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List of Polling Booths in Natham Assembly

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1MSt.Britto Aided High School Western Building ,4Th Class Room Pugailaipatty- 6243061.Madur (R.V.) And (P)-Pugaiyilaipatty W-1,2
1A(W)St Britto Aidded High School West Building ,West Portion Pugailaipatty-6243061.Madur (R.V.) And (P)-Pugaiyilaipatty W-1,2
2St.Britto Aided High School Western Building 5Th Room ,Pugayilaipatty-6243061.Madur (R.V.) And (P)-Pugaiyilaipatti W-2,3,4,5
3St.Britto Aided High School East Side Building ,Pugayilaipatty-6243061.Madur (R.V.) And (P)-Madur Ward 4, 2.Madur (R.V.) And (P)-Maniakaranpatti Ward 4, 3.Madur (R.V.) And (P)-Kalathupatti Ward 4, 4.Madur (R.V.) And (P)-Mettupatti Ward 5
4St. James R.C. Ele School East Building ,Vangammanuthu-6243061.Vangamanoothu (R.V.) And Siluvathur [P]-Ayyakutty Pattyw-1, 2.Vangamanoothu (R.V.) And Siluvathur [P]- Vangamanoothu W1, 3.Vangamanoothu (R.V.) And Siluvathur [P]- Pallakarrupanpudur W1, 4.Vangamanoothu (R.V.) And Siluvathur [P]-Sandaipatty W1, 5.Vangamanoothu (R.V.) And Siluvathur [P]- Velankannipuram W1
5St. James R.C. Ele School West Building ,Vangammanuthu-6243061.Vangamanoothu (R.V.) And Siluvathur [P]-Kothapulipatty W- 1, 2.Vangamanoothu (R.V.) And Siluvathur [P]- Bommanathapuram W1,, 3.Vangamanoothu (R.V.) And Siluvathur [P]-Thoppur W-1,
6P.U. Midle School South Facing Building ,Siluvathur-6243061.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Betthaiagoundanpatti Ward 3, 2.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Siluvathur Ward 3, 3.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Paraikkalam Ward 3, 4.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Ulavarkudi Ward 3, 5.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Chinnappanayakkanpatty Ward 3, 6.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Valluvanpudur Ward 3
7P.U. Midle School East Facing Building (South) ,Siluvathur-6243061.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Kambarpatti Ward 4, 2.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Palanimanagaram Ward 3, 3.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Kallanpudur Ward 3,
8P.U.Middle School East Facing Building (North) ,Siluvathur-6243061.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Athikaripatti- W-2,4, 2.Siluvathur (R.V.) And [P]-Siluvathur Ward 4,
9MGovt Higher School North (Western Portion) ,Kambiliyampatti-6243061.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Kampiliampatti W-1, 2.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Kootthampatty-W-1,
9A(W)Govt Higher School North (Eastern Portion) ,Kambiliyampatti-6243061.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Kampiliampatti W-1, 2.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Kootthampatty-W-1,
10Govt Hr.Sec. School X1-C Class Room Eastern Side ,New Building Kambiliampatti-6243061.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Erranchettiyur-W-2, 2.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-K.Andipatti-W-2,
11P.U.Ele.School ,Narivilampatti-6243061.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Sukkampatti W-2, 2.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Narivilampatty-W-2, 3.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Akkaraipatti-W-2, 4.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Kosavanpudur-W-2
12P.U.Ele.School East Side ,Ammapatti-624306,2.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Chinnampatti-W-5, 3.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Ammapatty-W-5, 4.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Nilappatty-W-5, 5.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Nilappattipudur-W-5, 6.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Bothakanavaipatti W5, 7.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Mettuppatti-W-4
13P.U.Ele.School South Facing Building ,Kattupatti-6243061.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Anaikkulampudur W-4, 2.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Chinnakattupatti-W-4
14P.U.Ele.School North Building ,Kattupatti- 6243061.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Periakattupatti-W-4, 2.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Seelimuthunayakanur W4, 3.Kampiliampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Eramanaickanpatti Ward 4
15Panchayat Union Ele School New Building ,Vallampatti-6243061.Sengurichi (R.V.) And (P)-Mamarathupatty W-1, 2.Sengurichi (R.V.) And (P)-Valasu W1,,3.Sengurichi (R.V.) And (P)- Vallampatti-W-1,
16P.U.Elementary School West Facing Building ,Vallampatti-6243061.Sengurichi (R.V.) And (P)-Kurumbapatti W-1,2, 2.Sengurichi (R.V.) And (P)-Karattuppatti Ward 1, 3.Sengurichi (R.V.) And (P)-Mamarattupatti-W-2
17Panchayat Union Ele School Northern Building ,Sengurichi-6243061.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Senkurichi W-2, 2.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Indracolony W-2, 3.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Dhevendirapuram-W-2
18Panchayat Union Ele. School New Building Western Side ,Sengurichi-6243061.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Senkurichi W-2,3
19Panchayat Union Ele. School Add., West Building Southern Side ,Sengurichi- 6243061.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Pitchampatti W3, 2.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Kalathuveedukal-W-3,
20P.U. Middle School Addl. Building ,Alampatti- 6243061.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Alampatti W -4, 2.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Sadaiyampatti-W-4, 3.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Gopalapuram-W-4
21P.U.Ele.School ,Pudupatti-6243061.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Pandiyanoor W-5, 2.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Puthuppatti-W-5,, 3.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)-Alampatti-W-5,,4.Senkurichi (R.V) And (P)- Ellappatti-W-5
22P.U.Ele.School North Building ,V.S.K.Kurumbapatti- 6243061.Vajraservaikarankottai (R.V.) And (P)-Jakkamanayakkanpatti W-1, 2.Vajraservaikarankottai (R.V.) And (P)-Valasaipatti-W-5, 3.Vajraservaikarankottai (R.V.) And (P)-Puthuppatti-W-1, 4.Vajraservaikarankottai (R.V.) And (P)-V.S.Kottai W2
23P.U.Ele.School West Side Building Eastern Side ,V.S.K.Kurumbapatti- 6243061.Vajraservaikarankottai (R.V.) And (P)-Kurumpapatty W-2
24P.U. Elemantary School ,Silvarpatti -6243061.Vajraservaikarankottai (R.V.) And (P)-Silvarpatti W-6, 2.Vajraservaikarankottai (R.V.) And (P)-Viyalipatti W7,, 3.Vajraservaikarankottai (R.V.) And (P)-Vaiyalipattipudur-W-8,
25Panchayat Union Middle School Western New Building ,Markampatti- 6243061.Markkampatti (R.V) And Vajraservaikaran Kottai (P)- Markkampatti W-3, 2.Markkampatti (R.V) And Vajraservaikaran Kottai (P)- Ellappatti-W-3,, 3.Markkampatti (R.V) And Vajraservaikaran Kottai (P)- Aavarampatti-W-4,, 4.Markkampatti (R.V) And Vajraservaikaran Kottai (P)- Muthunagar-W-4
26P.U.Ele.School ,Vathala Thoppampatti-6243061.Vathalathoppampatti (R.V.) And (P)-Vatthalathoppampatti W-1, 2.Vathalathoppampatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kovilpatti-W-2, 3.Vathalathoppampatti (R.V.) And (P)-Vellalarstreet-W-1, 4.Vathalathoppampatti (R.V.) And (P)-V.Kamatchipuram-W-2
27Narasimman Aided Middle School West Side, V. Mettupatti-6243061.Vathalathoppampatti (R.V.) And (P)-Balagoundanpatti W-4, 2.Vathalathoppampatti (R.V.) And (P)-V.Mettuppatti-W-3, 3.Vathalathoppampatti (R.V.) And (P)-Vadakkampatti-W-3
28P.U.Ele School ,Thethampatti-6243061.Thethampatti (R.V.) And Vathalathoppampatti (P)-Thetthampatti Ward 4, 2.Thethampatti (R.V.) And Vathalathoppampatti (P)-Meenatchipuram Ward 4
29Panchayat Union Ele School South Building West Side ,Manjanaickenpatti- 6243041.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Manjanayakkanpatti Ward 2
30Panchayat Union Ele School South Building East Side ,Manjanaickenpatti- 6243041.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Andivadanchettiyur W-1, 2.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Ragalapuram-W-1, 3.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Andivadanchetiyur-W-1, 4.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Puliampatti-W-2
31Anganwadi Center Bommayagoundanpatti- 6243041.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Bommaiyagoundanpatti-W-3, 2.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Paradesigoundanpatti W3
32Hindu Aided Ele School North Building ,Pungampadi-6243041.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Pungampatti W-4, 2.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-West Street-W-4,, 3.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Goundanpudur W-4,, 4.Ragalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Pungampatikovil Street-W-4
