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List of Polling Booths in Nilakkottai Assembly

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LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School, North Building (I.C.D.S) ,Oothankal Puthupatti - 6242021.Kanavaipatti (R.V) ,G.Thumalapatti (P)-Oothangal Puthupatti W-1, 2.Kanavaipatti (R.V) ,G.Thumalapatti (P)-Kulathupatti W-1, 3.Kanavaipatti (R.V) ,G.Thumalapatti (P)-Mettur W-1
2Govt Kallar Middle School Additional Building ,G.Thummalapatti – 6242021.Kanavaipatti (R.V) ,G.Thumalapatti (P)-G.Thummalapatti W2, 2.Kanavaipatti (R.V) ,G.Thumalapatti (P)-G.Thummalapatti W-3,
3Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School, G.Thummalapatti - 6242021.Kanavaipatti (R.V) ,G.Thumalapatti (P)-G.Thummalapatti West St W 4
4Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School, West Portion Tiled Building ,Kanavaipatti - 6242021.Kanavaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Kanavaipatti W-1, 2.Kanavaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Kanavaipatty Asiramam Colony W2,, 3.Kanavaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Asiramam Colony W2,
5Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School, South Building ,Puthupatti – 6242021.Kanavaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Kamarajapuram W2
6MBatlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School, North Building ,Puthupatti – 6242021.Kanavaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Gandhi Nagar W-2, 2.Kanavaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Bharathidasan St W-2,
6A(W)Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School, East Building ,Puthupatti - 6242021.Kanavaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Gandhi Nagar W-2, 2.Kanavaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Bharathidasan St W-2,
7N.S.V.V Boys Hr.Sec.School Main Building, East Portion Pattiveeranpatty – 6242111.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Main Road Mandhai St W-1, 2.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Old Post Office St W-1,, 3.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Rathinam Rise Mill St W-1,, 4.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Goundar St 1 W- 1,, 5.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Goundar St 2 W- 2,, 6.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Palanisamy St W-2,, 7.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Old Post Office St W-2,, 8.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Rathina Rise Mill St W-2,, 9.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-American Church St W-2,, 10.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Adaikalam St W-2,, 11.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Mariamman Kovil St W-2,, 12.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Ayyankottai St W-2,, 13.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)- Gnanagurusamy Rise Mill St W-2,, 14.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Main Road W-3,, 15.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Old Post Office St W-3,, 16.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-General Shop St W-3,, 17.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Sankaranaraya
8N.S.V.V. Boys Hr.Secondary School, Main Building ,Wpar Chandrasekaran Premises, North Portion, Pattiveeranpatty -6242111.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Veeranan St,W-3, 2.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Middle St W-3,, 3.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Vellayan St, W- 3,, 4.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Kathiresan St, W-4,, 5.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Sunnambu Kalavasal St, W-4, ,6.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Ayyankottai Main Road W4,, 7.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Karuppiah St,W- 5,, 8.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Mainroad W-6,, 9.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Uravinmurai St W-6,, 10.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Batalagundi Main Road W-6,, 11.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Kongal St, W-6,, 12.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Dhanuskodi St, W-6,, 13.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Thinakaran St, W-6,, 14.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Sundaramahal St, W-14,, 15.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Savadi St Ward 14,, 16.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Chettiayar St, W-14,
9N.S.V.V. Matriculation Hr Sec School B Block West Portion South Building ,Pattiveeranpatty – 6242111.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Annanagar East Side W-10, 2.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Annanagar West Portion W-11,, 3.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Annanagar W-12,
10N.S.V.V. Hr.Sec. School R.F. North Portion Wpar Chandrasekaran Permises ,Pattiveeranpatty – 6242111.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Ambethkar Nagar East W-8, 2.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Ambethkar Nagar West W-9,, 3.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Annanagar East Side W-10,, 4.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Annanagar West Portion W-11,
11N.S.V.V. Matriculation Hr Sec School B Block South Building , Room No-35,36 ,Pattiveeranpatty – 6242111.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Ramakrishnapuram W- 7, 2.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Alagapuri W-7,, 3.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Batalagundu Main Road W-7,, 4.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Main Road W-12,, 5.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-High School Periya St W-12,, 6.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Vembar St, W-12,, 7.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Kamarajapuram W12,
12N.S.V.V. Girls Hr.Sec. School Central Portion Building Pkca Chithambara Nadar Memorial Hall ,Pattiveeranpatty – 6242111.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Alagarsamy St, W-13, 2.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Palani St, W-13,, 3.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Deenathayalan St, W-13,, 4.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Arunachalam St, W-13,, 5.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)- Soundarapandiyan St, W-13,, 6.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Punniyarajan St, W13,, 7.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Main Road W-15,, 8.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Gandhipuram W- 15,, 9.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Periyathambi Nadar St, W15,, 10.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Punniyarajan St, W-15,, 11.Sevugampatti (R.V) Pattiveeranpatti (Tp)-Kasirajan St 1, W15,
13Govt Kallar High School North Portion ,Sevugampatti – 6242111.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Nagupillai Street, Ward-1, 2.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Vellaiyathevan Street, Ward- 1,, 3.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Rajendran Street, Ward-1,, 4.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Ponnaiah Pillai Street, Ward 1,, 5.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Kaliamman Kovil Street W-1,, 6.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Perumal Kovil Street, Ward-1,, 7.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Sivan Kovil Street, Ward-2,, 8.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Main Road Ward-2,, 9.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Singarapillai Street, Ward-2,, 10.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Nagupillai Street, Ward-12,, 11.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Rasu Aasari Street, Ward-2,, 12.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Bagavathiamman Kovil Street, Ward-3,, 13.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Arijana Street, Ward-3,, 14.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Arijana Clony Ward-3,, 15.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Main Road Ward-3,
14Anna Aided Middle School Western Side North Building ,Muthulapuram 6242111.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Vellaiyathevar Street, Ward-1, 2.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Melnilaithotti Street, Ward-3,, 3.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Sinnasamy Nadar Street Ward- 4,, 4.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Kottai Karuppasamy Kovil Street, Ward-4,, 5.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Ramasamy Pillai Street, Ward- 14,, 6.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Yogamuthalamman Kovil Street, Ward-4,, 7.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Ramasamy Chettiyarstreet, Ward-4,, 8.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Ponnaiya Chettiyar Street, Ward-4,, 9.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Mariyayepatty Ward-5,, 10.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Konnampatty Ward-5,
15Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School, Bharathidasan Arangam South Building ,M. Vadipatti – 6242111.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Nadu Street, Ward-12, 2.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Melavadi Muthalaman Kovil Street, Ward-12,, 3.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Subramaniya Pillai Street, Ward-13,, 4.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Pandiyan Pillai Street, Ward-13
16Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School, Southern Side, New Building, M.Vadipatti 624211 ,M. Vadipatti – 6242111.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Sangaralinga Nattalvar Street, Ward-13, 2.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Soliyavellalar Street, Ward- 14,, 3.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Pandiyan Pillai Street, Ward-13, 4.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Kallar Savadi Street, Ward-15,
17C.S.I. Hr.Sec. School Eastern New Building North Side ,Batlagundu – 6242021.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Nagalapuram W 6, 2.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Harijan St P U W 6,
18C.S.I. Hr.Sec. School Eastern New Building South Side ,Batlagundu – 6242021.Ward 6 Kogilapuram-Sevugampatti, 2.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Anna Nagar Thiyaki Alagasamy St 2 W 7,
19Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School Kamban Arangam North Building ,M.Vadipatti - 6242111.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Ayyampalayam Main Road M.Vadipatti W-8, 2.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Melavadi Harijan St W-9,, 3.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Koothakonar St W-11,
20Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School Westernside, Middle Building, Elango Arangam, M.Vadipatti ,M.Vadipatti - 6242111.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Semman Kuli W-10, 2.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Ramar Koil Street, Ward-11,
21Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School, Valluvar Arangam West Building ,M. Vadipatti - 6242111.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Melavadi Harijan St W-9, 2.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Colony St W-9,, 3.Sevugampatti (Rv) And (Tp)-Anbu Nagar W-9,
22Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School Addl Building, ,South Building West Street, Sengattampatty – 6247081.Sengattampatti (R.V) And (P) -Sengattampatti East St W3
23Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School Addl Building, East Portion, West Street, Senkattampatti ,Sengattampatty – 6247081.Sengattampatti (R.V) And (P) -Sengattampatti West St W4
24Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School South Building Northern Side, Class Room: 6,7 & 8 ,Sengattampatty – 6247081.Sengattampatti (R.V) And (P) -Salaiputhur W2, 2.Sengattampatti (R.V) And (P) -Sundararajapuram W-1, 3.Sengattampatti (R.V) And (P) -Ayyampatti W2
25Govt Kallar High School ,No.318 North Building, Mallanampatti – 6242021.Mallanampatti (R.V )And (P)-Algapuri W-1, 2.Mallanampatti (R.V )And (P)-Mallanampatty W-2,
26Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School, Poosaripatti ,Poosaripatty – 6242021.Mallanampatti (R.V )And (P)-Poojaripatty W-3
27Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School West Building, South Facing, Poosariatti ,Poosaripatty – 6242021.Mallanampatti (R.V )And (P)-Poojaripatty W-4
28Batlagundu Panchayat Union Elementary School, Eastern Building ,Venkatasthirikottai - 6242021.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Venketasthiri Kottai W-1, 2.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Venkatasthri Kottai W2,
29Batlagundu Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North Building , Venkatasthirikottai - 6242021.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-M. Kurumbapatty W2, 2.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Keelakovil Patty W-3,
30Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School North Building Kombaipatti – 6242021.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Kombaipatty W-4
31Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School ,Southern Side Middle Building Kulipatti – 6242021.Kombaipatti (Rv) And (P)-Kulipatty W-5
32Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,South Building Reddiyapatti – 6242021.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Rediyapatty W-6, 2.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Chinnupatty W-6, 3.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Mallaiappanpatty W-6, 4.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Rajanagar W-6, 5.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Kannan Nagar W-6
33Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,Melakovil Patti – 6242021.Kombaipatti (R.V) And (P)-Mela Kovil Patty W-7
34Govt. Kallar Primary School ,Western Portion No.75, K.Utchapatti – 6242201.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Ayyenkovil Patty W1, 2.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Uchappatty W1,, 3.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Karattupatti W1,, 4.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Meenachipuram W1,, 5.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Samathuvapuram W1,
35Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,South New Building, Kunnuvarankottai – 6242201.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Gunduparai W3, 2.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-East St W2, 3.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Middle Street W-2, 4.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-East St,V.O.C.St,Midile St Melatheru W2, 5.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Gandhimedai W3, 6.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Ambedkar Nagar W3
36Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,East New Building Kunnuvarankottai -6242201.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Kunnuvaran Kottai W-2, 2.Kunnuvarankottai (R.V) And (P)-Abethkar St, Gandthi Medai, Main Road,Vadivel Puram W3,
37Mahalakshmi Girls Higher Secondary School, ,East Facing West Building, North Portion, Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Local Bandu Road W-15, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Perumal Kovil St W-15, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Perumal Kovail Kurukku Santhu -1,W-15, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Perumal Kovil Kurukku Santhu -2,W-15, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Plispuram St4,W15, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Plispuram St5,W15, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Plispuram St-6,W-15, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pleespuram 7 St -7,W-7, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pleespuram Kurukku St W-15, 10.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Plispuram St -8,W-15, 11.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Post Office Road -2,W-15, 12.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Plispuram St -1,W-15, 13.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Plispura St2,W15, 14.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Plispuram St-3,W-15, 15.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Plispuram St -4,W-15, 16.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kanavaipatty Road W-16, 17.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Mansalar Padidurai St W-17
38Mahalakshmi Girls Higher Secondary School, ,East Facing, West Building, Centre Portion, Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kanavaipatty Road -1,W-16, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pudupatty St -1,W-16, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pudupatty St-2,W-16, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kanavaipatty Road -1,W-17, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kanavaipatty Road -2,W-17, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Buiding Society St W-17, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Building Soicety St -2,W-17
39Mahalakshmi Girls Higher Secondary School, Main Building, East Facing, West Side, ,Centre Building, Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Sukkan Odai St W-16, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pudupatti 3 St W16, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pudupatty 4th St W-16, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pudupatty 7th St W16, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pudupatty8 St W16, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Golden Jubilee Club Road W- 17, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Co-Operate House Built Sangam 2th St W-17, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Police Line St W-18, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Nethaji St W-18,1, 10.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Seran St /Muthuramalinga Devat St W-1, 11.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Plispuram W-18, 12.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Maruthupandiyer St W-18, 13.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Muthuramalinga Devar St W-17, 14.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Barathi Thasan St W-18, 15.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Barathiyar St W-18, 16.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kennady St W-18, 17.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Jancy Rani Nagar W-18
40Mahalakshmi Girls Hr.Sec School Main Building, East Facing, West Building ,South Portion Batalagundu-6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Gandhi Nagar East W1
41Mahalakshmi Girls Hr.Sec School Main Building, East Facing, West Building ,South Portion Batalagundu-6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Gandhi Nagar West W-18
42Mahalakshmi Girls Higher Secondary School, Main Building, West Facing, East Building, ,Centre Portion, Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Oukalasamy Kovil St1 W12, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Meenkarar 1 St W-12, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Meenkarar St 2,W-12, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Orkalasamy Kovil St 2 W 12, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Orkala Samy Kovil Santhu1 W12, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kattapomman St2 W12, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Vetuvar 1,W-12, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Vetuvar St-2,W-12, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Local Pandu Road 7 W 17
