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List of Polling Booths in Mudukulathur Assembly

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Melamudimannar kottai 1.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) North Street 1 Ward 1 , 2.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Poosari Street Ward 1 , 3.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Vaiyappanayakar Street Ward 1 , 4.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Melastreet Ward 2 , 5.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Middle Street Ward 1 , 6.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) South Street Ward 2 , 7.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) East Street ward 1 , 8.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Kaliyamman Kovil Street ward 1 , 9.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Muniyasamy Kovil Street ward 1 , 10.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Vannar street ward 1 , 11.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Kalani ward 3,2 , 12.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Kottaiyur North street 2 ward 2,3 , 13.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Kottaiyur East Street (Ward 1,3) , 14.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Kottaiyur South Street (Ward 2,3) , 15.Melamudimannarkottai (R.V) And (P) Kottaiyur South Street Thenpuram (Ward 3)
2St. Johns High School ,West Building,Near Auditoriam South, Portion Room No.2, Keelamudimannarkottai 1.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(p) Maraver street (ward1) , 2.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(P) Kaliyamman koil street (ward1) , 3.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(P) North Street Ward 1 , 4.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(P) Earamman Kovil Street Ward 1 , 5.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(P) Kandhasami Nayagar Veethi Ward 1 , 6.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(P) West Veethi Ward 1 , 7.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(P) Kumaraiya Nayakkar Street Ward 2 , 8.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(P) Pattadhu Nayakkar Street Ward 2 , 9.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(P) Selaikari Amman Street Ward 2 , 10.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(P) South Street Ward 2 , 11.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannar kottai(P) Thoppu Nadhtham Salai Ward 2 , 12.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) R.C North Street Ward 2 , 13.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) R.C North Stre
3St. Johns High School ,West Buildings, East Portion,Room No.2,Keelamudimannarkottai 1.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (p) North street part 2 ward 3 , 2.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) North Street Part 4 Ward 3 , 3.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) Middle Street Part 1 Ward 3 , 4.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) Middle Strret Part 2 Ward 4 , 5.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) R.C kovil Street Part 2 Ward 4 , 6.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) R.C kovil Street Part 2 Ward 4 , 7.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) Sinkampati Salai Street Part 1 Ward 4 , 8.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) Risemill Street Ward 4 , 9.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) Singampatti Salai Street Part 2 Ward 4 , 10.Meelamidimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) Harjana Colony Ward 4 , 11.Meelamudimannarkottai (R.V) Keelamudimannarkottai (P) East Street Ward 5
4Devangar Higher Secondary School ,Western Portion,Neeravi. 1.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Neeravi west street ward 1,2 , 2.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Neeravi Northstreet ward 1 , 3.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Neeravi 1st Middle street ward 1,2 , 4.Neeravi (R.V) and (P) Neeravi 2nd Middle street ward 2 , 5.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Neeravi 1st Southstreet ward 2,3 , 6.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Neeravi 2nd Southstreet ward 2,3 , 7.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Neeravi Colony Street ward 3 , 8.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Koolipatti North street ward 4 , 9.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Koolipatti Melastreet ward 4,5 , 10.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Koolipatti Middle street1 ward 4 , 11.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Koolipatti East street1 ward 4,5 , 12.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Koolipatti East Street 2 ward 4,5 , 13.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Koolipatti Middle street 2 ward 4,5 , 14.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Koolipatti Middle street3 ward 5 , 15.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Koolipatti Southstreet ward 5
5Devangar Hr. Sec. School ,Eastern Portion,Neeravi. 1.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Thoopunatham north street ward 6 , 2.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Thoopunatham Middlestreet ward 7 , 3.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Thoopunatham South Street ward 6 , 4.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) Thoopunatham West Street ward 6 , 5.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) N. Veppankulam 1st North Street ward 7 , 6.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) N. Veppankulam 2nd street ward 7 , 7.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) N. Veppankulam 3rd street ward 7 , 8.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) N. Veppankulam 4th street ward 7 , 9.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) N. Veppankulam 5th street ward 7 , 10.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) N. Veppankulam 6th street ward 8 , 11.Neeravi (R.V) And (P) N. Veppankulam Colony Street ward 8
6Samuthayakudam ,N.Karisalkulam 1.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.karisalkulam weststreet 1 (ward 3) , 2.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.karisalkulam WestStreet 2 (Ward 3) , 3.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.karisalkulam southstreet (Ward 2) , 4.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.karisalkulam Northstreet1 (Ward 1) , 5.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.karisalkulam Northstreet 2 (Ward1) , 6.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.karisalkulam Northstreet 3 (Ward 2) , 7.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.karisalkulam Southstreet 2 (Ward2) , 8.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.karisalkulam Southstreet 3 (Ward 2) , 9.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.karisalkulam Southstreet4 (Ward 2) , 10.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Chinna karisalkulam Church street (Ward 4) , 11.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Chinna karisalkulam Southstreet (Ward 4)
7Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,New Building,N.Valasubbiramaniyapur am 1.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.V.S puram Shanthanamri amman koil street ward 5 , 2.N.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.V.S puram Shanthanamari amman koil street2 ward 5 , 3.N.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.V.S puram Shanthanamari amman koil street3 ward 5 , 4.N.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) N.V.S puram Main road ward 5 , 5.N.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Mangamma salai street ward 5 , 6.N.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Kobalapuram nayakkar street ward 6 , 7.N.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Kobalapuram ekali street ward 6 , 8.N.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Kobalapuram Athithiravidar street ward 6 , 9.N.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Kobalapuram East street ward 6
8Hindu Middle School, , Kavadipatti 1.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Kavadipatti (p) Pillaiyarkovil street melpuram,keelpuram,(ward 3) , 2.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Kavadipatti (P) East Street Keelpuram (Ward 3) , 3.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Kavadipatti (P) Middle Street, Vadapuram,Thenpuram (Ward 3) , 4.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Kavadipatti (P) South Street Thenpuram (Ward 3) , 5.Meelarmanathi (R.V) Kavadipatti (P) Melastreet Thenpuram (Ward 3)
9Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Melaramanathi 1.Melaramanadhi (R.V) And (P) Schoolzonal street (ward 1) , 2.Melaramanadhi (R.V) And (P) North Street (Ward 2) , 3.Melaramanadhi (R.V) And (P) East Street Vadapuram (Ward 3) , 4.Melaramanadhi (R.V) And (P) East Street Thenpuram (Ward 3) , 5.Melaramanadhi (R.V) And (P) Middle Street (Ward 5) , 6.Melaramanadhi (R.V) And (P) South Street (Ward 6) , 7.Melaramanadhi (R.V) And (P) Church Street (Ward 7) , 8.Melaramanadhi (R.V) And (P) Indhracolony (Ward 8)
10StXavier RC Middle School, ,Northern Building,Keela ramanathai 1.Keelaramanathi (R.V) and (P) Kaliamman kovil street ward 1 , 2.Keelaramanathi (R.V) and (P) Muthalamman kovil street ward 1 , 3.Keelaramanathi (R.V) And (P) Mariamman kovil street ward 1 , 4.Keelaramanathi (R.V) And (P) Vinayagar kovil street ward 3 , 5.Keelaramanathi (R.V) And (P) Nayakkar street ward 3 , 6.Keelaramanathi (R.V) And (P) Perumal kovil street ward 3
11StXavier RC Middle School, ,Southern Building,Keelaramanathai 1.Keelaramanathi (R.V) And (P) R.C.School street ward 1 , 2.Keelaramanathi (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward 1 , 3.Keelaramanathi (R.V) And (P) Asary street ward 2 , 4.Keelaramanathi (R.V) And (P) Jothidar street ward 2 , 5.Keelaramanathi (R.V) And (P) Muslim street ward 2 , 6.Keelaramanathi (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street ward 2 , 7.KeelaraManathi (R.V) And (P) Veeramuthamman street ward 3
12Pancayat Union Middle School ,Kallupatti 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Melastreet ward1 , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Asari street ward 1 , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Azhagar street ward 1 , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Pillaiyar koil street ward 1 , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Kurusamy street ward 1 , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) East street ward 1 , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Mayandi street ward 1 , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram(P) Venkidasamy street ward 1 , 9.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Kaliyamman street ward 1 , 10.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Middle street ward 1 , 11.Kamuthi (R.V) Andf Narayanapuram(P) Muthaiya Street (Ward 1) , 12.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Sokkappan Street (ward 1) , 13.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Ramunayakar Street (Ward 1) , 14.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) South Street (ward 1) , 15.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Krishnan Kovil Street (ward 1) , 16.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Muthukrishnan Street (ward 1) , 17.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Kalavayel street (ward 1), 18.Kamuthi (R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Adipa
13Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Side, New Building, Kottaimedu 1.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) V.V.A.nagar street (ward 3) , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Alagarsamy Compoundu Street (Ward 3) , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Asary Street (Ward 3) , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Nethaji Street (Ward 3) , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Sethupathy Street (Ward 3) , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Palpannai Street (Ward 3) , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Hemalatha Colony Street (Ward 3) , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Reservelane Quarters (Ward 3) , 9.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Vellaiyadevar Nagar (Ward 3) , 10.Kamuthi(R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Azhagarsamy Thevar Street Ward 3
14Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Side, New Building, Room No 1, Kottaimedu 1.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Maruthupandiyar Street (Ward 3) , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Muniyasamykovil Street (Ward 3) , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Muthalangulam North Street (Ward 4) , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Muthalangulam Middle Street (Ward 4) , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) Narayanapuram (P) Muthalangulam East Street (Ward 4) , 6.Kamuthi(R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Subash Nagar Ward 3 , 7.Kamuthi(R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) South Street Ward 3 , 8.Kamuthi(R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) North Steet Ward 3 , 9.Kamuthi(R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) MuthuramalingaThevar silai street Ward 3 , 10.Kamuthi(R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Palpannaistreet Ward 3 , 11.Kamuthi(r.v) and narayanapuram(p) Sethupathi nagar ward 3 , 12.Kamuthi(R.V) And Narayanapuram(P) Muneeswaran Kovil street Ward 3
15Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building,West Portion,Pasumpon 1.Tavasikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon (P) Thavasikurichi Colony 1 , 2.Thavasi (R.V) AndPasumpon (P) Thavasikurichi Colony 2 , 3.Thavasikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon (P) Pasumpon Colony , 4.Thavasikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon (P) Pasumpon Colony Second Street , 5.Thavasikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon (P) Sodanendal , 6.Thavasikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon (P) Sodanenthal , 7.Thavsikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon (P) Kadambankulam , 8.Thavasikurichi (R.V) AndPasumpon (P) Kadambankulam 2 , 9.Thavasdikurichi (R.V) AndPasumpon (P) Kadambankulam 3 , 10.Thavasikurichi (R.V) AndPasumpon (P) Kadambankulam 4
16Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, Easrern Portion, Pasumpon 1.Thavasikurichi (R.V)And Pasumpon (P) Thavasikurichi , 2.Tavasikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon (P) Thavasikurichi 2 , 3.Thavasikurichi (R.V) AndPasumpon (P) South Street 2 , 4.Thavasikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon (P) North Street , 5.Thavasikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon(P) Pasumpon , 6.Thavasikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon (P) Kottaimedu 1 , 7.Tavasikurichi (R.V) AndPasumpon (P) Kottaimedu 2 , 8.Thavasikurichi (R.V) And Pasumpon (P) Mudukulathur Road
17Panchayat Union Elementary School , Sadayanendal 1.Sambakulam(R.V) ,Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And (P) Sadaiyanenthal pallikuda street ward 1 , 2.Sambakulam (R.V), Sadayanendal(R.V) And (P) Sadayanendal North Street ward 1 , 3.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Sadaiyanenthal Post office street ward 1 , 4.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Sadaiyanenthal Oorani street ward 1 , 5.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Sadaiyanenthal Ponnusamy street ward 1 , 6.Sambakulam(R.V), Sadaiyanenthal(R.V)And (P) Sadaiyanenthal South street ward 1 , 7.Sambakulam (R.V) ,Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Sadaiyanenthal Amman koil street ward 1 , 8.Sambakulam(R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Sadaiyanenthal Sankilidurai street ward 1 , 9.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V)And(P) A.Nedunkulam North street ward 5 , 10.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) A.Nedunkulam Oorani east street ward 5 , 11.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) A.Nedunkulam South street ward 5 , 12.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) A.Nedunkulam Pallikuda street ward 5
18Panchayat Union Elementary School ,R. Sodanendal 1.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Papankulam North street ward 3 , 2.Sambakulam (R.V), Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Papankulam chinnathampi thevar street ward 3 , 3.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Papangulam Middle street ward 3 , 4.Sambakulam (R.V) ,Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Papangulam South street ward 3 , 5.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Papangulam Pallikuda street ward 3 , 6.Sambakulam(R.V) ,Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) R.Sodanenthal North street ward 4 , 7.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) R.Sodanenthal Middle street ward 4 , 8.Sambakulam(R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) R.sodanenthal East street ward 4 , 9.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) R.Sodanenthal Muniyandi Vathiyar street ward 4 , 10.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) R.Sodanenthal Pallikuda street ward 4 , 11.Sambakulam(R.V) ,Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) R.Sodanenthal Koil street ward 4 , 12.Sambakulam(R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) R.Sodanenthal South street ward 4
19Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, Nanthiseri 1.Nagaratharkurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Sambakulam north street Ward 3 , 2.Nagaratharkurichi (R.V) And (P), Pappanam (P) Sambalulam south street Ward 3 , 3.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Poothathan Mela street ward 7, 4.SambakulmSadaiyanenthal(P) Poothathan North street ward 7 , 5.Sambakulam (R.V), SadaiyanenthalAnd (P) Poothathan Colony ward 7 , 6.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V)And (P) Poothathan middle street ward 7 , 7.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Poothathan Melnilai thotti street ward 7 , 8.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Poothathan South street ward 7 , 9.Sambakulam (R.V) ,Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Paluvur North street ward 6 , 10.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Paluvur Middle street ward 6 , 11.Sambakulam (R.V) Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Paluvur South street ward 6 , 12.Sambakulam (R.V), Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Nanthicheri North street ward 8 , 13.Sambakulam (R.V) ,Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Nanthicheri Middle street ward 8 , 14.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Nanthicheri East street ward 8 , 15.Sambakulam (R.V),Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Nanthicheri Panchayath thalaivar street ward 8, 16.Sambakulam (R.V), Sadaiyanenthal(R.V) And(P) Nanthicheri alahar koil street ward 8 , 17.Sambakulam (R.V), Sadaiyanenthal (R.V) And (P) Nanthicheri Melastreet ward 8
20Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Anaiyur 1.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Anaiyur mela street ward 1 , 2.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Anaiyur North Street Ward 1 , 3.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Anaiyur East Street Ward 1 , 4.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Anaiyur south street ward 1 , 5.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Chinna Anaiyur mela street ward 2 , 6.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Chinna anaiyur east street ward 2 , 7.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Chinna Anaiyur South Street Ward 2 , 8.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Urathur North street Ward 2 , 9.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Urathur south street ward 2 , 10.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Puliyangulam mela street ward 3 , 11.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Puliangulam north street ward 3 , 12.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Puliankulam south street ward 3 , 13.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Puliankulam keelamel street ward 3
21Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Maruthanganallur 1.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Maruthanganallur east street ward 3 , 2.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Maruthankanallur north street ward 3 , 3.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Maruthankanallur middle street ward 3 , 4.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Maruthankanallur south east street ward 3 , 5.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Maruthankanallur south street ward 3 , 6.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Maruthankanallur north west street ward 3 , 7.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Maruthankanallur south west street ward 3 , 8.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Maruthankanallur madathu street ward 4 , 9.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Maruthankanallur west street ward 4 , 10.Anaiyur (R.V) And (P) Iluppaikulam first street ward 4
22Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Pakkuvetti 1.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Pakkuvetti north street ward 1 , 2.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Pakkuvetti middle street ward 1 , 3.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Pakkuvetti middle street 2 ward 1 , 4.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Pakkuvetti south street ward 1 , 5.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Pakkuvetti kanmaistreet ward 1 , 6.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Uppangulam 1st street ward 2 , 7.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Uppangulam 2nd street ward 3 , 8.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Uppangulam 3rd street ward 2
23Panchayat Union Middle School , ,West Portion,Karungulam 1.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Uppangulam 4th street ward 2 , 2.Pakkuvetti(R.V) And (P) Uppangulam 5th street ward 3 , 3.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Vinayagar koil street ward 3 , 4.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Karungulam t.v room street ward4 , 5.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Karungulam t.v school street ward 4 , 6.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Karungulam t.v middle street ward 4 , 7.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Karungulam t.v south street ward 4
24Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Seganathapuram 1.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Ulaganadai north street ward 9 , 2.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Ulaganadai south street ward 2 , 3.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Sekanathapuram 4th street ward 8 Pakkuvetti(p) , 4.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Sekanathapuram 1st street ward 8 , 5.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Sekanathapuram 2nd street ward 8 , 6.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Sekanathapuram 3rd street ward 8 , 7.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Sekanathapuram 5th street ward 8 , 8.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Sekanathapuram south street ward 8 , 9.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Kidarikulam north street ward 7 , 10.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Udayarkoottam north street ward 6 , 11.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Udayarkootam south street ward 6 , 12.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Kolipathi north street ward 5 , 13.Pakkuvetti (R.V) And (P) Kolipathi southstreet ward 5
25Iqbal High School ,North Building,Kamuthi 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Vannar street ward 4 , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) and (S.T.P) L.F.road ward 1 , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Vellaiyapuram ward 2 , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Madathu street ward1 , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Vellaiyapuram colony ward 2 , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Sooriyadevar street ward 1 , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Devar mada street ward 1 , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) North street ward1 , 9.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Aranmanai medu ward1 , 10.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Aranmanai medu colony ward1
