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List of Polling Booths in Oddanchatram Assembly

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Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Panchayat Union Elementry School ,Kokkarakkal Valasu - 6246171.Rajampatty(R.V) And (P)-Kokkarakkal Valasu B5 W-4
2Hindu Aided Primary School ,Western Portion, Sangampalayam – 6246171.Rajampatty(R.V) And (P)-Sangampalayam B4 W-3, 2.Rajampatty(R.V) And (P)-Palnigoundenpudhur (Murugan Valasu) B6 W-3,
3Panchayat Union Middle School Addl .Building ,Athimarathu Valasu - 6246171.Rajampatty(R.V) And (P)-Rajampatty B1, W-1 2.Rajampatty(R.V) And (P)-Athimarathu Valasu B2, W2, 3.Rajampatty(R.V) And (P)-Athimarathu Valasu B3, W2
4Panchayat Union Ele School ,Kottathurai- 6246171.Kottathurai(R.V) And (P)-Kottathurai B7,W3, 2.Kottathurai(R.V) And (P)-Vattamalaipudhur B8,W3, 3.Kottathurai(R.V) And (P)-Ramayagoundenpudhur B9, W3
5Saraswathi Aided Ele School ,Andinaickenvalasu- 6246171.Kottathurai(R.V) And (P)-Andinayakkanvalasu B-1 W-1, 2.Kottathurai (R.V) And (P)-Andinayakkan Valasu Block No2. W1
6Sheik Alavudeen P.U. Muslim Middle School ,Perichipalayam-6246171.Kottathurai (R.V) And (P)-Perichipalaiyam Blockno 3.W2, 2.Kottathurai (R.V) And (P)-Kalduraiputhur Blockno 6.W3, 3.Kottathurai (R.V) And (P)-Perichipalaiyam Blockno 4.W2, 4.Kottathurai (R.V) And (P)-Perichipalaiyam Blockno 5. W2
7P.U.Middle School New Additional Building Facingsouth ,Melkaraipatti-6246171.Melkaraipatti (R.V) And (P)-Melkaraipatti Blockno 2. W1, 2.Melkaraipatti (R.V) And (P)-Melkaraipatti Blockno 3. W1,, 3.Melkaraipatti (R.V) And (P)-Melkaraipatti Blockno 1.W2
8P.U.Middle School Addl Building Facingnorth ,Melkaraipati-6246171.Melkaraipatti (R.V) And (P)-Melkaraipatti Blockno 4.W2. ,2.Melkaraipatti (R.V) And (P)-Melkaraipatti Block 5. W3.
9P.U.Ele School ,New Building Santhanchettivalasu- 6246171.Melkaraipatti (R.V) And (P)-Panampatti .B6. W3, 2.Melkaraipatti (R.V) And (P)-Santhanchettivalasu Bl7. W4,, 3.Melkaripatti (R.V) And (P)-Santhanchettivalasu Bl8. W4,
10P.U.Ele.School ,Muthunaickenpatti- 6246181.Muthunaickenpatti (R.V) And (P)-Muthunaickenpatti Bl 1 W1., 2.Muthunaickenpatti (R.V) And (P)-East Kumarapalayam Bl6.W3, 3.Muthunaickenpatti (R.V) And (P)-Muthunaickenpatti Bl2. W1, 4.Muthunaickenpatti (R.V) And (P)-Muthunaickenpatti Bl3. W1
11P.U.Ele School ,New Addl Building Guruvanvalasu-6246181.Muthunaickenpatti (R.V) And (P)-Petchinaickanur Bl4. W2, 2.Muthunaickenpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kumara Goundanputhur Bl5. W2,, 3.Muthunaickenpatti (R.V) And (P)-Guruvanvalasu Bl8. W4,, 4.Muthunaickenpatti (R.V) And (P)-Guruvanvalasu Bl7. W4,
12P.U.Ele School ,Midapadi-6246181.Midapadi (R.V) And (P)-Midapadi Bl1.W1, 2.Midapadi (R.V) And (P)-Midapadi Bl2. W2
13P.U.Ele School ,Addl Building, Midapadi-6246181.Midapadi (R.V) And (P)-Kumarapalayam Bl3. W3., 2.Midapadi (R.V) And (P)-Kumarapalayam Bl4. W4., 3.Midapadi (R.V) And (P)-Vanniyarvalasu Bl5.W5
14P.U.Ele School ,Puspathur-6246181.Pushpathur (R.V) And (P)-Pushpathur Bl 1. W1, 2.Pushpathur (R.V) And (P)-Kandiyagoundanputhur Bl 3. W 1
15P.U.Ele School Addl Buildingfacingwest ,Vayaloor-6246181.Pushpathur (R.V) And (P)-Vayalur Bl 2. W 2 Door No. 1to 400
16P.U.Ele School East Facing New Addl ,Building Vayalor-6246181.Pushpathur (R.V) And (P)-Nallur Bl 4. W 2, 2.Pushpathur (R.V) And (P)-Vayalur Bl 2. W 2. Door No. 401 To End No,
17P.U.Middle School North Side Building ,Saminathapuram-6246181.Pushpathur (R.V) And (P)-Swaminathapuram Bl 5. W 3
18P.U.Middle School South Side East Building ,Saminathapuram-6246181.Pushpathur (R.V) And (P)-Pasupathi Puthur B 6. W 4
19P.U.Middle School ,Addl. Building Facing North Saminathapuram- 6246181.Pushpathur (R.V) And (P)-G.V.G.Nagar B 6. W 4.
20Panchayat Union Ele.School Addl. Building ,Kolumakondan-6246171.Kolumakondan (R.V) And (P)-Kolumakondan Bl.No.1 W1, 2.Kolumakondan (R.V) And (P)-Ettamanaickan Puthur B 2. W 1
21Panchayat Union Ele.School Addl. Building,Eastern Side, Pothupatti ,Kolumakondan- 6246171.Kolumakondan (R.V) And (P)-Pothupatti B 3. W 2.
22Panchayat Union Ele. School ,Kovilammapatti-6246181.Kovilammapatti (R.V) And (P)-Kovilammapatti Bl.No.1 W1, 2.Kovilammapatti (R.V) And (P)- Nachiyappagoundanvalasu B 3.4. W 3.,, 3.Kovilammapatti (R.V) And (P)-Kovilammapatti B 2. W 2
23Panchayat Union Middle School Central Buildingfachingsouth ,Th-Alayuthu-6246181.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Thalayuthu Bl 1. W 1., 2.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Thalayuthu Bl 2. W 1.
24P.U.Middle School-Within North Building Southportion ,Thalayuthu-6246181.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Marappagoundanvalasu Bl 3. W 2., 2.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-North Laksalapatti Bl 4. W 3., 3.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Nagoor Bl 5. W 3,
25P.U.Primary School ,Periamottanoothu- 6246181.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Periamottanoothu Bl 7. W 4., 2.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Periamottanoothu Bl 8. W 4., 3.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Sappalanaickenpatti Bl 6. W3.,
25AP.U.Primary School ,Periamottanoothu- 6246181.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Periamottanoothu Bl 7. W 4., 2.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Periamottanoothu Bl 8. W 4., 3.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Sappalanaickenpatti Bl 6. W 3.
26P.U.Ele School Western ,Building Facing East Narikkalpatti-6246181.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Chinnamottanoothu Bl 9. W 5., 2.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Narikalpatti Bl 10. W 5., 3.Thalayuthu (R.V) And (P)-Narikalpatti Bl 11. W 5.
27P.U.Elementry School South ,Building Facingnorth Protion Manoor-6246181.Manoor (R.V) And (P)-Manoor Periya Odaithottam Bl 1. W 1.,2.Manoor (R.V) And (P)-Manoor Bl 2. W 1,
28Panchayat Union Elementary School, South Buildingnorth Facing ,Manoor-6246181.Manoor (R.V) And (P)-Manoor Bl 3. W 2.