43Batlagundu P.U. Middle School North Building ,Near Perumal Kovil St-1, Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arunachallapuram W-4, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Sivan Kovil St W-9, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Center St Akrakaram W-9, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Mansalaru St W-9, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Perumal Kovil St W-9, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pasum Pon St2 W9, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Ottarai Akraka St W-9, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kottar St W9
44Batlagundu P.U. Middle School North Building East Building ,Near Perumal Kovil St-1, Batlagundu – 6242021.Batlagundu (Rv) And (Tp)-Mela Manthai St W-14, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Mela Manthai Kurukku St- 1,W-14, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Melmanthai Kurukku St -2,W- 14, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pasumpon St-3,W-14,, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Jadge Somasundaram St-2,W- 14, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Jadge Somasundaram Kurukku St W-14, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Melmanthai Kurukku St-3,W- 14, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Visvanathan St W-14, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Melmanthai St -2,W-14, 10.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Melmanthai St-3,W-14, 11.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Melmanthai St-4,W-14, 12.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Melmanthai St Kurukku Santhu-1,W-14, 13.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Melmanthai St Kurukku Santhu -2,W-14, 14.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Alakar St W-14
45Batlagundu Town Panchayat Office, ,Center Hall, Batlagundu -6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arasu Hr Sec School St-1,W-2, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pallivasal St-1,W-10,, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pallivasal Kurukku Santhu W-10,, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pallivasal St W-10,, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Local Pandu Main Road W-11,, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arasu Hr Sec School St-2,W-11,, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Local Pandu Road 4,W-13,, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pallivasal St -3,W-13,, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Shek Masthan St -2,W-13,, 10.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kadai Veethi 3 W-12,, 11.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Shek Masthan Santhu W-13,, 12.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pasumpon St-1,W-13,, 13.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Angala Parameswari St1 W13,, 14.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Judge Somasundaram St1 W13,, 15.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Meenkarar St-3 ,W-13,, 16.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kayithemilath St W-13,, 17.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kayithemilath Kurukku Santhu W-13,
46Batlagundu Holly Cross Girls Hr Sec School West Building ,South Side, Dindigul Road, Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Santhaipetai St -3,W-10, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kaliyamman Kovil St-1,W-10, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kaliyamman Kovil St -2,W-10, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kaliyamman Kovil St-3,W-10, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kaliyamman Kovil St -4,W-10, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pallakkukaran St W-10, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pallivasal St -2,W-10, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Bagavathiamman Kovil St W- 11, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Dindigul Road-2,W-11, 10.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Bhatsha Santhu W-11, 11.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Subbaih St W-11, 12.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkitapatty St-4,W-11, 13.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkitapatty St-5,W-11, 14.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Alla Pichai St W-11, 15.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkitapatty St-6,W-11, 16.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Ondi Muthusamy Kovil St- 1,W-11, 17.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Ondimuthusamy Kovil St-2,W- 11
47Batlagundu Hollycross Girls Hr Sec School ,West Building North Side, Dindigul Road, Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Local Pandu Main Road2 W5, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Barathiyar St-2,W-5, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Barathiyar St-3,W-5, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Dindigul Road -1,W-5, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Santhaipetai 1 St ,W-5, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Barathiyar St-1,W-5, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kannaki St-2,W-5, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kannaki St-1,W-5, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Aaduchapatty W=7
48Govt. Boys Hr.Sec. School South Building ,East Portion Batlagundu - 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Local Pandu St4 W2, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arasu Hr Sec School St1 W2, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Bagavathi Amman Kovil St W- 2, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Dindigul Road1 W2, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkitapatty St1,W2, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkitapatty St 2,W2, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kattapomman St1 W2, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkitapatty St2 W2, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkitapatty St Santhu 1,W-2, 10.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkitapatty St Santhu 2 W-2
49Govt.Boys Hr.Sec.School East Building, South Side, ,Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 1 W-3, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 2 W-3, ,3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 3 W-3, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 4 W-3, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 5 W-3, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 6 W-3, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 7 W-3, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 8 W-3, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St9 W-3, 10.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 10 W-3, 11.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 11 W-3, 12.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 15 W-3, 13.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniya St 14 W-4
50Govt.Boys Hr.Sec.School East Building, South Side, ,Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arasu Hr Sec School St W-2, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkitapatty St W-2, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkitapatty St Santhu 1 W-2, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arunachallapuram 1 W-4, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arunachallapuram 4 W-4, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arunachallapuram St 5 W-4, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arunachallapuram St -6 W-4, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arunachallapuram St 8 W-4, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arunachalapuram St 9 W-4, 11.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Mettu St 2 W-7, 12.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kasukarar Chittier St 12 W-8, 13.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kasukara Chittier St 14 W-8, 14.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kasukarar Chittier St 16 W-8
51Govt Boys Hr Sec School, North Building ,East Side, Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pethaniyapuram W3, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Arunachalapuram St W-4, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Markadeyan Kovil St W-7, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Shek Masthan St W-8, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Markandeyan Kovil St 7 W-8
52St.Joseph Primary School South Portion Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Sivan Kovil St1 W7, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-South St Line 1 W-7, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-South St Line 2 W-7, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-South St Line 3 W-7, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pattu Noolkarar St 1 W-7, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Vethappan Santhu W-7, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Mettu St 1 W7, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Mettu St2 W7, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-South St2 W-7, 10.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Markandeyan Kovil St 6 W8, 11.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kadai Veethi 1 W-8, 12.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Thaiyalkarar St2 W8, 13.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Pattu Noolkarar St 2 W-8, 14.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kannanar St W-8, 15.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Sankili Kovil St W-8, 16.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Valayal Karar St W-8, 17.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kasukarar St W8, 18.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Local Pandu St 3 W10