26Kalaviruthi Elementary School ,West Side, North Portion, Kamuthi 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Manukmaliya palli street ward 4 , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Varusai ibrahim street ward 4 , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Hajiyar street ward 3 , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Middle street ward 3 , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Abdulla street ward 3 , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Pallivasal street ward 3 , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Local fund road ward 3 , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Periya pallivasal street ward 5 , 9.Kamudhi (R.V) And (S.T.P) A.S.Street Ward 11 , 10.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Bakkir ampalam street ward 14 , 11.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Msulim bajar ward 6 , 12.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Bismillah tharga street ward 4
27Kalaviruthi Elementary School ,East Side, North Portion, Kamuthi 1.Kamuthi(R.V) And (S.T.P) Pallakkukara street ward 6 , 2.Kamudhi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Periya Pallivasal East street Ward 6 , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Allahpichai street ward 6 , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Vetrilaikara street ward 6 , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Musapukani ampalam street ward 5 , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Tharga road ward 5 , 7.Kamudhi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Mohamed Ambalam Kottagai street Ward 5 , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Puthupavadi street ward 5 , 9.Kamudhi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Musafarkani Ambalam Kottagai street , 10.Kamudhi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Periya Pallivasal street Ward 4 , 11.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Chinna pallivasal street ward 5 , 12.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Abdul karim street ward 5 , 13.Kamudhi (R.V) And (S.T.P) NallaIbrahim street , 14.Kamudhi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Tharha street Ward 6 , 15.Kamudhi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Veppangulam Samsu Ravuther street , 16.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Muslim bajar ward 6 , 17.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Pariya pallivasal street ward 5
28Kshthiriya Nadar Boys Higher Secondary School, Eastern Side ,Kamuthi 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Makamai kadai street ward 12 , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Seeni nadar street ward 12 , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Raja nadar street ward 12 , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) South muthukulathur road ward 13 , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Muthu nagar ward 13 , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Pananthoppu ward 13 , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Pettaistreet ward 13 , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Palanisamy nadar street ward 13 , 9.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Oorkavalan koil street ward 13 , 10.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kalai nadar street ward 13 , 11.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Perumal nadar street ward 13 , 12.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Narkarastreet ward 13 , 13.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Nadar bajar ward 14 , 14.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) CSM Compoundu (Ward 15)
29Kshthiriya Nadar Boys Higher Secondary School, ,Western Side,North Portion ,Kamuthi 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Athidravidar north street ward 13 , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Ahtidravidar east street ward 13 , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Athidravidar north street 2 ward 13 , 4.Kamudhi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kaliamman kovil street Ward 15 , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Middle street ward 15 , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Santhaipettai street ward 15 , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) East street ward 15 , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Colony north street ward 15 , 9.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Colony south street ward 15
30Kshthiriya Nadar Boys Higher Secondary School ,Southern Building,Western Portion, Kamuthi 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Pavadi street ward 11 , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Valaiyalkara street ward 11 , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Nadar bajar ward 11 , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Pettai street ward 11 , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Anthoniyar street ward 14 , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Munsif street ward 10 , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Old Post Office street ward 11 , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Ammaiyandi nadar street ward 11 , 9.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kulimuthu nadar street ward 11 , 10.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Vannar street ward 11 , 11.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Muthumariamman koil street ward 11 , 12.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kodown street ward 14 , 13.Kamuthi (r.v) and (s.t.p) Mahamai kadai street ward 12
31Kshthiriya Nadar Boys Higher Secondary School ,Southern Building,Eastern Portion, Kamuthi 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Anthoniyar street ward 14 , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Muslim bajar ward 14 , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Saveriyar street ward 14 , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kothanar street ward 14 , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Nadar bajar ward 14 , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) North muthukulathur road ward 10 , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Navithar street ward 11 , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Valakurunatha nadar street ward 12 , 9.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kothalamman koil street ward 12 , 10.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Mottaiya nadar street ward 12
32Gowrava Elementary School, ,New Building,Kamuthi 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kundar street turning ward 9 , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Local fund road ward 7 , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kasukkara bajjar ward 7 , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Chairman chettiyar street ward 7 , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Krishnan koil street ward 7 , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Bajanaimada street ward 7 , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kamachi chettiyar street ward 7 , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) L.F.Road ward 7
33Gowrava Elementary School , Eastern Side,Kamuthi 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Akraharam street (ward 9) , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Maravarsangam Sundaramchettiyar Street (Ward 10) , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Thaluka Kacheri Street (Ward 9) , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Annamalai Chettiyar Street (Ward 10) , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Pillaiyarkovil Street (Ward 7) , 6.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kadaladi chettiar street ward 7 , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Thaluk office street ward 9 , 8.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Melakara street ward 9 , 9.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Sayakara street ward 9 , 10.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Mettu street ward 10 , 11.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Pavundu street ward 9 , 12.Kamudhi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Muthirulandi Servai street Ward 12 , 13.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) North mudukulathur road ward 10 , 14.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Annamalai chettiar street ward 10 , 15.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kasukkara bazaar ward 7 , 16.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Singan rao street ward 10 , 17.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Munseep street ward 10
34Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Western portion, Kannarpatti 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kannarpatti north street ward 8 , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kannarpatti Middle street ward 8 , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kannarpatti Local Fund Road (Ward 8) , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Police colony ward 8
35Panchayat Union Elementary School , Eastern portion, Kannarpatti 1.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Kannarpatti west street ward 8 , 2.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Periya Udappangulam Ist North Street (Ward 5) , 3.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Periya Udappangulam UIInd North Street (Ward 5) , 4.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Periya Udappangulam South Street (Ward 5) , 5.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Sethurajapuram southstreet ward 5 , 6.Kamuthi (S.T.P) Sethurajapuram northstreet ward , 7.Kamuthi (R.V) And (S.T.P) Ayyan kovilpatti ward 5
36Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Northern Portion, K.Nedungulam 1.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) West street ward 3 , 2.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) East street ward 3 , 3.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) North street ward 2 , 4.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) North street 2 ward 2 , 5.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) South street ward 2 , 6.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) South street 2 ward 2 , 7.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) Kaliyamman koil street ward 2 , 8.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward 2 , 9.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) East street ward 2
37Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Southern Portion, K.Nedungulam 1.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) North street ward 1 , 2.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward 1 , 3.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) K.Nedunkulam middle street ward1 , 4.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) Kaliamman koil street ward 1 , 5.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) K.Nedunkulam north colony ward 5 , 6.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) Kalaikulam ward 4 , 7.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) K.Nedunkulam south colony ward 1 , 8.K.Nedunkulam (R.V) And (P) South nedunkulam ward 1
38Panchayat Union Elementary School , (West side, North portion), Ramasamypatti 1.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Ramasamipatti (p) First street , 2.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Ramasamipatti (P) Second Street , 3.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Ramasamipatti (P) Third Street , 4.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Ramasamipatti (P) Fourth Street
39Panchayat Union Elementary School , (West side, South portion), Ramasamypatti 1.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Ramasamipatti (P) Fifth Street , 2.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Ramasamipatti (P) Sixth Street , 3.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Ramasamipatti (P) Seventh Street , 4.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Ramasamipatti (P) Eighth Street , 5.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Ramasamipatti (P) Nineth street
40Panchayat Union Elementary School , Eastern Portion, New Building,Ramasamypatti 1.Meelaramanathi (R.V) Ramasamypatti (p) Ayyanarkulam north street (ward 4) , 2.Meelarmanathi (R.V) RamasamyPatti (P) Ayyananarkulam Melastreet (Ward 4) , 3.Meelaramanathi (R.V) RamasamyPatti (P) Ayyanarkulam Middle Street (Ward 4) , 4.Meelaramanathi (R.V) RamasamyPatti (P) Ayyanarkulam East Street (Ward 4) , 5.Meelaramanathi (R.V) RamasamyPatti (P) Koraipallam,Matiammankovil Melastreet (Ward 4) , 6.Meelaramanathi (R.V) RamasamyPatti (P) Koraipallam East Street (Ward 4) , 7.Meelaramanathi (R.V) RamasamyPatti (P) Rettaipuli (Ward 4) , 8.Meelaramanathi (R.V) RamasamyPatti (P) RamasamyPatti South Street (Ward 4) , 9.Meelaramanathi (R.V) RamasamyPatti (P) RamasamyPatti Melastreet (Ward 3) , 10.Meelaramanathi (R.V) RamasamyPatti (P) RamasamyPatti Pillaiyarkovil South Street (Ward 3) , 11.Meelaramanathi (R.V) RamasamyPatti (P) RamasamyPatti Middle Street (Ward 4)
41Panchayat Union Elementary School , North Portion, New Building, Mustakurichi 1.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) West street colony ward 1 , 2.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Middle street Ward 1 , 3.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) South street Ward1 , 4.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) North street Ward 1 , 5.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) East street Ward 1 , 6.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Cross street Ward 1 , 7.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Colony street Ward 1 , 8.Mustakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Mustakuruchi East Street Ward 2 , 9.Mustakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Mustakuruchi Colony Street Ward 2 , 10.Mustakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Mustakuruchi South Street Ward 2
42Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building,Perumal kudumpanpatti 1.Mustakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Perumal Kodumpanpatti Oorani Street Ward 2 , 2.Mustakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Perumalkodumpanpatti South Street 1 ward 2 , 3.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) PerumalKudumban Patti Southstreet 2 Ward 2 , 4.Mustakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Perumalkodumpanpatti west street ward 2 , 5.Mustakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Perumalkodumpanpatti North street ward 2 , 6.Mustakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Pudhupatti North Street ward 3 , 7.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Puduppatti South street Ward 3 , 8.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Asoor Colony street Ward 3 , 9.Mustakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Aasoor south street 1 ward 3 , 10.Mustakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Aasoor South Street 2 ward 3
43RC. Elementary School ,Thiruchiluvaipuram 1.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Otthapuli village west street Ward 5 , 2.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Otthapuli east street Ward 5 , 3.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Udaikulam north street Ward 5 , 4.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Udaikulam south street Ward 5 , 5.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Thirusiluvaiyapuram North street (Ward 5) , 6.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Thirusiluvaiyapuram South street (Ward 5)
44Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, Western Portion,Periyamanakulam 1.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Chinnamanakulam ward 4 , 2.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) East street Ward 4 , 3.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Periyamanakulam north street Ward 4 , 4.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Periyamanakulam west street Ward 4 , 5.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Periyamanakulam east street Ward 4 , 6.Mustakurichi (R.V) And (P) Periyamanakulam road street Ward 4
45Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Muthalnadu 1.Mudhalnadu (R.V) And (P) West street ward 1 , 2.Mudhalnadu (R.V) And (P) Middle street Ward 2 , 3.Mudhalnadu (R.V) And (P) East street Ward 2 , 4.Mudhalnadu (R.V) And (P) North street Ward 2 , 5.Mudhalnadu (R.V) And (P) Mudhalnadu colony Ward 2 , 6.Mudhalnadu (R.V) And (P) Mudhalnadu oththavedu Ward 3 , 7.Mudhalnadu (R.V) And (P) Kudikiniyan Ward 3 , 8.Seemanedal (R.V) And Mudhalnadu (P) Arisikuludhan Ward 3
46AdiDravidar Welfare School ,West Builiding,Sengapadai 1.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai melastreet (north side) Ward 1 , 2.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai mulaikottu thinnai street Ward 1 , 3.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai 2nd street Ward 2 , 4.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai 1st street Ward 1 , 5.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai south street melpuram Ward 1 , 6.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai ammankovil street Ward 2 , 7.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai mainroad Ward 2 , 8.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai south street kelpuram ward 2
47AdiDravidar Welfare School ,Sengapadai 1.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai south street Ward 2 , 2.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai sayalgudi mainroad Ward 1 , 3.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Pambul nayakkanpatti north street melpuram Ward , 4.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Pambul nayakkanpatti north street kelpuram Ward , 5.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Pambul nayakkan patti north street kelpuram ward , 6.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Pambul nayakkan patti mainroad Ward 3 , 7.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Pambul nayakkanpatti west street Ward 3 , 8.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Pambul nayakkanpatti bazar street Ward 3 , 9.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Pambul nayakkan patti east street Ward 3 , 10.Sengapadai (R.V) And (P) Pambul nayakkanpatti mainroad Ward 3
48Panchayat Union Middle School ,Old Building, West Portion, Peraiyur 1.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peraiyur pillaimar street 1 ward 1 , 2.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peraiyur pillaimar street 2 ward 1 , 3.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peraiyur nadar first street ward 1 , 4.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peraiyur nadar second street ward 1 , 5.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peraiyur east street ward 1 , 6.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peraiyur police line street ward 1 , 7.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peraiyur south street 1 ward 1 , 8.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peraiyur southb street 2 ward 1
49Panchayat Union Middle School ,Old Building, East Portion, Peraiyur 1.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Mettupatti north street ward 3 , 2.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Mettupatti nadar south street ward 3 , 3.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Mettupatti mettupatti colony ward 3 , 4.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Serthakottai ambethkar street ward 3 , 5.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Serthakottai colony street ward 3 , 6.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Serthakottai,veeransundaralingastreet
50Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, North Portion, Peraiyur 1.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Kadaitheru veedhi (ward 2) , 2.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Muslim IInd Street (Ward 2) , 3.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Muslim Ist Street (Ward 2) , 4.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) East Street (Ward 2) , 5.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Ist Middle Street (Ward 2) , 6.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) IInd Middle Street (ward 2) , 7.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) IInd East Street (Ward 2) , 8.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) IIIrd East Street (Ward 2) , 9.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Ist East Street (Ward 2)
51Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, South Portion, Peraiyur 1.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Ist North Street (Ward 2) , 2.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) IInd North Street (Ward 2) , 3.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) IVth North Street (ward 2) , 4.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) IIIrd North Street (Ward 2) , 5.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Kanmaikarai Ist Street (Ward 2) , 6.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peraiyur Colony (Ward 2) , 7.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Kanmaikarai IInd Street (Ward 2) , 8.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Kanmaikarai IIIrd Street (Ward 2)
52Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building,Western Portion,Peraiyur 1.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Ariyanachipuram (ward 2) , 2.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peraiyur North street Colony (Ward 2) , 3.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Colony (Ward 2) , 4.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) South Street (Ward 2) , 5.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Peter Puram (Ward 2)
53Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Western Portion, Keelavalasai 1.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Samipatti east street (ward 4) , 2.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Samipatti West street (Ward 4) , 3.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Colony Street (Ward 4) , 4.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Sangarappanpatti South street (Ward 5) , 5.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Sangarappanpatti North street (Ward 5) , 6.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Kelavalasai West street (Ward 5) , 7.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Kelavalasai East street (Ward 5)
54Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Western Portion, Keelavalasai 1.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Sengottaipatti Colony (Ward 4) , 2.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Sengottaipatti South street (Ward 4) , 3.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Sengottaipatt North street (Ward 4) , 4.Peraiyur (R.V) And (P) Sengottaipatti west street (Ward 4)
55Panchayat Union Middle School ,Western Portion,M.Pudukottai 1.Puthukottai (R.V) And (P) North street ward 1 , 2.Puthukottai (R.V) And (P) North street 2 ward 1 , 3.Puthukottai (R.V) And (P) East street ward 1 , 4.Puthukottai (R.V) And (P) South street ward 1 , 5.Puthukottai (R.V) And (P) South street 2 ward 1 , 6.Puthukottai (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward 1 , 7.Puthukottai (R.V) And (P) South street ward 1 , 8.Puthukottai (R.V) And (P) Arijana colony ward 1 , 9.Puthukottai (R.V) And (P) Mela street ward 1
56Panchayat Union Middle School , East Side, ,Eastern Portion,M.Pudukottai 1.Pudhukottai (R.V) And Idaiyangulam (P) Idaiyangulam North Street (Ward 1) , 2.Pudhukottai (R.V) And Idaiyangulam (P) Idaiyangulam North Street 2 , 3.Pudhukottai (R.V) And Idaiyangulam (P) Idaiyangulam Middle street 1 , 4.Pudhukottai (R.V) And Idaiyangulam (P) Idaiyangulam Middle street 2 , 5.Pudhukottai (R.V) And Idaiyangulam (P) Idaiyangulam south street 1 , 6.Pudhukottai (R.V) And Idaiyangulam (P) Idaiyangulam Kovil street , 7.Pudhukottai (R.V) And Idaiyangulam (P) North Street (Ward 2) , 8.Pudhukottai (R.V) And Idaiyangulam (P) South street 2 , 9.Pudhukottai (R.V) And Idaiyangulam (P) Mela street (Ward 2) , 10.Pudhukottai (R.V) And Idaiyangulam (P) Mayanasalai Street (Ward 2)
57Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building,Senthanendal 1.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) Middle street Ward 5 , 2.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) North street Ward 5 , 3.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) East street Ward 5 , 4.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) South street Ward 5 , 5.Seemanedal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) South street 2 Ward 5
58Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building,Seemanenthal 1.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) Pappangulam north street Ward 1 , 2.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) Pappangulam middle street Ward 1 , 3.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) Pappangulam south street Ward 1 , 4.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) Semanendal north street Ward 2 , 5.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) Semanendal middle street Ward 2 , 6.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) Semanendal south street Ward 2 , 7.Seemanendal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) Semanendal south street Ward 2 , 8.Seemanedal(R.V) And Pappangulam (P) Boomavilangai melastreet Ward 3 , 9.Seemanedal (R.V) And Pappangulam (P) Boomavilangai east street ward 3
59Panchayat Union Middle School ,K.Veppankulam 1.K.Veppangulam (R.V) And (P) South street Ward 1 , 2.K.Veppangulam (R.V) And (P) Middle street Ward 1 , 3.K.Veppangulam (R.V) And (P) North street Ward 1 , 4.K.Veppangulam (R.V) And (P) East street ward 1 , 5.K.Veppangulam (R.V) And (P) North street Ward 1 , 6.K.Veppangulam (R.V) And (P) North street 3 Ward 1 , 7.K.Veppangulam (R.V) And (P) East street Ward 1
60Panchayat Union Elementary School, , Kundukulam 1.K.veepangkulam (R.V) And (P) Vannagkulam northstreet ward2 , 2.K.Veepangkulam (R.V) And (P) Vannagkulam south street ward2 , 3.K.Veepangkulam (R.V) And (P) Vannagkulam south street ward2 , 4.K.Veepangkulam (R.V) And (P) Gundukulam south street , 5.K.Veepangkulam (R.V) And (P) Gundukulam middle street ward3 , 6.K.Veepangkulam (R.V) And (P) Gundukulam northstreet ward3 , 7.K.Veepangkulam (R.V) And (P) Gundukulam northstreet 2 ward3 , 8.K.Veepangkulam (R.V) And (P) Gundukulam melastreet ward2
61Panchayat Union Elementary School, , (North side, East portion), O.KarisalKulam 1.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Usampottal melastreet ward6 , 2.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Usampottal eaststreet ward6 , 3.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Muthalamman kovil street ward1 , 4.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) O.Karisalkulam Melastreet ward1 , 5.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) O.Karisalkulam mela street 2 ward1
62Panchayat Union Elementary School, , (North side, West portion), O.Karisalkulam 1.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) O.Karisalkulam east street ward1 , 2.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) O.Karisalkulam east street 2 ward2 , 3.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) O.Karisalkulam south street 1 ward2 , 4.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) O.Karisalkulam south street 2 ward2 , 5.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) O.Karisalkulam south street 3 ward3 , 6.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) O.Karisalkulam mela street 3 ward3 , 7.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Olugupuli east street ward7 , 8.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Olugupuli melastreet ward7 , 9.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Olugupuli southvadal street ward7
63C. S. I. Elementary School, ,Thoppadaipatti 1.O.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Kalikulam joint road ward4 , 2.O.karaisalkulam (R.V) And (P) North street Ward 4 , 3.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Kallikulam joint road ward4 , 4.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) R.C. church road 1 ward4 , 5.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) road 2 ward4 , 6.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) East street ward4 , 7.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) East road 2 ward4 , 8.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) South street ward4 , 9.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Mela street ward5 , 10.O.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Mela street 2 ward5
64Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Ilanthaikulam 1.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) Ilandaikulam Oorani street Ward 1 , 2.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) Ilandaikulam north street ward1 , 3.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) Middle street 1st santhu ward1 , 4.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) Middle street 2nd santhu ward1 , 5.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) Pallikooda street ward1 , 6.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) South street ward1 , 7.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) Kallikulam Jakkammal kovil street ward 2 , 8.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) Kallikulam south street ward2 , 9.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) Kallikulam middle street ward2 , 10.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam S(P) South Kallikulam south street ward2 , 11.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) South kallikulam north street ward2 , 12.Kallikulam (R.V) And Ilandaikulam (P) Pambuvilundhan pallam
65C. S. I. Elementary School, ,Nerinjipatti 1.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Nerunjipatti kaliamman kovil street ward5 , 2.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Nerunjipatti north street ward5 , 3.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Nerunjipatti Schoolzonal street ward5 , 4.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Nerunjipatti Schoolzonal street ward5 , 5.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Nerunjipatti south street ward5 , 6.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Nerunjipatti melastreet ward5 , 7.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Nerunjipatti oorani path ward5 , 8.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Nerunjipatti mela street north street ward5
66Government High School, ,New Building,North Side, Kovilangulam 1.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kanmai street ward3 , 2.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kovilangkulam North street (Ward 2) , 3.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kovilangkulam Madathu street (Ward 2) , 4.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kovilangkulam Madathu street (Ward 1) , 5.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kovilangkulam South street (Ward 1) , 6.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kovilangkulam South street (Ward 1) , 7.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kovilangkulam South (Ward 1) , 8.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kovilangkulam South street (Ward 1) , 9.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kovilangkulam Colony Street (Ward 3) , 10.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kovilangkulam South street (Ward 3) , 11.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kovilangkulam colony street east street ward3
67Government High School, ,New Building, South Side, Kovilangulam 1.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Thottiyapatti east street (ward 4) , 2.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Thottiyapatti North street (Ward 4) , 3.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Pallapatti 1st street ward 4 , 4.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Pallapatti 2nd street ward4 , 5.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Pallapatti 3rd street ward4 , 6.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Araikudi north street ward4 , 7.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Araikudi South street (Ward 6) , 8.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Araikudi South street (Ward 6) , 9.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Araikudi South street (Ward 6) , 10.Kovilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Naraioorani ward6
68Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Ariyamangalam 1.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Madathu street ward1 , 2.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward1 , 3.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And (P) South street ward1 , 4.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Pallikooda street ward1 , 5.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Melastreet ward1 , 6.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Colony street ward2 , 7.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Sakkiliar kudiiruppu ward2 , 8.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And (P) Velangkulam ward4 , 9.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And (P) SathurNayakkanpatti East street (ward 5) , 10.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And (P) SathurNayakkanpatti West street (Ward 5)
69Government High School ,Pammanenthal 1.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) West street ward1 , 2.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) West street 2 ward1 , 3.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) West street 3 ward1 , 4.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) West street 4 ward1 , 5.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) West street 5 ward1 , 6.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) West street 6 ward1 , 7.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) South street 1 ward1 , 8.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) South street 2 ward1 , 9.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) North street ward2 , 10.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) North street 2 ward2 , 11.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward2 , 12.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) South street ward2 , 13.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) South street 2 ward2 , 14.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) North street 2 ward2 , 15.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) North street 3 ward3 , 16.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) North street 3 ward 3 , 17.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward3 , 18.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) Middle street 2 ward3 , 19.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) South street 1 ward3 , 20.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) South street 2 ward3 , 21.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) East street 1 ward3 , 22.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) East street 2 ward3 , 23.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) Othaveedu 1 ward3 , 24.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) Othaveedu 2 ward3 , 25.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) Sirukulam 1 ward4 , 26.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) Sirukulam2 ward4 , 27.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) Sirukulam 4 ward4 , 28.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) Sirukulam 5 ward4 , 29.Pammanendal(P) P.Karisalkulam ward5 , 30.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) P.karisalkulam 2 ward5 , 31.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) P.karisalkulam 3 ward3 , 32.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) P.Karisalkulam 4 ward5 , 33.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) P.Karisalkulam 5 ward5 , 34.Pammanendal (R.V) And (P) P.Karisalkulam 6 ward5
70Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Keelamavilangai 1.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) North street ward1 , 2.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) East street 1 ward1 , 3.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) Mela street 1 ward1 , 4.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) South street 1 , 5.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) Othaveedu ward1 , 6.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) Colony ward1 , 7.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) East street 2 ward1 , 8.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) East street 3 ward2 , 9.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward2 , 10.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) South street 2 ward2 , 11.Mavilangai (R.V) And (P) Mela street 2 ward2
71Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Building, West portion , New Building, West Side,Thimmanthapuram 1.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Perumal nayakkar street ward1 , 2.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Murugan street ward1 , 3.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Ayyarappa nayakkar street ward1 , 4.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Mela street ward1 , 5.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Telephone street ward1 , 6.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Kumarasamy nayakkar street ward1 , 7.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Atchari street ward2 , 8.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Putchari amman street ward2 , 9.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Mariappa achari street ward2 , 10.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Madathu street ward2 , 11.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Colony ward2 , 12.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) East street ward2
72Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building,Eastern portion,Thimmanthapuram 1.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Okkarai nayakkar street ward3 , 2.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) North street ward3 , 3.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) N.Muthuappan street ward3 , 4.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) South street ward3 , 5.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Kolumbu nayakkar street ward3 , 6.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Rathinavel street ward3 , 7.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) North street ward3 , 8.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Okkarai nayakkar street ward3 , 9.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Gurusamy nayakkar street ward3 , 10.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) South street ward3 , 11.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Road street ward3 , 12.Thimmanathapuram (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar kovil and east street ward3
73Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,T.Valasubramania puram 1.Valasubramaniapuram (R.V) And (P) West street ward2 , 2.Valasubramaniapuram (R.V) And (P) North street ward1 , 3.Valasubramaniapuram (R.V) And (P) East street ward1 , 4.Valasubramaniapuram (R.V) And (P) Post office street ward2 , 5.Valasubramaniapuram (R.V) And (P) Arunthathiyar kudiiruppu ward1
74Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Muthuselliyah puram 1.Valasubramaniapuram (R.V) And (P) Oorani street ward3 , 2.Valasubramaniapuram (R.V) And (P) South street ward3 , 3.Valasubramaniapuram (R.V) And (P) North street ward3 , 4.Valasubramaniapuram (R.V) And (P) Mela street ward3 , 5.Valasubramaniapuram (R.V) And (P) Arunthathiyar kudiiruppu ward3
75Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Pappu reddiapatti 1.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Pappurettiapatti south street ward1 , 2.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Pappurettiapatti south street ward1 , 3.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Pappurettiapatti middle street ward1 , 4.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Pappurettiapatti north street ward1 , 5.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti(P) Pappurettiapatti east street ward1 , 6.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) T.Kumarapuram oorani street ward2 , 7.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) T.Kumarapuram middle street ward1 , 8.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) T.Kumarapuram east street ward2 , 9.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) T.Kumarapuram south street ward2 , 10.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) T.Kumarapuram west street ward2
76Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Ranisethupuram 1.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Ramasamuthiram south street ward3 , 2.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Ramasamuthiram north street ward3 , 3.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Ranisethupuram north street ward4 , 4.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Ranisethupuram madathustreet ward4 , 5.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Ranisethupuram madathustreet2 ward 4 , 6.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Rani sethupuram arunthathiyar street ward4 , 7.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Ranisethupuram south street ward4 , 8.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Ranisethupuram madam melastreet ward4 , 9.Muthuramalingapuram (R.V) And Pappurettiapatti (P) Rani sethupuram oorani street ward4
77Kshathriya Hindu Nadar Higher Secondery school ,Mani Building, Western portion, Perunali 1.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal ist street (ward 2) , 2.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal IInd street (Ward 2) , 3.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Palpannai street (Ward 2) , 4.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Muslim Street (Ward 2) , 5.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal North street (Ward 2) , 6.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Old Post Office Street (Ward 4) , 7.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Vellalar street (ward4) , 8.Perunali (R.V) And (P) North street 3 (Ward 4) , 9.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Vellalar East street (Ward 4) , 10.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Saivavellalar street (Ward 4) , 11.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Vellalar Mela street (Ward 4)
78Panchayat Union Middle School ,Eastern Portion, Perunali 1.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Muslim pal pannai street 1 ward1 , 2.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Muslim palpannaistreet 2 ward1 , 3.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal east street ward1 , 4.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Arunthathiar street ward1 , 5.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal north street ward1 , 6.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Nadar pallikooda street ward7 , 7.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Nadar pallistreet 2 ward7 , 8.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Muthumariamman kovil backside (Ward 7)
79Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Western Portion, Perunali 1.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Old post office street ward3 , 2.Perunali (R.V) AnD (P) Asari street ward3 , 3.Perunali (R.V) And (P) North street 1 ward3 , 4.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Sri pagampiriyal kovil street ward3 , 5.Perunali (R.V) And (P) North street 2 ward3 , 6.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Devar street ward3 , 7.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Rice mill street ward5 , 8.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Vellalar street ward5 , 9.Perunali (R.V) And (P) MSR road ward5 , 10.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Kaval nilaya street ward5 , 11.Perunali (R.V) And (P) North street 3 ward5 , 12.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Vinayagar street ward5
80Kshatriya Hindu Nadar Elementary School ,NewBuilding,Perunali 1.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Nadar main road ward6 , 2.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Nadar street 1 ward6 , 3.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Nadar street 2 ward6 , 4.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Christian street 1 ward6 , 5.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Chrisian street 2 ward6 , 6.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Rice mill street ward6 , 7.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Bazaar street 1 ward6 , 8.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Adi parasakthi kovil street ward8 , 9.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Bazaar street 2 ward6 , 10.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Shanmugapuram 1st street ward9 , 11.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Shanmugapuram east street ward9 , 12.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Shanmugapuram street 2 ward9 , 13.Perunali (R.V) And(P) Shanmugapuram street 3 ward 9 , 14.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Shanmugapuram south street ward9 , 15.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Bus stand street ward10 , 16.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Sayalkudi road ward10 , 17.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Vilathikulam road 1 ward10 , 18.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Indra colony ward10 , 19.Perunali (R.V) And (P) Vilathikulam road southside ward10
81Panchayat Union Middle School ,Ponthampuli 1.Ponthambuli (R.V) And (P) Valavanthapuram east street ward3 , 2.Ponthambuli (R.V) And (P) Valavanthalpuram west street ward3 , 3.Ponthambuli (R.V) And (P) Ponthambuli east street ward1 , 4.Ponthambuli (R.V) And (P) Ponthambuli south street ward2 , 5.Ponthambuli (R.V) And (P) Ponthambuli pallikooda street ward2 , 6.Ponthambuli (R.V) And (P) Ponthambuli pallivasal north street ward2
82Woman Self Help Group Centre ,Idivilagi 1.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) South street 1 ward1 , 2.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) South street 2 ward1 , 3.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) West street ward1 , 4.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) North street 1 ward1 , 5.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) North street 2 ward1 , 6.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) North street 3 ward1 , 7.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) Kosuraman south street 1 ward1 , 8.Idivilagi (R.V) And Z(P) Kosuraman south street 2 ward1 , 9.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) Kosuraman northstreet1 ward1 , 10.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) Kodusuraman north street2 ward1 , 11.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) Poolapathi west street 1 ward1 , 12.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) Poolapathi west street 2 ward1 , 13.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) Poolapathi west street ward1 , 14.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) Poolapathi south street ward1 , 15.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) Poolapathi east street ward1 , 16.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) Poolapathi north street1 ward1 , 17.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) Poolapathi north street 2 ward1
83Panchayat Union Elementary School , Kalutharugan 1.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) North street 1 ward2 , 2.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) West street ward2 , 3.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) North street ward2 , 4.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) South street2 ward2 , 5.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) South street 2 ward2 , 6.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) West street ward2 , 7.Idivilagi (R.V) And (P) South street 3 ward2
84Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Karisalpuli 1.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Karisalpuli west street (ward 4) , 2.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Karisalpuli west street ward3 , 3.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Karisalpuli middle street ward3 , 4.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Karisalpuli middle street ward3 , 5.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Karisalpul south street ward3 , 6.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Karisalpuli South street 2 (Ward 4) , 7.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Karisalpuli south street ward3 , 8.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Karisalpuli east street ward3 , 9.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Pottalpuli north street ward4 , 10.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Pottalpuli North street 2 Ward 4 , 11.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam(P) Pottalpuli north street 3 ward4 , 12.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Pottalpuli south street 2 ward4 , 13.Idivilagi (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Pottalpuli south street ward4
85Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Erumaikulam 1.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Madathustreet ward1 , 2.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Madathukku opp side ward1 , 3.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) North street ward1 , 4.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) Middle street ward1 , 5.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) South street 1st santhu ward2 , 6.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) South street 2nd santhu ward2 , 7.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) East street 1st santhu ward2 , 8.Ariyamangalam (R.V) And Erumaikulam (P) East street 2nd santhu ward2
