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Delhi Election 2020 - Sadar Bazar Assembly Constituency Delhi Election 2020: Sadar Bazar Constituency

Sadar Bazar is a Vidhan Sabha Constituency in Delhi. There are 70 Assembly Constituencies in the state of Delhi. Sadar Bazar is a part of Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency. Read More…

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Delhi Election 2020: Badarpur Assembly Constituency Delhi Election 2020: All You Need to Know About Badarpur Assembly Constituency

Badarpur is one of the 70 Assembly Constituencies of Delhi. It is located in the North East Delhi district and is also a part of South Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. Read More…

BJP President - JP Nadda Jagat Prakash Nadda Becomes the President of BJP: Past Performance and Future Perspective

Jagat Prakash Nadda has become the president of India’s dominant political party- The Bharatiya Janata Party. He has replaced aggressive and powerful Amit Shah, whereas JP Nadda himself is soft-spoken and media-shy. Read More…

BJP INC Candidate List BJP and INC release Next lists of Candidates

The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (INC) have released their next list of candidates in light of the imminent Delhi Assembly Elections in the dead of the Read More…

BJP Candidate List Latest Delhi Election 2020: BJP may give up most of the remaining seats to its allies

BJP Candidate List announced on 17 January has named 57 candidates out of the 70 constituencies of Delhi. No decision has yet been made for the remaining 13 seats of Read More…

Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Panchayat Union Primary School Facing North East terraced Building) ,Uthamathanapuram - 6142051.Uthamanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Agrahara theru wd 1 , 2.Uthamanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Servaikkaratheru wd 1 , 3.Uthamanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Southstreet wd 2 , 4.Uthamanathapuram (R.V) and (P) North street wd 2 , 5.Uthamathanapuram (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd 2 , 6.Uthamanathapuram (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd 1 , 7.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) Annukudi mainroad wd 1 , 8.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) Melatheru wd 1 , 9.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) Annukudi south street wd1 , 10.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) Annukudi Keelatheru wd 1 , 11.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) Annukudi Agraharam wd 1
2 Panchayat Union Middle School Uthani-614208 ,Terraced Building northern Wing1.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd 2 , 2.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) Puthutheru wd 2 , 3.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) Melatheru wd 2 , 4.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd 1 , 5.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) South street wd 2 , 6.Annukudi (R.V) and (P) Vandaloor wd 1
3Panchayat Union Middle School, Nallur-614208 ,Western Side Terraced Building Southern Wing1.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Vatakku veethi wd 1 , 2.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Melaveethi wd 1 , 3.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Keela veethi wd 1 , 4.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Naduvanaveethi wd 1 , 5.Nallur (Pt) Therkuveeth wd 1 , 6.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-1 & 3 , 7.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Agraharatheru wd-2 , 8.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Valappalakkadaitheru wd-2
4Panchayat Union Middle School, Nallur-614208 ,facing West Rcc Building Eastern side1.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Mutikondan aru thalaipputheru wd-2 , 2.Nallur (R.V) and (P) South street wd-2 , 3.Nallur ((R.V) and (P) Mela vadampokkitheru wd-2 , 4.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Keela theru wd-3 , 5.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Manakkodu adithiravidar theru wd-3 , 6.Nallur (R.V) and (P) Manakkodu kudiyana theru wd-3
5Panchayat Union Elementary School Facing East RCC Building North Side ,Moolalvanchery- 6142081.Mulalvanchery (R.V) and (P) Kottachchery agraharam wd-1 , 2.Moolalvanchery (R.V) and (P) Ambalakkaratheru wd-1 , 3.Moolalvanchery (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-1 , 4.Moolalvanchery (R.V) and (P) South ambalakkaratheru wd-1 , 5.Moolalvanchery (R.V) and (P) Kalancheri kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 6.Moolalvanchery (R.V) and (P) Kalancheri adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 7.Moolalvanchery (R.V) and (P) Kottacheri adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 8.Salabogum (R.V) Moolalvanchery (P) Salapokam mainroad wd-3 , 9.Salabogum (R.V) Moolalvanchery (P) Salapogam kudiyanatheru wd-3
6Panchayat Union Elementary School West Side Tiled Building North Side ,Moolalvanchery- 6142081.Salabogum (R.V) Moolalvanchery (P) Salapogam north adithiravidar theru wd-3 , 2.Salabogum (R.V) Moolalvanchery (P) Salabogam south adithiravidar theru wd- 3 , 3.Salabogum (R.V) Moolalvanchery (P) Salapogam 2nd south adithiravidar theru , 4.Aavisavadi (R.V) Moolalvanchery (P) Avicchavadi kudiyana theru wd-3 , 5.Aavisavadi (R.V) Moolalvanchery (P) Avichchavadi adithiravidar theru wd-3 , 6.Moolalvanchery (R.V) and (P) Mulalvancheri Kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 7.Moolalvanchery R.V) . (P) Mulalvancheri Adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 8.Moolalvanchery R.V) . (P) Karukudi main road wd-2 , 9.Moolalvanchery R.V) . (P) Karukudi kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 10.Moolalvanchery R.V) . (P) Karukudi adithiravidar theru wd-2
7Nirmala Aided Middle School Manakundu-614302 ,Northern Side Terraced Building Western Wing1.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Manakkundu north street wd-1 , 2.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Manakkundu south street wd-1 , 3.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Manakkundu adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 4.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Nagamangalam main road wd- 1 , 5.Manaloor ((R.V) and (P) Nagamangalam thopputheu wd-1 , 6.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Nagamngalam adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 7.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Vellathidal adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 8.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Setthamangalam main road wd-1 , 9.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Setthamangalam south street wd-1 , 10.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Setthamangalam main road wd-1 , 11.Manaloor ((R.V) and (P) Setthamangalam south adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 12.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Pudhukkudi adithiravidar theru wd-1
8Nirmala Aided Middle School Manakundu-614302 ,North Facing RCC Building South Side1.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Mangalam kudiyana theru wd-2 , 2.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Mangalam thoppu theru wd-2 , 3.Manaloor ((R.V) and (P) Mangalam kaliyamman kovil theru wd-2 , 4.Manaloor ((R.V) and (P) Mangalam nadutheru wd- 2 , 5.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Manthaikkarai theru wd-2 , 6.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Manaloor south adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 7.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Manaloor kudiyuana theru wd-2 , 8.Manaloor (R.V) and (P) Manaloor keela adithiravidar theru wd-2
9Govt Primary School ADW Vadakkunayakkanpettai Mathakaram(ground floor middle room) Western side RCC Building ,Vadakkunayakkanpettai-6143021.Mathakaram (R.V) and (P) Vatakkunayakanpettai keelatheru wd-1 , 2.Mathakaram ((R.V) and (P) Vatakku nayagampettai melatheru wd-1 , 3.Mathakaram (R.V) and (P) Therkunayagampettai theru wd-1 , 4.Mathakaram (R.V) and (P) Manthopputheru wd-1
10Panchayat Libray Building North Side ,Terraced Building Mathakaram-6143021.Mathakaram (R.V) and (P) Kacchappatthu theru wd-2 , 2.Mathakaram (R.V) and (P) Mathakaram Keelatheru wd-2 , 3.Mathakaram (R.V) and (P) Mathakaram kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 4.Mathakaram (R.V) and (P) Mathakaram melatheru wd-2 , 5.Mathakaram (R.V) and (P) Mathakaram Pudhutheru wd-2
11Panchayat Union Middle school southernside (terraced building) North side ,Inamkiliyur-6142081.Inamkiliyur (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd-1 , 2.Inamkiliyur (R.V) and (P) South street wd-2 , 3.Inamkiliyur (R.V) and (P) Nadutheru wd-2 , 4.Inamkiliyur (R.V) and (P) North street wd-2 , 5.Inamkiliyur (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 6.Inamkiliyur (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-1
12Panchayat Union Middle school Inamkiliyur-614208 ,Southern Side Tiled Building North Facing1.Renganathapuram (R.V) Inamkiliyur (P) Renganathapuram melatheru wd-3 , 2.Renganathapuram (R.V) Inamkiliyur (P) Ranganathapuram kaliyammankovil theru wd-3 , 3.Renganathapuram (R.V) Inamkiliyur (P) Renganathapuram nadupadugai wd-3
13Govt Hr Sec School mainbuilding terraced westernside room block North Facing ,Avoor-6127011.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Sannathitheru wd-1 , 2.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Vellalar theru wd-1 , 3.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Gandhi nagar wd-1
14Panchayat Union Middle School Avoor-612701 ,South Side Terraced Building East Facing1.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-2
15Govt Hr Sec School Eastern wing asbestos roof northside room block West Facing ,Avoor-6127011.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Saluvampettai perumalkovil theru wd-4 , 2.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Saluvampettai keelatheru wd-4 , 3.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Saluvampettai mainroad wd-4 , 4.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Saluvampettai south street wd-4 , 5.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Saluvampettai nadutheru wd-4
16Govt Hr Sec school Saluvampettai Avoor-612701 ,Centre Terraced Building (E-Block) North Facing South side1.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Pallivasal periyatheru wd-3 , 2.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Chinnamushleem theru wd-3 , 3.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Keela mushleem theru wd-3 , 4.Avoor (R.V) and (P) Kuttankulam theru wd-3
17Govt Hr Sec School Govindagudi 612704 ,west Facing Building, Southen side1.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd-1 , 2.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Vallalar theru Kammalatheru wd-1 , 3.Govindagudi ( (R.V) and (P) Main road wd- 1 , 4.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Mohamed ali jinna theru wd-1
18Govt Hr Sec School Govindagudi- 612704 ,Western wing RCC Building East side612704 ,Western wing RCC Building East side 1.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Baikkara theru wd-1 , 2.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Melatheru wd-1 , 3.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Ambalakkara theru sathiram wd-1
19Panchayat Union Primary School westernside terraced building South Side ,Govindagudi-6127041.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Ashaththeru thippusutantheru, velbarnagar wd-2 , 2.Govindagudi ( (R.V) and (P) Pallivasal, Kilakku mushleem theru wd-2 , 3.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Sepparam wd-2
20Panchayat Union Primary School ,Southern Side mangalore tiled building ,Western side. North Side ,Govindagudi-6127041.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) South mushleem theru wd-2 , 2.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Jhakeer ushain theru wd-2
21Panchayat Union Primary School Eastern wing terracedbuilding south Side ,Govindagudi -6127041.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidar theru west wd-3 , 2.Govindakudi (R.V) and (P) Adidrividar street east Wd-3 , 3.Govindagudi ( (R.V) and (P) Nadar theru wd-3 , 4.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Neduvasal Agamudayar street and Muduku street , 5.Govindagudi (R.V) and (P) Neduvasal adithiravidar theru wd-3 , 6.Vaniyangkarambai (R.V) Govindagudi (P) Vaniyangkarambai wd-3
22Panchayat Union Primary School(terracedbuilding) East Side ,Chandrasekarapuram-6128041.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-1&2 , 2.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Valakattai thoppu wd-1 , 3.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Poondi road wd-1 , 4.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Poondi agraharam wd-1 , 5.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Poondi adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 6.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd-2&1
23Panchayat Union Primary School Chandrasekarapuram-612804 ,Mangalooru Tiled Building South Side1.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Annanagar wd-2 , 2.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Nattham road wd-2 , 3.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Kadaitheru wd-2 , 4.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Melatheru wd-2& , 5.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Idaittheru wd-2 , 6.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Vatakku agraharam wd-2 , 7.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Therku agraharam wd-3 , 8.Chandrasekarapuram (R.V) and (P) Mela adithiravidar theru wd-3
24Aided Primary School Adhichamanglam-612804 ,Mangalooru Tiled Building Southern Wing East side1.Athichamangalam(R.V) and (P) Kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 2.Athichamangalam (R.V) and (P) Athichchamangalam Adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 3.Athichamangalam(R.V) and (P) Vethambaram wd-2 , 4.Athichamangalam (R.V) and (P) Attamangalam kudiyana & adithiravidar theru wd-2
25Govt Boys Hr Sec School southernwing eastern terracedbuilding ,Valangaiman- 6128041.Virupatchipuram (R.V) and (P) Similimettutheru wd-1 , 2.Virupatchipuram (R.V) and (P) Meenatchi kulakarai wd-1 , 3.Virupatchipuram (R.V) and (P) Agraharam wd-1 , 4.Virupatchipuram (R.V) and (P) Pudhutheru wd-1&2 , 5.Virupatchipuram (R.V) and (P) Bathiripuram wd-2 , 6.Virupatchipuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnakaram wd-2
26Govt Boys Hr Sec School northside mainbuilding(mangloretiled) ,Valangaiman-6128041.Valangaiman (T.P) Layamtheru wd-10 , 2.Valangaiman (T.P) Singutheru wd-11 , 3.Valangaiman (T.P) Manaveli theru wd-13
27Govt Boys Hr Sec School(southernwing western)terracedbuilding ,Valangaiman-6128041.Valangaiman (T.P) Soniyar theru wd-9 , 2.Valangaiman (T.P) Gothandaramar theru wd-9 , 3.Valangaiman (T.P) Kovil patthu wd-6 , 4.Valangaiman (T.P) Kaliyammankovil theru wd-9 , 5.Valangaiman (T.P) Senthamil nagar wd-9
28Govt Boys Hr Sec School southernwingmain terraced building ,Valangaiman-6128041.Valangaiman (T.P) Sasthiri road wd-13 , 2.Valangaiman (T.P) Soukath theru wd- 11 , 3.Valangaiman (T.P) Adithiravidar colony wd-11 , 4.Valangaiman (T.P) Mohamathiyar theru wd-9 , 5.Valangaiman (T.P) Neetthukkara theru wd-6 , 6.Valangaiman (T.P) Kadai theru wd-8 , 7.Valangaiman (T.P) Kallar theru wd-12 , 8.Valangaiman (T.P) Papanasam road wd-12
29Govt Boys Hr Sec School southernwing eastern terracedbuilding ,Valangaiman- 6128041.Valangaiman (T.P) Ramar sannathi wd-8 , 2.Valangaiman (T.P) Mathipputheru wd-12 , 3.Valangaiman (T.P) Varathar south madavalagam wd-12 , 4.Valangaiman (T.P) Pudhu theru wd-15 , 5.Valangaiman (T.P) Angalamman kovil theru wd-14 , 6.Valangaiman (T.P) Vellalar theru wd-14 , 7.Valangaiman (T.P) Varathar keela veethi wd-14 , 8.Valangaiman (T.P) Varathar kulatheru wd-14 , 9.Valangaiman (T.P) Varathar sannathi theru wd-14
30Panchayat Union Primary School Middle Agraharam Valangaiman- 612804 ,Mangalooru Tiled Building Southern Portion1.Valangaiman (T.P) Ayyanarkovil theru wd-8 , 2.Valangaiman (T.P) Kailasanathar south street wd-8 , 3.Valangaiman (T.P) Kailasanathar sannathi theru wd-3 , 4.Valangaiman (T.P) Visuvanathar keela veethi wd-8 , 5.Valangaiman (T.P) Kumbakonam road wd-15 , 6.Valangaiman (T.P) Satthakkara theru wd-1 , 7.Valangaiman (T.P) Kannadiyar theru wd-15 , 8.Valangaiman (T.P) Chetty theru wd-7
31Panchayat Union Primary School Middle Agraharam Valangaiman- 612804 ,Mangalooru tiled Building Northern Portion1.Valangaiman (T.P) Varatharajampettai theru wd-1 , 2.Valangaiman (T.P) Chitthan durai raod wd-15 , 3.Valangaiman (T.P) Balakkarai road wd-1 , 4.Valangaiman (T.P) Nadunarasam raod wd-1 , 5.Valangaiman (T.P) Maramvetti theru wd-1 , 6.Valangaiman (T.P) Valaiyalkaratheru wd-7 , 7.Valangaiman (T.P) Subbanayakkantheru wd-7 , 8.Valangaiman (T.P) Kudamurutty vazhi natappu wd- 2
32Panchayat Union Primary School Mela Agraharam Eastside Manglore Tiledbuilding ,Valangaiman-6128041.Valangaiman (T.P) Kucchipalayatheru wd-8 , 2.Valangaiman (T.P) Kucchipalayasandhu wd-8 , 3.Valangaiman (T.P) mela agraharam wd-5 , 4.Valangaiman (T.P) Balusettykulatheru wd-5 , 5.Valangaiman (T.P) North agraharam wd-7 , 6.Valangaiman (T.P) Nadu agraharam wd-5 , 7.Valangaiman (T.P) South agraharam wd-5 , 8.Valangaiman (T.P) marappalaiyatheru wd-4 , 9.Valangaiman (T.P) Eallaiammmankovi theru wd-4 , 10.Valangaiman (T.P) Keela agraharam wd-2
33Panchayat Union Primary School Mela Agraharam Eastside Manglore Tiledbuilding Westernside Mangalaur Tild Building ,Valangaiman-6128041.Valangaiman (T.P) Baikara theru wd-2 , 2.Valangaiman (T.P) Keelatheru wd-3 , 3.Valangaiman (T.P) Uppukkaratheru wd-2 , 4.Valangaiman (T.P) Pungancheri wd- 3 , 5.Valangaiman (T.P) Pungancheri adithiravidar theru wd-3 , 6.Valangaiman (T.P) Valaiyamapuram wd-4 , 7.Valangaiman (T.P) Valaiyamapuram adithiravidar theru wd-4 , 8.Valangaiman (T.P) Pungancheri keelamainroad wd-3 , 9.Valangaiman (T.P) Valaiyapuram pudhu theru wd-4
34Panchayat Union Primary School(terracedbuilding), South Side ,Nallumbur-6128041.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Pandithacholanallur & Ram nagar wd-2 , 2.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Keelappoondi theru wd-2 , 3.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Nallamboor mainroad wd-2 , 4.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Nallamboor adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 5.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) nallamboor south street wd- 2 , 6.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Nallamboor Northstreet wd-2 , 7.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Pandithacholanalur adithiravidar theru wd-3 , 8.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Melavidaiyal agraharam wd-3 , 9.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Asariyar theru wd-3 , 10.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Andangkovil wd-3
35Govindasamy Sethuraiyar Memorial Aided Primary School(mangolre tiled Northern side building) South Side ,Aandankovil-6128041.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Kalaingar nagar wd-1 , 2.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Kuppasumuthiram wd-1 , 3.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Puthutheru wd-1 , 4.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Mettutheru wd-4 , 5.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Melavidaiyal mainroad wd-4 , 6.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Thalaiyaritheru wd-4 , 7.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Mancheritheru wd-4 , 8.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Periyar nagar wd-4 , 9.Melavidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Valluvar theru wd-4
36Maha DEVE GURUJEE Aided Middle School Permanent building (mangalore tiled northernside western building east Side ,Vidayal Karupur-6126051.Keela vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Agraharam wd-1 , 2.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Melatheru wd-1 , 3.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd-1 , 4.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Vidayal roadtheru wd-1 , 5.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Palanthattaratheru wd-2 , 6.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Karuppoor agraharam wd- 2 , 7.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Kollantheru wd-2 , 8.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Karuppur road theru wd-2 , 9.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Sengamettutheru wd-2 , 10.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Nattham theru wd-2
37Maha Deve Guruji Aided Middle School Permanent building (mangalore tiled Easternside building) ,Vidayal Karupur-6126051.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) South street wd-2 , 2.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Vichchoor wd-2 , 3.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Keeladuraiyur road theru wd-3 , 4.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Nadutheru wd-3 , 5.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Duraiyur keelatheru wd-3 , 6.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Meladuraiyur agraharam wd-3 , 7.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Meladuraiyur roadtheru wd-3 , 8.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Naduthittu wd-3 , 9.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Keelathopputheru wd-3 , 10.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Mathakovil theru wd-3 , 11.Keela Vidaiyal (R.V) and (P) Kallartheru wd-3
38Government High School Sithanvalur 612804 ,Western Side Terraced Building Facing South1.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) Agraharam wd-1 , 2.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) Nadutheru wd-1 , 3.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) South street wd-1 , 4.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) Melamathakovil theru wd-1 , 5.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) Keelamathakovil theru wd-1 , 6.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) North street wd-1
39Government High School Sithanvalur 612804 ,Terraced Building FAcing West South Side 1.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) Nattham wd-1 , 2.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) Kulakkudi kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 3.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) Kuchiopalaiyam kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 4.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) Kulakkudi adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 5.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) Kuchipalaiyam adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 6.Sithanvazhur (R.V) and (P) Kuchipalaiyam mela adithiravidar theru wd-2