29Panchayat Union Elementary School, Eastern Building Facing West ,Manoor-6246181.Manoor (R.V) And (P)-Manoor Bl 4. W 2.
30MP.U.Ele Schoolfacing North Building (Eastern ,Portion) Manoor-6246181.Manoor (R.V) And (P)-Manoor Bl 5. W 3.
30A(W)P.U.Ele Schoolsouth Building Western Portion Manoor , Manoor-6246181.Manoor (R.V) And (P)-Manoor Bl 5. W 3.
31P.U.Ele School ,Main Building, Akkaraipatti- 6246181.Akkaraippatti ( Rv) And [P]-Narikkalpatti W-3,4, 2.Akkaraippatti ( Rv) And [P]-Nesavalar Colony W-4,
32P.U.Ele School ,Addl Building,Akkaraipatti- 6246181.Akkaraippatti ( Rv) And[P]-Akkaraippatti W-1, 2.Akkaraippatti ( Rv) And[P]-Akkaraippatti W-2,
33C.G.M. Hr Sec School , ,8Th Class Room In Southern Building, Korikadavu- 6246181.Korikkadavu ( Rv) And [P]-Korikkadavu W-1, 2.Korikkadavu ( Rv) And [P]-Korikkadavu W-2,, 3.Korikkadavu ( Rv) And [P]-Korikkadavu W-3,
34C.G.M. Hr Sec School ,6Th Class Room In Southern Building,Korikadavu- 6246181.Korikkadavu ( Rv) And [P]-Korikkadavu W-1,2,3, 7.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Vinayakar Kovil Street W-7,
35P.U.Muslim Boysele School Front ,South Building, Keeranur-6246171.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Hishoniya Penpadasalai Street W-9, 2.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Suldanmohaideen Street W- 9,, 3.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Muhamathiyar Southstreet W 6,, 4.Keeranur ( Rv) And (T.P)-P.S.Bavamaideen South St W6,, 5.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Muhamadukani Northstreet W-6,, 6.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Kulam Rasul Street W-7,, 8.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Mariyamman Kovil Street W-6,, 9.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Muhamadali Street W-6,, 10.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Umarbharuk Street W-7,, 11.Keeranur ( Rv) And [S.P]-Sheckalavudeen Street W- 8,, 12.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Pallivasal Northeast Street W-8,, 13.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Pallivasal Northwest Street W-8,, 14.Keeranur ( Rv) And [S.P]-L F Road Northside W-8,, 15.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-L F Road Southside W-8,, 16.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Jothipuram W 8,, 17.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Pethannaravuthar Thottam W-9
36P.U.Muslim Boys Ele School ,South Building Back Side, Keeranur- 6246171.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Muhamadiyar Northstreet W-9, 2.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Beermuhamadu Street W-9,, 3.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Vellaiyappan Street W-9,, 4.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Policestation Street W-10,, 5.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-L F Road W-10,, 6.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Pulavanar Street W-10,, 7.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Purakkarar Ravuthar Street W-10,, 8.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Periyakadai Street W-11,, 9.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Jinna Southstreet W-10,, 10.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Kumarasamy Southstreet W-4,, 11.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Quidemillad Street W-11,, 12.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Chekkadhi Street W-11,, 13.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Abulkalam Ashad Street W-11,, 14.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Sampuvarayan Kovil Street W-10,, 15.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Rajivganthi Street W-11,, 16.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Khadarkani Eaststreet W- 15,, 17.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Shaidumuhamadu Ravuthar Northstreet W-5,, 18.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Muhamathiyar Southstreet W-4,, 19.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Ramasamy Northeast Street 20.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-V C S West Street W-5,, 21.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Pallivasal Eaststreet W-5,, 22.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Sheckmuhamadu Street W-5 23.Keeranur (Rv)And (Tp)-Umarparuk Street W6,
37Govt Hr Sec School Southwing Of ,Western Building, Keeranur-6246171.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Rural Street W-1, 2.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Aringaranna Street W-12,, 3.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Periyar Street W-12,
38Govt Hr Sec School Southwingof North Building, ,, Keeranur-6246171.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Periyakadai Street W-13, 2.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Sampurayankovil Eaststreet W-13,, 3.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Parakkudi Nadustreet W- 14,, 4.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Kamatchiyamman Kovil Street W-13,, 5.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Ramaboyan Northeast Street W-15,, 6.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Velar Northstreet W-14,, 7.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Bavaravuthar West Street W-14,, 8.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Parakkudicholiyar Street W-13,, 9.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Keeranur W-3,12,13,
39Govt Hr Sec School North Wing ,Western Middle Building, Keeranur-6246171.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Khadarkani Eaststreet W- 15, 2.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Bhajanaimadam Southstreet W-14,15,, 3.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Thiruneelakandar Eaststreet W-15,, 4.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Kanakkar Sevukanpandiyan Southstreet W-14,, 5.Keeranur ( Rv) And (T.P)-V.O.Sithambaranar Street W 15, ,6.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Maduraiveeran Street W- 15,, 7.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Police Line W-15,, 8.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Kamaraj Northstreet W-15,, 9.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Ganthi Nagar W-2,, 10.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Kakkanji Nagar W-2,3,, 11.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Aruljothi Street W-3,, 12.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Kumarasamy Street W-4,, 13.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Ganthiji Street Kamaraj Street W-3,, 14.Keeranur ( Rv) And [T.P]-Keeranur W-1,
40P.U.Ele School ,Velampatti-6246171.Velampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 1 Velampatti W-1, 2.Velampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 2 Chinna Velampatti W-2,, 3.Velampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 3 Sanmuga Valasu W- 3,
41P.U.Ele School ,Velur- 6246171.Velampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 4 Velur W-4
42P.U.Ele School ,South Building,Thoppampatti- 6246171.Thoppampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Thoppampatti W-1,2, 2.Thoppampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Devathakudi Valasu W- 1,2,,3.Thoppampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Ramasamy Nagar W-1
43P.U.Ele School,East Building Ssa New Building West Side Thoppampatti. ,South Building,Thoppampatti- 6246171.Thoppampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Kandappagoundan Valasu W-3
44P.U.Ele School ,Saravanapatti-6246171.Thoppampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Saravanappatti W-6,7, 2.Thoppampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Salai Veedukal W-6,7,
45P.U.Ele School, Alavalsu ,Saravanapatti-6246171.Thoppampatti ( Rv) And [ P]-Aalavalasu W3,4,5
46P.U.Ele School ,Addl Building, Thumbalapatti- 6246171.Thumbalappatti ( Rv) And [P]-Thumbalappatti W-1, 2.Thumbalappatti ( Rv) And [P]-Thumbalappatti W-2,
47P.U.Ele School ,Addl Building, Paraipatti- 6246171.Thumbalappatti ( Rv) And [P]-Paraippatti W-3, 2.Thumbalappatti ( Rv) And [P]-Pudur W-4,
48P.U.Middle School ,West Wing Addl Building, Vilvathampatti-6246171.Vilvathampatti (R.V) And [P]-Valvathampatti W-1,2,3
49Saraswathi Aided Primary School Puliyampatti-6246171.Puliyampatti (R.V) And [P]-Puliyampatti W-1,2
50Panchayat Office ,Puliyampatti-6246171.Mollampatti (Rv)And Puliyampatti(P)-Vannapatti Mollapatti W123
51Saraswathi Hr.Sec School , North Portion Main Building ,Amarapoondi-6246131.Amarapoondi (R.V) And (P)-Amarapoondi Bl 1. W 1., 2.Amarapoondi ((R.V) And (P)-Amarapoondi Center St Bl 3. W 2.,, 3.Amarapoondi (R.V) And (P)-Pallikoodathanvalasu Bl 8. W 3.,
52Saraswathi Hr.Sec School New Main Building, ,Amarapoondi- 6246131.Amarapoondi (R.V) And (P)-Amarapoondi Bl 2. W 1.