53Govt Boys Hr Sec School, North Building ,East Side, Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Markandeyan Kovil St 1 W-6, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Markandeyan Kovil St 2 W-6,, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Markandeyan Kovil St 3 W-6, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Thaiyalkarar St W-6, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Santhaipetai St W-6, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kannaki St 2 W-6, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kannaki St 3 W-6, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Ricemill St 1 W-6, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Ricemill St 2 W-6, 10.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Kannaki St W-6, 11.Vathalagundu (R.V) And (Tp)-Emmanuvel St W-6
54Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,Addl. Building East Portion Kattakamanpatti 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) Kattakamanpatty (P)-Kamatchipuramw1, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) Kattakamanpatty (P)- Kattakamanpatty W2,, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) Kattakamanpatty (P)- Kattakamanpatty W3,
55Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,Addl. Building West Portion, Kattakamanpatti – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) Kattakamanpatty (P)-Kattakamanpatty W3, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) Kattakamanpatty (P)- Kattakamanpatty,Parasuramapuram W4,
56Govt. High School 7A North Portion ,New Building, Old Batlagundu 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Old Batlagundu Angala Parameswari W- 1, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Old Batlagundu W-2,, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Old Batlagundu W-3,, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Old Batlagundu North St W-2,, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Batlagundu Main Road W-1,, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Batlagundu East St W-2,, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Pattalamman Kovil St W-7,, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Old Batlagundu W-5,
57Govt. High School 7B North (New) Building ,Old Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Ricemill St W-2, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Dindigul St W-1, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Old Batlagundu W-2, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Anna Nagar W-2, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Center St W-4, 6.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-East Main Road W-4, 7.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Kalaignar Colony W-2, 8.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Center St W-3, 9.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-South St W-4, 10.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-South Main Road W-4
58Govt.High School East Iind Building West Portion Old Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Kottaipatty W-1, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Ambetkar Colony W2,, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Indiranagar Colony East W3,2,, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Indira Nagar Colony W4,
59Govt.High School East Iind Building West Portion ,Old Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Old Batlagundu Pattalamman Kovil St W-5
60Govt.High School East Iind Building East Portion ,Old Batlagundu – 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-West St W-5, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Pattalamman Kovil St W-5, 3.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Kaliyamman Kovil St W-5, 4.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-West Dindigul St W-5, 5.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Thaiyari Karuppanan Nagar W-5
61Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,West Building, Southern Side, Old Batlagundu - 6242021.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Old Batlagundu Main Road Block5w4, 2.Vathalagundu (R.V) Old Batlagundu (P)-Old Batlagundu Block 6 W4,
62MBatlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Building , East Portion, Veriyappanayackanpatti - 6242021.Viralipatti (R.V) Eluvanam Patty (P)-Veriyappa Naicken Patty W-1, 2.Viralipatti (R.V) Eluvanam Patty (P)-Veriyappanayackanpatti,Uchapatty, Kadamanoor W1,
62A(W)Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building , West Side, Veriyappanayackanpatti - 6242021.Viralipatti (R.V) Eluvanam Patty (P)-Veriyappa Naicken Patty W-1, 2.Viralipatti (R.V) Eluvanam Patty (P)-Veriyappanayackanpatti,Uchapatty, Kadamanoor W1,
63Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Building, Western Side, Eluvanampatti - 6242021.Viralipatti (R.V) Eluvanam Patty (P)-Eluvanam Patty W-3, 2.Viralipatti (R.V) Eluvanam Patty (P)-Eluvanampatty W-4,
64Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School East Building ,South Side Eluvanampatti – 6242021.Viralipatti (R.V) Eluvanam Patty (P)-Eluvanampatty W 3, 2.Viralipatti (R.V) Eluvanam Patty (P)-Eluvanampatty W 4,
65Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Side, East Building, Eluvanampatti – 6242021.Viralipatti (R.V) Eluvanam Patty (P)-Eluvanampatty Bagavathi Kovil St,Jagajeevan Nagar W2, 2.Viralipatti (R.V) Eluvanam Patty (P)-Jegajeevan Nagar W-2,
66Adi Dravidar Welfare Primary School ,Eastern Side V. Kurumppapatty- 6242021.Viralipatti (R.V) Pannap Patty Viralipatti (P)- Kurumpapatty,Samiyar Moopanoor W1, 2.Viralipatti (R.V) Pannai Patty Viralipatti (P)-Samiyar Moopanoor W 1,
67Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School , Addl.East Building, Pannaipati -6242021.Viralipatti (R.V) Pannai Patty Viralipatti (P)-Meenang Kannipatty, Kannimarkovilpatti, Pannaipatti W2, 2.Viralipatti (R.V) Pannai Patty Viralipatti (P)-Pannaipatty W-2,
68Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School West New Building, ,Viralipatti -6242021.Viralipatti (R.V) Pannai Patty Viralipatti (P)-Veralipatti W 3
69Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle.School ,South Side ,Viralipatti - 6242021.Viralipatti (R.V) Pannai Patty Viralipatti (P)-Viralipatty W 4
70Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,Ramanaickanpatti -6242021.Viralipatti (R.V) Pannai Patty Viralipatti (P)-Rama Naickenpatty W-5, 2.Viralipatti (R.V) Pannai Patty Viralipatti (P)-Poovampatty W-5,, 3.Viralipatti (R.V) Pannai Patty Viralipatti (P)-Karuppa Moopanpatty, Poovampatti, Ramanayackanpatti W5,
71Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,Eastern Side Rengappa Naicken Patty -6242201.Rengappa Naichken Patty (R.V) And (P)-Setapatty,Servaranpatti W1, 2.Rengappa Naichken Patty (R.V) And (P)-Rengappa Naickhen Patty, Kamachipuram, Mayapuram Kottam W2,, 3.Rengappa Naichken Patty (R.V) And (P)-Kamtchipuram W-2,
72Batlagundu Panchayat Unoin Primary School, ,Kunnuthupatti-6242201.Rengappa Naichken Patty (R.V) And (P)-Kunoothu Patty W-3
73Govt Kallar High School Old Building ,No-255 ,Theppathu Patty -6242201.Rengappa Naichken Patty (R.V) And (P)-Thethuppatty W=4
74Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Building Valayapatti -6242201.Santhai Yur (R.V) And (P)-Rajathani Kottai W-3, 2.Santhai Yur (R.V) And (P)-Santhiayur W-4,
75Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School ,New South Building Valayapatti -6242201.Santhai Yur (R.V) And (P)-North Valayapatty W-1 2.Santhai Yur (R.V) And (P)-Thaatha Patty W-4,
76Batlagundu Panchayat Union Middle School ,New South Building West Side Valayapatti -6242201.Santhai Yur (R.V) And (P)-South Valaya Patty W-2
77Govt High School ,South Building, West Side, Sekkapatty-6242201.Sekkapatty R.V) And (P)-Sekkapatty W-1
78Govt High School ,North Building, Sekkapatty-6242201.Sekkapatty R.V) And (P)-Sekkapatty W-2, 2.Sekkapatty R.V) And (P)-Sem Mettu Patty W3,
79Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,North Portion East New Building Viruveedu -6242201.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Veruveedu W-1, 2.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Viruveedu W-2,
80Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,South Portion East New Building Viruveedu -6242201.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Keela Theppathu Patty W-2, 2.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Keela Theppathu Patty W-3,
81Batlagundu Panchayat Union Praimary School North Side ,West Building Viruveedu -6242201.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Darmathu Patty W-3
82Batlagundu Panchayat Union Praimary School South Portion ,West Building Viruveedu -6242201.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Tharmarasapuram W-4, 2.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Mel Achannam Patty W-4, 3.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Mayathi Puram W-4,
83Batlagundu Panchayat Union . Primary School Additional Building South Side ,Viruveedu – 6242201.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Veruveedu W-1
84Batlagundu Panchayat Union . Primary School West Building East Facing ,Viruveedu – 6242201.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Keela Achannam Patty W-4, 2.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Kampoothiri Naichken Patty W-4, 3.Viruveedu (R.V) And (P)-Mela Achanam Patty W-4
85Govt. Kallar Praimary School East Side ,Nagaiyagoundenpatty, Viralimayanpatty – 6242201.Virali Mayan Patty (P)-Virali Mayan Patty W-1, 2.Virali Mayan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Nagaiya Gounden Patty W-2,