33P.U.Ele.School Northern Portion ,Rajakkapatti- 6243161.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Rajakkapatti Ward 1
34Rajakkapatty Icds Center ,Rajakkapatti-6243161.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Pannaipatti Ward 2, 2.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Thambakulatthupatti Ward 1,
35P.U.Ele.School Southern Side ,Rajakkapatti-6243161.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kalluppatti Ward 2, 2.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Poosaripatty Ward 2, 3.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Aariakovilpatti Ward 2
36P.U.Ele.School ,Lakshminayakkan Patti- 6243161.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And P)-Lakshminayakkanpatti Ward 4, 2.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kumarapalayam Ward 4
37Hindu Aided Middle School South Building (East) ,Theetthampatti - 6243161.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Theethampatti Ward 3, 2.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kalarkadu-W-3, 3.Rajakkapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Merkumedu-W-3
38Panchayat Union Middle School, Tiled Building ,Thottanoothu-6240051.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-North Street W-1, 2.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-South Stret W-1
39Panchayat Union Middle School , South Facing Building ,Thottanoothu-6240051.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Sanganampatti W-1, 2.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Athupatti W-1, 3.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Puliamarathupatti W-1, 4.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Itchimarathupatti W-1, 5.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Arasanampatti W-1
40St.Antoniar Pry.School, Vth Std. West Side ,Nallamanaickenpatty- 624003 1.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Nallamanaickenpatti North Street W-2.3
41St.Antoniar Pry.School, South Side ,Nallamanaickenpatty- 6240031.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Nallamanaickenpatti South Street 2.3, 2.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Reddiapatti W-2, 3.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Arunameenachinagar W2,3,
42Aringar Anna High School Vth Std. ,Nallamanaickenpatty- 6240031.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Balamarathupatti W-3, 2.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Mettur W-3, 3.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Nallamanaickenpatti W-2,3, 4.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Reddiapatti W-2,
43P.U.Ele.School ,Alagarnaickenpatty- 6240031.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Rengasamuthrapatti #W-4, 2.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Rengasamuthrampatti Cross Nathamroad W-4,, 3.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Alagarnaickenpatti W-4,, 4.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Rengasamuthrapatti Colony W-4
44St.Joseph Ele.School North Portion ,East Side Addl.Building,Irandelaip Arai-6240031.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Irandalapparai W-4, 2.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thiruvalluvar Nagar W-5,, 3.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kovil Street W-5,, 4.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Colony Street W-5,, 5.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-South Street W-5,, 6.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Middle Street W-5,, 7.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-East Street W-4,, 8.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Sirumalai Adivaram W-5,, 9.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Paraithottam Ganamuthu Stret W-5,, 10.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kaliammankovil Street Indranagar W-4,
45St.Joseph Ele.School New Building West Side ,Irandalaiparai-6240031.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Iramdalapparai W-5, 2.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-West Stret W-5,, 3.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Ranimangammal Street W-5,, 4.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Sirumalai Road W-5,, 5.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Anthoniyar Siluvaithinnai W-5,, 6.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Vaisali Nagar Reddiapatti,, 7.Thottanoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Aruna Meenatchi Nagar,
46Arul Jothi Vallalar Hr Sec School North Building West Portion Natham Road,Dindigul- 6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Ponnagaram (Jeyalalithanagar) W-1, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-E.B.Office (Opp)W-1,, 3.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Jeeva Nagar W-1,, 4.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Rajalakshminagar W-1,
47Arul Jothi Vallalar Hr Sec School North Building East Portion ,Natham Road,Dindigul- 6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Nathamroad Maruthuvar Colony W-1, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Narayanan Nagar W-1,, 3.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Bagathsing Nankulam Kaveri Nagar W-1, ,4.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Ponnagaram,, 5.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thendral Nagar W-1,, 6.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Veerappan Kottam W-1,
48Panchayat Union Ele School , Eastern Building ,Thandalkaranpatty- 6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Muthamizh Nagar W-1, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Vazhakkaipatti W-1' 3.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kannarpatti W-2
49Panchayat Union Ele School , Western Building ,Thandalkaranpatty- 6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Muthalammankovil Street W-1, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Vazhakaipati Harijana Street W-2,
50Panchayat Union Ele School , West Facing Tiled Building East Portion ,Southern Portion, Thandalkaranpatty- 6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kaveri Nagar W-1, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thandakaranpatti W-2
51Panchayat Union Ele School , South Facing Tiled Building East Portion ,Southern Portion, Thandalkaranpatty- 6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kollrampatti W-2, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Urummikkaranpatti W-2, 3.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kalakkanoothupatti W-2, 4.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Soosaiyapuram W-4
52Panchayat Union Ele. .School ,Mottanampatti-6240021.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Mottanampatti W-2, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thomaiyarpuram W-2
53Panchayat Union Ele. School, Addl East Building ,Mottanampatti-6240021.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thomaiyarpuram North W-2, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thomaiyarpuram East W-2, 3.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thomaiyarpuram South W-2, 4.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thomaiyarpuram West W-2
54St.Antony'S Pry.School, West Building East Side ,Yagappanpatty-6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Yagappanpatti North Streetw-3, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Yagappanpatti South Sttreetw-4,, 3.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Yagappanpatti East Street W-3,, 4.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-West Stree W-3
55MPanchayat Union Ele School , East Facing Building ,Southern Portion, Nallampatti- 6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Nallampatti W-1
55A(W)Panchayat Union Ele School , East Facing Building ,Northern Portion, Nallampatti-6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Nallampatti W-1
56Panchayat Union Ele School , East Building North Portion ,Nallampatti-6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Vedapatti W-4, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Ganananthagiri Nagar W-4,
57Panchayat Union Ele School , East Building South Portion ,Nallampatti-6240031.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Ganananthagiri Nagar Perumalkovilpatti W-4, 2.Adianoothu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Nallampatti W-4
58Govt High School South Facing Building ,Narasingapuram-6243071.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Devalagarpatti W-2, 2.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Narasingapuram W-3,, 3.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Pudukulam Colony W-3,