53P.U.Elementray School South Building ,Rukkuvarpati Amarapoondi-6246131.Amarapoondi (R.V) And (P)-Rukkuvarpatti Bl 6. W 5., 2.Amarapoondi (R.V) And (P)-Rukkuvarpatti Bl 7. W 5.
54P.U.Ele School West Building ,Kanjanaickenpatti Amarapoondi-6246131.Amarapoondi (R.V) And (P)-Kanjanaickenpatti Bl 4. W 4., 2.Amarapoondi (R.V) And (P)-Kanjanaickenpatti Bl 5. W 4.
55P.U.Ele School ,Vathagoundenvalasu- 6246131.Melakottai (R.V) And (P)-Melakottai Bl 1.W 1., 2.Melakottai (R.V) And (P)-Vathagoundanvalasu Bl 2. W 2.,, 3.Melakottai (R.V) And (P)-Murugaiya Nagar Bl 2. W 2.
56P.U.Ele School ,Veppanvalasu-6246131.Veppanvalasu (R.V) And Melakottai (P)-Veppanvalasu Bl 3. W 3., 2.Veppanvalasu (R.V) And Melakottai (P)- Perumalnaickenvalasu Bl 4. W 3.
57P.U.Middle School, Addl ,East Building, Poolampatti-6246131.Marichilambu (R.V) And (P)-Marichilambu [Poolampatti] W-1
58P.U.Middle School, Addl Eastern Building, South Side, Poolampatti , Poolampatti- 6246131.Marichilambu (R.V) And (P)-Marichilambu [Poolampatti] W-2, 2.Marichilambu (R.V) And (P)- Marichilambu[Poolampatti] W-3
59P.Uelementary School ,Marichilambu-6246131.Marichilambu (R.V) And (P)-Marichilambu W-5,6,7, 2.Marichilambu (R.V) And (P)-Thirugoundan Valasu W-8,9, 3.Marichilambu (R.V) And (P)-Markandapuram W-8, 9
60P.U Elementary School ,Addl Building, Vagarai- 6246161.Vakarai (Rv) And (P)-Bl No 1 2 Vakarai W 1 2, 2.Vakarai (Rv)And (P)-Blno 3 Kattamanayakkan Valasu W2,5,
61P.U.Ele School ,Poosarigoundanvalasu- 6246161.Vakarai (Rv)And (P)-Bl No 3 4 Poosarigoundan Valasu W- 3 4
62P.U.Ele School ,Thiruvandapuram-6246161.Medduppatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 1 Medduppatti W 1, 2.Medduppatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 2 Thiruvandapuram W-2,, 3.Medduppatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 3 Perumal Nayakkan Valasu W-3,, 4.Medduppatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 4 Chinnaiyagoundan Valasu W-4,
63P.U.Middle School ,Pungamathur-6246161.Pungamuthur ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 1,2 Pungamuthur W- 1,2, 2.Pungamuthur ( Rv) And (P)-Bl No 3 (Nalligoundan Valasu) Pattakkaran Valasu W 3,
64P.U.Ele School ,Appanuthu-6246161.Appanuthu ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No Appanuthu W-1,2, 2.Appanuthu ( Rv) And (P)-Bl No 3 Kumarasamygoundanvalasu Mallavarathan Puthur Ward 3
65P.U.Ele School , Vadaparuthiyur H/O, Paruthiyur – 6246161.Paruthiyur ( Rv) And (P)-Vadaparuthiyur W1, 2.Paruthiyur ( Rv) And (P)-Paruthiyur W2,, 3.Paruthiyur ( Rv) And (P)-Velur W3,,4.Paruthiyur ( Rv) And (P)-Thailipalayam W4
66P.U. Primary School , Palappanpatti – 6246161.Palappanpatti ( Rv) And [P]-Palappanpatti Pudur .W- 1,2., 2.Palappanpatti ( Rv) And [P]- Paraivalasu[Goundapparkovilvalasu] W-3.,, 3.Palappanpatti ( Rv) And [P]-Palappanpatti.W-4.
67P.U.Ele School ,Appipalayam-6246161.Appipalayam ( Rv) And [P]-Appipalayam W-1, 2.Appipalayam ( Rv) And (P)-Athoor W3, 3.Appipalayam ( Rv) And [P]-Vaduka Valasu W 4
68P.U.Elementary School East Building ,Porulur- 6246161.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Porulur W-1, 2.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Porulur W-2, 3.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Porulur W-3, 4.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Porulur W-4
69P.U.Primary School Addl Building Western Wing ,Porulur-6246161.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 5 Kuruvappanayakkanvalasu W-5, 2.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 6 Alamarathuppatti W-6, 3.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 7 Veruvadi Nayakkan Valasu W-7, 4.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 8 Nachiyappagoundan Valasu, 5.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 9 Nachiyappagoundan Valasu, 6.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Porulur W-3,,7.Porulur ( Rv) And [P]-Porulur W-4
70P.U.Elementary School ,Kuppaye Valasu-6246161.Porulur ( Rv) And (P)-Blno 10 Kanchikkali Valasu, 2.Porulur ( Rv) And (P)-Bl11 Karthickkathu Valasu, 3.Porulur ( Rv) And (P)-Bl. No 1213 Kuppiyeevalasu, 4.Porulur ( Rv) And (P)-Bl No Pillakathuvalasu, 5.Porulur ( Rv) And (P)-Bl-No 15 Puliyampatti
71P.U.Middle School 8Th Class Room ,West Addl Building, Kothayam- 6246141.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Kothayam W-1, 2.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Kothayam W-2
72P.U.Middle School 8Th Class Room ,South Addl Building, Kothayam- 6246141.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Kothayam W-3, 2.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Kothayam W-4
73P.U Primary School ,Aruvankadduvalasu- 6246141.Kothayam (Rv)And (P)-Koothampoondiyanvalasu W7, 2.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Aruvankaddu Valasu W-12, 3.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Kondamanayakkan Valasu W-13, 4.Kothayam (Rv) And (P)-Karathuvalasu W8, 5.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Theerthakavundan Valasu W-8, 6.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Theerthagoundan Valasu W-9, 7.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Theerthagoundan Valasu W-10, 8.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Vedikkaran Valasu W-11
74P.U.Elementary School ,Vallakkundapuram- 6246141.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Vallakkundapuram W-5, 2.Kothayam (R.V) And [P]-Veeragirikottai W-6,
75P.U.Ele School ,Boduvarpatti-6246141.Boduvarpatti (R.V) And [P]-Boduvarpatti W-1, 2.Boduvarpatti (R.V) And [P]-Boduvarpatti Nadu Street W-2,,3.Boduvarpatti (R.V) And [P]-Boduvarpatti W-3
76P.U.Ele School Eastern Wing ,Kongapatti-6246141.Boduvarpatti (R.V) And [P]-Vallakkundapuram W-4, 2.Boduvarpatti (R.V) And [P]-Kongapatti W-5
77Hindu Aided Pry School, East Building ,South Portion, Eramanaickenpatti- 6246131.Eramanaickenpatti (R.V) And (P)-Eramanaickenpatti Bl 1. W 1.
78Hindu Aided Pry School, East Building North Portion, , Eramanaickenpatti- 6246131.Eramanaickenpatti (R.V) And (P)-Eramanaickenpatti Bl 2. W 2., 2.Eramanaickanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Eramanaickanpatti Bl 3. W 2. 3.
79P.U.Middle School South Building ,Kanakkanpatti-6246131.Kanakkanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kanakkanpatti Bl 1. W 1., 2.Kanakkanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kanakkanpatti Bl 2. W 1., 3.Kanakkanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kanakkanpatti Bl 3. W 1.