86Govt.Kallar Praimary School West Side ,Nagaiyagoundenpatty, Viralimayanpatty -6242201.Virali Mayan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Senmar Patty W-2, 2.Virali Mayan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Koniyam Patty W-3,, 3.Virali Mayan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Gopalapuram W-2,, 4.Virali Mayan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Perumal Kovilpatty W-3,
87Batlagundu Panchayat Union Primary School ,East Building, Nadakottai – 6242201.Nada Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Nata Kottai W-2, 2.Nada Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Vathal Patty W-3
88Govt. Kallar Primary School ,Nalludevanpatty, Akkaraipatty -6242201.Nada Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Akkaraippatti W-1, 2.Nada Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Ganapathi Patty W-1, 3.Nada Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Nata Kottai Aathee Thiravitar Colony W-1
89Assistant Elementary Educational Office ,East Portion, Sempatti -6247071.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Sempatty W 1
90Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School, South Side ,West Building Patchamalayankottai- 6242081.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Pachai Malayan Kottai,Kethaiyagoundanpatti, Rajivgandthipuram W 2, 2.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Kethaia Gounden Patty W 2, 3.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Rajeev Gandhi Puram W2
91Nilakottai Panchayat Union Ele. School, West Facing, Tiled Building ,Sellayeepuram – 6242081.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Thirumaya Gounden Patty W-2, 2.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Sedapatti W-2, 3.Pachaimalayan Kottai (P)-Pudu Kottai W3
92Nilakottai Panchayat Unoin Elementary School, East Facing Addl. Building ,Sellayeepuram – 6242081.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Sellayi Puram W-3, 2.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Thimmi Naichken Patty W-3, 3.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Vedapatty W-3
93Govt Kallar Hr Sec School , Addl. School Building, West Facing ,East Portion, Kamupillaichatram – 6242081.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Sukkukapuram W-4 2.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-S.Pudukottai W-4
94Govt Kallar Hr Sec School , Addl. School Building, West Facing ,South Portion, Kamupillaichatram – 6242081.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Puduchatram W-4, 2.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Pudu Kaman Patty W-4
95Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,Ottupatty – 6242081.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Ottu Patty W-5, 2.Pachamalayan Kottai (R.V) And (P)-Koothampatty W-5
96Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School, North Building ,Uthupatty -6242061.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Utthupatty Block 3 W1, 2.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Utthupatty West St W-3, 3.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Utthu Patty North Colony W-3
97Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School West Side ,Tiled Building, Sakkaiyanaickanur – 6242061.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Sakkaiyanayackanoor Block W2, 2.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Sakkaiya Naichkanoor Block 2 W5
98Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School, East Side ,Center Building Sakkaiyanaickanur – 6242061.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Sakkaiya Naihckanoor North St W-4, 2.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Alagampatti Block 4 W2, 3.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Poothipuram Block 4 W2, 4.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Mondanpatty Block 4 W2
99Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School, East Side ,Tiled Building, Kammalapuram, Adaikalamathapuram - 6242061.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Jallipatty W3, 2.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Metoor W-6,7,, 3.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Kamapuram Pirivu W4,, 4.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Colony W4,, 5.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Kamalapuram East St W4
100Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School, North Side ,New Concrete Building, Kamalapuram, Adaikalamathapuram - 6242061.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Kamapuram Pirivu W4
101Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School, South Side ,New Concrete Building, Kamalapuram, Adaikalamathapuram - 6242061.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Metoor W3, 2.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Kamalapuram East St W-7, 3. Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Kamalapuram Center St W4, 4.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Kalapuram West St North St W-8
102Govt. A.D.W. Middle School ,R.C.Building, Alagampatty – 6242061.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Algam Patty Block 4 South St ,East St W2, 2.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Algampatty Block 5 North St W2, 3.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Kami Naichken Patty Block 5 W2, 4.Jambuthuraikottai (R.V) And (P)-Thoppi Naicken Patty Block 5 W2
103Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School North Building ,New Building, Kolingipatty - 6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Kolunchippatty St 1 W 16, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Kolinchipatty St 2 W 16,, 3.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Chillala Patty W 17
104Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School South Side ,New Building, Kolingipatty – 6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Meenakchi Puram W-17, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Nagaiya Gounden Patty W-18,
105Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School Front Side ,Main Building, Pommanampatty -6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Oruthattu W-15, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Chinnakaladi Patty W-15,, 3.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Darmapuri W-3,, 4.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ramaraja Puram W1,, 5.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Suthanthira Puram W-3
106Nilakottai Panchayat Union Ele. School Back Side ,Asbestos Building, Pommanampatty – 6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Kodai Road W 4, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Pudur W 15,, 3.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Pommanam Patty (Thotta Kudiyiruppu) W 15,, 4.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Pommanam Patty W 15,
107Pandian Aided Primary School ,K.Rajathanikottai – 6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ramarajapuram W 1, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Rajathani Kotttai W 1
108Pandian Aided Primary School ,West Side, K. Rajathanikottai -6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Rajathani Kottai W-2, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Rajathani Kottai 2,W-3,, 3.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Thali W-4
109Lilimalar Aided Primary School ,Kodairoad -6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)- Jeganathapuram W 9, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-A.Pudur W 7
110Srikrishna Aided Primary School ,Eastern Side, Mavuthanpatti -6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Mayutham Patty W 14
111Sri Krishna Aided Primary School ,West Building Mavuthanpatti -6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Mayutham Patty 1 W-13, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Mayutham Patty 2 St W -13,, 3.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Mayuthampatty 3rd St W13,, 4.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-East Thottam,
112R.C. Aided Middle School South Building ,Ammapatty – 6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ammapatty Ammanagar W 10
113R.C. Aided Middle School North Building ,Ammapatty – 6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-R.C.School St, West St W 10, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ammapatty ,South St W 10,, 3.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)- Ammapatty,North St W 12,, 4.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ammapatty Main St W 12,, 5.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ammapatty East St W 12,
114Layola R.C. Aided Primary School ,Sankarapuram - 6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ammapatty W-11, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Sankarapuram W-11
115Govt. High Schoolnorth Building West Portion Ammayanaickanoor - 6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)- Chokkalingapuram W-7, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ammaiya Naoickanoor W-7,
116Govt. High School, Centre Portion ,North Building, Ammayanaickanoor -6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ammaiya Naickanoor W-5, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Edaiya Patty W- 6, 3.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Nakkam Patty W- 6
117Govt High School, South Portion ,Tiled Building Ammayanaickanoor -6242011.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ammaiya Naichkanoor W-5, 2.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Nakkam Patty W- 6, 3.Oruthattu (R.V) Ammaiyanaickanur (Tp)-Ammaiya Naichkanoor W-8