40Panchayat Union Primary School(Southern side new terraced building) ,Tholuvur-612804 1.Tholuvur South kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 2.Tholuvur (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd-1 , 3.Tholuvur (R.V) and (P) North street wd-1 , 4.Tholuvur (R.V) and (P) Pudhutheru wd-1 , 5.Tholuvur (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-1 , 6.Tholuvur (R.V) and (P) Kaliyammankoviltheru wd-1 , 7.Tholuvur (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidarcolony nadutheru wd-1 , 8.Tholuvur (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidar colony keelatheru wd-2 , 9.Tholuvur (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidar colony south street wd-2 , 10.Tholuvur (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidar colony puthutheru wd-2 , 11.Semmangudi (R.V) and Tholuvur (Pt) Semmangudi mathakoviltheru wd-2 , 12.Semmangudi (R.V) and Tholuvur (Pt) Semmangudi kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 13.Semmangudi (R.V) and Tholuvur (Pt) Semmangudi north street wd-2
41Panchayat Union Middle School Padagachery-612804 ,Western Side Terraced Building Middle Portion 1.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd-1 , 2.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Nadutheru wd-1 , 3.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Melatheru wd-1 , 4.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) South street wd-1 , 5.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Eallan mettutheru wd-1 , 6.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Surakkudi 1st street wd-2 , 7.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Surakkadi salai wd-2 , 8.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Surakkudi 2nd street wd-2 , 9.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Surakkudi 6th street wd-2 , 10.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Surakkudi 5th street wd-2 , 11.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Surakkudi 4th street wd-2 , 12.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Surakkudi 3rd street wd-2 , 13.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Attrangkarai theru wd-2 , 14.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Main road wd-2 , 15.Padakacheri (R.V) and (P) Chettykarambai street wd-2
42Panchayat Union Primary School Regunathapuram 612802 ,Terraced Building Facing North 1.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Regunathapuram Adithiravidar street wd-1 , 2.Regunathapuram (Pt) Regunathapuram Kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 3.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Aniyamangalam kudiyana & mainroad , 4.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Aniyamangalam adithiravidar &Colony theru , 5.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Rajakaruppur kudiyanatheru wd-3 , 6.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Jeevappa samuthiram adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 7.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Rajakaruppur adithiravidar theru wd-3 , 8.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Regunathapuram South adithiravidar theru wd-1
43Panchayat Union Middle School Mangalore Vadukkupattam- 612802Tiled Building ,Facing South Tiled Building centre Hall 1.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) Kaliyammankovil theru wd-1 , 2.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) Attrangkarai theru wd-1 , 3.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-1&2 , 4.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) North agraharam wd-1 , 5.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) South agraharam wd-1 , 6.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) Mettutheru wd-1 , 7.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) North street wd-2 , 8.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) Karaimettutheru wd-2 , 9.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) Cheri adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 10.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) Chery south theru wd-2 , 11.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) Cheri mainroad wd-2 , 12.Vadakkupattam (R.V) and (P) Cheri north street wd-2
44Panchayat Union Middle School Vadukkupattam-612802 ,Southern Side Terraced Building Middle Wing 1.Therkupattam (R.V) and (P) Pattamkudiyanatheru wd-1&2 , 2.Therkupattam (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidar mela theru wd-1&2 , 3.Therkupattam (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidar nadutheru & aditheru wd-1&2 , 4.Therkupattam (R.V) and (P) Kuppanampettai adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 5.Therkupattam (R.V) and (P) Payirimainroad keelatheru , 6.Therkupattam (R.V) and (P) Payiri adithiravidar theru wd-2
45Panchayat Union Middle School(terraced building) North Facing South Side ,Uthukkadu- 612701 1.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) Mainroad thanneerpanthal arumangalam wd-1 , 2.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) North adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 3.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) Nadu adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 4.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) Mela adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 5.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) Mainroad ambalakkaratheru wd-3 , 6.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) Agraharam wd-2 , 7.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) Melakudiyanatheru wd-2 , 8.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) South ambalakkaratheru wd-3 , 9.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) Thattaratheru wd- 3 , 10.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) Keelakudiyanatheru wd-3 , 11.Ootthukkadu (R.V) and (P) Sekkadi mettutheru wd-3
46Panchayat Union Primary School Veeranam 612802 ,Terraced Building East Facing New Building 1.Veeranam (R.V) and (P) Patappakkudi kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 2.Veeranam (R.V) and (P) Patappakkudi adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 3.Veeranam (R.V) and (P) Veeranam kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 4.Veeranam (R.V) and (P) Veeranam keela adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 5.Veeranam (R.V) and (P) Veeranam mela adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 6.Veeranam (R.V) and (P) Poondi kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 7.Veeranam (R.V) and (P) Poondi adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 8.Nallambur (R.V) Veeranam (P) Nallambur kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 9.Nallambur (R.V) Veeranam (P) Nallambur adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 10.Nallambur (R.V) Veeranam (P) Thenkondavasal wd- 2 , 11.Nallambur (R.V) Veeranam (P) Vaduvakkudi kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 12.Nallambur (R.V) Veeranam (P) Vaduvakkudi adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 13.Nallambur (R.V) Veeranam (P) Avudaiyarnattham kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 14.Nallambur (R.V) Veeranam (P) Avudaiyarnattham adithiravidar theru wd-2
47Saraswathi Aided Primary School(terraced building) East Facing South side ,Erivelur- 612701 1.Velur (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Nattham wd-1 , 2.Velur (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Chellanthidal wd-1 , 3.Velur (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Velur wd-1 , 4.Velur (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Selur wd-1 , 5.Velur (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Kelaselur wd-1 , 6.Velur (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Vellakkudi wd-1 , 7.Eri (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Velakkudi wd-2
48Saraswathi Aided Primary School(terraced building west Facing south side ,Erivelur- 612701 1.Eri (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Kalvikkudi keelatheru wd-2 , 2.Eri (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Kalvikkudi melatheru wd-2 , 3.Eri (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Kalvikkudi kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 4.Eri (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Earikudiyanatheru wd-3 , 5.Eri (R.V) and Erivelur (P) Earivelur Adithiravidartheru wd-3
49Mahalakshmi Aided Primary School(country tiled building middle portion northernwing) ,Maligaithidal-614302 1.Maligaithidal (R.V) and (P) Pananthidal kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 2.Maligaithidal (R.V) and (P) Sethamangalam adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 3.Maligaithidal (R.V) and (P) Kaurmbalam adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 4.Maligaithidal (R.V) and (P) Puthupettai kudiyanatheru wd-1
50Mahalakshmi Aided Primary School(country tiled building middle portion Southernwing) ,Maligaithidal-614302 1.Maligaithidal (R.V) and (P) Poondi adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 2.Maligaithidal (R.V) and (P) Maligaithidal Kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 3.Maligaithidal (R.V) and (P) Otthaipatthi adihiravidar theru wd-2 , 4.Maligaithidal (R.V) and (P) Kattuthottam adithiravidar theru wd-2
51Panchayat Union Primary School(manglore tiled building) ,Vadakarai Alathur-614302 1.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 2.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Manthaikkaratheru wd-1 , 3.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Perumalkovil theru wd-1 , 4.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyarkoviltheru wd- 1 , 5.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Mathakoviltheru wd-1 , 6.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Valluvartheru wd-1 , 7.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Velangudi mathakoviltheru wd-1 , 8.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Vatakarai alatthur wd-1 , 9.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Velangudi ambalakkaratheru wd-1
52Panchayat Union Middle School Thenkarai Alathur-614302 ,Terraced Building East Side 1.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Orukalbadakam kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 2.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Orukalbadakam adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 3.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Thelunganthoppu wd-2 , 4.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Putthirakondancheri wd-2 , 5.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Thenkarai alatthur salitheru wd-2 , 6.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Thenkarai alatthur rajavinayagar theru wd-2 , 7.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Thenkarai alatthur kalungadi theru wd-2 , 8.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Thenkarai alatthur gandhiji theru wd-2 , 9.Veeramangalam (R.V) and (P) Thenkarai alatthur south street wd-2 , 10.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Thenkarai alatthur keelatheru wd-2 , 11.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Ve langudi Adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 12.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Ve langudi kudiyana theru wd-2 , 13.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Thalavairuppu theru wd-2 , 14.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Thalavairuppu adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 15.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Thalavairuppu kirushthava theru wd-2 , 16.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Vatakarkudi wd-2 , 17.Velangudi (R.V) and (P) Thenkarkudi wd-2
53Panchayat Union Middle School Manakkal-612802 ,Terraced Building west Side 1.Manakkal (R.V) and (P) Annanagar wd-1 , 2.Manakkal (R.V) and (P) Vatakku kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 3.Manakkal (R.V) and (P) Keelakudiyanatheru wd-1 , 4.Manakkal (R.V) and (P) South kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 5.Manakkal (R.V) and (P) Mela kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 6.Manakkal (R.V) and (P) South kulakkarai theru wd-1 , 7.Manakkal (R.V) and (P) Periyar nagar wd-1 , 8.Manakkal (R.V) and (P) Indira nagar wd-2 , 9.Sadaiyankal (R.V) Manakkal (P) Sadaiyankal kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 10.Sadaiyankal (R.V) Manakkal (P) Sadaiyangal mathakovitheru wd-2 , 11.Sadaiyankal (R.V) Manakkal (P) Sadaingal pananthoppu wd-2
54Panchayat Union Middle SchoolVilathur-612802 ,Northern Side Terraced Building Middle Portion 1.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) Maruvatthur road wd-1 , 2.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) Perumal kovil theru wd-1 , 3.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) North street wd-1 , 4.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) Nadutheru wd-1 , 5.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) South street wd-1 , 6.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) Keela adithiravidartheru wd-1 , 7.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) North adithiravidartheru wd-2 , 8.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) Mela colonytheru wd-2 , 9.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) Earikcolony theru wd-2 , 10.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) Earikkarai annanagar wd-2 , 11.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) Lanthiri kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 12.Vilathur (R.V) and (P) Lanthiri adithiravidartheru wd-2
55Panchayat Union Primary School ,Kalathur-612802 ,Terraced Northern side building South Side 1.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Kalatthur kudiyanatheru d-1 , 2.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Kalatthur north colonytheru wd-1 , 3.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Kilakku colonytheru wd-1 , 4.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Neppu koviltheru wd-2 , 5.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Neppu kovilcolony theru wd-2 , 6.Kalathur (R.V) and (P) Ponmangalam wd-2
56Panchayat Union Primary School ,57.Regunathapuram,Kottappaduga i -614401 ,Terraced Building West side 1.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kottappadugai kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 2.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 3.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kavaniyakudi wd-1 , 4.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kalakkudi wd- 1 , 5.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kotthur mainroad wd-1 , 6.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kirushthavar theru wd-1 , 7.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kotthur kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 8.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Kotthur pananthoppu wd-1 , 9.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Irukarai mainroad wd-2 , 10.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Irukarai mathakovil theru wd-1 , 11.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Irukarai agraharam wd-2 , 12.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Irukarai mela adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 13.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Irukarai mainroad 2nd street wd-2 , 14.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Sembiyanallur colony wd-2 , 15.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Sembiyanallur kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 16.Regunathapuram (R.V) and (P) Oranur wd-2
57Panchayat Union Primary School(Terraced Building) ,Avalivanallur-612802 1.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Kamarajtheru wd-1 , 2.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Mudukkutheru wd-1 , 3.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) North street wd-1 , 4.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Keelaveethi south street wd-1 , 5.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Vatakkumadavilagam wd-1 , 6.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Thirukkulam keelkarai wd-1 , 7.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Annanagar 1st street wd-1 , 8.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Annanagar 2nd street wd-1 , 9.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Annanagar 3rd street wd-2 , 10.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Annanagar 4th street wd-1 , 11.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Annanagar 5th street wd-1 , 12.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Annanagar 6th street wd-2 , 13.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Mettutheru wd-2 , 14.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Kumaramangalam mainroad wd-3 , 15.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Peiyarnagar wd- 3 , 16.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Ambethkar nagar wd-3 , 17.Avalivanallur (R.V) and (P) Kotthur wd-3
58Panchayat Union Parimary School, Muniyur 612802 ,Terraced Building Muniyur 612802 1.Muniyur (R.V) and (P) Muniyur kudiyantheru wd-1 , 2.Muniyur (R.V) and (P) Muniyur Ambetkar nagar wd-2 , 3.Muniyur (R.V) and (P) Muniyur Indira nagar wd-2 , 4.Muniyur (R.V) and (P) Muniyur annanagar wd-2 , 5.Muniyur (R.V) and (P) Muniyur Gandhinagar wd-2 , 6.Kiliyur (R.V) and (P) Vellarikkudi adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 7.Kiliyur (R.V) and (P) Vellarikkudi kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 8.Kiliyur (R.V) and (P) Perumakkoor theru wd-1 , 9.Kiliyur (R.V) and (P) Kiliyur Mathakovil theru wd-1 , 10.Kiliyur (R.V) and (P) Kiliyur Kudiyantheru wd-1 , 11.Kiliyur (R.V) and (P) Kiliyur North adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 12.Kiliyur (R.V) and (P) Kiliyur Mainroad street wd-1 , 13.Kiliyur (Pt) Kiliyur colony theru wd-1
59Government Higher Secondary School , Harithuvaramangalam. 612802 ,Terraced Building West Facing South Side 1.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-1 , 2.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Nadutheu wd-4 , 3.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Sunnampukkaratheru wd-4 , 4.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Keeraikkara theru wd-2 , 5.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Mettutheru wd-2 , 6.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Thiropathiyammankovil theru wd-2 , 7.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Peurumal koviltheru wd-2 , 8.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Kollan sandhu wd-2 , 9.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Sivan madavilagam wd-2 , 10.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Melatheru wd-2 , 11.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Mela colony wd-3 , 12.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Mandarbatheru wd-3 , 13.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Valiyanchandu wd-3 , 14.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) North street wd-3 , 15.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Mudukkutheru wd-3
60Government Higher Secondary School Harithuvaramangalam 612802 ,Terraced Building North Facing East Side 1.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd-4 , 2.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Sannathitheru wd-1 , 3.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Gopitheru wd-1 , 4.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-1 , 5.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Annanagar wd-1 , 6.Harithuvaramangalam (R.V) and (P) Eadatheru wd-1
61Panchayat Union Primary School terraced Northern side building ,Maruvathur-612802 1.Maruvatthur (R.V) and (P) Thirumakalur adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 2.Maruvatthur (R.V) and (P) Thirumakalur kudiyanathru wd-1 , 3.Maruvatthur (R.V) and (P) Kiliyur street wd-1 , 4.Maruvatthur (R.V) and (P) Vaduvachiyammankoviltheru wd-1 , 5.Maruvatthur (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-1 , 6.Maruvatthur (R.V) and (P) Colony street wd-1 , 7.Maruvatthur (R.V) and (P) Mariyammankovil theru wd-1 , 8.Maruvatthur (R.V) and (P) Attukkottagai theru wd-2 , 9.Maruvatthur (R.V) and (P) Maruvatthur Kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 10.Maruvatthur (R.V) and (P) Pettai adithiravidar street wd-2
62Panchayat Union Middle school Perungudi-612801 ,Mangalooru Tiled Building 1.Perungudi (R.V) and (P) Mulakkal wd-1 , 2.Perungudi (R.V) and (P) Niorth adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 3.Perungudi (R.V) and (P) Nadutheru wd-1 , 4.Perungudi (R.V) and (P) Melatheru wd-1 , 5.Perungudi (R.V) and (P) Mudukkutheru wd-2 , 6.Perungudi (R.V) and (P) North kudiyanatheru &Kadaitheru wd-2 , 7.Perungudi (R.V) and (P) Nadukudiayanatheru wd-2 , 8.Perungudi (R.V) and (P) South kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 9.Perungudi (R.V) and (P) South adithiravidar theru wd-2
63Panchayat Union Primary Schooll(mangloretiled) ,Puliyakudi-612802 1.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Puliyakkudi Kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 2.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Puliyakkudi Road street wd-1 , 3.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Mathakovil theru wd-1 , 4.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Amirthavalli kudiyana south street wd-2 , 5.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Amirthavalli kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 6.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Amirthavalli adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 7.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Mettutheru wd-2
641.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Puliyakkudi Kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 2.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Puliyakkudi Road street wd-1 , 3.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Mathakovil theru wd-1 , 4.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Amirthavalli kudiyana south street wd-2 , 5.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Amirthavalli kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 6.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Amirthavalli adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 7.Puliyakkudi (R.V) and (P) Mettutheru wd-2 1.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) North street wd-1 , 2.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kumbakonam mainroad wd-1 , 3.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Nadutheru wd-1 , 4.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) South street wd-1 , 5.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd-1 , 6.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Melatheru wd-2 , 7.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Otthakkadai street wd-2 , 8.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) North adithiravidar street wd-2 , 9.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mariyammankovil street wd-2 , 10.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Adithiravidar nadutheru wd-2