59Govt High School West Building South Side 6 A Std ,Narasingapuram- 6243071.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kallupatti W-1
60Panchayat Union Ele. School ,Pappanampatti A. Vellodu -6243071.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Ellappatti W-4, 2.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Pappanampatti W-5, 3.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Poothampatti W-4,
61St.James Ele School North Facing Building ,A.Vellodu-6240031.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-A.Vellodu East Street W6 2.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Solainagar W-6, 3.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-East Thottathuveedu W-6
62R.C. Ele School (T.E.L.C) West Facing Building South Portion ,A. Vellodu -6243071.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-A.Vellodu W-7, 2.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thottathuveedukal W-7
63R. C. Ele School (T.E.L.C) West Facing Buiding North Portion ,A. Vellodu -6243071.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-A.Vellodu W-8, 2.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-South Street W-8, 3.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thottam W-8
64Little Flower St. Therasa Ele School (Convent) West Portion ,A.Vellodu-6240031.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-West Street (D.No. 1 To 200) W9
65Little Flower St. Therasa Ele School (Convent) East Portion ,A.Vellodu-6240031.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-West Street (D.No. 201 To Last No)
66St. Susaiyappar Ele School West Portion ,Sirunaickenpatty-6240031.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Sirunaickenpatti Block 10 W10
67St. Susaiyappar Ele School East Side ,Sirunaickenpatty-6243071.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Sirunaickenpatti W-11
68St. Susaiyappar Ele School West Side ,Sirunaickenpatty-6243071.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Karattalaganpatti W-12, 2.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Puthupatti Sakkiliyar Street W-13, 3.A.Vellodu (R.V.) And Panchayat-Moorthinaickenpatti W-12,
69Panchayat Union Middle School , Main Building ,Sirumalaipalayur-6240031.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Annanagar W-1, 2.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Sirumalai Palaiyur W-1,2,
70Panchayat Union Middle School , Main Building ,Sirumalaipalaiyur- 6240031.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Palaiyur W-1, 2.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Sambirani Oothukkadu W-2, 3.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Sooriyacoffee W-2, 4.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Velampannai W-2, 5.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thalaikkadai W-2, 6.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Malaikkadu Vekkalapadukkai W=2, 7.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Karumparai Kosavamparai -W2, 8.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kadamankulam W-2, 9.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thukkak Kadu W-2, 10.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Milakaiparaikkadu W-2, 11.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thavittukadai W-2
71Panchayat Union Ele. School, Back Side (Asbestas) Sirumalaipudur-6240031.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-M.R.M.Kadu W-3, 2.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Agasthiyarmadam W-3, 3.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Karuppukovil Begining W-3, 4.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Pallam Kurungupallam W-34, 5.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Poonjolai Estate W-3, 6.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Thenmalai W-3, 7.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kappiliyan Kanavai W-3
72Panchayat Union Ele. School Backside Building (Tiled) Sirumalaipudur-6240031.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kamakodi Estate Kalam Kalavi W-3, 2.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Arasangundu W-3,, 3.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Kosavamparai W-3,, 4.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Pasalaikkadu W-4,, 5.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Aathukkadu W-4,, 6.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Elakkanal Estate W-3,, 7.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Aralikkadu W-03,, 8.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Vadamalikkadu W-3,, 9.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Ponnurukki W-3,, 10.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Sathiyar Odai W-3,, 11. Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Pudur W-4 12.Sirumalai (R.V.) And Panchayat-Sirumalai Pudur Thideer Nagar W-4
73Panchayat Uniong Ele. School ,Kavarayapatti- 6240031.Koovanoothu (.R.V.) And (P)-Kavarayapatti W-4
74MP.U.Ele.School West Side ,Nochiodaipatti-6240031.Koovanoothu (.R.V.) And (P)-Notchiyodaipatti W-3
74A(W)P.U.Ele.School East Portion ,Nochiodaipatti-6240031.Koovanoothu (.R.V.) And (P)-Notchiyodaipatti W-3
75Panchayat Union Ele School North Building ,Koovanoothupudur- 6240031.Koovanoothu (.R.V.) And (P)-Pudur W-1, 2.Koovanoothu (.R.V.) And (P)-Kulakkaranpatti-W-1, 3.Koovanoothu (.R.V.) And (P)-Muthandikottam Ward 1
76Panchayat Union Middle School Southern Building ,Koovanuthu Kurumbapatti-6240031.Koovanoothu (.R.V.) And (P)-Sattakkaranpatti-W-2
77Panchayat Union Middle School Eastern Building ,Koovanuthu Kurumbapatti-6240031.Koovanoothu (.R.V.) And (P)-Kurumbapatti-W-2
78St.Amala Annai Aided Middle School East Side ,Thavasimadai-6243041.Thavasimadai (R.V.) And (P)-Thavasimadi East Street Ward 2, 2.Thavasimadai (R.V.) And (P)-Thavasimadai West Street Ward 2
79St.Amala Annai Aided Middle School West Side ,Thavasimadai-6243041.Thavasimadai (R.V.) And (P)-Vadipatti Ward 1, 2.Thavasimadai (R.V.) And (P)-Vadugapatti Ward 1
80St.Amala Annai Aided Middle School South Building ,Thavasimadai- 6243041.Thavasimadai (R.V.) And (P)-Thavasimadai Ward 3, 2.Thavasimadai (R.V.) And (P)-Thavasimadai Ward 1
81Panchayat Union Ele School South Side Vadakattupatti-6243041.Viralipatty, Vadakattupatti (R.V) And Thavasimadai (P)-Viralipatti Ward 3, 2.Viralipatty, Vadakattupatti (R.V) And Thavasimadai (P)- Parathesipatti Ward 4
82Panchayat Union Ele School North Side ,Vadakattupatti-6243041.Viralipatty, Vadakattupatti (R.V) And Thavasimadai (P)- Vadakattuppatti Ward 4
83Panchayat Union Ele.School Western Building ,Emakalapuram-6243041.Emakkalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Emakkalapuram W-1, 2.Emakkalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Karuppudaiyanpatti -W-2, 3.Emakkalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Karappudaiyanpatti Colony -W-2,
84Bharathi Aided Ele.School, ,Velampatti- 6243041.Emakkalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Aditravidar Kudieruppu Kailasampatti -W-3, 2.Emakkalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Velampatti W4, 3.Emakkalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Annanagar -W-3, 4.Emakkalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Adi Dravidar Kudy Iruppu 1 Ward 4, 5.Emakkalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Aditravidar Kudy Iruppu Ii Ward 4, 6.Emakkalapuram (R.V.) And (P)-Kailasampatti -W-3
85Panchayat Union Ele.School South Side ,Nathamadipatti-6243041.T.Panjampatti (R.V) And (P)-Kolingippatti -W-7
86Panchayat Union Ele.School North Side ,Nathamadipatti-6243041.T.Panjampatti (R.V) And (P)-T.Panjampatty -W-1, 2.T.Panjampatti (R.V) And (P)-Nathamadipatti W2,
87R.C. Girls Convent Middle School West Building Center Side ,Kosavapatti-6243041.T.Panjampatti (R.V) And (P)-Uthriyamatha Street W-3, 2.T.Panjampatti (R.V) And (P)-Kosavapatti -W-4,
88R.C. Girls Convent Middle School West Building South Side ,Kosavapatti-6243041.T.Panjampatti (R.V) And (P)-Kosavapatti South Street -W-4
89R.C.Girls Convent Middle School West Building ,Kosavapatti- 6243041.T.Panjampatti (R.V) And (P)-Soosaiyappar Street -W-5
90R.C.Boys Ele.School New Building ,Kosavapatti- 6243041.T.Panjampatti (R.V) And (P)-Kosavapatti West Street W-6, 2.T.Panjampatti (R.V) And (P)-Kosavapatti -W-6
91Panchayat Union Middle School East Facing Rcc Building ,Veerachinnampatti-6243041.Veerachinnampatti (R.V.) And (P)-Veerasinnampatti W-1
92Panchayat Union Middle School North South Facing Rcc Building ,Veerachinnampatti-6243041.Veerachinnampatti (R.V.) And (P)-Veerasinnampatti W2
93Panchayat Union Middle School Centre Building ,Marunoothu-6243081.Marunoothu (R.V.) And (P)-Marunoothu W-1,2