86Panchayat Union Elementary School , M.Pudukulam 1.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And (P) Kadamangalam road ward1 , 2.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward1 , 3.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And (P) South street 1 ward1 , 4.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And (P) South street 2 ward1 , 5.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And(P) Kanmaikaraistreet ward2 , 6.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And (P) Pudukulam thiruvarairoad ward2 , 7.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And (P) Pallikooda street ward2 , 8.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And (P) Colony street ward2 , 9.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And (P) Colonyeaststreet ward2 , 10.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And (P) Thiruvarai east street ward1 , 11.Mudaliyar pudukulam (R.V) And (P) Thiruvarai north street ward2
87Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Villanendal 1.Villendal (R.V) And Mudaliyar pudukulam (P) Southstreet ward3 , 2.Villendal (R.V) And Mudaliyar pudukulam (P) East street ward3 , 3.Villendal (R.V) And Mudaliyar pudukulam (P) Melavillanendal East street (Ward 3) , 4.Villendal (R.V) And Mudaliyar pudukulam (P) Melavillanendal north street (Ward 3) , 5.Villendal (R.V) And Mudaliyar pudukulam (P) Kelavillanendal north street (Ward 3)
88Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building,North Side, Kathanendal 1.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) West street ward1 , 2.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) South street 1 ward1 , 3.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) South street 2 ward1 , 4.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) East street 1 ward1 , 5.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) North street ward2 , 6.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) South street 3 ward2 , 7.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) East street 2 ward2
89Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, South Side,Kathanendal 1.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) Kumilangkulam weststreet ward3 , 2.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) Kumilangkulam south street ward3 , 3.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) Kumilangkulam east street ward3 , 4.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) Parayangkulam north street ward3 , 5.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) Parayangkulam north street ward3 , 6.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) Parayangkulam south street 2 ward4 , 7.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) Parayangkulam east street ward4 , 8.Komboothi (R.V) And Kathanendal (P) Thambirankuttam ward5
90Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Portion, Komboothi 1.Komboothi (R.V) And (P) Komboothi north street ward1 , 2.Komboothi (R.V) And (P) Komboothi mela street ward1 , 3.Komboothi (R.V) And (P) Komboothi middle street ward1 , 4.Komboothi (R.V) And (P) Komboothi east street ward1
91Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Portion, Komboothi 1.Komboothi (R.V) And (P) Komboothi south street 1 ward2 , 2.Komboothi (R.V) And (P) Komboothi south street 2 ward 2 , 3.Komboothi (R.V) And (P) Vedangkoottam north street ward3 , 4.Komboothi (R.V) And (P) Vedangkoottam south street ward3 , 5.Komboothi (R.V) And (P) Vedangkoottam east street ward3
92Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Vellangulam 1.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) East street ward3 , 2.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward3 , 3.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) South street ward3 , 4.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) North street ward3
93C.S.I, Elementary School, , Kadamangalam 1.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kadamangalam north street ward2 , 2.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kadamangalam silai street ward1 , 3.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kadamangalam west street ward2 , 4.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kadamangalam middle street ward1 , 5.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kadamangalam church street ward1 , 6.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kadamangalam east street ward1 , 7.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kadamangalam pallikooda street ward2 , 8.Kadamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kadamangalam south street ward2
94Panchayat Union Middle School ,Left Side, Melakodumalur 1.Melakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Melakodumalur east street , 2.Melakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Melakodumalur West Street , 3.Melakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Melakodumalur South First Street , 4.Melakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Melakodumalur South Second Street
95Panchayat Union Middle School ,Right Side, Melakodumalur 1.Melakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Koneriyendal Colony street (ward4) , 2.Melakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar kovil street (ward4) , 3.Melakodumalur (R.V) And (P) South street (Ward 4)
96Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Keelakodumalur 1.Kelakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Kelakodumalur North street (ward 1) , 2.Kelakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Middle street (Ward 1) , 3.Kelakodumalur (R.V) And (P) West street (Ward 1) , 4.Kelakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyarkovil street (Ward 1) , 5.Kelakodumalur (R.V) And (P) South street (Ward1) , 6.Kelakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Sangathu Ist street (Ward 1) , 7.Kelakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Sangathu IInd street (Ward1,2) , 8.Kelakodumalur (R.V) And (P) Thattanendal (Ward 2)
97Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Eastern Wing, Nallukurichi 1.Vikkiramapandiyapuram (R.V) Nallukurichi (P) Nallukurichi west street (ward1,2) , 2.Vikkiramapandiyapuram (R.V) Nallukurichi (P) Nallukurichi east street (Ward 2) , 3.Vikkiramapandiyapuram (R.V) Nallukurichi (P) Akraharam Street (Ward1,2) , 4.Vikkiramapandiyapuram (R.V) Nallukurichi (P) Adhidiravidar kudi iruppu (Ward 2,3) , 5.Vikkiramapandiyapuram (R.V) Nallukurichi (P) Adhidiravidar colony (Ward 3) , 6.Vikkiramapandiyapuram (R.V) Nallukurichi (P) Thadhanendal (Ward 4)
98Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Wing, Nallukurichi 1.Vikkiramapandiyapuram (R.V) Nallukurichi (p) Ambalkuttam (ward 4) , 2.Vikkiramapandiyapuram (R.V) Nallukurichi (P) Kavalkuttam south (Ward 5) , 3.Vikkiramapandiyapuram (R.V) Nallukurichi (P) Kavalkuttam north (Ward5,6)
99Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Vikkiramapandiapuram am 1.Vikramapandiapuram (R.V) And (P) Vikramapandiapuram ward1 , 2.Vikramapandiapuram (R.V) And (P) Kelakudiiruppu Ward 1 , 3.Vikramapandiapuram (R.V) And (P) Valasai Ward2 , 4.Keelakodumalur (R.V) Vikramapandiapuram (P) Variyankuttam Ward 3
100Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North Portion, Sathanoor 1.Sathanur (R.V) and (P) Kilaakulam (ward 1) , 2.Sathanur (R.V) and (P) North othaveedu (Ward 2) , 3.Sathanur (R.V) and (P) North street thattan kudiiruppu (Ward 3) , 4.Sathanur (R.V ) and (P) South street (Ward 4) , 5.Sathanur (R.V) and (P) Ammankovil street (Ward 2) , 6.Sathanur (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyarkovil street (Ward2)
101Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Portion, Sathanoor 1.Sathanur (R.V) and (P) Muniyankovil street (Ward 2) , 2.Sathanur (R.V) and (P) South othaveedu (Ward3) , 3.Keelakulam (R.V) Sathanur (P) A.Nedungulam (Ward 3) , 4.Keelakulam (R.V) Sathanur (P) Keezhakudiyeruppu (ward 3) , 5.Keelakulam (R.V) Sathanur (P) Appanendal (Ward 4) , 6.Keelakulam (R.V) Sathanur (P) Nayanendal (Ward 5)
102Government High School ,Puluthikulam 1.Sathanur (R.V) Pulitikulam (P) Pulithikulam south street (ward 1) , 2.Sathanur (R.V) Pulithikulam (P) Pulithikulam west street (ward 1) , 3.Sathanur (R.V) Pulithikulam (P) Pulithikulam krishanapuram (ward2) , 4.Sathanur (R.V) Puluthikulam (P) Puluthikulam north street (ward 2) , 5.Sathanur (R.V) Puluthikulam (P) Sethupathy nagar (ward 2) , 6.Sathanur (R.V) Puluthikulam (P) Athi diravitar kudiyeruppu (ward 2) , 7.Sathanur (R.V) Sambalkulam (P) Pozhikal (ward 3)
103Panchayat Union Middle School ,South Portion, Sambakulam 1.Keelathooval (R.V) Sambakulam (p) Sambakulam kudiiruppu west (ward 1) , 2.Keelathooval (R.V) Sambakulam (P) Indhranagar (Ward 1)
104Panchayat Union Middle School ,Middle Portion, Sambakulam 1.Keelathooval (R.V) Sambakulam (P) Sambakulam kudiiruppu east (Ward 2) , 2.Keelathooval (R.V) Sambakulam (P) Arundhadhiyar colony (Ward 2)
105Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Pudupattinam 1.Sellur (R.V) And (P) Puthupattanam south kudiyeruppu(ward 3) , 2.Sellur (R.V) And (P) Puthupattanam north kudiyeruppu(ward 3) , 3.Sellur (R.V) And (P) East colony (SC)ward-3) , 4.Sellur (R.V) And (P) Puthupattanam westcolony (ward 3) , 5.Sellur (R.V) And (P) M.patti south street (ward 4) , 6.Chellur (R.V) And (P) M.patti north street (ward 4) , 7.Sellur (R.V) And (P) Oorani northkarai kudiyeruppu (ward 4) , 8.Sellur (R.V) And (P) Kannathan colony(ward 4)
106Panchayat Union Middle School, ,North Building, Sellur 1.Sellur (R.V) And (P) Melakudiiruppu (ward1) , 2.Sellur (R.V) And (P) Northkudiyeruppu , 3.Sellur (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street , 4.Sellur (R.V) And (P) South kudiyeruppu , 5.Sellur (R.V) And (P) East colony (SC) , 6.Chellur (R.V) And (P) Eswaran kovil kudiyeruppu , 7.Sellur (R.V) And (P) Athidiravita Melacolony , 8.Sellur (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Sengarbadai Kudiyeruppu , 9.Sellur (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Sengarbadai colony (SC) , 10.Sellur (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Mela Sengarbadai
107Sacret heart Elementary School, ,Main Hall, North Wing, Thiruvarangam 1.Thiruvarangam (R.V) And (P) Iruthayakovil first street (ward 1) , 2.Thiruvarangam (R.V) And (P) Iruthayakovil IInd street (Ward 1,2) , 3.Thiruvarangam (R.V) And (P) Iruthayakovil IIIrd street (Ward 2) , 4.Thiruvarangam (R.V) And (P) Samathana nagar (ward 2) , 5.Thiruvarangam (R.V) And (P) Pakkiyapuram mudhal veedhi (Ward 3) , 6.Thiruvarangam (R.V) And (P) Pakkiyapuram IInd veedhi (Ward 3) , 7.Thiruvarangam (R.V) And (P) Pakkiyapuram IIIrd veedhi (Ward 3,4) , 8.Thiruvarangam (R.V) And (P) Pakkiyapuram IVth veedhi (Ward 4) , 9.Thiruvarangam (R.V) And (P) Indhra adhidiravidar colony (Ward 5) , 10.Thiruvarangam (R.V) And (P) Thiruvarangam South kudiiruppu (Ward 5)
108Sacret heart Elementary School, ,Main Hall, South wing, North Side, Thiruvarangam 1.Thiruvarangam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (p) Vathiyanendal south kudiiruppu (ward 1) , 2.Thiruvaranagam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Vathiyanendal grama vadakku kudiiruppu (Ward 1) , 3.Thiruvarangam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Panaiyadiyendal village (Ward 2) , 4.Thiruvarangam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Karnatan village (ward 2) , 5.Thiruvarangam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Siruthalai south kudiiruppu 1 (Ward1) , 6.Thiruvarangam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Siruthalai South kudiiruppu 2 (Ward1) , 7.Thiruvarangam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Yathavar kudiyeruppu (ward 1)
109Sacret heart Elementary School, ,Main Hall, South wing, South Side, Thiruvarangam 1.Thiruvarangam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (P) North kudiyeruppu (ward1) , 2.Thiruvarangam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Suvathan north street (ward 2) , 3.Thiruvarangam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Suvathan west street (ward 2) , 4.Thiruvarangam Sellur And Swathan (R.V) Siruthalai (P) Suvathan south street (ward 2)
110Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Side, Kolundurai 1.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Kolundhurai south kudiiruppu (ward 1) , 2.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Kolundhurai muslim kudiiruppu (Ward 2) , 3.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Kolundhurai middle kudiiruppu (Ward1) , 4.Kolundurai (R.V) And (P) Kolundurai yadhavar street 1 (Ward 2) , 5.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Kolundhurai yadhavar street 2 (Ward 2)
111Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Side, Kolundurai 1.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Kolundhurai yadhavar street 3 (Ward 2) , 2.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Kolundhurai yadhavar street 4 (Ward 2) , 3.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Kolundhurai Adhidiravidar street (Ward 2) , 4.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Kolundhurai east kudiiruppu melpart (Ward 3) , 5.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Kolundhurai east kudiiruppu east part (Ward 3)
112Panchayat Union Middle School, ,S.Karaikudi 1.Kolundhurai(R.V) And (P) Karaikudi north kudiiruppu (ward 4) , 2.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Melakudiiruppu (Ward 4) , 3.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Southkudiiruppu (Ward 4) , 4.Kolundhurai (R.V) And (P) Eastkudiiruppu (Ward 4)
113Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Sempongudi 1.Ulaiyur (R.V) Sembonkudi (P) Soosaiyappar patti 1st street ward 1 , 2.Ulaiyur (R.V) Sembonkudi (P) Susaiyapparpatti 2nd street Ward 1 , 3.Ulaiyur (R.V) Sembonkudi (P) Susaiyapparpatti 3rd street Ward 1 , 4.Ulaiyur (R.V) Sembonkudi (P) Susaiyappar patti 4th street Ward 1 , 5.Ulaiyur (R.V) Sembonkudi (P) Sembonkudi B.C.colony Ward 1 , 6.Ulaiyur (R.V) Sembonkudi (P) Sembonkudi north street Ward 1 , 7.Ulaiyur (R.V) Sembonkudi (P) Sembonkudi main street Ward 2 , 8.Ulaiyur (R.V)Sembonkudi (P) Sembonkudi south street Ward 2 , 9.Ulaiyur (R.V) Sembonkudi (P) Sembonkudi Adhithiravidar kudiyeruppu 1 Ward 2 , 10.Ulaiyur (R.V) Sembonkudi (P) Sembonkudi Adhithiravidar kudiyeruppu2 Ward 2 , 11.Ulaiyur (R.V) Sembonkudi (P) Sembonkudi Jebathottam Ward 2
114R.C.Elementary School, ,Muthuvijayapuram 1.Prabhukalur (R.V) And (P) Prabhukalur East street ward 1 , 2.Prabhakalur (R.V) and (P) Prabhakalur Colony street Ward 1 , 3.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) Prabhakalur middle street Ward 1 , 4.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) Prabhakalur South street Ward 1 , 5.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) Mainroad East street Ward 2 , 6.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) Mainroad West street Ward 2 , 7.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) North street Ward 2 , 8.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) Kovil street Ward 2 , 9.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) Muthuvijayapuram middle street Ward 2 , 10.Prabhakalur (R.V) and (P) Muthuvijayapuram South street Ward 2
115Government Higher Secondary School, ,South Wing, Right side, Alanganur 1.Swathan (R.V) Alanganur (P) Alanganur Vinayagar kovil street (ward 1) , 2.Swathan (R.V) Alanganur (P) Alanganur Pallivasal Street (Ward1) , 3.Swathan (R.V) Alanganur (P) AlanganurYadhavar south street (Ward 1,2) , 4.Swathan (R.V) Alanganur (P) Alanganur Adhidhiravidar street (Ward 2)
116Government Higher Secondary School, ,South Wing, Left Side, Alanganur 1.Swathan (R.V) Alanganur (P) Alanganur Arundhadhiyar colony (Ward 2) , 2.Swathan (R.V) Alanganur (P) Alanganur Arijan Kamarajar colony (Ward 2,3) , 3.Thiruvarangam (R.V) Alanganur (P) Palangulam nadukudiiruppu (Ward 3) , 4.Thivarangam (R.V) Alanganur (P) Palangulam South kudiiruppu (Ward 3) , 5.Thiruvarangam (R.V) Alanganur (P) Palangulam Adhidiravidar colony (Ward 3)
117Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Mahindi 1.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Makindy (P) Makindy north street (ward 1) , 2.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Makindy ( P ) Makindy middle street (Ward 1) , 3.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Makindy ( P ) Makindy south street (Ward1) , 4.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Makindy ( P ) Makindy Athithiravidar colony (Ward1)
118Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,New Building, Soorangulam 1.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Makindy ( P ) Soorankulam (Ward 2)
119R.C.Middle School, ,West Side, West Portion, New Building, Michaelpattinam 1.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Mickelpattinam (p) North new street (ward1) , 2.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Mickelpattinam (P) North street (Ward1) , 3.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Mickelpattinam (P) Savarimuthu street (Ward 1) , 4.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Mickelpattinam (P) Karimettu Street (Ward 1,2) , 5.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Mickelpattinam (P) Old School zonal street (Ward2) , 6.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Mickelpattinam (P) Madhakovil street (Ward2) , 7.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Mickelpattinam (P) Sesumary street (Ward2,3)
120R.C.Middle School ,New Building, West Side, Middle Portion, Michaelpattinam 1.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Mickelpattinam (P) South street (Ward 3) , 2.Venkalakurichi (R.V) Mickelpattinam (P) Mickelpattinam kudiiruppu (Ward3) , 3.Keelathooval (R.V) Makindy (P) Udaikulam (Ward 3)
121Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Building, South Portion, Keelathooval 1.Kelathooval (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyarkovil east street ward 3 , 2.Keeladhuval (R.V) And ( P ) Pillaiyar kovil middle street (Ward 3) , 3.Keeladhuval (R.V) And ( P ) Pillaiyar kovil west street (ward3) , 4.Keeladhuval (R.V) And ( P ) South mela kudiyiruppu (Ward4) , 5.Keeladhuval (R.V) And ( P ) North kudiyiruppu West (Ward4)
122Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Building, North Portion, Keelathooval 1.Keeladhuval (R.V) And ( P ) North Kudiyiruppu east (Ward4) , 2.Keeladhuval (R.V) And ( P ) South Kudiyiruppu (Ward 5) , 3.Kelathooval (R.V) And (P) Old Police station street Ward 5 , 4.Kelathooval (R.V) And (P) M.G.R,Nagar Ward 5 , 5.Kelathooval (R.V) And (P) Arijan colony Ward 5 , 6.Keeladhuval (R.V) And ( P ) Savariyar Pattinam (Ward5)
123Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Melathooval 1.Melathooval (R.V) Kelathooval (p) Melathooval East street (ward 1) , 2.Melathooval (R.V) Kelathooval (P) Melathooval East IInd street (Ward1) , 3.Melathooval (R.V) Kelathooval (P) Melathooval Colony1 (Ward 1) , 4.Melathooval (R.V) Kelathooval (P) Melathooval Colony2 (Ward 1) , 5.Melathooval (R.V) Kelathooval (P) Melathooval (Ward 1) , 6.Melathooval (R.V) Kelathooval (P) Melathooval South street (Ward 2) , 7.Melathooval (R.V) Kelathooval (P) North street (Ward 2) , 8.Melathooval (R.V) Kelathooval (P) Krishnapuram east (Ward 2) , 9.Melathooval (R.V) Kelathooval (P) Krishnapuram west (Ward 2)
124Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Southern Building, East Side, Kothandaramapattinam 1.Kelakulam (R.V) And (P) K.R. Pattinam East colony kudiiruppu ward 5 , 2.Kelakulam (R.V) And (P) K.R. Pattinam North street kudiiruppu Ward 5 , 3.Kelakulam (R.V) And (P) K.R. Pattinam South street kudiiruppu Ward 6 , 4.Kelakulam (R.V) And (P) K.R. Pattinam Pudhiya kudiiruppu Ward 6 , 5.Keelkulam (R.V) Pulithikulam (P) Kelal north kudiiruppu Ward 3 , 6.Keelakulam (R.V) Pulithikulam (P) Kelal south kudiiruppu Ward 3
125Panchayat Union Middle School ,Perungarunai 1.Kelakulam (R.V) And (P) Manakulam kelastreet (ward4) , 2.Keelakulam (R.V) And (P) Kanjithaliyarendal street (Ward4) , 3.Keelakulam (R.V) And (P) Manakulam middle street (Ward4) , 4.Keelakulam (R.V) And (P) Manakulam Othaveedu (Ward 4) , 5.Melakulam (R.V) Sirukudi (P) Sirukudi kelastreet (Ward 1) , 6.Melakulam (R.V) Sirukudi (P) Sirukudi melastreet (Ward 1) , 7.Melakulam (R.V) Sirukudi (P) Sirukudi south street (Ward 1) , 8.Melakulam (R.V) Sirukudi (P) Perunkarunai north street (Ward 1) , 9.Melakulam (R.V) Sirukudi (P) Perunkarunai North street 2 (Ward 1) , 10.M.Kottakudi (R.V) Vikramapandiyapuram (P) M.Kottakudi Melastreet (Ward 1) , 11.M.Kottakudi (R.V) Vikramapandiyapuram (P) M.Kottakudi Kelastreet (Ward 1)
126Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Southern Building, Keelakulam 1.Keelakulam (R.V) And (P) Keelkulam Nadar colony Ward 3 , 2.Keelakulam (R.V) And (P) Melakulam Ward 3 , 3.Keelakulam (R.V) And (P) Kelakulam north street Ward 1 , 4.Keelakulam (R.V) And (P) Kelakulam south street Ward 2 , 5.Keelakulam (R.V) And (P) Sakkiliyar colony Ward3 , 6.Keelakulam (R.V) And (P) Nallangulam Ward 1
127Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Vilakanendal 1.Manalur And Melakulam (R.V) Vilakkanendal (p) Vilakkanendal ward 1 , 2.Manalur And Melakulam (R.V) Vilakkanendal (P) Moolakaraipatti Ward 1 , 3.Manalur And Melakulam (R.V) Vilakkanendal (P) Vellimaraikkan , 4.Manalur And Melakulam (R.V) Vilakkanendal (P) Adipidithangi Ward 2 , 5.Manalur And Melakulam (R.V) Vilakkanendal (P) Kudumbangulam Ward2 , 6.Manalur And Melakulam (R.V) Vilakkanendal (P) Kudumbangulam Adhidiravidar Colony Ward 2 , 7.Manalur and Melakulam (R.V) Vilakkanendal (P) Kannathan Maravar street Ward 2 , 8.Manalur And Melakulam (R.V) Vilakkanendal (P) Kannathan North street Ward 2 , 9.Manalur And Melakulam (R.V) Vilakkanendal (P) Kannathan Adhidiravidar Colony Ward 2 , 10.Manalur And Melakulam (R.V) Vilakkanendal (P) Pulvaikaniendal Ward 2
128Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Eastern side, Melakanniseri 1.Manalur And Nallur (R.V) Melakanniseri (P) Melakanniseri (Ward1,2)
129Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Wing, Melakanniseri 1.Manalur And Nallur (R.V) Melaklannisery (P) Paganadhi (ward 4) , 2.Manalur And Nallur (R.V) Melakanniseri (P) Sirumaniyendal (Ward3,4) , 3.Manalur And Nallur (R.V) Melakanniseri (P) Mangudi (Ward 4)
130Panchayat Union Middle School, ,New Building, West Wing,Manalur 1.Manalur (R.V) And (P) Manalur East street (ward1,2) , 2.Manalur (R.V) And (P) Manalur West street Ward 2 , 3.Manalur (R.V) And (P) Manalur Colony kudiiruppu Ward 2
131Panchayat Union Middle School, ,New Building, East Wing, Manalur 1.Manalur (R.V) And (P) Manalur Arundhadhiyar kudiiruppu Ward 2 , 2.Manalur (R.V) And (P) Indhranagar Ward 2,3 , 3.Manalur (R.V) And (P) Manipuram Ward 2,3 , 4.Manalur (R.V) And (P) Arapathi Ward 2,3
132Panchayat Union Middle School, ,New Building, East Wing, Anaiseri 1.Anaiseri (R.V) And (P) North street ward 1 , 2.Anaiseri (R.V) And (P) West street Ward 1 , 3.Anaiseri (R.V) And (P) Middle street Ward 2 , 4.Anaiseri (R.V) And (P) South street Ward 2 , 5.Anaiseri (R.V) And (P) East street Ward 2 , 6.Anaiseri (R.V)And (P) Othaveedu Ward 2 , 7.Anaiseri (R.V) And (P) Neerkoliyendal Ward 3
133Panchayat Union Middle School ,Western Side, Vilangulathur 1.Anaiseri (R.V) Vilangalathur (p) Paruthikulam ward 5 , 2.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) Ammankovil street Ward 1 , 3.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) North street Ward 1 , 4.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) Subramaniyar kovil street Ward 1
134Panchayat Union Middle School ,Western Side, Vilangulathur 1.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) Middle street Ward 1 , 2.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) South street Ward 1 , 3.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) V.Subramaniyapuram Ward 1 , 4.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) Indhranagar Ward 1 , 5.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) Kelakanniseri colony kudiiruppu Ward 2
135Panchayat Union Elementary School, , Keelakanniseri 1.Vilangathur (R.V) And (P) Keelakanniseri East street , 2.Vilangathur (R.V) And (P) Keelakkanniseri Muniyappasami kovil street , 3.Vilangathur (R.V) And (P) Keelakanniseri North street , 4.Vilangathur (R.V) And (P) Keelakanniseri Middle street , 5.Vilangathur (R.V) And (P) Keelakkanniseri South street , 6.Vilangathur (R.V) And (P) Keelakkanniseri West street , 7.Vilangathur (R.V) And (P) Keelakkanniseri Colony kudiyeruppu
136Panchayat Union Middle School ,Eastern Side, Vengalakurichi 1.Vengalakurichi (R.V) And (P) Mela street Ward 2
137Panchayat Union Middle School ,Western Side, Vengalakurichi 1.Vengalakurichi (R.V) And (P) East street ward 1 , 2.Vengalakurichi (R.V) And (P) Thottiyavalasai Ward 3 , 3.Vengalakurichi (R.V) And (P) Karungalakurichi Ward 3 , 4.Vilangalathur (R.V) Vengalakurichi (P) Thiruvakki Ward 3
138Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Posukudi 1.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Kilakarai oorani street(ward 1) , 2.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Sonaiyah Koil Street(Ward 1) , 3.Posukudi (R.V) And(P) Perumal Koil Street(Ward 1) , 4.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Kanmaikarai Kudiyiruppu(Ward 1) , 5.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Arunthathiyar Colony(Ward 1) , 6.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Backward Welfare Colony(ward 1) , 7.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Main road West side road (Ward 2) , 8.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Middle street(Ward 2) , 9.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Schoolzone street Ward 2 , 10.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Mainroad East street Ward 2 , 11.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Kalangarai street Ward 2 , 12.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Raja Sathira street Ward 2 , 13.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Madhakovil street Ward 3 , 14.Posukudi (R.V) and (P) Neerkundam kudiiruppu Ward 3 , 15.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Neerkundam North kudiiruppu Ward 3 , 16.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Thanjakur Schoolzone street Ward 4 , 17.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Thanjakkoor North street Ward 4 , 18.Posukudi (R.V) And (P) Thanjakkoor Vinayagar kovil street Ward 4
139Panchayat Union Middle School , New Building, Western Portion, Meesal 1.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) Meesal Old colony street (ward 3) , 2.Prabhakalur (R.V) And(P) Meesal Middle street Ward 3 , 3.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) Meesal Muslim street ward 3 , 4.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) Meesal South street ward 3 , 5.Prabhukalur (R.V) And (P) Meesal Mela street ward 4 , 6.Prabhakalur (R.V) And (P) Meesal Neeravi Urani Street (Ward 4) , 7.Prabakkalur (R.V) And (P) Meesal North Colony (Ward 4)
140Government High School, ,Middle Portion, Eastern Wing, Ulaiyur 1.Ulaiyur (R.V) And (P) Ulaiyur west street ward1 , 2.Ulaiyur (R.V) And (P) Ulaiyur North street Ward 1 , 3.Ulaiyur (R.V) And (P) Ulaiyur yadhavar west kudiiruppu ward 2 , 4.Ulaiyur (R.V) And (P) Ulaiyur Agamudaiyar kudiiruppu Ward 2 , 5.Ulaiyur (R.V) And (P) Ulaiyur Adhidiravidar West kudiiruppu Ward 1,2
141Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Nediyamanickam 1.Ulaiyur (R.V) And (P) Nediyamanickam Yadhavar East kudiiruppu Ward 2,3 , 2.Ulaiyur (R.V) And (P) Nediyamanickam Adhidiraviadar East kudiiruppu Ward 3 , 3.Ulaiyur (R.V) And (P) Nediyamanikkam adhidiravidar north street ward 3 , 4.Ulaiyur (R.V) And (P) Nediyamanikkam Adhidiravidar South street Ward 3,4
142Government High School ,New Building, East Side,North Portion,Valanadu 1.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Valanadu indhara nagar street ward 1 , 2.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Valanadu Arundhadhiyar street Ward 1 , 3.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Valanadu North Street Ward1,2 , 4.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Valanadu Middle street Ward 2 , 5.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Valanadu South street Ward 2 , 6.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Theivathanam North street Ward 2,3 , 7.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Theivathanam Middle street Ward 3
143Government High School , New Building, Eastern Side, Southern Portion, Valanadu 1.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Theivathanam South street Ward 3 , 2.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai Gokular street Ward 3 , 3.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai East street Ward 3,4 , 4.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai North street Ward 4 , 5.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai Middle street Ward 4,5 , 6.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Sengapadai South street Ward 5 , 7.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Karupillai Madathu street Ward 6
144R.C.Elementary School, , Pushbavanam. 1.Ilanakakoor (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (p) Ponnakkaneri north kudiiruppu ward 1 , 2.Ilankakur (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Ponnakkaneri Madhakovil North street Ward 1 , 3.Ilankakur (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Ponnakkaneri Madhakovil South street Ward 1 , 4.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Pushpavanam North street Ward 5 , 5.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Pushbavanam Madhakovil Middle street Ward 5,6 , 6.Valanadu (R.V) And (P) Pushpavanam South street Ward 6
145R.C.Middle School, ,Kodarendal 1.Ilankakoor (R.V) Ulaiyur (P) Kodarendal Madhakovil north street Ward 4 , 2.Ilankakoor (R.V) Ulaiyur (P) Kodarendal Madhakovil middle street Ward 5 , 3.Ilankakoor (R.V) Ulaiyur (P) Kodarendal Madhakovil south street Ward 5
146Panchayat Union Elementary School, , Pokkanarendal 1.Ilankakoor (R.V) Ponnakkanery (P) Pokkanarental Adhidiravidar colony Ward 2 , 2.Ilankakoor (R.V) Ponnakkanery (P) Pokkanarental Amman kovil yadhavar street Ward 2 , 3.Ilankakoor (R.V) Ponnakkanery(P) Pokkanarental South Street Ward2 , 4.Ilankakoor (R.V)Ponnakkanery (P) P.Saveriyarpattanam Madhakovil street Ward 2
147nchayat Union Elementary School, , Athanakurichi 1.Posukudi And Pirabakalur (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Adhanakurichi north kudiiruppu ward 1 , 2.Posukudi (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Kanmaikarai East street Ward 1 , 3.Posukudi (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Yadhavar street Ward 1 , 4.Posukudi (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Adhanakurichi Schoolzone street Ward 1 , 5.Posukudi And Pirabakalur (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Adhanakurichi West street Ward 1 , 6.Pirabakalur (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Kilavaneri Devar kudiiruppu Ward 3 , 7.Pirabakalur (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Kilavaneri colony kudiiruppu Pallivasal Kottgai Ward 3 , 8.Posukudi And Pirabakalur (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Kilavaneri Pallivasal Kottagai Ward 4
148Panchayat Union Elementary School , East side, Puliyangudi. 1.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) North street ward 1 , 2.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Mulaikottu Thinnai North street Ward 1 , 3.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Maravar street Ward 1 , 4.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Ramanadhan kovil street Ward 1 , 5.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Rakkachi kovil street Ward 1 , 6.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Raman kovil south street Ward 1 , 7.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Urani south street Ward 1 , 8.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Mulaikottu Thinnai South street Ward 2 , 9.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Mulaikottu Thinnai East street Ward 2 , 10.Puliyangudi (R.V) (P) Yadhavar north street Ward 2 , 11.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Pusari street Ward 2 , 12.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Yadhavar south street Ward 2 , 13.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Mela street Ward 2
149Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Western Side, Puliyangudi. 1.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Gopalan street Ward 2 , 2.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal south street Ward 2 , 3.Puliyangudi (P) Pallivasal north street Ward 2 , 4.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Maravar north street Ward 3 , 5.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Chettiyar street Ward 3 , 6.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Main east street 1 Ward 3 , 7.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Main east street 2 Ward 3 , 8.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Risemill street Ward 3 , 9.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Bus stop street Ward 3 , 10.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Koothaperumal kovil street Ward 3 , 11.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Otthavedu street Ward 3 , 12.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Amman kovil street Ward 3 , 13.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Old colony Ward 3 , 14.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Mottai colony street Ward 3 , 15.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Ambattan urani street Ward 3 , 16.Puliyangudi (R.V) And (P) Sakkiliyar colony street Ward 3
150Panchayat Union Middle School, , Northern Building, North portion, Venneervoikkal 1.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) Venneer vaikal westward 3 , 2.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) Venneer vaikal East Ward 3 , 3.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) Arijanacolony Ward 3
151Panchayat Union Middle School, , Northern Building, North portion, Venneervoikkal 1.Vilangalathur (R.V) Vengalakurichi (P) Krishnapuram Ward 3 , 2.Vilangalathur (R.V) And (P) Kannapuram Ward 3 , 3.Anaiseri (R.V) Vilangalathur (P) Parukkaikudi yadhava street Ward 5 , 4.Anaiseri (R.V) Vilangalathur (P) Parukkaikudi Arijanacolony Ward 5 , 5.Vilangalathur (R.V) Vengalakurichi (P) Kelapanaiyadiendal Ward 3
152Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West side, Selvanayapuram. 1.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram west street 1 ward 2 , 2.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram West street 2 , 3.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram West street 3 Ward 2 , 4.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram Middle street Ward 2 , 5.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayakapuram ( P ) Selvanayakapuram Middle street 2 , 6.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayakapuram ( P ) Selvanayakapuram Middle street 3 , 7.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram Pillaiyarkovil street 1 (Ward 2,3) , 8.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram Pillaiyarkovil street 2 (Ward 2,3) , 9.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram Mulaikottu Thinnai street 1 Ward 3 , 10.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram Mulaikottu Thinnai street 2 Ward 3 , 11.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram Mulaikottu Thinnai street 3 Ward 3
153Panchayat Union Middle School ,North Building,Selvanagapuram 1.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram west street ward 4 , 2.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram East street 1 Ward 4 , 3.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram North street 1 Ward 2,4 , 4.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Selvanayagapuram South street Ward 4,3 , 5.Keeranur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Thattanendal South street Ward 4 , 6.Keeranur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Pillaiyar kovil street Ward 4 , 7.Keeranur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Mulaikottu Thinnai street Ward 4 , 8.Keeranthai (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Middle street Ward 4 , 9.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Anaisery Road Ward 4 , 10.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) Schoolzone street Ward 4 , 11.Melamudukulathur (R.V) And Selvanayagapuram (P) East street 1&2 Ward 4
154Government High School ,North portion, Keeranur 1.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Ammankovil street ward 1 , 2.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street Ward 2 , 3.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) East street Ward 2 , 4.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Mulaikottu Street Ward2 , 5.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyarkovil street Ward 2 , 6.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Middle street Ward 2 , 7.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Theder nagar Ward 2 , 8.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Post Office street Ward 2 , 9.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Navidhar street Ward 2 , 10.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Arundhadhiyar street Ward 2 , 11.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Asari street Ward 2 , 12.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Main road Ward 2
155Government High School ,Southern Side, Keeranur 1.Anaiseri (R.V) Keranur (P) Melapannaikulam east street , 2.Anaiseri (R.V) Keranur (P) Melapannaikulam west street , 3.Anaiseri (R.V) Keranur (P) Kelapannaikulam , 4.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Keeranur colony Ward 1 , 5.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Keeranur Colony Ward 2 , 6.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Vaidhiyanendal Colony Ward 1 , 7.Keeranur (R.V)And(P) Vaidhiyanendal colony 2 , 8.Keeranur (R.V) And (P) Vaidhiyanendal
156Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Athikulam. 1.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Athikulam (P) Athikulam North street ward 1 , 2.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Aathikulam (P) Aathikulam Ward 1 , 3.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Aathikulam (P) South Vatchanendal Ward 3 , 4.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Aathikulam (P) Vatchanendal Ward 3 , 5.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Aathikulam (P) Kadambankulam Ward 4 , 6.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Aathikulam (P) Kadambankulam North street Ward 4 , 7.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Aathikulam (P) Motchikulam Ward 2 , 8.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Aathikulam (P) Motchikulam East street Ward 2
157Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building,Western Side, Nallur. 1.Nallur (R.V) And (P) Kelastreet ward 1,2 , 2.Nallur (R.V) And (P) Middle street Ward 2,3 , 3.Nallur (R.V) And (P) Melastreet Ward 3 , 4.Nallur (R.V) And (P) South kela street Ward 3 , 5.Nallur (R.V) And (P) Nallur colony Ward 3
158Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Kollangulam 1.Pulvaikulam (R.V) And (P) Kollangkulam north street ward3 , 2.Pulvaikulam (R.V) And (P) Kollangkulam middle street ward3x , 3.Pulvaikulam (R.V) And (P) Kollangkulam south street ward3 , 4.Pulvaikulam (R.V) And (P) Kollangkulam oorani karai street ward3
159Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Pulvoikulam 1.Pulvaikulam (R.V) And (P) Mudukulathur road street ward1 , 2.Pulvaikulam (R.V) And (P) Pulvaikulam south street ward1 , 3.Pulvaikulam (R.V) And (P) Pulvaikulam middle street ward1 , 4.Pulvaikulam (R.V) And (P) Pulvaikulam north street ward1 , 5.Pulvaikulam (R.V) And (P) Usilangkulam ward2
160Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Keelakanchirankulam. 1.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Kelakanjarangulam (P) Kelakanjarangulam east street ward 1 , 2.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Kelakanjarangulam (P) Kelakanjarangulam Mela street Ward 1 , 3.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Kelakanjarangulam (P) Kelakanjarangulam South street Ward 1 , 4.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Kelakanjarangulam (P) Etticheri South street Ward 1 , 5.Pulvoikulam (R.V) And Kelakanjarangulam (P) Etticheri North street Ward 2
161B.C.Ladies Hostel ,Northern Side, Mudukulathur. 1.Kandilan (R.V) Kathakulam (p) Appiyanendal ward 1 , 2.Kandilan (R.V) Kathakulam (P) Schoolzone street Ward 1 , 3.Kandilan (R.V) Kathakulam (P) Kathakulam East street Ward 1 , 4.Kandilan (R.V) Kathakulam (P) Kathakulam West street Ward 1 , 5.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Selvanayagapuram (P) Thoori Ward 1 , 6.Kandilan (R.V) Kathakulam (P) Kelamanangarai East Ward 2 , 7.Kandilan (R.V) Kathakulam (P) Kelamanangarai colony Ward 2
162C.S.I.Elementary School ,Mudukulathur 1.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Bazar street ward 12 , 2.Mela Mudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Periyapallivasal Street (Ward 12) , 3.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kadaladi Road Ward 11 , 4.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kavalkaran Santhu (Ward 11) , 5.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Thevar Nagar (Ward 11) , 6.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Pillaimar street Ward 12 , 7.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Pettai street Ward 12 , 8.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (S.P) Kelaradha veedhi Ward 13 , 9.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Akraharam street Ward 13 , 10.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Naiyakar Melastreet (Ward 13) , 11.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (S.P) Nayakkar East street Ward 13 , 12.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kelaradha veedhi mudhal radhaveedhi Ward 13 , 13.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kelaradha veedhi IInd street Ward 13 , 14.Melamudukulathur (R.V)Mudukulathur (T.P) Kelaradhaveedhi IIIrd street Ward 13
163Nesakarangal Special School For Disabled ,Main Building, Mudukulathur 1.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kandhasamypuram East street Ward 7 , 2.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kandhasamypuram East street Ward 7 , 3.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Mochikulathur lane Ward 7 , 4.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Veerakaliamman kovil street Ward 9 , 5.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Mohamadhiya North street Ward 9 , 6.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (S.P) Mulaikottu Thinnai street Ward 9 , 7.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Asary street Ward 9 , 8.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Advocate RamalingamPillai Lane Ward 9 , 9.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Idaiyurkudi Lane Ward 9 , 10.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Mulaikottu thinnai street Ward 9 , 11.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Mukkander lane Ward 11 , 12.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Maravar street Ward 11 , 13.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Thiruvalluvar street Ward 11 , 14.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Arijan South street Ward 11 , 15.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Arijan Middle street Ward 11 , 16.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Bazar street Ward 7 , 17.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Sekmidhar street Ward 11 , 18.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kadaladi Road Ward 11 , 19.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Periya Pallivasal sreet Ward 12 , 20.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Sudalai Oorani street Ward 7 , 21.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Zaheerusen street Ward 6 , 22.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Chettiyar street Ward 11
164Pallivasal Higher Secondary School ,New Building,South Wing,North Portion ,Mudukulathur. 1.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Thidal Pathai (Ward 3) , 2.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Thidal Middle street Ward 3 , 3.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Thidal South street Ward 4 , 4.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Chekkadi street Ward 4 , 5.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Meenatchipuram Ward 5 , 6.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Ulavan Thoppu colony Ward 5 , 7.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kandhasamypuram colony Ward 5
165Pallivasal Higher Secondary School , New Building,South Wing,South Portion,Mudukulathur 1.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kamarajnagar Ward 6 , 2.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Zaheerusen Ist street Ward 6 , 3.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Zaheerusen IInd street Ward 6 , 4.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Sudalai Urani Padhai Ward 4 , 5.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Thidal Nadar street Ward 4 , 6.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kandhasamypuram East street Ward 7
166Pallivasal Higher Secondary School , New Building,West Wing,North Portion, Mudukulathur 1.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Thaidalpadhai ward 3 , 2.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Vannar street Ward 4 , 3.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Market Ist street Ward 14 , 4.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Market IInd street Ward 14 , 5.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Post Office street Ward 5 , 6.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Ulagan Thoppu colony Ward 5 , 7.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Kandhasamypuram colony Ward 5 , 8.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Periyarnagar Ward 5 , 9.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Devendhiranagar Ward 6 , 10.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Musthafa Puram Ward 6
167Pallivasal Higer Secondary School ,New North Building, North Side, Mudukulathur 1.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Muhamathiyar south street (ward 8) , 2.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Aliyar street (Ward 8) , 3.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur ( T.P ) Muhamathiyar Middle street (Ward 8) , 4.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur ( T.P ) Muhamathiyar North street (Ward 8) , 5.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Muhamadhiyar South street Ward 10 , 6.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Aliyar street Ward 8 , 7.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Veeramakaliyamman street (Ward 9) , 8.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur ( T.P ) Kosu Rowthar street (Ward 10) , 9.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Saravanaboigai Urani Bazar street (Ward 7) , 10.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Motchikulathur Lane (Ward 7)
168Pallivasal Higer Secondary School, ,New North Building, North Portion, Mudukulathur. 1.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Thidal Pallivasal street (Ward 3) , 2.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Thidal Allapitchai street (Ward 3) , 3.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Thidal East street (Ward 3) , 4.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Thidal nadar street (Ward 3) , 5.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Thidal Pallivasal street (Ward 3) , 6.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Rajakkal street (Ward 14) , 7.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Vadakoor Middle street (Ward 15) , 8.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Local pandu Bazar Street (Ward 2,14,15) , 9.Keelamudkulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Vadakoor mulaikottu Thinnai street (Ward 15) , 10.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudhukulathur (T.P) Thidal Way street (Ward 3)
169T.E.L.C. High School ,South Building, North Portion, Mudukulathur 1.Keelamudkulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Gokul nagar ward 2 , 2.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Nethaji Nagar Ward 2 , 3.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Hospital IInd street Ward 2 , 4.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Hospital Ist street Ward 2 , 5.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Vadakkur Nadar street Ward 15 , 6.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Othuvar street Ward 15 , 7.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Local Fund Bazar street Ward 2
170T.E.L.C. High School ,South Building, South Portion, Mudukulathur 1.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Selviyamman kovil East Vth street Ward 14 , 2.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Selviyamman kovil East IVth street Ward 14 , 3.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Selviyamman kovil East IIIrd street Ward 14 , 4.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Selviyammankovil East IInd street Ward 14 , 5.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Selviyamman kovil East Ist street Ward 14 , 6.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Selviyammankovil West IInd street Ward 14 , 7.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Selviyammankovil West Ist street Ward 14 , 8.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Swamigal Madathu street Ward 14 , 9.MeLamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Ayyanar kovil street Ward 15 , 10.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Vadakkur Middle Street Ward 15 , 11.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Vadakkur Mulaikottu Thinnai Street Ward 15