65Panchayat Union Primary School Melaamaravathi-612801 ,west Facing Terraced Building 1.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mela Amaravathi Kudiyana street North Wd- 4 , 2.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mela amaravathi south street wd-4 , 3.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mela Amaravathi ottatheru wd-4 , 4.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Melaamaravathi nadutheru wd-4 , 5.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Melaamaravathi north street wd-4 , 6.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Earitheru wd-4 , 7.Thiruvonamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mela amaravathi mainroad wd-4 , 8.Keelaamaravathi (R.V) Thiruvonamangalam (P) Vettaru palam wd-5 , 9.Keelaamaravathi (R.V) Thiruvonamangalam (P) Keela amaravathi peumalkovil theru wd-5 , 10.Keelaamaravathi (R.V) Thiruvonamangalam (P) Keela amaravathi mathakovil theru wd-5
66Panchayat Union Primary School(mangloretiled) North Side ,Mathur-612801 1.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Keelatheru wd-1 , 2.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Agraharam wd-1 , 3.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Melatheru wd-1 , 4.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Mela palaiya adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 5.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Pullavarayar thoppu kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 6.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Ambalakkara theru wd-1 , 7.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Mela puthu adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 8.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Sothiriyam adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 9.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Kilakkadu north street wd-2 , 10.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Kilakkadu nadu kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 11.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Mariyammankovil kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 12.Mathur (R.V) and (P) South kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 13.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Kaliammankovil adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 14.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Balakkarai adithiravidar theru wd-2
67Panchayat Union Middle School Kandiyur-613705 ,Mangalur Terraced Building North Facing 1.Kandiyur (R.V) and (P) Perambarkovil wd-1 , 2.Kandiyur (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyarkovil ?rugankovil theru w , 3.Kandiyur (R.V) and (P) Melamariyamman kovil theru wd-2 , 4.Kandiyur (R.V) and (P) Keela mariyammankovil theru wd-2 , 5.Kandiyur (R.V) and (P) Narasingamangalam North street wd-3 , 6.Kandiyur (R.V) and (P) Narasingamangalam south street wd- 3 , 7.Kandiyur (R.V) and (P) Vaikkal mettutheru wd-3 , 8.Kandiyur (R.V) and (P) Narasingamangalam north adithiravidar street wd-3 , 9.Kandiyur (R.V) and (P) Narsingamangalam south adithiravidar street wd-3 , 10.Kandiyur (R.V) and (P) Melakkara street wd-3
68Panchayat Union Primary School terraced building North Side ,Saranatham-612801 1.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Saranattham South street wd-1 , 2.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Saranattham North street wd-1 , 3.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Saranattham Adithiravidar south street wd-1 , 4.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Saranattham Adithiravidar north street wd-1 , 5.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Vedamboor agraharam wd-2 , 6.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Vedamboor vellalar theru wd-2 , 7.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Vedamboor thachchar theru wd-2 , 8.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Kokkladi colony wd-2 , 9.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Thopputheru wd-2 , 10.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Puthutheru wd-2 , 11.Saranattham (R.V) and (P) Vayalangudi wd-2
69Panchayat Union Middle School ,Manickamangalam-614404 ,Terraced Building East Side 1.Manickamangalam (R.V) and (P) Manickamangalam Kudiyana theru wd-1 , 2.Manickamangalam (R.V) and (P) Manickamangalam Karaimedu street wd-1 , 3.Manickamangalam (R.V) and (P) Manickamangalam Adithiravidar street wd-1 , 4.Manickamangalam (R.V) and (P) Manickamangalam 2nd adithiravidar street wd-1 , 5.Manickamangalam (R.V) and (P) Vadamangalam kudiyana theru wd-1 , 6.Manickamangalam (R.V) and (P) Vatamangalam adithiravidar theru wd-1 , 7.Manickamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kuchipalaiyam kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 8.Manickamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kuchipalaiyam adithiravidar street wd-1 , 9.Regunathapuram (R.V) Manickamangalam (P) Sedhurayanattham kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 10.Regunathapuram (R.V) Manickamangalam (P) Keelasedurayanattham adithiravidar street wd-2 , 11.Regunathapuram (R.V) Manickamangalam (P) Keelasedhurayanattham puthu theru wd-2 , 12.Regunathapuram (R.V) Manickamangalam (P) Mela sedhurayanattham wd-2 , 13.Regunathapuram (R.V) Manickamangalam (P) Kalvikkudi kudiyana theru wd-2 , 14.Regunathapuram (R.V) Manickamangalam (P) Kalvikkudi adithiravidar theru wd-2 , 15.Regunathap u
70Panchayat Union Primary School Poonairrupu 612801 ,Terraced Building North Side 1.Poonairrupu (R.V) and (P) Boonairuppu Udaiyar theru wd-1 , 2.Poonairrupu (R.V) and (P) Sannathi theru wd-1 , 3.Poonairrupu (R.V) and (P) Mananallur north street wd-1 , 4.Poonairrupu (R.V) and (P) Mananallur mariyammankovila theru wd- 1 , 5.Poonairrupu (R.V) and (P) Boonairuppu Keelatheru wd-1 , 6.Poonairrupu (R.V) and (P) Boonairuppu Melatheru wd-2 , 7.Rajendranallur (R.V) Poonairrupu (P) Rajendira nllur periyatheru wd-2 , 8.Rajendranallur (R.V) Poonairrupu (P) Kattalaitheru wd-2 , 9.Rajendranallur (R.V) Poonairrupu (P) Mettutheru wd-2 , 10.Rajendranallur (R.V) Poonairrupu (P) Chettythoppu theru wd-2
71Aided Primary School eastern side northern building (manglore tiled) ,Alangudi-612801 1.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Sasnnathi street wd1 , 2.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Madavilagam wd-1 , 3.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Melaveethi wd-1 , 4.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Vatakkuveethi wd-1 , 5.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Keelaveethi wd-1 , 6.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Chettithoppu wd-1 , 7.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Kovilpatthu north street wd-1 , 8.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Kovilpatthu south street wd-1 , 9.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Kappakulam mettutheru wd-1 , 10.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Therkuveethi wd-1 , 11.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Muthaliyar theru wd-1 , 12.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Angalammankovil theru wd-1 , 13.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) vellalar theru wd-2 , 14.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyar kovil street wd-2 , 15.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Mriyammankovil theru wd-2
72Aided Primary School western side southern side building northernwing manglore tiled East Side ,Alankudi-612801 1.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-2 , 2.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Boonthottasalai wd-2 , 3.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Puthutheru wd-2 , 4.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Boonthottam salai wd-2 , 5.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Kamaraj colony wd-2 , 6.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Boonthottam salai wd-2 , 7.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Santhaveli wd-3 , 8.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Manditheru wd-3 , 9.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Kakkapillaitheru wd-3 , 10.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Uppukaichimettu theu wd-3 , 11.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Perumalkovil keelaveethi wd-3 , 12.Alangudi (R.V) and (P) Perumalkovil vatakku veethi wd-3
73Panchayat Union Primary School(manglore tiled) North side ,Poonthottam-612801 1.Poonthottam (R.V) and (P) Poonthottam Kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 2.Poonthottam (R.V) and (P) Poonthottam Ambalakara theru wd-1 , 3.Poonthottam (R.V) and (P) Poonthottam Athidravidrar theru wd-1 , 4.Poonthottam (R.V) and (P) Satthunoor Kudiyanatheru wd-2
74Panchayat Union Primary School Poonthottam-612801 ,West FacingTerraced Building Southern Wing 1.Poonthottam (R.V) and (P) Satthunoor kila athithiravidrar theru wd-2 , 2.Poonthottam (R.V) and (P) Satthunuoor mela adidravidrar theru wd-2 , 3.Kethanoor (R.V) Poonthottam [P] Kethanoor kila adi dravidar theru wd-2 , 4.Kethanoor (R.V) Poonthottam [P] Kethanoor kudiyanatheru -wd-3 , 5.Kethanoor (R.V) Poonthottam [P] Kethanoor mela adidravidrar theru wd-3
75Panchayat Union Primary School Kurvadi-612801 ,Terraced Building 1.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Erumaipadukai megariayan thoppu wd-2 , 2.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Erumai padukai adidravidrar theru wd-2 , 3.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Vannara theru wd-2 , 4.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Erumai padukai kudiyana theru wd- , 5.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Rottutheru wd- 2 , 6.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Rottu theru Satthunoor road wd-2 , 7.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Kuruvadi Ambalakara theruwd-2 , 8.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Kuruvadi kudiyana Theru wd-2 , 9.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Kuruvadi adidravidrar theru wd-2 , 10.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Moondram thalaippu rottu theru wd-2
76Panchayat Union Middle School,Thenkuvalaveli-612801 ,Eastern Side Terraced Building 1.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Devamangalam wd-1 , 2.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Manalmetu theru wd-1 , 3.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Thenkuvalveli Mariyamman kovil theru wd-1 , 4.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Thenkuvalveli Akkaraharam wd-1 , 5.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Vadukku valaveli akkragaram wd-3 , 6.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Vadukku valaveli nedutheru wd-3 , 7.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Vadukku valaveli adidravidrar threu -wd-3 , 8.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Thenkuvalaveli kallar and colony theru wd1 , 9.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Thenkuvalveli Adidravidrar theru wd-1 , 10.Thenkuvalveli (R.V) and (P) Madhakovil theru wd-1 , 11. Nemalikudi (R.V) Thenkuvalveli [P] Nemalikudi wd-3
77Govt ADW Welfare School(manglore tiled) South Side ,Pulvarnatham-612801 1.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Narikudi Adidravidrar theru west wd-1 , 2.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Narikudi Adidravidrar theru north wd-1 , 3.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Narikudi Adidravidrar theru therkku wd-1 , 4.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Narikudi Adidravidrar theru kilatheru wd-1 , 5.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Narikudi colony thekku theru wd-1 , 6.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Narikudi colony vadukkutheru wd-1 , 7.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Narikudi kudiyanatheru wd-1 , 8.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Narikudi rottu theru wd-1 , 9.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Karuppattipallam vadukku theru wd-2 , 10.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Karupattipallam mela theru ward- 2 , 11.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Karuppattipallam Therkku theru wd-2 , 12.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Pappakudi Adidravidrar theru melatheru wd-2 , 13.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Pappakudi Adidravidra Theru kilatheru wd-2 , 14.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Pappakudi Vadukku kudiyanatheru wd-2 , 15.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Pappakudi East kudiyana theru wd-2 , 16.Pappakudi (R.V) and (P) Pappakudi Therkku kudiyana theru wd-2 , 17.Pulvarnatham (R.V) Pappakudi [P] Main road theru wd-3 , 18.Pulvarnatham (R.V) Pappakudi [P] Manda
78Panchayat Union Middle School, Narthankudi-614404 , Mangalore Tiled Building North Side 1.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) Vadukku theru wd-1 , 2.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) cinna theru wd-1 , 3.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) Periya theru wd-1 , 4.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) Mainroad wd-1 , 5.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) Parakkakulam theru wd-1 , 6.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) Mariyamman kovil east street wd-1 , 7.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) Mariyamman kovil west street -wd-2 , 8.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) Puthutheru wd-1 , 9.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) Muthal theru wd-2 , 10.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) Nadutheru wd-2 , 11.Narthankudi (R.V) and (P) Koliyan theru wd-2
79Panchayat Union Middle School Mangalore Tiled Building Western Side ,Kottaiyur-614404 1.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Veppatthangkudiroad wd-1 , 2.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) kuyavar theru wd-1 , 3.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Vadukku Adidravidrar theru wd-1 , 4.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Mettutheru wd-1 , 5.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Settitheru wd-1 , 6.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Kudiyana theru wd-1 , 7.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Ambalakaratheru wd-2 , 8.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Kudanthai road wd-2
80Panchayat Union Middle School Kottaiyur-614404 ,Western Side Terraced Building Southern Wing 1.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Nagan thidal wd-2 , 2.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Therkku Adidravidrar theru wd-2 , 3.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Otthaikadai theru wd-3 , 4.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Nagaisalai wd-3 , 5.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Sarvamaniyam kudiyana theru wd-3 , 6.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Ambalakara theru wd-3 , 7.Kottaiyur (R.V) and (P) Sarvamaniyam adidravidrar theru wd-3
81Panchayat Union Middle School Aravoor 614404 ,Terraced Building Middle Protion West Facing 1.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Kila adidravidrar theru -1wd-1 , 2.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Kila adidravidrar theru 2 wd-1 , 3.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Kudiyana theru wd-1 , 4.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Ashkan odai road wd-1 , 5.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Servaikara theru wd-1 , 6.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Thenpathi theru wd-1 , 7.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Karmbai theru wd-1 , 8.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Anpirkudaiyan wd-1 , 9.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Mungilkollai theru -wd-1 , 10.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Othaitheru wd-1 , 11.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Baithanjery kudiyana theru wd-2
82Panchayat Union Middle School Aravoor-614404 ,Western Side Terraced Building 1.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Baithanjey mela adidravirar theru wd-2 , 2.Aravoor (R.V) and (P) Baithanjery kila adidravidrar theru wd-2 , 3.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Anpirkkudaiyan rottutheru wd-3 , 4.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Aravathur kudiyana theru wd-3 , 5.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Aravathur adidravidrar theru wd-3 , 6.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Kiliyoor kudiyana theru wd-3 , 7.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Kiliyoor adidravidrar theru wd-3 , 8.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Kiliyoor kuravar theru wd-3 , 9.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Pattavarthi theru wd-3 , 10.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Veppanthankudi ambalakara theru wd-4 , 11.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Kaliyamman kovil theru wd-4 , 12.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Veppandhakudi rottu theru wd-4 , 13.Aravathur (R.V) Aravoor (P) Veppanthangkudi adidravidrar theru-wd-4
83Aided Elementary School Vayalur ,New RCC Building Northern Wing North Facing 1.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) Thoppu Street ward:1 , 2.Vayaloor (R.V ) And (P) ) Akkirahara Street ward:1 , 3.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) North Street ward:1 , 4.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) Meddle Street ward:1 , 5.Vayaloor (R.V) And ( P) South StreetT ward:1 , 6.Vayaloor (R.V) And) (P) Matha koil Street ward:1 , 7.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) Atrangarai Street ward:1 , 8.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) Kalaiger Nagar First Street ward:1 , 9.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) Kalaiger Nager Second Street ward:1 , 10.Vayaloor ( R.V ) And (P) Kalaiger Nagar Third Street ward:1
84Vadamattam High School Vadamattam ,Western New RCC Building East Facing Northern Wing 1.Vayaloor (R.V ) And (P) Kalapparaharam Roattu Street ward:2 , 2.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) Kalapparaharam Meddle Street ward:2 , 3.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) Kalapparaharam West Street ward:2 , 4.Vayaloor (R.V ) And (P) Bharathi Mandra Street ward:2 , 5.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) Keelavayaloor Street ward:2
85Vadamattam High School Vadamattam ,New RCC Building South Side East Facing 1.Vayaloor (R.V ) And (P) Bajanamadai Street ward:3 , 2.Vayaloor (R.V ) And (P) Pallikuda Street ward:3 , 3.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) South Street ward:3 , 4.Vayaloor (R V ) And (P) Paravaakkarai roattu street ward:3 , 5.Vayaloor (R.V ) And (P) Pallivasal Street ward:3 , 6.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) Minor Street ward:3 , 7.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) East -Athidravidar Street ward:3 , 8.Vayaloor (R.V ) And (P) Poongudi Mela Street ward:4 , 9.Vayaloor (R.V) And (P) Poongudi Main Roattu Street ward:4 , 10.Vayaloor (R.V ) And (P) Poongudi Athithiravidar Street ward:4 , 11.Vayaloor (R .V ) And (P) Poongudi East Street ward:4 , 12.Vayaloor (R.V ) And ( p) Poongudi Akkarai Street ward:4
86Panchayat Union Primary School Anniyur ,New RCC Building West Facing Northern Side 1.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Main Road ward 1 , 2.Anniyur ( R.V) And (P) Meddle Street ward 1 , 3.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Kovil Pathu Street ward 1 , 4.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Othth Street ward 1 , 5.Anniyur (R.V) Andn (P) South Street Ward 1 , 6.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Akragarat Street Ward 1 , 7.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Anniyur Arisana Street Ward 1 , 8.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Asandharkkam WArd 1 , 9.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Vadakattalai Ward 2
87Panchayat Union Primary School Anniyur ,New RCC Building West Facing Southern Side 1.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Sarukkai kudiyanavar Street Ward 2 , 2.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Sarukkai West Street Colony Street Ward 2 , 3.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Sarukkai East Street Ward 2 , 4.Anniyur (R.V) And (p) Pagasalai kudiyanavar Street ward 2 , 5.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Pagasalai Arisana Street Ward 2 , 6.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Semmankudi kudiyanavar Street Ward 3 , 7.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Semmankudi Attrankarai Street Ward 3 , 8.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Maniyankudi kudiyanavar Street Ward 3 , 9.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Maniyankudi South Arisana Street Ward 3 , 10.Anniyur (R.V) And (P) Maniyankudi North Kala Street Ward 3
88Panchayat Union Elementary School Thriuppampuram ,North wing West Facing RCC Building East wing 1.Thiruppampuram (R.V) And (P) Vallalar koilpathu ward:1 , 2.Thiruppampuram (R.V) And (P) Athithiravidar Street ward:1 , 3.Thiruppampuram (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:1 , 4.Thiruppampuram (R.V) And (P) Meddle Street ward:1 , 5.Thiruppampuram (R.V) And (P) South Street ward:1 , 6.Thiruppampuram (R.V) And (P) North Street ward:1 , 7.Thiruppampuram (R.V) And (P) North Mariamman Kovil Street ward:2 , 8.Thiruppampuram (R.V) And (P) North Main Road Street Ward 2 , 9.Thiruppampuram (R.V) And (P) North Velli athi dravedar Streetward:2 , 10.Thiruppampuram (R.V) And (P) Kamboor Muslim Street ward:2
89Panchayat Union Elementary School Thiruppampuram ,South Facing RCC Building 1.Serukudi (R.V) And (P) Vellalar Street Ward 1 , 2.Serukudi (R.V) And (P) West Street Ward 1 , 3.Serukudi (R.V) And (P) Chinna Serukudi Ward 1 , 4.Serukudi (R.V) And (P) Athithiravidar Mela street Ward 1 , 5.Serukudi (R.V) And (P) Thuluva Vellalar street Ward 2 , 6.Serukudi (R.V) And (P) Athithiravidar Street Ward 2 , 7.Serukudi (R.V) And (P) kamboor Athithiravidar Street Ward 2 , 8.Serukudi (R.V) And (P) Malikai Natham Vellalar Street Ward 3