94Panchayat Union Middle School West New Building ,Marunoothu-6243081.Marunoothu (R.V.) And (P)-Kannamanoor W-2, 2.Marunoothu (R.V.) And (P)-Puthu Avilipatti -W-3, 3.Marunoothu (R.V.) And (P)-Kottaipatti -W-3, 4.Marunoothu (R.V.) And (P)-Saminathapuram -W-4
95Panchayat Union Middle School East Addl. Building ,Maniyakaranpatti-6243081.Thimmananallur (R.V.) And (P)-Maniakaranpatti W-1
96Panchayat Union Ele.School ,Jotthampatti-6243081.Jothampatti (R.V.) And Thimmananallur (P)-Poovakelavanpatti W-2, 2.Jothampatti (R.V.) And Thimmananallur (P)-Jothampatti -W-2
97Panchayat Union Middle School Eastern Side ,T.Ramarajpuram-6243081.Thimmananallur(R.V.) And (P)-Vettaikkaranpudur W-2, 2.Thimmananallur(R.V.) And (P)-Thalaiyaripatti -W-2
98Panchayat Union Ele. School East Building ,T.Vadugapatti-6243081.Thimmananallur(R.V.) And (P)-Vadugapatti -W-3
99Panchayat Union Ele. School West Building ,T.Vadugapatti-6243081.Thimmananallur(R.V.) And (P)-T. Paraipatti W-4, 2.Thimmananallur(R.V.) And (P)-T.Paraipatti Pallar Colony -W-3,
100Panchayat Union Middle School, Western Portion ,T. Ramarajapuram -6243081.Thimmananallur(R.V.) And (P)-Ramarajapuram W -5, 2.Thimmananallur(R.V.) And (P)-Pallapatti -W-5,
101Panchayat Union Middle School, Western Portion ,Manthanayakanpatty -6243081.Thimmananallur(R.V.) And (P)-Manthanayakkanpatti -W-4,5
102Panchayat Union Middle School Southern Building ,Avilipatti- 6243041.Avilipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kalathupatti W-1, 2.Avilipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Perumayur -W-2, 3.Avilipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Perumayur -W-3
103Panchayat Union Middle School South Building ,East Side Shanarpatti- 6243041.Avilipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Avilipatti W-2, 2.Avilipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Avilipatti -E-3,
104Panchayat Union Middle School ,East New Building Shanarpatti- 6243041.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Sanarpatti East St W-1, 2.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Sanarpatti Nadutheru Ward 3, 3.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Petthampatti Ward 3, 4.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Poonaiankalam Ward 3, 5.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Porasankulam Ward 3, 6.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Therku Kalam Ward 3
105Panchayat Union Middle School ,East New Building Shanarpatti- 6243041.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kondanchettipatti W-3, 2.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Sanarpatti Thottathu Veedu -W-3, 3.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Singamchettipatti -W-3, 4.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Ramanchettipatti -W-3, 5.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Ramanchettipatti Colony -W-3, 6.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Karuppampatti -W-3
106P.U.Middle School Addl. Building East Side South Portion ,Shanarpatti- 6243041.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Muslim Street -W-2
107P.U.Middle School Addl. Building East Side North Portion ,Shanarpatti- 6243041.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Muthumariamman Kovil Street -W-2, 2.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Sanarpatti -W-2,, 3.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Unionoffice Colony -W-2, 4.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Pallivasal Street -W-2, 5.Sanarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Maruthuvar Colony -W-2,
108P.U.Middle School Southern Side ,Konappatti-624304P.U.Middle School Southern Side ,Konappatti-624304
109P.U.Middle School Ssa New Building West Portion ,Konappatti- 6243041.Konappatty (R.V) Sanarpatti(P)-Konapatti North St W4
110P.U.Ele.School East Building ,Kanniyapuram -6243081.Anjukulippatti (.R.V.) And (P)-Kanniyapuram W-1
111P.U.Ele.School East Side New Building ,Kaverichettipatti -6243081.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Mettupatti W-9, 2.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kaveri Chettipatti W-10,, 3.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Mattukadai W-9,, 4.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Alagar Kovilpatti W-9,
112P.U.Middle School New Addl. Building (Centre Room) , Anjukulipatti- 6243081.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Solakulathupatti Kilavankulam W-3, 2.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Anjukulipatti East Street W-4,5, 3.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Anjukulipatti West St W-6,7, 4.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Anjukulippatti Middle Street W-4,5,7,, 5.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Solakulathupatti Ward 3,
113P.U.Middle.School South Building ,Anjukulipatti- 6243081.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Ellappatti W -2
114P.U.Middle.School East Building ,Anjukulipatti- 6243081.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Anjukulippatti -W-4,5,7
115Panchayat Union Middle School Northern New Addle. Building East Side ,Anjukulipatti1.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Padukkaikattur W-3 2.Anjukulippatti (R.V.) And (P)-Chinnakkalipatti -W-3,
116Govt Higher Secondary School South East ,Main Building Vembarpatti-6243081.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Veembarpatti W-1,2,3,8, 2.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Veembarpatty Pudur W-1,2,3,8,
117MGovt.Hr.Sec.School, North Facing Tiled Building ,Eastern Portion, Vembarpatti- 6243081.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Veembarpatti East Street W-2,8
117A(W)Govt.Hr.Sec.School, North Facing Tiled Building ,West Portion, Vembarpatti-6243081.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Veembarpatti East Street W-2,8
118Govt.Hr.Sec.School North East Building Middle Room ,Vembarpatti-6243081.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Veembarpatti Palaiyur W-3
119P.U.Ele.School ,Chedipatti-6243081.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Sedipatti W-4
120P.U.Ele.School ,Northern Side Kurumbapatti-6243081.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kurumbapatti W-6
121P.U.Ele.School ,M0Ttayagoundanpatti- 6243081.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Mottaiyagoundanpatti W-5
122Panchayat Union Ele. School, North Asbestos Building ,Gopalpatti- 6243081.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Gopalpatti North Street Ward-7,8
123MPanchayat Uniong Ele. School South Asbestos Building ,Gopalpatti- 6243081.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Gopalpatti South Street Ward 7,8, 2.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Gopalpatti -W-8,
123A(W)Panchayat Uniong Ele. School South Asbestos Building ,East Portion Gopalpatti-6243081.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Gopalpatti South Street Ward 7,8, 2.Veembarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Gopalpatti -W-8,
124Panchayat Union Middle School Northern Building ,K.Ayyapatti- 6243081.Kombaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Chinna Kombaipatti -W-3, 2.Kombaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kombaipatti -W-3, 3.Kombaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Saralapatti -W-4, 4.Kombaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kalathuveedu -W-4, 5.Kombaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Perumalkovilpatti -W-4, 6.Kombaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kadukkapatti -W-4
125Panchayat Union Middle School East Side ,Ayyapatti-6243081.Kombaipatti (R.V.) Ayyapatti (P)-K. Ayyapatti W-1,2
126Panchayat Union Middle School East Facing Rcc Building ,Kanavaipatti1.Kanavaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kanavaipatti Ward 1
127Panchayat Union Middle School North Facing Addl. Building ,Kanavaipatti1.Kanavaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Mettupatti Ward 1
128Panchayat Union Ele.School Northern Side New Building ,Kottaikaranpatti-6243081.Kanavaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kurumbapatti W-2, 2.Kanavaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kottaikkaranpatti -W-2, 3.Kanavaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Othanavalpatti -W-2
129P.U.Ele.School ,Malaipatti 6243081.Kanavaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Malaipatti W-3
130P.U.Ele.School ,Korachinnampatti 6243081.Kanavaipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Korachinnampatti -W-3
131Panchayat Union Middle School North West Addl. Building ,Sakkiliankodai-6243081.Sakkiliankodai (R.V) And Kanavaipatti (P)-Sakkiliankodai W-4, 2.Sakkiliankodai (R.V) And Kanavaipatti (P)-Mamarathuppatti -W-4,