118Gandhiji Aided Primary School, North Side ,Palampatty – 6242151.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Kattu Naichken Patty East St W-1, 2.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Kattu Nayakar St W-1, 3.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Kattu Naichken Patty Colony St W- 1, 4.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Balampatty East St W2, 5.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Balpatty West St W2, 6.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Balpatty Parayuur W2, 7.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Balampatty Souriyarpalayam W2, 8.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Balampatty Mariyayi Palayam W2, 9.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Balampatty Kalathu Kottam W2
119Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,Tiled Building, Uchanampatty – 6242151.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Nariyoothu South St W 3, 2.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Nariyoothu North St W 3, 3.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Raya Pillai Patty W 3, 4.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Uchannam Patty North St W 4, 5.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Uchannam Patty Center St W 4, 6.Nari Yuthu(R.V) And (P)-Uchannam Patty South St W 5
120R.C.Primary School West Side North Portion ,Michealpalayam -6242081.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Maickel Palayam W2, 2.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Mickel Palayam Thottakkutiyeruppu W 2
121R.C.Primary School North Portion West Side Michealpalayam -6242081.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Maickel Palayam W3, 2.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Avaiyem Patty W3, 3.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Enchasiyar Puram W3, 4.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Santhana Matha Puram W3, 5.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Selve Nagar W3, 6.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-West Thotta Kutiyiruppu W3, 7.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-South Thotta Kudiyiruppu W3, 8.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-North Thottakudiyeruppu W 3
122Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,Sangalpatty -6242081.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Sangal Patty W1, 2.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Aachipuram W-1, 3.Kottur(P)-Aachi Puram Thotta Kudiyiruppu W1
123Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School K.Pudur -6242081.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Nagama Naichken Patty W4, 2.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Kootur W4,, 3.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Thathaka Patty W4,, 4.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Kalliyasari Patty W4,,5.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-K.Pudur W4,
124Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School, West Portion ,Senkottai- 6242081.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Senkottai W5, 2.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Sutti Aladi Patty W5,
125Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School, East Portion ,Senkottai - 6242081.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Rayappan Patty W5, 2.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Somapuram W5,, 3.Kottur (R.V) And (P)-Avaiyem Patty W5,
126Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,Addl Building, Kodankinayakanpatty - 6242081.Kodangi Naickan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Appi Naichken Patty W-1, 2.Kodangi Naickan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Nesavalar St W1,, 3.Kodangi Naickan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Muslim St W-2,, 4.Kodangi Naickan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Thottapatty W-3,
127Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,Kodankinayakanpatty - 6242081.Kodangi Naickan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Thoppupatti W-3, 2.Kodangi Naickan Patti (R.V) And (P)-East Colony St W2, 3.Kodangi Naickan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Thambi Naickhen Patty W-3
128Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary. School ,Kokkupatty -6242081.Kodangi Naickan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Kokku Patty W-4, 2.Kodangi Naickan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Appayu Pillai Patti W-4,
129Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School, Peraringar Anna Century Memorial Building West Building South Portion ,S. Thummalapatty-6242111.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-South Virali Patty W-2, 2.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-Perumal Patty W2,, 3.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-En.Kovilpatty W-2,
130Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School, Peraringar Anna Century Memorial Building West Building Middle Portion ,S. Thummalapatty-6242111.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-S.Thummalapatty W-3, 2.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-S.Thummalapatty W4,
131Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary .School ,Kulathu Patty-6242111.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-Seethapuram W2, 2.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-Noothula Puram W4,, 3.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-Kulathu Patty W4,, 4.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-Pankala Patty W2,
132Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School, West Facing Eastern Addl. Building ,Chinnama Naicken Kottai -6242111.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-N. Uthupatty W-1, 2.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-North Viralipatty W-1,, 3.Noothala Puram (R.V) And (P)-Chinnama Naichken Kottai W3,
133Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School South Building ,Veelinaickenpatti -6242081.Veeli Naicken Patti (R.V) And (P)-Sai Naichken Patty W-1, 2.Veeli Naicken Patti (R.V) And (P)-Pappi Naichken Patty South St W-1,, 3.Veeli Naicken Patti (R.V) And (P)-Pappi Naichken Patty North St W-2,, 4.Veeli Naicken Patti (R.V) And (P)-Mutharaiyer Nagar W-2
134Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School South Side New Building ,Veelinaickenpatti -6242081.Veeli Naicken Patti (R.V) And (P)-Veeli Naichken Patty Odai St W-2, 2.Veeli Naicken Patti (R.V) And (P)-Veeli Naichken Patty W-3,
135Govt Hr Sec School, New Building, East Side ,Nilakottai -6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Jameenthar Petai W-6, 2.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Madurai Main Road W-6, 3.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Aachi Nagar W-6
136Govt Hr Sec School ,West Building Science Lab ,Nilakottai-6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Kamaraj Nagar W-8, 2.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Aranmanai Kottai W-8, 3.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Janakan St W-8, 4.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Jarj Puram W-8, 5.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Venkatrama Iyyer St W-8, 6.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Pasuvalinga Nagar W-8, 7.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Chatram St W-12
137Govt Hr Sec School ,West New Building, ,East Facing North Side, Nilakottai -6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Arasamara St W-11, 2.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Kacherry St W-12,, 3.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Nagalingasamy Kovil St W-13,
138Govt Hr.Sec.School North Side ,East Portion, Nilakottai-6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Pudu St W-11
139Govt Hr.Sec.School East Building ,North Portion, Nilakottai-6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-E.B..Colony W-11, 2.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Jarjpuram W-11,, 3.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-American Mishan St W-12,, 4.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Nagalingasamy St W-12,, 5.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Periya Kalaiyamman Kovil St W-13
140Sourashtra Middle School , South Portion ,Western Building , Nilakottai -6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Akrakara St W-8, 2.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Bazaar St W-13,, 3.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Anna St W-13,, 4.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Suburayalu St W-13,, 5.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Bose St W-13,, 6.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Nivekananthar St W-13,, 7.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Serman Bazaar St W-13,, 8.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Perumal Kovil St W-15,, 9.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Parai St W-15,, 10.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Mettaikara St W-15,, 11.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Jeeva Santhu W-15,, 12.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Old Kacherry St W-15,, 13.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Karuppusamy St W-15,, 14.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Ambalavannan Abiramiamman Santhu W15,, 15.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Markandeyan Kovil Perumal Kovil Stw,, 16.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Kamatchiamman Kovil St W15,, 17.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Avinashi Santhu W15,, 18.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Sivanadiyar Santhu W15,, 19.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Bazaar St W15,, 20.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Guruvala Chitty St W15,