90Government Hr Sec School Ennakudi (Suraikayur) ,East Facing Main RCC Building North Wing 1.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:1 Seruthalaikudi kiristava athidravidar theru , 2.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:1 suraikkaiyur melatheru , 3.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:1 suraikkaiyur north street , 4.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:1 suraikkaiyur keelatheru , 5.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:2 noiyyarpettai , 6.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:2 ukkadai salaitheru
91Government Hr Sec School East Side Building (East Facing ) Ennakudi (Suraikayur) 612203 ,Center Hall East Facing 1.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:2 ukkadai kanniamman koiltheru , 2.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:2 ukkadai vellalartheru , 3.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:3 ennakkudi melatheru , 4.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:3 ennakkudi vellalartheru , 5.Suraikkaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:3 ennakkudi keela athi-theru
92Panchayat Union Middle Alathur (Killiyur) ,Northern RCC Building East Wing South Facing 1.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Therkanaippadi ward:1 , 2.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Melanaippadi Chettiar Street ward:2 , 3.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Melanaippadi Vellalar Street ward:1 , 4.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Keelanaippadi ward:1 , 5.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Vastharajapuram Athidravidar Street- ward:1 , 6.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Vastharajapuram Atrangarai Street ward:1 , 7.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Vastharajapuram Sivankoil Street ward:1 , 8.Aalathur (R.V) Andf (P) Vastharajapuram Mela Street ward:1 , 9.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Vastharajapuram Akrahara street ward:1 , 10.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Aalathur North Street ward:2
93Panchayat Union Middle School Alathur (Killiyur)-609405 ,South Wing New RCC Building North Facing 1.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Aalathur East Street ward:2 , 2.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Aalathur Akrahara Street ward:2 , 3.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Aalathur South Street ward:2 , 4.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Aalathur Kaliamman koil Street ward:2 , 5.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Semmangudi Thoppu Street ward:3 , 6.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Semmangudi Mettu Street ward:3 , 7.Aalathur (R.V) And (P) Chinnalathur ward:3
94Panchayat Union Primary School Killiyur ,Main RCC Building Southern Wing East Facing 1.Killiyur (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:1 , 2.Killiyur (R.V) And (P) Medddle Street ward:1 , 3.Killiyur (R.V) And (P) Mariamnan kovil tstreet ward:1 , 4.Killiyur (R.V) And (P) South Street ward:1 , 5.Killiyur (R.V) And (P) Akraharam ward:1 , 6.Killiyur (R.V) And (P) West Street ward:1 , 7.Killiyur (R.V) And (P) North Street ward:1 , 8.killiyur (R.V) And (P) Thoppu Street ward:2 , 9.Killiyur (R.V) And (P) ukkadai Street ward:2 , 10.Killiyur (R.V) And (P) South Athithiravidar Street ward:2
95Panchayat Union Middle School Vadugakudi ,Western RCC Building Centre Hall East Facing 1.Vilagam (R.V) And (P) South Street Ward:1 , 2.Vilagam (R.V) And (P) West Street ward:1 , 3.vilagam (R.V) And (P) North Street ward:2 , 4.Vilagam (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:2 , 5.Vilagam (R.V) And (P) Cnettiar Street ward:2 , 6.Vilagam (R.V) And (P) East Athithiravidar Street ward:2 , 7.Vilagam (R.V) And (P) meddle Athithiravidar Street ward:2 , 8.Vilagam (R.V) And (P) Thidal Colony Street ward:2 , 9.Vilagam (R.V) And (P) Mela Athithiravidar street ward:2
96Panchayat Union Middle School Vadugakudi ,Sothern Side North Facing Trreced Building 1.Vadukakkudi (R.V) And (P) Sempon Serapakkam Kudiyana street ward:1 , 2.Vadukakkudi (R.V) And (P) Sempon Serapakkan Athidravidar Street ward:1 , 3.Vadugakudi (R.V) and (P) Iveli Colony Street Ward 1 , 4.vadukakkudi (R.V) And (P) Iyanarkoil Street ward:3 , 5.Vadukakkudi (R.V) And (P) ward:3 ennaikattalai(or) Kalungadi Adi Dravidar Street 6.Vadukakkudi (R.V) And (P) ward:3 thittacherri theru
97Panchayat Union Middle School Vadugakudi, South Side (North Facing) Terraced Building ,Northern RCC Building South Facing 1.vadukakudi (R.V) And (P) Mariyamman koil Street ward:2 , 2.Vadukakudi (R.V) And (P) West Street ward:2 , 3.Vadukakudi (R.V) And (P) Akrahara Street ward:2 , 4.Vadukakudi (R.V) And (P) Puthu Street ward:2 , 5.Vadukakudi (R.V) And (P) Kadai Street ward:2 , 6.Vadukakudi (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:2 , 7.Vadukakudi (R.V) And (P) Meddle Street ward:2
98Govt High School Thiruveezhimilalai ,RCC Building Southern Side North Facing Middle Portion 1.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Pillai vettu theru,Main Road, Agraharam ward 2 , 2.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Kudukku Street ward:2 , 3.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Mill Sandhu ward:2 , 4.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Mill Street ward:2 , 5.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Mettu Street ward:2 , 6.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Main Road ward:2 , 7.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Akraharam ward:2 , 8.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Kuyavar Street ward:2 , 9.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Puthu Street ward:2 , 10.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Thombar colony ward:2 , 11.Thiruvizhimilai (R.V) And (P) Thoppu Street ward:2
99Panchayat Union Primary School Thiruveezhimilalai, ,Eastern New RCC Building West Facing 1.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) Muthalkattalai vadakku Street ward:1 , 2.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) Muthalkattalai kudiyana Street ward:1 , 3.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) Kalungudi Street ward:1 , 4.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) Melathandam ward:1
100Government High School Thiruveezhimilalai ,East Facing New RCC Building 1.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) Mela Street ward:3 , 2.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) North Streeti ward:3 , 3.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) Keela Veethi ward:3 , 4.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) South Street ward:3 , 5.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) Ankalamman koil Street ward:3 , 6.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) Thenkarai main Road ward:3 , 7.Thiruveezhimalalai (R.V) And (P) Thenkarai Athi-dravider Street ward:3
101Panchayat Union Middle School Surgunasuvarapuram ,Western Main RCC Building (East Wing) South Facing 1.Surgunasuvarapuram (R.V) And (P) Akragaram ward 1 , 2.Surgunasuvarapuram (R.V) And (P) Kaliyamman koil Street Ward 1 , 3.Surgunasuvarapuram (R.V) And (P) North Street ward1 , 4.Surgunasuvarapuram (R.V) And (P) South Street Ward 1 , 5.Surgunasuvarapuram (R.V) And (P) East Athidravidar Street Ward 1 , 6.Surgunasuvarapuram (R.V) And (P) Kurukku Thoppu Street Ward 1 , 7.Surgunasuvarapuram (R.V) And (P) Mela Street Ward 2 , 8.Surgunasuvarapuram (R.V) And (P) Madhakoil Street Ward 2 , 9.Surgunasuvarapuram (R.V) And (P) Pananthoppu Street Ward 2 , 10.Surgunasuvarapuram (R.V) And (P) Colony Street Ward 2
102Panchayat Union Library Paravakkarai ,RCC Building West Facing School comund 1.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Eenjaladi Athidravider-Street ward:1 , 2.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) poongudimoolai Athi-dravider Street ward:1 , 3.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) poongudimoolai kudi-Street ward:1 , 4.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Dr.Ambethkar Nagar ward:1 , 5.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:1 , 6.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Meddle Street ward:1 , 7.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) othai Street ward:1 , 8.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Mela Street ward:1 , 9.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) kammala Street ward:2 , 10.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Narasuram Street ward:2 , 11.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Puthu Street ward:2 , 12.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Akraharam ward:2 , 13.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Ricemill ward:2 , 14.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Perumal-kovil-street ward:2 , 15.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Kulathumettu street ward:2 , 16.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Anna Nagar ward:2 , 17.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) Ambachipuram Madhakoil street ward:2 , 18.Paravakkarai (R.V) And (P) ambachipuram kudiyana Street ward:2
103Panchayat Union Primary School Kadalangudi ,Main RCC Building South Facing 1.Kadalangudi (R.V) And (P) Ellaiamman koil Street Ward 1 , 2.Kadalangudi (R.V) And (P) Akraharam Ward 1 , 3.Kadalangudi (R.V) And (P) Anna Nagar Ward 1 , 4.Kadalangudi (R.V) And (P) Meddle Street Ward 1 , 5.Kadalangudi (R.V) And (P) SrimahakAliamman Koil Street Ward 2 , 6.Kadalangudi (R.V) And (P) Mela Street Ward 2 , 7.Kadalangudi (R.V) And (P) Madhakoil Street Ward 2
104Sri Balashanmuga Aided Primary School Maruthuvakudi ,New RC Building South Facing 1.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) saanara Street ward:1 , 2.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) Akraharam ward:1 , 3.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) Anna Nagar ward:1 , 4.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) kudiyana Street ward:1 , 5.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) Mettu Street ward:1 , 6.maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) Madhakoil Street ward:2 , 7.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) East -Athidravidar Street ward:2 , 8.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) Anandhampuliyur Akraharam ward:2 , 9.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyarkoil Street ward 2 , 10.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) Velar Street ward:2 , 11.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) Anandhampuliyur Anna Nagar ward:2 , 12.Maruthuvakkudi (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyarkoil Vadakku Street ward 2
105George Higher Sec School Vishnupuram ,New Terraced Building West Facing South Wing 1.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Villiyanoor Athi dravider -Street ward:1 , 2.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Villiyanallore kudiyana Street ward:1 , 3.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Vishnupuram Mainroad South Street ward:2 , 4.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Vishnupuram Mainroad Athidravidar Street ward:2 , 5.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Usmaniya Street ward:2 , 6.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Madhakovil Street ward:2 , 7.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:2 , 8.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Rahmaniya Street ward:2 , 9.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) ward:2 Thoppu Street , 10.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Kayi thoppu Street ward:2 , 11.Vishnupuram (R.V ) And (P) Barakath Street ward:2 , 12.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Vishnupuram Mainroattu Street ward:2
106George Higher Sec. School Vishnupuram ,New Terraced Building West Facing North Wing Centre Hall 1.Nalankattalai (R.V) And (P) Kaliyamman koil Street ward 3 , 2.Nalankattalai (R.V) And (P) Puthu Street ward 3 , 3.Nalankattalai (R.V) And (P) Pattam Street Ward 3 , 4.Nalankattalai (R.V) And (P) Thoppu Street ward 3 , 5.Nalankattalai (R.V) And (P) Kannara Street ward 3 , 6.Nalankattalai (R.V) And (P) Kuchipalayam Street ward 3 , 7.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Vadakku street ward:4 , 8.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) Kaikolar Street ward:4 , 9.Vishnupuram (R.V) And (P) 5.Akraharam Street ward:5
107Panchayat Union Middle School,Sarabojirajapuram ,Northern mangaloor tiled building Eastern Wing South Facing 1.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kadakambadi Akraharam ward:4 , 2.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Puthu Street ward:4 , 3.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kulatthumettu Street ward:4 , 4.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Main Road ward:4 , 5.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Vaikkaukarai Street ward:4 , 6.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Athithiravidar Street ward:4 , 7.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Athithiravidar Vayal Street ward:4 , 8.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Abisheha mangalm Ward 5
108Panchayat Union Middle School,Sarabojirajapuram ,Norther Mangaloor Taild building western wing South Facing1.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Vadakku Street ward:6 , 2.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Main Road ward:6 , 3.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Colony Street ward:6 , 4.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) M.G.R nagar, Atrangarai Street ward:6 , 5.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Therku Athithiravidar Street ward:6 , 6.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Colony Street ward:6 , 7.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Mariyammankovil Street ward:6 , 8.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kadakambadi Mela Street ward 6 , 9.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kadakambadi keela Street ward:6
109Panchayat Union Middle School , Sarabojirajapuram ,Western Mangaloor Tiled Building Northern Wing East Facing1.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Aandarpandhi keela Street ward:1 , 2.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Aandarpandhi mela Street ward:1 , 3.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Aandarpandhi Sivankoil Street ward:1 , 4.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Maruvathur Mela Street ward:2 , 5.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Maruvathur keela Street ward:2 , 6.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P Main Road ward:2 , 7.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Maruvathur Colony ward:2
110Panchayat Union Middle School , Sarabojirajapuram ,Western Mangaloor Tiled Building Southern Wing East Facing 1.Sarabojirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Maruvathur Akraharam ward:2 , 2.Vellai Athambar (R.V), Sarabojirajapuram (P) Vellai athambar Mariyamman kovil Street Ward:3 , 3.Vellai Athambar (R.V), Sarabojirajapuram (P) Pillaiyarkoil Street ward:3 , 4.Vellai Athambar (R.V), Sarabojirajapuram (P) Mela Street ward:3 , 5.Vellai Athambar (R.V), Sarabojirajapuram (P) Vellai Athambar Akragarm ward:7 , 6.Vellai Athambar (R.V), Sarabojirajapuram (P) Vellai Athambar Colony Street ward:7 , 7.Vellai Athambar (R.V), Sarabojirajapuram (P) Sivan kovil Street ward:7 , 8.Vellai Athambar (R.V), Sarabojirajapuram (P) Vellai athamber East Street ward:7 , 9.Vellai Athambar (R.V), Sarabojirajapuram (P) Vellai athambar Attrankarai Street ward:7 , 10.Vellai Athambar (R.V), Sarabojirajapuram (P) Kovil Pathu Ward 7 , 11.Vellai Athambar (R.V), Sarabojirajapuram (P) Vellaiyathambal Nadu Street ward:7
111Sri Shangara Middle School Thethiyur ,Western Mangaloor Main tiled Building Northern Wing East Facing 1.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) Hajiyar Street ward:1 , 2.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) Akraharam ward:1 , 3.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) Mela Street ward:1 , 4.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) Sannathi Street ward:1 , 5.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) Kammala Street ward:2 , 6.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) Nadu Street ward:2 , 7.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) Therku Street ward:2
112Sri Shangara Middle School Thethiyur , Western Mangaloor Tiles Center Hall East Facing 1.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:2 , 2.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) Kulathumettu Street ward:1 , 3.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:2 Mariyamman koilstreet , 4.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:2 Colonytheru , 5.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:3 Attrangaraitheru , 6.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:3 Baalvaditheru , 7.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:3 Vadukarpalayam , 8.Thethiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:4 Puthupakasalai
113Panchayat Union Primary School. Eravanchery, (Manavalanallur)) ,Main New RCC Building Eastern Wing South Facing 1.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal nadu Street ward:2 , 2.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal Street ward 2 , 3.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Mela Street ward:2 , 4.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Puthucolony Street ward:2 , 5.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Umar Street ward:2 , 6.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Muhammathiyar Street ward:2 , 7.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) New Colony Street ward:2 , 8.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Pallikuuda Street ward:2 , 9.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Eravancherri Kadai Veethi ward:2
114Panchayat Union Primary School. Eravanchery, (Managalanallur) ,Main RCC New Building Eastern Wing South Facing 1.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Akraharam Street ward:3 , 2.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Attrangarai Street ward:3 , 3.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Manavalanallur Kadai Veethi ward:3 , 4.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Mariyaman kovil Street ward:3 , 5.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Sivan kovil Street ward:3 , 6.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Main Road ward:3 , 7.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:3
115Government Higher Secondary School, Eravanchery (Manavalanallur) ,Eastern RCC Building, North Wing, West Facing 1.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Madhavakoil Street ward:1 , 2.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Pudumanai Street ward:1 , 3.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Nooriya Street ward:1 , 4.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Pattakal Street ward:1 , 5.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:1 , 6.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Meddle Street ward:1 , 7.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Thaikkal street ward:1 , 8.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Puthu Street ward:1 , 9.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Eravancherri Kadai Street ward:1
116Government Higher Secondary School Eravancherry (Manavalanallur) ,Western RCC Building South Wing East Facing 1.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Bajanamadai Street ward:1 , 2.manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Velar Street ward 1 , 3.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Puthu Street ward:1 , 4.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Ayyanar koil Street Ward 1 , 5.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Manavalanallur Madhakoil Street ward 1 , 6.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Madhakoiltheru Mainroad Ward 2 , 7.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Sevandhinathapuram Madhakoil street Ward 2 , 8.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Sevandhinathapuram Kudiyana Street Ward 2 , 9.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Aazhiyan Thoppu Street Ward 2 , 10.Manavalanallur (R.V) And (P) Bammal Street Ward 2
117Panchayat Union Primary School Koonthalur ,Mangalore Tiled Building North wing East Facing 1.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyarkoil Street ward:1 , 2.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Akraharam ward:1 , 3.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Kulathumettu Street ward:2 , 4.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Thurumajala ward:2 , 5.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Mudhaliyaar Street ward:2
118Panchayat Union Primary School kuthallur ,Mangalore Tiled Building Centre Hall 1.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Dr.Ambedkar Nagar ward:2 , 2.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Keerangudi Colony Street ward:2 , 3.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Keerangudi East Street ward:3 , 4.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Keerangudi Mela Street ward:3 , 5.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Sembiyan koondhaloor ward:4 , 6.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Sembiyan Koondhaloor Colony ward:4 , 7.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Azhiyan thoppu Street ward:4 , 8.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Keerankudi Madhakoil Street ward:5 , 9.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Dulasenthirapuram ward:5 , 10.Koondhaloor (R.V) And (P) Dulasenthirapuram Colony ward:5
119Panchayat Union Middle School Pudhukudi ,Taild East Building North Facing 1.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Roattu Street ward:1 , 2.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Akraharam Street ward:1 , 3.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:1 , 4.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Meddle Street ward:1 , 5.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) West Street ward:1 , 6.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Sakkiliyan padukai ward 1 , 7.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Harijana Street ward:2 , 8.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Kadamangudi ward:2 , 9.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Neikunnam ward:1
