapacheri Church Street (Ward11) , 6.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Pallapacheri Middle Street (Ward11) , 7.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Pallapacheri South Street (Ward 11) , 8.Mandalamanikkam (R.V) And (P) Pallapacheri Colony Street (Ward 11)

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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