132Panchayat Union Middle School ,Pillayarnatham-6244031.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Pillaiyarnatham W-1,2, 2.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Nayakkanoor -W-2,, 3.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Nayagoundanpatti -W-3, 4.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Rakkampatti -W-4,
133P.U.Middle School ,Kottaipatti-6244031.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Veeppampatti W-5, 2.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Kottaipatti -W-6,
134P.U.Ele.School ,Madhavanayakkanpatti Saralaipatti-6244031.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Saralaipatti W-7, 2.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Mathavanayakkanpatti -W-8,9, 3.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Ambalakaranpatti -W-9,10, 4.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Paraimadaipatty -W-2,7,8,10, 5.Pillaiyarnatham (R.V.) And (P)-Paraipatti W-7,9,10
135MGovt. Higher Secondary School New Building East Side ,Sendurai- 6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Sendurai W-1
135A(W)Govt. Higher Secondary School New Building West Side ,Sendurai-6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Sendurai W-1
136Govt.Hr.Sec.School New Building Centre Portion ,Sendurai -6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Sendurai W-1, 3.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Nallan Pudur -W-1,, 4.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Servaikaranpatty -W-2, 5.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Ammankovil Street -W-1
137P.U.Ele.School West Facing Tiled Building ,Sendurai -6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Mettupatti W-2, 2.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Thavittupattiyankalam W-3, 3.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Kovilpatti -W-5
138P.U.Ele.School South Side West Facing Rcc Building ,Chithiraigoundanpatty -6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Palamalaiyanpatti -W-2, 2.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Bodikkampatti -W-2,, 3.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Kuppandigoundanpatti -W-2
139Panchayat Union Ele. School East Building ,Sendurai6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Thattamadaipatti -W-3, 2.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Nallapitchampatty -W-3, 3.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Sendurai -W-3
140Panchayat Union Ele. School West Side Building East Facing ,Chithiraigoundanpatty 6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Goundampatti W-2, 2.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Thirunoothuppatti -W-3
141MGovt.Hr.School ,West Side New Building Sendurai -6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Kurumbapatti W-4
141A(W)Govt.Hr.School West Side ,West Side New Building Sendurai -6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Kurumbapatti W-4
142Panchayat Union Middle School West Building ,Periyurpatti -6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Periyurpatti W-5, 2.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Muthumalai Othukkakadu W-5
143Panchayat Union Middle School ,East Building Periyurpatti -6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Karuthanayakkanpatti W-5, 2.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Mamarathuppatti -W-2
144P.U.Ele.School ,Mallanayakkanpatti - 6244031.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Panthibomminayakkanoor W-5, 2.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Mallanayakkanpatti -W-5,, 3.Sendurai (R.V.) And (P)-Kalathupatti -W-5,
145Panchayat Union Middle School ,Kudagipatti - 6244031.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-K.Pudur W-1, 2.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kudakipatti -W-1,, 3.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Manakkattoor -W-1,, 4.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Sukkampatti -W-1,
146P.U.Ele.School ,East Side Building Kuppilipatti-6244031.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kupplipatti W-2, 2.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Manthakulathupatti -W-2,, 3.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Indra Colony -W-2,
147P.U. Middle School West Building ,Manakkattur -6244031.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Manakkattoor Ward 3, 2.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Thondapuri -W-4,
148P.U. Middle School ,East Building, Manakkattur - 6244031.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Manakkattoor West W-3, 2.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Merkupatti -W-3,, 3.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Manakkattoor -W-3,
149P.U.Ele.School North Facing Building ,Palanipatti -6244031.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Palanipatti W-4, 2.Kudakipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kodankipatti -W-4,
150P.U.Ele.School ,Sirankattuppatti -6244011.Sirankattuppatti (R.V.) And (P)-Sirankattuppatti W-1
151P.U.Ele.School R.C.C. Building ,Mangalappatti -6244011.Sirankattuppatti (R.V.) And (P)-Merkkupudur W- 2,3, 2.Sirankattuppatti (R.V.) And (P)-Valasuppatti W- 2,3,, 3.Sirankattuppatti (R.V.) And (P) -Mangalappatti W-2,
152Govt. High School Westerm Mew Building (North Facing) , Kosukurichi -6244011.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Kenduvarpatti W-2, 2.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Kosukkurichi -W-1,
153Govt. High School New Building North Facing , Kosukurichi-6244011.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Muthampatti W-3, 2.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Karaiyur -W-2,, 3.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Sayakkarapatti -W-2,, 4.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Kambiliyampatti -W-2,, 5.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Kosukkurichi -W-1,
154P.U.Ele.School ,Karutthalakkampatti - 6244011.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Karuthalakkampatti W-3, 2.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Karuthalakkampatti -W-4,, 3.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Therkupudur -W-3,, 4.Sirankattuppatti (R.V) And Kosukkurichi (P)-Kumbasalai -W-3,
155P.U.Ele.School ,Soriparaippatti -6244011.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Soripparaipatti W-1
156P.U.Ele.School West Side Building ,Seithur -6244011.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Setthor W- 1,2
157P.U.Middle School South Rcc Building ,West Facing Aravankurichi- 6244011.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Sakkapitchanpatti W-5, 2.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Aravankurichi -W-3,, 3.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Eluppapatti -W-4,, 4.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Thutthipatty W-4,
158P.U.Middle School ,North Building Aravankurichi -6244011.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Kanavaipatty -W-5, 2.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Mottamalaippatti -W-4,5,6,, 3.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Ayyanarpuram -W-5,6,, 4.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Chinnaiyapuram -W-5,6,, 5.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-E. Velur -W-4,5,6,, 6.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Chinna Aravankurichi -W-4,5,
159Panchayat Union Ele School South Side ,Malaivinayakampatti 6244011.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Peyampatti W-7, 2.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Ayyapatti -W-7,, 3.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Musukkampatti -W-7,, 4.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Malaivinayakampatti -W-7,
160Panchayat Union Ele School North Side ,Malaivinayakampatti 6244011.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Alampatti -W-7, 2.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Punkankulam -W-7,, 3.Setthor (R.V.) And (P)-Kalathupatti -W-6,7,
161Panchayat Union Middle School, Eastern Side Building ,Kurumbapatti- 6244021.Kottaiyur (R.V.) And (P)-Kurumbapatti W-1
162Panchayat Union Middle School, West Side New Building ,Kurumbapatti- 6244021.Kottaiyur (R.V.) And (P)-Nallur -W-4
163P.U.Ele.School ,South, New Building, Chinnayampatti -6244021.Kottaiyur (R.V.) And (P)-Chinnaiyampatti W-3, 2.Kottaiyur (R.V.) And (P)-Kottaiyur -W-2,,3.Kottaiyur (R.V.) And (P)- Andipuram -W-2,
164Panchayat Union Ele. School (Boys) West Facing Building ,Sirugudi-6244041.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-North Street W-1,2,3, 2.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-South Street -W-1,2,3,, 3.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-Indra Nagar W- 1,2,3,