80P.U.Middle School North Building ,Kanakkanpatti-6246131.Kanakkanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kanakkanpatti (Rajapuram Puthur) Bl 5. W 1., 2.Kanakkanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kanakkanpatti Bl 4. W 1.,
81Bala Aided Elementray School ,Kanakkanpatti- 6246131.Kanakkanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Pottampatti Bl 6. W 2., 2.Kanakkanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Pottampatti Bl 7. W 2., 3.Kanakkanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Pottampatti Bl 8. W 2.
82P.U.Middle School, S.S.A Building In South ,Portion Kanakkanpatti- 6246131.Kanakkanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Pottampatti Bl 9. E 3., 2.Kanakkanpatti (R.V) And (P)-Pottampatti Bl 10. W 3.
83P.U.Ele.School ,Sindalavadampatti- 6246141.Sinthalavadampatti (R.V) And [P]- Sinthalavadampatti W-1
84P.U.Ele School New Addl Building ,Ramapattinam Pudur- 6246141.Sinthalavadampatti (R.V) And [P]- Ramapattinamputhur W2, 2.Sinthalavadampatti (R.V) And [P]- Ramapattinampudur W-3
85R.C.Aided Ele School ,West Wing, D.Pudukkottai-6246141.D.Pudukottai (R.V) And [P]-Pudukottai W-1,2,3, 2.D.Pudukottai (R.V) And [P]-Solai Nagar W-3
86R.C.Aided Ele School ,Eastwing, D. Pudukkottai-6246141.D.Pudukottai (R.V) And [P]-Tasaripatti W-4,5,6, 2.D.Pudukottai (R.V) And [P]-Thottathusalai W-2, 3.D.Pudukottai (R.V) And [P]-Southstreet W- 4,,4.D.Pudukottai (R.V) And [P]-Mettu Side [Gandhinagar] W-4, 5.D.Pudukottai (R.V) And [P]-Stalinnagar W-4,6
87Panchayat Union Ele.School North Building ,Velur-6246141.Chattrappatti (Rv) And Velur Anuppapatti (P)-B1 Velur W1, 2.Chattrappatti (Rv) Velur Anuppapatti (P)-B2 Velur W2, 3.Chattrappatti (Rv) Velur Anuppapatti(P)-B1 Velur W3, 4.Chattrappatti (Rv)Velur Anuppapatti(P)-B1 Velur W4
88P.U.Ele.School South Building ,Velur-6246141. Chatrpatti (R.V) And Velur [P]-West Street W-5, 2.Chatrpatti (Rv) And Velur(P)-B5 Anuppapatti W6
89P.U. Ele School New Building ,West Portion ,Chatrappatti-6246141.Chattirapatti (R.V) And [P]-Mainroad W-1, 2.Chattirapatti (R.V) And [P]-Mainroad W-2, 3.Chattirapatti (R.V) And [P]-Chattirapatti W-4,5,6, 4.Chattirapatti (R.V) And [P]-Chattirapatti 7,8
90Govt Hr.Sec School (North Building) ,East Side, Chatrappatti-6246141.Chattirapatti (R.V) And [P]-Aranmanai Street W-3, 2.Chattirapatti (R.V) And [P]-Mainroad W-4,, 3.Chattirapatti (R.V) And [P]-South Street W-4,5
91Govt Hr.Sec School North Building ,West Wing,Chatrappatti-6246141.Chattirapatti (R.V) And [P]- Gopalapuram,Mullainagar,Police Quatras W 7, 2.Chattirapatti (R.V) And [P]-Oldage House, Gandhi Sevasangam, Thottathusalai W 8
92Govt High School Northside ,Centere Building, East Wing, Manjanaickenpatti-6246141.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-Sakkiliyar Street W-1, 2.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-Birapalayam W-2
93Govt High School South Side ,Centere Building, East Wing, Manjanaickenpatti-6246141.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-South Street W-5, 2.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]- Manjanayakkanpatti W-6,
94P.U.Ele.School ,Kalipatti-6246141.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-Kalipatti W-11, 2.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-Kalipatti W-12
95P.U.Primary School ,North Extension Building, Western Side, Manjanayakkanpatty- 6246141.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-West Street W- 5,6,7, 2.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]- Manjanayakkanpatti North Street W-8,, 3.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-North Kadai Street W-9
96Govt Hr. Sec School ,North Side Building, East Wing, Manjanayakkanpatti- 6246141.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-Birapalaiyam Otterstreet W-3, 2.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-South Street W-4,, 3.Manjanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-Veerakkavalasu W-10
97P.U.Ele.School South Building ,Veeralappatti-6246141.Veeralapatti (R.V) And [P]-Veeralapatti W-1, 2.Veeralapatti (R.V) And [P]-Veeralapatti W-2, 3.Veeralapatti (R.V) And [P]-Veeralapatti W-3, 4.Veeralapatti (R.V) And [P]-Veeralapatti W-4, 5.Veeralapatti (R.V) And [P]-Veeralapatti W-5
98P.U. Ele School Addl Building ,Viruppatchi- 6246141.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Viruppatchi W-1, 2.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Kallar Colony W1,2
99R.C Fathima High School,South Side,West Portion ,10Th Class Room Viruppatchi-6246141.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Viruppatchi W-1, 2.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Samathuvapuram W-1, 3.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Bharathinagar W-1, 4.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-R.K. Nagar W-1, 5.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Lenin Nagar W-1, 6.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Indira Nagar W-1
100R.C Fathima High School,South Side East Portion ,9Th Class Room Viruppatchi-6246141.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Viruppatchi W-3,4,5, 2.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Viruppatchi W-4,5
101MP.U.Ele School New East Building ,Samiyar Pudur-6246191.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Samiyar Pudur W-6,7,8, 2.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Samiyarpudur Jeevanagar W-8,, 3.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-South Thottathusalai W8
101A(W)P.U.Ele School New East Building ,Samiyar Pudur-6246191.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Samiyar Pudur W-6,7,8, 2.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-Samiyarpudur Jeevanagar W-8,, 3.Viruppatchi (R.V) And [P]-South Thottathusalai W8
102P.U.Ele School New Building ,Periya Karattu Patti-6246141.Reddiyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Reddiyapatti W-1
103P.U.Middle School East Building, Chinnakarattupatty ,Chinnakarattuppatti- 6246141.Reddiyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Chinnakarattupatti (Rengappanputhur) W3, 2.Reddiyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Cinnakarattupatti Ward-4
104P.U.Middle School New Building ,Chinnakarattuppatti- 6246141.Reddiyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Periya Karattupatti W-4
105P.U.Primary School East Side Addl Building ,Periyakottai-6246141.Periakottai (R.V) And ( P)-Periyakottai W-1,2,3, 2.Periakottai (R.V) And ( P)-Kandappak Goundan Valasu W-6,7,, 3.Periakottai (R.V) And ( P)-Ondipommanayakkanur W- 7,, 4.Periakottai (R.V) And ( P)-Kasigoundanpudur W-8
106P.U.Primary School ,Periyakottai-6246141.Periakottai (R.V) And ( P)-Periyakottai W-3,4,5, 2.Periakottai (R.V) And ( P)-Arisana Colony W-5
107Panchayat Union Elementray School, Eastern Wing ,16 Pudur- 6246141.Pudur (R.V) And [P]-Pudur, 2.Pudur (R.V) And [P]-Pappinayakkan Valasu, 3.Pudur (R.V) And [P]-Thumbalappatti
108P.U.Ele School ,Main Building,Eastern Wing Devathur-6246141.Devathur (R.V) And (P)-Devathur W-1,2,3
109Manimegalai, Elangohigh School ,West Building,10Th Class Room Devathur- 6246141.Devathur (R.V) And (P)-Devathur W-4, 2.Devathur (R.V) And (P)-Kodankipatti W-5
110P.U.Elementray School ,New Building, South Wing, Devathur-6246141.Devathur (R.V) And (P)-Thangama Nayakkanpatti W-6, 2.Devathur (R.V) And (P)-Poosaripatti W-7, 3.Devathur (R.V) And (P)-Madooranpatti W-8, 4.Devathur (R.V) And (P)-Perumalnayakkan Valasu W-9
111P.U.Middle School ,Addl Building ,Kappalpatti- 6246141.Sikkamanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]- Sikkamanayakkanpatti W-1, 2.Sikkamanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]- Kuppanadevanpatti W-2,, 3.Sikkamanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-Parai Valasu W-5
112P.U.Middle School , Addl New Building (East) Kappalapatti-6246141.Sikkamanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-Kappalpatti W-3, 2.Sikkamanayakkanpatti (R.V) And [P]-Kappalpatti W-4
113P.U.Elementaryschool ,Pottikampatti-6246171. Pottikampatti (R.V) And Sikkamanayakkanpatti[P]- Valliyakka Valasu W-6, 2. Pottikampatti (R.V) And Sikkamanayakkanpatti[P]- Pottikkampatti W-7,, 3. Pottikampatti (R.V) And Sikkamanayakkanpatti[P]- Vellaiyappagoundan Pudur W-8
114C.S.I. Primary School ,Kallimandayam-6246161.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 1,2 Kallimanthayam W-1,2,3.