120Government Higher Secondary School, Kandiramanickam ,Western Building Middle Room North Side South Facing 1.Pradhabaramapuram (R.V) And (P) Kuchipalayam kudiyana Street ward:2 , 2.Pradhabaramapuram (R.V) And (P) Poovamboor Arisana Street ward:2 , 3.Pradhabaramapuram (R.V) And (P) Poovamboor Kudiyana Street ward:2 , 4.Pradhabaramapuram (R.V) And (P) Roattu Street ward:1 , 5.Pradhabaramapuram (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:1 , 6.Pradhabaramapuram (R.V) And (P) Pilavadi Arisana Street ward:1
121Government Higher Secondary School Kandiramanickam ,Northern Side western Building South Facing 1.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) Kuchipalayam kudiyana Street ward:1 , 2.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) Kuchipalayam Harijana Street ward:1 , 3.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) Roattu Steet ward:1 , 4.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) Yadava Street ward:1 , 5.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) Jeeva Colony wad:2 , 6.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) Attrangarai Street wad:2
122Government Higher Secondary School, Kandiramanickam ,Northern RCC Building Eastern Wing South Facing 1.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar koil Street ward:1 , 2.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) West Akragaram ward:1 , 3.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) Mettu Street wad:2 , 4.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) North Akaraharam wad:2 , 5.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) South Akraharam wad:2 , 6.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) South Street wad:2 , 7.Kandiramanickam (R.V) And (P) Periya Street ward:2
123Panchayat Union Elementary School Vellamandabam ,Main RCC Building Northern Side West Facing 1.Seethakamangalam (R.V) And (P) Allikulam ward:1 , 2.Seethakamangalam (R.V) And (P) Manaveli Salai Street ward:1 , 3.Seethakamangalam (R.V) And (P) Manaveli Athithravader Street ward:1 , 4.Seethakamangalam (R.V) And (P) Athitavidar East Street ward:1 , 5.Seethakamangalam (R.V) And (P) Keela Street ward:1 , 6.Seethakamangalam (R.V) And (P) Vaniya Street ward:1 , 7.Seethakamangalam (R.V) And (P) Vellamandapam Salai Street ward:1 , 8.Seethakamangalam (R.V) And (P) Melapadikai ward:1
124Panchayat Union Middle School Seethakkamangalam ,Western RCC Building West Facing 1.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seethakamangalam (P) North Aathidravidar Street ward 2,3 , 2.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seithamangalam (P) North Street ward 2,3 , 3.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seithamangalam (P) Manthaveli Street ward 2,3 , 4.Seithamangalam (R.V) and (P) Sivankoil Street ward 2,3 , 5.Seethakamangalam (R.V) and (P) China Akraharam ward 2 , 6.Seethakamangalam (R.V) and (P) Akraharam ward 2 , 7.Seethakamangalam (R.V) and (P) Ukkadai ward 2 , 8.Seethakamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kaliyammankoil Street ward 2
125Panchayat Union Middle School Rcc Building North Side South Facing ,Seethakkamangalam 1.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seethkkamangalam (P) Pookkara Street ward 3 , 2.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seethkkamangalam (P) Perumal kovil Street ward 3 , 3.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seethkkamangalam (P) South Street ward 3 , 4.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seethkkamangalam (P) Mathku Street ward 3 , 5.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seethkkamangalam (P) East Street ward 3 , 6.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seithkamangalam (P) Vaathikulam ward 2 , 7.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seithkamangalam (P) Matha koil Street ward 2 , 8.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seethakkamangalam (P) Salai Street ward 3 2 , 9.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seethkkamangalam (P) Salaitheru Colony ward 3 , 10.Melaramansethi (R.V) Seethkkamangalam (P) Padukai Colony ward 3
126Panchayat Union Elementary School RCC Buildig Western Side East Facing ,Sethinipuram 1.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) Akrakaram ward:1 , 2.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) North Street ward:1 , 3.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) Therku Street ward:1 , 4.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) Anna Nagar ward:1 , 5.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) Mainrottu Street ward:1 , 6.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:1 , 7.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) Thennancherry ward:2 , 8.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) Kaliyamman koil Street ward:2 , 9.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) Ambedkar Street ward:2 , 10.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) Mettu Street ward:1 , 11.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) Madhakoil Street ward:2 , 12.Sethinipuram (R.V) And (P) Salai Steet ward:2
127Ramakrishna Aided Middle School New RCC Building North side West Facing ,Vikkirapandiam 1.Vikkirapantiyam (R.V) And (P) Vikkirapandiam mela Street ward:2 , 2.Vikkirapandiam (R.V) And (P) Vikkirapandiam Akraharam ward:1 , 3.Vikkirapandiam (R.V) And (P) Vikkirapandiam North Street ward:1 , 4.Vikkirapandiam (R.V) And (P) Vikkirapandiam South Street ward:1 , 5.Vikkirapandiam (R.V) And (P) Vikkirapandiam Sivan koil Street ward:1 , 6.Vikkirapandiam (R.V) And (P) Kaliamman kovil Street ward:1 , 7.Vikkirapandiam (R.V) And (P) Mariyaman kovil Street ward:1
128Ramakrishna Aided Middle School Main Rcc Building South Side West Facing ,Vikkirapandiam 1.Vikkirapantiyam (R.V) And (P) Vallam North Street ward:2 , 2.Vikkirapantiyam (R.V) And (P) Vallam East Street ward:2 , 3.Vikkirapantiyam (R.V) And (P) Vallam South Street ward:2 , 4.Vikkirapantiyam (R.V) And (P) Vallam Mela Street ward:2 , 5.Puliyanchery (R.V) Vikkirapandiam (P) Puliyanchery North Street ward 3 , 6.Puliyanchery (R.V) Vikkirapandiam (P) Puliyanchery Kulatheru ward 3 , 7.Puliyanchery (R.V) Vikkirapandiam (P) Puliyanchery Mariyamman Koil Street ward 3 , 8.Puliyanchery (R.V) Vikkirapandiam (P) Puliyanchery Akraharam ward 3 , 9.Puliyanchery (R.V) Vikkirapandiam (P) Puliyancherri South Street ward 3 , 10.Puliyanchery (R.V) Vikkirapandiam (P) Puliyancherri Atrangarai Street ward 3
129Panchayat Union Middle School RCC Building Southern Side East Facing ,31. Paruthiyur 1.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Avanam Meala Street ward:4 , 2.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Kollaikattu Street ward:4 , 3.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Avanam akraharam ward:4 , 4.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:4 , 5.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Mariamman Kovil Street ward:4 , 6.Paruthyur (R.V) And (P) Roattu Street ward:1 , 7.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) North Street ward:1 , 8.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Paruthiyur Meala Street ward:1 , 9.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Periya Akraharam ward:2
130Panchayat Union Middle School RCC Building East Facing ,31. Paruthiyur 1.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) China Akraharam ward:2 , 2.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Chinna Street ward 2 , 3.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Paruthiyur Road , 4.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Madu Street ward:2 , 5.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Attrangarai Street ward:3 , 6.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Madha Kovil Street ward:3 , 7.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Chittier Street ward:3 , 8.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Shalyamangalam Main Road ward:2 , 9.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Shalyamangalam Matha Koil Street ward:2 , 10.Paruthiyur (R.V) And (P) Kulathumettu Street ward:1
131Panchayat Union Middle School Sithadi ,Main RCC Building Northern Side (South Facing) 1.Sithadi (R.V), Serukalathur (P) Sithadi Arisana Colony ward:3 , 2.Sithadi (R.V) , Serukalathur (P) Sithadi North Kudia Street ward:3 , 3.Sithadi (R.V) , Serukalathur (P) Puliyan Street ward:3 , 4.Sithadi (R.V) ,Serukalathur (P) Sithadi Anjankulam ward:3 , 5.Sithadi (R.V) ,Serukalathur (P) Chettikula Street ward:3 , 6.Sithadi (R.V) ,Serukalathur (P) Chetti Street ward:3
132Panchayat Union Middle School Adipuliyur (Radhanallur) ,RCC West Building East Facing 1.Aadipuliyur (R.V) ,Aadipuliyur (P) Dhukkacherri ward:1 , 2.Aadipuliyur (R.V) ,Aadipuliyur (P) Radhanallur East Street ward:2 , 3.Aadipuliyur (R.V) ,Aadipuliyur (P) Radhanallur Mela Street ward:2 , 4.Aadipuliyur (R.V) ,Aadipuliyur (P) Mariyamman Koil Street ward:2 , 5.Aadipuliyur (R.V) ,Aadipuliyur (P) Ubadhesiyar Street ward:2 , 6.Aadipuliyur (R.V) ,Aadipuliyur (P) Adippu puliyur Kaliamman Kovil Street ward:1 , 7.Aadipuliyur (R.V) ,Aadipuliyur (P) Aadipuliyur Arsana Street ward 1 , 8.Aadipuliyur (R.V) ,Aadipuliyur (P) Aadipuliyur Ukkadai Street ward:1
133Panchayat Union Primary School RCC Main Building Southern Side East Facing ,Serukalathur 1.Serukalathur (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:1 , 2.Serukalathur (R.V) And (P) Akraharam ward:1 , 3.Serukalathur (R.V) And (P) keelai Salai Street ward:1 , 4.Serukalathur (R.V) And (P) Mela Salai Street ward:1 , 5.serukalathur (R.V) And (P) Matha Koil Street ward:2 , 6.Serukalathur (R.V) And (P) Akkarai Madha Koil Street ward:2
134Panchayat Union Primary School Thiruvidaichery ,RCC Building Centre Hall West Facing 1.Thiruvidachery (R.V) And (P) Kovilpathu Street ward 1 , 2.Thiruvidachery (R.V) And (P) Aruvizhimangalam Ward 1 , 3.Thiruvidaichery (R.V) And (P) Madhavakoil Street ward 2 , 4.Thiruvidaichery (R.V) And (P) Anna Colony ward 2 , 5.Thiruvidachery (R.V) And (P) West Street ward 2
135Govt High School Thiruvidaichery ,RCC West Building East Facing 1.Thiruvidachery (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal Street ward 3 , 2.Thiruvidachery (R.V) And (P) Pallikuuda Street ward 3 , 3.Thiruvidachery (R.V) And (P) Pattakal Street ward 3 , 4.Thiruvidachery (R.V) And (P) Main Road ward 3 , 5.Thiruvidachery (R.V) And (P) Manthoppu Street ward 3 , 6.Thiruvidachery (R.V) And (P) Manthoppu East street ward 3 , 7.Thiruvidachery (R.V) And (P) Alrahamath Street ward 3
136Panchayat Union Primary western Side RCC Building East Facing ,Nedunchery 1.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) West Street Ward:1 , 2.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) Meddle Street Ward:1 , 3.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) Sivan Koil Street ward:1 , 4.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) Thalayari Street Ward :1 , 5.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) South Street Ward :1 , 6.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) East Street Ward :1 , 7.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) Pathalai street Ward 2 , 8.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) Vellaipillai Koil Street Ward :2 , 9.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) Kaliyamman Koil Street Ward :2 , 10.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) Seruvandore East Street Ward :2 , 11.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) Thalaiyari Street Seruvandore Ward :2 , 12.Nedunchery (R.V) And (P) Mariyamman Koil Street Ward :2
137Panchayat Union Primary School Southern RCC Building North Facing ,Naranamanglam 1.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Thoppu Street ward:1 , 2.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Akraharam ward:1 , 3.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Mela Street ward:1 , 4.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:1 , 5.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Attrankarai Street ward:1 , 6.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kaliyamman Koil Street ward:1 , 7.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) akkarai street ward:2 , 8.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Colony Street ward:2 , 9.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Pudu Street ward:2 , 10.Naranamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kothore (ward:2
138Panchayat Union Primary School 38.Neikkuppai (Pulichakadi) ,Main RCC Building South Side South Facing 1.Neikuppai (R.V) And (P) Neikuppai kudiyana Street Ward 1 , 2.Neikuppai (R.V) And (P) Neikuppai Athi-dravider Street ward Ward 1 , 3.Neikuppai (R.V ) And (P) Annukkudi Athidravider-Street Ward 1 , 4.Neikuppai (R.V) And (P) P.V.D. Nagar Ward 1 , 5.Neikuppai (R.V) And (P) pulichakkadi Mettu Street Ward 2 , 6.Neikuppai (R.V) And (P) pulichakkadi East Street Ward 2 , 7.Neikuppai (R.V) And (P) pulichakkadi North Street Ward 2 , 8.Neikuppai (R.V) And (P) pulichakkadi South street Ward 2
139Saint John High School South RCc Building North Side West Facing ,Perumpannaiyur 1.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Pallikuda Street ward:2 , 2.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Salai Street ward:2 , 3.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) pandian kula Street ward:3 , 4.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Attrankarai Street ward:3 , 5.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Selvam Street ward:3
140St. John High School Perumpannaiyur ,North RCC Building South Side west Facing 1.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Thiriyambahapuram ward:1 , 2.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Marutha Manickam ward:1 , 3.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) ward:1 Elandhavanancherri North Streett , 4.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Elanthavana kudiyana street ward:1 , 5.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) kovilpathu kudiyana Street ward:1 , 6.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Kovilpathu Atrangarai Street ward:1 , 7.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) valaiyalkara Street ward:2 , 8.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Mela Street ward:2 , 9.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Sivan Koil Street ward:2 , 10.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) Mariyamman Koil Street ward:2 , 11.Perumpannaiyur (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:2
141Semangudi Higher Secondary School Sembangudi ,Centre RCC Building (Room No-9) South Facing 1.Semmangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam street , 2.Semmangudi (R.V.) and (P) East Street , 3.Semmangudi (R.V.) and (P) West Street , 4.Semmangudi (R.V.) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street , 5.Semmangudi (R.V.) and (P) North Street , 6.Semmangudi (R.V.) and (P) Omakkula Street , 7.Semmangudi (R.V.) and (P) North Veli Street
142Panchayat Union Primary School Main Rcc Building North Facing , Vadaver 1.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) Thattanpadukai Street ward:1 , 2.Vadavar (R.V) And (P) Mettu street ward:1 , 3.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) Maravan Thoppu Street ward:1 , 4.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) poundadi Street ward:1 , 5.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) Main Road Street ward:1 , 6.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) Akraharam ward:1 , 7.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) kulathu Mettu Street ward:1 , 8.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) Kuchipalaya Street ward:1 , 9.vadavare (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:2 , 10.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) Kaliyamman Koil Street ward:2 , 11.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) Mela Madha Koil Street ward:2 , 12.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) Manthoppu Street ward:2 , 13.Vadavare (R.V) And (P) Matha Koil Street ward:2
143Government High School West RCC Building East facing South Side , Sengalipuram 1.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Eluppai Thoppu Street ward:3 , 2.sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Chinna Akragaram ward:1 , 3.sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Meddle Street ward:2 , 4.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) periya Akraharam ward:1 , 5.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) North Street ward:3 , 6.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Kadai Street ward:2 , 7.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Pitarikoil Street ward:2 , 8.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Thiroupathiammam koil Street ward:2 , 9.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) pillaiyar Koil Street ward:3 , 10.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Mappillai Nagar ward:3
144Government High School West RCC Building Northern Side East Facing , Sengalipuram 1.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Kovilpathu Street ward:2 , 2.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Matha Koil Street ward:2 , 3.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Colony Street ward:3 , 4.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) North Street ward:1
145Government High School South RCC Building East Side North Facing , Sengalipuram 1.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Mariyaman Kovil Street ward:1 , 2.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) Nadar Street ward:1 , 3.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) kamarasar Street ward:3 , 4.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) East Street ward:3 , 5.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) periyapayanam ward:3 , 6.Sengalipuram (R.V) And (P) sarvamanyam ward:4
146Panchayat Union Primary School Main Rcc Building West Facing ,Perumanglam 1.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) Main Road (-Annavasal) ward:1 , 2.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) Atrangarai Street-Annavasal ward:1 , 3.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) Thopputheru Aannavasal ward:1 , 4.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) Chinna StreetAnnavasal ward:1 , 5.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) East Street-Mazhavacherri ward:1 , 6.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) West Street-Mazhavacherri ward:1 , 7.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) Colony Street-Mazhavacherri ward:1 , 8.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) mainroattu Street ward:2 , 9.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) West Street ward:2 , 10.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) South Street Thaduthatkondapuram ward:2 , 11.Annavasal (R.V) And (P) Akragarm Thaduthatkondapuram ward:2 , 12.Perumangalam (R.V) Annavasal (P) Manthouppu Street , 13.Perumangalam (R.V) Annavasal (P) Kazh kudiiya Street perumankalam , 14.Perumangalam (R.V) Annavasal (P) South Street , 15.Perumangalam (R.V) Annavasal (P) MelaKudiya Street perumankalam , 16.Perumangalam (R.V) Annavasal (P) North Kudiya Street (Perumangalam) , 17.Perumangalam (R.V) Annavasal (P) Colony street (perumangalam) , 18.Perumangalam (R.V) Annavasal (P) EluppaiThoppu Street , 19
147Mahalakshmi Manickam Middle School Main RCC building Middle portion East Facing ,Kodavasal 1.Kudavasal (TP) Panjanathikulam ward:14 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) Akkarai Colony ward:14 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) Thirumaignana Colony ward:14 , 4.Kudavasal (TP) Puthu Colony ward:13 , 5.Kudavasal (TP) Vazhinjodi Colony ward:13 , 6.Kudavasal (TP) Vellakulam ward:13 , 7.Kudavasal (TP) Erandhavadi South Street ward:13 , 8.Kudavasal (TP) Erandhavadi North Street ward:13
148Panchayat Union Primary School, Kodavasal, East Side Asbetos Building North Facing , Kodavasal 1.Kudavasal (TP) Karpagavinayager Kovil Street ward:15 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) Pidari Koil Street ward:1 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) Pidari Koil Colony ward:1
149Government Girls Highetr Secondary School Kodavasal ,New RCC Building Center Hal West Facing 1.Kudavasal (TP) Naduchozhiya Street ward:15 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) Nadu Colony ward:12 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) Perambadi Thoppu ward:1
150Government Girls Highetr Secondary School Kodavasal ,New RCC Building Northern Wing West Facing 1.Kudavasal (TP) Athikadai Saathiram ward:14 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) Keelachozhiya Street ward:15 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) South Chozhya Street ward:15 , 4.Kudavasal (TP) Kudandhai lf Road ward:12 , 5.Kudavasal (TP) North Muslim Street ward:12 , 6.Kudavasal (TP) South muslim Street ward:12 , 7.Kudavasal (TP) North Colony ward:15
151Government Higher Sec. School (Boys) west Main RCC Building North Side West Facing ,Kodavasal 1.Kudavasal (TP) South Street Akraharam ward:10 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) East Akragaram ward:10 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) Adicherri Street ward:2 , 4.Kudavasal (TP) Senkundhar East Street ward:2 , 5.Kudavasal (TP) Senkundhar street ward:2
152Government Higher Sec. School (Boys) East New Rcc Building South Wing West Facing ,Kodavasal 1.Kudavasal (TP) Melaagragaram ward:10 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) Nadu Akraharam ward:10 , 3.kudavasal (TP) North Madavilagam ward:11 , 4.Kudavasal (TP) Kadai Street Mela Veeth ward:11 , 5.Kudavasal (TP) North Street ward:11 , 6.Kudavasal (TP) Thirukkulam Vadakarai ward:11 , 7.Kudavasal (TP) Kovil Street ward:1 , 8.Kudavasal (TP) ) Anna South Street ward:10 , 9.Kudavasal (TP) Othuvan Koil Street ward:11
153Government Higher Sec. School (Boys) Main tiled Building North Side West Facing , Kodavasal (Akara Ogai) 1.Kudavasal (TP) East Street ward:6 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) Meddle Street ward:6 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) Thoppu Sreet ward:6 , 4.Kudavasal (TP) Thandalai Harijana Street ward:6 , 5.Kudavasal (TP) Thandalai Kudiyana Street ward:6 , 6.Kudavasal (TP) Arasoor Street ward:6 , 7.Kudavasal (TP) Sengalipuram Road ward:3
154Government Higher Sec. School (Boys) Kodavasal (Agra Ogai) ,East New RCC Building. North Wing. South Facing 1.Kudavasal (TP) Kuchipalaya Street ward:4 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) Kilar Street ward:3 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) Kuvalankattu Street ward:3 , 4.Kudavasal (TP) Natham Street ward:3 , 5.Kudavasal (TP) Keela Street ward:11 , 6.Kudavasal (TP) South Madavilaga Street ward:11 , 7.Kudavasal (TP) Thirukkulam Keela Veethi Ward 11
155Government Higher Sec. School (Boys) West RCC Building East Facing ,Kodavasal (Akara Ogai) 1.Kudavasal (TP) L.F. Road ward:9 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) Mela Adicherri Street ward:9 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) MelaThoppu Street ward:9 , 4.Kudavasal (TP) Saettu Mettu Street ward:8