165Panchayat Union Ele.School (Boys) North Side Building ,Sirugudi- 6244041.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-East Street W-4
166P.U.Ele School (Girls) ,South Building, Sirugudi-6244041.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-Chettiyar Street W-1,2, 2.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-Manjanayakkanpatti - W-7,, 3.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-Ettayampatti -W-11,, 4.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-Anaimalaipatti -W-10,
167Panchayat Union Middle School North Side ,Nallakandam -6244041.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-Nallakandam W-8
168P.U.Ele.School ,South Side Building Thethampatti -6244041.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-Posaripatty W-5
169P.U.Ele.School ,North Building , Thethampatti - 6244041.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-Thethampatti W-6
170Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Odukampatti - 6244041.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-Kuppaipatti W-10, 2.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-C. Palappatti, M. Palappatti, -W-9,, 3.Sirukudi (R.V.) And (P)-Odukampatti -W-10,
171P.U.Middle School West Building ,N. Kuttuppatti -6244011.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Kuttupatti (P)-Panjayampatti W-1, 2.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Kuttupatti (P)-Otthinipatti W1,, 3.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Kuttupatti (P)-Lakshmipuram -W-1,
172P.U. Midle School Western Wing West Facing Building ,N.Kuttupatti-6244011.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Kuttupatti (P)-Kuttuppatti W-2, 2.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Kuttupatti (P)-Palappatti -W-3,, 3.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Kuttupatti (P)-T. Nagar -W-3,
173P.U.Ele.School ,Malaiyur -6244011.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And Kuttuppatti (P)-Malaiyurmedu, Kuttumalai, Othukkukadu W-4, 2.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And Kuttuppatti (P)-Chinnamalaiyoor -W- 10,, 3.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And Kuttuppatti (P)-Valasai -W-11,, 4.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And Kuttuppatti (P)-Periyamalaiyoor -W-4,
174P.U.Ele School Addl.Building -1 (North East) ,K. Pudur -6244011.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-K. Pudur W-1, 2.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Pathasirukudi -W-1,, 3.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Maampatti -W-1,, 4.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Kumarapatti -W-1,, 5.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Muthukovilpatti - W-3,
175Panchayat Union Middle School East Building ,N.Pudupatti-6244011.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Aathipatti W-3, 2.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Pudupatty W-3,, 3.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-P. Kuttoor W-3,, 4.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Karandhamalai Othukkakadu -W-3,
176Panchayat Union Middle School, New Building (South West) ,N.Pudupatti-6244011.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Puthuppatti W-4
177P.U.Ele.School ,Sengulam-6244011.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Senkulam W-2,3, 2.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Kalatthuppatti -W- 2,3,, 3.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Pallar Street -W-2,3,, 4.Nadumandalam (R.V.) And N. Puthuppatti (P)-Colony -W-2,3,
178Panchayat Union Middle School West Side Tiled Building ,Naduvanoor- 6244011.Pannimalai (R.V.) And Avichipatti (P)-Panniamalai W-6
179Panchayat Union Middle School Eastern Side New Building ,Naduvanoor- 6244011.Pannimalai (R.V.) And Avichipatti (P)-Naduvanur W4,5
180St Francis Xavier Aided Middle School West Side (Middle Building) ,Avichipatti-6244011.Avichipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Avichipatti W-1,2,3
181St Francis Xavier Aided Middle School Southern Side ,Avichipatti-6244011.Avichipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Avichipatti W-1,2,3
182P.U.Ele.School West Building ,Boothagudi- 6244021.Boothagudi (R.V.) And (P)-Boothagudi W-1, 2.Boothagudi (R.V.) And (P)-Sundakkaipatti W-2,, 3.Boothagudi (R.V.) And (P)-Sadaiyampatti W-3,
183Panchayat Union Ele. School East Addl. Building ,Samuthirapatti-6244021.Samuthirapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Samuthirapatti W-1,2,3
184P.U.Ele.School East Building ,Samuthirapatti-6244021.Samuthirapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Samuthirapatti W-1,2,3, 2.Samuthirapatti (R.V.) And (P)-West Street , South Street W-2,, 3.Samuthirapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Middle Street W-1
185P.U.Ele.School Southern Building ,Ammapatti- 6244021.Samuthirapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Ammapatti W-5, 2.Samuthirapatti (R.V.) And (P)-Sambaippatti W-4,
186Sarva Seva Middle School, Southern Side New Building , Ettayampatti 6244021.Uralipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Katthampatti Ward 6, 2.Uralipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Ettayampatti W-7,, 3.Uralipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Seerangampatti W-8,
187P.U. Ele.School West Side Building ,Uralipatti-6244021.Uralipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Uralipatti W-1,2,3,4
188P.U.Ele.School East Side ,Uralipatti-6244021.Uralipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Uralipatti W-1,2,3,4, 2.Uralipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kalathupatti -W-1,, 3.Uralipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Mottamalai Othukkukkadu W-1,
189Panchayat Union Ele.School Southern Side ,Erakkapatti -6244021.Uralipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Erakkapatti W-5, 2.Uralipatti (R.V.) And (P)-Abbaspuram W-9,
190P.U.Ele.School ,Gandhi Nagar Natham – 6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Gandhi Nagar Sumekker Street W-4, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Pallar Street W-4,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Pallar Nadutheru W-4,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Subbukudumban Street W-4,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Ayyapatti Road W-4,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Gandhi Nagar First Street W-4,, 7.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Gandhi Nagar 2-Nd Street W-4,, 8.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Gandhi Nagar W-4,
191R.C.Matriculation School New Building Northern Portion (Viih Hall) ,Natham – 6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Meiyampatti W-2, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Pallapatti W-2,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Ayyapatti Paraiyar Street W-3,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Ayyapatti Pallar Street W-3,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Ammankovil Street W-3,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kallar Street W-3,
192R.C.Matriculation School New Building Northern Portion (Iiird Hall) ,Natham – 6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Nagalingam Street W-6, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Bajar Street W-5,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Karnam Street W-6,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Thattar Street N.O 4 W6,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Thattaar Street N.O. 5 W-6,5,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Thattaar Street W-5,, 7.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kalmadam Theru W-5,, 8.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Vannar Street W-6,5,, 9.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Nayakkar Street W-5,, 10.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Theradi Theru W-5,, 11.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Maruthai Chettiyar Street W-5,, 12.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Mariamman Kovil Street W-5,, 13.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Vettukkaratheru W-5,
193R.C. Sirumalar Middle School New Building 1St Hall Northern Side , Natham -6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Dindigul - Kottampatti Road W-1, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Chettikulam Eaststreet W-1,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Chetti Kullam North Street W-1,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Palaniyappa Maniyam Street W-1,