115C.S.I. Girls High School ,Main Building, Kallimanthayam-6246161.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 3 Thoppakka Valasu, 2.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 4 Kumarapalayam,, 3.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 16 Koottakaran Pudur,, 4.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Kallimanthayam East Side W-3
116P.U.Elementary School ,Kaliyappagoundanpatti- 6246161.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 5 Neelagoundan Patti, 2.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 6 Malaiyandigoundan Valasu,, 3.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 7 Rengapalayam,, 4.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 8 Kaliyappagoundan Patti,, 5.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Vangarachinnan Patti,, 6.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Paraipatti,, 7.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]- Valichinnavanayakkan Pudur
117P.U.Elementary School ,Eastbuilding, Thumpichipalayam-6246161.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 13 Karuppadevan Patti, 2.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 14,15 Thumpichipalayam
118P.Uelementary School ,Echakkampatti-6246161.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Velayutham Palayam W-9, 2.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Aranmanaivalasu W- 10,, 3.Kallimanthayam ( Rv) And [P]-Echakkampatti W- 11,12
119MGovt. High School ,South Building Kariyampatty 6246161.Kariyampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No-1,2,3 Kariyampatti W-1
119A(W)Govt. High School 5Th Class Room Kariyampatti , Kariyampatty 6246161.Kariyampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No-1,2,3 Kariyampatti W-1
120Govt High School ,South Building, North Side Kariampatti-6246161.Kariyampatti [ ( Rv) And P]-Bl-No 4,5 Koolachinnampatti W 4,5, 2.Kariyampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 6 Kollapatti Valasu W-6,, 3.Kariyampatti [( Rv) And P]-Bl-No 7 Chinna Nachiyappagoundanvalasu,, 4.Kariyampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 8 Chinna Velampatti
121P.U.Ele School North Side , Ammapatti-6246161.Kariyampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No 9,10 Ammapatti
122P.U.Middle School , Addl Building (West) Perumalkoilvalasu- 6246161.Poosaripatti ( Rv) And (P)-Block No 1,2,3 Perumal Kovil Valasu
123P.U.Elementary School, Thirumalaigoundanvala Su - 6246161.Poosaripatti ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No-4,5-Thirumalai Goundan Valasu.
124P.U.Ele School , West Wing Appiyampatti - 6246161.Appiyampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Appiyampatti
125Village Libarary,Appiyampatti, Appiyampatti - 6246161.Appiyampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Veerappgoundan Valasu., 2.Appiyampatti ( Rv) And [P]-Velayutham Palayam.
126P.U.Middle School ,East Building, Koothampoondi – 6246161.Koothampoondi[ ( Rv) And P]-Bl1,2 Koothampoondi W1,2 Bl6, 2.Koothampoondi ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-6-Markandapuram.W-6.,
127P.U.Primary School , Mothupatti-6246161.Koothampoondi ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No-1-Mothuppatti-W- 3,4.
128P.U Elementary School ,Karumankinaru-6246161.Koothampoondi ( Rv) And [ P]-Bl-No-5-Kallagkaddu Valasu-W-5., 2.Koothampoondi ( Rv) And (P)-Black No 8 Muthalagkaddu Puthur Ward 8,, 3.Koothampoondi ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No-9,10- Karumankinaru-W-9,10.
129P.U.Middle School ,Main Building North Prostion South Building Kalutharukkanpalayam -6246161.Koothampoondi ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No-7-Meenatchi Valasu-W-7., 2.Koothampoondi(Rv)And (P)-Blno14Kuppana Valasu Perapalayamw4,, 3.Koothampoondi ( Rv) And [P]-Bl-No-15-Nesavalar Colony-W-15.
130P.U.Middle School Main Building, North Side , South Building Kalutharukkanpalayam -6246161.Koothampoondi ( Rv) And (P)-Bl.No.11,12,13 Kalutharukkan Palayam W1
131P.U.Middle School ,Addl Eastbuilding Kontranki Keeranur-6246161.Kodarangi Keeranur (R.V) And [P]-Kontranki Keeranur W-1
132P.U. Middle School West Wing ,Addl Building Kontranki Keeranur- 6246161.Kodarangi Keeranur (R.V) And [P]-Perumalgoundan Valasu Maniyanur, 2.Kodarangi Keeranur (R.V) And [P]-Kontranki Keeranur
133P.U.Ele.School ,Idayan Valasu-6246161.Kodarangi Keeranur (R.V) And [P]-Idaiyanvalasu, 2.Kodarangi Keeranur (R.V) And [P]- Chinnakaliyappagoundan Valasu,, 3.Kodarangi Keeranur (R.V) And [P]-Vellaiyan Valasu
134P.U.Ele.School ,Periya Mandavadi-6246121.Mandavadi (R.V) And [P]-Periyamandavadi W-1, 2.Mandavadi (R.V) And [P]-Chinnaiyagoundan Valasu W-2,, 3.Mandavadi (R.V) And [P]-Indira Colony
135Hindu Aided Middle School ,North Wing, Chinnamandavadi-6246121.Mandavadi (R.V) And [P]-Palanigoundan Pudur W-3, 2.Mandavadi (R.V) And [P]-Chinnamandavadi W-4
136Hindu Aided Middle School ,South Wing,Chinnamandavadi- 6246121.Mandavadi (R.V) And [P]-Karuppangoundan Pudur Ward 5, 2.Mandavadi (R.V) And [P]-Navakani W-6,, 3.Mandavadi (R.V) And [P]-Athidiravidar Colony W-5
137P.U. Middle School ,Main Building, Ambilikai-6246121.Ambilikai (R.V) And [P]-Ambilikai W-1, 2.Ambilikai (R.V) And [P]-Ambilikai W-2, 3.Ambilikai (R.V) And [P]-Ambilikai W-3
138P.U. Middle School ,Addl South Building Ambilikai-6246121.Ambilikai (R.V) And [P]-Senkaddupudur W-4
139Panchayat Office ,Ambilikai-6246121.Ambilikai (R.V) And [P]-Alayagoundanpatti W-5, 2.Ambilikai (R.V) And [P]-Poolampatti W-6,,3.Ambilikai (R.V) And [P]-Nallurpatti W-7
140P.U.Ele.School East Side ,Sinthalapatti-6246121.Sinthalappatti (R.V) And [P]-Sinthalappatti W-1,2, 2.Sinthalappatti (R.V) And [P]-Ettimarathuppatti Thathaye Valasu W-3
141P.U.Ele.School West Side ,Sinthalapatti-6246121.Sinthalappatti (R.V) And [P]-Nachiyappagoundan Valasu
142P.U.Ele.School ,Kappiliyapatti-6246121.Kappiliyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kappiliyapatti W-1, 2.Kappiliyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kullaveeranpatti W-1, 3.Kappiliyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Surappanayakkanur W-1
143P.U.Ele.School South Building ,Kosavapatti- 6246121.Kappiliyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Krishnagoundanputhur W4, 2.Kappiliyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kosavapatti W-2,, 3.Kappiliyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kosavapatti W-3,, 4.Kappiliyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Thanuskodi Nagar
144Panchayat Union Ele.School S.S.A Building, Addl Building (West Facing) ,Kosavapatti-6246121.Kappiliyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kosavapatti W-2,3,4, 2.Kappiliyapatti (R.V) And [P]-Arasamarathu Street W- 3,, 3.Kappiliyapatti (R.V) And [P]-East Street W-3,4
145P.U.Middle.School ,South Wing, Kaveriammapatti-6246191.Kaveriyammapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kaveriyammapatti W-1, 2.Kaveriyammapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kurumbapatti W-4, 3.Kaveriyammapatti (R.V) And [P]-Eraiyagoundan Pudur W-5, 4.Kaveriyammapatti (R.V) And [P]- Athappagoundanpatti[Andipatti] W-6, 5.Kaveriyammapatti (R.V) And [P]-Perumalpatti W-7, 6.Kaveriyammapatti (R.V) And [P]-Anaipatti W-7