171T.E.L.C.Elementary School ,East-West Building , East Side,Mudukulathur. 1.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Konnadi vinayagar kovil 3rd street ward 15 , 2.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Konnadi Vinayagar kovil IInd street Ward 15 , 3.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Konnadi Vinayagar kovil Ist street Ward 15 , 4.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Vahaikulam Arijana North street Ward 1 , 5.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Vahaikulam Arijana South street Ward 1 , 6.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Idaiyar Vahaikulam 1 Ward 2 , 7.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Idaiyar Vahaikulam 2 Ward 2 , 8.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Idaiyar Vahaikulam 3 Ward 2 , 9.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Idaiyar Vahaikulam Pillaiyar kovil street Ward 2 , 10.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Local Fund Bazar street Ward 1 , 11.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Ambethkar Nagar Ward 1 , 12.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Panchayath Union Office street Ward 1 , 13.Melamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Vadakkur Asary street Ward 14 , 14.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Vadakkur Arijana colony West Gandhi Nagar ward 1 , 15.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Vadakkur Arijana colony East Ward 1 , 16.Keelamudukulathur (R.V) Mudukulathur (T.P) Vadakkur Arijana colony Gandhi Nagar Colony Ward 1
172T.E.L.C.Elementary School ,Kakkur 1.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Devar street 1 ward 3 , 2.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Devar street 2 Ward 3 , 3.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Devar street 3 Ward 3 , 4.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Devendhirar street 1 Ward 4 , 5.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Devendhirar street 2 Ward 4 , 6.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Devendhirar street 3 Ward 4 , 7.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Devendhirar street 4 Ward 4 , 8.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Devendhirar street 5 Ward 4 , 9.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Devendhirar street 6 Ward 4 , 10.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Solaipuram 1 Ward 4 , 11.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Solaipuram 2 Ward 4 , 12.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Devarcolony Ward 3 , 13.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Vasipuram Ward 3
173Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,New Building,Southern Side,Kakoor 1.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Kakkur Muslim street ward 2 , 2.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Kakkur Yadhavar street Ward 1,2 , 3.Kakkur(R.V) And (P) Kakkur Yadhavar street Ward 2 , 4.Kakkur (R.V) Puliyangudi (P) Kadhaiyan Ward 5 , 5.Karumal (R.V) Puliyangudi (P) Andichiyendal Ward 6 , 6.Posukudi (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Adhanakurichi colony North street Ward 1 , 7.Posukudi (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Adhanakurichi colony South street Ward 2 , 8.Posukudi (R.V) Adhanakurichi (P) Arijan Old kudiiruppu Ward 2
174Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, Northern side, Kakkur 1.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Indhra nagar ward 1 , 2.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Chettiyar street north 1 , 3.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Chettiyar street north 2 Ward 1 , 4.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Pillaimar street north Ward 1 , 5.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Muslim street north 1 Ward 1 , 6.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Muslim street north 2 Ward 1 , 7.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) West street Ward 1 , 8.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Yadhavar south street Ward 1 , 9.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) South street Ward 1 , 10.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) South street 2 Ward 1 , 11.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) South street 3 Ward 1 , 12.Kakkur (R.V) And (P) Samathuvapuram Ward 2
175Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,East New Building, East Portion, Ramalingapuram. 1.Kumarakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Ramalingapuram Yadavar Melakudiruppu (Ward 3) , 2.Kumarakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Ramalingapuram Yadavar West Street West Part (Ward 3) , 3.Kumarakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Ramalingapuram Yadavar East Street WestPart (Ward 3) , 4.Kumarakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Ramalingapuram Yadavar East Street East Part (Ward 3) , 5.Kumarakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Yadavar Kudiruppu East Part (Ward 2) , 6.Kumarakuruchi (R.V) And (P) Eruthankulam village (Ward 1,2)
176Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Kumarakurichi 1.Kumarakurichi (R.V) And (P) Kumarakurichi newcolony part ward2 , 2.Kumarakurichi (R.V) And (P) Kumarakurichi Old Colony Part North street Ward 2 , 3.Kumarakurichi (R.V) And (P) Kumarakurichi Old Colony North South side Part Ward 2 , 4.Kumarakurichi (R.V) And (P) Kumarakurichi Old Colony Middle street South side Ward 1,2 , 5.Kumarakurichi (R.V) And (P) Kumarakurichi Pillaimar street West Part Ward 1 , 6.Kumarakurichi (R.V) And (P) Kumarakurichi Pillaimar street East Part Ward 1
177Community Hall, ,Karumal 1.Karumal (R.V) And (P) Arijan newcolony ward 4,5 , 2.Karumal (R.V) And (P) Arijan Oldcolony Ward 3 , 3.Karumal (R.V) And (P) Arijan Middle kudiiruppu Ward 1,2 , 4.Karumal (R.V) And (P) Arijan south kudiiruppu Ward 2 , 5.Karumal (R.V) And (P) Nadar,Pillai,Konar, Kudiiruppu Ward 3,2 , 6.Karumal (R.V) And (P) Yadhavar Kudiiruppu Ward 3 , 7.Karumal (R.V) And (P) Irulappakon Kudiiruppu Ward 5
178Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Portion,Periakaiyagam. 1.Ilankakur l (R.V) Theriruveli (p) Anikurundhan north street ward 6 , 2.Ilankakur (R.V) Theriruveli (P) Anikurundhan South street Ward 6 , 3.Ilankakur (R.V) Theriruveli (P) Gopalapuram Ward 6 , 4.Ilankakur (R.V) Theriruveli (P) Shanmuganadhapuram Ward 8 , 5.Ilankakur (R.V) Theriruveli (P) Ilangakooor South kudiiruppu Ward 8
179Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North Portion,Periakaiyagam. 1.Ilankakoor (R.V) Theriruveli (P) Ilangakoor Adhidiravidar colony Ward 8 , 2.Ilankakoor (R.V) Theriruveli (P) Periya kaiyagam Adhidiravidar colony Ward 7 , 3.Ilankakoor (R.V) Theriruveli (P) Periya kaiyagam East street Ward 7 , 4.Ilankakur (R.V) Theriruveli (P) Periya kaiyagam Melastreet Ward 7 , 5.Karumal (R.V) Theriruveli (P) Chinnakaiyagam (Ward 7)
180Rowther Sahib High.School, ,Eastern Building,Southern side,Theriruveli. 1.Theriruveli (R.V) And (P) Theriruveli muslim street ward 2
181Rowther Sahib High.School, ,North Side,Theriruveli. 1.Theriruveli (R.V) And (P) Theriruveli Yadhavar West street Ward 1 , 2.Theriruveli (R.V) And (P) Theriruveli Yadhavar East street Ward 1,3
182Rowther Sahib Elementary School, ,South Side, Theriruveli 1.Theriruveli (R.V) And (P) Melappacheri south street ward 4 , 2.Theriruveli (R.V) And (P) Melappacheri North street Ward 3,4
183Rowther Sahib Elementary School, ,Northern Side, Theriruveli. 1.Theriruveli (R.V) And (P) Kelappacheri North street Ward 4 , 2.Theriruveli (R.V) And (P) Theriruveli Kelappacheri South street Ward 4,5
184St.Joseph Elementary School ,New Building,North Side,Mattiyarendal 1.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (p) Mattiyarendal north street ward 3 , 2.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal North street 2 Ward 3 , 3.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal North street Ward 3 , 4.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal Middle street Ward 3 , 5.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal Middle street Ward 3 , 6.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal Middle street Ward 3 , 7.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal East street Ward3,4 , 8.Thaliyarendal (R.V)Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal South street Ward 4 , 9.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal Yadhavar kudiiruppu Ward 4 , 10.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal Yadhavar kudiiruppu Ward 4 , 11.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal Adhidhiravidar kudiiruppu Ward 4 , 12.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal Bus Stop Ward 4 , 13.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal Mainroad Ward 4 , 14.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal Adhidhiravidar colo 15.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Mattiyarendal Ward 4 , 16.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Thaliyarendal North street Ward 4 , 17.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Thaliyarendal Middle street Ward 4 , 18.Thaliyarendal (R.V) Ponnakkaneri (P) Thaliyarendal South street Ward 4
185Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,North Building, South Side, Kadambodai 1.Thaliyarendal (R.V) And Poseri (P) Kadampodai North Street Ward3 , 2.Thaliyarendal (R.V) And Poseri (P) North Street 1 (Ward 3) , 3.Thaliyarendal (R.V) And Poseri (P) North Street 2 (Ward 3) , 4.Thaliyarendal (R.V) And Poseri (P) Middle Street 1 (Ward 3) , 5.Thaliyarendal (R.V) And Poseri (P) Middle Street 2 (Ward 3) , 6.Thaliyarendal (R.V) And Poseri (P) East Street 1 (Ward 3) , 7.Thaliyarendal (R.V) And Poseri (P) East Street 2 (Ward 3) , 8.Thaliyarendal (R.V) And Poseri (P) West Street (Ward 3)
186Panchayat Union Middle School , North New Building, West Portion,Pooseri. 1.Poseri (R.V) And (P) Poseri north street ward 1 , 2.Poseri (R.V) And (P) Poseri pillaimar street Ward 1 , 3.Poseri (R.V) And (P) Poseri Paraiyar street Ward 1 , 4.Poseri (R.V) And (P) Middle street Ward 1 , 5.Poseri (R.V) And (P) Kammalar street Ward 1 , 6.Poseri (R.V) And (P) Aranmanai South Street (Ward 2) , 7.Poseri (R.V) And (P) Arunthathiyar Street (Ward2,3) , 8.Poseri (R.V) And (P) Adithiravidar Colony Street (Ward 1)
187Santhi Asirama kirama vidhalayam Elementary School, ,Western Portion,Right Side, Athankothakudi 1.Adhangkothangudi (R.V) And (P) Pathirakaliyamman kovil street (ward 1) , 2.Adhangkothangkudi (R.V) And (P) Karuppanasamy Kovil Street (Ward 1) , 3.Adhangkothangkudi (R.V) And (P) Idhira Nagar (Ward 1) , 4.Adhangkothangudi (R.V) And (P) Dr.B.R.Ambethkar Nagar (Ward 1) , 5.Adhangkothangudi (R.V) And (P) West Street (Ward 2)
188Santhi Asirama kirama vidhalayam Elementary School, ,Western Portion,Left Side, Athankothakudi 1.Adhangkothangudi (R.V) And (P) East Street (Ward1,2) , 2.Adhangkotangkudi (R.V) And (P) West Kudiruppu East Street (Ward 2,3) , 3.Adhangkothangudi (R.V) And (P) West Kudiruppu Middle Street (Ward 3) , 4.Adhangkothangudi (R.V) And (P) West kudiiruppu West street Ward 3
189Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,West Side,Periaelai. 1.Athankothankudi (R.V) Periyailai (P) North street ward 1 , 2.Athankothankudi (R.V) Periyailai (P) South street Ward 1,2 , 3.Athankothankudi (R.V) Periyailai (P) West street Ward 3 , 4.Athankothankudi (R.V) Periyailai (P) Periyailai colony Ward 3
190Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Laagal 1.Karumal, (R.V) Arapodhu (P) Arapodhu (ward 1) , 2.Theriruveli, (R.V) Arapodhu (P) Lakal (Ward 3) , 3.Theriruveli (R.V) Arapodhu (P) Uttan (Ward 3)
191Panchayat Union Elementary School ,New Building, Maruthagam 1.Keelasirupothu (R.V) S.R.N.Palangulam (P) S.R.N palankulam (ward 1) , 2.Keelasirupothu (R.V) S.R.N. PalAngulam ( P) S.R.N. Palankulam (Ward 1) , 3.Theriruveli (R.V) Arapodhu ( P) Maruthagam (ward 4,5) , 4.Theriruveli,(R.V) Arapodhu ( P) Keelapanaiyur South (Ward 2) , 5.Theriruveli (R.V) Arapodhu ( P) Keelapanaiyur North (Ward 2) , 6.Karumal, (R.V) Arapodhu ( P) Keelakarumal (Ward 1)
192Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Sadaiyaneri. 1.Keelasirupothu (R.V) S.R.N.Palangulam (P) Sadaiyaneri middle street w part ward2 , 2.Keelasirupothu (R.V) S.R.N.Palangulam (P) Sadaiyaneri Middle Street Colony East Part (Ward 2)
193Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Middle Building,Chithirangudi 1.Chithirankudi (R.V) And (P) Chithirangkudi east street (ward 1) , 2.Chithirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Arijan Colony (Ward 1) , 3.Chithirangkudi (R.V) And (P) North Street (Ward 1)
194Panchayat Union Middle School ,New West Side Building, Chithirangudi 1.Chithirangkudi (R.V) And (P) Iraichikulam (Ward 2) , 2.Chithirangkudi (R.V) And (P) E.Vappangkulam (Ward 2)
195Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Sonaipiriyankottai 1.Sonaipiriyan kottai (R.V) And (P) S.P.Kottai kanmai street ward 1 , 2.Sonaipiriyan kottai (R.V) And (P) S.P.Kottai patti ward1 , 3.Sonaipiriyan kottai (R.V) And (P) East street ward 1 , 4.Sonaipiriyan kottai (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward 1 , 5.Sonaipiriyan kottai (R.V) And (P) Mela street ward 1
196Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Kondulavi 1.Sonaipiriyankottai (R.V) Kidathirukkai (P) Kondulavi North Street Ward 3 , 2.Sonaipiriyankottai (R.V) Kidathirukkai (P) Kondulavi South Street Ward 3 , 3.Sonaipiriyankottai (R.V) Kidathirukkai (P) Melakondulavi Ward 3 , 4.Sonaipiriyankottai (R.V) Kidathirukkai (P) East Street Ward 3
197Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Kidathirukkai 1.Sonaipiriyankottai (R.V) And Kidathirukkai (P) Kidathirukkai East street ward 1 , 2.Sonaipiriyankottai (R.V) Kidathirukkai (P) Kidathirukkai Mulaikottu Street Ward 1,2 , 3.Sonaipiriyankottai (R.V) Kidathirukkai (P) Kidathirukkai Middle Street Ward 2 , 4.Sonaipiriyankottai (R.V) Kidathirukkai (P) Kidathirukkai West Street Ward 2 , 5.Sonaipiriyankottai (R.V) Kidathirukkai (P) Kidathirukkai Arijina Colony Ward 2
198Panchayat Union Elementary School, , Enathi 1.Enathi (R.V) And (P) Enathi east street (ward 1) , 2.Enathi (R.V) And (P) Enathi West Street (Ward 2) , 3.Enathi (R.V) And (P) Ponthampuli (Ward 4) , 4.Enathi (R.V) And (P) Enathi Colony (Ward 2) , 5.Enathi (R.V) And (P) Enathi Kottagai (Ward 2) , 6.Enathi (R.V) And (P) Poongkulam (Ward 3)
199Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Portion, Keelasakkulam 1.Enathi (R.V) Kilasakulam (P) Keelasakulam east otthaveedu (ward 1) , 2.Enathi (R.V) Kilasakulam (P) Kilasakulam East Street (Ward 1) , 3.Enathi (R.V) Kilasakulam (P) Kilasakulam North Otthaveedu (Ward 1) , 4.Enathi, (R.V) Kilasakulam (P) Kilasakulam West Street (Ward 1) , 5.Enathi, (R.V) Kilasakulam (P) Melasakulam East Street (Ward 2) , 6.Enathi, (R.V) Kilasakulam (P) Melasakulam West Street (Ward 2)
200Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Portion, Keelasakkulam 1.Kandilan (R.V) Kilasakulam (P) Kadamangkulam Otthaveedu (Ward 3) , 2.Enathi, Kandilan (R.V) Kilasakulam (P) Kadamangkulam (Ward 3) , 3.Kandilan (R.V) Kilasakulam (P) Melamanangarai (Ward 4) , 4.Kandilan (R.V) Kilasakulam (P) Thulukankuruchi (Ward 5)
201Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,West Side Building, Kandilan 1.Kandilan (R.V) And (P) Kandilan north street (ward 1) , 2.Kandilan (R.V) And (P) Kandilan South Street (Ward 1) , 3.Kandilan (R.V) And (P) Kandilan West Street (Ward 1) , 4.Kandilan (R.V) And (P) Atchathampal (Ward5,6) , 5.Kandilan (R.V) And (P) Maravetti (Ward 7)
202Community Hall ,Kandilan 1.Kandilan (R.V) And (P) Vilathikuttam (Ward 2) , 2.Oruvanendal (R.V) And (P) Nadungulam (Ward3,4) , 3.Kandilan (R.V) And (P) Nalliyan kuttam (Ward 5)
203Government High School , New West Building,Ilanjembur 1.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Ilangchemboor north Ward 1 , 2.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Ilangchemboor South Street Ward 2 , 3.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Police Line Ward 2 , 4.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Indhira Nagar Ward 2 , 5.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) School Zone Street (Ward 2) , 6.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Ilangchemboor Colony (Ward 2)
204C.S.I.Elementary School ,New Building, Veerambal 1.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Veerambal south street (Ward 7) , 2.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Veerambal North Street (Ward 8)
205Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Building, west Portion,Pookulam 1.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Pookulam south street (ward 3) , 2.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Pookulam North Street (Ward 3)
206Panchayat Union Elementary School, West Building, west Side, , West Building, EastPortion, Pookulam 1.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Pookulam Colony (Ward 3) , 2.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Vannanpunchai (Ward 4) , 3.Ilangchemboor (R.V) And (P) Paraiyankulam (Ward 5)
207Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Kamatchipuram 1.Keelasirupothu (R.S) And (P) Melappanaiyoor west street (ward 3) , 2.Kilachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Kamatchipuram (Ward 3) , 3.Keelasirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Kamatchipuram South Street (Ward 4) , 4.Keelasirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Kamatchipuram North Street (Ward 4)
208Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Keelasirupothu 1.Keelasirupothu (R.V) And (P) Adithiravidar street (Ward 1) , 2.Keelasirupothu (R.V) And (P) Konar East Street (Ward 2) , 3.Kilachirupothu (R.V) And (P) Muslim Street (Ward 3,4,8) , 4.Keelachirupothu (R.V) And (P) Konar West Street (Ward 8) , 5.Kilachirupothu (R.V) And (P) Adithiravidar Colony (Ward 8) , 6.Kilachirupothu (R.V) And (P) Kokandan (Ward 8)
209Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Kozhikulam 1.Athankothankudi (R.V) Peaikulam (P) Kozhikulam(ward 1) , 2.Athankothankudi (R.V) Peaikulam (P) Alangkulam (Ward 2)
210Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, South side,West Portion,Melasirupothu 1.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Adithiravidar kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 2.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Adithiravidar Kudiyiruppu Ward 2 , 3.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Middle Street Ward 1 , 4.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Middle Street Ward 2 , 5.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) South Street Ward 1 , 6.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) South Street Ward 2
211Panchayat Union Middle School , New Building, East side,Melasirupothu 1.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Middle street sakkiliyan kudiyiruppu (ward 1) , 2.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) South Street (Ward 1) , 3.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Kadai Street (Ward 1) , 4.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Velaler Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 5.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Muslim Street (Ward 1) , 6.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) West Kudiyiruppu (Ward 1) , 7.Melachirupodhu (R.V) And (P) Sakkilian Kulam (Ward 3)
212C.S.I.Elementary .School, ,Poolangulam 1.P.Keeranthai(R.V) And (P) Puthanenthal (ward 2) , 2.P.Keeranthai (R.V) And (P) Poolankulam (Ward 5) , 3.P.Keeranthai (R.V) And (P) Chithuvudaiyan (Ward 6)
213Veeraperumal Hindu Elementary School, ,(New Building) Keeranthai 1.Keeranthai (R.V) And P.Keeranthai (P) P.Keeranthai (ward 1) , 2.Keeranthai (R.V), And P.Keeranthai (P) Usilangkulam (Ward 3) , 3.Keeranthai (R.V), And P.Keeranthai (P) Usilangkulam (Ward 4)
214Panchayat Union Elementary School, Left Side, ,Pananthai 1.P.Keerandai (R.V) And (P) Pannadai (ward 1) , 2.Peaikulam (R.V) And (P) Peaikulam (Ward 3)
215Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Maravaikudi 1.Panivasal(R.V) And (P) Panivasal west street ward 1 , 2.Panivasal (R.V) And (P) Panivasal middle street ward 1 , 3.Panivasal (R.V) And (P) Panivasal east street ward 1 , 4.Panivasal (R.V) And (P) Panivasal south street ward 1 , 5.Panivasal (R.V) And (P) Annunni adi dravidar colony ward 2 , 6.Panivasal (R.V) And (P) Maravaikudi west street ward 3 , 7.Panivasal (R.V) And (P) Maravaikudi mulaikottuthinnai street ward 3 , 8.Panivasal(R.V) And (P) Maravaikudi servai South street ward 3 , 9.Panivasal (R.V) And (P) Maravaikudi middle street ward 3 , 10.Panivasal (R.V) And (P) Maravaikudi pallivasal street ward 3 , 11.Panivasal (R.V) And (P) Maravaikudi servai east kudiirupu ward 3 , 12.Panivasal (R.V) And (P) Maravaikudi adidravidar colony ward 3
216Panchayat Union Middle School, West Building, South portion, ,Vallkkulam 1.Pnivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) North chokkanai middle street ward1 , 2.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) South Chokkanai middle street ward 2 , 3.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai(P) South Chokkanai east street ward 2 , 4.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakkulam west street ward 3 , 5.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakulam south street ward 3 , 6.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakulam east street ward 3 , 7.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakulam pallivasal street ward 3 , 8.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakulam oorani east street ward 3
217Panchayat Union Middle School, West Building, South portion, ,Vallkkulam 1.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakulam muslim east street ward 4 , 2.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakulam adidravidal street ward 4 , 3.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakulam yadavar north street ward 5 , 4.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakulam yadavar south street ward 5 , 5.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakulam yadavar east street ward 5 , 6.Panivasal (R.V) And Chokkanai (P) Vallakulam sonayarcolony ward 6
218Government Higher secondary School ,Eastern Side, SSA Building, Southern Wing, South Side,Sikka 1.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) South street (ward 7) , 2.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) South Street (Ward 7) , 3.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) South Street 3 (Ward 8) , 4.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal Street (Ward 8) , 5.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal Street2 (Ward 8)
219Panchayat Union Elemenary School ,Andichikulam 1.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) Andichikulam ward9
220Govt.Higher Secondary School, Middle Building, , Eastern side,Sikkal. 1.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) Sikkal north street ward2 , 2.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) North street(Sappani kovil street)ward1
221Govt.Higher Secondary School, Middle Building, ,West Portion,Sikkal 1.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) North street ward1 , 2.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) South street ward1 , 3.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) South street ward1 , 4.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) Mudukulathur main road ward6 , 5.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) Pottal patcheri ward6 , 6.Sikkal (R.V) And (P) Kalaneer mangalam ward 10 , 7.Sikkal (r.V) And (P) Mathina nagar ward10
222Govt.Higher Secondary School ,New Building, Left Wing, Sikkal 1.Peikulam (R.V), And (P) North street ward3 , 2.Peikulam (R.V), And (P) Pallar street ward3 , 3.Peikulam (R.V), And (P) Sakkiliar street ward4
223Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North Building, West Portion Thottiyapatti 1.Peikulam (R.V), And (P) Thottiyapatti(ward 5) , 2.Peikulam (R.V), And (P) Thottiyapatti 2 ward5 , 3.Peikulam (R.V), And (P) Arunthathiar west colony ward4
224Government High School ,Entrance Building, East side, Idhambadal 1.Idampadal (R.V) And (P) North street yadava kudiiruppu ward1 , 2.Idampadal (R.V) And (P) Middle street muslim kudiiruppu ward1 , 3.Idampadal (R.V) And (P) East kudiiruppu middle street ward2 , 4.Idampadal (R.V) And (P) East yadava kudiiruppu ward2
225Government High School, ,Entrance Building, West side, Idambadal 1.Ithampadal (R.V) And (P) South street to muslim kudiyirupu north(ward 3) , 2.Ithampadal (R.V) And (P) North Kudiyiruppu Athidravidar Pillaiyar Koil Side (Ward 4) , 3.Ithampadal (R.V) And (P) North Kudiyiruppu Athidravidar Koil Side (Ward 4) , 4.Idampadal (R.V) And (P) Northkudiiruppu arunthathiar part ward 4,5
226Panchayat Union Middle School, Right side, , Erwadi 1.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Mela street ward1 , 2.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward2