194R.C. Sirumalar Middle School New Building 2St Hall Northern Side , Natham -6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Andiyappapillai Street W-1, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Sendurai Road W-1,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Pappapatti W-2,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Chettiyarkula St, Andiyappa Pillai St, Muthaliyar St,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Natham W-1,
195Govt.Girls Hr.Sec.School Eastside Building ,Natham – 6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kottampatti Road Pudhutheru W-15, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Meenatchipuram Pudhutheru W -15,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Meenatchipuram Nadutheru W-15,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Meenatchipuram East Street W-16,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Meenatchipuram W-16,
196Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School South Side Building East Wing ,Natham - 6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Meenatchipuram Kurukku Theru W-15, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Natham W-16,
197Govt.Girls.Hi.Sec.School West Side Building ,Natham 6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Paraiyar Sandhu W-17, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Dindigul -Kottampattiroad W-17,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Bajar Street W-17,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Veerakovil Street W-18,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Policestation North Street W-18,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Renganathanpillai Street W-18,
198C.S.I.Ele.School West Side New Building Natham – 6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Northpudhu Theru W-18,2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Pillaiyar Kovil Street W-18,,3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)- Velu Servai St W18,,4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Karuppanapillai Street W-18,,5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Balagurunathan Chetty Street W-18,
199C.S.I.Ele.School East Side New Building ,Natham - 6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kulandhaivel Aasari Street W-6, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kasukkarachetty Street W-6,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Swamy Nagulu Chetty Theru W-6,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Panikkartheru W-6,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Samundi Aasaritheru W-6,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Ganapathi Pillai Street W-6,, 7.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kaliammankovil Street W-6,, 8.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Vellalar St W6,, 9.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Muthaliyar Street W-6,, 10.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Alaguppillai Street W-6,, 11.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Natham W-6,
200Panchayat Union Ele.School North Side ,Muslimstreet, Natham - 6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Asaath Nagar W-8, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Masthan Pallivasal Street W-7,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Sungachavadi Street W-7,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Veera Kovil Street W-7,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Panaiyar Street W-7,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kattuva Ravouthar Street W-7,, 7.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kelamatthor Samiyar Street W-7,, 8.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Muslim South Street W-8,,9.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Palayaline Street W-8,
201P.U. Ele.School New Building ,Muslimstreet, Natham -6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Veerappanchettiyar Street W-5, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Khatharsha Ravuthar Street W-7,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Palayaline Street -1 W-7,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Palayaline Street -2 W-7,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Palayaline Street -3 W-7,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Periya Pallivasal Street W-7,, 7.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Santhanakkuda Street W-7,, 8.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Pallivasal Sannathi Street W-7,, 9.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Thangammal Beevi Street W-8,, 10.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Nattamaikkarar Street W-7,, 11.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Muslim South Street W-8,
202P.U.Ele.School ,Kondayampatti. N.Kovilpatti-6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kattuperiyakulam Street W-10, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kakkapatti Street W10,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kangashabapathi Street W-10,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Servaikkarantheru W-10,
203P.U.Ele.School East Face Building ,N.Kovilpatti- 6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Pallar Theru W-12, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kalvelipatti W-12,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Gowrigoundar Street W-12, ,4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kondaiyampatti W-12,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kailasapuram Street W-12,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kondaiyampatti Ramanasari Theru W-12,, 7.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kalvelipatti (Sakkiliyartheru) W- 12,
204P.U.Ele.School Addl. Building Southern Portion (Main) ,N.Kovilpatti-6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Madurai Road W-13, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Sivan Kovil North , South Street W- 13,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Amman Kovil Street W-13,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Nallakumar Pillai Street W-13,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Narayeni Theru W-13,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kalimuthu Servai Theru Ward 13,, 7.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Agraharam West Theru W-13,, 8.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Agraharam Theru W-13,, 9.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kakkakulam Theru W-13,, 10.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Madurai Road , N. Kovilpatti W-13,
205P.U.Ele. School South Side Building N.Kondaiyampatti-6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Madhurai Road W-10, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Sappani Asaari Theru Ward 10,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Aruna Pillai St W10,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kovilpatti Ramanasaari Theru Ward 10,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Theerthapillaitheru Ward 11,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Vellaiyan Chetti Theru Ward 11,, 7.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Chellampillai Street W-11,, 8.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Rajakulam Street W-11,
206D.K.Boys Govt.Hr.Sec.School Old Building Room No.10 ,N.Kovilpatti-6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Madurai Road W-14, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Police Line Ward 14, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Pattan Chetty Street W-14,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Karuppan Chetty Theru W-14,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Thelungar West Street W-14,, 6.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Mamundi Chetty Theru W-14,, 7.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Mohamadhiyar West Street W-14,, 8.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Patthunonbu Palli Theru W-14,, 9.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Katharkanshaibu Street W-14,, 10.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Nallakulam Street W-14,, 11.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Veraakovil Street W-14,, 12.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Natham Thelungar Street W-14,