146P.U.Middle.School ,North Wing,Kaveriyammapatti- 6246191.Kaveriyammapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kaveriyammapatti W-2, 2.Kaveriyammapatti (R.V) And [P]-Rayakkagoundan Pudur[Annavanayakkanpatti]
147P.U.Primary School New Building ,South Wing, Arasappapillaipatti- 6246191.Arasappapillaipatti (R.V) And [P]- Arasappapillaipatti W-1, 2.Arasappapillaipatti (R.V) And [P]- Arasappapillaipatti W-2, 3.Arasappapillaipatti (R.V) And [P]- Arasappapillaipatti W-3,4
148P.U. Primary School New Building ,North Wing, Arasappapillai-6246191.Arasappapillaipatti (R.V) And [P]- Arasappapillaipatti W-1,2,3,4, 2.Arasappapillaipatti (R.V) And [P]-West Thottam W-4
149K.R.Govt Hr Sec School S.S.A Building ,East Side Room No-8 Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Vishvanathanagar W-7
150K.R.Govt Hr Sec School S.S.A Building ,West Side Room No-6 Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Tharapuram Salai W-10, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-S,N.Pettai W-10, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-A.S.M.Pettai W-10, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Sadaiyanchettiyar Pettai W 10, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-V.O.C. Nagar W-10, 6.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-G.R.Pettai W-10
151K.R. Govt Hr Sec School Eastern Back Side ,Room No-2 Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Dindigul Palani Road[Northside] W-9, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Bye-Pass Road W-9,, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Sadayappa Nayakarpettai W- 9,, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Thiruvalluvarsalai Ward-9,
152Town Panchayat Office Main Building ,Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Dindigul-Palani Road [Southside] W-8, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Bye-Pass Road W-8, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Gandhi Nagar W-8, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Sundaramchettiyar Pettai W-8, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Thidir Nagar W-5
153K.R.Govt Hr Sec School West Side Building Room No-19 , Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Mettupatti W-11, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Thummichampatti W-11,, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Asaripattarai Street W-11
154K.R. Govt Hr Sec School Front Eastern Side New Building Room No-20 ,Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Dindigul Palani Road (Northsouth Side ) W 8, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Gandhi Nagar W-8, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Sasthanagar W-8, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Taluk Office Avenue W-8, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-A.S.M.Pettai W-8, 6.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Nallagoundar Nagar W-8, 7.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Kairasi Nagar W-8
155Panchayat Union Middle School ,Western Building Ist Class Room Gandhi Nagar, Oddanchatram – 6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Orphanage Hostel Road Ward 5, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Railway Colony Ward 5, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Valluvarnagar Ward 5, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Gandhinagar East Side Ward 5
156Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Building Ivth Std Room Ganghi Nagar Oddanchatram - 624619 1.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Kaliyamman Kovil East Ward 6, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Gandhinagar West Side Ward 6
157Panchayat Union Middle School ,East Building Gandhi Nagar Oddanchatram1.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Vinoba Nagar Ward 7
158P.U.Ele.School ,Thumpichampattiputhur , Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Thumpichampatti Pudur Nayakkanur W-12, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Thumbichampatti Puthur W12, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Kasthuri Nagar W-12, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Maruthi Nagar W-11, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Thumbichampatti (West Side) W13
159MC.S I. Middle School, Eastern Building ,Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Karuppanan Street Vengayammal Street W-14,2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Thummichampatti[Westside] W-14
159A(W)C.S I. Middle School, Western Building ,Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Karuppanan Street Vengayammal Street W-14,2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Thummichampatti[Westside] W-14
160Govt Girls Hr Sec School North Building ,East Wing Room No- 17,Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Sathiya Nagar W-16, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Shanmugavelpuram W-17, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Kurinji Nagar W-18, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Latchumipuram W-17, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-A.P.P.Nagar W-17, 6.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Arunthahiyar Colony
161Govt Girls Hr Sec School North Building ,West Wing Room No.23, Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Sathiya Nagar W-16, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Oddanchatram W-16, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Arisana Street W-15
162Govt Girls Hr Sec School South Side Building ,Room No- 29,Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Koodalingapuram W-18, 2.Oddanchatram (Rv)And (Tp)-Seethapatti Thottam W18, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Athoor W18,, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Tharapuram Road W- 18, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Ponnagaram W- 18, 6.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Kurinji Nagar W-18
163Govt Girls Hr Sec School South Wing ,Building Room No- 32,Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Shanmugavelpuram W 17, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Housing Board W-18, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Palanigoundan Pudur W-17, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-New Housing Board Colony, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Kurinji Nagar W-18, 6.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-A.P.P.Nagar W-17, 7.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Shanmugavel Puram W-17
164Bharathi Aided Ele School, Naganampatti Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-K.K. Nagar Ward 1, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Sangupillai Pudur Ward 1, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-K.K.Nagar Ward 1, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Naganampatti Ward 1, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Chellappagoundan Pudur Ward 5