156Government Higher Sec. School (Boys) New RCC Building West Side, South Facing ,Kodavasal (Akara Ogai) 1.Kudavasal (TP) Kotha Street ward:9 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) Kuyavan palaya Street ward:9 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) Attrangarai Street ward:8
157Government Higher Sec. School (Boys) Kodavasal (Agra Ogai) ,East New RCC Building. South Wing. North Facing 1.Kudavasal (TP) South Street ward:7 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) North Street ward:7 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) Suppankula Street ward:7 , 4.Kudavasal (TP) kuchipalaya Street ward:7 , 5.Kudavasal (TP) Meddle Street ward:7 , 6.Kudavasal (TP) Akraharam ward:7 , 7.Kudavasal (TP) Keela Ookai Mela Veethi ward:7 , 8.Kudavasal (TP) Sivan kovil Street ward:7 , 9.Kudavasal (TP) padaiyachiyar Street ward:7
158Government Boys Higher Sec. School RCC Building Eastern Side North Facing ,Kodavasal 1.Kudavasal (TP) koradacherri L.F. Road ward:5 , 2.Kudavasal (TP) Valangaiman Rastha ward:7 , 3.Kudavasal (TP) Chinnaatrangarai Street ward:8 , 4.Kudavasal (TP) Thiruvarur L.F. Road ward:5 , 5.Kudavasal (TP) Kailasanathar North Street ward:5 , 6.Kudavasal (TP) Kailasanathar East Street ward:5 , 7.Kudavasal (TP) Kailasanathar South Street ward:5 , 8.Kudavasal (TP) Nadar Street ward:5 , 9.Kudavasal (TP) Aasiriyar Nagar ward:5 , 10.Kudavasal (TP) Sengalipuram Road ward:5 , 11.Kudavasal (TP) kuchipalayam ward:4 , 12.Kudavasal (TP) kilar Street ward:4 , 13.kudavasal (TP) Kuvalankattu Street ward:3 , 14.Kudavasal (TP) Natham Street ward:3
159Panchayat Union Primary School Eastern RCC Building West Facing ,Manaparavai 1.Manapparavai (R.V) And (P) Main Road ward:1 , 2.Manapparavai (R.V) And (P) Thathanoor Street ward:1 , 3.thirukkudi (R.V) And (P) Keela-Athidravidar Street ward:3 , 4.Thirukkudi (R.V) And (P) Madha Kovil Street ward:3 , 5.Manapparavai (R.V) And (P) Melappalaiyur Road ward:1 , 6.Manapparavai (R.V) And (P) Chinna Manapparavai ward:1 , 7.Manapparavai (R.V) And (P) Kallar Street ward:2 , 8.Manapparavai (R.V) And (P) Thuraiyur Pillai-Koil Street ward:2 , 9.Manapparavai R.V) And (P) Thuraiyur Athi-Dravidar Street ward:2 , 10.Manapparavai (R.V) And (P) Thuraiyur Madathu Street ward:2 , 11.Manapparavai (R.V) And (P) Aanaivichoor Street ward:2 , 12.Thirukkudi (R.V) And (P) Thirukkudi Street ward:4 , 13.Thirukkudi (R.V) And (P) Thirukkudi AthiDravidar Street ward:4 , 14.Thirukkudi (R.V) And (P) Cauvaranallur Vellala Street ward:4 , 15.Thirukkudi (R.V) And (P) Kavaranallur Athi-Dravidar Street ward:4
160Panchayat Union Primary School Main RCC Building East Facing ,Melapalaiyur 1.Melappalaiyur (R.V) And (P) Athithiravidar S treet ward:1 , 2.Melappalaiyur (R.V) And (P) Colony Street ward:1 , 3.Kangeyanagaram (R.V) And (P) Kollan Street ward:1 , 4.Melappalaiyur (R.V) And (P) Thattaara Street ward:1 , 5.Melappalaiyur (r.v) and (p) North pulavanatham ward:1 , 6.Melappalaiyur (R.V) And (P) Akrahara Street ward:2 , 7.Melappalaiyur (R.V) And (P) South Street ward:2 , 8.Melappalaiyur (R.V) And (P) Vettu Kula Street ward:2 , 9.Melappalaiyur (R.V) And (P) Periya Kula Street ward:2 , 10.Melappalaiyur (R.V) And (P) Chakkaliya Street ward:2 , 11.Aladikarupur (R.V) Melapalaiyur (P) Aaladikaruppur Main Road ward:3 , 12.Aladikarupur (R.V), Melapalaiyur (P) Madha Koil Street ward:3
161Panchayat Union Middle School RCc Building East Facing ,Kankeyanagaram (Aladikarupoor) 1.Aladikarupoor (R.V) and (P) Kangeyanagaram Madha Koil Street ward 1 , 2.Aladikarupoor (R.V) and (P) Kangeyanagaram Mattu Street ward 1 , 3.Aladikarupoor (R.V) and (P) Kangeyanagaram Akrahara Street ward 1 , 4.Aladikarupoor (R.V) and (P) Kangeyanagaram Chetti Street ward 2 , 5.Aladikarupoor (R.V) and (P) Kangeyanagaram School Street ward 2 , 6.Aladikarupoor (R.V) and (P) Kangeyanagaram Mariyamman Koil Street ward 2 , 7.Aladikarupoor (R.V) and (P) Oolaimangalam Keela Street ward 2 , 8.Aladikarupoor (R.V) and (P) Oolaimangalam South Street ward 2 , 9.Aladikarupoor (R.V) and (P) Oolaimangalam Colony Street ward 2
162Panchayat Union Primary School Mangalur Tiled Building South Facing ,Moolangkudi (Manjakudi) 1.Manjakkudi (R.V) And (P) Moolangudi Main Roattu Street ward:1 , 2.Manjakkudi (R.V) And (P) Moolangudi Pandaravadai Street ward:1 , 3.Manjakkudi (R.V ) And (P) Moolangudi Colony Street ward:1 , 4.Manjakkudi (R.V ) And (P) Manjakkudi Akraharam Street ward:2 , 5.Manjakkudi (R.V ) And (P) Vembanoor Main Roattu Street ward:2 , 6.Manjakkudi (R.V ) And (P) Vembanoor Colony Street ward:2 , 7.Manjakkudi (R.V) And (P) Moolangudi PillaiKoil Street ward:2 , 8.Manjakkudi (R.V ) And (P) Moolangudi Sandhu Street ward:2 , 9.Manjakkudi (R.V) And (P) Moolangudi Perumal Koil Street ward:2
163Panchayat Union Primary School Manglore tiled building East Side South Facing ,Moolangudi ( Manjakudi) 1.Manjakkudi (R.V ) And (P) Manjakkudi Neikuppai Salai ward:3 , 2.Manjakkudi (R.V ) And (P) Manjakkudi South Street ward 3 , 3.Manjakkudi (R.V) And (P) Manjakkudi Colony North Street ward:3 , 4.Manjakkudi (R.V) And (P) Manjakkudi Kaliyamman-Koil Street ward:3 , 5.Manjakkudi (R.V ) And (P) Manjakkudi Sandhu Street ward:3 , 6.Manjakkudi (R.V ) And (P) Manjakkudi Main Roattu Street ward:3
164Panchayat Union Elementary School RCC Building West wing North Facing ,Pudukkudi 1.Puthukkudi (R.V) And (P) Main Road 52 Puthukkudi ward:3 , 2.Puthukkudi (R.V) And (P) South Street ward:3 , 3.Puthukkudi (R.V ) And (P) Keela Arisana Street ward:3 , 4.puthukkudi (R.V) And (P) Kannara Street ward:4 , 5.Puthukkudi (R.V) And (P) Valluvar Street ward:4 , 6.Puthukkudi (R.V) And (P) Mela Nanacherri ward:4 , 7.Puthukkudi (R.V) And (P) Melanaanacherri Arisana Street ward:4
165Panchayat Union Elementary School RCC Building North Side East Facing ,Pudukkudi 1.Pudhukkudi (R.V ) And (P) Narasingampettai North Street ward:1 , 2.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Cnettiar Street ward:1 , 3.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Mudukku Street ward:1 , 4.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar Koil Street ward:1 , 5.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Mela Arijana Street ward:1 , 6.Pudhukkudi (R.V ) And (P) Keela Arijana Street ward:1 , 7.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Thippanampettai Manal Mettu Street ward:1 , 8.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Main Road ward:2 , 9.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Puthukkudi Mela Arijana Street ward:2 , 10.Pudhukkudi (R.V) And (P) Neikuppai Salai , Manal Mettu Street ward:2
166Sri Ramakrishna Vidhyalaya Aided Elementary School main Mangalur Taild Bulding West Sidn North Facing ,Simizhi 1.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Keelananacherri Colony Street ward:1 , 2.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Thalaiyalangadu Madha Koil Street ward:1 , 3.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Sivan Koil Street ward:1 , 4.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Thalaiyalangadu Atrangarai Street ward:1 , 5.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Keelananacherri Ambalakara Street ward:3 , 6.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Keelananacherri Attrankarai Street ward:3 , 7.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Udayar Street ward:3 , 8.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Nadar Street ward:3 , 9.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Thaar Salai ward:3 , 10.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Naduppadukai Street ward:3
167Sri Ramakrishna Vidhyalaya Aided Elementary School Mangalaur Taild Building Western Side North Facing ,Simizhi 1.Simizhi (R.V) wAnd (P) Keela Street ward:2 , 2.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Mela Street ward:3 , 3.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Theradi Street ward:4 , 4.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Akraharam ward:4 , 5.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Poonkanalore North Street ward:4 , 6.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Vellalar Kudiyana Street ward:4 , 7.Simizhi (R.V) And (P) Vellalar Athidravidar Street ward:4
168P.U.M.S. Pillur 609403 ,North facing Terraced Building Western portion 1.Pillur (R.V) and (P) Thevur Adi Dravidar Street, Kudiyana Street Ward -1 , 2.Pillur (R.V.) and (P) Mela Natham Agraharam Ward 2,3 , 3.Kollumangudi (R.V.), Pillur (P) Andakudiyan Thoppu Ward-8
169P.U.M.S Pillur 609403 ,Mangalore tiled facing North Eastern portion 1.Pillur (R.V) and (P) Nadu Natham, Kudiyana Street Ward 3
170P.U.M.School Terraced Building South Facing East Wing ,Pillur 609403 1.Pillur (R.V.), and (P) Karkathi, Mainroad, Kaliyamman Koil Street, Attrangarai Street , 2.Pillur (R.V.) and (P) Keezhanatham Ward-4
171Adi Dravidar Welfare Elementary School, Kollumangudi ,RCC Building, Facing North, Eastern Side 1.Kollumangudi (R.V.), Pillur (P) Agaramedu Street - River Bank Street Ward-7 , 2.Kollumangudi (R.V.), Pillur (P) Mangudi Thoppu Street, Madha Koil Street, Ward 5
172Adi Dravidar Welfare Elementary School, Kollumangudi ,Terraced Building, Facing North, Western Side 1.Kollumangudi (R.V.), Pillur (P) Periyar Street, Pallivasal Street, Jinna Street, Almathina Street
173G.H.S. Keeranur 609403 ,East facing terraced Southern portion 1.Keeranur (R.V.) and (P) Kumaramangalam Street Ward-1 , 2.Keeranur (R.V.) and (P) Kumaramangalam Adidravidar Street Ward-2 , 3.Keeranur (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward -3 , 4.Keeranur (R.V.) and (P) Jayaraj Nagar Colony Ward-4 , 5.Keeranur (R.V.) and (P) Kaduvetti Ward-9
174G.H.S. Keeranur 609403 ,Rcc Building Facing South Eastern Wing 1.Keeranur (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Ward-5 , 2.Keeranur (R.V.) and (P) Keelaveedhi, Nokath Street, Therkuveedhi, Ezhuveli Street , 3.Keeranur (R.V.) and (P) Akkarai Thoppu Ward -7 , 4.Keeranur (R.V.) and (P) Keela Adi Dravidar Colony Ward-8
175P.U.M.S. Sirupuliyur 609403 ,New Rcc Building facing West Northern wing 1.Sirupuliyur (R.V.) and (P) Kurathazhvarkudi, Udaiyar Street Ward -1 , 2.Sirupuliyur (R.V.) and (P) Gurusthanam, Kudiyana Street, Vellalar Street Ward , 3.Sirupuliyur (R.V.) and (P) Road Street, Adi Dravidar Street Ward -3
176P.U.M.S. Sirupuliyur 609403 ,New Rcc Building facing West Southern Wing 1.Sirupuliyur (R.V.) and (P) Sannathi Street, Therkuveedhi, Melaveedhi, Puthagaram , 2.Sirupuliyur (R.V.) and (P) Adi dravidar Colony Ward -5
177Panchayat Union Middle School, Pavattakudi, Mangalore Tiled Building Facing North West Wing ,Pavattakudi 609 403 1.Pavattakudi (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Ward-1 , 2.Pavattakudi (R.V.) and (P) Pandaravadai, Keela Adi Dravidar Street, Mela Adi Dravidar Street , 3.Pavattakudi (R.V.) and (P) Madha koil Street Ward-3 , 4.Pavattakudi (R.V.) and (P) Muslim Street Ward-3
178Panchayat Union Middle School, Pavattakudi , RCC Terraced Building Facing West South Wing ,Pavattakudi 609 403 1.Pavattakudi (R.V.) and (P) Thathar Street, Thambuvan Street Ward-2 , 2.Pavattakudi (R.V.) and (P) Sandhu Street, Manthoppu Street, Middle Street Ward 1, 2
179Adi Dravidar Welfare Primary School, Koothanur 609403 ,New Rcc Building facing West Southern wing 1.Koothanur (R.V.), Annathanapuram (P) Atthur Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 2.Koothanur (R.V.), Annathanapuram (P) Thirupanancheri Ward-2 , 3.Koothanur (R.V.), Annathanapuram (P) Atthur Adi Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 4.Koothanur (R.V.), Annathanapuram (P) Koothanur South Street Ward -4 , 5.Koothanur (R.V.), Annathanapuram (P) Koothanur West Street Ward -5 , 6.Koothanur (R.V.), Annathanapuram (P) Anjaleri Street Ward -6 , 7.Koothanur (R.V.). Annathanapuram (P) Ponnur Street Ward -7
180Panchayat Union Primary School Annathanapuram 609403 ,New Rcc building facing south East wing 1.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Valur River Bank Street Ward -1 , 2.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Valur Middle Street Ward-2 , 3.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Valur Adi Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 4.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Sethur Pallar Colony Street Ward-4 , 5.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Pannainallur Ward-5 , 6.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Pannainallur South Arijana Street Ward -6 , 7.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Pannainallur North Arijana Street Ward-7 , 8.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Annathanapuram Ward- 8 , 9.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Annathanapuram Adi Dravidar Street Ward- 9 , 10.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Padugai Street Ward-10 , 11.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Ukkaddai Street Ward-11 , 12.Annathanapuram (R.V.) and (P) Sothiriyam, Valur Ward-12
181Panchayat Union Pimary School, Kaliyakudi ,Main Building, Facing South east side 1.Kaliyakudi (R.V.) and (P) Asanakudi ward-1 , 2.Kaliyakudi (R.V.) and (P) Thoppu Street, Mariyamman Koil street, South Street , 3.Kaliyakudi (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam, East Street Ward-3 , 4.Nedungulam (R.V.), Kaliyakudi (P) Sikkal Ward-4
182Govt.Hr.Sec.School. (ADW) Nedungulam 609403 ,Add. School Building facing South west wing 1.Nedungulam (R.V.), Kaliyakudi (P) Sangamangalam Ward -6 , 2.Nedungulam (R.V.), Kaliyakudi (P) Nedungulam Ward -7
183P.U.P.School Treeaced Building South Facing ,Pazhayar-609403 1.Nedungulam (R.V.), Kaliyakudi (P) Pazhayar Ward-5
184Panchayat Union Primary School, Kadagam ,Add. Asbestos Building Sheet laid Roofing facing west Middle part 1.Kadagam (R.V.) and (P) Thalayari Colony Ward-1 , 2.Kadagam (R.V.) and (P) River Bank Street Ward -1 , 3.Kadagam (R.V.) and (P) Keela Kadagam Ward -1 , 4.Kadagam (R.V.) and (P) Manapattam Ward-1 , 5.Kadagam (R.V.) and (P) Sokkayi Colony, Iruvan Colony, Mela Kadagam Ward-2 , 6.Kadagam (R.V.) and (P) Kombur Ward-2
185Aided Middle School Thirukottaram 609603 ,Golden jubilee building facing North Centre wing 1.Thirukottaram (R.V.) and (P) Thirukottaram Street , 2.Thirukottaram (R.V.) and (P) Mela Adi Dravidar Colony , 3.Thirukottaram (R.V.) and (P) Thiruvasalmedu street , 4.Thirukottaram (R.V.) and (P) Keela Adi Dravidar Street , 5.Thirukottaram (R.V.) and (P) Mayilapathu Street , 6.Thirukottaram (R.V.) and (P) Paruthikudi, Adi Dravidar Colony , 7.Thirukottaram (R.V.) and (P) Paruthikudi Street , 8.Thirukottaram (R.V.) and (P) Manali Street , 9.Thirukottaram (R.V.) and (P) Manali Adi dravidar Street
186Pachayat Union Middle School Mugandanur 609603 ,Rcc Building Facing South Eastern Side 1.Mugandanur (R.V.), Velangudi (P) Mugandanur Street , 2.Mugandanur (R.V.), Velangudi (P) Mugandanur Keela Adi Dravidar Colony , 3.Mugandanur (R.V.), Velangudi (P) Mugandanur Mela Colony Street , 4.Mugandanur (R.V.), Velangudi (P) Agara Mugandanur Adi Dravidar Colony , 5.Mugandanur (R.V.), Velangudi (P) Agara Mugandanur Street
187Aided Middle School. Thirukottaram 609603 ,Golden Jubilee Building Facing North Eastern side 1.Mugandanur (R.V.), Velangudi (P) Kamugakudi Street , 2.Mugandanur (R.V.), Velangudi (P) Kamugakudi Keela Adi Dravidar Colony , 3.Mugandanur (R.V.), Velangudi (P) Kamugakudi Mela Adi Dravidar Colony , 4.Mugandanur (R.V.), Velangudi (P) Kamugakudi Kaliyamman Koil Street , 5.Mugandanur (R.V.), Velangudi (P) Kumaramangalam , 6.Velangudi (R.V.) and (P) Keela Velangudi Ward -11
188Aided Middle School. Velangudi (thenkaarai mathur) 609603 ,Rcc Building Facing East, southern Side 1.Velangudi (R.V.) and (P) Manapattam Ward-12 , 2.Velangudi (R.V.) and (P) Thenkarai Mathur, Adi Dravidar Street Ward-13 , 3.Velangudi (R.V.) and (P) Cholankurichi Ward-14 , 4.Velangudi (R.V.) and (P) Thenkarai Mathur Street Ward -15 , 5.Velangudi (R.V.) and (P) Vadakarai Mathur Street Ward -16 , 6.Velangudi (R.V.) and (P) Vadakarai Mathur Adidravidar Colony Ward-17 , 7.Velangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agaramathur Street Ward-18 , 8.Velangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agaramathur Adi Dravidar Colony Ward-19 , 9.Velangudi (R.V.) and (P) Mela Velangudi Ward-20
189P.U.M. School Thalaiyur 609403 , Main Building East Facing South Side 1.Thalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Koilpathu Ward-1 , 2.Thalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Kathiramangalam Colony Street, Kudiyana Street Ward 1 , 3.Thalaiyur (R.V.) and (P) Thalaiyur Adi Dravidar Colony, Kudiyana Street Ward-2
190P.U.P.School Anganvadi Building Thalaiyur 609403 ,New Additional Building North Side 1.Panangattangudi (R.V.), Thalaiyur (P) Panangattankudi Tamilar Street, Adidravidar East Street , 2.Panangattangudi (R.V.), Thalaiyur (P) Keela Kaduvangudi Ward-5 , 3.Panangattangudi (R.V.), Thalaiyur (P) Nadakudi Main Road, Kaliyamman Koil Street, Madha Kovil Street
191G.H.S. Kaduvangudi 609403 ,Old Rcc Building Facing East Western wing 1.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Koilpathu Street Ward-1 , 2.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Bazar Street Ward-1 , 3.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Adi dravidar Street (Manantheru) Ward 1 , 4.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Salai Street Ward-2 , 5.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Ward-2 , 6.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Vellalar Street Ward-2 , 7.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 8.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Kulakkarai Street Ward-2 , 9.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Nattatrankarai Street (West) Ward-2 , 10.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) North Colony Street Ward-2 , 11.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) South Colony Street Ward- 2 , 12.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agaramedu Ward-2
192G.H.School Kaduvangudi 609403 ,New RCC Building Western Side East Facing 1.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Eruthukara Street Ward-3 , 2.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Nainar Street Ward-3 , 3.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Keela Kaduvangudi Ward-3 , 4.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Sivan Kovil Street Ward-3 , 5.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Manalmettu Street Ward-3 , 6.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Nattatrankarai Street - East Ward-4 , 7.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agarakothangudi Keela Adidravidar Street Ward-4 , 8.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agarakothangudi Agraharam Ward-4 , 9.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agarakothangudi Udaiyar Street Ward-4 , 10.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agarakothangudi Nadar Street Ward-4 , 11.Kaduvangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agarakothangudi Vaikkal Karai Street Ward-4
193Panchayat Union Middle School Pozhakudi 609403 ,Terraced Building Facing South East wing 1.Pozhakudi (R.V.) and (P) Adidravidar Colony, Nattar Street Ward-2 , 2.Pozhakudi (R.V.) and (P) Koil Pathu Street, Thoppu Street, Agraharam, Keela theru , 3.Pozhakudi (R.V.) and (P) Vanjiyar Street Ward-4
194Panchayat Union Ele. School Thirumeignanam-609405 ,Terraced Building Facing South West Side 1.Pozhakudi (R.V.) and (P) Salai Kiliyanur, Thirumeignanam Ward-1
195P.U.M.S. Thirumeeyachur 609405 ,Terraced Building Facing North East wing 1.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) Rayar Thoppu, A.K.G. Nagar, Sivagami Nagar Ward 1 , 2.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) Thandanthoppu Ward-1 , 3.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) Kattalai Street Ward-1 , 4.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) Theradi Street Ward-2 , 5.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) Thenpathi Ward-2
196P.U.M. School Thirumeeyachur 609405 ,North facing Terraced Building Western portion 1.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward -3 , 2.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) Pillaiyar Koil Street, Pannai Street Ward-3 , 3.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) Manmathan Koil Street Ward -3 , 4.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) River Bank Street Ward-3 , 5.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) Sekkadi Kula Street, Koil Street Ward-4 , 6.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) Kodiyalur Ward-4 , 7.Thirumeeyachur (R.V.) and (P) Vadapathi Ward -5
197P.U.M. School Maharajapuram 609503 ,Mangalore Tiled Facing North Eastern Wing 1.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) Semmangudi Agraharam, North Street, South Street , 2.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) Ganapathy Vilagam Ward-2 , 3.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward -2 , 4.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) South Street Ward-2 , 5.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) Jayanthi Colony Ward-3 , 6.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) Anna Nagar Ward-2 , 7.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam, East Street Ward-3 , 8.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) Sekkadi Street Ward -3 , 9.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) Kaliyamman Koil Street Ward-3 , 10.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) Gandhi Street, Krishnan Street Ward-3 , 11.Maharajapuram (R.V.) and (P) Salai Street Ward-3
198G.Hr.S. School Peralam 609405 ,Facing Northern side western wing ( Building constructed) 1.Peralam (T.P.) Aruthathiyar Street Ward-1 , 2.Peralam (T-P.) Puthu Street Ward-1 , 3.Peralam (T-P.) Ayyanar Koil Street Ward-1 , 4.Peralam (T-P.) A.K.G Nagar Ward-1 , 5.Peralam (T-P.) Karaikkal Road Ward-2 , 6.Peralam (T-P.) Kalitcha Thoppu Ward-2 , 7.Peralam (T-P.) Thiruvalluvar Street Ward-2 , 8.Peralam (T-P.) Vellerithoppu Ward-3 , 9.Peralam (T-P.) Sithambur Ward-3 , 10.Peralam (T-P.) Neelath Thoppu Ward-3 , 11.Peralam (T-P.) Millkalam Sandhu Ward-3
199G.H.S. School Peralam 609405 ,Terraced Building North center wing Building constructed 1.Peralam (T.P.) Sarkkarai Kothangudi Street Ward-4 , 2.Peralam (T-P.) Sakkaraikothangudi Adi Dravidar Street Ward-4 , 3.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi South Adi Dravidar Street Ward-4 , 4.Peralam (T-P.) Ayyanar Koil Street Ward-4 , 5.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi Keelaveedhi Ward-5 , 6.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi Melaveedhi Ward-6 , 7.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi Sannathi Street Ward -5 , 8.Peralam (T-P.) Madavilagam Ward-6 , 9.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi Therkuveedhi Ward-6 , 10.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi North Street Ward-5