207D.K.Boys Govt.Hr.Sec.School Room No.6 ,N.Kovilpatt-6244011.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Alagarsaminayakkar Street W-9, 2.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Ramasami Nayakkar Street W-9,, 3.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Vellalar St W-9,, 4.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Ponnambalam Pillai Theru W-9,, 5.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Karuppa Pillai Theru W-10,, 6. Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Raja Theru W-9, 7.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kankani Muthaiya Pillaitheru W-10,, 8.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Cithambaram Pillaitheru W-9,, 9.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Devarayapillai Street W-9,, 10.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Nattamai Thalaipillai Street W-9,, 11.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Lakshmanapillai Street W-10,, 12.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Thiruvasagam Pillai Street W-10,, 13.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Panjapillai Theru W-9,, 14.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Dhathapillai Street W-9,, 15.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Ammankovil Sannathi Theru W-9,, 16.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Kondappa Andiyapillai Street Ward 9,, 17.Natham (R.V.) And (T.P)-Ariyaputhirapillaistreet Ward 9,
208Panchayat Union Ele. School East Facing Northwest Side ,Rcc Building, Velampatti - 6244011.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Chellampudur W-1, 2.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Sathiya Nagar -W-1,
209Panchayat Union Ele. School South Facing North Side ,Tiled Building, Velampatti - 6244011.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Anna Nagar -W-1, 2.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-M. G. R. Nagar -W-1,
210P.U.Ele School West Side New Building ,Velampatti – 6244011.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Velampatty W-1, 2.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Nehru Nagar -W-1,, 3.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Kamaraj Nagar -W-1,
211P.U.Ele School East Face Rcc Building ,Velampatti – 6244011.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Thillaikaliamman Kovilstreet -W- 1, 2.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Ashok Nagar -W-1,, 3.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Rakkatchipuram -W-1,
212P.U.Middle School South New Builidng ,Serveedu - 6244011.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Serveedu W-4, 2.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Pudur -W-3,, 3.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Kallukkatti -W-3,
213P.U.Middle School North Side Tilled Building ,Serveedu – 6244011.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Thuvarapathi W-2, 2.Velampatti (R.V.) And [P]-Serveedu -W-4,
214P.U.Middle School North Side Building ,Ulluppakudi – 6244011.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Uluppakudi Kela Theru W-2
215Panchayat Union Middle School East Side ,New Building Uluppagudi- 6244011.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Uluppakudi Melath Theru W-1, 2.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Uluppakudi Nadutheru -W-1,
216P.U.Ele School Western Building ,Kattuvelampatti – 6244011.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kuttoor W-3, 2.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Kattuveelampatti -W-3,, 3.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Veerappanayakkanpatti -W-4,
217Panchayat Union Ele.School East Side New Building ,Punnapatti – 6244011.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Punnappatti W-4
218Panchayat Union Ele.School Northern Side New Building ,Erramanaickanpatti - 6244011.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Narasimmapuram W-5, 2.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Satthiram -W-5,, 3.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Karaikkundu W-5, ,4.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Erramanayakkanpatti W-5,
219P.U.Ele School North Side New Building ,Vellayuthampatti - 6244011.Punnappatti (R.V.) And (P)-Velayuthampatti W-6
220P.U.Middle School ,New Addl. Building (South) Mulaiyur-6244011.Mulaiyur (R.V.) And (P)-Mulaiyur W-1,2,3
221P.U. Middle School Northern Side New Building ,Mulaiyur- 6244011.Mulaiyur (R.V.) And (P)-Mulaiyur W-1,2,3, 2.Mulaiyur (R.V.) And (P)-Ravuthampatti Erukkamalai Othukkukadu W-5,
222P.U.Middle School (Southern Side Building) ,Mulaiyur – 6244011.Mulaiyur (R.V.) And (P)-Cinna Mulaiyur W-4
223Panchayat Union Ele. School East New Building ,Mathukarampatti - 6244011.Sathampadi (R.V.) And (P)-Madhukkarampatti W-1, 2.Sathampadi (R.V.) And (P)-Kalatthuveedukal W-1,
224P.U. Ele.School Western Side New Building ,Sathampadi – 624401\1.Sathampadi (R.V.) And (P)-Sathampadi W - 7,8,9, 2.Sathampadi (R.V.) And (P)-Rajagopalapuram W-10,, 3.Sathampadi (R.V.) And (P)-Kuppankalam W-10,
225P.U.Ele.School Addl New Building Southern Side ,Komanampatti-6244011.Sathampadi (R.V.) And (P)-Komanampatti W – 5,6
226Panchayat Union Ele. School South Side Building ,Vilampatti - 6244011.Sathampadi (R.V.) And (P)-Velampatti W-2,3, 2.Sathampadi (R.V.) And (P)-Otthakkadai W-4,
227P.U.Ele.School Eastern Building ,Palappanaickanpatti - 6244011.Palappanaickenpatti (R.V.) And Pannuvarpatti (P)-Pallapatti W-2, 2.Palappanaickenpatti (R.V.) And Pannuvarpatti (P)- Palappanayakkanpatti W-3,
228P.U.Ele.School ,Pannuvarpatti – 6244011.Pannuvarpatti (R.V.) And (P)-Pannuvarpatti W-1
229P.U.Ele.School West Face ,Chellapanaickenpatti- 6244011.Cellappanayakkanpatti ( R.V.) And (P)- Cellappanayakkanpatti W-3, 2.Cellappanayakkanpatti ( R.V.) And (P)-Edaiyapatti W-7,
230P.U.Ele.School South Face ,Chellapanaickenpatti- 6244011.Cellappanayakkanpatti ( R.V.) And (P)-Melamettupatti Ward-6
231P.U. Middle School Addl. Building Eastern Side (North Wing) ,Moongilpatti-6244011.Cellappanayakkanpatti ( R.V.) And (P)-Mungil Patti Merkutheru Ward -2,3
232Panchayat Union Middle School Eastern Side New Building ,Moongilpatti- 6244011.Cellappanayakkanpatti ( R.V.) And (P)-Mongilpatti West Street W-2, 2.Cellappanayakkanpatti ( R.V.) And (P)-Mongilpatti East Street W-2,
233P.U. Middle School ,Pattanampatti-6244011.Cellappanayakkanpatti ( R.V.) And (P)-Poyyampatti W-4, 2.Cellappanayakkanpatti ( R.V.) And (P)-Pattanampatti W- 5,
234P.U. Ele.School,South Side New Building ,Kasampatti-6244011.Reddiyapatti (R.V.) And [P]-Kasampatti W-6,7,8
235P.U. Ele.School, Addl. New Building East ,Kasampatti- 6244012.Reddiyapatti (R.V.) And [P]-Kasampatti W-4,
236MGovt. High School South Side Building ,R.Vatthipatti-6244011.Reddiyapatti (R.V.) And [P]-R. Vatthipatti W-1,2
236A(W)Govt. High School East Side Building ,R.Vatthipatti-6244011.Reddiyapatti (R.V.) And [P]-R. Vatthipatti W-1,2
237Panchayat Union Ele. School ,Pudukottai- 6244011.Reddiyapatti (R.V.) And [P]-Puthukottai W-5
238P.U.Ele.School ,Kavarayapatti-6244011.Reddiyapatti (R.V.) And [P]-Kavarayapatti Ward 4
239P.U.Ele.School West Side Addl. Building , Reddiyapatti-6244011.Reddiyapatti (R.V.) And [P]-Rettiapatty W-3
240P.U.Middle School New Building ,Lingavadi- 6244011.Lingavadi (R.V.) And (P)-Lingavadi W-2,3, 2.Lingavadi (R.V.) And (P)-Parali Sangaralingapuram W-4,, 3.Lingavadi (R.V.) And (P)-Perumalpatti W-4,, 4.Lingavadi (R.V.) And (P)-Veemapuri W-4, 5.Lingavadi (R.V.) And (P)-Parali W-4,
241Panchayat Union Middle School South Side Addl. New Building ,Lingavadi-6244011.Lingavadi (R.V.) And (P)-Lingavadi W-1,2,3
242Panchayat Union Middle School South Side Addl. New Building ,Lingavadi-6244011.Lingavadi (R.V.) And (P)-Malaiyur W-3
243Govt., High School, Northern Building ,Lingavadi-6244011.Lingavadi (R.V.) And (P)-Lingavadi W-1,2,3
244Govt., High School, West Face North Building ,Lingavadi- 624401,2.Lingavadi (R.V.) And (P)-Valaiyapatti W-4,
245P.U.Middle. School Eastern New Building (Tiled) ,Paralipudur- 6244011.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Parali W-2, 2.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Pudur-W-1,, 3.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Nayakkar Street W-1, 4.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Chokkampatti W-1,
246P.U.Middle. School North Side Building (Tiled) ,Paralipudur-6244011.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Colony W-1, 2.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Ambethkar Nagar W-1,, 3.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-M.G.R Nagar W-2,, 4.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Alagapuri Ward 4,
247MPanchayat Union Ele School East Side ,Thethampatti 6244011.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Thettham Patti W-5
247A(W)Panchayat Union Ele School East Side ,West Building Thethampatti 6244011.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Thettham Patti W-5
248P.U.Middle School ,North Side Building Vemparali – 6244011.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Vemparali Vanamalai Othukkukkadu W-6, 2.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Vemparali W-6,, 3.Pudur (R.V.) And [P]-Podugampatti Ward 3,

Last Updated on June 10, 2020

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