165Govt Girls Hr Sec School Westside ,Building No- 27, Oddanchatram-6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Irulakudumbanpatti W-1,2 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Naganampatti W-1, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-A.B.Colony W-2, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Kurinji Nagar W-2, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Thumbichampatti W2, 6.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Periyanchettipatti W-2
166R.C. Layola Middle School ,4Th Class A Room, Oddanchatram- 6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Dindigul-Palani Road[Northside] W-3, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Palaya Oddanchatram W-3, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Check-Post W-3, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Naganampatti-Pyepass W-3, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Tresury Colony W-3, 6.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Kongu Nagar W-3, 7.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Naganampatti Road W-3, 8.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Nallupillai Pettai W-3
167R.C Layola Middle School ,5Th A Class Room Oddanchatram- 6246191.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Dindigul-Palani Road[South Side] W-4, 2.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Veerachinnammal Kovil Street W-4, 3.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-C.F.Hospital W-4, 4.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Samsudeen Colony W-4, 5.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Socity Colony W-4, 6.Oddanchatram (R.V) And [T.P]-Check-Postannanagar W-4
168P.U. Middle School ,Kollapatti-6246191.Kollapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kollapatti W-2, 2.Kollapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kuttilnayakkanpatti W-1, 3.Kollapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kollapatti Pudur Kuttilnayakkanpatti W-1, 4.Kollapatti (R.V) And [P]-Kuttilnayakkanpatti W- 1,2,3,
169P.U.Middle .School South Portion ,Addl Building,Thangachiyamm Apatti-6246121.Thangachiammapatti (R.V) And [P]- Thangachiammapatti W-1, 2.Thangachiammapatti (R.V) And [P]- Thangachiammapatti W-2
170P.U. Middle School Behind The Main Building ,Addl Building,Thangachiyamm Apatti-6246121.Thangachiammapatti (R.V) And [P]- Thangachiammapatti W-1
171P.U.Ele.School ,Thalaivasal Karuppanagoundanpudu R-6246121.Thangachimmapatti (Rv) And (P)- Indumbakudumbanpatti W3, 2.Thangachiammapatti (Rv) And (P)-Thalaivasal Karuppanagoundan Pudur W3
172P.U. Elementray School Addl Building ,Seerangagoundan Pudur-6246121.Thangatchiammapatty (R.V) And (P)-Seerangoundenputhur W-1 2.Thangachiammapatti (Rv) And (P)-Kannimarkovil Pudur W 4, 3.Thangachiammapatti (R.V) And (P)- Thangachiammapatti W 4
173P.U.Elementray School New Building ,South Building, Odaipatti-6246121.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Odaipatti W-1,2,2.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Vengidapuram W-3,4,
174P.U.Elementray School New Building ,West Side Odaipatti-6246121.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Kongapatti W-7, 2.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Kongapatti W-8, 3.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Akkaraippatti W-5, 4.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Akkarappatti W-6
175P.U.Ele School Addl Building, East Side ,Sakkampatti-6246121.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Krishnapuram W-9, 2.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Perumalgoundan Valasu W- 10, 3.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Ponniyappagoundanvalasu Palaniyappanpudur W-, 4.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Sakkampatti W-12, 5.Odaipatti (R.V) And [P]-Kulathuppalayam Kuppanapalayam W-12,13
176Panchayat Union Elementrayschool North Addl ,Building Kuthiluppai-6247121.Kuthiluppai (R.V) And [P]-Kuthiluppai W-1, 2.Kuthiluppai (R.V) And [P]-Kuthiluppai W-2, 3.Kuthiluppai (R.V) And [P]-Kuthiluppai W-3, 4.Kuthiluppai (R.V) And [P]-Kuthiluppai W-4
177P.U.Ele.School Addl South Building ,Kuthiluppai-6247121.Kuthiluppai (R.V) And [P]-Kuthiluppai W-1, 2.Kuthiluppai (R.V) And [P]-Kuthiluppai W-2, 3.Kuthiluppai (R.V) And [P]-Kuthiluppai W-3, 4.Kuthiluppai (R.V) And [P]-Kuthiluppai W-4, 5.Kuthiluppai (R.V) And [P]-East St
178Panchayat Office ,South Portion I.Vadipatti-6246161.I Vadippatti (Rv) And (P)-Vadippatti W1,2.I Vadippatti (Rv) And (P)-Vadippatti W2
179Panchayat Office ,North Side I.Vadipatti- 6246161.Vadippatti (R.V) And [P]-I.Vadippatti W-1, 2.Vadippatti (R.V) And [P]-Kuttiyagoundan Pudur W-3
180P.U.Ele.School ,Chinnakkampatti-6247121.Chinnakkampatti (R.V) And [P]-Chinnakkampatti W-1, 2.Chinnakkampatti (R.V) And [P]- Ragavanayakkanpatti W-3, 3.Chinnakkampatti (R.V) And [P]-C.Pudur W-3
181P.U.Ele.School ,Naranappa Nayakkanpatti-6247121.Chinnakkampatti (R.V) And [P]- Naranappanayakkanpatti W-2, 2.Chinnakkampatti (R.V) And [P]-Komalipatti W-2
182P.U.Ele.School West Wing ,M. Ayyampalayam-6247121.Ellappatti (R.V) And [P]-Ellappatti W-1, 2.Ellappatti (R.V) And [P]-Paraippatti Kirshnapuram W-1
183P.U.Ele.School East Wing ,M. Ayyampalayam- 6247121.Ellappatti (R.V) And [P]-Ayyampalayam W-2, 2.Ellappatti (R.V) And [P]-Duraiyur W-2,, 3.Ellappatti (R.V) And [P]-Narasingapuram Annanagar Ward 3
184P.U.Ele.School ,North Side Building M. Athappanpatti-6247121. Athappampatti (R.V) And Markkampatti [P]-M. Athappanpatti[Vadukapatti Mamparai] W-1, 2. Athappampatti (R.V) And Markkampatti [P]-M. Athappanpatti[Athikkaddupudur] W-2
185P.U.Ele.School ,South Wing Building, M.Athappanpatti-6247121. Athappampatti (R.V) And Markkampatti [P]-M. Athappanpatti Rayakkavalasu W-3, 2. Athappampatti (R.V) And Markkampatti [P]-M. Athappanpatti Kanavaipatti W-4
186Aringar Anna P.U.Ele School ,[Hindu] South Wing,Markkampatti- 6247121.Markkampatti (R.V) And [P]-Markkampatti W-1,2,3,4
187Aringar Anna P.U.Ele School ,[Hindu] North Side, Markkampatti- 6247121.Markkampatti (R.V) And [P]-Markkampatti W-2, 2.Markkampatti (R.V) And [P]-Markkampatti W-3
188P.U. Primary School [Muslim] ,Edayakottai- 6247041.Idayakottai (R.V) And [P]-Edaiyakottai W-1,2,3,4
189P.U.Ele School Hindu Addl South ,Building Edayakottai-6247041.Idayakottai (R.V) And [P]-Edaiyakottai W-5,6,7,8
190P.U.Ele School North Side ,[Hindu] Addl Building, Edayakottai- 6247041.Idayakottai (R.V) And [P]-E.Ayyampalayam W-9, 2.Idayakottai (R.V) And [P]-Ramamaniyakaran Pudur[Samiyadipudur] W-10, 3.Idayakottai (R.V) And [P]-Nanganchiyar Kudiyeruppu W-9, 4.Idayakottai (R.V) And [P]-Edaiyakottai Bus Stand W-10
191P.U.Ele.School ,Valaiyapatti-6247041.Valayapatti (R.V) And [P]-Valaiyapatti W-1, 2.Valayapatti (R.V) And [P]-Valaiyapatti W-2, 3.Valayapatti (R.V) And [P]-Govindapuram W-3
192P.U.Ele.School Addl Building ,E.Kallupatti- 6247041.Kallupatti (R.V) And Edaiyakottai (P)- Kakkaranayakkanur W 11, 2.Kallupatti (R.V) And Edaiyakottai (P)-E.Kalluppatti W-12, 3.Kallupatti (R.V) And Edaiyakottai (P)-E.Kallupatti Adi Dravidar Kudiyeruppu W12
193MP.U.Middle School Western Side ,North Building, Javvathupatti- 6247041.Javvathupatti (R.V) And [P]-Javvathupatti W-1,2,3
193A(W)P.U.Middle School Western Building, South Side ,North Building, Javvathupatti-6247041.Javvathupatti (R.V) And [P]-Javvathupatti W-1,2,3