141Sourashtra Middle School, K.R.M.N.S.S. Ammal Memorial, East Facing, West Building, South Portion ,Nilakottai -6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Thelunkar St W-14, 2.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Bazaar St W-14,, 3.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Perumal Kovil St W-14,, 4.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Thatchinamoorthy St W-14,, 5.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Narayana Moorthy St W-14, 6.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Doctor Ratha Krishnan Santhu W-14,, 7.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Vakeel Shayapu St W-14,, 8.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Anumanthan Chitty St W-14,
142Sourashtra Middle School, K.R.M.N.S.S. Ammal Memorial, East Facing, West Building, North Portion ,Nilakottai -6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Jahir Uhen Santhu W14
143Nadar Middle School, ,Central Building, Nilakottai-6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Bazaar St W-4, 2.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Pallivasal St Kanakar St W-4, 3.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Pallivasal St W-4, 4.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Ricemill St W-4, 5.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Samy Nadar St W-4, 6.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Sekkadi St 1 W-4, 7.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Sekkadi St 2 W-5, 8.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Sekkadi St3 W-5, 9.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Sekkadi St 4 W-5, 10.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Sekkadi St 5 W-5, 11.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Sekkadi St 6 W-5, 12.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Sekkadi St 7 W-5,
144Nadar Middle School, East Side ,Yanai Pettai, Nilakottai-6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Konker Kulam W-2, 2.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Bazaar St W-3, 3.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Kanakar St W-3, 4.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Pillaimar St W-3, 5.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Chithambaranar St W-3, 6.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-East Street -W-4, 7.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-East St Santhu W-4, 8.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Pandiyanur Santhu W-4, 9.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Sempatty Road W-4,
145H.N.U.P.R.Girls Hr Sec School, ,Sivakami Chinna Computer Building, Room No- 3, Nilakottai -6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Maniyakaran Patty W-10, 2.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Meenachipuram W-10,
146H.N.U.P.R.Girls Hr Sec School ,Sivakami Cinna Computer Building Nilakottai – 6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Pudupatty W-9, 2.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Duraisamy Puram W-7,
147H.N.U.P.R. Girls Hr Sec School ,West Side ,Second Building ,Nilakottai-6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Nehru Nagar W-7
148H.N.U.P.R. Girls Hr Sec School, North Facing Eastern Side Last Room ,Nilakottai-6242081.Nilakkottai (R.V) And (Tp)-Kamatchipuram W-7
149R.C. Ele.School ,North Portion ,East Building, Silukkuvarpatti -6242151.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Silukkuvarpatti W-1, 2.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Silukuvarpatti W-2,
150R.C. Elementary School South Portion ,East Building , Silukkuvarpatti -6242151.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Sulikkuvar Patty W-3, 2.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Sulikkuvar Patty W-4,
151R.C. Elementary School Middle Portion ,East Building , Silukkuvarpatti -6242151.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Silukkuvar Patty W5, 2.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Silukkuvarpatty Block 6 W5,
152Swamy Vivekananda High School ,New Building ,Silukkuvarpatty-6242151.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Old Silukkuvar Patty Block 7 W5, 2.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kuppapalanipatty Block 8 W5, 3.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Sennan Chettypatty Block 9 W5, 4.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Othakarai Patty Sangarapuram West St Block 10 W5
153Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,Seerangampatty-6242151.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Seerangam Patty Block 11 W1, 2.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kaviyarayapuram Block12 W1, 3.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Mannavarathi Block 13 W1
154Muthuraja Middle School Front South Building, Eastern Side ,,Kariampatty-6242151.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kariyampatty W Block 14 W2, 2.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kariyampatty Block 15 W2,
155Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,Vellai Thathan Patty - 6242151.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kariyam Patty 15 W3, 2.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Kariyampatty East St W3, 3.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Harijana St W3, 4.Silukkuvarpatti (R.V) And (P)-Vellaithathan Patty W3
156Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School, Eastern Portion, South Building ,Eastern Portion Malayagoundanpatti - 6242011.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Chettiyapatty W-1
157Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School, Western Portion, South Building Malayagoundanpatti - 6242011.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Indira Nagar W1, 2.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Malaiya Gounden Patty W1,, 3.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Potti Kulam W 1,
158Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School, East Side , Main Building ,Malayagoundanpatti - 6242011.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Malaiya Gounden Patty W2, 2.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Pottikulam W1,, 3.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Kannarpatty W3,, 4.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Colony St W-4,, 5.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Bhathimanagar W 2, 6.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Thamos Puram W 2
159R.C.Nirmala Primary School ,Murugathuran Patty -6242011.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Murugathooran Patty North St W 4, 2.Malayagoundan Patti (R.V) And (P)-Chokkang Chetty Patty W 4
160Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School, ,South Side, Asbestos Building , Pottichettipatti- 6242061.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Potti Chetty Patty North, South St W1, 2.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Ganshi Nagar South W1,, 3.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Ganshi Nagar North W1,
161Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Northside, Tiled Building, Pottichettipatti-6242061.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Kannimar Nagar W1, 2.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Aranmanai St North W2,, 3.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Aranmanai St West W2,, 4.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Post Office W3,, 5.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-South St W3,, 6.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Sounthirapuram W3,, 7.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Salai St W3,
162R.C.Primary School South Building East Side ,Sandalarpuram -6242061.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Sandalar Puram W3, 2.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Roja Colony W3,, 3.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Paul Pannai St W3,, 4.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Vinayakar Nagar W3,, 5.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Arumuga Nagar W 3,, 6.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Gopalapuram W 3,
163Aided Primary School , North Building ,Kanthappakottai- 6242061.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Kanthappa Kottai W 4, 2.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Kanthappa Kottai South St W 4, 3.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Kanthappa Kottai Thullan Kovil St W 4
164Aided Primary School South Building ,Kanthappakottai- 6242061.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Singampatty W 4, 2.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Karisal Patty W 4, 3.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Kattakoothan Patty W 4, 4.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Kallupatty W 4, 5.Kullalagundu (R.V) And (P)-Samiyapuram W 4
165R.C.Middle School, North Building, New Building ,Kalladipatty -6242061.Kullalagundu (R.V) Kalladipatti (P)-Kalladipatty Colony St W5, 2.Kullalagundu (R.V) Kalladipatti (P)-Kalladipatty North W 5, 3.Kullalagundu (R.V) Kalladipatti (P)-Kalladipatty West St W 5, 4.Kullalagundu (R.V) Kalladipatti (P)-Kalladipatty South St W 5, 5.Kullalagundu (R.V) Kalladipatti (P)-Kalladipatty East St W 5, 6.Kullalagundu (R.V) Kalladipatti (P)-Santhosa Puram W 5
166Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School North Building ,East Portion Pallapatty-6242011.Pallapatti (R.V) And (P)-Pallapatty Block 1 W1
167Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School North Building ,West Portion Pallapatty-6242011.Pallapatti (R.V) And (P)-Pallapatty Block 2 W1
168Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,South Building , Pallapatti- 6242011.Pallapatti (R.V) And (P)-Pallapatty Block 3 W2, 2.Pallapatti (R.V) And (P)-Pallapatty Block 4 W2
169Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School South Building ,West Side,Pallapatty-6242011.Pallapatti (R.V) And (P)-Balpannai St Block 5 W 3
170Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School East Building ,Pallapatty- 6242011.Pallapatti (R.V) And (P)-Pallapatty Block 10 W 3
171Govt. Kallar Middle School No. 231 North Side Building ,Pallapatty- 6242011.Pallapatti (R.V) And (P)-Pallapatty South St Block 6,7 W 4, 2.Pallapatti (R.V) And (P)-Deevar Nagar Block 6,7 W 4
172Govt. Kallar Primary School No. 231 North Building ,Pallapatty - 6242011.Pallapatti (R.V) And (P)-Arunachalapuram Raman Chettipatti Block 8 W 5, 2.Pallapatti (R.V) And (P)-Velayuthapuram Soundarapuram Block 9 W 5
173Nehruji Aided Primary School ,Akkarkarapatty 6242081.Nakkaluthu (R.V) And (P)-Akrakarappatty W-1, 2.Nakkaluthu (R.V) And (P)-Akrakarappatty W-2, 3.Nakkaluthu (R.V) And (P)-Akrakarappatty W-3
174Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,Valankottai -6242081.Koovanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Valan Kottai W-1, 2.Koovanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Kompukkaran Patty W 1
175Aided Primary School ,Kurumbapatty-624 2081.Musuvanuthu (R.V) Koovanuthu(P)-Kurumppatty W3, 2.Musuvanuthu (R.V) Koovanuthu(P)-Kurumppatty W2,, 3.Musuvanuthu (R.V) Koovanuthu(P)-Thiraviyer Nagar W-3
176Govt Kallar Middle School No-137 ,South Building Portion Musuvanoothu- 6242081.Musuvanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Muthukaman Patty W-1, 2.Musuvanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Andipatty W1,, 3.Musuvanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Milakai Patty W 2,, 4.Musuvanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Musuvanoothu South St W-2,, 5.Musuvanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Musuvanoothu North St W-3,, 6.Musuvanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Musuvanoothu Colony W2
177Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,Kal Kottai -6242081.Musuvanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Kottai St W-3, 2.Musuvanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Sekka Patty Ku . Pirivu W-4,, 3.Musuvanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Kalkottai W-4,,4.Musuvanuthu (R.V) And (P)-Athidiravidar Colony W-4
178Nilakottai Panchayat Union . Primaryschool Terraced Western Building ,Sivagnanapuram-6242191.Sivagnapuram (R.V) And (P)-Bodiya Gounden Patty W-4, 2.Sivagnapuram (R.V) And (P)-Sivagnapuram W-1
179Nilakottai Panchayat Union .Primary School Old Building ,Sivagnanapuram-6242191.Sivagnapuram (R.V) And (P)-Sivaganapuram Ward-2, 2.Sivagnapuram (R.V) And (P)-C.Puthur Ward 2,, 3.Sivagnapuram (R.V) And (P)-Kootaathu Ayyampalayam Ward-3
180Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School Main Building East Portion ,Kullichettypatty -6242191.Sivagnapuram (R.V) Kulli Chettipatty (P)- Kullichettiyapatty North St,Ward-1, 2.Sivagnapuram (R.V) Kulli Chettipatty (P)- Kullichettiyapatty Nadu St, Ward-2,, 3.Sivagnapuram (R.V) Kulli Chettipatty (P)- Kullichettiyapatty South St,Ward-3,, 4.Sivagnapuram (R.V) Kulli Chettipatty (P)-Parayapatty Ward-3
181Govt Kallar Middle School,South Side Building No.136 ,Malliayampatti 624219 (Sitharkalnatham)1.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-Sithargal Nathamward-1, 2.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-Sakkiliyapatty W-2,
182Govt Kallar Middle School,North Side Building No.136 ,Malliayampatti 624219 (Sitharkalnatham)1.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-Malliyampatty Ward-1, 2.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-Malliyampatty Ward-2, 3.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-Parayapatty Ward-2
183Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School North Building ,Kundalapatty -6242191.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-Kuthilinayakkan Patty Ward-5, 2.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-Kundalapatty West St,Ward- 4, 3.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-Othaipatty Ward-5, 4.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-S.Vadipatty Ward-5
184Nilakottai Panchayat Union . Primary School ,South Building , Kundalapatti -6242191.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-Kundalapatty East St,Ward- 3, 2.Sithargalnatham (R.V) And (P)-Kundalapatty North St,Ward-3,
185Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School South Facing North Building ,Sirunaickenpatty -6242191.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Malaipatty Ward-1, 2.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Koundenpatty Ward-1, 3.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Perumalkovilpatti-W-1, 4.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Palayaperumalkovilpatty Ward-1, 5.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Pillyarnatha West St,Ward-1
186Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School ,North New Building, Sirunaickenpatty -6242191.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Sirunayackanpatti W 2, 2.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Sirunayackanpatti Kalani W 3, 3.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Mainroad W-2, 4.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Vinayagar Kovil St,Ward-2, 5.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Bagavathi Amman Kovil St W- 2, 6.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-East St W-2, 7.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Harijana St Pudu Colony W3
187Govt Kallar Hr Sec School ,Additional Building South Portion ,Anaipatty- 6242191.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Annaipatti W-4
188Govt Kallar Hr Sec School ,Additional Building North Portion ,Anaipatty- 6242191.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Nattar Patty W 3
189Panchayat Unoin Primary School R.C. Building ,Nattarpatty -6242191.Pillayarnatham (R.V) And (P)-Nattar Patty W-3
190Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,S.Mettupatti -6242191.Sithargalnatham (R.V) S.Mettupatty (P)-S.Mettupatty W-1, 2.Sithargalnatham (R.V) S.Mettupatty (P)-S.Mettupatti W 2, 3.Sithargalnatham (R.V) S.Mettupatty (P)-S.Mettupatty W3
191Aided Primary School East Portion Building ,Ethilode -6242191.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Ethilodu W 2, 2.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Meenakchi Puram W 3,,3.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Ethilodu W-6
192Govt. Kallar Primary School , New Building, Addl. Building ,Karuthandipatty-6242191.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Karuthandi Patty Block 6 W 2, 2.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Kamatchi Puram Block 6 W 2
193Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,South Building,Vilampatty-6242191.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Muthalapuram Block 3 W 4
194Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,North Side Building , Eastern Side, Vilampatty- 6242191.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Muthalapuram Block 4 W5, 2.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Muthalapuram Block 5 W5, 3.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Muthalapuram W 5
195Govt Kallar Middle School,New Building Avarampatty-6242191.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Avarampatty West St Block 7 W3, 2.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Avaram Pattu East St W7, 3.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Avarampatty Center St W 7
196Aided Primary .School ,Eastern Side, Kongapatty- 6242191.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Kongapatti Block 8 W1, 2.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Kongapatti W-8,
197Integrated Child Development Centre Building ,Kongapatty- 6242191.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Pullakkadu Patty Block 8 W1
198Nilakottai Panchayat Union Middle School ,E.Kovilpatty -6242191.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-A.Kovil Patty Block 9 W 1, 2.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Thahta Naickhen Patty Block 9 W 1, 3.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Nadupatty W 9, 4.Ethilodu (R.V) And (P)-Panchalang Kuruchi W 9
199Govt Kallar Primary School, No-319, North Portion ,Tiled Building Vilampatty -6242191.Vilampatti (R.V) And (P)-Vilampatty W-2, 2.Vilampatti (R.V) And (P)-Vilampatty W-3
200Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School ,Muthulingapuram -6342191.Vilampatti (R.V) And (P)-Muthuramalingapuram W-1
201Govt High School ,New Building ,Western Side, Mattaparai -6242131.Mattaparai (R.V) And (P)-Melamatta Parai W-5, 2.Mattaparai (R.V) And (P)-Thathan Kulam W2, 3.Mattaparai (R.V) And (P)-Krishnapuram W2
202Govt High School ,New Building East Portion ,Mattaparai -6242131.Mattaparai (R.V) And (P)-Matta Parai W-3
203Govt High School West Building North Portion ,Mattaparai -6242131.Mattaparai (R.V) And (P)-Matta Prai W-4
204Nilakottai Panchayat Union .Primary School R.C. Building ,Sadaiyampatty - 6242131.Mattaparai (R.V) And (P)-Sadayam Patty W-1
205Nilakottai Panchayat Union Primary School Southern Side Building, ,Ramarajapuram -6242061.Ramaraja Puram (R.V) And (P)-Ramaraja Puram W2
206Nilakottai Panchayat Union . Primary School Northern Side Building, ,Ramarajapuram-6242131.Ramaraja Puram (R.V) And (P)-Ramarajapuram W-3, 2.Ramaraja Puram (R.V) And (P)-Ramarajapuram W4
207Nehru Aided Primary School, Asbestos Building, ,Meenachipuram -6242061.Ramaraja Puram (R.V) And (P)-Meenakchipuram W 1
208Govt Kallar Middle School, West Facing South Side North Building ,Ramarajapuram -6242131.Ramaraja Puram (R.V) And (P)-Ramaraja Puram W-5, 2.Ramaraja Puram (R.V) And (P)-Thankaiya Puram W-5

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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