227Panchayat Union Middle School ,East Building ,Erwadi 1.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Yadavar kudiiruppu ward 5 , 2.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Pallar kudiiruppu ward5
228Govt.Higher Secondary School Seperate building, ,South side,Erwadi 1.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Vellaiyan valasai (ward 6)
229Govt.Higher Secondary School New building ,East portion ,Erwadi 1.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Thottanmaganwadi (Ward 6) , 2.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Mutharaiyar Street (Ward 6)
230Govt.Higher Secondary School, ,(East side) MainBuilding, Erwadi 1.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) South street (ward 3) , 2.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) East Street (Ward 4)
231Govt.Higher Secondary School, ,(West side) MainBuilding, Erwadi 1.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) North West Street (Ward 9)
232Govt.Higher.Secondary School , North portion, East Building, Class room, East portion ,Erwadi 1.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Anna nagar ward9 , 2.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Kalbar (Ward 9) , 3.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Adhangcheari (Ward 9) , 4.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Gokula Nagar (Ward 9) , 5.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Kayithymillath Street (Ward 9)
233Panchayat Union Middle School, New building ,West Portion, Chinna Erwadi 1.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Chinna erwadi (ward 7)
234Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building , East Portion, Chinna Erwadi 1.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Mariyamman Nagar,Sadaimuniyan Valasai (Ward 8) , 2.Ervadi (R.V) And (P) Pitchaimoopan Valasai,Mottai Kilavan Valasai,Meiyan Valasai (Ward 8)
235C.S.I.Elementary School, Right side, , Siraikulam 1.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Rajakkal palayam rajakkal street ward2 , 2.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Muslim street ward2 , 3.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Velalar street ward 2 , 4.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) R.Pudunagar ward2 , 5.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Kamarajapuram ward2 , 6.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Sivalingapuram ward2
236C.S.I. Elementary School, ,Left Side, Siraikulam 1.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Arunthathiyar colony ward1 , 2.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Arunthathityar kudiiruppu ward1 , 3.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Siraikulam Kudiiruppu ward1 , 4.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Siraikulam North ward1 , 5.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Mathiyal vallampadal ward3
237Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Aykudi 1.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Chinna Ayekudi ward3 , 2.Siraikulam (R.V) And (P) Periya Ayekudi ward3
238Panchayat Union Middle School, , Kothankulam 1.Keelakidaram (R.V) Kothangkulam (P) Kothangkulam ward1 , 2.P.Keeranthai (R.V) Kothangkulam (P) Thaththangkudi ward3
239Panchayat Union Middle School ,East portion, Orivayal 1.Orivayal (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar kovil street ward1 , 2.Orivayal (R.V) And (P) Amman kovil street ward 1 , 3.Orivayal (R.V) And (P) Arunthathiyar street ward 2 , 4.Orivayal (R.V) And (P) Yadavar street ward1 , 5.Oarivayal (R.V) And (P) Thevar street ward 2 , 6.Orivayal (R.V) And (P) Alagumuthu nagar street ward 2
240Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Portion, Orivayal 1.Orivayal (R.V) And (P) Adidravidar street 1 ward 3 , 2.Orivayal (R.V) And (P) Adidravidar street 2 ward 3 , 3.Orivayal (R.V) And (P) Adidravidar street 3 ward 3 , 4.Orivayal (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar kovil street ward3 , 5.Orivayal (R.V) AnD (P) Kuyavar street ward3 , 6.Orivayal (R.V) And (P) Mukkuladevar street ward3
241Panchayat Union Middle School ,North side, Middle portion , Maranthai 1.Maranthai (R.V) And (P) Maranthai melakudiiruppu ward1
242Panchayat Union Middle School ,South side, Maranthai 1.Maranthai (R.V) And (P) Maranthai keela kudiiruppu ward 2 , 2.Maranthai (R.V) And (P) Maranthai ward 3
243Roman Catholic High school,Main building ,North Wing, Middle Portion, Savariyarpattinam 1.Maranthai(R.V) And Savariyarpattinam (P) Savariyarpattinam (ward 1)
244Roman Catholic High school,Main building ,North Wing, Middle Portion, Savariyarpattinam 1.Maranthai (R.V) And Savariyarpattinam (P) Savariyar Samuthiram (Ward 1)
245Panchayat Union Elementary School ,(West building) A.Punavasal 1.A.punavasal (R.V) And (P) A.punavasal ward1
246Panchayat Union Elementary School ,A.Sirukudi 1.A.Punavasal (R.V) And (P) Sirukudi ward 2
247Panchayat Union Elementary School, (Eastern Side) , A.Punavasal 1.A.Punavasal (R.V) And(P) Paduvanendal ward 2 , 2.K.Veppankulam (R.V) And A.Punavasal (P) Veeppangkulam ward 3
248Panchayat Union Middle School, ,South Building, Kuruvikathi 1.Oruvanendal (R.V) And (P) Oruvanendal (ward 1) , 2.Oruvanendal (R.V) And (P) Thevarkuruchi (Ward 2) , 3.Oruvanendal (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Street (Ward 2)
249C.S.I. Elementary School, East portion, ,Pothikulam 1.Oruvanendal (R.V) And Pothikulam (P) Pothikulam (ward 1)
250Panchayat Union Middle School, South Side, East Portion , ,Yadavar Kudiiruppu, Pothikulam 1.Oruvanendal (R.V) And Pothikulam (P) Pothikulam (ward 1) , 2.Oruvanendal (R.V) And Pothikulam (P) Pothikulam Amman kovil Street (Ward 1) , 3.Oruvanendal (R.V) And Pothikulam (P) Pothikulam mahal Street (Ward 1)
251Panchayat Union Middle School, SSA Building, ,Middle Portion, Yadavar Pothikulam 1.Oruvanendal (R.V) And Pothikulam (P) Peaivilli kadambankulam (ward 5) , 2.Oruvanendal (R.V) And Pothikulam (P) Arunakiri Street (Ward 5) , 3.Oruvanendal (R.V) And Pothikulam (P) Arunthiyar Kalani Street (Ward 1) , 4.Oruvanendal (R.V) And Pothikulam (P) Y.Pothikulam (Ward 1) , 5.Oruvanendal (R.V) And Pothikulam (P) Pidariyanthal (Ward 6) , 6.Oruvanndal (R.V) And Pothikulam (P) Kovar Kuttam (Ward 4)
252Panchayat Union Elementary School, Mainbuilding, North Side ,Appanoor 1.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Appanoor north street (ward 1)
253Panchayat Union Elementary School, Mainbuilding, East portion, , Appanoor 1.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Muslim street (ward 2) , 2.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) West Street (Ward 2) , 3.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Karnam (Ward 1) , 4.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Inaiyanai (Ward 1) , 5.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Chamiyadikottagai (Ward 1) , 6.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Thevarpuram (Ward 1) , 7.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Keelappanoor (Ward 1) , 8.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Indhira Nagar (Ward 1)
254government High School, ,North Building, Appanoor 1.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Appanoor south street (ward 1) , 2.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Ariyanathapuram (Ward 2) , 3.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Thoppukottagai (Ward 1) , 4.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Idaikulam Kottagai (Ward 1) , 5.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Erumakkachi Kottagai (Ward 1) , 6.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Kali Kovil Kottagai (Ward 1) , 7.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) South kottagai Ward 1 , 8.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) T.Kottagai (Ward 1) , 9.Appanoor (R.V) And (P) Thanikodi kottagai ward1
255Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Kanikoor 1.M.Karisalkulam (R.V) And Kaanikoor (P) Perumal thalaivanenthal (ward 1) , 2.M.Karisalkulam (R.V) And Kaanikoor (P) Kaanikoor (Ward 2) , 3.M.Karisalkulam (R.V) And Kaanikoor (P) Ossath Thevan Kottai (Ward 3)
256Panchayat Union Middle School, ,M.Karisalkulam 1.M.karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) M.karisalkulam ward 1 , 2.M.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) Thaniyangkoottam ward2 , 3.M.Karisalkulam (R.V) And (P) P.Usilangkulam ward3
257Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Building, ,Mangalam 1.K.Veepangulam (R.V) Mangalam (P) Mangalam ward 1 , 2.K.Veppangulam, (R.V) Mangalam (P) Kannan pothuvan ward 2 , 3.K.Veepangulam, (R.V) Mangalam (P) Purasangkulam ward 3
258Government Higher Secondary School, Mullai Building East Wing, , Kadaladi 1.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Chettiar kudiiruppu 1 ward1 , 2.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Devar kudiiruppu ward1 , 3.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Chettiar kudiiruppu 2 ward 1 , 4.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Pillaimar kudiiruppu ward 1 , 5.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Asari kudiiruppu 2 ward 1 , 6.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Asari kudiiruppu 2 ward 1 , 7.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Pillaimar asari kudiiruppu ward 1 , 8.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Ranasinga thalaivar kudiiruppu ward 1
259Government Higher Secondary School, SSA Building, South Side, East Wing, ,Kadaladi 1.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Vaniyar chettiar street ward 2 , 2.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Vannar kudiiruppu ward 2 , 3.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Muslim devar kudiiruppu ward 2 , 4.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Pillaimar kudiiruppu ward 2 , 5.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Vaniya chettiar kudiiruppu 2 ward 2 , 6.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Maruthuvar kudiiruppu ward 2 , 7.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Muslim street ward 2
260Government Higher Secondary School, SSA Building (Four Class Room North Wing) , Kadaladi 1.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Bharathar meen paravar kudiiruppu ward 3 , 2.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Muslim street ward 3 , 3.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Meenparavar kudiiruppu 2 ward 3 , 4.Kadaladi( R.V) And (P) Vaniya chettiar kudiiruppu ward 3 , 5.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Poosarigal kudiiruppu ward 3 , 6.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Nadar kudiiruppu ward 3 , 7.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Meenparavar kudiiruppu 3 ward 4 , 8.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Nadar kudiiruppu 2 ward 4
261Government Higher Secondary School, SSA Building (Four Class Room North Wing) , Kadaladi 1.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Nadar kudiiruppu 3 ward 4 , 2.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Nadar kudiiruppu 4 ward 4 , 3.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Indra nagar paraiyar kudiiruppu ward 5 , 4.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Nadar kudiiruppu 5 ward 5 , 5.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Kavalar kudiiruppu 6 ward 5 , 6.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Nadar kudiiruppu 6 ward 5 , 7.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Nadar kudiiruppu 7 ward 5 , 8.Kadaladi (R.V) And (P) Indra nagar parayar kudiiruppu ward 5
262Panchayat Union Elementary School, Left side, , Karungulam 1.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Harijana street 1 ward1 , 2.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Harijana street 2 ward1 , 3.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Yadavar street 1 ward 1 , 4.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Yadavar street 2 ward1 , 5.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Yadavar street 3 ward1 , 6.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Yadavar street 4 ward1
263Panchayat Union Elementary School, Right side, ,Karungulam 1.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Yadavar maravar kudiiruupu ward2 , 2.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Indhira Nagar Kalani Arunthathiyar Kudiruppu (Ward 2) , 3.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Arijana Kudiruppu 1 (Ward 3) , 4.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Arijana kudiruppu 2 ward3 , 5.Kadaladi (R.V) And Karungkulam (P) Yadavar kudiruppu ward3
264Panchayat Union Elementary School ,(Right side) Meenangudi 1.Meenagkudi (R.V) And (P) Meenagkudi ward1 , 2.Meenagkudi (R.V) And (P) Narasingakoottam ward 2
265Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,(Left side) Meenangudi 1.Meenagkudi (R.V) And (P) Meenagkudi ward 3
266Panchayat Union Elementary School, East side, ,Vellangulam 1.Meenakudi (R.V) And (P) Sathankudi (ward 1) , 2.Meenakudi (R.V) And (P) Velangkulam (Ward 2)
267Government High School , Middle Building, Melaselvanur 1.Melaselvanoor (R.V) And (P) Melaselvanoor east street ward1 , 2.Melaselvanoor (R.V) And (P) Melaselvanoor north street ward1 , 3.Melaselvanoor (R.V) And (P) Melaselvanoor west street ward1
268Government High School ,west side, Melaselvanur 1.Meenangudi (R.V), Melaselvanoor (P) Pudukudiiruppu ward2 , 2.Meenankudi (R.V), Melaselvanoor (P) S.Alangkulam ward4 , 3.Meenankudi (R.V), Melaselvanoor (P) Therangkulam ward3 , 4.Meenangudi (R.V) , Melaselvanoor (P) Pallendal ward3 , 5.Meenangudi (R.V), Melaselvanoor (P) Kandangani ward3 , 6.Meenangudi (R.V) , Melaselvanoor (P) Paduvanendal ward3 , 7.Meenangudi (R.V) , Melaselvanoor (P) Pappakulam ward3 , 8.Meenangudi (R.V), Melaselvanoor (P) Kadaiyankulam ward4
269Panchayat Union Middle School, ,(South East Building), Keelaselvanur 1.Keelaselvanoor (R.V) And (P) Keelaselvanoor ward1
270Panchayat Union Middle School, ,(South west Building), Keelaselvanur 1.Keelaselvanoor (R.V) And (P) Pallar kudiiruppu ward2
271Panchayat Union Middle School, Right side, ,Keelaselvanur 1.Meelakidaram (R.V) And Keelaselvanoor (P) Kottendal ward1 , 2.Meelakidaram (R.V), Keelaselvanoor (P) Sakkiliar kudiiruppu ward 3
272Govt.Higher Secondary School, Right side, ,Melakidaram 1.Melakidaram (R.V) And (P) Melakidaram ward1 , 2.Melakidaram (R.V) And (P) Melakidaram ward2
273Govt.Higher Secondary .School, Left side, ,Melakidaram 1.Melakidaram (R.V) And (P) Ponnuchamipuram (ward 3) , 2.Melakidaram (R.V) And (P) Thalakkal (Ward 4) , 3.Keelakidaram (R.V) , Melakidaram (R.V) And (P) Kavakulam (Ward 5) , 4.Melakidaram (R.V) And (P) Thiruvarangai (Ward 6)
274Panchayat Union Middle School, Northern side, ,Keelakidaram 1.Keelakidaram (R.V) And (P) Keelakidaram ward1 , 2.Keelakidaram (R.V) And (P) Keelakidaram ward2 , 3.Keelakidaram (R.V) And (P) Muthusamypuram ward3 , 4.Keelakidaram (R.V) And (P) Pallar kudiiruppu ward4 , 5.Keelakidaram (R.V) And (P) Sakkiliar kudiiruppu ward5
275Panchayat Union Middle School, ,North Side, Kavakulam 1.Keelakidaram (R.V) And (P) Nadar kudiiruppu ward6
276Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Southern Side, Kavakulam 1.Keelakidaram (R.V) And (P) Nadar Kudiyeruppu 2 (Ward 6) , 2.Keelakidaram (R.V) And (P) Nadar kudiiruppu ward7 , 3.Keelakidaram (R.V) And (P) Shanmuganathapuram ward8
277Panchayat Union Elementary School, , Seeranthai 1.Keelakidaram (R.V) And Kothangkulam (P) East street (ward 1) , 2.Keelakidaram (R.V) And Kothangkulam (P) West Street (Ward 2) , 3.Keelakidaram (R.V) And Kothangkulam (P) North Street (Ward 4) , 4.Keekakidaram (R.V) And Kothangkulam (P) East West Street (Ward 4)
278Panchayat Union Elementary School, Left side, ,T.Krishnapuram 1.Thanitchiyam (R.V) And (P) Thanitchiyam ward1 , 2.Thanitchiyam (R.V) And (P) Aththodai ward1 , 3.Thanitchiyam (R.V) And (P) North street ward2 , 4.Thanitchiyam (R.V) AnD (P) Middle street ward2 , 5.Thanitchiyam (R.V) And (P) South street ward2 , 6.Thanitchiyam (R.V) And (P) Kusavankulam ward 3 , 7.Thanitchiyam (R.V) And (P) Senagkurichi ward4
279Panchayat Union Elementary School ,South Building, west portion , Valinockam 1.Vallinokam (R.V) And (P) Valayar kudiiruppu ward3)
280Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West portion , Valinockam 1.Vallinokam (R.V) And (P) Vallinokam 1st street
281Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Portion , Valinockam 1.Vallinokam (R.V) And (P) Vallinokam 2nd street ward4 , 2.Vallinokam (R.V) And (P) Vallinokam 3nd Street (Ward 4)
282Panchayat Union Elementary School ,North west side ,Valinockam 1.Vallinokam (R.V) And (P) Vallinokam ward 5
283Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East north building, Valinockam 1.Vallinokam (R.V) And (P) Vallinokam ward6 , 2.Vallinokam (R.V) And (P) Adangcheari (Ward 7)
284Panchayat Union Middle School, SSA Building, Western Side, ,Keelamundal 1.Periyakulam (R.V) And Vallinokam (P) Keela munthal ward1
285Panchayat Union Middle School ,SSA Building, East portion , Keelamundal 1.Periyakulam (R.V) And Vallinokam (P) Keela munthal ward2 , 2.Periyakulam (R.V) And Vallinokam (P) Melamunthal ward8
286Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Krishnapuram 1.Mariyur (R.V) And (P) Krishnapuram ward6 , 2.Mariyur (R.V) And (P) Madathoor kulam ward7
287CSI. Elementary School, Northern side, ,S.Mariyur 1.Periyakulam (R.V) And Mariyur (P) Mariyur ward1 , 2.Periyakulam (R.V) And Mariyur (P) Mariyur ward2
288CSI. Elementary School, Northern side, ,S.Mariyur 1.Periyakulam (R.V) And Mariyur(P) Mariyur ward3
289Panchayat Union Elementary School ,West Wing, T.Mariyur 1.Periyakulam (R.V) And Mariyur (P) Mariyur ward4
290Panchayat Union Elementary School ,East Wing, T.Mariyur 1.Periyakulam (R.V) And Mariyur (P) Mariyur ward5
291Panchayat Union Middle School, North Building, , Oppilan 1.Periyakulam (R.V) And Oppilan (P) Oppilan ward1 , 2.Periyakulam (R.V) And Oppilan (P) Oppilan ward2
292Panchayat Union Middle School , New Building, Oppilan 1.Periyakulam (R.V) And Oppilan (P) Oppilan ward3 , 2.Periyakulam (R.V) And Oppilan (P) Oppilan ward4
293CSI.Elementary School, East portion, ,Periakulam 1.Periyakulam (R.V) And (P) Periyakulam (ward 1) , 2.Periyakulam (R.V) And (P) Periyakulam (Ward 2) , 3.Periyakulam (R.V) And (P) Periyakulam (Ward 3) , 4.Periyakulam (R.V) And (P) Periyakulam (Ward 3)
294Panchayat Union Middle School, Left side, ,Kadugusanthai chatram 1.Kadukusanthai (R.V) And (P) Pandaram 1st street (ward 1) , 2.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Pandaram kudiiruppu ward 1 , 3.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Pandaram 2nd street ward1 , 4.Kadugusantha (R.V) And (P) Pandaram and yadavar street ward1 , 5.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Pandaram 3rd street ward2 , 6.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Pandaram 4th street ward 2 , 7.Kadukusanthai (R.V) And (P) Pandaram 5th Street (Ward 2) , 8.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Thevar velalar kudiiruppu ward3 , 9.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Yadavar kudiiruppu ward2 , 10.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Devar velalar kudiiruppu 2 ward 2 , 11.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Harijana colony ward2 , 12.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Pandaram 6th Street (Ward 2)
295Panchayat Union Middle School, Right side, ,Kadugusanthai chatram 1.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Thevar kudiiruppu ward3 , 2.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Yadavar kudiiruppu ward2 , 3.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Thevar kudiiruppu 1st street ward2 , 4.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Thevar kudiiruppu 3rd street ward3 , 5.Kadugusanthai (R.V) And (P) Thevar kudiiruppu 4th street ward3
296Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Koorankottai 1.Archanaipagam Usilangkulam (R.V) And (P) A.usilangkulam ward1 , 2.Archanaipagam Usilangkulam (R.V) And (P) Koorankottai ward2
297Panchayat Union Elementary School, Left side, , Pillaiyarkulam 1.S. Vagaikulam (R.V) And Pillaiyarkulam (P) Pillaiyarkulam ward1
298Panchayat Union Elementary School (Right side), , Vedakarisalkulam 1.A.Usilangulam (R.V) And Pillaiyarkulam (P) Vedakarisalkulam ward2
299Panchayat Union Elementary School (Left side), ,Vedakarisalkulam 1.A.Usilangulam (R.V) And Pillaiyarkulam (P) Manivalasai kudiruppu (ward 3) , 2.A.Usilangulam (R.V) And Pillaiyarkulam (P) Vellambal ward4 , 3.A.Usilangulam (R.V) And Pillaiyarkulam (P) Keelaallikulam ward5
300Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,(Western portion) (Left side) S.Vagaikulam 1.S.Vagaikulam (R.V) And (P) Vaakaikulam street (ward 1) , 2.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And (P) Vaakaikulam Mela Street (Ward 1) , 3.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And (P) Irasikulam North Street (ward 3) , 4.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And (P) Irasikulam South Street (ward 3) , 5.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And (P) Alangulam North Street (Ward 5) , 6.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And (P) Alangulam South Street (Ward 5) , 7.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And (P) Alangulam Kalvai Street (Ward 5)
301Panchayat Union Elementary School ,(West portion) (Right side) S.Vagaikulam 1.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And (P) Ilandaikulam West Street (Ward 2) , 2.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And (P) Ilandaikulam East Street (Ward 2) , 3.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And (P) Thittakulam East Street (Ward 4) , 4.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And (P) Thittakulam West Street (ward 4)
302Panchayat Union Elementary School, Left side, ,Avathandai i 1.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Melastreet ward1 , 2.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward1 , 3.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street ward1 , 4.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Muslim street ward2 , 5.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) East Street (Ward 2) , 6.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) South Street 1 (Ward 2) , 7.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) South Street (Ward 2)
303Government High School ,Northern building, Kuruvadi 1.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street ward3 , 2.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Muslim north street ward3 , 3.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Muslim south street ward3 , 4.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Yadavar street ward3 , 5.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) North street ward4 , 6.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Yadavar street ward4 , 7.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) East street ward4
304Government High School ,Western Building, Kuruvadi 1.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Mela street (ward 5) , 2.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) Middle Street (Ward 5) , 3.Avathandai (R.V) And (P) South Street 1(Ward 5) , 4.Avathandai(P) South Street 2 (Ward-5) , 5.Avathandai(P) South Street 3 (Ward-6) , 6.Avathandai(P) East Street 1 (Ward-6) , 7.Avathandai(P) East Street 2 (Ward-6) , 8.Avathandai(P) Karuppachami Kovil Street (Ward-6)
305Panchayat Union Elementary School, , S.Keeranthai 1.S.Vagaikkulam (R.V) And S.keeranthai (P) S.keeranthai ward1 , 2.S.Vagaikkulam, Iruveli (R.V), And S.Keeranthai (P) Pullanthai ward2 , 3.S.Vagaikkulam, Iruveli (R.V) And S.Keeranthai (P) Nombakulam ward2
306Panchayat Union Middle School, ,(East Building-Middle Portion) , Poopandiapuram 1.Kudiraimozhi (R.V), Mookaiyur (P) Kudiraimozhi 1st street ward7 , 2.Kudiraimozhi (R.V) , Mookkayoor (P) Kudiraimozhi 2nd street ward7 , 3.Kudiraimozhi (R.V) , Mookaiyur (P) Kudiraimozhi 3rd street ward7 , 4.Kudiraimozhi (R.V), Mookaiyur (P) Kudiraimozhi 4th street ward7 , 5.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) Poopandiapuram 5th street ward7 , 6.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) Poopandiapuram 6th street ward7 , 7.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) Poopandiapuram 6th street ward7
307Roman Cathalic Middle School, ,South Side, Mookkaiyur 1.Moogaiyur (R.V) And (P) North moogaiyur 1st street (ward 1) , 2.Moogaiyur (R.V) And (P) North Moogaiyur 2nd Street (Ward 1) , 3.Moogaiyur (R.V) And (P) South Moogaiyur 1st Street (Ward 2) , 4.Moogaiyur (R.V) And (P) South Moogaiyur 2nd Street (Ward 2) , 5.Moogaiyur (R.V) And (P) South Moogaiyur 3nd Street (Ward 2) , 6.Moogaiyur (R.V) And (P) South Moogaiyur 1st Street (Ward 3) , 7.Moogaiyur (R.V) And (P) South Moogaiyur 2nd Street (Ward 3)