194P.U.Ele Muslim School New Building [Muslim] North Side ,Javvathupatti, Pudur- 6247041.Javvathupatti (R.V) And [P]-Javvathupatti Pudur Nadu Street W-4,5,6,7, 2.Javvathupatti (R.V) And [P]-Alagiya Goundan Pudur[Mallaiyapuram] W-6,, 3.Javvathupatti (R.V) And [P]-Parumarathuppatti Ward 7,, 4.Javvathupatti (R.V) And [P]-Chinnamallaiyapuram W-6,
195P.U .Primary School South Building ,Sirunayakkanpatti- 6247041.Jogipatti (R.V) And [P]-Marunuthuppatti W-1, 2.Jogipatti (R.V) And [P]-Sirunayakkanpatti W-1, 3.Jogipatti (R.V) And [P]-Jogipatti W-1
196P.U .Primary School East Building ,Sirunayakkanpatti- 6247041.Jogipatti (R.V) And [P]-Pullakgoundanur W-2, 2.Jogipatti (R.V) And [P]-Karumasanayakkanur W-2,
197P.U.Ele.School ,Soliyappagoundanur- 6247041.Jogipatti (R.V) And [P]-Soliyappagoundanur W3,2.Jogipatti (R.V) And [P]-Paraiyur W-4,
198P.U.Middle School East Building ,New Building,Veriyappur- 6246191.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Veriyappur W-1, 2.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Ponkaliyammanpudur W9, 3.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Athidiravidar Colony(Veriyapure ) W1, 4.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Athidiravidar Colony (Sundaripalayam ) W1
199P.U.Middle School West Building ,New Building,Veriyappur- 6246191.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Annamalaipudur W-3, 2.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Vellaiyagoundanpudur W- 4,, 3.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Sundaripalayam W-5,, 4.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Velliyan Valasu W-6,, 5.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Goundappagoundan Valasu W7,, 6.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Navamarathuppatti W-8
200P.U.Middle School Southern ,New Building,Veriyappur- 6246191.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Kalipalayam W-2, 2.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Kuttathuppatti W10, 3.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Uchinimakalipuram W-11, 4.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Nagappanpatti Adidravidar Colony W12, 5.Veriyappur (R.V) And [P]-Adi Dravidar Colony (Nagappanpatti) W12
201P.U.Elementray School New Building ,Vadakadu-6246191.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Vadakadu W-1, 2.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Kannanur W-1, 3.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Vandipathai W-1, 4.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Kumlamarathupatti W-1
202P.U. Middle School Main Building ,Parappalaru Komalipatti-6246191.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Manjolai W-2, 2.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Komalipatti W-1, 3.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Nellukulipallam W-2, 4.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Mettupatti W-1, 5.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Kottaivali Natham W-2
203P.U.Elementray School New Building ,Pethelpuram-6246191.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Siruvattukadu W-3, 2.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Seradikaval W-3, 3.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Bethelpuram W-4, 4.Vadakadu (R.V) And [P]-Pulikuthikadu W-4
204P.U.Ele School Southside ,Addl Building Kumarasamygoundan Pudur-6246191.Athikombai (R.V) And [P]-Athikombai W-1.2.3, 2.Athikombai (R.V) And [P]-Kumarasamy Goundan Pudur W-2,3
205P.U. Elementray School Main Building ,Kumarasamygoundan Pudur-6246191.Athikombai (R.V) And [P]-K. Athikombai South Street W-2.3, 2.Athikombai (R.V) And [P]-Kumarasamy Goundan Pudur W-2,3
206P.U. Elementray School Main Building ,Salai Pudur-6246191.Lakkayankottai (R.V) And Athikombai [P]-Pudu Athikombai -Nagappapillai Pudur W- 4,2.Lakkayankottai (R.V) And Athikombai [P]- Nagappapillai Pudur W-4
207Chinnaiya Aided Elementray School Addl ,Front Building, West Side, Aranganathapuram- 6246191.Lakkaiyankottai (R.V) And [P]-Lakkaiyankottai Aranganathapuram W-1,3, 2.Lakkaiyankottai (R.V) And [P]-Athidiravidar Pudu Colony W-1,3
208Chinnaiya Aided Elementray School Addl Front Building East Side Aranganathapuram , Aranganathapuram- 6246191.Lakkaiyankottai (R.V) And [P]-Salaipudur W-3
209P.U.Ele.School ,Addl Building, Salai Pudur- 6246191.Lakkaiyankottai (R.V) And [P]- Salaipudur[Kulanthagoundan Pudur] W-2, 2.Lakkaiyankottai (R.V) And [P]-Salai Pudur W-4
210P.U.Ele.School North Side Building ,Kalanchipatti-6246191.Kalanjipatti (R.V) And [P]-Kalanchipatti W-1, 2.Kalanjipatti (R.V) And [P]-Pudu Kalanchipatti W-2, 3.Kalanjipatti (R.V) And [P]-Kallupatti W-3
211P.U.Ele.School South Side Building ,Kalanchipatti- 6246191.Kalanjipatti (R.V) And [P]-Peyelnayakkanpatti W-6, 2.Kalanjipatti (R.V) And [P]-Pavayur W-5,6, 3.Kalanjipatti (R.V) And [P]-Renga Valasu W-4
212P.U.Ele.School, West Addl Building, ,Kethiyurambukottai 6246191.Kedaiyurumbu (R.V) And [P]-Kethaiyurumbu W-3, 2.Kedaiyurumbu (R.V) And [P]-Kollapatti W3, 3.Kedaiyurumbu (R.V) And [P]-Kollapatti Adidravidar Colony W3
213P.U.Ele.School Addl North Building, ,Thippampatti- 6246191.Kedaiyurumbu (R.V) And [P]- Thippampatti,Thirumanikkapuram,Bodykundu W-2, 2.Kedaiyurumbu (R.V) And [P]-Thippampatti W-4
214P.U.Ele.School ,Devachinnampatti-6246191.Kedaiyurumbu (R.V) And [P]-Devachinnampatti W-1
215P.U.Ele.School ,Addl Building, Palayapatti- 6246191.Kedaiyurumbu (R.V) And [P]-Palaiyapatti W-2
216Panchayat Office ,Muthunayakkanpatti- 6247041.Puliyur Natham (R.V) And (P)-Puliyur Natham W1
217P.U.Ele.School ,New Addl Building Muthunayakkanpatti- 6247041.Puliyur Natham (R.V) And (P)-Muthunayakkanpatti W2, 2.Puliyur Natham (Rv)And (P)-Sukkampatti And Thoddathusalaigal W 4 3,
218P.U.Middle School New Addl Building ,South Wing Periyakulipatti- 6247051.Puliyur Natham (R.V) And (P)-Reddiyarpudur Chinnakulippatti W4, 2.Puliyur Natham (R.V) And (P)-Reddiyarpudur (Chinnakulippatti) W5, 3.Puliyur Natham (R.V) And (P)-Reddiyarpudur (Chinnakulippatti) W9
219P.U. Middle School ,East Side Addl Building, Periyakulipatti-6247051.Puliyurnatham ( R.V ) And (P)-Reddiyarpudur (Chinnakulippatti) W1,6,7, 2.Puliyurnatham ( R.V ) And (P)-Periyakulippatti W 6,7,8,9, 3.Puliyurnatham (R.V) And (P)-Ramanathapuram W7,8
220P.U.Ele.School East Wing ,New Building Perumal Nayakkan Kallupatti-6247051.Puliyurnatham (R.V) And (P)-Perumalnaicken Kallupatti 10,11, 2.Puliyurnatham (Rv)And (P)- Perumalnayakkankallupatti Sundkattupudur,, 3.Puliyurnatham (R.V) And (P)-Puliyurnatham W 11
221P.U.Middle School East Building ,Puliyamarathukottai- 6247101.Puliyamarathukottai (R.V) And (P)- Puliyamarathukottai W 1
222P.U.Middle School West Building ,Puliyamarathukottai- 6247101.Puliyamarathukottai (R.V) And (P)-Pulan Kattinayakkanur W 2, 2.Puliyamarathukottai (R.V) And (P)-Nagappanur (Malligapuram) W4
223Hindu Aided Middle School West Side ,Kodankipatti-6247101.Puliyamarathukottai (R.V) And (P)-Periyapatti (Sunchappanpatti ) W 5,6, 2.Puliyamarathukottai (R.V) And (P)-Kodankipatti W 3,6, 3.Puliyamarathukottai (R.V) And (P)-Viralippatti W 3
224Arul Jothi Aided Elementray School New Building ,Navaluthu- 6247101.Puliyamarathukottai (R.V) And (P)-Navaluthu Ellappatti (Servaikaranur) W4

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

Last Updated on: February 19, 2016