200G.Hr.S. School Peralam 609405 ,Terraced Building Facing North Eastern Wing B(uilding constructed by Mps Fund) 1.Peralam (T-P.) Akilampettai North Street Ward-5 , 2.Peralam (T-P.) Akilampettai South Street Ward-5 , 3.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi North Adidravidar Street Ward-5 , 4.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi Pattakal Street Ward-5 , 5.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi River Bank Street Ward-8 , 6.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi Salai Street Ward-6,7,8 , 7.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi Mittaikara Street Ward-7 , 8.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi Kaliyamman Koil Street Ward-8 , 9.Peralam (T-P.) Injikudi Maharajapuram Road Ward-7
201G.H.S. School Peralam 609405 ,Terraced Building facing South Eastern Side 1.Peralam (T-P.) Railway Colony Ward-9 , 2.Peralam (T-P.) Salai Street Ward-10 , 3.Peralam (T-P.) Anniyur Road Ward -9 , 4.Peralam (T-P.) Vaikkalkarai Street Ward-9 , 5.Peralam (T-P.) Valaiyalkara Street Ward-9 , 6.Peralam (T-P.) Theradi Street Ward-10 , 7.Peralam (T-P.) Sannathi Street Ward-11 , 8.Peralam (T-P.) Madavilaga Street Ward-11 , 9.Peralam (T-P.) Therku Veedhi Ward-11
202G.H.S. School Peralam 609405 , Terraced Building facing South Western Side 1.Peralam (T-P.) Bazar street Ward-9 , 2.Peralam (T-P.) Mariyamman Koil Street Ward-11 , 3.Peralam (T.P.) Vadakku Veedhi Ward 11 , 4.Peralam (T-P.) Peralam North Street Ward-12 , 5.Peralam (T-P.) East Street Ward-12 , 6.Peralam (T-P.) Keela veedhi Ward-12 , 7.Peralam (T-P.) Wetnary Hospital Street Ward-12
203P.U.M. School Kottur 609608 , Main New Rcc Building Facing North Eastern Wing 1.Kottur (R.V.) and (P) Thalaiyari Street Ward , 2.Kottur (R.V.) and (P) Valluvar Street Ward , 3.Kottur (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam North Street , 4.Kottur (R.V.) and (P) Manmathan Koil Street , 5.Kottur (R.V.) and (P) South Street , 6.Kottur (R.V.) and (P) Rottu Keelakodi
204P.U.M. School Govindachery 609608 (pandaravadai) ,Rc Building Facing West South Side 1.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 2.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Thoppu Street Ward-1 , 3.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Karaikkal Main Road Ward-1 , 4.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Govindhacheri Vaikkal Karai Street Ward-1 , 5.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Govindhacheri North Street Ward-1 , 6.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Govindhacheri South Street Ward-2 , 7.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Sivan Kovil Street Ward-1 , 8.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Porasakudi Colony Street Ward-2 , 9.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Enakudi Salai Ward-2 , 10.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Porasakudi East Street Ward-2 , 11.Pandaravadai (R.V.) and (P) Mela Mangudi Ward-2
205P.U.M. School Kurungulam 609608 ,Mangalore Tiled Facing west Southern wing 1.Kurungulam (R.V.) and (P) Kurungulam Agraharam, North Street, South Street , 2.Kurungulam (R.V.) and (P) Kurungulam Rottu theru Ward-3
206P.U.M. School, Terraced Building West Facing ,North Side ,Kurungulam-609608 1.Kurungulam (R.V.) and (P) Therpakudi, Kodikkal Street, Adidravidar Street , 2.Kurungulam (R.V.) and (P) Vadhandur North Street, South Street, Mangudi , 3.Kurungulam (R.V.) and (P) Mangudi Rottu Theru Ward-3 , 4.Kurungulam (R.V.) and (P) Main Road Poongavur Ward-3
207G.H.S. School Kollapuram 609608 ,Rcc building (SSA Building) facing East North wing 1.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Nadu Kandankudi, Mainroad, South Street, Mariyamman Kovil Street , 2.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Mela Adi Dravidar Street, Mela South Street, Arasangal , 3.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Nadu Adidravidar Street Ward 4,5
208G.H.S. School Rcc Building East Facing ,North Side ,Kollapuram- 609508 1.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Keela Adidravidar Street, Thoppu Street Ward-5 , 2.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Nagamangalam Ward-5 , 3.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Main Road, Alrehman Street, Alsalamath Street, Salamath Street
209Govt. High. School Kollapuram 609608 ,Crc building facing East Northh wing 1.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Ricemill Street, Maraikayar Street, Pallikooda Street , 2.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Pudhumanai Street, Nooriyath Street Bazar Street, Jinna Street , 3.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) East Street, Middle Street, Bazaar Street, East Street Chandhu , 4.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Pallivasal Street, Jeeva Nagar Ward-2,3 , 5.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Haja Street, West Street, Ward -3,4 , 6.Kollapuram (R.V.) and (P) Pattakkal Street, Madha koil Street, Vaikkal karai Street
210P.U.M. School Menangudi 609 608 ,Rcc building facing south western wing 1.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) Poongavur Road Ward-1 , 2.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) South Adi Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 3.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) North Adi Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 4.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) Menangudi Bazar Street, North Street, West Street , 5.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) Keelanangudi North Street, South Street Ward-2 , 6.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar North Street, South Street Ward-2 , 7.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) Mettiruppu Adi Dravidar Colony Ward-2
211P.U.M. School Menangudi 609608 ,Rcc Building facing south eastern wing 1.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) Mettiruppu Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 2.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) Alakkulam Ward-2 , 3.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) Akkarai Adi Dravidar Colony Ward-3 , 4.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) Keelamangudi Ward-3 , 5.Menangudi (R.V.) and (P) Poongavur Kudiyana Street, Agraharam Ward-3
212P.U.E. School,Koilkandakudi 609608 ,Rcc Building Facing South ,West Side 1.Kumarakudi (R.V.), Menangudi (P) Kovil Kandankudi Ward-4 , 2.Kumarakudi (R.V.), Menangudi (P) Karaikandam, Pettai Palur, Kumarakudi Ward-4
213P.U.M. School Ubhayavedhanthapuram 609608 ,New Rcc Building Facing East Northern side 1.Ubayavedhanthapuram (R.V.) and (P) Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 2.Ubayavedhanthapuram (R.V.) and (P) Adi dravidar Colony, Santhana Street, Ward-2 , 3.Ubayavedhanthapuram (R.V.) and (P) Ponnirai Adidravidar Colony Street Ward-2 , 4.Ubayavedhanthapuram (R.V.) and (P) Karnakollai, Adi Dravidar Colony Ward 3 , 5.Ubayavedhanthapuram (R.V.) and (P) Milladi Street Ward-3
214P.U.P. School Nedunchery 609608 ,Mangalore Tiled Building Facing North East Side 1.Ubayavedhanthapuram (R.V.) and (P) Neduncheri Adi Dravidar North Colony Street Ward-1 , 2.Ubayavedhanthapuram (R.V.) and (P) Neduncheri Adidravidar South Colony Street, Kudiyana Street Ward
215P.U.P. School Rettakudi 609608 ,Terraced Building facing North western wing 1.Rettakudi (R.V.) and (P) Kalakudi Udaiyar Street, Adi Dravidar Street, Madha Kovil Street , 2.Rettakudi (R.V.) and (P) Rettakudi East Street, West Street, Agraharam, Adidravidar Street
216P.U.P. School Sembiyanallur 609608 ,Mangalore Tiled Building facing North western wing 1.Sembiyanallur (R.V.) and (P) Sembiyanallur North Street, South Street, Adidravidar Street , 2.Sembiyanallur (R.V.) and (P) Malikai Natham Ward-2 , 3.Sembiyanallur (R.V.) and (P) Varakuppam Ward-3
217P.U.M. School Koilthirumalam 609503 , Terraced Building Eastern Side Facing South 1.Kovilthirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Pandaravadai Thirumalam North Street Ward-1 , 2.Kovilthirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Pandaravadai Thirumalam Thalaiyari Street Ward- 1 , 3.Kovilthirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Pandaravadai Thirumalam Nokkar Street Ward-1 , 4.Kovilthirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Pandaravadai Thirumalam East Street Ward-1 , 5.Kovilthirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Pandaravadai Thirumalam Main Road Ward-1 , 6.Kovilthirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Pandaravadai Thirumalam Thoppu Street Ward-1 , 7.Kovilthirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Pandaravadai Thirumalam South Colony Street Ward-2
218P.U.M. School Koilthirumalam 609503 , Terraced Building Western Side Facing South 1.Kovilthirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Kovilthirumalam Ward-3 , 2.Kovilthirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Enakudi Ward-4 , 3.Kovilthirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Andakudi Ward-5
219Govt.Hr.Sec.School. Poonthottam 609503 ,Rcc Building southern side,facing east (SAA building) 1.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Agarathirumalam , Varagoor Ward-1 , 2.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Sivan Koil Street, Poonthottam Adi Dravidar Street, Mottathur , 3.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Perumal Koil, Pallivasal Street, Barakath Street, Pudhumanai Street
220G.H. S. School Poonthottam 609503 , Center Building facing west Southern wing 1.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Poonthottam Salai Street, Najim Complex Ward , 2.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Poonthottam East Street, West Street, Ward-2 , 3.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Pungan Street, South Street Ward-3
221G.H. S. School Poonthottam 609503 , Center Building facing west Northern Side 1.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Poonthottam Subramania Nagar, Periyamil Street, Chinnamil Street , 2.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Poonthottam Angalamman Koil Street, Mariyamman Koil Street , 3.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) South Street Ward-3 , 4.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Poonthottam River Bank Street Ward-3,4
222Govt. Hr, Sec. School Poonthottam 609503 ,Terraced Building North wing facing east (IInd Hall from south) 1.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Veeravadi Kudiyana Street Ward-4 , 2.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Veeravadi Adi dravidar Street Ward-4 , 3.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Mottathur Ward-4 , 4.Agarathirumalam (R.V.) and (P) Railway Station Road, Kamarajar Colony, Surya Nagar
223P.U.P. School Kothavasal 609503 ,Terraced Building North facing East wing 1.Kothavasal (R.V.) and (P) Kothavasal Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 2.Kothavasal (R.V.) and (P) Ruthragangai Agraharam Ward-1 , 3.Kothavasal (R.V.) and (P) Nadu Theru Ward-1 , 4.Kothavasal (R.V.) and (P) Kovil Thoppu Ward-1 , 5.Kothavasal (R.V.) and (P) Mela Ruthragangai Ward-1 , 6.Kothavasal (R.V.) and (P) Othaveedu Ward-2 , 7.Kothavasal (R.V.) and (P) Colony Street Ward-2 , 8.Kothavasal (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward-2
224P.U.M. School Seruvalur 609502 , Terraced Main Building Facing South 1.Seruvalur (R.V.) and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 2.Seruvalur (R.V.) and (P) South Street Ward-1 , 3.Seruvalur (R.V.) and (P) Adidravidar Street Ward-2 , 4.Seruvalur (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward-2
225P.U.M. School Terraced Main Building North Facing ,Centre Wing ,Seruvalur 609502 1.Seruvalur (R.V.) and (P) Mela Ruthragangai, Manthoppu Street Ward-3 , 2.Seruvalur (R.V.) and (P) Onpathupuli Main Road, Adidravidar Street Ward-3
226Panchayat Union Middle School Koothanur ,South Building facing North eastern side 1.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Koothanur Melakudiyana Street ward:3 , 2.Koothanur(R.V.) and (P) Kumbakonam Mainroad Street Ward 3 , 3.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) North Kudiyana Street Ward 3 , 4.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Kumbakonam Main Road Street Ward 3 , 5.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Sethalapathi Akrahara Street , 6.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) sethalapathi kulathu Mettu Street ward:3 , 7.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Sethalapathi Attrangarai Street ward:3 , 8.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Sethalapathi Keela Arisana Street ward:3 , 9.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Sethalapathi Kaliyamman Koil Street Ward 3 , 10.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Sethalapathi Nadu Street ward:3 , 11.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Sethalapathi Mariyamman Koil Street Ward 3 , 12.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Sethalapathi Mala Adi Dravidar Street Ward 3 , 13.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Mela Arisana Colony Street Ward 4 , 14.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Kumbakonam Main Road Street Ward 4
227Panchayat Union Middle School. Koothanur ,West side South Building facing North 1.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Tiruvarur Mainroad Street Ward 1 , 2.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Manthoppu Street ward:1 , 3.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Tiruvarur Mainroad Street Ward 1 , 4.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Kumbakonam Main Road Street Ward 1 , 5.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) keelakudiyana Street ward:1 , 6.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Saraswathi Amman Koil Street Ward 1 , 7.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Koothanur Nadu Akrahara Street ward:1 , 8.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Koothanur North Agrahara Street Ward 2 , 9.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Koothanur Mela Agrahara Street ward 2 , 10.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Koothanur Mill Sadhu Street ward:2 , 11.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Koothanur Thalaiyari Street ward:2 , 12.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Kumbakonam Maind Road Ward 2 , 13.Koothanur (R.V) And (P) Koothanur River Bank Street Ward 2
228Government Hr. Sec. School. Mananthakudi ,RCC building facing North western wing 1.Kadakakkudi (R.V) And (P) Semmangudi Street ward:1 , 2.Kadakakkudi( R.V.) And (P) East Street Ward 1 , 3.Kadakakkudi(R.V.) And (p) Melatheru Agraharam , 4.Kadakakkudi ( R.V) And (p) Kadakakkudi Adi ddravidar Street ward 1 , 5.Kadakakkudi (R.V.) and (P) Kalanjoor Keelatheru Ward 2 , 6.Kadakakkudi(R.V.) and (P) Kalanjoor Melatheru , 7.Kadakakkudi (R.V.) and (P) Konacherri Adi Dravidar Street
229Government Hr.Sec. School .Mananthagudi ,RCC Building North eastern wing 1.Ayyampettai (R.V) And (p) Kovilpathu Keela Street Ward 1 , 2.Ayyampettai (R.V) And (P) Kovilpathu Adi Dravidar Street Ward 2 , 3.Ayyampettai (R.V) And (p) Mananthakudi Street ward:1 , 4.Ayyampettai (R.V.) and (P) Mananthakudi Adi Dravidar Street Ward 1 , 5.Ayyampettai(p) Ayyampettai Periya Theru Ward 2 , 6.Ayyampettai(R.V.) and (P) Ayyampettai Patta Theru Ward 2 , 7.Ayyampettai (R.V.) and (P) Ayyampettai Melatheru Ward 2 , 8.Ayyampettai (R.V.) and (P) Ayyampettai Adi Dravidar Street Ward 2 , 9.Ayyampettai (R.V.) and (P) Koottur North South Adi Dravidar Street Ward 3 , 10.Ayyampettai (R.V.) and (P) Koottur Salaitheru Ward 3 , 11.Ayyampettai (R.V.) and (P) Koottur theru Ward 3
230Panchayat Union Elementary School, RCC building facing west South Side , Maruthuvanchery 1.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Attrangarai Street ward 1 , 2.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Moozhiyanthidal ward 1 , 3.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) South Athi Dravidar Street Ward 1 , 4.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Meleri Kattukkarai Street Ward 1 , 5.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Kovilpathu Street ward 1 , 6.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Mela Street Ward 1
231Panchayat Union Elementary School, Rcc Building North Facing East Wing ,Maruthuvanchery- 609503 1.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Mela Street Ward 2 , 2.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Agrahara Street ward 2 , 3.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Kulatthumettu Street ward 2 , 4.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Middle Street ward 2 , 5.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Puthu Street ward 2 , 6.Maruthavanchery (R.V) And (P) Roattu Street Ward 3
232Government High School, Pallavanatham ,RCC building having three class room facing west north wing 1.Athambar (R.V) And (P) Padukai Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward 2 , 2.Athambar (R.V) And (P) Padukai Roattu Street ward:3 , 3.Athambar (R.V) And (P) Pulavanoor Ward 3 , 4.Athambar (R.V) And (P) Pallavanatham Ward 3 , 5.Athambar (R.V) And (P) arunthathiyar Street ward:2 , 6.Athambar (R.V) And (P) jahannathapuram ward:3
233Panchayat Union Elementary School, Adambar ,New RCC Building, Facing North, Western Side 1.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) kuppam ward:4 , 2.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Kuppam colony Street ward:4 , 3.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Sothiriam ward.4 , 4.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) maniangudi ward:4 , 5.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Manayangudi Mela Street ward.4 , 6.Athambaar (R.V) And (p) Athambaar East Street ward:1 , 7.Athambaar (R.V ) And ( P) ward:1 West Street Ward 1 , 8.Athambaar ( R.V ) And ( p) Kaliamman Kovil Street ward:1 , 9.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Perumal koil Street Ward 1 , 10.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street ward:1 , 11.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) South Street ward:1 , 12.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar koil Street ward:1
234Panchayat Union Elementary School, Adambar ,New RCC Building, Facing North, Eastern Side 1.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) therkuraavali ward:4 , 2.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Main Road ward:1 , 3.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Othaveedu Aahi dravider Street ward:2 , 4.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Otha Veedu Kudiyana Street ward:2 , 5.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Poongudi Street ward:2 , 6.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Roattu Street ward:2 , 7.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Mala Velil ward:2 , 8.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Vadukar Palayam ward:2 , 9.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Ukkadai ward:2 , 10.Athambaar (R.V) And (P) Madhukadi Street ward:2
235Panchayat Union Middle School. Nemmeli, Terraced Building Facing East North Wing ,Nemmeli 1.Nemmeli (R.V) And (P) Kallukudi ward 1 , 2.Nemmeli (R.V) And (P) Kuchipalayam ward 1 , 3.Nemmeli (R.V) And (P) Thidal Street ward 1 , 4.Nemmeli (R.V) And (P) Thidal Colony ward 1 , 5.Nemmeli (R.V) And (P) Nemmali ward 2
236Panchayat Union Middle School. Nemmeli, Terraced Building Facing East SouthSide ,Nemmeli 1.Nemmeli (R.V) And (P) Nemmeli Adi Dravidar Street Ward 2 , 2.Nemmeli (R.V) And (P) Mankandamoolai Ward 2 , 3.Nemmeli (R.V) And (P) Narikkudi ward 3 , 4.Nemmeli (R.V) And (P) Kalappaliruppu Adi Dravidar ward 3
237P.U.M. School. Alangudi 609502 ,New Rcc building facing east north wing 1.Alangudi (R.V.) and (P) East Street, Ukkadai Street, Bazar Street, South Street , 2.Alangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Vaniya Street, Poosari Street, Adidravidar Street
238P.U.M. School. Alangudi 609502 ,New Rcc Building Facing East South Wing 1.Alangudi (R.V.) and (P) Thenkudi Adidravidar Street, Kudiyana Street Ward-3 , 2.Alangudi (R.V.) and (P) Kulakudi Adidravidar Street, Kudiyana Street Ward-4
239Integrated Aided High School. Mudikondon 609502 ,Mangalore tiled facing south western wing (first room) 1.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) Adidravidar Colony Ward-1 , 2.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) Kunandi Ward-1 , 3.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) East Street Ward-1 , 4.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) North Street Ward-2 , 5.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) Middle Agraharam Ward-2 , 6.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) West, North Agraharam Ward-2 , 7.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) Othatheru Ward-2
240Integrated Aided High School, Mudikondan-609502 ,Mangalore Tiled, Facing South, West wing (Second Room) 1.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) Kaikalath Street Ward-1 , 2.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) South Street Ward-1 , 3.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) Chetti Street Ward-2 , 4.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) Perumal Kulam Thenkadai Wad-2
241Integrated Aided High School Mudikondon 609502 ,Mangalore tiled facing south West wing(Third room) 1.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) Kovilpathu Street Ward-3 , 2.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) Rottu theru Ward-3 , 3.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) Samathuvapuram Ward-3
242Integrated Aided High School Mudikondon 609502 ,Mangalore tiled facing south west wing(forth room) 1.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) South Agraharam Ward-3 , 2.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) West, South Agraharam Ward-3 , 3.Mudikondan (R.V.) and (P) West Kudiyana Street Ward-3
243P.U.M. School Sannanallur 609504 ,Rcc building facing west centre wing 1.Sannanallur (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Uppukadai Street Ward-3 , 2.Sannanallur (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) West Bazar Street Ward-3 , 3.Sannanallur (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Padaiyatchi Street Ward-3 , 4.Sannanallur (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Kavali Thoppu Street Ward-3 , 5.Sannanallur (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Tiruvarur Rastha Ward-3 , 6.Sannanallur (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) North Adidravidar Street, Kudiyana Street Ward-2.3 , 7.Sannanallur (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Sannanallur Pidari Street Ward-2 , 8.Sannanallur (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Thiruvalluvar Salai Ward-2 , 9.Sannanallur (R.V.). Nannilam (T.P.) Pidari South Street, Railway Colony Ward-2