308Roman Cathalic Middle School, Main building, North portion, , Mookkaiyur 1.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) South mookaiyur 1st street ward4 , 2.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) South Mookaiyur 2nd street ward4 , 3.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) Kannigapuri anthoniyar street ward4 , 4.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) Kannigapuri Pathirakaliamman street ward4 , 5.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) South Mookaiyur 1st street ward6 , 6.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) Fisherman colony South Mookaiyur(P) , 7.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) Fisherman colony south Mookaiyur 3nd Street (Ward 5) , 8.Mookaiyur (R.V) And (P) Fisherman colony southMookaiyur 1st street (Ward 6) , 9.Mookkayoor (R.V) And (P) Fisherman colony south mookkayoor 2nd street ward 6
309New Elementary School, North Building, ,Sayalkudi 1.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Sadurauga vanni nagar ward1 , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Selvanayagipuram ward1 , 3.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Shanmuga kumarapuram ward1 , 4.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Sivankovil street ward1 , 5.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) North 1st street ward1 , 6.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Ramanathapuram road ward1 , 7.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (P) Police station west santhu ward1 , 8.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Newschool street ward1
310New Elementary School, North Building, Western Side, ,Sayalgudi 1.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) North 2nd street ward2 , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) North 3rd street ward2 , 3.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Ramannathapuram road ward2 , 4.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Pathirakaliamman kovil street ward1 , 5.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Chettiar street ward15
311New Elementary School, East Building, Northern side, ,Sayalgudi 1.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Drinking water tank street (ward 14) , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Nadar Street (Ward 15) , 3.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) ) Post Office Street (Ward 14) , 4.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Aruppukottai Salai (Ward 14)
312Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Iruveli 1.Iruveli (R.V), Sayalkudi (T.P) Iruveli (Ward 13) , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (S.P) Aruppukottai Road (Ward 13) , 3.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Duraisamipuram 1st Street (Ward 13) , 4.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Duraisamipuram 2nd Street (Ward 13) , 5.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Duraisamypuram 3nd Street (Ward 13)
313Government Boys Higher Secondary School, South building (Two Class Room) ,East side, Sayalgudi 1.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Aruppukottai road ward13 , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Duraisamypuram 5th street ward11 , 3.Sayakudi (R.V) And (T.P) Duraisamypuram 6th street ward13 , 4.Sayakudi (R.V) And (T.P) Duraisamypuram 7th street ward11 , 5.Sayakudi (R.V) And (T.P) Duraisamypuram 8th street ward11 , 6.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (P) Kudiiruuppu kanmai ward12 , 7.Sayalkudi (R.V) And Usilangkulam(P) Ilandaikulam ward8
314Government Boys Higher Secondary School, SSA building Western Side North Wing, ,Sayalgudi 1.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Aruppukottai road ward1 , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Kannirajapuram road ward10 , 3.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Sevalpatti road ward10 , 4.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Lalbakadursasthiri street , 5.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) DR Radhakrishnan road ward8 , 6.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Pathirakaliammankovil street ward8 , 7.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) KS Shanmugavel nadar street ward8 , 8.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Bharathiyar street ward8 , 9.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) VOC Street ward8
315Government Boys Higher Secondary School, ,South Building, West Side, Sayalgudi 1.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Uraikinaru (ward 9) , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Nehruji Street (Ward 8)
316Government Boys Higher Secondary School, ,North West Building, Middle Portion, Sayalgudi 1.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Kamarajar Street (Ward 7) , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Gandhiji Nehru (Ward 7) , 3.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Lalbagadhur Sasthiri Street (Ward 7)
317Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Middle building 1North Wing, , Sayalgudi 1.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Kannirajapuram salai (ward 7) , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Mookkaiyur Salai (Ward 6)
318Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Middle building 1North Wing, , Sayalgudi 1.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Kannirajapuram salai (ward 7) , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Mookkaiyur Salai (Ward 6)
319Government Boys Higher Secondary School, South building (Two Class Room), West Side, ,Left Side, Sayalgudi 1.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (S.P) Kannirajapuram salai (ward 10) , 2.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Ramanathapuram Salai (Ward 4) , 3.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Aranmanai veedhi (Ward 4) , 4.Sayalkudi (R.V) And (T.P) Angaleswariyammal Kovil Street
320Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,T. Veppangulam 1.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Aruppukottai main road north street 1 (ward 1) , 2.T.Veppangkulam (RV) And (P) Aruppukottai main road south street (Ward 1) , 3.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Aruppukottai Main Salai North Street 3 (Ward 1) , 4.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Aruppukottai Main Salai South East Street 4 (Ward 1) , 5.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kattalangkulam road east street ward1 , 6.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kattalangkulam road west street ward1 , 7.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street 1(Ward 1) , 8.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street 2 ward1 , 9.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Keelastreet ward1 , 10.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kattalangkulam road keelpartmiddle street ward1 , 11.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kattalangkulam road keelpart middle street1 ward1 , 12.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Kattalangkulam road keelpart middle street 2 , 13.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) South east street ward1 , 14.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Panchayat road street ward1 , 15.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Southwest street ward1 , 16.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Pallikooda street ward1 17.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Nedungkulam road keelastreet ward1 , 18.T.Veppangkulam (R.V) And (P) Nedungkulam road mela street ward1
321Panchayat Union Elementary School, Left side, ,Kattalangulam 1.A.Nedungulam (R.V) And T.Veppangulam (P) North street ward2 , 2.A.Nedungulam (R.V) and T.Veppangkulam (P) Madathu street ward2 , 3.A.Nedungulam (R.V) And T.Veppangkulam (P) East street ward2 , 4.A.Nedungulam (R.V) And T.Veppangkulam (P) Thevar street ward2 , 5.A.Nedungulam (R.V) And T.Veppangkulam (P) Adidravidar street 1 ward2 , 6.A.Nedungulam (R.V) And T.Veppangkulam(P) Adidravidar street 2 ward2 , 7.A.Nedungulam (R.V) And T.Veppangkulam (P) Pillaiyar kovil street ward3 , 8.A.Nedungulam (R.V) And T.Veppangkulam (P) Nedungkulam middle street ward3 , 9.A.Nedungulam (R.V) And T.Veppangkulam (P) Nedungkulam south street ward3
322Subramaniavilas Hindu Elementary School, New Building, West Side, ,T.M.Kottai 1.Thirumalukanthan kottai (R.V) And (P) Pallikoodam street ward1 , 2.Thirumalukanthan kottai (R.V) And (P) Vilakku street ward1 , 3.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And (P) Adithiravidar Street (Ward 1) , 4.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And (P) Sekkadi street ward1 , 5.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And (P) Madathur street ward1 , 6.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And (P) South street ward1 , 7.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And (P) Utchini magali kovil west street ward1 , 8.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And (P) Utchini kovil street ward2 , 9.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And (P) North street ward2 , 10.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And (P) Main street ward2 , 11.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And (P) Sivan kovil street ward2 , 12.Thirumalukanthan kottai (R.V) And (P) Kanchsaliyapuram (Ward 2)
323Subramaniavilas Hindu Elementary School, New Building, East Side. ,T.M Kottai 1.Thirumalukanthan kottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) Madathustreet ward4 , 2.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) Third street ward4 , 3.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) First street ward4 , 4.Thirumalaikanthankottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) South street ward4 , 5.Thirumalaikanthankottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) Third street ward4 , 6.Thirumalaikanthankottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) Second street ward4 , 7.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) First street ward4 , 8.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) North street ward4 , 9.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) TM Kottai road ward4 , 10.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) South street ward5 , 11.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And Senjadainathapuram (P) North street ward5 , 12.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And T.Karisalkulam (P) North street ward6 , 13.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And T. Karisalkulam (P) Middle street ward6 , 14.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And T. Karisalkulam (P) South street ward6 , 15.Thirumalukanthankottai (R.V) And T.Karisalkulam (P) North street ward7 , 16.Thirumalaikanthankottai (R.V) And T.Karisalkulam (P) South street ward7
324Rajendra Vilas Elementary School, ,Sethurajapuram 1.T.Karisalkulam, Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And Sethurajapuram (P) Sethurajapuram south street (ward 1) , 2.T.Karisalkulam, Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And Sethurajapuram (P) Sethurajapuram Middle Street (Ward 2) , 3.T.Karisalkulam, Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And Sethurajapuram (P) Sethurajapuram North Street (Ward 3) , 4.T.Karisalkulam, Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And Sethurajapuram (P) Sethurajapuram Kalani (Ward 4) , 5.T.Karisalkulam, Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And Annapoovanayakkanpatti (P) Annapoovanayakkanpatti south street ward1 , 6.T.Karisalkulam, Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And Annapovanayakkanpatti (P) Annapoovanayakkanpatti middle street ward2 , 7.T.Karisalkulam, Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And Annapoovanayakkanpatti (P) Annapoovanayakkanpatti north street (Ward 3) , 8.T.Karisalkulam, Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And Annapoovanayakkanpatti (P) Annapoovanayakkanpatti east street ward3
325Government Higher secondary school ,Uchinatham 1.Kokkarasankottai (R.V) And Uchinatham (P) Uchinatham (ward 1) , 2.Kokkarasankottai (R.V) And Uchinatham (P) Uchinatham North Kudiruppu (Ward 2) , 3.Kokkarasankottai (R.V) And Uchinatham (P) Uchinatham Middle Kudiruppu (Ward 3) , 4.Kokkarasankotai (R.V) And Uchinatham (P) Uchinatham Pallar Kudiruppu , Adithiravidar Kudiruppu (Ward 3)
326Hindu Nadar Middle School ,North portion, Kokkarasankottai 1.Kokkarasankottai (R.V), Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And (P) Kondunallanpatti (ward 1) , 2.Kokkarasankottai (R.V), Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And (P) Kondunallanpatti (Ward 2) , 3.Kokkarasankottai (R.V), Kondunallanpatti (R.V) And (P) Kondunallanpatti (Ward 3) , 4.Kondunallanpatti (R.V) , Kokaran Kottai (R.V) And (P) Kokaran Kottai (Ward 4) , 5.Kondunallanpatti (R.V) , Kokaran Kottai (R.V) And (P) Kokaran Kottai (Ward 5)
327Ramalinga Elementary School, ,Muthuramalingapuram 1.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And Sevalpatti (P) Valampatti north street ward2 , 2.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And Sevalpatti (P) Valampatti south street ward1 , 3.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And Sevalpatti (P) Muthuramalingapuram north street ward3 , 4.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And Sevalpatti (P) Muthuramalingapuram south street ward3
328CSI Elementary School, , Sevelpatti 1.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And Sevalpatti (P) Melastreet ward3 , 2.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And Sevalpatti (P) Middle street ward3 , 3.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And Sevalpatti (P) Middle street ward3
329RC Elementary School, , Sevelpatti 1.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And Sevalpatti (P) North street ward4 , 2.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And Sevalpatti (P) East street ward4
330St.Saveriyar Roman Catholic Elementary School, ,S.Tharaikudi 1.S.tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) North street ward1 , 2.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Mainroad ward1 , 3.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Middle street ward1 , 4.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Munisu Street (Ward 2) , 5.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal Street (Ward 2) , 6.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Bank street ward5
331Government High School, North Building, , S.Tharaikudi 1.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) North street (ward 2) , 2.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Umaiyanayakipuram (Ward 2) , 3.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) R.C.Puram South (Ward 2) , 4.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) R.C.Puram North 1 (Ward 2) , 5.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) R.C.Puram North 2 (Ward 2)
332Government High School, East Building, ,S.Tharaikudi 1.S.tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) R.c.puram south (ward 3) , 2.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Hospital Street (Ward 3) , 3.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) S.T.Sethurajapuram Maravar North Street (Ward 3) , 4.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) S.T. Sethurajapuram Maravar South Street (Ward 3) , 5.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) S.T Sethurajapuram West Street (Ward 3) , 6.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Aalamarathu Kudiruppu (Ward 3) , 7.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) R.C Puram South (Ward 3) , 8.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Thottakadu (Ward 3) , 9.S.Tharaikudi (R.V) And (P) Thottakadu ward3
333Bharatha madha Elementary School ,South Building, East Portion, Narippaiyur 1.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Narippayoor ward1
334Bharatha matha elementary School ,North Building, West Side, Narippaiyur 1.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Narippayoor ward2
335Bharatha Matha High School ,West Building, Northside, Narippaiyur 1.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) North street ward3 , 2.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) IInd North Street Ward3 , 3.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Kamarajar Street Ward3 , 4.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) South Street (Ward 3)
336Roman Catholic Elementary School, ,East Side ,Narippaiyur 1.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Kamarajapuram ward4 , 2.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Pathirakaliamman kovil street ward4 , 3.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Five Ekker Street Ward4 , 4.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Rayapuram ward4 , 5.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Periyanayagipuram ward4 , 6.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Paralogamatha kovil 1st street ward4 , 7.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Paralogamatha kovil 2nd street ward4
337Roman Catholic Elementary School, North side, ,Narippaiyur 1.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) North street ward5 , 2.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street ward5 , 3.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Mathina nagar ward5 , 4.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Mathina nagar 2 ward5
338Roman Catholic Elementary School ,South side, Narippaiyur 1.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Muslim street ward5 , 2.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Muslim street 2 ward5 , 3.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Muslim street 3 ward5 , 4.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Pallivasal street ward5 , 5.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Pudustreet ward5 , 6.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) RC Street ward6
339CSI.Elementary School ,West portion, Veppamarathupanai, Narippaiyur 1.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Veppamarathupannai (ward 7) , 2.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) New village (Ward 9) , 3.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Velayuthampuram (Ward 9)
340CSI.Elementary School ,East portion, Veppamarathupanai, Narippaiyur 1.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Dhiravidapuram (Ward 9) , 2.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Dhiravidapuram 2 (Ward 9) , 3.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Kadalkattiyamman Kudiruppu (Ward 9) , 4.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Ponnagaram (North) (Ward 10) , 5.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Veddukadu (North) (Ward 10) , 6.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Vethukadu (South ) (Ward 10) , 7.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Ponnagaram (South) (Ward 10)
341Ambikapathi Hindu Nadar Middle School, , Vellapatti 1.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Veppamarathupannai (ward 8) , 2.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Kamaraj Entrance (Ward 8) , 3.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) South Street 1 (Ward 8) , 4.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) South Street 2 (Ward 8) , 5.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Mahamai Kadai Street (Ward 8) , 6.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Kamaraj Entrance (Ward 8) , 7.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) East Street 1 (Ward 8) , 8.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) East Street 2 (Ward 8) , 9.Narippayoor (R.V) And (P) Vinayagar Kovil Street (Ward 8)
342Government Higher Secondary School, Left Side (Ground Floor), ,Kannirajapuram 1.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Pilai poruthamman kudiiruppu ward1 , 2.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Masanapuram Dharmarajapuram (Ward 1) , 3.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kannirajapuram (Ward 1)
343Government Higher Secondary School, ,Right Side Ground Floor, Right Side, Kannirajapuram 1.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Eastwest kk road ward2 , 2.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) East West Street Ramalingam Salai (Ward 2) , 3.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) S.P.N.Street (Ward 2) , 4.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kamarajar Street (Ward 2) , 5.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Indhira Nagar (Ward 2) , 6.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Sevalpatti Road (Ward 2) , 7.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Pallikuda Street (Ward 2) , 8.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kurukku Street (Ward 2) , 9.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kamarajar Street (Ward 2) , 10.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Perumal Kovil Street (Ward 2) , 11.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street Cross Street (Ward 3) , 12.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street 2 Cross Street (Ward 3) , 13.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street Kamarajar Street (Ward 3) , 14.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street Perumal Kovil Street (Ward 3)
344Government Higher Secondary School, ,Right Side, Ground Floor, Centre Portion, Kannirajapuram 1.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street Savelpatti Road (Ward 3) , 2.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street Amman Kovil Street (Ward 3) , 3.Kannirajapuram (R.V) AnD (P) Sevalpatti Road (ward 3) , 4.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street 3 Cross Street (Ward 3) , 5.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street Kamarajar Street (Ward 3) , 6.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street 4th Cross Street (Ward 3) , 7.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street Sevalpatti Road (Ward 3) , 8.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) EastWest Street C.S.I Mechine Street (Ward 3) , 9.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) East Street C.S.I Mechine Street (Ward 4) , 10.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) East Street Perumal Kovil Street (Ward 4) , 11.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) East Street Therodum Veedi (Ward 4) , 12.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) East Street Post Office Street (Ward 4) , 13.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) East Street Cross Street (Ward 4) , 14.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) East Street 2 Cross Street (Ward 4) , 15.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) East Street Sevalpatti Road (Ward 4)
345Sathiriya Nadar Middle School ,Kannirajapuram 1.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) S.r.kadai lane (ward 5) , 2.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kamarajar Street (Ward 5) , 3.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) School Zone Street (Ward 5) , 4.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Street (Ward 5) , 5.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) School Zone Street (East Side ) (Ward 5) , 6.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) School Zone Street (West Side) (Ward 5) , 7.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kamarajar Street (Ward 5) , 8.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) National Highway (Vembar Sayalkudi) (Ward 5) , 9.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Second Sandhu (Ward 5) , 10.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) National High Way (Ward 5) , 11.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) School Zone Street (Ward 5) , 12.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Karpaga Solai (Ward 5) , 13.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Seashore Road (West Side ) (Ward 5) , 14.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Seashore Road (East Side) (Ward 5) , 15.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Seashore Road (West Side) (Ward 5) , 16.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kannirajapuram Huts (West Side) (Ward 5) , 17.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Rashma Nagar Santhiyagapper Street (Ward 5) , 18.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Seashore Road (Ward 5)
346Panchayat Union Middle School, ,North Building, Roachmanagar 1.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Roachmanagar southnorth street ward6 , 2.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Roachmanagar 1 Cross Street (Ward 6) , 3.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Roachma nagar I Cross Street (North Side) (Ward 6) , 4.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Roachma nagar 2nd Cross Street (South Side) (Ward 6) , 5.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kadarkarai Road East Side) (Ward 6) , 6.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kadarkarai Road West Side (Ward 6) , 7.Kannirajapuram (R.V) And (P) Kannirajapuram Ramaya Nadar kudiruppu (Ward6)

Last Updated on June 10, 2020

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