244Govt. ADW Primary School Thirukandeeswaram ,Mangalore tiled East facing Western side 1.Thirukandeeswaram (R.V.) and (P) Sannathi Street, East Street, South Street, West Street, North Street , 2.Thirukandeeswaram (R.V.) and (P) Madha Koil Street Ward-2 , 3.Thirukandeeswaram (R.V.) and (P) Sothakudi Pillaiyar Koil Street Ward- 5
245Govt. ADW Primary School Thirukandeeswaram ,New RCC Building Facing West south Side 1.Thirukandeeswaram (R.V.) and (P) Achuthampettai Adidravidar Street Ward-3 , 2.Thirukandeeswaram (R.V.) and (P) Sembiyamizhalai Ward-4
246Bharathidasan University Constituent Arts and Science College, Nannilam, RCC Building Facing West Southern Wing ,Nannilam 1.Nallamangudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) North Street Ward-14 , 2.Nallamangudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Adi dravidar Street Ward-14 , 3.Nallamangudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) East Street Ward-14 , 4.Nallamangudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Mariyamman Koil Street Ward-14 , 5.Nallamangudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) West Street Ward-13
247Government Boys Higher Secondary School Nannilam ,RCC Building Facing South Eastern Side. 1.Nallamangudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Somasikula Street Ward-13 , 2.Nallamangudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Madavilaga Street Ward-13 , 3.Nallamangudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Nallamangudi Agraharam Ward-13 , 4.Nallamangudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Rastha Street Ward-13
248Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Nannilam ,RCC Building Facing South, Western Side. 1.Manavalampettai (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Manavalampettai Adidravidar Street Ward-15 , 2.Manavalampettai (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Adidravidar Street West Ward-15 , 3.Manavalampettai (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Manavalempettai Rastha Street, Kudiyana Street Ward-1
249Government Primary School Thuthukudi ,New Main RCC Building Facing East 1.Thuthukudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Thuthukudi Main Road Ward-1 , 2.Thuthukudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Thuthukudi West Agraharam Ward-15 , 3.Thuthukudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) East Agraharam Ward-1 , 4.Thuthukudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 5.Thuthukudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Adi dravidar Street Ward-1 , 6.Thuthukudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) Rastha Street Ward-1 , 7.Thuthukudi (R.V.), Nannilam (T.P.) North Street Ward-1
250G.Boys.Hr.Sec.School Nannilam 610105 , Facing West Northern Wing 1.Nannilam (T.P.) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward-4 , 2.Nannilam (T.P.) Sarkaraikulath Theru Ward-4 , 3.Nannilam (T.P.) Udaiyar Street Ward-4 , 4.Nannilam (T.P.) Pidaran Street Ward-4 , 5.Nannilam (T.P.) River Bank Street Ward-4
251G.Girls Hr.Sec. School Nannilam 610 105 ,New Main RC Building Facing West, North side 1.Nannilam (T.P.) Thalaiyari Street Ward-5 , 2.Nannilam (T.P.) Katchery Street Ward-7 , 3.Nannilam (T.P.) East Street Ward-7 , 4.Nannilam (T.P.) North Street Ward-11 , 5.Nannilam (T.P.) Pillaiyar Kovil South Street Ward-11 , 6.Nannilam (T.P.) Pillaiyar Kovil North Street Ward-11 , 7.Nannilam (T.P.) West Street Ward- 11
252G.Girls Hr.Sec. School Nannilam 610 105 ,New Main RC Building , Facing West, Southern side 1.Nannilam (T.P.) Madavilaga Street Ward-5 , 2.Nannilam (T.P.) Sannathi Street Ward-5 , 3.Nannilam (T.P.) East Street Ward-5 , 4.Nannilam (T.P.) Kutchipalaya Street Ward-12 , 5.Nannilam (T.P.) Layan Karai Street Ward-12 , 6.Nannilam (T.P.) Kaliyamman Koil Street Ward-12 , 7.Nannilam (T.P.) Bazar Street Ward-12 , 8.Nannilam (T.P.) South Street Ward-10 , 9.Nannilam (T.P.) Perumal Kovil Street Ward-10 , 10.Nannilam (T.P.) West Agraharam Ward-10 , 11.Nannilam (T.P.) West Agraharam Ward-10
253G.Girls Hr.Sec. School Nannilam 610 105 ,New Main RC Building Facing East, Northern side 1.Nannilam (T.P.) Kudavasal Rastha Ward 9 , 2.Nannilam (T-P.) Tiruvarur Rastha Ward-8 , 3.Nannilam (T-P.) Mahilamara Street Ward-8 , 4.Nannilam (T-P.) Agara Street Ward-8 , 5.Nannilam (T-P.) Ezhil Nagar -1 Ward-10 , 6.Nannilam (T-P.) Ezhil Nagar-2, D.U. Nagar, E.G.Nagar, Kasiyammal Colony , 7.Nannilam (T.P) K.K.Nagar, S.S. Maniam Nagar Ward 10 , 8.Nannilam (T-P.) Madhina Nagar Ward- 10
254G.Girls Hr.Sec. School Nannilam 610 105 ,New Main RC Building Facing East, Southern Side 1.Nannilam (T-P.) North Street Ward-9 , 2.Nannilam (T-P.) East Street Ward-8 , 3.Nannilam (T-P.) Kadimarunthukara Street Ward-6 , 4.Nannilam (T.P.) Vettiyara Street Ward 9 , 5.Nannilam (T-P.) Pallivasal Street Ward-6 , 6.Nannilam (T-P.) Pudhucheri Street Ward-6 , 7.Nannilam (T-P.) Madha Koil Street Ward-6
255Panchayat Union Middle School Vadakudi-610105 ,RCC Building Facing North 1.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Vadakudi Agraharam Ward-2 , 2.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Vadakudi East Street Ward-2 , 3.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Vadakudi Pudhupattina Street Ward-2 , 4.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Vadakudi Middle Street Ward-2 , 5.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Vadakudi South Street Ward-2 , 6.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) North street Ward-2 , 7.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Vadakudi West Street Ward-2 , 8.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Samanthampettai Ward-3 , 9.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Vettaimangalam Ward-3 , 10.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Arumbakulam Ward-3 , 11.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Arumbakulam Adidravidar Street Ward-3
256P.U.M. School New Rc Building facing south ,Kammangudi- 610105 1.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Kammangudi Agraharam Ward-1 , 2.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Kammangudi North Street Ward-1 , 3.Vadakudi (R.V.) and (P) Kammangudi Rottu theru Ward-1
257P.U.M. School Achuthamangalam 610105 ,New RC Building, Facing West, Northern side 1.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Main Road Ward-1 , 2.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Sigarpalaiyam , 3.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) East Street Ward-1 , 4.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Pallivasal Street Ward-1 , 5.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Vadakku Veedhi Ward-2 , 6.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Keelaveedhi Ward-1 , 7.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Pudhu Colony Street Ward-1 , 8.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Rottu Theru Ward-1 , 9.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street Ward-1 , 10.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Othiyadi Street Ward-1 , 11.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Thoppu Theru Ward-1 , 12.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) North Street Ward-1
258P.U.M. School Achuthamangalam 610 105 ,New RC Building, Facing West, Southern side 1.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Main Road Ward-1 , 2.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) North Street Ward-2 , 3.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Pudhu Theru Ward-2 , 4.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Chetti Theru Ward-2 , 5.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Thamaraikula Theru Ward-2 , 6.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Pannai Theru ward-2 , 7.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward-2 , 8.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Angalamman Koil Street Ward-2 , 9.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) River Bank Street Ward-2 , 10.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Thirupanippettai Ward-3 , 11.Achuthamangalam (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Colony Ward-3
259Aided Primary School Vazhkkai 610 105 ,Asbestos Roofed South side 1.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Puthakalur Ward-1 , 2.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Colony Ward-1 , 3.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Mungilkudi Kudiyana Street Ward 1 , 4.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) East Street Ward-2 , 5.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Chetti Street Ward-2 , 6.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Ward-2 , 7.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward-2 , 8.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Cinema Kottagai Theru Ward-2 , 9.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Manthaikarai Theru Ward-2 , 10.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Puthu Colony Street Ward-2
260Aided Primary School Vazhkkai 610 105 ,Absestos Roofed North side 1.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Manaveli Kudiyana Street Ward-3 , 2.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Manaveli North Adi Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 3.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Periyangudi Street Ward-3 , 4.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Thiruvasal Adidravidar Street Ward-3 , 5.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Main Road Ward-4 , 6.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Vaniyath Theru Ward-4 , 7.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Thaikkal Street Ward-4 , 8.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) Thiddal Street Ward-4 , 9.Vazhkai (R.V.) and (P) North Street Ward-4
261Muslim Aided Primary School Senganur 610 107 ,Terraced East wing Facing North 1.Senganur (R.V.) and (P) Muslim Street, Rottu Theru, Mandabam North Street , 2.Senganur (R.V.) and (P) South Street, Visalur Street, Adidravidar Street, Mela Senganur
262Muslim Aided Primary School Senganur 610 107 ,Rcc Building Western Wing North side 1.Senganur (R.V.) and (P) Andiyur Iluppaithoppu East Adidravidar Street Ward-3 , 2.Senganur (R.V.) and (P) Manalagaram Kudiyana Street Ward-3 , 3.Senganur (R.V.) and (P) Manalagaram Colony Street Ward-3 , 4.Senganur (R.V.) and (P) Mayiladi, Main Road, Adi Dravidar Street Ward 3
263Aided Primary School, Paruthiyur ,Asbestos Roof Building, Facing West 1.Paruthiyur (R.V.) and (P) Attamangalam Adidravidar Street Ward-1 , 2.Paruthiyur (R.V.) and (P) Attamangalam Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 3.Paruthiyur (R.V.) and (P) Paruthiyur North Adidravidar Street Ward-1 , 4.Paruthiyur (R.V.) and (P) Paruthiyur South Adidravidar Street Ward-1 , 5.Paruthiyur (R.V.) and (P) Paruthiyur Agraharam Ward-1 , 6.Paruthiyur (R.V.) and (P) Pakkam, Iniyanallur, Kalumangalam, Keela kothur
264Government High School, Srivanchiyam ,RCC Building, Facing South, Western Side 1.Thiruvanchiyam (R.V.) and (P) Sukkiravarakkattalai Ward-1 , 2.Thiruvanchiyam (R.V.) and (P) Abishekak Kattalai, Nehru Nagar Ward-1 , 3.Thiruvanchiyam (R.V.) and (P) Thiruvanchiyam Puthupettai Street Ward-1 , 4.Thiruvanchiyam (R.V.) and (P) Vaniya Street, Main Road Ward-1
265Government High School, Srivanchiyam ,RCC Building, Facing South, Eastern Side 1.Thiruvanchiyam (R.V.) and (P) South Street, West Street, Agraharam, North Street, East Street , 2.Thiruvanchiyam (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street, Perumal Sannathi Ward-3 , 3.Thiruvanchiyam (R.V.) and (P) Udaiyarkula Street Ward-3 , 4.Thiruvanchiyam (R.V.) and (P) Kamarajar Street Ward-3 , 5.Thiruvanchiyam (R.V.) and (P) Arasadi Natham Ward-3 , 6.Thiruvanchiyam (R.V.) and (P) Merkannamangalam Ward-3
266P.U.P. School Perumpadugai, Main Building Facing North West Side , Perumpadugai 610 107 1.Veedhividangan (R.V.) and (P) Puthupettai, Perumpadugai , 2.Poongulam (R.V.), Veedhividangan (P) Kudiyana Street, Nanur Kudiyiruppu Street
267P.U.P. School Perumpadugai, Main Building Facing North East Side ,Perumpadugai 610 107 1.Veedhividangan (R.V.) and (P) Veedhividangan Agraharam
268P.U.P. School Thattathimulai 610 105 ,Main building Mangalore tiled South facing West side 1.Thattathimoolai (R.V.) and (P) East Colony Street Ward-1 , 2.Thattathimoolai (R.V.) and (P) East Street Ward-2 , 3.Thattathimoolai (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward-2 , 4.Thattathimoolai (R.V.) and (P) Perumal Koil Street Ward-3 , 5.Thattathimoolai (R.V.) and (P) West Colony Street Ward-3 , 6.Thattathimoolai (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Ward-3 , 7.Thattathimoolai (R.V.) and (P) Sivan Koil Street Ward-3 , 8.Thattathimoolai (R.V.), Nadagudi (P) Agraharam Ward-1 , 9.Thattathimoolai (R.V.), Nadagudi (P) South Street Ward-2 , 10.Thattathimoolai (R.V.), Nadagudi (P) Karumariyamman Koil Street Ward-2 , 11.Thattathimoolai (R.V.), Nadagudi (P) Mettu Street Ward-1 , 12.Thattathimoolai (R.V.), Nadagudi (P) Thiruvasal Street Ward-3
269Aided Primary School Salipperi 610 105 , West Side North Facing 1.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) Gandhi Nagar Street Ward-1 , 2.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) Angalamman Koil Street Ward-1 , 3.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) River Bank Adidravidar Street Ward-1 , 4.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) River Bank Street Ward-1 , 5.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) Rottu Theru Ward-1 , 6.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) Puliyanthoppu Street Ward-1 , 7.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street Ward-1 , 8.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) Perumal Kovil Street Ward-1 , 9.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward-1
270Aided Primary School Eastern Side , Salipperi 610 105 1.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) Kovil Pathu Street Ward-2 , 2.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) South Street Ward-2 , 3.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) Valluvar Street Ward-2 , 4.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) Pathiniyapuram North Street Ward-3 , 5.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) Pathiniyaputhuram River Bank Street Ward-3 , 6.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward-3 , 7.Salipperi (R.V.) and (P) East Street Ward-3
271Integral Child Development Scheme,Veerakkan Keezhkudi ,Asbestos sheet Facing west 1.Keezhkudi (R.V.) and (P) Keezhakaram Ward-1 , 2.Keezhkudi (R.V.) and (P) Veerakkan Colony Street, Madha Koil Street Ward-1 , 3.Keezhkudi (R.V.) and (P) Pudhu Colony Ward-1 , 4.Keezhkudi (R.V.) and (P) Middle Street Ward-2 , 5.Keezhkudi (R.V.) and (P) Veerakkan Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 6.Keezhkudi (R.V.) and (P) Keezhkudi West Street Ward-2 , 7.Keezhkudi (R.V.) and (P) Pattaveli Street Ward-2 , 8.Keezhkudi (R.V.) and (P) Salai Street Ward-2 , 9.Keezhkudi (R.V.) and (P) Kiruba Nagar Ward-2 , 10.Keezhkudi (R.V.) and (P) Keezha Colony Street Ward-2
272P.U.P. School Mappilaikuppam 610 105 ,Rcc building front side facing south western wing 1.Annaikuppam (R.V.) and (P) Rasakaruppur, Thennanchar Adi Dravidar Street
273P.U.P. School Mappilaikuppam 610 105 ,Rcc building Back Side facing South Eastern Side 1.Annaikuppam (R.V.) and (P) Thallathangudi Pidagai, Thennanchar Agraharam , 2.Annaikuppam (R.V.) and (P) Akkarai Thennanchar, Vedatheru Ward-3
274P.U.P. School Annaikuppam, ,RCC Building, Facing South, Western wing 1.Annaikuppam (R.V.) and (P) Kalladi Medu North Street , 2.Annaikuppam (R.V.) and (P) Marappalam, Agraharam, Manthakarai Street
275P.U.E. School Moolamangalam ,New Building Facing North Eastern Wing 1.Moolamangalam (R.V.), Annaikuppam (P) Moolamangalam Keezha Kudiyana Street, Vellalar Street, South Street
276Government Higher Secondary School Panangudi 609504 ,RCC Building North Facing Western Wing 1.Panangudi (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Ward-1 , 2.Panangudi (R.V.) and (P) Vaniya Street Ward-1 , 3.Panangudi (R.V.) and (P) Mettu Street Ward-1 , 4.Panangudi (R.V.) and (P) Lingavasal Street Ward-1 , 5.Mahizhancheri (R.V.) and (P) Thattanchathiram Ward-1 , 6.Mahizhancheri (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Colony Ward-1 , 7.Mahizhancheri (R.V.) and (P) Keezha Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 8.Mahizhancheri (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Ward-1 , 9.Mahizhancheri (R.V.) and (P) Vadakarai Street Ward-2 , 10.Mahizhancheri (R.V.) and (P) Kullathankarai Street Ward-2 , 11.Mahizhancheri (R.V.) and (P) Idaththeru Ward-2 , 12.Mahizhancheri (R.V.) and (P) Kamarajarpuram Colony Ward-2 , 13.Mahizhancheri (R.V.) and (P) Kuyavar Street Ward-2
277Government Higher Secondary School Panangudi 609504 ,New Building (Middle Room) South Facing 1.Panangudi (R.V.) and (P) Akkarai Street Ward-1 , 2.Panangudi (R.V.) and (P) Mangula Street Ward-1 , 3.Panangudi (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 4.Panangudi (R.V.) and (P) Keezha Panangudi Ward-2 , 5.Panangudi (R.V.) and (P) Melavasal Ward-2 , 6.Panangudi (R.V.) and (P) Melavasal Adi Dravidar Street Ward-2
278Panchayat Union Primary School Visalur 610 101 ,New terraced building North facing West Side 1.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Neermulli Adidravidar Colony Ward-1 , 2.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Neermulli East Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 3.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Naduvacheri Kannikoil Street Ward-1 , 4.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Naduvacheri East Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 5.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Naduvacheri Kuduiyana Street Ward-1 , 6.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Neermulli North Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 7.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Naduvacheri West Kudiyana Street Ward-1 , 8.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Naduvacheri West Adi Dravidar Street Ward-1 , 9.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Naduvacheri Main Rottu Theru Ward-1 , 10.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Kondanpalli, Main Rottu Theru Ward-2 , 11.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Visalur South Adidravidar Street Ward-2 , 12.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Kondanpalli Adidravidar Street Ward-2 , 13.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Malaiyapillai Savadi Street Ward-2 , 14.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Visalur Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 15.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Visalur North Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 16.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Visalur Station Colony Street Ward-2 , 17.Visalur (R.V.) and (P) Visalur North Adi Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 18.V
279Ganapathy Aided Primary School Kuvalaikkal 610 101 ,Main building Asbestos Sheet laid roofing facing south 1.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) South Street Ward-1 , 2.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Street Ward-1 , 3.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) Thoppu Street Ward-1 , 4.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 5.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) Salai Street Ward-1 , 6.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) Rottu Theru Ward-1 , 7.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 8.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) River Bank Street Ward-2 , 9.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) Palathadi Street Ward 2 , 10.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) Adi Dravidar Street, Omakulam Ward-2 , 11.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) South Street, Omakulam Ward-2 , 12.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) North Street, Omakulam Ward-2 , 13.Kuvalaikkal (R.V.) and (P) Adidravidar Street, Kovilnangai Ward-2
280Panchayat Union Primary School Sorakudi 610101 ,Terraced Building Facing South Eastern side 1.Sorakudi (R.V.) and (P) Anaikoil, Narikudi Natham, Railway Layan Ward 4 , 2.Sorakudi (R.V.) and (P) Kudiyana Street, Thoppu Street, Bharathi Nagar, Main Road
281P.U.M. School Moongikudi 610 101 ,Rcc Building Facing North Western Wing 1.Mungilkudi (R.V.) and (P) East Street, Kallar Street, Thatchar Street, Agraharam, South Street , 2.Mungilkudi (R.V.) and (P) Adidravidar Colony Ward-2 , 3.Mungilkudi (R.V.) and (P) Kaka kottur Bazar Street, Kudiyana Street, Adidravidar Street
282P.U.P. School Moolangudi 610 105 ,Main Building Facing North Western Wing 1.Moolangudi (R.V.) and (P) Selvapuram Adidravidar Street, Kudiyana Street Ward- 1 , 2.Moolangudi (R.V.) and (P) Moolangudi Adidravidar Street, Kudiyana Street Ward-2 , 3.Moolangudi (R.V.) and (P) Deepamangalam Kudiyana Street, Adidravidar Street Ward-3
283Jaint Jayarakini Matha Aided Middle School Pannaivilagam - 610 101 ,South Facing East Side 1.Nagakudi (R.V.) and (P) Nagakudi , Athamangalam Ward-1 , 2.Nagakudi (R.V.) and (P) Pallivilagam, Sengamedu Ward-2 , 3.Nagakudi (R.V.) and (P) Sakkaramangalam Adi Dravidar Street Ward-3
284P.U.M. School Perumbukalur 610101 ,New Building Facing North Western Side 1.Perumpugalur (R.V.) and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 2.Perumpugalur (R.V.) and (P) Agraharam Street, Middle Street, Thattara Street, Ayyanar Koil Street , 3.Perumpugalur (R.V.) and (P) South Street Ward-2
285Panchayat Union Elementary School, Neelakudi ,R.C. Building, Facing North Eastern Side 1.Neelakudi (R.V.), Perumpugalur (P) Pommanatham, Rottu Theru, Adidravidar Street, Kudiyana Street , 2.Neelakudi (R.V.), Perumpugalur (P) Karunakaranallur, Keezhpathi, Melpathi, Neelakudi South Street , 3.Neelakudi (R.V.), Perumpugalur (P) Neelakudi Agraharam Street, Kudiyana Street, Thiyagarajapuram
286P.U.M. School Vandampalai 610 101 ,RCC Building facing West Southern wing 1.Vandampalai (R.V.) and (P) Sithapadugai, Vettarpadugai, North Street Ward-1 , 2.Vandampalai (R.V.) and (P) Pudhu Street, Melaveli, Sengamedu, East Street Ward-2
287P.U.M. School Vandampalai 610 101 ,RCC Building facing West Northern wing 1.Vandampalai (R.V.) and (P) Pidari Koil Street, Kallar Street, Mariyamman Koil Street , 2.Thiruppallimukkudal (R.V.), Vandampalai (P) Vilagam, Thirupallimukkudal, Nannarimangalam, East Street

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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